I think Keine has the best hat. It's still darn silly though.

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File 169342095685.jpg - (1.15MB, 2894x4093, bb4988c541a4af07c3e4d2d27c6473dd.jpg)
https://thp.reisen/.well-known/matrix/server points to matrix.thp.reisen:8448 and 8448 is not proxying matrix API, but matrix.thp.reisen:443 does. You probably want to correct your well-known endpoint so it would to point to matrix.thp.reisen:443, or it would be difficult for other servers to successfully communicate with yours. https://federationtester.matrix.org/#thp.reisen can be used to test correctness of configuration.
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We purposely don't federate.
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As mentioned, federation is disabled on purpose. That file is pretty much there as a placeholder.

Thanks anyways for your post.

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