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File 160233035492.png - (91.09KB, 278x168, TOUHOU11.png) [iqdb]
Reimu was sleeping in a bed near the Moriya Shrine, Sanae had gave her acsess to sleep there because Reimu was very poor, Kanako saw what Sanae was doing and since Sanae had put the bed there, Kanako rushed to the Hakurei shrine and bombed it all down, Cirno and Aya tried to stop her but she procceded it anyways, Suika - being awake at the time, had managed to escaped and took refuge at Rin's cafe, Reimu woke up and Sanae told her what happened, she started to cry and run to her shrine's part meanwhile Kanako was just walking back home, Reimu attacked Kanako and won, but she had no money! Sanae had 192,681,099 Yen at the time so she donated 2 million of her money.
biutiful fic
i cri evrytim :.(
File 160252538293.jpg - (9.60KB, 480x360, dungeonmaster.jpg) [iqdb]
Van approves of this thread
♂️ Just lube it up ♂️
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