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File 139283627612.png - (190.63KB, 847x1200, FIRST.png) [iqdb]
Finally satisfied, you set the Grand Opening signs in place, and take a step back to admire your new place of business.

Years of study, years of back-breaking work, saving up and doing all the shittiest jobs, anything to put a little more money in the bank, all for this one, glorious moment.

At long last, you've done it. The elusive fantasy you've chased for so long is within your grasp. You will not, can not fail in your grand calling.

You consider the sign you've placed, for a moment, and then, in a sudden flash of inspiration, get a little paint and add a line that's sure to draw in customers. Offering anything for free usually does, after all. You've seen it happen.

Satisfied, you do a quick round through your new establishment, checking that everything is just so. It all has to be perfect, especially on your opening day.

Satisfied, you position yourself carefully behind the front counter, trying (perhaps a little too hard) not to let your anticipation and nervous energy show. It's just so exciting, being able to open the doors of your very own business at last! It wasn't easy, but you somehow managed.

You've even got a perfect location, catering to an underserved segment of the population! (Your studying has paid off already! Gods bless that weirdo and the books in his store, even if he does live out in the woods like that!)

After all, outside the village walls, your clientele (you love these fancy words so much; they're just so exotic!) can include almost anybody! You were careful not to place it too far from the village, and away from the Forest, so even the villagers won't balk too much at coming to you!

A perfect, brilliant plan!

Not a single flaw!


...Some time later, you're forced to admit, there miiiight have been one flaw.
Just one.

What the Outsiders would refer to as 'Advertising'. You, ah, haven't really done any. ...In fact, you might have neglected to inform anyone that you're here at all.
...Not that it's your fault, of course. You were just... so preoccupied with the actual, uh, Grand Opening, and all, you got distracted.

...Okay, so, an ad campaign is definitely called for. You tap a pencil idly on the countertop as you stare at a blank piece of paper, willing yourself to create a foolproof ad campaign.

After a moment, you scribble down 'Lakeside Spa'. That's a good start, yeah. People love lakes. It's a thing. Another moment passes. 'Lake-Adjacent' just doesn't have a good ring to it. You scribble it out. 'Garden View!' ...Yeah, if you squint, on a clear day you can just about make out the flowerbeds of that mansion across the lake. Not technically dishonest. ...Well, as long as you're in a room with windows.

...This is hard, damnit.

You're so focused on your work, you just about die when the little bell over the door jingles. The woman who just startled you simply watches as you climb back up into view from behind the counter, with a slight, undeniable smirk.

....You don't mind it, from her. Maid uniforms, after all, mean much can be forgiven.
...And that superior expression she's got is kind of...

You clear your head, pasting a smile on your face as you meet her eyes unflinchingly.

"Hi, there!" You declare, confidently, "and welcome to this fine establishment, miss. What can I do for you today?" She raises an eyebrow at your unfailingly cheerful attitude. This is hardly the worst you've embarrassed yourself in front of an undeniably beautiful woman, though. It will take far more than that to shame you! ....Though it's really not something to be proud of, you suppose.

"...I don't recall this...place...being here, last week." She says, at last, in a gentle, urbane voice.

"Of course you don't, miss!" You declare, proudly. "Grand Opening! First day in business!" You puff out your chest proudly.

"...I see." She examines you, for a long moment. ...And then she starts to look around, ignoring you completely. Not a whole lot to see in the reception area, though. Potted plant, cheap - yet classy - painting, a few comfortable, refined-looking chairs you had to throw together yourself, because damn is furniture expensive...

"...So," You try again. "What can I do for you today?" She looks back to you once again.

"...I'm not entirely sure." She eventually admits, "But unless I'm mistaken, you'll be doing it for free." There's a pause. "...I am your first customer, after all, aren't I?" ...Suddenly she seems slightly less sure of herself.

Well, she is, of course, but how did she know? ...Maybe she just guessed? Perhaps it's because the sign's still out there? Well, it's the only Grand Opening sign you've got, so it's not like you'd have taken it down anyway, but...

"Certainly." You give her a bit of a bow from behind the counter, "And my thanks for gracing us with your patronage." Laying it on thick, perhaps, but hey. Customer service, right? "Here." You slide a brochure across the table. "You're receiving our top-of-the-line package, which includes your choice of treatments. Two from the first section, one each from the next three, and everything on the back is included as well. Gratuity and refreshments are included, so please, relax and enjoy yourself during your time with us." There's a flicker, and as soon as she's taken the brochure she returns it, her selections clearly circled...when'd she take your pencil...?

You take a moment to review her choices. "Very good, Miss Izayoi." She's written her name across the bottom - her handwriting is incredible. ...And it's entirely possible these circles are geometrically perfect. "Right this way."


You look up from your work as she enters the room. "Ah, welcome." You set the last of the stones into place, and straighten, ignoring the puzzled expression on her face as she glances over her shoulder with the ease of long practice. "Your first selection is unclothed, so I'll step out and give you a bit of privacy while you change. This basket is for your clothes, and there's a towel for you here." You indicate the fluffy cloth in question. "If there's anything at all you desire, or if you have any questions at all, please, simply let me know at any time." You give her a short bow, "I'll give you a little privacy, and return with the refreshments to begin your treatment. Once you've changed, please, simply lay face-down on the bed." You close the door behind you as you leave the room.

Oh man, oh man, this is really happening! Your first customer! All you have to do now is not totally blow it, and just let your hard work and studying prove its worth!

...And, of course, provide her with refreshments. It's a bit early for anything alcoholic, but a nice fruit drink would do nicely.

[ ] Berries
[ ] Citrus
[ ] Grape
[X] Grape

Aw yeah, time for some motherfucking grape.
[x] Grape

This seems interesting
[X] Berries

A (supposedly) lakeside spa, hmm? Somehow, that doesn't seem like a profitable venture.
[x] Grape

Fetch that lady some grape drink.
[X] Grape
[x] Grape

Naked Sakuya and a glass of grape juice. Perfecf.
[x] Tentacle Grape
Better not be givin her grape drink. No nutrients in that shit, break out the grape juice.
[x] Grape her in the mouth
[X]Bomber Grape

Awww yeah, Sakuya gonna []Grape and Sip.

Then she gonna leeeeeean
[X] Grape
Votes called.

Please wait warmly, writing now.
[x] Grape the maids

This is officially a "high" thread.
Does this mean you'll be updating your Touhoumon stories soon?
Are we not giving Sakuya her Purple Drank?
where are the grapes eggman you said there would be grapes
So uh about that drink?
So uh about that drink?
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