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[X] Continue
[x] "No, sorry. I can't. Really, sorry."

"Only so far?" he gives me a disappointed look "And here I thought you'd--"
"No," I interrupt "Look, the floor is cold, can I get going already?"
"Argh..." a displeased groan escapes his lips "See, I was just about to tell you--"
"No, shut it." once again, I cut his sentence short, a bit irritated about the whole situation "It's really freaking cold down there, and I'd appreciate it if you simply sent me back like you said you would. Or do I show you first-hand how freezing it is myself?"
"Eaaaasy there, I'm not looking for a fight." doesn't sound like it, punk "Alright, I get the point. Just keep still for a minute."
Sighing, he stands up, his face disappearing from my line of sight. Finally, I can go back and do what has to be done, cool, marvelous and what other adjectives have ya. I just wonder if time travel hurts. On the other hand, I don't think it would be something comparable to getting stabbed with a freaking hand saw.
Lost in thought, I don't even see when his shoe flies at my face.

The world fades into black.


The breath I take in feels like one a scuba diver would take after spending hours underwater, finally resurfacing, into the cold, autumn air. Almost like if I've been holding it in for at least a few minutes before exhaling. What's going on with me?
No, nevermind that. What matters now is that this girl just asked me a favour. A cutely childish one at that - to walk her home because she's afraid of dark. I don't know if there's a man who would be able to refuse such a request. I mean, just look at her. Standing like that in the chilly wind, looking all lonely, plaintive, almost miserable. How am I to refuse? There's not enough poison in my heart to do it. Not enough, just not enough.
... still. The tone of her voice was unsettling. Despite all the circumstances, somewhere in the back of my head, an alarm goes off, silent, almost unhearable, just buzzing in the background, almost drown out by all the noise around us. But I hear it. And can't bring myself to ignore it's warning. Don't do it. Don't do it - it says. Why? Because her voice carried a strange lining with it? She's just a girl, what could happen? Still...
"... no." the words have difficulty with coming out, but I bravely put all my willpower into forcing them to do so "Sorry. I can't. Really, sorry."
And even though I managed to say it, apologies automatically fly out of my mouth, practically on their own. I just feel so bad about refusing her...
"... I see." her response carries no emotions at all "Then I'll be going. Goodnight."
Saying that, she disappears into the crowd.
And I feel no elation, no sense of victory over myself. Just guilt and a calm certainty, that once again, I have walked blindly into a trap I should've seen from miles away. This atmosphere, and her miserable figure have somehow fueled my compassion, but now, all I can do is suppress the urge to bang my head against a wall while spitting curses, and do what I was supposed to do - direct my steps towards home, where Yuuka awaits.

And when I finally get there, it's already dark. Unless she lives somewhere nearby, Aoi must be trembling with fear right now, walking along poorly lit walkways in a shady district... Or I'm overreacting again. She's not even my acquaintance, I shouldn't be worried about her! Sure, she appears to be Maribel's friend, but it's none of my concern.
Instead, I force my shattered thoughts to somehow glue themselves into one whole again, and look around the front yard of the apartment building, inside which there's a warm blanket and a warm body to comfort me.
Even though, I'm somehow worried about the table that was supposed to be delivered today. It's already around 19, Yuuka had no idea about the delivery, and I doubt she'd let just anyone into our flat. I don't see any trucks around here either.

[ ] Wait outside for the guys from the shop, let it be a suprise for Yuuka.
[ ] Go inside and hope they'll find enough willpower to walk up those stairs and knock on my door.

>> No. 20586
[x] Go inside and hope they'll find enough willpower to walk up those stairs and knock on my door.
>> No. 20587
[X] Go inside and hope they'll find enough willpower to walk up those stairs and knock on my door.
[X] Don't forget to kiss her hello.
>> No. 20588
[X] Go inside and hope they'll find enough willpower to walk up those stairs and knock on my door.
[X] Don't forget to kiss her hello.
>> No. 20590
[ ] Go inside and hope they'll find enough willpower to walk up those stairs and knock on my door.
>> No. 20591
{X} Go inside and hope they'll find enough willpower to walk up those stairs and knock on my door.
{X} Don't forget to kiss her hello.
>> No. 20592
{X} Go inside and hope they'll find enough willpower to walk up those stairs and knock on my door.
{X} Don't forget to kiss her hello.
>> No. 20593
[X] Go inside and hope they'll find enough willpower to walk up those stairs and knock on my door.
[X] Don't forget to kiss her hello.
>> No. 20595
[X] Go inside and hope they'll find enough willpower to walk up those stairs and knock on my door.
[X] Don't forget to kiss her hello.

Meh, it would be idiotic to wait out in the cold for some idiots from the shop just to suprise Yuuka. Bah, no one said I have to mention the table at all, I may as well go inside and warm myself a bit, then hope for delivery boys to have enough balls to carry that trash onto the second floor... Isn't that their job though? They're supposed to be doing that, after all it's what they're paid for. What were you worried about, silly me? Oh I can already see the suprisal in her eyes when a brand-new table drives into our flat through the front door. 'My! What could that be?' 'Why, if it isn't our new table I bought just for you, my dear.' 'How thoughtful of you!' 'Let us proceed to make wild sex on top of it!' 'Whatever you want, my love.'... As if. Still, the vision is motivating enough for me to move my stiff and cold legs towards the staircase.
Before I go inside though, a strange impulse shants throughout my entire body. Almost like if... someone was... Looking at me from afar...
"... feh, forget it."
I'm just being paranoid.

Dynamic entry! It's hard to restrain myself from kicking the door open while yelling something incredibly stupid, but my plan, the events I want to set in motion, require a calm and quiet entrance.
But lo and behold, her prudence foils the plan immidiately after I try to turn the key in the lock. To keep it brief, when there's a key inserted on the inside, you can't turn the one inserted from the outside. Which is exactly what's happening right now. Of course, I could force it to open, but after buying that table, I doubt I could affort repairing a door. Miserable life of a poor student. How am I even planning on living together with Yuuka with my current financial status? Well, call me a blind optimist, but I think it'll all end well, somehow. Be it with or without an intervention of some higher force.
Nevertheless, while abandoning the clever plan pains the more playful side of my soul, I still need to get inside. Looks like the one I'll have to depend on will be the doorbell this time. Useless little fucker, at least don't fail me this time!
Happy chime echoes down the corridor, and not even after a second, the door opens, revealing - how goddamn surprising - Yuuka, in her usual garment.
"You're late." she eyes me suspiciously "What took you so long?"
I can't help but smile. To think that just this morning, this girl was still a stranger to me... No, to be honest, there's still no trace of the events Maribel mentioned in my memories, but somehow, maybe just on a premonition, I don't think she lied about any of it. It doesn't take the wits of a Mensa employee to deduct why exactly a person like her took me in, why we did... as she put it, 'embarrassing things'. Why she rescued me after that incident with Reimu... And dragged me all the way here, probably risking her own life, through the fire and the flames, just to save a single, pathetic life. Even though in the end, the real cause of it all was my own selfishness, she still did all that... Just to save me.
And besides, somewhere deep inside my heart, I know it's all true. No matter what my head tells me, that girl is not a stranger, not someone that suddenly barged into my life and tried to wrap it around her pinky finger like someone I know... Or rather, knew. She's just...
It all happens in a blur. Not caring that someone might see us, I leap over the doorstep and catch her - in two places, by her right wrist and by her side. Ignoring the light pull of her initially resisting muscles, I force her body to bend down, backwards, all while pressing my lips against her - gently, but firmly. Her arms slacken. Fall down. Except for the right one which I simply keep held in air. Why? It's instinctive. I'm sure it looks retarded from the outside, but truth be told, I couldn't care less right now. And judging by the lack of rataliation, neither can she.
How regrettable that humans need to breathe, and so I'm forced to break the divinely pleasant kiss to take in a bit of air. My eyes - I didn't even notice when I closed them - open, and give Yuuka's a very satisfied stare. She responds in kind.
"That was... refreshing." her voice sound a bit unsettled though "But you're acting diffirently. Did something happen?"
"Hm?" I cock my head to the side a bit, a little confused about that question "What do you mean, diffirently?"
"Just diffirently. I was worried that maybe you hit your head a bit too hard back then. Anyway," she breaks free from my grasp, and I don't protest. Better to let her do as she pleases and regret it later, than to oppose her and enjoy my broken bones alone. "Just so you know. You're mine. Write it down on your hand if you don't trust your head." a light grin appears on her face "I don't think it's necessary to say what I'm going to do if I ever catch you with another girl?"
Nope, I don't think so. But to meekly agree would not be my style.
Instead, I step back and chuckle.
"Say," I speak up, still acting amused "Why ever would you suspect me of having an affair when there's such a beautiful woman waiting at me back home?"
"That's so like you." she states in an equally amused tone "But flattery will get you nowhere. Changing the topic, have you had a dinner, wherever you were?"
Ah, the show's over, or so it would seem. Back to the normal progress of things. I close the door and take off my shoes.
"Not really." and answer truthfully. One mini-pizza is not a proper meal. "Why?"
"A neighbour offered me some soup and a few cutlets. Said she made too much. There's still some left, should I warm it up?"
"Are you sure you want to do it yourself? Have you forgot about this morning already?"
"I can handle myself, thank you very much."
With that, she disappears in the kitchen.

Having finished eating the leftovers Yuuka somehow managed to warm up for me, I take a seat at the desk, while Yuuka lies on the bed, playing with a piece of cloth and a pair of knitting needles. The situation doesn't really feel alright, kinda uneasy, even, but I can't let it show, lest my plans'll get foiled again. I can only hope that the guys from the shop won't neglect their duties and actually deliver the table in the appointed time. It's around 20 now...


But here they are. Or at least I think it's them. Either way, Yuuka gives me a glance from under the complicated mess of yarn and whatnot.
"Who's that? At this hour."

[ ] Go open the door myself, act surprised.
[ ] Go open the door myself, act just as planned.
[ ] Suggest Yuuka opens the door.
>> No. 20596
[ ] Go open the door myself, act just as planned.
>> No. 20597
[x] Go open the door myself, act just as planned.

>> No. 20598
[x] Go open the door myself, act just as planned.
>> No. 20599
[X] Go open the door myself, act just as planned.

In b4 surprise shanking.
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>"I don't think it's necessary to say what I'm going to do if I ever catch you with another girl?"

But what if it is a little boy? A very girly looking, crossdressing boy?

That gave me an idea. We should do Aoi's path and have him dress up as Yuka (with wig and parasol included) and proceed to fuck him silly on top of the new table. Then Yuka would enter the right on the middle, and then orgy, rape, hilarity and death would happen. Not necessarily in that order.

[X]"Rejoice, my honey, because that was the sound of the arrival of thetable I bought for us to fuck on!"

Eh, maybe not.
[X] Go open the door myself, act just as planned.

If it is the table, then we should show Yuka that we are worried about her well-being and comfort.
>> No. 20602
[x] Go open the door myself, act just as planned.
>> No. 20603
[X] Go open the door myself, act just as planned.
Inb4 it's somebody completely different.
>> No. 20604
>Inb4 it's somebody completely different trying to kill us
>> No. 20605
>> No. 20606

Okay, okay, jesus, sorry! I was in the middle of an update when suddenly - POOF! - all the motivation and creativity vanished completely, simultanously. I fired up World of Goo to relax myself, but just when I was about to resume writing, Nine messaged me on IRC.
I'll get to it.
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All i see is stalling tactics. You are here to entertain me.
>> No. 20609
>> No. 20610
[x] Go open the door myself, act just as planned.

Suddenly there came a tapping, as of some one gently rapping, rapping at my chamber door. Who is it, she asks, and while I feel tempted to reveal the news already, for the surprise factor to work, it needs to remain concealed for a minute more. Of course, there's a possiblity that's it's someone else, not the guys from the shop, but the chances are slim. Who else would want to visit me - me - at this hour? I know it'll make me look pathetic, but I can't think of even one potential visitor.
"I've no idea."
Standing up, I give Yuuka a neutral, half-assed response, just like I'd normally do. Nope, can't smile yet. I can't laugh yet. Can't laugh yet!
Quickly, before the overwhelming impulse grows too strong, I run, charge towards the door, leaving Yuuka to knit in peace in the living room. The less she sees before the courtain gets raised, the better.
Another chime sounds in the stale air of the apartment, and before it dissolves into nothing, I swing the door open, putting a finger of my free hand on my lips.
Surprised, but not shaken, two guys dressed in blue uniforms mirror my gesture - thank god, they're not like those idiots from the store itself - and gesture at the thing standing beside them, just beside the door.
We communicate with each other, without words, but with a complicated language of nodding, signing papers, handing out tips, exchanging understanding handshakes, and in the end, I'm left with a table in the hall and a few coins less in the wallet.
At least we managed to get the deed done without attracting too much attention, and without any unneeded mistakes, like for example a wrong table getting delivered or whatever else you can fuck up in such a simple profession. Thank god, I've had enough adventures today, and god my witness, were there any problems, I would've personally welcomed those guys to hell.
But no point in busying my head with stuff like that, now that I finally have the damn thing here, right here, just waiting to be presented to by dear housemate.
And so I jump on top of the wooden edifice, and spreading my body around in a most erotic manner possible, call out her name.
"Yuuka~! I've got something to show you!"
"Haah?" she doesn't sound too intrigued "What now?"
"Just come here~" because my legs are getting stiff, but of course, I've not enough balls to add that.
"Christ, what is it now..."
First, a loud creak my my old and fatigued bed, then a few hurried, annoyed steps, and here she is. Emerging from behind a corner, with an expression of borderline displeasure on her face, she turns to me...
"Ta-da!" I yell as cheerfully as possible "Look what just arrived!"
She's shocked. Dumbfounded. Confused. But this is how it was supposed to be. Just as planned. Just as fucking planned. What are you going to do now, Yuuka? Jump in joy? No, that doesn't suit you. Squeal? Nope, this neither. Er... Throw yourself into my embrace and have sex with me on the spot? ... no, don't think so. Why is it that I can't come up with any hypothetical reaction she might pull off? Oh, wait. There is one. But I'd rather her not--
"Ho-ly Jesus." the first words that come out of her mouth don't foretell well. Come to think of it, I did have a fleeting, bad feeling about this table, but... "What is THAT. What the FUCK is THAT?!"
Great, now she's more angry than just irritated. Why? What did I do wrong?
"Er... It's a..." I try to come up with something that may appease her a bit "You were complaining about not having a table, so I went ahead and bought one... What is it, you don't like it? We can always--"
"Do you, by chance," she takes a step in my direction, to which my body responds with an unpleasant shiver. The anger in her eyes is menacing, ominous even. "Have any idea how MANY trees had to DIE in order to become that... That... Eyesore?"
Straight on the nail, Yuuka. Here I was trying to choose something to fit your tastes, and all I receive is such a compliment... Thank you. Thank you very much.
"I just wanted to--"
"Shut up!"
Not giving me a chance to even make an excuse, she jumps at me, throws my poor body off the table, and snatches it off the floor. Just like that, with one hand, she lifts off an object two adult men had problems to raise, and hastily returns to the living room, fortunately without brandishing her loot too much. That could've ended tragically, and thank god she has enough wits not to be so careless.
Needless to say, I follow her immidiately after waking up from this dumbfounded state... and massaging my poor buttocks. What the hell was that for?

The sight that greets me when I rush into the room is enough to push any complains I might've wanted to voice back into my throat. Yuuka, having found enough place to put down the poor table without crushing anything, apparently kneeled in front of it... And almost like if she was resting, put her head on the smooth, flat surface of the top. Alright, I've seen many things, but this is just... What the hell is she doing anyway?
"Yuka, what are you--"
"Sshhh." but asking only earns me an angry hiss "I'm listening."
Well, that doesn't answer my question at all. Still, I don't feel qualified to interrupt whatever she may be doing, so instad, I choose to sit on the floor and observe. And wait.

And wait.

And wait some more.

All that happens is her resting on the table and breathing rhytmically. Not saying anything at all. Just breathing.

... too rhytmically, for my taste.

No response. She doesn't even flinch, let alone throwing another order to shut my whore mouth. She's fast asleep. Now what manner of bullshit is this?

[ ] Wake her up, have her explain.
[ ] Just carry her to bed, jesus christ.


I had to force it out of my ass, but here you go.
Now, back to high-fiving Holo-Duke.
>> No. 20611
[X] Just carry her to bed, jesus christ.

God damn.
>> No. 20612
[ ] Just carry her to bed, jesus christ.
>> No. 20613
[X] Just carry her to bed, jesus christ.

Well, I voted for the modern table. And I was the only one who did, too.
>> No. 20614
File 12288650294.jpg - (71.80KB , 400x541 , 703964.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Just carry her to bed, jesus christ.

Because wooden tables are made of wood, not flower stems. Whether the flower youkai would be sensitive to all flora or not is open to interpretation (argument for flowering trees I guess). Least you know how YAF sees it.
>> No. 20615
>Now that your eyes got used to the darkness, more features can be seen, illuminated by the dim light. Cupboards and shelves, all wooden

>> No. 20616

You're forgetting that Yuuka's mansion wasn't 'real'. There's a reason why it's called a 'Dreamscape'. Think along the lines of Nasu's reality marble, if that's of any help.
>> No. 20617
[X] Just carry her to bed, jesus christ.
>> No. 20618
File 122886979522.jpg - (189.55KB , 902x852 , 8a235711a0a8db4ceae1bd0b1bd182a1.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Just carry her to bed, jesus christ.

The curiosity is killing me, and my wounded pride screams, demanding for explanations. First she snatches the damn thing from under my ass, next she orders me around like if I were her kid, and now, after all this mess, she decided to take a peaceful nap. Of course, peaceful, because there's no one to disturb her, beside me, and my guts are not big enough to rip and tear her sleep away. Nope, not gonna do it. I'm just too scared of the consequences. And truth be told - what do I know? Maybe her sleeping face is a part of the ritual she performed - or still is performing - on this table... Somehow, that sounded dirty.
Nevertheless, like I said, if there's someone who wants to wake her up - go ahead, but I'm just gonna stay away then. But to leave her like this wouldn't be good either. I don't know about youkai immunity system, but there's other thing I know - people tend to catch colds if they sleep like this. And I can't help but ask myself this: what kind of man would I be if I simply let her sleep like this? Uncaring one, that's the answer.
Sighing, I try to find a comfortable spot to grab her by, in order to lift her up, and finally settle for her knees and shoulders.
She's light. Perhaps even too light for her figure. But I can remember, or rather, feel that I remember being surprised about that already, so there's no point in busying my mind with this pesky issue once again. She's just light, and I should be happy that she is, no matter the reason.
"Mmn..." her lips open slightly and mutter something incomprehensible, making me freeze in place, afraid that I might've woken her up accidientialy "Old ones... boring...."
But after mumbling those words, she returns to breathing rhytmically like a sleeping person is supposed to.
Careful not to step on anything, I approach the bed and gently place my dear girl on the covers.
Now, she shouldn't be sleeping with her shoes on, so I should probably take them off... Those socks too. Both of those find their place among the clutter around. For a moment, the thought of changing her clothes crosses my mind, but I quickly discard that stupendously foolish idea, not too keen on summoning more trouble onto my already burdened head.
Besides, if I really wanted to see her naked... No, wait, wasn't that because of hygienic reasons? I wanted to change her clothes so that they don't get saturated with sweat and whatnot... Ugh, forget that. Let's just cover her with that eiderdown and let her be.
Turning the light on my way, I leave the room and head to the kitchen, to find an empty stool sit down and think.

First of all, I think the issue of my memory should no longer pose a problem. I know I can trust Yuuka, and that she trusts me, I know that my attempts to enter Gensokyo paid off... What happened after that is a diffirent thing, but since I can't remember it, there's nothing to regret. About Reimu... I... I can't bring myself to believe that I had killed her, even though the story Maribel told me would suggest it. And I can still recall that faint vision of a burning world...
But in spite of everything, whatever happened is none of my concern. I can't remember it, it shouldn't be my responsibility. What matters is that Yuuka is here, and I need to set a few things straight with my life to be able to support us both - financially, and provide decent conditions for living... I should probably get a job too... My parents won't always be sending me money, like it's been up till now. I don't even want to know what they'd say if I called them and said 'oh hai, I'm living with a girl now, kthxbye'.
This calls for a refreshment. By which I mean a gulp from a secret stash of mine. Just beside the stove, there's a loose plank, beneath which... But that's my sweet secret. Let's just say those bottles alone would let me afford a good quality knife, should I ever sell them. Too bad I'm not going to.
"This one should do."
Pulling out a bottle - one chosen randomly, to be honest - I quickly unscrew the cap and fill my mouth with the divinely warming liquid. Pure pleasure, heaven in gob, and it feels even better when it slowly drips down my throat and into my stomach. Oh god, thank ye kindly for letting us invent this sort of delight.
But now, really, it's getting late. Yuuka's already asleep, and I'm sure she won't wake up until the morning, unless I disturb her on purpose. This kinda grants me with a few hours of freedom... But should I really use them?

[ ] Go for a walk outside.
[ ] Just go to sleep as well, jesus.
[ ] Wake her up after all.


Only one way to find out, eh?
>> No. 20620
[ ] Just go to sleep as well, jesus.
>> No. 20621
[x] Just go to sleep as well, jesus.

Waking Yuuka doesn't seem prudent and I'd rather not get ambushed yet by our secret admirer. Thus, sleepy time.
>> No. 20623
[x] Just go to sleep as well, jesus.
>> No. 20624
[x] Just go to sleep as well, jesus.
>> No. 20625
[x] Just go to sleep as well, jesus.

I want Yukari
>> No. 20626
[X] Drink more
[X] What the hell is wrong with your hand?
>> No. 20627
[x] Drink some more
[x] Go to sleep
>> No. 20628
>What matters is that Yuuka is here, and I need to set a few things straight with my life to be able to support us both - financially, and provide decent conditions for living... I should probably get a job too.

Oh god that story is starting off awesome. Living the ordinary Life with Yuuka. She should be a teacher for children.
>> No. 20629

"Miss Yuka, what's a va-jinnay?"
>> No. 20635
File 12289003583.jpg - (22.59KB , 298x451 , 1.jpg ) [iqdb]
I know you're there nigger, UPDATE.
>> No. 20636
Let him some rest. He earned it after all.
I did not expect him to take another step and get better as a writer.
I like how things progress so far but it's too early to tell how good the story will be. If didn't forget all the things he wrote for TS and CoMN this will be glorious.
Keep up the good work YAF, just glad i annoyed you so much to write again. Hopefully you will get more reader and voters.
>> No. 20640
[x] Drink more
[x] Keep Drinking
[x] Down the contents of every bottle you have hidden
[x] Leave your spot carelessly uncovered
[x] Cry in your drunken stupor
[x] Fall asleep in the kitchen with a half-drunk bottle in your hand
[x] Apologize to Yuuka when you wake up in the morning. Return that shit and get her a plastic table.
>> No. 20644
[X] Just go to sleep as well, jesus.

If there's a way in which I should spend those next few hours, it's spending them on sleeping. Nope, I probably didn't notice this until now, but I'm really feeling tired. Perhaps it's due to spending so much time in bed, and then going out and overexerting the stiff muscles, but... Hell, if I stay up for any longer, I'm gonna be dead tommorow morning. Really, how come I didn't notice that before? Maybe I was just too preoccupied with other stuff to pay heed to my own bodily needs.
Like an old and tired lion, I let out a long and loud yawn. Refreshing, to say the least. Or just the opposite, since my eyes just got covered with a hazy mist.
And so, putting away the bottle back in the ssssssecret stash, I gather all the strength I have left and drag myself back to the living room...

Where another dilemma awaits me. Where the hell am I going to sleep now? Yuuka's on my bed, and there's not even a couch to lay on in this flat, let alone another bed. Crap, procrastrination has failed me yet again. What now, should I just throw myself onto those piles of dirty clothes and hope for the best? Even if I did, it'd still be rather uncomfortable. What else can I do?
"... wait a sec."
I palm my face. Why did I think there was a problem with sleeping with Yuuka in one bed in the first place? It seems that the conflict wrought by memory loss still affects my thinking a bit. I really need to get rid of that, and soon.
So, carefully, not to wake her up, I lay beside Yuuka, and slip under the warm covers. Ahh, so comfortable... Even though there's another person here, I don't feel any discomfort. Besides, now that I think about it, it's where she was sleeping at nights when I was still out, right? So it's only natural it'd continue even after I regained consciousness. Nothing to worry about.
Another tired yawn. I just hope the sleep will come quick enough to restrain my mind from thinking about weird things.


But it doesn't. For one reason or another, even though I'm so tired, I can't sleep at all. It's not even the issue of sleeping with Yuuka in such a small bed, it's something completely diffirent. I just can't find the inner peace, that calm serenity one needs to fall asleep without trouble. Can't find the peace of mind. Like if somewhere on the border of my thoughts, something persistently wriggled around, making me unable to relax. Almost like if I was forgetting something important. Or perhaps overlooked something significant. Either way, the result is the same - I can't sleep, despite desperately trying to.
What the hell is wrong with you, me? At this rate, you're really going to be half-alive tommorow...

[ ] Snuggle closer to Yuuka, and ignore the weird feeling.
[ ] Stay awake, try to remember.

Why does that sound familiar D:

Heh, actually, I've already prepared something in case that idea comes to life.

Well... That's nice, kinda. I guess I'll-- wait a second.
>I did not expect him to take another step and get better as a writer.
What the hell is that supposed to mean?! Don't you dare to pity me, Anon! Don't take me lightly!

Also, I apologize for the long wait. First I wasn't home, and when I finally returned, I just couldn't find the motivation to start writing... And there was Orenji Bawks to play too. The fact that I couldn't reach my goal - 50 posts a day - yesterday kind of irritated me as well.

>Hopefully you will get more reader and voters.
I wouldn't count on that, really.
>> No. 20646
{X} Stay awake, try to remember.
>> No. 20648
[ ] Stay awake, try to remember.
>> No. 20649
[x] Snuggle closer to Yuuka.
[x] Stay awake, try to remember.

Bet it's something about "Keeping your ass covered at night, which is when bad shit starts to happen".

But that's fine, as long as there's Yuuka~
>> No. 20650
[x] Stay awake, try to remember.
>> No. 20651
[x] Get up, take two painkillers and another slug of liquor. That'll put your ass right to sleep.

>Why does that sound familiar D:
Poor Yaffy.
>> No. 20652
[x] Stay awake, try to remember.
>> No. 20655
[x] Stay awake, try to remember.
>> No. 20658
[x] Snuggle closer to Yuuka
[x] Stay awake, try to remember.
>> No. 20659
[X] Stay awake, try to remember.
>> No. 20660
[x] Snuggle closer to Yuuka.
[x] Stay awake, try to remember.
>> No. 20661
File 122893760023.jpg - (157.55KB , 959x648 , 407805ddb0591103d41d26095e3d9622.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Stay awake, try to remember.

It's no use. Even if I try my best to ignore it, it won't let go just like that. Constant, irritating buzzing, drilling gently in the back of my head, not allowing my conscience to clear itself. But why? What could it be so important that it would worry me so much? I didn't leave any lights on, the stove is off, the doors are locked, the windows are closed, and I can't recall anything else I could be worried about. So what is it? Or perhaps I'm misunderstanding the feeling? Maybe it's something else, and I'm too dumb to notice it?
Sighing, I rub my eyelids.
This doesn't make it any better, not a slightest bit. Having to listen to that constant alarm is annoying on it's own, and now, I can't help but desperately search my thoughts for something that could be causing it. In vain. No matter how hard I try to find it, nothing happens, nothing comes to mind. So, maybe I am misunderstanding it after all?

And just when I'm about to drop the effort, on the edge of hearing, a silent noise catches my attention. Barely audible, repeating in regular intervals, sound of creaking metal and quiet tapping. Creak, creak, tap, tap. It's not from anywhere inside. Where then?
My senses sharpen. Like if that noise alone flipped a switch, the inside of my head goes quiet, even the annoying alarm disappears. All my existence is concentrated on locating the source of that noise.
Creak, creak...
I don't even breathe. But it's not enough, I can't tell... I can't tell where it comes from at all. I can't--
"... haa..."
There it is. I remember that sound, from somewhere, long ago. Someone used to make the same sound whenever given the occassion, or rather, forced to. The sound of someone climbing the gutter, hanging just on the opposite side of this wall.
And everything falls in place. I quickly, but carefully slip out from under the covers and approach the only window this room has, then as silently as possible, set it ajar...

But there's no one there. I could've sworn that noise came from this direction, I could've sworn it was someone - or something - climbing the gutter, but... Now that I look at it, through the darkness of the night, there's nothing. And I can't hear the noise anymore.
What's this, nightly illusions? Am I really that tired?
This is all jacked up, at this rate, I'm gonna go insane before the morning comes. What was it all about anyway? Just some animal climbing the gutter, making a bit of a ruckus, and my senses go literally mad, not letting me sleep like I should be. Plus if Yuuka wakes up... Damn, what an ordeal.
Resignated, I turn to close the window, but then...

Something ubelievable happens.
Out of the stale air behind me, something, perhaps someone, springs forward, catching my by my shoulders and pulling back. So strong. Too strong for me to resist. Too strong to make any kind of retaliation as my body falls to the floor. But there's nothing, something is holding me down, but I can't see a damn thing. There's... nothing. This isn't right. Something is terribly wrong in this situation. There's no one here, but I can clearly feel a pair of hands holding me down.
... there's only one thing I can do now.
Scream. That is what I wanted to do, but the invisible oppressor is faster - he... she... or it forcefully closes my mouth, but doesn't release either of my shoulders while doing so. How... No, rather, what the hell is going on? I don't get a thing. I don't get a damn thing. Why can't I move? There's no one here, so why? Who the hell is holding me down?! My logic rebels against this situation. There's no way this is happening. Am I dreaming? I must be asleep, and having a nightmare. Yeah, it's just like that one kind I used to have over and over when I was little. This here is just a rerun of that thing. Ridiculous, why do those kinds of things always happen to me?
"Sssh." Accompanying a silent whisper, someone - this time definitely a person - drops into the room, through the window, from above. His black cape flutters silently in the gust of air created by that entry, but no other sounds disturb the silence of my captivity. He looks around, stopping his stare on the bed for a few seconds. "I wouldn't wake her up if I were you."
I recognize that voice. It's unbelievable, but I recognize that voice. But it belongs to the shy girl I saw with Maribel at the cafe, so why... What the hell is it doing here? What the hell is she doing here?!
Not paying any attention to the fact that I'm being held down by the air itself, she calmly approaches my helpless figure, and despite all the odds, sits on my chest, her whole weight pushing the air out of my lungs. Her legs land on my wrists, and her hand... Takes place of the invisible one on my mouth. And immidiately, all the certainty that this is a dream disappear. Her warmth feels to real, way too real to be an illusion created by my mind. Her fingers, although a bit chilly - perhaps the effect of climbing a metal gutter - keep my lips sealed with strength I'd never suspect from such a fragile looking girl. And I can't help but notice how hot her butt is. No wonder, she's wearing a skirt, and sitting like this... Damn, it's not the time to be thinking about that!
A pair of green eyes ominously glimmers in the dim moonlight.
"Nyom." she whispers, not to me, but to the darkness ahead "The bed. Keep. Don't kill. And you..." her cold gaze lands back at me "Just touching your lips feels disgusting, so could I ask you to keep quiet... even after I take my hand off. How about it? Ah, one more thing.." her tone doesn't change, but I can clearly sense a hint of wavering in her voice. For a split-second. Because before it gets too apparent, she forces it to vanish, along with the hesitation. "If you don't comply... She's going to die."
...Yuuka? Don't tell me, that invisible person is...?! Curses! This isn't fair! Aoi, you're playing dirty! Don't you have any honour?! Attacking a sleeping person, threatening to kill her if I don't keep quiet... But at least it assures me that despite barging in like an ordinary burglar, Yuuka still awakens some sort of fear in her conscience. How bold, Aoi. How reckless. What if she wasn't asleep? How did you know I was the only one awake?
Nevermind that. What I have to do is wake up Yuuka. Wake her up and... Count on her to manage the situation. To... What, beat Aoi up? Do I really want to see that happen? On the other hand, one doesn't make such threats without any basis or safeguards... Who should I trust? Me or her? I don't get it. I don't get it at all.
"What say you?"
She urges me to answer her menacing query.

[ ] Nod.
--[ ] Whisper a demand of explanations.
--[ ] Keep quiet.
--[ ] Scream.
[ ] Refuse.
--[ ] Try to break free
--[ ] Bite her hand, scream.
--[ ] Try to attack her. Not using arms will be hard, but let's hope for the best.


Man, proxies are fucking up. I wish my home IP would get unbanned. But it seems someone used it as a 'Proxy' - or so the ban page says, and apparently that's an offense worthy of a permament ban. Heh, I guess if Farlander's pissed about it as well, since we're in the same NAT, and therefore are behind the same IP. Perhaps I should ask him, I wonder what he'd say.
>> No. 20662
[x] Nod.
--[x] Whisper a demand of explanations.
>> No. 20663
[x] Nod.
--[x] Try to attack her. Not using arms will be hard, but let's hope for the best.

Best is to wait for the right time, for now play along and wait for the chance.
Trust on your body to know what it's going to take to win. It's Nanaya after all.
>> No. 20664
[x] Nod
--[x] Try to attack her. Not using arms will be hard, but let's hope for the best.
--[x] Scream.
>> No. 20671
[X] Nod.
--[X] As soon as she lets go of you, kiss her! That should catch her off her guard.
Not really.
--[X] Whisper a demand of explanations.
>> No. 20672
[x] Nod
--[x] Try to attack her. Not using arms will be hard, but let's hope for the best.
--[x] Scream.
>> No. 20673
[x] Nod
--[x] Try to attack her. Not using arms will be hard, but let's hope for the best.
--[x] Scream.

>> No. 20675
[x] Nod
[x] As soon as she removes her hand, slide your face into her crotch

Surprises, surprises~
>> No. 20676
[X] Nod
--[X] Try to attack her. Not using arms will be hard, but let's hope for the best.
--[X] Scream.