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File 14906543231.png - (116.55KB, 256x308, Th09MedicineMelancholy.png)
Since I don't know where to put the "derp" that I think is this CYOA, here we go...

I was sitting down, trying to figure out what to eat for dinner… I had gotten nowhere, until I gave up, and thought, “Let’s just order a pizza.” And I did so, having to go through a minute or two of the hassle that was ordering a pizza through the landline. Eventually, I did get my order in, but, when I was about to hang up, I felt a poke in my side.


[ ] Try to get the mystery poker to stop
[ ] Ignore the mystery poker
[ ] Write in?
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[x] Play mystery poker

Full house~
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[X] Play with the mystery poker

Yep, right back at him I guess. Good luck with this by the way.
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[X] Try to get the mystery poker to stop
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[X]Boop them back.
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This story is going places, I can feel it.
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Guess not.
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