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File 169888095132.jpg - (431.95KB, 1930x1930, 20230803_075747.jpg)
The Scarlet Mansion has never been known as a place brimming with adventure and intrigue. Aside from a major blip in the building's history it is one of the most depressing places to be- if not the most. Residing in the Scarlet Mansion is an unbearably monotonous existence and this fact is most evident in its library. The undisputed, most boring room in the mansion. Large bookshelves stretch for miles each filled to the brim with mint condition books. Old and new and while the variety of knowledge nestled into them is enough to keep the average person preoccupied till the end of their natural lifespan. You'd probably start to hate the sight of paper before you got even a fraction of a percent through all of the books available. However, in an act of divine intervention to prevent those stationed in there from completely losing their minds, the library is the only section of the mansion subjected to a semi-regular occurrence. Being robbed. Every now and again a blonde, sticky-fingered, miscreant, dressed in a black hat and dress with white accents almost like a prisoner, will break into the library and attempt to swipe away some occult secrets hidden away for her own nefarious deeds.

Today is one of those divine days. Where Marisa the Miscreant- the black cat in some circles makes her attempt at stealing some white gold. Sitting on her flying broomstick her index finger drags across a row of book spines in searching for one in particular. Her finger stops and her hand yanks out a white-covered book.

"Stan Sevens' Grimoire of illusions. Just-"

"The book I was looking for." A hand reached forward into Marisa's view and snatched the book out of Marisa's grasp making her head swivel to look behind her. There, floating behind her, was Patchouli head to toe in faded pink clothes with rich purple hair, dawning the classic tired stare of all librarians. Though in her defense, after shifting through as many books as her it would be nearly impossible to be able to show a shred of energy in your eyes. Though she was not only tired in a general sense, clearly, she was also tired with Marisa's antics as well.

"Hey… Patchy"

"Hello, Marisa."

"It feels like I haven't seen you in forever- How have you been?"

"I was fine until you showed up." Patchouli turned and began to float away in the opposite direction though Marisa quickly flew in front of her path.

"Hey, what's with the rush? It's almost like you don't want to see me."

"Yeah, I don’t want to see you."

"Oh, c'mon, we both know that's not true." Marisa leans in closer to Patchouli, prompting her to lightly bash Marisa in the face with the book.

"You can leave now."

"Really, you're gonna send me off just like that. Can't you let me borrow this one you've got millions in here. Who's gonna notice?"

"Hah! You must be crazy. Firstly, there are already seven books you've borrowed and failed to give back. Secondly, Sakuya will notice it's gone and when she can't confront you about it- she will confront me about it. So no, you can't borrow this one."

"Well, actually, it's not seven. It's six. Since I brought this along." Marisa lifted up her hat to reveal a book sitting atop her head.

"Oh, so you came prepared for when I caught you this time." Patchouli snatched the other book and Marisa wrapped a strand of Patchouli's hair around her finger as a response.

"No, I was just about to come and look for you."

"Uh-huh, well you found me. You can go now."

"What, you're not gonna give me that one in exchange?" Marisa asked, giving some form of smug puppy dog eyes.

"Course not."

"But think of it this way-"

"Don't start." The warning does little to stop Marisa talking or stop her inching closer.

"There were seven missing and I just gave you one…" At this point Marisa's shoulder was rubbing against Patchouli as she wrapped her arm across Patchouli's body in order to grab the white book in her hand. "So if I take this one, nothing changes, it's almost like I wasn't here at all."

"...I hope you don't think I'm going to agree to that."

"Well, what can I offer you to make this worth your while? I'm open to anything." Marisa's lips pressed against Patchouli's cheek, tilting her head to the side. Patchouli's eyes closed, a soft groan escaping her mouth. It was probably the sound of her brain weighing the pros of this deal against the cons and the cons exceeded the pros by a landslide but it couldn't be that bad… The other times we're fine- No! Patchouli may have let this sway her thoughts in the past but she wasn't going to let it sway her now. Then Marisa started kissing her neck. A surge of heat flooded her entire body. Then another kiss struck her skin, followed by another and another. Each kiss gave off a tingling sensation as if she was being repeatedly zapped by a taser. Defeat was written on her face in blush.

"Fine, fine. I hate that you're so good at that. Seriously, who are you practicing on?"

"That is between me and her." Marisa pulled back taking both books from Patchouli, slipping the white one under her hat and the brown one into empty space in the bookshelf. Before grabbing both of Patchouli's hands and lightly stroking the dorsal sides with her thumbs, looking into her eyes with a small grin.

"I didn't know I was talking to Marisa Loyalty Kirisame."

"I am full of surprises."

"You're full of something, alright."

The pair look at each in silence for a moment, their cheeks turning a deeper shade of red every second until in a sudden display of initiative, Patchouli…

[-] Pulls Marisa off to a secluded location
[-] Pulls Marisa into a kiss.
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[X] Pulls Marisa off to a secluded location

> "You're full of something, alright."
Full of gumballs?
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[X] Pulls Marisa off to a secluded location

Marisa woke a sleeping beast.

She played with Saint Elmo's Fire.

She unleashed a Noachian Deluge.

She made Silent Selene cry out.

She made the Unmoving Great Library; move.

I hope reading that made you cringe as much as me writing it did.
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[X] Pulls Marisa off to a secluded location
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[x] Pulls Marisa into a kiss.
Token dissenting vote.
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[x] Pulls Marisa off to a secluded location.

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[x] Pulls Marisa off to a secluded location
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Hey had to reevaluate my life for few days but we are back. I spoiler'd the funny part of this post not because I personally think it's that bad but just to be safe really. Though it is funny to think that I could actually have a "NoOoOo!!! The sex is actually very integral to the plot!!!" Moment with this story but I'm not strong enough. I'm whipping up some DDiTBS stuff too so Roundedheads are gonna be eating today! ^_^

Patchouli started drifting backwards, almost pulling Marisa off her broom, leading her through the repeating rows of bookshelves. Stopping in front of a lone black door nestled into a wall a few meters to the right of the east entrance. Traversing around the library to any location within the mansion with such ease was already a feat in itself but finding such a niche spot whilst infatuated with something else was a feat that could only be achieved by about three or four people out of the hundreds that dwelled here.

"Now what is this?"

"Defect room it's where we put any books that get damaged, basically where we put anything you touch." Patchouli slammed her back into the door, launching it open as the two flew inside.

The defect room was the library's small reminder that things could always get more depressing, all the room consisted of was a lone ceiling light and a pile of books stacked in the corner but at least it had a nice carpet flooring. However, the dreadful vibes of the room didn't seem to affect Patchouli, and by proxy Marisa, at all. This was one of those miracle days- a break away from the seemingly endless monotony and sure indulging in her lust in the library would've gotten things started sooner the constant paranoid from the possibility of getting caught probably would’ve killed the moment in the end. Patchouli certainly wasn't going to let any outside factors ruin the one source of excitement that flew in between this section of the mansion's walls. Honestly, in the recent few weeks, her mind had been replaying some of the moments from the other small encounters she'd shared with Marisa.

"You know, if that's the case, I'm surprised they haven't locked you in here yet-" Patchouli's arms shot around Marisa's waist pulling their bodies into each other, interlocking their lips seemed to be a sure fire way to end the Black Cat's quips.

Marisa quickly followed in Patchouli's footsteps wrapping her arms behind Patchouli's head and pulling her in deeper. They pulled back just long enough to catch a breath or two as a stand of saliva made a bridge between their mouths. Then they slammed back together once more, their hands shifted upwards, pulling and throwing their respective hats onto the floor. Stan Sevens' Grimoire of Illusions an unfortunate casualty caught in the crossfire. Marisa's lips relocated themselves onto Patchouli's neck but unlike last time there was no need to undermine how good it felt. Moans flowed out from Patchouli's mouth, filling the room as her body twitched paralyzed by the sensation. Marisa's right hand scoured around the pink fabrics on top of Patchouli's chest in search of one of the small hardened mountains hidden underneath them- a sharp moan signaled her success. Beginning to rub the nipple in a circular motion she removed herself from Patchouli's neck, looking up into her eyes the blush on both of their faces spreading and reddening.

"So do you still want me to go because you seem pretty fine with me now?"

"God, could you just shut the fuck up."

"I'll shut up if you take this off." There wasn't a nanosecond of hesitation from Patchouli the moment the terms were voiced she began to undress. It was so sudden it stun-locked Marisa who after blankly watching Patchouli for a moment, slightly offended, realized that she should be getting undressed and began doing just that.

After that roughly thirty second pause in the passion was over it continued for roughly thirty minutes. The most shocking thing about the whole ordeal being that Marisa did, in fact, keep her promise to not say anything past that point. There were sounds, of course, but the effort was commendable as with other things. Nonetheless, when the dust settled, Patchouli was laying on the floor with her back against the wall and Marisa was sliding the sought-after grimoire under her hat again ready to leave.

"You don't have to bolt out- umm…you could stay a bit if you want to."

"Oh… I'd love to, but I wouldn't want to accidentally bump into Sakuya."

"It should be fine. I don't think she's due to inspect the library for at least another hour. We got time… even if it's just to help you borrowl some stuff."

"Ummm- Nah, I think I'll just head out. Only made it this far by playing safe but if you can convince silver hair to serve me again I'll come over for tea."

"Alright then… before you leave could you pass me my hat?" Patchouli pointed down to the disheveled fabric beside Marisa's feet; Marisa casually bent down and tossed it into Patchouli's lap. "I'll… see you when I see you then?"

"Yeah." The distinct low creaking noise of the defect room's door filled Patchouli's ears, quickly followed by the sound of it being nestled back in between the doorframe. Patchouli looked down at her hat running her thumbs across it in silence. There weren't any thoughts going through her head, however her face firmly locked itself into a frown. The only thing that she had now was herself. It was almost like she held her own head in her hands and was touching her hair when she rubbed her fingers across her hat and the faint sound spawned by the friction entered her ears. It wasn't clear how long she'd stayed in there but it definitely was too long and when Patchouli realized that herself she let out a loud groan, throwing her face forward into her hat barely stopping herself from screaming into it. She pulled back.

"You really know nothing do you?" Not even the silence responded. She let out a long sigh; put on her and finally raised to her feet taking one last breath before leaving the room.

She couldn't have been out of the room for longer than two seconds before she felt a visceral swirling sensation in her gut. She knew what it meant and it was the last thing she wanted to deal with right now but all she could do now was tilt her head to the side. There stood Sakuya whose look was oozing with a mixture of anger and disappointment.

"Patchouli, we've got an issue."

"What now?"

"There are eight books missing now. She's struck again."

"Waitwaitwait, Eight?"


"That bitch."

"She's taken Stan Sevens Grimoire of Illusions while you were slacking, I assume."

"Y-yeah I took a nap, sorry."

"It's fine- well it's not fine but we'll have to make due with it. Though you're going to inform Remilia about it, along with telling her about your little break."

"...I understand."

"Now, dinner should be done in thirty if you wish to join us. Also, one of your collars is up." The feeling from before swells up in Patchouli's gut again as Sakuya seemingly disappears into thin air. Patchouli flattens her before deciding to…

[-] Head to the dining room for dinner.
[-] Skip dinner entirely and go to her room
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You need to replenish nutrients after bedtop sport for indoor types.
Even if she doesn't strictly need to eat as a magician. (Or was it just human magicians who cast that spell?)

[X] Head to the dining room for dinner.

Small note: I don't think you marked this as an update, so the front page didn't update itself.
Congratulations on getting both your stories finally listed, by the way.
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[x] Head to the dining room for dinner.

Patchouli is her own woman, there's no shame in who she consorts with! She can be at the dinner table without feeling awkward.
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