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40747 No. 40747
Remilia smirks. “You can tell me now, if you like.”

...Actually, you kind of want to see if Patchouli can handle this. You wait.

The violet-haired sorceress nods. “Very well. I know about Flandre and your parents.”

Dead silence. Then, your sister smiles. “You do, do you?” The smile isn't reaching her eyes, though.

Patchouli pales a bit, and starts to stammer. “A-a-a-are you... m-m-mad?”

“...Yes. Furious, actually.”

The color drains from the librarian's face. Remilia's smile grows. “Not at you, dear,” Her gaze turns to you, and her eyes narrow, her smile becoming a frown. “You, on the other hand...”

You feel a brief sense of nostalgic terror. For a moment, you're seventy years old again and looking into the angry face of Estelle Scarlet. But this isn't your mother. “Before you get any angrier, would you like to hear the whole story, and my chance to defend myself?”

“... I'm listening.”

You resist the urge to sigh in relief. “Thank you. Earlier, Patchouli asked about our parents. I found no reason not to tell her about them. At the end, I made an offhand comment about 'things they couldn't fight'. She guessed that Flandre had killed them, and I saw no point in keeping her from the truth.” You shake your head. “Imagine if I had said nothing, then. Patchouli would most likely come to wrong conclusions about what, exactly had happened that day. Best case scenario? She would go to you. And in the very worse case... she might have gone to the source. I might, if I were in her shoes.” You pause, letting that sink in. “So I told her the truth, so that she wouldn't think badly of Flandre. I don't believe that I've done anything wrong, and frankly, Patchouli has the right to know as a member of this household. You're free to pass your judgement now, but think about what I said.”

Your sister is quiet for about a minute. “Sakuya!”

The maid steps forward. “Yes, milady?”

“I'm going out for a bit. When I return, I expect Faust and tea waiting for me in my room.” With that, she storms out of the library. Sakuya looks at you, shrugs, and leaves. A moment later, Patchouli sags to the ground, breathing hard.

“Are you alright?” you ask, moving to help her up.

She nods. “I-I think so.”

You help her to her chair. “I have to apologize to you, actually.”

“What for?”

“I could have prevented that,” you sigh. “If I had just told her before you did, you wouldn't have had to be scared like that. But I wanted to see how you would handle Remilia's temper, so I waited. I'm sorry.”

“....” She processes that for a moment. “...It's fine. More importantly, what about you?”

You blink. “Me?”

“Remilia seemed pretty angry at you. How will you handle it?”

“Ah, I'll be fine. Remi just doesn't like it when things are out of her control. She'll most likely not speak to me for a day or so, and I'll probably be barred from having dinner or something along those lines, but it'll blow off soon. Her tantrums always do.”

“...I see.” Patchouli reaches for her book and settles into her chair. “Well, I think I've had enough for today. Unless there's anything else you'd like to talk about.”

[x] That book that you were reading earlier.
[x] Spellcard duels.
[x] "Nothing, really."

>> No. 40748
[x] "Nothing, really."
It would be rude to pester her when she is about to go to sleep.
>> No. 40752
[x] "Nothing, really."
>> No. 40753
[x] Sweet dreams

Man, Remmi is kinda scary. Too bad about Patchouli.
>> No. 40757
[X] "Nothing, really."
-[X] Go visit Flandre

Just because one Scarlet sister is mad at us, doesn't mean the other one is.
>> No. 40762
[x] "Nothing, really."
>> No. 40766
[x] "Nothing that can't wait until tomorrow."
>> No. 40768
[X] "Nothing that can't wait until tomorrow."

Let the magician calm down a bit first.
>> No. 40769
[x] That book that you were reading earlier.

I don't think she's about to go to sleep (Day'd be awfully short), just not in the mood for any family drama.

Talking about books is a good way to get their minds off of said drama.
>> No. 40771
[x] That book that you were reading earlier.
>> No. 40772
[x] That book that you were reading earlier.
>> No. 40776
[x] Spellcard duels.
Horray! Unhelpful voting!

Though I would actually like to hear about our duel from Patchy's perspective.
>> No. 40777
[X] "Nothing that can't wait until tomorrow."
>> No. 40814
[x] "Nothing that can't wait until tomorrow."

Faust and tea?

Some people relax strangely.
>> No. 40815
Also, it's "hooray."

2 Os, 1 r.
>> No. 40887
“Nothing that can't wait until tomorrow,” You say. The librarian sighs in relief.

“...Thank you.” She opens her book and begins to read.

You pick up the book that you were reading earlier, and try to continue it. But you can't seem to concentrate. The events of earlier are still fresh in your mind. You need a walk.

Eventually, you find yourself in the portrait hall. You haven't been here in a while. The hall, wider than most, is covered in portraits of relatives from both sides of the family. There's your Aunt Fiona, your father's sister, looking like a blue-haired Flandre. There's cousin Michel... whose side of the family is he from, again? Doesn't matter. Oh, here's Great-Grandfather Vlad. Remilia's claims are partially right-- you are descended from a 'Vlad'... but not the Vlad Tepes. Remilia thinks that you are, mostly because your father thought it'd be funny to convince her that your mother's 'Grand-père Vlad' was one of history's most infamous men. You've tried to tell her the truth, but she never believes you, so you've mostly given up. Thanks a lot, dad.

After a bit of meandering, you reach the last two portraits. These ones are different, portraying multiple people instead of just one. The final picture is of you and your siblings, painted when you were... what, fifty? Flan is smiling sunnily, Remi's smirking (you swear she was born with that expression), and you... you don't look that enthusiastic. Oh, yeah-- you didn't see the point in this back then.

But the picture before that one.... is of your parents. Painted the day after their wedding, it perfectly captures their personalities. Father is grinning, and Mother is somewher between a smirk and a smile. It is at this painting that you stop.

“... Hello Mother, Father,” you begin after a moment of silence. “...I'm home.”

While talking to a portrait may look silly to most, you don't care. You need to talk to them, even if they can no longer hear you.

“I... should have come home sooner. To be a better brother... a better son. But the world outside the mansion was so interesting! So much to learn, so much to see! By the time I realized what I'd left, two and a half centuries had gone by.”

You sigh. “And when I came back... I didn't feel like I was home. Flan's grown so much, and Remi's also become quite the lady. I didn't know what to think about that. I guess that's the price I pay for leaving you all, huh? But I'll manage. If I couldn't, I'd have come back much earlier. And it isn't so bad,” you smile. “This place became much more lively since I left-- your girls have made the most interesting friends. I'm proud of them.”

No response. You weren't expecting any. “So I guess that's it. I'm sorry for abandoning you. I'm here to stay now, so you won't have to deal with the middle child's selfishness alone,” you chuckle. “It must have been difficult to handle.” You wave to the painting. “See you soon.” Feeling much better, you walk off.

[x] Head back to the library.
[x] Go to your room.
[x] Go outside.
>> No. 40888
[x] Go to your room.

Let's try sleeping in a bed.
>> No. 40889
[x] Go outside.
>> No. 40891
[x] Go to your room.
>> No. 40892
[x] Go outside

Need to explore Gensokyo and meet and greet the locals.
>> No. 40896
[x] Go outside.
We can reset when we are... oh wait, this joke was done before, wasn't it?
>> No. 40897
[ø] Go outside.
>> No. 40898
[bookworm vampire needs more exercise] Go outside.
>> No. 40901
We went about and about last night and fell asleep in the library.
>> No. 40902
[x] Go outside.
>> No. 40903
[x] Go outside.

What kind of vampire is Wally if he doesn't creep around at night?
>> No. 40932
He wasn't much of a normal one in the first place, and it's not like Remilia goes bugging people at night; she saves that for the daytime.
>> No. 41069
Votes called. I'll start writing from my new computer tonight.
>> No. 41073
Have you considered writing down your tripcodes?
>> No. 41075
... That probably would have been a good idea.
>> No. 41076
Doesn't Firefox automatically save your name and tripcode in the name field? At least it does on mine...
>> No. 41093
>Doesn't Firefox automatically save your name and tripcode in the name field?
>I'll start writing from my new computer tonight
>automatically save
>new computer

That's one intelligentoverly intrusive browser you've got there.
>> No. 41121
The way I see it, the changing of my tripcode is my "thing". Every writer should have their little quirks, and mine is not bothering to look up my old trips.
>> No. 41138
I'm having some writer's block, so this update may take a while. Sorry.
>> No. 41162
[x] Go outside

Your doing great so far, we will certainly wait for the next part.
>> No. 41177
What this dude said.

[x] Go outside
Vampires stalk in the night
>> No. 41218
You’re still slightly restless, though. Maybe some exercise would do you well. Nodding to yourself, you make your way to the garden.

It’s almost dawn, you notice as you step outside. It probably would be best if you kept this short. Snapping your fingers, you call Tyrfing to your… hey, why didn’t you do this against Youmu? You sigh as you look at the rapier. It probably wouldn’t have mattered, against a swordswoman of Youmu’s caliber. If anything, it might have made the situation worse. Oh, well. What’s done is done. Shrugging, you put your left arm behind your back, raise your blade, and stand still. After a moment, you lunge forward. You advance further with a series of short jabs, then slash upwards and pivot. Locking swords with an imaginary foe, you stay still for a moment, and jump back.

You dance for about half an hour, until the sun comes up and forces you inside. Sakuya is waiting for you.

“Very nice footwork out there.” She says, smiling mildly.

You put a hand behind your head. “Thanks. It’s pretty average, though.”

She shakes her head. “Compared to some other swordsman I’ve seen? Much more impressive. By the way, is that an Italian style?”

Wow, she’s good. “Yes, actually. I didn’t know you knew about fencing, Sakuya.”

“It seemed rather familiar, is all. I remember some servants of the Church using that style.”

Oh, that’s right. She was with the Church before she met Remilia. But wait… “Just how old are you, anyways?”

The maid blinks, then shakes a finger at you. “Tsk, tsk. It’s rather impolite to ask a lady her age, young man.”

“Young man? Either you’re being condescending, or you’re actually older than me. That’s probably it,” You’re on the verge of something, but what? “My senses tell me that you’re human, though… are you some kind of immortal?”

Silence. You look up, and wince internally. Sakuya is no longer smiling. Instead, she’s just looking at you with a cool, calculating gaze.


“No, don’t apologize,” she interrupts. “It’s my fault, really. I should have predicted this, since you’re the same sort as Patchouli. Once you latch onto something you don’t know, you just keep going until you know all the facts, right?” She sighs. “So I’ll tell you a bit. First, have you figured out my powers?”

You haven’t, actually. “No….”

“Really? I’ve been dropping the occasional hint, you know.”

Hints? She’s been giving you— “The ‘time’ jokes. Of course. I’m an idiot. You have control over time, don’t you?”

She nods. “Time and space, to be more precise. And when I was much, much younger… I ‘slowed’ my own time.”

“So that’s how you’ve managed to live so long,” you murmur. “And why this mansion is so much larger on the inside than I remember.”

“Yes. So now that you know, is there anything else you wish to ask me?”

[x] "Yes..." (Write in)
[x] "No, not really."
>> No. 41219
[x] "Yes..."
-[x] Which is your combat style? I'm sure you use your abilities to stop time but any foe that's powerful enough (P/E: Remi) will be able to see through it so you must have a style... perhaps several?
--[x] Sorry for being so curious but, as you probably can guess, I've seen several hunters in my lifetime and I learned how they fight the hard way.

Just extrapolating a bit. Let me known if I'm wrong tho.
>> No. 41220
[x] "Yes..."
[X]"Just how long have you known my sisters?"
>> No. 41230
[x] "Yes... Just how old are you, anyways?”
Inquiring minds must know.
>> No. 41231
[x] >>41219 + >>41220
>> No. 41235
[X] "Yes..."
[X] "Your three sizes~"
[X]"Just how long have you known my sisters?"

Ah I can't help but vote for the second option after seeing the above Anon posting it.
>> No. 41239
[X] "Yes..."
[X] "Do you pad?"
[X]"Just how long have you known my sisters?"
>> No. 41241
[X] "Yes..."
-[X] "Your three sizes~"
-[X]"Just how long have you known my sisters?"
>> No. 41251
>“It was about… what, a hundred and twenty five years ago? Anyways, due to… various circumstances, I was allied with the Church as a vampire hunter. I was sent to kill the ‘Scarlet Devil’, one of the more notorious vampires of that time, and so it was that I ended up fighting the mistress. It was a long battle, but she emerged victorious. I was waiting for the final blow when she said that she was so impressed with me that she was willing to hire me as a maid. I ended up agreeing, and I’ve served your family ever since.”

From the first thread.

[x] "No, not really."
>> No. 41258
He has a point, guys.
>> No. 41260
[x] "No, not really."
>> No. 41261
[x] "No, not really."

Anything to keep the vote away from that stupid "three sizes" question.
>> No. 41266
[x] "No, not really."
>> No. 41270
[x] "No, not really."
>> No. 41272
[x] "No, not really at the moment"

We never know.
>> No. 41273
[x] "No, not really."
>> No. 41275
[x] "No, not really."
>> No. 41280

Oh, haha, whoops.
Original vote deleted.

[X] "No, for now, anyway."
>> No. 41281
[x] "Yes..."
[x]"Just how long have you known my sisters?"

We are a bookworm. We MUST know STUFF!
>> No. 41282
She more or less stated that.

I'd have a few questions, but I kinda feel that now isn't quite the time.
>> No. 41297
Pay more attention, bro. We were already told the answer to that question a while ago.
>> No. 41298
[c] "No, not really."

Why I keep imagining Wally Wallace as Soma Cruz? Regardless, this story is too awesome to pass up, and I shall definitely keep an eye over it.
>> No. 41318

I can't unsee it.
>> No. 41438
Weekend's over, I'll start writing tomorrow.
>> No. 41442
Shit, I meant week.
>> No. 41443
Shit happens, don't sweat it.
>> No. 41571
I'm losing my inspiration, so I'm going to take a few days off from writing.
>> No. 41822
I'll try to move my lazy ass and try to get something short pounded out this weekend. Don't worry, I'm not abandoning this.
>> No. 41827
Take your time. We'll always be here for you.
>> No. 41831
well atleast for a few weeks of "always"
>> No. 41954
Read the whole story in 20 minutes.
It's depressing to see that I can read almost 7 months of work in 20 minutes.
>> No. 41955

That is pretty impressive, actually.
>> No. 42025
Skimming over the previous threads, I'd say you're really missing out, reading at that pace.

Also it's (usually) worth reading the whole thread rather than just the writer's posts, even if it does quadruple the reading time.
Some of the speculation and technical posts in the plot and technology heavy stories are a real chore to read, but rewarding.
>> No. 42086
“No. Not really.”

She blinks. “Are you sure?”

“Yes. I may be a man who likes to know things, but I know that everyone has things they don’t like to talk about. So I won’t pry.”

A smile. “Thank you.” She turns to leave, and then pauses. “Knowing your sister, she’ll probably declare that you are barred from dinner… but I’ll try to convince her otherwise.” With that, she moves off.

Well, that was enlightening. But what to do now?

[X] (write-in)

Sorry about the length, but the next few are probably going to be short until I can maneuver this story into a place where I want it.
>> No. 42087
[x] Go to your room and take a nap at least to try out how Remi's taste in beds are.
>> No. 42092

I think Wally already tried that in his early years.

[x] Go to the village for sight-seeing. Get to know the preys residents.
[x] Go to the bamboo forest.

Let Wally have some fresh air or something.
>> No. 42093
Or the lake or forest of magic, ect.
>> No. 42094
[x] Go to Remi's room and take a nap at least to try out how her taste in beds are.

Ohohoho, I like this.
>> No. 42095
[x] Go to Remi's room and take a nap at
least to try out how her taste in beds are.
>> No. 42096
Way to twist my vote around. A grown man would not be sleeping in his younger sister's bed. And I highly doubt anyone would think highly of it.
>> No. 42097
[x] Go to your room and take a nap at least to try out how Remi's taste in beds are.

I hope the altered vote doesn't win, cause that would be stupid.
>> No. 42098
>>42090 >>42094 >>42095
[x] Not that
>> No. 42099
Only one way to find out:
vote people, VOTE AWAY.
Just don't spam votes.
>> No. 42100
[X] Go to your room and take a nap at least to try out how Remi's taste in beds are.

Wally can't go outside now, remember?
>until the sun comes up and forces you inside
>> No. 42101
He probably can handle taking walk outside during the day. I think the reason he was "forced inside" was because he could no longer keep up with Sakuya at his handicapped state. After all, IIRC, when he first arrived at Gensokyo and went to Hakurei Shrine, was during daylight.

[ø] Go to your room and take a nap at least to try out how Remi's taste in beds are.
>> No. 42102
Actually I believe it was overcast when he arrived.

Or did I not write that...
>> No. 42104
Oh yeah I didn't actually re-read the first few posts when I wrote that.
sage for a useless post.
>> No. 42105

[x] Go to your room and take a nap at least to try out how Remi's taste in beds are.

still, if remi would have been tired enough when going to bed that she'd not notice us until under the blankets, the look on her face would have been worth the resulting pain.

too bad walla doesn't really strike me as a person who'd do something like that.
>> No. 42107
[X] Go to your room and take a nap at least to try out how Remi's taste in beds are.
>> No. 42108
Can you guys maybe rephrase the write in? I'm having trouble understanding it.
>> No. 42109
i believe they want to take a nap in remi's bed to see how her taste in beds is.
Fits the "older brother" MO...
>> No. 42110

yeah, pretty much "go to sleep in your room, if the bed's comfy, compliment Remi in her taste in choosing beds"
We've only slept in the library so far, right?
>> No. 42111
That's the twisted write-in.

"Go to your room and take a nap." At least, that's how I see it. I guess the first writer forgot that Wally slept on the bed in his room at the start of the second thread.
>> No. 42152
So it's "Go to your room and take a nap"? I'm still confused, guys.
>> No. 42160

the original write in writer just forgot that wally had slept on the bed already.
So essentially, go nap.
>> No. 42163
We have no idea what to do at this point in the story, so most people are voting to go to sleep and wait for something to happen.
>> No. 42165
[x] Go find Flandre

Yeah I got nothing.
>> No. 42166
[x] Go see Flandre
I wanted to go check on the village but it's already dawn so...
>> No. 42169
[X] Go talk to Patchouli and learn more about Marisa from her. Might try asking her how she saw the events of when Reimu and Marisa stormed the mansion. If necessary could also ask her if she knows of anyone else we haven't met and what to expect from them.
>> No. 42170
It might be too soon to bug Patchouli again; should have thought of that earlier. Not sure if Wally was told the full story of his sister's brattiness gone too far.
>> No. 42177
[x] Go see Flandre
>> No. 42196
Alright then what about having Sakuya find Aya so Wally at least has some damage control over what gets written about him.
>> No. 42249
So I guess I'll start writing in a day or two. Let's see how long it takes me this time to write a paragraph.
>> No. 42258
You now have my full support take as much time as you need!
I'm trying to start something but I spent two months writing the first post only. And it's not even nearly done.
>> No. 42357
So? Got the answer now?
>> No. 42360
It's going to be a bit. Partly because I'm incredibly lazy, partly because the only way I can see the story advancing is by doing something cheap, and I don't really want to be cheap.
>> No. 42361
Hahaha, I'm such a joker. I'm writing right now, and I can see my groove in the distance, slowly drawing nearer. Expect another short update sometime tomorrow.
>> No. 42362
Glad things are working out for you then.
>> No. 42404
Maybe a nap is in order. Stretching, you head off towards your room.

Lying on your bed, you go over the events of earlier in your head. Remilia must b pretty upset. She was in charge of this household for years, and now in you come, throwing her plans into chaos. Maybe she thinks you’re trying to take her position… but that isn’t your intent. She’s done a better job of it than you probably could. But how to tell her? Maybe… directly….

You open your eyes, blinking a few times. How much time has passed? You almost look at your wrist, but you remember that there’s nothing there. If you’re going to keep looking at your bare wrist, however, maybe it’d be a good idea to find a watch. But you’d have to go back outside of Gensokyo to get one, unless there’s some kind of store that sells outside technology or whatnot. Maybe Sakuya would know of a place…

[X] Talk to Remilia.
[X] Talk to Sakuya.
>> No. 42419
[X] Talk to Sakuya.

Who better to ask about a timepiece?
>> No. 42420
[X] Talk to Sakuya.

Right now, Remilia wants our head. Don't put oil on the fire.
>> No. 42424
Goddamnit you're right. There goes my vote.

[X] Talk to Sakuya.
>> No. 42432
[X] Talk to Remilia.
Oil on the fire~
Should we not try to resolve this conflict?
>> No. 42438
[ø] Talk to Remilia.
>> No. 42443
[X] Talk to Remilia.
>> No. 42444
[X] Talk to Sakuya.
>> No. 42446
[x] Talk to Remilia.
>> No. 42447
[X] Talk to Sakuya.

>> No. 42453
[X] Talk to Sakuya.

Time, Mister Freeman...?
>> No. 42506
[x] Talk to Sakuya.

It must be the lack of sleep that suddenly makes me want a copy of Half-Life dubbed entirely in overly-dramatic Spanish.
>> No. 42514
[x] Talk to Sakuya.
>> No. 42554
I'll start writing tomorrow.
>> No. 42573
Most excellent.
>> No. 42729
Almost done, guys.
>> No. 42813
Remilia’s temper probably hasn’t subsided yet, so talking to Sakuya would probably be your best option. Where would she be, though? You could just say her name, summoning her to you, but it might be easier on her if you just go to where she is. But where might she be? Maybe in the kitchens…

Sure enough, she’s in the kitchen. As you walk in, she looks up. “Back for more conversation?”

You shake your head. “No, though I do need your help with something.”

“Go on.”

“I’m in need of a watch. I used to own one, but I lost it a few years back. Lately, though, I’ve found myself looking at my wrist, which no longer has anything on it. The only solution to this problem is to get a watch, but since this is Gensokyo, I wouldn’t be surprised if there aren’t any to be found. My point is, is there anyplace around where I could find a watch?”

The maid nods. “Three places, actually. The first is here— I collect timepieces of all sorts. Timepieces, and knives. If you so desire it, I could part with one of my watches.”

“That won’t be necessary, I don’t think.”

She smiles. “I thought you might say something like that,” She switches to a more serious look, however. “Option two is to ask Miss Yakumo. She’s hard to find, however, and dealing with her is rather difficult.”

Huh. “She seemed alright.”

Sakuya shrugs. “From what I heard, you might have more luck. I wouldn’t recommend that option, though,” She straightens up. “And that leaves Kourindou as the only other possibility.”


A nod. “Yes. It’s a curio shop that specializes in objects from outside the Great Barrier. There might be a watch in stock, but…” She sighs. “The owner has no real business sense. He’s usually unwilling to part with his merchandise, making him more of a hoarder than a shopkeeper.”

That sounds like a good lead. “Can you give me the directions? I’ll try there, first.”

“Certainly.” A pad of paper and a pen appear in her hand, and she writes down something. “Here you go.”

You take the directions. “Thank you, Sakuya.”

“Any time.”

You leave the kitchen. You could head out to Kourindou now, or maybe see if Remilia is willing to talk. She might need more time, though.

[x] Go to Kourindou.
[x] Check in on Remilia.
>> No. 42814
[x] Go to Kourindou.

Who knows who we might encounter along the way?

Aside from System, that is.
>> No. 42815
[x] Check in on Remilia.
Poor Remi. She never wins a vote. 1v1 versus Rinnosuke and she was losing.
>> No. 42824
[x] Go to Kourindou.
>> No. 42826
She'll probably cut him in half or something like that. We'll try that tomorrow.

[x] Go to Kourindou.
>> No. 42836
[x] Go to Kourindou.

Better leave her stew until dinner.
>> No. 42838
[x] Go to Kourindou.
Would this be our first encounter with a man since entering Gensokyo?
>> No. 42840
[x] Go to Kourindou.
>> No. 42841
Correction. Is losing. Lost.
>> No. 42842
[x] Go to Kourindou.

No reason to vote for Remilia is she's still mad after us.
>> No. 42844
[x] Go to Kourindou.
>> No. 42925
[X] Go to Kourindou.

Pretty sure Remilia still wants to grind us into a paste.
>> No. 42968
Votes called, writing begun.
>> No. 43059
Oh, excellent.
>> No. 43160
Yeah, it might be best to wait a bit before dealing with Remi. To Kourindou, then. But can you? Looking out a window at the overcast sky, you decide that you can. You make your way outside, and follow the directions Sakuya gave you.

One uneventful trip later, you reach the store. It’s a small building in the oriental style, with an assortment of odd objects out front. One of those tankui statues, an overturned refrigerator with a small T.V. on it, a traffic sign, some tires, and some barrels. But what’s most interesting are the arguing voices coming from within.

“Again, why won’t you sell it to me, half-breed?” An obnoxious voice dripping with self-importance asks.

“Because it isn’t for sale!” Comes the exasperated response. “Also, you tried to pay in human bones. I don’t accept those!”

As you reach for the door, it opens suddenly, and a tall, thin man with weasel-like features and a sickle at his side strides out. He looks at you as though you were a stain of some sort, snorts, and in a blur of motion, vanishes.

Inside the store is another man, gently massaging the bridge of his nose. “Some people….” As you walk in, he looks up with piercing gold eyes that can’t be human. Putting on a pair of glasses, he colors slightly. “Ah… you didn’t hear that, did you?”

“I did.”

He sighs. “Sorry about that. He came in acting as though he owned the place, and then he tried to buy my heater. It isn’t for sale, and I tried to tell him that, but he wouldn’t let up…” trailing off, he shakes his head. “Sorry. That’s not why you’re here, is it?” Clearing his throat, he stands up. “I’m Rinnosuke Morichika, and this is Kourindou! How can I help you, mister…?”

“Scarlet. Wallace Scarlet. I’m here because I’m looking for something that you might have.”

Rinnosuke blinks. “Scarlet, you say?”

You nod. “Yes. Have you met my sisters?”

“The eldest came here once and insulted my inventory. Other than that, the head maid is whom I’ve had the most contact with. She comes by every now and then to buy something for you sister.”

“Well, I’m sorry about Remilia’s behavior.” You say apologetically.

“Oh, it’s fine. Now, about this thing you’re looking for…”

“Ah, yes. It’s called a watch.”

He frowns. “Is it small, made of metal, and does it have twelve symbols behind glass?”

Sounds like it. “Maybe. Do you have one?”

“I think I might. Follow me.”

He starts to maneuver around the cluttered shelves, and stops at one near the back. “Is this it?”

Is that… a Rolex? The glass is cracked, but apart from that, it looks to be in excellent condition. You’ve stumbled across a goldmine (or silver mine, considering the color of the watch). “Yes, this is exactly what I’ve been looking for. How much is it?”

“Actually… I haven’t decided if I’m going to sell it yet.”

That’s disheartening. “How come?”

“Well, it looks rather expensive.”

“It is expensive.”

Rinnosuke nods sagely. “I thought so. But since I don’t know exactly what it’s worth, it stays in the shop.”

You’re so close! “I have a couple thousand yen— I had the foresight to exchange my money before coming to Japan. I could pay you some now…” You reach for your wallet.

The shopkeeper is giving you a strange look. “A couple thousand yen? And you’re just carrying it around in the open?”

“Not in the open,” you say, opening your wallet. “In here.” You take out some thousand-yen notes.

“That isn’t…. it is money? And the ‘wallet’… fascinating.” Rinnosuke is silent for a few minutes. “Tell you what— I’ll make you a deal. For that paper money and that wallet of yours, I’ll give you the watch.”

Seriously? That’s an incredibly good deal. You probably won’t need money in Gensokyo as it is, and you aren’t particularly attached to your wallet. On the other hand, you’d essentially be cheating Rinnosuke. About a hundred thousand yen and a nice wallet for a working Rolex? That’s too good on your side.

[x] Accept the deal.
[x] Decline the deal.
>> No. 43169
[X] Accept
Because a watch is a watch, and I have no concept of wealth. For that matter, neither will most of Gensokyo, though it might make Remi ease off our case since it's "befitting of a noble," or whatever she was talking about.
>> No. 43171
[x] Accept the deal.

Everything is worth what its purchaser will pay for it. If Rinnosuke is willing to make this trade, then there is no reason not to.
>> No. 43173
[x] Warn them about the price difference.
-[x] If he still wants to go for it, accept the deal.
>> No. 43177
[x] Accept the deal.
As long as both parties of a trade are happy, it's all a good deal if you ask me.
>> No. 43178
[x] Accept the deal.

The best kind of a deal is one where both parties think they've cheated the other.
>> No. 43190
[x] Accept the deal.
>> No. 43194
[X] Accept

It's a Rolex. That is all.
>> No. 43197
[X] Warn them about the price difference.
-[X] If he still wants to go for it, accept the deal.

"Honesty is the best policy... It was a Golden Axe that I dropped."
>> No. 43199
[X] Warn them about the price difference.
-[X] If he still wants to go for it, accept the deal.
>> No. 43202
[X] Warn them about the price difference.
-[X] If he still wants to go for it, accept the deal.

Wallace has been quite the gentleman so far, so let's keep it that way.
>> No. 43203
[X] Warn them about the price difference.
-[X] If he still wants to go for it, accept the deal.
This vote needs my help
>> No. 43204
[X] Warn them about the price difference.
-[X] If he still wants to go for it, accept the deal.

I don't hate this Rinnosuke yet so I'd feel bad for ripping him off.
>> No. 43209
And if all goes well, you'll never hate him.
>> No. 43237
It’s worth it. “Alright. Here you go.” Emptying your wallet of all but your money, you hand it to him.

“Excellent.” He takes the wallet and gives you the watch. “As promised, this is yours.”

“Thank you.” You mutter a simple mending spell, and the broken glass becomes whole. Smiling to yourself, you attach the watch to your wrist. Nice and snug.

“Is there anything else I can help you with?” Asks the shopkeeper. He looks pretty eager.

“Maybe. I’ll look around, first.” There’s a lot of stuff here. An old computer, some cameras… hey, it’s a DS. You already have one, but maybe Patchouli would be interested in it. Crossing over to it, you reach out to pick it up.

“Ah, don’t touch that! That’s a very dangerous item!”

You look at Rinnosuke, who’s moving towards you. “This? How is a DS dangerous?”

“It has the potential to destroy the world!” he says. He looks serious.

You can’t help it, and you laugh. “An imaginary world, maybe.”


“That’s right. And that depends on which game you’re playing.”

He looks at the device. “So I’ve been afraid… of something that was actually harmless the whole time?”

“Afraid? Speaking of which, how come you thought it was able to destroy the world?”

“I can look at an item and determine its name and purpose,” he replies absently. “But that doesn’t tell me how to use it. All I knew about the ‘DS’ was that it had the ability to destroy worlds. To think that it was all make-believe… I wish Miss Yakumo had told me that when she took the first one.”

Yukari again? “The first one?”

“Yes. The first one I found she took as payment for telling me about my heater. I came across this one about a month ago.” He looks up at you. “Thank you, Mister Scarlet, for putting my fears to rest.” Then he frowns. “By the way, how did you know what it does?”

“Ah, I own one myself.”

“You own one? But they’re… I see… you’re from outside the barrier, then?”

You nod. “I am.”

“… What would you say to another deal?” He asks.

“Let’s hear it.”

“As I just told you, my power doesn’t tell me how to use an item, or how it works. This is a problem, because I deal in artifacts from the outside. But you’re from the outside, and that means you know how most of these items work. Therefore, I’m willing to give you a lifetime discount if you explain to me the ins and outs of my merchandise.”

[x] "Sure."
[x] "Sorry."

I'm in an excellent mood today.
>> No. 43238
[x] "Sure."
>> No. 43245
[decent seeming fellow] "Sure."

Let's be bros.
>> No. 43246
[X] "Sure."

In a world of flying magical lolis and the like, Wally needs a bro.
>> No. 43247
[x] "Sure."
>> No. 43249
[X] "Sure."

Because Rinnosuke is awesome.
>> No. 43250
[x] "Sure."
Bad vibes bad vibes! Ah screw it. What could possibly go wrong?
>> No. 43252
[X] "Sure."

I don't see any reason not to.
>> No. 43257
[x] Sure.

>he looks up with piercing gold eyes that can’t be human.
What about Marisa, then?
>> No. 43258
[x] Sure.

I don't see the harm and I don't think dinner's for a while.
>> No. 43259
Human. Kourin is part youkai, right? His eyes (in this story at least) are proof of that.
>> No. 43262
Marisa though has gold eyes at least some of the time.
>> No. 43275
[x] "Sure."
>> No. 43276
[x] Sure.

Be a gentleman, get bro's!
>> No. 43291
[x] "Sure, bro"
>> No. 43303
[X] "Sure."

True Bro option.
>> No. 43305
[x] Sure.
>> No. 43310
[x] "Sure."

>I'm in an excellent mood today.

ORLY? That's unusual.
>> No. 43323
How so?
>> No. 43337
[X] "Sure."
>> No. 43480
Writing is coming along quite nicely. Expect an update in the next few days.
>> No. 43564
It couldn’t hurt. “Sure, I’m game.”

The shopkeeper frowns. “’Game’? I don’t really consider this a game…”

“Sorry, it’s a figure of speech,” You say. “It means I’m willing to do it.”

“I see… well, never mind. Shall we get started?”

The next twenty-five or so minutes are spent explaining the mechanics behind various pieces of technology. The computer requires a power source to work, and it can be used to keep track of records (this intrigues him). The digital cameras can, in fact, take pictures, but you need a working printer to bring them to life. The TV outside needs power and a steady signal to work. Same with the cell phone.

“What power source do they use?” asks Rinnosuke, looking very intrigued.

“Electricity, mostly.”

His face falls. “So I have to wait until there’s a thunderstorm…?”

“No, that won’t work.” You spend a few minutes explaining power plants and generators to him.

He looks thoughtful. “Actually… that may soon come to exist in Gensokyo.”

“What do you mean by that?” you ask.

“Mind you, it’s only a rumor, but... they say that the kappa have found a way to harness the power of the sun.”

Solar power, perhaps? “There’s something like in the outer world.” The kappa must be pretty intelligent if they’ve figured out the science behind solar power all on their own.

Your thoughts are interrupted, however, by the door opening.

“Hey, Kourin!” It’s that Marisa girl.

“Excuse us.” And Reimu.

Rinnosuke sighs, but for a brief moment, his lips curl in a faint smile. Then he frowns. “You two just had to come right when I have a customer.”

“Seriously, you got a— oh, it’s Wally-ze.” Marisa grins.

“Ah, Wallace,” says Reimu, smiling.

The white-haired shopkeeper looks slightly surprised. “You’ve all met?”

“Yes,” you nod. “Reimu was the first person I encountered in Gensokyo, and she helped me find my sisters. Marisa… stole some books from my household.”

The witch doesn’t miss a beat. “It ain’t stealing, it’s borrowing.”

Rinnosuke gives her a long look. “You’re still doing that?” he says, disapprovingly. “I’ve told you before, that isn’t proper behavior for a young lady.”

Marisa shrugs. “Well, I guess I’m not a proper young lady, then-ze.”

“No, I suppose you’re not. But still— what would your mother think?”

The blonde’s smile fades to a pained, sad look. “Don’t… don’t bring the family up, Kourin.”

The shopkeeper, to his credit, looks abashed. “You’re right… I shouldn’t have mentioned them. I’m sorry.”

Silence. Wow, that got awkward pretty fast. Thankfully, there’s Reimu.

“So! What brings you to Kourindou, Wallace?” asks the shrine maiden. All attention suddenly turns to you.

“Ah, I came here looking for a watch. I was lucky enough to find one.”

“A watch? What’s that-ze?” asks Marisa.

“This,” you reply, showing off the device in question.

“Ooh, looks expensive,” says Reimu.

“It is,” you say.

“What does it do-ze?”

“It tells time.” You respond.

“I see… sounds useful.”

Another moment of silence. Then Reimu claps her hands. “Actually, we were just about to have tea. Would you like to join us?”

“You can’t just come into my home, invite someone for tea, and expect me to feed you all,” says Rinnosuke, exasperated. “I could throw you all out, you know.”

“But you won’t,” Marisa grins, her previous mood forgotten. “’Cause then you wouldn’t be Kourin. Easily pushable, doormat Kourin.”

“She’s right,” agrees Reimu. “Now you’re going to invite Wallace yourself, aren’t you?”

The shopkeeper shakes his head. “I could prove you all wrong right now. But I won’t.” He turns to you. "Since the inevitable has happened, would you care to stay for some tea?"

[x] "Alright, I will."
[x] "I actually have to go."
>> No. 43566
[x] "Alright, I will."

Pass up tea in Gensokyo? Inconceivable!
>> No. 43567
[x]"I wouldn't want to impose."
Well that was awkward.
>> No. 43568
[x] "Alright, I will."
>> No. 43571
[x] "Alright, I will."

Wallace doesn't have nay hat, so, if he refuses a tea, he's definitly an outsider.
>> No. 43575
>> No. 43601
[x] "Alright, I will."
>> No. 43611
[x] "Alright, I will."
>> No. 43612
[ø] "Alright, I will."
>> No. 43680
[x] "Alright, I will."
True bro's drink Tea!
>> No. 43762
“Alright, I will,” you say. “I made Remilia pretty mad earlier, and I should probably let her cool down before I talk to her.”

“Pissed Remi off? What’d ya do?” asks Marisa.

“… It’s a long story. A long, personal story.” You respond after a moment.

“Alright then, I won’t pry-ze.”

You blink. Based on what you know of her, you thought she wouldn’t let it go. Reimu also looks surprised. “Who are you, and what have you done with Marisa?”

The witch frowns. “Hey, I’m not that bad, am I?”

“No, you’re usually worse,” says Rinnosuke.

“Oi, oi! Three against one? That’s unfair-ze!”

Reimu begins to giggle, Rinnosuke starts to laugh, and you soon find yourself chuckling as well. Marisa groans.

“Whatever, I don’t care. While you three are enjoying yourselves over there, I’ll be getting the snacks out.” She moves off into another room. Rinnosuke stops laughing and hurries off after her.

“Stop! Don’t just start rifling through my things at your own whimsy!”

“This is like my second or third home, anyways. Don’t be so uptight-ze!”

Reimu stops giggling and winks at you. “They’re like an old married couple, aren’t they?” she asks you, just a bit louder than necessary.

Something in the other room hits the ground. “Augh! Be careful, Marisa!”

“S-sorry, Kourin.”

“…It’ll be fine. Just sit down.”

Grinning rather deviously, the miko walks into what you presume is the kitchen, gesturing for you to follow. Rinnosuke is at a fire, tending to a kettle. Marisa is kneeling at a small table with some crackers on it, blushing slightly and very pointedly not looking at the shopkeeper. Reimu plops down and reaches for a cracker. You kneel down as well. Wow, this position is uncomfortable.

“So Wallace… how are you adjusting to life in Gensokyo?” asks Reimu.

[x] (write-in)
>> No. 43765
[x] "I'm just glad to be with my sisters again."
-[x] Tell Reimu about meeting Yukari, Yuyuko and Youmu.
>> No. 43767
[x] "I'm just glad to be with my sisters again."
-[X] "Patchouli's also done an excellent job expanding the library."
-[X] "It's a little strange, though, being able to walk around freely after constantly hiding for several centuries."
-[x] Tell Reimu about meeting Yukari, Yuyuko and Youmu.
>> No. 43768
[x] "I'm just glad to be with my sisters again."
-[X] "Patchouli's also done an excellent job expanding the library."
-[X] "It's a little strange, though, being able to walk around freely after constantly hiding for several centuries."
-[x] Tell Reimu about meeting Yukari, Yuyuko and Youmu.
>> No. 43770
Anonymous 10/10/13(Wed)01:39 No. 43767
[x] "I'm just glad to be with my sisters again."
-[X] "Patchouli's also done an excellent job expanding the library."
-[X] "It's a little strange, though, being able to walk around freely after constantly hiding for several centuries."
Gensokyo: the home for those without one.
>> No. 43771
[c] "I'm just glad to be with my sisters again."
- [c] "Patchouli's also done an excellent job expanding the library."
- [c] "It's a little strange, though, being able to walk around freely after constantly hiding for several centuries."

For some reasons, the song "Stranger In Moscow" starts playing inside my head when I read the second sub-vote.
>> No. 43773
-[x] "I've also got a chance to meet Yukari and her friends. She took the whole thing better than I thought"
>> No. 43774
[x] "I'm just glad to be with my sisters again."
- [x] "Patchouli's also done an excellent job expanding the library."
- [x] "It's a little strange, though, being able to walk around freely after constantly hiding for several centuries."
>> No. 43776
[c] "I'm just glad to be with my sisters again."
- [c] "Patchouli's also done an excellent job expanding the library."
- [c] "It's a little strange, though, being able to walk around freely after constantly hiding for several centuries."
>> No. 43782
[no, a] "I'm just glad to be with my sisters again."
- [no, a] "Patchouli's also done an excellent job expanding the library."
- [no, a] "It's a little strange, though, being able to walk around freely after constantly hiding for several centuries."
>> No. 43870
I'm about a third of the way done with the update.
>> No. 43935
Having a bit of trouble with the update. Give me a few days.
>> No. 43938
Waiting warmly
>> No. 43959
“Well, I’m mostly just glad to see my sisters again,” you answer. “I didn’t realize just how much I missed the two of them until I saw them the other day.”

“Speaking of which, how come you never were around until now-ze?”

You tell them an abridged version of your story.

“So you didn’t come back because you were sidetracked?” asks Rinnosuke.

“Pretty much. In my defense, there was so much to learn.”

“Huh. So, what was the biggest change waiting for you when you came back?” Reimu asks, nibbling on another cracker.

“… There were a bunch. None of them bad,” you respond. “The biggest change is probably the state of the library.” Actually, it’s Flandre’s growth, but that might raise questions.

Marisa smiles to herself. “I’ll say.”

“No, I don’t think you quite understand— when I left the mansion, the library was about the size of… say, the merchandise area of this store. To see my little room grow to the size it is now… as a scholar and bibliophile, it’s amazing.”

“Wait, your room? Ain’t it Patchy’s-ze?”

“Well, it is now. I’m not about to claim her masterpiece as my own. But before she came to the mansion, the library was essentially ‘my’ room.”

Marisa nods in understanding.

Rinnosuke walks over to the table, holding the kettle. He pours everyone a cup of tea, and sits down, asking “Other then the library, what else is new?”

You take a sip of your tea as you think about that. “It might sound weird to you, but the fact that I can now walk in the open as a vampire is a novel concept to me.”

“That’s why I love Gensokyo,” Reimu says, smiling proudly. “No one has to live in fear, be they youkai or human.”

“Really? Doesn’t that nun claim that youkai are an oppressed minority?” asks Marisa.

The miko frowns. “She’s still stuck in the past. Sure, there are still youkai exterminators like myself— but it isn’t so much ‘extermination’ as ‘roughing them up if they cause trouble’. And from experience, most incidents are caused by youkai and other non-humans.”

“So what would you do if a human caused an incident?” you ask, curious.

“Beat them up, of course,” is the immediate answer. “A troublemaker is a troublemaker, no matter what race they are. And I don’t like trouble in my Gensokyo.”

“But why is the solution always violence?” Rinnosuke asks.

Reimu shrugs. “Youkai respond to power. Right, Wallace?”

[x] Actually... she might have a point there.
[x] Actually... you don't think that's true.
>> No. 43960
[x] Actually... she might have a point there.

Reimu wouldn't get very far politely asking Remi to stop the scarlet mist.
>> No. 43961
[x] Actually... she might have a point there.
>> No. 43962
[x] >>43960

Sad but true.
>> No. 43963
[x] Actually... she might have a point there.
>> No. 43964
[x] Actually... I think it's situation-dependent.
>> No. 43965
x] Actually... she might have a point there.
>> No. 43966
[x] Actually... she might have a point there.
>> No. 43967
[x] Actually... she might have a point there.
>> No. 43968
[X] Actually... you don't think that's true.

I just finished New Vegas.
While combat is often unavoidable, the big choices are diplomatic ones.
>> No. 43969
diplomacy is useless unless your power is respected.
>> No. 43972
Without diplomacy, we are no better than thugs.

[X] Actually... both strength and diplomacy are important.
>> No. 43973
[x] "'n 'i'unno." Shrug.
[x] Did he spike the tea?
>> No. 44012
Ugh, this update, it will not come to me.
>> No. 44019
iqdb fails me. Praytell, anon, where is this from?
>> No. 44033
Congratulations to the San Francisco Giants on winning the World Series! Hopefully, this will provide inspiration for me.
>> No. 44053
Sure is dead here.
>> No. 44054
Durr hurr. I'm trying.
>> No. 44055
Don't rush it: quality over quantity and celerity.
That's our motto.
>> No. 44071
You nod. “It’s true. We respect power. It’s why Remilia is the head of the household instead of me or Flandre.”

“Huh? Isn’t Flan stronger, though-ze?” asks Marisa, looking slightly confused.

“When I say ‘power’, I don’t mean ‘strength’ alone,” you begin. “I also mean ‘confidence’. Confidence in one’s abilities, confidence in one’s actions, things like that. I’m a worrier, so I don’t have that much confidence. Flandre is kind of the same. Remilia, though… she doesn’t second-guess her actions. She has complete confidence in her abilities. When she goes into battle, she doesn’t think ‘what happens if I lose’, but ‘what happens when I win’. For creatures of power such as us, she is what we strive to be. She demands respect. So that’s why she’s in charge— because Flandre and I look up to her,” You turn to Reimu. “It’s also why you hold such sway over her— since you defeated her in honorable combat, with what I’d assume was confidence in yourself, she respects you.”

“Do I really have that much control over Remi?”

You shake your head. “Control isn’t the word. Remilia respects your abilities and confidence. She looks at you as an equal, or someone who’s very slightly above her. It’s very hard to get that sort of reaction from her.”

Reimu appears to take this in, so you ask a question yourself. “So what do you do for fun around these parts?”

“They get drunk and beat people up,” answers Rinnosuke. “Not necessarily in that order.”

Marisa winces. “That’s not quite what we do. There are parties, and danmaku battles. It’s just that one usually precedes the other.” She shakes her head, and the grin returns in full force. “Speaking of danmaku, has anyone challenged you to a duel yet, Wally?”

You nod. “Actually, Patchouli challenged me to a practice match shortly after you left.”

The witch whistles. “Patchy, actually challenging someone to a duel? That’s a rarity. Who won-ze?”

“…I did. She got distracted, and my pattern got her from behind.”

“Hey don’t look so doubtful, pal. A win’s a win… unless you cheat, like Reimu does.”

The miko looks offended. “I do not ‘cheat’!”

Marisa snorts. “What do you call ‘Fantasy Heaven’, then? No one can touch you during that-ze!”

“There’s a time limit! And what about your ‘Blazing Star’? The only way to beat it is to wait it out!”

The two girls glare at each other, and then turn to you. “Who’s right?!”
>> No. 44072
Waiting warmly.
>> No. 44073
SystemFailure here, typing from another computer. Responses are:

[x] "I have no clue as to what either of you are talking about."
[x] "Uh... Rinnosuke! What do you think?"
>> No. 44074
[x] "I have no clue as to what either of you are talking about."
>> No. 44075
[x] Both and neither, an endurance card sounds like fun.
>> No. 44076
Fuck what no! Jesus! Are you trying to get us killed?

[x] "Uh... Rinnosuke! What do you think?"
Not our problem~

I can see it already... the other option leads to duels and a horrible horrible death.
>> No. 44077
[x] "Uh... Rinnosuke! What do you think?"
Well, he is pretty much fucked now. We won't forget you.
>> No. 44078
[x] "I can not make a decision without seeing these cards.
[x] "Uh... Rinnosuke! What do you think?"
>> No. 44079
[x] "Uh... Rinnosuke! What do you think?"
Quickly damage control shift the topic to something else.
>> No. 44080
[x] "I have no clue as to what either of you are talking about."
[x] "I can not make a decision without seeing these cards.
>> No. 44081
[x] Take it outside.
One vs One. Mano a mano. Blazing Star vs Fantasy Heaven. Let's see what happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object (well, we already know, but it's all about the process)
>> No. 44082
[x] Take it outside.
"I would be interested in seen these two contradictory card against each other"
Magic no-missing spear vs magic cant-be-caught rabbit, etc etc
>> No. 44083
[x] Take it outside.

It's how they'll settle this anyway probably.
>> No. 44084
>“Who’s right?!”
Oh no...

[X] Anemia option
>> No. 44085
[x] "I can not make a decision without seeing these cards.
[x] Take it outside.
>> No. 44086
>>44072 here
I didn't get it was a vote, so I choose:
[x] "I have no clue as to what either of you are talking about."

Let's play dumb.
>> No. 44087
Suicidal bastards!! Aaaaaaaa!
>> No. 44088
This post contributes absolutely nothing to the topic on hand, and frankly, is quite stupid. The least you could have done is to sage it.

[x]I'm sure those cards are equally beautiful and majestic in their splendor. I wouldn't mind seeing the both of them in action.

The take it outside option, but with considerably more charisma.
>> No. 44089
[x]I'm sure those cards are equally beautiful and majestic in their splendor. I wouldn't mind seeing the both of them in action.

I like this.
>> No. 44093
Y'know there's something that i havn't seen wally do yet and thats feed i mean sure they've got stuff in the mansion but my guess is that its to suit our sister's tatses, and something tells me from that encounter with that vampire hunter mentioned that WE ARE NOT a light eater.
>> No. 44095

>3 packs of blood (enough to last you three weeks— you’re a light eater)

From the first post.
>> No. 44096
Bugger So the light eating crap Runs in the Family then?
>> No. 44097
Its nigh-canon bro.
As an aside, your posts look like shit. You should endeavor to use proper punctuation, capitalization, and grammar. Using sage when discussing off-topic and unworthy posts would probably go a long ways, too.
>> No. 44098
First try using spellcheck and second, learn to read the whole story as opposed to jumping in the middle like a retard. This is some relatively friendly advice.
>> No. 44099
Also, don't use Arbitary capitalisation, it's fucking Stupid. There is a Well Defined set of Rules for capitalisation in english, and putting emphasis on a word is not one of the Cases where it's Allowed.
>> No. 44125
[x] Take it outside.
On an unrelated note, something i found on /jp/
>> No. 44126
Did you really just discover the various Sakuya back story theories? Did you honestly just bring it to our attention as something newsworthy?

Slowking has got nothing on this kid.
>> No. 44127
You forgot the part where Yuuka's running circles around him.

Update soon?
>> No. 44128
I do my best writing during class, so I'll start writing Monday or Tuesday.
>> No. 44130
>> No. 33561 In the first thread. I believe there's a post where Wally feeds although that was when he first arrived but its only been 2-3 days since then.
>> No. 44131
Please read the entire thread before you post.
>> No. 44134
>> No. 44186
I'm going to be pretty busy until Monday, so I won't have that much time to write.
>> No. 44220
Ugh... I'm sick. It should clear up in a few days, but I'm probably not going to pound anything out until then. Sorry.
>> No. 44227

Health > THP
>> No. 44231

We'll wait warmly while you recover from your immune system failure.
>> No. 44232
It's ridiculous, really. I have a cold, which is rare, but I also have an ear infection, the fourth in three months. My immune system, which has served me very well in the past, has decided to abandon me this fall. Shit bites.
>> No. 44290
Feeling much better. I'll write tomorrow.
>> No. 44291
>> No. 44297
SystemFailure here, typing from another computer. Update sometime tomorrow.
>> No. 44303

Your time draws near.
>> No. 44305
You give them a flat look. “If the two of you want to argue like this, then by all means, take it outside. But don’t drag me into it.”

“Besides,” adds Rinnosuke. “He probably has never even seen those cards.”

The girls slump down a bit, looking slightly embarrassed.

“Yeah… sorry about that,” says Marisa. “I guess I got carried away there-ze.”

“Me too,” adds Reimu. “I didn’t think that through.”

Rinnosuke smiles. “Good. I’m proud of you two for not letting this degrade into violence.”

The witch gives him a look. “Who are you, our father?”

“… I wonder, sometimes.”

Everyone laughs at this.

About an hour later, Marisa stands.

“Well, I’ve gotta get going. I left a new potion boiling at home, and it should be done by now.”

“You left a fire on at your house again? You’ll burn down the place one of these days.” Says Rinnosuke.

The witch gives him an impish grin. “If that happens, I’ll just move in with you-ze!”

The shopkeeper pales, then turns red. “Th-th-that’d be highly inappropriate!” he splutters.

Marisa giggles. “Always such a prude, Kourin,” She moves to the door. “See ya, Reimu, Wally!”

And then she leaves. Reimu pats Rinnosuke on the back. “Poor man. She might just do that.”

“She would, wouldn’t she?” he sighs. “That girl will be the death of me.” He’s smiling as he says this, though.

Reimu smiles as well, and gets up. “I have to go as well. Thanks for the tea, Rinnosuke.” Then she turns to you. “This was fun. If you ever need anything, stop by, and I’ll see if I can help.”

You nod. “Likewise.”

The miko nods, waves goodbye, and leaves. Now it’s just you and the shopkeeper.

“Thank you very much, Mr. Scarlet,” He says, bowing. “It was very nice meeting you.”

You smile. “Thanks. I hope to come by again, sometime.”

He nods. “I’ll call you if I get any new merchandise.”

After some flight, you reach the doors of the mansion. There's a few things you could do now.

[x] Talk to Remilia.
[x] Talk to Sakuya.
[x] Check on Flandre.
[x] Head to the library.
>> No. 44306
[x]Greet the gate-guard.

Silly you, forgetting to list the mansions most important inhabitant.
>> No. 44307
[X] Head to the library.

Knowledge is power, and power is the one thing that matters in Gensokyo. Also, Patchy~

>> No. 44308
[X] Greet the gate guard.
[X] Check on Flandre.

Unless "greet" implies an extensive conversation, in which case only the latter half of the vote.
>> No. 44310
Results of search of the Gate, Guard, China and Meiling words in this thread, without couinting the last votes: 0
I am dissapoint

[x] Greet the gate guard.
>> No. 44314
[x] Greet the gate guard.
[x] Talk to Remilia.
>> No. 44322
[x] Greet the gate guard.
[X] Head to the library.

My goal here is to take Remilia's place as the head. And to do that, we need:
-to be strong (to the library!)
-to take care of our servant (hello Meiling)
>> No. 44324
[x]Greet the gate-guard.
-[x] Talk to Remilia.
>> No. 44325
[x] Greet the gate guard.
[X] Head to the library.


Wally doesn't really seem to be the "head" type. He just wants his books.
>> No. 44329
[x] Greet the gate guard.
[x] Talk to Remilia.
>> No. 44330
[X] Greet the gate-guard.
[X] Talk to Remi.

>> No. 44332
Sure Remi's cooled off by now?
>> No. 44337
Umm, you posted that update after the thread hit autosage.

[X] Check on Flandre.
Because Wally hasn't seen her and gave her a hug since telling Patchouli about her past.
>> No. 44351
[x] >>44337
>> No. 44353
Calling it in favor of Remilia.
>> No. 44356
Too late to vote,but please... don't stray away from this glorious Patchy route...
>> No. 44360
Well, considering he's just going with family here, rather than a non-related female it's not like we're moving him towards some other romantic entanglement.
>> No. 44404
Implying familial bonds could prevent romance on this site.
>> No. 44409

Implying that the author couldn't. >>34336