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shall you be barren again this year?
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this is embarrassing
Mokou was rather bored out of her mind.

It’s been a few short weeks since she agreed to that truce Kaguya had come up with figuring why the hell not, you can only spend a few hundred years brutally killing each other before it got boring. Even before the truce, it was pretty rare to see her anyway as she had been mostly hiding away in Eientei.

And now that the truce was in effect it’s been two weeks since she has last seen her. Honestly, it was starting to drive Mokou insane, many parts of the bamboo forest had big clearing burnt to ash. Just without even the potential threat of Kaguya popping out of the bamboo for another of their classic deathmatches, everything seemed just… boring.

Yay, the first week of peace was quite nice but now it was maddening, hell, even the rabbits that usually kept track of her when she wandered through the forest was missing. And while she would hate to say this but in some twisted form of irony, she missed Kaguya company, as one of the few people in the world that could ever understand her, even if we had our ‘disagreements’ and not that she would ever be willing to admit to any living soul that she missed that smug bitch of a princess.

Hell, there hadn’t been even a single lost person in the forest these last two weeks, it’s as if the entire universe was mocking her decision!

Figuring it was like every other day and no one was going get their dumb asses lost she decided to head home early. Hands still in her pockets and slouched over as she meandered her way back home, a scowl firmly etched across her face. With her knowledge of the forest, it only took a few minutes to get to her little cottage. Arriving back her scowl only deepened when she saw her door ajar.

Mokou rushed up the door and slammed and open eye instantly locking on the only person in the room. “Kaguya! what the hell are you doing in my house.” She said.

Kaguya, who was sat at her table simply raised an eyebrow “Why Mokou, I’m simply enjoying a cup of some tea.”

Walking over to the table and taking a seat opposite of Kaguya and said. “That’s my tea your drinking.”

“Oh? That would explain why it taste so bad.” She said, smiling all the while. “Why I know a few good blends of tea I cou—"

“This is not about the damn tea.” Mokou said, “I want to know why broke into my house and thought it would be a good idea to steal my tea.”

“I was nearby and was rather thirsty and knowing your house was in the area so I thought I drop by for a visit.”

You could see a vain pulse on Mokou head “And the lock on the door was an indication I didn’t want any visitors?” She said.

“Oh, you mean this lock?” Kaguya reached inside her long-sleeved and throw an object at her which she easily grabbed out of mid-air. Opening her hand, it revealed it was her lock, nearly broken in two.

Seeing the lock, she looked up to see Kaguya looking at her expression set in that usual royal smug smile that only served to make her angry. Seeing her about to take another sip from Her Tea Mokou got up and reached over the table snatching the cup from her hand and downing it in one loud slurp.
Setting the cup down on the table and looking over to Kaguya, as if daring her to say anything. Only to her surprise to see Kaguya looking away from her and blushing.

Mokou was honestly really confused, over the hundreds of years she knew Kaguya she has never done anything like this before. Looking around the only thing she could think of was the teacup, looking at it she couldn’t help but let out a giggle
“I just can’t believe you an immortal who has lived over a thousand years is getting embarrassed over something so stupid like an indirect kiss.” She said, “It’s like you’re a virgin or something.”

Kaguya Froze who was currently looking face concealed from view could only mumble back a replay.

“You got to be kidding me!? You’re still a virgin!” Mokou shouted shocked.

Kaguya crossed her arms and stared back at Mokou with a deadpan and said, “Must you shout that to the high heavens I’m pretty sure the Celestials heard you just now.”

“Honestly sorry and now I kind of feel a bit bad for picking on you now.” She said with honestly.

Kaguya then decided to spite her kindness as usual.

“I certainly, don’t want any pity especially from the like of you. I bet you never even kissed anyone before let alone had se-se-ex with them!” She said stutter clear in her voice and face a-lite with a crimson blush.
Mokou snorted the sound startling Kaguya.

“I had multiple partners throughout the centuries of both genders.” She said, shrugging her shoulders not seeing it as a big deal.

Thinking for a moment Mokou decided to do something she would have never thought of in a million years.

“Hey, Kaguya? Want to kiss?” she said simply. Earning her only stutters from her fellow immortal

Rolling her eyes, she leaned over the table grabbed Kaguya by the shirt and pulled her into a short kiss. She flailed briefly before falling still. Letting go of her shirt Kaguya limply fell back into the chair revealing that she has fallen unconscious.

Seeing this Mokou let out a giggle. Of all the things she thought she would be doing today kissing her mortal enemy into unconscious was not one of them. The kiss itself was not that bad either…

Lost in thought she did not hear the footsteps behind her until the person was right behind her and let out a loud cough. Yelping she fell to the floor groaning. Looking up to see Eirin she let out a nervous grin.

“Uh hi,” she said lamely.

Of course, at that very moment she was kissing Kaguya, Eirin had to appear.

“Greetings Fujiwara-sama”

“Can you pretend you did not see any of this?” Mokou asked hopefully.

Eirin looked between Mokou and then the currently unconscious Kaguya before nodding, much to the relief of Mokou. She then went to pick up her best friend by putting her over her shoulder like a bag of grain.
As Eirin turned to leave she paused at the door to look back at Mokou. “A rabbit will be over with the date and time.” She said, before leaving. Much to Mokou’s confusion.

Just what have I gotten myself into!
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“You are putting me in a difficult position Byakuren. You know I can’t agree to this”

Ibaraki Kasen drums her fingers across a table in the Moriya temple dining hall, the usually bustling room empty save for the oni-cum-hermit and one Buddhist monk sitting across for her with all the confidence in the world. If Byakuren is put off by the other hermit’s frank refusal, she does not show it.

“Come now Kasen, surely you are sympathetic toward guiding youkai into hermitage considering your own state of being. We can help you as well. Besides, you came quite quickly when I mentioned a free lunch didn’t you.”

A spot of color touches Kasen’s cheek, before she quickly suppresses it. “Even a hermit has to eat occasionally you know. I’m grateful for your hospitality, but that doesn’t mean I can easily accept joining your temple. And another thing…” Kasen’s features shift for an instant, an immense pressure encompassing the room in an instant and disappearing just as quickly as she turns to Byakuren with an unusually serious expression. “Don’t think I buy this charity act. You only want me to get a connection with the youkai sage council. I don’t believe for a second you’re approaching me with good will alone.”

Byakuren shrugs, unfazed. “It can be both, can’t it? But let’s not lose our appetites over such political matters. I think I hear Nazrin now with the food.”

Kasen gives a questioning glance towards the monk. I thought Ichirin was their cook. She was the last few times I was lured herecame here.

The door slides open as Nazrin enters, an oversized chefs hat on her head, large enough to cover even her ears. She balances a tray on two hands, teetering left and right precariously. Kasen almost moves to intercept and help her but stop halfway up, afraid that her distraction may tilt the mouse youkai’s delicate balance. Finally, Nazrin slides the tray down between the two hermits, and uncovers the dish. An array of pastries greets you, having survived the perilous journey from kitchen to table.

Nazrin brushes off her apron and clears her throat. “For the first course, cranberry and walnut cheese cups served with a caramel reduction and lightly salted.” Oh right, cheese since she’s a mouse. Hilarious. Having finished her task, the youkai scurries away, taking the tray with her. The appetizer lies on the table, a delicious sweet and savory aroma coming from it. Byakuren spears one with a fork, as she raises it to eye level.

“As I was saying, I see through you Byakuren, you can’t buy a great sage like me with a few cheap-“

The rest of the oni’s sentence is interrupted as Byakuren suddenly lunges forwards, placing the pastry between Kasen’s lips. She stands up indignant when-

Light, flaky crust layered thinly and already melting in her mouth. The butter enriching the sweetened dough with a silky, rich aftertone. The walnut, a mild and earthy flavor, almost bitter, fills her mouth and when she chews, the brittle texture cracks between her teeth, spreading the flavor across her tongue, almost overwhelming her were it not for the nut’s companion. The cranberry, sharp acidic, uncompromising in intensity, the fruit lashes her tastebuds with intense sour flavor, with just a hint of fruity sweetness. But sweetness is in no short supply: The caramel coats her cheeks, stuck in the spaces between teeth and gum, disgustingly sweet if one could bear to use the word “disgusting” to describe that rich and creamy taste delivered in such a silken package. As if to apologize for such excess, salt appears, simple, direct, effective. An alliance of saltiness and sweetness that brings out the qualities of both. And in the background, quietly waiting it’s turn. Cheese. No. Cheeses, plural. For one cheese could not fully encapsulate this umami flavor. Sharp cheddar, aged to near bitterness mingles in a molten mazurka with soft, milky mozzarella. Other cheeses the monk does not recognize, this one sweet yet savory, another buttery and creamy. The menageries of flavors, pastry, walnut, cranberry, caramel, salt, and cheese swirl together, a harmony of parts, some distinct and nearly contradictory yet all united to become a singular entity greater than the sum of its parts. Nay, it when even the individuals may exceed the norm by such a degree it becomes inconceivable to even catch a glimpse of the greater whole. One can live a thousand lifetimes and only see a shadow, catch a handful of it’s wake, observe-

Kasen’s hand closes around empty air. She’s shocked backed into reality to discover her shirts been covered in crumbs and the tray before her wholly empty. Yes reality. Cold, cold reality. What she wouldn’t give for just one more taste, one more bite of that divine ambrosia. But wait… what is that Byakuren’s holding out, perched atop an extended fork.

The monk giggles, “You’re drooling great youkai sage, your mouth is so lewdly open I can see your tongue. Do you want me to put something in it?” She grips the oni’s chin with one hand while the other slowly brings that morsel just out of reach of an outstretched tongue. This close, even the steam from the hors d’oeuvre is enough to make Kasen feel her rationality slipping. “If you’ll like the last piece, you just have to do something for me.” anything. “Just one teensy tiny thing.” ANYTHING “Join the Myro-“


The door suddenly slams open as Nazrin sprints into the room.


“Nazrin, please, can this wait literally 3 seconds.”


A stunned silence fills the room. Kasen quickly takes the opportunity to tilt her head forward and swallow the pastry. Eyes rolling in the back of her head for a moment before she recovers. Byakuren is the first to respond.

“What do you mean you didn’t make the dish? You’ve been making them for the temple for weeks. You were sick one day and half the youkai here had withdrawal symptoms.”

Nazrin recovers, taking a deep breathe. “I didn’t make any of those either. The true is” She reaches towards her chef’s hat, “I’ve had an inchling using my body to make those dishes for you!” She lifts off her hat to reveal Shinmyoumaru Sukuna who waves sheeplishly. Kasen’s notes that the top of Nazrin’s head is covered in small crumbs and bits of unidentifiable foodstuffs. All three of them turn towards the oni. With a start, Kasen realizes they’re waiting for her.

“Wait, hang on a second, I don’t have any way to respond to this. What do you all actually expect me to say?”

Byakuren waves dismissively. “Just say whatever comes to mind naturally. There’s surely some natural way to round off this farce. Some elegant and satisfying conclusion to this tale.”

Kasen looks towards three expectant faces. The silence stretches on.

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