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File 159298754531.jpg - (474.27KB, 1280x852, town-2430571_1280.jpg)

You stare at the screen of your laptop blankly, watching as the 'Game Over' menu comes up. "...You've got to be kidding me," you mumble.

You had been 5 millimeters away from beating the Phantasm Stage of Perfect Cherry Blossom - 5 millimeters - and you had then, out of nowhere, been hit by a shot you were absolutely certain you had dodged.

You groan, running a hand over your face. "God dammit," you mutter, reaching out to your keyboard with the other and hitting Alt+F4.

Unfortunately, this leaves you staring at your desktop background, which for a while has been a decidedly smug picture of Yukari Yakumo.

Your eyebrow twitches, and you almost slam your laptop closed. That gap hag is not a face you want to see right now.

You'd always admired her as a character before, and been a rather big fan of her too, but seeing that smug smirk after actually trying to defeat her and failing just before you would have succeeded…

Well, you can understand why Reimu feels the way she does about Yukari now. And why 'goddammit Yukari' is such a huge meme, too.

You shake your head and take a deep breath in, trying to clear these thoughts from your brain. After a few seconds, you breathe out, feeling slightly more refreshed.

Looking up at the clock in your little room, it says it's almost midnight. Your eyes widen.

It's a school day tomorrow.

"Shit," you mutter. Looking at the desk your laptop is on, you hurriedly stuff it into the bag there, taking a quick look through it afterwards to make sure it's full. After confirming everything you need is in there, you sigh in relief. Standing up, you walk over to your bed and toss back the sheets. You've already eaten, showered, and had your dinner for the night, so it isn't too bad for you to go to bed right away. You're even wearing your pyjamas right now - a rather bland grey pair, but better than nothing.

Before taking a seat though, you pause and reach out an arm to the side. Flicking off the light switch, the room goes dark and you can't see much of anything anymore - though it's not like you have to.

You lie down on your bed next, pulling the blankets up to protect from the cold. After a second's hesitation, you reach out to the plush toy your parents had left you before… the accident.

It wasn't the manliest thing, but you didn't give two shits about that - you weren't the manliest boy, after all.

Bringing the little plush turtle next to you and cuddling onto it, you feel yourself drifting to sleep. Still, annoyance at that Touhou level stays on your mind, and as the waking world disappears, your last thought is about that smug smile on your desktop.


Well well well, what's this, eh?

Hmm, interesting, interesting~ Looks like this little man's brain has a lot of interesting people in it, hm?

Maybe with just a little tw


...oh well, it's not like this is a bad thing, eh? After all, it'll probably help contribute to my


You wake up when the first light hits your eyes, filtering through the window's blinds.

Your eyes squint open slightly, and you send a hateful stare towards the window. You'd always been an early riser, and so going to bed just before midnight meant you'd usually get less than 6 hours of sleep. Not nearly enough for a growing teenage boy like you.

You try to close your eyes and go back to sleep, but it's useless. Once you wake up, you can't go back to sleep. You've always hated that little quirk of yours.

You sigh. For a second, your sleep-addled brain decides to try and say your voice is higher than normal, but that's ridiculous. You're almost certainly imagining things.

Pushing yourself up into a seated position, almost certain that you'd dropped the poor turtle plushie some time during the night, the feeling on the back of your neck wakes you up almost instantly.

You didn't have hair that long.

Your eyes snap open, and you look downwards as quickly as you can.

You're not wearing the same set of pyjamas you were last night. Instead, you're wearing a rather stylish set - both the top and pants are mostly red, but have little yin-yang orbs dotted around them, drawn in outlines in white.

The more important thing, however, is that you now apparently have breasts.

[ ] Write-in
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Try to stay calm, and pinch yourself to check if you are dreaming. Thoroughly examine your body after you are sure that you're awake.
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[x] The usual startup spiel - find a mirror; make sure you have all your arms and legs; check if you're dreaming; begin swearing when you discover that indeed, you, in fact, are now someone else and what's worse you know this face.
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Try to stay calm, and pinch yourself to check if you are dreaming. Thoroughly examine your body after you are sure that you're awake.
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[x] The usual startup spiel - find a mirror; make sure you have all your arms and legs; check if you're dreaming; begin swearing when you discover that indeed, you, in fact, are now someone else and what's worse you know this face.
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[x] probably just a dream. Go back to sleep.
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File 159308457483.jpg - (136.91KB, 577x486, 20200625_211915.jpg)
Folding in both of the votes currently tied for first, as they're similar enough to one another.


You blink. Then blink again.

Nope, breasts aren't going away.

It occurs to you that if this is a dream, then pinching yourself would wake you up, obviously. Squeezing your eyes shut, you move your hand to your arm, pulling up the sleeve (which seems a lot thinner than before), then pinching yourself-

You wince. "Shit," you hiss, your voice definitely higher-pitched and resonating differently than usual. You crack open an eye again.

Yep, you're still wearing that odd yin-yang set of pyjamas and you still have breasts that weren't there yesterday.

Well, looks like it's probably not a dream.

You hop out of your bed, opening your eyes to look around the room, in the meantime flexing all your limbs (you have four still, at least it seems like).

It's your room.

Well, it looks like you haven't been transported into another world, at least - as common as that sort of thing is in fanfiction, you're pretty sure you would take it even worse than you're taking this right now.

Oh yeah, you're pretty sure you're in shock right now, and probably will be for at least a few hours, given the enormity of what's happened. You don't know how to feel about the fact that you're apparently a girl now, and school is probably going to be hell for you.

Oh well. At least you'll have Mark to help you through it.

For a second, you consider that Mark might have changed too, but you push that ridiculous thought away. You only need one world-shattering transformation to happen today, thank you very much.

That ridiculous idea gone, you walk over to the door of your room, which you usually leave open for convenience, turning the lights on along the way. You close your eyes as you push the door shut (mostly; you leave it a little ajar).

Taking a breath in, you prepare to see your face in the mirror.

You open your eyes.

The face staring back at you isn't yours.

In fact, you recognize it pretty well.

Your composure cracks. "Fuck," you mumble underneath your breath. "Fuck, fuck, fuck!" Your voice gradually gets louder and more hysterical, though it retains its new height and resonance.

This can't be happening.

You can't be her. She doesn't exist; she came from the brain worms of some beer-obsessed indie game maker.

But as the longer you stare at your face, the more you know that's not true.

Because apparently, you're now Reimu Hakurei.

[ ] Charisma Break
[ ] Try to stay calm
[ ] Write-In
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[X] Try to stay calm
Delete Post
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[x] Charisma Break
Delete Post
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[X] Try to stay calm

We may be in shock, but it's no excuse to break our precious charisma.
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[X] Try to stay calm
Delete Post
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[X] Try to stay calm
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File 159314875918.jpg - (84.45KB, 850x1214, __hakurei_reimu_touhou_drawn_by_kanpa_campagne_9__.jpg)
...no. Now's not the time to be having this breakdown.

After all, you still have a school to go to.

Taking a moment to center yourself, you try and calm down the best you can. Once you're as calm as you can get (which is not that calm, to be honest; you're pretty sure you just delayed the inevitable), something occurs to you: if your pyjamas changed overnight, what about the rest of your clothes?

You frown. Stepping back from the mirror, you look to your side; the wardrobe is right next to your mirror. You don't own many pieces of clothing, to be honest; you're one of the people who buys more than one of the same shirt and shorts and wear different copies of the same thing over time. Makes it easier to wash stuff, at least.

Though, if your suspicion is right…

You open the wardrobe door.

Staring you in the face is a wardrobe full of clothes that look very familiar, and would be incredibly embarrassing to wear to school. Mark would tease the crap out of you for it, too.

Your ears feel a little hot now.

You slam the wardrobe door shut. You're in no way going to wear those clothes to school, if that's at all possible.

Even though your school doesn't allow you to wear pyjamas and these are the only clothes you have.

Your face feels hot now.

Well, a nice breakfast would probably get your mind off of these clothes at least - maybe even your current body. Taking a quick glance at the clock, it's apparently 7 AM; school starts at about 8:30, but you prefer to be there by 8 on the dot, in case a teacher springs something on you. It takes about 10 minutes to get there by walking, so you've got a while to do that.

Hopefully, sticking to routine will make things better.

You're not gonna touch the bathroom with a ten-foot pole though.

About a minute later, you're out of your room, down the stairs, and in your kitchen. After the accident, you've had the house to yourself for a while.

You pull open the open the fridge, expecting a variety of things to choose from, only to find an almost empty fridge, with only a couple of eggs, a bowl of leftover rice, a tiny sliver of a stick of butter, and some half-empty milk cartons in it.

The pantry's not much better, only having a half-empty loaf of bread, a few teabags, and some sugar; not even a single pack of instant noodles.

You sigh. Looks like it's time to go shopping this afternoon.

After a few seconds, you decide on toast. As you reach into the pantry to take out the bread, though, you notice your hand being smaller and surprisingly a lot paler than it used to be.

You try to push it to the back of your mind, and instead just pull out the loaf of bread, putting two pieces into the toaster. You take out the butter, a butter knife, and a plate, and a few minutes later you're sitting at the table with a content smile and a plate of crumbs.

After the post-breakfast euphoria, though, you frown, the current situation coming into your mind once again. You can't ignore your situation forever. You need to go to school, after all - and you can't exactly go to school in your pyjamas, as much as you want to.

You would take a day off, but you have a feeling Ms. Parsh wouldn't take you being turned into a fictional character as an excuse for skipping. Besides, you've skipped enough days at Mark's insistence that if you take even one more off, you have a feeling you'll be expelled. And you don't really want to end up without a high school diploma.

Your priorities may be slightly skewed.

If you do change into those clothes, though… you'll see your new body. And you're not sure how to feel about that.

So all you can do until you decide is sit at the table and stew until you choose what to do.

[ ] Wear your PJs to school just so you can avoid wearing that embarrassing set of clothes.
[ ] Bite the bullet and wear the damn clothes.
-[ ] Close your eyes while changing if it's that bad.
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[x] Bite the bullet and wear the damn clothes.
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[X] Wear clothes.

Prolly best to stay away from lolrandumb options like 'Charisma Break' and 'wear pjs to school'. Also closing your eyes while changing seems pretty dumb as well unless the school MC is referring to is elementary school.
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Ah, good idea. Charisma Break is definitely a bit too old, tbf.

The other options though are mainly because Anon really doesn't want to confront the new body he's in, and is coming up with increasingly irrational ideas to not do it. So those ones in particular are kind of supposed to be a bit dumb of Anon.
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File 159333236724.jpg - (162.38KB, 850x1343, __hakurei_reimu_touhou_drawn_by_sugiyama_ichirou__.jpg)
You wince, shaking your head as you banish the stupid ideas from it.

No, there's no way you can go to school with your pajamas on, and closing your eyes while you get dressed will probably just result in you getting something on wrong.

As much as you hate it, you're gonna have to wear those clothes.

You're still gonna leave a shower for after you've had a mental breakdown though, thank you very much.

You stand up from the kitchen table, picking up your plate and walking towards the sink, placing it in it to wash later. That settled with, you take a deep breath, then go back upstairs and into your room once again.

You're standing in front of your wardrobe now, staring at the front of it. You gulp, and pull the wardrobe open.

A luminescent blush appears on your face as you stare at the multiple copies of the same top and skirt hanging up in it. "Well, then," you say, hearing your voice clearly for the first time since you woke up. "I guess I have to get dressed, huh?"

It's weird, hearing a different voice come out of your own mouth. Not like it matters much, but it's still weird.

You steel yourself. Glancing over towards the underwear section of the wardrobe, which also seems to have replaced its contents (there are bloomers and panties where there were boxers before, and several sarashi seem to have found themselves in a pile next to them, as well as a few detached sleeves, ribbons, and hair-tubes), you pull out the top and skirt. Instinctually, you also reach out to the side, pulling out a pair of detached sleeves.

You blink, wondering what possessed you to do that (the detached sleeves look even more absurd than the rest of the clothes, after all). Then you shake your head. It doesn't matter right now; you'll shove it away to deal with later alongside the rest of the things that make zero sense about today.

After a second's hesitation, you reach out and grab a pair of bloomers and a sarashi as well. You don't wanna wear old underwear, after all.

You throw all the clothes onto your bed, then brace yourself, taking a deep breath. You start to unbutton your pajama top. Once it's unbuttoned, you slide it off and throw it into your dirty clothes basket you keep around your room. Meanwhile, your eyes avert slightly from your chest, which is now bare.

You follow this up with your pyjama pants, and your underwear underneath those, tossing both into the dirty clothes basket. Your blush intensifies.

As quick as a flash, you get your bloomers on, feeling slightly more comfortable than before. After that, you pick up the sarashi.

Wrapping it around your chest, you find it easy - almost like you've actually done it before… which is weird, since you haven't. Once the sarashi is wrapped up, though, you feel a lot more comfortable - you aren't ready to confront stuff like that yet.

Following that, you pull on the shirt and the skirt, which go a lot faster than the other two. Somehow, you manage to attach the detachable sleeves to your arms, even though you have no idea how to work them.

You turn to the mirror on your door, and gasp.

It may have been kind of obvious before, but now it's just incredibly clear: you're Reimu Hakurei now. You almost start checking yourself out, before you remind yourself that you are this person in the mirror.

If this was a cosplay, you would be incredibly impressed at how accurate it was.

But something's missing…

It almost feels unconscious when you reach out and grab a couple of things from the underwear section of your wardrobe - the hair-tubes and ribbon. It takes you less than a minute to secure them, but in the end, it looks amazing.

You look like you're Reimu come to life - which you very well might be now, considering you just woke up looking like this.

A thought occurs to you, and you glance up at the clock. 7:40 already? You'll have to get ready to go now. Turning to the wardrobe, you grab a pair of socks, shut it, and walk past your bed to your desk.

It looks like your school bag is the same as it was last night. You breathe a silent sigh of relief; at least not everything has changed. Picking it up, you exit your room.

About five minutes later, your teeth are brushed, your shoes are on, and your lunch is in your bag, Stepping into the hallway, you notice that leaning on the wall next to your door is a gohei - a long one, too. For some reason, you feel the urge to bring it along, but you ignore that urge; you're pretty sure something like that would not be allowed at school, considering how close it is to a weapon.

Speaking of which, your bag now seems to have a couple of small odd orbs with yin yang signs on them and a bunch of ofuda in it for some reason. Hopefully, you won't get caught out for those.

Shaking your head, you pull the front door open and step out onto the streets, then shut it behind you, open a zipper on your bag, pull out your keys, and lock it. Your keys go back in your bag a few seconds later, and the zipper is closed.

You grumble a little at the inconvenience. Wouldn't it be easier for that skirt to have a pocket?

Oh, well. It doesn't matter now. You turn back around, walking through your front yard, and step out onto the street.

You're about to start walking off to school when something you see stops you.

You blink. Then you rub your eyes, just to make sure you aren't seeing things. Finally, you stare.

3 very familiar figures are on your street, from what you can see. One looks like Remilia Scarlet, huge wings and clothes and all, and is currently skipping along and humming a little tune. Another looks like Reisen, and looks half-asleep and is shambling in the same direction as Remilia is skipping - towards your school. The last figure looks like Marisa Kirisame. She has the full ensemble - golden hair and eyes, a witch's hat, and an outfit that looks more like something a maid would wear. She's just standing at the side of the road, a huge smile on her face and her eyes wide and excited.

Huh. It looks like you weren't the only one affected by this.

...you wonder if they'd know anything about it.

[ ] Approach one of the girls.
-[ ] Remilia
-[ ] Reisen
-[ ] Marisa
[ ] Just go straight to school
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[X] Approach one of the girls.
-[X] Marisa
Delete Post
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[x] Marisa
Delete Post
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[X] Marisa
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File 159358606988.jpg - (147.86KB, 850x1116, __kirisame_marisa_touhou_drawn_by_paburisiyasu__sa.jpg)
Well, the best way to find out whether or not they'd know nything would be to approach them, right?

You hesitate at first, trying to figure out which one to approach. But it keeps coming back to the person who looks like Marisa. For one, she's not really moving, which Remilia and Reisen (or, well, the people who look like them) are doing currently, and secondly, she seems fully awake and not currently super distracted by getting to school.

You hesitate, then step forward. "Excuse me-" you begin, before suddenly the girl's head whips towards you.

Barely a second passes before she's right up in your face, a sparkling smile on her own as she grabs you by the wrist. "Ah, Anon! You've been hit by this weird thingy too, huh? It's great, ain't it?" Her voice is rough, but feminine.

...wait a second. You blink, then furrow your eyebrows. Something about this person's mannerisms seem familiar (outside of the similarities to Marisa). Though, that name they referred to you with… It's not familiar at all.

"Who are you, and why did you call me 'Anon?'" you ask, your words blunt as a club and your mouth in a thin line.

The person who's shaped like Marisa blinks and steps back, letting go of your arms. "But I didn't call you Anon; I called you Anon…" She trails off, then groans. "Oh yeah, that's right," she mumbles. "Forgot about that."

You frown at her words, and put your hands on your waist. "You forgot about what?" you ask, your tone accusatory.

She frowns, putting her hand to her chin and looking down at the ground, and once again, you get the feeling you know this person. "Hmm, I guess that'd be the best way to do it…" she mutters. Then she looks back up at you, staring you in the eyes. "Say, you mind tellin' me your name?"

You blink. Your name? You scoff; that's easy. "Sure; my name is Reimu Haku-"

You cut yourself off. Your eyes widen. "No, that's not right; what I meant to say is my name is Reimu-"

You shake your head, closing your eyes. Your eyebrow is now twitching. "That is, my name is Reimu Hakurei- NO!"

Your eyes open wide with fear. That's not your name. Whatever happened today, it made you forget your name. You don't remember what it was; you just remember for certain that it wasn't Reimu Hakurei before.

You're too shaken to realize that Marisa, whoever they were before, has walked up to you and enveloped you in a hug. "I know how ya feel, buddy," she whispers into your ear, holding you in a tight embrace. "After all, I kinda went through that myself a bit ago."

After a couple of seconds, you aren't shaking anymore at least, and your breathing seems to have stabilized in a decent way at least.

After that, Marisa pulls back from you and gives you a cocky smile. "As for who I am, well… remember that time that I went and dragged you into exploring that old haunted house, and I broke my leg and had to explain to my parents and your aunties why I was there and why I'd dragged you into it?" She smirks. "Good times, am I right?"

Your mouth drops open. "…Mark?"

Marisa - Mark, whatever - shrugs. "Remember, can't hear my old name, but probably."

You just stare, your mouth opening wide. After a couple seconds of staring, you blurt out the first thing you can.

[ ] "How are you taking this so well?"
[ ] "How did you know who I am?"
[ ] "Let's just go to school already!"
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[X] "How are you taking this so well?"
Delete Post
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[X] "How are you taking this so well?"
Delete Post
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[X] "How are you taking this so well?"
Delete Post
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[X] "How did you know who I am?"
Delete Post
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oh wait shit wrong thread uhhhhhh

[x] "Let's just go to school already!"
o hai Mark
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