Archived Thread
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The sun, a merciless, leering eye above the world, casts down the rays of its furious gaze, willing the unsuspecting populace into apathy.

But not you! You will stand up under it, bear its heat! You will fight back, refilling the world with energy! You will find somewhere to cool the hell off so you can enjoy your vacation!

Shorts- check! Sandals- check! Shirt- temporarily check!
Wallet-you-lifted-from-that-delivery-guy- Double check!

As a valiant warrior of summer, you will stand firm against the sun!


He's back. For the new guys:

You are an adventurous young human from the village, dedicated to the enjoyment of life and other people's property, heat be damned. You can fly under your own power.

Crossovers: [Q] ON [ ] OFF Locked (Removing them at this point would be stupid)

Beat the heat:
[ ] Go for a swim
[ ] Look for a scare
[ ] Pick up a book
[ ] Snag a bite
[ ] Watch a show


I'm neither feverish, rushed, confused, obligated, nor unprepared. This shall find itself unto a conclusion, so on and so on.
Holiday anon's back? Awesome.

[X] Look for a scare
[X] Go for a swim

Delicious swimsuits in a land full of faeries who like playing pranks.

Time to form a beautiful memory of summer.
[x] Snag a bite
[X] Go for a swim

We can eat afterwards
[ø] Go for a swim
>Crossovers: [Q] ON [ ] OFF Locked (Removing them at this point would be stupid)
Crossovers make this series more enjoyable, at least for me.
[x] Look for a scare
It's summer, right? Tests of valor!
[X]Go for a swim.

Do it. Swimsuit wearing girls? DO IT.
[x] Go for a swim
Swim in the lake.
[x] Go for a swim

File 127967681964.jpg - (10.14KB, 480x360 , 0.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] Go for a swim

All other choices are unacceptable.
[X] Go for a swim

[x] Go for a swim
[X] Go for a swim
Calling it, with an overwhelming vote for [x]swim. Writing soon.
Oh yay, it's time for us to make holiday anon SUFFER.

Expecting temperatures of up to 120° by noon~
I'm hoping for another glorious memory of youth, like with Halloween.
[X] cool
Old post was stale and flat like old soda. New post will be better, coming soon.

>>120677's vote is noted.
File 127975190194.jpg - (692.19KB, 800x1100 , 5e5175e1a1b51bbf18ec4899df991a53.jpg) [iqdb]
This one should be better now.


First off! It's the oldest leisure activity in the book since the discovery of water! The favorite pass time of fish everywhere! Swimming!

You briefly ponder why it's the oldest one in the book. Did someone take the old book in with them?

Oh well!

You ascend up into the sky with a single leap, bursting up through a swath of cloud.


You shoot back through it, splashing white fluff into the air.


You zip from cloud to cloud, diving, sweeping, and swimming through them on after another. It's wonderfully cool inside.

You wonder why you hadn't thought of this before.


Oh, right! That's why!

"Oh! Are you all right?"

The fish-woman catches your shirt, a few hundred feet down, as you regain feeling in your face.

"It's dangerous for humans to stay inside the clouds. There's a lot of tension in them, today. You'll much safer on the ground."

But it's so hot down there!

You hover in place as she lets go.

"Be sure to shut your windows tonight!" She shouts, disappearing into the clouds.


Well... where in this lustrous landscape would be good for a swim?

[ ] warm
[ ] cool

[x] cool
[X] cool
[x] cool

I wonder what Touhous would feel like a cool swim.
[x] warm

Feels good, man.
File 127975563381.jpg - (85.56KB, 512x640 , 29b27829069018ccec5d0ce64200ff48.jpg) [iqdb]
[c] Cool.

Aw, I was expecting to see Iku in swimsuit. And that reminds me: can anyone upload Holiday Anon's Christmas and Halloween threads?

Please forget the Christmas thread.
[x] kewl
[Q] cool runnings

wins. Writing shortly.
File 127985540553.jpg - (836.34KB, 800x1227 , 058d9c2b7d4b70b522522114df542d9c.jpg) [iqdb]
Sorry for the time on this one.


It's hot.

The solution?

Go somewhere cold!

Wheeling about, you dive toward the Misty Lake.

The sights there are, ordinarily, boring- fairies, fairies, and hey look an ice floe.

One time, a guy tried to swim across, but he got pretty boring after the bubbles stopped.

You know better, though! You skip off the water, sliding into sandy beach. Without further ado, you strip down and plunge into the frigid water.




You burst up, shivering. Your warrior's spirit burns all the brighter, and you raise a quivering fist. Take that, sun!


Huh? That didn't sound like a fairy. They're usually more


Yeah, more like that! You spin around, confronting a lone, blushing fairy, and two and a half goddesses.

It's certainly a surprise to seem them this far from the mountain. Or wearing that little.


"Oh, you're from the village aren't you? You were in costume that time." The green one speaks up.

You nod. She gave you those bug-candies!

The short yellow one's head snaps around like a rubber band.

"Well, it seems we can get hot water at the shrine now, but not cold water," the purple one continues for her.

"Putting a small sun under the mountain changes things, certainly," yellow-hair says, from atop the green-hair's head.

"Reimu said this was the most popular beach in Gensokyo. It looks like we got lucky, there's almost no one here today!"

So much for sportsmanship, huh, Reimu?

[ ] Stroll on the shore
[ ] Dive to the depths
[ ] Float at the top


Be sure to thank IRC for making this update possible.
[x] Dive to the depths
[X] Float at the top
>Be sure to thank IRC for making this update possible.
B-but... cabal...

[X] Dive to the depths
[x] Stroll on the shore

We need some shave-ice. Where's Cirno when you need to rub her ass against a grinder?

>Be sure to thank IRC for making this update possible.
Sponsored by Dicks™.
[X] Float at the top
[X] Float at the top
[T] Float at the top
Looks like a win for "[x] float at the top."

Writing shortly.
File 127993193042.jpg - (736.48KB, 800x941 , 7aa5401904483c07a841cfeb5909d0d5.jpg) [iqdb]
This update brought to you by Giddy Power™!


Pheh, it's boring over here, too. You float on your back, pushing yourself into the center of the lake.

Through the mist, the sun continues to beat down on your stomach. You stare back up at it defiantly, as the water sucks heat from your body like some horrific, fluid leech.

You'll have to check for those later. Maybe you can get the ice fairy to help out, too.

Idly, you spin yourself around, bouncing off an chunk of ice.


With a little kick, you hit another, deflecting off sideways into two more. A flick of the wrist, and you take out three at once, knocking them into another, smaller cluster.


"Mind if I try?"

A sudden, sharp breeze catches a small chunk of ice, lifting it into the air and hurling it through a much larger floe, splitting it neatly in two.

"Good heavens, that is fun." The purple-haired goddess slowly appluads herself.

You join in, too. Pointless displays of power make good shows.

Speaking of which, you notice that she's actually just walking on the water's surface- not even getting her feet wet!

Is she in league with the enemy?!

"Hah. For a goddess such as I to dip my body in this impure water? Such profanity!"

You glance past her at the other two, cheerfully, frolicking and splashing together.

. . .

She just can't swim, then?

. . .

. . .

. . .

The uncomfortable silence is broken when a hand wraps itself around your ankle. Somehow, this feels really famili

glub glub glub...

glub glub?




Break for dynamic effect. Part two in two shakes.
File 127993538299.jpg - (79.66KB, 322x750 , 39e3d4ebccecda6019ac194bb437eb4c.jpg) [iqdb]
Part 2 of 2


Enough of that, then. Giving the water a firm push, you launch into the air at top speed. Rumia, too, soars into the air, losing her grip.


And with that, she plunges back under. You use the change to shake of all the icicles from your ascent.

Well, now that that's over with, what can you do nex

"Don't decide it's over just like that!" Rumia flies up on her own this time.

"What are you even doing here?! Are you following me or something?"

Why would you follow her?

"Nevermind! Let's finish this!"

She swings her hands up over her head, and holds them there for a few seconds.

"Aaargh, dammit! Why'd it have to be on the one day I can't use my power?!" She shouts, ruffling her hair.

Well, let's finish this indeed!

You dash forward, fist outstretched for a mighty clash.

Which was abruptly cut short by an enormous fish leaping out of the water and capturing the little dark Youkai in one mouthfull.

You stare after her for a few moments.

You think you've had enough of swimming now, actually.

Well, now that that's over with, what can you do next?

[ ] Go for a swim
[ ] Look for a scare
[ ] Pick up a book
[ ] Snag a bite
[ ] Watch a show

{X} Snag a bite
[x] Look for a scare
>This update brought to you by Giddy Power™!
own story.

[X] Watch a show
[X] Snag a bite

Nows the time.
[X]Watch a show

I liked this whole update, especially the Rumia irony.
[X] Watch a show

Are there donkeys in Gensokyo, by any chance?
[x] Snag a bite
Big fishes? this seems like a work for Meiling!
[X] Snag a bite
[x] Snag a bite
[ø] Look for a scare
Calling it for '[x] Snag a bite'. Writing soon, after I get breakfast.
File 128000288949.jpg - (46.84KB, 375x300 , black_hole_milkyway.jpg) [iqdb]

Your stomach grumbles loudly. You heard you were supposed to eat for 45 minutes before swimming, once. Or was it the other way around? Either way, you should start making up for lost time!

Dropping by the shore to pick up your clothes, you wave goodbye to the other goddess and a half.

You'll dry off on your own once you're away from the lake.

With a hop, you take to the skies again. Ignoring the clouds, you instead fly in low over the treeline. Even from up here, it smells delicious~

You dip down and land, pulling your clothes back on. Some of the food stalls are strangely particular about that.

"Hey, what are you doing?"

You look up at her. You'd seen black eyes before, but this is overdoing it.

Who is she, anyway? Is she one of the forest youkai? You'd never seen her before.

"No, I'm from the mountain, by the river." She points up at the looming shape of the Youkai Mountain through its foggy shroud.

She really doesn't look like Tengu or a Kappa, though. And what would a mountain youkai be doing down in the forest like this?

You should investigate~

"I was getting really, really hungry."

You should not investigate~

"Everyone's been busy working on something lately, and Mom and Dad gets annoyed when I eat anything around the lab." She opens her mouth and yawns.

Well, you need to be going now. Quickly. Over that way.


As you fly away into the deeper woods, you hear a sort of thloop, then a whoosh and a loud crack.

Yep, definitely doesn't need to be investigated.

There's two scents, now.

[ ] fish
[ ] fowl


I struggled a little with this one. Tell me if it fell flat or anything.
[X] fish
[x] Cat or Fish?

I miss him so. ;_;
Lumiere? Man, it's been a while. No Takiko? ;_;

[X] fowl

I think we ran into this last time...

You're smelling what's cooking, not who's cooking it. Most likely. I don't think he's a dog, he wasn't last I checked...
Derp. Ah, well, a Mokou is fine too.
[X] fish
[x] fish
[x] fowl

Here chicken chicken chicken.
[x] fish
Calling it for "[x] fish" and writing this afternoon.
File 128010433618.png - (287.57KB, 600x3600 , thisiswhatsheimagines.png) [iqdb]
I wish I could crank these out earlier in the day.


On a hot summer day, the best thing to eat is fish, right? Besides, it'll be cooler at that stand.

With a hop, you leave the beaten path. Follow your nose!

It barely takes a minute to reach the little cart. You can already hear the hissing, sizzling, and bubbling of the patrons.

Of the fish, too.

It seems there's quite a crowd today. None of the youkai feel like hunting, either, you guess.

You elbow (and knee, and knuckle, and heel) your way through the little cluster up to the counter.

"Ah~! If it isn't our favorite little customer~" Mystia wipes off one hand and ruffles your hair.

Swimsuit and apron; a wonderful combination.

The burly lion-thing behind you touches your shoulder. "Hey, kid, don't cut in line! You gotta wait if you-"

The knife in Mystia's hand catches the light.

"N-never mind..." it rumbles, scurrying away.

Wriggle's here, of course. She looks pretty ticked off. Maybe all the people are bugging her?

"Hello again!"

The rainbow-colored girl, too. She gives you a smile and a wave. You return them.

"So, what would you like~?"

[ ] Old favorite
[ ] New recipe
[ ] Chef's special

[X] Chef's special

Always the best choice.
[ø] Chef's special
[X] Chef's special
[x] You'd like the chef.
[x] No, no special, just the chef, on a plate.
[X] Chef's special

Though I'd much rather eat Mystia.
[X] Chef's special
Looking pretty unanimous there.

Called for '[x] Chef's special'. Writing today at some point.
File 128016447483.jpg - (241.43KB, 930x718 , ab85eb83283344b8e04aaf43a93033b7.jpg) [iqdb]
looks special.

The things behind you back away, including the flies.

You take a bite.




You have no idea what it is. It's pretty good anyway, though. You take another bite.

The rainbow-colored girl grabs a piece.

"Mmmm~" She makes some kind of purring sound.

Ah! There's another piece missing!

Wriggle chews guiltily.

Hmph! You'll just have to eat faster, then! You stuff two pieces in your mouth.

The plate's empty in seconds, with a clever bee zipping up the last crumb.

You take out your wallet and peek inside. For owning a bike like that, you'd think the delivery guy would have a bit more money on him. With a shrug, you hand over some bills.

"Come again~" "Bye!"

You wave to the two of them as you walk back over the crowd. Flying on a full stomach is a pain, so you take the footpath through the forest.



Hm? Who sneezed?


To be continued soon.
File 128017177682.jpg - (18.80KB, 277x400 , CookingUpAStorm.jpg) [iqdb]
>You're smelling what's cooking, not who's cooking it.
File 128017998245.png - (67.02KB, 216x400 , 38d012e07ea78627a27dd3f9fc62205d.png) [iqdb]
Continued from previous post.


"Y-you... you've g-got a lot of nerve, h-haven't you?!"

You turn around to face the angry, slimy-haired, shivering, blonde youkai.

Nothing here. You must be imagining things.

"Stop igno-" achoo! "Stop ignoring me!"

She sniffs the air.

"You just up and went to the stand, didn't you." She gives you an accusing stare. Her stomach growls. "That's it. That's it. Die!" She shouts, springing toward you with claws and teeth outstretched.

Easily dodged.

"Hold still!"


"Graah! Come here yo-" achoo!

She plants her foot on the perfectly wrong spot. The rope pulls up around her ankle, her skirt pulls up around her head, and she soars into the sky.

Hm.You hadn't expected that color on her.


It seems the rabbits are branching out.

With a full stomach, you march off for your next destination.

[ ] Go for a swim
[ ] Look for a scare
[ ] Pick up a book
[ ] Snag a bite
[ ] Watch a show


Would you believe there's no Rumia in a sundress? It's blasphemy, I say!
[x] Watch a show
[X] Look for a scare
[X]Watch a show

Good show Q.
[X]Watch a show
[x] Watch a show

>Would you believe there's no Rumia in a sundress? It's blasphemy, I say!
Dude, what?! Man that's bullshi-

Actually, then she'd just look like Shizuha, or Flandre in outdoor attire.

But still, it does not exist!

Anyway, called for "[x] watch a show". Update this afternoon, etc.
File 128024342074.png - (352.83KB, 491x584 , b45b5cdc29430bac439c14032ae5a624.png) [iqdb]
I think I broke the update speed record or something. It's a wonderful feeling, I tell you.


You don't feel like moving, so it's time to kick back and watch a show! With a few tentative hops, you soar up above the tree line, perching precariously atop a pine.

Where's something interesting, now?

Left? Nope.

Right? Not so much.

Down? More boring than here.

Up? A grand piano descending at mach 5.

You think you hit every branch of that tree on the way down.

You manage to squirm out from under it a few minutes later, and begin to pick the remaining pine needles out of your back.

"Oh god! Oh god! Are you alright? I didn't kill you or anything did I?"

That's a weird question. You feel very alive.

The red ghost-lady drifts over to the piano, poking and prodding it.

"Phew! You're alright..." She leans over and hugs it.


"Oh? Who're you?"

You've got the same question for her!

"I'm Lyrica Prismriver, of the Prismriver sisters!"

The who now?

She deflates.

"The Prismriver sisters? We're musicians?"

Nope. Nothing.

"We play concerts in the human village almost every other week!"

Oh, you mean they're the ones that- No, wait, nevermind. Still nothing.

Her shoulders droop.

"Well, anyway, I've got to go set up for a concert. We're going all out this time, so I had yo get the big piano from home! You should come see us!"

You perk up. A concert? Where?

"At the fe- I mean, it's a secret! We're supposed to be a surprise, you know!"

She places her hands on the piano's side and grunts. Seconds later it springs into the air, bits of dirt flying from where the legs were buried in the ground.

"Be sure to come!" She shouts, flying off.

...you shrug. Oh well.

It's time for a show!

[ ] Old
[ ] New


No good pictures of Lyrica in a sundress, either, this will have to do.
[ø] Old
[X] New
[#] Borrowed
[!] Blue
>No Lunasa in the update
I feel vaguely disappointed. Excited and eagerly waiting for the next update, hopefully with all of the Prismrivers.

What are these supposed to mean.

Something old, something new
Something borrowed, something blue
And a silver sixpence in her shoe.

They're supposed to represent good luck for marriage, or something. Memory is fuzzy on the matter.

Oh. Haven't heard that before.
Calling it for "[x] new", writing now.
Haven't personally heard of the silver sixpence part, but yeah, that's where I pulled the "borrowed" from, as did whoever followed me with "blue".

I figured using it as a write in wouldn't hurt too badly as it's hard to tell what the given options would result in/mean anyway.
File 128027729146.jpg - (236.85KB, 840x1309 , c3b8788fe054393fc21c7d7b26fd7bb1.jpg) [iqdb]
Two in a day!


Climbing back to your perch (not a pine this time), you look out toward the mountain.

Does a giant robot sound like a fun show?

Is the ocean blue?

You have absolutely no idea!

With a spring and a hop, you take off over the tree tops.

The mountain looms up ahead, with the shape of the Kappa's machine protruding from the edge.

You take a big step-

-and you're there!

There's people hustling and bustling all over the place, in spite of the heat. More "hustle" than "bustle," sadly.

Most of the stalls seem to be Kappa stuff or Tengu newspapers.

Except for the one that's a tiny shrine. There's a miko with a big sword calling people over.

Ignoring those, you stare up at the robot that towers over the whole square. It's huge!

The clang clang gets louder, and something starts to whistle. All the people stop and look up.

It's starting!

[ ] Backstage
[ ] Front row
[ ] Cheap seats

[X] Cheap seats

Nothing like the view from there.
[X] Cheap seats
[ø] Cheap seats
[x] Front row
So as to get the best experience possible.
[x] Front row
[x] Backstage

Will not be crushed a second time! Also, this is where you get to meet the maker of the robot. If we even have the choice of backstage, assuming we're not breaking in, we know this person well enough to get VIP seats. I'd like to see everybody who likes Holiday Anon.

Rumia is our biggest fan. She's a stalker.

The first time I've heard that was also without the sixpence part. However, it was apparently the title they gave for a set of random songs during a certain time on some radio station.

An old song, a new song, a remake, and then something either sad or R&B.
Okay, called for "[x] cheap seats." I must say I was not expecting that one.

>assuming we aren't breaking in >Holiday anon
Damn it. No update today, I accidentally my brain with anime.
File 128043211041.jpg - (79.33KB, 640x480 , 02d4ebd929435120818d363823a71dde.jpg) [iqdb]
Maybe not my best update ever, but it's here.


The machine gives a loud hiss, and lifts up its arms.

Everyone ooohs and aaaahs.

Then the arms go down, with another hiss.





Just the left, then just the right.


Then it starts pinwheeling its arms in opposite directions and shaking, while white clouds pour from its armpits.

You knew a girl who could do that.

After a minute the arms stop, and slowly lower back to its sides.

The crowd applauds.


"Hello, hello, testing. Nitori, are you sure you turned this on?"

You hear whispering, and the man speaks again.

"Ahem. Due to some... technical difficulties, the kappa will be preforming minor maintenance on Hisoutensoku. Thank you for your patience."

Everyone goes back to their business.

"As you can see, even the greatest feats of Kappa engineering can fall victim to misfortune!"

It's the sword-miko again.

"The goddess Kagiyama gracefully protects us from misfortunes, and carries them on herself!"

You think you met her, once. Maybe it was that time you fell down a well?

A short dog tengu runs past you, followed by green-haired woman in a red dress, with ribbons. Lots of ribbons.

As you prepare to leave, you hear a sound from up above.

Something like "aaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA-"


To be continued! Whatever could it be?
File 128045550720.jpg - (397.28KB, 1000x722 , a3af032886bd4fefa9728009a69f6095.jpg) [iqdb]
These parts are the most fun to write.


A small, black, star soars across the sky,
clips Hisostensiki's head with a resounding clang,
smashes into the mountain side, setting loose a small shower of rocks,
and drops into the ground with a plume of dust, still screaming.

You follow the rest of the crowd that hurries over.

It's a little blond in a black dress.

Most of a black dress, anyway.

Ah! She opened her eyes!

"What just... ah! You!" She jumps up.

Her fingers find their way familiarly around your neck, and she lifts you up over her head with one hand.

"This is your fault! You knew that damned rabbit trap was there! You were laughing at me, weren't you?!"

Actually, you were more interested in what was under her-

"Die, you-"
A kappa in a white dress and a nurse hat walks over and sticks a needle into her arm.
"-little... piece... of... of..."


"Sorry, miss. You've taken a nasty hit to the head, so it's better to not move around too much at first."

Rubbing your neck, you step back from the sleeping youkai.

She looks almost docile like that.


The kappa hoists her over one shoulder and carries her off.

So, were to next?

[ ] Go for a swim
[ ] Look for a scare
[ ] Pick up a book
[ ] Snag a bite
[ ] Watch a show


Back to choices.
[X] Look for a scare

Isn't it sad, Rumia?
[x] Look for a scare
[x] Look for a scare
[x] Pick up a book
We have to end this guys day with a bang! Reading a book isn't quite the spectacular finish that most people would think of.
[x] Look for a scare
Reading a book? Perhaps not. Patchouli in a bikini? Absolutely.
[ø] Look for a scare
[x] Pick up a book

Patchy in a bikini, you say?
File 12804941078.jpg - (156.46KB, 850x1133 , sample-14c3c8be967193c647cfd06540650540.jpg) [iqdb]
Okay, calling it for "[x] look for a scare".

Now I get to the fun part~
File 128052841712.jpg - (114.71KB, 600x836 , 19b3f7b889da93fc36be143be2c5fc8b.jpg) [iqdb]
There we go!


It's time for an age old tradition; one passed down by many warriors such as yourself!

It's time... for a ghost story!

You do the creepy noises and everything. Nothing happens.

Hm. It's not as easy as that.

Well, if you can make them come to you, go to them, right?

You soar off the mountain in search of ghosts.

Now, where would they be..."

"There's one right here."

What? Where?

"Right here."

You don't see anything.

"No no, more over to the-"


"Hahahaha, you should have seen the look on your face!"


"It was priceless! Ahahaha!"


"Oh, all right, fine." She snaps her fingers with a little spark.

You take a deep breath.

You hate illusion spells.

"You see, apprentice? That's how you use magic!"

The green ghost thumbs at you to the blond boy riding on her back. He nods enthusiastically.

"Thanks for demonstrating, kid!" She waves as she flies off.

Wait, "apprentice"?

There's going to be more of her?

You shudder at the thought.

Well... where's a place with lots of ghosts?

[ ] Up
[ ] Down


Couldn't find a picture of Edvin in a bikini, so I had to use this one.
[x] Down

Seeing as how these aren't really supposed to be hard to guess...

There's two places a dead soul can go, you know? Up, or... down.

[X] Down

= Hell = Yuugi in a swimsuit = FUCK YEAH

>Mima in that outfit.


Maybe I'd worded that wrong, then- "up" is Hakugyokuro.
I thought that was kinda obvious but I guess that wasn't the case.

[ø] UP
oh and
>the image
fukken saved
[x] Up

Well there's no beating a spiritual body in softness.
[x] Down
Parsee in a swimsuit, oh god yes.
[x] Down
Four down, one up.

Into the depths of hell it.

Writing soon.
All aboard the Q express~ Just caught up
...that should have been three up. Whatever, no real difference.
File 128059771117.png - (168.09KB, 600x800 , 3c7d7dc2933e438a935fa0b30864e271.png) [iqdb]
All right, here you are.


How about hell? There's supposed to be a lot of people down there.

You look around.

You don't see any handbaskets.

Well, you'll need to take the next best way!

You circle the mountain.

There! A hole!

It was made for you!

You dive down, and-

-you're in!

It's a bit hotter down here. You'll suffer through it, though. After all, there should be ghosts everywhere down here!


Maybe a little deeper in, then.

You hover down the tunnels.


You stoop over to look at the rock. Where did it come from?

Left- nothing.

Right- nada.

Ahead- you were already looking that way.

Down- the floor, obviously.

Up- a girl in a bucket, descending at mach 5.

She stops just above where your head was.

"He he he~"

The way she's turning makes you dizzy.

"Kisume! That was dangerous!"

The spider drops from the ceiling, does a flip, and lands on her feet.

"Are you alright?"

She lifts you up with one hand.

"Have you seen another human running around here?"

No, you haven't.

Not alive, anyway, hehe.


Ow! Sorry!

That bucket's harder than it looks.

"Hm. He's probably with Yuugi or at the palace, then."

She looks at you.

"Do you need a lift?"

Not really, but why not?

"Where to, then?"

Where would have the most ghosts?

"We've got evil spirits, but I don't think we have any ghosts..."


[ ] Beasts from the Deep
[ ] Terrors of Legend
[ ] The Haunted


Choices came up a little awkward. If these sound like horror B-movies, it's because they're supposed to.
{X} Terrors of Legend
[X] Beasts from the Deep

These all sound fun.
[X] Terrors of Legend

[X] Terrors of Legend

>A hole!
>It was made for you!
Gah! Never do that again!
[x] Beasts from the Deep
Really hoping this is the Parsee one.
[X] Terrors of Legend
"[x] Terrors of Legend" wins. Writing tomorrow morning.
>The haunted
Orin, because she has her zombie fairies

>Terror of Legend
Yuugi, as she's an oni. Legendary mountain deva etc.

>Beasts from the deep
Beast -> animal -> pet -> Utsuho

I'm probably wrong.
[x] The Haunted
Sounds like Parsee...

Close, but no cigar!

>The haunted

The palace and the fires (lots of evil spirits there)

>Terror of Legend

The Oni (it's fairly descriptive, if I do say so myself)

>Beasts from the deep

The underground youkai (they are "beasts", and they're pretty much all from the deep.)
Changing to
[x]Beasts from the deep
You do know he already called it.
Oh I see... didn't notice...
Maybe I should make it bold, or add a title...

There would be an update today, except!

I'm a lazy bastard who'd rather read some cheesy manga about ghosts and romance and shit. Come back tomorrow.
My Lovely Ghost Kana? Excellent read, that.
That'd be a nice alternate title for "Border House"

No, not that one. Though I did read a lot of that a while back.
File 128078385378.jpg - (161.45KB, 1082x1200 , eeb9ed9079700e2312fdff91896b8531.jpg) [iqdb]
Here we go.


You can't find ghosts, but there's something even better down here.

To the ancient city!

"The Oni?"

The two girls watch you, hanging from the ceiling.

The spider shrugs.

"I guess we can take you to miss Hoshiguma."


She leaps up, putting her hands on your shoulders, and flips her legs up toward the ceiling.


You barely register the trip through the caves before you're being lowered down to solid ground.

No wait, this is ceiling, isn't it?

Your flailing fall is broken by a pair of musclebound arms.

Masculine, musclebound arms.


The antlered man holds you up with two fingers.

"Perfect timing! I was looking for dessert!"

He grins, showing you his teeth.

His sharp, pointed teeth.

"Now, now, don't tease the poor kid too much."

Yuugi walks past with a bottle of sake and punches him in the arm. You feel the shockwave through his bones.

"Haha, all right right, all right."

He drops you on your feet, but you end up on your back anyway.

"Want some?"

Yuugi holds out the bottle she was drinking.


Hell yes!

Laughing, she sets a heavy dish in your hands.

You tip it back and take a sip.

Your stomach shakes like an erupting volcano, your throat has begun to liquefy, and you can't find your tongue. Or your nose.

"You're got guts to try an Oni's sake, kid."

The man claps you on the back, possibly dislocating several bones.

Only a fast-approaching cry or rage breaks the jovial mood.


If you can't guess what's next, I have to ask- are you a goldfish?
Goldfish actually have decent memories.
I knew what you meant, but still.

>Your flailing fall is broken by a pair of musclebound arms.
>Masculine, musclebound arms.
So glad that wasn't Yuugi. Thank you.
>Only a fast-approaching cry or rage breaks the jovial mood.
Oh for- shouldn't her sense of self-preservation kick in around oni?
File 128085489447.jpg - (173.09KB, 700x675 , 31298e2101b036473386512f6aa678b0.jpg) [iqdb]
Sorry for the delay.


There are no words, simply one long, inarticulate scream, filled with fury, sorrow, and shame.

Amidst it all, a blond youkai girl in a hospital gown runs across the rocky cavern toward you.

Oh, she's up already? You were out for a week when they had to do that to you.

As she runs, a few tears rolls from her eyes, and something else drips from her nose.

She leaps up, almost in slow motion, her unfocused eyes overflowing with pharmaceutical rage.


The antlered Oni catches her by the foot, flipping her over.

She claws at him in vain, while trying to preserve what remains of her decency.

"I don't like hitting little girls, you know, but if you keep it up I will."

She manages to sink her teeth into his incredibly muscular thigh.

"Ow! Goddamn, shit, that hurt!"

Yuugi just starts laughing.


Your nose goes numb again.

Wobbling slightly, you decide that now's a good time to leave.

It's all musky down here, anyway.

[ ] Go for a swim
[ ] Look for a scare
[Q] Pick up a book
[ ] Snag a bite
[ ] Watch a show


Only one choice left, no need to vote. Writing soon.
File 128085517351.jpg - (32.66KB, 126x132 , 1241821446401.jpg) [iqdb]
{X} Pick up a book.
[X] Resist the lure of the book! Resist!

Nah, just kidding.
My, such a determined Rumia. Too bad she'll never get what she wants, as it'd be the end of Holidanon, and that'd be no good.
File 128095982071.jpg - (56.85KB, 700x500 , 387226576ad02c6c14e4dea327350111.jpg) [iqdb]
There's four statements, there, one of which is wrong. I'll leave you to guess which one.


After a several minutes of directional confusion and numerous intimate meetings with a wall, you return to the surface.

The sun is still there, smirking down on your, gloating, mocking.

You raise a fist silently to the sky.

You'll get that bastard some day.


A shower of books comes cascading down.

Oh... would this be a brainstorm?


You rub your head as a small white bird scrambles around, collecting them.

What are these, anyway? You peer at the volumes in your hand.

Birds of the world

Orinthroporigical Journal

something foreign with a swan on it

You're noticing a theme here...

"Give those back!"

The white bird snatches them out of your hands.

Why would a bird have bird books?

"Th-that's... um... it's... AAH!" She screams, pointing.

You spin around.

...There's nothing here.


Already, the bird girl is a reddening speck in the distance.



If you move too much more, you'll have to re-buy lunch.

Where could you find a good book?

[ ] east
[ ] west


I trust you know where you want to go. Note: These having nothing whatsoever to do with relative locations within gensokyo. Busting out a map won't help anything.
[X] East

I can only hope for Akyuu.

Also, somehow I am now picturing Tokiko flipping through the sections of those books that deal with avian mating habits, and getting all hot and bothered.
[X] west
The SDM?
[w] west
[x] east

These seem to be pretty reasonable guesses.
[x] East
Is this Keine? That would be splendid, though an Akyuu is fine too.
[x] east
[X] East
[X]Weast /Awesomeface


I think I can take a wild shot in the dark as to which of the four is wrong.
[ø] west

We have a tie. Five-to-five, in fact.
File 128101490434.png - (311.94KB, 600x591 , e6a2af202e5049acb0c22163eba992b4.png) [iqdb]
[c] East.

>Also, somehow I am now picturing Tokiko flipping through the sections of those books that deal with avian mating habits, and getting all hot and bothered.

This scene. It must happen.
Aaaaand called, for [x] east!

Writing soon.
I'm not even reading this story, and must agree that this scene must happen. Now. Regardless of whats going on.
File 128103550420.jpg - (344.92KB, 950x800 , c2bd520bdb50aad8745e69f42713b044.jpg) [iqdb]
And just when I had the SDM scene all planned out.


Akyuu writes books, doesn't she? She's bound to have something interesting there.

You drift lazily back to the village.


Oh, gross. You're beginning to understand Miss Keine's point, now.

Since there's not many people about, you decide to take the streets today.

You knock on Akyuu's door. It's easy enough to find, being the only house with house with three stories, two annexes, a tool shed, an outdoor bath, and numerous sculptures of muscular men out front.

The fountain in the courtyard is much, much worse.

"Oh! I wasn't expecting to see you today. Come in."

How can she still be wearing clothes like that in this heat?

"To what do I owe this visit, then?"

Oh, that's right, you were looking for something to read.

She gasps, recoiling against the wall.



"Ahaha~" She covers her mouth with her sleeve, and walks you back into the library.

"What kind of book would you like?

[ ] Education Haha, yeah right.
[ ] Science fiction
[ ] Recent imports
[ ] ...What's this one?


I've... got nothing to say, really.
[X] ...What's this one?
[X] ...What's this one?
[x] ...What's this one?
Write in?

Of course not. It's the mystery option.
[ø] ...What's this one?
[X]...What's this one?

In before pop-up storybook with a Rumia ambush.
Is that so~?
"[x]...What's this one?" wins.

Curiosity killed the cat, and such.

Writing soon~

Rumia is going to pop out and rape us?

...well, okay...but be gentle.
File 128122622476.jpg - (277.99KB, 640x930 , faf488bea5c5b94cfdb8ae141f0b0a8b.jpg) [iqdb]
It's hard to make reading a book interesting for Holiday Anon.


Hey, what's this one?

"Hm? Which one?"

That one there, on top of the stack.

"Oh!" She picks it up. "This is just something I've been reading lately."

What is it?

"It's a collection of poems. I've been translating them in my spare time. You can read it, if you'd like."

There's a knock at the door.

"Ah, I'll get that. You can sit wherever you like."

You slip into one of the few empty bookshelves and lie down.


You open the book and start to read.

Akyuu slides open the front door.


"A big one, this time."

"Oh, thank you."

rata tat tat tat

Someone rapping at your chamber door the door to the courtyard catches your attention.

Rolling out of the shelf, you go to check it out.


Can you guess what time it is~?
>Can you guess what time it is~"

Is it Rumia time?
Please say it's Rumia time.
File 128123179078.png - (206.97KB, 450x600 , 09f236940e0f1ae395e341d8463fddc9.png) [iqdb]

Definitely not. Why would he even..."

"Ah, I see... sorry." He scratches the back of his head.

Why was he here in the first place?


He reaches into his bag and pulls out a paper.

"Miss Aya is busy, so I'm delivering the message in her place."

He bolts off.

Summer Festival at the Hakurei Shrine

Why not join us on a hot, summer evening?

Food, drink, and activities, plus a special guest!

Hmmm... A festival, huh?


Special event is loading, please wait warmly.
Silly Mikio, Holidanon's ADD is to strong for silly things like marriage~.
File 128131111411.jpg - (250.66KB, 600x800 , 65a515e0d2be18d237327e3ff8c6f25d.jpg) [iqdb]
It took a while to realize I didn't have an encounter planned for this.


After retrieving your kimono, you float on up to the Hakurei shrine. There's so many people you almost didn't recognize it.

Reimu is at the front of the shrine, next to the donation box. Unlike normal, however, she's actually got something in exchange.

The sign says

Make a donation, get a fortune!

And in small print below it,

Larger donations may improve your luck!

Not too much smaller, of course.

She looks up into your eyes as you approach.

Such intense spirit! Such force of will!

"Were you going to make a donation?"

Sure, why not. You fish out the deliveryman's wallet again.

Hmmm. Two coins should be enough, right?

You drop them in.

Reimu's look sours, but she pulls out a paper fortune anyway.

You pop it open.

Best Luck


So much for "larger donations," huh~"

You wave to Reimu.

Time to run, before she pulls out the needles.

[ ] Games!
[ ] Treats!
[ ] Music!
[ ] Wallets!


You'll see these options more than once, so don't worry too much.
File 128131136145.jpg - (480.26KB, 684x1000 , 4fe02918a51bc2818a66248f20cec9f2.jpg) [iqdb]

[c] Music!

Prismriver time?
[x] Music!
[x] Music!

'Boy, that guy's kids are ugly.'
[x] Music!
[x] Music!
Gotta make up for lost time, the last couple of options haven't been exciting enough.
[X] Games!

And it looks like '[x] Music!' wins! Writing soon-ish probably.

File 128147717281.jpg - (135.12KB, 1000x750 , 36c927c4e9d862bdc8792ab368ec0e6f.jpg) [iqdb]
Yay for taking too long!


They're setting up a stage over there, right? Stages mean music, and music means excitement!

You hurry over.

The main stage lights are still off, and three girls are running around with props and stuff.


You stroke your chin thoughtfully.

That piano looks really familiar....

"Ladies, and, Gentlemen!" The blue one cheers, holding one of the kappa microforms.

"Welcome! To the greatest show, in world or the next!"

The audience gives a lively response, which is impressive considering how many of them are dead.

The leader takes a deep breath, her trumpet floating up beside her

which proceeds to play itself, as she exhales normally.

Despite such an early disappointment, the music seems to stir something inside you.

A burning feeling, a rush you had but forgot several months ago...

That's it!

Like a glorious blaze rising from a blighted field, the flow of music fills your soul, and you begin to groove.

Your body moves on invisible rails, weaving and waving between, over, under, and through the people around you.

The rhythm of your soul compels you! Your feet ride the wings of fate!

A black cord snags your foot, and you drop like a sack of very dense hard things.


The music dies a slow, warbly death.

. . .

Quietly, you slip away amid the confusion.

Where to next?

[ ] Games!
[ ] Treats!
[ ] Music!
[ ] Wallets!

[x] Games!
[X] Games!
[X] Games!
[X] Games!
Calling for '[x] games!', writing soon.
File 12815647385.jpg - (141.49KB, 619x553 , 125444881665.jpg) [iqdb]
Written at last!


You wander over to the game stalls, next.

It's mostly the usual- dart throwing, dart-dodging, archery, historical trivia, emergency medical booth, cutouts, ring toss, goldfish scooping.

You don't know if you can try all of them, but you'll do your best!

Halfway through archery, a man with an off-season scarf and a flat cap steps up beside you.


He clips one of the bean-bag dolls.

A taller man in a weird suit steps up to the other side.


He promptly hits the largest of the stuffed animals, and flashes a grin to the first man.

The air fills with metaphorical sparks.







Hmm, nothing good in their pockets.

You manage pass off one of the stuffed ducks they hit as yours, and move on.

You pass them again after you finish the goldfish scooping.


[ ] Games!
[ ] Treats!
[ ] Music!
[ ] Wallets!


Hopefully this didn't fall too flat.
[ ] Treats!

Ah, why not?
Oh, oh, right! This is the last choice. Whichever one you don't pick here, doesn't happen.
[X] Wallets!

Casey and Snake?
[X] Treats!

Kids can't go without their sweets.
Okay, calling for '[x] treats' it is, then. No petty thievery tonight.

Writing soon enough.
File 128164992841.jpg - (532.88KB, 818x578 , 6e248fdbce4b82cc47ce5c4845afbe0c.jpg) [iqdb]
Here you go, ladies(?) and gents.


The smells wafting from the snack stalls beckon you.

As you approach the nearest stall, the man inside spins to greet you.

"Would you like some eggs?"


"I can make scrambled, fried, sunny-side up, eggs on toast, omelets, hard boiled, soft boiled, poached, deviled, any kind you like!"

crack crack

He cracks two more into a pan.

Oooh. Those look good.

"We've also got a special on liver. If you grill it, it makes a wonderful filling for an omelet, you know."

Ick. You'll pass, thanks.

"Suit yourself."

He pulls out your order in a flash of propane and a mist of salt and pepper.


As you walk to the benches, you see a man in a robe talking to the tall rabbit, from the clinic.

"I've got more than just a few magic tricks up my sleeve. I can show them to you, if you like..."

He waggles his eyebrows furiously.

"I really can't just be running off all a sudden," she says, pink.

"Oh, I'm sure they won't notice if it's just for a little while." There go the eyebrows, again.

"Excuse me, do I know you?"

The guy in the robe goes a bit white, and turns to the man in the jumpsuit, whose hand is on his shoulder.

He is very actively not smiling.

"I was just-"

"We don't want to disturb the lady now, do we?"

"No, that-"

"Let's step over here to talk, then."

They disappear behind another stall.

You take the empty seat, and enjoy your food. It's delicious~

The rabbit beside you reaches into her wallet, and takes out a picture.

Hey, isn't that up by the Moriya shrine? You can't make out the guy's face, though.


"Ah! Guests of the Hakurei shrine! It's time for the special guest of the evening!"


To be continued!
Will there be a reference list at the end of this?
File 128192070787.jpg - (477.60KB, 565x800 , e6b338c545be255ad8412d331e09a6de.jpg) [iqdb]
Inspiration struck, have an update.


"I present you our very own venerable hermit, Kasen Ibara!"

"Thank you, Miss Himekaidou."

A pink girl with a bandaged arm takes to the stage.

"First, I'd like to say a few -"

"Hey, you!"

The new voice is accompanied by an enormous, drill-shaped rock.

"Why do you think you're doing, taking my position?!"

The pink haired girl immediately catches the rock with one hand.
Rock shards fall to the ground a moment later, as she flexes her hand.


She takes a flying leap from the stage, swinging at Tenshi with her bandaged arm.


Tenshi blocks it with her forearm and grabs her by the wrist-
-just barely catching a straight punch from Kasen's good arm. The air wave knocks down one of the welcome banners.

Tenshi smirks.

"Heh. You're pretty good for an unenlighten-"


Kasen brings up her knee up between Tenshi's legs.

The crowd winces as she soars higher into the air.

"W-why you... eh?!"

This time, Kasen smirks.

"Sorry, but I can't let you use that sword."

Tenshi's arm is wrapped in a bandage, with a wispy smoke hanging around it.

"You really don't know when to let go!"

Kasen heaves down, pulling the white cloth taut.


Like a shooting star, Tenshi hits the ground and explodes in a shower of light.

The bandages re-wrap themselves over the black smoke where Kasen's arm should be. The crowd cheers.


And it's still not over! Stay tuned for more updates this week.
File 128196669835.jpg - (317.29KB, 700x820 , 9bcaf7f4dc04f0039e21309de80cbbf8.jpg) [iqdb]
This would have been more awesome if Kasen had quoted Domon and his God Finger attack.
File 128197889584.jpg - (436.60KB, 1000x1480 , 23ba2de01cb2c742211be19c554ba46b.jpg) [iqdb]
Magical update powers, activate!


A defiant shout, a shower of gravel, and a very angry, hatless celestial burst through the cloud of dust.

That fight was a little too short, come to think of it.

"Don't get cocky from just that, human!"

"How durable."

Tenshi leaps back, tossing three rocks. Kasen dodges the first two, backhanding the third to pieces.

Suddenly, the shrine's roof was sporting a new pair of holes.

They both leap toward each other fists raised.

Until and orange, flaming sword sprouts up in Tenshi's hand.

"Take this!"


Kasen twists in the air to dodge it.


Her leg swings at a wince-inducing angle, burying her foot snugly into the celestial's cheek.


Using her face as a footstool, Kasen leaps off, performing a back flip before landing on the ground.

"You got lucky, this time. Don't think you can land another attack like that, though- my sword has already learned your techniques!"

"Such a cheap trick! I guess I'll just need to use different techniques then, won't I?"

Kasen takes stance, and beckons to Tenshi.

"Your pride is your weakness!" She shouts, lunging at the Hermit.

"How ironic."



Instead of moving, Kasen simply throws her entire weight into a straight punch with her bandaged arm, hitting Tenshi smack in the face.

The bandages quickly unravel, wrapping around her head as she flies back.

Kasen swings Tenshi over her head, circling her several times before throwing her at the musicians stage.

As she spins, Tenshi's sword appears, stabbing through the stage into the ground.

The red ghost makes a diving save on the grand piano, narrowly saving it from firey bisection

She finally comes to a stop after running into one of the shrine's pillars, snapping it in half.

"Heheheh hahahaha!"

Tenshi emerges, minus her ribbons and shirt buttons.

"To think I'd find such a strong opponent here, of all places!"

"Suika!" Reimu screams.

"Let's finish this, Hermit!"

"So eager, yet to futile... very well."

Tenshi takes her sword in both hands, and the two girls leap at each other. The golden flame stretches, making dozens of points in a semicircle, all aimed in.


They clash in mid-air, shooting sparks everywhere.


Both sides repel, and stand, panting.

Suika raises Tenshi's hand from atop the shoulders of another Suika.

"I- I won?! I won! I wooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAA-"

Suika(s) watch as Tenshi becomes a rapidly-vanishing speck in the distance, a look of satisfaction on her face(s).

"And stay there!" Reimu shouts after her.

Kasen brushes herself off and returns to the remains of her stage. "I'm sorry for the interruption. I am Kasen Ibara, a simple ascetic. I will be living and teaching here at the Hakurei Shrine from now on." She bows.

The gentlest evening breeze blows faintly.

Like the wrapping paper on a most glorious present, bit by bit, Kasen's dress slowly flakes away, laying bare the most wonderous, divine, paradisaical sight you have seen. Time seems to stop as you bask in the gods' gift to man.

The look of realization dawns only as she stands up, and opens her eyes.


Pink-faced, Kasen vanishes somewhere into the mountains, and the ensuing shockwave sends the nearest rows of the frozen crowd flying.

While you bask in the afterglow of Nirvana, the first raindrops fall from the sky.


One more!
Great ending to a great battle!
So holiday anon gets another glorious childhood memory eh?
It must have been something nice.
So, who's in charge of summer in Gensokyo? One of the fairies?


The update's coming sometime, but I need to get it nailed down in my head first.

Some fanon puts Yuuka in that position. No evidence in canon exists, of course.
>gods' gift to man
God is really nice today.
Well, considering how Rumia is chasing Anon, it's just karma.
File 128284486482.jpg - (137.97KB, 957x823 , fa9370986473ff0b217c8bb762225f61.jpg) [iqdb]
Inspiration finally hit!


It drizzles at first, little flecks of water sprinkling down over everyone, and steadily grows into a truly torrential downpour, soaking the ground, the sky, and everyone in between.

Except, strangely, you.


You jump.

"Where you surprised this time?"

You look up at the strange umbrella held over your head, then back to the dripping youkai holding it.

You certainly weren't expecting it.


She looks smug.

You skip down the shrine steps in your sandals, keeping time with the umbrella.


You stop in the air, barely not-stepping on Rumia. She's lying flat on the ground with a broken sandal strap, asleep.



You straighten up, and Kogasa re-caps her marker.

She rolls over as you skip away, a bit of paper in her hand.

"Best Luck"

File 12828464624.jpg - (1.53MB, 2307x1600 , 3318a8dd6303abc86d574c572f8db246.jpg) [iqdb]
Ending theme: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wr9yh9JXasY

Congratulations! Summer in Gensokyo Complete!

Reference list (by order of appearance or mention):
Deliveryman whose wallet you stole - Masked Rider of Gensokyo
Black hole youkai - SCIENCE!
Rainbow-colored youkai - I, Youkai
Sword-wielding miko - Something's Happening at Gensokyo
Short dog tengu - Curses Foiled, Again
Mima's apprentice - >>/forest/15616
Antlered oni - Involuntary Pedagogic Fantasy
Tsukiko - Idyllic Life
Masked tengu - Fragmentation of Memories
Well-dressed man - Contemplations Under the Moon and Stars
Weird suit man - Gunman in Gensokyo
Egg chef- Waking Up in Gensokyo
Robed man - That bastard, Let's Gooooo
Man in jumpsuit - Luna Ars Memorativa
Man in photo - Misadventures in Gensokyo
Sir not appearing in this story - Restorer in Gensokyo

Thanks for the story, it was an entertaining read, like your previous holiday stories.
Holiday Anon & Rumia going out for a date during summer festival, with full approval by Kogasa? This must happen.

Also, congratulations!
Ouch. That's quite some "best luck". Poor Rumia

He just gave that to her
Oh. How did I miss that I wonder. Anyway, congratulations on completing the story!
File 128293982573.jpg - (504.77KB, 1500x1283 , 11962591.jpg) [iqdb]
I'm feeling generous today, so...

What if...?
[ ] Go for a swim (hot)
[ ] Look for a scare (up)
[ ] Pick up a book (west)
[ ] Snag a bite (fowl)
[ ] Watch a show (old)

[ ] Epilogue

...you get a bonus scene! I promise I will actually write this one.
[X] Epilogue

And they all lived happily ever after~
[x] Epilogue

I wish for an happy end.
[x] Epilogue
I love these.
[x] Epilogue

If we only have one choice than I guess this is it.

If not, though:
[x] Look for a scare (up)
[x] Pick up a book (west)
[x] Epilogue
What if...?
[X] Go for a swim (hot)
[X] Look for a scare (up)
[X] Pick up a book (west)
[X] Snag a bite (fowl)
[X] Watch a show (old)

[X] Epilogue

Wall me.
It is a one-choice thing. It's a bonus update.
Well. Seems that's all the votes I'll be getting.

Called for "[x] Epilogue". Writing... well, sometime, anyway. When I'm a little less busy, or get a sudden inspiration.
File 128311657180.png - (1.66MB, 1771x1254 , b74ee782f3eaf0fe7ad552e50aff7687.png) [iqdb]
Surprise! Here it is!


A cool wind blows through the trees brought on by the sudden rain, heralding the coming autumn. At the foot of the mountain, two goddesses awaken from their long slumber.

"Mmmm... Minoriko?" One of them asks, blearily.

But they have nothing to do with this story.


This is the human village. It is deceptively named, seeing as half the people on the street are youkai.

More specifically, this is the schoolhouse in the human village, which is now full of enslaved children.

Minus one, of course~

"Akyuu! Did you see him?" Keine shouts, bursting into the room. "He just ran this way, I saw him!"

Akyuu glances up from her writing. "What's the matter, Keine?"

"He slipped out of class again!"

"He did? How?"

Keine colors red.

"Th-that's not important right now!"

Akyuu hides a giggle with her sleeve. "I think he went out through the window just before you came in."

"Tch!" Keine rushes out for the front of the house, slamming the door.


"You can come down from there, now."

You let go of the ceiling beams and drop back onto the table.

"Remember that for the future: Her hat is her weakness! If she looks up, it'll fall off." She puts a finger to your forehead, and looks you in the eyes. "Now, hurry!"

Flashing her a grin, you spring down the hallway.

"Use the back door, and stick to the air!" She calls after you.


In the forest of magic, seated on an ancient, weathered stump, is a small blonde youkai. She's holding a small, wrinkled, well-handled piece of paper in her hands, pondering it. For the hundredth time, she unfolds it and reads the words again.

"Luck, huh...?" she whispers.

But again, she has nothing to do with this story.


"So you're back again." The girl doesn't turn, but remains seated, her legs crossed. "I thought for sure you'd have given up after yesterday."

You sit heavily on a nearby rock, panting.

"Hmm. Maybe you do have some ability after all." Kasen rises, facing you.

"Listen! This isn't an easy path! It's not something you can take half-assed!" She points sharply at you. "Are you prepared to walk it?"

Of course!

"Then, from now on you will call me Master Ibara!"

You think 'Master Kasen' sounds better.

"...I suppose." She concedes.

The hermit girl smiles. "Now, let's begin your training!"


Okay, it's really over now.
Surprise epilogue.

I'm looking forward to a sequel.
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