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44411 2010/12/08(Wed)01:21 No. 44411
Might as well deal with Remilia. But first….

You float down to the gate. “Hello, Meiling.”

The gate-guard looks up, stands, and salutes. “Good afternoon, sir!”

You blink, a bit taken aback. “No need to be so formal. Call me Wallace.”

She shakes her head. “I’ll have none of that, sir. You deserve my respect and discipline, and that’s what I’ll give.”

Someone who sleeps on the job really shouldn’t talk about ‘discipline’, but you decide to keep your mouth shut. “Alright. So, what’s been up?”

“Not much. Cirno came by, trying to pawn off her frozen frogs as a miracle cure, but I sent her on her way.”

Cirno? “Who’s Cirno?”

She plops a fist into her palm. “That’s right, you don’t know. Cirno is an ice fairy that lives at the lake. She’s not that bright— then again, she’s a fairy, so that’s expected— but she means well, I guess.”

“Sounds like a handful.”

“She can be.”

You smile. “Well, I’ll let you get back to work. I have to deal with an angry Remilia.”

Meiling winces. “Ouch. Good luck with that.”

“Thanks.” You start to move off.

“Ah, wait!”

You turn around. “Yeah?”

The redhead bows to you. “Thank you very much!”

“…What for?”

“For calling me by my name!”

….Huh? “Isn’t that just common courtesy?”

She sighs. “You’d think so, but everyone except you, Miss Alice, and Miss Flandre calls me ‘China’. No one can remember my name.”

“That sounds pretty rough.” You think for a moment. “Tell you what— I’ll talk to everyone else about it.”

“Would you? That’d be great!”

Wow, she looks so hopeful, it’s almost sad. “Think nothing of it. Now, if you’d excuse me….”

“Ah, right! Remilia! Good luck, sir!”

Smiling, you head back into the house. Time to face the beast.

You’re standing at the door to your sister’s room. Taking a deep breath, you knock.

“Yes? Who is it?”

“…It’s me. We need to talk.”

Silence. For a moment, you wonder if you’re being ignored. Then, she answers.

“Come in.”

You open the door. Remilia is sitting at a table, sipping tea. “Sit down, Wallachia.”

You do so.

“So, what do you want to talk about?”

“I’m not trying to usurp you as head of the household.”

Her eyebrows rise in mock surprise. “Really?”

“… Don’t give me sass, young lady. I’m being serious.”

Narrowed eyes. “I wonder about that. You’ve disrupted my immaculate system. Why should I believe what you’re saying?”

Still snarky? You can play that game. “If you’re talking about not telling Patchouli about Flan and our parents, then that was going to blow up in your face anyways. I told you this earlier, remember? She mostly figured it out on her own. And she’s a dear, but I don’t suspect she has that much tact, and she might have gone to Flan to get more information. Can you imagine how that would have ended?”

“Yes, but…”

“Bad, right? I just saved you a whole lot of trouble, Remilia. And this is how you thank me?”

She puts down her teacup and looks you straight in the eye. “I’m not going to thank you, brother. You told someone a secret that’s very painful to think about. I understand that you might have prevented a situation, but I won’t thank you for telling Patchouli.”

“I can live with that.”

“Good. Now, back to your opening statement. You say that you aren’t trying to become the head of the household?”

You nod. “That’s right.”

She’s silent for a bit. “Why not?”

“Because you’re much better at it than I am. You always have been. And you know me— with a library that size, I wouldn’t get much of anything done.”

She chuckles. “Books do distract you, don’t they?” She looks more at ease, as though a weight has been lifted off her shoulders. “Well, if you’re not going to be in charge, that just leaves me, doesn’t it?”

“There’s always Flan.”

Neither of you speak for a moment, and then you both burst out laughing.

A short time later, you close the door behind you. That was enjoyable. Now, what to do….

[x] Check on Flandre.
[x] Head to the library.
[x] Talk to Sakuya.

>> 2010/12/08(Wed)01:26 No. 44412
[X] Check on Flandre.

Give the kid a hug. Even if she hasn't taken part in any of the discussions today (and despite being the subject of several of them), she still needs one.
>> 2010/12/08(Wed)01:31 No. 44413
[X] Check on Flandre.

Talked to one sister, might as well talk to the rest of the family.
>> 2010/12/08(Wed)01:40 No. 44414
>The redhead bows to you. “Thank you very much!”
>“…What for?”
>“For calling me by my name!”

[x] Check on Flandre.
Now that becoming the head of the household is ruled out we should concentrate on Flandre and make up for the lost time. Play with her, take her outside and just be there for her.
>> 2010/12/08(Wed)02:18 No. 44415
[x] Check on Flandre.
Thankfully, as a vampire, he can survive getting crushed by her power, if worst comes to worst.
>> 2010/12/08(Wed)02:43 No. 44416
While I agree, it's somewhat moot as part of the whole point of his interaction/discussions about Flandre before is that she's better now, and doesn't do that anymore (or at least as much). Otherwise there wouldn't have been the whole thing about letting her go out wouldn't have happened.
>> 2010/12/08(Wed)09:12 No. 44417
[X] Check on Flandre.

She isn't crazy, she just doesn't understand how powerful she truly is.

A happy Flandre means a happy {Insert name here}
>> 2010/12/08(Wed)09:49 No. 44418
[x] Check on Flandre.
>> 2010/12/08(Wed)10:57 No. 44419
[X] Check on Flandre.

On the flipside, an unhappy flandre will probably make everyone elses day a lot worse.
>> 2010/12/08(Wed)12:21 No. 44420
[x] Check on Flandre.

Worse meaning in this case "destroying the mansion".
>> 2010/12/08(Wed)12:29 No. 44421
[x] Head to the library.

Is anyone else getting tired of choosing between which Touhou to talk to? Perhaps I am alone in this feeling, but it feels as if we have simply been choosing to speak to Touhou's in sequence for far to long.
>> 2010/12/08(Wed)16:27 No. 44424
[X] Check on Flandre.

Time to be a true brrrrrrrrrrother.
>> 2010/12/08(Wed)18:02 No. 44425
Yeah, sorry about that.
>> 2010/12/08(Wed)21:45 No. 44426
[x] Check on Flandre.
Wow. Landslide.
>> 2010/12/09(Thu)20:53 No. 44427
[x] Head to the library.

This patchy route...I will not see it being destroyed!
>> 2010/12/09(Thu)21:27 No. 44428

Flandre isn't even an open route. I think I've had to correct people four times now about this story. Did you guys even read the previous threads?

>> 2010/12/09(Thu)21:52 No. 44429

We're just concerned for our sister. We can pick a few sister options can't we? Patchy route is go again after we're done here.
>> 2010/12/09(Thu)23:06 No. 44430

You missed my point. Checking on our family is good, people worrying about a route that does not exist is not.
>> 2010/12/10(Fri)04:06 No. 44432
[x] Check on Flandre.
>> 2010/12/10(Fri)14:39 No. 44433
Huh? Was somebody actually being serious about sister route? I doubt hope not...
>> 2010/12/11(Sat)05:33 No. 44436
[x] Check on Flandre.

I'd think Patchy'd find it weird that we came to her as opposed to our flesh and blood first.
>> 2010/12/11(Sat)06:28 No. 44437
Indeed. Trying to be a good brother for your sisters after such a long time is fine enough.
>> 2010/12/11(Sat)17:04 No. 44438
I might add that Patchy isn't really waiting for us or anything.
>> 2010/12/13(Mon)17:24 No. 44453
I would like to vote for Patchouli, but I think Wallace needs to be a good brother before being a lover.
So, sadly, I didn't voted for the Patch route.
>> 2010/12/14(Tue)20:39 No. 44454
Finals are over! I'll start writing in a day or two.
>> 2010/12/15(Wed)06:10 No. 44455

>> 2010/12/16(Thu)01:23 No. 44456
I have not enjoyed a story this much sense HY was still writing
>> 2010/12/16(Thu)03:57 No. 44457
You must somehow have missed all the other good stories then.
>> 2010/12/16(Thu)05:04 No. 44458
There are a lot of good and interesting stories on these boards. Hell, I'm reading 20+ stories that are updated every so often as of now. Not even counting all the finished ones too. I could list them I'f you would want them but ya.

Anyways, theres no point to vote since Systems writing now and all, but I'll say this much though, and that's that your interpretation of how Flandre got here wings is actually my favorite of all.
>> 2010/12/16(Thu)12:03 No. 44459

I know that there are dozens of other great stories on this board, but for some reason i just cant get into them the way i did with HY's work. That is until i started reading this one yesterday (have not checked the board in a LONG time).

Not bashing on any other writer, its just personal preference and something about this work just fits with me.
>> 2010/12/17(Fri)02:12 No. 44460
Thank you!
>> 2010/12/17(Fri)04:22 No. 44462
You are welcome System.
I also have a question pertaining to the story; and that's if it will be more of a action/adventure combat story later on, or if it will retain its slice-of-life esque character interaction and mood. But if there are spoilers in the answer and/or you want it to be kept a secret, just disregard this question.
>> 2010/12/17(Fri)05:23 No. 44464
There will be a few action scenes, but mostly this is slice of life.
>> 2010/12/17(Fri)18:08 No. 44467
Flandre’s probably still asleep, but you might as well check on her. You move towards the basement.

You crack open the door and slip inside. Sure enough, she’s still sleeping. You move to the bed. She’s like a little angel, ironic as that may be.

“… I’m sorry,” you whisper. She moves a bit. “I told Patchouli the secret. It may just be me making excuses, but I did it for you. She won’t bother you about it now.”

You pause. “Grow, Flan. Keep growing. I hope to see the day when you grow into a fine young woman. Maybe then we can all accept what happened that day, and put it behind us.”

She frowns in her sleep, but doesn’t awaken. You chuckle.

“Don’t want to? That’s fine, I can wait. Neither of us are going anywhere for a while.” You brush aside her bangs and kiss her forehead. “Sweet dreams, little sister.”


You freeze.

“Don’t stop dancing….”

…What kind of dream is she having? Smiling to yourself, you move out of the room.

At the top of the stairs, you bump into Sakuya. “Checking on Flandre?”

“Yes. Oh, and thank you. I went to Kourindou, and found a good watch.”

“Really? May… may I see it?”

That sounds reasonable. You hold out your wrist. “Here it is.”

Her eyes light up as she touches the watch. “It’s… marvelous….”

A minute later, her expression hasn’t changed, and she hasn’t let go of the device.

“Uh, Sakuya? You can let go now….”

She blinks and pulls back her hands. “S-sorry,” She’s blushing slightly from embarrassment. It’s a look that looks rather out of place on her.

An awkward silence reigns for a minute. Finally, you think of something to say.

“Oh, there’s something I wanted to talk to you about.”

In an instant, the blush is gone, replaced by the face of a professional. “Yes?”

“It’s about Meiling.”

She frowns. “What about her? Is she sleeping on the job again?”

“No. I just talked to her. She’s tired of everyone forgetting her name and calling her ‘China’. Do you think you could call her by… name…?”

You trail off. Sakuya is very pointedly not looking at you. She looks like a small child who’s been caught doing something bad. But what could she…. Suddenly, it clicks into place.

“You all know! You all know her name, but you still call her ‘China’! Why would you do something like that?!”

The maid takes a deep breath and looks you straight in the eyes. “Frankly, because it’s funny.”

That… that’s….

[x] Get her and anyone else in on it to apologize.

[x] Yeesh, women. Just head to the library.
>> 2010/12/17(Fri)19:14 No. 44468
[x] Get her and anyone else in on it to apologize.

I doubt Sakuya would really like it much if everyone made pad and/or flat chest jokes, even if they're funny.
>> 2010/12/17(Fri)19:59 No. 44469
[x] Yeesh, women. Just head to the library.
-[X] Remember to mention this to Meiling later.

This should eventually introduce Wally to Sakuya's vulnerability to pad jokes, which he'll hopefully take advantage of.
>> 2010/12/17(Fri)20:23 No. 44470
I wasn't really planning on putting the pad joke in the story...
>> 2010/12/17(Fri)20:32 No. 44471
[x] Yeesh, women. Just head to the library.
-[X] Remember to mention this to Meiling later.

I have a feeling noone will actually apologize for it so we might as well drop it till later.
>> 2010/12/17(Fri)20:52 No. 44473
[x] Yeesh, women. Just head to the library.
-[X] Remember to mention this to Meiling later.
>> 2010/12/17(Fri)21:06 No. 44474
[x] Yeesh, women. Just head to the library.
-[X] Remember to mention this to Meiling later.
>> 2010/12/17(Fri)21:27 No. 44475
[x] Yeesh, women. Just head to the library.
-[X] Remember to mention this to Meiling later.
>> 2010/12/17(Fri)21:56 No. 44476
[x] Yeesh, women. Just head to the library.
-[X] Remember to mention this to Meiling later.

Sooooo...Sakuya has a fetish for timepieces?
>> 2010/12/17(Fri)22:07 No. 44477
[X] Yeesh, women. Just head to the library.
-[X] Remember to mention this to Meiling later.

Sakuya, you little troll, you.
>> 2010/12/17(Fri)22:26 No. 44478
And knives!
>> 2010/12/17(Fri)22:47 No. 44479
[x] Get her and anyone else in on it to apologize.
>> 2010/12/17(Fri)23:08 No. 44480
[x] Yeesh, women. Just head to the library.
>> 2010/12/18(Sat)01:48 No. 44481
[x] Yeesh, women. Just head to the library.

You've entered a land of moral & ethical plasticity, Wally. Learn to pick your battles.
>> 2010/12/18(Sat)05:13 No. 44482
[X] Get her and anyone else in on it to apologize.

It's not funny when you're on the receiving end.
>> 2010/12/18(Sat)05:27 No. 44483
[x] Make the best "Man, what the hell is WRONG with you?" sort of face you can.
[x] Make all involved apologize.

>> 2010/12/18(Sat)05:55 No. 44484
[X] Make the best "Man, what the hell is WRONG with you?" sort of face you can.
[X] Make all involved apologize.
>> 2010/12/18(Sat)09:10 No. 44485
[X] Get her and anyone else in on it to apologize.
>> 2010/12/18(Sat)17:37 No. 44487
[x] Yeesh, women. Just head to the library.
>> 2010/12/18(Sat)20:27 No. 44488
[x] Get her and anyone else in on it to apologize.
>> 2010/12/18(Sat)22:00 No. 44489
[┼] Make the best "Man, what the hell is WRONG with you?" sort of face you can.
[┼] Make all involved apologize.
>> 2010/12/19(Sun)04:18 No. 44491
He's not a typical Gensokyo person, doesn't go about picking unwanted fights, is reasonable, etc. I think that's the part that sticks most about Reimu and Keine: how reasonable he was compared to his sisters.
>> 2010/12/19(Sun)09:38 No. 44493
[X] Get her and anyone else in on it to apologize.

>"Man, what the HELL is wrong with you?!"
>> 2010/12/20(Mon)09:40 No. 44494
[x] Yeesh, women. Just head to the library.
>> 2010/12/22(Wed)16:56 No. 44498
[x] Make the best "Man, what the hell is WRONG with you?" sort of face you can.
>> 2010/12/22(Wed)18:32 No. 44499
Votes called. Writing begins after christmas.
>> 2010/12/23(Thu)02:15 No. 44501

>> 2010/12/23(Thu)18:16 No. 44503
Can someone remind me what Patchy's elemental specialties are? The Touhou wiki says it's fire, water, wind, earth, metal, sun, and moon; but I thought it was the Chinese elements, which replace wind with wood. I'm pretty confused.
>> 2010/12/23(Thu)18:20 No. 44504
That sounds about right. She uses wood sign spellcards in EoSD.
>> 2010/12/23(Thu)18:22 No. 44505
Patchouli definitely uses Wood, not Wind; you can pretty much tell by the names of her spellcards. Though, to be fair, Wind and Wood aren't too different from each other, symbolizing nature and life.

But yes, she uses Wood.
>> 2010/12/23(Thu)18:25 No. 44506
Whew, thanks. That gives me a bit more confidence.
>> 2010/12/24(Fri)23:28 No. 44509
Women. You’ll never understand them. “… I don’t care right now. I’m going to head to the library— but the next time I see Meiling, I’m going to tell her what’s been going on.”

Sakuya sighs. “No… no, I’ll tell her myself. It wasn’t very mature of us to do that to her, anyways.”

You smile at her. “Good, that’s the right thing to do. Who else was in on it?”

“Quite a few people. I’ll tell them to stop.”

“Excellent. I’m proud of you, Sakuya.”

She gives you a flat look. “I’m at least two hundred years your elder, you know. You shouldn’t patronize me like that.”

“Well as long as you continue to act like a schoolchild…”

“… Touché. Well, I’ll go tell her now.” She bows to you, and vanishes.

Well, off to the library. There are some things you need to ask Patchouli about— what her role was in the ‘China’ prank… and something you’ve been wondering about for a while now.

The librarian is in her chair, reading. You call out to her. “Excuse me, Patchouli. Do you have a moment? I have some questions for you.”

“… Ask away.” She isn’t looking up, though.

Can’t be helped. “What do you call Meiling?”

She’s silent for a moment, then puts her book down. She looks slightly confused. “Meiling? I call her ‘Meiling’, of course. Why?”

You sigh. “I’ve just become aware of a Gensokyo-wide prank which involves calling her ‘China’.”

“Oh… that. It seemed rather childish. And even if I chose to participate, I don’t see her that often.”

“I see. That’s good.”

She starts to pick up her book. “What else did you want to ask me?”

You smile to yourself. Play this right, and you may become closer to her. “Have you ever considered trying the field of alchemy?”

“…. A few times. But I lack the expertise in wind magic, so I don’t think I would get that far.”

“For what I’m thinking about, you won’t even need wind. I’m talking about alchemy with the five eastern elements.”

“Seven, actually,” She’s looking at you with rapt attention. “I use ‘sun’ and ‘moon’ as well.”

Interesting. “That just opens up more possibilities. Alchemy is simply a matter of elemental balance, and my guess is that it doesn’t really matter which elements you use. Seven different elements might make it more challenging… but I believe it’s well within your capabilities.”

“…When should we start?”

[x] "Right now."
[x] "Actually, let me do a bit of research first."

Did I say, "after Christmas"? Obviously I can't be trusted.
>> 2010/12/25(Sat)00:10 No. 44510
[x] "Right now."
Go for the catch!
>> 2010/12/25(Sat)01:20 No. 44511
[x] "Right now."
Seat of pants thing
>> 2010/12/25(Sat)02:07 No. 44512
[x] "Right now."
>> 2010/12/25(Sat)02:48 No. 44513
[x] "Right now."

Crash course
>> 2010/12/25(Sat)05:07 No. 44514
[┼] "Right now."
>> 2010/12/25(Sat)06:17 No. 44515
[x] "Right now."
>> 2010/12/25(Sat)06:47 No. 44516
[X] "Right now."

Lets do what Ivan does: dive right in without thinking about the consequences, and blow something up, most likely us.

>> 2010/12/25(Sat)07:34 No. 44518
[X] "Right now."
>> 2010/12/25(Sat)07:35 No. 44519

On the upside, Wally is much more durable/resilient than Ivan.
>> 2010/12/25(Sat)09:20 No. 44520
Wally's also more rational and less likely to try something that doesn't work more than once.

[x] "Actually, let me do a bit of research first."

Honestly I think a bit of a refresher wouldn't hurt.
>> 2010/12/25(Sat)10:06 No. 44521
[x] "Right now."
>Did I say, "after Christmas"? Obviously I can't be trusted.
Nothing's worse than an unreliable writefag. You should be ashamed of yourself for generating so much liejuice. You're the worst writefag ever, how dare you update out of schedule.
>> 2010/12/25(Sat)16:13 No. 44523
[x] "Right now."

Hopefully Wally has an idea of what to do.
>> 2010/12/25(Sat)22:29 No. 44524
[x] "Actually, let me do a bit of research first."

I thought Wally was a bookish type?
>> 2010/12/27(Mon)03:18 No. 44537
[x] "Actually, let me do a bit of research first."

Why are we bringing up alchemy, again? I must have missed something.
>> 2010/12/30(Thu)05:02 No. 44553
My break is almost over, so I'll start writing in a few days.
>> 2011/01/02(Sun)00:30 No. 44560
Happy New Years, guys!
>> 2011/01/02(Sun)03:17 No. 44561
Likewise. Happy new year to you too, writefag!
>> 2011/01/05(Wed)00:51 No. 44579
Writing begins tomorrow or the day after.
>> 2011/01/05(Wed)07:58 No. 44583
That is very good news. I've just picked up this story, and I find it delightfully charming. You have a way with the various characters that makes each of them feel unique and interesting, with plenty of grounding in ZUN's work to make it feel more genuine. Keep it up, I'm enjoying this.
>> 2011/01/06(Thu)05:42 No. 44584

>> 2011/01/09(Sun)14:11 No. 44590
>Writing begins tomorrow or the day after.
Or maybe the day after the day after the day after tomorrow?
>> 2011/01/09(Sun)17:52 No. 44592
Writing has probably begun. It kind of takes awhile to write stuff though.
>> 2011/01/09(Sun)18:17 No. 44594
Hey, thanks for pointing that out Captain!
And I thought that you could write, like, 400 words/min! Clearly not enough for an update?
Saged because it's not a bump, just a shenanigan.
>> 2011/01/09(Sun)20:40 No. 44596
“How about now? I’ll give you a lecture on the basics, and we can go from there.”

“Let’s do it.” Her eyes are much livelier.

“Alright,” you nod. “Let’s start with the most basic necessity; the alchemical circle.”

“You mean like this one?” With a few muttered words, Patchouli begins to trace out a circle in the air, motes of light following her finger. Within a minute, an elaborate alchemical circle is floating in the space between the two of you. Impressive, but….

“Well, I hate to break this to you, but this is mostly worthless to us. The circles we use are much different. This might, at the worse, cause an explosion.” You frown. “Actually, I could swear that I’ve seen this circle before. Where did you get it from?”

“A manga.”

Wait, she means… “…. Putting aside the question I want to ask, which is ‘how do you get manga here?’, I might as well clear the air; only some of what that manga says about alchemy is true. We do use circles— although they’re more of a guide than anything else—, we can’t create something from nothing, and human transmutation is considered taboo. But the rest is mostly made up. Alchemists can’t simply clap their hands and do alchemy.”

“I see….” She looks slightly embarrassed.

“Well, whatever. Let’s get this going.”

The next while is spent lecturing about the use of circles, the necessity of elemental balance, and a bunch of other things. Patchouli, as you expected, is a quick learner, and seems to grasp what you’re saying pretty smoothly. About an hour and a half later, you check your watch. It’s about six o’clock.

“Actually, I think this is a good place to take a break. I’m getting slightly hungry.”

“Very well. I’ll call Sakuya. Sakuya?” On cue, the maid appears. “Sakuya, can you… get us…. What happened to you?”

It’s hard not to notice the rather large black eye she’s sporting, or the slimy sheen it has.

Sakuya smile is slightly strained. “I told Meiling about the prank. She punched me, and then treated it,” She shudders faintly. “She was smiling the whole time, too. That’s the first time I’ve ever seen her angry. I hope it’s the last time, as well.” She shakes her head. “So what can I get for you?”

“Something to eat,” you say. “Something….”

[X] "Light." (specify)
[X] "Hearty." (specify)
>> 2011/01/09(Sun)21:05 No. 44599
[X] "Light." (hard-boiled eggs with sea salt and pepper or cayenne pepper)
Taken straight from the top 10 snacks list! Well, the 10 snacks list actually...

Angry Meiling! How lovely. I like her more already.

Please don't be so aggressive. It's not like people can constantly dish out pages of text without tiring. Granted, it's been a while since the last update but it hasn't really been...
>395 words
Oh youuu! Were you going for 400?
>> 2011/01/09(Sun)22:10 No. 44600
[X] "Hearty." (A bowl of beef stew with some buttered bread on the side)

Her reaction on getting corrected was cute. Looks like Wallce has a good amount to teach.

Angry Meiling sounds scary.
>> 2011/01/09(Sun)23:13 No. 44601
> "I told Meiling about the prank. She punched me, and then treated it," She shudders faintly. "She was smiling the whole time, too."

The ones that are smiling are usually the strong ones.
>> 2011/01/09(Sun)23:23 No. 44602
[X] "Light." (hard-boiled eggs with sea salt and pepper or cayenne pepper)

Meiling managed to beat Sakuya, even though she can stop time? Gentlemen, we have our PHANTASM boss!

But now, Wallace will be the Stage 3 boss.
>> 2011/01/10(Mon)01:39 No. 44604
[X] "Light." (hard-boiled eggs with sea salt and pepper or cayenne pepper)

Stage 3? A Scarlet cannot be seen anywhere below stage 6!
>> 2011/01/10(Mon)02:26 No. 44605
[X] "Light." (hard-boiled eggs with sea salt and pepper or cayenne pepper)
>> 2011/01/10(Mon)02:44 No. 44606
While I am an avid fan of FMA it was rather saddening that this alchemist is rather different from that type. But it is different than from the norm, and that's usually a good thing.

[X] "Light." (hard-boiled eggs with sea salt and pepper or cayenne pepper)
Piggybacking. For the Win!
>> 2011/01/10(Mon)12:10 No. 44607
[X] "Light." (hard-boiled eggs with sea salt and pepper or cayenne pepper)
>> 2011/01/11(Tue)19:01 No. 44615
[X] "Light." (Hard-boiled eggs with sea salt and pepper or cayenne pepper.)

I suddenly feel the need to make and eat these.
>> 2011/01/13(Thu)00:28 No. 44625
I'd feel more comfortable with a few more votes.
>> 2011/01/13(Thu)00:36 No. 44626
Since Wallace is a poor fighter, compared to Remilia, it should makes sense.
Don't forget how he got rid of the vampire hunter!
>"I was hidden under the bed."
>> 2011/01/13(Thu)01:14 No. 44627
[x] "Light." (Hard-boiled eggs with sea salt and pepper or cayenne pepper.)
>> 2011/01/13(Thu)04:39 No. 44628
[x] "Light." (Hard-boiled eggs with plain salt.)

Does it really matter where the salt's from? NaCl is NaCl, unless this is some kind of hippie/health food crap. If not, please enlighten.
>> 2011/01/13(Thu)05:53 No. 44629
Some salt contains iodine, some doesn't. That's only the tip of the iceberg, though (maybe).
>> 2011/01/13(Thu)06:02 No. 44630

Sea salt comes straight from seawater as opposed to rocks; it tastes different since seawater's full of minerals. It's pretty much a taste thing.
>> 2011/01/13(Thu)14:26 No. 44631
where would they even get sea salt? Gensokyou is landlocked in nearly all variations I've seen/read.
>> 2011/01/13(Thu)15:37 No. 44632
Do you REALLY think it's impossible to have sea salt in Gensokyo?
>> 2011/01/13(Thu)19:12 No. 44633

It's probably one of the rarer items that come through.
>> 2011/01/14(Fri)01:00 No. 44634
I don't; I'm sure Yukari makes it a point to have a nice stock, and to drop some off at a shop. But it wouldn't be cheap; but I doubt it'd be hard for the SDM to get their hands on some.
>> 2011/01/14(Fri)01:01 No. 44635
I don't; I'm sure Yukari makes it a point to have a nice stock, and to drop some off at a shop. But it wouldn't be cheap; but I doubt it'd be hard for the SDM to get their hands on some.
>> 2011/01/14(Fri)19:01 No. 44638
I guess I'll start writing in a day or two.
>> 2011/01/15(Sat)05:36 No. 44644
Also Patchy might be able to make it. Elementalism is good at that sort of thing.
>> 2011/01/15(Sat)15:45 No. 44645

>> 2011/01/17(Mon)20:31 No. 44650
Ugh, no inspiration. Sorry, this one may take a while.
>> 2011/01/21(Fri)12:43 No. 44660
Define 'a while' please.

And have no fear, I would rather have a good and beefy update instead of some horrible little text message. Take your time.
>> 2011/01/21(Fri)19:15 No. 44661
I've finally gotten some time to write tomorrow.
>> 2011/01/21(Fri)19:38 No. 44662
>> 2011/01/28(Fri)19:30 No. 44729
Sorry it's taking so long. Writer's block is a bitch.
>> 2011/01/31(Mon)20:27 No. 44733
“…. Light. Maybe some hard-boiled eggs and sea salt,” you say, glancing at Patchouli out of the corner of your eyes. She nods.

“Very well. How soon do you want them?”

“Take as long as you need. I’m not drastically hungry.”

The maid smiles, bows, and vanishes. You turn back to your student. “Alright, while we wait, can you-“

Sakuya reappears, holding a tray. “I’m done.”

Wait, what? “But that was only— oh, right, time control. I don’t know if I’ll ever get used to that.”

The maid’s eyes are glinting with amusement. “Give it ‘time’.” With another bow, she’s gone.

Sighing internally, you redirect your attention back to Patchouli. “While we eat, summarize what you’ve learned so far, in your own words.”

About two hours later, the lesson has partially concluded. You’ve assigned Patchouli some books to read, while you (after a quick trip to your room) have gotten out your laptop and are accessing your notes on alchemy. As you look over your research, a thought occurs to you: you’re going to need to start you new student on a project. Something simple, of course. But you’ll need materials. A junkyard would be great place to find raw materials, but it’s highly doubtful there’s such a place in Gensokyo. But you never know. You’ve only seen a sliver of what this land of mysteries has to offer. And you know just who to ask.


You blink, and the maid is standing before you. ”Yes?”

“Tell me, is there anything like a junkyard in Gensokyo? A place where I can find scrap metal and the like?”

She’s silent for a moment. “I can think of two places. The first is Muenzuka, where outsiders are buried. Occasionally, strange items appear there. Mr. Morichika acquires most of his merchandise there.”

Sounds grim. “And the second?”

“…Well I’m not quite sure that the second place even exists. But logically, there’s a high chance that the kappa have a place where their failed projects are scrapped.”

That sounds better. “That might be just what I need.”

Sakuya smiles slightly. “Remember though, it may not exist.”

“Well, it’s still worth a shot. Thank you.”

“So, will you be going? I’ll give you directions, if you’d like.”

You nod. “Yes. I’ll be going to….”

[x] "Muenzuka."
[x] "The kappa village."

For those of you wondering why Wallace has a laptop, I mentioned it in the first post of the story.
>> 2011/01/31(Mon)21:46 No. 44734
[X] "The kappa village."

>For those of you wondering why Wallace has a laptop,
Nah, I was wondering if SDM was hooked into the powergrid so he could keep it charged.
>> 2011/01/31(Mon)22:24 No. 44735
[x] "Muenzuka."

The kappa aren't wasteful, and would probably be disinclined to allow some vampire they've never seen before go poking through their scrap heaps.
>> 2011/01/31(Mon)22:45 No. 44736
It's been enchanted to hold a longer battery life, but he has no way of recharging it yet. Hindsight is 20/20, after all.

It is fully charged, though.
>> 2011/02/01(Tue)00:27 No. 44737
[x] "Muenzuka."
>> 2011/02/01(Tue)00:33 No. 44738
[x] "The kappa village."
>> 2011/02/01(Tue)00:57 No. 44739
[x] "The kappa village."
>> 2011/02/01(Tue)01:29 No. 44740
[x] "Muenzuka."

Maybe we'll find a way to recharge shit.
>> 2011/02/01(Tue)03:43 No. 44741
[x] "Muenzuka."
>> 2011/02/01(Tue)04:29 No. 44742
[X] "The kappa village."

Give the kappa ten minutes with that laptop and he'll have them wrapped around his fingers.
>> 2011/02/01(Tue)04:52 No. 44743
Not sure that's a good idea as a Kappa's ability with a computer is unknown, though most other machinery they're good with.

[X] "The kappa village."

I wish Patchy could go with, but I'm sure something of hers would act up.

Also I think the Kappa would be glad to get rid of their scrap.
>> 2011/02/01(Tue)05:44 No. 44744
[X] "The kappa village."

Even if the Kappa aren't wasteful, some outsider knowledge and technology would be great for bartering with them.
>> 2011/02/01(Tue)09:00 No. 44746
[X] "The kappa village."

Sounds better than a graveyard! And it's not like we are in a hurry right?
>> 2011/02/01(Tue)15:32 No. 44747
[x] "Muenzuka."

Asking the kappas would probably lead to an invasion, and our computer stolen.
Either Marisa's doing, either Nitori's.
>> 2011/02/01(Tue)15:50 No. 44748
Nitori's too shy to ever do such a thing and Marisa? I think she'll be thinking twice about doing a raid from now on.
>> 2011/02/02(Wed)04:35 No. 44749
[X] "The kappa village."
>> 2011/02/02(Wed)09:33 No. 44750
[x] "Muenzuka."
>> 2011/02/02(Wed)17:17 No. 44751
[X] "The kappa village."
>> 2011/02/07(Mon)19:33 No. 44763
I've started writing.
>> 2011/02/08(Tue)00:27 No. 44764
>> 2011/02/10(Thu)21:29 No. 44783
Quick question: is it ever said where the kappa village is in relation to the mountain/river/waterfall? If so, where is it?
>> 2011/02/11(Fri)00:06 No. 44784
Only thing said in the wiki is that they live at the base of the mountain.
>> 2011/02/11(Fri)00:07 No. 44785
I don't think a kappa village is ever even mentioned in canon.
>> 2011/02/11(Fri)20:37 No. 44787
It has never been stated in canon.

You can assume they live close to a river though, since they are kappa.
>> 2011/02/11(Fri)21:32 No. 44788
Ah. Well, there's going to be a village in this story.

Speaking of which, the update is coming along nicely.
>> 2011/02/12(Sat)15:29 No. 44796
>Speaking of which, the update is coming along nicely.

>> 2011/02/12(Sat)20:15 No. 44797
“…The kappa village. If that’s a bust, then I’ll head to Muenzuka.”

Sakuya nods, producing a notepad and pencil from… somewhere. “Very well. You’ll want to head towards the mountain,” She starts writing. “The village is by the river there. Oh, and you might want to have your wings out when you reach them.”

“Why’s that?” you ask.

“They’re pretty skittish around humans. Not out of any dislike— it’s something about protecting them. Anyways, if they can tell you’re a youkai, they’ll probably be more willing to talk to you.”

That makes sense. “Alright, I’ll keep that in mind.”

“Ah, also watch out for the tengu. They’re in charge of the mountain, and they don’t take too kindly to strangers. So maybe you shouldn’t fly too high up— they patrol the skies around the mountain.”

“I’ll keep that in mind.”

“Well then, good luck.” And then she vanishes.

You tell Patchouli that you’ll be heading out to gain supplies, and that she should keep reading. She says she will, and with that, you’re off.

The mountain is easy to spot, and so is the river alongside it. Remembering Sakuya’s warning about the tengu, you land by the river, and start walking. It’s a nice night out, and the air is clean. And the stars… you haven’t seen this many stars in decades.

It is because you are so entranced by the beauty of the night that you miss the laser.


You are knocked clean off your feet, and into a nearby tree. If you were a human, you’d be in a broken heap. As it is, you’re pretty rattled.

“Yes! The Stun Beam was a success!” Exclaims a voice from nearby. Through the haze of pain, you see a short, blue-haired man holding a contraption of bamboo and metal. He’s doing a little jig.

“What… the hell?” you mutter.

He stops dancing and sees you. “Ack, a human?”

You get up. It feels like you were run over. “No,” you say with a bit of heat. “I’m not. And you’re very lucky I’m not because if I was, I might be dead. What were you thinking, firing that at me?”

“I… uh…. didn’t think it would hit so hard. And I kind of thought you were a bear… my eyesight isn’t what it used to be… sorry.” He looks pretty repentant. Your anger deflates a bit.

“Well, just make sure you look at your surroundings before firing something like that next time.”

“I will. Hey, you don’t look that good.”

You don’t feel that good. “I’m not. And my shirt is ruined, too…”

“Hey, I have an idea! Come with me! I’ll get you some first aid, and a new shirt!”

That couldn’t hurt. “Thank you, mister…?”

“Ah, it’s Kaito. Kaito Kawashiro, of the kappa.”

“Well, I wish we could have met under better circumstances. I’m Wallachia Scarlet. But call me Wallace.”

Kaito frowns. “Scarlet… Scarlet… I could swear that I’ve heard that name before….”

“You’ve probably heard of my sisters.”

He snaps his fingers. “Ah, right, the vampires!” He deflates a bit. “The vampires… uhhh….” He’s looking rather intimidated. “Crap.”

What kind of image has Remilia been cultivating? “Don’t worry, you won’t get in trouble. But besides that, you said you’re a kappa? I was hoping to find your village— I want to do some business.”

“Alright!” His earlier cheer is back. “But let’s talk about it back at my place. Come on, follow me! Oh, and if you’re a vampire, you should bring out your wings— I’d never hear the end of it if they thought I’d brought a human into the village.”

With a thought, your wings appear. “Is that better?”

“Yeah. Now, let’s go!”

The kappa village is situated on both sides of the river. Most of the houses are built directly on the banks, with a few buildings close by. There’s also a bridge, which Kaito leads you across as he heads for a nice looking place on the other bank. He opens the door, and beckons you in.

“I’m home! And I brought a patient for you, Sao!”

“Just a minute!” Calls out a voice from another room.

Kaito turns to you. “That’d be Saori, my wife. She’s the best doctor in the village! I also have a daughter, Nitori, but she’s in her workshop right now.”

In comes a petit woman with green hair and a bag. “You said you had a patient?”

“Yup. This is Wallace. I mistook him for a bear and shot him with the Stun Beam. I rattled him up pretty hard.”

“’Mistook him for a bear’? Tsk, tsk. You weren’t wearing your glasses again, were you?”

Kaito rubs the back of his head. “Nitori wanted to upgrade them, so I gave them to her.”

Saori shrugs. “Ah well. Can’t be helped. Now then,” She turns to you and reaches into her bag. “How should we go about treating you?” She pulls out a fairly large syringe and grins a fairly disturbing grin.

You can’t help but gulp. “Uh… it’s really just a burn on my chest and some bruising….”

The kappa doctor frowns. “Darn. I never get to have any fun. Oh, well,” she says, putting the syringe away and taking out a small jar and some bandages. “I’ll just do this normally. Take off your shirt.” You comply, and she sets about rubbing ointment on your burn.

“Now then,” Says Kaito. “You said you wanted to do some business with us?”

How to go about this diplomatically….

[x] (write-in)

Kaito doesn't look like the kappa in the picture.
>> 2011/02/12(Sat)21:20 No. 44798
>How to go about this diplomatically….


[x] "I'd like to pick through your refuse."
>> 2011/02/12(Sat)22:32 No. 44799
[x] I'm looking for materials for a project of mine. Do you have anything you're not using anymore?
>> 2011/02/13(Sun)00:28 No. 44800
[x] I'm looking for materials for a project of mine. Do you have anything you're not using anymore?
>> 2011/02/13(Sun)01:01 No. 44801
Nitori's parents are as I'd expect. Good thing Wallace is the reasonable and sane sibling.

[x] I'm looking for materials for a project of mine. Do you have anything you're not using anymore?
>> 2011/02/13(Sun)01:31 No. 44803
[X] I'm looking for materials for a project of mine. Do you have anything you're not using anymore?

Why am I imagining Kaito looking like a balding Nitori with a mustache?
>> 2011/02/13(Sun)05:47 No. 44805
[X]"I need a collection of metals for some experimentation. I'd prefer to use any that won't be otherwise needed, and since I heard that the kappa are skilled inventors and craftsmen, I thought that you would have some from scrapped projects and such that were beyond recycling that I could use."
>> 2011/02/13(Sun)19:36 No. 44806
[x] I'm looking for materials for a project of mine. Do you have anything you're not using anymore?
>> 2011/02/13(Sun)20:28 No. 44808
>You tell Patchouli that you’ll be heading out to gain supplies, and that she should keep reading. She says she will, and with that, you’re off.
Why do I have the feeling that it's useless to ask Patchy to read something?

[x] I'm looking for materials for a project of mine. Do you have anything you're not using anymore?
>> 2011/02/13(Sun)22:52 No. 44809
It's not useless, just redundant.
>> 2011/02/13(Sun)23:48 No. 44810
The point was he asked her to continue reading the alchemy books he got out as opposed to her going and reading something else.
>> 2011/02/14(Mon)00:05 No. 44811
Now that I look back, it was pretty redundant.
>> 2011/02/19(Sat)22:05 No. 44819
Writing has commenced.
>> 2011/02/20(Sun)18:17 No. 44820

>> 2011/02/21(Mon)19:25 No. 44828
Guys, I've done fucked up. I was looking back at earlier posts, and I apparently wrote that Wallace already had a watch. Which means that I forgot completely. So either he has two watches, or I have to come up with a bullshit reason as to why had a watch earlier in the story and then had had to buy a new one. And I don't think I can come up with a good explanation.

And so I turn to all of you. How should I go about this?
>> 2011/02/21(Mon)19:38 No. 44829
The first watch wasn't working properly, or maybe it was still at Roumania's time (or wherever the Scarlet were living before), and he didn't want to change it, for some nostalgic reason.
>> 2011/02/22(Tue)00:18 No. 44830
The first watch vanished in a puff of improbability. It reappeared on the Heart of Gold and is no longer of any concern to the story. Arthur Dent, however, greatly appreciates his new watch.

The story dictates the actions and inventory of the character, SystemFailure. Something small like a watch is easily forgiven and forgotten.
>> 2011/02/22(Tue)01:51 No. 44831
Yeah if you kept quiet, we wouldn't have noticed it. Then again we're easily distracted by a lovely Patchy that gets cutely embarrassed.
>> 2011/02/22(Tue)03:31 No. 44833
Still, it would have been pretty embarrassing for a new reader to read from the beginning and notice that.

Ah, well. You're probably right, though.
>> 2011/02/22(Tue)04:55 No. 44834
Not true. I noticed, I just never said anything.
>> 2011/02/23(Wed)23:58 No. 44839
“Yes. I’m looking for materials for a project of mine. I was told the that kappa might have a junkyard of sorts where I could find raw materials.”

As you state your request, Saori’s administrations slow down. Her husband takes on a serious look (which you think looks rather out-of-place on him).

“Our scrapyard, eh? And what, exactly, is this project of yours?”

“It’s… how to explain this… do you know what alchemy is?”

Kaito shakes his head. “Not at all.”

You pause, wondering if there’s a more elegant way to put this. “In a sense, it’s basically magic science. The purpose is to take an item, reshape it, and transform it into something else. I’m tutoring… someone in the art, and I need raw materials.”

The kappa’s frown slowly turns upwards. “So you’re saying that you need our scrap to pass on knowledge?”

You nod. “I do.”

He’s smiling now. “That’s always a worthy cause. Tell you what— I’ll go talk to the elders. Our junkyard is nearly full, anyways, and this seems like a good way to clear up some space.”

“Would you? That’d be great.”

“Not a problem! I’m pretty sure the elders would agree if I told them it was to teach someone,” he laughs, then suddenly he frowns again. “Unless you’re trying reverse-engineer our technology.”

You chuckle a bit (slightly nervously). “No, I’m not. I swear on the name of Scarlet.” To be honest, even if you were trying to discover the secrets of kappa technology, you’re not sure that you even could— if they can make a functioning handheld laser with bamboo and metal, you doubt you can figure it out. Besides which, technology isn’t really your area of expertise. You keep this to yourself, though.

Kaito laughs again. “Alright! I was mostly joking about that, anyways. Well, I’ll go talk to the old men. You just sit tight and let Sao work her magic.” He waves, and then leaves.

“Don’t worry,” Saori says. “He’ll convince them. In the meantime, tell me about this student of yours. What’s she like?”

Buh? “H-how did you know she’s a girl?!” All you said was that you were tutoring ‘someone’! How was she able to figure it out?

The doctor grins impishly as starts bandaging you. “You paused when you said ‘someone’, and got this love-struck look in your eyes. It was very brief, but I have brothers. I know that look.”

“W-well… It’s just a crush… I mean, I’ve only known her for a few… days… why am I talking about this with you?”


Suddenly, a muted explosion rattles the house. Saori looks upward with a look of slight worry. “Nitori?” she calls, concern in her voice.

After a moment, a girl’s voice comes from above. “Don’t worry, Mama— EVERYTHING is under control!”

Saori frowns. “Are you sure?”

Another pause. “…Possibly?”

“You’ve been working a long time, dear. Maybe you should take a break.”

“…Yes, that might be a good idea.”

A few minutes later, a blue-haired girl covered in soot walks into the room, and collapses on a chair. “I’m pretty close to a breakthrough, I think.”

Saori shakes her head. “Nitori, maybe you should clean up.”

Nitori tilts her head. “Why?”

“First of all, you’re reaching for the cucumbers, and I don’t want them to get dirty. Second, we have a guest.”

“A guest…?” Now she notices you. “Eep!” She leaps out of her chair, stumbles a bit, and thumps up the stairs.

Her mother shakes her head, smiling. “Such a goof. So much like her father. Speaking of which…. Nitori?” She calls out again. “When you come down, would you bring one of your father’s shirts? One of his larger ones?”


After a while Nitori re-enters the room, blushing slightly. “S-sorry about that,” she says, handing a shirt to her mother. “I didn’t notice.”

“It’s fine,” Saori says. “More importantly, what were you working on?”

“Ah, it’s an upgrade to the power plant.”

“The power plant?” you ask, and then you remember the rumor Rinnosuke mentioned about the kappa harnessing the power of the sun. “Ah, solar power. That’s pretty advanced— I’m impressed.”

Nitori blinks. “Solar power? What’s that?”

Now it’s your turn to blink. “What? I thought that the kappa had harnessed the power of the sun. Ergo, solar power.”

“No, we’re using nuclear power.”

[x] "What?"
[x] "WHAT?!

For those of you wondering why one of the options is to essentially flip out, remember this: Wallace has lived (not directly) through things like Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Chernobyl, and the Three Mile Island accident. He has every reason to be alarmed by this. Also, he doesn't know the details behind Gensokyo's nuclear power.
>> 2011/02/24(Thu)00:13 No. 44840
[x] "WHAT?!"

Obligatory "oh crap" moment, followed by "flip the flippity out" or something like that.
>> 2011/02/24(Thu)00:43 No. 44841
[x] "What?"

Nuclear power plants aren't all that dangerous.
Unless they're managed by Russians.
I imagine kappa would have a better handle on such things.
>> 2011/02/24(Thu)00:45 No. 44842
[x] "WHAT?!"

It might be better for Wally to think that the nuclear power is controlled by a Kappa-made reactor than a bird with a tendency to blow up farms.

Oh well. More funny this way.
>> 2011/02/24(Thu)00:48 No. 44843
[x] "What?"

Flipping the fuck out is more something one of his sisters would do, especially Remilia.
>> 2011/02/24(Thu)04:42 No. 44844
[X] "What?"
He doesn't seem like the type to just lose it, but making sure they're being more careful than with the other stuff is a good plan.
>> 2011/02/24(Thu)04:57 No. 44845
[X] "WHAT?!"

>Nuclear power plants aren't all that dangerous.
The reactors themselves may not be, but the waste they put out is dangerous and doesn't disappear. Gensokyo's a small closed system: there isn't much space to stick the waste assuming they had a fission power plant.
>> 2011/02/24(Thu)05:16 No. 44846
[x] "WHAT?!
>> 2011/02/24(Thu)05:18 No. 44847
[x] "WHAT?!
>> 2011/02/24(Thu)05:51 No. 44850
[x] "What?"

The 'power of the sun' is fusion power, which doesn't pose the danger of radioactive waste or meltdown. Maybe they're building some kind of magic-catalyzed tokamak?
>> 2011/02/24(Thu)07:27 No. 44851
Fusion power; it said that in the materials of SA and UFO I believe. Vastly reduced drawbacks compared to Fission (what the world uses as stable fusion power has yet to be perfected)

I think Wallace would react calmly because he 's curious more than worried.

That'd be great if we were Remilia.
>> 2011/02/24(Thu)08:20 No. 44852
>Fusion power
That's meta-knowledge Wallace doesn't have. When someone hears the words "nuclear power", they usually think of atomic bombs and fission power plants.
>> 2011/02/24(Thu)10:23 No. 44853
anyone with a decent education (which Wallace has, knows about fusion). Wallace is also aware of modern advances in technology.

There is no reason for him to be ignorant.
>> 2011/02/24(Thu)11:17 No. 44854
He'd easily put things together "Power of the Sun" and "Nuclear power" leads to fusion. It's not hard to read that the Sun functions viva a fusion reaction.
>> 2011/02/24(Thu)17:36 No. 44855
[x] "What?"
>> 2011/02/24(Thu)22:57 No. 44856
[X] "WHAT?!"
>> 2011/02/24(Thu)22:57 No. 44857
[x] "WHAT?!
>> 2011/02/25(Fri)00:46 No. 44859
Sorry to say that , but I doubt that Wallace can know that without any studie of any sort. And I don't think that nuclear power was something he studied. Epecially after Hiroshima and oter things like that.

I'm not even sure he knows the difference between nuclear fusion and nuclear fission, so I think he should ask someone, like, a blue haired kappa, or a cute little bean spout.

>> 2011/02/25(Fri)01:04 No. 44860
>> 2011/02/25(Fri)01:12 No. 44861
Where I come from, anyone who has done year 8 science has heard of fusion.

Only the very ignorant would not know of fusion.

It's perfectly reasonable to assume that a guy like Wallace has heard of fusion.
He just would know that it isn't yet feasible in the outside world.
>> 2011/02/25(Fri)01:39 No. 44862
[x] "WHAT?!"

People seem to be missing the point made in >>44852 : Nobody's saying Wallace doesn't know what fusion is.
Rather, the point is that fusion is not what first pops into one's mind when "nuclear power" is mentioned. Yes, it theoretically could be, but the overwhelming likelihood is that it's not.
>> 2011/02/25(Fri)02:11 No. 44863
But Wallace is pretty rational and isn't quick to flip out. And he'd be one to put the two facts together.
>> 2011/02/25(Fri)03:18 No. 44864
Alright, I have to admit that I know next to nothing about fusion/fission/whatever. I didn't really think this through, apparently. So, I'm sorry.
>> 2011/02/25(Fri)04:06 No. 44865
to be fair there are numerous reasons for Wallace to be suprised.

For one, Gensokyo appears to have a lower level of technology than the outside world. Thus given what he has seen from Gensokyo's technology it is suprising that they even know what nuclear power is, let alone of operating plants.
>> 2011/02/25(Fri)04:36 No. 44866
[x] "What?"

Chernobyl happened because the Russians thought it was a good idea to test a fail-safe by making the reactor actually fail. Three-Mile-Island never actually blew up. The average nuclear fission power plant has about an order of magnitude more safeguards than a fossil fuel plant (coal, oil, take your pick), and has several orders of magnitude fewer incidents on an annual basis.

Wally's been around so he'd know this. Also, nuclear shenanigans are like science's blundering attempts at alchemy.
>> 2011/02/25(Fri)04:44 No. 44868
It probably doesn't help that Nitori was working on an upgrade that just went boom for said plant.
>> 2011/02/25(Fri)07:24 No. 44869
[x] "What?"
>> 2011/02/25(Fri)08:16 No. 44870

> Chernobyl happened because the Russians thought it was a good idea to test a fail-safe by making the reactor actually fail. Three-Mile-Island never actually blew up. ect.

Have you been living under a rock, or are you just trying to troll.
>> 2011/02/25(Fri)08:39 No. 44871
Nuclear fission = actual nuclear energy. Require heavy support, can degenerates into a Tchernobyl-like explosion. Also, generates nuclear wastes. Use Uranium to generates heat, used to turn water into steam, generating energy.
Nuclear fusion = (not sure about that, but....) supposed clean energy, working "like the Sun". Still requires heavy support (you can't do that in your room), is supposed to not generate any waste, etc...

Basically, fusion>fission. Perhaps you can avoid speaking about this, but Anon seems eager to make Wallace knows about nuclear things in Gensokyo, so do some researches. Wikipedia is (censured, source needed) and cannot be trusted for any important matter, but you'll be able to find basic informations.
>> 2011/02/25(Fri)10:49 No. 44872
He is correct about three mile island being a very minor incident.

He is grossly incorect about Chernobyl.
Basicaly it was a lack of communication between two groups.
One group removed the control rods for some reason (If I recall correctly it was for tests).
They forget to tell the other group to turn off the reactor whilst the control rods were eleswhere.
>> 2011/02/25(Fri)12:02 No. 44873
I didn't know that. But I know that the Soviet Boss (Gorbatchev, I guess) only learned that 1 or 2 days later.

But saying that the Techernobyl incident was done on purpose is more than incorrect. Because if it was done on purpose, then the first men who repaired the reactor would had proper radiation protection.

Saged because not really related to the story.
>> 2011/02/25(Fri)17:02 No. 44874
Aw, man. I have no head for science.

But I'll do some research. I don't know how much I can actually process, though.
>> 2011/02/25(Fri)17:18 No. 44875
If you're really uneasy with nuclear stuff, you can make Wallace avoid the subject. After all, if he knows about Hiroshima and Tchernobyl, I don't think he'll be interested by a new nuclear power. And Nitori won't really understand why he's afraid.
>> 2011/02/25(Fri)18:05 No. 44876
I just looked back, and all Nitori says is that they're using 'Nuclear Power'. That's vague enough for him to jump to the wrong conclusion, right?

But the calm "What?" won, so Wallace will handle this calmly.

And I'll try to do my research, so that something like this doesn't happen again.
>> 2011/02/25(Fri)18:12 No. 44878
>But the calm "What?" won
Err, I count 7 calm and 8 panic. Did someone spam?
>> 2011/02/25(Fri)18:26 No. 44879
Whoops, you're right.
>> 2011/02/26(Sat)06:45 No. 44880
maybe because there were two votes at the same time. And get get to see the Kappa consider all Scarlets folks who flip out easily.
>> 2011/02/27(Sun)06:23 No. 44882
Fission reactions work on the energy produced by bombarding certain quantities of Uranium (-234, if I recall correctly) with neutrons. The control rods, usually made of lead, are used to ensure that there is no runaway chain reaction, as the fission of a U-234 atom always produces a Neutron. An Atom Bomb, like Fat Man and Little Boy, works on the exact same principle, but completely unrestrained. The resulting energy released is... considerable.

A Fusion reaction is, inversely, the combination of two atoms, or rather of their sub-atomic particles, usually resulting in a heavier element then the original atoms. Depending on the fusion, it can be either exothermic or endothermic, releasing or absorbing energy. The easiest fusion reaction possible is also one of those which release the most energy, the fusion of 2 Hydrogen atoms to form a Helium atom. This is the reaction which fuels most stars, bar certain very peculiar stars. The interest of Hydrogen Fusion reactions is that, as stars prove it to us, the reaction is self-sustaining while still expelling gratuitous amounts of energy to be collected so long as there remains pure Hydrogen to fuel it in a sufficient concentration and pressure. Considering the abundance of Hydrogen in the universe, it would be very easy to use fusion power to resolve quite a lot of our energy problems. A Fusion reactor would essentially be a miniature star being harvested for energy, with the immense gravitational forces holding a normal star together being replaced by equally immensely powerful magnetic fields.

Fusion warheads, or thermo-nuclear warheads, are very different from the currently theoretical and experimental Fusion reactors. Essentially, a thermo-nuclear warhead is a two stage bomb. The first stage is a classical Fission bomb and the second stage is the fusion reaction proper. The first stage essentially is a cheat. The Fission reaction allows us to induce the Fusion reaction in conditions that shouldn't allow it normally by sheer and simple brute force, forcefully creating free floating Hydrogen atoms in a plasma state. Due to this, the Fusion reaction is extremely brief, barely a few micro-seconds (again IIRC), despite being as unrestrained as a Fission reaction. However, as any can see, the energy produced in that instant is enough to produce energy enough to equal megatons of TNT. The greatest example of the strength of Thermonuclear warheads was certainly the Tsar Bomba, codenamed Ivan by the Soviets, which, despite having twice the planned amount of lead control rods inserted in the uranium core of the fission first stage to restrain the reaction, exploded with a force of 58 megatons. A range of 50 megatons was the maximum unrestrained wield theorized by the scientists working on the prototype before the test, post-test calculations put the maximum wield of an unrestrained Ivan at 100 megatons, if not more.

Just a little info on nuclear reactions off the top of my head. Wallace should know something along these lines if he is as cultured, intelligent and worldly as he presents himself.
>> 2011/02/27(Sun)06:28 No. 44883
The above information is incomplete and generalized. Wallace would show similar holes in his knowledge. For instance, I did not mention that the second stage of a Fusion bomb is essentially an implosion device used to temporarily create the tremendous pressures of the core of a star and allow the very brief Fusion reaction to occur.
>> 2011/02/27(Sun)10:56 No. 44886
I would suggest that Wallace be far more surprised once he finds out that it is actually nuclear fusion powering the plant. Remember, part of why it's possible to do it in Gensoukyou is that it's not possible in the outside world; quoted, nuclear fusion is "a power source that's still a pipe dream in the outside world", and that's even when the outside world has advanced so much that schools take their students on shuttle rides to the moon as a field trip.

In a world like that, if someone succeeded at harnessing nuclear fusion safely as an energy source, it would be worldwide knowledge within a single day. Under those circumstances, it's only natural for Wallace to freak out about somebody in a (relatively) backwater fantasy-land like Gensoukyou succeeding where the best minds of the technology-driven outside world continue to fail.
>> 2011/02/27(Sun)17:42 No. 44887
Thing is the bits with Maribel and Renko aren't exactly at the same time as the normal Touhou stuff; and that Mary's ability causes her to dream of the distant past of Gensokyo and such.
>> 2011/02/27(Sun)20:29 No. 44888
Are you saying that Utsuho, if she was badass enough, could be totally invincible to any kind of energy attack?
Second question: does magic count as "energy"? I think it does, but I'm not sure.

If Utsuho decides to use her power in a endothermic way, she can become energy-proof (the only limit being her own resistance), right?

And to think that she's a canon birdbrain, that's scary.
>> 2011/02/27(Sun)22:38 No. 44890
I'm not apt to say. However, from my understanding, Utshuo controls Fusion reactions as a part of the abilities of a type of Sun God she ate. Assuming that the being in question was linked to Sol and not, say, Alpha Centauri or Sirius, I would see it unlikely that she would be able to control or force the fusion of any other element then Hydrogen.

As for the "Fusion being a pipe dream", we do have small scale reactors that can operate very briefly. However, they are still completely inefficient, requiring far more energy to start the brief reaction than is produced in turn. We still do not have the technology to create and contain a self-sustained fusion reaction, but we can forcefully induce it at great cost. However, as with Anti-matter reactions, we are developing the technology we need to achieve this. The future is in our grasp and it advances with every day, every hour. The great problems is that fusion is far more capricious then anti-matter reactions.

Some say that Anti-matter/Matter reactors might be easier to achieve, which is not untrue. We can produce minute amounts of Anti-matter (anti-protons I believe) today, and even contain and store that anti-matter to a certain degree. More then that, A/M reactions produce E=MC2 levels of energy, that is total conversion of matter into energy. Theoretically, we could soon be able construct A/M reactors, using a part of the energy produced to maintain the titanically powerful magnetic fields needed to contain it. Here, the problem is the supply of anti-matter, which can only be produced in very, very small amounts at a frightful cost of energy, and the production of said magnetic fields, which can only be achieved by using superconductors whose use is limited by the need to keep them at extremely low temperatures (a problem in a reactor where the collection of energy is the goal). To give a fictional example, the unobtainium of Avatar is so attractive to Humanity because it is a natural superconductor even at high temperatures, which is what Humanity needs to produce cost efficient reactors and thus save the Earth (the scenes detailing this side of the story was cut from the theatrical release).

It would be ironic if, by relying on the "pipe dream" of fusion power, the mythical races of Gensokyo found themselves by far surpassed by Humanity wielding A/M power.
>> 2011/02/27(Sun)22:57 No. 44891
what if said reactor goes nuts? It'd be worse than a fission reactor melting down.
>> 2011/02/27(Sun)23:03 No. 44892
Holy thread derailment Batman.
>> 2011/02/28(Mon)00:22 No. 44893
Agh, the bad science. It burns.

>Assuming that the being in question was linked to Sol and not, say, Alpha Centauri or Sirius, I would see it unlikely that she would be able to control or force the fusion of any other element then Hydrogen.
>Alpha Centauri or Sirius
Try again. Those are main sequence stars, meaning they are turning hydrogen to helium. (Except for Sirius B, a white dwarf that doesn't perform any energy reactions and glows because of how hot it is.)

>We can produce minute amounts of Anti-matter (anti-protons I believe) today, and even contain and store that anti-matter to a certain degree.
If by store you mean "trap .1% of the resulting antiprotons for one-sixth of a second". Not a meaningful amount of time or antimatter.

>the production of said magnetic fields, which can only be achieved by using superconductors whose use is limited by the need to keep them at extremely low temperatures
Oh wait, that's the same problem magnetic containment fusion has. So if you solve that, you can run a fusion reactor, since it's a hell of a lot easier to get deuterium than antimatter.

Sage for continuing thread derail.
>> 2011/02/28(Mon)06:59 No. 44894
Chap, all that was off the top of my (not having done any serious reading of physics articles for years) head. I expected to be wrong in some places (and about the anti-matter magnetic containment, I knowingly omitted to mention the duration because I couldn't recall the exact time), but wanted to provide a possible view of the general knowledge and misconceptions a fairly cultured and read fellow of Wallace's class may have on a subject not of his own specialization. I'm generally aware of the great difficulties of both fusion and anti-matter technology, as well as their common solution.

As for Alpha Centauri and Sirius, I simply recalled that they were both Binary Stars systems and couldn't remember if any of said stars were of a different type then Main Sequence. Astronomy has not been part of my recent reading effort. Perhaps I should have mention CP 1919, the first discovered radio Pulsar neutron star, or any other neutron star for that matter.
>> 2011/03/01(Tue)15:33 No. 44896
>> 2011/03/02(Wed)05:03 No. 44897
> what if said reactor goes nuts? It'd be worse than a fission reactor melting down.

Fusion reactors are fine though, they apparently wont even really explode because the plasma will cool so rapidly on decontainment.
>> 2011/03/05(Sat)19:57 No. 44908
Writing is coming along slowly, but surely.
>> 2011/03/09(Wed)19:20 No. 44916
Nuclear power?! “WHAT?! Are you all insane?!” The two kappa flinch back, but you’re too panicked to notice. “What about the waste, or the radiation, or the—“

*WHOCK * Your tirade is interrupted, however, by Saori spin-kicking you in the face.

“There. Are you ready to listen to reason?” She asks, removing her foot.

“…Yes.” You reply, rubbing your face. Wow, that was quite the kick.

“Mama’s kicks always work,” says Nitori. “Now then, where should I begin?”

“Perhaps why this… well to put it bluntly, why this technologically backwards land is using such a dangerous system.”

Nitori laughs a bit, though not all of it reaches her eyes. “I’ll ignore the ‘technologically backwards’ part. Anyways, here’s the story,” She launches into a tale about how a hell raven ate a sun god, and gained the power to control nuclear fusion. “In short, the whole process is magically controlled. The only real danger is Reiuji’s bird-brainedness, and that’s easily taken care of.”

“Magically produced and controlled fusion, eh?” This is actually pretty intriguing. Out of your field of expertise, but still intriguing. “I have to apologize, then. I heard ‘nuclear power’ and assumed you were talking about fission. I’m from outside the barrier, and I’m more familiar with the risks of nuclear power than the benefits.”

“That’s alright. You didn’t know all the details, so your outburst can be excused,” says Saori, tying off the bandages and handing you the shirt. “Just don’t call us ‘technologically backwards’ again, alright?”

“Sorry. So, if you were working on a power plant, then… you’re trying to provide power to Gensokyo?”

“Uh-huh,” Nitori affirms. “It was the idea of the mountain goddess. It seemed interesting, so we all decided to help out. It’s been years since the whole village worked together on a project.”

“That’s wonderful,” you say. “I’d love to have a way of recharging my stuff.”

“Well, we’re still working on how to get the network running past the mountain area,” the kappa girl says. “And then we have to convince the rest of Gensokyo to upgrade to electric power… it may take a while.”

“Good luck, then.”

Suddenly, the front door opens, and in walks Kaito.

“Hey there, I’ve got good news!” he says, smiling. “The old timers approved your request. We’ll deliver the junk to your place whenever you want it.”

You smile. “Thanks. Can you deliver it tomorrow? I need to tell the head maid about it.”

“Will do, will do! Hey, care for a cucumber?”

About an hour later, you touch down at the doors of the mansion. What to do now…

[x] Check on Patchouli.
[x] Tell Sakuya about the incoming junk.
[x] Flan should be awake by now, let's see what she's up to.
>> 2011/03/09(Wed)19:43 No. 44919
[x] Flan should be awake by now, let's see what she's up to.

Wally has a lot of time being a bad brother to make up for.
>> 2011/03/09(Wed)20:57 No. 44920
[x] Tell Sakuya about the incoming junk.
[x] Check on Patchouli.
>> 2011/03/09(Wed)21:10 No. 44921
[X] Tell Sakuya about the incoming junk.
[X] Flan should be awake by now, let's see what she's up to.
>> 2011/03/10(Thu)03:22 No. 44922
[X] Tell Sakuya about the incoming junk.
[X] Flan should be awake by now, let's see what she's up to.

I've probably said this before, but I genuinely enjoy this story.
>> 2011/03/10(Thu)06:01 No. 44923
[x] Tell Sakuya about the incoming junk.
[x] Check on Patchouli.
>> 2011/03/10(Thu)06:14 No. 44924
[x] Tell Sakuya about the incoming junk.
>> 2011/03/10(Thu)06:33 No. 44925
[x] Tell Sakuya about the incoming junk.
[x] Flan should be awake by now, let's see what she's up to
Me too
>> 2011/03/10(Thu)09:00 No. 44927
[x] Flan should be awake by now, let's see what she's up to.
[x] Check on Patchouli.
[x] Inform Sakuya of the junk next time she's encountered in the day.

Chances are Wally'll run into Sakuya normally or at Dinner.
>> 2011/03/10(Thu)15:20 No. 44928
[X] Tell Sakuya about the incoming junk.
[X] Flan should be awake by now, let's see what she's up to.
>> 2011/03/10(Thu)15:53 No. 44929
[x] Flan should be awake by now, let's see what she's up to.
[x] Check on Patchouli.
[x] Inform Sakuya of the junk next time she's encountered in the day.
>> 2011/03/10(Thu)23:08 No. 44930
[x] Flan should be awake by now, let's see what she's up to.
[x] Check on Patchouli.

[x] Inform Sakuya of the junk next time she's encountered in the day.

Sounds reasonable.
>> 2011/03/11(Fri)02:46 No. 44931
[x] Tell Sakuya about the incoming junk.
[x] Flan should be awake by now, let's see what she's up to.
>> 2011/03/12(Sat)05:15 No. 44933
[x] Tell Sakuya about the incoming junk.
[x] Check on Patchouli.
>> 2011/03/17(Thu)19:53 No. 44960
I've been putting it off, but I'll start writing tomorrow.
>> 2011/03/18(Fri)18:17 No. 44965

>> 2011/03/20(Sun)03:31 No. 44974
Might as well check on Flandre. But you have to check on Patchouli later, and tell Sakuya about the coming influx of junk.

At the door to your sister’s room, you pause and knock softly.

“Who is it?”

Ah, she’s awake. “It’s me. Can I come in?”


You open the door. Flan is sitting on her bed. “What is it, Wally?”

“I,” you say, bowing. “Have come to play with my cutest little sister.”

She giggles in response. “What about Remi?”

You shake your finger. “Remilia is cute, but I can’t tell her that, as she will either throw me through a wall, or her ego will swell to the point that she will be lost to us forever,” Now you shrug. “But we digress. The star of the moment is you, my dear. What do you want to do?”

Flandre looks up at the ceiling, thinking for a moment. Then she grins, and moves to a slightly battered-looking dollhouse that greatly resembles the mansion. “House!”

“As you wish.”

As your sister opens the dollhouse, you catch a glimpse of the dolls inside. To your surprise, they are very detailed replicas of the mansions’ residents, sans you.

“Where’d you get this?” you ask, curious.

“The dollhouse I’ve had for about… ten years. The dolls I got last year, as a birthday gift from everyone. Ah, but I don’t have a Wally doll for you. What should I do….”

After a moment, an idea comes to you. “How about this— I’ll take charge of one doll, and every few minutes I’ll exchange the doll I have for a new one. How does that sound?”

Her eyes light up, then she closes them and strokes her chin. “As expected of Wally~”

It’s so silly of her that you can’t help but chuckle. “How sophisticated of you.”

She giggles. “Well, let’s play!”

And so you play. The gist of the game is that Koakuma has been murdered, and the residents of the mansion must figure out who did it. The mystery is pretty engaging. Finally, you’re handed the one doll you haven’t played as— Remilia. Now, how to go about this

“What’re you waiting for?” asks Flandre.

“I’m just thinking about how to be Remilia… Ah, I’ve got it.” This should get a few giggles out of her. “I’m ready.”

Your sister clears her throat, then, in a fairly passable imitation of Sakuya’s voice, asks, “What do you think, mistress?”

In the highest falsetto you can muster, you reply, “Let us adjourn for tea, and talk about proper manners.”

You glance at Flan. She… looks terrified. But what could… oh, no.

[x] "I said nothing that wasn't true." (stand your ground)
[x] Turn around and grovel.
>> 2011/03/20(Sun)04:21 No. 44975
[x] "I said nothing that wasn't true." (stand your ground)

That's right, whoever is standing behind our back, we said it. So what?
>> 2011/03/20(Sun)04:32 No. 44976
[+] "I said nothing that wasn't true." (stand your ground)
>> 2011/03/20(Sun)05:47 No. 44977
[x] ...what? You don't like tea anymore? (Stand your ground)
>> 2011/03/20(Sun)06:33 No. 44978
[x] Continue your impersonation.

"As tea is the art of intimate conversation, a servant never comes to the room unless rung for, to bring fresh water or additional china or food."
>> 2011/03/20(Sun)07:04 No. 44979
[x] "I said nothing that wasn't true." (stand your ground)
Hahhah. Punishment incoming~.
>> 2011/03/20(Sun)07:07 No. 44980
[X] Continue your impersonation.

Hold the line!
>> 2011/03/20(Sun)07:12 No. 44981
[X] Continue your impersonation.

>> 2011/03/20(Sun)07:46 No. 44982
[X] Continue your impersonation.

ALL OR NOTHING. This shall be known as our finest hour!
>> 2011/03/20(Sun)10:26 No. 44983
[x] Continue your impersonation.
>And so you play. The gist of the game is that Koakuma has been murdered, and the residents of the mansion must figure out who did it. The mystery is pretty engaging. Finally, you’re handed the one doll you haven’t played as— Remilia
Well this sounds familiar
>> 2011/03/20(Sun)14:07 No. 44984

Ah. Imperial Guard players. Creed, Yarrick and Straken are proud of you.

New characteristic of Wallace: Imperial Guard player. He dies standing. Set of Titanium Balls is standard issue.
>> 2011/03/20(Sun)14:14 No. 44985

Heh WH40k? Actually rippin' off/mutilating Churchill's speech with the Finest Hour thing.
>> 2011/03/20(Sun)14:53 No. 44986
[X] Continue your impersonation.
>> 2011/03/20(Sun)15:06 No. 44987
[x] Continue your impersonation.
>> 2011/03/20(Sun)18:13 No. 44989
How do you bold AND italicize?
>> 2011/03/20(Sun)18:35 No. 44990
Use both tags. They act as toggles. For example, you can use the italics tag on an entire sentance, then use the bold tag on individual words in it for emphasis.
>> 2011/03/20(Sun)20:29 No. 44991
Which Creed gleefully ripped-off once I think.
>> 2011/03/21(Mon)09:18 No. 44993
[x] Continue your impersonation.
>> 2011/03/21(Mon)17:51 No. 44995
[x] "I said nothing that wasn't true." (stand your ground)
>> 2011/03/21(Mon)19:33 No. 44996
[x] Continue your impersonation.

oh the ass-ripping that's about to ensue
(ROFL so hard right now)
>> 2011/03/21(Mon)20:02 No. 44998
Incoming ragers

Trolling or not, good luck soldier
>> 2011/03/22(Tue)14:52 No. 45008
who wanna take bets on whats gonna happen to wally?
>> 2011/03/22(Tue)16:41 No. 45009
In the end he will just leave again.
>> 2011/03/22(Tue)19:31 No. 45010
Jeez, have some faith in him.
>> 2011/04/21(Thu)20:29 No. 45209
You missed.