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7157 No. 7157
Estabilishing connection...
DATA STREAM detected
Initializing decipheration processes...
Starting visual transmission in

"Kourin, what the hell is this?"
There's a spot of white space on perfectly brown top of your desk. Looks like a piece of paper, but you couldn't care less.
"That? It's an envelope."
"Goddamnit, I know what it is. I'm trying to ask, what the hell is this doing here?"
"What do you mean?"
"Kourin." you try to sound as seriously as possible "I thought paper work is your job. You know - I kick asses, you kick piles of documents."
"It certainly is so."
"Then what the hell is it doing here?"
"Goddamnit, Sev, it's an invitation."
"Just read it, you... you..."
"Alright, alright."
Relaxing in your chair, you pick up the envelope carefully, as if it could bite your fingers at any moment. Inside, you find two pieces of paper. One appears to have lots of letters written on it. That means it's boring. You pick up the other one.
"Kourin, what does 'cordially' mean?"
"It means 'with pleasure'."
"Good grief. I was beggining to think someone's trying to insult me here."
The paper appears to be an invitation form to some sort of a party. Complete with your name filled in in decorative way and those frilly ornaments on edges.
Dear Mister\Mistress Nanaya of Hakurei
We would like to cordially invite you to a dinner party at Scarlet Devil Mansion.
We would feel honoured if you graced us with your presence.
Buffet lunch and drinks.

Show this invitation at the front gate and you'll be let inside.

Remilia Scarlet-Belmont
XXXX Belmont
... is what is says.
"XXXX? What kind of name is that?"
Losing interest in this piece of paper, you return to examining the first one.

Hello, Seven.

You don't mind me calling you that, right?
Anyways, I would like to borrow your services. As you may know, there's a gala being organised at the mansion (hubby thinks it's necessary to keep contact with other inhabitants of Gensokyo), and since we're kind of short on staff, I would like you to act like a guard of sorts. You know, stand near the door, look dangerous, etc. I don't think anyone would dare to attack the mansion, but it would be good to make the guests feel safe.
There's an invitation included, just show it to China when passing the gate.

Hope I'll see you at the party,
Remilia Scarlet-Belmont

(on the bottom of the page, there's a hand-written note)
Since it's an official assignment, I'm afraid I have to ask you not to bring anyone else.
Come and see me as soon as you arrive there, tiger. I'll tell you what you need to do.
Sakuya Izayoi
(below, there's a small drawing of a knife)

"Kourin, when did this arrive?"
"In the morning. A fairy dressed in maid outfit simply told me to give it to you."
"I see."
Now, what to do? There's no word about payment in the letter, but the vision of free food and drinks...
Free drinks. And food. And drinks. And free ones at that. Plus, the food! And drinks!
They call out to you. There's no way you can pass on something like that. Work? You'll just kick some asses if someone decides to make a mess and it'll be over.
"Kourin, I'm going."
"Where to?"
"To SDM. They want me to serve as a guard on their party. If Reimu comes, tell her I'm working."
"Sure. When will you be back?"
" There's no way I'm returning earlier than the next morning if there's a craaaaazy party!"
Grabbing your coat and revolver, you walk up the the weapon stash.

[ ] Knives
[ ] Dagger
[ ] Sword

>> No. 7159
[X] Try talking to her.
>> No. 7162
[x] Knives
>> No. 7164

[x] Condoms and Sex Lube
>> No. 7165
[x] Sword

We need to look dangerous. Nothing says don't fuck with me like a sword.
>> No. 7166
[ ] Sword
>> No. 7169
[ ] Knives
[ ] Dagger

By now, everyone knows we're a one man army. They'll know better than to fuck with the spider webbing in the darkness.
>> No. 7171
[x] Sword
>> No. 7172
[x] Knives
>> No. 7175

>> No. 7176
[X] Knives
[X] Dagger

Nanayamous doesn't need swords.
>> No. 7180
[x] Knives
Do we really need anything else? I think not.

Also, vampire with surname 'Belmont'. We're dividing by zero now!
>> No. 7181
[x] Knives

>> No. 7182
>> No. 7183
[X] Knives
[X] Dagger
[X] Sword

Nothing looks more dangerous than overkill.
>> No. 7184
Knives, weapon proficiency=max. What better weapon to use?
>> No. 7189
[] Take everything.
Wear the sword across your back, the knives somewher visible, and in large numbers, and hide the dagger somewhere easy to reach. Overkill and minor display of tactics, all in one.
>> No. 7190
I think knives are a good idea. Big, fuck-off shiny ones. Ones that look like they could skin a crocodile. Knives are good, because they don't make any noise, and the less noise they make, the more likely we are to use them. Shit 'em right up. Makes it look like we're serious. Guns for show, knives for a pro.
>> No. 7192
If we can take them all, then take them all. If not, then we turn to our old friend

[ ] Knives
>> No. 7194
[] Take everything.

>> No. 7195
[ ] Knives
>> No. 7197
>(on the bottom of the page, there's a hand-written note)
>Since it's an official assignment, I'm afraid I have to ask you not to bring anyone else.
>Come and see me as soon as you arrive there, tiger. I'll tell you what you need to do.
>Sakuya Izayoi
>(below, there's a small drawing of a knife)

[x] Knives. Lots of knives.
>> No. 7198
Nanaya knows Vash's brother?
>> No. 7199
[x] Knives

Unlimited Knife Chamber.
>> No. 7200
>>Come and see me as soon as you arrive there, tiger. I'll tell you what you need to do.
>>tiger. I'll tell you what you need to do.

Knife filled Hatesex with Sakuya?

>> No. 7201
[X] Knivesr
[X] Sword

Sword would be good for looks and would surely satisfy Remilia's need for 'making guests feel safe'. Nothing says "don't fuck with me" like a big sword on your back. Well then, you can't really 'use' this bastard, but looks are for looks, not for usage. Taking out a german bastard sword, you hang it on your back. It weights pleasantly on your shoulders, making you feel somehow better than before. Are you recompensing for something?
Anyways, one cannot work as a guard without some REAL weapons. Which, in your case, are knives. Lots of them. Two folders as main weapons, then fifteen throwing blades as a secondary mean of dispatching enemy.
Well then, we're all set and good to go.
"This is gonna be one hell of a party!"
Kicking down the door, you jump outside.
"Not again!"
Kourin's despaired yell can be heard as you quickly walk down the gravelled path.

Soon after, you're already at the walls of Scarled Devil Mansion.
"You're early."
The chinese (is she really chinese?) gateguard girl waves at you with smiling face.
"Sakuya told me to let you in. You're hired by mistress Remilia, right?"
"Yep. I'm gonna make sure this party's safe."
"Good to have someone like you here. Lately it's been more calm, since mistress Remilia's marriage, but it's always good to have someone watch your back." She bows. "Welcome to Scarlet Devil Mansion and enjoy your stay." she straightens up "That's how I'm supposed to greet the guests when they come. Was it good?"
"Absolutely adorable. Your smile is like a thousand suns warming my heart."
"Ahahaha" she hits you on the back "Now, don't say something like that! Come on, get inside, mistress is waiting."

Meiling guides you all the way to the main entrance, chatting with you about various things. From work to current situation in Gensokyo.
"I can't really leave this place, so I don't know how how things are elsewhere..."
"Don't worry, Meiling. It's not that interesting. Say, how about I take you out to a dinner sometimes?"
She laughs.
"Now, really, you shouldn't be saying that. Stay on target.... tiger."
With that, she walks off.

Walking through the large doors, you find yourself in kinda familiar corridor. It's rather dark inside, but your eyes quickly adapt to darkness.

[ ] Look for Remilia
[ ] Look for Sakuya
[ ] Wander around
>> No. 7202
>"Kourin, what does 'cordially' mean?"
>"It means 'with pleasure'."
>"Good grief. I was beggining to think someone's trying to insult me here."

God, I love Nanayanon
>> No. 7203
[ ] Look for Sakuya
>> No. 7204
[x] Look for Sakuya
>> No. 7205
[X] Look for Sakuya.

"Alright, hot stuff, I'm here like you wanted. I assume you'll be paying me in rape dollars. I'll need half the price as a down payment. Bend over."
>> No. 7206
[ ] Look for Sakuya
>> No. 7207
[x] Wander around
>> No. 7208
[X] Look for Sakuya.
>> No. 7216
[X] Look for Sakuya

"Well then, let's get to business, shall we?"

Not knowing how, you find your way to the kitchen. Deciding it wouldn't be good to kick down the door like you usually do, you just push it open.
"Hey there."
Walking inside, you greet Sakuya, who's bustling around, seemingly preparing food, drinks, washing dishes, et caetera.
"Wait a moment."
She says without looking at you. Well, there's no choice but to wait, right?
At least you have a chance to take her sweeeeeeeeet ass as she's busying herself with food. You can't shake off a feeling that there are... frames of her animation gone. Or something like that. Like, one moment she's standing in one position and next instant, her arm is raised even though she didn't make any movement... Time-stopping power, huh?
You look down and notice that one of the throwing knives is sheathed improperly. Huh. You could swear you've checked that twice before going outside.
"If you want one of them, just ask."
"What are you talking about, I wonder?"
You sigh.

A few minutes later, she wipes her hands with a towel and walks up to you. Bowing slightly, she says a greeting.
"Welcome back to Scarled Devil Mansion."
"Welcome back, huh?"
"It's not like you haven't been here before."
"Sure, sure." damn, her aquamarine stare is almost piercing your eye "Anyways, let's get down to business."
"Right." she takes a step back "You know what's your task here, right?"
"Basically, I'm to kick some asses if someone decides to make trouble."
"Basically. You're also to answer guests' questions if they ask you any, or redirect them to me. Party will be taking place in the ballroom. Turn left when leaving here and look for a large double door."
"Got it."
"Also, if you feel up to it, you can entertain them with talk. You've got quite a sharp tongue, don't you?"
"Not everybody can appreciate that."
"I can somehow see why."
"What you mean?"
There's a frame missing again, then she turns back to one of the pots and stirs whatever is inside with a large wooden spoon.

[ ] "What about my pay?"
[ ] Go look for Remilia
[ ] Write-in
>> No. 7217
File 121125846721.jpg - (67.22KB , 574x310 , 1206060023708.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 7218
>> No. 7220
[ ]"Time waits for no one, huh? I'll see you after the party, Miss Sweet Ass."
[ ] Go look for Remilia
>> No. 7221
>> No. 7222
[X] "What about my pay?"
[X] "I take things other than cash."

If you know what I mean.
>> No. 7223
[X] "What about my pay?"
[X] "I take things other than cash."
>> No. 7225
>> No. 7228
[X] "What about my pay?"
[X] "I take things other than cash."
>> No. 7230
[X] "What about my pay?"
[X] "I take things other than cash."
>> No. 7233
If we do take something besides cash for payment, how exactly are we going to explain this to Kourin? Or Reimu for that matter?
>> No. 7235
First of all:


It's making me nervous, goddamn woman.

More importantly:

[x] "What about my pay?"
>> No. 7237
We destroyed more chairs, so no payment.
>> No. 7239
>If we do take something besides cash for payment, how exactly are we going to explain this to Kourin? Or Reimu for that matter?

The actual "pay" is probably just clearing the our debt after smashing up their household.

If we recieve something else then it's just Sakuya tipping for good service, if you know what I mean.
>> No. 7241

You know, the thought of cheating on Reimu just doesn't sit right with me. We're a flirt, not an adulterer.
>> No. 7242

in b4 moralfag
>> No. 7245

What the hell are you talking about? Reimu's NORMAL end had us fucking Suika right in front of Reimu. With Reimu's assistance even. And this takes place after the GOOD end.

Yeah, somehow I don't think Reimu's going to mind if we fuck Sakuya. Especially if can get Reimu herself in on the action somehow.
>> No. 7246
>You know, the thought of cheating on Reimu just doesn't sit right with me. We're a flirt, not an adulterer.

Reimu can share, given by her normal end. Hell, we just asked Meiling out for dinner. Moreover it's part of our job here, as if we turn down the maid who is clearly hot for us, she's going to be royally pissed and probably ruin our shit.

Anyway Sakuya is a good match for Nanaya in low doses, and it's not really an affair if she's our mistress.
>> No. 7248

If I remember correctly, BKC is spun off from Reimu GOOD. I can only assume that's the result of only gunning for the Red-White, so she'd probably expect a little fidelity. As for Suika, she was a friend of Reimu's who had expressed the same amount of interest in us for about as long as Reimu had. It's a little bit different from Sakuya's situation.
>> No. 7249

Flirt =/= Sex up.
>> No. 7250
[X] "What about my pay?"
[X] "I take things other than cash."

"What about my pay?"
She turns back to you.
"What about it?"
"That's what I'm trying to ask. I'm officialy hired here for the night, right? Then, receiving a pay--"
"If it's about money, talk to mistress Remi...lia. I have no right to distribute wages for Mansion's staff."
"Who said anything about money?"
She squints her eyes a little.
"What do you mean?"
"I take things other than cash, you know."
"Really." her voice is cold "For example?"
"For instance, services."
There's a frame of animation missing, and... Without thiking, you catch a knife flying at your throat with two fingers. Sakuya has her back turned at you, stirring inside the pot.
"You and your innuendos."
You smirk.
"I meant nothing dirty."
"Yeah, right."
"Anyways," you throw the knife on the kitchen table. "Duty calls, see ya later, miss nice ass."
Good thing you've quickly closed the door behind you. Because as soon as you did, three sharp things hit it on the other side.

After finding you way to the ballroom, you boldly step inside. It's an enormous hall, it's size is at least that of a football field. In the middle of the room, there is a giant table, with cover for at least fifty people. Damn, this party's gonna be a crazy one. On the other side of the room, you can see Remilia in black dress, giving directions to fairy maids, who try their best not to collide with eachother as they put full bowls and platters on the table. Mm, the smell alone is making you hungry.
Well then, why not help yourself to something? There's a tasty-looking chicken right in front of you.
You rip off it's leg and put in in your mouth.
Mmm, fried meat.
"Ou hou heue!"
Grabbing one of the fairy maids, you pull her down. Then run a bit and...
Throwing the fairy in the air, you jump on top of her.
Making circles in air, using the fairy as some sort of a surfing board, you get closer to Remilia. Jumping off the fairy, you make a somersault and land on your feet, just in front of her. Fairy maid shakes her fist, but doesn't do anything other than that.
Remilia looks at you with suprisement.
"You're already here. Didn't expect you so early. Though next time... Try to make a more civilised entry, will you?"
Pulling the chicken leg out your mouth, you nod.
"And please, wait with eating till the guests come."
"Now, I take it you know what you need to do?"
"Yep. Look dangerous, kick asses if there's trouble."
"Pretty much."
Remilia puts her hands on her hips. You can't help but notice how this makes her little armpits totally visible. Though official-looking, this dress is very, how to say that, erotic. Revealing more than covering, with a slit on the stomach part... Though there's nothing much to look at, she still gives off an erotic aura. Her husband has strange tastes it seems. Speaking of the devil...
"Where's your husband?"
"Getting changed. He was reluctant to wearing a suit, but it's a must for a man to wear a suit to a dinner party. Speaking of which..."
Remilia scans your outfit with a look of displeasure. Yeah, you're wearing your blue trousers and a red coat with only a black shirt, so...
"Really, couldn't you change before coming here?"
"I went straight from work. Besides, I think this coat makes me look cool."
"Cool, well maybe, but you need something more official. You don't have a suit with you?"
She sighs.
"Well then, there's no helping it. Hey, you there." she waves at one of the fairy maids "Guide him to hubby's garderobe and give him a suit. Do some changes if it's necessary."

Fifteen minutes later, you're standing in the ballroom dressed in a tight, uncomfortable suit.
Remilia's husband eyes you with a strange face.
"Remi... That's one of my suits, right?"
"Why, yes it is. Something wrong?"
"No, it's just..."
"What? You don't wear them anyway."
"That's right, but..."
"Oh, let it slip! I couldn't let him run around in that red abomination!"
Wait, did she just call your coat an abomination? Remilia, you're asking for a beating.
"Yeah, alright." he turns to you "You know your job, right?"
"I've been asked about that already, 'hubby'."
"Hey, I'm your employer you know."
"Fully aware of that."
"Our last meeting was... Entertaining, but now this is an official party, and I'd like you..." he coughs "To act like a civilised man." He leans towards you and lowers his voice "Though if you want a fight, we can go outside later. Ahem."
"Hubby, what are you whispering there?"
"Nothing, Remi."
"Good. Guests will be arriving in a minute. Where's the band?"
"They're waiting in the guest rooms."
"Good. Hey, Seven."
"How about you go and help Meiling greet the guests?"

[ ] "Sure, why not."
[ ] "I'd rather stay here. Am I not supposed to guard the peace of this hall?"
[ ] "How about sending your hubby there?"
>> No. 7251

Sorry, but I can't see the GOOD end as involving Reimu being less open sexually. If anything, I'd think she'd be more open. In fact, this is how the conversation about Sakuya should go:

"Honey, you know how we're always having threesomes?"


"I think that sexy maid from the Scarlet mansion is hot for me. Can we let her in on one of those threesomes or something?"

"Can I break her, and turn her into a simpering mutt that gets wet whenever one of us enters the room?"

"Yeah, sure. That sounds hot."

"Then let it be done."
>> No. 7252
[X] "Sure, why not."

Hey, China's hot too.
>> No. 7254
[ ] "Sure, why not."

Taking a look at what we have to deal with, and letting them know what they have to deal with should they fuck up is definately important
>> No. 7259
[X] "Sure, why not."

For that reason.
>> No. 7261

Difference in tastes, I guess.

[X] "Sure, why not."
>> No. 7264
[X] "Sure, why not."

More Meiling is always good.
>> No. 7265
[X] "Sure, why not."

Well, a China is fine too.
"Sure, why not."
"Good. Then go outside and wait till the guests arrive, okay?"

Walking through the corridors towards the exit, you hear someone walking down stairs from one of the stairwells. Following the noise, you almost run into a long-haired girl.
"Oh, hello, Akyu."
"Ah, it's you!"
She's wearing a dress of same fashion as Remilia's, though it's much larger in certain places. Now, THIS is a real erotic sights.
"Hey, lookin sweet here."
"Thanks, you too. Black really suits your hair. I don't get it why you wear that red coat all the time."
"It's about the SSStyle, baby."
"You and your crazy ways... Well, Remilia said she can't let me work when there's a party, and well, she didn't even let me object."
"Ah, right. You're working here as a maid, right?"
"Remilia says I'm a guest, but I like this work... Well, I can see why Vivi wants to still serve at our house now."
"Ah, nevermind. So, anyway, how do you like my dress?"
Akyu spins around, her hair fluttering in the air.
"Totally adorable."
"Hey, you're not supposed to say it like that!" she tries to sound irritated, but her wide smile betrays her true emotions "You ought to say 'it looks good on you' or something along these lines!"
"Well then." you bow and grab her fingers "It looks good on you, my dear Akyu."
Then, you plant a kiss on top of her hand.
"Now you're overdoing it!"

After chatting with Akyu for a minute more, you bid her a farewell and continue on your way to the front gate.
Arriving there, you see that Meiling has changed into diffirent clothes as well. Main colour is still green, but the overall design is much more equisite.
"Hey, Meiling."
"Ah, hello. What are you doing here?"
"I'm supposed to 'help you greet the guests', so sayeth Remilia. I don't really think you need that though. With those looks..."
"Ahaha, you're making me embarassed!"
"No, really, you look great."
"Right back at ya. I have no idea why, but black somehow suits your face."
"You're the second person to tell me that today."
"Then it must be true."
She smiles.
"Well, maybe. I still like my red coat though."

After some time, the first guests finally arrive. A large group of people dressed in official clothes, probably from the human village. Gentry, huh? No way normal people could afford outfits like that...
While Meiling checks invitations and gives everyone a warm greeting followed by a bow, you stand behind her, trying to look serious, and observe.
One of the older men notices your revolver and approaches you with a smile.
"Hey there, you a guard?"
"Is that your gun?"
"It is."
"I used to have one just like that. You are... Nanaya Seven, aren't you?"
"Just Seven is fine."
"I heard you're the one who inflirtrated the mansion and fount out the truth about my daughter. Thank you."
Hw bows. Wait, that means...
"You're Akyu's father?"
"Well, yes I am."
"What a strange place to meet. Well, welcome and have fun. Beware though, I'm watching you."
Winking at him, you suggestively touch revolver's handle.
"Good to know there's someone competent watching over us."
"Rest assured and have fun."
"Sure will."

After that, other guests came. First, there was a group from Eientei. Moon Princess woke up and went outside, huh? There was also doctor Eirin. Reisen Udongein and that little prankster Tewi. Walking beside Kaguya, you see a young guy, seemingly displeased by having to wear a suit.
"Come on, Shirou, it suits you! So stop complaining!"
"It's suffocating, Kaguya. I can't breathe!"
"Nonsense! If you really couldn't breathe, you'd be dead by now."
While Meiling checks their invitations, you grab your collar button, make a pained face and wink at the guy. He smiles sadly and shrugs.

Then, Aya Shameimaru arrived with two girls. One of them was Momizi, but the other one you couldn't recognize. Next was Marisa Kirisame with Alice Margatroid and another guy in suit.
"Ey, Marisa, you not flyin in as always?"
Meiling tries to strike up a conversation as she checks their invitations. The guy in suit looks suspiciously at your knives.
"Nah, it's an official meeting and Pache invited me, so there's no need to break in ~ze. Keep up the good work."
Alice stares intensively at your face, frowning.
"What is it, Alice?"
"Ah!" she gasps "It's you! I couldn't recognize you because of these clothes!"
"Tch, spare me. I'm not wearing this because I want."
"It looks good on you though. You still use that thing?" she points to the revolver
"Yeah, it serves me nicely. You really did a good job on it."
"Alice," the guy in suit speaks up "You know him?"
"Yeah, he's an acquaintance of mine, Davey."
"I... see."
"Have a good time!"
Meiling finishes checking the invitations and hands them back to those three.

Twenty minutes later, the flood of guests finally ends. Meiling sighs with relief.
"It looks like that's all."
"Well then, shall we go inside?"

[ ] Let's go
[ ] Oh ho~, why not stay here with Meiling?
>> No. 7266
[ ] Let's go

Very well
>> No. 7267
>"Come on, Shirou, it suits you! So stop complaining!"



[ ] Let's go
>> No. 7268
[ ] Let's go
>> No. 7272
[x] Let's go

What, no awesome omelettes? Isn't it sad, Mr. Dumbass? ;_;
>> No. 7273
[X] Let's go

No Anonko? I'm dissapointed.
>> No. 7274
[x] Oh ho~, why not stay here with Meiling?
>> No. 7275
>Then, Aya Shameimaru arrived with two girls. One of them was Momizi, but the other one you couldn't recognize.
hurr durr
>> No. 7278

Wouldn't Aya and Moizumi be with the /youkai/ anon? Or am I missing something here?
>> No. 7279

Or shouldn't, rather.
>> No. 7280
>>What, no awesome omelettes? Isn't it sad, Mr. Dumbass? ;_;

Don't worry, I'm sure we can stop by the lake later on to pay our respects.
>> No. 7281
>> No. 7282
harsh. ;_;

Anyway, that's Adahn from SHaG. /youkai/'s Cu Chulainn is more chummy with the Moriya squad than the mountain folk.
>> No. 7284
That's who the girl with Aya and Momiji was.
>> No. 7286

Oh wow, I just realized how horribly wrong I'd been reading/writing her name.
Fair enough.
>> No. 7287
>"Yeah, he's an acquaintance of mine, Davey."

OH SHI- Wriggle really shouldn't come to this party after all.
>> No. 7288

Oh come on. You KNOW that's where that schizophrenic numbnut is going to wind up in the end. Well, what's left of him, anyway.

Which is more than can be said for MiG Anon...
>> No. 7290
David will be most unhappy to hear that Wriggle has been accosted by Nanaya, not that he can do anything YET but he does spend all his time in the company of Magicians.
>> No. 7293
>you're the one who inflirtrated the mansion

I see what you did there.
>> No. 7294

Well, considering everything, we could've done everything from killing Wriggle 3 times to raping her though most of the scenarios are unlikely. Would be fun if tearing her head off was the official "What happened between Wriggle and Nanaya" bit though.

Sit there telling David how lovely Wriggle's neck is when it isn't attached to the rest of her body.
>> No. 7297

>> No. 7298

Get writing already.
>> No. 7485
File 12113135319.jpg - (555.19KB , 500x1696 , 1187931921868.jpg ) [iqdb]
Hey Remilia.. that chair over there.. looks suspicious.
>> No. 7552
>> No. 7626
File 121137591227.jpg - (34.46KB , 422x317 , 2143325435234.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Let's go

Stay here with Meiling or go inside and participate in CRAAAAAZY PARTY? Well, as much as you'd like to caress those sweet chinese thighs, the perspective of food, drinks and PARTY HARD is too tempting.
"Well, let's go! I love parties! This is what I live for! I'm--"
"Totally crazy about it!"
Meiling interrupts you and finishes the phrase by herself. Wait, what?
"Meiling, how do you know that saying of mine?"
She smiles.
"Oh, you know, you're kinda famous in Gensokyo. It's a given that some kids would pick up your way of being sooner or later."
"Kids? Remilia has kids?"
"Ahaha, no." she waves her hand in dismissal "I meant kids from village. You know, when Belmo-- I mean Master's friends come to visit, they bring their kids sometimes. And, well, when they are playing in the garden, I sometimes hear what they're shouting."
Huh. So there are people who are not afraid of entering SDM, even more, they bring their kids here. Gensokyo's really changed in those past 15 years.
"Anyways, I'm off duty today, so let's go in, okay?"
"Right on."

When you enter the ballroom, the guests are already seated and Remilia's hovering above her chair, giving a speech. Behind her, you can see Sakuya. Then, noticing you, vampire lady raises her voice.
"Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to introduce someone! That guy who has just walked in, is going to be the one to ensure your safety tonight! Ladies and Gentlemen, who I would like to introduce, is no one other than the famous Nanaya of Hakurei, also known as Nanaya Seven, resident bounty hunter of Gensokyo!"
Applause. Tens of hands clapping each other, making so much noise it makes Akyu, who's sitting beside Flandre Scarlet, cover her ears. Well, it's YOUR applause, so probably bowing or waving your hand would be appropriate. But...
"Woo! Thank you, people! Just as a demonstration of what will happen if someone tries to ruin this craaazy party, let me show you!"
Oh ho~, why not show off a little? So you grab a free chair, one of the many standing under ballroom's walls, and throw it in the air.
"Devil Sign!"
Then you launch yourself after the unfortunate piece of furniture. Catching up with it, hanging upside down in the air, you take out a knife.
"Seven Nights Of Suffering!"
Seven slashes. All penetrates the wood perfectly, not stopping for even a millisecond.
Without problems, you land on the ground and catch the knife you dropped in the air with your mouth. The chair is still in the air, seemingly untouched.
"In the end, we are all satisfied!"
Then you clap your hands. Chair shatters in eight pieces that fall to the ground, forming a nice little pile of firewood.
"And you are set free!"
And spinning 360 degrees, throw your knife at that pile. Scattering around, the pieces of wood form a word "Seven (七つ)" in japanese.
Again, the hall sounds with applause.
"Thank you! Thatnk you!"
("What does it say?" "Seven." "What a show off!" "Antonio, catch me! I'm fainting!")
Pieces of conversations reach your ears as you make your way towards Remilia, who is gesturing you to come closer.
("Did you see those knives?" "And that shiny silver thing?" "I love you!" "Why didn't he say anything about crazy party?" "BOOZE!")
Remilia approaches you, hovering in the air.
"That was a nice show. Of course, I'll be taking off the expense of that chair from your pay."
Oh damn. Kourin's gonna be pissed again.
"Ah, sorry about that, Remilia."
"Anyways, I'm sure you've impressed my guests. Now, don't be uptight, sit and eat. The band's preparing their instruments, there will be a dance after dinner, so eat while you still can."
"Sure thing."
Now, where to sit? There are some free chairs here and there.

[ ] Near Aya and Momizi
[ ] Near Marisa and Alice
[ ] Near Kaguya's group
[ ] Near Flandre and Akyu
[ ] Near Remilia and her husband
>> No. 7627
[ ] Near Kaguya's group
I want to see how he responds to AnoNEET.
But there is also Dave....... CURSE YOU CHOICES!
>> No. 7628
[X] Near Flandre and Akyu.

Because I feel the urge to hit on some delicious Akyu, even outside of AAA.
>> No. 7629
[x] Near Aya and Momizi
>> No. 7630
[x] Near Aya and Momizi

Adahn feeding Momizi GO GO GO
>> No. 7631
Yuyuko, Youmu and Futako should of come. It'd be funny to see Futako teasing Youmu with a sausage.
>> No. 7636
why aren't the residents of the moriya shrine here ?

We are missing Cu Culainymous
>> No. 7637
[X] Near Kaguya's group
>> No. 7638
File 12113800112.jpg - (284.20KB , 1024x768 , aa0dbde33b35a818cc0669e152f8a31d.jpg ) [iqdb]
I wonder if MiG anon will crash the party.
>> No. 7639
Trying to create the United State of Gensokyo? Who would be the Emperor then?
>> No. 7640
MiG Anon is wandering Gensokyo after having formed a contract with the World to reverse the death and destruction that happened durring Reimu's war on terror.

WuiG Anon is in the kitchen, making the best fucking eggs anyone will ever taste. Ever.
>> No. 7641
File 121138044487.jpg - (9.17KB , 200x200 , yukarin.jpg ) [iqdb]

>> No. 7642
>MiG Anon is wandering Gensokyo after having formed a contract with the World to reverse the death and destruction that happened during Reimu's war on terror.

>> No. 7643
[ ] Near Aya and Momizi
>> No. 7644
[ ] Near Aya and Momizi
We are hitting on Ahdanko.
>> No. 7645
Wait... one anon hitting on another? That's gonna be weird.
>> No. 7646

That gives me a nice idea...
>> No. 7647
File 12113816606.jpg - (4.46KB , 148x114 , 1209231484334.jpg ) [iqdb]
>the World
>> No. 7650
Two questions since I don't read SHaG:

1. Is Ahdanko lesbian?
2. Does she have any powers?
>> No. 7651
File 121138317332.jpg - (61.01KB , 676x507 , 120309863276.jpg ) [iqdb]
[ ] Near Marisa and Alice
>> No. 7653

>1. Is Ahdanko lesbian?

Adahnko was a guy before, and down one bad end path raped Momiji. She also concerns herself with trying to woo Momiji. So, yeah, lesbian.

>2. Does she have any powers?

Not that I'm aware of. She bought an old Scottish claymore at one point, and asked Momiji to train her with it, but nothing byond that has happened so far. Hell, we were originally going give the claymore to Momiji as a gift.
>> No. 7654
[X] Near Aya and Momizi
>> No. 7655
File 121138421631.jpg - (30.05KB , 500x375 , Laaaaaaaaaake.jpg ) [iqdb]
Don't be silly. Everyone knows that by now Mr. Dumbass has reunited with his one, true love.
>> No. 7656
File 12113844227.gif - (350.62KB , 320x249 , Azumanga Daioh Chiyo Tsukurimashou.gif ) [iqdb]
sorry for the delays, but I'm tsukurimashou-ing right now and can't write
>> No. 7657
File 121138479522.jpg - (27.21KB , 450x350 , 1211306562802.jpg ) [iqdb]

Goddammit now I can't stop picturing Moemizi tsukurimashou-ing.
>> No. 7658
> Adahnko was a guy before
What? No.
>> No. 7659
File 121138636432.png - (6.79KB , 334x322 , Yaffytank.png ) [iqdb]
K, I'm back, with an outline of scenario in my head and writing now.
>> No. 7660

Uh, yeah? It's implied back around the start that Adahnko was a guy. Then he met Yukari. Adahnko just chose to go with the flow instead of screaming her head off when she found out, and presumably the change was good enough to convince her she had always been a girl.
>> No. 7661
File 121138827016.jpg - (5.02KB , 200x150 , 120144950620.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Near Aya and Momizi

Well, there are two groups that seem to be lacking any male company. Though it's tempting to sit with Akyu and Flandre, the latter may prove to be an obstacle when hitting on the former. Then, the only group that remains is... Aya and Momizi, plus that unknown girl you've never seen before. It is decided, that has to change.
Walking up to girls, you bow courtly before asking a question.
"Is this seat free?"
"Yes." "No."
Two simultaneous anwers. The former coming from Aya while the latter came out of that uknown girl's mouth. You shrug.
"Excuse me? I couldn't hear you."
"Sure, take a seat." "No, go away."
Sighing, you look at the girl. She appears to be quite young and midly attractive. Compared to Aya or other touhoes, she can be called... regular at most. Nothing special here, move along, macho.
"Hey, Adhan, don't be like that!"
Aya tries to convince that girl... Ahdan? Weird name... To let you sit here.
"No way. I don't like that show-off. Go somewhere else, shoo, shoo!"
"It's not like he's going to steal Momizi... You're married, right, Nanaya?"
"Well, uh, yes."
"There you go."
"Ghh... Okay, he can sit here. Still, I don't like him."
"My sincerest thanks, Ahdan. You have beautiful eyes."
"Don't try it."
Finally sitting down beside Aya, you collect what you can onto a plate and dig in. Chicken meat, beef, pork, other kinds of meat. All end up in a pile full of cholesterol on your plate. There are also salads in decorative bowls, but only queers like salads. Real men eat meat. Salads are for weak, glassed NEETs who can't even swing a sword properly.
"Aya, could you pass me that salad?"
"Sure can do, Nanaya."
You forgot you actually kind of like salads.

"So, anyways" gulping down a whole egg, you turn to Aya "Who is that girl? Ahdan, right?"
Busy with feeding Momizi, who's not that happy with the fact, Ahdan doesn't notice you bringing her up in conversation.
"She? Hm, I met her one day and... Well, took her home. She seems to be getting along with Momizi so I don't mind."
"Getting along, huh?" As you say that, Momizi is trying to struggle while Ahdan tries to force a piece of meat down her throat while hugging her tight to her chest. Which serves more like a way of restraining Momizi's movements than a hug. "More like she's molesting her, don't ya think?"
Aya hits you on the back.
"Haha, you always think about one thing, don't you?"
"Hey, I'm not that kind of man."
"Yeah? Than what was that remark about her eyes?"
"That was... Hm, I guess you could call it a sedative compliment."
"Sedative compliment, is it? I have to remember that."
"Aya, one weird article about me and..."
"Reimu's gonna kill you, right?" she laughs "Don't worry, I wouldn't do anything to destroy your happiness. Though I'm afraid that you could be the one that slowly makes it disappear."
"Aya, I have work, but I'm still spending a lot of time with her."
"Oh, I know. You sure... love her a lot. I'm talking about other things though."
"Wha-te-ver you say, tengu pervert."
"Try this salad, it's really great, mister wo-ma-ni-zer."

After an hour or so, everyone's finished with eating. Belmont went out of the ballroom and soon returned with four guys carrying musical instruments. Time for a dance then, eh?
"Aya, what kind of music do they play here? I know what people in village like, but I have no idea what Remilia would want to listen to..."
"Oh, I guess she'd go with people's tastes."
"I see."
All the guests move away from the table to an open space near the spot where the band settled down. Flooding that makeshift dancing floor with human mass, they form pairs.
And the band starts playing. One of the guys has a microphone... And there are louspeakers and woofers around them... Huh, where did they get them?
The song begins.

"Come to decide that the things that I tried were in my life just to get high on.
When I sit alone, come get a little known
But I need more than myself this time.
Step from the road to the sea to the sky, and I do believe that we rely on
When I lay it on, come get to play it on
All my life to sacrifice."

Remilia is dancing with her husband. Because the latter being a bit too tall for her, she's just hovering at his shoulder level. Akyu's playing around with Flandre.

"Hey oh... listen what I say oh
I got your hey oh, now listen what I say oh

When will I know that I really can't go
To the well once more - time to decide on.
Well it's killing me, when will I really see, all that I need to look inside.
Come to belive that I better not leave before I get my chance to ride,
Well it's killing me, what do I really need - all that I need to look inside."

Ahdan is trying to make Momizi dance, despite the latter's struggles.

"Hey oh... listen what I say oh
Come back and hey oh, look at what I say oh

The more I see the less I know
The more I like to let it go - hey oh, woah...
Deep beneath the cover of another perfect wonder where it's so white as snow,
Finally divided by a word so undecided and there's nowhere to go;
Inbetween the cover of another perfect wonder and it's so white as snow,
Running through the field where all my tracks will be concealed and there's nowhere to go."

Kaguya's dancing... or rather trying to dance with the guy she's arrived with, both of them look kinda embarassed with the whole event, but trying their best to follow the song nonetheless. Reisen and Tewi are hopping around them, seemingly enjoying the music.

Went to descend to ammend for a friend of the channels that had broken down.
Now you bring it up, I'm gonna ring it up - just to hear you sing it out.
Step from the road to the sea to the sky, and I do belive what we rely on,
When I lay it on, come get to play it on
All my life to sacrifice

Hey oh... listen what I say oh
I got your hey oh... listen what I say oh"

Even Aya has found a guy and is now dancing. Akyu's father dances with a woman you deduct has to be his wife. Meiling tries to hide her blush while holding onto some young human's shoulders. The only one that's supporting the wall is...

"The more I see, the less I know
The more I like to let it go - hey oh, woah...
Deep beneath the cover of another perfect wonder where it's so white as snow.
Finally divided by a word so undecided and there's nowhere to go
Inbetween the cover of another perfect wonder where it's so white as snow
Running through the field where all my tracks will be concealed and there's nowhere to go.

I said hey hey yeah oh yeah, tell my love now.
Hey hey yeah oh yeah, tell my love now."

Sakuya. Standing under the wall, she just observes everyone carefully. She's wearing her maid outfit even though she's not really working. All the job's being done my fairy maids.

"Deep beneath the cover of another perfect wonder where it's so white as snow,
Finaly divided by a word so undecided and there's nowhere to go.
Deep beneath the cover of another perfect wonder where it's so white as snow...
Running through the field where all my tracks will be concealed and there's nowhere to go.

I said hey oh yeah oh yeah... tell my love now
Hey yeah yeah... oh yeah."

The song ends. Everyone lets out a cheer.
"Bravo!" "Encore!" "That was great!"
Remilia floats a bit higher and speaks up.
"Everyone! Next piece's gonna be a slower one! Pick your partners carefully, because this is a song about love!"
People scatter around and look for a pair.
Well then. Why not dance a little?

>> No. 7662
[ ] Don't dance.

We may sleep with other women, but we only love one, and she isn't here right now.
>> No. 7663
[ ] Reimu, who shows up unexpectedly Deus ex Machina style.
>> No. 7664
[X] Sakuya.

You can fight, but can you... dance?
>> No. 7665
[X] Adahn
>> No. 7666
[ ] Don't dance.

I like how Adhan is all but raping Moemizi.
>> No. 7667
[X] Adahn

It'll be hilarious.
>> No. 7668
[ ] David

>> No. 7669
[x] Adahn
Stop her from molesting Momizi.
>> No. 7670
[X] Adahn

This will be glorious.
>> No. 7671
File 121138950535.jpg - (46.76KB , 450x600 , 1205016669227.jpg ) [iqdb]
>[ ] David

>> No. 7672
Oh lawd, is dat sum Snow ((Hey Oh))?

[x] Adahn

Because not even lesbians can resist our manliness.
>> No. 7673
[x] Yaffy
>> No. 7674
[x] Yuka

>> No. 7675
[x] Saku-chan
>> No. 7676

"Father? I don't have a father. Feh. I just don't like you, that's all."
>> No. 7677
[x] Yuka

Fucking Christ.
>> No. 7679
File 121139018780.png - (130.17KB , 453x400 , 1208222726068.png ) [iqdb]
>> No. 7680
[ ] Reimu, who shows up unexpectedly Deus ex Machina style.
>> No. 7681
[x] Chen

lol we took our cousin to prom night.
>> No. 7684
[x] Nobody

Let someone find you. Hopefully Raymoo shows up. Otherwise, it'll probably be Sakuya.
>> No. 7685
writing Adahn now
>> No. 7686

This party is becoming mentally unstable.
>> No. 7687
>Sakuya. Standing under the wall, she just observes everyone carefully. She's wearing her maid outfit even though she's not really working. All the job's being done my fairy maids.

[x] Sakuya
>> No. 7688
Party needs more /youkai/
>> No. 7689

>Party needs more update

>> No. 7690

Cu Chulainn shows up hand in hand with Sayo.

This party is getting FABULOUS!
>> No. 7691

>> No. 7692
Needs more FABULOUS.
>> No. 7693

Just wait till Cu unleashes his GAY BULGE.
>> No. 7694
File 121139294449.gif - (8.15KB , 347x238 , 1187044622847.gif ) [iqdb]
[x] Adahn

Scanning the crowd, you notice the girl that was dancing with Momizi. Ahdan... Damn, with a name like that, she's got to have a difficult life.
Looking around frantically, she seems to be looking for someone.
Hm, why not...?
"Hey Ahdan!"
Walking up to her, you greet her with a wave.
"You again. I'm kinda busy."
"Ahdan, I thought--"
"You're doin it wrong."
She points a finger at you.
"Ma name. You're saying it wrong. The accent's on 'N', not 'A'. Adahn. Like this."
"Adahn. Sure, got it. Who're ya looking for?"
"Momizi. She's gone off somewhere."
"I didn't see her."
"Then outta my way, I have to--"
"Everyone!" Remilia shouts "Are you ready? Let's begin!"
The band starts playing.
"Damn." Adahn whispers a curse. "I'm too slow."
"Adahn, let's dance."
"What?" she didn't hear you, it seems.
Stepping back, you bow.
"Shall we dance?"
"What are you, dense?"
"Nah, I'm just asking you for a dance. We could as well, since we're already here."
"Ghh... Okay, let it be. Don't get too touchy though."
She places her hands on your shoulders, bringing her body closer to yours. Not sure what to do, you just grab her waist.
"Hey, it tickles."
"A bit lower."

All the guests fall silent as the band lead starts singing.
"If I...
Should stay ...
I would only be in your waaaaaay ...
So I'll go ...
But I know...
I'll think of you every step of ...
the way."

You feel Adahn urging you to move. Obeying her, you being to slowly spin around. This looks more like two highschoolers in a disco more than a dance, but it should suffice. She's kinda short, her face is on the level of your chest.

"And Iiiieeiii~...
Will always
Love yooooooooou~, oohh
Will alwaaaaays
Love yooooooooou~ ...
You ...
My darling you ...

She doesn't look up. Only carefully observes your feet moving around in this little spinning dance. Damn, you're getting embarassed. This is not how it should look. Not only your dance looks pathetic, but it also makes you look like some sort of a faggot, forcing a girl to dance.
"Hey, Adahn."
Trying to fix the situation, you strike up a conversation.
Still looking down, she only gives you a small confirmation that she hears you.
"I... uh, I wonder... How did you end up with Aya and Momizi?"
"Oh, that's a long story."
"We've got time."

"Bittersweet ...
Memories ...
That is all I'm taking with me ...
So good-bye ...
Please don't cry ...
We both know I'm not what you ...
You need..."

She falls silent.
"Hey, will you tell me? Come on, I'm looking like a faggot here, at least look up or talk."
"Ehh, okay." she raises her gaze. Looking straight into your eyes, she smiles weakly "I'll tell you."

"And Iiiiieeiiii~...
Will always love yooooooou~...
Will alwaaaays love yoooooou~...
Yoooou~, ooh..."

"I'm... from the outside world. One night, I was with my friends in a pub and when... Uh, I had finished drinking, I went outside. I had tripped on something, and next thing I know, I was at Yukari's house. From there, I went to shrine and... I somehow ended up with Aya."
"Outside, huh...? What year?"
"Year? What does it have to do with anything?"
"Kourin says the border interferes with time-space or something like that. I'm not really interested in shit like this, but I know one thing - you walk one day and walk out several days later, though you've been there for only a few minutes. Of course, it can work the other way too. You walk in and walking out, you run into yourself walking in."
"Time-travel? Using border?"
"It's more likely than you think. Though you can't really control that."
"I see. I'm from 2012."
"Jesus christ! I'm from 2008. Did the world end in 2012?"
"You're from the outside too?" she frowns "You don't really seem to be. Ya don't give that kind of feeling."
"I've been here for 15 years, so I had to adapt."
"Oh, I see."

"I hope ...
life treats you kind ...
And I hope ...
you have all you've dreamed of ...
And I wish you joy ...
and happiness ...
But above all this...
I wish you love..."

There's someone staring at your back intensively, but you can't really tell who it is. Trying to look around while Adahn's telling you her story and about things that happened between 2008 and 2012, you find no one that's particularly interested in you. Weird.
"And then moot sold 4chan."
"Wow, that's horrible."
"Not really. New admin proved to me much more useful than moot. He even gave out 200 free 4chan platinum accounts."
"Tell me about it. So, what about you?"
"What about me?"
"How did you end up here?"
"Oh, I was actively looking for a way to enter. I used to be a real touhoufag."
"Which game do you like the most?"
"I used to play IN like a madman."
"Oh. I like IOCH."
"Insomnia Of Hollow Colour. Apparently ZUN got a group of artists to do the character drawings this time. It looks really great."
"ZUN game? Without ZUN art? This is blasphemy! This is madness!"
"Oh, stop spouting out old memes."
"Really, what has become of this world..."

"And Iiiieeiii~...
Will always loooove yooooou ~...
Will always love yoooooou~...
And Iiiieeiii~...
Will always loooove yooooou ~...
Will always love yoooooou~..."

"I heard you're a bounty hunter."
"Yeah, I have a shop in the forest. Beautiful Killing Chamber."
"I see what you did there."
"Oh, so the newfags still know their Tsukihime memes?"
"Yeah, the sequel was very nice. And so was the anime."
"Tsukihime anime? Don't make me rage!"
"But they really made one! I mean, a remake! With Shiki vs Nero fight and all!"
"I can't belieave it."
"Habeeb it."
You roll your eyes. Adahn grins viciously.
"Anyways, it's unusual to see a girl from the outside. Yukari seems to prefer 'transporting' men rather than women. Pun not intended."
"Goddamnit, Yukari."
"Well, I used to be a guy, but Yukari fucked something up and here," she nods down at her body "You see what's happened."
"Wait, so you used to be a guy?!"
"You had a... had a... penis?!"
"Keep it down, damnit!"
"I... can't believe it."
"Oh fuck you."
"At your service."
Adahn smiles.

"I, I will always love ...
You ...
Darling I love you ...
I'll always ...
I'll always ...
Love ...
You.. ...
Oooh ...

The song ends. Adahn takes her hands off your shoulders.
"It was nice to talk with someone from the outside. Excuse me now, I have to look for Momizi."
Then she walks off.
What the fuck. Did you just dance with a transvestite? No, she... he said he used to be a guy... And had breasts...
This is complicated. To think about such things, one has to drink something with percents first.
Making your way towards your seat, you take a short look around.
Akyu's embracing Flandre, who is hanging from her shoulders, both smiling. You sure know how to treat children, don't you, Akyu? You're going to be a great mother. Who else is there... Hmm... Kaguya is talking with that guy of hers standing near the wall. They seem to be enjoying themselves. And Marisa... Huh, there she is. Laughing, she's hugging that... Davey's? arm... And on the opposite side... Alice is doing the same. Lucky you, Davey, if the great Nanaya was still after Alice, you'd be dead already.
Sitting in your chair, you reach out for a green bottle of unknown contents. Well, no matter what it is, as long as it has alcohol, it'll be great.

After downing the whole bottle, you feel a bit better.
Now, what to do?
The band's still playing but there's much less people dancing. Some of them are chatting at the table, some are eating and some are... Enjoying themselves on the opposite side of the hall. They have no shame, do they?

[ ] Go talk with someone
[ ] Observe moar
[ ] Stay here and drink like the fist of the fucking north star
>> No. 7695
[x] Party hard, Solo style
>> No. 7696
[x] Stay here and drink like the fist of the fucking north star
[x] Party hard, Solo style
>> No. 7697
[X] Observe moar

Gatherin' intel.
>> No. 7698
[x] Let's get a party goin, let's get a party goin, let's get a party goin, party hard, party hard
>> No. 7699
[x] Observe moar

To help when Belmont turns up murdered and we have to figure out who did it.

My vote for Tewi in the library with a lead pipe.
>> No. 7700
] Stay here and drink like the fist of the fucking north star
Hot glue Shirou should be interested in this.
>> No. 7701
[X] Observe moar
>> No. 7702
[ ] Observe moar
>> No. 7703
[x] Observe moar
"Wait a minute, did we invite a guy that looks like he just came out of World War 2?"
>> No. 7704
[X] Find Sakuya
>> No. 7705

I loled at this more than I should have.
>> No. 7706
[x] Go talk with someone
[x] Sakuya
>> No. 7707
[ ] Observe moar.

Moar cameos pls
>> No. 7708
[X] Observe moar

You're a hunter. A spider. Waiting patiently for a prey to fall in your web. So, let us observe our surroundings, discover potential threats, localize targets, prepare for action. You're a killer. Both alcohol and killing instincs mingle in your blood, making it kinda difficult to focus your gaze, but hell, you've done worse things, right? Alright, now to analyze the situation.
First thing that comes into your view is Davey standing dumbfounded as Marisa and Alice stand before him, arguing with each other. What are they shouting about, you can't hear, but it should be obvious in this situation. Dave catches your stare and shrugs. Sending him a cheerful wink, you shift your attention to other people in the room. There's Remilia, dancing with her husband. Were they dancing all this time? Don't they ever get tired? Well, whatever. Next, you notice Kaguya standing under the wall, pinning her guy to it. Wait, shouldn't it be the other way around? You see that the guy's not stout on the face. He looks almost scared. Huh. Adahn's forcing another thing down Momizi's throat and pinching her cheeks. What a weird hobby they have. Who else is there...? Akyu feeding Flandre in a HHHNNNNNGG way, Youmu talking with a girl you don't know, Reisen eating salads like a mad rabbit, Tewi pickpocketing some guy from human village, wait shouldn't you do something with that?
Nah, better leave things as they are. It's his fault for not watching out. Hmph, how boring.
There goes another bottle of golden fantasy. Gulping it down, you try to think of something to do.

[ ] Show them what REAL music is! LET'S ROCK!
[ ] Look for Sakuya
[ ] Bother someone (insert character of your choice)
>> No. 7710
[ ] Bother someone (insert character of your choice)

>> No. 7711
[X] Look for Sakuya

This'll be fun.
>> No. 7712
File 121139547892.jpg - (96.70KB , 350x438 , vergilse3zb2.jpg ) [iqdb]

I think you meant "This could be fun"
>> No. 7713
[ ] Bother someone

>> No. 7714
[ ] Bother someone (FUTAKO)

If Adahn was a mind fuck for Naya then Futako will be a total MIND CRUSH
>> No. 7715
[X] Bother someone (Fairy Maids)
>> No. 7716
[ ] Bother someone

I know you're there MiG Anon. You can't hide from Nanaya.
>> No. 7717

This man presents an interesting idea.

[x] Bother someone (Fairy Maids)

>>If Adahn was a mind fuck for Naya then Futako will be a total MIND CRUSH

>> No. 7718

>> No. 7719
[x] Bother someone (Fairy Maids)
>> No. 7720

MiG and WUIG anons play a diffirent role in this.
Or not.
Depending on your choices.
>> No. 7721
btw, we need our local drawfag to get going and draw Nanayonymous surfing on a fairy maid while eating some roasted chicken

>> No. 7722
[X] Bother someone (Fairy Maids)

This is brilliant.
>> No. 7724
Can we go with this? >>7640
>> No. 7725
[x] Look for Sakuya
>> No. 7727

Nah. I've got a bigger role for them. Of course, lake references will be present.
>> No. 7733
[X] Bother someone (FUTAKO)

Apparently no one's interested in becoming some awesome duo with Belmonymous. So I'll at least help with this.
>> No. 7734
[X] Bother someone (Fairy Maids)

If you're to protect this place, you should communicate with the ones responsible for keeping it intact. Besides, fairy maids are everywhere in this mansion, right? Well then, why not make them your eyes and ears?
Rising your hand up, you catch a leg of the fairy that was just passing above you. Swining your arm down, you place her on the chair beside the one you're sitting in. She squeals as her ass hits the hard wood. Before she's able to say anything though...
"Hello there, little fairy." you wave to her "As you can see, there's only one of you and so much of me, so... I think you're pretty outnumbered here."
"Uh-uh-uh. Keep silent. I want to ask you a question. Is there anyone that serves as a... commander of your forces?"
"Commander? Uh, I guess miss Sakuya--"
"Good. Now, as you may-- No, as you SHOULD know, I'm the one responsible for kicking intruders' asses if they penetrate the permeter. Which is, you, fairy maids. What do I want? Intelligence. Are there any... irregularities in our walls?"
"Walls? Walls are intact, we've gone through renovation not long ago--"
"Goddamnit, I mean intruders! Are there any suspicious people outside?"
"I-I don't know. There were some disturbances on the roof, but... I've heard nothing more about them. We haven't received any further signals about anything happening there, so--"
"Disturbances? What kind of disturbances?"
"I told you, I don't know!"
"And Sakuya?"
"She's... gone off somewhere. We don't know."
"Huh. Alright, you're free to go."
She stands up. Or rather, floats up.
"Thank you for worrying, but... Everything's under control. Also, you could've just said something instead of catching my leg."
"That's how I am."
She flies off in a hurry.

[ ] Look for Sakuya
[ ] Bother someone else
[ ] Show them what REAL music is! LET'S ROCK!
>> No. 7737
[ ] Show them what REAL music is! LET'S ROCK!
This Part is not crazy enough!
>> No. 7738
[ ] Look for Sakuya.

Disturbances huh?
>> No. 7739
[ ] Look for Sakuya
>> No. 7740
[x] Look for Sakuya
>> No. 7741
[ ]check the roof

disturbances and not checking it out ? unresponsible anon is unresponsible
>> No. 7743
[x] Sakuya
>> No. 7744

>> No. 7745
[ ] Look for Sakuya
>> No. 7746

not my official language, grammar nazi, etc
>> No. 7747
[ ] Show them what REAL music is! LET'S ROCK!

Sakuya's just trying to get us alone....
>> No. 7752
[X] Look for Sakuya

Disturbances, huh? And Sakuya's disappeared? Well then, that calls for a check up.
You stand up and fix your tie.
"This party's gettin boring, let's check out what's Sakuya doin."
Suddenly, you feel a beep.
A long, artificial beep.
A beep like the one an alarm clock would do.
And before you can even move...
Fragments of ceiling fall down. Pieces of thick mixture of bricks and concrete fall down on the table, scattering around food and fragments of porcelane dishes. Taking a sidestep, you avoid getting squashed by a concrete fragment of twice your size.
The guests begin to panic. Everyone's running around, screaming and pushing each other.
But it doesn't bother you.
Because through that mist of dust... You can see two silhouettes.
"Everyone! Calm down and leave the room!"
Belmont's trying to take control of the rowdy crowd.
Those two silhouettes....
"Seven! I'm taking those people out of here!"
They're getting bigger...
As if sliding down through that hole...
An artificialy amplified voice invades your ears. Everyone falls silent. Even the ones that were running around and screaming in fear have stopped now.
And then, that silhouette emerges from the mist.
Hanging on a rope, a person dressed in black clothes, waring a motorbike helmet, emerges from the mist.
And soon after him...
There's another person, though much shorter and... less humanly. His face is deformed, and skin has a pale blue shade.
The black one speaks again. He takes off the helmet.
Black hair. Male. His face is quite normal. Not counting... A strange, purple glow in his left eye. That eye... It's not usual...
His eye flashes.
The silence gets interrupted by nervous whispers.
"What did he say?" "Believe in him?" "What the hell is he thinking?"
The smaller intruder speaks up.
"Master! Master! It should've been "Listen to my every order", not "Believe in me"!"
"I know, Gargoyle! I know! It was just... All those memories..." Unbelievable. The black one bursts into tears. "I just wanted love! Is that too much?!"
"I know, Master! I know! But please, proceed according to plan! We have to take this to the end!"
"Thank you, Gargoyle, and thank your Lake-Blessed mind!" he wipes his tears "EVERYONE! ANON OF GENSOKYO ORDERS YOU--"
"Excuse me, what the fuck are YOU doing?" Not being able to stand more of this bullshit, you step up on one of the boulders and shout "You've just ruined a party before it even got crazy!"
"And who could you be?"
"Fuck you, faggot rider! You've ruined my party and you're gonna pay for that! I hope you have enough to cover all this!"
"Enough!" his eye flashes again "Anon vi Gensokyo orders you...!"
He's looking straight into your eyes. You've got a bad feeling about this.

[ ] Jump at him and shut him up
[ ] Throw something at him
>> No. 7753

[ ] Jump at him and shut him up

>> No. 7754
>> No. 7755
[x] Throw something at him

So which is which?
>> No. 7756
[x] Throw something at him

Nearest food.
>> No. 7757
>faggot rider
[x] Throw something at him
>> No. 7758
[ ] Throw something at him

>> No. 7759
LoL, this party is crazy.
[X] Throw the nearest Fairy Maid at him
>> No. 7760
[ ] Throw something at him

MiG anon getting insane after the whole ordeal ?

YWUIG anon becoming one with the lake and becoming...a ..gargoyle ?

huh ?
>> No. 7761

It's coming out of your paycheck.
>> No. 7762

>> No. 7764
>becoming...a ..gargoyle ?

I take it you haven't watched the Incredible Hulk cartoon?
>> No. 7765


That little shit was so annoying.
>> No. 7766



also, will cu culainymous still turn up ?
>> No. 7769
So they're gone completely insane. This is pretty depressing.
>> No. 7772
[ ] Jump at him and shut him up

>> No. 7773
MiG anon is The Leader?

>> No. 7774
[X] Throw something at him

Oh, shut up! Just shut the fuck up! Geez, you're an eyesore, so just shut up!
"Break away, you has-bee--"
An omlette lands flat on his face. Because, not being able to stand his bullshit, you threw it at his sorry excuse for a face.
"You wanna order me, faggot? Well then, why don't you come down here and fight like a man?"
"You bastard..." he takes off the omlette and throws it behind him. Unfortunately, that's where 'Gargoyle' was. With a silent 'smack', omlette lands on his face "How DARE you oppose the First Of Gensokyo! How dare you throw AN OMLETTE at the face of the first one who braved these dangerous lands?!"
"What are you talking about?"
"I befriended Nine Squad, I pissed of Reimu, I fell in love with Reisen, I even called out for Tewi! It was ME who first stormed these lands!"
"Can't say I remember you."
"Master, you're losing it. Remember, that didn't happen. Activating Lake's power made a part of Gensokyo's history disappear. Our-- I mean your adventures never happened!"
"Gargoyle... I don't need you to remind me... I remember too well... Those soft breasts... Those fluffy ears..." There's a silent gasp from the crowd behind you. "ALL LOST! The best days of my life, lost! Because of what? A wish for power? But that's going to change today! Because, I'll be making these lands mine! I'm going to rule this country... and SMITE the demons and all the unbelievers! ALL HAIL GENSOKYO!"
"You're not right in the head, dude."
He shrugs. A creepy smile slowly appears on his face. Gargoyle's busy with eating the omlette.
"Maybe. I may be. Wouldn't you be? If all the love you received... And given... Was to disappear?"
"Can't be bothered thinking about that."
"Then I shall make it easier for you. Because tonight, you'll dine in hell!"
"Hell? Oh no, you little faggot." You take out your knife "Hell is what I'll be personally welcoming you to."
"Very well. Gargoyle, my sword!"
"Oh nom nom nom"
Gargoyle takes out a decorative broadsword. Black madman grabs a hold of the handle. Then unwraps the rope... And jumps down.
His landing throws up a cloud of dust. What a dynamic entry... Though you're kinda worried if he hasn't broken a leg or something. Seems the faggot wasn't aware the hall was at least 14 meters high.
But, here he is. Limping a little, he emerges from the mist.
"Let's settle it, nuisance."
"Ya sure you wanna fight? You don't seem too fit..."
"Shut up! Have at you!"
He jumps at you with his sword rised.

[ ] Attack
[ ] Defend
[ ] Run
[ ] Item
>> No. 7776
[ ] Attack
[ ] Defend
[ ] Run
[ ] Item

In that order.
>> No. 7777
[ ] Press shift to use focus attacks
>> No. 7778
[x] Item
[x] Master Ball
>> No. 7779
[ ] Attack
>> No. 7780
File 121140199847.jpg - (21.77KB , 400x299 , 1208085991079.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Attack

>> No. 7781
[x] Item
[x] Coat Jacket to the face to blind him

Fancy clothes are uncomfortable anyway.
>> No. 7782
[ ] Attack
[ ] Defend
>> No. 7784
[x] Item
[x] Coat Jacket to the face to blind him

also will improve our movement speed
>> No. 7785
File 121140213562.jpg - (32.22KB , 500x350 , snapshot20061227181109shf5.jpg ) [iqdb]

>> No. 7786

Uh, you're in a suit. You want to throw the suit's jacket?
>> No. 7787
[x] Item
[x] throw the suit's jacket
>> No. 7788
File 121140240092.jpg - (12.47KB , 342x400 , suitcoatjacket.jpg ) [iqdb]

Hence why I said "coat jacket".
>> No. 7792
[x] Item
[x] throw the suit's jacket

[x] Attack

You're not getting paid by the minute AFAIK.
>> No. 7793
[x] Item
[x] Coat Jacket to the face to blind him

Now he's really crossed the line. Rising a sword against YOU? Heh, foolishness.
"You want to cut me up with that thing?"
With a swift dodge, you move out of his way. Using the energy of that 180 degrees spin, you take off the coat of your suit.
Black recovers and turns to you.
"Name's Nanaya! Do YOU have a name, faggot rider?!"
He jumps at you again. Too slow.
"Stop jumping around!"
"Very well."
Grabbing your coat like a matador's cape, you wave it in the air.
"I'll end you!"
Another jump. Throwing your coat at his face, you make another dodge.
"CURSES!" Not seeing where his feet are landing, he trips and falls down to the floor. "I'm going to get you for that!"
He's pissed off. Deconcentrated. Weak. No match. He's just no match. No match for you.
He's not any fun to fight. It doesn't make you happy one bit to fight this weakling. That's why...
Kill him.
Kill him. Make him disappear, make him bleed, make him suffer.
This megalomaniac maggot. This cocky bastard. Disappear. Disappear. Disappear.
He stands up and takes your coat off his face.
His sword glimmers in the air as he makes another jump.
"You're an eyesore."
Stopping to play around, you simply grab his sword's blade. Slow, weak, indecisive. The sword's not even sharp. You can hold it with your bare hand. How naive. Did he think this would scare you?
He flinches in suprise. This is not how a man is supposed to fight. This is not even a serious fight. This is not how a fight should look like.
Even being this near to him makes you want to vomit.
Your fist flies to his guts.
He falls down.
You're already on top of him.
Rising your arm.
With a knife.
Then swing it down.
Your surroundings freeze. Black stops flailing his arms around. His horrified face is not completely unmoving. Dust ceases to move. People behind you cease to move. Air is still.
The only thing that moves...
"Really, I'm out for one minute and there's a mess already."
Landing on the ground, she walks up to you.
Did she jump down from that hole? Was she on the roof before?
"Those two had equipment from the outside. I don't know how it works, but I found this." she throws a small remote control on the floor "By the way... You can move, you know."
Oh, now that she mentions it... You've stopped moving because everything else around you did... But now when you try moving your arm, there are no problems with it.
"How do you do that?"
"I'm a time-stopper. I can control what to stop and what to not stop... To a certain extent."
"I see."
"Anyway, what are we going to do with them?"

[ ] "I think they need a drink."
[ ] "Fuck that, where have you been?"
>> No. 7794
[x] "I think they need a drink."

>> No. 7795
[x] "Fuck that, where have you been?"
>> No. 7796
[ ] "I think they need a drink."

Poor anon. Even after losing it all he still continues to fail. Oh well!
>> No. 7797
[ ] "I think they need a drink."
>> No. 7799
[ ] "I think they need a hug."
>> No. 7801
Fuck, where's Cirno when you need her? This could all be settled if we just let MiG Anon ruffle Cirno's hair one last time.
>> No. 7802
[ ] "I think they need a drink."
>> No. 7803
when does FUiG anon show up?
>> No. 7804

He's dead.
>> No. 7805
[X] "I think they need a drink."

"I think they need a drink."
"Meaning?" Sakuya crosses arms on her chest
"I mean, they deserve a LAKE end."
"Lake, you mean...?"
"Scarlet Devil Lake, of course."
She shrugs.
"Well, why not."

Both of you leave the mansion, carrying the intruders. You are dragging the Black faggot behind you, while Sakuya's holding 'Gargoyle' by his collar with a look of pure disgust on her face. You're still in time-stop. It's weird, to see everything frozen in place while you still can move.
"It's beautiful in it's own right."
"What is?" Sakuya asks with a shadow of interest in her voice.
"To see everything unmoving. I think it allows you to... See the inner beauty of things. We are all moving so fast in our everyday life. From day to day, from place to place, in constant journey of existence. Seeing things stop, it makes you see... The beauty of the things that you usually ignore."
"You're unexpectedly poetic."
"Hey, I'm a versatile man."
"You sure have to be, having Hakurei miko as your wife."
Damn, you couldn't really hear what she said. Her shoulders jerk up a little.
"What was that?"
"Nothing. Let's get on with work."

Arriving at the lake's bank, Sakuya unfreezes time.
Black flails around his arms once, then sits up.
"Wha?! What the hell happened?! Where am I?!" He looks around and notices you. "You!"
"Yes, me. What do you want?"
"How did you...?!"
"Don't touch me, meatbag!"
Both you and Black turn around and see that Sakuya's being assaulted by 'Gargoyle'... This is a hilarious sight, to see Sakuya struggle like a high school girl, not wanting to be touched by this blue-skinned... Thing.
"I didn't want to do this, but..."
She takes out a knife out of nowhere and plunges it deep into Gargoyle's stomach.
"Ow, that had to hurt. Poor Gargoyle."
Black speaks up. Well, you kinda agree with him.
"Sure, it had to hurt. Back to business though." You turn to him "Who are you and what were you trying to do?"
He laughs "I told you! I'm the one that braved these lands first!"
"Outsider, huh?" Sakuya walks up to you and crouches on the ground in front of Black. "Another one..." she glances at you/
"Wait, so he too...?!"
"Well, yeah, I'm an outsider. Though not an ordinary one. That's why, facing me was your undoing. Choose your targets more carefully next time."
"You... That speed... Impossible! Did the Lake...?! "
"Lake what?"
"The Lake... It gave you power, right? The Lake... it is full of secrets, unknown even to me. It has a hidden entity within. That entity... It gave me the power to make people follow my orders, and Gargoyle... He can travel in time... But to think that someone else achieved to grab a hold of Lake's power..."
"I don't know what you are talking about. I'm a half-youkai, that's all."
"You, a youkai?"
"Half-youkai, if you will. Now, aren't you a bit... thirsty?"
"Thirsty? No, why...? NO! YOU CANNOT! NO! GET AWAY FROM ME! GET AWAY!"

Five minutes later, it's all over. Lake consumed the intruders and left no trace of their existence.
"The world!"
Sakuya freezes time again.
"Let's return and clean up."

[ ] "Okay."
[ ] "How about we... enjoy ourselves a little when no one's looking instead?"
[ ] "About Lake... Was it true what that guy was saying?"
>> No. 7806
>> No. 7807
[ ] "About Lake... Was it true what that guy was saying?"

>> No. 7808
[ ] "How about we... enjoy ourselves a little when no one's looking instead?"
[ ] "About Lake... Was it true what that guy was saying?"
>> No. 7809
[X] "How about we... enjoy ourselves a little when no one's looking instead?"
[X] "We won't have to clean up a second time, that way."
>> No. 7810
[ ] "About Lake... Was it true what that guy was saying?"
>> No. 7811
[x] "How about we... enjoy ourselves a little when no one's looking instead?"
>> No. 7812
[X] "How about we... enjoy ourselves a little when no one's looking instead?"
[X] "We won't have to clean up a second time, that way."

lol idk
>> No. 7813
>> No. 7814
[x] "How about we... enjoy ourselves a little when no one's looking instead?"
>> No. 7815
>"How about we... enjoy ourselves a little when no one's looking instead?"

Oho, why not enjoy throwing knives at each other?
>> No. 7816
>> No. 7817

I thought that answer meant something different.

Like drinking tea together.
>> No. 7818
[ ] "How about we... enjoy ourselves a little when no one's looking instead?"
>> No. 7819
[X] "How about we... enjoy ourselves a little when no one's looking instead?"

Saying that, she start to walk back to the mansion and you follow close behind. Damn, that mini skirt of hers really leaves almost nothing to imagination. Her firm thighs sway seductively left and right with each of her steps. The urge to slap those ass cheeks build up in your head, but you keep your hands away. King of self-control could be your fucking name, right? Oh god, those legs... Trying to take your mind off those delicious thighs, you think about what that guy said. Lake can give power, huh? But how exactly does the Lake give that power? What one has to do to attain it? And what's the price? He said... He said he's lost everything. Love, friends, experiences... The only thing that remained in his possession, from all these things... Were memories. If all that happened in those past years was to disappear, would you be able to mantain sanity? What if all those things, all those memories... Were about to be erased? Now that you think about it... You kinda understand that guy. If he's really lost everything like he said, it would not be strange for him to go insane. All in name of power. Might controls everything. Without strength, you cannot protect anything. But what if the price is losing your loved one?
"This is all just ridiculous..."
In the first place, why is that Lake so important? What hides within the depths of it's water? Looks like you'll have to look into it some time. But will the risk be worth it...?

Finally, you're back inside the mansion. Sakuya stops for a moment and turns to you.
"I'm going to go up and check the roof. You return to ballroom and think of a way to remove those pieces of concrete."
Then she walks away.
"Wait!" you call out to her "Wait a moment."
"What is it?"
She looks at you with those aquamarine eyes... Her face doesn't betray any emotion.
"Say, how about we... enjoy ourselves a little when no one's looking?"
"'Enjoy'." Her gaze sharpens. "What do you mean, 'enjoy'?"
Uh, you haven't expected that kind of an answer.
"Enjoy... You know. Come on, you know what I mean."
Sakuya sighs.
"Alright, I know. You males can only think about one thing, don't you." she shakes her head "Still, what about your wife? I don't want to have Hakurei's miko on my head."

[ ] "She will never get to know about this."
[ ] "Wait, so you want to do it?"
[ ] "My wife... You're right. I'm sorry for asking about that. Just forget it."
[ ] "One thing? I get a feeling you're misunderstood something here. I meant, 'why not have a fight', that's all."
>> No. 7820
[X] "She will never get to know about this."
>> No. 7821
[x] "One thing? I get a feeling you're misunderstanding something here. I meant, 'why not have a fight', that's all."

And ofcourse, after we're both exhausted and bleeding, we can ask if it was good for her too.
>> No. 7822
[ ] "One thing? I get a feeling you're misunderstood something here. I meant, 'why not have a fight', that's all."
>> No. 7824
[ ] "Do you even know how we met? Our first time was a threesome!"
>> No. 7825
>I get a feeling you've misunderstood

typos, typos
>> No. 7826
[x] "One thing? I get a feeling you're misunderstood something here. I meant, 'why not have a fight', that's all."

lol adultery
>> No. 7828
[x] "One thing? I get a feeling you're misunderstood something here. I meant, 'why not have a fight', that's all."
i throw my p0n0s at you and you catch it with your vag00
>> No. 7829
[ ] "Do you even know how we met? Our first time was a threesome!"
>> No. 7831
[X] "Do you even know how we met? Our first time was a threesome!"

I like this one.
>> No. 7832
>[ ] "Do you even know how we met? Our first time was a threesome!"

It is a threesome in REIMU GOOD, right?
>> No. 7833
[X] "Do you even know how we met? Our first time was a threesome!"
[X] "But, hey, we can get her involved if you want. It's cool with me."
>> No. 7835
[x] "One thing? I get a feeling you're misunderstood something here. I meant, 'why not have a fight', that's all."
>> No. 7837
[X] "Do you even know how we met? Our first time was a threesome!"
[X] "But, hey, we can get her involved if you want. It's cool with me."

That's a thought.
>> No. 7838
[ ] "One thing? I get a feeling you're misunderstood something here. I meant, 'why not have a fight', that's all."

Mustn't cheat on our lovely wife
>> No. 7840

Woah, nice job avoiding Sakuya H-scene.


>> No. 7841


That's two fails so far.
>> No. 7843

Well gee, maybe if the posted choices were better, or it was a write up, we wouldn't have failed.
>> No. 7844

Screw those fags. Write it anyway.
>> No. 7846

Do what you do best, nigga.
>> No. 7847

It's Sakuya. Shouldn't the H-scene begin as a fight?
>> No. 7849

Yeah, not with telling her about your threesome with Reimu. Durr.
>> No. 7851
[X] "One thing? I get a feeling you're misunderstood something here. I meant, 'why not have a fight', that's all."
>> No. 7852
[X] "Do you even know how we met? Our first time was a threesome!"

Heh, little does she know.
"Do you even know how we met? Our first time was a threesome!"
She frowns.
"Was it? Who would've thought Hakurei is that kind of woman..."
"Yeah, she's totally cuh-raaaazy when it comes to these things."
"Yeah. We could even get her involved if you want. It's cool with me. I'm sure she wouldn't mind too."
Sakuya smiles weakly.
"As... appealing as that sounds... I think I'll pass." she looks kinda troubled by your offer "Maybe next time, tiger. Got a ceiling to fix."
"Huh. Too bad."
You can hear a silent click and Sakuya disappears.
"Well then, let's get to work."

After three long hours, the ceiling's pretty much fixed. Sakuya's unfreezed some of the fairy maids, who then helped you with their magic. While you were giving directions from the bottom, Sakuya was supervising the work from the top. Well, if magic can be used like this, to connect those pieces of concrete back into one structure, SDM doesn't have to worry even about an army of buldozers. Suddenly, there's a click behind you and someone pats you on the shoulder. Damn it, Sakuya, you're creating a time-stop within a time-stop here. That's as bad as two time-stops. And that's as bad as a paradox!
"Good work."
"I didn't really do anything."
"Oh, you did. Plus you whooped that guy's ass earlier."
"I guess I did then."
After that, Sakuya thanks the fairy maids before freezing them again. Now, only the two of you can move. The rest of the world is frozen.
Just the two of you.
On this still stage.
"I'm going to resume time. Ready?"
"Cover your ears."
Following Sakuya's direction, you obediently covers ears with your hands.
Then, a boom of sounds reaches your brain. It's really loud, even though it's partially blotted out by your hands. Guess that being inside this frozen world made you get used to silence too much.
"Hey, Saku--"
You turn to where Sakuya was standing, but she's not there.

Rest of the party passed smoothly. Remilia explained to the guests that Sakuya's used her time-stopping powers to repair the ceiling and clean up in general. Being used to unusual stuff, the guests simply applaused the absent maid and returned to their businesses. It went on for a few boring hours, when finally, Remilia floated up high again.
"Everyone! It's dark outside! It's time to wrap up this party and we're going to do it with a boom! Fireworks! Let's go outside!"
Applause again. Really, on parties like this, is crowd's only response to everything an applause?

So, anyway, after everyone has left to the garden, you followed silently behind. Entering the garden, you see that the guests have seated themselves on the grass already. Well then, you're not going to disturb them, right? Finding a tree to lean against, you carefully observe the starlit firmament. It's so clear...
Thinking back, you've done some stupid things today. Maybe if you had talked with Sakuya or Maids earlier, the whole incident wouldn't even happen. Maybe if you had decided to calm down the black guy before kicking his ass, it would've gone diffirently. Well, no use thinking about that now.
You hear silent footsteps behind you. Then, someone places their hands on your eyes.
"Guess who."
Oh you'd recognize that voice anywhere. It's...

[ ] Reimu
[ ] Sakuya
[ ] Remilia
[ ] Akyu
[ ] Meiling
>> No. 7853
[ ] Reimu
>> No. 7854
[X] Reimu.

We better fuck Sakuya some time before this series is over. Seriously. We need to.
>> No. 7855
[ ] Reimu
>> No. 7856

Buckets, YAF. BUCKETS.
>> No. 7857
[ ] Sakuya
>> No. 7858
[x] Suika

It was a party, and we haven't seen her the entire time.
And it would annoy Reimu.
>> No. 7859
[X] Wriggle


[X] Reimu
>> No. 7860
[ ] Sakuya
>> No. 7861
[ ] Reimu

I want to go back and un-crazy mig anon.
>> No. 7863
File 121141287377.jpg - (35.12KB , 640x480 , THISBUCKETITWASMADEFORME.jpg ) [iqdb]

>> No. 7864
[x] Reimu
>> No. 7865
The best part's when Sakuya asks Reimu about our little comment.
>> No. 7866
[ ] Reimu
>> No. 7867

Yes. Buckets. We haven't failed so hard in a while. I commend you for your good work in realizing our faggotry.
>> No. 7868
[ ] Reimu
[ ] Sakuya

The only sex Seven gets is threesomes, don't believe me? Suika lives at the shrine too and won't want to get left out.
>> No. 7869
[x] Reimu
>> No. 7870
[x] A cat is fine too.
>> No. 7871
File 121141399649.jpg - (90.70KB , 650x919 , 1208390040418.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Reimu

Not to recognize that voice... Huh, for you to not recognize that voice, your head would have to be either cracked open or gone.
"Hey, Reimu."
You take her hands off your eyes and kiss them. Ah, those soft hands...
"That tickles!"
Turning around, you hug her tightly.
"Hey, why are you so clingy? Did something happen?"
"Not really. I just got kinda carried away by this atmosphere."
"What atmosphere?"
"The sky's so clear tonight."
"Ah... You're right."
The two of you sit under that tree. Reimu leans against your shoulder, your arm wrapped around hers. Patiently, you wait in this starlit night.
"Hey, why didn't you take me to this party? I've been to the shop and Kourin told me that you're here..."
"Ah, sorry about that. I was told it was official and not to bring anyone... Though I don't really know why now that I think about it."
Reimu smiles.
"Absent-minded as always, are you? Well, I'm here now, so it doesn't matter."
"It was boring anyway. Besides, I can't get you involved in my work."
"I can defend myself, you know."
"I know. In some areas, you're stronger than me. But still, you're my wife." you embrace her tighter "And I can't let you get involved in dangerous jobs."
"I know."
"There was an attack on the mansion. Some insane guy decided to blow up the roof and shout some ridiculous nonsense. About Lake, power and losing memories... Or something like that... You remember a tall outsider, black hair, brown eyes?"
"Hmm... Not really... Wait, maybe... No, I don't remember."
"Then it is decided. He was just an attention whoring loony."
Few minutes pass.
"Did you hit on any women behind my back, Naya?"
Whoa, she asks such a question with such a straight face.
"Of course not. I wouldn't do that to you."
"Really. But you've tried, haven't you? That maid has hots for you or so was I told."
"Sakuya? Hot for me? Nonsense."
You answer in calm voice, but inside your head, a crowd of voices screams in joy.
"You won't fool me. You were hitting on her, right?"
"I didn't."
Reimu sighs.
"Alright, let's leave it at that."
In the distance, Remilia seems to be yelling something to the guests. But since it's so far away, you can't hear.
"Hey, Reimu."
"Yes? What is it?"
"Kiss me."
And so, she brings her face close to yours.
The first firework flies up.
Her soft breath, deep eyes... So deep you could give in and sink in them completely...
With whistling sound...
Her overwhelming scent...
Explosion of light and sound.
And in that light, your lips meet in passionate kiss.

>> No. 7872
[x] Anemia option
>> No. 7874
[x] Anemia option
>> No. 7875
[x] Anemia option
>> No. 7876
>> No. 7877
Good, now get us back to some delicious Akyu.

And next time, Sakuya. Next time you won't walk away without having sex with us!
>> No. 7878

>Good, now get us back to some delicious Mary.

>> No. 7879


>> No. 7880
I like the idea about Reimu and threesomes as shown in >>7251 .
>> No. 7881

I wouldn't mind Akyu taking the spotlight, but I would like to see SOME of the main tonight.
>> No. 7882
Write the scene anyway.
>> No. 7883
>>And next time, Sakuya. Next time you won't walk away without after sex with us!

Poor girl won't be able to sit down.
>> No. 7884
Awesome, etc.
One thing though, I haven't been keeping up with MiG lately. When did MiG anon become Lelouch vi Gensokyo?
>> No. 7885
Ha ha, monogamy end!
>> No. 7886
He can't have a good end, knowing Kira.

MiG Anon: "You killed Sanae!"
Kira: "What of it?"
>> No. 7887

In his better days he'd been referenced as Anonymous of the Rebellion, but he's living the hard luck life now.
>> No. 7888
I notice poor Patchouli is nowhere to be found as usual.
>> No. 7889

You real think Cap'n Patch would leave her library for something as mundane as a party?

Well, I suppose that if this is /sdm/ Patch, she might want to see Alice.
>> No. 7890
Yeah, I guess that's true. I was just thinking of how amusing it would be for her to see Nanaya after he pretty much dropped right on top of her in the SDM bathtub during BKC#1.
>> No. 7891
>Maybe if you had talked with Sakuya or Maids earlier, the whole incident wouldn't even happen. Maybe if you had decided to calm down the black guy before kicking his ass, it would've gone diffirently. Well, no use thinking about that now.

[x] Scene Select
[x] Entering the party with Meiling

You know you want to.
>> No. 7892
YAF, that was awesome. I wish I had been here to vote for Sakuya choices. Really, you guys rather dance with some random girl than maid with hots for you?
>> No. 7893

You'd vote against your own anon?
>> No. 7894

You suggest it's better to die than oppose your inner anon hivemind?
>> No. 7895

No, just thought vodka would of wanted to see how you handle such a scene with Adahn.

Besides no one loves PADio.

>> No. 7896
>Besides no one loves PADio.
I do.
What's the matter? Not FABULOUS enough for you?
>> No. 7898
Oh, I liked how it turned out, but going against your character is always fun.
>> No. 8091
>Besides no one loves PADio.