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File 169048114667.jpg - (390.00KB, 1689x1788, DdOx0QOV0AAQJhU.jpg)
For the best experience, play this while reading/singing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3lgkE264Ib4

You step into a room, wearing a black tuxedo with a formal white shirt and black bowtie. The room is dark, with only the
source of light being a spotlight focusing on a grand piano in the middle. Calm and composed, you sit down on the bench in
front of the piano keys, crack your knuckles, and begin playing a few notes just before beginning to sing

"This one is for my one and only true love,
Hong Meiling"

♫ Meiling, you're so cool
And if a dra-gon, then you rule ♫

♫ Meiling, understand
I'm gonna love you 'til the very end ♫

You continue playing, as you vividly paint many images of the chinese gatekeeper in your head.

♫ Meiling, Meiling, Meiling, Meiling, Meiling
Meiling, Meiling, Meiling, Meiling, Meiling
I love you, oh ♫

♫ Meiling, Meiling, Meiling, Meiling, Meiling
Meiling, Meiling, Meiling, Meiling, Meiling
I love you, oh ♫

♫ Sakuya, Patchouli, and a Scarlet Sisters too,
A thousand gods and youkai couldn't keep me from you ♫

♫ Hong Meiling, at the end of the line
I'll make you mine! Oh! ♫

♫ Meiling, Meiling, Meiling, Meiling, Meiling
Meiling, Meiling, Meiling, Meiling, Meiling
I love you, oh ♫

Then, all hell breaks loose as you pratically start screaming the lyrics to your little love song


Until you suddenly break down into a coughing fit. The spotlight turns off as all the other lights in the room turn on.

"Why did I make this?!" You ask yourself as you recover from your coughing fit "This is so stupid! Just...why?!"

"It's better than the other song you wrote about Meiling." Your friend, who's dressed more casually says as he holds the
lyrics to your previous song "You just sing about how much you want to hug and kiss Meiling in it."

This causes you to avert your eyes from your friend. "Like seriously," your friend continues "You wrote that you want Meiling to hug you and never you go, that you'd enjoy her "chinese-flavored scent", and that dragon scales going across
her face would just make you want to kiss her even more."

"Yeah" you say in reply trying to dismiss it "I was horny."

"You still kind of are." You friend says with a chuckle. This causes you to blush, embarassed by your hormonal ways. After a
brief moment of silence your friend speaks up again. "Wanna pratice confessing to her again?" "Yeah, alright." You reply as
you get up from the bench and leave the room with your friend.


(What am I doing with my life)
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Spending it practicing confessions to Meiling with your friend, evidently. Does he dress as her too, for added authenticity?
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Does he sound like he has any more dignity?
If not, then yes. Lol
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Though to be clear (and I hope I'm not stating the obvious), I don't actually do this kind of stuff IRL. I mean, I like Meiling, don't get me wrong. She's my favorite Touhou character. But...yeah.

Now what compelled me to write this parody you're probably not wondering?
...I don't even know. I guess it was for the sake of having some more Meiling related content on this site.

- Took 0.00s -
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