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File 147540403491.jpg - (86.38KB, 850x680, birdtouhou.jpg) [iqdb]
Camp Misty Lake.

The first and only Summer Camp in all of Gensokyo.

Every year, for three years, this Summer Camp invited many members of the community in Themed Camp Events for an entire month of play.

This year, the theme is...

... Birds.

The camp is so popular that even tales of girls going missing every summer will stop people from coming to these events.

[ ] Aya

received her invitation in the mail. How could she pass up the Reporting Adventure of a life time! Aya prepared her finest bathing suit...

[ ] Tokiko

was surprised to find her invitation in the place of her last bookmark as she read under a tree. A bit suspicious, but Yukari is said to have brought in the summer camp, so she wasn't too concerned. The chance to find fellow bookworms to FINALLY start that Book Club, though...

[ ] Hatate

was at first surprised that ANYBODY would bother learning how to text, but upon reading the contents of said text, got her bikini and sunblock ready.

And her bug spray.

And bug net.

And Pesticide.

And disinfectant...

[ ] Mystia

was at first offended that the supposed customer had left without ordering, but when she saw the letter, she understood.

Her time had come.

Mystia's Grilled Goods {TM} was closed. All stock was being moved to a certain Camp Ground temporarily.

[ ] Mokou

Was a little confused about getting an invitation clearly meant for birds, but then she remembered her whole 'phoenix' schtick and got it. Christ, though, this'd be annoying, but she may as well see what's there. Not like anything interesting was happening, otherwise.

[ ] Ut
[ ] Rin

set her flowers beside Okuu's memorial grave. Okuu had gone to the last camp, as it was God themed.

She wandered in to the woods, they said, and disappeared. They never found her. They offered Rin a free ride to camp, both as means of apology and as an excuse to investigate.


Whoever has most votes gets it, obviously.

Enjoy the quick little story!

There SHOULD be Daily updates.


... I have a job. It might NOT be daily.

But, DAMN IT, I'll TRY.
[X] Mystia

Because how often do we see Mysty as a main role?
Oh, sure, in all the festival scenes in any big story there might be one update with anon going to her stall, but a single conversation is not enough for this character. She's even playable in a main game!

[X] Mokou
[X] R̤i̵͈̼̝͚̦̟̪ṇ̷̥̱̱ ̸̘̘̪ͅS̨̙̩̘͉ḁ̙̪͚t̫͕̭̪͎̞s̱̫̻͚̳̼u̵̟̮͓͉̙̰k̷̟̭̹͍̞í͕͍͉̫
[X] Misty-ah
Hang on, is this...
>> set her flowers beside Okuu's memorial grave. Okuu had gone to the last camp, as it was God themed.
... a plot hook, or is the prequel exist?
[x] (o)rin

We will find what happened to Okuu and die trying!
[x] Tokiko
Never not.
[x] Rin

Kaenbyou Detective Agency is on the case!
So... does that make this a hen party?

[X] Mokou

Kirin aren't birds, silly.

Well, none of the choices are actually birds. Just nod and smile along with the rest of us sheeple.
[X] Mokou

all Mokou all the time
File 14754909681.jpg - (261.79KB, 462x533, mokoussmileisveryalluring.jpg) [iqdb]
Mokou rode to the camp grounds on a carriage pulled by twin white horses. Judging by how the tengu in the red shirt (Extra Chan, was it? Weird name... Must be Chinese.) kept staring at them with barely concealed lust, they must have been male.

Mental note: avoid the nutbag, or warn her why horses are a bad idea.

That was the worst party Mokou had ever been to. A terrible way to go.

Wait, shit, she'd forgotten to close up shop before she left. Every damn time she leaves for something, she forgets.


Fujiwara no Mokou is unable to focus on the carriage full of bird girls all chittering away with each other, not even the lewd tengu sitting next to her! What should she do?

[ ] Talk
- [ ] to Extra of Chan
- [ ] Aya of Shameimaru newspaper
- [ ] Mist-or-something from that other food stand
- [ ] herself
- [ ] her inner monologue
- [ ] the strangely alluring completely normal guy sitting in the back surrounded by girls for some reason.
- [ ] some other bird.

[ ] Pick nose

[ ] Check Aya to confirm if this story condones Futa or not.
- [ ] Discreetly
- - [ ] That's a bulge...
- - [ ] Huh. All clear...


I don't know what I'm doing here, but I have a rough idea.
[X] Talk
- [X] Mist-or-something from that other food stand

...when we voted the first time, I thought only one would be going to this place, not that we'd be choosing MC...
[x] Food stand rival

It was kind of obvious (to me) that it was the MC selection.
[X] Pick nose

Lone wolf, phoenix, whatever.
[X] Talk
-[X] Eaten by Yuyucow meme girl

Networking and all that.
[X] Talk
-[X] Food Stand Rival
Yaaay Mokuo
[x] Pick nose

strong independent grill who don't need no charcoal
[X] Talk
- [X] Mist-or-something from that other food stand
[x] Pick nose
Mokou turns to Mystia.


She doesn't respond. She's sitting in front of you and she's turned to face you, but she doesn't see you. She's staring dreamily at Mr. Protag in the back.

Poor girl. Every girl with a brain knows better than to make eye contact with a protagonist.

Mokou talks anyway, even though the bird's starting to quietly sing some western song to herself super quiet like.

Mokou also picked her nose. Not like Mysti'd notice.

"So, like... If we end up bunking together or some shit, you wanna' cook? Like, just in case or something."

She responds as Mokou expected.

"Why do birds
suddenly appear?
that your ne-"

Mokou nods sagely.

"I getcha'."


Mystia's Positive Response has promised Mokou that she gets to COOK.

Mokou has never been to Summer Camp, and is UNAWARE that she's not getting a PERSONAL KITCHEN.

The carriage has ground to a HALT.


[ ] Take your time, last one off!

- [ ]Wake up Extra Chan.

- [ ] Deposit Nose Nugget on-
- - - [ ] back of useless extra first.
- - - [ ] pants, as we are a class act.
- - - [ ] seat, cuz' fuck it.
- - - [ ] Hold on.

[ ] Look down.
- [ ] Is there a futacious bulge?
- - [ ] Yes?
- - - [ ] Awriiight...
- - - [ ] God dammit, anon...
- - [ ] No?
- - - [ ] SAFE!
- - - [ ] Aw...


Hey, an update!
- [X] Deposit Nose Nugget on-
-- [X] Shounen Protagonist

- [X] Deposit Nose Nugget on-
-- [X] Shounen Protagonist

Getting this out of the way now:
[X] Look down.
- [X] Is there a futacious bulge?
- - [X] No?
- - - [X] SAFE!
[X] Take your time, last one off!
- [X] Deposit Nose Nugget on-
-- [X] Mr Protag in the back
File 147565226217.jpg - (245.10KB, 462x533, whyamitheonealwaysgettinghurt.jpg) [iqdb]
The Honorable Fujiwara does the smart thing and looks in her pants real quick like.

No dick. Thank goodness. That might mean no futa in this story.

Or it means she's the bottom, which would be not-so-good.

anyway, the moment the carriage doors open, Mokou leaps up, runs up to mister Protag, keeping her head down to avoid eye contact, then wiped a booger on his hair. She then dove out the open window of the schoolbus-sized window.

Odd, how does she know how big a bus is?

Anyway, everybody gathers outside the bus to see a surprisingly clean looking campground, with a variety of activities and shit.

Mokou looks to the doors, surprised that the 'EW, GROOOOO-' has stopped. Three or four birds were staring in shock at the protag's back as that other reporter tengu hung on to his arm.

Wait. Where the fuck did the booger go?


W H Y D O E S H E L O O K A R O U S E D ! ?

[ ] Aw, that's fucking NASTY!
- [ ] Hatate a SLUT!?

[ ] Hot damn, Mr. Protag might not be so bad!
- [ ] I should watch him...

[ ] Ohhhh, DAYUM, girl! You get on wit yo' Maeyn-Gurl-tahtle-claymehn-ass self!
- [ ] Shit ain't right, but DAAAAAYUMN!

- - [ ] Wait, I'M the protag!
- - - [ ] Fondle the cat so she can slap blush and slap you, signaling the beginning of your harem to the surrounding ladies.

- - - - [ ] Wait a fucking second. That protag is a MAN! How did he GET in a TOUHOU fic?

[ ] Reach out hand and hope to snag Cuddling Fairy.


fuck, I know where I'm going with this, but I'mma ruin the story if I keep on it.
Let's see how long it takes.
[X] Reach out hand and hope to snag Cuddling Fairy.
- [X] Hold hands

He won't go after a married woman
[x] Cuddling fairy
[X] Hot damn, Mr. Protag might not be so bad!

We're going to need a wingman to help us explore the spooky forest that ate Oh-kuu and several other unnamed girls who are potentially Goddesses.
[X] Hot damn, Mr. Protag might not be so bad!

If only because I feel as though we wI'll resonate well with his shenanigans.
Damn autocorrect gets me at the worst of times.
[X] Reach out hand and hope to snag Cuddling Fairy.

>we'll to wl'll
It was supposed to be well, so I'm not entirely sure how it went from that to "wI'll".
>well instead of will

I give up.
We're snagging a cuddle fairy!

But are we
[ ] Cuddling?
[ ] Holding Hands?
[x] Cuddling
[X]Cuddle while holding hands

Shift into maximum overmoe
[X] Cuddling?

No hand holding till at least after the first date.
To the genius who proposed

[X] Do Both

Thank you.

I love holidays. I hate working them. And I have a whole season of holidays now.

>cuddling before marriage

All these disgusts, and you choose absolutely
File 147686756865.png - (2.06MB, 1000x1618, whothehellAREyou.png) [iqdb]
Mokou began patting her thighs. If there's anything a fairy can't resist, it's the *DON!DON!DON! DO-DON! DO-DON! (TaTaTak! Tak!)* of Festival Drums.

Mokou reaches out to grab the first fairy in sight that comes line-dancing in front of her.

Fairy maid with long black hair. Mokou loves long, luscious black tresses. Mokou clearly HAS to stroke such beautiful hair.

Ignoring the fairy's struggles and noisy complaints, Mokou begins to pet the fairy's hair. Mokou, being an immortal asshole, was so used to things kicking her in the shins that she almost didn't wince when the fairy's heel struck her knee.

It still hurt.


It's no fun if they don't fight.

Wrapping an arm around the fairy's throat, both strangling her cries of dissent and restricting her ability to fight back, Mokou shoved her open hand in the fairy's face.

Her eyes probably went wider than dinner plates, but Mokou never saw it. The poor girl's face was turned from her, unfortunately. She relished the growing cries of denial as realization began to grow.

Mokou forcefully grabs the fairy's tiny fist, digging her fingers in, trying to force the fairy to hold her hand. The poor fairy's shrieks began to grow from desperate pleas of negation to shrill shrieks of terror as her pathetic grip began to give, centimeter by centimeter, to Mokou's superior strength.

With a heaving sob, did the fairy finally surrender, unable to resist any further. Her hand engulfed in the larger woman's, the fairy went limp. There was no further point in fighting when she'd already lost so wholly.

With the fairy having finally submitted, Mokou began to gently stroke the fairy's beautiful hair, savoring every single strand's silky embrace stolen by her fingers. Her fingers wrapped between the fairy's like vile pythons, determined to devour the virginity of this young fairy maiden's previously unstained hand. Each sob wracked the poor fairy maid's entire body as she, unable to resist, could only sit silently and hope the torture would end sooner rather than later. She clung desperately to the name of someone, begging an 'Emilia' to forgive her.

also, the stupid vampire gave an introductory speech or something, but that shit ain't important.


[ ] The vampire mentioned-
- [ ] Bunks?
- [ ] Food?
- [ ] Tennis?
- [ ] A Lake?
- [ ] A Dojo?
- [ ] Wait, a Dojo? At a summer camp?

[ ] Now steal the fairy's [left hand virginity[/spoiler]


'Twasn't I, but ANON who COLLECTIVELY WISHED for this!



or some shit, I dont really know
[X] Now steal the fairy's [left hand virginity[/spoiler]
First the right, then the left, then we go in for the kill with the center.
[Z] Loli vampire was talking about food

Let's have a nice candle-lit dinner with Fairy.


You insult me good sir. I wouldn't wish this level of Sexual degeneracy on my worst enemy. I'll see that this and all other relationships take their proper course, or my name isn't Anon.
[X] Loli vampire was talking about food

[X] Sensually clasp fairy hand, tug her along like balloon
[X] Loli vampire was talking about food
[X] Now steal the fairy's [left hand virginity[/spoiler]
Adding [Z] Loli vampire was talking about food to >>63264
We [x] think about food and shit and [x] [for[g[etho[wto]spoiler while we further violate the fairy.

[spoiler]Y'all 're gun' miss the important shit if this keeps up. Not that the story''ll stop for ya'.

> [x] [for[g[etho[wto]spoiler
File 147720933727.png - (170.31KB, 697x768, juststopplease.png) [iqdb]
Mokou ambles over to the table that smells like food.

Lo and behold, there is food.

Hot dogs and shit. Still hot and right off the grill.

Mokou's still holding the fairy's hand, so she forced her to grab the pipping hot hot dog. She recoils at the touch of it, but you force her fingers around it. She tries to pull away, protesting loudly, but you force her to maintain her grip, pumping her hands along the hot dog so that she can properly spread your favorite topping on it.

Mokou grabs the fairy's other hand without warning. She lets out a yelp of surprise and pain as the immortal's nails scratch hers as her first hand-holding is stolen from her left hand as well as her right.

She looks in horror as Mokou forces her hand in to the mayonnaise jar, but she no longer has the strength or the will to resist.

Mokou makes her use both hands to spread the mayonnaise all over her hot dog. The fairy can only sob.

This is taking too long.

Mokou makes her spread the mayo faster. Faster. More mayo! Faster!

With a sudden cry, the fairy squeezes, making Mokou's mayo splatter everywhere, staining her maid uniform and perfect hair, blinding her right eye and resting on her lips.

Mokou tugs the fairy along to her seat, where she forces the weeping fairy maid to put her hot dog between the buns herself. She does so, reluctantly at first, but, determined to make the suffering end, she rams the hot dog between the perfectly browned buns with enough force to rock the table and with the finality of fate.

Wait, shit. Is that the reporter? Why is she staring at Mokou? And is that Extra Chan?

Shit, Extra Chan is approachin-



Fujiwara no Mokou isn't good at dealing with perverts.

Nor does she understand the weird stares she's getting.

[ ] "The fuck do all of you want?"

[ ] "Uh. Hi?"

[ ] "Why is it late already?"
- [ ] "Wait, who'm I bunking with?"

[ ] Don't ignore her, you can't.
- [ ] "Hi, Extra Chan..."
- - [ ] "So, you like horses?"

[ ] Obligatory random option
- [ ] Obscure references?
- [ ] THP references?

[ ] Nigga, you got eight days to Halloween, speed this shit up.


I might speed things up to the juicy bits to be on time but that's up to anon to decide.
Damnit, I just want some wholesome fairy maid loving. But what did I get? Sure as fuck not that

[x] "Uh. Hi?"
[X] Nigga, you got eight days to Halloween, speed this shit up.
[X] Pick fairy nose
- [X] then eat it

Im pretty sure this is how fairies get married.
[X] Pick fairy nose
- [X] then eat it

Im pretty sure this is how fairies get married.
[X] Pick fairy nose
- [X] then eat it

I know that was a double post, but I don't care. First chance I get, I'm using that shit.

It also aligns nicely with my plans for writing, fortunately.
Oh, er, I didn't mean to double post. Didn't notice, actually.
File 147738804176.jpg - (80.59KB, 1280x720, remember.jpg) [iqdb]
Mokou scarfed down her hot dog and staunchly ignored the annoying bird approaching. Mokou has an idea. And hopefully it works.

In order to gross out Extra Chan, Mokou shoves her finger up the fairy's nose without warning. She digs around for a good five seconds and pulls out a little booger. She then eats it.

It worked in the dojo that one time she was twelve, it got her out of the Great War, and it sure as hell better work here.

It doesn't work. The tengu just stares.

Mokou looks down to find that the fairy is looking away. Concerned, Mokou ask her what the problem could be.

"Aye, what's up with you?"

In a quiet, trembling voice, the fairy responds.

"I can't marry you."

Mokou is fucking confused.

"Fucking what?"

The fairy's head shifts ever so slightly to reveal that she's tearing up. Her voice steady, she gives her answer.

"I love Subaru."


Extra Chan is being held back by three other birds, as she's unreasonably furious for some reason.

Mokou doesn't get it.

[ ] Let her go.
- [ ] Accept it.
- - [ ] Hide your tears.

[ ] "Eck-fuckin-SQYOOSE me?"
- [ ] Hold her down
- - [ ] Steal her first Yu-gai-ho card..


- [ ] Late Night on the Lake with Hatate and that protag-ish dude
- [ ] Mystia takes a hike in the woods.
- [ ] Tokiko reads her book in a tree.
- [ ] Aya is one of the victims~!
- [ ] Rin investigates the camp.


Forgive me. I've been waiting to do that so we can get back on track. Thanks >>63274
for the opportunity!

File 147738990481.jpg - (457.62KB, 1920x1080, OVhbj2.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] "Eck-fuckin-SQYOOSE me?"
- [X] Hold her down
-- [X] Whisper in her ear
--- [X] "I can be any outsider vehicle you want, fairy girl"

- [X] Late Night on the Lake with Hatate and that protag-ish dude

What am I even voting.
[X] "Eck-fuckin-SQYOOSE me?"
- [X] Hold her down
-- [X] Whisper in her ear
--- [X] "I can be any outsider vehicle you want, fairy girl"

- [x] Tokiko reads her book in a tree.
[X] "Eck-fuckin-SQYOOSE me?"
- [X] Hold her down
-- [X] Whisper in her ear
--- [X] "I can be any outsider vehicle you want, fairy girl"

- [ ] Rin investigates the camp.
- [ ] Late Night on the Lake with Hatate and that protag-ish dude
- [ ] Tokiko reads her book in a tree.
- [ ] Rin investigates the camp.

Take your pick, folks! Next one gets it or most votes gets it, whichever I notice first!
- [x] Rin investigates the camp.
And platemask's story death toll rises another tally.
Has platemask just totally given up on this site?
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