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7300 No. 7300
[X] "Don't say that. You're her best friend, remember?"

"Hey, don't say that. You're her best friend, right? Don't think that you're 'holding her back'."
"But I really think I do sometimes..."
Renko looks down
"Listen, let's clear this out using logic. Do you want to return to outside world?"
"Do you want to stay here?"
"... yes."
"Why do you want to stay here?"
"... for Mary."
"And why do you want to come back?"
"I'm... scared." she looks at you with serious face "I'm scared. Simple as that. I'm afraid. Of youkai, of people here. I.. I think I just fear tehe unknown. I don't feel at home here. I feel alienated, powerless, useless. Don't you? There's death waiting for you on each corner if you don't watch your step. One wrong move and you're youkai food. One wrong word and you end up just as a red stain. Can you feel at home in such world?"
Can you? This place really is dangerous. If it wasn't for that voice in your head... You'd be already dead. Eaten or left to rot in sun. And it happened so quickly, so soon after arriving in this world...
Can you feel safe here?
"See? There's no way people like us could possibly live here. We don't fit this world. Outside is where we belong."
"Mary... She feels a bond with this land, but I think it's actually not hers. She's having those dreams... Where she sees this world from someone else's eyes... I think that's what makes her feel attached to this place. There is no other reason for which she would feel like this. There is no way."
"But there are normal people living here..."
"Sure, there are. But they're fit, they've been living here since the sealing, they had fearless hunters as ancestors. They have adapted. But it's too late for us. It would take way too long. That's why... I want to return."

You're beat. Everything she says is true. Normal people don't fit here. Without power, you're nothing. Without strength, you cannon protect anything, let alone yourself.
You can't allow her to think like that. It's not the right way of thinking. More optimism, less complaining!
Standing up, you raise your fist.
She looks at you in bewilderment.
"Erm... I mean... Uh, listen."
"If you want to protect Mary... You can't continue to think this way. She wants to stay in this world and you're her friend. You try to scare me with thoughts about suffering and death. Oh, I've chose my words carefully, Renko, perhaps you should've done the same."
"Staying here is madness!"
"Madness? No... THIS IS GENSOKYO! Land of magic, fairies, vampires, monsters! Land of delicious armpit mikos, tsundere magicians and love!"
"But this is suicide!"
"IT'S NOT SUICIDE! I've been searching for this world for a long time, and finally, I found it. Then I almost got killed on my first hour here. But I'm alive. You're alive too. Mary's alive. Why do you think is that?"
You wave your fist at the sky.
"Because they cannot break this hand! Kicking reason to the curb, throwing logic out the window, that's how MEN do this here!"
"What do you...?"
Not letting her finish, you grab her shoulders and looks straight into her eyes.
"We're going to stay. I'm going to stay. Mary's going to stay. You're going to stay. But don't worry. Nothing bad will happen to you. Because there are people who are willing to help. I want to help. And..."
"I'm going to protect you. So please, stay here. Don't return to that world of concrete jungle, where people are like wolves and bare their teeth at each other. I'm going to protect you. With all the power I have, I'm going to defend you from everything that decides to do you harm. Because..."
"I... don't know. I can't say. I just have that feeling... That I want to protect you. Both of you. Mary is... Mary is..."
Red mist.
Blood. Blood. Blood. Red stains.
Mary? Who is Mary? Blood. Pain. Red. Red. Red. Red. Red. Blood. Red. Red. Eyes. Red. Red. Red. Red.
Like something was trying to burst your skull from inside... Pain... It hurts. It hurts. Your head... Hurts. It hurts so much...
Your legs are limp. You can't stand. Falling down, you hit the hard ground with your knees.
"Hey, what's wrong?"
Red mist... Blood... Knife... Mary? Someone... Yelling... Why? Did... you...?
The same... the same person... Red stains... You... yourself... At the same time... One place... Two of you.... Scream, swing... And blood... Horrible red stains everywhere...
Red everywhere... Floor is red... Walls are red... Everything is painted in gruesome vermillion.... Red. Red. Red. Red red red red redredredredredredredredredred!
And as soon as it appeared, the pain disappears.
Panting heavily, you fidn yourself on the ground, curled up, holding your head.
Renko is kneeling beside you, unsure what to do.
Strength has returned to your limbs. Sitting up, you try to calm down your breath.
"W-what happened? Are you okay?"
Renko seems to be worried. Her hands are shaking.
"I'm okay. Okay. Okay. The pain is gone... Were you worried about me?"
"I... uh... It's difficult not to worry when someone just collapses in front of you."
"Wait, did I...?"
"You fell to the ground and... Screamed something... And I..."
She's stammering. Your sudden... weakness had to give her quite a scare.

[ ] "What was I screaming?"
[ ] "It's okay now. Let's return inside, okay? It's getting cold..."

>> No. 7301
[ ] "What was I screaming?"
>> No. 7302
[x] "What was I screaming?"
>> No. 7303
[ ] "What was I screaming?"
>> No. 7304
[X] "What was I screaming?"
I love that OP Picture.
>> No. 7305
[x] "What was I screaming?"
>> No. 7306
Even with the periods of respite, I'm a little surprised Mary can deal with her "visions" so well. Or is it just a facade?
>> No. 7307
[X] "What was I screaming?"

It could be good to know for later, so that we can piece together what happened and achieve superior Psychosis before even encountering Red. That way we can kick his ass without risking Maribel and Renko.
>> No. 7309
File 121129541173.jpg - (18.75KB , 380x315 , ist2_407872_blood_splatter.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] "What was I screaming?"

There was pain... A feeling of losing control in limbs... But screaming? Something's not right here...
"Y-yes... You were... Yelling..."
"What was I screaming?"
"I.. uh..."
"Goddamnit, Renko! Tell me! What was I screaming?!"
She pulls back a little. Her eyes widen in suprisement.
"S-something about, uh... Being here... Then something about a tear... And reality... And something about... Si-sinner? I'm not sure..."
"That doesn't make sense!"
"I-it was you screaming those things! Not me!"
You spit out a curse. What was that about? First, this pain and those things that don't even make sense to you. This is not natural. What the hell is this? Some sort of disease? You haven't felt anything like this before entering Gensokyo. Just what the...
"U-um... I've talked with the miko about staying here while you were... resting on the terrace..."
"She said she can let us spend a night here, but we'll have to pay her back somehow."
"Y-you can use any room you want... just..."
"I'm going inside. Goodnight."

Confusion. Bewilderment. Misunderstanding.
What was that about? Tear? Reality? Being here?
No matter how hard you think about it, it doesn't make sense. Sinner? That makes it even more complicated.
"Sinner... being--IS here... Reality... sheds a tear...?"
No, that's just stupid. Besides, why did you scream those things in the first place? You don't remember even ordering your mouth to move... But again, it has moved on it's own before...
"What the fuck is it?"
Double personality? Shit's cool, but you haven't experienced anything like that before. Possession? Who would want to possess a weak outsider?
"Damn it..."
And there's Mary... Just who is she? That stranger girl... Who's somehow familiar at the same time...
Moon's shining brightly. Starlit sky is overflowing with constelations you've never seen before. It's cold. Cold. Cold breeze.

[ ] Go inside, find a room
[ ] Stroll into the night
>> No. 7310
[ ] Go inside, find a room
>> No. 7311
[x] Stroll into the night

Wandering off got us a badass end last time.
>> No. 7312
[x] Take a bath
>> No. 7313

Man that didn't go over well. Is there any way to get them both to stay? I know Mary is probably needed for Family Ties route, but it's too cruel to break Renko's heart by separating them. That kid ain't as normal as she thinks she is either, what with that GPS in her head.

[x] Go inside, find a room

Hopefully they haven't vanished by tomorrow morning.
>> No. 7314
[X] Go inside, find a room.

Now is not the time to be wandering the night. We don't have full grasp of our psychosis yet, and our body's condition seems to be in flux.
>> No. 7315
>[ ] Stroll into the night
Wriggle encounter, GET? Do want, but...I can't help but think it would be bizarre for Nanayanon to wander off.

[x] Go inside, find a room
>> No. 7316
[x] Go inside, find a room

WTF is this bullshit?
>> No. 7318

We go after her next playthrough; trying to get FAMILY TIES END right now.
>> No. 7319
>WTF is this bullshit?

Hey, don't ask me. I'm just a simple writer.
>> No. 7320

You're the one who writes up these redout scenes! Every time we so much as think about Yukari, this happens...
>> No. 7321
[X] Go inside, find a room
Let's get that Family Ties route.
>> No. 7322
[] Go inside find a room.
>> No. 7323

Well then, why do you think is that?
>> No. 7324
[X] Go inside, find a room

Thinking about it is useless. This is not natural. How can a simple human like you udnerstand what's happening? You're not a doctor either.
It doesn't matter. You're sleepy. Yes, sleep is what you need.
Downing what's left in the bottle, you go inside. There should be an emty room somewhere...


Your head hurts.
Opening your eyes, you see that you're in an unfamiliar room. Bamboo mats, uncomfortable matress... What was it called again? A futon? Well, whatever.
"Dawn is breaking. Greet a new day."
Getting up is kinda hard, since your head feels funny, like if you drank something too strong last night...
Oh wait, you did.
"Oooh, maaan..."
It's not the worst hangover you've had, but it's unpleasant nonetheless. Well, time to find a bathroom...

After washing your face, you hear someone bustling around in the front yard. How do you even know where front yard is?
"Oh, hi."
Reimu stops walking in circles and looks at you.
"You're an early bird, aren't ya? When did you wake up?"
"Just a while ago."
She seems to be waiting for someone.
"I see. Hey, I'm going to Kourindou in a moment, wanna come along? You could look for a way to pay me back for letting you stay at my shrine."
"All about money, eh? As expected from Hakurei miko."
She grins.
"Hey, I gotta keep myself fed, ya know. So, wanna go?"

[ ] "Yes"
[ ] "No"
>> No. 7325
[x] "Yes"

Let's kick Rinnosuke's ass again.
>> No. 7326
[X] "Depends... are Mary and Renko coming?"

We need to stick to them for now.
>> No. 7327
[] Ask about Renko and Maribel.
If it's too early, then [] Yes.
> "Dawn is breaking. Greet a new day."
Heh, nice. That was a fun mission.
>> No. 7328
[x] "Depends... are Mary and Renko coming?"
We just said we're protect them, right? Can't go running off and leaving them alone after making a speech to Renko like that.
>> No. 7329
[X] "Depends... are Mary and Renko coming?"
>> No. 7330
[X] "Depends... are Mary and Renko coming?"
>> No. 7331
[x] "Depends... are Mary and Renko coming?"

Stick with them.

>"Dawn is breaking. Greet a new day."

>> No. 7332
File 121129807279.gif - (29.41KB , 125x125 , antispiral.gif ) [iqdb]
Fuck, Suika might not be coming this time since we didn't have that scene with her. Which means that if Renko and Maribel are coming with us, they're going to have to see us go FIESTA TIME on the mugger that's going to show up. Maybe it's better if we leave them behind just this once, in case Reimu becomes a little insistant on us coming?
>> No. 7333

Reimu shouldn't be flying off leaving us this time since we haven't done anything to make her pissed off right now.
>> No. 7334

Well, actually, wouldn't that be one hell of a demonstration of just how much we intend to protect them?

Besides, Reimu seems more cheerful and less likely to leave us to come on our own, as she's not being all tsundere. If she comes along, she'll probably be the one to kill that bastard.
>> No. 7335
[X] "Depends... are Mary and Renko coming?"

Paying her back is through giving the outside scoop on his stuff amirite?.

Raymoo, you should be able to solve this.
>> No. 7336
[x] "Depends... are Mary and Renko coming?"

"Depends. Are Mary and Renko coming?"
"Those two?" Reimu shrugs "I don't even know if they're awake yet. Lazy bums."
"Really. Then I'm afraid I have to skip on your offer."
She grins.
"Grown attached to them, huh? From what they told me, you wanted to explore Gesnokyo, am I right?"
"Huh, I could show you some of it on the way, but... Well, your loss." she sighs. "Looks like she's not coming. Well, I'll be going then."
Reimu takes off. Wow, it's kinda...weird to see someone actually do that.
"Ah, one more thing!" she stops mid-air and turns to you "Sweep the front yard please! As a price of my hospitality!"
"Wait, what are--"
Damn it, that capricious miko...

Sitting on the front steps, you enjoy a moment of silence. Warmed by gentle sunlight, you feel calm and relaxed.
Well then, what should you do? If Renko and Mary are sleeping, you could wake them up and... Well, do whatever they want to do. There's still this thing about staying here or returning... It wouldn't be THAT bad to return with them, but... It would be a waste to throw away the chance to explore Gensokyo. If they don't want to stay... Well... Then...
You tousle your hair in irritation. Why does it have to be so complicated?! If it was a game, everything would be easier. Shoot the damn miko, build up disposition points with Mary and convince her to stay. Then rename the shrine to "%PCNAME Shrine" and live a long outro afterwards. Even in curtain fire games, everything is so easy... Just press forward and shoot everything that stands in your way. Yeah, if life could be as easy as video games...

[ ] Stay here, admire godlike graphics
[ ] Check up on Mary
[ ] Kitchen. It calls out to you
>> No. 7337
I just noticed we missed the Suika H-scene

dammit, this time we could have gone further than just fingering her.

also, we are amazingly low on affection points, compared to the last time. Damn you maribel. You better give us some yukari affection points
>> No. 7338
If we stay behind, don't we also risk encountering that donation box thief? Either way, we may end up eliminating an eyesore in front of Renko and Maribel.
>> No. 7339
[ ] Check up on Mary
>> No. 7340
[X] Kitchen. It calls out to you.

Well, it is calling out to us. The last thing that called out to us was the courtyard, which scored us big Reimu points. If this is an event for the Family Ties route, then this seems like a good place to score a bunch of points.
>> No. 7341
File 121129867277.jpg - (33.72KB , 550x397 , 1139002894674.jpg ) [iqdb]
[ ] Stay here, admire godlike graphics
>> No. 7342
[x] Kitchen. It calls out to you
Channel our psychotic rage into a harmless activity like cooking. WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG?
>> No. 7343

Don't forget the even continuity. Remember which day was it in playthrough one when Reimu went to Kourindou? And when the thief incident happened?
>> No. 7344

They might just leave Gensokyo if they wake up to find us not there.

We can kill this guy cleanly now that we know his intentions. And we got 3 blades remember? 1 for us, 1 for Renko, 1 for Mary, so there's little danger of having one of them getting held hostage.
>> No. 7345
[x] Kitchen. It calls out to you

Wake them with the smell of delicious eggs.
>> No. 7346
[x] Check up on Mary
[x] Kitchen. It calls out to you
Make some breakfast for 'em. I feel kinda badly for using Reimu's food though....so I guess sweeping comes afterwards.
>> No. 7347
Ahhh, you're right. I lost track of the continuity. Hmmm, but weren't Maribel and Nanayanon sitting outside around the time the thief showed up last time? It seems to match up, since that event was between >>143 and >>120, which is shortly after we woke up after the Wriggle fight. The thief might have postponed his theft since Mary and Nanayanon were there and decided to try again the next day (today).
>> No. 7348

Who said we were sleeping out front?
>> No. 7349

Just to clear that up, Mary and Naya weren't sitting on the front side of the shrine.
>> No. 7350
[1] Kitchen. It calls out to you
[2] Check up on Mary
>> No. 7351
Or maybe he gave up. Maybe Reimu was out when he came by. Maybe he stole something while we were sleeping (doubtful).
>> No. 7352
[X] Kitchen. It calls out to you

Well, as much as you'd like to stay and admire godlike graphics of this game called "Outside" (by the creators of superseller "RL"), you're feeling hungry, so a natural course of action would be to grab something to eat.
"Needs moar bloom."
Saying this remark to no one in particular, you enter the shrine.

Finding kitchen wasn't too hard. There's an old-fashioned (to not say 'old and useless') stove and an ice-box, seemingly not a modern one, since there's no cord coming out from anywhere on it. Guess it's one of those middle-ages fancy devices that was used to keep wine cold for the great lords.
Rummaging through shelves and drawers, you find all you need to make a breakfast.
"Well then, Hakurei. Your food. I'll be stealing it."

Not knowing why, you've prepared food for more than three people. Guess that's what you get for spacing out when making breakfast. Sandwiches, scrambled eggs, tea... Everything is prepared. Now to carry it to the dining room.

Placing the tray on the table, you wonder what you should do next. If Mary and Renko are still sleeping, it would be good to wake them up. But, you don't know how Mary will react to you...
Lost in thought, you don't notice someone entering the room.
"Oh, and who could you be?"
A female voice brings you back to reality.
"You're one of Reimu's guests?"
You turn around.
An adult woman with long, green hair stands before you, staring at your face with mild amusement. What does she find so funny? Or is she always smiling like that?
"Eh, I guess you could call me a guest." You stand up. "Nanaya. You are..."
"Mima." she shakes your hand "Deity of this shrine. Nice to meet you." she glances at the food on the table "And hello there, sexy! You prepared this? Can I...?"

[ ] "Actually, before that, I'd like to ask you a favor. Could you wake up Mary and Re-- I mean those two girls that are staying here?"
[ ] "Sure. Leave enough for three people though."
[ ] "You wanna eat my breakfast, ghost?"
>> No. 7353
[x] "Sure. Leave enough for three people though."

Just hope she doesn't eat like Yuyu.
>> No. 7354
[ ] "Sure. Leave enough for three people though."

>> No. 7355
>> No. 7356
[ ] "Sure. Leave enough for three people though.

Mima normal, here we come
>> No. 7357
[x] "Sure. Leave enough for three people though."

Did...did she just call the food 'sexy'? Ah, that crazy ghost. At any rate, time to go wake up Renko and Mary I guess.
>> No. 7358
[X] "Sure. Leave enough for three people though."

Love Mima. Will not let her die this time, if Red shows up again. Want Family Ties route, but also want happy Mima.
>> No. 7359
[x] "Actually, before that, I'd like to ask you a favor. Could you wake up Mary and Re-- I mean those two girls that are staying here?"

Well, damn, I just came here. It would have been nice to actually get along with Kourin this time...
>> No. 7360
What day does Red show up anyway? I've forgotten.
>> No. 7361

maybe Nanayonymous prepared bananas, and long sandwiches with cucumbers and sausages ?
>> No. 7362
[X] "Sure. Leave enough for three people though."

"Uh, sure."
You are taken aback by the fact that a ghost wants to eat... But well, if she wants it that badly, then why not let her? There's a lot of food anyway.
With a cheer, she sits at the table.
"Leave enough for three people though. I haven't eaten yet and those two will be hungry."
"Sure, sure. There's so much of it, so it's no problem."
"I hope."
Whispering that to yourself, you leave the kitchen.

Well then, you don't know where Renko is sleeping, but you can remember the way to Mary's room. Approaching the door, you knock lightly on the frame.
No answer. She's probably still sleeping. Just to make sure, you knock for the second time.
Still nothing.
"I'm coming in!"
And so you do. Sliding open the door, you step inside.
Mary's laying on a futon in the middle of the room. The covers are scattered around beside the matress. Looks like she's not a calm sleeper...
"Hey, Mary."
Kneeling beside her, you notice that there are some wet tissues near the pillow. She must've used them up when Renko was talking with her yesterday... Or later.
Totally oblivious to your calls, she continues to breathe rhytmically.

[ ] "MARY!"
[ ] Shake her
[ ] Write-in
>> No. 7363
[x] Pinch her nose.
>> No. 7364
[x] Pinch her nose.
>> No. 7365
[x] Pinch her nose.

Always works.
>> No. 7366
[x] Pinch her nose.
I...don't know what this is about, but I'll vote for it anyway.
>> No. 7367
[x] Look at panties
>> No. 7368

>> No. 7369
[x] Rape her.
>> No. 7370
[z] Pinch her nose.
>> No. 7371
[x] Pinch her nose.
But just because I want YAF to write already.
>> No. 7372
[x] Pinch her nose.

>Kneeling beside her, you notice that there are some wet tissues near the pillow. She must've used them up when Renko was talking with her yesterday... Or later.

ha ha oh wow
>> No. 7373
[x]Stroke her hair while gently calling her.
>> No. 7374
[x] Pinch her nose.

Well, let the manly malice kick, let the malice kick that! Instead of waking her normally, why not do something stupid? Alright, there goes nothing.
Grinning like a madman, you pinch her nose.
At first, nothing happens. You try to hold back your laugh as you wait for her reaction. But nothing happens. She just opens up her lips a little and continues to sleep.
This is not how it should look like. You pinch her nose harder, but to no avail.
Then, pulling harder and harder... You lift her upper body. By pulling her nose. And she's still asleep.
"What the..."
In suprisement, you let go of her nose and her torso falls forward. And yet there's no reaction whatsoever.
Pulling her shoulders back, you make her lay in a normal position. Then ponder on what would be good to wake her up. Gee, how does she even manage to wake up for school? Does she have a hundred of alarm clocks at home? Whatever. Time to try diffirent techniques.

Pulling her cheeks, shaking her shoulders, opening her eyelids, copping a feel, blowing in her ear, tickling her sides. Nothing works.
How is it even possible to sleep so deep? It's almost like an anaesthesia!

[ ] Cry
[ ] "Damnit, breakfast's gettin cold!"
>> No. 7375

oh wow, someone noticed
>> No. 7376
>> No. 7377
[ ] "Damnit, breakfast's gettin cold!"

At the mention of breakfast she'll be up and out before we even notice she's gone.
>> No. 7378
[ ] Cry

Meh, why not. SHE'S FUCKING DEAD.
>> No. 7379
>> No. 7380
[z] Cry
>> No. 7381
[ ] "Damnit, breakfast's gettin cold!"
>> No. 7382
[x] "Damnit, breakfast's gettin cold!"
>> No. 7383


[x] Kiss her
>> No. 7384
>> No. 7385
>copping a feel,
>> No. 7386
[X] Pick her up and carry her down to the breakfast table. You might as well eat, and it'll save time when she realizes that the breakfast you prepared is right there for her.

Economic use of time.
>> No. 7387
File 121130230795.gif - (8.76KB , 201x152 , 1206771727142.gif ) [iqdb]
>copping a feel

[x] "Damnit, breakfast's gettin cold!"
>> No. 7389
[X] Pick her up and carry her down to the breakfast table. You might as well eat, and it'll save time when she realizes that the breakfast you prepared is right there for her.

I can go with this.
>> No. 7390
>> No. 7391
>> No. 7392
[x] "Damnit, breakfast's gettin cold!"

Here's for hoping she doesn't flip out again when she wakes up.
>> No. 7393
File 121130287697.jpg - (24.94KB , 405x465 , 1205159123189.jpg ) [iqdb]

YAF approves.
>> No. 7394
Make it happen.
>> No. 7395
The cheesiness of this line will make her wake up in a fit of laughter. THIS WILL WORK.
>> No. 7396
What... the... HECK. That picture is wrong, wrong, wrong. Just plain WRONG.
>> No. 7397

The heck's wrong with the original /jp/ mascot?
>> No. 7398

Naya after furfag BAD END
>> No. 7399
You dare mock the embodiment of all things /jp/? Die, traitor.
>> No. 7400

If that's what would happen to us in TS... Then what about if we went into that furfag inn on AAA?
>> No. 7401

I'm not sure I want to know.
>> No. 7402
Die Monster! You don't belong in this world.
>> No. 7403

Becoming a Hardgay hotglue machine?
I don't get it.
>> No. 7404
[X] "Damnit, breakfast's gettin cold!"

Seriously, what the hell is she thinking? Killing slowly is the way you conquer, but now's not the time! The breakfast... Those delicious eggs... This woman is making them wait. She is obstructing your way to delicious feast on those tasty yolks. This woman. This woman. This woman. THIS WOMAN. THIS WOMAN. THIS WOMAN! BREAAAAAKFAAAAAAAAST!
"Damnit, Mary! Breakfast's gettin cold!"
Her eyelids twitch. Oho~.
"BREAKFAST." you speak those words as slowly as possible "IS. GETTIN. COLD."
She slowly opens her eyes and stares at you. Her gaze is unfocused, like if she was looking somewhere far away.
"You woke up."
"Mnnn... What are you doing in my room, r--" suddenly, her eyes focus. "Wha... Nanaya? What are you doing here?"
"I came to wake you up. Breakfast's gettin co--"
She jumps up.
"Hey, wait a minute!"
Mary moans and falls backwards. Of course, you, being the gentleman you are, caught her before she hit the floor. And though the phrase "let your bodies hit the floor" lingers in the back of your head as you do so, you don't actually let your bodies hit the floor. Because that would hurt, right? It could be pleasant in more ways than one, but still painful.
Her stomach grumbles.
"Sooo hungryyyy..."
You can't help but smile at her stupid expression.
"You're so hopeless, Mary."
"Nanayaaaa... Carry me there, pleaaaseeee..."
"Sure thing, princess."

Arriving at the dining room, you see that there are two people sitting here. One is Mima and the other one...
"Oh, hey, Renko."
She turns around.
"Oh, hey. That's some good sandwiches you ma-- PFFFFFFFFT!"
She spits tea on the floor as she sees you carrying Mary in your arms.
"Uh, Renko, I was just..."
"Hello, Renko!" Mary waves at her with stupid smile
"H-hello, Mary... Wait, don't try to shift my attention! What the hell are you doing with Mary!?"
"Listen, I was just waking her up. She's... uh, hungry and weak, so I had to carry her here, okay?"
Renko groans noticing Mary's smile. The latter reaches her hands out towards the food.
"Yeah, sure..."
Putting her down by the table, you sit down yourself.

After finishing last of the sandwiches, you lean back.
"And that's how my life got flipped turned upside do--"
"Oh no, you did NOT just go there!"
Mima and Renko are discussing some of the ghost's adventures from before she became a ghost.
"But when she caught me, my life got flipped turned upside down LITERALLY! That was the joke!"
"That's ridiculous! Don't try to make lame jokes like that!"
Mima giggles.
Hm, what to do now...?

[ ] "Renko, let's go to the front yard. I think I want to teach you something useful."
[ ] "Mary, what do you want to do now?"
[ ] "Shit was sooooo cash, Mima. Tell me moar."
>> No. 7405
You've managed to make the image more horrific than it already was.
>> No. 7406
[x] "Mary, what do you want to do now?"
>> No. 7407
[ ] "Shit was sooooo cash, Mima. Tell me moar."

Mima normal, here we go
>> No. 7408
[ ] "Mary, what do you want to do now?"
>> No. 7409
Should just have said there are Waffles to wake her up.
[X] "Mary, what do you want to do now?"
>> No. 7410
[ ] "Shit was sooooo cash, Mima. Tell me moar."
>> No. 7411
[ ] "Mary, what do you want to do now?"

Ask Renko later.
>> No. 7412
[x] "Renko, let's go to the front yard. I think I want to teach you something useful."

Time for some combat training to make Renko feel more secure staying in Gensokyo. Then she can help convince Mary to stay here too.
>> No. 7413
[z] "Mary, what do you want to do now?"
>> No. 7414
[ ] "Mary, what do you want to do now?"
>> No. 7415
[ ] "Mary, what do you want to do now?"

>> No. 7416
File 121130436240.jpg - (45.20KB , 1280x960 , 1162014065912.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] "Renko, let's go to the front yard. I think I want to teach you something useful."
She wants to protect Mary? She wants to learn how to survive out here? We'll say that sweeping the yard will subtly give her physical skills and kung fu abilities!
>> No. 7417
[X] "Shit was sooooo cash, Mima. Tell me moar."

gawd, stop wasting your precous time on maribel. There is no maribel end. she will fucking leave today.
>> No. 7418
File 121130444523.jpg - (69.90KB , 321x480 , burger-king.jpg ) [iqdb]

"Wake up with the King."
>> No. 7419

>> No. 7420
[x] "Mary, what do you want to do now?"
>> No. 7421

She's obviously related to the family ties route which most of us are apparently going for now.
>> No. 7422
[ ] "Renko, let's go to the front yard. I think I want to teach you something useful."

Renko leaves then so does Mary, plus it's helpful to have a second combat ready party member.
>> No. 7423
[ ] "Shit was sooooo cash, Mima. Tell me moar."
>> No. 7424
[X] "Renko, let's go to the front yard. I think I want to teach you something useful."

Renko's Blade skill increased.
Renko is now level 2.
>> No. 7425

Perhaps she should rest and meditate on what she has learned?
>> No. 7426

You saw what I did there.

And yeah, if it would keep them in Gensokyo. I wonder, could we go with them if they decided to leave? Or am I forgetting something?
>> No. 7427
File 121130522049.png - (28.78KB , 357x292 , 050512.png ) [iqdb]


>> No. 7428

Going with them probably leads to a bad end like we get ambushed on the way out by the nine squad seeking revenge for Wriggle so our best bet is to find a way to keep them here.
>> No. 7429
Possibly. YAF did give us the option to choose to leave with them before, but maybe something would have stopped us. If we did leave with them, it'd probably be a "NEW ENDING UNLOCKED" situation, since the situation doesn't seem to fit with any of the present ends.
>> No. 7430
[x] "Mary, what do you want to do now?"
>> No. 7431
The same thing we do every day Nanaya. Try to take over Gensokyo!
>> No. 7432
[X] "Mary, what do you want to do now?"

"Hey Mary." you lean towards Mary who is listening to Mima and Renko's conversation "What you wanna do now?"
"Hm? Why are you asking me?"
Come to think of it, she's right? Why are you even asking her?
("I guess... Um..."
"Frogs aren't that big, you insane ghost!"
Conversation heats up as Renko tries to question some of Mima's story's points.
("That one was!"
"What was it, a frog on steroids?")
"They're noisy, aren't they?"
"They are..."
"Hey, how about we sneak out and go somewhere else?"
She suddenly makes a ridiculous suggestion with a totally straight face.
"Sure, why not..."
What are you planning, Mary?

Two minutes later, the two of you are sitting on the very same terrace you rested on yesterday. Mary lays down on the floor, closing her eyes. That seems pleasant. Why not try it too?
This weather combined with full stomach really makes you feel good...

[ ] Strike up a conversation (INSERT TOPIC)
[ ] Say nothing
>> No. 7433
[ ] Strike up a conversation (Penises. She might want to join)
>> No. 7434
[x] "If you decide to stay in Gensokyo, what will happen to Renko?"
>> No. 7435
[x] Strike up a conversation (Yukari)

Or at least something about her dreams if we don't know enough in game to talk about her.
>> No. 7436

fuck, i misplaced the brackets
should be:
>"I guess... Um..."
>"Frogs aren't that big, you insane ghost!")
>> No. 7437
[x] Say nothing
>> No. 7438
[x] Strike up a conversation (Yukari)

Going with this because I got nothing.
>> No. 7439
[x] "So, I flipped out on Reimu the first time we met, then I used enough of her food to make a meal that could feed three people, and I also forgot about sweeping her yard. On top of that, I have no idea about how her budget is. How long do you think it'll take before I drive her insane?"
>> No. 7440
>> No. 7441
[x] Strike up a conversation (Yukari)
And then Mary was Yukari.
>> No. 7442
[ ] Strike up a conversation (INSERT PENIS)
>> No. 7443
[x] Strike up a conversation(The potential of using living vampires as projectile weapons)
>> No. 7444
[ ] Strike up a conversation (Yukari)
>> No. 7445
>> No. 7446
[ ] Strike up a conversation (How does aurora borealis affect Aptenodytes forsteris` ovulation?)
>> No. 7447
[x] Strike up a conversation (Her dreams and Yukari)
>> No. 7448
You lost me.
>> No. 7449
[x] Strike up a conversation (The concept of love, and how to understand it)
>> No. 7450
Understand, understand
Understand, understand the concept of love
Understand, understand
Understand, understand
Understand, understand the concept of love

Uh! Uh!

What is love? What is free love?
What is love? Ah... is free, free

Understand, understand the concept of love, uh!
Understand, understand the concept of love, uh!
Understand, understand, uh! Understand, understand the concept
The concept of love

Uh! The concept of love
Uh! Uh! The concept of love

Free love is too tame for him

Love... What is love? What is free love?
What is free for? What is for?
What is girls? What is free girls?
What is...

Love is free
Love is free
Love is free
Love is free

Ready to kick some ass!
>> No. 7451
[x] Strike up a conversation (Yukari)
Aight, let's go with the Yukari talk then.
>> No. 7452
[x] Strike up a conversation (What am I like in your dreams?)
>> No. 7453
>What am I like in your dreams?
>> No. 7454
I'd say they've really gone down hill in recent years.

And violent
>> No. 7455
so has anything won yet?
>> No. 7456
[x] Strike up a conversation (Yukari)

Ahh... Full relax. With sun shining on your face, warming your full stomach, you decide to give in to pleasure. There was a song that would fit just perfectly with this situation... What was it called again? Hm, if you just had a computer... Come to think of it, is there electricity in Gensokyo? Reimu does not seem to have anything electronic in the shrine... Wait, what about lights then?
You'd like to open your eyes and look for a lightbulb or a lamp, but the calm atmosphere makes you simply too lazy to do anything besides breathing. Well, whatever. It doesn't concern you in any way, so...
"Mmm..." Mary lets out a pleased moan. "Sun feel so good..."
Falling silent, the two of you enjoy the sun.
Hm, your hand doesn't feel too comfortable in this position. You try to move it around.
As you slide it along the floor, your fingers bump against something.
It's... Mary's hand. Her fingers. Suprised, you freeze in place. But she doesn't take her hand away. Well then... It feels nice, so why not just leave your fingers touching?

A few minutes pass in absolute silence. Drowsiness starts to invade your mind. Uh, can't let it.
"You awake?"
"Can we talk?"
"Yes? What is it?"
"I want to ask you something about your dreams."
Her fingers twitch.
"Why do you want to talk about them?"
Come to think of it... Why? It's intriguing for sure, but... It's not really that important, now is it?
But... There's this yesterday's incident... And she told you that you were in those dreams...
"Um... I... I think I want to know more about them cause... Mary, you told me that there is a person similar to me in those dreams. I'm worried. Cause... This is my first time in Gensokyo. I couldn't be seen by you."
"That's true, but... There is... A person who looks just like you. The only difference is his eyes. He seems to be in... good terms with that person through whose eyes I'm watching."
"That makes it even more complicated. Because, the only person who's related to Gensokyo and is on good terms with me... is you. So that's impossible. Even if he has diffirent eyes, it's still impossible. I mean, there are people that look really alike, but... If you say the only difference is eye colour, that's hard to believe. I mean, uh, I'm not saying that I don't believe you. I just think it's strange."
"Yeah, it may be strange... But I know what I'm seeing. It's too... realistic to be fake. I just know it's true."
"I believe you."
A moment of silence.
"Mary... About yesterday..." Her fingers twitch again. "When you woke up... You were really scared. What happened?"
"... I'd rather not talk about it. It was a bad dream."
"You mean, something's happening with that other person?"
"... you could put it like that."
"I see."
"I'm sorry for scaring you like that then. If it was something related to that look-alike of mine... I can only imagine what you felt when you woke up to my face."
"So, I'm sorry."
"... don't worry about it."
"If you ever need help... I already told Renko that I will protect both of you. So, if you need help... I'll be here for you."
"... why are you so..."
"Why are you so kind to me?"
"What do you mean?"
"That other you... He's a bad person... The other me loves him very much, but he... He just uses that love for his own purposes. It's strange... To see a person so similar yet so diffirent."
"Mary, I--"
"Why are you so kind?"
"I... don't know. Ever since I met you on that night... I felt some kind of... familiarity. Like if we met already in the past."
"I... can't help but feel fond of you. I like you, Mary."
"Mary, can I... hold your hand?"
Door to the terrace slides open with a thump. You quickly withdraw your hand.
It's Renko.
"What are you doing together again?"

[ ] "Nothing. Now, Renko... I'm going to teach you how to defend yourself. Are you up to the task?"
[ ] Say nothing
>> No. 7457
[x] "Nothing. Now, Renko... I'm going to teach you how to defend yourself. Are you up to the task?"

Make them feel secure and they'll stay.
>> No. 7458
[x] "Nothing. Now, Renko... I'm going to teach you how to defend yourself. Are you up to the task?"
>> No. 7459
[ ] "Nothing. Now, Renko... I'm going to teach you how to defend yourself. Are you up to the task?"
>> No. 7460
Is that YAF who just forgot to use name/tripcode, or some imposter?
>> No. 7461
[x] "Nothing. Now, Renko... I'm going to teach you how to defend yourself. Are you up to the task?"
>> No. 7462

Well, shit.
>> No. 7463
[x] "Nothing. Now, Renko... I'm going to teach you how to defend yourself. Are you up to the task?"
Killing Technique - "Sweeping the front yard"
>> No. 7464
[X] "Nothing. Now, Renko... I'm going to teach you how to defend yourself. Are you up to the task?"
Damn him Red Eyes, killing Mima in the first game and now Mary sees how he mistreats Yukari, that bastard is going down. We gotta save our mother.
And then incest route with Mary/Yukari.
>> No. 7465
[x] "Nothing. Now, Renko... I'm going to teach you how to defend yourself. Are you up to the task?"

Training montage, go!
>> No. 7466
[ ] "Nothing. Now, Renko... I'm going to teach you how to defend yourself. Are you up to the task?"
>> No. 7467

Oh god, now I can just see Renko doing a Rocky montage and it's making me laugh.

>> No. 7468
The hours approaching, to give it your best
You've got to reach your prime.
That’s when you need to put yourself to the test
And show us a passage of time
Were going to need a montage (montage)
Ooh it takes a montage (montage)

Sure a lot of things happing at once,
Remind everyone what’s going on (what’s going on)
And when every shot you show a little improvement
Just show it all or it will take to long
That’s called a montage (montage)
Ooh we want montage (montage)

And anything that we want to know
From just a beginner to a pro,
You want a montage (montage)
Even rocky had a montage (montage)


Anything that we want to know
From just a beginner to a pro,
You need a montage (montage)
Ooh it takes a montage (montage)

Always fade out in a montage,
If you fade out
It seem like more time has passed in a montage
>> No. 7469

That's what we call paranoia.
>> No. 7470
[X] "Nothing. Now, Renko... I'm going to teach you how to defend yourself. Are you up to the task?"

"Nothing." Before either of them is able to say anything, you quickly cut the conversation.
Standing up, you straighten your back.
"Feels good to slack off a bit, huh?"
Mima emerges from behind Renko with similiar smile to the one she wore when you first met her.
"Certainly, but resting time is over. Time to get to work, Renko."
"Wha?" she backs off a little "What do you want from me?"
"Isn't that obvious? What I need is your body."
"Yes. I will form your body and skills, in order to create a person who will be able to defend herself... and her friends."
"YES, SKILLS! WITH BURNING FISTS OF MANLY POWER, WE SHALL STAND AND FIGHT TOGETHER, TO MAKE A BETTER DAY! That's why!" you point a finger at her forehead "I'm going to teach you how to use a knife! To the front yard!"
Boldly grabbing Renko's collar, you drag her behind you.
"Wha?! Where are you taking me?! Let go! Maaaary~!"

"Here, this is the locking mechanism. Push it down and the blade will close."
Man, this is gonna be hard. She doesn't even know how to operate a backlock folder...
"Like this?"
She pushes the lock and hides the blade.
"Perfect! Now, try to open it with one hand."
"Hmm... Like... this?"
"Pretty good. You still need some training of course. If you're not able to pull it out instantly, you're dead meat."
"I know. You don't have to remind me."
"Well then." you pull out another knife, this time for your own use. "Come at me."
"Attack me."
"W-with opened blade?"
"What if I cut you by accident?"
"YOU DON'T GET IT IDIOT! You have to hit me on purpose, not by an accident!"
"Don't worry about me, dear, I'm going to dodge or block anyway."
"Where did you learn this?"
"Renko... Don't try to change the subject... I don't remember. I suppose someone taught me long ago and I just remembered it. Now, come at me."
She hesitantly clutches the knife in classic grip. Then runs at you. Her position and speed leaves much to wish, but she's an amateur, so it's obvious.

[ ] Dodge
[ ] Grab her wrist and make her bump against your chest
[ ] Perform a block, catch her arm

[ ] Talk to her while fighting
[ ] Stay silent
>> No. 7471
[x] Grab her wrist and make her bump against your chest
[x] Talk to her while fighting

Obvious solution
>> No. 7472
[x] Perform a block, catch her arm
[x] Talk to her while fighting
"This arm? IT'S MY ARM NOW."
>> No. 7473
[X] Grab her wrist and make her bump against your chest.
[X] Talk to her while fighting.

Maybe if we embarrass her enough we can get her to really want to learn this, just to get us to stop.
>> No. 7474
[x] Dodge
[x] Talk to her while fighting
>> No. 7475
[x] Dodge
[x] Talk to her while fighting
>> No. 7476
[ ] Grab her wrist and make her bump against your chest
[ ] Talk to her while fighting (encouragement and advice, don't insult the girl)
"YOU DON'T GET IT IDIOT! You have to hit me on purpose, not by an accident!"

I like this for some reason.
>> No. 7477
[X] Dodge.
[X] Talk to her while fighting.

We want her to be a good knife fighter, right? Part of that should be teaching her how to block out distractions, and focus on a target.

Although, to be honest, getting her all blushy by making her bump into our chest might serve the same purpose. If she can learn to block out things like that while fighting, she'll be much better in the long run.
>> No. 7478
[X] Grab her wrist and make her bump against your chest
[X] Talk to her while fighting

Practical and fun, all in one.
>> No. 7479
[x] Grab her wrist and make her bump against your chest
[x] Talk to her while fighting
>> No. 7480
[x] Dodge
[x] Talk to her while fighting
>> No. 7481
[x] Dodge
[x] Talk to her while fighting
>> No. 7482
[X] Grab her wrist and make her bump against your chest.
[X] Talk to her while fighting.

Gotta be a good knife wielding teacher.
>> No. 7483
in after 8 minute break for DMC3

writan now
>> No. 7484
[x] Grab her wrist and make her bump against your chest
[x] Talk to her while fighting

I'd want a Renko route in a future replay, BTW.
>> No. 7486
[x] Grab her wrist and make her bump against your chest
[x] Talk to her while fighting

She's slow. Too slow. You wanna surivive with a technique like that? I'll show you what it means to wield a knife, Renko Usami!
She tries to swing the knife at your shoulder. Raising her arm too high. The swing being too slow. Every her movement is wrong. You sigh. No need to punish her now.
Grabbing her wrist, you lightly pull her towards yourself.
Her breasts and face bump against your chest.
She lets out a small squeal.
But instead of blushing and stopping in tracks, she frees herself with lightning-fast move and spins 360 degrees while stepping back, avoiding any potential blows. You're amazed.
"Impressive, Renko. Where did you learn that?"
"Someone taught me long ago."
She grins viciously.
"You have the spirit. That's good."
"Spirit is the last thing I'd lack, mister teacher."
"Good. Let's try this again. This time keep your position low, don't raise your arms. Keep your body in one whole, don't let anything stick out too much. If you want to deliver a stab, hold your knife like this, at your side. If you want to take a swing, hold it up at your chest. Here, grab it with right hand and position your arms like this." She immiates your gesture. "Now, try again."
There she comes again. Still as slow as the last time, but this time her position is much better. Her pace is steady, but at the last second, she jumps forward, taking a swing. That was unexpected. Though you managed to dodge it without any serious problems, it still was a good blow.
"Nicely done."
Not wasting time, she takes another swing. And again, you dodge.
"Good, good. With attitude like that, you'll be a professional in no time."
"Nah, just joking. Though your reaction times and fighting spirit are great, you lack technique."
"I've never handled a knife before... I mean, to kill someone."
Swing. Your shoulders graze against her arm.
"Have you decided?"
"Decided about what?"
"Staying here."
"Don't want to."
"But..." she hesitates
"But what?"
"If Mary wants to stay..."
"That's what you call friendship. Watch your legs."
"I'm tired."
"We're practically dancing a dance macabre here. Haven't you noticed? We're constantly moving. You're hard to follow. Look how far we've got from the shrine."
"Maybe." you smirk
"Well then, let's end this."
She suddenly twists her torso and jumps towards you. Faced with this unexpected move, you let yourself be knocked down. Renko pulls your knife out of your hands before you hit the ground, with her landing on top of you.
She holds a closed knife against your throat.
"I won."
Her face is red of fatigue. Droplets of sweat drip down from her chin and nose. How naive. She did take your knife, but...
"Look down."
At that moment, you already had another knife in your other hand, pressed against her stomach.
"You are already dead."
"Don't trust your enemy. If there's a sure-hit opening, take it. In case you won't be getting a second chance. It's the first rule of us knife speciaIists: NEVER pull out a knife if you don't intend to use it. Even if it's for threatening."
"I... see..."
"Let's finish for today."
"Okay. Let me... just rest a bit..."
She falls down on your chest, pressing her face against your shoulder. There's nothing erotic in that. She's just resting after an exhausting fight.
After a few minutes, she lifts herself up.
"Let's return, okay? I need a bath."

When you return, Mary's already waiting for you.
"You weren't watching?"
"Hm? No, I'm not interested in things like that."
"Too bad. Renko did really well."
"That's a pity. But I'm really not interested in fighting. Sorry, you've got the wrong person to cheer you on."
"Mary..." Renko cuts it "I need a bath. Wanna come with me?"
"Well, why not? It'll be nice to take a dip... Hey, Nanaya, wanna come with us?"
She looks at you with perfectly straight face. Damn, you could be a poker player, Mary.

[ ] "WAIT WUT?"
[ ] "Hm, okay."
[ ] "Uh, what do you think about that, Renko?"


lol i got banned because of this stupid "ciaIis" wordfilter...
>> No. 7487
[ ] "Hm, okay."
>> No. 7489
[x] "Hm, okay."

>> No. 7490
[x] "Hm, okay."
Sure, why not.
>> No. 7491
[ ] "Uh, what do you think about that, Renko?"

The mods really got to look into that.
>> No. 7492
alt-codes are your friend

[x] "Hm, okay."
>> No. 7493
[X] "Hm, okay."
Fuck yes threesome in the bath.
>> No. 7494
[x] "WAIT WUT?"
>> No. 7495
[x] "Hm, okay."
>> No. 7496
[X] "Hm, okay."

Sounds good.
>> No. 7497
>I'd want a Renko route in a future replay, BTW.

Whose route you WOULD NOT like to have, anon?

>Fuck yes threesome in the bath.

.... tempting, but not yet.
>> No. 7498
[x] "Hm, okay."

>>lol i got banned because of this stupid "ciaIis" wordfilter...
alt+0173. Learn it. Abuse it.
>> No. 7499
>Whose route you WOULD NOT like to have, anon?
I don't know about you but I'm itching for a Red route. I mean, MY OWN CLONE!
>> No. 7500
>.... tempting, but not yet.

Helps to know that there is one up ahead. If we can get Yukari too, that would be the best route ever.
>> No. 7501
>Whose route you WOULD NOT like to have, anon?

I want a Yukari Route, kill Red eyes and claim her for yourself.
>> No. 7503
[x] "Hm, okay."
>> No. 7504
>>Whose route you WOULD NOT like to have, anon?
Mary. But she's necesary for getting Renko to stay in Gensokyo, so she has to do.
>> No. 7505
[ ] "Hm, okay."
>> No. 7506

I already said that you... you...

>> No. 7507
>> No. 7508

Yandere Alice Fag

Wow, nice to know there's someone who stays of of the sheep rush and doesn't like Mary.
>> No. 7509

He who does not conform to the hive mind is a heretic. BURN THE HERETIC!
>> No. 7510
>>Wow, nice to know there's someone who stays of of the sheep rush and doesn't like Mary.

Well -I- wanted Wriggle, but everyone else seems to have decided to go for the boring characters this time around.
>> No. 7511
File 121131645035.jpg - (344.11KB , 900x2100 , 12111237899.jpg ) [iqdb]

It's not the characters we're after it's the information on our origins. And of course bonding with our parents.
>> No. 7512

Man, I didn't even know who Mary WAS until people started crying "INCEST HURAI" and had to search it to understand what the hell it meant. I knew Renko though. Odd.
>> No. 7513
Sorry for the delay, but I found an old polish hip-hop CD (name's 'Pokahontaz' if someone's interested. I loathe Hip-hop, but his band used to be really good. Used to) and all these rhymes totally deconcentrated me.

Will write in a few minutes.
>> No. 7514
Information about Nanayanon's family is definitely half of it, for me. The other half is, "Woohoo, family reunion + bonding! (minus evil twin)". Anything else is a bonus.
>> No. 7515
Just so we're clear....

We're going to cannibalize our brother's corpse to gain his powers right?
>> No. 7516
Then we will proceed to rape Yukari and make her ours.
>> No. 7517
>rape Yukari

I'm sorry, but it looks like you've misspelled "have consensual sex in the missionary position with".
>> No. 7518
[X] "Hm, okay."

Bathing? With two girls? And it's one of them that suggested it?
It's more likely than you think!
"Hm, okay. Why not. I could use a bath too."
"Wh-what?!" Renko screams in suprisement
Mary grins
"You're a perverted one, aren't you, Nanaya? Heh."
Oh, wait. Did you just step into a trap? What is this ominous feeling? Ticking of a time bomb? Click of an activated mine? Silent noise of a snapped wire? Should you run? Hide? Prone? Despair?
"I understand you're a young guy, et caetera, but you shouldn't be THAT open with it. It's good to be honest, but sometimes you have to hold it back a bit."
"Sorry. I just answered whatever came to my mind first."
"I see. Well, we'll be wearing towels, so it should be okay. Right, Renko?"
"It's not right!"
"Well then, it's settled. Let's go! Bath time!"

So you wait for them to undress in front of a large bathroom door.
"Done yet?"
"A moment longer!"
"Uhh.... Done yet?"
"Oh, just walk in if you're so impatient!"
Ignoring the danger sense tingling, you open the door and step inside... and something wet hits your face.
White material covers your sight. It's a towel. She threw a wet towel at you, then ran away from the changing room, probably to the inner chamber, where the bath is located. Oh well.
Peeling the towel off your face, you throw it on the ground and start to undress yourself.
Then, after wrapping a dry towel around your waist, you step inside the inner chamber.

Oh, wow. This bath is huge. One could hold a well-sized party and there'd still be enough room for some wild dancing action.
Renko and Mary are sitting in the far corner of the bath, the former shyly submerged in water to her chin, while the latter leaning against the bath's edge, sticking out her busty chest forward. Of course, they are wearing towels.

[ ] Just sit here
[ ] Sit near them
>> No. 7519
>> No. 7520
[x] Just sit here

>> No. 7521
[X] Sit near them
>> No. 7522

Fuck yeah, maelstrom!
I used to spend hours getting a fast whirlpool going in the pool as a kid, and then hanging on for dear life.
>> No. 7523
[ ] Just sit here
>> No. 7524
[x] FLEX
>> No. 7525
[X] Sit near them.

DO WANT to wash Maribel's soft, silky hair for her.
>> No. 7526
[X] Pretend to be playing chess

Manly Option.
>> No. 7527

We are going to meatspin them?
>> No. 7528
>> No. 7529
>>her busty chest forward

Not that I'm aware of.

>> No. 7530
File 121131904214.png - (25.62KB , 600x450 , 3a6094689abd187b9556522bcf6121fa.png ) [iqdb]

Mary is usually portrayed as being rather healthy.
>> No. 7531

Same here, but it seems everyone wants to get the Gland first so it'll be easier to complete her route.

Would fuck that bug to pieces, in b4 slowpoke, etc.
>> No. 7532
Fuck yeah, maelstrom.
>> No. 7533
[ ] Sit near them
>> No. 7534
Renko is the flat one. Poor girl has no breasts to speak of-
>>Her breasts and face bump against your chest.
>> No. 7535

>> No. 7536
>> No. 7537

in b4 that 4koma
>> No. 7538
File 121131959910.jpg - (20.78KB , 359x254 , Reallysmall.jpg ) [iqdb]
Oh, I tried posting it, but appearently I did already on the first topic when asking for Renko route.
>> No. 7539

Oooh! You touch my tra-la-la! Oooh, my ding ding dong!
Feeling a sudden urge to sing and dance, you start to spin around on the floor. What is it that made you so happy? Sight of Mary's smooth, a bit pale skin? Renko's red face? Both?
Well, no use thinking about the cause, it's SPINNING TIME!
Failiure as a dancer from the very beggining! Wet floor induces unexpected slipping! Falling into pool of water with silent screaming! Reverse the logic, reverse the reason, spin your body, spin, spin, spin, spin, spin, spin!
Despite falling into the bath, you still spin around, only now in horizontal position, like a torpedo speeding towards the girls. Mary is grinning, Renko is staring at you in bewilderment as you get closer, and closer, and closer...!

[ ] KATTO!
[ ] BREAK!
>> No. 7540
[ ] KATTO!
[ ] BREAK!

>> No. 7541
File 121132014836.png - (217.80KB , 512x512 , 1173534947428.png ) [iqdb]
[ ] KATTO! [ ] KATTO! [ ] KATTO! [ ] KATTO! [ ] KATTO! [ ] KATTO! [ ] KATTO! [ ] KATTO! [ ] KATTO! [ ] KATTO! [ ] KATTO! [ ] KATTO! [ ] KATTO! [ ] KATTO! [ ] KATTO! [ ] KATTO! [ ] KATTO! [ ] KATTO! [ ] KATTO! [ ] KATTO! [ ] KATTO! [ ] KATTO! [ ] KATTO! [ ] KATTO! [ ] KATTO! [ ] KATTO! [ ] KATTO! [ ] KATTO! [ ] KATTO! [ ] KATTO! [ ] KATTO! [ ] KATTO! [ ] KATTO! [ ] KATTO! [ ] KATTO! [ ] KATTO! [ ] KATTO! [ ] KATTO! [ ] KATTO! [ ] KATTO! [ ] KATTO! [ ] KATTO!
>> No. 7542
[ ] KATTO!
[ ] BREAK!
>> No. 7544
...You lost me.
>> No. 7545
[ ] KATTO!
[ ] BREAK!

>> No. 7546
[ ] KATTO!
[ ] BREAK!
>> No. 7547
[ ] KATTO!
[ ] BREAK!

>> No. 7548
[ ] KATTO!
[ ] BREAK!

Might as well.
>> No. 7549
>> No. 7550
[ ] KATTO!
[ ] BREAK!
>> No. 7551
[x] Blood Heat
[x] Arc Drive
>> No. 7553

Spinning right round like a record, you reach Renko and Mary with an amazing speed.
Your hand grabs Renko's towel.
Other hand grabs Mary's towel.
All in less than one second, as you went past them, still spinning around. With another spin, you rip the towels off their bodies.
And the last thing you see is a glimpse of white lingerie underneath the towels. Damn them, they did have something unde--
Hitting your head against the edge of the bath, you loose consciouness.


Waking up, you find yourself in 'your' room. That means, the one in which you slept last night. Pain in your head starts anew as you lift yourself up.
What happened again?
Nanaya Anon spun. The wet floor under his feet glimmered and sparked up with water. Then, falling into the bath, Nanaya Anon torpedoed himself at the girls, intending to steal their towels.
Too bad they had clothes underneath. Wait, why the hell did you do that anyway? Looking on the floor, there is a plastic bag filled with water. It's cold. Probably someone put ice on your head to ease the pain. Huh.

Knock, knock.
Someone's knocking on the door.

[ ] "Break away! You ineffective knocker!"
[ ] "Enter at your own free will!"
[ ] Feign sleep
>> No. 7554
[x] Feign sleep

HAHA way to fuck up.
>> No. 7555
[X] Feign sleep.

Not that we'll fool anyone.

Hopefully Maribel and Renko haven't taken the opportunity to ditch us.
>> No. 7556
[ ] "Enter at your own free will!"
>> No. 7557
[x] Feign sleep
>> No. 7558

[ ]Feign sleep

I'll never pick that again.
>> No. 7559
[x] "Enter and leave clothes by the door!"
>> No. 7560
[ ] Feign sleep

What the hell just happened.
>> No. 7561
[ ] Feign sleep
>> No. 7562

We lost our goddamn mind. Again.
>> No. 7563
[x] "Enter at your own free will!"
>> No. 7564
[X] "Enter at your own free will!"
>> No. 7565
[x] "Enter at your own free will!"
[x] "Abandon all hope ye who enter!"
>> No. 7566
[z]Feign sleep

Sleepan gaems.
>> No. 7567
>> No. 7568
[x] "Enter at your own free will!"
If creating a maelstrom caused Maribel and Renko to leave us I'm going to be sad.
>> No. 7569

Well, we can always quickload. Right YAF?

>> No. 7570

>> No. 7571
[x] "Enter at your own free will!"

Mary is awesome and cunning. She knows us too well. Also...Nanayanon seems like he's getting a headstart on becoming the craaazy BKC Nanaya in this story.
>> No. 7573
We're going to rival MiG Anon's record of K.O.s at this rate. Going through the border (1), fighting Reimu (2), bashing our head in the bath (3). We may have spent more time asleep than awake so far.
>> No. 7574
File 121132376248.jpg - (141.53KB , 1600x1200 , 115q.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Feign sleep

Well, shit. You don't know who could that be, so feigning sleep would be a good option here. And so you do.
Knocking repeats for a few times, then the door slowly slides open.
Having your eyes closed, you can't see who that is, but she (?) walks up to your futon and places something beside it. Then she leaves the room as silently as possible. Before she's able to close the door completely, you open your eyes and catch a glimpse of red and gold.
Red and gold?

Anyway, that thing she brought turns out to be a tray with some pills and a glass of water. In one of those pills, you recognize a painkiller of popular brand. Where do they get those here? Well, a pill is a pill, it has to be swallowed. Right?

After laying for 20 or so more minutes, you feel the pain slowly fade away. What a relief. The damn thing was starting to get on your nerves.

[ ] Go outside the room, search for someone
[ ] Stay here and sleep. Time-skippan activities
>> No. 7575
[ ] Go outside the room, search for someone
>> No. 7576
[X] Go outside the room, search for someone
>> No. 7577
File 121132384117.jpg - (97.87KB , 850x782 , 121125836153.jpg ) [iqdb]

Speaking of time-skippan activities, guess what?

pic not completely related
>> No. 7578
[ ] Go outside the room, search for Yukari
>> No. 7579
[x] Go outside the room, search for someone

>> No. 7580
[x] Go outside the room, search for someone
Honestly, Nanayanon hasn't done so well for himself so far.
>> No. 7581
[ ] Go outside the room, search for someone
>> No. 7582
[X] Go outside the room, search for someone.

Maribel? Renko?
>> No. 7583

I bet that was Yukari (golden eyes/hair, red ribbons), but knowing YAF, he's going to be a faggot and have her gap out to somewhere else.
>> No. 7584
[x] Go outside the room, search for someone
>> No. 7585

Since when does Yukari use doors?
>> No. 7586
File 121132454999.jpg - (47.53KB , 673x353 , 1211195738751.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Go outside the room, search for someone

Time-skipping? Who cares about that if you can interact with girls? Hot girls. The choice is obvious. Though there are things that need clearing out. First - who carried you out of the bath and dressed you in your clothes? Damn it, that would mean...
No use thinking about that. Move, move. Occupy your mind with something.

Going outside, you direct your steps to the dining room. Even before you entered it's vicinity, you could hear someone's sobbing. Well, it turns out to be...
She's laying on the table, with her face burried in her hands.
"Hey, what's wrong?"
"Despair! The donation box has left me in despair!"
"What, no money?"
"WORSE! There's less than there was yesterday morning!"
"How is that possible?"
"THIEVERY! Fuckin thievery! Boohooo!"
She bursts with tears again.
"Now, now. Don't cry. It's not that tragic."
"How can you say that?! How do you think I will buy food now?!"
"Say, you didn't see anyone... Suspicious yesterday, did you?"
"I was... uh, busy."
Yeah, busy with cuddling up to Mary.
"... I see. I do't think you'd steal the money, so be happy. You're out of suspicion."
"Gee, thanks." Bitch. "Say, have you seen Mary or Renko?"
"Ah, they're... I think they're in the back. Terrace. You know where."
"And... a person dressed in red-gold?"
"Red gold? Well, I lent them some of my clothes... And they're red. Work out the rest yourself, Sherlock."
"Sure. One more question."
"Do you have any... painkillers? My head hurts."
"Painkillers? You mean those pills that ease pain?" you nod "Nuh-huh, don't have any."
"I see."

[ ] Go to terrace
[ ] Stay here, comfort Reimu
>> No. 7587
File 121132456697.jpg - (63.19KB , 586x660 , arc11.jpg ) [iqdb]
Red and gold? Let's see if you can recover from being sliced into 17 pieces like I did, Shiki.
>> No. 7588
brb sleep

also, for those who didn't notice, I've updated AAA
>> No. 7589
File 121132464192.jpg - (225.62KB , 844x1200 , normal_Charming_border_of_life_09.jpg ) [iqdb]

When it would freak an outsider right the fuck out. In game, we've never met her - she might not want to scare her son like that.
>> No. 7590
[x] Go to terrace

To hell with the miko we've done her already.

If you know what I mean.
>> No. 7592
[x] Stay here, comfort Reimu
So we've depleted her of food, we flipped out on her, we didn't sweep her front yard, and now we weren't there to stop her donation box from being robbed.
Anyone want to bet that Reimu will be the Final Boss of this route? Maybe when we're talking to our Evil Twin, she'll jump out of fucking nowhere and kill him with a Shun Goku Satsu, and then fight us in his stead.
>> No. 7593
[ ] Comfort Reimu. "It's alright, you can always extort youkai..."
[ ] Go to terrace
>> No. 7594
[x] Go to terrace
>> No. 7596
[ ] Go to terrace
>> No. 7597
[x] Stay here, comfort Reimu
Still want to keep CATASTROPHE END open.
>> No. 7598
[ ] Stay here, comfort Reimu

Poor thing, though I don't know what we can do for her.
>> No. 7599
[x] Go to terrace
>> No. 7600
[x] Stay here, comfort Reimu
>> No. 7601
[x] Stay here, comfort Reimu
>> No. 7604
[x] Go to terrace
Stay on target, Mari points, etc.
>> No. 7605
[x] Stay here, comfort Reimu
Hmmm, we really need to find a way to repay her hospitality.
>> No. 7606
[x] Stay here, comfort Reimu
Staying on target doesn't mean you have to be a dick to everyone else.
>> No. 7607
[X] Tell Reimu you'll try and pay her back for her hospitality as soon as you can.
[X] Go to terrace.

Workin' on Family Ties route, but do want to help out Reimu at the next opportunity.
>> No. 7608
[z] Go to terrace
>> No. 7611
[x] Stay here, comfort Reimu
>> No. 7612
[x] Stay here, comfort Reimu

Considering we completely skipped sweeping and ate all her food, it might be a good idea to be nice to her.
>> No. 7613
[X] Stay here, comfort Reimu

We live on the shrine, being dick to Reimu would be bad.
>> No. 7615
If Nanaya was sweeping, he would have encountered the thief. Oh YAF you sly fucker you.
>> No. 7617

For the second time NO. That was yesterday when we were enjoying Mary's lap.
>> No. 7619
[x] Go to terrace
>> No. 7620
[x] Stay here, comfort Reimu.
>> No. 7621
>he'll jump out of fucking nowhere and kill him with a Shun Miko Satsu
>> No. 7622
[x] Stay here, comfort Reimu

It's not so bad! We could start a small garden. And of course youkai are a replenishable food source.
>> No. 7623
[X] Stay here, comfort Reimu

Just being nice.
>> No. 7625
Continue Beautiful Killing Chamber, you stopped just when it was getting crazy.
>> No. 7678
Continue the main story, fucker.
>> No. 7709

Anti-hive mind.

Wednesday is side story day.
>> No. 7723

In that case, you'd best be givin' us some AAA, and not just BKC.
>> No. 7742
We need another day for BKC. That shit rocks.
>> No. 7848

>We need another day for TS. That shit rocks.

slowfix'd. (in b4 slowpoke)
>> No. 7873

I just googled "poke" images and I'm disappointed in results.

Anyway, gonna go see Indiana Shits in cinema tomorrow, will be back either in the afternoon or evening. TS will resume then. Maybe I'll write some AAA too.