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File 152297788153.jpg - (9.39KB, 259x194, Orange-forest-creativity-16401082-259-194.jpg) [iqdb]
66130 No. 66130
Sipping her tea, Yukari watches the beauty of nature in fall.
Using a gap as a chair, she looks over the ocean of orange trees "Ah this is the life."
She relaxes until she finishes her green tea "Such a shame that this will end earlier than usual."
She says frowning remembering the little incident with Yukako and remembering the pain delivered from Reimu from her fight with her.
'Did those needles have to be so big?'
She sighs "Oh well." As she leans into the gap but stops when she felt something... off.
Then she understands, an outsider is going through the Great Hakurei Barrier. What is strange though is that the outsider didn't leave a hole, which while thankful, confuses Yukari on how they didn't leave a mess.
She opens a gap to view this outsider "Well would you look at that." she says to herself.
This outsider is dressed like a hiker, brown coat, bright-blue jeans and a pack back probably filled with a variety of goodies.
The outsider looks rather frail as if a simple breeze can knock them over! They are wearing small round glasses showing blue eyes. Black hair tied back to a pony-tail to keep it from blocking their view.
They look around the area before walking as if already knowing where to go.
"Well this is strange, how did they enter Gensokyo?" The way the outsider enter was like Gensokyo was just a part of the outside world. Perhaps a hole in the barrier? She gaps in the area after the outsider left looking for any holes, but found none.
Yukari scans the area looking for her shikigami, but did not find her "Ran wasn't able to detect it... stupid fox." shaking her head sighing.

What will you do?
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>> No. 66131
[X] Remember the last few hours.
>> No. 66133
[x] Surpass the border between two threads.
>> No. 66136
[X] Let the dude be since he didn't damage the border like a jerk. Consider asking Yukako and her servant Youbu out on a date.
>> No. 66137
[x] Put the outsider on the other side of the Barrier, where they belong.
-[x] Be sure to get their name, too. If this story ends up being a story that ends, you're too much of a troublemaker to be the only person in it.
>> No. 66138
[X]Rouse the local man-eaters , let them know there's dinner walking around
[X] Find Ran
>> No. 66139
Okay, now that we have five votes, I will pick these three

[x] Surpass the border between two threads.
I'll assume you want to find where he goes to enter Gensokyo

[x] Put the outsider on the other side of the Barrier, where they belong.
-[x] Be sure to get their name, too.

[X]Rouse the local man-eaters, let them know there's dinner walking around
-[X] Find Ran
>> No. 66140

What I mean is that you guys now have to pick one of these votes, my bad if I confused you.
>> No. 66142
[X]Rouse the local man-eaters, let them know there's dinner walking around
-[X] Find Ran
>> No. 66144
Alright, voting has closed! Please wait warmly.
>> No. 66147
As much as she appreciates how the outsider didn't leave a mess to clean, food is still food. Opening multiple gaps, Yukari let the scent of the human outsider cross the gaps for the more... hungry youkai's to sniff them out.

"Feeding time~" she sings, closing the gaps for the hunt to begin.

'Now it's time to find that stupid fox.' she frowns wondering why Ran still didn't appear yet.

Yukari opens a gap and enters it "Oh Ran~" she calls out to her shikigami in the red void filled with eyes

"Yes, Lady Yukari?" she hears the voice coming from behind. Turning around, she sees her nine-tails shikigami with her eyes closed already knowing that she made a mistake "There you are!" Yukari says as she pulls an umbrella out of a gap "I-Is there something you need?" she prepares for the accursed thing to land on her head.

"Care to open your eyes Ran? I have something to show you." Yukari orders pointing at an open gap. Ran opens her eyes to see an outsider being chased by a pack of youkai's "An outsider." she answers "Great! It's good to see that your eyes are still working." Yukari says cheerfully "Now tell me, where were you when the outsider appeared?" she asks now pointing the umbrella at her shikigami

"...I was looking for what was causing the disturbance in the barrier" Ran says closing her eyes again "Were you able to find it?" Yukari asks raising the umbrella above her "N-" before she could finish, the umbrella slams into her head "Ow!" Ran begins to rub her head trying to soothe the pain away "You had one job Ran and you messed up. This hurts me more then it hurts you." Yukari clenches her chest sniffing. Ran roll her eyes at her master's acting "Anyway! It's good to see that you are alright, it would be ashamed if one of my tools were broken." Yukari says "Now, we just have to find who or what let the outsider in unnoticed." She opens a gap back to where the outsider came from.

Before she exited, Ran calls out "Lady Yukari. This is not a normal outsider." catching her attention, she looks over to the gap her shikigami is looking to see what it is.

What Yukari saw got her curiosity. A youkai is actually defending the outsider as they run toward the Human village "I saw them putting their hand on the youkai and then this happened. What should do about them?" Ran asks as Yukari continues to watch this strange scene.

[ ] Have Ran investigate where the outsider came from while having Yukari question the outsider

[ ] Have Yukari investigate where the outsider came from, while Ran question the outsider


[ ] Write-in

Pov choice:
Yukari or Ran?
>> No. 66149
[X] Have Yukari investigate where the outsider came from, while Ran questions the outsider
[X] Ran
>> No. 66150
Voting is closed! Only one person voted though if you guys have anything you're unsure of about this story then please tell me.
>> No. 66151
Drop a random or related picture next time you update, you story will certainly gather more attention this way.
>> No. 66152
File 152341273727.jpg - (350.80KB, 600x600, 1-1463165688.jpg) [iqdb]
Actually, before I start writing, I would like for you guys to decide how Ran treats an outsider.

Vote on how Ran will treat the outsider while questioning them. Then in 2 days, I will start writing even if no one responds.
>> No. 66153
File 152342793012.png - (2.66MB, 1200x1935, __yakumo_ran_touhou_drawn_by_uu_uu_zan__d56099b957.png) [iqdb]
[X] Outsiders are unpredictable creatures, especially those who are not normal. Walk up and chat kindly, casually, but keep a spell and dagger behind you just in case. And chloroform.

Should cover all the bases for a nine-tailed fox.

Also, [X]To make it easier to read on this site, split lines of dialogue from different characters into different paragraphs.
>> No. 66154
[X] Outsiders are unpredictable creatures, especially those who are not normal. Walk up and chat kindly, casually, but keep a spell and dagger behind you just in case. And chloroform.

Best you can get with how vague the circumstances are.
>> No. 66164
Alright! Voting is now over. Please wait warmly.
>> No. 66187
File 15239636714.jpg - (300.54KB, 900x600, forest-clearing-in-the-woods-ryan-jorgensen.jpg) [iqdb]
Yukari sighs "Question the outsider while I investigate where they came from, understand?" she says walking out of the void through a gap.

"Yes, Lady Yukari." Ran bows as her master closes the gap

Now all by herself, Ran observes the human who is now in a clearing laying on the ground catching there breath.

'From what I saw, their power works by touch by the hand.' Ran takes a deep breath

'As they touched the youkai, it attacks the other predators as if being controlled.' she breathes out fortifying her mind.

Ran left the void, making sure to keep some distance away from the outsider before talking to them.

The outsider looks up just as Ran appears, their eyes widen at her sight. A golden eyes woman with nine tails appearing in front of them. Where she appeared from they didn't know but knew anyway that this is a youkai, but the strangest thing about her is the kind smile she is wearing on her face.

"Greeting Outsider," Ran says bowing slightly

The Outsider cocks there head, but smiles back and wave after seeing her form of greeting understanding that.

"I'm sorry miss, but I don't know what you are saying." The Outsider shakes there head

"I see, how about now?" Ran asks this time in English leaving the human in awe

"Wow! Did you use a translation spell?" The Outsider says smiling, curiosity gleaming in their eyes

"No, I just know how to speak English." She chuckles as the Outsider's face turns red

"Oh," they say as they look at the ground

"As I was saying, greeting Outsider. I am Ran Yakumo and welcome to Gensokyo." Ran spreads her arm around the clearing.

"Hello Ms. Yakumo, my name is Jesse Jane Jackson! Or you could just call me 'J' for short." they bow similar to how Ran did it.

"For a human, you seem rather unfazed by this place Jesse." Ran says as she shows off her tails. Jesse tries to respond but is too distracted by the tails. There were in awe, like how a child would be the first time they saw a new animal.

"Um well, you see, I, well not me, but my parents told me a lot about this place." They say regaining focus

Ran stops shaking her tails after hearing this information "Oh? You're not alone then?"

Jesse smile falters for just a moment Ran notice it, but said nothing

"I am, I... just wanted to see this place." They fidget looking away from her

"May I ask how your parents know about this hidden place?" Ran walks closer to the Outsider

Jesse didn't respond looking at the floor. Ran could tell from how they act and the tone of their voice towards her is that they want to co-operate with her. All she needs to do is ask the right questions.

"I am sorry, but I don't know how they found this place," they say looking to her golden eyes

"Hmm, how about telling me how did they get here?" she asks just out of their hands reach

"...My parent told me, I can't tell anyone. I'm sorry." they say while bowing

Ran opens a gap behind her and Jesse preparing her tails to grab them

"Jesse Jane Jackson," Ran says catching their attention "Gensokyo is the home for a youkai such as myself." She says gesturing herself

"Now I want you to see what I see. Are you ready?" she asks and Jesse nods

"Excellent, as you know, Gensokyo is my home, it's not perfect, but it's still my home." Ran smiles as Jesse continues to nod

"But right in front of me is a stranger, someone who somehow got in my home without my permission or without me noticing something off." Jesse's eyes widen they were about to speak, but Ran raises a finger silencing them.

"You're not in trouble Jesse, I just want you to see it in my view," Ran says smiling

"...I'm sorry for making you worry like that Ms. Yakumo." Jesse bows again "I'm sure Mom and Dad would understand why I told you about them." they say convincing themselves

Ran bows as well "Thank you 'J'."

J breathes in "My Mom has the power to make 'roads' to other worlds you see, that's how I got here." they say

Ran closes her eyes nodding "I see, and how was she able to hide these roads from me?" she asks

"That's thanks to my Dad! He can make anything invisible!" J exclaims

Just as she is going to ask the next question, both of them heard a buzzing noise coming from a rustling bush behind J forcing Ran to close the gap that was behind them. A Saimyosho crawls out of a bush, its wings in tatter with half of its abdomen missing as well. If memory serves correctly, it is the same youkai Ran saw J touch while they were hiding from the pack of youkai. J gasps and runs towards the wasp youkai catching Ran by surprise.

"Y-you'r- oh god..." J tries to finish their sentence but is too shocked at the blood trail the youkai left behind.

"F-Fooooddd" The wasp wheezed out, J quickly drop there back bag and opens it to pull out a piece of raw steak giving it to the youkai.

The Saimyosho devours the slab of meat and soon falls asleep.

"I-is it...?" J shakes the wasp, unable to tell that it is just sleeping

"It's alive, although it will take a while for it to completely recover." Ran answers

J looks to Ran their eyes filled with hope "Really? Ran nods

"...I should get going, the other youkai could come any minute." J says closing there pack back "Is there anything else you would like to know before I go?"

What will you do?
>> No. 66189
[x] Where can I find you if I want to talk more?
>> No. 66190
This is odd, it looks like you're often referring to one person using plural ("they" instead of "he/she" ).
Also, I'd like some clarification on the purpose of the Yakumo faction in this story, is it just about ensuring the Border's integrity ?
It's important to make that kind of things clear if you're not granting your readers any directions nor pre-made options.
>> No. 66193
The reason why I referee the character as "they" is because I honestly don't know what gender to give them, so I thought "why not let the readers decide?"

For the Yakumo faction, I was inspired by another fanfic called Sublime Soliloquy where it shows the perspective of other touhou characters, so the first people Jesse would meet is the Yakumo family.

As making things clear, I would like to hear your guys opinion on how to make this story more clear!
>> No. 66197
Voting is closed. We will also be switching to Jesse's Pov.
>> No. 66198

Huh. A fan of Luminous, are we? He actually brought me to this site. He's on hiatus right now, but he's been writing around these parts for some time now.
>> No. 66229
File 152444073376.png - (1.01MB, 1200x675, 1200px-Th135_Human_Village.png) [iqdb]
"Where can I find you after you leave Gensokyo?" Ran asks, now curious about J's family history and how they obtain such powers.

"...Well actually, to be honest. I wasn't keeping track where I was running." J starts "And I don't know where the road is at." J says looking down fidgeting

"Oh, you poor thing." Ran chuckles at J's misfortune

"This isn't funny! Now I have to wait at Human Villiage until my..." J stops as if remembering something

"J?" Ran asks

J shakes their head "Sorry, I was just thinking where the village is." their voice sounds shaky

"I see, do not worry J, I will guide you to the place." Ran snaps her finger opening a gap showing a village not too far off.

"Wow, you can make portals!?" J rushes toward the gap getting a closer look at it

"Indeed, would you like to try it?" Ran asks amuse of how giddy J is.

"Yes please!" J jumps through the portal with Ran following behind

The gap leads to a small hill that has an overhead view of the village that survives being surrounded by man-eating youkais. The village itself is rather small, but J could tell that it's bustling with life with people going to there job or just buying grocery.

J takes a breathes in, then breathes out "The air feels... fresher somehow."

"Do you live in a city?" Ran asks admiring the view of the village

"Yeah, born and raised in New York." J answers looking back to Ran

J turns towards Ran and bows

"Thank you for helping so much Ms. Yakumo. You probably saved my life!" J says in appreciation

"Think nothing about and just call me Ran please," Ran says smiling

"No problem! Actually, hold on a sec." J takes off their pack back and is fishing something out

"Here you go!" J pulls out a small container that smells delicious

"Food?" Ran asks taking the container from J's hand

"Yup, Mom told me how youkais love to eat, I'm saving cooked foods for older youkais who prefer something more then just raw meat, I know I would." J shrugs closing the pack back and put it back on.

"I see, thank you very much for the offer J..." Ran stops for a short moment, but continues "Although I must be going now." she says opening a gap

"Oh okay, I hope to see you again Ms. Yakumo!" J waves goodbye to Ran as she enters the gap

"Farewell Jesse, but before I leave, I have a question." Ran turns her back against the gap

"What is it?" J asks

"Do you plan on being kind to everyone you meet?" she asks, her smile gone and now with a neutral expression

"...Yes? I mean, I don't see why I shouldn't." J scratches the back of there head

"Understandable, although I will have to warn you, kindness will not always be the answer to every youkais you meet." Ran says before closing the gap, disappearing with it.

Now all by themselves, J sighs 'That's what I'm afraid of.'

They pull out a phone from their pocket looking at the front page 'But what's taking Mom and Dad so long to come back?'

J closes the phone putting it back in their pocket and begin their journey to the Human Villiage.

Where should they start searching after they enter the Human Villiage

[] Search for specific places Mom and Dad usually like to go to.

-[] If you want, write-in where they would be.

[] Explore the village, I don't want to get lost!
>> No. 66267
[X] Explore the village, I don't want to get lost!
>> No. 66275
Voting is closed! I will be writing shortly.
>> No. 66276
oh, i didn't even notice you had updated
>> No. 66298
File 152488069229.jpg - (309.55KB, 1280x960, 7a7d27ada9c7242275bf69d6ab7c09c2.jpg) [iqdb]
Stepping down the hill, they found a dirt road leading to the 'Human Village' a somewhat silly name in their opinion.

As they enter the village, the first thing they notice is the shops. Well not quite shop more like stands that are selling different types of items. Jesse didn't really care what they were selling, they only care for where they are which seem to be a marketplace that also seems to be a social spot with how many benches there are for people to sit and eat with others. Theirs's even a bar, but right now it's closed.

The people themselves were eyeing the visitor, Jesse smiles, waves and continues to explore not bothering to talk to them due to the language barrier.

Reaching the end of the market area, they found a group of people facing a dragon statue wrap around a small pillar. The face shows absolute fury, but the most interesting about is it ever changing eye color going from grey, white, blue, and red. It eventually stops and stays on white. The group of disperses talking in their own language.

Jesse walks pass the Dragon statue following the road leading what seems to be the resident area. The house was unique to Jesse since they never seen front doors just being sliding doors. At the other side of the road were groups of kids going inside a building which Jesse assumes is a school.

Getting near the end of the resident area lead to further to parts of the forest, but the strangest thing they see is an old warehouse, its paint is peeling with dust clearly visible on the windows. Taking note of it, Jesse turns back to explore more of the village.

After a couple of minutes, Jesse began to see people with finer clothing, houses more luxurious then the previous houses they seen. In the noble area of the village, the roads were much cleaner and some of the houses were even two stories high although Jesse isn't that impress by the size of the building. All in all, it's just a more fancy resident area in Jesse's eyes. But interesting enough Jesse found a bookstore in the area.

'Guess reading is for the nobles only.' Jesse rolls their eye at the thought

After finishing there search, Jesse still didn't find their parents. They start thinking of what to do next.

[] Visit the School, Mom and Dad love sharing knowledge.

[] Wait till the bar is open, Mom and Dad always love trying different alcohols

[] Visit the Bookstore, Perhaps the owner saw Mom and Dad?


[] Settle down at the abandoned warehouse, this may take longer than expected...
>> No. 66299
[X] Visit the School, Mom and Dad love sharing knowledge.

Keine will definitely help us!
>> No. 66308
Voting is called! Please wait warmly.
>> No. 66325
File 152557104193.jpg - (25.58KB, 449x306, Update!.jpg) [iqdb]
'Mom and Dad love to share knowledge.' Jesse remembers fondly how their parents would home-school them. Jesse turns back to the resident area looking for the school again.

Getting closer to the school, Jesse begins to wonder how exactly they will talk to the teacher, if they are in the middle of class they have to wait until class is finish. Their thought, however, is interrupted by the sight of a strange looking woman standing in front of the school who seems to be looking for something.

This woman wore a blue dress with a red bow tied on her collar and a silly looking hat that to Jesse looks like a small lunch box. What is the strangest thing about her though is her hair though, silver for the most part, but at the very tip of her neatly come hair is blue

'I doubt that she's human, but she seems nice enough.' Jesse thought as they walk closer to her, they notice she has a worried look on her face.

"Excuse me miss, are you looking for something?" Jesse calls out

The Lady looks at them and says something, but it's in Japanese.

Jesse wishes they could just link minds with her, it would make things much easier, but they would need her trust to be able to enter her mind. Besides making a mind link with someone who doesn't trust them would cause... unwanted changes for everyone envolve.

"I... looking for... students." The Lady speaks again in English, but with some difficulty.

"You're looking for people to teach?" Jesse asks trying to make sure they understand her

She shakes her head and points to the window of the small school. To Jesse surprise, there were no students in the classroom, but they clearly remember there were kids entering the school.

"Your students are missing!" Jesse asks and the Teacher nods rapidly able to understand a bit of English.

While they are looking for their parents Jesse decides to postpone it to help this teacher look her missing students.

"I can help," Jesse says pointing to their eyes then pointing to the area hoping for to get the message.

She smiles and bows "Thank you!" she says

'She seems to trust me now, maybe I could link with her now. Then again I should be 100 percent sure and look for her students first just to be on the safe side.' Jesse thinks on what to do.

'Linking with her now would help make everything easier, but she might get scared off from the suddenness of the linking.'

[]Try to link with her


[] Look for the students first
>> No. 66326
[X]Try to link with her

Lets make things simpler for ourselves.
>> No. 66327
Also, couldn't find a suitable image?
>> No. 66328

Sorry, trying to find new ways to grab attention since I can't use the update box.

Although now that I think about it, I don't think the black circle was really necessary.
>> No. 66329
[X]Try to link with her
>> No. 66337
Voting close! Please wait warmly.
>> No. 66473
File 152884697748.jpg - (69.75KB, 1024x576, d58acb3d15760a706f7689beb4cc3d201e7f15c8_hq.jpg) [iqdb]
'Nothing venture, nothing gain!' Jesse exclaims clenching their hand focusing on their desires and hope. Their hand begins to glow a soft warm light.

The glowing catches the teacher by surprise. They extend their hand towards her as if to shake it.

"Do you trust me?" Jesse asks looking directly into her eyes

She understands what they said, she looked at their young eyes filled with hope. She firmly nods and grabs the glowing hand

Mind Link!

The world goes blank, then Keine wakes up from her desk. She looks across the room only to still see empty desks, but this time she hears children laughing.

'...Was it just a dream?' She asks herself

Keine stands up from her chair and walks to the door sliding it open to see that took her breath away. A playground is now in front of the school with all of her students playing in it.

"What a beautiful desire you have." a voice calls out from her side

She turns her head to see the child she was talking to on the bench.

"My name is Jesse Jane Jackson, you could call me J for short," they say smiling

"Where are we?" she asks

Keine looks around to see other villagers she saw before walking by smiling and wearing much finer clothing, but everything else looks different. The streets were made of concrete and the other building were so massive that they can touch the clouds.

"We're in our world, all our thoughts and desires are here," J says

"My power is to link minds together and create a world between them." They say waving towards two adults

"So it isn't real?" Keine frowns slightly saddened that it is all in her mind

"Nope, but we can make it real by first finding your students Miss." Jesse pats down on the empty space

She jolts "Oh! I am so sorry! I was just so caught of this place. My name is Keine Kamishirasawa, teacher and guardian of the Human Village." she bows

"It's nice to know you trust me Ms. Kamishirasawa, now then, can you tell me what happens?" Jesse stands up and bows back before sitting back down.

Keine sits down with Jesse "Well, during class, I went to the closet at the back of the classroom to get some material for today's assignment, but something strange happens."

Her grips on her dress tighten "I... felt something hit me from behind multiple time."

"You sound unsure about it." Jesse points out

She nods "I felt the pain, but I didn't hear or even feel the object hitting my head... It was like getting a massive migraine from nowhere." Keine massages the back of her head.

Jesse begins to scratch their chin "Whatever it was, it somehow got past the students without getting spotted and sneak into the closet without a sound."

"Correct. When I woke up, all of my students were... gone." Keine couldn't help but look back at the playground seeing her 'students' playing to their heart's content

"Maybe they ran?" Jesse suggests, but Keine shrugs

"Perhaps, all I can do now is to search for them," she says determine to fulfill it

"Since there little kids, I think the best place to look for them is back at their home," Jesse says

Keine nods in agreement "Then should we get going then?" she says standing up

Jesse stands up as well "Yup, although now that I think about it." They look at the kids at the playground

"Are those your students that are missing?" They ask

"Yes." Keine answers

Jesse snaps their fingers and all of the kids suddenly stops what they are doing and run towards the Outsider lining up. Jesse crouches down and study each of their faces

"All of their faces are so detailed, it's like I'm seeing them in real life. You must really care for them otherwise their faces would be blurry." Jesse comments

"Immensely," Keine says with pride filling her body

Standing back up, Jesse claps their hand and the world begins to dissolve to black. The connection begins to weaken with Keine and Jesse fading away.

"I will stick with you since I can't speak Japanese, is that alright?" Jesse asks looking to Keine

She smiles "Sure."

Minds Disconnect
>> No. 66474
Hey guys, sorry about the wait, I had a writer's block, but luckily I have gotten over it. No choices right now, but in the next post.
>> No. 66505
File 152934658951.jpg - (18.39KB, 449x306, Update!.jpg) [iqdb]
Their hands let go ending the link. Keine opens her eyes feeling like she woke from a wonderful dream. Jesse, the strange outsider, stood in front of her with a smile on their face.

"Should we get going?" Jesse asks re-adjusting their glasses

Keine notices of the particularly big book-bag Jesse is carrying on their back wondering if they got lost and appeared in Gensokyo, or perhaps Yukari took an interest of the human and took them away from home.

"Leave... the bag here in school." Keine felt embarrassed by her poor English, but Jesse understood what she said.

"Oh sure, it was getting a little heavy." Jesse slips off the book-bag as Keine opens the door to the school

Jesse leaves it right at the entrance of the door before Keine closes the door.

Now feeling lighter from putting away the book-bag, They begin their search for the missing students.

As they explore the school area, Knocking on doors nearby the houses, but there is no response. They try other houses, but it ended with the same result. They look around for people to talk to, but nearby the school are gone as well. The duo check other sections of the village and everything seems normal. They walk back to the commoners' area one more time.

"Is everyone working or something?" Jesse asks as they peer through a window.

"I know every student's... parents very well. Some should still be home." Keine says with a thick accent

"Is every teacher like that?" Jesse asks as they continue their search

"Like what?" Keine asks

"Know everything about their students. Like their names, faces and parents... stuff like that." Jesse says

"Yes, have you been in school?" Keine asks

Jesse shakes their head "Nope, I was homeschooled by my parents."

"Ah, what they teach you?" the teacher grew curious

"They taught me how to use my power and being responsible with it. They also show me all types of worlds too! Like in one world, everything was made of diamonds!" Jesse says

Keine only caught that Gensokyo may not have been the first new world Jesse has visited.

"Parents have power too?" she asks

Jesse nods "What about you Ms. Kami...shirosawa? Camashirosawa? Ms. Cane! What about you Ms. Cane, do you have any powers?" they ask

Keine couldn't help, but chuckle how Jesse tried to pronounce her name. As she is about to correct them Jesse stops in their track and looks at the house beside them. The front door is ajar with a small breeze coming through.

"Hello?" Keine calls out in her original language.

No response.

"We should go in," Jesse says

"No. You stay." Keine orders

"What? But something bad might happen!" they say

"Exactly. Now stay please." Keine place a hand on their shoulder hoping Jesse understood

Jesse stares into the teacher's pleading eyes.

[] Stay

[] Follow
>> No. 66511
[x] Follow
>> No. 66512
Voting is close! Please wait warmly.
>> No. 66521
File 153021326284.jpg - (144.67KB, 750x1060, 79e2e5d16589fcaef0f34446c4420440.jpg) [iqdb]
"At least let me watch your back, Ms. Cane. It's not right that you risk your life while I just stay and do nothing." Jesse says

Keine looks between the house and Jesse

"If fight, get out. Understand?" Keine says

Jesse gives a firm nod and gets into position as Keine slides the door open and enters the house. The inside of the house like the outside is small with about two rooms, one to the kitchen and one to the living room.

Keine removes her shoes and places it in one of the shelves beside the entrance confusing Jesse why she did it, but decides not to question it. The duo enters the kitchen to find an unfinished dish on the table. Jesse places their hand over the food.

"Still warm," they say

The duo leaves the kitchen and enters the empty living room.

"Is where they sleep?" Jesse whispers

Keine shakes her head and points to the next room connected to the living room. Vines were covering the door keeping it shut.

"What... is that?" Jesse asks

But Keine only looks to them in confusion.

"The door?" she says

"Yeah, what's covering it?" Jesse says

Keine looks at the door again but looks back to Jesse

"There's nothing," she says

Jesse frowns "You don't see it?"

The teacher shakes her head.

"Try opening it," Jesse says

Keine stares at Jesse then walk over to grab the side of the door to slide it open. However, she is met with resistance from the door as it didn't budge. Keine pulls on the side harder, but it still did not budge. She then uses her inhuman strength to slide the door crushing the vines in the way and leaving crack marks on the door she was holding.

"Jesus! You murde-" Jesse shouts, but is interrupted by Keine covering their mouth.

"Shh!" she whispers

"Sorry, just got surprised from your strength," they say

Keine slowly enters the room with Jesse follows suit to find an odd site. A boy is infused to the ground with bits of there skin is what seems to be made of wood. His legs are like the trunks of a tree while his arms were like branches.

"Kenji!" Keine shouts running towards the boy

The teacher looks on with horror seeing one of her students in such a deform state.

"Who did this to you!?" Keine cries out, but the boy did not respond.

She tries to pull her student out of the invisible restraints.

"Wait!" Jesse shouts stopping Keine "He's part of the tree!" they say

"What tree!?" she shouts in anger

"Look!" Jesse points at the skin on the boy that is stretching starting to tear.

Keine immediately lets go in shock that she was just hurting her student. She begins to pace around the room trying to think what to do while Jesse stood still unsure what to do.

She stops her pacing "Jesse stay here." she begins to leave the room.

"Where are you going?" They ask

"Getting help, please watch over Kenji," she orders as she runs out of the room

"But what if his parents come?" Jesse calls out but she was already gone

"Great..." they say looking at the boy wondering what to do

Then an idea struck

'I could try to mind link with him and since he's unconscious, I won't have to worry about breaking in.'

'Although, I don't know what's going on in his mind, would it really be safe?'

[]Mind Link

[] Wait for Keine
>> No. 66529
Well looks like no vote for today, I will write anyway.
>> No. 66548
File 153093327948.jpg - (487.49KB, 1800x1205, JEF_050895.jpg) [iqdb]
Jesse walks up to the boy, with their hand glowing and reach for his face

"Nothing ventured, nothing gained!" they say before making contact to Kenji

The outsider wakes up to the color pink. Confused, Jesse begins to shuffle around trying to stand up with pink petals falling off their body. Now on their leg, Jesse observe that the mind-world is cover in cherry blossoms with the sky being cover like a dome by what appears to be the trunks of a tree. Even the wind itself send a chill down Jesse's spine as if it carries dark secrets that no human should know of.

Jesse is too terrified to speak by the power oozing from the world overwhelming them. They never felt this small in their entire life. Off in the distance, Jesse could see a blossoming tree and walk bit by bit, worry that just walking normally would get them killed for reasons they couldn't understand.

Finally, they were close enough to see details on the tree such as the tree is larger than expected from the distance and a familiar boy.

"...Kenji?" Jesse calls out but immediately regrets it

The ground below begins to shift under Jesse's legs then stop, but they didn't dare to move. Jesse clenches their hand and opens with now a rock in it. They limp throw the rock away from them and the tree. Once the rock landed, the ground begins to shift again this time away from Jesse.

They continue to walk towards the tree now slower than before to avoid alerting whatever is in the ground. Now in closer inspection, Jesse could see that the boy is covered in vines with some sort of bud sticking out of his chest. The bud seems to be pulsating, injecting something into Kenji. Jesse steps closer to the boy and quickly taps the bud to see if there is a reaction. The bud shakes sporadically causing Kenji to groan in pain.

'This bud seems to be the problem, maybe if I take it out it would free him.' Jesse thinks

'The faster this ends, the better. Although getting him out of this area first would be safer, but also longer...'

[] Pull out the bud

[] Get Kenji out of the area
>> No. 66549
[x] Pull out the bud
>> No. 66550
Voting closed! Thank you for voting.
>> No. 66551
[X] Pull out the bud

Risky, but so is waiting
>> No. 66562
File 153167186637.jpg - (100.26KB, 900x600, cherry-blossom-buds-michael-fusco.jpg) [iqdb]
Jesse breathes in and releases the tension in their body. It slightly helps in this oppressive atmosphere. They place a leg on the tree planning to use it as leverage, then grabs the pulsating bud. Kenji begins to squirm, his groaning is louder than before, but Jesse ignores it and prepares to pull it.

"Sorry," Jesse whispers and pull on the bud

The ground begins to tremble as Kenji's groan grew louder, turning into screams. Jesse pulls on the bud with all their might ignoring the dread of death emerging from the ground. They didn't dare to look back too terrified to stop what they're doing. The bud itself is pulsating faster as if realizing it's in danger, with parts of its tendril begin to spaz out, flailing out of control lashing on Jesse's leg that is resting on the tree and on their arms holding onto it.

A shadow looms over Jesse reaching towards. The bud slowly begins to loosen which Jesse took advantage of by pulling it in different directions speeding up the process. The unseen figure wraps it enormous appendage around Jesse and begins to squeeze. Jesse closed their eyes not wanting to see anything, their thoughts only surrounding one thing. Keep pulling.

They kept thinking that mantra as bones begin to crack and dislocate. Jesse felt like an ant being hold by a human between two fingers, unable to do anything, but wait for death as the two finger press together.

'Keep pulling, keep pulling, keep pulling...'

"Keep pulling!" Jesse screeches

As the large figure is about to pop Jesse's body, the bud loses its attachment to Kenji and flies in the air disintegrating into nothing. Whatever was holding Jesse begins to break down bellowing out a roar that shook Jesse's entire being down to their soul before fading away. Jesse goes limp and falls on their back, curling into a ball, crying.

"Ah ded it! Am alave!" They say but were distorted by the tears and snots streaming out of their face. Overwhelm with relief from certain doom.

Kenji's screaming has stopped now replace with a soft snoring unaware of what happened.

"Jesse." A woman's voice calls out.

Jesse's eyes sprang open, but the tears hinder their sight. Blinking, Jesse begins to see two figures walking to them. Jesse recognizes the two.

"Mama! Papa!" the pain, dread, and death is replaced with sheer joy

Jesse forces themselves to stand up but falls back down. Father and Mother sit down on the ground and hug Jesse softly.

"We're here for you," Father says

"You're safe now." Mother says

Jesse begins to cry louder in joy feeling the warm embrace, feeling safe with their family holding close to them protecting them from any kind of danger.

"Ah'll f-find yah! Ah swear...!" they whisper

Using all of their strength from the trial, Jesse falls unconscious ending the mind link with everything including the parents, fade away.
>> No. 66563
File 15317159902.gif - (289.09KB, 520x416, 1438410163384.gif) [iqdb]
Good End
>> No. 66564
What the hell?
Not sure if you are joking or not.
>> No. 66565
No, it's not over. Not sure what the other guy is talking about.
>> No. 66569
Well, it's a Good End for Kenji at least.
>> No. 66572
Good end for the situation. Chill.
>> No. 66576
File 153219836640.png - (717.84KB, 867x600, yukari_gap_by_littlepandemonium-d5gllym.png) [iqdb]
All is dark, as it should. All is silent, as it should. All is nothing, as it should. Jesse's soul travels without direction, without purpose. All is natural in the unconsciousness that is Jesse's mind, until now. A single yokai decides to go against common sense by existing in a world of nothing. The yokai begins clapping as if the world is not broken enough.

"I have to admit, I'm surprised you live this long J." She says

Jesse's soul begins to travel towards the sound. Unsure if they are in a dream or in the afterlife.

"...Who are you?" Jesse says surprise being able to speak as well as exist.

"Well I go by many names, but you may call me Yukari Yakumo." she waves with just her fingers

Jesse recognize part of the name "Yakumo? Are you related to a yokai named Ran Yakumo?"

"Correct, she told me about you and your family. Interesting powers you all have," she says

Jesse didn't say anything. Instead, they try to open their eyes to see Yukari but fail to realize they don't have eyes.

"Why can't I see?" Jesse asks not sure why they don't mind this

Yukari shrugs "We're in your mind, just make something exist."

Jesse would have raised an eyebrow if they had one "How do I do that?"

"Just use your imagination. Like this!"

A gap similar to Ran made appears out of nothing as if acting as a curtain, begins to move to reveal a woman with golden hair and a purple dress. She may look like a young woman, but her golden-color eyes show something else. Her eyes show knowledge and maturity of someone far older, but it also has signs of being mischievous.

"Just think and it will appear?" Jesse asks

"Yes," she says

Jesse remembers how they created the pebble in the mental world and tries to imply it to their current situation. It's easier then they thought, just by remembering how they look, The floating orb that is Jesse's soul begins to transform into Jesse's body (clothes included). The eyes open and Jesse felt awake.

"I did it!" Jesse says finally able to see again

"See? It's easy." Yukari says

Yukari then taps the invisible floor with her umbrella. Grass begins to cover the ground with tree oaks emerging from the ground. Various animals that have been long extinct populate the forest either sleeping or just roaming the place. Finally, a road that seems to have stretch forever appears with Yukari standing on it.

"Let's go for a walk," she says

The two went for a walk while it is peaceful, Jesse couldn't shake off that there is a reason for this walk.

"Kenji wasn't the only one you know," she states catching Jesse by surprise

"How do you know about Kenji?" They ask

"I was watching you," she says

"...And you didn't help?" they say

"Didn't really care about the boy." She says smiling at them

Jesse narrow their eyes "Why?"

Yukari shrugs nonchalantly "Would you help an ant?"

The question reminds Jesse about what their parents said about yokai. Different beings with a different way of thinking. While some yokai may be nice, most viewed humans as something less.

"Nevermind." They say

"...Anyway, there are more people infected by the Saigyou Ayakashi." She continues

"Hold on! How do you know about what's causing this!?" Jesse stops walking

"Well, I peak in your memories and gather everything I wanted to know about what you saw, and came to the conclusion that it's that trees doing," Yukari says now mildly annoyed at the outburst

"You look through my memories!? Without my permission?" They ask

"Yes." She smiles

Jesse is too stunned by her demeanor to say anything.

"After you saved Kenji, the other people infected disappear only leaving a dirt trail." She says

"..." they stay silent

"I looked everywhere for them, but it was as if they never existed." She says

Yukari turns around looking at Jesse with a grin

"You wouldn't know how that happens right?" She asks

A small thought enters Jesse's head on who could have done it, but they immediately reject it.

"No." They say

Yukari's grin turn to a neutral expression, then she shrugs

"Eh, it doesn't matter to me. What does though is where there are now," she says continuing her walk with Jesse grudgingly follow.

"Fortunately, you can somehow still see them," Jesse says nothing to that

"And you want me to find them?" They say

"Correct! But I didn't visit you just to tell what to do. You probably would have searched for the rest of Keine's student." she says

"...How many are infected by Saigyou?" Jesse asks

"Seven, excluding Kenji," she says

"I see, what is the other reason you 'visit' me then?" they say

"To help you of course," she says

"I thought you didn't care." they retort

Yukari stops again and turns around

"I don't care about ants, but caterpillars are a different story." she walks towards Jesse

"Caterpillars turn into butterflies, who pollinate the flowers keeping the plant species alive." She reaches to Jesse's face pinch their cheek

"Plus they're cuter then ants. It's a fact really," she says smiling

"Ow ow ow! What's your problem?!" Yukari lets go and Jesse rubs their cheek. She's stronger then she looks.

"Anyway, I want to give you two gifts." Jesse raises an eyebrow

"Grab my hand," she orders

Jesse looks at her hand then back to her then back to her hand, unsure what to do. Yukari extends her hand further trying to make them shake her hand. They slowly reach for her hand and grab it. Jesse's eyes widen as knowledge begins to flow through their body becoming enlighten by Yukari's power. She lets go of their hand.

"How do you feel?" she asks

"I feel... different?" they say unsure on what she did to them

"I gave you the knowledge of speaking Japanese." She says in the language surprising Jesse

"Now that pesky language barrier won't be a problem for you!" she smiles

"Just like that!?" Jesse couldn't fathom what Yukari's power is.

"And since you will be hunting down the kids infected by the Ayakashi, I gave you the ability to detect evil."

Jesse is stun of how helpful Yukari is even though of her lack of care to humanity. Suddenly the ground begins to shake snapping them out of their trance.

"What's happening!?" They say

"You're waking up. Perfect timing too, I was thinking of going to sleep soon." She says yawning

"What!? Why not help me in finding the missing kids!?" They ask

"Eh, I'm sure you will be fine." She says as she opens a gap

"Ta ta!" she says before entering the gap and closing it.

'...What are you Yukari Yukamo? You said you don't care about Kenji's life and you violated my privacy without a care in the world, but then you want to help me in finding the missing students and you seem to care about me... Just what are you?'

[] Give Yukari a chance

[] Do your best to avoid Yukari
>> No. 66577
[x] Give Yukari a chance

You should check the update checkbox when you are making updates to the story, OP. Otherwise your thread won't appear on the front page on the Latest Story Updates.
>> No. 66578
Shoot didn't even notice it. thanks for the tip!
>> No. 66579
Okay, since I'm new to this, I'll give one more day for the voting continues just in case no one seen the latest update.
>> No. 66580
[x] Give Yukari a chance
I trust my 3rd favorite 2hu
>> No. 66582
[x] Give Yukari a chance

Everyone gets one.
>> No. 66583
Voting is closed. Thank you for voting!
>> No. 66617
File 153304869556.jpg - (47.73KB, 600x600, milano-bed-zanotta-1_m.jpg) [iqdb]
Jesse stirs on the bed, slowly waking up to the sound of someone talking. They soon realize their coat is missing from their body only leaving their yellow shirt covering the upper body. After getting off of the bed, Jesse looks out of the window to see it's night time with no people in sight. Then they hear the door open.

"Oh, you're awake." Jesse didn't recognize the voice

Jesse turns toward the door to see a man who's hair is completely grey and wrinkle face showing fatigue.

'he looks like around Father's age.' Jesse thought

"Excuse me, but where am I?" Jesse bows speaking in Japanese for the first time

"You're in the Villages clinic, Keine brought you and one of her students in." the doctor says

Jesse rushes towards the doctor "Is Kenji alright!?" they shout

The doctor steps back, surprised by the outburst.

"He's asleep, but other then that, We're expecting a full recovery for him," he says

The tension inside Jesse released and he makes a sigh of relief

"Thank you for telling me," they say

"You're welcome, now if you excuse me there are other patients I need to see," he says before closing the door.

Jesse continues to explore the room and found their book-bag in one of the corners.

'Keine must have dropped it here for me.'

They dig through their belonging and found what they were looking for. A notebook and a pencil. Jesse went back to their bed and sit on it with their back against the wall.

Day 1

Two weeks have passed since Mom and Dad disappear. On the last day, I woke up to find Mom's portal in the living room with a single note on the table. Gensokyo. Mom and Dad told me many times about the place, how dangerous it is or the monsters in it, but they never explain further.

I knew it would be dangerous coming here, but... twice my life was in danger and I honestly thought I was going to... die.'

Jesse couldn't help but shiver. Their body slowly being crushed is still in their mind.

I can't help, but worry about them. Where are they? Why did Mom create the portal? Are they in danger? And if they are... what can I do? My power can't help me in a fight!

"Damnit." Jesse whispers

Jesse takes a deep breath

And now there are Keine's missing students... Maybe there is a connection? Yukari, while strange and extremely uncaring about personal space, I feel like she is trying to help in her own strange (Yokai?) way and Keine is definitely trustful, but I'm worried how she is doing right now.

I need to come up with a plan! I don't... feel the evil? Nearby. I think the rest of the students are outside the village somewhere and I think Keine will be the only person that can help me and keep me safe, but what if I can't find her? ...Will I have to find the students by myself?

I don't want to find out what happens if the infection continues to grow, it could be like a zombie infection or something! And what if there suffering? In the mind-link world, I saw some sort of bud pumping something into Kenji. I can't just sit back while knowing I can help! Maybe I should ask Kenji what it was like being infected tomorrow... They are also the only possible connection to my family. It's dangerous and I might... really die, but what else can I do?

Jesse closes the notebook sighing. They look out the window before going back asleep.

[] Wait for Keine
[] Continue without her
[]Write in if you have a plan
>> No. 66618
[x] Wait for Keine
>> No. 66619
[x] Wait for Keine

He did say his power won't help him so...
>> No. 66622
Voting is closed! Thank you for voting.
>> No. 66670
File 153421855370.jpg - (48.96KB, 627x700, b9beb89f0316392b6f74d9e4b49ad0fd-700.jpg) [iqdb]
The night has ended and now comes the sun bringing its glorious light to the land of illusions driving away any nocturnal yokai back to where they came. A glimmer of light pierces through the window hitting Jesse's eyelid, waking them up. They slowly rise from their bed rubbing the sand away from their eyes. The door opens with a nurse carrying miso soup on a tray

"Hello! Here's your breakfast!" She says in Japanese

"...Thank you" They say taking it from her hand

"Oh! I didn't know you could speak Japanese." She says surprise

"Ah, well, you never know until you find out right?" They joke

"Very true! Oh dear! Where is my manner? I'll let you eat your breakfast." She says just as she is about to leave

"Before you go, could you tell me where Kenji is resting?" They ask

"Why he's in the room next to yours on the right, but make sure to eat first!" She orders

"I will." They say

As the nurse left, Jesse begins to eat the miso soup noting that the meat in the soup tastes like chicken

'Are their farm animals in this place?' they thought

After finishing their breakfast, Jesse places the tray on the drawer next to the bed and did a few stretches before leaving their room. Heading to the right, Jesse opens the door to find the small boy already up.

"..." Although Jesse didn't know how to start the conversation

"Hello," fortunately Kenji did

"Uh, hi... how are you feeling?" They ask

"I'm good, what about you?" He asks

"Yeah, I'm good, um, my name is Jesse Jane Jackson." they walk towards Kenji extending their hand

"What are you doing?" He stares at Jesse's hand

"Oops, I was trying to shake your hand." They bow instead

"...My name is Kenji Kimura." Kenji says

"Hello Mr. Kimura, is it alright to ask you a question?" Jesse asks

"Sure." He smiles

"Thank you, now, can you tell me if you remember anything before waking up here?" They ask

Kenji crosses his arms trying to think back on what happened.

"I was in school, we were learning about history, but Keine-Sensei forgot to bring the textbooks." He says

"After that..." Kenji scratch his head

"Yes?" Jesse inquires

"I don't remember. It's weird, but my head feels fuzzy kinda like a dream." He shrugs

"I see, thank you for helping me Mr. Kimura, I will let you rest." Jesse bows

"Ooh! I remember something!" Keine grabs Jesse's arm

"What is it?" They ask

"I remember something about cherry blossoms... but I don't if it's important." He mentions

"It is. Do you remember anything else?" Jesse asks

Kenji shakes his head

"Alright then, I'll be leaving now." Jesse gives a short wave

"Bye Je...jisse? Gesse?" Kenji fumbles

Jesse couldn't help but chuckle "Try saying 'J' it's my nickname." They say

"J? J, Bye J!" Kenji waves goodbye

Jesse exits the room and scratches their head, wondering what to do next. Then, they hear a familiar voice.

"Thank goodness you're okay Jesse," Keine says sounding a bit tired

Jesse looks down the hall to see the teacher. Keine did not look in her best condition, her hair is a mess, but oddly enough she still looks like she can take on the day

"Forgive me for leaving you alone with Kenji, I was so scared, I just had to get help," she says bowing

Jesse says nothing unsure how to tell Keine that they can speak her language now. But Keine mistook the look of Jesse's face.

"Ah, sorry how are you feeling?" she says now in her broken English

"Good," Jesse says in Japanese

Keine's eyes were as wide as a fish, with her mouth slightly open.

"How are you...?" Keine couldn't finish her sentence

Jesse opens their mouth to answer the question, but nothing came out. They try to remember who gave them their new abilities, but it came blank. They then try to remember what the person was, but it became blank again. Did they even remember if the person was a boy or a girl?

"...I'm not sure. It's strange, but I can't remember who." They say

"Someone gave you the knowledge?" She asks

"Yeah, but it feels like I always knew how to speak Japanese." They say

"I see, Jesse, can you wait here while I check on Kenji?" She asks

"Sure," They step aside

As Keine enters Kenji's room, Jesse is left alone with their thoughts.

'Why can't I remember?' They scratch their head

After a couple of minutes pass, Keine exits Kenji's room with a smile on her face now knowing one of her students is safe.

"I'm sorry Ms. Kamishirasawa, but I just can't remember who gave me the power." They say

"That's alright Jesse, now, can you tell me what happened when I left you with Kenji?" She asks

"Oh, that? Well while you were gone... I thought of mind-linking with Kenji." They answer

"Okay, but why did you do that?" She tilts her head

"I wanted to see if his mind was in danger or something." They say

"What did you find?" She asks

"I saw Kenji entangle by a bud against a cherry blossom." They recall

"A cherry blossom!?" She repeats to herself

"Is there something wrong Ms. Kamishirasawa?" Jesse asks

"...I think I know who is behind the kidnapping." Keine says

"Re-really!? Who is it?" They stammer

"You weren't probably here at the time, but there was an incident that also involved a certain cherry tree." She explains

"What happen?" They ask

"I don't know much of it, but I know the culprit lives in the Netherworld." She says

"What's that?" They ask

"It's where the dead lives." She says

"What?" Jesse says again

Keine couldn't but chuckle "I know that it sounds strange, but it's real."

"...Okay, so when will we go?" They ask

"I'm sorry Jesse, but you will have to stay this time." Keine orders

"But what if the rest of the students are there? I can cure them like with Kenji." They point out

"I know and I am extremely grateful for what you did, but the Netherworld is dangerous for humans. The place is full of ghosts that contain so much negative energy that it can kill you!"

Jesse says nothing, the feeling of being useless looms over them. They clench their hands unsure what to do.

"...Well, what am I suppose to do?" They look up to Keine

Keine begins to ponder

"How about this? While I face the suspect, you can continue the search for my students. I know you have been able to see what's happening to them. Maybe then you can see something I didn't." She suggests

"It's also possible there somewhere else besides the village," Jesse says unsure how to tell Keine of their other ability

"If that's the case, you should check on a girl name Reimu Hakurei, she is the Miko whose job is to help the humans." She says

"I can do that." They smile

"Good, be safe Jesse." She smiles back

"You too."

[] Find the Miko

[]Explore the Village (again) with your new abilities
>> No. 66671
[x] Find the Miko
>> No. 66690
Voting closed! Thanks for voting!
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