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11232 No. 11232
Awaking with a start, you look out from within your cell. There’s only one cell in this basement. You can only guess who it was designed to house. The light cast from the few torches dances along the walls and floors, casting strange shadows. With no sense of day or night, you have no idea how long you’ve been down here. A grumbling in your stomach makes you think it’s been at least a day. You wonder, absently, what’s going on up stairs. Before you fell asleep it sounded like there was a small commotion, probably Kaguya reviving, but it was quickly quelled.
Nobody had been down to see you since Alice threw you, unceremoniously, into this stone and steel cage. You stand up and begin to idly pace back and forth, trying to think of something, ANYTHING to get you out of here. You still have the note, the bottle from before, and the doll seeing as they didn’t bother to search you when they threw you in the prison. There’s a bench in here also, and some straw on the floor. Upstairs it sounds like something heavy is being dragged across the floor. You don’t even want to contemplate what that might be. It seems, however, that the invaders to Eientei are all distracted. This might be a good chance for you to try something.

[ ] Search the cell.
[ ] Look at the note again.
[ ] Pour the Hourai Elixir(generic) on the doll
[ ] Try to break the door with something.
[ ] Examine the cell door.
[ ] Sit in the corner and cry.

No. 11235
[ ] Pour the Hourai Elixir(generic) on the doll
No. 11236
[x] Pour the Hourai Elixir(generic) on the doll

I saw this on MacGuyver once
No. 11237
[ ] Look at the back of note again.
No. 11238
[ ] Search the cell.
[ ] Look at the note again.
[ ] Pour the Hourai Elixir(generic) on the doll

In this order.
No. 11239
[X] Search the cell.
Maybe we'll find something from Yukari.
No. 11240
Don't forget that you guys were planning on strategizing, and not rushing into decisions. Rushing decisions got you to this point.
No. 11241
[x] Pour the Hourai Elixir(generic) on the doll
Doll, you shall rise and serve us for eternity.
No. 11242
[X] Search the cell.

There's only one person I can think of that the Eientei crew would want to detain, and frankly I figure she's clever enough to have sabotaged their prison at some point or another.
No. 11243
[X] Search the cell.

Stop making stupid choices
No. 11244
[X] Look at the note again.

We need to get out soon. If we're getting hungry, it won't be long before we're too delirious to know what we're doing.

...not that we know what we're doing when we AREN'T hallucinating, but still.
No. 11245
sup, did you get your shiki cell image?
[x] Look at the note again.
map = escape route?
No. 11250
>There's only one person I can think of that the Eientei crew would want to detain, and frankly I figure she's clever enough to have sabotaged their prison at some point or another.

Clever bastard.
No. 11251
[X] Search the cell.
They are getting the equipment for our torture ready, we got to get out of there as fast as possible.
Lets search the chell first
No. 11253
I want to see all the choices exhausted, and then sobbing.
No. 11255
[ ] Look at the note again.
[ ] Say 'shitsux'

who knows, password may help
No. 11257

Yes, but is Anonymous clever enough to find it?
No. 11258
We will be when Mr. Banana comes back and gives us clues in between telling more of his hilarious jokes.
No. 11259
note has a map on it
No. 11260
[x] Pour the Hourai Elixir(generic) on the doll
No. 11262
Lets search first, maybe we find something, we have that few minutes for that anyway, if we find nothing we check the note, and we still have the doll
No. 11263
[x] Pour the Hourai Elixir(generic) on door
hello mr. door
No. 11264
[x] Pour the Hourai Elixir(generic) on the doll

Doll familiar to speed your search.
No. 11266
[X] Pour the Hourai Elixir(generic) on the doll
Changing my vote. Delicious dolljoints.
No. 11267
You search around in the cell. Pushing aside the pile of straw you were sleeping on, you see several large scorch marks. You move the bench aside, and see more of the same. Feeling along the walls, you tap them as well, checking for any hollow points in the wall. Moving across the wall opposite the cell door, you tap on one of the stones, and find it loose. Prying it out, You see a small cubbyhole. You can’t see well enough to be able to tell if there’s anything in there, but a slight breeze blows out from within. The noise continues upstairs, but now interspersed with people running back and forth. You have no idea what could possibly be going on up there.

[ ] Reach through the hole.
[ ] Continue searching the cell
[ ] Inventory.
[ ] Try to break the door.
[ ] Examine the cell door.
[ ] Examine the scorch marks more closely.
No. 11269
[X] Say Shitsux
[X] Look at back of note
No. 11270
No. 11271
[x] Reach through the hole.
[x] inventory
No. 11272
[ ] Reach through the hole.
No. 11273
You search the cell, only to discover more dirt and straw. With a sigh, you pull out the note to examine it again. Its blank. Absolutely blank. Something is certainly wrong here...

The cell door is made of steel and contains no flaws. Actually its pretty impressive. Whoever made these wanted to make sure noone got out. There is only one thing left to do.

You pull out the doll and place it carefully on the bench. Taking out the bottle, you carefully and ceremoniously pour the clear liquid onto the doll, awaiting for it to spring to life and do your bidding. It doesn't. Before you lies a broken doll drenched in ordinary water. Fuck..

That was your last hope. There is nothing left. You sit in the corner and cry. At least your friends will never see you in this shameful broken state.
No. 11274
[ ] Reach through the hole.
No. 11275
Also, if you guys want to stratergize in realtime, I've set up an irc chatroom.
No. 11277
>>[ ] Reach through the hole.

Don't worry if you feel something nibbling your fingers. Just be glad you're not having to reach into a toilet.
No. 11278
[x] Reach through the hole.
Also could we have an inventory check while we're at it.
No. 11279
[x] Examine the scorch marks more closely.
why not
No. 11280
[x] Reach through the hole.
Although they seem distracted (probably with Mokou), we shouldn't waste time.
No. 11281
>[ ] Reach through the hole.

No. 11282
[ ] Continue searching the cell

Can you make Inventory more specific?
No. 11284
Checking the items you currently possess, and allowing you to examine any of them in detail. Game progress is paused while you do this, and you will return to the choice you left from, sans inventory option.
No. 11285
[x] Reach through the hole.
No. 11286
I want to find a cardboard box labled "To the helipad"
No. 11287
>It doesn't. Before you lies a broken doll drenched in ordinary water. Fuck.

No. 11288
Well then add a request for inv to >>11282
No. 11290
>>11274 here

Add Inventory check to mine, too.
No. 11291
[X] Examine the scorch marks more closely.
We should examine the marks more closely first, before we do anything, jumping in headfirst got us into this situation first, let us try to be more strategic
No. 11293
[X] Inventory.
When your staring at the items in your inventory, time slows down.
No. 11294
Guy who archives threads, there's a glitch in: http://bloodyshovel.oddwebsite.com/Ehs%20folder/Misadventures_in_Gensokyo.html

It cuts off in the middle.
>You wake up a good deal of time l
No. 11295
[X] Inventory.
No. 11296
[X] Examine the scorch marks more closely.

hay guise
No. 11297
Clearly, we should thoroughly examine the cell further, investigate the scorch marks for any possible clues or messages beyond "MOKOU WAS HERE", and check out that damn note with the map on it again.

The NEET gave it to us for a reason, obviously. Though, I have to wonder how she would have known things would have come to this...
No. 11298
[x] Reach through the hole.

No. 11299
Our rescue squad is making a distraction for us, we have to do the right things
No. 11300
[X] Inventory.
[X] Examine the scorch marks more closely.
No. 11303
Check our inventory first, take advantage of the game pause and give the once-over to EVERYTHING we have. Maybe twice.
No. 11304
There was a HOLE here.
It's GONE now.
No. 11305
You check the items in your possession.
Hourai Doll 1ea
Hourai Elixir (Generic) 1 ea.
Note 1 ea.
Clothing 1ea.
Bamboo Shard 1ea.
Button 1ea.

Status- Armor 52%, critical damage in forearm area, minor damage in upper arms.
Stats- N/A
Surroundings- Prison Cell 1C.

Would you like to examine any of the items in any detail?
No. 11310
No. 11311
Hourai Doll 1ea
Hourai Elixir (Generic) 1 ea.
Note 1 ea.
Clothing 1ea.
Bamboo Shard 1ea.
Button 1ea.

Investigate all further
No. 11312
A button? That's new, isn't it?

[X] Examine button.
No. 11313
Not any item in detal, check them all after each other, the games paused anyway, we need to kno what they all are good for
No. 11314
No. 11315
I think we should finally give that doll a good look over, and check the note again.
No. 11316
[X] Examine back of note
No. 11317
[ ] Examine doll
No. 11318
Hourai Doll 1ea
Hourai Elixir (Generic) 1 ea.
Note 1 ea.
Clothing 1ea.
Bamboo Shard 1ea.
Button 1ea.

Check them all out
No. 11321
>>11311 >>11318
I agree with your line of thinking, but maybe we should keep this to one thing at a time. Remember, haste is what put us here.
No. 11324
Game is paushed, we can check in piece everything out
No. 11325
[x] Investigate All
No. 11326
I realize that, and like I said, checking everything over at least once is the best course of action. I'm just saying to do it one item at a time rather than trying to rush it all through.
No. 11328
No. 11329
Is it one of those pin-on buttons with a cloths-pin thing on the back? Also is the shard big enough to use to shiv someone or is it just a little 1~2 inch thing that got stuck in our shoe or something? If its a pin on button and a little shard maybe we can get some ghetto lockpick action going.
No. 11331
The button is our secret weapon
No. 11333
No. 11334
You turn the Hourai doll over in your hands. It’s quite well made and very sturdy. You can see why the other ones were able to hold you so well. The hair is attached quite tightly, and cant be removed, However, the clothing can be removed from the doll, if you so desire.

The Hourai Elixir (generic) is apparently in a plastic bottle. The lid has apparently been removed and replaced at some point. There is a warning on the label, saying the effects are only temporary. You remove the lid and sniff the contents, but can detect no discernable odor.

You unfold the note and read it's contents. It says, simply, this.
"Lol, why are you wasting time reading this damn thing? Don't you have better things to do? - NEET.
PS- The password is shitsux." Flipping the note over, you check the back again. The map now seems a little familiar, given that it seems to be a drawing of the dungeon, The thing is, this drawing shows three cells. The dungeon you’re currently in only has one. At least, you think it does.

You examine your clothing. The shirt you are currently wearing is not the shirt you were wearing upon entry to Gensokyo. You’re not quite sure where you got it, but you see that there’s a pocket on this shirt that you haven’t noticed before. It feels like something might be inside the pocket. Def +1, Agi +1,
Turning out your pants pockets finds you nothing. You seem to have lost your wallet at some point along the line, as well as the pen you always carry with you. Given your current concerns, this seems like minor worries.

The bamboo shard is quite small, being only maybe two to four inches in length. It apparently had gotten caught in your shirt sometime during the time Tewi was fighting Alice’s dolls. You don’t see much use for it at the moment.

The button is black, and solid. You seem to recall having seen it somewhere, but you’re not quite sure. It’s actually quite hard, and you don’t think you could break it if you tried. It’s slightly warm to the touch.
No. 11338
Check pocket.
No. 11340

check shirt pocket

[X] Examine the scorch marks more closely.
No. 11341
>It feels like something might be inside the pocket.

[]Check Pocket
No. 11342
[ ] Check pocket

>>The thing is, this drawing shows three cells. The dungeon you’re currently in only has one. At least, you think it does.

No. 11343
[X]inside the pocket, I wonder what could it be?
No. 11344
[X]ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA on the doll, then on the button.
No. 11346
Oh wow, MiG Anon is liek

DEF 1+1

No. 11347
Nice, the hourai elixir is gonna make us immortal for a short time, so if we going to get tortured, we take it, they kill us and we can trick em.
Like fake Death Pill.
[X]Check pocket.
and [X]check the map again, memorize it and look closer at the surrounding
No. 11349
Temporary immortality, a possibly-naked doll, a map of the dungeon we're in (probably... very crafty, Kaguya), a mystery button, and a bamboo shard to keep in mind for later. But for now,

[X] What has we got in our pocketses?
No. 11351
[X] Undress Doll.

I'm curious
No. 11359
Undress doll. Check shirt pocket.
No. 11360
[X] Examine Shirt pocket.
[X] Equip Bamboo Shard.
No. 11361
Thats such a bad Idea that I'm going to counter it with a vote for
[X] Do Not Undress Doll.
No. 11364
[X] Undress Doll
No. 11366
check the pocket
No. 11368
We molest dolls when nobody is looking.
No. 11369
This is no time for hotglue
[X]DO not undress doll
No. 11370
[x] Check doll.
There might be a manual switch to activate the bomb. We might have a one-shot Artful Sacrifice.
No. 11371
We can only examine items, memorize their descriptions and use em appropriately.

Quests like "Use bamboo shard on the naked doll" - do not want.
No. 11372
Why is this such a bad idea? I don't find it particularly necessary, or at all a priority at the moment, but...?
No. 11374
Okay, seriously now. Why the hell would Kaguya have had any reason to expect us to be in her dungeon?
No. 11376
Inside the pocket you find what appears to be a playing card. It’s slightly larger than your average playing card and seems to have some sort of text written on it. You can’t read whatever language it’s written in, so it seems to be gibberish. Turning it over, there’s an ornate design on the back, But no other clues as to the identity of this strange card. It feels slightly warm to the touch, whether or not it’s from being pushed up against your body, or from something innate in it’s nature is unknown.

There is also a small business card in the pocket with a picture of Reisen on it.

Looking again at the note, You notice that there’s faint lines sketched between all the cells, and there’s an x on the back wall of each. You’re not quite sure what to make of this.

You take the clothing off of the doll, and now have a naked doll and her outfit.

Would you like to examine any of the items in your inventory closer?
No. 11377
Rinnosuke is us in the future, and Kaguya is our wife in the future. With some time travel fuckery, Kaguya of now was informed of what is going to happen.
No. 11378
[]Redress doll

I think Alice hates us enough already
No. 11379
[x] Roll check Pocket check
No. 11380
check out the back wall of the cell
No. 11381
Examine Bamboo Shard 1ea.
No. 11382
Compare it with the surrounding walls and the map and try to figure something out
No. 11383
Oh noes, it's not a pure VN anymore. Well, whatever, that might work too.

[x] Close the Inventory
No. 11384
>>You notice that there’s faint lines sketched between all the cells, and there’s an x on the back wall of each. You’re not quite sure what to make of this.

Just remember, X marks the spot for the treasure.
Let the game begin.
No. 11385
Kaguya's reading the thread, and I'm discussing salient plot points with her. She really is quite nice for a NEET. But the thing with the feet? That seriously creeps her the fuck out. Stop it.
No. 11386
No. 11387
The card is an explosive spell card. The Xs mark holes, or weak spots, int he cells. We activate the card inside of the hole and blow up the wall, then run to freedom.
No. 11388
1.[X] Reach out to the hole
2.activate secret switch
3. ?????
3. Profit!
No. 11390
[x] Examine doll.
Gotta see what we can use as a weapon. Also, put the doll's clothes back on before Alice comes back. I like my eyes where they are.
No. 11391

Examine the doll furtherm if nothing redress it for god's sake.

Check Reisen's business card.

Also, I'd like to suggest that after we're done checking INV can the current winner for >>11267 be taken immediately to keep things moving?
No. 11392
This.. this makes sense. I agree with this.
No. 11393
That was the plan.
No. 11395
Redress Doll. Check business card.
No. 11396
[X]Use spellcard on wall
No. 11398
[ ] Examine the scorch marks more closely.

You're awesome BTW
No. 11399
Use spellcard on wall!
No. 11400
Hey, I don't have a thing for her feet. I have a thing for her HAIR.

...her deliciously silky, strokeable hair...
Oh god, I want to brush it.
No. 11401
>>11396 >>11399
Hold on, hold on. That may not even be necessary. Check the walls, first.

No. 11402
No. 11403
Try and see if theres any relation between the sketched lines and X in the map and your cell.
No. 11405
Do we even know how to use a spellcard?
No. 11406
Yes. Don't squander a possible weapon on something without first checking if we're actually SUPPOSED to blow it up or not first.
No. 11407
we arent playing for time here, we play to get out of there alive, we got a perfect chance at the moment, if we get to the torture or to the sdm we are done for, nows our only chance, we have to plan it
No. 11408
Dennou Coil style, stick it where you want to use it.
No. 11409
[x] redress the damn doll
[x] Examine Reisen's Business card
[x] check to see if the bamboo shard could be used as an impromptu shiv (NOT by stabbing yourself)
[x] Commit note and map to memory
[x] This: >>11382
No. 11411
No. 11412
Then better to save it to stick straight up Reimu's ass.
No. 11414
The SDM isn't necessarily an enemy. So far, we haven't Remilia, Sakuya or anyone else from SDM, which means they haven't taken part in the Siege of Eientei. On another note, Patchy could be on orders from Remi to take us in for "study" in order to protect us.
No. 11429
If both Marisa and Alice are on-board out of curiosity, I think it's safe to assume Patchy would easily be swayed to their side for the same reason. If anything, she would probably be even MORE interested, as she's the scholar of the trio.

Remilia could be up in the air, but I wouldn't count on her help. And whatever direction she goes, Sakuya would do the same of course.
No. 11431
Examining the dolls naked body, you find a small silver ring on it’s back. Pulling on the ring reveals a thin sliver string that runs out of it’s back. The ring seems like it might fit on your pinky finger if you really tried to put it on there.

You examine the business card. The front is just a picture of Reisen and some words, you assume that it’s the name of Eientei, and either directions or operating hours or some such. On the back there’s a quick note scrawled in flowing handwriting. “Here’s a little present for you. I hope you don’t need to use it. You have to be quite close for this to work”

The bamboo shard is nothing more than a broken piece of bamboo. It’s roughly 2 to 4 inches long. there’s nowhere you could get a good grip on it for any sort of stabbing motion.

Looking closely at the tiny little map, you see that the hole in the cell lines up with the x marked on the map. So the X’s apparently represent either these holes, or weak points in the cell.
No. 11433

[ ]Attach ring to pinky finger.
No. 11434
[x] examine the business card even closer
No. 11435

>>“Here’s a little present for you. I hope you don’t need to use it. You have to be quite close for this to work”

Oh, great. Another one-shot or nothing moment coming up. We do SO WELL on those, don't we? DON'T WE.
No. 11436
[X] Investigate hole
No. 11437
Use the card at the hole in the wall
No. 11438
[ ]Attach ring to pinky finger.
[x] examine the business card even closer
[x] Check the X marked spots on the walls
No. 11439
[x] put shoe on head
No. 11440
[x] Figure out which item the card is referring to.
No. 11443
Reclothe the doll, but try to leave an opening where we can get at that ring later in a hurry if we need to, which I imagine we probably will.

That spellcard clearly isn't meant for architecture; put it back in the pocket and let it wait for its moment. (Actually, Kira said it's a playing card, with gibberish written on one side... perhaps gibberish to us == moonrunes? A trap card to be activated?)
No. 11445
...wait. When did our shirt get changed, again? When would Reisen have had an opportunity to slip her card and that present into the pocket while our ass was thrown in the clink? Why is it that as badly as everything seems to be going it STILL somehow looks like as if someone had planned for all of this?

We're still getting mind-fucked, aren't we?
No. 11447
It was stuck in the same pocket (of the shirt we don't ever remember wearing before) as the other card; odds are fairly long against it referring to anything else, really.
No. 11453
I think Kaguya saw all this coming and ordered the preparations. We've probably been wearing this shirt since we woke up in Eientei, we just haven't taken, or had, the time to notice until now.
No. 11457
It's all going according to Kaguya and Yukari's plan.
No. 11459
[X]Out ring on
lets get this over with and do something
No. 11461
>[X] Reclothe the doll, but try to leave an opening where we can get at that ring later in a hurry if we need to
Do this.
No. 11463

We spent a lot of time unconscious in Eientei, and we came over after being assaulted by Reimu the first time and shredding our clothes for bandages; either Rinnosuke or Eirin probably gave us a new shirt while we were being treated. Reisen obviously had time to gift us during that span.
No. 11468
You redress the doll, but pull the ring through a hole in the back of the dress.

Close inventory?
No. 11471
[X] Yes
No. 11474
Pull the ring first, sorry to be so anal about this.
No. 11475
[ ] Examine the strangely-warm playing card carefully one more time.
No. 11476
yes close already. We need to actually DO SOMETHING for once.
No. 11480
[X] Close Inventory
No. 11482
Ring's already through the back of the dress, ready to be accessed quickly if need arises.
No. 11484
We do more than thirty events every thread, we can afford to take stock.
No. 11487
allright, we got all the infos we needed, now its escaping time
No. 11488
That's like checking the powder in a bullet by firing it.

And I can understand wanting to get back into the action, but we should take full advantage of this pause. I, for one, am still curious about that button.

[X] Examine the button closely.
No. 11490
Actually, it's probably that breakneck pace that's been our downfall...
No. 11491
Wear ring? I dunno, I thought it was like one of those old talking dolls.....
No. 11492
Its the People that rush it and dont think of the options that is our downfall. Kiras writing fast, but we choose faster
No. 11493
You reach into the darkness that is the hole in the back of the cell and feel around. It’s smooth and quite cool in this hole. There appear to be a couple of things inside this hole. There’s something loose on the bottom of it and there feels like there’s some sort of stick, or slider on the side of one of the walls. There continues to be a slight cool breeze issuing forth from the hole.

[ ] pick up item
[ ] Slide the thing on the wall.
[ ] Remove arm from hole.
[ ] feel around some more.
No. 11494
[X] feel around some more.
No. 11495
Yeah, that's what I meant.

[X] Pick up item.
No. 11496
[x] Slide the thing on the wall.
No. 11497
[X] Get item
No. 11498
[x] Slide the thing on the wall.
No. 11499
[X] feel around some more.
No. 11500
[X] Pick up item
[X] Slide the thing on the wall.

One, then the other, or either.
No. 11501
Also, try some wiggling finger motions if we put the ring on to try controlling the doll's movements.

I don't know if this will be a waste of time, though, since we aren't exactly skilled puppeteers.

Also: If we're going to wait, should we hide our stuff in the cubbyhole (AFTER seeing what's in it)?
No. 11502
Not so fast. Whatever it does, it's not going anywhere.
No. 11503
>now its escaping time

You are now whistling the theme to The Great Escape. Manually.
No. 11504
[X] feel around some more.
No. 11505
Lord help me, I lol'd
No. 11506
[x] Get ye items.

He said there were a couple (although not sure if he meant two or was using it wrong.)
No. 11508
Well, I wasn't before, but I sure as hell am now. Good to know some of us here appreciate the classics.
No. 11509
There's the loose item, and the lever. That's probably what he meant.
No. 11510
[X] feel around some more.
No. 11511
We're about to lose our arm, arn't we?
No. 11512
[ ] Slide the thing on the wall.
No. 11513
[X] Get item.
No. 11514
[ ] pick up item
[ ] Slide the thing on the wall.
No. 11515
[ ] pick up item
[ ] Slide the thing on the wall.
No. 11516
Someone's read Knights of the Dinner Table i suspect.

"Swoosh! You lose your arm in the hole!"
"I put my other arm in to reclaim my arm!"
"... Swoosh!"
No. 11517
[ ] pick up item
[ ] Slide the thing on the wall.
No. 11518
[x] pick up item
[x] feel around some more
No. 11519
[x] pick up item
[x] Slide the thing on the wall.

These. Makes sense to me.
No. 11520
lol thanks for reminding me of this.
No. 11521
What's the point of putting a trap in a small hole in the wall of a dungeon?
No. 11522
Because there will be someone dumb enough to fall for it?
No. 11523
Alice uses magic strings to manipulate her dolls. The tether is probably for Artful Sacrifice. I wouldn't pull too hard.
No. 11524
[ ] feel around some more.

In b4 scorpion sting\spider bite\ lever that brings the ceiling down for no apparent reason
No. 11525
Based on the scorch marks it's where Kaguya sometimes keeps Mokou, and you know how they like to kill/burn/stab/mindfuck/violence each other over at every opportunity.
No. 11526
It also might let us control the doll if we put the ring on, assuming anon is dexterous enough to do so.
No. 11527
Considering this hole was marked on the note from Kaguya, I think this hole, at least, is safe.
No. 11528
Nothing is sure here. Lets see what those items are, then pull the switch and get out of there
No. 11531
You grasp the item inside the hole firmly and pull your arm out. Opening your hand, you see that it looks vaguely like a key of some sort. There’s a soft click from somewhere, followed by a dull thud. Above you the activity seems to be coming to a zenith.

[ ] put your hand back in the hole and slide the stick.
[ ] examine the cell door.
[ ] examine the scorch marks.
[ ] Put they key back.
No. 11536
[X] examine the cell door.
we need to run like hell
No. 11538
[X] put your hand back in the hole and slide the stick.
No. 11539
[X] examine the cell door.

Wanna get out
No. 11541

If we try that we'd need to do it naked.
Because as everyone knows, the less you wear, the smaller your DEX penalty.
No. 11542
[ ] put your hand back in the hole and slide the stick.
I would slide the stick if you kno- wait what?
No. 11543
[ ] put your hand back in the hole and slide the stick.
No. 11544
[ ] put your hand back in the hole and slide the stick.
No. 11545
[X] put your hand back in the hole and slide the stick.

Damnit, did we just lock ourselves in?
No. 11546
>Above you the activity seems to be coming to a zenith.
Shit. Okay. Time pauses while we make our decision, too, so let's take our time here, since it seems we don't have too many more to make before things start going from bad to worse.
No. 11547
[x] Sliding stick games
No. 11548
Random lever-like thing hidden in a hole in a dark cell? Slide that shit!
No. 11549
[x] put your hand back in the hole and slide the stick.
I'm tempted to examine the door now, but that might be too much of a rush like always. I would rather get tortured and escape than not being able to escape at all.
No. 11550
[ ] put your hand back in the hole and slide the stick.

Make sure to hide the key somewhere good on our person, they're a bit lax with security but let's not take any chances. I want the key at hand.
No. 11551
[X] Put your hand back in the hole and slide the stick.

I imagine we might be able to unlock the cell with the key, but... Where would we escape to on foot? We're outnumbered three-to-one by enemies far and away more capable than us. We might have to take a gamble on the lever.
No. 11558
[x] put your hand back in the hole and slide the stick.
No. 11559
More than that, if someone comes for us, they'll probably come through the door.
No. 11561
Remember the map, it showed 3 cells, we dont know if the lever works, we should get out of there and look around. we still have time until they come for us a bit
No. 11568
Do you guys think that we should try to escape before any one comes to see us or that we would gain useful info etc. or a better chance to escape by staying a bit longer?

I say stick it out for now, we don't even know the lay out above.
No. 11579
I don't think there's a thing to be gained by waiting around here. Nobody who's likely to come would be on our side.

I say, get while the getting's good.
No. 11581

[X] Put your hand back in the hole and ghost slide the stick.
No. 11583
>[X] Put your hand back in the hole and ghost ride the whip.
No. 11585
Time has stopped.
No. 11586

I said a few threads back if we had a stand it'd be cake shaped with the power to make things tastier and stop time.

And lo, Time has stopped.
No. 11589
Kiras writing big load of text about us screwing up and dieng miserable
No. 11590

No. 11595
Oh, we're already dead. We were dead several posts back - we just haven't realized it yet.

Fortunately anon is made of two things - GAR and Sweetness. sweetness went right out the window the moment someone dared attack our friends - now is the time for GAR. And death does not come to those that are truely GAR and, even if it should, by hell, we're taking them down with us!
No. 11598
Said like a true MAN
we shall not rest until Reimu and Marisa are dead, even if it costs us our life. We shall take revenge for all the dead bunnies.
No. 11606
I really hope nothing has died so far including all the poor nameless rabbits. I mean usually in the games nothing gets killed right, they just get shot down, or so I think.
No. 11607

I want a choice that lets us tell Reimu that we won't die till we chew her face off.
No. 11612
No. 11613
I want one where we take down half the human population and take control of the village Rambo style. FIRST BLOOD
No. 11618
>Hanging from a tree is a very battered and beaten up Reisen. Tied up by her wrists, her jacket and skirt in tatters, missing a shoe, with burns, cuts, and bruises all over her body. Beneath her lies piles of rabbits, heaped one atop another. You divert your eyes from that horrible sight, but you know it to be one that will haunt you to the end of your days.

Its just a flesh wound
No. 11619

ITT Famous last words

[x] "Christ Reimu, could you put on some fucking deoderant? You smell like the undead."
No. 11621
File 120794430523.png - (118.96KB , 300x229 , killingjoke.png ) [iqdb]
I want to see Anon just fucking snap.
No. 11623
I would say this isn't likely, but then I look at the OP pic, and I feel uneasy.
No. 11624

I second this.
No. 11625
File 120794454788.png - (9.77KB , 587x410 , Anon_snap.png ) [iqdb]
No. 11626

oh u
No. 11627

I think i know the perfect use for our doll. Simply put, if all else fails, we should grab hold of Reimu and pull the cord.

Sure, we'll die, but hey - justice will be served. It's a pity we probably can't get all of 'em at once though...
No. 11628

I`m suprised noone said "needle time".
No. 11630
Allah Ackbar?
No. 11631
Shit will get Gar pretty soon, nearly everyone we love gets killed before our eyes, including Cirno, Rumia and everyone who helps us. Whole Gensokyo in flames and nearly all dead
The last battle will be between Reimu and Anon on the roof of the Hakurei Shrine.
I wonder what ZUN would say about that
No. 11632

He'd be busy molesting aya and getting drunk.
No. 11633
More like Dying Laughing With Spirals In Our Eyes.
No. 11637

Please don`t remind me of that fanfic. It was horrible.
No. 11640

What fanfic?
No. 11642
7 min?
No. 11643
He isn't online right now.
No. 11644
No. 11645
[15:30] * @Dark_Mercury (~Dark_Merc@Rizon-39E462A1.dsl.emhril.sbcglobal.net) Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)

that was an hour ago
No. 11646
Why do GM and now Kira always leave without a word.
No. 11648
Let the guy rest, hes been literally writing from yesterday morning to today without any sleep in between. I wouldn't be surprised if he dozed off on the keyboard.
No. 11649
listen to this man.
He was writing like the motherfucking fist of northstar.
It does the quality no good if he has no power, give him half a day and hes gonna write like a god again.
No. 11652
Actually, he's probably doing chores 'n crap. You know, the usual things. Like eating. Or hitting the shops.

Or he could just be laughing at us while we work outselves into a terrible state which, due to our impatience, will get us horribly killed when he returns.
No. 11653

Kira probably collapsed from [x] anemia
No. 11655
Has he activated "cast healing spells while resting"?
No. 11656

Erm, he slept last night and started this morning with this thread. I imagine his internet has went down or something since he timed out on IRC and said nothing here.
No. 11659
Or his sump pumps went balls up again and he's back to being 'neanderthal man with wrench' for the duration.
Unless it, y'know, didn't rain or anything over there.
No. 11665
hes not even gone 2 hours now, the days long, hes gonna continue once hes back. And we know it will be awesome.
No. 11675
I think its important to note that in the event of an interrogation, they think we know a lot more than we really do. If they come to the conclusion that we really have NO IDEA how we did the poison thing, they might decide that a dissection is the next best step in discovering what happened, as talking won't get them jack.

If we get questioned we should lie, try to come up with something that might make one or more of them leave, so that our odds of escaping improve.
No. 11683
File 120794832780.jpg - (4.60KB , 92x160 , miller.jpg ) [iqdb]
"Don't say anything to tease or anger the person torturing you. If you make him mad, it'll be that much worse for you. You'll need to save your
No. 11687

What's the worst that could happen? Death?
I wouldn't mind popping up and hopping in the boat with Komachi, making her wonder why it seems like we know her.
No. 11689
I disagree. I vote that, even if they come down and torture us to death, we make every attempt to belittle them and crush their egos in the process as a parting "gift". If they want to make our friends suffer, we're going to bring out their worst traits for their friends to see.
No. 11690
Oh, Anon. There are things far, far worse than death, especially from those three.
No. 11691
It's probably to do with the whole "we fucked with time and space" thing to make that it so that our oh-so-esoteric-thing-called-a-soul remembers her before we technically met her.
No. 11692
What, like cutting your balls off and then making you immortal, making you unable to make any sweet love for all eternity?
No. 11694
>Oh, Anon. There are things far, far worse than death, especially from those three.

Death by Snu-snu?
No. 11695
But the immortal body regenerates lost extremities
No. 11696
Even those lost before immortality?
No. 11698
As long as they are remembered by your soul I'd say yes.
No. 11699
I was thinking more like going Sonozaki on us, and driving her needles through every single joint in our body. Ripping out every one of our fingernails. THEN they would make us immortal, rip off our balls, slice open our belly, and slowly pull out with metal hooks and let Suika munch on every one of our organs while still connected to us.

By the time they were finished, we wouldn't be able to be identified even by dental records. And we would still be alive.
No. 11701
Anon is not Snake, hes not going to last long in the case Alice is goin to torture us. So we should avoid it at all cost possible.
And the next thing MiG Anon is stupid, hes not WUIG Anon. We need to bluff our way out of this and hope that Yukari is going to help us out or something. Let them think that we know more then we are willing to tell
No. 11702
I really need to have some words with spring. eh knocks out peoples power deleting walls of text and doesn't afraid of anything.
I like this idea quite a bit. Thanks!
No. 11703

Examine door, enter frequency "shitsux" into radio, door opens.
No. 11704
Glad to be of service, boss!
No. 11705
Welcome back
holy shit, now we have to escape. Torture is not an option, we arent going to last
No. 11706

As someone said, it's likely that becoming immortal would regrow anything. And granting immortality to a prisoner, Anon in particular, might not be such a good idea.

Any idea that we may have considered reckless before suddenly becomes fair game.
Hell, We could rust any cage by simply ripping off limbs and keeping it coated in blood for enough months. We could arm ourselves by breaking off a leg and sharpening the bone against the wall, etc.
No. 11709
The only thing the ability to regrow limbs would do for us is allow our captors the pleasure of ripping them off again and again and again.
No. 11710
You'd also be creating an enemy that cannot be stopped. Sure you might be able to beat him in a straight fight, or try to cage him, but he will never die. You'd spend every night for the rest of your life wondering if you're going to wake up with a knife in your throat.
No. 11713

Spring is here!
No. 11715
They'd get bored eventually.
No. 11716

Anon doesn't seem to pay much mind to pain. Maybe blacking out due to blood loss, but pain never seemed that big. Running with a shard embedded arm, whining of a bitten off hand, etc. If we're immortal, Blodd loss shouldn't be a problem.

If nothing else, us being immortal means we'll outlive our captors. Still a very bad idea to make us immortal.
No. 11717
Oh yeah, that's totally going to happen with a total weakling who goes a little loopy from a couple days of starvation and gets overpowered by fucking DOLLS. Nevermind our enemies are powerful enough to individually take down immortals, gods, and other assorted beings who are all definately much more powerful than we are.

Seriously, immortality would not end well for us. More likely than anything, what will happen to us will make what happened to Prometheus look like a light slap on the wrist.
No. 11720
So here's one of McGyver anons from Fuig. Where were you a few scenes ago?
No. 11721
Yes. And when they get bored, we'll either get shipped off to the SDM as an unlimited food supply, new chew toy for Flandre, and just chained and bound to a large rock and dumped into the nearest large body of water.
No. 11723
new thread inc. Wall of text version has been lost to the ages. *sighs*
No. 11724

Torture will do nothing to Anon, except make us laugh, though.

The only way they could try to torture us effectively would be capturing our little friends and hurting them. Even that might be a strech.

And I'll reiterate that nothing good can come of making us immortal.


No. 11725

write the damn things in notepad or something then copy it over.
No. 11726
>>The only way they could try to torture us effectively would be capturing our little friends and hurting them. Even that might be a strech.

You're going to regret those words when they bring in our sister harem, bound and gagged, force them to watch as they do everything they can to put us in as much pain as physically possible, and then in-turn force us to watch as they perform those very same acts on all of them, one by one. That we will know first-hand how much pain they are going to be experiencing will make it all the more agonizing.
No. 11727
Mai-chan, do you read it?
No. 11728

We escape before anyone thinks of torturing us, but what if our next visit is benevolent? Or at least neutral? Will we waste free food, maybe even a chance to consult with our captors before we leave?

Damn it Kira, this isn't hair ruffling! I'm thinking seriously about my actions because I know some retard is going to decide that Reimu's arm pits are truly irresistible.
No. 11729

Cirno's immortal too.
It depends on how much of a soft spot everyone has for Wriggle and Rumia.
No. 11730
No. 11731
Incidentally related to the pitfalls of immortality discussion:

The use of Hourai Elixir on Hourai Dolls for independent action is unsupported; however, even if still inanimate, physical resurrection could result an infinite Artful Sacrifice. Whether this would mean periodic exploding, a continuous explosion, or a single reusable explosion is unknown.
No. 11732
The elixir only grants temporary immortality.
No. 11733
Ruffling Hairs was yesterday, today its torturing and scorched earth tactics. Damn i cant wait until we are goin to do the torturing.
This is War, we got to stop an insane Shrine Maiden, we failed 10 times already, this time we shall not
No. 11734
>>We escape before anyone thinks of torturing us, but what if our next visit is benevolent? Or at least neutral? Will we waste free food, maybe even a chance to consult with our captors before we leave?

Perhaps what they did to the residents of Eintei just for getting between them wasn't enough of a clue for you? THEY DO NOT LIKE US. If they could do all they did to all of them just to get through them, there's no chance in hell they would be any kinder to us.

The only reason we're even still alive is because we have something they want, or at least they think we do. The second that is no longer the case, or we otherwise outlive our usefulness, we are as good as dead.
No. 11738
The least we could do is say that we would only talk to Marisa. At least she still seems sane and reasonable. Reimu and Alice are just bitches.
No. 11739
The Reason we arent dead yet is because we weakened Reimu and she cant do shit anymore, now they want to find out what we did with whatever measures possible.
There was never a being nice or a talk yourself out option for us.
No. 11743

Common sense should have been enough to keep us all safe and sound, but clearly that is not the case. It seems the only way some of us will learn our lesson is the hard way. The VERY hard way.

Shockingly-excessive force is the best deterrent, after all.
No. 11748

Marisa definitely would be a better choice than Alice, if we use the Medicine alibi, as she'd be less likely to murder you to prevent info leaking or spite. We can claim we'd only speak to a human: This forces Marisa because Reimu is bed-bound.
No. 11795
I really don't know if we can ask to be tortured on our own terms
No. 11812
Maybe deep down, anon wants to be tortured by Alice. Also >>11735