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[x] "Have to tell her she's a real knock-out sometime..."
[x] "Alright, now this is stupid. Who are you? And where the hell am I?"

"... damn it."
Fragments of images from this morning (or at least the last one you spent while conscious) begin floating back to your mind, substituting the warm and pleasant dreariness. Ugh. Now you'd rather return to sleep than face those memories.
"... have to tel her she's a real knock-out sometime..."
Ironically, your brain still mantains decent levels of sarcasm in it's banks. As opposed to your stomach, which begins to feel nauseous at the thought of what Yuuka did to you...
Holy fuck. That's right! She punched your damn teeth out!
Mighty shit, what about your teeth?! Almost panicking, you stick your fingers into your mouth and feel around, preparing for the worst.
To your suprise, there are no chunks of flesh or bones hanging loosely from your gums. Bah, even the teeth you spitted out seem to be back in their place. No, you definitely remember spitting them out. Along with blood and...
Ugh. Your stomach screams in protest as you recall the white shards, laying in a pool of red blood at your feet... It seems like... Your nerves... Are still weak...

The girl is oblivious to any of your antics, even after you lay back down hastily, fighting back the qualm and nausea. Uh, whoever she is, the fact that she's sitting beside your up-till-now-sleeping self has to mean something. Is this her house? Or, wait could it possibly be..."
Ah, no point in thinking about that now. Why strain your brain when you can simply ask? Now that's a plan!
"Alright." you say loudly while sitting back up "This is stupid. Who are you?" you look at the girl "And where the hell am I?"
And that silver-haired weirdo just gives you a short glance before standing up without a word.
Turns out you were half-right before. She's rather small. And young as well. Thirteen years old, at most. Her hair reaches all the way to her ground. And her clothes, well, fit her figure. She's wearing a white nightgown, one that looks way too long for her miniature body. More like a one-piece dress than a nightshirt, except it is one for sure. Guess it has to belong to someone much... Larger. Which reminds you.
The girl silently approaches the door, then turns to you.
"I shall inform mistress that you are awake." she says, bowing.
"Wait a moment! Where--" you try to stop her, but to no avail. She simply leaves the room, closing the door behind her.

A minute or so passes before you regain control of your thoughts. So, to summarize, you're in an unknown location, after getting your teeth punched out and witnessing Reimu getting her bones crushed under Yuuka's hands. Is she... alive?
Besides the fact that you already discarded the capricious miko from your heart, you still can't help, but be a little bit... worried. It's Yuuka we're talking about here, she wouldn't care about the fact that she's a human. Does that mean...
Shaking off the weird thoughts, you look around the room again. Now that your eyes got used to the darkness, more features can be seen, illuminated by the dim light. Cupboards and shelves, all wooden, in a style that you wouldn't call exactly japanese, like everything in the shrine was. The bed too, is a fully-fledged one, with fancy backrest and stuff. There's a small bedside table to your left. On it, a set of folded light-blue clothes.
Those are not yours. But if they're there, that must mean...
You take a look under the eiderdown and get your worries confirmed. Yeah, you're pretty much naked right now. If it wasn't for the covers, that young silver girl would get a nice show of nude manliness. Uh, come to think of it, that could be somehow bad... For both your and her health.... Or something like that.

[ ] Get up.
[ ] Put on the clothes.
[ ] Stay here, rest.
[ ] Panic.
[ ] Yell something about chaos, gods and heretics.
[x] Get up.
[x] Put on the clothes.
[x] Yell something about chaos, gods and heretics.
[x] Rape the maids.
[x] Get up.
[x] Put on the clothes.

I'm now on target, if you know what I mean.
And by that I mean: Nanayanon needs to carve Yuuka into tiny bits.
[ ] Get up.
[ ] Put on the clothes.
[ ] Yell something about chaos, gods and heretics.
[ ] Get up.
[ ] Put on the clothes.
[+] Get up.
[+] Put on the clothes.
[ ] Get up.
[ ] Put on the clothes.
[ ] Get up.
[ ] Put on the clothes.
[x] Get up.
[x] Put on the clothes.
[ ] Get up.
[ ] Put on the clothes.
[ ] Get up.
[ ] Put on clothes.

Oh hey there Shio.
[x] Get up.

What do we need clothes for?
[X] Get up.
[X] Put on the clothes.
[X] Yell something about chaos, gods and heretics.
>[x] "Have to tell her she's a real knock-out sometime..."
>[x] "Alright, now this is stupid. Who are you? And where the hell am I?"

Huh. Only just looked at the top of the post and realized I'd missed a stealth update.
yessssss, Yuka route back online

I am Pleased.
[x] Get up.
[x] Put on the clothes.

No use slumping around, altough the state of your mind surely suggest it would be nice to rest a bit more. No matter, mental issues can be addressed earlier. Bodily needs are the first priority now. Though they aren't really that much of 'bodily' kind, you pay no attention to names and quickly stand up. A moment longer in the bed and you'd probably drop the idea of actually getting up before Yuuka comes. Of course, if it's her that girl was speaking about. But there's no other possibility, right? Shrine is outruled by the architecture, and while you saw western-style houses in the village, this could not be one of them. The sheer size of this room makes it feel really unfit for that rather cramped hamlet. Your deduction skills amaze even yourself. If you had a mirror, you'd probably look at your reflection while scratching your chin and say 'Damn! I'm thinkin' good!'. Or something along these lines.
Whatever. There's no other method of checking whose house it is by simply waiting for the host. Of course, you could always try searching yourself, but your current garment, or rather, lack of it, makes the option pretty... unpleasantly looking in possible consequences. Especially if you ran into that girl again. For no particular reason, though you've met her for the first time, she seemed a bit... No, not a bit. She really felt cold. And hostile. Or this could be but an illusion induced by 'her' colour. Or not. Either way, running into her while naked equals a horrible result. Coma.

Ahh, so about the clothes, yeah, there is one set on the bedside table, as you noticed before. Altough from there you can already see that they're not 'ordinary' clothes in a sense of you being familiar with their design, you still grab one part and examine it.
No doubt, it's a goddamn pajama shirt. Size is fitting enough, but the style... Yeah, you always thought that frills and fringes don't really suit you. The pants are the same. And the cap. Yeah, it even has a cap. With a white, fluffy pompon. A goddamn pompon. What the hell.
Well, one does not look into gift horse's mouth, and so you sigh with resignation and start pulling on the shirt. The fabric is soft and comfortable to touch, the size is good as well. Not too tight, not too loose, but it still allows freedom of movement. That means, freedom free enough for a pajama. Which aren't really meant for allowing free movement. So yeah.

And the moment you finish wrestling with the sleeve, the door to the room open with a creak. Why is it that doors to which you have your back turned always creak when opened? Deus ex machina to make you always notice intrusions if you can't see them with your eyes?
Oh yes, speaking of intrusions, looks like someone just entered the room while you're still half-naked. And the nude part of your body is the worse one to show off in public. That means, your legs and what dangles between them.
The intruder manages to take a few steps before you turn around, ready to burst with excuses, just in case.
But it's unneeded. Because the person who entered your quiet chamber is no other than Yuuka, who pays no attention to your exposed manliness. Instead, she has her gaze concentrated on your face.
"Uh, hello--" You try to greet her, but as soon as you open your mouth, she plunges her fingers inside it, and spreads your jaws apart. Ow. It hurts. A bit. "Ah ahe ooo gooon?!"
She scans the contents of your oral cavity, then sighs with relief.
"Look like they grew back alright." With this rather nonsensical statement, she finally lets go and draws back a little. Her arms cross on her chest, in an irritated gesture. Even though relieved, she still looks a bit... unsettled. "You could at least greet me."
"I just tried." you answer, offended.
"Whatever." and she dismisses it just like that "Good morning, Nanaya."
"Y-... Yes, good morning... Morning?"
You repeat in bewilderment.
Yuuka cocks her head sideways and frowns.
"I've been out for... how long?"
"One day." her voice is calm, as opposed to her frustrated face. Uh, this is a bit... "Twenty one hours, thirty seven minutes, to be exact. Can I ask you a favour?" Sudden change of topic messes up your already chaotic thoughts. Your body decides to take the initiative and nod in your stead. "Could you please put on the lower part of those clothes? Seeing your 'pillar of faith' as a first thing in the morning isn't exactly my idea of starting the day nicely."
Oh. So it's that after all. Though she tries to look oblivious, she still is irritated by the fact that you're half-naked. How unexpected. But, what can you do? As much as you're turned on by her glancing occasionally down at your manliness, you can't really shove it in her face like a part of your mind tells you to, now can you? Therefore, putting on the clothes would be the only logical course of action here. Which you do.
While your struggle with the stubborn piece of clothing rages on, Yuuka observes you in silence. And, it just happens that you have a few questions still unanswered in your mind. That are...

[ ] Teeth. What the hell happened to your teeth?
[ ] That girl. Who the hell is she?
[ ] This place. Where is it?
[ ] What's for breakfast?
[ ] What happened to Reimu?
[ ] Why is she disturbed by something as trivial as a man's genitalia?
[x] "I owe you some terrible pickup lines for yesterday."
[x] "For example, This 'pillar of faith' is but a mere testament to the goddess who knocked me off my feet yesterday."
[x] "Your radiance was like a punch to the face, leaving me slack-jawed in awe."
[ ] Teeth. What the hell happened to your teeth?
[ ] That girl. Who the hell is she?
[ ] This place. Where is it?
[ ] What happened to Reimu?

[x] Teeth. What the hell happened to your teeth?
[x] That girl. Who the hell is she?
[x] This place. Where is it?
[x] What happened to Reimu?
[x] Teeth. What the hell happened to your teeth?
[x] That girl. Who the hell is she?
[x] This place. Where is it?
[x] What happened to Reimu?

So this Yuuka's underground home?
[z] Teeth. What the hell happened to your teeth?
[z] That girl. Who the hell is she?
[z] This place. Where is it?
[z] What happened to Reimu?

Exposition gaems.
[x] Teeth. What the hell happened to your teeth?
[x] That girl. Who the hell is she?
[x] This place. Where is it?
[x] What happened to Reimu?

Oho, why not piss Yuuka off with a barrage of questions?
Also, the lack of knives is making me lonely. I'm sure Yuuka feels the same. Must acquire knives, then re-acquaint Yuuka with the pointy ends.
[ ] Teeth. What the hell happened to your teeth?
[ ] What's for breakfast?
[ ] Why is she disturbed by something as trivial as a man's genitalia?

I'd like to think that at the end of My Dog Nanaya proceeds to rape and murder Shio, an eye for an eye

I've got more than just that.

[x] "It was quite an uplifting experience. I could feel myself soaring in the air."
[x] "Certainly gave me a fuzzy feeling near the end there."
[x] Teeth. What the hell happened to your teeth?
[x] That girl. Who the hell is she?
[x] This place. Where is it?
[x] What happened to Reimu?

hahaha wow

[x] "I owe you some terrible pickup lines for yesterday."
[x] "For example, This 'pillar of faith' is but a mere testament to the goddess who knocked me off my feet yesterday."
[x] "Your radiance was like a punch to the face, leaving me slack-jawed in awe."

Yuka, I will defeat you verbally.
[x] Teeth. What the hell happened to your teeth?
[x] That girl. Who the hell is she?
[x] This place. Where is it?
[x] What happened to Reimu?
[x] Teeth. What the hell happened to your teeth?
[x] That girl. Who the hell is she?
[x] This place. Where is it?
[x] What happened to Reimu?
[x] Teeth. What the hell happened to your teeth?
[x] That girl. Who the hell is she?
[x] This place. Where is it?
[x] What happened to Reimu?

First thing first. Finishing your struggle with the stubborn pants (why are clothes always so malivicious when you want to put them on as quickly as possible?), you sit on the bed and sigh. The only thing you aren't wearing yet is the cap, but right now, it shall serve as a toy for your nervous fingers to play with. Now, onto the actual talk, since Yuuka keeps silent. At least you can hope it's because she's expecting you to ask questions.
"So..." you start. For starters, the most basic one. "Where am I--"
"My house."
Before you even finish the sentence, she answers in a plain tone. Well, no shit, Sherlock. You could've figured it out on your own. After all, if that girl called Yuuka 'mistress', it would be logical to assume it's her household. Yuuka's, of course, not that girl's. Uh...
"Alright..." you feel a little worse, seeing that she still looks irritated. Or rather, again. "My teeth... I'm pretty sure you punched them out yesterday, but they're here."
"Now that's a good question. I used Shio."
"Shio?" Shio? Now that's a medicine you've never heard before? Are those pills? Syrup, perhaps? I doesn't make any sense. "What's Shio?"
"She's a person, silly." Yuuka shrugs at your, indeed, silly question "She lives here. Or at least I think she does, I'm not home too often."
Oi... You THINK she lives here? It's your goddamn house, how can you be so unsure of it's inhabitants?!
"... I get it. Alright. Used her. That makes sense. Sure."
"Don't try my patience. If you're going to be sarcastic, find someone else to talk with. I'm only talking to you because I want to, and I can change my mind any time." there's a threat in her voice. Uh-oh...
"Uh, so let's phrase it diffirently. What did you mean by 'using her'?"
"Wouldn't you be better of asking her instead of me? I just use her healing abilities when I need to, that's all I need to know. If you're curious about details, I'm not the person to talk about them."
Right. Healing abilities. Does that mean... Shio, was it? Is she a youkai too? A sorcerer? Or maybe a priest, like Reimu...
Ah, yes, Reimu. That's right, you still don't know what happened after you passed out. She couldn't possibly have killed her, right? That Yuuka... No, she is capable of doing it. But isn't Reimu's life crucial to Gensokyo's safety?
"Uh... And what about Reimu?" you ask hestitantly, not knowing what sort of reaction should you expect.
Unfortunately for you, Yuuka's face suddenly gets strangely stiff.
She keeps silent, staring at you with the same threat she had in her voice when you tried using sarcasm. This... is... bad...
"I... I mean, you left her alive, right? We wouldn't want border collapsing because of some stupid miko, right?"
Keeping your tone as calm as possible, you give her an half-assed explanation.
"Huh." she snorts "So it's about that. Of course I left her alive. I'm not that stupid. Not that I would care, disappearance of border wouldn't affect this place at all."
"And 'this place' would be?"
Yuuka turns away from you and approaches the door.
"You're asking too much questions. Breakfast should be ready. You'll find your way."
Then she simply leaves.

After pulling on the cap onto your head, you left as well, leaving the dark room behind, instead submerging in broad daylight, seeping into the corridor through a barrage of oversized windows. Through them, all you can make out, is a giant field of flowers, as far as the eye can see.

She was right. You found your way even without asking any of the fairy maids that crowded the corridors. They paid no attention to you, and you answered in kind. Besides, fairies are not for talking, right?

The dining room you miraclously found turned out to be even bigger than expected. It's size, roughly that of a basketball field, with a long, but relatively narrow table in the middle. All of the space above it, from the table to the high ceiling, is occupied by a literal cloud of fairies. It seems their population here is... Very high, to say the least.
Yuuka, noticing your entry, gestures you to sit at the opposite side of the table as her. The girl named Shio is already here as well.
Sitting down, you look at the plate in front of you. Empty. Guess it's a self-service-kind of deal. And right, there are bowls and trays with various foods scattered all over the giant table. The mutual trait of them all, is that they're all out of your reach.
Strange, considering that Yuuka and Shio can access them with ease, yet there are none that you could eat from.

[ ] Ask Yuuka to pass you something
[ ] Ask Shio to pass you something
[ ] Get it yourself


I just noticed an unintended freudian slip in the thread title and the OP image. This Kazami Mansion, I just got my wole load of man juice squirted all over it!
[ ] Ask Yuuka to pass you something
[ ] Ask Yuuka to pass you something
did someone else make this post or did i double post when the page stopped loading?
[x] Pluck a fairy from the cloud and tell it to bring you something.
[x] With a table knife, if needed.

Need to get back into the groove. Eating out of Yuka's hand ain't gonna do it.
[ ] Get it yourself

lazy bastard
[x] This girl is an eyesore
[X] Ask Shio to pass you something

We need to get her to hate us.
[X] Get it yourself
[x] This girl is an eyesore

Always the best option, mindless massacring people.
[x] Get it yourself
File 121643929466.jpg - (46.06KB, 525x700 , 61c1afd62960e00fcd50172a29ae8705.jpg) [iqdb]
>Besides, fairies are not for talking, right?

[x] Get it yourself
[x] This girl is an eyesore
[x] Get it yourself
[z] Get it yourself

Independance gaems.
[x] Get it yourself
[x] Get it yourself

The Gilgamesh in me RAGES at this treatment. There's a knife a the table, right?

[x] Grab knife and stab the #$&(#$ out of all of them.

You're old enough to swear, kiddo. At least you should be if you're here.

That said, censored six-letter word?
File 121646797011.png - (7.40KB, 259x135 , 1216341215371.png) [iqdb]
I don't feel motivated enough to write, and I don't think I'll be today (meteopathy sucks), so I'll just ask you guys, for the time being.

Any of you from Croatia?
Thank God.
File 121647091378.jpg - (66.82KB, 418x455 , 1216468375035.jpg) [iqdb]

>Any of you from Croatia?

Yeah, but it doesn't mean I will. It wasn't any specific word anyway--just SHIFT + slamming on the number keys.
Is it faggotry time already?
Wow, you're as bad as that guy who was BAAAWWWWWing like a bitch at being called a nigger.
On an imageboard.
Populated largely by 4channers.

Know your fucking environment and act accordingly.
Not swearing is just fine. I'm like that too.
Then find a different word to use. Pretending to censor yourself is ⁂⍾♞⑨ing retarded.
Oh, it bothers you? Too *$%(*&#ing bad.
[x] Move your seat closer to Shio and Yuka so that you don't have to strain yourself to get the food.
[x] Start up a conversation with Shio.

"You cook all this?"
So you can act like a dick but you can't say offensive words. Is this some kind of technicality, or are you too underage b& to even understand when swearing is appropriate?
Not the one adressed, but I'll give my answer:
Not can't, don't want to. If someone doesn't want to swear, they can not swear all they want. If they want to say weird censored stuff, let them. It's not nearly as annoying as the other trolls on the site. Most of them, anyway.
File 121651649988.png - (316.58KB, 736x736 , 1216507669350.png) [iqdb]
>annoying as the other trolls on the site
Who are you?
>Not the one adressed, but I'll give my answer:

Not like it matters. I'm the one who called him out, but now it's someone else arguing my stance.

I just thought it makes him look retarded.
The Faggotry in /shrine/ is even higher than in /jp/
Can you name one thing that you created YAF?
Suddenly, a frantic change of topic!

Go away, shiftfag.
ITT, trolls trolling yaf yaffing trolls
>Can you name one thing that you created YAF?
>The Faggotry in /shrine/

You answered yourself. Also, fuck off, Breen.

Let's all yaff together!

just... get back to work
Let's just ask for a wall.

[x] Move your seat closer to Shio and Yuka so that you don't have to strain yourself to get the food.
[x] "Shio, right? Thanks for taken care of my wounds, even if it was only because Yuka asked. This food is pretty good, you make it?"
[x] "What's with all the fairies? You use them for lighting? Cleaning? Target practice? Emergency rations?
[x] "Yuka, you said this place was unaffected by the border, so I'm assuming we're in some kind of closed space or subdimension, but those sunflowers outside look so... natural."
[x] "I bring it up because if we're outside the border or magically protected from it, would Yukari be able to track me down and portal me into the sun? Because I have a bad feeling like some major shit is about to go down."
[x] "Also these pajamas are really cute! Thanks for letting me borrow them."
You can yaff in hell.
>It's not nearly as annoying as the other trolls on the site
Now you've gone and ruined my fun, Anon. It's no good if you don't care.

Oh, but I do swear. I just happened not to this time, and then baited the guy who reacted.

Tempted to vote this just because the yammering would probably piss them off.
>Tempted to vote this just because the yammering would probably piss them off.

"Who are you?"
"What is that?"
"Oh hey, you're the lady from the shrine. Hi!"
"Oh, what's in here?"
"Ewwww... what's wrong with your legs?"
"Where are we going?"
"Are you coming back?"
"Is that an umbrella?"
"Do you smell something burning?"
<Angry_Yaf> I mean, I like writing and all, but what is a writer without readers? Of course, I do have anons, but they are weak in department of numbers and wits, therefore unfit to read my creations.
File 121659664749.jpg - (162.79KB, 360x584 , GilgaYAF.jpg) [iqdb]
No one cares about YAF, he is a useless Nigger anyway.
He can yaff in hell for all i care.
So then, does this mean YAF approves of us humble tripfags?
File 12165995826.jpg - (66.67KB, 681x1024 , 12_Gilgamesh_2.jpg) [iqdb]

I am a tripfag myself. Detesting tripfags would be like detesting a part of my immortal trolling soul. Besides, I've always been more fond of the people that had the actual courage to step out of the row and robe a tripcode.


Then why are you here? Begone, nuisance.
File 121660040172.gif - (113.18KB, 351x398 , 1205387954444.gif) [iqdb]
>the actual courage to step out of the row and robe a tripcode
>the actual courage to step out of the row and robe a tripcode

ITT trolling instead of writing.
I don't care about YAF, but the stories he writes.
Now write and write until you drop dead nigger.
[x] Get it yourself

Well, shit, maybe they're mocking you for no apparent reason, maybe not, maybe it's just a coincidence, or your fault for being late for a meal. Whichever one of these is true, you don't really care. After all, it doesn't matter, such a trivial thing, when faced with the hunger that dwells within your stomach. Yeah, come to think of it, if you've slept the whole day, the last time you had anything was... Yesterday... The day before yesterday... Uh, good thing you've been out an laying all the time, otherwise...
Better not to think about unforeseen, and inexistant consequences, better to satiate the bothersome instinct and just reach for those bowls yourself...

The very same instant your hand touched a bowl of various vegetables, Yuuka moves in a flash. So fast you can't even see what she's done. No, perhaps you were too startled to focus on her hand's trajectory, the hand that she swung down...
Instinctively, you try to pull back, but... There's something holding your hand.
"Miss Yuuka, I would like to request--" Shio speaks up calmly while you're still dumbstruck by the incident. Her words are quickly cut off by Yuuka though.
"Spare me the talk, Shio, it's not a debate."
"Still, at the table--"
"Shio." this time her voice is more threatening.
"Y-yes." Shio stutters and slumps back onto her chair.
Your eyes, though they notice the aforementioned events, are fixated on something entirely diffirent. Perhaps it has something to do with their conversation, maybe not. One thing's for sure. This silver fork Yuuka's holding onto, and the slowly growing pool of blood under your hand... They have to be somehow connected to the fact, that your palm is pretty much nailed to the wooden surface with that piece of cutlery.
She... Impaled your right hand on a fork and stuck it to the table. Without warning, without an apparent reason, she did something so...
"Let me ask you a question, Nanaya."
Yuuka's voice is cold as she turns her attention back to her victim. The pain still hasn't set in, due to the shock, most probably. Your brain is dumbfounded and operating on 150% power simultanously. One part of your consciouness is trying to listen to Yuuka's voice, while the other cowers in terror at the sight. She aimed it perfectly in between the bones. In the space between index and middle finger.

Damage assessment: three veins and a muscle have been pierced. Internal and external bleeding.

Like a message from someone else, this thought appears in your mind completely unwanted, as if someone else was observing and... Feeling, and... Taking notice of those...
Shit, it's starting to hurt. Your brain is already trying it's best to prevent any unnecessary movement, to keep it from sliding even a millimeter, to not let any more pain set in, but...
"How does it feel?"

[ ] Try to pull it out!
[ ] "It... hurts."
[ ] Laugh nervously. Ask with a smile. "Do I look good in this cap?"
[ ] Try to kick her under the table.
[ ] "Why are you doing this?"
[x] "I was boning you when I did it unprovoked. If you're looking to mirror the feeling accurately for me..."

Round 2.
[X] Laugh nervously. Ask with a smile. "Do I look good in this cap?"
[x] Make a puzzled expression. Search her eyes.
[x] "It... hurts?"
...goddammit, Yuuka.

[x] Give her the finger.

Sometimes, no words are needed.
[x] "I was boning you when I did it unprovoked. If you're looking to mirror the feeling accurately for me..."
[x] Make a puzzled expression. Search her eyes.
[x] "It... hurts?"
[x] "Why are you doing this?"

[x] Give her the finger.

BAD END, here we come.
[x] Make a puzzled expression. Search her eyes.
[x] "It... hurts?"

She's probably gonna bitch cause we keep stabbing her hand. But unlike where she just stabbed our hand we've only stabbed her when she was either trying to kill us or reverse raping us.
[x] Make a puzzled expression. Search her eyes.
[x] "It... hurts?"
[x] "I was boning you when I did it unprovoked. If you're looking to mirror the feeling accurately for me..."
>[x] "I was boning you when I did it unprovoked. If you're looking to mirror the feeling accurately for me..."

Except it wasn't unprovoked. She was raping us--possibly with the intention of killing us afterwards--so we went for her throat when her guard was down.
[ ] Stab the hand Yuka's stabbing you with with your own fork
[x] Make a puzzled expression. Search her eyes.
[x] "It... hurts?"

If she's making a power play the best move would be to sidestep it: Take the question at face value and don't recognize it as a threat or challenge. Considering how combative Nanaya usually is, it should take her by surprise. On the other hand if she's just lecturing in her usual roundabout manner, this will be the answer she wants to hear.
[+] "I was boning you when I did it. If you're looking to mirror the feeling accurately for me..."
[ ] Stab the hand Yuka's stabbing you with with your own fork
[x] Make a puzzled expression. Search her eyes.
[x] "It... hurts?"
[X] "Is this foreplay?"
[x] Make a puzzled expression. Search her eyes.
[x] "It... hurts?"
[x] "Is this going to be a lesson on manners? Because I thought you were doing this to toy with me."
Don't give her the satisfaction.

[x] Stare at her evenly. Use your other hand to get food.
File 121670316079.jpg - (62.58KB, 162x401 , Broken_Neck.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] "It hurts...it hurts..."
File 121670325660.jpg - (31.15KB, 648x444 , 1216595662486.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Make a puzzled expression. Search her eyes.
[x] "It... hurts?"
ha ha oh wow
[x] "Is this foreplay?"
{X} "Is this foreplay?"
[x] "Is this foreplay?"

Heh. I can go for this. It's probably slightly less likely to net a Bad End than my previous choice.
[x] "Is this foreplay?"
[x] "Feels good man"
[X] "Is this foreplay?"
File 121673953979.jpg - (54.26KB, 255x222 , giygas.jpg) [iqdb]
Yuka......It hurts.....

Yuka Yuka Yuka Yuka Yuka Yuka Yuka Yuka Yuka Yuka Yuka Yuka Yuka Yuka Yuka Yuka Yuka Yuka Yuka Yuka Yuka Yuka Yuka Yuka Yuka Yuka Yuka Yuka Yuka Yuka Yuka Yuka Yuka Yuka Yuka Yuka Yuka Yuka Yuka Yuka Yuka Yuka

It feels good......


[x] "Is this foreplay?"
[x] "Is this foreplay?"
[x] "Is this foreplay?"
[ ] Stab the hand Yuka's stabbing you with with your own fork
[X] It hurts. The hunger pains I mean.
[x] "Is this foreplay?"
[ ] Stab the hand Yuka's stabbing you with with your own fork
[x] "Is this foreplay?"
File 121676667194.jpg - (78.65KB, 300x300 , 26te.jpg) [iqdb]
Re-read what I wrote today, and I must say, I suck pretty hard when forcing myself to work. Guess that sticking to WAAAGH games instead of trying to squeeze out anything, just because I feel obliged to write is what I should be doing.

I tried writing an update for TS, which I had begun before that sudden work call, but turned out I couldn't finish when I finally returned. Sucks to be me. It would seem that I lack alcohol or motivation. Or both. Because ideas are plenty, I just can't robe them with words. Dem 'eadaches aren't 'elping eiver...
>I suck pretty hard when forcing myself to work

Not that I DON'T suck when not forcing myself, but that's a diffirent thing, and a topic for another rant.
[X] "I'm not that easy."
[X] Stab Shio's hand with your fork.

lol collateral damage.
[X]Is this forkplay?
You cannot comprehend the nature of Yuka's attack!
Ness can't stop crying!

Man I have no idea what you just said.

[x] Make a puzzled expression. Search her eyes.
[x] "It... hurts?"
[x] Pause. Grin.
[x] "Is this foreplay?"

in that order
File 121680811688.jpg - (87.07KB, 391x334 , yuukaಠ_ಠ.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Make a puzzled expression. Search her eyes.
[x] "Man why you even got to do a thing?"
Where are our updates, YAF?
[x] Make a puzzled expression. Search her eyes.
[x] "An ephemeral thing--to be cut by the blades of summer."
Update you glass eyed fuck.
File 121702645138.jpg - (249.46KB, 500x500 , 316e57e88b10610f70b61e70bb74bc0b0e215ff9.jpg) [iqdb]
>glass eyed


Also, no updates today, but I'll update everything tommorow. My laptop died (again), so yeah.
File 121703646860.jpg - (36.75KB, 449x305 , 1216926064078.jpg) [iqdb]
I couldn't sleep so I did an OS reinstall and, however unplausible it may sound, it works. Heresy comes from idleness, but updates come from boredom. Here you go.

pic related to Naya's feelings


[X] "Is this foreplay?"

Whatsoever might be going on in her head, the pain that slowly sinks into the nerve cells, is surely a creation of what people usually call 'revenge'. Perhaps the fact she experienced humilation at hand of a mere human drove her mad so much, that vengeance became the only way of suppressing the anger? Wouldn't she just kill you then? Or does it bother her that she actually enjoyed being, at least the first time it happened, being humilated? Was it pleasure she was feeling back then? Or those moans were an effect of experiencing pain, for whatever reason it appeared when you stabbed her, even though she didn't show any reaction to pain when you fought earlier? Mystery worth of looking into later, but not now, as the situation grows gradually more weary for your senses to bear. Both suffering and suprisal only add to your confusion, while Yuuka calmly, as if it were a friendly banter in the afternoon, awaits your response. Dulled by the wound, the pain and smell of your own blood, the only thing that comes to mind is a yelp, followed by a statement, a reveal of your, altough not visible, but present torture. Who would've thought, that after feeling something so disgusting and sickening as getting your teeth punched out, after being almost strangled to death, something like this would prove to be so... unpleasant.
Yet, while pained, a hint of mischievousness still lingers in the back of your head, perhaps because of this pain, you are constantly reminded of the look that she gave you when, still inside of her, you did the same thing to her slender hand. How ironic. That she decided to pay back in the same fashion.
You can't restrain the smirk that decided to appear on your lips. Though there is no reaction from the green-haired woman, you notice a slight change behind her eyes. Perhaps, this reaction, as before, was not something she expected to see.
"Is, my dear oppressor, could this be your idea of foreplay?"
Faced with such sarcasm from your side, her face lights up with anger, as she snatch yet another piece of cutlery, and without delay, swings it down, at your defenseless arm.

All the world flashes with dark red as a silver knife penetrates your forearm.

"Does this turn you on, then?"
With a mocking tone, she asks a ridiculous question, that, despite your terror as you see a solid piece of stainless steel sticking out of your own flesh, hits directly on the weak spot of your wits. One side of your head thinks up a vicious riposte, while the other does it's best to hold back the nausea. Sickeningly red liquid slowly seeps out, forming a second pool on the wooden surface of this table, to which your arm is stuck.
"Not really... What about you?" your mouth acts almost like if on it's own, blurting out words that can get you killed, without your permission "I see you enjoy this quite a bit. Are you wet yet? Or do I need to stab myself a few more times to make you climax?"
A cough from the third person at the table is irrelevant, when compared to infuriated face of your tyrant. You got her good, now the only two possible outcomes are instant death or... What else is it that she could do now?
Apparently, there is something on her mind, since she abruptly stands up with a loud noise, then casts her plate a furious glance.
"I am done."
With that simple statement, she rushes out of the room, making sure to make as much noise as possible, perhaps as a sign of defiance against this treatment. Or perhaps, to vent the anger, preventing it from making her kill you on the spot. Out of these two, the first one would be the one prefered, altough, given what you know about her, the second one seems more plausible. The question is, why haven't she killed you yet? It's not like you could do anything in this state...
"Then I am too."
The silver-white girl, Shio, stands up as well, and you can't help but notice how every her move is an opposite of Yuuka's. She left her utensils on her plate, put together in a savoir-vivre sign of being done, and her chair properly slid under the table, it's back rest barely touching the tabletop. She then leaves the room, letting you ravel in confusion, as well as in increasing sense of pain.
"Is..." you say, to no one in particular "No one going to help me?"

Fortunately, there was a person, or people, who proved to be kind enough to help you escape the cruel fate of pulling out the cutlery out of your flesh on your own. That experience is one that you would rather avoid learning the meaning of. Those people were, of course, the fairies, that seeing your constipated attempts to call for help, descended from the cloud of their crowd above, and landed on the table, tapping their small shoes against it's surface.
No words have been spoken at all, while they first put a piece of wood in your mouth, then proceeded to pull out the knife and the fork, that seemed to be stuck not only in your arm, but in the table itself as well. It really helped to have that wood in your mouth, since the pain, as you realized too late, intensifies greatly when there's even a slightest movement involved.
But, it wouldn't be a lesson if it didn't hurt, right? In the end, the fairies, constantly keeping their sympathetic silence, tied a piece of cloth around your arm, then urged you to stand up, and led you, unexpectedly, back to your room. You were surpised to see a set of bandages and disinfectants prepared on the bedside table, but one cannot look into gift horse's mouth.

The rest went in pain and slow progress of tending to your wounds. With a little help the fairies offered, it went much more faster than it would without them, but still, it took at least half an hour to dress both injuries.
Checking how the bandages fit, you discover that you can still move your fingers, but the pain that accompanies the movement is way too great to accomplish anything without suffering so much it makes you want to scream. Looks like your right hand will be incapacitated for a 'little' while...

The fairies bow politely at your sincere thanks, then leave as if nothing happened.
And you are left to wonder what to do on such beautifully started afternoon.

[ ] Look for Shio, maybe she can do something about it, since she was the one who healed you earlier.
[ ] Look for Yuuka. This affront needs an explanation!
[ ] Look for sewing utensils, there is a hole in your pajama's sleeve.
[ ] Go back to the dining room.
[ ] Go out into the corridor and hug a random fairy.
[x] Go out into the corridor and eat a random fairy.
[+] Look for Yuuka. This affront needs an explanation!
Playing around is done. Now it's time for answers, flowerbitch.
[ゆ] Look for Shio, maybe she can do something about it, since she was the one who healed you earlier.
Victory is sweet.

[x] Go back to the dining room.

Checkin' if we can nab some food.
[X] Look for Yuuka. This affront needs an explanation!
[X] Look for sewing utensils, there is a hole in your pajama's sleeve.

There is a HOLE in our SLEEVE.
[x] Look for Yuuka. This affront needs an explanation!

Yuu gots some 'splainin to do!
[x] Go back to the dining room.

We didn't actually eat anything, did we?
[x] Go back to the dining room. Eat.
[x] There is a hole in your sleeve. Go ask Shio for another pair of pajamas. Plaid ones.
[x] Look for Yuuka. This affront needs an explanation!

In this order.
[x] Go back to the dining room.

Should help ourselves to her plate, since she abandoned it.
[x] Go back to the dining room.
[♣] Go back to the dining room.
[X] Go back to the dining room.
[ ] Go back to the dining room.
[ ] Go back to the dining room.
Boooooooooooooring choice. And I thought you wanted the cuh-rayzee Naya back... Well, just you wait for Transparent Night...


[X] Go back to the dining room.

Hm. You may still fumble in the hypothetical purpose of this attack, but your body knows better what you need right now, as it reminds you, with a loud growl, that because of the incident, you had practically no chance to actually eat anything. Well, even if you're curious about both of your hosts' whereabouts, still, tending to your own needs comes first. Spending the time until dinner (if there's going to be one) while hungry would be a bad thing to do. Who knows, given your weakening, what would lack of nutritions do to your body.

Onward then, to where guests of this mansion eat. The way is simple, as it was the first time, and now, strenghtened in the knowledge of it's trail, you arrive at your destination even faster.

To your disappointment, the dishes are not present when you finally slip into the room. The table is perfectly clear, not counting two dents where the cutlery pierced it's top. A painful reminder that your arm would only be a nuisance until it heals. On a verge of despair, both at the disappearance of food and your own cruel fate, you take a seat on your previous spot and cover your face with your palm. There, you remain unmoving until a clattering brings you back to reality.

At a glance, the situation before you appears to consist of a pair of fairies putting down a plate full off sandwiches. There are also a few vegetables around them, perhaps to serve as an addition to otherwise colourful, but undoubtedly plain meal that they have prepared for you. Unfortunately, there's no meat. Too bad. You really feel like sinking your teeth in a big piece of ham right now. But, well, since you aren't really in a position to complain, you only carefully pick one sandwich and start chewing on it, as the fairies have already departed.

Turns out that they returned to whatever room served a kitchen's role here, and fetched a jug of red liquid, judging from the smell, a juice, or a very weak wine. Truly what kind creatures they are. The only ones who showed at least a little bit of compassion, and offered help after you got unfairly violated by that cruel woman. Speaking of which, she still owes you at least an explanation for this whole incident. If it was revenge she sought, wouldn't it be more amusing for the both sides to settle it in a square battle, instead of doing something so childish as a suprise attack? Oh, Yuuka, whether you are confused about your own feelings or just trying to be spiteful, such behaviour will NOT be tolerated. This man had expected something more from you, and explanations are what he will require... As soon as he finishes his meal.

Which comes faster than you expected it to. Guess that fueled by anger and hunger you imbibed the whole plate and at least three cups of this mysterious drink. The fairies returned to take the now-empty plate and cup back to where they belong.

[ ] Follow the fairies.
[ ] Search for Yuuka.
[ ] Search for Shio.
[ ] Your clothes. They need utmost attention.
[x] Search for Yuuka.

Racking up some CATASTROPHE points.
[X] Search for Yuuka.
[x] Follow the fairies.
[x] Search for a weapon. Preferably a knife.

I'm not going near that crazy woman until properly armed.
[x] Search for Yuuka.

But not for answers.
I just want to see the face of the one woman who can stop my heart with a glance, the woman who drove me into a mad passion in only minutes, the woman who I can see myself spending the rest of my days with. The woman I love.
Is that so wrong? To love?
[x] Search for Shio. Your clothes are in need of repair or replacement.

The only appropriate pajamas to wear when confronting Yuka are plaid.
[x] Search for Yuuka.

man those are awesome faries
[x] Search for Yuuka.
[x] Thank the fairies before leaving.
[x] Search for Yuuka.
[+] Thank the fairies before leaving.
[+] Search for Yuuka.
[X] Thank the fairies before leaving.
[X] Search for Yuuka.
[X] Thank the fairies before leaving.
[X] Search for Yuuka.
[§] Thank fairies.
[§] Suprise Yuuka.
[X] Your clothes. They need utmost attention.
[X] Thank the fairies before leaving.
[X] Search for Yuuka.

Altough their compassionate behaviour was a pleasant one to be faced with, all that is good has to end sooner or later. As this meeting just did. Muttering a rather silent thanks for the kind creatures, you lift yourself up from the chair, as there are more urgent matters to attend to. Answers are to be found, and as for Yuuka's childish demeanor and apparent revenge for what you did to her before, it has to be justified, of course, if she wants to keep her face in front of her guest. One cannot simply stab his guests so simply! Whether it really was a revenge or not, the fact has yet to be estabilished.

Finding yourself back in the overly spacious corridors, you can't help but glance out the wide windows at the endless field of flowers. It hits you as strange that the horizon is not really visible in stricte sense, as the line where ground and almost surreal sky meet is... blurred, maybe distorted. What causes it, you have no idea, nor do you intend to dig deeper into the matter.
The green-haired sex buddy of yours is to be found.

And lo and behold, you find her in the place that you least expected to find her. Opening doors to random rooms, you stumble upon a larger one, full of book cases that bear whole kilograms of tomes, of various covers, thickness, and - how you deducted - content. Amongst which a lonely desk rests, with a chair with it's back turned towards you, serving as a seat for someone you were searching for.

Yuuka sits there, absorbed in what seems to be a process of writing something in another book. Is that a diary? Perhaps, but since you can't quite make out the contents having it covered from sight by Yuuka's back, you just assume it's something else, as the idea of her writing a diary is disturbing, to say the least.
She seems to remain oblivious of your arrival as her hand still runs along the paper, or so it appears to be.

[ ] Suprise her
[ ] "So, what are you writing there, mon ami?"
[ ] "Ho-ly magnoly, is that a diary?!"
[ ] Grab a random book and make as much noise as possible
[ ] Cough
[ ] Kiss her neck
Huh, do i dream here?
YAF delivers? impossible.

[ ] Kiss her neck
[ ] Grab a random book and make as much noise as possible

[ ] Kiss her neck
[ ] Kiss her neck
[x] Kiss her neck
{X} Wring her neck.
[X] Take her neck
[X] Kiss her neck

Sounds like a bad idea.
[ ] Kiss her neck
[X] Kiss her neck

Writer is preparing now, please wait warmly for BAD END
[X] Kiss her neck

[x] Read over her shoulder.
[x] Blow in her ear.

She writes a diary because she's starting to forget things, I bet.
[x] Read over her shoulder.
[x] Blow in her ear.

vote change
>She writes a diary because she's starting to forget things, I bet.

Character development? In my write-in?

[x] Read over her shoulder.
[x] Blow in her ear.
[x] Read over her shoulder.
[x] Blow in her ear.

In before she pulls a Batman and punches us in the face without looking behind her.
[x] Read over her shoulder.
[x] Blow in her ear.
[x] Read over her shoulder.
[x] Blow in her ear.
Previous vote deleted.

[X] Read over her shoulder.
[X] Blow in her ear.
File 121871282418.jpg - (158.04KB, 640x480 , 1216057017571.jpg) [iqdb]
It is time for me to make a confession to you, my dear, but not so numerous readers. Prick up your ears, as the message I am about to hand, is a crucial one for... our further progress.

As I said before, the process of writing current route seems to have drained both my skills and motivation as Yuuka is an extremely hard to write character, which surpasses my skills, if my estimation is a correct one. Instead, I allowed myself to change my mind about the whole TS business and come up with an idea.

An idea of returning to the roots. Many say that TS1 was the best playthrough yet, and while I facepalm several times when I look at the shit I'd done back then, I have to admit - it was enjoyable.

Altough the prospect of doing this playthrough's Transparent Night is a promising one, it is only due to the fact that Reimu will return that makes me anticipate it. Other than that, I have no motivation, nor ideas, how to lead this trainwreck all the way to the end.

And therefore my proposal. I shall leave the decision what to do with TS to you - my readers. You are the only ones, not countig my own drunk self, that have the right to decide about this story. What I do with it, whether it is abandoning it for the sake of re-started TS (which I even started writing), or force more Yuuka out of my ass, is yours to decide.

Concerned YAF

Reimu unrelated, but certainly entertaining to gape upon.

I remember you saying that you could make it better, write Reimu far more superior and erase the mistakes you made in the first round. I think you got better as a writer and can do this whole thing just 2 or 3 times better.
Back to the roots, give us a REIMU that will make us genuflect.
Heh. So Yuuka route was not only Lunatic mode for Nanayanonymous, but the writer as well? Unexpected.

Yeah, sure, restart is fine with me. Though unlike >>17140, I have no particular interest in a Reimu Route Reload. Not yet anyway. Still have to save Mima and go chumming around with Wriggle.
Just quit dicking your readers around. Pretty sure >>17140 is YAF in disguise, and even if I'm wrong the fact that the possibility even enters my mind indicates what's up here. I like your writing, most of the time, but I have no interest in super-tsundere Reimu or going through her route yet freaking again, so if that's all you're ever going to write at least have the decency to say so instead of tempting people with Yuka and Wriggle and Mima etc.

What I'd really like to see is going back to the roots and doing a Wriggle route in the old style, with Reimu playing a supporting role. By which I mean support, not "Aren't you SURE you don't want my route, waaah pout." Chances of this are slim but you asked so there you go.

Tip for you, no matter what you decide to do: TS1 Reimu was good because she didn't have the spotlight all the time and didn't feel like the main love interest until near the end, when Anon actually decided to go for her along with Suika because she wasn't a gigantic dick to us all the time. She was funny, ironic and most importantly acted like a plausible human being. Your Reimus since then have gotten increasingly unbelievable and unlikeable, all the way to the current one being willing to become Yuka's dog in a sidestory. If you write her like an outrageous fetish character that's all she'll ever be to us.
I never liked Yuuka, so I was losing interest in this. Reboot is fine with me.

Also, quit fucking up Ai Ai Akyu. If you don't want to write it then leave it alone.

I'd tell you to man up and barrel on. You obviously can write it, so I'd imagine the general problem lies more in writing her and moving the story at the same time. Just don't assume that it has to end with the same resolved ending the others had. Let her route be the dominance escalation game that ends in tears and blood, and spread the writing focus out so that you don't have to spend your entire time writing her.

Also, screw Reimu. I want that Mima route.
>Pretty sure >>17140 is YAF in disguise,

But you are wrong.
This Route started great, but went downhill short before Yuuka came along to the shrine.
And Reimu went from a believeable character to what the hell is this shit in under 2 or 3 posts.

This route is a trainwreck, give it a quick ending and move on to something else.
>give it a quick ending and move on to something else.

That I will do. Today even, only after my brother departs from my house. I cannot be a gracious host if I leave my guest to write, now can I?
All lies, you spend your whole day on IRC, just an excuse to not write.

Still, i heard Collaboration of Missing Numbers needs some updates.
>I won't be drinking today, so the chance that I'll wall you in CoMN is pretty high.

If you're going to start another TS, please let us go somewhere else other than the human village and the shrine... just for a change..
If you want a multi choice adventure where you can go everywhere but Eientei get over to /eientei/
File 121874091210.jpg - (80.87KB, 572x800 , 497d5eedf89dfc5145b0d8b545a93b350495b5b5.jpg) [iqdb]


input: load TS4.rtf +sceneselect
>TS scene selection, please enter number
input: 82
>Scene found


Bloodstained corridor. A cheerful laugh. A glimpse of red fabric. Suika's smile. Red. Chess board. Aching veins. An expression of someone brutally murdered. Her skin. Their friendship. Doorbell. Warm droplets on your face. Red. Cold embrace. Her dead body drops to the floor.
Reality mixes with those floating images, confusing you even more than the scene before you.
Things that never happened, things that shouldnt've happened, things that couldn't have happened. All invade and find their place, perfectly fitting, inside your head, substituting everything that you had acquired up till now, against your will, making you unable to scream, instead sending out a mocking smirk onto your lips.
"... heh."
In this mansion, deemed impossible to invade by anyone, at least by it's inhabitants, it turns out that an assassin has broken through the defences, and even brought someone else with him. Which ended up being his undoing.
Or should I say, her undoing?
"Well, it's been a long time since I saw her like this." Your voice feels awfully contradicting with the state of your messed up thoughts. "I have to say, for some reason, being painted in red somehow suits her."
The red traitor kicks the corpse of the one who brought her here with disgust.
"Let's say I was just paying her back for messing with us, is that okay?"
She wipes off the blood from her face, in fact making it look even more grotesque than it was before.
<Accept it.>
Your struggle against the impending darkness is a futile one as it consumes your very own mind mercilessly, letting the outer influence take over everything you had stored in your memory. Those happy moments, those sad moments, those times when you were pulling pranks on Shio with the fairies, those times with Yuuka, together, all alone on her sunflower field, those times when you chatted idly with that cheerful gate guard.
And now, they are all to be consumed by oblivion.
"Only guilty ones try to justify their actions, my dear."
"I see that it already returned. Just like the last time."
<Rest assured. I am not your enemy. Not your opponent. I am only... you.>
Unknown force makes your arm reach for your neck as you twist it sideways, making it crack loudly. It feels strangely refreshing.
"I wonder why it took so long this time." you say, rather than ask "It happened really early last time around, didn't it?"
"Right. Well, it doesn't matter, now does it?"
She's right. As much as you want to scream out and protest, the larger part of you, the one in possesion of control now only smirks.
"You're starting to speak of it almost like if it was natural. Aren't you scared?"
"Nn?" you mutter mockingly "They say that only the first time hurts, right? You should know that the best."
She returns the sharp-toothed smile with fervor that makes it look insane. And beautiful at the same time.
"Witty as always. Welcome back, Nanaya."
You nod.
"Welcome back, Reimu."

Feeling peculiarly relieved now that the 'introductions' are over, you intead point to the corpse of the woman that claimed to be your mother, now laying on the floor, pierced by multiple red spikes. A treacherous attack from behind. She striked at one of her best friends without mercy, immidiately taking her life. Six, no, seven times, in the same split-second, she drove those terrifying blades into Yukari's back.
It's beautiful.
The way her blood slowly seeps into the carpet is a breath-taking view. Her hair, now painted in red as well took a shade that reminds you of all those times your inheritance kicked in.
<Serves her right.>
Indeed it does.
"So." you turn your gaze back at grinning Reimu, who, having relaxed as well, is now standing before you, with one hand supported on her hip. She looks almost like a kid that just told a nice joke. "Judging by this trash here, I guess your intentions are kind ones?"
"You got that right."
"Very well." you chuckle quietly "Do you think those two remember as well?"
"I have no idea, nor do I care." she answers coldly, despite still smiling "I don't know why is this happening, but I guess we both realize what's going to happen now?"
"Ah, yes..." you scratch your head, a bit embarassed about something "Yeah, this time around it didn't quite... go well, right?"
"Damn right it didn't." Reimu angrily taps her side "I can't believe how much of a jerk you can be sometimes. And just when this me came to like you."
Heh, that.
"It's not my fault, okay?" you try to make an unneeded excuse "If I only remembered earlier, I would never--"
"Oh no, no, no!" she interrupts "Don't give me this crap again! I had to listen to your selfish speeches once, and I have no intention of doing it again!"
Oh, wow. Despite trying to keep her cool at all costs, she actually looks kind of angry now. Well, no wonder. Stupid things had been done, and now you're paying for it with your pride. Ah, how ironic. It's almost like watching a movie from your youngest years, where you were doing all kinds of silly things. And watching it with your best friend at that. Good thing is, that it will be soon, or at least you hope so, over.
"Alright, alright. Sorry. Just to remind you though, remember that time when you dropped me down onto a barn? That wasn't exactly polite, you know."
Her eyebrow twitches. Her arms almost automatically cross on her chest, as her face looks away, trying to hide embarassment.
"I had issues, okay?! Besides, it was your fault in the first place!"
"Huh?" you gasp, suprised "How is that my fault?"
She sighs loudly, then palms her face.
"You know, this is stupid."
"I agree."
"Well then." smile returns on her face as she straightens up, pulling out a paper amulet from under her shirt. "Can we get on with it?"
Ah yes, of course, that's why she's here, right? But first, there are some problems that need to be addressed.
"What about Yuuka?"
"Contained." she answers calmly
"Contained?" you ask
"She won't be interrupting us. I have my ways of dealing with the likes of her. Oh, don't worry." she remarks mockingly, seeing your worried face "I have no idea how to kill her, therefore as much as I'd like to, I can't."
"Shio?" you ask again, still suspicious
"Don't worry."
"Oops." Reimu's smile gets wider Oh, great. It seems that something bad happened to Elly, and by Reimu's hand too. Well, it's not like it will count in any way after this is over anyways. "So?"
"I'm ready."
You pull up your sleeve and concentrate. Loathsome as it may be, the source of power acquired from Yuuka can and will become handy in this battle.
Energy begins to flow as this you taught it to, and soon flows out, forming a weapon that you learned to project using only raw power - true magic, in it's purest form, creation instead of destruction. You can still remember Shio's terrified face when you first tried it out, projecting a giant dildo on her desk. Good times.
And here it appears - a silver, ornamented rapier, something that you came up with when Yuuka remarked that knives are 'primitive'.
A few example swings show that you are still skilled with blades, despite not having used it for a long time. Perfect. Those skills will never rust.
Reimu frowns at your demonstration.
"What is that, a sword?" she tilts her head "Didn't you fight with knives?"
"Indeed." you take a ready position, one hand behind your back "Well, many things happened."
She shrugs slightly, then relaxes visibly.
"You and your crazy ways... Well."
A barrage of red spikes appears behind her back as she raises one hand. That shark-toothed smile makes it's glorious return, stretching her lips in a way that she looks incredibly happy. And dangerous.
"Tell me, remember what you used to say?"
You smirk.
"Let us..." you begin.
"Kill each other!" and she finishes.
Fast dash, Unexpectedly, she seems to be going for a direct strike, despite being superior in ranged combat. Compassion? No, more possibly it's just another way to mock you. You make a careful step back and move your wrist slightly, making the blade flawlessly block two spikes aimed at your chest. Her fist barely misses your face.
Moving faster than even your own senses can detect, you sweep her off her legs, making her turn upside down in the air. It just happens so, that your sword is aimed at her suprised face, it's tip millimeters from her chin, just when she finishes the first 180 degrees of the turn.
Mercilessly, you push it down with both hands, intending to drive it deep into her skull. But it never happens.
Suddenly, she's not there, and all you can feel are your aching fingers. Loud breathing reveals that she has jumped away, glaring at you angrily, yet still smiling.
"I'm suprised." she pants out "You're not out of form."
"You too."
Without much effort, you deflect all the spikes that she launched, trying to use a moment of disctraction she thought she had created. Useless. Heh, it might've been a good idea, to switch to long blades. It's so much easier to defend yourself with them. Altough it makes it harder to attack, bigger reach is always an advantage.
Another step back and another barrage effortlessly cut apart by the silver sword. You feel almost bored, getting to parry all of her attacks with such ease.
"Hey, Rei-- A feint?!"
You want to speak up, but immidiately after turning back your gaze at Reimu, your legs make you take a few steps back.
Floating a bit above the floor, she seems to be chanting some sort of poem. Air around her, darkened and densier, looks almost frightening.
"What in the--"
"Fantasy Seal!"
Your body reacts before you, making you retract your blade behind your back, as 5 or more orbs, every single one of diffirent colour, appear out of thin air around Reimu.
And hurl themselves at you.
"Damn danmaku!" You lower your position and watch the orbs approach you. That is, for those twenty or so milliseconds. "CRY OUT LOUD!"
Your blade marks a wide swing in the air, aimed at all the orbs at once.
It penetrates! Flawlessly, like if it didn't bother it that the orbs were scattered around chaotically, it cuts through them all at once!
Tremendous explosion deadens your satisfied chuckle. Nearby walls shatter and send out clouds of dust, as you stand unaffected in the middle of the chaos, flicking off your blade as if cleaning it from blood.
Of course it didn't take long before and expected opening appeared in the mist of dust.
<Here she comes.>
Just as you expected, Reimu emerges from them with a horrifying speed, smirk marking her face like a stigma, contradicting with her scary stare.
Too bad you were already prepared and with your blade retracted. How suprised she looks when it's tip penetrates her shirt, just beneath her armpit. Her gasp as your bodies collide is almost pathetic.
"Miko to dust." you whisper.
And drive your elbow deep into her stomach, sending her flying away. As a goodbye present, you give her a wide cut across her chest. Blood gushes forth.

She lands on the floor, crippled and bleeding, panting heavily. The dust starts to subside as you flick off your blade again and squat down on the nearest pile of rubble.
"What's wrong, you tired?" there is no answer "Then I'll just take your neck. Gensokyo," you address the whole world while standing up "Don't hate me."
Almost dissatisfied, you approach the wounded miko and grab her collar. Then pull her up, making the horrible wound gape from under the cut clothes. It's a really pitiful sight. If she doesn't get that treated...
She can't get that treated. It's not the outside world, nor is there anyone who could help her here. Of course, except that blonde youkai lady right there, who's now, unfortunately, momentarily dead. How ironic. If the deed that she's done should prove her own undoing.
Putting your blade's tip on her neck, you give her a warm smile.
"It will be a pleasure to take your life. I loved you, Reimu. Now... let's finish this. Once and for all." your grip gets stronger, anticipating what is about to happen "I am the spider that set up this web. Welcome... to my beafutiful--"

Pain. Pain, pain, pain, pain, pain, overthrowing, deadly, poisoning, intoxicating, blood gushing forth, falling on your knees, on the floor, onto her body, devoid of strength, heart stops beating, pain, pain, pain, pain, PAIN, PAIN, PAIN, PAIN, PAIN!
How stupid of you. How fucking ridiculous. How could you screw up so badly?! What in the hell, what the deepest fuck?!
You wanted to take her life quickly and painlessly. For that purpose, you had to approach her.

Which made it possible for her to drive a dozen of spikes into your body.
One of them, you can feel it well, has penetrated your heart.

You fall on your face, and can do nothing about it. Enraged, disappointed, angry at yourself, and... thankful. Stupendous, that even after failing so hard, you feel kind of... happy.
"Your whole self..." a weak voice reaches your ears "... I just took it all..."
You can't find the strength to open your eyes. Only thing that remains, is the pressure on your palm. Someone's warmth, gently caressing your senses till the very end, till all of everything disappears in warm darkness.


Burning forest....

Burning buildings... Places you know... And admired... Places you used to visit... All... On crimson fire...

And something... Or someone... Drags you through.... All these scenes... Bathing in destruction...


With difficulty, you open your eyes.
Her worried face hovers above yours, navy-blue background contrasting with her green....

She says something...

You nod...

And fall asleep again....
And such is the end of the trainwreck we used to call TS4. Stay tuned for TS:ZERO, as soon as I update CoMN.
damn, Yuka never gets love

Mai Waifu is Ronery yet again
Well, the timeskip blew awful hard, but... Reimu died, Yuuka saved us.

I'm cool with that.
File 121874833283.jpg - (111.95KB, 600x400 , nikki0808.jpg) [iqdb]
>>Reimu died, Yuuka saved us.

Did she, now?
File 121874870334.jpg - (87.58KB, 300x300 , 3e20e3fbfe52a2248cab200878544870.jpg) [iqdb]
Isn't it possible it was someone else?
Or was that Mima?
File 121876161045.jpg - (42.85KB, 400x400 , Shikieiki - Judgement Stockings!.jpg) [iqdb]
Unlikely as utter fuck, but
1) Green hair? check.
2) Shiki saves Nanaya? There's an amusing amount of irony in saying that.
Even in her own route, Yuka is jobbing.
Well after catching up with this play through of TS (slowking.ico) I have to say I'm a little disappointed. I didn't really see it as a train wreck personally, but this 'ending' was a little shocking. I was enjoying this route simply because of the interaction of a new character to the story but when it finally starts to focus on that character you decide to throw in the towel and throw up a quick time skipped ending which has ruined it in my opinion.

Personally I would have suggested taking time out to write other things as you have been doing like AAA, CoMN and other spin off's then return to this story when you feel your motivation has returned. Obviously it's too late now but it isn't nice for your readers to follow 11 whole threads just for you to say no more and wrap the whole story up without really clearing up anything. Oh well, doubt YAF really cares since he's a nigger but just throwing it out there.

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