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File 165406155999.png - (257.25KB, 614x786, __cirno_and_hong_meiling_touhou_drawn_by_zaki_mr_z.png)
Author's Note: Hey! I'm new to this so please excuse my writing. That being said, this is a 1st person POV, starring (mostly) Cirno and Meiling while they go on adventures. Thanks for reading!


Sky's blue. Lake's blue. Eye am blue!

I touch down on the ground and run up to Hong Meiling, gatekeeper of the freaky place with the freaky people. "Meeeiling!" I shout, snapping her out of her nap.

"Huh? Oh, Cirno? What is it?" Meiling yawns, though the sun is just starting to set.

"I was thinking, cause I'm so smart, that there is a lot of blue. Then I thought, everything is blue because they copied me!" I shout. "Can you believe that!?"

"Cirno, my eyes are blue but they've been that color since before you were born. Blue is your color, but no one stole it, 'kay?"

I puff my cheeks. Meiling can be so dense sometimes. "No!" I shout. "If I'm blue, and I'm the strongest, then everything must be blue because I conquered it! That's it!"

Meiling crouches. "Ah! Guess what, I just remembered that the Mistress wants you to join us for dinner tonight. You're welcome to stay over for the night too."

"Oooh! Cool!" I clench my fists. "What are we eating?" I watch as Meiling smiles. I feel like I forgot something, but it probably isn't as important as mysterious food.

A chuckle comes from behind the gate. "My, Meling, I would have thought you'd forgotten."

Meiling looks over her shoulder at the maid. "Hey, Sakuya-san! I was going to get her soon but since she's here I thought I should tell her."

Sakuya shrugs. "Very well. Come along, Cirno-san."

I look over to Meiling and whisper, "Isn't she being a little close?"

Apparently it was loud enough for Sakuya to hear, cause she made this weird face when I said so.

Meiling offers a hand. "Come on, I'll guide you inside."

I grin. "Thanks, Meiling!"


Options on what should happen next?

[X] Remilia is kinda weird?
[X] Flandre wants to play!
[X] Cirno and Meiling cooking time.
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>slice of life
>babby's first 2hu cast
Yep, sure is a first story. Good luck, I guess?
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Thanks, I'll need it/
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okay, I'll bite.
[X] Cirno and Meiling cooking time.
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[X] Disregard SDM, time for GFW 2 featuring Meiling
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[X] Cirno and Meiling cooking time.
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File 165417913452.jpg - (12.71KB, 201x251, download.jpg)
[X] GFW 2 (Cause I like that idea.)

A burst of fire escapes from the doors of the mansion before it explodes, sending debris everywhere.

Sakuya appears before us, the debris that was coming our way had been set aside.

Three figures appear above the flames. Three familiar figures.

Sunny Milk, Luna Child, and Star Sapphire, standing above the flames as three others figures appear in front of them.

From the bottom to the top, Flandre Scarlet, Kaguya Whatshername, and Okuu Reiuji.

"Young Mistress!?" Sakuya and Meiling both shout.

"Kaguya? What are you doing here?" I ask.

"Seriously?" Kaguya looks offended, but then smirks. "You should be in terror, so cower for me."

I shrug. "I mean, why you? I hardly even know you. Everyone else at least makes sense."

"Hey!" Sunny shouts. "This is our moment! Stop ruining it, Cirno!"

Flandre throws her head back and laughs. "Sakuya, I've decided to overthrow my sister. I want the mansion repaired by the time I'm back!"

Sakuya steps forward. "You are not my Mistress. You never will be, Flandre, so stop this instant or I'll-"

"You'll what?" Flandre interrupts. She aims her hand at Sakuya, palm outstretched. "Think you're faster than me? Remilia is still regenerating, how about I hurt her some more? How about you stand down?"

Sakuya freezes before taking a step back. "Yes, Mistress."

Meiling frowns but keeps quiet.

"So, uh..." Everyone turns to me. "What's up?"

"We're through with you, Cirno!" Sunny shouted.

"You've messed with us for the last time!" Luna followed.

"Consider this revenge!" Star shouted, though not as loud as her friends.

They pointed their fingers at me. "Climb the mountain of pain and play our game! If you win, you'll win a prize! Feel free to get help, but there's no way you'll win!"

"See ya later!" Okuu called as they flew away. As Sakuya began to move, she released a blast downward. sending dust into the air, when it cleared, they were gone.

Sakuya rushed forward, the mess clearing up as she flickered around. "Mistress!" She finally called, digging up something. She picked Remilia up by her waist, whose eyes were half-open and whose clothes were nearly destroyed.

I turned to Meiling. "Hey! Let's go get 'em!"

Meiling's eye twitches. "Yeah. Nobody messes with my family. But... we can't do this alone."

I think, very thoughtfully, as I am. Who should I get to help me?

[X] Team 9! (Rumia, Wriggle, Mystia.)
[X] Mokou!
[X] Yuuka...?
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[X] Cirno and Meiling cooking time.
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[X] Yuuka...?
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[X] Yuuka.
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File 16544393809.jpg - (107.89KB, 948x1200, DryzPTQU0AgPdJo.jpg)
A thought crosses my giant brain.

We need someone strong. I remember the flower lady is almost as strong as I am, so she must be pretty strong!

"Hey, Meiling!" I shout, startling her. "We're gonna go get Yuuka!"

Meiling flinches. "Yuuka? Why...?"

"Cause she's super strong. Why else?" I smirk as Meiling makes a face.

"She's crazy?" She said slowly.

I grab her hand. "Come on already!"

"I'll be back soon, Sakuya!" Meiling called as we ascended.

"Take care!" She called back.

Meiling sighed. "You heard her, Cirno. If I get hurt, it's your fault."

I stick my tongue out at her. "She didn't say that."

Meiling rolls her eyes. "Let's just get this over with.


POV Switch!

I let go of Cirno's hand when we set down, rubbing my cold palm on my dress to help heat it back up.

"YUUKAAAAA!" Cirno yells.

I grab her arm. "What are you doing!?" I whisper.
"Do you want to be Master Spark'd!?"

"I'm not the one who named it that, y'know." A voice says.

I turn slowly, meeting Yuuka's rose-red eyes. I had seen her before, a year or so ago, and the only difference I could see on her was that her hair was slightly longer. Her gaze hadn't changed, not one bit.

"Yuuka!" Cirno exclaimed. "Hey, we need some help!"

"Of course. Would you like a drink while you're here?" Yuuka smiled sweetly. "Your friend is welcome to join us."

Cirno thought for a second. "Maybe... but we need to go get revenge!"

"Oh my." Yuuka said, almost playfully, like talking to an overeager child. Which, Cirno was, I guess. "Revenge on who?"

"The prankster fairies! They blew up my friend's house and they challenged me to a fight!" Cirno grinned. "So, wanna help us wipe the floor with them?"

Yuuka smiled. "I suppose so. So, where are they...?"

Cirno looked back at me. "Good question. Meiling, where should we look first?"


[X] Near the Hakurei Shrine?
[X] Youkai Mountain?
[X] Bamboo Forest?
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[X] Near the Hakurei Shrine
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[X] Near the Hakurei shrine
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