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File 124467656465.jpg - (217.34KB, 1024x768, 00start.jpg) [iqdb]
Choose name: (Optional)
Describe appearance: (Optional)
Choose difficulty: Easy (tea-party time), Normal (pretty normal), Hard (youkai are youkai-like)

Choose 3 or less personality traits:
Scatterbrained OR Focused
Athletic OR Lazy
Dexterous OR Clumsy
Emotional OR Stoic
Brave OR Cowardly
Lucky OR Unfortunate
Charismatic OR Unsocial
Kind OR Harsh
Strong OR Weak

Note: Lazy overrides Strong, and vice versa. Scatterbrained overrides Charismatic, and v.v. Weak overrides Athletic, and v.v. Stoic overrides Kind, and v.v. Cowardly overrides Charismatic, and v.v.

First to 3 goes.
[X] Jane
[X] Normal
[X] Scatterbrained
[X] Lazy
[X] Clumsy
Name: Jennifer
Appearance: Small but athletic. Well built, thin, kind of angry looking, blonde.
Difficulty: Hard

[x] Normal

[x] Clumsy
[x] Brave
[x] Lucky
[❤] Normal

[❤] scatterbrained
[❤] lucky
[❤] kind
Choose name: None
Describe appearance: None
Choose difficulty: Lunatic

Choose 3 or less personality traits: None

I did it. So what's my prize?
Name: Julio
Difficulty: Easy

[x] Normal
[x] Stoic
[x] Harsh
[x] Unsocial
[x] Fio
[x] Normal
[x] Lucky
[x] Athletic
[x] Kind
Name: Edvin
Appearance: Young boy, short hair, but just enough to reach near eyes, jacket and shorts for clothes.

Difficulty: easy
Changing vote:

[Q] Easy

[Q] something Shota

[Q] scatterbrained
[Q] lucky
[Q] kind
Calling. No particular agreement on appearance, other than two votes for young boy.

Name: Edvin
Appearance: Young boy, short hair, but just enough to reach near eyes, jacket and shorts for clothes.
Difficulty: Normal


Please wait warmly.
File 124468702374.jpg - (198.50KB, 1024x768, 01forest.jpg) [iqdb]
——— You awake in a dark forest.
Your body feels a bit stiff from sleeping in the middle of the woods.

“… How did I get here…?”

Checking yourself, it doesn’t seem like you’ve gotten yourself hurt – you’ve no wounds, and your clothing seems to be intact.
Standing up and taking a cursory glance across the clearing you’ve found yourself in, it looks like the trees are mostly dead or dying around here. In fact, it seems like there’s hardly life at all around, save for some mushrooms here and there. You think you can see smoke rising from somewhere right ahead of you.
There’s hardly any light shining through the canopy of branches, so finding your way over there could be a slow process.

——— It doesn’t feel like you’re alone.

[] Run.
[] Walk.
[] Wait.
Health: 100%
Stamina: 100%
Mana: ?

Strength: 3
Dexterity: 5
Agility: 8
Magic: N/A
Charisma: 3
Luck: 7

An in-depth status report is currently unavailable.
[x] Walk.
[x] Walk.
[❤] Walk.

Running would attract too much attention in the case of a hostile, waiting would be too dangerous. In the case of a friendly, running would just cause problems, and waiting is still too dangerous since we don't know yet.

Ha! Ha! Thinking too hard!
[] Walk.
[x] Walk.
[X] Walk.

Be chill.
[~] Walk.
File 124469543252.jpg - (195.75KB, 1024x768, 02boo.jpg) [iqdb]
{X} Walk

Having no better destination in mind, you start walking towards the smoke. Slowly and steadily you walk, so as to not alert any wild animals or trip over a root.
Absentmindedly listening to the crunching of long-dead leaves underfoot, you work your way through and over the many trees, roots and bushes between you and your destination.

“Did it just get darker…?”

Mumbling to yourself as you take a few errant looks around you, it seems like the surroundings are getting gloomier, despite the density of trees slowly waning.
Starting into a light jog, you’re beginning to feel a need to get out of the woods. This didn’t fee—


With a quick cry of surprise, you find your arm suddenly being caught by something.

“A branch—?”

As you turn around to look at what caused your abrupt stop, you see a young girl—probably no more than ten years old—latching onto you.


As she begins to speak, you can’t help but notice that the forest is more dark than ever now.

“Are you an outsider~?”

{} Say something (write-in).
{} Run.

Free hint: Your traits and stats will determine the effectiveness of your actions.
>Your traits and stats will determine the effectiveness of your actions.

>Dexterity: 5
>Agility: 8

>Charisma: 3

[x] Run

[x] Get the hell out of Dodge!
[x] Get the hell out of Dodge!

Are there opportunities to raise stats?
File 124469766078.gif - (127.08KB, 381x889, c322a691d2f79d1698d215756cde74fb.gif) [iqdb]

[X] ...Ah.
[X] Well, I'm an outsider right now, 'cause I'm on the outside.
[X] But most times, I'm on the inside, so I guess I'm an insider.

>Fucking Ayumu Kasuga.

[x] Get the hell out of Dodge!
File 124470914221.jpg - (209.85KB, 1024x768, 03outofdodge.jpg) [iqdb]
{X} Get the hell out of Dodge!

This is bad. This girl isn’t normal. Scary.
You try to shake her off you, but—

“Heehee,” she giggles softly. “You’re pretty weak~”

Gah. You bring your leg up as swiftly as you can, aiming to kick her away from you… and succeed! Her nose bleeding, she stumbles backwards into that dreadful blackness while you overbalance and fall to the ground.
That’s fine. You’re up and going before she can react, if only barely. Immediately you dash for the direction of the rising smoke. There might be someone who can help you–there has to be.
Running while jumping over brushes and rocks, making sure you don’t get hit by any low hanging branches—all the while trying to avoid being swallowed up by the void behind you—is really starting to get to you. You’re starting to panic, but you can’t mess up—not when you’re this close!

“That was mean, you know.” Her voice sounds uncomfortably close. “Just drop down like good prey, already~” That sing-song voice is really starting to grate on your nerves.

You’ve almost breached into the clearing now, and—huh? A… a person!

“Get down, kid!” the newcomer commands. Although you are reluctant to stop, during that moment of distraction a root makes sure that down is where you go. As you tumble toward the ground, managing to land on your back, you see the darkness that followed you being pushed away by the brightest light you’ve ever seen.

So bright. So loud.


By the time you can see and hear properly again, you’ve been led inside the house you’d been hoping to find. Sitting in a couch in what seems to be the living room, you examine your surroundings.
Most of the room seems to be filled with books. Books are even what seem to make up most of the floor. You notice the table has been cleared of junk, and in front of your seat lies a plate with some bread topped with sliced cheese, with a glass of milk next to it.

“Oh? You alright now, kiddo?”

Out of a door to your left comes whom you assume saved you—a pretty blonde lady—wiping her hands on an apron she’s wearing.

{} Respond (write-in).
{} Or don’t.
{} The food.
 [] Eat it
 [] Don’t eat it.
Health: 100%
Stamina: 80%
Mana: ?

Strength: 3 (-2)
Dexterity: 5
Agility: 8 (+3)
Magic: N/A
Charisma: 3 (-2)
Luck: 7 (+2)

Child (Strength -2)
Athletic (Agility +3)
Scatterbrained (Charisma -2)
Lucky (Luck +2)
[x] "Thanks for the rescue."
[x] The food.
 [x] Eat it
[x] "Oh, who are you?"
[x] "Thanks for the rescue."
[x] The food.
 [x] Eat it
[x] "Oh, who are you?"
[Q] "Thanks for the rescue."
[Q] The food.
 [Q] Eat it
[Q] "Oh, who are you?"
[X] "Thanks for the rescue."
[X] The food.
 [X] Eat it
[X] "Oh, who are you?"
[x] "Thanks for the rescue."
[x] The food.
 [x] Eat it
[x] "Oh, who are you?"
[X] "Thanks for the rescue."
[X] The food.
 [X] Eat it
[X] "Oh, who are you?"
File 124481623936.jpg - (365.68KB, 1024x768, 04kirisame.jpg) [iqdb]
{X} “Thanks for the rescue.”
{X} The food.
 [X] Eat it
{X} “Oh, who are you?”

As the lady finishes wiping her hands, she slams the door behind her shut with her foot and starts walking towards the sofa opposite of you while letting out a yawn. As she flops down into her seat, you shift your focus towards the small meal set out before you, and feel your stomach rumbling.
How long had it been since you ate, anyway? You reach for the bread, and as you’re about to start eating, you notice the lady looking at you expectantly, arms crossed, like she—oh.

“Um. I-I’m fine now. Thank you for saving me from… that. The thing.” She smiles. Apparently satisfied with your reply, you bite down on the food. Mn… Tastes kind of dry.

Chuckling a bit, she replies. “Hah, small-fry like that ain’t a problem at all! Yer welcome, kid.” Mumbling to herself, she adds, “… wonder if I overdid it? Ah well, she won’t be bothering anyone for a few days, at least.”

As you finish the first piece of bread and grab some milk to wash it down with, you’re starting to feel kind of peppy. You guess you needed that meal more than you thought. “Oh,” she exclaims, “how’s the food? Feel like you could take on the world?” she asks with a smirk.

“… Not really, no… I feel a bit better, though. Like, more better. Than before.” You answer awkwardly. What an odd question.

“Huh—,” she sighs, “not quite there, yet, then…” She slumps her shoulders and looks a little dejected. You wonder what she means.

“Why’d you ask?” you question her.

“Ah,” a bit surprised, she responds, “I’m testing out a little mixture of mine, y’see. S’posed to make ya full of energy!” she responds as she pumps her fist in the air.

“—Uh.” She put something in the food? … Well, it doesn’t seem to be harmful, so you guess it’s fine.
“—Oh!” you exclaim, suddenly remembering something you’d forgotten to ask, “Who are you, anyway?”

“Heh.” She grins and looks at me with a wink. “Just an ordinary magician,” she responds somewhat enigmatically, “an awesome ordinary magician.” … The addition kind of ruined the enigma-ishness, you think.
“The name’s Marisa, at any rate! And you are?”

“Er, my name’s Edvin. Ordinary boy.” You respond.

She chuckles and mentions something about you being likeable or some such before wandering back to… the kitchen, you guess. Whatever that room she came out of was. You’re occupied with reading the floor, or rather, the books on it.

Stuffing the last bits of the second piece of bread in your mouth, you idly wonder why she called herself a magician. Magic doesn’t exist. That’s silly.
… What was that earlier then, though…? Oh well. You reach for the glass of milk and swallow the remainder, putting the glass on the plate when you’ve finished.

Marisa steps back out of the maybe-kitchen holding a broom. She’s also wearing a pointy hat that droops a bit now… Haha! She looks just like a witch now!

Adjusting her hat a bit, she turns towards you. “I’m going to be heading out for the day. I’m guessing you don’t live anywhere near, since you came running out from the middle of the forest. I can drop you off at the village, if you’d like,” she suggests. Grinning, she adds, “or do ya wanna hang around in my awesome presence a bit longer while I run my errands?”

You have pretty much no idea what she’s talking about. Other than the last part. Awesome. Stuff.

{} Village?
{} More awesome.

[] What about these books?
{X} More awesome.
{x} More awesome.

Yes Marisa~
{x} More awesome.
{❤} More awesome.
{x} Village?
[x]More awesome
[x]More awesome
[x]Less awesome
[x]More awesome
{X} More awesome.
[ON] More magic.
{x} More cowbell.
[x] More updates.
{x} More awesome.
[x] What about these books?

knowledge is awesome
File 124492712490.jpg - (56.67KB, 800x620, Patchouli - thighhighs dress shirt.jpg) [iqdb]
Yes she certainly is.
[Q] More awesome.
[Q] What about these books?
[x] More awesome.
[x] What about these books?


Please? ;_;
File 124510330552.jpg - (597.62KB, 1024x768, 05ze.jpg) [iqdb]
This update has been all kinds of slow. For that, you have my apologies.
{X} More awesome.

Getting up from the sofa, you straighten your jacket and walk over to the entry hall with Marisa. ”I think I’ll stick with you for a while. You seem like an interesting person.”

Marisa grins as you put on your shoes and leave her house. “Glad to see ya can appreciate being in this marvellous witch’s presence!”

That again? She didn’t seriously think she was a witch, did she? Sure, she looked the part, but… Oh well. Whatever makes her happy. You take a quick look around the clearing Marisa’s house is in, noticing several paths leading from it. There’s one near a bunch of trees that look like they were partly blow away… Did the light from earlier do that? There also appears to be just one path that’s been made into a proper, comfortable road—rocks set in the ground and all. It leads further into the forest, it seems. Putting your hands in your jacket’s pockets, you look up at the so-called witch. “Where are you heading first?”

Starting on a small path through the trees, Marisa replies, “’s just a short walk through these woods. Gotta get some stuff from this store a friend of mine runs. Not that you can really call it a store, what with junk being strewn all over.” Whoever this friend is doesn’t sound very reliable.

As the two of you walk down the small path cutting through the forest, you simply relax while taking in the sounds and smells of the woods, while Marisa seems to be looking for something amongst the trees most of the time.


A short walk, she says. It feels like you’ve been walking for an hour on this bumpy road, and your feet are starting to complain. Still, it seems you’ve arrived at the… store.

It really does look like a junkyard.

Marisa walks over to the entrance and kicks the door open, shouting all the while. “G’morning, Kourin! Your favourite customer is here!”

Entering the store, to your right you can see various objects with no organisation to them all over the store. Books, electronics, old weapons, adult magazines, clothing and generic household items scattered everywhere. It really doesn’t have the seeming of a store…

On the other side of the store, behind a counter, you see the person Marisa must’ve referred to as “Kourin”. His clothes are… pretty odd. Blue and robe-y. The white hair doesn’t help. You probably shouldn’t ask. Maybe it’s some symptom. He adjusts his glasses as he looks towards you with a somewhat scrutinising look.

“Marisa… books are one thing, but this…”

“I didn’t steal ‘im, ya idiot.”

As the two starts a discussion about kidnapping or something, you take a closer look around the store. Some of the stuff in here is really old… there’s a straight razor that looks like it’s seen better days, an old-fashioned coffee grinder without a handle, and even one of those old flashlights you heard about once… an 1899 Ever Ready, or something like that? Whatever. They supposedly sucked anyway.

You walk around the store some more, a bit interested in the weapons on display. Though you bet they’re all too heavy for you to use, they’re almost all different, and many are good-looking. There are all kinds of swords placed in a barrel, everything from gladii and rapiers to those big ones… what were they called… Svein’s hands or something…? That doesn’t sound right. They’re swords, not hands.

You walk over to some tables on the middle of the floor. There are mostly books on them, though there are some single pages of what seems to be maps and… instructions? They shouldn’t be here, should they? As you skim over the book titles, you notice that a few of them have pretty odd ones. All fantasy-like, probably for kids or weirdoes. “How to tame a fairy”, a pretty thin book… “An introduction to magic”… sounds like something Marisa would own, haha. The maps all seem to be copies, or at least re-drawings of the same thing. “Map of Gensokyo”. Map of where? On the back it says “Made by Rinnosuke Morichika”… Made by who?

Getting bored, you look back at Marisa and Kourin; they seem to have calmed down. Marisa has put her huge hat on the counter, while Kourin seems to be reading a book.

“So, what’ll you be taking today, Marisa?” Kourin asks, though it doesn’t sound like he cares. Taking?

Leaning on the counter, she replies, “Just the usual. Couple of empty books, more ink… ah, maybe something for the kid, if he finds something.”

{} Is there anything you would like? You can probably find a lot of different things, if you look hard enough.
{x} 1. An introduction to magic
{x} 2. Map of Gensokyo
{x} 3. A dagger

In order of preference since all three might be pushing it.
I am enjoying this quite a bit.

[x] 1. Map of Gensokyo
Always useful.

[x] 2. An introduction to magic
Scatterbrained magic learning? Nothing can go wrong here.

[x] 3. A dagger
It'll be useful, so why not, if that's still included in the "something".
{X} 1. An introduction to magic
{X} 2. Map of Gensokyo
{X} 3. A dagger
{x} 1. An introduction to magic
{x} 2. Map of Gensokyo
{x} 3. A dagger

How did you get that brushed canvas effect for the background? It's awesome- reminds me a bit like Valkyria Chornicle.
A Photoshop filter: rough pastels.
[X] Map
[X] Magicks book
[X] Ka-bar

the ka-bar can and has been used in a variety of applications; plus, it has been around for long, but not TOO long, thus increasing the chances of finding a good one.
[~] An introduction to magic
[z] Map of Gensokyo
[e] A dagger
A hat is necessary in Gensokyo guys!

[X] Newsboy Hat
[X] Map
[X] Introduction to Magic
[X] A dagger
[X]1. Map of Gensokyo
[x]2. An introduction to magic.
[X]3. A crowbar.
[X] A Map of Gensokyo. Small and easy to take out/put away.
[X] The "Introduction to Magicks" book
[X] A dagger.
[x] A simple brown Bucket Hat.

I think a dagger will fit our high agility better than a Ka-bar And if we're lucky it might have some magic to it .
And of course, we need a hat.
[Q] A Map of Gensokyo. Small and easy to take out/put away.
[Q] The "Introduction to Magicks" book
[Q] A dagger.

Giddy, I love you.
File 12452899673.jpg - (12.53KB, 449x564, Johnny-Yong-Bosch.jpg) [iqdb]
[x]“How to tame a fairy”
[x] Map of Gensokyo

I don't care for giving Edvin a weapon, I think he can survive by his wits and charm. Other than that magic is old hat, let's tame a fairy familiar!
[x] Map of Gensokyo
[x]“How to tame a fairy”

Familiar get, maybe.
[x] Map of Gensokyo
[x]“How to tame a fairy”
He's been working on an update since yesterday. First vote to three remember.
File 124533749692.jpg - (885.29KB, 1024x768, 06kourindou.jpg) [iqdb]
{X} Map of Gensokyo
{X} “An Introduction to Magic”
{X} A dagger

“Anything you want, kid?” Marisa asks, “Kourin’s probably got something you’d want stashed away somewhere.”

Well. Something you want, huh… Retracing your steps back to the tables, you take another look over the items displayed on them. The map… is kind of interesting. It’s also pretty badly drawn. Is that a sunflower with an angry face? You can’t help but think that whoever drew this doesn’t have much talent. Still, it’s not going to be in the way even if it’s not going to be useful. You pick up the map and look over the books again…
The hardcover titled “An Introduction to Magic” sort of stands out. You try looking for an author’s name, but there doesn’t seem to be one… oh. There are some initials on the inside of the cover. “P.K.” it says. Eh, it might make for a good read. Why not. …If you remember right, there was also something else, over in the weaponry area.
It should be on a small stand on a counter… ah, there it is. A tiny sword—no, dagger was the word—that looks like it could have belonged to a noble of sorts a long time ago. You guess. ‘Cause it looks nice.
The handle is shaped in such a way that it looks like it’d fit well into your hand, and the blade widens in the middle. You don’t know about the practicality of that, but then again, it did look like a noble’s knife. They’re just supposed to look pretty, right? The guard even had a circular middle with a rose design in it. Looks like the whole thing is made of… brass, steel and marble. Huh. Might as well take it. It’d make nice decoration if nothing else.

You walk over to the counter where Marisa’s waiting while looking at you, and Kourin still not caring much. You wonder what book he’s reading…

“That all you want? Fine with you, Kourin?” Marisa asks as you put the things you chose on the counter.

Kourin looks up from his book and casts a glance at the counter. “…Hm. The map and book are no big loss, but you owe me one for that dagger.” You guess pretty things are worth most here.

“Kh. The usual, right?” Marisa asks while putting her hat back on with a grimace that looked like it said ‘what a bother’.

Kourin returns to his book, replying dismissively, “Right.” He absentmindedly reaches below the counter and pulls out a bag, handing it to Marisa. He also fishes around for something else… oh. A sheath. It looks like it fits with the dagger you chose. Convenient. You don’t really have a belt to wear it with, but that’s fine, you guess. It’s just decoration, anyway.

As Marisa puts the items into the bag, she stops to take a look at the dagger. “…Hey Kourin, isn’t this one of the named ones?”

Kourin casts a one-eyed glance towards the dagger, and replies quietly, “Thorn.” Seems fitting.

With a disinterested “Huh,” she put the dagger along with the sheath in the bag, and walked out the door. “See ya around, Kourin.”

Closing the door as you follow after Marisa, you’re glad to be out of that store. The air was kind of stuffy, and Kourin seemed to grow more irritated the longer we stayed. …Did he notice you staring at his hair?

Looking towards Marisa, she seems to be thinking about something. “Where to next… Either one would do nicely now.” She sighs, and turns over to you. “Hmm… Hey, Edvin! Heads or tails?” she asks, pulling out an ornamental coin from a pocket in her skirt.

{} Heads
{} Tails

Another hint: The status and inventory options are always available. Probably.
{x} Tails
{❤} Heads
[x] Sonic
[X] "I make my own luck."
File 124534671841.jpg - (66.93KB, 530x370, bosch01.jpg) [iqdb]
{X} Tails
[x] Tails
[~] Tails
[z] Status
[e] Inventory
[x] Heads
[x] Status
[x] Inventory
[X] Heads
[x] Heads
[x] Status
[x] Inventory
File 124541291999.jpg - (62.96KB, 480x359, norm-4626a1c4a318f-Batman+Forever+(1995).jpg) [iqdb]
[X] Heads.
File 124630610850.jpg - (899.76KB, 1024x768, 07hakurei.jpg) [iqdb]
Well, that happened.
{X} Tails

Heads or tails, she says. What’s she even trying to decide? “Tails,” you say, scratching your neck a bit. Mm. Bug bite.
The coin makes a nice ringing sound as she flips it into the air, blinking in the reflection of the sun. Marisa grabs the coin as it comes dropping down, and slaps the coin onto the top of her other hand, giving it a glance.

“Tails… Reimu’s place, then,” she mumbles, and drops the coin back into her pocket. From what you could see of it, it was neatly polished and had a crescent moon on one side… Odd.
Sighing, she says, “Well, I’m not about to walk up those stairs anytime soon…” She picks up her broom and holds it out, making it float in mid-aaaeh? What. Wait, this is a trick, right? Strings and magnets and—that doesn’t even make sense, out here. Getting on the broom herself, and noticing your staring, Marisa asks, “What’re you waitin’ for? Get on,” clapping the broom as if it were a seat.

“Y-you… how are you doing that?” you ask, pointing towards the floating broom. Did that stuff she put in the food make you hallucinate?

“Told you, didn’t I? Magician. Magic’s what I do,” she answers, as if it were a matter of course. “I know I’m amazin’ and all, but stop staring and hop on already.”

Reluctantly, you try to make yourself comfortable sitting on what is basically just a stick, mumbling to yourself, “What is this—a dream?” Hm. Hold onto the broom, or Marisa?

“Nope. ‘s Gensokyo.” Marisa leads your arms around her, telling you to hold on tight. “You’ll get used to it.”

After making sure you were holding on, the witch rose to the sky... fast. In the blink of an eye, you were high above the forest, and barely still clinging onto Marisa. As it seems she’s taking it slow now, you take a moment to readjust yourself.
From all the way up here, you’re getting a really good view… You can see Kourin’s shop and Marisa’s house, as well as another’s… That’s where the road from Marisa’s house went, you guess. It looks like the only clean house in the forest.

You take a look around as far as you can see while waiting to arrive. You might be able to compare it to the map you got. There’s a large lake with some big, extravagant building in the middle—a mansion? It’s not that far from the forest, it seems.
In the direction you’re heading there seems to be a Japanese shrine. Quaint. On top of a hill with a huge flight of stairs… Not so quaint. Also rather close to the forest… and one of the roads going from it leads to a village. Isn’t it a bit far away?
Regardless… this place looks completely unfamiliar to you. Where is this?

“Goin’ down~” Marisa exclaims as she starts descending down towards the shrine. You hop off the broom when you get close enough to the ground, bouncing off the ground a single time. That wasn’t too bad, you think. As Marisa gets off as well, she hands you the bag from Kourin’s shop.
“Hang on to this, I’ll go look for Reimu~” she says, as she skips toward the shrine building, calling out for this Reimu… She seems to be in a good mood.

Well. You look back and forth between the shrine, some side buildings, the large gate behind you and Marisa’s retreating form. What now?

{} What to do… (write-in)
Health: 100%
Stamina: 100%
Mana: ?

Child (Strength -2): You’re small. That means your guts aren’t particularly big. No ripping and tearing.
Athletic (Agility +3): You’re fast and don’t tire out too easily.
Scatterbrained (Charisma -2): You tend to digress in conversation. You sometimes forget things easily.
Lucky (Luck +2): A nice thing to have if all else fails.

Thorn: A dagger seemingly made for decoration. Something seems odd about it.

* Jacket
* Shorts
* Shoes

Empty books: Marisa bought these at Kourin’s shop. Maybe she’s an author?
Ink: The kind you dip a pen into. Not much use for it without a pen.
Map of Gensokyo: A map over some strange place. The quality is rather sub-par.
An Introduction to Magic: A book you got at Kourin’s shop. Probably a fantasy tale.
[x] Walk around the area but stay near the main shrine.
[x] Look over the map, have a quick skim through the book.
[x] Look over the map, have a quick skim through the book.

You wake up in an unfamiliar world with unfamiliar people, and quickly come in contact with a book of magic which may or may not be real based on what you've seen and a map of said world. You choose to not look at either.

Really guys? Really.
[x] Look over the map, have a quick skim through the book.
[ze] Look over the map, have a quick skim through the book.

He'll forget whatever he read in pretty short order, though.
[x] Look over the map, have a quick skim through the book.
[x] Look over the map, have a quick skim through the book.
[X] Look over the map, have a quick skim through the book.
[O] Look over the map, have a quick skim through the book.
[X] Look over the map, have a quick skim through the book.
[x] Look over the votes, have a long update through the post.
Update, Giddy.

Update, before I have to strangle you.

Not before I do, pal.
File 124863034576.jpg - (526.81KB, 1024x768, 00map.jpg) [iqdb]
My apologies.
Is it even worth the wait?
{X} Look over the map, have a quick skim through the book.

Leaving Marisa to look for this Reimu, you head over to a nice spot on the grass near a small building off to the right side of the shrine grounds… a storage house, probably. Dropping yourself and the bag on the ground, you pull out the map and book you got at Kourin’s place. If this was a map over the area you were in, it’d be helpful to get around.

…Or so you thought. As you thought in the store, it’s pretty hard to make any sense of. After a few minutes of glaring at it, you figure out that the vaguely telephone pole shaped thing is supposed to be the gate at this shrine, and the stairs… and Kourin’s shop and possibly Marisa’s house right nearby. The red lines are apparently roads, while the dotted are… paths, you guess. Apparently there does live someone at the end of the road you saw earlier in the forest. There’s also the village, and the island on the lake. It’s hard to make sense of anything else; especially with the limited view you had before landing. …And what’s with this patch of “nothing”? You wonder if Marisa would be able to understand these scribbles.

Giving up on making any more sense of the map, you return it to the bag and instead start skimming through the book you got. “An Introduction to Magic”, huh… You flip through the book, reading head titles and paragraphs that catch your eye. The whole book is written by hand with a neat and orderly handwriting. Must’ve taken a lot of time. You notice the book doesn’t seem like a fantasy story after all, but more of… exactly what it says it is, really.
The beginning of the book goes on about what magic is and isn’t or something like that, and goes on to talk about different kinds of magic and just starts droning off and gets really confusing. Whoever wrote this isn’t very good at communicating. It might be better to read this a bit at a time if you want any chance of remembering anything.

As you lay down on the grass, leaving the book next to you, you wonder what it’d be like being able to use magic… If you could fly freely you’d explore all around… and probably try making a better map than this doodle. It’s as if it was drawn from memory.
You close your eyes and relax, still waiting for Marisa to get back… The shrine doesn’t look that big. You wonder what’s taking her so long. Come to think of it, it’s gotten pretty silent, too; even the wind seems to have quieted down.

“It seems an aspiring little warlock is loitering on my lawn.” Huhwhat? You get up and look around the newcomer. Apparently having come from the direction of the shrine stood a tall lady with a blue dress and funny hat… and green hair? That’s some symptom. Is this Reimu?
“What is your business at this shrine, tiny warlock?”

{} Insert write here.
[X] "Marisa brought me here. She went off on her own to look for a 'Reimu'. She's been gone for a long time though."
[X] "Marisa brought me here. She went off on her own to look for a 'Reimu'. She's been gone for a long time though."
[X] "I'm not a warlock."
[X] "Marisa brought me here. She went off on her own to look for a 'Reimu'. She's been gone for a long time though."
[x] "Marisa brought me here. She went off on her own to look for a 'Reimu'. She's been gone for a long time though."
[ze] "Marisa brought me here. She went off on her own to look for a 'Reimu'. She's been gone for a long time though."
[x] "Marisa brought me here. She went off on her own to look for a 'Reimu'. She's been gone for a long time though."
[Q] "Marisa brought me here. She went off on her own to look for a 'Reimu'. She's been gone for a long time though."
[Q] "What's a warlock?"

'Warlock' is one of the odd words.
[x] "Marisa brought me here. She went off on her own to look for a 'Reimu'. She's been gone for a long time though."
[x] "What's a warlock?"
[O] "Marisa brought me here. She went off on her own to look for a 'Reimu'. She's been gone for a long time though."
[O] "What's a warlock?"
[x] "Marisa brought me here. She went off on her own to look for a 'Reimu'. She's been gone for a long time though."
[x] "What's a warlock?"
[x] "Marisa brought me here. She went off on her own to look for a 'Reimu'. She's been gone for a long time though."
[x] "What's a warlock?"
[x] Marisa brought me here. She went to look for "Reimu".
[x] What's a warlock? A lock? I'm not a lock. Is it somekind of lock used in wars? Why don't they use normal locks. I once had a lock. I kept forgetting where the key was.
Keys are hard to find, they look the same and are small.
[X] Update
too busy hating HY.
File 126384825571.jpg - (473.11KB, 1024x768, 08mima.jpg) [iqdb]
Are you still there?


{X} "Marisa brought me here. She went off on her own to look for a 'Reimu'. She's been gone for a long time though."
Maybe-Reimu tip-toes towards you in what you guess is a lady-like fashion, her shoes going click-clack against the stone pavement, though you can’t hear anything else… You hope you’re not getting old.

Maybe-Not takes a seat on the grass next to you, and you both take a better look at each other. Pointy hat and ears. Obviously an elf.

She raises her eyebrows. …Oh! Questio—answer time!

“Ah, I came here with Marisa, but she went off to look for Reimu… Are you Reimu? You look like a Reimu.” Raises one eyebrow this time…

Oh, you’re doing that thing again. “So as I was saying she’s been gone a while, so… yeah.” Oh man she’s smiling in that one way. Awkward.

Brushing some hair behind her elfy ear, she looks at you from the corner of her eyes. “Such an unfocused child. Hardly fitting for a young warlock…” She sighs and leans back a bit, looking somewhat disappointed.

“Uhm… What is a warlock, anyway?” Sounds like a fancy word for a draw.

She turns towards you with wide eyes and a small ‘eh?’ of surprise. “You don’t… you…” At a loss for words she seems content to stare at you for a while.

After a minute her expression softens, and she turns to look at the sky, seemingly thinking about something. “… And here I thought you had at least some idea about magic…”

Looking somewhat dejected, she picks up the book and flips through it with short hums now and then. With a light scoff, she closes the book and drops it on the grass, letting her head droop a bit. “What a shoddy book. Nothing that can hold a child’s interest for long.

“A child should always learn from a mentor, after all…” She raises her head again and… did her ears twitch? “There is a thought.” She turns towards you and smiles as if she just had the best idea in a while. “I could educate you! What say you, child?”

“I don’t even know who you are.” Or what a warlock is. You’ll let that one slide, though.

“…Ah. “ She averts her gaze and smiles a slightly crooked smile. “Seems I have forgotten my manners while staying here…” Turning towards you again, she introduces herself, “You may call me Mima.”

So it wasn’t Reimu… And she looked so much like a Reimu. Nevertheless glad to finally know who you’re speaking to, you smile and introduce yourself as well. “Edvin here. …Can you really teach me magic?”

Giving you a slightly haughty smile, she answers, “Naturally, child. For one such as I, even teaching a fairy would be a simple task.” One slightly intimidating stare later, “What say you, child?”

{} Accept.
{} Decline.
[] Accept.
{x} Accept.

Why not?
() Accept.
[x] Accept.

File 126385461096.jpg - (11.33KB, 265x297, 1232257139781.jpg) [iqdb]
{X} Decline.

{x} Accept.
[x] Accept.

Teach me, Mima!
{x} Accept.
3 monthsssssssssssssssssssssssssss
[X] Accept, what could possibly go wrong?

{x} Accept.
{はい!} Accept.
{x} Accept.
[x] Accept.
[x] Decline.
[Q] Accept.

Fuck year Giddy.
[x] AcceptAcceptAcceptAcceptAcceptAcceptAccept.
[X] Decline.
[x] Accept
File 128304105786.jpg - (167.08KB, 900x600, 09i-imagine-edvin-drew-this.jpg) [iqdb]
why are you still voting


{X} Accept.


It’s better than trying to decipher that book, you suppose. “…Alright.”

She looks at you somewhat expectantly, almost whispering, “Excellent.” She moves to stand up from the ground, giving the book another disapproving glance while she does so. “You have made the better choice, child. I do not imagine someone your age could understand half of the words in that book.”

Did she just call you dumb? Scowl, scowl.

She turns and starts walking off to the shrine, looking awfully pleased with herself. “We will talk later. Take it easy for now.”

“Ah, I don’t think we’re staying long. Marisa and me. I.”

“¬…She rarely does. But that is fine.” She looks kinda down, though. “I will need time to prepare for your lessons regardless.” She rounds a corner, disappearing toward the back of the shrine without another word.

…She’s so definitely down.

Feeling a little tired and with little else to do, you lay down on the grass trying to find shapes in the clouds passing by above.

…Ah, a dog…


Mmm… Warm and soft…

“Oh? Finally woke up, have ya?”

…Mmh, Marisa…?

You open your eyes and see… “Yo.” …her face leaning over you.

“Wah!” With a startled cry you almost leap away from her lap and try to take in your surroundings. Indoors now… The shrine?

Marisa seems endlessly amused by your reaction, chuckling with a toothy grin. “I’ve always wanted to do that to someone! Reimu never lets me.” Smirking, she glances over at the other side of the low table you’re sitting around. Kotatsu? You think.

“Why the hell would I…” Sporting the most unimpressed face in history, a mostly-red-but-also-white lady munches on a tasteless-looking cracker. …Is this Reimu?

“You don’t look like a Reimu at all.” She really does not. At least her hair is normal.

… They’re staring. You’re doing that thing again, aren’t you.

Marisa goes right back to grinning. “Haha, he’s not all there in the head sometimes.” Hey!

Is it possible for mostly-red to look less impressed? “You’ve no right to question others’ sanity.” Haha! “Anyway, you’ve robbed what you came here for, so get lost already, will you.” How rude.

With no complaint Marisa gets up, and drags you along. “Yeah, yeah, yeah… S’about time I got going. Thanks for the snacks and all that!”

“Don’t thank me for something you stole.”

Marisa grins her grin. “Be nice, Reimu.” And out you go. Sliding doors. Sliding walls. “See ya later! Have something more tasty ready next time!” Cracker to the head. Laughing, Marisa picks up her broom and the bag from Kourindou, left by the entrance to the shrine.

When you’re almost at the gate, Marisa makes her broom float again. Ooh, flying time! “Well, now it’s off to the mansion, I guess. Better prepare yourself, the people living there are kinda weird~” You think she’s the weird one.

Up on the broom you go. “Um. Is Miss Reimu always like that?” Curiosity beckons!

“Pft, ‘miss’? Never heard anyone call her that. And, no, not really. We just came at a bad time.” Doesn’t seem like the episode bothers her, at least. “Up we go~!” Up you go~! And zip across the sky and over the lake from earlier! Huh, it’s mistier than you remember. There’s also a distinct lack of island mansions.

Descending to hover a few meters above the ground on the opposite shore, the at-least-slightly-wicked witch seems to ponder something while looking towards a gate at the front of the mansion. Oh, they have their own guard. “Hm… Wonder if the usual entrance would be a bit too rough…”

{ } “Go with what you’re used to!”
{ } “Through the gate is normal, right?”
[Q] “Go with what you’re used to!”

{x} “Go with what you’re used to!”

Your writing has improved~
[x] “Go with what you’re used to!”

File 128304218886.png - (577.75KB, 768x1024, 1cba1e624e0affa4609ed4322c8dc9fc.png) [iqdb]
{x} “Through the gate is normal, right?”

meiling meiling meiling MEILING MEILING
File 128304282759.jpg - (373.00KB, 480x640, c856ef353a1a0573ceb3e59b68fee4f3.jpg) [iqdb]
{x} “Go with what you’re used to!”

Patchy? Patchy. I hope it's Patchy. Assuming the other one involves Meiling. Meiling is nice too. Patchy is superior. Best touhou. Yes.


I can never get over how adorable your writing is. It's about time you got back to it!
{x} “Through the gate is normal, right?”

No need to drag the poor kid's rep through the mud.
{❤} “Through the gate is normal, right?”

Glad to see you writing again, Giddy. You're as great as I had hoped.
{x} “Through the gate is normal, right?”

I too, desire Patchy, but Marisa should be remembering to exercise at least SOMETHING like restraint and/or manners.
[x] “Go with what you’re used to!”
What's the worst that can happen?
[X] “Through the gate is normal, right?”

You're visiting someone else's house, so be polite.
{X} “Through the gate is normal, right?”
Calling it for the gate.

Update probably in less than eight months.
File 128369571967.gif - (34.30KB, 100x100, 127584638849.gif) [iqdb]
File 129414235892.jpg - (7.08KB, 251x250, 1293484231429.jpg) [iqdb]
writefag is a lazy faget
File 129824127162.png - (292.88KB, 1024x768, shrug.png) [iqdb]
This is abandoned, in case that wasn't clear.
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