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A new thread? Why, you may ask?

I think it's appropriate since it's the beginning of the true end.


...Well, it's been the better part of two months since you were last given a glimpse into my life, and it's pretty much winter now. It goes without saying that things have happened since then, but this story's gotta end sometime right? A lot happens in sixty days, sure, yet at the same time you'd probably get bored out of your skulls since Gensokyo's not exactly known for being exciting when there isn't anyone causing problems. For me, it's mostly been patching things up with Marine since I absolutely refuse to let her go, even when she's made it plain and clear that she wanted nothing to do with me.

The problem with that is the small fact that what she's saying is out of reaction rather than rational thought, so I had absolutely no issue with giving her some room to cool down before approaching her about the issue once more, this time with more sensitivity on my part. She was in turn more receptive to me which made it easier to talk to her. She was obviously hurt and upset, but at the same time she was acting more like her usual self by taking jabs at me while making some rather confused attempts to tease me about my choice in women. I admit she was a bit harsher than usual in that regard, but it'll pass. I know it will.

Naomi had more or less adjusted to how things have turned out, though I've had to rescue her from a Yakumo-style marshmallow hell more than once. I know Yukari thinks she's cute, but honestly, the artist needs to breathe. There's also the fact that she's having to understand that there are those I care about also care about her and would love nothing more than to get to know her in a romanitc way. Such is the way of Yukari Yakumo: Gather up all you love, then express your love for them until they're too tired to do anything other than lay in your arms. I was a bit peeved at her for expressing herself that way to Naomi without letting me know, but at the same time the gap youkai made a point of dating her first.

...I know I don't have the right to say anything to that, especially considering how I've handled my own relationships before now, but come on!

At the very least the artist hasn't suddenly changed into a complete pervert, which is one plus to this. While she's okay with sharing me, I don't think she's considered the possibility of having to accept the love of those I love. Save for Marine at least, but again, it didn't extend to the possibility of Yukari deciding to add the artist to her circle of friends. Not that I should be surprised though, since the gap youkai's taken a liking to her, even moreso now that she's in even easier reach. Well, relatively speaking of course. Tewi's luck keeps her safe for the most part, it's just that Yukari doesn't have to reach into the outside to grab her anymore.

I think the gap youkai really should have waited a bit longer if she plans to really make Naomi part of her harem, even if it's by extension since the artist barely knows the gap youkai. Not that there's much I can do to change what's already occured, so all that's left to do is small-scale damage control.

Another point of interest is the fact that wedding preperations have been going rather smoothly, as no incidents have occured within the last couple months. Yukari's picked out her wedding dress some time ago and Yuyuko basically dragged me out to go pick a decent tuxedo. Ultimately it came down to Youmu dressing me up like a paper doll for a couple hours in a temporary fit of cosplay mania while Nari and Yuyuko both sat off to the side like smart people. Of course, when I say 'off to the side' I really mean out of the store watching through the window. Even the clerk was a little nervous when the swordswoman gave her a brief glance.

Thankfully she only asked the poor clerk about materials instead of dragging her into the middle of this, because Youmu was taking this quite seriously. While the physical body is off talking to the clerk, the ghost half is still busy taking measurements for a custom piece. ...In fact, if I didn't know any better I'd say the helf-ghost split herself three ways to accomplish all this, since I think I see another Youmu darting around the place grabbing bolts of cloth. Kind of discomforting when you think about it, since she's applying her work ethic to her hobby.

While I do blame Nari and Yuyuko for leaving me to my fate, I can't blame them for wanting to be as far away as possible while the gardener set about her work.

That distance got considerably larger when Youmu got everything she needed, because she literally snapped back into her usual half-ghost form in the span of something like a second and a half. Wait, that doesn't explain why. The reason why there was such a large amount of distance between myself and the other two at that point was because Youmu stored the cloth in her ghost half, then picked me up to run clear to Alice's house. For some inexplicable reason, someone was timing the run. Apparently moving from one place to the next at great speed is worth noting, perhaps because tengu ninjas get jealous easily.

Turns out that Youmu didn't like a single piece she saw at the store so she was gathering up what she needed to comission an original piece from Alice, which now that I think about it was probably unnecessary. I can't recall if I already got one from her, but it's a moot point since the ghostly gardener is dead set on getting the absolute perfect piece made for the occasion. I can't blame her in the slightest, especially not when I want everything to be absolutely perfect myself. Of course, I do wish she had taken a bit more time in her travels since her stop, while calculated, resulted in me feeling like I was trapped on the nose of a bullet train for about two minutes. Of course, it didn't even take that long, but it sure felt like it.

Once we got there I was granted the opportunity to catch my breath for a while while Youmu went off to retrieve her mistress and my shikigami. Alice took a moment to congratulate me on winning Yukari's hand, or having mine taken, however that works, then set about working on the tuxedo's design. She was pulling out all the stops for this one, which I made a point of thanking her for. I mean, hell if I could produce the same results on my own if I had tried to just do things the same way I fight. She accepted that thanks with a smile, though she was paying a bit too much attention to the cloth rolls to actually look at me as she said so. I felt that there was no reason to bother her either, so I simply waited.

And promptly smacked my own face when I realized that I could have just called Nari to my side. No doubt she'd suffer the same fate I did.

Once Youmu had delivered the measurements, which was a pointless venture since Alice already has mine, the puppeteer informed us that the piece would be done in a day or so and I would receive word when it's done. I naturally, yet politely, turned down the gardener's offer to take me back to Mayohiga since I'm pretty sure I can actually get there on my own. Not to mention that I don't want to be on the Youmu express for a while since it's the only train service that makes you feel like you've been hit by one just by riding it.

After that, things dulled down for a while again, which brings us to the present.
And that present involves me sitting around waiting while the final preperations are being worked out. Yukari considered distracting me with a bachelor party, but there were a few problems with that. First and foremost: I would have been the only guy there. It's true that none of the other attendees are hitched, they're all women. A fair few of those women might have eyed me, and if Shinki was there, we would have given a nice long lesson on lovemaking and how to apply all your favorite fetishes in one go. ...Sometimes I wish I wasn't critically weak to demon goddess MILF.

Well, aside from the lack of bachelor party (which I wasn't bothered by all that much), I mostly kept myself occupied with other people while checking myself for any signs of anemia, my hair suddenly going jet black, my eyes becoming bright blue, or my looking good in a japanese high school outfit. That last one was Youmu's fault, by the way. She seems to have decided that having a guy to dress up is as much fun as making girls cosplay.

Though for now, I'm just enjoying the day. There's nothing going on, no crisises on the horizon, no angry peach hats... Just me lounging around on a hill with an affectionate shikigami on my lap and one of the better views of Gensokyo.

There is the nagging feeling that I've gone and forgot something, but for the life of me I can't remember what it is.

"Oi." A certain blond dream demon with angelic wings and a bone to pick with me decides to pop up just then. I mean that in the literal sense too. A small *pop* noise was all the warning I got before she poked the back of my head. "I haven't forgotten about that rematch." As usual, she sounds a tad irate. "It's been over three months since you promised, but I'm willing to overlook that since you've been so busy."

"That's surprisingly reasonable of you." I don't feel particularly threatened right at the moment, seeing as I'm just tilting my head back far enough to see her instead of turning around.

"Getting angry won't solve anything. You took a small chunk of my world and made it your own, practically flaunted your ability to control it, and managed to make me feel second rate by using your soul to create a full blown dream world in a matter of days when it took me a couple centuries to iron it out." Oh boy, she's downplaying her anger while making her issues with me known. It's pretty obvious that she's still angry about that, but I guess I can understand where she's coming from. To her I must be like the idiot who steals sprites, recolors them, then claims that he made them. Obviously not an arguement I can win.

"I get it already. You're pissed off and want satisfaction." I pick Nari up and carefully place her back down on the chair I was sitting in, on the spot my buttocks have warmed up so she'll be less inclined to move. "Personally, I'm glad you sought it now rather than waiting until the wedding day."

That gave Gengetsu pause. She opened her mouth to retort, allowed it to hang open for a moment, then closed both her mouth and her eyes as she thought about something. Roughly a minute passes before her mouth curls up into a smile. "You know, on second thought I think I'll wait just a li~ttle bit longer. I'd hate for our duel to be anything short of the epic climax I envision it to be~" There's a word for this, and I just can't think of it. "Ta ta for now!"

And she vanishes in an equally small pop.

"Nari?" I feel like facepalming for saying something like that in front of a vengence-driven woman.

"Nya?" was all she said in response.

"Gengetsu's a bitch." I pick up Nari again, sit back down and place her in my lap again.
Gengetsu decided to be an idiot, right? Because Yukari is going to be pissed off about this if she's going to do what I think she's going to do.

And no, I don't think Gengetsu will kill Wade, as that's just suicide for everyone involved.
More than Yukari will be pissed off I think (think of those who know her past, especially with weddings).

Also, just got done reading all of this this week. Can't say it was perfect. Can't say I never saw any problem. But it was fun, and it's what matters. Awesome job S.L.D.T., and I can't wait to see what you have planned for the end.

Quick question: I know pretty much everyone is ready for a second run with Wade at this point (while I myself will support Reimu too if it goes that way, I sure as hell won't say no to Alice after what I saw in the side-stories), but did you ever consider using Ben as a MC? Just thinking, butwhen I imagine a start where he finally moves to Gensokyo with his own talent to grow and maybe the possibilities to see at times how Wade's life but without being tied to his uber-hax friend... Well it does sound a bit promising in my head.

It's good that people enjoyed this despite the obvious flaws in it, and am glad there are those who would give the second run continued support. As for making Ben the lead, it hadn't really crossed my mind. Naomi is the only other OC I put enough thought into for her to take the lead role. Heck, this story wasn't even supposed to be about Wade originally.


I made a point of telling Yukari about Gengetsu's idea to crash the wedding in some fashion for our remated. That put her in an annoyed mood that was both directed at the dream demon and myself. The former because she'd potentially ruin an important day, and the latter because I didn't deal with it sooner. I note, with a small amount of dread, that she's just pouting at me right now, which means that the odds are pretty good she's going to work that frustration out on me in bed later since she's long ago decided that she likes having me in bed with her for nightly snuggling too much to make me sleep on the couch when I'm being stupid. (Either that, or because she knows there are at least four other girls in our immediate circle of friends/family that would be more than happy to bed me in her absence.) That 'frustration' tends to involve her turning me into a woman and using tentacles on me until I white out. (Though she is gentle about it.)

Aside from that, things have progressed rather smoothly. Everyone's gotten a good grasp of their roles, everything's arrived on time (Including a goddamn cathedral. My fiancee certainly has class...) and there's no shortage of guests either. (Though I suspect a few are just there for the food.)

All in all, everything's working out well. Save for the tiny hitch where Gengetsu's going to show up on the day of the wedding looking for a fight. Speaking of which, Alice must have taken a not-so-wild shot in the dark and thought I'd end up fighting someone, which caused her to reinforce my tux with enough defensive spells to survive contact with a small sun. Someday I'm going to ask her where she gets that gut instinct from, because her instinct hasn't been wrong yet.

As far as the actual event goes, Lyrica's handling the organ, Shinki has employed her maid force for the cake and refreshments, Yuuka wound up doing the flower arrangements (Apparently Yukari transplanted a few wildflowers when she brought the cathedral in, and the flower youkai almost demolished the building when the two reached a compromise), Chen and Nari as bridemaids, Yuyuko as Yukari's 'Best Woman' (Who happens to look good in a tuxedo), Ben as my 'Best Man', and last but not least, Reimu handling the vows. Everything also happened to be reinforced to be able to withstand the kind of firepower Gengetsu can put out.

Personally, I'd be very surprised if the people the gap youkai 'borrowed' the cathedral from didn't notice all the alterations made to it. After all, you can only stretch the suspension of disbelief so far.

As you might have expected, Gengetsu did show up, but she didn't crash the party. No, she decided to attack me on the way there, which is going to make me late.

It also looks like she's ditched the bullet patterns for the most part since I decided to take the form of the R-100 to both get the hell out of dodge and to counter if she gets to close. You'd be surprised at how effective a Cyclone Force is at deflecting blades.

Namely, a pair of energy blades that the dream demon has decided to equip to herself while pursuing me through the sky. White clashes against green for a few moments before the white is pushed away a few feet. "What's wrong? Can't take a few minutes to fight back the way you did before?" Gengetsu's quite happy at the prospect of delaying and/or ruining such an important event. She then generates a large number of bullets along her wings before launching them at me.

The problem for me is that they're homing bullets, and they're more like the shots Alexander fired in Final Fantasy IX. Naturally, they make for some very dogged pursuers as I weave my way through them, though I have the benefit of being able to use an invincible Force to detonate the ones behind me well away from my ship where they're still harmless. The other issue is that I can't really snark back at the dream demon in this mode. Those bullets are grating on my nerves as well, so I drop the R-100 in favor of using NiGHTS' form since it's got the Paraloop.

Said Paraloop is basically the act of generating a small, temporary black hole to basically clear all manners of things from the air. In this case, it means baiting homing bullets into it. Homing bullets that don't really want to go in there.

The fact that Gengetsu's firing off another full volley periodically is annoying, but not impossible to deal with if you have the right tools. That means I'm going to borrow a few things from Enigmata...
First of all, I need to ditch the NiGHTS form. While it's useful in the fact that it can essentially erase bullets, it just doesn't have the level of firepower I need to deal with this, not with Gengetsu using Alexander's attack. Speaking of which, where did she pick that up? As far as I know, she doesn't care about the dreams of others so long as her own world isn't threatened... Ugh, stay focused! I immediately shift into a ship called Pseudo-Epic, which is essentially a final boss that's been converted into a playable ship. Meaning that it has far less health and firepower than its original incarnation, and it's still too big to dodge effectively, but it can still take a monumental amount of punishment before biting the dust. Its energy capacity is also pretty good, so I can use the skill I really want without having to worry about the cost.

You see, while I can take a lot of punishment in this state, I also have to worry about the fact that I do in fact have finite health and can be defeated in fairly short order given what the dream demon is throwing at me. Case in point when I feel a few bolts slam into me and throw me a few feet off course. The armor is burning like hell as well. Not literally, but it sure as hell feels like it right at the moment.

Ack, dive divedivedive! She's gotten above me and has launched out another volley that's come streaking down on me, which is starting to get annoying since I only have so much room to dodge with. I wind up skimming the ground for a few moments before jerking upward, leveling my own cannons with her. The effect is about the same as firing off any other shot type at her, save for the fact that it's having a noticable effect on her spell shield. Namely in the fact that it's practically boring holes in the nearly clear shield. It probably won't break until I've managed to fire off enough shots long enough, but that's currently beside the point. As I was trying to say, I can only take so much punishment in this form, and despite the fact that I can take a crapload I still need a way to heal if I plan to use this form in a normal danmaku battle.

One solution is to use a skill that enables some healing at the cost of energy. Another choice is for me to use a skill that temporarily changes my form into something more powerful for a time and refills my health through sheer excess, though that does cost a fair bit of energy to use. I don't think it'll take too many uses to beat her down, especially not when I don't really need to win. I only have to get to the chapel to get out of this. I mean, I might be more inclined to finish this if it weren't for the fact that it's my goddamn wedding day.

The bolts are entirely behind me by this point while Gengetsu's hanging around in front of me, moving at the same pace I am so she can continue to shoot me as much as she can. Weaker danmaku bullets all but glance off my armor while larger ones create noticable blasts. Nevertheless, I try to avoid everything as it all does damage and wills stack up in very, very short order if I take a TTGL approach to this. On the other hand, if I let her keep pushing me around all day I'll never actually get where I want to go.

Well, there's always the obvious solution: Switch places. She wants to fight? Well, then, I'll be the boss. I put on a burst of speed, shooting past the bullet pattern she's firing at me as well as the dream demon herself and making an attempt to line us up to where she'll get hit with her own bullets. Not that it works that way, but I can dream right? The bullets don't hit her, and instead dodge around in order to keep up with me. Gengetsu seems a teensy bit irritated at the sudden change in position, especially since her bullets probably can't keep up with me. Her homing bullets are still catching up though. Maybe I should do something about that sometime rather than leaving them there to impact against me.

...Of course, that would require me to have thought that all the way through rather than just rush into this headfirst. As a result, I'm stuck dodging those annoying homing shots while Gengetsu-

Wait, where the hell did she go? She was right in front of me a moment ago-

A row of thin, weak lasers are all the warning I get before a cascade of bullets fly toward me. I barely flip onto my side before they stream down at me, though I didn't avoid the gigantic laser the dream demon shot out. The white core of the laser slams against my hull, draining my HP at a rather alarming rate. Small white particles fly off my hull once it's done, and I find myself wanting to speak bad enough that I get around that little limitation. "What the hell? Since when do you have a giant laser?" It comes out a little annoyed, slightly mechanical, but at least it still sounds like me.

"What, surprised that more people than Yuuka and Marisa have access to a giant laser? It's hardly a unique attack type. Heck, even Reimu used lasers as a shot type at one point." Gengetsu sounds amused by my comment rather than annoyed the fact that I didn't exactly expect her to just fire off something that's supposed to be part of someone else's theme. "I'm surprised that you didn't gripe about my teleport move."

"Probably because it's not exactly unique to one person, or even a couple. There are a bunch of people capable of instantly moving from one place to the next so it's not as big a deal as you spontaneously using giant lasers." The pattern's actually fairly easy to spot now that I've flipped back around to look. It consists of her firing out a bunch of thin lines that are spaced just far enough apart that you can slip between them. Then she fires off a Master Spark sized laser directly out in front of her. In all honesty, if it weren't for my size it'd be easier to deal with than this. As it stands, I have to pick a spot that's out of Gengetsu's range and let the smaller bullets graze me.

"Is that really the reason? Or is it because you'd use such a thing yourself if you thought it'd help you win?" After her laser subsides, she immediately fires out two waves of projectiles: One consisting of small sparks that would have rebounded off the duel border if there was one, and a normal but dense ring of bullets fired outward. The ring is easy to dodge, and without any walls the spark bullets just fly off into the distance.

...Well, she is right. I probably would if if I was facing someone I couldn't stand.
Of course, Gengetsu fits that category since she's done nothing but be a bitch about this the whole time. Not just this fight, but the whole freaking incident. In all honesty, I should be using my power to the fullest to beat her out of the way and get to the chapel on time, so why in the world am I just playing around? Her patterns are easy enough to deal with, and she's basically floating there with a giant 'Kick Me' sign on her shirt.

Well, aside from the obvious reason that she's just playing around rather than fighting seriously. I still have no idea what she did to dump Reimu, Suika, and I back to the Hakurei Shrine, so I don't feel like pressing my luck all that hard until I have a better idea about what she can do outside of her own world. For now I settle for flipping sideways again to dodge another stream of bullets while minding the giant laser. "I admit that I would, though I'd reserve teleport spamming only for someone that I felt it would be necessary against."

"And yet you're the type to bring overwhelming power to the fight right off the bat. Why in the world do you insist that you'd be willing to make things fair when it's clear you never do?" Gengetsu's beating her wings now, spreading a fairly dense yet patternless spread of arrowhead bullets out toward me. Once again my problem is that I just can't slip past all this. I have to either eat it to keep a good position, or dodge around it and hope I can keep ahead of it. I could just activate that skill I was talking about earlier, but I want to save that for a more appropriate moment. Namely, when I need to restore my health in a hurry, or maybe just to make a grand exit out of her laser or something.

"Because I'm trying to not be such a cheating jerk? Overwhelming people is fun, but to a point. After that it just makes you look like a dick no matter how you do it." Another volley of sparks and orbs fly past to no effect. It's almost like she doesn't care about the fact that she's never going to be able to hit me with those shots... The rows of guiding lasers are no more difficult to avoid than before. In fact, either this is the way people normally preform spellcard duels, or the dream demon is more interested in wasting my time than actually fighting me. Actually, that probably is what she's shooting for.

"You didn't seem to care before." Gengetsu's actually lining up with the chapel doors this time. She's still in front of me, which doesn't make any sense. If Yukari sees her she'll go ballistic and that won't end well for the dream demon. "So why would you care now?" Wait, she teleported behind me? "I've had enough fun for today, let's play again sometime♥" Somehow she cancels me out of my ship form and back into my normal human form, lines me up with the door, and delivers a powerful kick to my back that sends me flying forward without actually breaking anything. In this case, it's like... Being thrown forward a breakneck speeds, but without any of the negative effects physics would normally cause.

...Great. Am I some kind of toy to her now?

Oh yeah, I suppose I should narrate the fact that I'm speeding toward the doors of the chapel with enough force to break them down, or maybe the fact that the wedding bells are starting to sound even as I speed toward those doors with no appreciable way to stop myself before I crash. Despite the ensuing pain, I'm not sure I want to try and stop my imminent impact. Curse my love of flashy entrances!

That and the fact that I think I'm only going just fast enough to break these doors down, and I'd rather be a broken mess than late for this. Of course, I can just shield myself too. In fact, I think I will do that. While I don't think I can change forms fast enough, I still manage to activate a drill-like shield to keep myself from harm as the wood shatters and splinters under the force of my impact. The doors are thrown inward from the force, but thankfully they don't hit anyone. They land on the red carpet and cover part of the pews, but no one's on the ones way in the back. I, on the other hand, am not quite so lucky.

You see, my shield dropped shortly after the impact, which means I'm going to either keep going and crash into the wall, drop down just enough to where I hit some of the decorations behind the minister, or I smash headfirst into the floor. At the rate things are going, it's going to be the last one. On the flip side, everyone's seen me, so I'm unlikely to come to any real harm here. Case in point, Nari all but jumps out of her seat, leaps onto the spot right in front of the minister stand-in (Who happens to be Byakruen), and jumps up.
I wind up half-crashing into Nari, half landing in her arms when she jumps up to catch me. This throws her off balance for a few moments, but as they say, a cat always lands on its feet. Nari's no different as while she rights herself long before she ever hits the ground. One might think that having your 150-160 pound owner in your arms might make it a bit harder to actually pull that one off, but there's the small fact that my shikigami is both a Youkai and can fly. While I say that she's landed on her feet, there's the small fact that we're still a little closer to the wall than I would have liked.

Yukari, on the other hand, looks quite pissed off at the way I entered, but something tells me that it's not directed at me. I gather this because she's looking out the way I came in the hopes that whatever attacked me is still there. Of course, I doubt Gengetsu would be so stupid as to stick around when she's done something that would no doubt bring down untold levels of pain on her. Not that it will really save her in the end, though it might throw the gap youkai off the scent for a while. She does give me an annoyed look that turns to a small relief when she finally turns back to look at me. "Really now, getting into a fight on the day of our wedding?"

"It's not like I had much of a choice, not when my opponent happens to be Gengetsu looking for a quick rematch." Nari's let me down after I reassure her that I am in fact okay and not about to faint or some such silly thing like that. I dust myself off in a needless gesture of 'that was nothing.'

Yukari makes a small 'hmph' noise at me, but doesn't seem to be all that annoyed with me. I don't feel bad at all for Gengetsu since she more or less brought her eventual punishment down on herself with no outside help. "I suppose, but you're going to have to make up for being late~" After all, I'm going to be busy with the 'punishment' the gap youkai will dole out to me for making her wait. Odds are good that it won't be anything too bad.

"Are the two of you ready to start?" Byakuren asks with a perfectly neutral tone. She's too patient for this to bother her, though I get the feeling she's not entirely sure about how she feels about this. After all, weren't she and Yukari a genuine couple at one point? I'm not entirely sure anymore. She's holding up a small book that the gap youkai had most likely given her just for this event. A nod from each of us causes her to start again. "Then I shall begin."


I have no idea why Yukari picked a Buddhist to do a western-style wedding. Byakuren is a calm, collected, unflappable individual who would have been more comfortable doing something that's more natural for her own traditions. Of course, one might not understand unless they consider the sheer difference in how Americans and Buddhists typically view marriage. In most cases of the former, the couple hasn't taken the time to work out all their issues beforehand, or have decided to get married for all the wrong reasons. The latter take a much more serious view about this, and as a result they tend to have more meaningful relationships the first time around. I'm not trying to bash my own people though, just going by what I know and the national divorce rate.

On the other hand, perhaps that's her way of saying that she's sure this will work. With someone of a Buddhist mind handling this and not objecting to it, perhaps that means she has faith that this won't fail. A nice touch if it really means that.

Since I'm trying to keep my physical attention on Byakuren as to not appear rude, I decide to see if I can't use Nari's line of sight to see who's there in a discreet manner. I doubt Yukari would miss my doing such a thing but I have arrived late and probably missed some of the events that occured prior to this. Oddly enough, there aren't really many people who'd fit the 'bridesmaid' function. The ones I do spot through my shikigami's connection happen to be Suika, Chen, Tokiko, and Nari. ...Well, I don't really 'see' Nari playing the role of the adorable bridesmaid so much as she tells me as such. I do, however, think that she looked incredibly cute in that sundress and would like to see more of that later.

Nari simply waves her tails happily upon hearing that, which does manage to go unnoticed to pretty much everyone since they're focusing on the monk's nervous speech. Funnily enough, it's still pretty composed all considering. However, it's pretty much over at this point so I should probably stop being a spacey twit and actually listen to what everyone else is saying.

Yukari's holding my hand by this point, having taken mine in hers sometime during all the talking. "I do~" waitwhat

"Yukari?" Byakuren looks a little confused by the gap youkai's statement. ...Actually, isn't the minister/minister substitute supposed to say something along the lines of 'Will you, Yukari Yakumo, take Wade to be your lawfull wedded husband?' Did the gap youkai just skip that?

"I already know this part~ I will take Wade as my husband, and support him until we part~" ...I think this is more her wanting to rush things a bit to actually go through with this than her meaning any disrespect.

"Well then... Wade, do you take Yukari to be your wife?" I'm guessing the monk is either taking that improv to be the real thing or picking up on the gap youkai's sense of urgency. Not necessarily a good thing, but I'll go with that as best I can.

"I do." Simple, to the point, and-

Yukari pulls me toward her into a light kiss the moment I spoke those words.

"I now pronounce you wife and husband!" Wrong way around Byakuren, but I suppose that works in its own way.
>"I suppose, but you're going to have to make up for being late~" After all, I'm going to be busy with the 'punishment' the gap youkai will dole out to me for making her wait. Odds are good that it won't be anything too bad.

I'm sure it will be a...

*Puts on shades*


Always nice to see an update, even if it's among the last of this run.
For some reason, I was smiling during the whole update. It's hard to end this, right, S.L.D.T."
I know you're worried about disaster striking mid-ceremony, but did you really have to rush things that much? This is important. The lackluster ceremony was met with applause from the gap youkai's friends and family, though that was probably only because we got through it in one piece. That and the kiss. Somewhere along the line she decided to be more agressive and show some tongue, which was met with some slightly mixed results.

The voice that responds is filled with embarrassment, relief, joy, and contains a dash of 'I don't care' mixed in for good measure. Sorry... It's hard to ignore that dreadful feeling, even moreso when you showed up all battered and bruised like that. I was scared that I'd be robbed of my beloved on our wedding day once again. She pulled away from me once she realised that I needed to breathe, then went through with the proper, and previously ignored, ring exchange ceremony. But that hardly matters now. Half-assed though it may be, we did get married without too great an incident. Perhaps we could do this again in the correct manner later on.

That's assuming we don't feel any particular... I'm about to start on one train of thought, but another one comes to mind that kills off the first and takes its place. Dear, beloved Yukarin... I do recall that you have the ability to converse with your past and future selves. If you were really so worried about whether I arrived in one piece or if I'd arrive pre-gibbed, couldn't you just open up a gap to ask? Arm in arm we walk back out of the chapel to go to the reception. Thankfully, unlike the wedding ceremony, this wasn't rushed in the slightest and actually felt like a wedding reception should. ...Not that I'd really know much of anything about that.

Again, I only hear some nervous laughter. To tell you the truth, I was so worried about what I'd hear from myself that I didn't want to. What if the future me looked at me with solemn and apologetic eyes as she told me that you'd be just another bullet point on the long list of my marriage failures? Sure there was a better chance of my reassuring myself than for me to relay that horrible news, but I couldn't be sure either way. If I had done that, I may even have called this whole thing off had I tried it. Sometimes I forget just how insecure she can be sometimes. The vast majority of the time Yukari is confident, flirty, and strong-willed. In fact, that's the only side most people see of her. But there's that other side that even I managed to forget about: The one that seems ready to break down and start crying as she's once again left alone at the altar after building up such truly monumental hopes for herself, her husband-to-be, their future, and their possible offspring. But that's changed. I know for a fact that this will work. ...Though I do forsee a need to make something very clear to the dream demon the next time we meet. Now what do they call this..."Dissonant Serenity or something? Basically, when a person looks calm and happy despite being about to unleash hell on whoever's earned their ire.

Let's just forget about that for right now. It may need a redo, but the important part, our being declared husband and wife, is official and unlikely to change. We should just relax and focus on the receptio- Why's there so much booze here? The next thing that springs to mind is the fact that part of the refreshment table has been devoted to various liquors. I thought marriages were supposed to be a sacred ritual. How are we going to keep things from getting ridiculous when there's so much booze lying around?

Oh, don't be such a spoilsport~ I had Reimu, and Sanae give their blessings to every bottle here so that it may be holy sake. Perfectly acceptable for marriages~ Her radiant smile would have been infectious had it not been for the small fact that she basically did this just to have liquor present at a party. And I really want to ruin the holy water inside the chapel later~

I accept a cup of the weaker stuff with a small sigh. If we get smited by an angry god, I'm not taking the blame for this.

She takes a long, drawn-out sip that drains her cup in one go. Smited? I imagine that I'll just have to get the blessing of a more agreeable goddess if that happens~

This is going to be a long reception...
>Risk of something crazy/perverted happening

Sounds about right for Yukari's reception if not for Gensokyo in general.
"Hey Wade, it's been a while hasn't it?" Of course, I neglected to point out just how many people showed up for the free food and booze. Marisa Kirisame, the perfectly ordinary witch, happens to be one of the partygoers. She's munching on one of the cake decorations as she walks on up, finishing it right before she speaks. I wouldn't figure out that she did so before the cake was cut until long after she went home. "I bet a bunch of crazy stuff's been happening to you. Anything really interesting?"

"You mean aside from getting into a fight with Gengetsu on the way here and almost becoming a bloody stain on the stone wall? Not really." There's also the fact that I'm trying my hardest to shove that event out of my mind, with the small problem that I wind up thinking about it even harder when I try.

"Oh come on, that's not the most interesting thing that's happened. You're completely forgetting about Youmu's little dress-up rampage when we went to get your tuxedo made~" Figures Yukari would pitch in an event that consisted of me standing in nothing but my boxers for the better part of three hours.

"Seriously?" The black-white is trying to decide what to inqure about first. "I'd like to hear about Youmu's incident sometime, but first I wanna hear about Gengetsu. She seriously attacked you? I thought that was all water under the bridge."

"It seems she's become a mite persistent." I did promise her a rematch, but I still don't get why she had to take it up with me on my wedding day. "Though you'd think she'd figure out that whatever dream world fragments are in me aren't coming out."

"Can't say I know much about her other than she's a really high-class demon with some brutal danmaku patterns. ...Speaking of patterns, did she even bother with spellcards?" Her perplexed face and the questions she's asking are starting to worry me.

"No. I didn't hear or feel any sort of declaration. You think she's using lethal force?" It's funny how this conversation got so grim on such short notice.

"If she is, there'll be hell to pay~" The gap youkai's smiling face and cheery tone don't mask her icy intent all that well. Then again, it's not like she's trying at all.

"Er... That's a possibility. Gengetsu never bothered with the rules before, so she might not bother with them until Reimu kicks her ass again." The witch grabs a bottle, pulls the cap off, then drinks from it for a few moments. "Ah... I don't think you've got much to worry 'bout though. I don't think anyone'd let you take her on alone."

"True." That's the only thing I could think to say as Marisa bid a quick 'see ya later' to go bother someone else. Odds are good she'll get totally smashed and forget, but eh.

Funnily enough, Yukari's sticking right with me. I shouldn't be surprised since this is our wedding reception, but it hasn't had time to properly sink in yet. "We propably should go cut the cake since Yuyuko's staring at us." I follow her gaze to the ghost princess who's holding a rather massive cleaver in one hand and a platter in the other. Her eyes are closed and she's smiling in the most adorable way, but like with Yukari, Yuyuko is making no attempt to hide what she means.
Long story short, Yuyuko was a little more enthusiastic about the cake-cutting than she let on and basically dragged the both of us over to cut it so she could get her piece. While it's kind of rude of her, I can't really blame her that much since she must have been holding herself back for the entire ceremony. ...Though this does run a bit counter to what I've seen of her before now...

"Was that really necessary?" If Yukari could produce one large drop of sweat on her head, this would be a fitting scenario for it. The ghost princess is currently guiding the gap youkai through the proper method of cutting a cake, and is doing it through physical guidance. However, I don't quite think that Yukari anticipated that her friend would not want to settle for a small cake cut. No, what Yuyuko had guided Yukari into would be something more akin to one of those impossible sword cuts in anime that slice things clean in half without damaging anything else.

...My gaze drifts over to Youmu for a moment, and the gardener gives a non-comittable shrug in response. Ghostly gardener that dual weilds swords that cut anything. Seriously, I cannot have forgotten about that little bit already.

Come to think about it, I wonder if her impossible skill with the blade is because humans on the Outside think that it's impossible?

I look back to the cake and practically jump backwards. It's kind of hard not to have that sort of response when it looks like your wife just got through being man- Excuse me, womanhandled into doing several strikes that divide both the cake and the platter its on into perfectly equal servings, though I have no idea how that happened, and is now being guided in how to get the cake slice on the plate. The really surprising thing is that it looks like there's absolutely no way in hell that cake could possibly be standing after Yuyuko's started treating the thing like a tower of Jenga blocks. The only safe piece she's taken down is the one at the top with the little bride and groom figure.

"Wait a sec, isn't that piece supposed to stay at the top until the rest of the cake is eaten?" Not to mention that it's still enough cake for four slices. I'm not about to argue with that since I happen to enjoy sweet things, but come on.

"Maaaaybe~ I admit that this is more to let me divide the cake up without making it topple over." Yuyuko is still guiding Yukari around, and I decide to follow along in case she plans to do even more than that. I don't think she'll do anything like that with a huge cake left, but one does not ignore his newlywed wife when the people around her are acting like twits. "Speaking of which~" She sits the gap youkai down at the foot of a large... Flowering cherry. Well played, ghost princess of Hakugyokuro. "I always wanted to do that with a lover. Eating wedding cake beneath a flowering cherry tree~"

Yukari simply sighs as she sets the plate in her lap, knowing that there's not a whole lot she can do to dissuade her friend once she got started. She instead looks to me with a level of youthful innocence greater than anything I've seen before. I don't know if it was a conscious reaction or if she planned this, but it makes her less of a 17-year old girl and more like a young blushing bride who's bekoning her lover to sit beside her.

Words aren't needed. I walk over and sit beside her, at which point she shifts the large plate to where it sits on both our laps. I notice that there's a bottle of liquor next to her, and catch the faintest wisp of green as it moves out of my line of sight. There's still no forks, so I just improvise and form a couple out bits of my own soul. Yukari takes the one I offer her with a small, genuine smile before using it to crave off a bite-sized bit. She takes it to her own mouth and bites down on it, taking entirely too long in using her lips to make the fluffy cake part with the spiritual material. After that, she gets another bit and offers it to me, which I take with a bit more speed than she did. I'm just glad I can't really feel what those forks are experiencing, otherwise she's probably do something even more awkward with them.
And so time passes, with the two of us sitting under a blooming cherry tree that was so generously provided by the ghost princess of Hakugyokuro and feeding each other bits of cake from a slice that's far too large to go on a normal plate. ...Then again, this cake 'slice' is actually the entire topmost part of the wedding cake, so it stands to reason that we'd be taking longer that we really ought to. Of course, that would require some small part of us to care that we're savoring the moment and flavors while the rest of the party is going on around us. People come over to look, but see that we're on our own little world and decide that it's wiser to leave us alone until we're done.

We take our sweet time though, so we get a nice long period where we did nothing but feed each other, and in my case wipe a small amount of frosting left on the gap youkai's cheek. She wound up sucking it off in erotic fashion though.

After a while, a few people decide to check in on us only to find that the platter's been set off to the side and that Yukari's cuddled up against me. She also happens to have decided that I make a pretty good pillow as she's wrapped her arms around me and is sleeping quietly. Naturally, anyone who's walking close by or sitting near us are doing so quietly as to not incur her wrath. As for me, I'm feeling pretty drowsy myself, though I'm not sure if that's because she's doing it on purpose or if I'm actually tired.

"This has been wonderful~" Yukari's voice resonates in my head even after it feels like she's drifted off to sleep. Then again, she doesn't have to operate like a normal human. "I know this was kind of rushed, but it just felt too good. I wanted to experience it all as fast as I could~"

"I guess I can't blame you. This is your first success after a long string of failures. You have every right to enjoy this the way you want to. It's not like there won't be opportunities to do this again at a less chaotic pace in the future." There's actually something I never really bothered to explain: When Yukari contacts me mentally lately, I actually feel her presence and can interact with it. It's not like holding hands in the strictest sense... It's more like tendrils of conscience reaching out to one another. I can feel her mind brushing against mine, and mine reaching out to hers.

"True. Maybe we can renew our vows a couple hundred years down the line~" She has absolutely no plans to let me go while she lives either. I'm not going to complain, though it's going to take quite a bit of getting used to. Human lives aren't meant to last more than a hundred years or so. "But right now I just want to sleep off this cake. Anything else can wait an hour or so~"

And so she pulled me into the land of dreams for a while.


An hour passes without incident until Byakuren tried to wake us up. The poor monk had her face stuck between the gap youkai's breasts for a good five minutes before she even stirred. Thankfully Byakuren either knew how to tilt her head just far enough to where she could breath, or if there was some sort of technique you could use to hold your breath for extended periods of time without suffering any side-effects. "Oh?" Yukari then lets the poor monk out of her death grip. "Oh my! You really shouldn't try to wake me up like that~" Apparently she missed the part where Byakuren didn't put her head there on purpose.

"You pulled her down in there when she tried to wake you up. I don't think Byakuren would go so far as to plant her face in a sleeping woman's bust." My response is pretty neutral considering the situation, but I shouldn't even think about getting on the gap youkai's case when I myself have wound up with the occasional unintended female visitor while I'm sleeping. Instead I help pull the monk out of Yukari's hold before she suffocates or decides that she should do something unsightly. ...Unsightly for her that is.

The gap youkai relinquished her hold somewhat reluctantly, at which point Byakuren was able to pull herself out with a small application of force and my own help. The slightly awkward angle meant that she fell backwards onto my legs, which gave me a good view of the fast-developing blush spreading across her face. She might be a Buddhist monk, but she also has a deep, genuine love for Yukari and reacts to these sort of situations accordingly. Namely with a sharp gasp and a deep crimson blush. "You shouldn't do that sort of thing in public!" She tries to chastise Yukari, but it comes off rather half-hearted. "Honestly..." Especially since I get the feeling that if she had been in the same situation in private she would have been more than happy to just snuggle up to her and fall asleep.

"Oh? I'll save that for the bedroom then~ Among other things~" Just to make things yet more awkward, Yukari decides to gap the monk upright and in my lap instead of her own. Not that she really has the room, but neither do I. "Hm~ I can see why you woke us up though. It's rather sad to sleep through one's reception." Byakuren looks about ready to say something, but the gap youkai shuts her up by pulling her down into a kiss. It shouldn't come as a surprise that I feel some level of deja vu from this moment, if only because I went through it myself once.

"Th... That and we thought it might be a good idea to wrap things up for now." Byakuren manages to pull free after a few moments to at least try and explain what she was doing here to begin with. "Yuyuko actually managed to avoid eating the whole cake and left enough behind for the rest of us to have some, so we partook of it while you were resting. There wasn't much left to do after that and some people have places to be, so..." She trails off for the time being since the implications are pretty clear. The party's more or less finished itself up without us and it's time to go home.

"Too bad this got chaotic as fast as it did. Yukari, did we even think about how we were going to get home?" I decide to pipe up with one of those little things that probably got lost in translation. ...Kinda like the- "And what about the bouquet? That's pretty important too." In fact, the whole thing seemed hopelessly rushed. Did Yukari plan it out at all aside from the cake and the ceremony, or did her paranoia get the better of her and make everything more half-baked than it should be?

"Ehehe... I didn't think about the transport, but I did get a bouquet at least~" Another gap opens up, this time depositing a beautiful bouquet in her hands. Unfortunately, I'm not a botanist so I can't tell you what they all are aside from 'pretty'.

God I must sound dumb right now.

I half expect to see Yuuka's hand holding onto the bouquet, but strangely enough it really is just the gap youkai holding it. "Shall we go~?"


One little statement, and suddenly everyone's gathered up and deposited in a somewhat tangled mess of dresses and limbs. Yukari and I are standing a small distance away, situated in a perfect position to throw the bouquet. "Sorry about the lackluster party everyone, I'll make it up to you all later~" And that was the only warning I got. She tossed the bouquet, and almost tossed me into the slowly detangling crowd. I was yanked back just in time though, so no harm done. "Now then, let's see who catches it~"

Everyone's still getting organized and either helping each other up or getting pused back down unintentionally, so no one was really paying attention to the bouquet that was now descending toward rapidly. However, it looked like it would land on both Merlin and Shinki, which made my heart skip a couple beats. Given what catching that thing means...

The energetic poltergeist looks up in a half-daze that vanishes in an instant. She lunges up at the bouquet and it looks like she's got it-!

However, her face looses all enthusiasm in a second.

Hovering just a couple feet above her is Gengetsu's angelic figure. The dream demon caught the bouquet rather lazily and is dangling it above the poltergeist just out of reach. She turns to give me a smile and a wink, turns over to blow the poor girl a kiss, and promptly vanishes. Not before uttering two words directed only to me that stick in my mind like nothing else.

"I win~"

I can only try to imagine what Yukari'll do to Gengetsu.

If you have to imagine, there's no hope for you.


That moment where Gengetsu grabs the bouquet seemed to last forever. The implications alone are worth freezing up over.

She admitted that she had lost her Mugenkan fragments that my soul had soaked up while broken during the lunar viewing, but that only meant she had given up reclaiming them as fragments of her dream world. The problem with this is that she never struck me as the type to give up so easily, if at all. If she was, she wouldn't have given me so much hell while I was trying to put myself back together. She did calm down for a while, but that's a little beside the point here.

I think it's entirely possible that she's still after the Mugenkan fragments. However, there's the small problem that they've bonded to me so thoroughly that removing them without destroying me would be all but impossible. With that in mind, it stands to reason that she's changed targets.

If she can't reclaim what's hers without incurring the wrath of someone she may very well not be able to deal with, then it stands to reason that she'd take steps to simply claim the whole thing.

I don't think I need to say why that's so troubling.


Yukari had been more or less neutral about that bombshell. While she was peeved that Gengetsu would show up again so soon after trying to kill me, it wasn't really enough to warrant her gapping the dream demon into oblivion. At least, not right now. Taking her new husband home for some very intimate lessons on how things will run at the Yakumo household now that he's been bestowed her last name is far, far more important than chasing after some impudent demon.

This is obviously why we're back in the empty space that she used to tentacle my genderbent self.

"Yes, this makes for a rather bland honeymoon area, but I'd like to get this done first before we go on some grand tour of the world~" She's wearing only some frilly violet lingerie that leaves very little to the imagination. She's deigned it acceptable for me to have boxers on for right at the moment. "First of all, gender roles don't work quite the same way here as they do the outside. Men tend to take their wive's last name rather than the other way around, for example~"

"I kinda figured that. Though I have to wonder how much of this is you teaching me and how much is going to be you fucking me silly for hours on end." My response is pretty deadpan considering the situation, but it's kind of hard to take anything she says at face value when she's got such revealing clothing on.

"Hmph~!" She pouts in a rather half-hearted fashion when I basically call her out on her obvious motives. "Well then, if I can't explain things to you verbally, maybe some hands on training would do you good~" She then closes the very small amount of distance between us to grab me. She pulls me into a light kiss as our... Well, clothes isn't the right word so much as undergarments. Either way, they pretty much melt away in that instance.

I notice that she's already fairly wet since her love juice-soaked lower lips are kissing my growing erection. "There's actually something I want... I want to carry your seed." She takes a moment to explain herself a bit more before actually doing the deed. "I don't want to rush this, so I just want to carry your seed in me and keep it in stasis until we feel ready to have children." She plunges my shaft into her folds in one swift movement, sending strong shockwaves of pleasure up my spine. "But this is the only normal bit of sex you get until I'm done with you. You have a ways to go before you've been taught every last thing you need to know, and I know this will make it stick in your mind~"

Her warm, wet insides feel about as good as they usually do as she thrusts herself onto my manhood. I'm pretty much rendered helpless against this since she's got my arms pinned to my sides via a tight embrace, and my mouth is similarly occupied with her tongue. In earlier egagements, she restrained herself so we could be together on equal ground. This is very much her way of saying that she's the one in control here. It kind of makes sense since she's the head of the household, as well as being quite a bit stronger than I am. I don't need reminding though.

Why she's chosen to fuck me upright in this unceremonious fashion is beyond me, not to mention why she's basically using me as a convenient fuck toy when we both know it's better when we're both involved. Regardless, her tounge is practically pushing mine around as she explores the familiar confines of my own mouth while feeling me up with her hands. Since I've more or less given up on doing anything with this I decide to shift my hands around to where I can grope her rear at the very least. It's soft yet firm, as usual, and she's responding with enthusiasm by thrusting herself onto me harder than before.

Her motions are a bit slow considering the fact that she plans to wear me out until I'm too tired to do much more than lay in bed all day, but that's only when she's pulling herself off my dick. When she's pushing me into her, she does so in one swift motion that causes a small slapping sound to occur, one that gets increasingly lewd as her body starts dribbling lady fluids in anticipation of what's to come. She's got a deathgrip on my body as it is though, and her chest is pressed against my body so hard that her erect nipples are digging into my flesh every time she thrusts onto me. That doesn't feel at all bad, by the way.

Somewhere along the line she picks up the pace on her thrusting, adding speed and force until my thighs feel like they're going to buckle under the force she's putting on my body. Each successive thrust actually pushes me over just a tiny bit, but I'm not falling over, nor is the gap youkai losing her pace. I chalk it up to her mucking with the boundaries since my brain's too busy going 'sexsexsex' to possibly proccess something as complex as that. That being said, she hasn't loosened her grip at all and is just slowly working me over.

She pushes me over just as my dick feels fit to burst, and it's engorging just a bit to tell the gap youkai that this load's going to come whether she's ready for it to do so or not. However, this being Yukari, she's more than capable of holding me in that state as she keeps going. Eventually she wraps her legs around my body with enough force that the tip of my manhood is almost pushing all the way into her womb. Her inner walls are convulsing on my dick as she builds the both of us up to a mindless fever pitch, after which she clamps down on me hard as her love juices squirt out her pussy, and the largest load I've ever shot gets swallowed up by her body. Not a drop was spilled out of that...

"Hah... That should be more than enough~" Yukari pulls away just enough to speak to me, but doesn't let up at all. Her body is still milking me, and I come again. This time I feel her belly swell just a tiny bit as she forces her womb to expand to accomodate all my essence. "Maaaybe just a bit more~" And again... "More~" And... again... "Last one~!" My body coughs up sperm until there's nothing but dry convultions, at which point she lifts herself off me. "That was quite nice~ Maybe I should skip the training and focus on making you cum in me all night~ How does that sound~?"

This is going to be a long, but fun night...
Most of my night had been spent being milked clear to exhaustion by the busty gap youkai, which resulted in her having such an inflated belly that you'd have to be blind, drunk, and stupid to miss the fact that she's pregnant. However, she said she'd wait until I'm comfortable with the idea so I'm not worried about it in the slightest. I'm still worried about what stunts Gengetsu might pull since she's decided to shift targets today, but again, it's not something I want to deal with right now. Laying naked under the covers with my wife, holding her voluptuous body tightly against mine while she does the same to me is much more important. It's a little awkward to have her stomach be in the way of our snuggling, but at the same time it's kind of hot just to lay there, falling asleep to the sound of our synchronized breathing...

...And yet I find myself flitting in and out of conscience when I was fairly certain that I was getting my first night of normal sleep in a long while. It's like those dreams you have where you can't control whether your eyes are open or closed, and thus can only use your other senses to figure out what's going on. The only thing I can really tell without my sight is the fact that there's a feminine form on me, and that there's a strong scent of flowers wafting through the air. The cool air is another indicator that something's off. Same with the feeling of my dick being plunged into what feels like a woman's pussy...

Eventually I focus myself just enough to make myself see what's going on, and the change in scenery is rather surprising. Straddling me is Yukari, but this time she's pulled out all the stops in terms of her physical appearance. She's made herself borderline unrealistic in how picturesque she is, even moreso than she usually does. It's not unlike trying to look at a higher being than one's self, but she's never pulled that sort of stunt before. The thin, unstable boundary aura around her isn't exactly doing her image any harm either. On the other hand it feels like she's trying too hard to make herself impossible to resist. I mean, why go through all the trouble when it's gotten to the point that neither of us feel that physical appearance matters anymore? She knows that I'm not going to leave her over something as trivial as that.

The bed itsef is rather large as well, it being entirely circular and a deep rose red in color. We're both in a temple-like area within an endless field of flowers, and the moon is shining down on us both. This area has an unfamiliar scent to it, but it's being overpowered by Yukari's own. Both of her own natural scent, and that of her body in heat. It seems a little too familiar for my liking though, as the last time I was in a place like this, I was getting the crap blasted out of me.

However, the tight, constricting inner walls milking me once more are making it more than a little difficult to think, and Yukari's form, while off, is more than a little entrancing. In fact, she's pretty much mesmerizing as she moves, since not only is the aura she's putting off providing a visual distraction, she's making her breasts jiggle in a borderline hypnotic way as well. Everything's moving in a positively unbelievable manner, making it hard to focus on anything but her. I suppose I can't be blamed for giving into this unrealistic dream, or forgetting just why this seems so off.

She doesn't do much more than lay down on me to kiss me, hold me in an impossible to break embrace, and do the same thing that she had been doing while we were awake. Though this time it's a bunch of short, hard, rapid thrusts instead of the slow out, fast in approach she had done before. She's wrapped her legs around me as well, shifting them through the matress itself in order to ensure that I can't pull away. The heavenly texture of her insides are utterly relentless, and drive me to greater, mind-numbing pleasure. Then suddenly, without warning the massive dam that had been created gives way, shooting a much larger wad of seed into her womb than I would have thought possible.

I still can't think of why this is off though...
>something's off

Damn it Gengetsu!
So, S.L.D.T, What happened to that "second run" eh?
I just finished reading through this story, and really, It's better then Ibunshu imo. Though, Again. we kinda need that second run.
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Very slowly. It's almost like he's doing something else than writing.
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Where's the ending? Kind of stuck in limbo for the most part since I've had an increasingly limited amount of time to write while I'm in a state of mind to do so. About an hour or two a day that isn't intruding on my normal sleep schedule really, and even then it tends to get trampled on a lot lately.

This, combined with my patience being stretched thinner than usual and my getting stressed to the point where I've developed nothing short of a case of writer's block has made the ending post I have written feel like it isn't as good as it could have been. But as some of you have said, this has been both dragged out too long, and I've been taking too damn long.

So without further ado, I'll go ahead and post what I do have with an apology for taking longer than I had wanted. If this update constitutes enough of an end to you guys, I'll call this done and initiate a vote on how to go about the next story I do.


And then it hits me. It doesn't make a whole lot of sense, but it hits me. "God damn it Gengetsu." Left my lips before I even put all the pieces together, but given how this was falling into place like most other things, it wasn't unexpected. The 'Yukari' mounting me smiled sweetly for a moment before erasing all the little dream enhancements that had managed to fool and distract me. What was left was a dream demon who had taken a sudden, but perhaps not surprising interest in claiming what she sees as hers. ...She's also sporting quite the shit-eating grin right now.

"Oh? Took you long enough to figure it out. But I imagine that you think you figured it out a biiiiit too late." She places a hand to her belly to emphasize her point, and her eyes drift down to our coupling to further drive that point home. "You knew this was going to happen eventually. Mugenkan belongs to my sister and I, and you stole some of it, eventually merging it with your very being. Given how youkai are about the things they own, I'd say that my owning you is quite natural~" She leans down to kiss me once again, but it's a forced deal now as I'm not being taken in by illusions.

I push her away instead of letting her put her lips to mine, and she offers no resistance to it whatsoever. "You, owning me? That's pretty presumptious of you isn't it?" ...Funnily, the 'sexy' is draining right out of this encounter now that I can see her for what she really is. In fact, I'm starting to feel pretty pissed right about now.

"What's wrong? Mad I stole your seed? Mad that I'm going to bear your child~?" Gengetsu sits upright and thrusts herself onto my manhood a couple more times, each thrust being accompanied by a wet squish sound. "What are you going to do about it? You can't be sure that I haven't accelerated the growth of our child, and I doubt you'd up and kill an innocent being~" Her belly hasn't inflated at all yet aside from the cum that's been shot into her, but given her nature she could probably change that on a whim, not unlike a certain gap youkai. You know, my actual wife.

"Using an unborn child as a garuntee... I'm not sure if that's you trolling me, you being afraid that I actually could kick your ass now, or both. But one way or another, that's pissing me off more than anything else." Instead of shoving her off, I opt to generate a pair of pistols and blast the bed out from under me. She winces as she feels the beams graze her legs as the bed falls apart around her. Unsurprisingly, we don't fall. "Now then..."

She's looking a little more uncertain now. Uncertain enough that she actually floats away from me a foot or two. "You... You'd do this to me anyway...?" Ugh, finally. She manages to uncouple herself from me long enough for me to clean myself off and apply a fresh layer of clothes. She clothes herself in response and prepares a few bullet options to keep some distance between us, but falls just short of giving the order when she sees me dismiss the guns. She's wary... To a degree. She's also curious about what I'm going to do. Would I look like a monster and attack her, or would I leave myself to her mercy again?

"No. Though you've left me in quite the perdicament, what with you carrying my child." I stare at her with the feircest intensity I can muster before continuing. "Though you are right, that child is the only reason I'm not blasting you right now. You dragged me here against my will, raped me, claimed ownership...You must know that that's a very, very bad idea if you want me to come along quietly, right?"

She starts grinning again now that the shock factor has worn off. "Yes, but I am dead serious. You may belong to the gap youkai, but from now on you're mine as well. It only makes sense that a thief pays for what he's done, doesn't it?" She's not so keen on approaching me so brazenly now, which is just how I like it. I honestly have no feelings for her, especially since she's the one responsible for this whole mess to begin with. "But I may just have to take you by force anyway since you're resisting this hard. ...I wonder if you can keep resisting when I control every little thing that goes on here~"

"I think he could~ He's already got a loving wife bearing his child, and access to my harem. I doubt he'd just up and drop everything for you simply because you made love to him once." Yukari, the real Yukari popped out of a gap and was busy fanning herself. There was just a tiny bit of semen on the corner of her mouth, and the loveliest blush gracing her features. "If making love to him were all it took to make him want to stay, I think he'd have become Shinki's toy rather than seeking out a relationship~" ...Can I just crawl back in bed with her already? "After we settle this dear~"

I was referring to you, by the way.

"Oh great, the gap hag shows up to save the day." Gengetsu's smile turns to a deadpan expression once she sees the gap youkai pop up. "Surely you know that this was bound to happen anyway." And I notice that the dream demon is trying her hardest to apply her logic while creating a defense capable of keeping Yukari out.

"I know, that's why I let this slide~" Yukari rested her head on one hand as she smiled gently, her eyes closing as she gave us both a wide smile.

In retrospect, I suppose it shouldn't surprise me that the gap youkai decided to play vouyer when her husband was swept off into dreamland to be fucked by a dream demon who seems to be either a tsundere, yandere, or both. However, what I feel right now is nothing short of utter disbelief. The feeling must have been shared by Gengetsu, because the both of us are just staring at her. Gengetsu's face is more reminicent of 'you have GOT to be kidding me!' while mine just says... pretty much the same thing.

Toss in the fact that Yukari is somehow keeping her laughter to herself, and you could literally hear a flower petal hit the stone floor. The silence was just that deafening, if that's even the correct term.

"Let it slide!?" The dream demon shouts.

"Yup~" She opens her eyes again and locks eyes with Gengetsu, regarding her with mild amusement.

"And just what makes you think that you're in any position to say that?" The dream demon doesn't seem terribly amused by this, but then again, this is Yukari we're talking about. Odds are good that the only response Gengetsu will get is something perverted. Either that, or... "Mmmmph!" Yeah, something perverted. The gap youkai winds up shoving the dream demon's face into her boobs.

"Because I'm a boundary manipulator who can screw with just about anything, and I took the liberty of supressing your power before I came in here~?" Her voice is practically sing-song as she reveals this particular tidbit, which fails to surprise me now that I've had a few moments to actually think about this.

Yukari knows full well what kind of trouble I'm having, along with the logic behind it. Since she knows Gengetsu won't stop until she gets what she wants, she set things up to where the dream demon could have her way, but on the condition that she get her way as well. One might think that this would be little more than making sure that whatever mindfuckery was going on didn't affect me too adversely, but this is Yukari we're talking about. Odds are good she had her eye on Gengetsu for a while now and was just waiting for an excuse to take her to bed.

The scene stays exactly the way it is now for the better part of five minutes or so... Not that I can really tell. Who knows how long that pause took, but after a time Gengetsu launches away from the gap youkai pinning her in place, taking in a lungful of air as she stares at Yukari. Her eyes are wide with disbelief as she keeps trying to do something to absolutely no effect. She's sputtering right now too...

"You-" That self-inflicted speech impediment turns into a furious snarl. "How dare you! You think you can just waltz on in here and shut down my abilities?!" She's trying to generate some kind of danmaku, but that seems to have been shut down as well. "This is completely unforgivable!" ...Save for the fact that she's generated some manner of magic circle. Still, does she really think that's going to be enough to stop her?

"Didn't you already ask that question another way earlier~? My answer is still yes either way." Yukari didn't bother to put any clothes on, which would be positively sexy if it weren't for the fact that Gengetsu looks like she's about ready to blow something up. ...Now that I think about it, why am I still standing here? Gengetsu's going to blow the moment she can get some kind of attack together. "But aside from that, there's no reason for us to fight~"

If looks could kill, Yukari would have disintegrated. The scowl on Gengetsu's face is enough to sour milk at this point, and I doubt very seriously that she wants to negotiate. "On the contrary, I think there's every reason for me to beat the ever-loving shit out of you." Her expression becomes a little less intense once she tries to cast some form of spell, which still manages to do nothing at all. "...If I could actually do that." Her circle fizzles out shortly afterward to emphasize the point. She's still pretty pissed, but she seems to understand that there isn't a whole lot she can do at this point, and sits down on nothing but air. "I assume you're just going to do whatever you want, so go right ahead. It's apparent that I can't stop you."

"That's a rather defeatist attitude... But yes, I did do things the way I did on purpose so this wouldn't be dragged out any longer than it needs to be. We have similar interests, and have similar goals... The only thing that stops us from resolving this peacefully is the fact that you don't want to share." The gap youkai opens up her gap a bit more to allow herself to step out, and my attention is almost entirely focused on her.

"It's not in a youkai's nature to share something that belongs to her." She's cooling down a fair bit since she's accepted that Yukari had caught her with her pants down in both the metaphorical and literal sense, so now she's just grumping around and trying to use her logic to counter the gap youkai's. Problem is, I doubt very seriously that she's going to win the arguement when evidence to the contrary is standing right in front of her.

"That's a shame, because I'm open to the idea~" Yukari does little more than smile sweetly, but she doesn't have to do anything else.

"Your idea of 'sharing' would involve my having to copulate with you. I'm only interested in what's mine." The dream demon crosses one leg over the other and crossing her arms, either to show her disapproval, hide her dripping snatch, or both.

"I'm patient~" And now she's back to being entirely unhelpful. "But just to be serious for a moment, I don't mind you taking him in his sleep, no more than I mind anyone else in my harem taking him. We're all in it to love and support each other after all~"

"That would still require my wanting anything to do with you." From Gengetsu's position, Yukari is completely missing the point time and time again, but that doesn't matter to the gap youkai. Eventually the dream demon will relent, and then she'll make her move.

"That's perfectly fine. As I said, I'm willing to wait as long as necessary~ Until then~" Yukari grabs me from behind and yanks me through a different gap while Gengetsu looks on in annoyance. I don't think she'll object or try anything, but I'm still a bit worried...


"Oh, stop worrying, she'll come around eventually~ So will you, for that matter~"

...You're really set on including her, aren't you?

"Her love for you is genuine, even if it's twisted. There's no reason to deny her is there?"

Aside from the fact that it's incredibly one-sided?

"I have a hard time thinking it will stay that way forever. You always wind up reciprocating in the end~"

There's just no arguing with you about this, is there?



Yukari snuggles up to me once we're under the covers, making a point of draping herself partway across my body like an affectionate cat. "Now that that's settled, what should we name our child...?"
I think one last "epilogue" (saying what more or less happens with everyone) post would do it.

As for what next? Finishing that Eirin short in /at/ then Work on finishing the Alchemist story.
Unless he plans to write a sequel, where MC is Yukari's child.

Fund it.
Sequel. Yukari's son goes out into the world and pretty much bangs everyone we did. Shinki Alice Mima Eirin and Gengetsu routes would be amazing in the sequel.

Oh, You are going to make a sequel right?
This Shrine?
Actually, I'm going to make a thread in general discussion regarding story ideas. While the idea of doing a sequel has crossed my mind, I don't really feel like writing a character who could only be a Mary Sue. In fact, I'm still moderately annoyed with how Wade turned out.

If AoS is done once more, it'll be a second run as I distinctly recall a fair number of you wanting a proper route with another character.

Aside from that, I think I'll call this run done for now and set up the story idea thread a bit later once I'm on my PC instead of my 3DS. Once I do, I ask that you give each option consideration as I have put considerable thought into each. Until then...
Uh, don't mind me, I just forgot what capitalization my trip uses like an utter moron. Rest assured, both this post and the one with the faulty code is genuine.
Considering how bad Anon reacted to Wade's mary-tsu tendencies, it's a wonder that you're just "moderately annoyed" instead of "furious after yourself".

Eh, getting that mad at myself wouldn't accomplish anything. It's better to look over what you did, see where you went wrong, and remember not to do it the next time.
I'd rather have you finish what you have going before starting yet another story.
Go work on IMN
I'm echoing what this guy says. The best thing to do is to finish what you have already started. Seriously I've seen fanfiction authors who have dozens of stories that they never finished. For some reason they kept on starting new stories without finishing their old ones.

It's best to finish your stories like Winter Alchemist and that Eirin short in Random Perversions in /at/. Seriously for your Eirin short it's been seven months since your last post, and that story is not even finished! I could understand the delay if those were story threads like Wintertime Alchemist, but they aren't nearly as long. What's the point of starting a short story, not writing anything for 2 months then continue it, and not do anything for it for 7 months?
Same guy who posted >>33169, I have to ask how did Wade become such a massive Gary Stu? You as the author have complete control over your character so it surprises me that he was allowed to become a Gary Stu so early on. Yes in CYOAs the participants have some control, but you as the author have the ultimate control of your characters.
Vague power, overactive anon, Yukari as a girlfriend, newbie writer. At least the Stu-ness was used in fun. But I can see why he wouldn't want to have the same thing happen again, so on the next run I doubt Wade or whoever the MC would be so overpowered.
Just do what ever will keep you writing. finishing early works is nice but not as important as just writing *something*.
Not true, no writer wants to end up like HY who dropped more stories than he ever finished.

Embarrassingly enough, it's just as >>33172 says: My being a newbie, coupled with all those other things and my own enthusiasm and lack of sounding board wound up making Wade into the Gary Stu he is.

And yes, I do know I need to work on that Eirin short in Random Perversions. There's no excuse for it, and I'm going to have to try to get back into the stride I had back then in order to finish it. In addition, WA will not be put on haitus or dropped, and I do in fact have an update for that story in the works.

I guess we will have to agree to disagree.
With your actual experience, maybe you can rewrite a re-run without Wade becoming an Mary Sue.
But yeah, we all said that it's better to finish your actual story before starting another one.

Whatever, I'll read your stories with pleasures.
Another factor is that odds are it'll be on a Alice or Reimu route, and that'd naturally limit Wade's potential.
SLDT, You make it seem like a Mary Sue is a bad thing, always. However, It's common knowledge that any stereotypical thing like 'all ocs are bad' can be disproven with a great writer such as yourself. You made literally the perfect Mary Sue, everyone liked him here, no one hated him. There's always going to be small flaws in a certain characters design, and if anything you avoided as many of those as possible. Honestly, I wouldn't give a rats ass if an MC could do anything and everything, making every touhou into his bitch and conquer the universe or god knows what; no, I only care about the writer and how well he's written said story.

You've stunned me yet again SLDT. Keep up the amazing work, And I'll see you in your next story.
While I didn't hate him, his boring-invincible-hero-ness was very boring.
Indeed I had fun with it, though it's a type of scenario one should avoid. He was just lucky enough he was able to spin it to something fun. Otherwise he'd have ended up like Hat (Average Joe's writer)

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