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File 131355086196.png - (1.34MB, 850x877, Gengetsu.png) [iqdb]
Yeah, I know. I've got a couple stories that already require attention, yet I decided to start on this. However, I've been wanting to do this for quite a while and have worked it out to where it shouldn't be the mess the first one is, and I hope that the changes to the formula will be accepted.

Also, even if it looks serious, it won't be overplayed. And even if I forget that, well, there's more to the story this time than the short incident ahead.


I'm rather terrible at introductions, so I'm not going to go into too much detail about myself. I will say that my name is Wade Trenton, I'm 18, white, and trying my hardest to make sense of things.

About... Three months ago I started to practice lucid dreams since my home life is pretty dull and I've been a bit frustrated lately. Oh sure, I have good friends to call on, a loving cat for a pet, and more than enough physical prowess to get to said friends and to visit plenty of places, but I can't impose on them to the degree required to live away from my folks. Hence, I still have to go home at night, and I still need to put up with those I don't get along with. And since my dreams are pretty random, not to mention that half the time I can't recall them, I decided to take up lucid dreaming as a hobby. At first it didn't work out so well since the techniques used require a lot of practice, which resulted in some hazy images that I had little control over. Mostly of a nighttime landscape and a strange blonde girl with wings, along with one with wings.

I couldn't interact with them, and despite my being interested in finding out more about them I found that once I ironed out the techniques I was unable to interact with them. When I 'woke up' in the lucid dream, I was always in front of a strange mansion with an impossibly large flower garden. The door to the mansion was locked, so the first time I decided to walk along the path that leads away from the building. I saw a blonde woman in a red dress and a sun hat sitting next to the open gate, but she was sleeping at the time. I tried to just will her awake since I thought she was part of my dream, though that didn't work at all. After a few minutes of trying I decide to just walk away from the mansion and toward a point in the distance where the path just seems to end. There wasn't anything interesting about the road there, it was just a near-solid dark blue brick path inset within a grassy field of the same color. I hoped at the time that my imagination wasn't that boring.

The exit point lead out to an island surrounded by a lake of blood. This managed to shock me awake since I didn't think I would dream up something like that! ...But the next time I went to sleep, I found that I 'woke up' at the exact point I had left off. The sight still managed to make me uneasy, but that unease was shifted and actually somewhat mitigated by the appearance of a curious blonde girl... Well, apparently I found blonds attractive enough for multiple girls of that hair color to show up. Anyway, she had a white ribbon/headband thing in her long, golden hair, gold eyes a white button-up shirt, and a black, mid-length skirt held up by suspenders. The wings were a little disconcerting, along with the somewhat pale skin, but... I think I was just a wee bit too distracted by her beauty and the fact that she's... well... She was a little too close to me. I seriously thought she was going to bite me and add my blood to the lake, but it turns out she just wanted to say hi.

I woke up a little while afterward from the sheer amount of nerves I was having, and after a day spent wondering just what I was doing flirting with a vampire in my dreams (Can't blame me, can you? That's how Twilight came to be.) I found that I had woken up with my head in her lap. She was just as surprised as I was to see that I had reappeared on her, and promptly pulled me into a tight hug that should have suffocated me had I been in the physical state to do so. She introduces herself as Kurumi after finally calming down enough to let me go, and I wind up telling her my name in turn. Turns out that while she is a vampire, she can get all the blood she could ever need or want from the lake around her, and would prefer some company over a marginally less convenient source of food. By now I was beginning to suspect that I wasn't really in control of this place, but the simple fact that there was a beautiful, exotic girl taking an interest to me simply because she was lonely made me re-evaluate the whole scenario. I mean, seriously. One does not simply find a girl of that calibur and that level of cuddly, nor does he find that she's become attached to him with no effort on his part!

Well, that part isn't really all that important, but suffice to say that I did what any upstanding male human would do in that scenario: Form a 'Friends with Benefits' style relationship with her after explaining what goes into it. She was surprisingly supportive of the idea since a full-blown romance between humans and youkai tends to not be all that great an idea unless you can do something about that whole 'your youkai lover will outlive you many times over' deal. ...Not that I really knew what a 'youkai' was. I heard Naomi use the term a couple times, but I didn't recall exactly what the term meant, but I got the feeling it referred to those who had supernatural powers of some sort.

...I kind of drifted back to that part, didn't I? Well, let me tell you about the part that's landed me in my current perdicament.

You see, those two blonde girls I saw when my sight was still fuzzy and my technique was unrefined weren't just products of my imagination. They were the creators and rulers of an entirely seperate dream world, and I had been drifting in and out of it ever since I had my first lucid dream. They weren't all that happy about it, but they were content to let it slide since I wasn't doing anything to them or their world. I'd later learn that there were a couple of girls who basically ran in here and beat them up for no real reason, which is why they weren't happy to see me. Not that they could see me clearly though, what with my appearance being just as fuzzy as my vision was. Apparently the elder of the two sisters decided to fling some energy bolts my way just to see what would happen, and... well...

Something utterly impossible happened. I broke apart on impact. I could see from dozens of different perspectives, but each individual view was making my head hurt. The human mind was designed to interpret signals from two eyes, not 40+! It didn't help that my view got hazier by the second, and that it felt like I was drifting off to sleep again.

The good news is that I did wake up again. The bad news is that I was literally as out of it as I felt, and I felt like someone had drilled a hole in my head, emptied out the contents, and replaced it with nothing but air. I had no idea what happened, where I was, what I was doing, or if I was even dreaming or not. All I knew was that I was lying in the middle of a stone brick path, with one end going toward a village and the other end going toward a tall hill. For some reason I really wanted to go to the village, but I was closer to the hill and what was left of my curiosity was currently overriding my common sense. Apparently my survival instinct vanished as well, because I didn't see, hear, or feel the head-sized orb of pain until it smacked into the back of my skull.

"...Are you really the source of all these spirits?" A feminine voice. Someone's landed behind me and has walked over to pick up the orb that hit me. Apparently she's the owner, because it turns into a black and white cat and perches itself on her shoulder. She flips me over, at which point we lock eyes. She's scrutinizng me, looking for anything that might confirm her earlier statement. Her neutral expresson turns into a small frown, at which point she grabs me by the arm and hauls me up. "Hey, can you understand me? Just nod or something. You don't have to do anything else."

Mid-length black hair done up in a ponytail, red eyes, a penchance for red and white clothing. Fair skin, yellow ascot, a big red bow in her hair, and a strange stick with tassles. Even though I know nothing about this person, I feel as though I shouldn't tempt her, so I nod once.

She sighs once. "Yup, you're the source alright, but it looks like someone's done a number on you already." She looks me over once again with the same stare, but somehow I feel as though she's not annoyed so much as she is exasperated. "A big number. I ought to get you back to the shrine before whatever attacked you comes back to finish you off. For an Outsider to survive that level of damage..." I don't get what the term 'Outsider' means, but I think that term refers to someone not from around here.

She doesn't speak another word after that, choosing to fly through the air instead of walking along the ground. It feels funny, flying. There's no gravitational pull holding you to the ground so you simply float in the air. Movement comes down to willing yourself in the direction you want to go, at the speed you wish to move at. I feel as though I've done it before, but can't for the life of me think of when. My eyes drift around the landscape after a while. Forest to the left, forest to the right, path in the middle, village growing further away, hill getting closer. Lake in the distance, mansion on an island in the middle of said lake. Bigger hill, probably a mountain, bamboo forest further away.

Am I really seeing all this, or am I just remembering and doing a good job of superimposing the images over what I'm really seeing? I can't tell.

The cat stares at me intently with red eyes to match its owner, possibly thinking about what I'll mean to it. I can't say for sure, but I doubt anything will happen to make it pay attention to me for too long.

I look around again. There's a building at the top of the hill with a large red gate-like thing in front of it. The 'shrine' the girl spoke of? She touches down after clearing the gate, then sets me down next to a large, empty box. She looks like she's going to tell me to sit there, but after a moment of opening her mouth and closing it again she instead opts to place her cat in my lap. She enters the building afterward.

The cat stares at me again for a few moments before curling up in my lap, apparently convinced that I won't move. It needn't have put in the effort, because I don't feel like moving.


I kick off my shoes once I slide the door shut and set them in their usual spot while running the possible scenarios through my head. A bunch of really stubborn Vulgar Spirits pop up no more than a few days after that Taoist Mausoleum opens up, but a quick run back to the innermost sanctum proved that Toyosatomimi no Miko wasn't behind it. Not directly anyway, but her innate ability to draw that type of spirit to her meant that I could still blame her for this mess if I really wanted to. ...Speaking of troublemakers, I can't help but grumble under my breath about how those Moriya Shrine idiots have caused nothing but trouble ever since they got here. First they demanded that I shut down, then they caused a hell crow to go crazy with the power of a god, which in turn caused a bunch of sealed youkai to get released, and somehow the domino effect went even further and revived a bunch of dead people! Now said dead people have caused an even more annoying type of Spirit to show up, which means yet more work.

If it weren't for the fact that they were actually doing some good amidst all the bad, I'd hold them accountable for all the crap I've had to deal with in the last couple years.

I store that thought for later since while I feel a strong desire to act on it, there's the more immediate problem of the Outsider spirit I found wandering along the main path from the shrine to the Human Village. Not to mention that if Kasen finds him before I get back to him, she'll probably destroy him out of principle. She can crush normal evil spirits with ease, and if she sees him as another type of evil spirit... Guess I need to step it up a little.

Thankfully the one I'm looking for isn't too far in. "Oi, Sariel. Mind if I drag you out front?" A small girl, no bigger than two feet tall, is sitting on a tatami mat sipping a cup of tea, not unlike what I'd do at this time of the day. Unfortunately for her, I pick her up by the middle to speed things up. While I can understand a need for a tea break, there's also a minor problem that the Angel of Death could at least help with, if not clear up immediately.

"Clearly this is something critical to the stability of Gensokyo, or else you wouldn't be annoying me smack in the middle of tea time." I didn't pay attention at the time, but she actually kept hold of the cup she was drinking out of. For someone who's life revolves around death, she sure does love her tea. What I don't pay any mind to is her attitude. Her snarking is almost as bad as Mima's at times, and usually a lot more arrogant. Yet she has her uses, as few and far between as they are.

I set her down next to the empty-eyed spirit with a cat-orb in his lap, and promptly sit down beside her. Aside from a brief glance, the guy pays us no mind. "Yeah, this guy's somehow managed to spark another incident, but unlike every single other person or entity that's caused an incident, this one's had the ever-loving crap beaten out of him already." My cat stares at me with a questioning glance, and I nod my head. It settles back down to take a nap on the spirit I hauled back, purring contentedly. I guess if the Yin-Yang orb doesn't have a problem with him, he can't be all bad.

Sariel exhales, then sets the empty cup down as she shifts her sitting postion so she can get a better look at the newcomer. It takes her all of a second to start talking again, but it's not in a deadpan tone. She sounds morbidly curious if anything. "Talk about an understatement. You certainly don't have an intact body here. Heck, you don't even have an intact spirit. I can't even begin to imagine how this weak-spirited Outsider managed to survive whatever managed to do this to him."

"How bad are we talking?" I watch the tiny angel as she feels the spirit, then as she casts various small magic spells, probably for analysis, before coming to a halt.

She turns to face me with a peculiar magic circle hovering just in front of her. "Very. Something struck this spirit hard enough to break it into fragments without obliterating it. I can think of at least one possible reason for why this is, but I'll skip that in favor of the marginally more distressing part. Well, distressing to you."

"Get on with it."

"Long story short? This spirit has a finite lifespan before it vanishes. I don't know exactly what's going on with it, but it appears to be the core consciousness of whoever it belongs to, or at least most of it. Since you're treating this like an incident, it might be wise to keep it intact for the time being." She dismisses the circle with a wave of her hand, then crosses her arms. "Before you ask, I estimate that you have three days to find a way to solve the incident or to repair it before it up and vanishes. Any of the fragments it produced should vanish sooner than that, but from your grumbling over the last few weeks it sounds like they've managed to stick around longer than they should have been able to."

I groan as I recall the various spirits I've tried to exterminate over the last few weeks. They'd always pop up, cause some problems, at which point I'd beat them down. The problem is that they'd always slip off into the Spirit World before I could actually exterminate them properly. Occasionally I would see them absorbing Vulgar Spirits from the surrounding peo.. ple... "They've been extending their lifespans with Vulgar Spirits. They must be using the desire found within them to strengthen their own desire to continue existing, thus enabling them to last longer than they should have." The realization hit me pretty hard just then since this means that they could continue to make trouble for me for a while yet.

Sariel takes a moment to think before speaking again, and sadly nothing she says reassures me. "...It's a bit of a stretch, but the desire to continue living is a strong one, especially in times of desperation. If that's really the case, then you'll just need to get him to a place that generates a large amount of desire, then allow him to repurpose it as needed. If the other fragments are using that same source of desire you can kill two birds with one stone and possibly take one out."

"I wish it were that easy... If you threaten them enough, they just slip into the Spirit Realm, and I can follow them for ten seconds at most. They might not be all that tough, but even they get enough of a boost from being in that realm to evade me long enough to force me to build up the will required to dive back in. By the time I've done so, they've vanished again." Still... They can't be dumb enough to risk leaving such an important piece behind. If those rogue fragments have any desire to live, they'll attempt to take back the core conscience that holds them together. It'd be dicey since I could very easily lose my bait, but at the same time I could make some real headway with this incident. "But you won't know if you don't try. Sariel, if you see Mima, Suika, or Ruukoto, let them know what's going on, but do not tell Kasen about this. If she catches wind of what's going on, she may try to destroy the fragments before I can deal with them, and I'd rather get some answers out of this than let her do that."

"Have fun." The tiny angel stands back up and walks back into the shrine, taking her tea cup with her.

I really shouldn't expect more from her. Still, this might just have given me what I needed, so I may as well make use of it. "Alright you, I don't know if you understood all that or not, but you're going to help me one way or the other. While I'm sure you'd probably appreciate a choice, I think you won't like the alternative." I get up before standing in front of this oddball, then extend a hand out to him so he can get back up. My cat bounces off his lap and onto my shoulder in one go, and seems to be trying to coax him into coming with me. I doubt he needs the encouragement though.


I didn't quite get everything, but I understand that things cannot remain as they are. I'd like to remain in this world, so I take the red-white's hand and stand up. I don't let go of her since I'm certain she'll lead me along, but she's still standing there. Perhaps she's waiting for something? A suggestion?

[X]The village has been tugging at me for some time now.
[X]The forest might hold something of interest.
[X]The mansion on the lake.
[X]The bamboo forest.
[X]The mountain in the distance.
[X]The mountain in the distance.

Question. Will you be locking out a Yukari route, seeing as how we kinda already did that? If not, That's cool.

A Sanae route is fine though.
[x] The mansion on the lake.
[X]The mansion on the lake.
[X]The village has been tugging at me for some time now.

Because why not.
[X]The mansion on the lake.

Now I'm really curious as I wouldn't mind a Kurumi route...
[X] The village has been tugging at me for some time now.

If Wade can feel the fragments, he should exercise that sense.

>Mostly of a nighttime landscape and a strange blonde girl with wings, along with one with wings.
>I couldn't interact with them, and despite my being interested in finding out more about them I found that once I ironed out the techniques I was unable to interact with them.
Paging Department of Redundancy Department.
[x] The village has been tugging at me for some time now.

Dang, Wade, not even fully crossed over and you're already making love to a vampire.
[X]The forest might hold something of interest.

Nice utilisation of TD story.
Mind writing a little something about your OC? It's been a while since I read about them, I forgot almost everything, and it'll make things simpler for new readers who haven't read the first run.

Nah, there's no locking of routes, so it's entirely possible to romance Yukari again. However, I doubt it'll happen twice in a row.


Well that's an embarrassing herp-derp on my part. The latter part of the first sentence should refer to Mugetsu by way of mentioning 'another blond girl, though this one wears a maid outfit.' The latter of the two examples has no excuse.

And just as I begin to write the next update, I decide to count the votes up and see that there's actually a tie! Ah well, I need to keep rolling so I'll just flip a coin.


The village has the strongest pull, but the mansion sparks my curiosity. "The mansion on the lake." This appears to be what she was waiting for as she took off once I grabbed onto her arm. She seems quite strong, so going to a place unknown to me doesn't feel quite so nerve-wracking. ...Though I have to stop and ask myself what 'nerves' are, since I don't feel worried or anything. It's a mystery I'll solve later.

Hm... Forest... Small clearings in the forest? Looks like houses. Maybe people live there? I let my gaze sweep over the land again and spot a few things I didn't know were there. Such as that big hole in the ground. Big hole that goes a long way down, but seems somewhat scary right now. Bad place to go to. A small 'tug' exists within the forest itself, moving with a degree of inconsistency. Seems like it's not going to any one place in particular. Temple. A place of spirituality, a small tug there as well? Perhaps it warrants investigation. The sky itself feels odd. There's something there, but I can't pin down exactly why that is. A brief glimpse of a staircase is all I get.

Mansion up ahead, small girls holding flowers get in the way and shoot at us. Or are they targeting the red-white? They don't last long since the red-white blasts them with a large number of straight-flying red rectangles and small red squares that home in on them. ...Must learn to defend self. Combat looks increasingly likely.


"You know, if you'd stop getting in my way I'd stop shooting at you guys." My shots cause another fairy to 'explode' before a few of them run away. More come to take the place of their fallen, but thankfully it looks like they're not going to try anything stupid. At least the remaining larger ones look like they're reconsidering their actions. While I'll knock them out of the sky if I have to, I'd prefer it if they just left me alone.

Evading their shots is simple this time around since my little scare show from before seems to be keeping them from coordinating their attacks, meaning that about half of them don't even think about shooting me. The ones that do find themselves falling from the sky, but it looks like the other reason their bretheren aren't shooting is because they're moving to catch the ones dumb enough to shoot me. I notice that the Vulgar Spirits are popping up anyway, and that they're gravitating toward my featherweight passenger. Huh, I actually forgot he was there once the fighting started. I roll my eyes at my last statement since 'fight' was far from the proper term for this. 'Curbstomp' is more like it.


Small spirits drift toward me as the red-white drifts near them. She moves to pick them up, but the evade her just well enough to join up with me. I can hear the tiny desire each one possesses, a small plea to live, or one for more, while one in particular wishes for health. These tiny voices speak once before growing silent, but I feel a bit better for it. Red-white and blue angel referred to them as... Vulgar Spirits? A bad name, as that doesn't seem to describe them well enough. Desire Spirits then? Somehow that's even worse. Oh, she's looking at me. I wonder why?

"Huh, I guess that you do get a bit more solid when exposed to Vulgar Spirits. It might actually take some effort to lug you around from now on." She seems curious and amused, which I find odd since there's nothing truly funny about this. At least not now anyway. Perhaps it'll be funny in retrospect. She doesn't pay any more attention to me since there's another wave coming, and from the looks of it they all possess the desire to shoot at us. Five-spread of glowing yellow bullets fly toward the red-white, with the center one aimed straight at her. She does nothing more than increase her speed since they're not smart enough to aim ahead of her. They only aim at her, and since the bullets aren't instant they never hit her. She swats them down as easily as the last wave, but since they all shot at her she saw fit to shoot them all down in turn. Strange paper squares drift in the air for a few moments before slowly falling to the ground, but she flies just far enough ahead to attract them all to her. The paper goes to her, and the stream of spirits goes to me. It doesn't feel like a fair distribution since she's doing all the work.

I stop watching the falling fairies to take a good look at our surroundings. We've left the forest and are now flying over a lake with a light mist over it. The red-white's expression is unreadable, but she's letting a foot drag in the water as she approaches the island. I can see the red mansion and the large wall surrounding it, but how useful can a ground level wall be if everyone can fly? I ponder this even as I look at the gate and spot a person leaning up against the wall just next to it. She's unmoving, and as we get closer I can see why. Her head has nodded forward a bit... Sleeping, perhaps? I get the feeling that she won't stay that way for long though, not with us so close.


"Oooooi! Meiling!" I call out to the gate guard, but I don't think I needed to. Her stance would indicate that she's asleep, but I saw one sapphire eye look at me. She waves a lazy hello before standing upright, using the remaining time she has to stretch and get any kinks out. The fairies seem to have decided I'm not fun anymore, which is nice since I hate dealing with their method of play. They're not bad on their own, sure, but the little masochists think pelting each other with danmaku is fun.

I stop just in front of the gate only to find that it's been opened in the time it took for me to get there. It seems the dragon-esque gate guard flicked one door open for me while I wasn't paying attention. "Greetings miss Hakurei! I'm probably gonna get yelled at for this, but go ahead and enter. Lady Remilia should be aware of your presence soon if she isn't already, and I'm sure she'll be happy to see you." Sure enough, moments later she's struck on the head with a paper fan, which she responds to with a sheepish grin.

"Really now. While the mistress has declared that the Hakurei maiden is free to come or go as she pleases, you could at least try not to be so casual about it." And the source of that strike is none other than Sakuya Izayoi. She's big on appearances even if she's a bit of a ditz at times, so I guess it makes sense for her to hit Meiling for such a breach of conduct. She turns to look at me for a moment... "Please feel free to enter, the mistress is waiting for you." ...and almost fails to notice the spirit currently hanging onto me with one hand. "Oh, and who is this?"

"The one responsible for the current batch of troublemaking spirits. He's in a bad state though, so I need to see if I can't patch him up before clobbering him." It's not the whole truth, but that should wait until I'm talking to Remilia, and maybe Patchouli. I get the distinct feeling that I'll need to handle this encounter with care.

"...He does look like he's in no state to do anything. I will permit his entry as well since I trust your judgement." With that, she turns back to Meiling and scolds her proper, but it looks like it's more for show than anything else. I mean, she's not even hitting her, just talking.
Even despite my Kurumi remark, I'm keeping my mind open in case any surprises like Yukari happen.

Ah, didn't think about that. Not sure that's necessary since they'll be introduced all in due time (More like once the perspective flips when night arives), but I can go ahead and list them now.

Naomi is one of Wade's Outsider friends and happens to be a bit younger than he is. She's a skilled street artist, and thanks to all her nightly cop-dodging, a skilled street parkour. She winds up painting elaborate murals in somewhat out of the way locations for a fairly short time each night, often using her dreams as an inspiration. She's well-versed in mythology and has a healthy appreciation for them.

She also happens to express a great deal of interest in chemistry, so when she's at school or a library and not conked out she'll often look up various books on the subject. She'll then test interesting ones in various secluded areas, though she'll often start with smoke bombs, crude flashbangs and the like. Also, when evading cops she tends to find cubby holes to hide in once she's sure she's ditched them. This has led to her sneaking into Wade's bedroom at night more than once, and resulting in her sleeping next to him just as often.

She hates crowds though, and often winds up clamping onto whatever familiar presence she can, making her appear more vulnerable than usual. Her home life goes about as Wade's does, but instead of turning to lucid dreaming, she turned to art. One major thing to note is that she's scared of her relationships simply disappearing, so while she will get close to someone she'll often attempt to keep herself from growing too attached. Her friend Marine, a mutual friend of Wade, acts as an older sister figure and has gotten past that for the most part.


There's that part. Next bit will come with the next update.
The mansion is unexpectedly large, and contains an equally large number of fairies inside. They don't attack, though they are rather skittish around the red-white. I can assume that she's made a trip here before and that she's beaten up most everyone here, hence the sense of familiarty I got from the green guard and the silver maid. The walls, carpet, and ceiling are all varying shades of red that somehow manage to work together well enough to not be grating on the eyes. The red-white pays these fairies no mind as she hauls me along, and I find that aside from the maid outfits I don't really care about them all that much either. What has my attention resides further below us, in what I could only imagine to be this mansion's basement. There's a tug coming from that location, and I think it's aware of me. There's a vauge stirring that makes me think that this talk with the mansion's owner should go quickly if the red-white wishes to explain things before it arrives.

Guardian, the urge to protect, lack of control... Berserker-type. Most likely physical, but perhaps it's still too weak for it to be a threat to the red-white. Guarding something? I can't tell. There's no other reason for it to be down there though, so perhaps the thing it's guarding will pose a threat as well. That's an unpleasant thought. I think I see why the red-white is making a trip up to the higher floors. ...This place is still too big for it to possibly fit inside the floor plan.


I'm really, really starting to get annoyed with Remilia's sense of grandeur. This has got to be the longest hallway in the whole stupid mansion, and then there's stairs that go right up to another floor with a hall almost as long, and at least two more just like it before you actually reach her 'throne' room. I know she's up there since that's the one room that overlooks the lake on the top floor without going into the clock tower. "Ah, I almost forgot. Would you like me to show you the route the servants take to get to the Lady's favorite room?" And of course Sakuya pops up right beside me. I almost voice my irritation, but that'd be rude of me when she's offering to save me a lot of time and effort.

"Could you? Running the entire gauntlet once is irritating enough. I don't know how you can possibly manage all this, especially with the fairy maids running around." I wind up following her as I talk, since apparently she decided that I would much rather go through a few side doors than waste five-ten minutes per floor just to get to the roof. Heck, the only reason I didn't just break Remilia's window to get to her is because I actually don't mind her and don't want to piss her off. Besides, this would just make things harder if I had to fight her and whoever else is here at the time.


It's moving. Fragment 'Berserker' approaches.


"Is something the matter?" Sakuya opens the door to the fifth floor just as the spirit I'm leading along suddenly stares downward with an expression that looks an awful lot like worry. She doesn't stand still though, and she leads me as she waits for an answer.

"'Berserker' approaches." So he can tell where they are and if they're coming or not... I may want to beat this guy up, but I'd have to be nuts to let him go when he's so useful. Bait, storage, and radar all in one! His grip on my arm strengthens though, so he must be really worried, even if he isn't saying anything. "Time of arrival is unknown."

"Berserker?" The maid ponders to herself quietly when she hears his answer, then seems to come up with an acceptable answer on her own. "I see. It seems the young mistress knows there are other people here. Shall I bring her up here as well?" Okay, not quite. Flandre may be creepy at times, but a berserker she isn't. "There's a strange spirit that follows her around that seems to go by that name. If its coming, then she will as well."

"...This just got a lot harder. Thanks Sakuya, and don't. I need time to explain things to Remilia and I don't want a fight to break out before then." I don't want to break out my shot types for this just yet, and make sure my orb remains in cat form so it won't look like I'm coming in here to pick a fight. ...I sort of am though, but I don't want to deal with Remilia first, then the spirit and Flandre minutes later.

"Very well. I've already collected miss Knowledge and delivered her to the Lady's throne room, so you will not have to wait for her arrival to begin your explanation." Sakuya bows once, then vanishes in an instant. I don't know where she's going or what she's doing, but so long as she doesn't make things worse I won't care.

The door to the throne room isn't too far off now that I've had some help skipping a few floors, so I just amp up the speed and hope I get there in record time.

...There. The doors swing open when I reach out to touch them, but it's not exactly disconcerting since that means I'm expected and that this is most likely an informal gathering. "Ah, greetings Reimu. I would like to think that you are here for little more than a social call, but since you arrived in such a quick manner and have a spirit clinging to you I must assume that this is incident-related." Oddly enough, the little vampire is sitting in front of a small tea table set for six. I can't help but assume that the extra places are for her sister and whatever's with her.

"Yup. You know that spirit that's been hanging around Flandre for the last week or so? It's a fragment of a spirit, and finite in nature." There's a lot left unsaid, but Remi isn't stupid. She'll guess the details if she hasn't worked this all out in her head already.

"I figured as much. The fact that it only seems to display a few personality traits during its entire stay here suggested that it was little more than one of those troublemaking spirits you've been determined to hunt down." Her smile slowly shifted into a neutral expresson, then moved to something much more serious. "You were right to come to me first. Simply attacking Flandre's little pet would have resulted in disaster."

Patchouli was seated to the right of Remilia, and managed to surprise me by having a book closed on the table instead of having it open in her hands to read it. "You came to us looking for assistance in dealing with the spirit without angering Lady Flandre too much. You happen to be rather fortunate that you've come this soon after gaining some way to actually finish it off. Had you taken much longer she would have had a chance to bond with it more thoroughly and be harder to convince to let it go." She starts talking and keeps talking, but speaks fast enough to where it doesn't matter.

Remilia takes a sip of her tea before making a sweeping gesture with her arm, and I follow that gesture. ...No wonder she's not sitting on anything more decadent, there's literally nothing but a plain wooden table and six plain wooden chairs. Even the tea set isn't the one she prefers to drink out of. She fully expected that it would come down to this! "As it stands, a fight is inevitable. With your arrival, and the arrival of what I can only assume to be either another fragment or the core conscience, the fragment following Flandre will be drawn to it and will most likely attack it. When it does, my little sister will most likely aid it in doing so."

"I walked in here knowing a fight would occur, so I've got no issues with fighting them. The problem is keeping this one safe, and I haven't really thought of a good way to keep him from being attacked." As much as it annoys me to admit it, I ran in here without a concrete plan. Yeah, I could beat Flandre on my own with ease, but toss in another factor and make it so I'm not the one being targeted and it gets a lot harder.

"Remilia anticipated this and asked me to come up with a way to shield it. I've come up with an acceptable measure, but will need to concentrate on it in order to keep it from breaking." Patchouli opens her book and begins to recite the spell in question, making the conversation go from being between three people to just two.

"I will assist you in this fight. While I know you can beat them both, you're used to not having to guard anything while doing so. Little sister won't like it, but I refuse to put any more of my friends and servants on the line than I have to. It's not fair to them for me to dump my issues on their shoulders." Remilia motions for the two of us to sit down, making sure that the spirit is next to Patchouli and myself next to her. "Ninety seconds before arrival."

I admit I'm tense. I feel like even the lightest touch will cause me to spring up and toss out a few dozen ofuda before I even realize what I'm doing, and it's written all over my face and sitting position. Even worse is that my Orb is reacting the same way. I'm in full extermination mode, the side that shoots first and asks later, and for once I really need to put that off. Patchouli finishes at the minute mark, but doesn't activate the spell yet. "Thirty seconds." Remilia's voice provokes a twitch, but I keep it in check.

"'Berserker' arrives."

Then I hear it. Thundering footsteps and a battle roar, mixed with the desperate cries of a young girl for her friend to stop. It doesn't give the doors time to open, instead bashing through them with unnerving ease. The spirit resembles the one I found and brought here, except instead of at least looking like it's human, this one is about half again larger than the core and carved out of black stone. Worse still, it's carrying a pillar even bigger than it is with absolutely no difficulty. Flandre's trying to reason with it, but it's ignoring her. It spots Patchouli and the core spirit and makes one powerful swing...

Which bounces right off. My nerves aren't calmed though as it seems to see me as a threat as well, and gives me a look that says 'You're next.' My fist clenches, and Orb is hissing now. I really, really want to stop this thing before it does any more damage!

"Reimu." Remilia finishes her tea and sets it down with an air of calm I hadn't thought possible. Had that pillar missed by even a litte, she would have been crushed! "Flandre is in distress and 'Berserker' is the agressor here. Please give me the time needed to let me get through to my sister before going all out. However, if I am to fail, or if Patchouli's life is threatened... Then ignore me and exterminate it with extreme prejudice."

The spirit within the barrier looks at me with its empty eyes, but I could swear I caught some kind of meaning behind it. 'Focus on it, not me.' ...Maybe it knows something I don't?

[X]Repel the fragment with only the minimum force necessary and let Remilia work things out with her sister.
[X]Knock the fragment around hard enough to keep it off balance, and let the core handle the rest.
[X]Just go all out. I'll deal with the consequences as they come.
[X] Repel the fragment with only the minimum force necessary and let Remilia work things out with her sister.

Do not want angry little sister.
[X] Repel the fragment with only the minimum force necessary and let Remilia work things out with her sister.
[x] Repel the fragment with only the minimum force necessary and let Remilia work things out with her sister.
[X]Repel the fragment with only the minimum force necessary and let Remilia work things out with her sister.

Extreme prejudice will come later.
[x] Repel the fragment with only the minimum force necessary and let Remilia work things out with her sister.

Since it looks like the story is in full swing I should ask my questions now.
The first run of your story had a good deal of action mixed with comedy and some fair amount of sex.
Are you going to go for the same grain as the past story or will it be more of a serious tone?
And right know it seems like Wade doesn't even have a personalty, is that because of his shattered self or something else?
I suspect Wade's lack of personality was due to how badly he was shattered. I wonder how worried Kurumi is and how Naomi'd respond to having a possibly 'healthy' vampire beat her to the figurative punch.

[x] Repel the fragment with only the minimum force necessary and let Remilia work things out with her sister.
[X] Repel the fragment with only the minimum force necessary and let Remilia work things out with her sister.
[X]Knock the fragment around hard enough to keep it off balance, and let the core handle the rest.

Giant expository paragraphs everywhere. Yuck. The perspective switching is interesting, at least.
[x] Knock the fragment around hard enough to keep it off balance, and let the core handle the rest.

I like how Wade's core is acting as a radar for his fragments, and how is fragments are physically representing his emotions.

Speaking of a little girl and a stone-looking Berserker...
It's his "protecting the little sister figure" part.
Make me wonder how the "running after the milf" part will look like.
[x] Knock the fragment around hard enough to keep it off balance, and let the core handle the rest.

Hope this run goes better then the last one. Really didn't like how Wade turned into Gary "Gotta Fuck 'em All Touhoumon" Stu. Killed the story for me and quit half way.
[x] Repel the fragment with only the minimum force necessary and let Remilia work things out with her sister.

You can put down a plate on a table and it wont break.
You can drop it down on the table and it may crack.
You can throw it as hard as you can, And it will shatter.

That's how I see the options. Obviously, the first ones best.
[x] Repel the fragment with only the minimum force necessary and let Remilia work things out with her sister.

Thanks, I wasn't sure if the radar bit was going overboard just yet, but it seems I've got it working just right.

Also, good eye. The reference is exactly what you think it is.


I get the yin-yang orb to revert back to its normal state before kicking it right into the chest of the black giant. It skids back less than I would have liked, maybe two or three feet, but it's still just far enough back to where I can start working on keeping this thing still so Remilia can convince her little sister that her stone giant friend isn't as nice as she thinks it is. It swings again, this time from the side, but it's telegraphed so well that he may as well of put up a glowing danmaku sign that says 'I'm going to hit you!' Naturally I knock the pillar away with another hit of the orb, but the fragment's got enough physical strength to where the attack is only stopped dead in its tracks. The pillar it's holding cracks though...

So let's start with disarming it. It's content to swing at Patchouli's shield and precise enough to hit nothing else, but it's trying to incorporate me into those strikes. Thankfully the only thing I have to do is send my orb flying into the pillar each time to stop it, though I needed some interesting angles to knock it out of an overhead strike. It's not long at all before the giant's pillar is a cracked and cratered mess that's barely holding together, but Remilia's not done just yet. Her sister still looks confused, but is content not to act since I'm not really hurting her big friend.

Which is unfortunate, because I could have dealt with this bastard in seconds if she were more reasonable! The giant's pulled the pillar back and is intentionally breaking it apart at its weakest points to create a small pile of ammunition. Since it looks like it's not going to play fair, I bring out all four of my orbs rather than the one I've been using. It's a greater show of force, but 'Berserker' looks like it's trying its hardest not to play nice. I risk once glance back at Patchouli to see if she's holding up, and from the looks of it she's doing all right. I didn't let more than one or two strikes in, and those bounced off hard enough to nearly toss the giant off his feet. Unfortunately, a momentary glance is all it took for the spirit to hurl the first piece, and it was so close that I had no chance of blocking it in time. I had to teleport on the spot to keep my head from getting cracked open. The second piece was easier since I actually paid attention to that one, and four successive strikes with the orbs themselves broke the piece of pillar apart even further until it ceased to be a threat. Still, it took all four to break just one, and it's got ten other chunks that weigh at least a hundred pounds each. Instead of leaving myself vulnerable, I decide to switch over to my persuasion needle shot type to blow the chunks up as they come. It must have realised that something changed, because it carefully stacked up the remaining pillar to where it could grab multiple chunks at once and proceeded to hurl them at me at high speed, at five chunks per toss.

I tried my hardest to blow each and every one away, but the stone used in the construction of that pillar proved that Remilia anticipated powerful intruders. As in, these things were so though that I had to dodge out of the way of each stack after destroying only five chunks total. The remaining chunks of stone slammed into Patchouli's shield, which actually sparked a bit as it repelled all the rock. I knew she had her limits, so I focused on going around and destroying the chunks before the fragment could pick them up again. Sadly, this didn't dissuade it in the least, and it proceeded to show me how tough it is by charging me to deliver a beatdown. Sadly, I wasn't in the mood to take a fist to the face and took flight before it got within five feet of me. Its jump attempt was even easier to dodge since it seems to possess no aerial mobility. It's stuck on the ground while I'm free to move through the air, but it's contemplating whether or not to just focus on the librarian's shield.

I curse as it does just that, dashing to the bubble keeping it from its target with every intention of overpowering the magic behind it. I had to admire its tenacity if nothing else, since I proceeded to knock all four orbs into it to send the spirit flying.

And to think that this is my holding back. I'm not sure it'd be bothered by a full extermination demonstration.
>I get the yin-yang orb to revert back to its normal state before kicking it right into the chest of the black giant.

Dusting off the old PC-98 emulator there, are we?

Didn't you notice when some of the PC-98 characters were mentioned in the first post?

Heck, even the first run had PC-98 characters.

The old PC-98 characters continue appearing in fanworks to this day, making it perfectly plausible for someone to know of them without ever booting those games up. The only place I've seen "kick the Yin-Yang Orbs" as an attack pattern, though, is Highly Responsive To Prayers.
File 131377022329.jpg - (863.94KB, 1024x768, highly responsive to kicks.jpg) [iqdb]
You can learn about HRtP without actually playing it.
There's the Touhouwiki which has plenty of information on the PC-98 games.
Thanks for stating the obvious.
Wade's status as a Mary-Sue isn't a secret, everyone talked about it. Be sure that SLDT knows about it, and will do his best to avoid it.
The giant is sent flying, spinning head-over-heels before it manages to get its bearings enough to land on the wall. The problem with that is that it's managed to punch through the wall instead of simply landing on it, meaning I've got a precious couple extra seconds to recall the orbs and let them float back over to me. It decides to compensate for this by tearing out hunks of the wall and hurling them, but once again I'm there to intercept. It's just not able to throw stuff fast enough to overwhelm me, at least not when it's just hurling wood and brick. If it were hurling pillars, then I might have a problem keeping it all off the librarian and the spook.

It's not even bothering with cover either, instead option to rip through the wall until it has a reasonably large hole to hop through. By 'reasonably large', I mean large enough to toss a good chunk of the Hakurei Shrine through. It leaps through said hole with an even bigger chunk of mansion in its hands, which is a shame since that means it isn't learning. Patchouli still doesn't look at all bothered by this, and Remilia looks about done. Flandre's nodding about something, and the elder Scarlet's waving me over.

I'm a little worried about leaving the librarian alone, but if she's withstood the attacks so far I don't think the giant's going to be able to crack it, even if he pounded on it repeatedly. I focus on the sisters for a second before teleporting to them, mildly startling Flandre while Remilia simply starts talking. "Reimu, I think it's okay for you to go all out on him now." She seems somewhat unsure of herself...

Flandre looks me in the eye and nods once. "I've never seen him get like this, so..." It looks like she's still thinking, but the three of us turn to look at the source of an ungodly wail a few seconds later.

The shield Patchouli put up is getting knocked around the room now, and each blow Berserker lands is a long, drawn-out affair that sounds like the magical equilavent of nails on a chalkboard. Oh sure, the librarian's holding out, but for how... long?

Flandre tugs on my sleeve to get my attention, and unlike the last time she looked at me her expression is quite determined. "I'll take care of it. He's my friend, so I'll make him stop." She's still holding onto me, so I step back toward her sister. That's all it takes for her to let go. "Sister, Reimu, please stay back." She makes sure that we're both outside of the spellcard field she's setting up, then dashes off at high speed to slam the fragment away from Patchouli, then kicked the shield out of her own field.

Patchouli manages to set up a reasonable landing despite the rough treatment, and discards the shield the moment Flandre puts her border of duel up. "This was unexpected, to say the least. I assume that you were successful?" The librarian wasn't looking at anyone in particular, but it's pretty clear that she's speaking to the elder Scarlet. The core isn't even phased by all this, and is instead staring right at the fragment that's still trying to get at him.

Flandre's standing right in the middle of the field, watching the black giant pound away at the boundary. She doesn't seem all that phazed by it when her friend suddenly realizes that she's the reason it can't go anywhere near its target. It's a little heart-wrenching to see it tear up a floor fragment and hurl it at her, but that emotion is quickly replaced by a wince as she destroyes it instantly. There's a lone tear in her eye as she clenches her fist, obviously not wanting to do what she was about to do.

One more fist clench, and Berserker is reduced to a small red orb with numerous white vulgar spirits surrounding him. The younger Scarlet seems upset once again, but she's not acting on it. Instead she simply tries to punch the small orb. Her fist passes right through it as though it weren't there... She dismisses the border with a sweep of her hand and walks toward her sister while the core walks toward the remains of the Berserker. ...It can't read the mood, can it?


Berserker defeated through extreme force, enough to reduce it to a critical state in one attack. Red-white was responsible for some damage, rainbow wing was responsible for over 90% of the damage that occured. The young vampire should be considered an extreme threat, and should not be engaged in combat. Period.

Red-white, scarlet, librarian, and rainbow wing do not attempt to stop me from reclaiming this piece of myself, though the last appears to have moved at least one foot forward. I pay them no further mind since no one is moving, even if they are all speaking. Now, decisions are to be made...

[X]Incorperate the Berserker fragment, and use it to its full potential.
-[Gain Berserker traits]
[X]Incorperate the Berserker fragment, but do not draw from it.
-[Specify alternate gain]
-[Hold off on acquiring a gain]


Now we get to the part where Wade ceases to be quite the load he is right now. As he regains parts of himself, he can take on the attributes of that fragment and gain powers, skills, and personality traits accordingly. In this case, Berserker would cause him to attack with wild abandon in battle, but he'd be tough enough to just rush through some bullet patterns. Also, he wouldn't really grow at all if you go this route.

Basically, your three options are these:

Beserker: The personification of your desire to protect, and the blind rage that comes when seeing your friends hurt. There isn't a whole lot more to this fragment since it hasn't defeated any others yet.

Strength Rank 2: Your strength is abnormal for a human, spirit or living. You can go toe to toe with weaker youkai physically without much effort, and physical boundaries are no issue for the most part.

Hyper Armor Rank 1: Weak attacks won't even register in your head when they hit you, allowing you to plow through them with ease. Foes will be forced to use slower, stronger attacks to deal with you.

Rage: Once in battle, you cannot alter your attack strategy, nor can you really adhere to one. You're 'all out all the time' until you can get more of yourself back.

Spirit World: Absorbing Vulgar Spirits has given you insight about the Spirit World, and would enable you to enter and leave it at will. You can't immerse yourself in very deep though, but with practice and more spirits you can learn to do more. While you can gain the ability to enter this world in time, this route allows you to keep the ability as is when you return to you become complete and return to your physical body.

Trance Mode Rank 1: A skill that enables you to enter the Spirit World, but unlike the version used by Reimu and company, you cannot fully ignore shots and you aren't powered up to the same degree. However, there's no real limit as to how long you can exist like this. No direct combat benefit, but this can be rectified fairly easily. It's also possible to pull others into this state, making them more effective in combat.

Desire: An odd power that doesn't do a whole lot right now. It doesn't appear to confer any immediate benefit, but who knows what this will do if given more power?

Desire Rank 1: This seems to increase your willpower, enabling you to take more punishment, or just do more things in general. It doesn't do much at this rank, but higher ranks could prove interesting. A sort of 'wild card' if you will.

Alternatively, you can choose not to accept a gain from this, keeping you at your current combat ability, but allowing you to see what other fragments might offer. There's no rush to gain power, as Reimu intends to see this through to the end.
[x] Incorporate the Berserker fragment, but do not draw from it.
-[x] Spirit World

Sounds good. We shall hit them from the Spirit World.
[X]Incorperate the Berserker fragment, but do not draw from it.
-[Hold off on acquiring a gain]

Do not want.
[x] Incorporate the Berserker fragment, but do not draw from it.
-[x] Spirit World
Also, while I'm about it, I don't really like that video game aspect. I hope that's all, I don't want to have to choice between some feats. That looks unnatural to me, I can't enjoy the story with those meta-choices. But that's just my opinion.

Maybe so, but it's easier for me to keep track of what Wade is supposed to be able to do if I have a concrete list. As I've stated many times before, I do not want a repeat of the first run.
[X]Incorperate the Berserker fragment, but do not draw from it.
-[Hold off on acquiring a gain]

Figure it's not a terrible idea to wait for now.

Also, not sure if it was just me, but the layout of the Gains was a little confusing. It looks kind of...messy.
[X]Incorperate the Berserker fragment, but do not draw from it.
-[Hold off on acquiring a gain]

Might as well wait a bit.
I understand that, but voting for perks in this way seems... meta. Can't you write it differently or something, to give the impression that Wade is the one deciding?
[x] Incorperate the Berserker fragment, and use it to its full potential.
-[Gain Berserker traits]

Does this option grant all of those abilities, then?
Nope, it gives you "the blind rage that comes when seeing your friends hurt."
>he can take on the attributes of that fragment and gain powers, skills, and personality traits
>Berserker would cause him to attack with wild abandon in battle, but he'd be tough enough to just rush through some bullet patterns.

>Beserker: The personification of your desire to protect, and the blind rage that comes when seeing your friends hurt.
>Hyper Armor Rank 1: Weak attacks won't even register in your head when they hit you, allowing you to plow through them with ease.

This is where I'm confused. It sounds like fully incorporating Berserker gives us all those abilities.

It sounds broken, to be sure. But the personality seems like the major downside to even it out. He'd be uncontrollable and unable to play it safe. Which for now doesn't sound too bad as I doubt there will be a large portion of story coming up right after this before we find our next fragment.
Meta, at times like this, is not bad. Personally, I saw it more of a callback to the old D&D3e Feats system, sans the dice-rolling.

[x] Incorporate the Berserker fragment, but do not draw from it.
-[x] Desire

Because curiosity.
[x] Incorporate the Berserker fragment, but do not draw from it.
-[x] Desire

We're obviously going to get ten more fragments at the least, right? Because ten seems like a good number.
>We're obviously going to get ten more fragments at the least, right?

Protip: ten + one = eleven.
We need nine more fragments.
[x] Incorporate the Berserker fragment, but do not draw from it.
-[x] Desire
[x] Incorporate the Berserker fragment, but do not draw from it.
-[x] Desire
[x] Incorporate the Berserker fragment, but do not draw from it.
-[x] Desire
[x] Incorporate the Berserker fragment, but do not draw from it.
-[x] Spirit World

It's probably not just you. I'll keep thinking out how to go about presenting them as I continue with the story.


Absorbing the red orb is a simple affair as I need only walk near it. It flies toward me much as the stray vulgar spirits do, though I feel it much more easily when it does connect. There's a surge of rage welling up from within, but instead of embracing it I make a point of supressing it. While it would no doubt be of great use, there's the small fact that I'm still a very small fish in a big pond that somehow manages to contain leviathans. Getting into a blind rage every time I fight would be extremely detrimental at this point.

Once I feel that it's put back in its place, I feel that it's possible to get angry like a normal person, be it for my own reasons or for the sake of another. It's an odd feeling to only be able to get angry, but reassuring at the same time. I have to stop and notice that I'm actually thinking instead of reacting. I imagine that if I would feel ecstatic if I had the capacity to feel joy...

That's something for another time though, and I dismiss those thoughts as I focus on the white spirits that flocked to me when I absorbed the stray fragment. I note that I feel as though I could last a bit longer without help, just as I did the last time I absorbed these peculiar strays, but unlike last time I can actually hear the faintest whisper eminating from them. None of them are saying anything of importance though, at least not individually. What interests me is that they all express a desire to continue living, and even though they all have differing reasons they wind up having a voice powerful enough to be heard... Perhaps strong enough to affect their surroundings?

There's only one way to test this out, and that's to actually wield it personally. It's easy enough to pull them toward me, and oddly enough even easier to repurpose them for this. It's like they want to be used for this...


I really sholdn't have been surprised by the spontaneous appearance of a much more elegant tea table, several chairs, and what appears to be Remilia's favorite teapot. Normally I might have cared enough to keep an eye on the spirit soaking up other spirits, but I get the feeling that the trouble here is pretty much over. The only thing left to do is to take advantage of the elder Scarlet's hospitality until it's time to move on. I can't help but feel a little guilty about Flandre, but what can I do about it? I just stalled for time. She finished the fragment off. "Thanks." I pick up the cup of tea set out in front of me while saying a quick word of thanks to both the elder Scarlet and Sakuya, who's probably going to have to work a bit of overtime to put everything back. I notice that the teacup has four red and white yin-yang orbs set on it in the cardinal directions, and have to fight back a small urge to blush.

"I'd like to say all is well that ends well, but that simply doesn't seem to be the case." Remilia's teacup has a brilliant, flaming red cross on it, and I'm just a teensy bit embarrassed to be caught staring at the craftsmanship of the cup instead of looking in the eyes of the one who's adressing everyone else at the table. She closes her eyes to take a sip of her tea, taking a moment to savor the flavor before continuing. "You have quite a ways to go Reimu, and I need to take some time to make this up to you, Flandre." No one else speaks just yet, so she breaks the silence that's slowly settling over the table. "...There isn't much for me to say, sadly, other than I wish you the best of luck on your endeavor. Do feel free to stay for as long as you wish though, as I imagine that the next battle will not be so simple."

"That's how it usually goes, doesn't it? Start off with the small fry, then work your way up the chain of command until you get to the one responsible. ...And don't remind me. I have to babysit a spirit that's barely able to fight and take down other spirits that can slip away the moment I take my eyes off them." I rub my temple with one hand while keeping the other around the handle of the teacup. I really shouldn't be drawing this kind of attention to myself when the younger Scarlet needs it more, but maybe she just needs a distraction.


Short, but it's late and I want to post what I have.
I take a second to glance at the yonger of the two Scarlets, and see that she's taking this fairly well. While I doubt she'd actually blow something up, there's still the fact that someone she thought was her friend turned on her at the drop of a hat. She's focusing on drinking her tea (From a cup with an interesting pattern on it. It consists of two rings of seven crystals, with one set longer than the other. It's arranged to look like her wing crystals.), though she might need some consoling on the matter. I risk touching the small vampire's shoulder, and am rewarded with a small jump as she whips her head around to look at me. "Flandre, I can't imagine how terrible you feel right now, but we are here for you." Soft eyes and a comforting smile...

Which are responded to by Flandre practically jumping out of her chair and into my lap. It's more muted than that, but the results are the same. I went from being able to leave any time I wish to being at the mercy of the younger Scarlet. "Thanks Reimu!" But that little bit of thanks is enough for me. I take off her hat and start petting her hair like one would a cat, and she practically melts onto me.

I have to fight back a very, very strong urge to smirk when I see Remilia's eye twitch. It was a 'blink and you'll miss it' deal, but I saw that! "I presume you'll be staying for a time then?" There's nothing but her usual 'charismatic hostess' tone in her voice once she begins to speak, but her posture has stiffened. A second later and she's back to normal though. Probably Sakuya's doing.

One arm used to sip tea, the other used to make a small vampire do her best imitation of a housecat in the lap of her human. Amazing what one can do with those digits. "For an hour or so, then I have to get back to resolving this. If I can get that twit's-" I set the teacup down and jab my thumb toward the slightly more tangible spirit walking up to us. "-fighting ability up to snuff, then I suspect the whole incident will go a lot faster."

Patchouli's gone back to reading, but somewhere along the way she took out a feather quill pen and started writing in it. ...That's really odd for her. Is she revising the spell she just used or something? "This is an odd incident indeed if you were able to coerce the one responsible into helping you halt it." She's barely paying us any mind, and she's still able to hold a conversation. I can't understand how anyone could pull that off.

"Seriously. But at least it's nothing major. A bunch of spirit fragments can't be capable of more than mischief, right?" I'm smiling and trying to reassure myself, but I get the distinct feeling that I just jinxed it.
Personal goal: Absorb every spirit without lifting a single finger to help Reimu.
Personal goal: Become EX-boss.
Personal Goals: -Once recovered enough, tell Kurumi that you're okay (She has to be pretty worried about him not showing up)
-Recover all fragments
-[Fill in other goals here]
Personal Goal: Get all of the bitches. All of them.

Screw that.

-Personal Goal: Become higher than a Phantasm Boss.

Wasn't that what caused Anon to poke fun at Wade's character before? Or does he gets an excuse?

I personally hope we stay in Gensokyo and don't deal with the human side of things at all, but I doubt that'll happen.
This probably isn't the result of my saying something, but the somewhat reformed spirit joins us at the table after asking if it's okay. His overall appearance hasn't exactly changed, yet he looks less... fragile? Like he isn't quite as ready to fall apart. "My apologies for putting you all through this. I assure you that this was not my intention, even if it was ultimately my fault." ...He got eloquent in a hurry. Did that angry black giant have the mind of a scholar, or did it just have enough in it to get him up to this level?

The only show of surprise I get from Remilia is a lone blink of the eyes. Clearly she was of the same mind and thought this spirit lacked the ability to speak, let alone doing so in a manner more suited for the elder Scarlet. Her recovery time is slower, which is to be expected, so she speaks only when the shock has worn off. A two-second delay, sure, but everyone noticed it. "I suppose it's fine. The damage you caused is simple enough to fix, and none of it was load-bearing so we can afford to move at a reasonable pace while repairing it. However, I think your apologies should be directed elsewhere. All you caused me was an insignificant amount of property damage." Insignificant she says. That sort of damage would have demolshed my shrine!


I nod once, knowing exactly why she said that. Out of all the people here, Remilia is the one I've inconvenienced the least. The fact that she's acting like her role in this is insignificant odd, but she seems to have her priorities. I first turn to the maid, which requires all but a small head motion. "First of all, my apologies for causing you more work than usual. If there is some way I could help..."

Sakuya displays an unusual level of informality, choosing to wave her hand dismissively rather than let me continue. "It's fine. It's a bit of a pain, but we have many fairy maids, and a few who are smart enough to understand orders. While the damage looks severe, it should be repaired within the hour." I turn around to look at the wall, and sure enough there are small, winged fairies working on the wall. It's about a quarter of the way repaired, so she must have included the stone pillar in her estimate. Oddly enough, there's one male fairy among them, with broken wings and... still dressed in a maid outfit. Who put him up to that, I wonder?

"That is good to hear." Once again, it's treated like no big deal. The librarian is next, but I can't even open my mouth before she runs me over.

"I didn't expect such a troublesome individual to be so conscious of the trouble he has caused, nor did I believe that you would be so quick to ask for forgiveness." She ceases writing to level her eyes with mine, which is uncomfortable to say the least since it's as though she's looking right through me. ...Maybe I'm physically transparent. Either way, I've got enough of her attention to cause her to set down her book. "Remilia and Sakuya have already dismissed the need for such courtesies, so I shall do the same. You inflicted no lasting harm, and by no means have you stretched my abilities to their limits. In all honesty, I believe that the little book rat stands a greater chance at defeating it with her bare hands than you did." She stops long enough to down her cup of tea in one go, as she seems to have been waiting for it to grow cool enough to drink, yet warm enough to feel it. She continues after a long exhale that's strikingly similar to a sigh. "Though I would ask that you visit every now and again. Your state of being is something I've never physically seen before, so I would like a chance to study this phenomina before it vanishes."

"Of course." I'm sure she doesn't plan to do anything harmful, so I don't mind the possibility of a repeat visit. ...So now there's only one left that I really need to apologize to, but the words are barely out of my mouth before the younger Scarlet shuts me down.

"You don't have to say anything. It's not fair to make you vanish because I didn't want to lose something I thought was my friend." Flandre seems to be mostly pacified by the shrine maiden petting her, but she's lost her smile the moment my attention turned to her. "But... You two are one and the same, right?"

I shake my head. "I don't know much, but I do know this: Fragment 'Berserker' possessed no mind of its own. It was totally reliant on you for direction, and was more akin to a rampaging emotion than a sentient being. I possess the actual mind, or at least part of it." It's the only explanation I can think of, and it causes the librarian to flip the pages of her book to a presumably empty page to write down my theory.

The younger Scarlet stays silent for a few moments, thinking about something. I couldn't dream of her forgiving me that quick. "I... I don't forgive you." If I had a heart, I think it would have stopped for a moment. "I don't forgive 'Berserker'. It tried to hurt Patchy, it tried to hurt Reimu, and it turned on me when I stopped it. I don't feel that you, the mind that's keeping that rampaging emotion in check is responsible since you looked even worse off than it did, but I'm holding that angry giant resposible. So don't come back out, or I won't let you get off so easy the next time!"
It was an odd thought process to be sure, but I think I can understand where she's coming from. While 'Berserker' was a rampaging emotion, it must have possessed at least a limited amount of decision-making within it. How else could it have survived this long? Her not blaming me still somewhat confuses me, but perhaps she knows or has guessed at something I haven't. "I doubt that part will ever surface in full again since it's just an aspect of my original personality, albiet a grossly exaggerated one. That aside, thank you. While I had hoped that there would be no hard feelings, I still needed to hear it." I try to sip some of the warm tea, only to find that it falls right through me rather than sliding down my throat and into my stomach. Odd, I thought I was more tangible than that.

Sakuya wipes up the small amount of spilled tea while I place the cup back down. That would have merited embarrassment, had I been able to feel it. "You're welcome!" It seems that the incident is almost all water under the bridge now, and that's working on the assumption that anyone here carried a grudge against me to begin with. "Just be sure to come back sometime, okay? I want to see what you're like when the incident is all over!" She's curious about me then? Patchouli seems to be too, though for different reasons.

Remilia finishes off her cup just before it gets lukewarm. "Thank you Sakuya, that was as perfect as ever." A quick word of thanks to her maid, then her attention is focused on me. "Well then. Between Patchy wanting to see what makes you tick and Flandre wanting to make a new friend, it seems you have a legitamite reason to visit. Barring certain circumstances, I would be more than happy to allow such a well-reformed guest into this mansion again." She's smirking at her little joke, and I resist the urge to roll my eyes at her. People here really are easy-going, aren't they? "Hm... Not quite an hour, but I can hardly keep the shrine maiden of paradise from her job. I assume you'll be hunting down another one of the strays?"


[X]Eh, may as well.
-[X]Pick location.
[X]Nah, I think I'll hang around for a bit.


The SDM has been crossed off the list, so here's a handy list of locations:

The Human Village
Myouren Temple
Miko's Dojo
Marisa's House/Alice's House
Moriya Shrine

Other places can be investigated as well since some fragments aren't static and will roam from location to location. In addition, each location has its advantages, so weigh your options carefully.
[X]Eh, may as well.
-[X]Myouren Temple
If nothing else, Nazrin could help us here.
[X]Eh, may as well.
-[X]Youkai Mountain

It's not the Moriya Shrine, I guess.
[X] Eh, may as well.
-[X] Miko's Dojo

For no other reason than to see what you do with the newcomers.
Mmm... Should we really be able to speak so well with only Berserker'S fragment regained?

[X]Eh, may as well.
-[X]Myouren Temple
>Should we really be able to speak so well with only Berserker's fragment regained?

You can't let common sense hold you back in Gensokyo.

Speaking of,
[X]Eh, may as well.
-[X]Moriya Shrine
[X]Eh, may as well.
-[x]Human village

It might be too late to get the fragment that was there.

Also about that Male fairy.... Kazuki?
[x] Heaven

I wonder what sort of fragment would hang out there? A thoughtless one, maybe?
[x] Eh, may as well.
-[x] Human village.

The pull there was quickly forgotten.
[X] Eh, may as well.
-[X] The Human Village

>Also about that Male fairy.... Kazuki?
That was my thought as well except Kazuki's wings aren't broken, they're completely torn off.
[X] Eh, may as well.
-[X] The Human Village
Who's Kazuki again? It's been forever since I read Run 1 and cant exactly remember it all.
I think Wade says broken as he doesn't know better about the mostly ruined state. The notion of him being forced to dress as a maid as been mentioned in IRC.

Main character from "A Fairy on Scarlet Lake" in /sdm/.
[X]Eh, may as well.
-[X] Hakugyokuro

Would they not be the most likely to know the most about spirits and helping to reform him in an easier, safer, and/or faster way?
[X] Eh, may as well.
[X] Heaven

Pissing, tide, etc.
Sorry about the lack of updates folks, the weekend wound up being eaten up and my PC is out of comission so I'm currently trying to update via the Wii. This isn't working so well because as of right now I can barely get the site to stop puking up memory allocation errors, kind of like five minutes ago when I tried to post an update I spent an hour on.

I'll try again tomorrow, so barring more crap from a bot attack initiated by some asswipe whose testicles I would dearly love to crush, you should see something then.
Why not just email a copy to some already preformatted and everything? Instead of typing numerous times with the Wii.
Or saving the update on pastebin then copy/pasting that on to THP?

Because most of the E-mail clients I use don't like the Wii much either. If you have a suggestion though, by all means, make it.


As much as I'd like to call it a day, there's still so much work to be done that my desire to solve this incident is trying to loop right back around into letting it resolve itself. In clearer terms, there's a lot to be done and I really don't want to do it. The problem with being lazy about this is that it really won't make things any easier. If I put this off, all I'll do is trade off some searching for some fighting. "Eh, may as well flush out the ones in the Human Village. I know how many are there and what they're capable of, so it shouldn't be a problem." I polish off the last of my refilled cup, thank the maid, then let myself up. ...Add, 'got the vampire imitating a cat off me' to that list. I almost forgot she was there.

"I am a bit saddened to hear that you won't be staying longer, but I will wish you luck in your endeavor. Feel free to return here to rest should you feel the need." Geeze, could you be more transparent? On second thought, I'd rather not jinx that as well. Yukari's bad enough, I don't need Remilia talking about 'honey gathering' too. The elder Scarlet stands up to offer a formal bow, one that I mirror only because it's polite. I'm usually not that formal unless it's someone who actually deserves the respect. Ninety percent of the people I know don't warrant it.

The spirit move from his seat as well and apologizes to Sakuya for wasting the tea in a formal speech pattern that's an awful lot like a mix of Remilia's, Flandre's, and Patchouli's. Maybe they tried to teach the fragment to speak? Who knows. "Shall we depart?" Now there's a very good reason to get cracking on this. I'm not sure how long I can put up with him emulating Remilia's speech pattern.

So I walk over to him and haul him off like one would haul a sack of potatoes. Thankfully he's a lot lighter than an actual sack of potatoes. "We will. Thanks for the hospitality, and see you later!" Not what the little vampire was hoping for in terms of an exit, but I'm not here to impress. I will have to get Sakuya something as a thank-you gift for showing me that servant's route. I was getting a little sick and tired of having to traverse so many long halls just for a cup of tea, even if it is really good tea.


This position may be a bit undignified, but I'm not about to complain about the Hakurei shrine maiden when she's assisting me in putting myself back together when it's fairly clear that I could not have done so myself. Her rough treatment is both irritating and somewhat understandable, since I am more or less the one who caused all this. I think. I honestly don't know.

So instead of lingering on that unpleasant thought, I instead focus on the forest we're currently flying over. It's quite pretty, and seems to have some quality to it that makes it difficult to traverse. While I can hardly be sure, I think there's running water in there somewhere... And a 'tug'? I can feel something moving through the forest with haste, but it's moving away from me rather than towards. Given 'Berserker's behavior, I would have thought that this newcomer would have attacked me without hesitation. Then again, this one may be smart enough to not bite off more than it can chew.

There's also the possibility that I might just be stronger than it now, and it only knows that I'm there without knowing that I have someone with me. If that's the case, then I'm a bit more relieved than before. Though all that means is that it may pick a fight with another fragment, and no matter who wins, I lose because it means that the combination will come after me. I notice we're also not bothering with the main path from the shrine to the village, but this path is more direct and the fairies must have had enough for the time being. Or perhaps something else is occupying their time, or perhaps they just have really short attention spans and lost interest in us. I'm perfectly fine with any of those reasons as it means I'm not getting shot at and tossed around like a ragdoll.

The other thing I was lamenting was the fact that I couldn't actually get a good look at our destination. While I'm sure that it's a much more impressive sight than the glimpse I got, I can't tell because I'm facing the wrong way. I can, however, tell we're getting close because the one strong pull is splitting apart into four weaker ones, and by the time we fly into the village itself I can clearly define where each one is coming from. Sadly, this also means they know I'm coming.

And in the case of the odd statue-like fragment, 'Sentinel', standing atop the fountain, and it knows I have help. It doesn't move though, perhaps because it doesn't see us as an actual threat just yet. One seems to exist near a school building... It's capable of entering the 'flow' of elements and manipulating them through the movement of its body... 'Geodancer', I think. The third is currently attempting to set up some kind of construct, and seems to favor construction over direct combat. 'Architect'. Lastly... There's one who's consciously avoiding all contact, and is geared to operate without others knowing. It's not skilled enough to evade me, but the other fragments don't seem to be able to tell. This last one is referred to as 'Faith'.

"Alright, you know yourself better than I do. Which one would get you in fighting shape faster?" The maiden seems more intersted in making me help her than disabling the greatest of the available threats. Of course, what constitutes a threat for me doesn't count as a threat to her. It's obvious that she operates on a magnatude far above my own.
[X]Target 'Sentinel'
[X]Target 'Geodancer'
[X]Target 'Architect'
[X]Target 'Faith'
Target> Architect

While Reimu may prefer that we could be more directly helpful in a fight, Architect seems like it will be noticeably easier to deal with if we move fast. After that, Sentinel will likely note us as a threat and may move to engage us, making it unnecessary to pick our next target.

Combatwise, I'd expect Geodancer or Sentinel to be bigger boosts, but outsourcing combat to the expert worked well last time. I think we could afford to hold off on those and just nip Architect in the bud.
[X]Target 'Geodancer'
[X] Target 'Architect'

I assume absorbing Architect will allow Wade to create a minion of his own. I'm biased towards those types of classes.
[X]Target 'Faith'

We really don't need to let Faith merge together with another fragment. Skill in not being noticed plus skill at anything combat related equals us having to deal with getting ganked.
[x]Target 'Faith'
[X] Target 'Faith'
[X]Target 'Architect'

Architect just has me curious, personally.
[X]Target 'Faith'
It's obviously the stealthy one, and as many evil villians should have learned by now, you shouldn't pretend not to notice something like that.
[X]Target 'Faith'

This should make us the least combat-capable of the group. Suck on that, Raymoo!
[X]Target 'Faith'

We gots to be all sneaky-like, see?
[X]Target 'Faith'
[x] Target 'Geodancer'

Simply because it sounds awesome.
[x] Target 'Faith'
[x] Target 'Faith'
[x] Target 'Faith'

The best way to win when weak is to use strategy to outsmart your opponent. Wade is a weak character now, so he needs the stealth so he can execute strategies. Also because it seems like a mystery option with undefined characteristics, like a faith, for which it is named after.
Sorry about the lack of updates folks, I got Deus Ex: Human Revolution not too long ago and wound up playing it to completion in three days. Anywho, here's the overdue next part.


I focus on the one sneaking around, and manage to pin down its exact location. It seems to be trying to decide how best to finish whatever it is that its doing while evading us and not being seen by anyone else. A futile effort really, since all three other fragments are in clear view of at least one other person. "For sheer fighting potential, 'Geodancer' or 'Sentinel' would be ideal. However, we should take the fact that luck may not favor us with the next fragment we target. Flandre felt more like a lucky fluke than anything else." I hate to admit it, but the ease of recovering 'Berserker' was nothing more than the planets aligning thorugh sheer dumb luck. Had Flandre proven uncooperative, there would have been an extremely strong chance that I would have lost.

Reimu looks a tad dissapointed by the revelation that I wasn't planning on becoming a direct combatant right away, but she also looks as though she understands my point. I'm still utterly useless in a direct conflict. "...I guess. So if you're not going to have me help you take down 'Geodancer' or 'Sentinel', which one are you going to ask for help with?" I think she's keeping tabs on everything she can while we speak since she's sparing the odd glance around every now and again. Intuition could only get her so far in this case though, so I stop wasting our time. "Where...?"

I move toward the source of the 'tug' that tries to evade me with purpose, and find that it's starting to get cold feet about its current scenario. I try to counter-act this by moving closer to 'Architect', but he's starting to get nervous now. It seems to be setting up some kind of defense now... "I will ask for help in acquiring 'Faith'. It is not the strongest of the fragments combat-wise, but it specializes in stealth and evasion. Should I integrate it into my core fully, I would be able to support you in combat, even if I could not do so directly." Two nervous reactions, but it looks like 'Faith' is trying its hardest to drag me toward a different target. It's fixated on 'Architect' for the time being, possibly in response to the defenses the latter has constructed. I can hardly blame it though as that's not a bad move, but I think it's overestimating how well those defenses would hold. "While that's not what you had in mind, I imagine that at this point you would settle for me being usable as an option."

Something tells me I hit the nail on the head with that last comment. The Hakurei shrine maiden sighs in resignation of the fact that I'm not going to be ready to fight alongside her for a while yet. "Alright, fine... Just lead me to 'Faith', and I'll try to take care of things from there." She doesn't ask for details in the matter, but I suppose I told her about what it can do already.

I halt for a moment, causing the miko to stop in her tracks as well. "Reimu, 'Faith' is attempting to draw us into a confrontation with 'Architect' in order to divert our attention. 'Architect' is a fragment that specializes in all manners of construction, so the odds are good that it has built some form of stationary defense. It will not stop you, or even effectively slow you down, but it will make 'Faith' harder to track."

"So you're suggesting we split up." She caught on quick. Good.

"Yes. 'Faith' can either only track me, or is only making a conscious effort to evade me in the belief that you will not pose a significant threat to it. It will attempt to draw me into the thick of 'Architect's defenses, then take out the both of us in one fell swoop. You should approach from a different angle, preferably from the second floor of this building." True to my senses, 'Faith' is attempting to concentrate attention on the ground floor where 'Architect' has set up shop. It does not expect attack from another angle, unless I am horribly, horrbly mistaken. I take a second to look at the shrine maiden, only to find that she's scrutinizing the building more than I thought she would have. "Is there something wrong?"

"A couple of things." She looks at me with a stern gaze, in what appears to be critisizm of my idea. "First of all, you're asking me to gamble you when you're not in a good condition to fight. I'm not going to let you waltz on in there by yourself when you need protection. Second, this is Hieda no Akyuu's house. I know you don't know anything about the social structure here, but it'd be wrong to just break in. The last immediate problem is the fact that that little snarker is probably inside, if not somewhere near this 'Architect' fragment." ...It seems that just as I know myself better than anyone, she knows the lay and laws of the land better than I do. She doesn''t seem irritated though, which is a small blessing since the last thing I need is for her to forcibly change my decision according to her desire.

"Then I will defer to you. How do you suggest we go about this?" I feel a shudder go down my spine as she considers me...

"We'll go in through the front door, of course!" That's when she grabs me, and proceeds to use her powers as the Hakurei shrine maiden to somehow force me to assume the general shape of one of her Yin-Yang orbs. Perhaps stranger still is that she shoves me into a hollow one, and... Is she attempting to mask my presence, or fool the other two fragments? Interesting idea, though I'll have to make mention of just how much I do not appreciate being stuffed into a small ball like some monster pet.


Yeah, I know. That idea wasn't thought out well at all and will probably be met with some resistance once everything is all said and done, but I think it's obvious that he'd just be a liability in all this. I stroll on up to the front door of the Hieda household and knock a couple times, then wait patiently. ...I'd rather bust the door down than wait, but once again I'm trying to be polite. Akyuu may annoy me with her attitude toward me and her lack of reliability when it comes to what she writes down, but she's not causing an incidient.A few minutes later and I hear some hurried footsteps that result in the door being opened a few minutes later. "My apologies miss Hakurei! I've been a bit busy having a contact install some devices to help protect my scrolls."

"I see. Mind if I come inside for a bit? I'm actually kind of interested in how you've gone about it." Well, more like I'm interested in the guy that set them up, but no need to tell her that just yet. I may be a terrible liar, but even I know when to exercise some tact.

Akyuu stares at me as though I've grown two heads, and I can't blame her. I mean, I haven't shown the slightest interest in her or her work for the longest time, so for me to up and say that I'm interested in her work must sound at least somewhat unrealistic. Thankfully she stops on her own before I have to point it out to her. "Of... Of course! Please, come in!" ...Or maybe she's just desperate for the company. Who knows what goes on in her head? My intuition is mostly used for incident resolution after all.

I leave my sandals on the shoe rack so conveniently provided and follow the archiver into her house. From the looks of it she plans to at least humor my interest in whatever it is she's using to keep certain disgruntled parties from burning her scrolls. I'm not one of them, but I know a few people who would like nothing more than to set her back a bit. ...Of course, I really should have factored in the possibility that 'Faith' might attack 'Architect' and leave.

"What's going on in there?!" Akyuu seems both annoyed and worried when the various sounds started up. There's the telltale sound of danmaku being fired, but it's not exactly in quick succession. There's also the occasional clash of metal on metal, coupled by the distinct thunk sound of metal hitting wood. She almost bursts into the door way when I put my hand on her shoulder and intentionally yank her back. "What are you doing?!"

"Stupid. Why would you just rush into the thick of things when we both know you can't fight? If there's something that needs to be defused, then you should let me go in and take care of it. Especially if someone isn't playing by the rules." And the rage is replaced with embarrassment instantly. The little archiver stands off to the side and permits me to walk into her main writing room, and it's already a mess. Inkwells all over the place, burnt and cut parchment litters the ground, and it looks like some of the walls have dents in them, if they haven't been broken outright. Strangely enough, the scrolls she really wants to keep safe are all protected by some kind of odd boundary. I can see that the source is mechanical in nature, but something about it feels off. It's not like anything Rika, Rikako, or Yumemi used.

Oh yeah, there's also the weird 'Magic Stone on a tripod' things firing bullets. I should really watch for those. Thankfully they're even easier to dodge than the stuff the fodder fairies would fire at me, but I can see why this fragment would be trouble if it were any stronger. Just because something starts out easy, doesn't mean it will necessarily stay that way. I also make a point of sealing the exits as I move since I want to actually deal with these two rather than let one or both of them get away. Again.

The one he asked me to deal with first must be the one in the black cloak and smiling theatrical mask. ...Something about this one just feels really cliche, or perhaps cheesy is the right word? Either way, you'd think the fragment would have a better dress sense. "...And here I thought I was just dealing with a weak core and a gearhead. I'd say it's time to slip away, but I guess I don't have that option anymore, do I?"

'Architect' is dressed in a dark brown shirt, a black vest, charcoal grey pants with more pockets than I could think up a use for, and a belt for holding an assortment of tools. He's got some kind of metal object in his hands, but it looks more like a tool than something you'd honestly want to try and take someone out with. I guess it's heavy enough to bludgeon someone with it... "And I thought I was just gonna have to deal with some snake. Dealin' with the shrine maiden was NOT on my 'to do' list for the next... ever, really."

"Really? Too bad. I've found a way to finally put you idiots in your place, so there's not going to be a next time." There's two orbs hovering around me right now, one containing the somewhat enhanced core, and the other being my family treasure. From the looks of things, they might just put aside their differences and try to work together to fight me... Or 'Faith' could try to stab 'Architect' again. Whichever works.
woah woah woah
'Architect' is engie? 'Faith' is implied spy?

I am okay with this.
Does that make the Berserk the Heavy?
File 131546421996.jpg - (12.25KB, 320x181, 5fe0.jpg) [iqdb]

Either that or his long-lost cousin.
Berzerker was fairly obviously a Fate/Stay Night reference, so Flandre essentially made Hercules' head asplode.
Shame it wasn't the Fate/Zero one. Always liked his beat-you-to-death-with-whatever-is-at-hand style.

First suggestion is correct, 'Architect' is based off the Engineer. 'Faith', on the other hand, has the knife throwing tendencies and cloak of True Assassin. Not much else though.


Right in one.


Going Berserker path would have raised the possibility of becoming like that version, as there's also a knight-themed fragment. No, it's not Saber.


'Architect' deflects the knife strike with that weird metal stick, and continues the swing to strike at one of its own turrets, resulting in... something. I can't fathom why one would intentionally damage one of your own options, but...

Now it's shooting two streams of bullets at a rapid-fire pace. While that's a bit baffling, it's better to just roll with the punches rather than think about it too hard. I learned that the hard way when I started overthinking Yukari's gaps one day, and that left me with a headache for the entire next day. Hence, I shoot at it while standing in between the two bullet streams, and am rewarded with an almost satisfying explosion as it takes too much damage. The rest of the stones focus on me as a result, but the streams are slow, directed, and the pacing between each bullet was so slow that it was stupidly easy just to dance between the shots. The two fragments are wary of me, but don't seem to be all that interested in attacking me. Their mistake.

My yin-yang orb splits into four, turn into cats, and begin to prance around the turrets while firing off homing amulets toward the two fragments. I can't help but smirk as they both get blindsided, and decide to up the ante by using my gohei to smack away the bullets. While I'm a little rusty with this skill, I still managed to reflect the bullets in such a way that I managed to bolster my own offensive by cutting their options down that tiny bit more. 'Architect' pulls some kind of L-shaped metal thing out of a holster and levels it at me, but once again he's forced to redirect his fire toward 'Faith' as the more assassin-based fragment flings a few more knives at him. ...I'm actually reminded of Sakuya's attack patterns, but these are really sloppy by comparison. In fact, all I have to do is toss a Persuasion Needle out at each knife to bat them aside. I guess it might have been a bigger problem had he been shooting at me full-force, but he's still too focused on the other fragment.

Both of them are, actually, and it's kind of sad. They're clumsy dodgers at best, and homing amulets aren't exactly easy to dodge to begin with. 'Architect' is getting battered like you wouldn't believe, and 'Faith'... That one's getting off lighter since it's letting its cloack get all torn up. Kind of a waste since that's a really nice one, albeit rather cheesy when you stop and look at it. Meh, either way. The cats shift their attention to 'Faith' to keep it from running away, and I keep using Persuasion Needles to finish 'Architect' off. He goes down quickly enough, at which point I just hurl the orb containing the core conscience at it. Dunno if it worked or not, but I don't really care. I'd rather make sure the primary and annoyingly slippery target actually goes down instead of running away to give me problems later. "Oi, where do you think you're going?" I turn my attention to the fragment trying to evade numerous homing amulets, both by running like a madman and hurling knives.

It extends its middle finger at me, a mistake that causes it to take an amulet to the face as my cats keep up with it easily. ...Oh yeah, the stones exploded. Guess they just didn't register since I was more or less able to ignore them completely. Well, that clinches it.'Faith' can't escape. "Oh, for the love of..." He skids to a stop and takes a few more amulet hit, but he's tossed aside his cloak so it would take the hits. His clothing is almost solid black and bound with white bandages in places, making it look like a strange cross between Byakuren's clothing style and Kasen's miasmic right arm. The other thing I notice is that he has an extendable pole floating right next to him. I was about to dismiss it, but it extended pretty fast. "You just can't leave things alone, can you? Can't even direct that intuition of yours to the real problem!" The fact that he's now using it to help knock the amulets away is a little irritating since I was pretty sure I had him, but whatever.

"The only problem I see are a bunch of troublemaking spirits who need to be taught a lesson. Good thing I brought something along that will provide some real closure to this stupid incident!" I swing my hand out to the side to recall the orb I stuffed the Core into, and noticed that the colored soul fragment and the Vulgar Spirits that should have dropped from 'Architect' aren't there anymore. Good, that means he mopped them up.

He's spinning the staff to keep the amulets at bay, though he's still having a hell of a time trying to keep them all from hitting him. "So you acquired the Core. Big deal. There are those of our number growing in power, and even you will struggle if they're left unchecked." He practically spat those words out as he kept up his frantic defense, and... Are those blades on either end? Not that it should matter, but that's a little disconcerting if he can just keel making his staff into a more dangerous weapon from practically nothing.

"Really. So you're saying I should ignore you, a fragment based on stealth, to go after something else that may wind up being all bark and no bite?" Orb changes the positions of its four selves to give the fragment as little breathing room as possible, and starts shooting Persuasion Needles at 'Faith' to make it even harder to properly deflect the shot. As for me, I'm getting kinda annoyed at how stubborn it's being. It's not strong enough to take me on, it can't run via the Spirit World since I can attack it directly using the Core, or at least I should be able to.

He's still blocking the needles, but more and more slip through his guard. He's starting to tire out, and the needles piercing his form can't be helping his ability to maintain that guard in the slightest. "Yes. There are some of us who are nothing more than base instinct, unimpeded by logic and single-minded in focus. I was gathering power to elimiate the one in the Taoist's possession, but it seems that task has now fallen to you." More needles, less resistance.

"Somehow, I don't think broken fragments of a human soul can gain so much power that they can somehow match a Celestial or an Oni, since those are the only two youkai I've ever lost to." I recall one of Orb's orbs and kick it right into the gut of the collapsing fragment, causing it to burst into a shower of white Vulgar Spirits and a small, glowing fragment that's pitch black in color. I then throw the Core directly at it, making it absorb all of it.


Fragment 'Architect' acquired.
Fragment 'Faith' acquired.

'Architect' focuses on construction, be it simple buildings or intricate and delicate machines. At the stage it was defeated at, it fought using a wrench used to somehow bash things into being created, and a 10mm pistol that was generated from its spirit, thus making it non-lethal. It seems to emulate an American from the southern states in terms of speech patterns, and is fairly skilled at speaking. Its accent makes it hard to understand at times.

It is also occasionally taken by 'fey moods' as it were, and will sometimes lock itself into an appropriate workshop to build whatever it thought up and felt it couldn't ignore. It never seems to do this in battle. In addition, its primary form of defense lies in the creation of destructible Sentry options, though it's possible to create more permanent things as you gain power with this fragment.

'Faith' is a fragment based heavily on stealth and assassination, and cannot withstand concentrated fire for too long. Primarily attacks with thrown knives and a collapsible staff, but once again this is at its weakest state of bring. Higher levels would presumably bring more unorthodox, yet more effective methods of attack. In addition, it's capable of masking its presence to other fragments, and can reduce the effectiveness of spiritual detection.

It seems to be strongly connected to one Byakuren Hijiri for whatever reason. Further examination of its experiences reveals that there was no coercion involved, and that the monk took it under her wing after saving it from an early dissipation. Fiercely loyal to her and her alone due to it being the personification of faith, but should not affect Core performance.

[X]Accept 'Architect' as your base personality.
[X]Accept 'Faith' as your base personality.
[X]Discard both possible power routes and empower Desire further.


When I say 'discard', I mean you're only tossing away the possibility of gaining the powers and possibility offered by that particular fragment. You're not destroying Wade's personality at all. Also, each successive personality fragment added as is to a base will alter your skill set slightly, while lastly you can discard any new abilities in favor of making your current abilities stronger.
>It is also occasionally taken by 'fey moods' as it were, and will sometimes lock itself into an appropriate workshop to build whatever it thought up and felt it couldn't ignore.
Dwarf Fortress option is best option!

[X] Accept 'Architect' as your base personality.
[X]Discard both possible power routes and empower Desire further.

Because wild card option.
[x] Discard both possible power routes and empower Desire further.

May change my vote later depending...

So, if we accept one as our base personality, will we get another option to take on a specific trait from the other? Or will we lose one if we pick the other? Or is it possible to neither increase desire nor take on a base personality and just pick powers from both?
>Spoiler bits
I almost wish we'd gone that path now. Oh well.

[X]Discard both possible power routes and empower Desire further.
Eeeh, i'm kinda torn. I really want Faith's stealth and such, but chances are that wont help in the long run... i'm most likely going to regret this.

[X]Discard both possible power routes and empower Desire further.
[X]Accept 'Faith' as your base personality.
[X]Discard both possible power routes and empower Desire further.

Geomancer class, best class. Pretty sure it won't be picked, but I'll wait for it anyway.
[X]Accept 'Faith' as your base personality.
Avoiding spiritual detection.
[X]Discard both possible power routes and empower Desire further.
if we accept 'faith' as a base personality we could probably just sneak up on an enemy while Reimu is fighting them and stab 'em.
[X] Accept 'faith' as a base personality discard 'architect' and empower 'faith'
[X]Accept 'Architect' as your base personality.

This is an option. All craftwritefagship is of the highest quality. It is encrusted with Awesome, and encircled with bands of Win. This option mencaes with spikes of Gun. On this option is an image of a MC and a turret. The MC is building the turret. The image relates to the MC's victory over numerous future fragments.
[X]Discard both possible power routes and empower Desire further.
[X] Discard both possible power routes and empower Desire further.

Rule of Three.
[X]Discard both possible power routes and empower Desire further.
[X]Discard both possible power routes and empower Desire further.

Bandwagon away!

The first option. The base personality can be modified by adding different personalities to it, something the voters have control over.


I wouldn't underestimate a fragment, no matter how weak its ability may seem. Reimu has 'The ability to Float' after all, and we know that translates into the powerful Fantasy Heaven.


I feel Reimu open up the orb she had stuffed me into, allowing me to flow back out once I had decided on a course of action. Instead of grabbing power directly from those fragments, I decided to just up and empower myself further with both those fragments, and the Vulgar Spirits they had absorbed. I'm not in any particular danger of vanishing, not to mention that I feel that I won't be a liability in battle anymore. I reform in a matter of seconds, and note that I appear to be quite a bit more tangible than I was prior to now. "That much change with so little reclaimed? Truly, Gensokyo is the land of monsters." My voice? That silky-smooth, masculine tone is my voice? How did... 'Faith' might have done that, but 'Berserker' just roared, and 'Architect' spoke in a southern drawl...

The shrine maiden raises an eyebrow at me, and seems genuinely surprised by the form I've taken. I hadn't even noticed it, but I'm now wearing a fairly loose pair of midnight blue slacks with a tight-fitting azure shirt to contrast it. The shirt is bound up around the stomach and the arms with the same bandaging 'Faith' had, and for some reason I'm wearing a bracelet made from Lapis Lazuli. I'm just as surprised as the shrine maiden really, since I didn't think I had the figure to pull something like this off. Still, it's a nice change of pace. Better than being a half-tangible ghost that can barely hold its form. I suppose my knowing a bit more about this land makes sense too, what with each fragment experiencing a bit of it all its own.

I notice the archiver walk in and survey the damage. She seems to be annoyed at the bits of debris everywhere, but at the same time relieved that the measures I put in place to keep her scrolls from harm had worked without a hitch, and remained despite my absorbing 'Architect' and discarding the potential gain from it. ...Then again, I have to wonder whether anything is truly lost in this particular path. Buried, maybe, but lost is in question. "At least the scrolls I wanted to keep safe managed to stay that way..." Akyuu finally lays eyes on me, and can't seem to make heads or tails of what I am. She knows me as 'Architect', but not as whatever this is. Instead of wasting more time, she chooses to ask directly. "Alright, just who are you? Before this fight, you were a builder, now you look like that peculiar assassin that's practically attached to Byakuren's hip. I admit that there's some discrepancy, but not enough to just dismiss you as someone else."

She then turned to Reimu with an annoyed look. "And you. You weren't here because you were interested in my work, you just wanted to pick a fight with those fragments that had been bothering you so much recently." She crossed her arms as though to demand an answer, but I do feel as though her anger is ultimately misplaced.

"You shouldn't get angry with her. I am the one responsible for all of this." Rather than let the miko have a chance to speak, I step in to take what responsibility I can. She's only doing her job after all.

"How so?" I seem to have her attention at the very least.

"Those beings you have seen, the ones who seem to differ yet appear so similar? They are all fragments of my soul, which had been shattered previously. I don't know how or why it happened, but I do know that it's not fair to blame Reimu for something I was responsible for." I seem to annoy her further with my words, but manage to pique her interest at the same time. She really doesn't know how to approach this, and may very well have never experienced this sort of thing before. "The fragments you've seen most often would be 'Sentinel' the Hollow Guard, 'Architect', the one responsible for your scroll's current level of protection, and 'Geodancer', who masquerades as an assistant to one Keine Kamishirasawa while spending the rest of her time attuning herself to the elements to further her power. Correct?"

She sighs and rubs her forehead, a sign that seems to indicate that she believes that I know more about what's going on than she does. "Yes, that is correct. I'm still not happy with Reimu for lying to get in here, and less still with you, but you seem to be sincere enough. Just help me clean this mess up before it dries, and if there's still time before nightfall, I'd like to hear what you know about all this. In all my reincarnations, I think I can safely say that I've never met someone like you." She procures some manner of solvent to a cloth and starts mopping the ink-stained wood floor with it. "That's not meant as a compliment, by the way."

She doesn't talk much at all throughout the cleaning, possibly because she's mentally preparing herself for an interview with me. She did seem to indicate that it's an optional thing, but I have no idea how she would treat this. Her silence does make the act of cleaning up the spilled ink and shredded parchment easier, but I do find myself wishing I had a vacuum cleaner or something. Some of the writing implements were destroyed as well, so there were plenty of small bits to pick up. Thankfully, she has a broom, the wood floor is smooth, and she has a sliding door that leads right outside from this room. It's a slow process that winds up taking up most of the day, but better to leave on speaking terms rather than make someone get mad at me.

"Haah..." The archiver sets the last ink-soaked cloth into the empty washbasin we had been tossing each used cloth into, and it's surprising just how many we had gone through. ...Then again, the battle broke more than a few ink bottles, and this was probably the kind of stuff one would use to ensure that their writing wouldn't fade no matter what. She stretched once she stood back up, and looked to me. "It's not often that I see someone so willing to set right what had once gone wrong. While you did cause this mess, I would like to thank you for helping me clean this up. It would have taken days I don't have if it had dried."

I don't bother with stretching or anything like that since I don't have any physical muscles to cramp. "It's the least I can do to make it up to you."

She smiled at that, though she tried to hide it by putting one of her long sleeves in front of her mouth. "Even less often that someone takes his pen-nance so seriously. So with that, I'll call it even and..." She finally catches sight of the sky outside. It's getting close to sunset now, so there would probably be little time to get back to the shrine. "Well, I was about to say that I would invite you to stay for a cup of tea, but since I held you up this long I may as well invite you to stay the night."

"Wouldn't that be troublesome for you?" I am, of course, considering the two surviving fragments that may act while I sleep, assuming I even need sleep.

"Not really. Keine will probably come to investigate what's going on, and..." Once again she falls silent, but for an entirely different reason. Leaning on the wall is one Hakurei Reimu, sound asleep in the most silent manner possible. Had she not chosen to lean against the barrier, odds are good we both would have missed her. "One moment, will you?" She walks over to the miko with the most serene smile... and kicks her in the shin so hard that not only does she wake up, but the archiver is sent flying by a barrage of paper charms shot at her while the miko falls flat on her face. It seems that she's far from vulnerable when asleep. "Ow..."

"Augh! For the love of Shinki, what are you- ow -doing?!" She's busy hopping on one leg while trying to massage the sore part of her shin. Something tells me that it would take a fair amount of force to make her hurt in those places, meaning that either Akyuu is stronger than she looks, or her rage was great enough to where she was able to do damage regardless.

Akyuu gets up from the floor once again, and seems to be more than a little annoyed. "Punishing you for being such a lazy shrine maiden when it's clear that someone else needed help." Her tone is completely flat, yet her expression is one of tranquil fury. I doubt she can do much more now that Reimu is awake, but she probably won't stop fuming for a while yet. She turned to me once again. "Regardless, I would like to extend an invitation for you to stay the night. I can understand if you don't want to stay, but I do hope we can start off on the right foot."

[X]Accept her offer.
[X]Decline and head back to the shrine.
[X]Accept her offer.
[X]Accept her offer.
Way I see it there's no real reason to refuse.
[X]Accept her offer.

Sure, why not?
[x] Accept her offer.

And then the others start to move.

'Twould be awesome to see Sentinel and Geodancer form a team.
[x] As you can see, Reimu is already well-rested. We need to find my fragments as soon as possible.
[x] Accept her offer. But try to see if you've gained any new abilities or knowledge from the fragments.
[X]Accept her offer.
(the first story needs some proof checking: lots of typos)

Meh, probably not going to touch my first run again if I can help it.


"I'm hard pressed to find a reason to decline. Making a run to the shrine this close to dusk would be troublesome to say the least, though not because of the other fragments." In truth, I seriously doubt I require rest, or anything else a human needs to continue functioning correctly. It would be rude to refuse an offer made in such a manner, however, especially since Akyuu seems to be quite sincere about ensuring that there's nothing negative between us. I do feel the need to point out the obvious though. "On the other hand, my presence here may very well attract more fragments to this location. It may not pose that big of an issue to you in the end, but their total lack of cooperation would likely devistate this household. I would hate to sour things when we're supposed to be getting off on the right foot."

Akyuu merely shrugs in response, and maintains that smile of hers. "That's not really an issue. I didn't get to finish what I was saying earlier due to a lazy shrine maiden, but Keine will most likely come by to see what's happened and why. I doubt anyone will even think about trying to follow through with what happened here once she does." She turns away from me while making a beckoning motion, then walks away. I follow her, matching her pace perfectly. "...Oh, I suppose I could extend that hospitality to Reimu as well, assuming you want anything to do with me."

I turned to look at the Hakurei maiden, and could tell that she's torn between the two options. She could take up the diminutive archiver's offer and sleep over for the night, but there's some part of her that seems to be screaming for an immediate refusal and swift retreat. I can't think of a good reason for why she'd be so quick to turn down another's hospitality.

"Reimu, is there something wrong?" I voice the obvious question, but I make sure to use a tone that more or less lets her know that I'm not going to drop the issue until I get an answer. I'm far from certain about how well that would work, but...

"Oh, that?" Akyuu answeres before the miko can, though she doesn't stop. "She didn't want me to draw her for my book."

"You wanted to draw porn of me! No girl with any decency would allow that, especially not for something you planned to distribute!" Ah. An indecent request would strain relationships a fair bit. I notice that Reimu had closed the distance in less than a second, practically teleporting next to us both as she states her reason. She's red in the face from the potential embarrassment, and from the rage she's feeling. ...Strange, I didn't think I could glean that much with such certainty from just a look. Perhaps my chosen power path has more benefits than I first anticipated.

The archiver put one of her oversized sleeves to her mouth again to hide the smile, and while I can tell that she didn't quite have the miko's best interests at heart, distribution wasn't what she desired. "Distribute~? Who said anything about selling such a priceless work to people? That would have been part of a private collection." ...Despite every indication that would have said otherwise, this doesn't have any immediate sexual undertones. She seems to regard the miko as beautiful, but doesn't see her as an object or relationship material. She sees the request as a chance to archive purity in its greatest form. She could have worded it better, however.

"Even so...!" I get the feeling that this may not be the safest place to stand, but the miko has managed to restrain herself from visiting great harm upon the archiver, even if only barely. She has a good reason to refuse, but perhaps she's considering staying now? ...Ooooh, that's... "Ugh, I'm just gonna go home, but before I do..." She steps close to me, then scribbles something onto one of the paper charms she carries around with her. Once she's done so, she slaps it onto my shoulder. "I wamt to make sure I can haul your phantasmal carcass back to the shrine in case of an emergency. The last thing I want to have happen is for you to get blown apart and added to a fragment's power pool."

She doesn't regard me as more than an annoyance, and does see me as something more along the lines of a tool to end the incident, but something tells me she wouldn't do it like this if she didn't care on some level, however small. "I didn't think you'd get that attached that quick." ...I can't help but tease her about this, even though it's pretty obvious that this isn't what she meant.

"Yeah, yeah, just try not to get into any more trouble tonight. And Akyuu, if I find out you molested him in his sleep, I'm going to tie you up and let Mima blast you. I'd normally suggest tossing you to Yukari, but you'd probably enjoy it." Reimu turns away from the both of us and starts to walk off once she's done talking. "See you tomorrow morning. I'll come pick you up at dawn, so you better be ready to get back to work come morning." And with that, she practically vanishes.

Akyuu seems quite disappointed by this turn of events, both because of the threat and the fact that her target ran away so fast. "That's something of a shame. I would have liked the chance to talk with her more about some new possibilities~" Note to self: Do not show this girl any more skin than what has already been presented to her, assuming that would stop her. "Now that I think about it, does a spirit like yourself even need to eat? ...Or sleep for that matter? I wouldn't mind talking with you, but if there's something else you want to do..."

[X]I know myself better than anyone, but Akyuu knows the land. Talk to her for a while.
[X]Spend some time getting information out of her, then take some time to see just what you can do. Powers, memories, physical appearances, examine it all.
[x] Spend some time getting information out of her, then take some time to see just what you can do. Powers, memories, physical appearances, examine it all.

I like where we're headed, being able to read hearts desires like this. If we keep going further, would we even be able to grant them?
[X]I know myself better than anyone, but Akyuu knows the land. Talk to her for a while.

Not even for a Epilogue?
[X]Spend some time getting information out of her, then take some time to see just what you can do. Powers, memories, physical appearances, examine it all.

>>32514 wants a word with you.

[X]Spend some time getting information out of her, then take some time to see just what you can do. Powers, memories, physical appearances, examine it all.

It seems Desire lets us read people easier? I guess thats pretty cool. It reminds me of a certain something though...
I never asked for this.
[X]I know myself better than anyone, but Akyuu knows the land. Talk to her for a while.

Do want pervert Akyu. I bet Geodancer will show up with Keine. Hopefully it won't be hostile.
[X]Spend some time getting information out of her, then take some time to see just what you can do. Powers, memories, physical appearances, examine it all.
That only covers Wade and Yukari and only somewhat at that. It doesn't cover the other characters and what become of them. Some of us want to know if Ben and Youmu end up a couple or not.
Use your ~imagination~. Stories would never end if we kept asking writers to tell us every little thing.
I hope this story doesn't have a ton of OCs. Just Wade and Touhou cast.
[X]I know myself better than anyone, but Akyuu knows the land. Talk to her for a while.

this Akyuu is fun. Let's keep going with her.
[X]I know myself better than anyone, but Akyuu knows the land. Talk to her for a while.

Pissing against the tide.
[X]Spend some time getting information out of her, then take some time to see just what you can do. Powers, memories, physical appearances, examine it all.



Wade doesn't run on cheap batteries though.


Hate to break it to you, but that hope's going to get crushed pretty quick. This isn't a simple 'Wake up in Gensokyo' deal, no matter how much it may look like it.


"I'd actually enjoy talking with you for a bit. You must know a few things about the land that I don't, such as the races that inhabit this land, various locations, relations between parties, ect." I fall into line next to her and begin to answer her questions in the order of how important they are to me. "As for food, I gain sustenance from the various Vulgar Spirits and Divine Spirits that I happen to come across. I have no idea how that works, only that it does, so there's little point in asking for specifics. Sleep... I don't think I need it, but I will require some time to sort myself out later."

The archiver leads me off to one of her sitting rooms, and directs me to sit down across from her. "That's interesting to hear... You feed off desires, but you don't know how or why..." She puts her sleeve to her mouth in thought for a moment or two before remembering that I did in fact have questions of my own. "Ah! My apologies, your nature simply piqued my interest, that's all. I'll explain things the best I can, though I don't know everything there is."

"It's fine. Explain what you can." I opt to sit cross-legged in front of the low table while giving Akyuu my full attention. I'm not that worried about getting attacked at this point since I'm far enough ahead of the other fragments, so I don't pay quite as much attention to my convenient radar as I might have.

"Alright then, I'll start with the Hakurei Shrine since you seem to know some things about it already.The Hakurei clan is responsible for keeping the peace in Gensokyo while maintaining the border that keeps us isolated and safe from the Outside world. You've met Reimu already, so I'll just skip ahead to the part where I tell you that she's probably not going to let you off the hook at all. Your fragments have been driving her up the wall for the last month or so." She pulls out what appears to be a large, leather-bound book and flips it open to what must be the appropriate page while she speaks. "...But something tells me you already knew that, so I'll move on to the more important parts. There are a few other residents in the shrine, such as Sariel, the Angel of Death, the evil god Mima, Suika, one of the four devas of the mountain, and Ruukoto, a nuclear-powered maid."

I nod in response to that. I figured Sariel must be someone important, but the Angel of Death? That's someone to be cautious around. The rest kind of surprise me though, since unless one of my fragments are wrong, those are all the kind of things the Hakurei should keep away from her shrine, not allow to live there.

"Those five are basically Gensokyo's first and last defense in the event of an incident, and are generally regarded warmly by the various other groups even if there seems to be no good reason for it." She flips the pages of the book a few more times, eventually coming to a stop on what appears to be a map of the land. She turns it around and shows it to me. "The Hakurei Shrine is located here..." She puts her finger down on the hill I know the shrine is located on. "The other places of note are the Scarlet Devil Mansion..." Then the mansion on the lake I had been to mere hours ago. "The Forest of Magic..." Once again her finger shifts, this time circling a large swath of land. "The Bamboo Forest of the Lost, and Eientei inside of it..." Another circling motion followed by a pinpoint. "The entrance to Makai..." That's startlingly close to the human village. How in the world does that go unnoticed? "The Blood Lake..." Another shift...

Something stirs in my mind upon hearing those words. ...Worry? I need to visit that place the next time I have time to do so.

"...to Mugenkan..." And I shifted attention back just in time to catch another name I should look into. "The Prismriver Mansion..."

This area listing lasted for a few minutes, but by the time she was done I had cataloged every point of interest in this sealed land, while learning that this place seems to wrap around itself under normal circumstances. As in, you could fly out past the Hakurei Shrine and wind up on the other side of the world map without meaning to. Aside from that, she helpfully provided a map of this small world for my own personal use, something I was grateful for since while I did know the general location of each fragment, I did not know the exact location of each one or what each place would be like.

"And that's pretty much everything there is logistics-wise." She looks up to me after explaining the last location she knew of, that one being Mayohiga. Apparently one can't get to it unless you get truly lost, which means it should be difficult at best for me to get there in the event that a fragment somehow took up residence there. "Want me to continue with the residents of those areas, or shall we save that for tomorrow?"

"I would appreciate at least a rundown of those people tomorrow." Nothing to do but speak about it in a straightforward manner.

Akyuu nods in response, and stands back up. "You'll be off doing whatever it is you planned on doing?" I respond in exactly the same way. "Then I'll go ahead and lead you to a guest bedroom. From the sounds of things you wouldn't need what I could offer you as far as food goes, so the least I can do is make sure you've got a quiet place to reflect."

"Thank you. I will make a point of telling you how I work if I ever find out, as that seems to be the least I can do." I can feel a light tug coming from the direction of the archiver's front door, but choose to ignore it for now. I'm sure that I can bring it down if it tries anything, so there's little reason to worry about that. There's plenty of reason to worry about the collateral damage though, so in the event of an attack I should probably take it outside. "You also seem to have guests."

"I do?" The archiver stops in front of a door leading off to one of her guest bedrooms, and from the looks of things it hasn't been used much. It's been kept tidy though, so there must be more people around than just Akyuu. "Then go ahead and make yourself comfortable, and I'll talk to them. If it's who I think it is, I'd like to introduce you to her a little later on."

I bow once to her, going perhaps a bit too low since she seems rather surprised when I pull back up. Whether it's because I bent further than a normal human should have been able to or whether it's because I put my head to the floor is up to interpretation. "I will, and hopefully I can meet this someone without incident." I offer a small smile as I walk in and close the door behind me.

I wait until I'm sure she's gone before sitting down with my back to the wall, then focus on myself. There's a fair bit of information between the three fragments, not to mention what Akyuu just gave me. There's also the large number of spirits inside me, so perhaps...

Overlay Initiated

...Amazing. The Vulgar Spirits I've gathered haven't truly dissipated, and instead form sort of a bubbly 'wall' that drowns out the room I'm in. Each one has a tiny voice speaking its desire, but it's so quiet, and the sources so numerous, that it simply sounds like a low hum. I happen to ignore those in favor of looking over everything I have, and to my complete lack of surprise I find that I'm missing all but three of the fragments. However, the overlay provides an interesting insight all on its own: It displays the various missing bits as files. It made a list of all of them, so it's an easy thing to go through and see just how much I'm missing.

Thought the more I look, the more I feel unnerved. Not only am I missing so much of myself, it seems that even the core consciousness has been compromised. I exist as merely one half of the whole, with the other half existing somewhere beyond the Blood Lake. At least, that's where the severed connection leads. I feel chills go down my spine as I keep going down the list, as the more I read the more I find wrong here. I lack information on what attacked me, but according to this not all the fragments were expelled into Gensokyo. Some flowed back toward my other half and subsequently merged with that half, save for perhaps one or two fragments.

Worrying though that may be, I turn away from that data and open up the dossier on 'Faith' since he was the most persistent, not to mention the most stubborn out of the three so far. That and he said something about the Taoists being in possession of a fragment with a single purpose... A worrying concept all on its own, but one made worse by the fact that there are most likely people here who could take advantage of me in such a state. Though what they would do is beyond me.

I notice that 'Faith' seemed to keep some kind of internal diary, so I open that and begin to read.

Taoist group is in possession of Fragment 'Transcendence', threat level has been raised accordingly. Potential targets: Yoshika Miyako (Prioritize the next target if both are encountered at once), Seiga Kaku (KILL HER FIRST. She will simply revive Yoshika until she is incapacitated. She is also the one behind 'Transcendence' operating with these people), Soga no Tojiko (Already dead. Procure sealing charms to deal with this one.), Mononobe no Futo (Beyond this one's reach for the time being, but evidence points to her immortality only being Type II or Type VII. She could possess Type V instead, but this is unlikely.), Toyosatomimi no Miko (Far beyond my reach at my current level. Possesses immortality similar to Futo's, but I can't be certain. Avoid contact at all costs until this self's power can match hers')

A hit list? Still, this gives me names.

Fragment 'Transcendence' is a simple-minded fragment that has only one purpose: To become more than it already is. It doesn't have a stopping point since it seems to embody the desire to evolve, and merely treats its current level of power as a benchmark instead of a point of termination in its program. Thus it's entirely possible that it can continue to feed off Toyosatomimi's supply of Divine Spirits until it's able to operate outside their will, but that's not an acceptable solution. If it grows beyond her control, it will most likely grow beyond anyone's ability to stop, thus it is the primary target. Eliminate this one above all others, even if Lady Byakuren forbids it.

...This explains a lot. I close that file since the rest seems to deal with the Myouren Temple's group, and while that information is invaluable, it's not going to help me all that much since I have no plans to interact with them at this point in time. Still, if something like that exists then perhaps I should direct the miko toward that fragment to nip that potential threat in the bud.

'Architect's profile doesn't offer anything terribly useful aside from a few blueprints, but I keep them on hand anyway since it's possible that I may run into someone who can make better use of them than I. As it stands I can't build anything specified in these things. 'Berserker' is even more useless, for obvious reasons.

That leaves the desire. There's nothing to not about them aside from their number, but at the same time they may prove to be useful. I should spend some time playing with that, then re-establish that link.

[X]How best to experiment with 'Desire'?


And here we go. The first opportunity to play around with a power that is, ironically enough, much like his original ability back in the first run, but scaled back to not be so goddamn broken. Feel free to do as you wish with it though.
[x] Focus. Try first to listen intently to all the individual desires. Learn what they are. Get to know them, distinguish between each and be able to call upon them when you need them.
-[x] Feel for a pull, or connection to any of them that you might be able to use. Determine the worth of each one, the weight of it and what it is capable of.
-[x] Can you shape these desires? Can they be realized? Can you see each one and form it into something more? Can you take from them and materialize anything? Are they useful, tangible by themselves without the need for such things?
-[x] Can you strengthen yourself through them? Could they be a power source to your body and its abilities? Could a part of you change depending on what you incorporated into your being?
[x] Experimentation later. You 'desire' to talk to Akyu and her guest now.
[X] >>33482

This vote.
[x] Focus. Try first to listen intently to all the individual desires. Learn what they are. Get to know them, distinguish between each and be able to call upon them when you need them.
-[x] Feel for a pull, or connection to any of them that you might be able to use. Determine the worth of each one, the weight of it and what it is capable of.
-[x] Can you shape these desires? Can they be realized? Can you see each one and form it into something more? Can you take from them and materialize anything? Are they useful, tangible by themselves without the need for such things?
-[x] Can you strengthen yourself through them? Could they be a power source to your body and its abilities? Could a part of you change depending on what you incorporated into your being?

Power doesn't mean much if one doesn't know how to use it.
[x] >>33482

I like this vote.

Go back to /th/
>>33485 Changing this vote to:

[x] Focus. Try first to listen intently to all the individual desires. Learn what they are. Get to know them, distinguish between each and be able to call upon them when you need them.
-[x] Feel for a pull, or connection to any of them that you might be able to use. Determine the worth of each one, the weight of it and what it is capable of.
-[x] Can you shape these desires? Can they be realized? Can you see each one and form it into something more? Can you take from them and materialize anything? Are they useful, tangible by themselves without the need for such things?
-[x] Can you strengthen yourself through them? Could they be a power source to your body and its abilities? Could a part of you change depending on what you incorporated into your being?

Bro, I have only been involved in one /th/ thread, when I was but a wee newfag, and I am fairly sure it is long dead now....
Perhaps you have mistaken me for someone else? You need not be so hostile about my vote. Now that I look back at it, yes, it was somewhat...stupid? extraneous?, but at least it clearly shows me why I should not stay up late to write/ make write-ins. I lose track of the good in front of me, and thus I have changed my vote. If you where somehow offended by my old write-in, I am sorry.
You're Anonymous. You don't need to defend yourself.

If can be pretty hard to control the knee-jerk reaction to respond to any criticism, sometimes.
[x] Focus. Try first to listen intently to all the individual desires. Learn what they are. Get to know them, distinguish between each and be able to call upon them when you need them.
-[x] Feel for a pull, or connection to any of them that you might be able to use. Determine the worth of each one, the weight of it and what it is capable of.
-[x] Can you shape these desires? Can they be realized? Can you see each one and form it into something more? Can you take from them and materialize anything? Are they useful, tangible by themselves without the need for such things?
-[x] Can you strengthen yourself through them? Could they be a power source to your body and its abilities? Could a part of you change depending on what you incorporated into your being?
Sluggish of me, yeah, but here it is.


Since they're fleeting desires, it stands to reason that I might want to try listening to them. I conentrate on their whispers, but can't really differentiate one from the next. On the other hand, it is possible to listen in on the desires of just one spirit at a time... But the desires are largely asine and worthless, at least by my standards. It's as though each one manages to have one major purpose buried underneath some other tiny desire. If God exists, this must be what it's like to deal with one's followers every day.

That being said, I'm starting to figure out how to read between the lines. There is a basic desire to live in some of the stray spirits, which is the most important thing to me since that is what I can use the most easily. There are other desires as well, such as the desire for... bomb? That's an odd one. I have no idea what this one would do, but at this point I'm looking for any sort of attack or weapon that would benefit me in combat so that I won't be totally dependent on Reimu to get the job done. While it might be saner to do so, there's also the fact that I'd feel more than a little inadaquite if I let someone else deal with this incident in its entirety.

I pull together a few of these bomb desires... then a few more, and a few more after that... And I somehow make a blue cap with a cream-colored rim and puff on the top of said cap out of them. The desires themselves don't seem to be harmed in any way, though it seems like they're gone inactive. Maybe I've answered their desire? Who knows. I decide to put the cap on my head to see if it does anything interesting.

It seems like nothing happened, but there's sort of a nagging feeling at the back of my mind, as though I know how to use this but can't call on the imformation right off the top of my head. It's somewhat aggrivating, but ultimately a minor thing. If I can get a feel for how this particular power works, maybe I can get inventive with it and learn to do ever-crazier things with it. It's food for thought anyway. I decide to leave the cap on for the time being in the event that I hit an epiphany.

Sorting through the rest of the desires will certainly take a while, what with my only being able to deal with a small portion of them at a time. There's all manners of little desires in here, many are ultimately not important outside of being fodder to keep myself sustained until I can become whole again, though some actually look useful. I do have to wonder why in the world the bomb desires manifested as a hat. Is it just because I lack one? They do seem to be pretty common in Gensokyo. Mixing form and function maybe? I won't complain if that's the case.

My curiosity leads me to poke around the 'Desire to Live' a little. They're letting me live longer, and that might be something I don't want to mess with since I'm not sure what would happen if I use some in the manner I'm thinking about. Still, I have plenty and it's not like I can't just go out and collect more. The desire to live is a pretty common thing, something that I could quite literally walk out into the street to collect.

I figure that if I'm going to mess with making an attack of some sort, I may as well see if I can't make it to where I can take more hits. So I gather up some of the 'Desire to Live', concentrate on it, and try implementing the result into my own soul.

Once again the results are less than spectacular, but at the same time I get the feeling that I wouldn't be able to tell the difference until I actually picked a fight with someone. It's rather strange then, since while I'm not exactly interested in just up and trying to beat someone up, I'm still excited about the opportunity to do so, moreso now that I can actually attack. ...I might have been able to do so prior to this, but who knows?

...I do have the oddest feeling that I'm being moved, though I can't quite place why. I'm sure it can't be important, so I opt to ignore it in favor of working out more of these desires since they seem to be nothing short of a treasure trove of interesting things, albiet one with a bunch of fluff scattered amongst the good.

There's still the matter of the loose link that's drifting about. Earlier analysis indicated that this should connect me to the other half of my core conscience, so that's probably something I shouldn't leave alone if I'm going to muck about with my spiritual composition. Heck, it's enough like a computer program that it might cause problems if I change too much here without updating the other end periodically.
Getting moved about?
Uh oh...
[X] Make a note of meeting Byakuren later.

Hey, if Faith was so dedeicated to her at that time, maybe we should try finding out more about her.

And it can't hurt to let her know where Faith went, since apparently he hung around whenever he could.
yeah and we could get their help.
Do we have a vote here?

Because I can't think of anything to do, right now.

Anyone else got some ideas?
>Transcendence will keep seeking to grow stronger, all the time, and is in a place that generally won't get attacked by our other parts.

You know, reading this, I'm thinking we MIGHT want to nip this in the bud, as it were.
We did the same with Faith, and that guy wasn't super-focused on constantly growing stronger, with no end-goal in sight.

If we could end up putting him up against Reimu before he becomes an EX Boss, that'd be helpful, I think.
Good Shinki, I look away for a week and /shrine/'s stagnated. Weren't there other stories being written here at a respectable clip? Ah well, back to posting.


I know that I should figure out why I'm being moved since I'm pretty sure that Akyuu doesn't have the physical strength to even drag me across the room. Maybe this Keine individual might, but I doubt very seriously that she would have any reason to do this. ...It could be Byakuren, now that I think about it. Since 'Faith' has not returned to her and every fragment would bear some physical similarity to myself, it's possible that she mistook my sleeping form for that of the fragment's. I suppose our similar garb doesn't help, nor the fact that 'Faith' and I are simply two facets of the same gem.

If that's the case, I won't deal with it right now. There simply isn't a need.

Instead I look toward my other half at the end of this peculiar link. I could just ignore it, but there would be hell to pay for such an act of negligence. Better to sort my core self out now rather than create a scenario where one half of myself is driven partially insane from the influx of new data clashing with the percieved norm. This does mean a trip through... I don't quite know what to call it. It seems to be a small hole that leads to a land locked in an enternal night with a large crescent moon shining down, one that illuminates a sea of red flowers. I can't quite place my finger on it, but it feels familiar. I suppose that would make sense since I had to have arrived in this fantasy somehow, yet I feel a deep-rooted sense of dread as I approach.

There's something on the other side of this rabbit hole. What's left of my survival instinct is weakly protesting my approach, yet nothing really connects. Though apprehensive, I do not feel fear of any kind. Thus, I simply drift on through, utterly unconcerned with the consequences.

I get the feeling that since I lack a physical anchor on this side to keep me in the land of fantasy as I dream, I probably vanished the moment I moved into the dream realm proper. It is somewhat peculiar though. Despite the fact that I've left that world, there's still some ghostly strands keeping the hole open, almost as if a tunnel had formed between both ends. It does make the trip easier since I don't have to worry about getting lost in this particular space, and perhaps it would keep me from being detected by the residents? ...Not that I'd be anything of note to begin with. With that self-depricating thought, I float through the tunnel hovering above the flowers while admiring the way the moonlight lights up. It's about halfway through the trip that I notice something most peculiar: A girl with golden-blond hair standing amidst the flowers. That in itself set off my survival instincts, at least until I took a better look at her. Her eyes are of an unusual brownish-gold, as though the natural color was beginning to give way to something else. She's wearing a plain, long dress that is royal purple in color, and has a strange, poofy white hat atop her head. She is rather beautiful, though that may also be because of the setting. Having satisfied my curiosity and silenced those over-active alarms, I continue moving along, though I feel as though the girl in purple is staring at my barely corporeal form as I drift through the exit portal that leads to my physical body. Perhaps she tried to follow as well, but that's not terribly important. What is important is that I work out precisely what's wrong with me and why I split the way I did. Since one-hundred percent of the core data exists in one place, it should be a simple matter to merge with my other half and figure things out. I doubt I could actually act on anything I learn though, as I believe that I lack the power to do so.

I do note that the body seems to be laying on a soft, cloth material with a different sort of cloth layered on top. The head rests upon a foam object meant to conform to the shape of one's head and neck. A bed. That in itself wouldn't seem so strange since I recall that my physical self prefers this particular arrangement. The strange part comes in two forms. The second body laying beside me (alive, natural scent indicates female) and the fact that I feel a cap fit snugly on my head. Between the two, the latter interests me more since there's a chance that this means I am able to manifest some form of power now.

Thus, I feel that there are two ways to go about this.

[X]Keep sleeping and sort through my memories manually.
[X]Wake up and sort out my physical body. Check for things like the Bomb cap, physical negligence, ect.

[c]Keep sleeping and sort through my memories manually.

Tough choices, but I'll go with this one for now.
[x] Keep sleeping, collate memories.

Yukari approves sleeping longer.
[X]Keep sleeping and sort through my memories manually.
Waking up can wait for a while. My body's in need of sustenance and fluids, with a greater emphasis on the latter than the former, but so long as I remain unconcious, even partially, I should be able to ignore it for the time being.

With that little bit justified to a satisfactory degree, I get to work. My memories should shuffle back into place in time, yet the human brain is unreliable at best when it comes to recalling things in the short term. Needless to say, I consider this completely unacceptable. Stray thoughts start to trickle by at a pace slow enough for me to sort through, and I'm far from surprised that so much of it is so utterly mundane, not to mention not at all what I need. Names, locations, preferences, friends, family, pet... I would think that I could just fast-forward through the fluff, but given my state it would be folly to ignore anything coming through.

...But there's so much to sort through. Eighteen years of life seems to equate to an insane amount of data, and I'm trying to find five minutes worth at most. This wouldn't be a problem if it were a linear thing, but that's clearly an impossible desire. The individual still-frames of my life have literally shuffled around to where my physical body would have trouble recalling anything with clarity. Simple, rudimentary fucntion in this state is nothing short of a miracle in my books, though that shouldn't be an issue now that I've reconnected with my other 'half'. Literal half.

Ah, there's something. A small set of 'frames' trickle down toward me, frames that depict the sea of red flowers along with the crescent moon. Collecting the remaining 'frames' is simple enough once I hold a start point in my hand, so I wait. Countless stills float into my hands in the correct order until they start to white out. Eventually there's nothing but fading crumbles drifting toward me, but I saw something familiar in the frames leading up to that.

A woman in white with blonde hair done up in a ponytail with a big red ribbon, along with angelic wings. Yet I can't call her an actual angel. The sluggish survival mechanism got a much needed boost from my core becoming whole, which lead to my becoming somewhat frightened when I looked at this woman too long. It makes sense though, since she's not an angel so much as she's a white devil.

With morbid curiosity driving me, I flip through the stills in a manner identical to a flip book. The animation took a hit at first as a result, but the quality's good at least.


So this is the location, hm? I suppose activating a memory in this manner tricks my mind into thinking I'm dreaming, or else this is the most surreal memory I've ever experienced. Probably the latter.

The moon shines upon the world of red flowers with a gentle light as I drift through the world lazily. It's so peaceful that I manage to completely tune out everything but this calm world, letting the day's stress drift away like so much dust upon the wind. It wasn't a bad day as far as I was concerned since I spent most of that day out in the sun, but that was kind of ruined by Dylan showing up and being a douchebag about halfway through. You'd think that he had nothing better to do that irritate me every time we meet, but nooooo. If it weren't for the fact that Naomi was clinging to me as we walked through the crowds, I would have punched his teeth down his ugly neck. You swipe a guy's bike? You don't just up and brag about it to the guy you stole it from.

Wait, why am I thinking about any of this? Skip ahead!

...Which leads me to think that Naomi's training to become a modern ninja. That girl's got some issues disturbingly similar to my own, but chooses to take it out on society with her street art. I'm kind of jea-

Something feels off... Heat build-up? This is supposed to be my lucid dream, so why's there heat? Come to think of it, I should be with Kurumi right now, so why aren't I? Even if she's a dream creation, I don't want to keep her waiting. I tilt my head around to pin down the source, or try to anyway, and am rewarded with an unwelcome sight.

A woman in white drifting in the starless sky.

Something not of my dream that's been demanding that I leave, someone who shoots at me for no other reason that I'm there.

I dubbed her the 'White Devil'.

The reason? She has a penchance for massive lasers that tear apart my dreams with ease, often shocking me back to waking. I've grown to despise her, but nothing I do ever works. Somehow she stops every attack, ignores every word, and attacks even when it's clear I mean her no harm. "Get out of here, I don't need this crap from you right now!" I yell at her in an attempt to convey just how bad a mood I'm in right now.

She mouths something back as she changes the world around her, but all I hear is Japanese. She's surrounded by what looks like a carbon tube made of glowing bullets that's aimed right me, which is my cue to move. The pattern's tighter that what carbon tubing-
The last frame of the memory consists of agonizing pain and what can only be a laser. Since I don't feel the need to experience that twice, I stop the flip book short of its conclusion. I let it drift from my hand so that it can join the rest of my memories, then use that hand to snatch up another still that caught my eye. This one is of a naked woman with blond hair and bat wings sitting in front of me with her legs and her cum-soaked genitals spread wide for both our enjoyment. He 'come hither' glare certainly suggests that this isn't enough for her...

I'm moderately disgusted with myself now. I seriously dreamed up an ideal sex partner?

...Er, then again, most of what I thought of as nothing more than a dream turned out to be perfectly real. I let that memory drift down rather than dwell on it, but I get the feeling that that image will be on my mind for a while.

Since this trip into my own soul won't do me any more good, I decide to wake up. No sense in staying in my own head for pointless things when I need to get food in my stomach.

...Actaully, I just want to go back to Gensokyo for now, but I'll figure out what to do about that later. I have questions that need answers, and a hunger that needs sating. With that in mind I leave the impromptu diagnostic room and allow my mind to take manual control of my brain, something that clearly hasn't happened in a while.


Opening my eyes reveals a number of things: One, this Naomi person is clinging to me while fast asleep (she must have been crying too), I seem to have a log-colored dust bunny in the shape of a cat, and there's the fact that this isn't my room. It's a guest room Marine rarely uses for anything but storage space, so...

Ah, now I get it. Marine confronted my mother and blamed her outright for my condition since she and I seem to hate each other for some reason. My mother, not that overly-affectionate shopkeep. I'm rather attached to her since she's a good friend.

Blagh, nothing to do but deal with the day. Memories are auto-sorting now that I've viewed all that I want, so my mind will fill in the-

...Wow. It took my father, Naomi, a fist to the gut and two flashbangs to seperate my mother and Marine, and the latter still had the strength to haul me out fireman-style with the small addition of her hand on my ass. How lewd.

I'm getting side-tracked again. First and foremost, I slowly shift my cat off me... Figures. She wakes up, looks me in the eye and promptly starts purring with the intensity of a small watercraft. Rather than get off, she stands on my torso and Naomi's head and uses her fuzzy head to gently headbutt me in a strange display of affection. She licks me a few times before hopping off the bed and sauntering off somewhere, tail swaying side to side all the while. The artist awakes not long afterward.

She looks as though she were seeing a ghost. Eye's wide, face pale... Wait, pale is just her natural skin tone. She's just staring in utter disbelief then. "Wade!" She cries my name out once before hugging me with great intensity, kissing me right on the lips in the process. Yeah, that caught me off-guard just a tad. "You're back!" Is all she says after she breaks the kiss. "Do you think you're okay enough to move? The doctor said you were starting to suffer from atrophy..."

Well shit. There's another good reason for coming back then. I don't want to get Rigor Mortis or something like that.

[X]Force it. Something's gotta give and it isn't me.
[X]Baby steps. I just restored enough cognative function to think straight. Heaven knows if I can walk in this body.
[X]Wait, I have a cap. Why a cap?
[X]Baby steps. I just restored enough cognative function to think straight. Heaven knows if I can walk in this body.
[X] Baby steps. I just restored enough cognitive function to think straight. Heaven knows if I can walk in this body.

A thousand miles starts with one step, etc.
[X]Baby steps. I just restored enough cognative function to think straight. Heaven knows if I can walk in this body.
-[X]Try and get a conversation going with Naomi. Maybe she can help me get myself pieced together again.
Great. Now I already feel bad for Naomi for when we'll have to refuse her feelings.

[X]Baby steps. I just restored enough cognative function to think straight. Heaven knows if I can walk in this body.
"If I'm suffering from atrophy, then it doesn't matter if I want to walk or not. I have to put my body to use." I wait until Naomi's off me before shifting myself upright and swinging my legs around to where they're both hanging off the edge of the bed. "And as much as I hate to ask, could I have some help with this?" 'This' being the ingrained knowledge of how to walk, which my right leg seems to ignore in favor of trying to make my whole body lift off the ground.

She nods, and has me wrap my right arm around her shoulders without so much as a questioning look. I seriously need to make it up to her and my other friends later once I know for a fact that my life isn't going to fall apart again. "Ready?"

"As much as I'll ever be." One half wants to walk, one half wants to fly. If flying wins out, I'm going to have some serious explaining to do. ...Kind of like with the blue cap. Why hasn't anyone noticed it yet? Aside from a spontaneously appearing blue hat being overshadowed by my waking up from a near catatonic state.

I put my left foot out first, which works fine. My right foot doesn't seem to get that it's not supposed to try and drift, but flight seems to come to my right leg as easily as walking comes to the left. "Wade, what are you doing? You've never had a problem with walking before." The artist asks with one part annoyance mixed with three parts concern. Walking is stupidly easy for someone used to it, but my right leg is trying to defy gravity right now and seems to be winning. The problem is, one half walking and one half flying isn't going to get me anywhere.

The only thing I can do is shake my head. "I have absolutely no idea. All I know is that I'm hungry, thirsty, and immensely tired of being in such a screwed-up state." I lean on the somewhat shorter artist as I use her as a rather attractive cane to keep my forward momentum going, which sort of works. Right now my left leg is doing what I want while the right is still trying to fly, and I just want it to stop for right now. Flying unassisted in a fantasy land is one thing. Flying unassisted in a world where things like that are deemed impossible would just get me dissected by a bunch of Area 54 agents with too much time on their hands.

She must be considering whether or not to call in Marine to carry me, but I'd refuse it. I need to get my body back up to speed since I can't let it get this bad again if I can help it. She looks like she really wants to say something about this, yet she can't put her thoughts into words. Honestly, I can't blame her. Your close friend spontaneously goes into a coma that lasts for a day, then wakes up afterward to take care of necessary body functions like clockwork for months, all while having all the responsiveness of a zombie. A zombie that isn't hunting for the flesh of the living, anyway. And now said friend wakes up as himself with a strange cap on his head and can't walk right anymore.

Kind of like that Dollhouse show, but... Well, I was about to say more screwed up, but at this point I'd say I'm about even with some of that show's plot. Anyway, my point is that if Naomi were the one to suffer all this and I didn't know why, I'd want answers too. Problem is, she can't seem to put them to voice, and I don't want to have to relive the cause of this more than I already have. Especially since my story, despite being 100% true, is so outlandish that it would be nearly impossible to swallow. "I'll talk about this once we get to the breakfast table, so bear with me a bit longer."

That does nothing to set her at ease, but she does grip me a bit tighter. Poor girl. I'm tempted to hug her, pet her hair and tell her that everything's going to be okay, but not only would it be a massive lie, but I'd probably drag her down on top of me since my soul hasn't settled completely. ...Come on, stop looking like you're about to cry. I feel bad enough as is without feeling like I want to break down too.


A short while later and the two of us arrive at Marine's kitchen/dining room. It's kind of a weird arrangement, but her house is situated on the second floor of her shop, which has an odd layout to begin with. Sitting at the table are the two other people I consider friends, Marine and Ben. The former being 23-24, taller than myself, a generous figure, seafoam green eyes (not gonna ask how that pigment occured without contact lenses), and brown hair that comes down to her shoulder blades. Her overall appearance is more complex, but give me a break, I'm having a crisis here! Ben's sitting opposite her, and has blond hair, brown eyes (I always thought that was weird personally. Blue would work better for him), and a well-toned body covered by a beach sand-colored fencer's jacket, tough (material-wise, not appearance), blue denim jeans, and white sneakers, of all things. The former runs a curio shop and lives by herself, though she's relocated me to her house two months prior, while Ben's a 19-year old..
...college student who's got about three years of head start against my whopping zero. He's a history major who wants to study and learn about various types of sword styles, and uses Fencing to better both his body and understanding of the style. It's kind of fun to jab at his love of archaic methods of war, just like how he'll jab at me about my love of mythology. ...At least his love didn't bite him in the ass yet.

Breakfast spread is fairly simple, just some very fluffy scrambled eggs with buttered toast and water on the side. It's not as though I couldn't handle anything heavier, but Marine's probably justified somewhat by the fact that my rudimentary upkeep hasn't been kind to my body. My walking in while using Naomi as a crutch probably didn't help matters much.

"You really are awake..." Ben, short for Benjamin, stares at me in utter disbelief. Can't blame him though, not with the way I've been. Everything I said about Naomi wanting answers and most likely not believing the outlandish truth applies to him and Marine as well.

"Welcome back to the land of the living!" Marine clasps her hands in her lap, which has the noticable and intentional effect of pushing her breasts together. Her eyes are teary as well, so her closed eyes definitely add to her overall appearance, and is more than enough to make my throat feel like there's a lump in it.

"Glad to be back. I seriously missed you guys." More like I retroactively started missing you guys, but things are tense enough as is. I don't need to drop a bigger bombshell than what I already intend to hit them with.

The artist helps me to a seat before taking one herself, at which point she asks the one question on everyone's mind, and quite possibly the first of many. "Do you know what happened to you?"

I'm going to have to think this one out carefully.
>Wade thinking Kurumi was just a dream

isn't it sad?
Blah, I hate having to deal with a new house. You have to set everything up yourself, fix the place up, and start all over if you happened to have any fruit trees and the like.


"I think so, but it's absolutely absurd." Then again, my state of being is rather absurd right now, what with my body trying to half-fly, half-walk and somehow succeeding at it. Screw it, I'll just tell it as it is. "You know how I was practicing lucid dreaming? Apparently at some point I started drifting into some kind of dream world that wasn't the product of my imagination, but someone else's. After about a month of this the being that created said world decided to see what would happen if she took my mind and broke it into little pieces, which is why I've been a living zombie for the last month or so." Brief pause for more water since my throat's just a tad too dry for my liking... "And I've only just started to pick up the pieces."

Yes, I am aware of just how absurd that is, you people don't need to stare at me with such dumbfounded expressions.

"That sounds like the plot of..." Marine speaks first, though she's finding it difficult to put her thoughts into words.

"A SMT game?" Naomi offered up her comparison.

"Some kind of surreal novel?" Ben couldn't resist either.

"A bad fanfic?" I couldn't help but deliver that in a deadpan tone.

"I was going to say it kind of reminded me of Avatar and it's mind-transfering between two bodies deal, only without the idiotic plot. If it were SMT, this would involve a lot more demons and eventually end with a high body count and a largely ruined world." The shopkeep looks rather thoughtful as she puts entirely too much thought into this. ...Though truth be told, I welcome this little bit of normal before I inevitably shuffle my way back to Gensokyo. "As for the novel idea, nothing comes to mind but I'm sure there's something. And for the bad fanfic idea? Probably not. The concept seems a bit weird, but it's not like you're inserting yourself in an established canon and mucking things up."

Maybe I should leave out the part where I had sex with a rather hot vampiress. "I admit, I wasn't expecting such casual reactions from you guys, but I do appreciate it."

"Panicking won't help though, will it?" Ben crosses his legs under the table to shift his weight around a little, and his expression happens to be neutral as he speaks. "From the sounds of it there isn't really anything we can do to help you directly, and I think I speak for all of us when I say that we could use a break from the weirdness."

Naomi nods in assent. "You've got that right. I'm still worried, but I'd rather make the most of the time we have rather than pull my hair out." Don't make it sound like I'm about to die, dammit.

"Shall we head out then? It looks like we're all done here, and I can afford to take a day off from being a shopkeep, and the two of you have today all clear." The shopkeep seems to be in a better mood than before, and I can most certainly agree with her statement. I've could use some familiar sights right about now.

"Isn't he supposed to..." Ben starts up, but quickly fell silent.

"Screw those quacks! They haven't been able to do anything, whether it's diagnosing the problem or fixing it. I'll give them a courtesy call to cancel the appointment, but I'm not wasting the day letting those shrinks look him over yet again." Geeze Marine, got something against psychiatrists? Not that I can blame her, but trying to use a shrink to fix this is like trying to use a flathead screwdriver to screw in a hexagonal bolt. You'll just frustrate yourself.

"Actually, today's the physical." The fencer picks up again, undaunted at his friend's firey response to what she thought he was going to say.

The shopkeep takes out her iPad to check the calendar, then promptly blushes. "Oh, whoops. In that case, it might not be a bad idea to go since I'd like some peace of mind over how much he can physically exert himself." For various reasons, no doubt.

"It's just muscle weakness, isn't it? I think Wade will be fine so long as we don't go overboard." ...And the artist seems to like the idea of going to a hospital about as much as Marine likes the idea of wasting a few hours at a shrink.

"It's up to you though." Ben turns to me to specify who he's talking to, though he's also doing it to override the other two.

[X]Eh, just head out to have some fun.
-[X]Head out for the costal town.
-[X]The city will have somee leisurely pursuits, even if it doesn't look like it.
[X]Err on the side of caution and get a look-over. It's in the city and won't take long.
[X]We need to go somewhere? Just relax here and catch up, maybe put some weight behind your explanation.
[X]We need to go somewhere? Just relax here and catch up, maybe put some weight behind your explanation.
[X]Err on the side of caution and get a look-over. It's in the city and won't take long.
[X]We need to go somewhere? Just relax here and catch up, maybe put some weight behind your explanation.
[X]Err on the side of caution and get a look-over. It's in the city and won't take long.

After one month of neglect, he really needs the physical to make sure he isn't screwed up in ways other than the muscle atrophy.
[X]Err on the side of caution and get a look-over. It's in the city and won't take long.
Going to tiebreak. Moving around a bit, getting to ground ourselves in the real world before jumping back into dreams. It generally helps.
>SMT reference
Been reading that story in /th/, eh?
As much as I'd like to just up and dismiss the notion of spending time at a hospital for a check-up, I couldn't just ignore the possibility that my barely-functional mind hadn't been taking proper care of my body for the month or two I had been out of it. "Let's go. It shouldn't take too long to get checked out, and it's not like we won't have time to do other stuff afterward." Though I really do hope that half-floating deal sorts itself out before we get there. I really don't want to try and explain why my body has decided to just up and ignore the laws of physics.

"Haaaah... Let's go then. The sooner we get this done and over with the sooner we can get back to a normal life." Naomi let out a sigh at my response, but helped me up anyway. It felt kind of irritating to have to be helped up from a chair, but something tells me that any and all attempts to do so myself would have resulted in my knocking something over. ...Case in point as one of my arms decides to drift rather than fall to my side. Thankfully it's harder to tell since I can just sway it as I walk.

Marine simply grinned. "Normal is just a matter of perception." Was all she offered as she grabbed her car keys off from a nearby shelf. "Though I could have done without the 'Night of the Living Dead' routine. I was convinced that you turned into a zombie and were simply confused as to what you were supposed to do." She makes good time down the stairs, quite possibly to avoid any form of retaliation I might have been urged to deliver upon her for that. Fortunately I didn't really feel like it.

"Actually, I'm kind of surprised that no one brought up the obvious reason for our worry. Do you think a doctor would just let a patient walk out when he's spending about half the time floating?" Ever the voice of reason in all this, Ben points out the one glaring flaw in taking me anywhere. Namely the fact that I'm doing some impossible things right now and that the world at large would not take the revelation that I'm doing said impossible things very well at all.

"That's part of why I don't want to go." The artist isn't exactly dragging her feet, but it's clear she's not all that keen on the idea.

"It comes down to one of two things then: Either I go and get checked out, which runs the risk of the doctor looking me over deciding that my floating about is something 'wrong'" Said with quotation marks since I'm hardly against the concept of defying gravity. "and wants to keep me around, or I ignore my physical state and run the risk of ignoring a major issue. I don't know all there is to know about anatomy, but I'm pretty sure spending almost every day off my feet could cause blood clots in the legs."

"I know... It just feels like we're stuck with two bad ideas and are trying to justify why one is worse than the other. We just got you back and it would royally suck if you disappeared again." I can hardly argue with that logic, and I get the feeling that all three of my friends considered the possibility of something unpleasant happening regardless of what path we take. I think the shopkeep hasn't shown any concern simply because she's already made up her mind and is willing to take the risk as well as do what it takes to ensure that whatever we do doesn't blow up on us. I mean, she decided to pluck me out of my parent's house and confronted my mother about her treatment of me while I was out of it.

The fencer didn't have anything to add to that, and simply followed us to the shopkeep's car.


Thus, the four of us are sitting in Marine's car on the way to the hospital. The shopkeep is driving, the fencer is sitting on the passenger side, and the artist is sitting next to me. It's a pretty nice day out all considering, what with the sky being partly cloudy and the weather cool for this time of the year. Most of the trip was spent on idle chatter to try and keep things from delving too far into the weirdness again before the check-up was done, but I couldn't help but feel a mite antsy. Parts of my shattered psyche are currently duking it out amongst each other for supremacy, meaning that I'm going to have to deal with the current results once I go back to sleep and re-enter the land of illusion. That and a possibly grumpy shrine maiden, along with anyone else who might not be so happy about a particular fragment vanishing. The even more irritating part is that I can't really explain the gravity of the situation to my friends, both because they can't really understand the full extent of the situation and because I just came back from what amounts to a coma.

It's kind of like Persona 4. You know the TV World exists, but your friends don't believe you and proving yourself right would just put them in danger. They might grow stronger from it, but since this isn't a game I have to weigh the risks. ...Plus, I'm not Seta. I don't even have a Persona to call on, I just have a hat that may or may not be the manifestation of the Desire for Bomb, whatever that is. I wind up calling on the blue cap without even thinking about it, twirling the thing on my index finger as I slowly become absorbed in my own thoughts/personal angst.

I don't notice the artist staring intently at the small cap I pulled out of thin air, but I do notice it when she yanks it off my finger. "Say, what is this anyway? I didn't know you had a cap like this." Come to think of it, a blue cap with a cream rim and a pom on the end isn't exactly normal headwear, especially not something made out of such odd material. I didn't really think about it too much, but it's not woolen like most caps of that design. The base material is silkier than that, and the cream-colored bits are downright cotton-like. It seems like such a fragile hat, and one too silly to be worn normally at that.

I decide to let her keep a hold of it for now, though I make a mental note to get it back and hide it before we stop. The last thing I need is for someone to see me or one of my friends tossing around big, cartoony bombs by accident and getting us arrested. ...Come to think about it, having mystical powers out here might suck. Things like flight would be so practical to the point where you'd have to be insane not to apply it to mundane purposes, yet you'd have to deal with jealous people. "That's something I made myself out of concentrated desire." I can't help but throw it out there off-handedly. It's too ridiculous to believe.

Ben's about to say something, but Naomi simply takes the cap and puts it on. A couple seconds later and a flick of the wrist causes her to toss a lit bomb into the car, which I casually pick up and defuse by putting out the lit fuse. "...I really didn't think that was going to work." Was all she had to say as I pulled the cap off her head and dropped the bomb back inside. I have no idea how it works either, but I'm immensely relieved that it does. I've already made my views about this known and have no intention to change my views anytime soon. Though to be fair, it looks like Naomi isn't handling this with the same grace I am, or at least the same level of grudging acceptance. "So, what kind of place did you go to while you were stuck in zombie mode?"

She was breaking the unspoken agreement, but it was only a matter of time. "I wound up in Gensokyo, a sealed land that's more or less a fantasy kitchen sink. The reason I'm even here right now is because that place treated my absurd condition as something normal and because I managed to find someone willing to help me." More like coerce me into fixing the mess Gengetsu caused, but that's beside the point. ...There is just no way to do this easily, is there. "And to be perfectly honest, various parts of my psyche are currently engaged in a battle royale against each other for dominance in the fully reformed mind. There's a chance I may not even be the me you remember by the time this is all said and done."

Naomi simply holds my hand after that. I can understand why Marine and Ben are struggling for words though. This is probably like finding out a good friend has cancer and may die from it, only somehow worse.

The rest of the trip is silent. I can't quite bring myself to answer them anymore.


We've managed to get to the hospital in once piece, though I note that Naomi is back to wearing my cap again. I can't really bring myself to take it off her since she probably thinks it's some kind of device to make sure I can't leave. I'm not sure if that's really what she thinks, but it's pretty obvious that she needs some kind of support. Marine and Ben accompany me as well, and opt to wait in the lobby once the doctor shows up. Naomi flat out refuses to leave, which almost causes the doctor to call someone to get her out until I mention that I don't really care. It's not like I'm stripping or anything. I can't help but note that the off-kilter cap is cute though.

"I can't find anything immediately wrong with you aside from a mild case of muscle atrophy and a lack of stamina, but that can be fixed with a steady exercise routine." The doctor finished checking over the results and proceeded to tell me what the immediate issues were. Of course, I think this is the same guy who was looking into why I was in a catatonic state for the last month or two, so there's a good chance that he'll inquire about that next. "What really baffles me is how you suddenly recovered from whatever state you were stuck in. It came without warning or reason, and left just as suddenly. I've been trying to figure out why that is, but haven't been able to come up with anything." He turned his back to me as he started to sort through the older charts and the like, at which point my body finally decided where its floatation habit is going to occur. Namely, around my stomach area. So now I'm floating up into the air for no reason at all while Naomi is trying her hardest to delay the inevitable with a poker face. Sadly, that doesn't really work.

"Really? Why is that?" Screw it, there's no way out of this. I just ask the question and prepare to get it over with.

"Well, nothing really fits with what happened to you. You were perfectly heal... thy..." He turned around, saw that I wasn't there, turned his eyes upward and saw me lying on the roof. "Dear lord..."

The man stood dumbstruck at what should have been an impossible event. A normal, ordinary human had drifted onto the ceiling like a balloon for no reason at all. He looked like he was half-ready to dash off to get some help for this right up until he collapsed to the floor. I was prepared to take it that he had fainted, but it seems that someone had caused it. Namely the tall, buxom, blond woman who had stepped through the door mere moments earlier. She's clearly a foreigner, but the long, golden hair tied into a ponytail with a red ribbon on the end, the purple eyes, and the demeanor in which she carried herself suggested that she's strange even when compared to what most people could consider strange. "Ah, a shame Dr. Tobias couldn't take seeing what he did. A man with a truly frail mind~" Oh god, and a voice I could listen to for hours on end without hearing a word she says. Her eyes flick upward to me, as does the fan she draws. Moments later and I'm back down on the examination table. "Now then, let's get to business~"

Poor Naomi was stuck dealing with the absurdity with absolutely no warning, and thus was understandably expressing the desire to scoot herself away from the oddball that just showed up. Personally, I was rather impressed with how she had managed to keep the cap on her head for as long as she did, since I'm pretty sure the woman wasn't exactly being gentle with that yank. She did relent though, and looked as though she were well and truly lost and scared. I can't blame her though. I'm about one step behind her on the nervous breakdown scale after being dropped through a tear in space that has eyes inside it.

She simply laughs lightly in response to our obvious discomfort with her. "Oh come on, I don't bite~ Not unless you're into that kind of thing, in which case I'd be more than happy to eat you out~" Her casual attitude doesn't do a whole lot to make it better, but I'll give her points for trying at least. "Pardon my manners, I am Yukari Yakumo, youkai of boundaries. I would wait for the two of you to introduce yourselves, but since neither of you seem to be in a talking mood I suppose I'll go ahead and get started." She plops herself down next to me and places and arm around me so I can't just inch away from her, then starts talking again. "And I shall start by saying that I'm rather impressed with you, Wade. You've gone and survived something that should have utterly destroyed you, and you're making a slow but steady recovery."

"...I'm guessing you've been watching me." Part of me, that hormonal male part, wanted nothing more than to jump in this woman's lap. The 'survival instinct' part was screaming to run away, and the part of me that wants to make sense of it all has decided that it wants to hear her out. Not an easy task to overrule the first two, but it manages well enough to where I'm merely tense instead of trying to leap out the window.

"Of course! The various incidents are fun to watch, but how often does someone like you come along? A human who survived immense spiritual damage, and is now in the impossible position of being able to reconstruct yourself any way you wish while gaining power in the process... That's a truly rare event. The fact that you're an Outsider that's savvy enough to understand what this could mean for you and yours is even more so." And almost immediately she shoots off about my situation and how it amounts to quality entertainment to her. I'm actually part miffed, but why would she come out here just to congratulate me on my suffering being entertaining? Thankfully she moves on to something more useful. "I'm getting there~ Humans are such impatient people~" She chides. "So you, a full core and a couple fragments, are afraid of what could happen to you, aren't you? Afraid you'll change too much, and that you can't go back to being the way you were. My question is, why in the world would you want to go back to being normal? Maybe it's because my perspective is skewed, but it seems to me that you're just letting yourself be resigned to a horrible fate."

"Gee, maybe because most humans would try to figure out how get me shot, try to replicate my abilities, or dissect me if I were to suddenly gain inhuman powers? And even if I gained power, how can I ensure the safety of those I care about?" At the very least I can try to reason with Yukari...

She raps me on the head with her fan gently while smiling. "That's such a pessimistic view of your situation. 'I should give up because everyone would hunt me down like an animal' is not a good argument for passing up this kind of opportunity, especially since it wouldn't be that hard for you to put a little more effort in and learn how to move between worlds once you've grown stronger." ...Why does this feel like Deja Vu, and why does it feel like the argument is almost the reverse of what it was?

"Wait, move between worlds?" I can do so via lucid dreaming, but that requires me to be asleep and only lets my mind traverse between my mind and Mugenkan.

"Indeed~ It's hard for people to hunt you down if you keep moving, though I do tend to think that no one in this world would believe that you possess such power, aside from the truly paranoid that is." Needless to say, she's intent on breaking down my argument as thoroughly as possible, though I can kind of see why. If I want to go back to being me, then I have to do this. "I don't expect that you'll change your mind right away since this is a big deal, but I think you'll find that having power isn't as bad as you think it would be. Just take your time, and when you're ready I'll show you how."

She stands up and walks off, but pauses at the door. "You're clear to leave, by the way~ I'd recommend getting back to your normal routine with small steps before doing anything big."

So you haven't run completely out of means to post yet.

Nah, never ran out of the means, just the motivation and short-term content to keep this moving forward. Might start getting more updates off sooner.


There was nothing but the soft 'tap-tap-tap' of shoes on tile as the gap youkai left the room. I noticed that the doctor that had been looking me over was no longer in the room and that the papers telling me what was wrong with me (muscle weakness from too little activity) were sitting right next to me. Naomi happened to have procured my cap from somewhere as well, though she looks as though she hasn't recovered from the sudden intrusion just yet. Since there's nothing else to do, I pick up the papers, help the artist up, then walk us both out of the room before anyone suspects anything, assuming they do. Perhaps it's just paranoia on my end, but enough weird crap has been going on that I'd rather be cautious than reckless.


I couldn't really think of anything once that blond woman stepped in. She dominated the scene just by being there, and she sat down next to Wade and started being friendly with him like she knew him! He didn't look much better off than I was though, so at least this was as much of a shock to him as it was to me. ...I really just want all this weirdness to stop. No random bombs, no women dropping out of nowhere... Yet it's been made clear that the odds are good that things can't go back to being normal, that he'll have to grow stronger, more absurd just to go back to being the way he was personality-wise.

And for once I get so wrapped up in my thoughts that I barely notice his helping me up from my seat to lead me back to the car. I still can't quite come up with anything to say in the wake of that, but I'm not sure I want to go starting any conversations. The mood's just so heavy that it'd only slide into the depressing stuff again...

But there is one thing I want to try when he goes to sleep. I must be nuts for thinking about this, but I want to know what he's gotten himself into.


"How'd it go?" Asks Marine once we get to the lobby. She looks oddly amused considering what's going on, but this might just not phase her as much as it does me. It might be because she just can't get a good sense of what I'm actually feeling, or the lack thereof, or she might just be looking at things from a more optimistic outlook. I wouldn't put it past her to do so.

"About as well as I thought it would. I just need to slowly build back up what was lost, so exercise is in order. Not sure if he wanted me to start today or not, but eh." ...Now that I think about it, when was I ever this dismissive of things that needed to be done? Sure, I could be a bit lazy, but the way that was phrased made it sound a bit hopeless.

Ben simply looked on with a grim expression. All three knew I wasn't quite all there, and reacted differently to it. The artist felt guilt, the shopkeep simply believed, but the fencer felt conviction. I suppose I could tell because I feel closer to them than anyone else thus far, but I can somehow hear faint whispers of their desire, and while the intent differs slightly, it will lead to the same conclusion.

"Alright then, so we'll just have to come up with a good reason for you to get out and build yourself up!" I have to hand it to her, she's gotten herself out of that depressed state the fastest. "Though I get the feeling that this whole debacle puts a damper on the day's plans. I was thinking about going off to go golfing or something originally, but you probably wouldn't be able to play all that much."

"Probably not. This is such a pain in the ass..." I can't really keep myself from grumbling at this point since this is getting more than a little ridiculous. I used to be able to at least bike from my folk's house to go visit one of my friends, and now I feel like I can barely make it to and from the hospital from the parking lot.

"It's not good to put something like this off, but I can't imagine that trying to force your body back into shape in such a short time period would do you any favors. Let's head back and figure out precisely how far you can go, then work out something from there." And Ben's suggesting an exercise routine. That's not a bad idea in the slightest, though I'm not sure how well that's going to work out.

"I'm kind of trying to avoid contact with my parents for the time being, so I'm good with any plan that involves not being in my hometown for the time being." The artist is clinging to me as though we were moving through some huge crowd. I suppose I can't fault her for that, and I enjoy the contact.

"Then let's go back home for now." Personally, I just want to get back to the hunt. Recovering physically won't mean a thing if I don't have all of my mind there in my body.


The trip home was a bit more animated than it was going out, but at the same time there really wasn't a whole lot interesting going on. Thankfully Naomi didn't decide to pull out any more bombs.


As it turns out, Wade had even less in him than he thought, and Ben's attempt at figuring out just what his limits were wound up exhausting him completely. At the very least he wasn't floating around all over the place, so that's one plus to all this. Wade managed to fall asleep a lot sooner than he usually would as well, which may or may not be good for what I'm about to try. This mostly consists of my falling asleep next to him to see if I can't follow him down the rabbit hole into Wonderland...
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Are... Are those little bits and pieces of Naomi POV?
Alchemist updates when?
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Whenever the inspiration hits. I only just started getting ideas for this again and want to get it moving. Seriously, it's been how many months and this isn't out of the first thread?


When I mentioned what I was planning on trying to Marine, she seemed torn between giving me encouragement or trying to get me to reconsider what I'm about to do. I can see where she's coming from, but at this point it's just to let her know what I'm going to do so she won't worry quite as much as she might have. She wound up relenting after a little while with little more than a request for me to be careful and to not take any risks. One could argue that I'm taking a big one already...

Still, the consequences of my actions never even occurred to me as I lay down next to Wade. I was going to learn more about this, why my dreamer friend had become what he is, and maybe help him go back to being the way he was before all this. I snuggle up to him, hold him close, then slowly drift off into dreamland.

When I next opened my eyes, I was greeted by an endless field of red flowers lit by a bright crescent moon, one that's as bright as the full moon. There's a gazebo in the distance and what appear to be visible wind lines drifting along, but there's nothing else. No sign of the wayward dreamer, no life of any kind... Still, the starry sky is beautiful. I take a moment to admire the view and commit it to memory since I plan to make a mural out of this once I've got the spare time to do so. "Now, where did you go?" I start to look around, but there's nothing to work with aside from the visible 'wind'. I kind of 'woke up' right underneath it and off to the side too, so it's not like I know what direction to head off in.

So I decide to just pick a direction and head that way until I find something interesting. Since the 'wind' is flowing from one direction to the other, I decide to follow it until it peters out or leads me to something more interesting than this. And so I walked, disturbing the flowers with each footstep, which in turn created a strange wake behind me. Not unlike that of a ship moving through water really. Another thing I failed to notice at first was that the air here feels quite pleasant, and the fragrance of the flowers is growing stronger, almost as if someone turned a dial up. In fact, I'm getting more from my senses than when I first started, which may or may not be a good thing when you stop and think about it. Still, I choose not to care or think for now since I can't afford to get cold feet after coming this far.

Though the lack of anything is getting rather old. In fact, I start running toward the 'wind's sudden stopping point since it looks like there's something there. I almost get to it when I find my path blocked by a blond woman in a maid outfit. I wind up skidding to a halt just short of her, though in truth I was trying to dodge around her to get to that portal.

"How peculiar..." She says, looking me over with a curious expression. "You came from the same entry point, but you aren't the same person. Perhaps you're a concerned friend?" She doesn't seem hostile at all, yet still somewhat tense, as though she were expecting an attack at any moment. "I am Mugetsu, one of the creators of this world. Who are you?"

"I'm Naomi. Are you the one responsible for making Wade the way he is?" It's not a good idea to take such an aggressive stance with someone I just met in a world of dreams, who happens to be the creator if she's telling the truth, but I can't really help it.

"I am the sister of the one responsible, and am trying to help restore your broken friend. He's making good progress on his own and seems to not be suffering any ill effects, but you can't be satisfied with just that." No matter how much I might try to shuffle around, she always interposes herself between me and the strange portal. "There's no need to answer, your body language says it all. You want to help, and are growing irritated at my hindering that. However, this is because the world you're trying to enter is not a place for the weak."

"Not a place for the weak? What do you mean by that? It can't be worse than here!"

She simply closes her eyes and shakes her head. "Gensokyo is a sealed land where legends go to live in peace. Monsters you believe to be fairy tales live here in abundance, and magic flows freely. Your status as an incorporeal dreamer will not save you from the myriad of threats that place holds."

"So you're just telling me to give up and go home?!" I'm not at the breaking point just yet, but her words and actions are pushing it reeeeeeal close.

"Only if you so choose. I merely wished to warn you before you threw yourself into the fire, so to speak. As much as you wish to help, I doubt your friend would wish you to place yourself in harms way." She stands aside just then, but continues to speak. "That being said, you now know the dangers you face and are free to make your own choice." Mugetsu simply stands quietly as I walk toward the portal, and starts talking again when I'm right next to it. "I don't think I can interfere directly in this incident, but perhaps I can still lend you my aid. If you insist on going to such lengths, then you should at least have a way to defend yourself."

[X]"I'm good."
[X]"What're you offering?"
[X]"What're you offering?"

Might as well ask for her help.
[X]"What're you offering?"

Knowledge is power and all that.
[X]"What're you offering?"

Yeah, the odds of this being a deal-with-the-devil situation are pretty high, but sometimes you just have to roll with it.
[X]"What're you offering?"
[X]"What're you offering?"
"What're you offering?" As much as I hate to admit it, she's probably right about my needing a way to defend myself. Even though it was her sister that broke Wade that badly, it stands to reason that there might be others like her who could hurt him or myself just as badly, and I have no idea as to whether it'll stick or not once I wake up.

"Nothing more than the ability to realize your own potential." ...Huh? She's saying that with a straight face, but that sounds ridiculous.

"Maybe there's something here I'm not getting, but isn't that a bit of a cop-out?"

"Not at all." She's smiling now, even if it's a small one. "While my sister wants to repel foreigners, I've taken a bit of interest in them. Your friend managed to achieve so much despite what happened, so I want to see what would happen if someone were to gain an understanding of their power without the massive setback."

"I learn how to defend myself, and you get to satisfy your curiosity, is that right?" A simple nod is all I get as an answer. "Let's go then."


Call it paranoia, but I could have sworn I felt Naomi follow me into Mugenkan somehow. I want to go back to see if she's there and if she's still alright, but I don't think I can just dive back into the world of dreams quite yet. I'm currently at that mansion with all the sunflowers around it, walking toward what I know is the exit to this place, yet when I turn around and look I see that there's nothing out of the ordinary, or at least nothing that would let me go back to the field of flowers I seem to pass through every single time I come through here. With no immediate means to confirm or deny my fear, I simply walk forward and hope that I'm wrong.

The blonde gate guard is sitting at the open gate again, fast asleep. I notice that she seems to be in that same position and in that same state pretty much every time I come through here, but I just took it for granted and treated it like it must be her off-hour or something. She seems to be breathing normally though, so maybe she really is just sleeping. I'd investigate further, but there's a chance that she's actually a really light sleeper or someone who can react without waking up. Either way, I like where my head is and choose to leave her alone for now.

A minute or two later and I've emerged from the world of dreams onto a lush island surrounded by a lake of blood. Wait a sec, why did I pop up here? Last thing I recall is being carried off by someone, but I entered the same way I always have rather than waking up where that person took me. I shake my head as I think. It's just a bit too much so early in the day, especially when...

I spot a certain blonde vampire sitting under the leaves of a blood orange tree (Yes, it's a lame pun, and yes, it does use blood in place of water so the fruit tastes a little off compared to normal) fast asleep herself. Her wings are closed around her and she's holding something fairly large and white, which I happen to feel an all-too familiar tug from. She doesn't look like she's getting up anytime soon... I wonder how far she's ground herself into the dirt just to get that much of me back? Normally she's wide awake by now.

Still, there's no reason that I can't go over and try to say hi at least. It doesn't take too long to get over to her, though I try to stay as quiet as possible. She sleeps like a rock normally, so it's less her and more the fragment in her arms I'm concerned about. Approach too fast, and it might try to bolt before I can absorb it. ...Not that it isn't struggling already. The fragment's movements aren't waking the vampiress up yet, which is... Well, I'm not quite sure. I want her to see me, to know that I'm here, but I want to get her wrapped up in all this abo-

The hell am I even saying. She has a large fragment of me trapped in her arms. She's a frigging vampire. We love each other. Aside from the risk of getting beaten up by Reimu-

Well shit, I forgot about that! She slapped some kind of seal on me so she can know where I am, so she's probably on her way here now!

And apparently Kurumi woke up while I was having my little panic attack, as I found myself pinned under the little devil. ...'Little' being the wrong term, of course, given her respectable body, but that might be irrelevant by this point. She doesn't greet me with words and instead claims my lips in a kiss that would have suffocated me had I been here physically. I don't quite get what happened, and don't care. For the moment, I've got what I wanted, in more ways than one.

Because somehow she shoved that fragment right into me with that glomp of hers.

Fragment 'Illuminant' acquired!


'Illuminant' is a fragment that specializes in light-based attacks, being able to inflict burns with concentrated rays or deflect attacks with 'hard light'. This one seems to have been gathered up by Kurumi herself, and they reacted to fit her desire better. There's virtually nothing else about it right at the moment, but like with all fragments they hold a great deal of potential.

[X]Accept 'Illuminant' as a modification.
[X]Discard 'Illuminant' and bolster Desire.


Wondering why you can't accept a fragment as your base personality anymore? It's because you took three ranks in Desire before getting to this point. That isn't a bad thing though, as that route has an interesting end all on its own, but there's still the possibility of modifying yourself to use some of the power an absorbed fragment has. If you chose to integrate 'Illuminant', for example, you would be able to fire concentrated rays of light at the very least.

In addition, taking additional ranks in Desire will also start showing more results, so it really comes down to your personal preference. Pick one, pick the other, find a third option I didn't consider, it's up to you! Don't be afraid to ask either if you're not sure.
[X]Discard 'Illuminant' and bolster Desire.

I'm sure someone can nitpick this better than I can, but I feel like sticking with what we've got.
[X]Accept 'Illuminant' as a modification.

Desire alone means nothing without the means to achieve it.

Hopefully we'll find a way to have a Kurumi end.
[X]Discard 'Illuminant' and bolster Desire.

Oh Desire.
Okay, what we know so far...

-We already full-absorbed Berserker, Faith, and the-one-that's-the-engineer-I-forget-the-name.
-We have reached Decision Time with regards to Illuminant.
-Fragments still known to be loose are Sentinel, Geodancer, and Transcendent.

Out of all the known fragments, Illuminant is the only one that directly translates to We Can Danmaku Now. In order to actually solve our own problems in Gensokyo without relying on Reimu or bringing her wrath upon us, We Must Danmaku Now.

So, let's [X]Accept 'Illuminant' as a modification.
[X]Discard 'Illuminant' and bolster Desire.

Because why not? Besides, Desire is such a vague term that it may bring up danmaku too, if we 'desire' a way to defend ourself.
If you'd rather gamble on having things work out in exactly the fashion you hope for, go ahead.

I'm not looking at the best case when I reason, though - I'm looking at the most likely. And the most likely is that if we take the mod, laser will not be difficult, though it will also not be the hugest possible laser.
The way I see it is that we can either profit right now when its not 100% needed (lest the choice wouldn't be there) or you can profit in the long term, and get even better at it/learn faster etc etc. Desire is a really vague term, But now I guess its all or nothing.
I doubt it as it seems more support than anything offensive, and your logic was nothing short of stupid.

In reality desire only provides drive, not the means to do it.

Danmaku not needed? Not true as in Gensokyo it's always needed or are you that content with relying on Reimu so much and worried about making her angry?
Dude, you don't look far enough. Do we know where we stand in the matter of desires? Someone who hear them, attract them, bring them out or a fulfiller of thoses? Is it related to dreams (as dreams are a form of something we want, we desire)? Could we be able to bring dreams to reality in the end?

So refrain from insults. Else you're more likely to have others ignore your own logic.
File 132645264122.png - (284.76KB, 720x1152, 041127[1].png) [iqdb]
[X]Accept 'Illuminant' as a modification
There are more things to fear than simply not having the optimal choice. Desire as a base is fine, but focusing too much on it to the sheer exclusion of anything else, discarding all else, is a trip to the route of merciless being consumed by want, or pitiful being of the same.

Besides, turning desire into lasers is a staple of the series, da ze.
[X]Discard 'Illuminant' and bolster Desire.

I rather hold off for now and integrate Transcendent.
[X] Discard 'Illuminant' and bolster Desire.

In for a penny, in for a pound!
Actually, even if you only go one type like Desire, it doesn't mean Wade's just going to end up with a one-dimensional personality or remain weak. Quite the opposite really.

In terms of his personality being reconstructed, when you discard a trait you're not really discarding the personality traits so much as you're discarding that potential power route. For example, discarding Illuminant would mean you can't do lasers quite as easily as you might have had you taken it, but at the same time you could still learn to use them via spellcards. Wade will get a spellcard by the end of the day, so don't worry. Between his bombs and that spellcard, he'll be far from defenseless. You'll still have to bear in mind that he's not going to have the Yamato Jesus-level plot armor he had in the first run, but don't let that stop you.

I actually did contemplate how heavy I should make the consequences for this run's actions, but wound up tossing aside a few ideas that just didn't fit with the relative light-hearted theme I was going for. The biggest one would have been whether to link up with the other half of Wade's core personality. Given the way things were going, the odds are good the voters would have gone against doing that, which would have made things quite a bit worse near the end. I decided not to leave it up to the voters so I could get the depressing bits done and over with now, and focus on the more fun parts.

That being said, you're basically customizing Wade's potential powers while making subtle changes to his personality, which won't manifest noticeably until after day three. If you've played Bioshock, think of it like selecting Plasmids. You can't get them all, but you can still do amazing things with the ones you choose.

With that said, I'll go ahead and wait a bit longer to let you guys think about it.
Aww. Well, nevermind about my worry in >>33849 then. I still like lasers, though.
[X] Accept 'Illuminant' as a modification.

Even if it isn't necessary, it can be useful.
[X] Discard 'Illuminant' and bolster Desire.

I wish to see the end of this path.
[X] Discard 'Illuminant' and bolster Desire.
Since we don't have a spell tree, we are moving in darkness. If we knew beforehand what each line were to give us it would be easier to take a little boost from other line and not miss the main line's skills later. But we have no idea, at least I don't. So better not sprinkle Wade over lots of skill lines, but do a super cumshot on one. Having one strong branch is always better than having a grain of everything. Maybe he will be able to do various stuff if he wants it strong enough. But without faggotry of first run - that one was simply atrocious.
As a reader - it's nice to have a level-headed character in story. Wade is pleasant so far. And that's why I, as a reader, am happy to read him getting hot action with Kurumi. Let's not ruin him this time, okay anons?
And I hate Yukari, saying just in case. I will always vote for someone from Moriya.
I had you pegged as a reasonable person until I heard "And I hate Yukari, saying just in case. I will always vote for someone from Moriya." which outed you as a faggot.

Regardless, I'll respond that basically the Desire line seems mainy support passive, which isn't bad but won't give you any new attacks or skills, which you know are NEEDED.
That is what you think. Who said it can't be like I stated in >>33848 ?

Apart from that, I agree with all you said on >>33869.
Yeah, I dislike Yukari, too. I'm thinking of going Byakuren route this time. Besides, she already got her route in the first run.
Not Kurumi route? You bastard. That is unless Kurumi feels like sharing.
...Weren't we suppose to go for Reimu route?
>So better not sprinkle Wade over lots of skill lines, but do a super cumshot on one.
But slight temperings of other stuff won't split our final powers THAT badly, will it? Alloying metals with minor "impurities" makes them stronger.

And while yes in the long run it might - MIGHT give us more ultimate power we'd get lasers now, which is always fun. Lasers make everything better.
It's more like a choice: Get a sum of something now or get something much much better later.
More like make things easier now or make things easier much much later.
I know it's my fault for not updating quite as fast as I should, but good grief, it gets obvious when I take too long between posts.

Final count as of this post is 7-4 in favor of bolstering Wade's current power path, unless I've grossly miscounted things.


As much as I might have liked to be able to fire lasers with no real effort involved on my part, I felt the small urge to use its power to bolster the same power once more. The fragment clicks into place without a hitch, causing two events to happen: One, I remember precisely what level the vampiress and I are on relationship-wise, and two, I seem to have developed a bit. It feels like I can sense more than my own soul fragments now.

I'm not sure about the range, but if I had to make a wager I'd say that I could sense the approach of others by listening for their desires. Locating other spirits shouldn't be hard either, and I'm almost certain that I've hit the point where stray Divine Spirits will gravitate toward me. There might be something else involved as well, but that will have to wait for later. No sense in accidentally setting Kurumi on fire is there?

[Note: Wade can now utilize 'spirit fire' in battle. He can generate a large number of small fire orbs that can home in on targets and cannot be put out with ice or water. Control and stamina will be refined and increased as more fragments are absorbed, so stuff like flamethrowers aren't too far off.]

Speaking of which, the two of us had finally broken that long kiss, though she was perfectly content to continue straddling me. Unlike my human friends, there was no trace of surprise on her face, merely relief. "It's about time you came back! I got lonely while you were gone..." A youkai should not be like a kitten, yet here's one who's acting as cuddly as one. Well, a giant kitten that knows every last kink that sets me off, but that's not the important part is it?

I lift a hand up to stroke her cheek in response, taking the time to memorize that smile in a more permanent fashion. "I got held up for a while, that's all." My other hand is currently entwined in hers so it's not like I can do much else as I am.

She does rap me on the forehead lightly, and not even 'lightly' by youkai standards. More like a simple 'you silly' type of rap. "I know. I saw a bunch of little white orbs spraying out of the entrance to Mugenkan right around the time you'd normally come out and spend time with me. I don't quite know how, but I felt that something wasn't right about that and decided to leave my post for a while to see what was up." She shifts herself just enough to where she can lay on me, and I in turn find that my hand has drifted down to her cute rear. "I asked Elly about it first, but it turns out that she wasn't all that helpful. She only saw what I did, just from an earlier point in the event. At least she thought the same way I did and thought it was you."

"Wait, so all those times I passed her and it looked like she was sleeping...?" Something tells me I shouldn't be surprised by this. Mugenkan is a realm of dreams, so why would anything need to sleep there? And if they did, who's to say that the sleeping individual couldn't be aware of her surroundings anyway?

The vampiress huffed lightly before continuing. "Oh, she's asleep alright. She's simply learned how to abuse the land to get away with sleeping all the time. I can sort of understand why she does that, what with Yuuka not being there anymore, but she ought to show her devotion by finding her and guarding her, not just napping twenty-four seven! If she ever ate, she'd have a belly bulge for sure!" She stopped for a moment when she realized just how off-topic she was getting, and started again shortly thereafter. "Anyway, I was looking for those little white orbs, looking for you. I don't know what happened, but I felt that if I got enough of those together I might be able to fix what was wrong... And then you pop up again a while later! Now we can go back to the way things were!"

I couldn't bring myself to say anything, and instead squeezed her fine backside to try and bring some measure of comfort to us both.

"We can go back, right?" Now she's sounding less sure of herself, and I hate that tone. I already know that I can't just sit here and be her fuck-buddy every day... Actually, that is the reason. I want to go back to being able to be with her, and don't want to face any sort of confirmation that I can't do that yet.

"Not yet. I'm only partially put back together. There's still a lot of me out there, and those fragments are only getting stronger. There's a good chance I won't quite be me anymore if I don't take care of them as soon as possible." Let's see what kind of reaction I get...

She shifts herself again, this time to use her arms to lift her torso above mine to look me in the eye. "Is that all? I was already doing that, so I'll come with you!"

[Kurumi has been added to the party!]

...I have got to stop with those gameplay window monologues. "I'm glad to have the help. Though I should warn you that Reimu's already dragging me around to mop up the mess I've been made into, so..."

"Who?" ...Wait, does she seriously not know?

"You know, a somewhat grumpy girl wearing a rather skimpy red and white outfit? Likes to throw needles, seals, and orbs around?" I guess it's possible that not everyone knows the red-white.

"Oooooh! Her! We didn't exactly introduce ourselves, or she didn't really introduce herself to me... Or maybe it's been long enough and she mattered so little that I forgot. I dunno. If it's just her then it won't be a big deal. I don't think she'll remember me either, and if you explain it should be fine." Okay, she does know. She just didn't care.

I think Reimu feels the same way about Kurumi (someone that mattered little)
Flamethrower is way better than lasers IMO.
We should pimp up flamethrower and get plasma shots. Game logic!
He should concentrate on condensing fireballs into Mini Nukes. Just for the funs.
"No need, I heard enough to tell that you're not going to get in my way. At least not directly anyway." I do jump noticeably upon hearing Reimu's voice, though I doubt I could really be blamed. She drifts over to Kurumi and I before coming to a stop. "I know it's not intentional on your part, but you caused something of a ruckus last night."

"I was getting carried off I think, but I'd be willing to go out on a limb and say that I vanished shortly after that, making several people wonder what happened." I don't really want to have my rather beneficial friend get off me anytime soon, but it'd be better not to push the miko's buttons when it sounds like she's had to deal with something earlier in the morning than she'd like. It doesn't take long before we're both standing up.

Reimu simply rubs her forehead. "Something like that. Akyuu isn't aware of the fact that the you right here is attached to a tether to your body on the Outside, so she panicked when you vanished. Byakuren was the one trying to cart you off and she didn't know anything either, so she was a bit surprised, and Keine... I think she wasn't expecting it either. The chronicler managed to stay out of it, but the historian decided to get a little bull-headed with the monk..." She pauses for a moment... "Which lead Fragment 'Geodancer' to attack, which forced Byakuren to defend herself, which gave 'Sentinel' the bright idea of attacking to try and wipe out 'Geodancer' and gain more power for itself..."

Kurumi and I simply exchanged looks as she kept going.

"So since the seal I slapped onto you basically ceased to exist right around that time, I decided to head back out and see what the deal was. By the time I got there there was something of a three-way duel in progress between one fragment, the monk, and both the other fragment and the historian. 'Geodancer' and 'Sentinel' managed to book it through the Spirit World, but I managed to disarm the latter with my opening attack." She exhaled after she got done saying that, making me wonder if she had really said that all in one breath or if she had broken all that into two breaths. I was somewhat distracted by the sheathed sword she had in her hand, and mentally slapped myself for not seeing it sooner. "So I grabbed the sword, whacked both of the remaining troublemakers, then headed home to sleep."

"So you interrupted our reunion just to complain?" I can tell she's starting to remember why she lost to Reimu and can't quite muster the nerve she might have wanted to. There's still some force in her tone though.

Tone that's totally lost on the shrine maiden. "Well yeah, this guy's been causing me headaches for the better part of a month now. I think I have the right to complain at him. Anyway..." She casually tosses me the blade she was holding. "I don't have any training with the sword and I'd rather not leave this in the hands of anyone who does since it'd be used against me at some point."

My catch is a little clumsy, but I do manage to grab it before it hits the ground. "Is this really alright?" She might not recognize it... Well, neither do I, but I can tell there's something odd about this weapon.

"It gives you a way to attack enemies and keeps it out of their hands, so yeah." Her response comes with a small shrug on her part. "Anyway, it's time to start the day's hunt. Apparently the core you showing up has got the rest of the fragments in a frenzy, so they're busy cannibalizing each other to gain more power to defeat you. I'd rather not let any of them get strong enough to pose a threat, so we're going to go after a few more than yesterday." She grabs my arm after that, paying little mind to the vampiress as she takes off with me in tow.
So...Status update?
Update is I'm a lazy twit who only just got motivation to write. No, seriously. I've been feeling kinda out of it as of late and it took a shower and watching gameplay footage of Asura's Wrath to get my head into this update.


The miko doesn't really say much of anything as she pulls me along, and strangely enough neither does the vampiress. It's pretty awkward when no one is talking, yet at the same time I can't quite bring myself to break the silence so I stick to my own thoughts. There's no telling where we're going or what we're going to do first, but at the very least it seems like the miko knows what she's doing, or at least is heading in the right general direction to get a little bit of the day's work done. She kinda has to now that she's interrupted Kurumi and I like that. There's nothing quite as annoying as being yanked out of a 'friends with benefits' moment for absolutely nothing.

Not like it's going to be that big an issue though. Reimu was right about the general state of things, but either didn't understand or didn't care about just how much she understated the issue. There were more fragments than I could safely count yesterday, but they were more or less content to keep to themselves. Now? It's kind of like what would happen if you slapped Charm and Enrage on an entire hornet's nest. Every single insect out to murder their bretheren, and doing an exceptional job of it. There's still over twenty such fragments around, but that number feels like it'll dwindle still further as time goes on. Each individual is desperate to gain enough power to subdue me and assert itself as the dominant trait, so I guess it's a good thing I got some more help and something to defend myself with.

...An easily annoyed shrine maiden, a fuck-buddy vampiress, and a broken spirit of an Outsider human that's both the cause and cure to all this, the last of which only has a sword, some magic power, and jack-all experience to help deal with all this. Yeah, this is gonna end well.

Case in point, we're flying over the forest and no fewer than three red spears fly at us, each aimed at a different individual in the party. Reimu sensed it coming and casually moved us both out of the way to graze, but Kurumi lacked that grace and was struck dead-on. It didn't look like it did much to her, but for some reason the two that missed came back around and ran her through as she yanked the first one out. (No blood, thankfully. Looks like a pure magic attack.) They fade shortly after that, but it looks like it hurt. "Reimu, did you catch where that came from?" I can sense no fewer than three fragments down in the forest, but they're spread out and are aware of each other. Toss in the fact that I can't identify the nature of each one due to how much they've changed in such a short time span, and I'm left feeling frustrated. I'd probably feel 'pissed' over how the vampiress took that attack without a chance to really retaliate, but I just can't quite get there yet.

The miko points downward, and I follow her finger to where the attack originated. I was left a little confused until I realized that she knew where it came from, who did it, and where that fragment was going. ...And apparently when it was going to attack, because she pushes me aside while using the force behind said push to move aside just as another pair of those spears came flying at us. "If you're done getting impaled, you might want to put up a shield or something. They look strong, but it looks like each one's pretty weak."

Funnily enough, Kurumi managed to throw up a barrier just in time to stop one such spear from getting through, but it still looks like it was done a little late since it's stopped just shy of her chest with two... Make that one more closing in. Reimu used her homing seals to destroy one before it could finish homing in, and the other? Well, Kurumi's shield caught it easily. The vampiress in turn snaps the closer of the two in half, and uses the half in her hand to smack the last away. They fade like before, though without doing any noticable damage this time. "Geeze... Who goes around impaling people without introducing themselves first?!"

"Someone who wants to get a pre-emptive strike. Duh." I guess this really is just another day in the office for her if she's got that kind of attitude about it. She flies down toward the source of the attacks ahead of us both, shooting down another set of three spears as she goes. Kurumi and I follow her after a couple seconds, with my wearing my bomb cap on my head and ghost fire gathering around me. ...This is such a bad idea.

The vampiress sticks close to me as we get in closer, and I direct her to start firing some lasers down at where we're going just in case the remaining two fragments decide to intercept a little sooner than they looked like they were going to. I add to that by lobbing bombs, but that's nowhere near the carpet-spread she's got going right at the moment. Still, my intuition was met with some screaming as a fragment is hammered away at by the barrage, so it's not a waste. I can't quite tell what this one is but...

I quickly swing the sheathed blade around to the side since I sensed the third fragment lunging at me, and am met with the sound of leather on metal as 'Sentinel' is knocked away. I manage to get a good look at it even as it's tumbling through the air, and notice an unsettling change. Namely, the armor has changed considerably. It used to look like Karas armor, but now? The rough sharpness of the armor has been reduced by a fair bit, it looks as though its 'feathers' have been smoothed out a bit. The helmet's developed a bit of a beak, not unlike something one would see on a suit of armor from medieval Europe. More noticable is the fauld it now wears, which seems reminiscant of 'Geodancer'. "Oh hell, how did it take her out!?" More telling is the fact that the armor's not pitch-black anymore, but a deep midnight blue. It managed to take out two other major fragments at least.

[Fragment 'Sentinel']

...And just to make things more annoying, I take a quick glance at the other attacker to determine that it's probably something rather unpleasant. Smooth forest green and black armor that looks as though it had been sculpted in the shape of a human, red lit lines running all around it, and equally red eyes looking out the helmet. Its feet aren't so much feet as they're large diamond-tipped claws arranged much like a chicken's, while the hands aren't much better. Those are more normal, if you're just looking for five fingers in the shape of diamond-tipped claws. One of those 'hands' shift shape into some kind of arm-cannon, clearly ammo-based.

[Fragment 'Killer']

Thankfully, they're about as friendly to each other as they are me, so 'Killer' winds up taking potshots at 'Sentinel' as it in turn yanks up a stone sword from the ground. That's good, because I doubt I could deal with either one solo.

['Sentinel' has absorbed Fragments 'Geodancer' and 'Peace', and has skills from both. 'Killer' has taken no boosts, but still possesses good melee and ranged attacks.]

[X]Focus on 'Sentinel'
[X]Focus on 'Killer'
[X]Wear them both down, if possible.
[X]Cut and run while they're distracted and find Reimu.
[x] Avoid Killer's attacks, let Sentinel wear it down, then get the last hit in and poach the absorption. Focus on Sentinel afterwards.
[X]Cut and run while they're distracted and find Reimu.

Time to get some reinforcements.
[X]Focus on 'Killer', but stay back until you can get a one hit KO on it, or it looks like 'Sentinel' is anywhere close to falling.

We do *not* want Killer to get all of those powers. Not at all ever.
[X]Focus on 'Killer', but stay back until you can get a one hit KO on it, or it looks like 'Sentinel' is anywhere close to falling.

Sentinel has 'geodancer' and 'peace', it's probable that his attack is relatively low, but conversely he will be a meat shield, a battle of attrition; meanwhile, 'Killer' might have the higher damage output but low health and better evasion/speed, therefore he is more dangerous to us.
TL;DR: 'Sentinel'=tank 'Killer'=dps, you can outmanouver 'Sentinel' as-is, but you need to take 'Killer' out.
[X] Let them fight each other and try to stay out of their way. However, if one of them look like they are about to be taken out, chuck a few bombs at them and absorb the fragment before the other entity claims them.

If either one of them manages to absorb the other, they'll end up rivalling us in soul count, and probably completely surpass us in combat capability, especially considering how we have consciously chosen to avoid gaining any of the combat abilities from the other fragments. So, yeah, Do not let that happen.
Man, there's no excuse for taking over a month to update. Slow writer is slow.


'Sentinel's already hurled its sword at 'Killer' in the time it took for me to think up a solid plan of attack, to which the fragment embodying one's killing instinct responded by blasting into tiny bits of shrapnel. That might have been dangerous had it not possessed natural armor.

"Kurumi, let's just hang back and let them whale on each other. I do not like the idea of trying to fight them both off simultaneously up close." I put one hand on the vampiress' shoulder, and her sudden response was to put an arm around me and leap back, pulling us both away from our attackers.

I didn't expect 'Sentinel' to abandon flinging elements at us in favor of shooting what looks like Mega Buster shots at us from one hand while engaging in a dangerously quick shoot-out with its opponent, who has changed his other hand into what looks like a miniature rocket launcher. He's got that pointed at 'Sentinel' though, so that just leaves Kurumi and I the job of dodging fast magnetically thrown slugs that happen to blow up on contact with anything. Thankfully my vampiress partner has lasers and I can just fling fireballs and bombs at people. It looks lopsided, but it's actually pretty even. I hope.

As an added bonus, my lady friend can throw up a shield strong enough to cover the both of us, so I feel a bit more confident. She focuses fire on 'Killer' for the time being, using a rather scattered spread of thin green lasers to limit its movements while getting the odd glancing shot in. That attack pattern isn't doing a whole lot by itself, but it does mean it has to exert itself more when dodging 'Sentinel's charge shots. Either that, or get blasted mid-flipjump and get sent crashing through some tree branches.

Having temporarily lost sight of its target, 'Sentinel' turns its empty gaze on the both of us. It's switched tactics from shooting large blasts of what I can only assume to be magical plasma to once again trying to use the earth against us. This basically amounted to it sending waves of stalagmites at us, making fissures in the ground, and trying to topple trees onto us and ruining the footing in general. That might have been bad news, except the vampiress and I can fly. The resulting counter-attack of fire, explosives, and lasers ding it up more than a little, but I'm kind of surprised that it's not doing much to fight back.

Of course, there's also the fact that 'Killer' managed to untangle itself from the tree it got stuck in just enough to start raining explosives on Kurumi's shield, though that in itself was short-lived thanks to 'Sentinel' toppling the tree from afar to drop it into one of the fissures, then sealing it up. This sounds a bit strange until you see that 'Killer's legs are still sticking out, giving everyone in this fight plenty of time to induce critical existence failure on it.

The vampiress has to take a couple seconds to re-orient herself after being smacked around like that, and my own brand of firey retaliation isn't working too well now that 'Sentinel' is imitating a firebender. It's easily the more aggrivating of the two now that it's clear that it's paying attention to what I'm doing rather than attacking blindly. Just to make things more aggrivating, its earlier attempts at terraforming are now functioning as both cover and convenient launch points to give it more clear shots at us.

I am starting to get a bit worried since Kurumi looks like she's being forced to put more effort into tanking this than she'd like. So much so that her movement is slow and counter-attacks are sporadic at best. My own attempts at putting pressure on 'Sentinel' aren't working too well either...

So, time to get creative. I want to win, but my current skillset won't let me beat this thing. Plus, my primary path is 'Desire', right? I should simply be able to think something up.

[X]Pick a weapon, any weapon!


Most ability paths tend to stick with certain skills, but Desire is a wild card. I'm sure I already said as such, but it's like Wade's broken ability in the first run, but more reasonable. I.E., he can't just morph into a Necromorph abomination.
[x]Procure ginormous gatli-
-[x]No, wait, that's too damn heavy to hold.
[x]Procure Screamer with charge shot unlocked. Shoot shards with flares, in the eye for bonus points if possible.
[x] Volumen Hydragyrum

Anything, you say?
[x] The Penetrator

Saints Row the Third, baby.
[X] The Key to the Gate of Babylon

... What?
[X] Key to The Golden Capital, Gate of Babylon.

Failing that, either
[X] Ea, Sword of Rupture
[X] The Red Key of the Eiserne Jungfrau
[x] The chimeran Auger Mark II rifle.
High accuracy, decent fire rate, able to pierce any barrier, high power round, a HUD that shows your enemies behind their cover, and comes with a deployable energy shield that can only be piercced by another Auger. Go for the Headshot!

Failing that.

[x] The Barbed Spear that Pierces with Death, Gae Bolg.

While using Ea of the Gate of Babylon is tempting, this one is a guaranteed one-hit kill to the "heart" or core of the enemy that bends the causality to always hit no matter the circumstance.

Besides, Ea works by reversing the world to its primal truth in case of the nasuverse this means reverting it all the way to the precambrian era when the conditions of earth were harsh, so, in Gensokyo would it show the outside world before it even existed? (No idea what it could do about its attack power, tho)
The Red Key mentioned above tis pretty much a better version of Gae Bolg in sword form. Directly attacks concepts, ignoring any defence, any evasion and any possibility of enduring the attack. Also blocks teleportation and other methods of "not being there" when it is swung.
[x] The Barbed Spear that Pierces with Death, Gáe Bolg.

I'd sooner go with Fragarach, but Cú Chulainn's spear seems more likely to get votes that Lugh's short sword.
What are the limits on weapons as I'm not sure we'd be able to get something like an NP out so easily.
Well, since the Gungnir is already in Gensokyo, the Gae Bolg (a lesser version according to the rules of the Nasuverse) is plausible enough, now talking about Ea or Excalibur might be out of the question.
File 133344133081.jpg - (323.66KB, 900x730, GaoGaiGar G-Tool on standby.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] The Goldion Hammer.

Nothing better than a hammer for beating a man in armor, and if you're going to use one, use a really badass one.
Spoiler for those who would rather be surprised: You'll get Fragarach later, albeit the one based on historical myth rather than the one from the Nasuverse. I'm not sure if I said it already, but Wade can acquire and weild a number of artifact weapons, one of which he already has, courtesy of Reimu. Specifically, the Honjo Masamune, the sword he weilded the last run, though you'll have to defeat and reclaim 'Sentinel' before he can use it properly. Fragarach is held by Fragment 'Knight', Caliburn, which is held by Fragment 'Collector' (which is in dire need of reforging, and I'm taking the stance that it and Excalibur are similar but separate blades. This will be explained once the dust settles.) Last but not least, Kusanagi has been yoinked from Rinnosuke's shop some time before the story's start.

In addition, while it's not the genuine article, the fragment Reimu's chasing down created a spear whose properties are very similar to those of Nasuverse Gae Bolg. If you so desire, it's possible to learn how to create it and have Suwako forge a physical version later on.

As for Noble Phantasms, I won't say no, but bear in mind that many of them won't be able to work at their fullest potential, since Wade's generating a phantasmal copy whose strength is dependent on his own. It'll still work, but something like Ea won't tear apart time and space. It'll still generate a nasty vortex of energy though.

As for the Screamer, Volumen Hydragyrum, and Auger, I... I admit that I have no idea what those are. For the sake of description, I'll need pics at least. The fact that I don't know what that last one is really annoys me, because I should know what it is.

Anywho, advisor post done. I'll let you guys take some time to mull things over before settling on a weapon, since you guys are all over the place. Not that I'm complaining mind, it's put me back in the right mindset.


Here's the link, it's from Resistance 2 and 3 for the PS3, don't worry I had to google the name too.
Good to know that info regarding the weapons.
Concerning Volumen Hydragyrum, imagine the shape-shifting terminator from Terminator 2, without the stealth bits or its own intelligence. I also don't think it could take humanoid form either. It was possessed by Kayneth in the Fourth Holy Grail war.
File 133350224750.jpg - (142.12KB, 820x605, screamer.jpg) [iqdb]

One of the guns from Bulletstorm. It's a magnum with an attached flare gun; the magnum is the weak part, though, since the flares are also small explosive rockets.
[x] GN Blade III

Sure it's not some fancy NP, but it has both melee and projectile options.
I believe there was a character material where they stated that Waver Velvet inherited Volumen Hydragyrum and made it into a maid. I kid you not.

I heard the same thing, but couldn't remember where I heard that bit. Didn't include it as I was uncertain of accuracy of that factoid, and we don't exactly need a maid at the moment.
It appears to be from Zero Material page 92, although I am not sure since I cannot read it.

Anyway, here is a link for better idea of its capabilities.

To those of you who provided pics and descriptions, thank you. It makes it a lot easier when I have references to the appearance and capabilities of the weapons I plan to write about. Though now that I think back on it, I actually have heard of the Volumen Hydragyrum before.

Also, I forgot to mention it before but Gate of Babylon simply isn't that workable an ability since Wade does not possess a vast collection of treasures to draw from. Unless I'm greatly mistaken, Gates of Babylon are simply a storehouse that one can keep with him or her at all times, and keep their collection of items or weapons within for use in fighting, or in rarer cases, simple leisure. Thus, Wade would have to attempt to generate both the Noble Phantasm and something to launch from it en masse, which wouldn't work all that well.

This is also why I haven't exactly updated. I've been hoping that another option will be voted for so I can actually start, since- Okay, Gae Bolg was basically second place in the event Gates couldn't work out. Derp.
You can look up the GN Blade III's info on the gundam wikia. Boy people sure lack creativity.
It's not like a lack of creativity, more like a lack of consensus, and the fact that nobody pays attention to the name of the weapons (Does captain america's shield even has a name?), or that there's only so much weapons that have powers by themselves instead of just being focuses of the wielder's own power.
The fact that Type-moon has hoarded the more famous ones (I'm watching you Excalibur, Gae Bolg, etc) and that almost anyone here has heard about them doesn't help anything.
For example, I might recall the ones from the Fire Emblem series: The sword of Seals, Falchion, Durandal, Ragnell, Alondite, Amiti, Maltet,Eckesachs, Audhulma, Sol Katti... etc,etc,etc. But they simply lack the sheer weight of the ones from Type-moon and their skills are not as defined (or broken).
You could go to other RPG's like Cloud's bastard sword, the several keyblades, the angel's weapons of Riviera:TPL, masamune from Chrono Trigger just to mention a few and even those pale against the NPs in sheer popularity/power.
Just my two [insert here low denomination coins].
I might have suggested something like the Twin Buster Rifle (Gundam Wing), but honestly it's a crude weapon for overall fighting.

I do honestly think the GN Blade III's abilities are overall more versatile than say most NPs.

Its traits?

Super heated edge on a physical blade
Beam Saber functionality (for when a super heated edge isn't enough)
Beam rifle ability
Mega Beam shots
And if one can get a trans-am-ish ability, The Raiser Sword (massive beam saber)

Sure it has no fancy special ability, but it ideally doesn't use up much energy either during normal use.
The bugger of it is that most of the better weapons mentioned are either equipped with Bullshit Plot Powers (which I doubt we would have any success replicating) or are sized for giant robots (which would make them more than a little tricky to wield). This is why I suggested a not-that-broken FPS weapon - the parts may be more complicated, but it doesn't require us to shrink it down or tack on mystical abilities beyond our capacity.

But it was called for Gae Bolg, so we're getting a broken weapon one way or the other. The question is whether it's broken in the overpowered meaning of the term, or the (rarer) useless meaning of the term.

Or maybe - just maybe - we'll get the Genuine Celtic Myth version of Gae Bolg, complete with the huge drawbacks that make it a once-per-fight weapon. I'm kind of hoping for that.
I wasn't talking about the GN Blade III remaining at mecha scale but rather scaled down for human use as its form and function should be similar at this different scale.

It's similar to how Wade materialized some person scale Zankantous.

We could also get the Ragnarok online version:

Atk: 160
A spear created from the body of a dead giant sea creature, topped with a jagged blade that leaves deep wounds.
Pierces Defense of Dragon monster.
10% additional damage on Boss monster.

Can we please avoid going too overkill here? It's not like our affinity with Desire is at full power here.
Somehow, the fact that not a single person picked something straight-forward like "A longsword" is funny to me.
I blame the previous story and sometimes a mere long sword isn't enough against Wade's fragments.
Because we are dealing with the metaphysical manifestation of the fragments of a broken mind (that can shoot lasers, bend earth, make constructs, use fire...). A mere longsword is not enough, and then the people started to think the most overkill way to deal with them.
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