I think Keine has the best hat. It's still darn silly though.

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File 142960993362.jpg - (1.00MB, 1275x1046, 5b99527088165d2ee7a05d9890cc3326.jpg) [iqdb]
You know what we've gone too long without? A writing contest. You know what I'm about to host? A writing contest. This isn't the 5th Annual Contest, though, so I'm gimmicking things up just a little bit! I've only got three main rules.

First is that ALL ENTRIES ARE ANONYMOUS, no exceptions, you're disqualified if you reveal who you are before the votes are doled out.

The second is a TWO POST LIMIT on entries, although I will be honestly impressed if you somehow surpass that limit. If you do use two posts, make sure they're obviously connected, and consider linking them together in the thread to be absolutely sure.

The third, and the gimmick in question, is that this contest is CROSSOVERS ONLY.

Yep, you read that correctly. I don't care what you write, just so long as it involves some other game or anime or movie or whatever. You'll find I'm a pretty lax judge of what's valid, so long as you don't, say, write something completely in one setting and then just toss in a token reference to the other side of the crossover, in which case I will be very disappointed in you. If you wanted to write something that was Touhou only, well, the annual contest is only a few months away. Write it now and then blitz that contest the minute it opens!

Deadline's the 21st of May at 23:59 GMT, AKA site time, so that gives you a month to do your thing.

The categories are veterans/newbies and normal/smut, as usual. Veterans are defined as anyone who's been writing since August 1st of 2014, coincidentally about the time it's been since the 4th Annual contest. As for voting, I'll handle making the list of all entered stories, and you get one vote per category; that is, newbies/veterans/porn. Like the last Annual contest, I'm merging the porn categories because of relatively low turnout, something I don't think this gimmick will help in the slightest. Voting deadline is the 28th of May at 23:59 GMT, a week after the entry deadline.
NEWBIES >>/shorts/1850
VETERANS >>/shorts/1851
PORN >>/at/37015

Get your engines revved up, because this contest is go!
Sure. Tell you what, though, ideas are hard and filling requests is slightly easier. Hows about folks post some things they'd like to see crossovers with here? (Just the series/whatever, not any content ideas.)

You know what? That is perfectly fine! People are free to suggest potential crossovers in here as prompts for any writers who need a little push before they can get going.
A request, eh? Well, if anyone is up for it, I've always wanted to see a crossover between Touhou and Beyond the Boundary.
Feeling a bit thoughtful, but I've been wondering what might happen if Touhou came into contact with Highschool DxD, (Minus the softcore porn, but...Eh, if you wanna.)
File 142968171837.jpg - (464.35KB, 729x528, 8a46cb4fa19155f95855d24c4a83174f.jpg) [iqdb]
Fate/Touhou because I'm incredibly original (and because Tsukihime/Touhou was already done)
Issei scoring all the busty redheads?
Does the red remind him of Shirou?
Same guy as >>13647

I could imagine Shirou and Kogasa getting along well since Kogasa is a blacksmith and Shirou's entire set of magic is focused on creating swords and such. Heck he's been described as a factory sometimes.
I was referring to the MC of HS DxD (which i think is named Issei), not the likely gay classmate of Shirou's.
Well I don't think Rias would let him. She gets pretty jealous about Issei doing stuff like that IIRC.
File 143095285678.png - (29.89KB, 744x572, SO_LATE_better.png) [iqdb]
I hate to say it, but I may need to request that extension.

I fell facefirst into work for the first time in half a year, and it's awesome! ... ... ... except how it monopolizes a minimum of 12 full hours of my day, discounting sleep.

I guess closer to the deadline, we'll see what happens, but I'm putting this out now so I don't forget it later.

Well, there's two weeks still until the contest stops accepting entries, so try to pack something into that time frame if you can manage it. But, if more extensions are requested near the end, I'll probably end up extending things by a week.

Knowing THP, it's definitely gonna happen.
File 143099134192.png - (359.39KB, 640x480, choochoo.png) [iqdb]
File 143192069725.jpg - (126.43KB, 480x640, welp.jpg) [iqdb]
Given how close it is to the deadline, and how low a turnout we've had so far, I'm just going to EXTEND THE ENTRY PERIOD to the 28th of May, 23:59 GMT. This also means the voting deadline has been shifted to the 4th of June.

Apologies to the current entrants, all two of you, but congratulations on getting in before the old deadline regardless.
Tick, tock contestants. Your deadline is coming up like a freight train.

Congratulations on that mad last-minute rush, folks! Now I just have to get the posts all sorted out!
File 143285893658.jpg - (72.00KB, 302x405, 1432246412449.jpg) [iqdb]
Okay! Fair warning, I'm merging the Newbies and Veterans categories into one General category, considering the low turn-out.


>>/shorts/1855 Uncharted: Eastern Wonderland
>>/shorts/1859 Untitled Beatles Crossover
>>/shorts/1860 Flanjipan


>>/at/37134 Party time!
>>/at/37135 >>/at/37136 A Tiny, Clever Admiral
>>/at/37137 True Love's Re-Enactment

And with that, votes are OPEN! And I swear to God, if I need to extend these, I will choke you.

As an aside to the writer of True Love's Re-Enactment, fuck you you son of a bitch I KNOW WHAT YOU DID AND I CAN'T STOP LAUGHING
Votes first!


[X] IT MUST BE SCRATCHED (Untitled Beatles Entry)


[X] A Tiny, Clever Admiral

Okay, those out of the way, time for reviews, the best part of any contest! I'm not any good at it, but I'll start with the General section, because why not.

>Uncharted: Eastern Wonderland

Can't really comment since it's my entry, but I'm proud of how it turned out.




Going into this as someone who's never seen Yellow Submarine, it's- well, you gave the Blue Meanies an excellent sense of menace, for one, and the generally post-apocalyptic survival tone worked really well for the entry, in my opinion. There are several bits I absolutely adore, like the descriptions of the various Meanies invading Gensokyo, that entire segment with Alice, and Reimu imagining her mother's reaction to everything, but what really makes this entry shine is that final scene.

Really, I can't overstate how good the finale makes everything. I was cheering when the Prismrivers revealed their secret weapon, and the way it was all described was just-

God, I'm terrible at this, I really am. Let me just say that it's really, really, really good and that's why I'm giving you this vote.

And, as my final note, that last line beautifully caps off everything. Bravo.


Now this, oho, this was a fun entry to read! I love Gunpoint, and you wrote Conway flawlessly. I was laughing practically the entire way through, with special mentions to Conway's misunderstandings with Marisa, Conway rewiring Patchouli's spellcard, and Flandre's CALL THE FIRE BRIGADE moment. As entries go, I'm astounded by the quality, especially considering it was a Newbies story. Really, there's not a single part of this that's bad; it's polished to a mirror shine, and the only reason I voted differently is personal preference.

I'm not sure what else there is to comment on, really. Good work!

And now for the second section of the contest, the porn reviews!

>Party time! (Elona)

Well, for an entry that was originally a complete joke, I think you did a decent job of salvaging this with the rewrite. It's nothing spectacular, I feel, but I'll give you props for the comedy, because it got me smiling more often than not. The prose is all right, although you lose some points for generic hentai descriptions, and overall it's not bad. Not the greatest, but not bad.

Bonus points for that ending punchline, though. That was ace.

>A Tiny, Clever Admiral (Kantai Collection)

Well god damn it, the shipsluts entry is the one that blows everyone else out of the water (aha). We've got a story arc, character development for Nazrin, proper plot development, good comedy, and, most importantly of all, lots of hot, hot KanColle fucking. I cannot overstate this: while every other entry does their jobs decently, this one comes in and puts everyone to shame.

Nazrin and her shortstack harem are deliciously sexy, and I especially approve of the variety on display. All vanilla, but constantly swapping in new KanColles was an impressive feat, especially considering you made it work.

I'm not really good at this, so all the rest I'll say is that you deserve this vote of mine. Great stuff.

>True Love's Re-Enactment (Meta-Crossover? Not sure how to describe it, honestly)

Aaah, the traditional comedy porn entry! Although, honestly, that seems to fit all of these entries to some respect.

Does it rely completely on meta-knowledge of previous stories and a certain chat log in particular? Yes. Is it goddamn hilarious? Yes also. Practically every line had me cackling from start to finish, and that's not something I can often say. Especially that ending; I think it's dying down, we're done, there's no way it can get me again, and then that fucking final line hits and I'm crying because it's so good.

You're still not winning, though.

Not for lack of trying, because it does get pretty steamy in there, but sex comedy is a hard thing to make arousing. You make it hilarious, I'll give you that, and it's still a solid entry otherwise, but it just doesn't get my engine going. If you can tone down the comedy (which seems to be physically impossible for you), you might actually win one of these contests sometime!

Never tone down the comedy, it's too good.


Does this one seem rushed to you? Because you're absolutely right, it is. I should know, I wrote it. It's entirely my fault how it turned out, since I only started writing it in earnest with about six hours left in the contest and I literally finished with a minute to spare, and had to post it without any formatting besides a single set of italics. Who knows? If I'd actually worked on it beforehand instead of putting it off until literally the last minute, maybe it wouldn't be so... mediocre.

Still, considering the time constraints I had, I'm reasonably happy with how it turned out. Hell, maybe now that I'm free of the deadline, I'll take this first draft and rewrite it. I probably won't, but I should!
[X] Flanjipan



Uncharted: Eastern Wonderland - So... the main running theme for almost all of my commentary is going to be "I don't know the crossover, so how readable is this knowing only the Touhou half?"

This entry seems... okay, but I couldn't get into it at all. The first five paragraphs in particular, the repeated structures and multiple uses of "but (interesting thing I'd like to hear about) is something I'm not going to talk about," I guess that's a thing that Uncharted characters do? It flops pretty hard for me though. By the time the action starts, I'm not interested in reading it, because the story's already explicitly told me that it isn't going to explain why I should care about Sully and, uh, *checks* Nate.

So some action happens, people may or may not get blown up, and then it's over.

That probably came out harsher than I intended, sorry. It is well described, particularly the post-explosion setpieces at the end, and I'm sure it's more entertaining if you know things about Uncharted. But for me the opening really, really kills it - I think I'd have been able to get into it more if it just cold opened on getting shot at.

It Must Be Scratched - I do sort of know what Blue Meanies are, but they're so far out of context here that it barely matters, this is more of a purely original story.

Good horror, good atmosphere, some good action, lots of nice scenes, well done. There's a good grasp of menace demonstrated here - the Meanies seem genuinely scary and threatening, even though a good portion of their antics could be described as ham-handed, out of context. I would read this as a full story, for sure.

The one thing I have to knock off some points for is a bit of a feeling of disjoint. I couldn't figure out when the opening scene was supposed to occur in the incident timeline, and then having everyone resurrect and show up in almost comical fashion clashed with the serious tone in an uncomfortable way. I guess that's what you were going for, but it wound up leaving me with a bit of confused emotion at the end.

Still, well done.

Flanjipan - Another entry where I had no idea what the source was. This one, though, convinced me to look it up afterwards. Conway's personality, devices, and style shine through strongly and immediately.

(It's almost the same style of intro as the Uncharted entry, except it actually explains what's going on and works to make me interested. Which shows how close the Uncharted entry is to actually being great, I guess - sorry again to that guy for sounding harsh!)

And all the rest... just yes. Descriptions are easy to follow and interesting, there are tons of cute little references to Touhou (and probably Gunpoint too), jokes, snappy dialogue...

Characterizations for everyone come across well, that's the best part. And not only that, they all interact and act with agency, rather than feeling like they're following a script. You can trace everyone's different lines of logic and action, through the midst of all the humor.

I honestly don't know what else to say. The entertainment never stops. And this is in the NEWBIES category? I need to read more by this author.

Party Time - Simple summary here. This clearly goes all in on the Elona jokes. The sex is dry and formulaic, and there's no Touhou content at all, just an old ojou who happens to be named Yukari. As I haven't played Elona, I feel like a contestant on Survivor who's just lost a challenge and has to listen to Jeff Probst spit out "Blue tribe, I got nothin' for ya, head back to camp."

I can make out enough to get that it's probably chuckle-worthy for Elona players, and the ending even got a smile out of me, but overall, ehn. If this was originally a joke entry though, it's pretty good in that light?

A Tiny, Clever Admiral - I haven't played any Kancolle, but it's impossible to be around internet anime stuff and not have at least a basic familiarity with it by now. And it's just as well, for there's no Touhou in this, really, except for the initial conversation with Shou (which doesn't seem to serve much purpose?) and the title joke. Once it gets going, all the details are Kantai, and the Admiral could be any saucy woman. That said, it is a nice joke and there was at least *some* effort to have Touhou content, so... sure.

It's too long. I keep dancing around ways to say that that will sound objective and nice, but screw it, it's too long and there's nothing lewd or important in the entire first post. There is some character development for the Admiral, but when the second post finally rolls around to the shlickings, we're rapid firing a bunch of different boatgirls with different personalities anyway so what does it matter?

The sexings are okay, pretty good even. But again they rely on prior knowledge of the boat personalities to really get into it, and I don't have that much in depth knowledge. And... well, it plays up everything I personally hate about Kancolle. The horrible turnoff metal earpieces, the uncomfortable too-submissive streaks, going on about bauxite and repair times, the feeling that this is playing towards people who sincerely support the rise of a resentful and highly nationalist Japanese military-industrial complex eventually leading towards widescale social unrest and the destabilization of relations with Korea, China and the US...

Yeah, going in hard on Kancolle is doomed from the start with me. Decent effort though. For actual constructive criticism - cut down that first post, use a couple fewer girls and develop them more, and try and make the protagonist more specifically Nazrin.

True Love's Re-Enactment - Ace comedy. Not entirely sure what the jokes are about, other than being a followup to that entry from the last contest, but that's enough that I can get behind "meta" as a crossover. The jokes are on, from start to finish, and beyond them there's good characters and a bit of a plot. I wish there were more actual sexings here I could get into, but even so it was a hard call between this and Dazed.

Dazed, Reeling - The opposite of most of the other entries, this one is very light on the crossover and heavier on the Touhou side of things. There are some references to DD, but mostly Dudebro here could be any random paladin or vampire hunter type. I don't mind that too much, though - this is a Touhou site, so if you're going to be light on one side, better it be this way than the reverse. Plus there's the bonus points for THP crossover, as we have a rich history of writing about this exact situation going all the way back to HY's original SDM Quest.

Good jokes. Good cuteness. Great dialogue. Some might complain about “Come to me! Ravish my genitalia!” and "Behold, my most powerful holy weapon!" and "moist," but in the silly-awkward style of the scene it all really works for me. And then there's good hot sex, which is the deciding factor that earns this my vote - this is a porn contest, after all, and out of the four entries this is the one that was able to turn me on the most.

I can see that it's rushed in some areas, and could certainly be polished. Still good, though. Don't overthink it and use a gentle touch. Since you revealed you wrote Uncharted as well, comparing that to this... Dazed has a muuuuch better introduction, snappier character interaction and doesn't let anyone feel they're even possibly missing the point. Uncharted has better descriptions and imagery by far, that's the major thing Dazed is lacking. Combine your styles and profit!
My votes?

General? Flanjipan, the picture made it clear what it was and the writing gave extra context to what he was doing and it gave an interesting look of what could be a bigger story. It's no small feat that a ____- in gensokyo sort of thing interests me. Whoever wrote it good job, and mentioning this would lend weight to whatever new endevors you do.

As for the other two.

The Outcharted one seemed to focuse too much on the newcomers with the touhou stuff being target practice.

And the Yellow submarine one? I didn't even realize what it was crossing until someone said so. It didn't help it didn't make much sense either.

The /at/ stuff?

The DD/Touhou story by far as it covers things in an eye catching yet comical fashion. Also is a nice shout out incidentally to SDM LA, which started out in a similar way.

The Kantai one suffers from a few things: too little touhou and quanity over quality as well as over emphasizing some things.

Though I wonder Who is this Cockroach and her husband?

The Elona one? just lackluster.

True love's reinactment? A pretty vicious spoof of CYS's story. Funny no doubt, but sort of fails on the sexy side of things.
I was worried for a while there, but we ended up with enough entries for a proper contest. Shouldn't have estimated THP's ability to wait until the last minute. I'll be voting for:

[x] Flanjipan

[x] A Tiny, Clever Admiral

And, of course, the comments.

Uncharted: Eastern Wonderland - This was an interesting read. A good attempt at capturing the feel of a big-budget sequence from the games, but not quite successful. The dialogue was definitely on point, and I could hear the orchestral swells as things exploded and Drake shouted in disbelief. It was missing some ridiculous parkour action, though, and Drake sticking to his pistol the whole time was a little disappointing. Translating all the frantic action to text-based narration was strange too; Drake's voice seemed accurate, but filtering everything through him added a strange smart-alec edge to everything. Fun ride, though. The settings fit well together.

Untitled Beatles Crossover - Wasn't really my bag. I'm not familiar with the source material, and the tone was too dark for me. I did like the clash of two different breeds of fantasy, with cartoonish villainy becoming deadly serious in Gensokyo. The prose was pretty creative, too, especially with the extended filmstrip metaphor. I can appreciate it, but I can't vote for it.

Flanjipan - Very impressive, especially for a newcomer. Conway was great fun to read, especially his interaction with Marisa and the way he just assigned people nicknames. A little more Crosslink mischief might have been fun, and I didn't really understand the deal with Mimi, but it was my favorite overall. Good work.

Party Time! - Nope, no comment.

A Tiny, Clever Admiral - My favorite among the porn entries. I was able to get the jokes, and I liked Nazrin's voice and character development, even if it was a little drawn-out. The sex was pretty good too, and I liked how it fit into the greater story arc. For once, it didn't end with an earth-shattering pair of orgasms.

True Love's Reenactment - These get goofier every time. Pretty blatant organizer-baiting, and the sex felt really out of place. It did get a few sensible chuckles, though, I'll give it that.

DAZED, REELING, ABOUT TO BREAK - For a six-hour product, it wasn't bad. The characterization seemed to be steered with the grace of a jacked long-haul trucker, though, with people swinging from murderous to aroused to sarcastic and back. The sex seemed uninspired, and hard to get into after all the tomfoolery that preceded. Still, I've seen worse.
I have to wonder what was the expected turnout for this thing?
Didn't read the shorts, but I did read the porn.

[X] A Tiny, Clever Admiral gets my vote.
er, the issue is that the "newbies" from a year or two ago, which was a good number, are now all veterans.
My vote disappeared so I'll keep it short (heh)

[X] Yellow submarine
[x] Tiny tiny etc

All three main entries where excellent. The newbie one made me laugh quite a bit and Uncharted has a TON of potential to become a regular story (I hope it continues as one) That said, YS not only had an insane concept and some nicely written, delicious, grimdark, but it ended up with a bang. The transition from despair to hope and then to heartwarming victory made me raise my fist in the air. Only an excellent short can make you feel so pumped up in such a short amount of words.

As for porn, I just voted the only fappable one. Sorry if it grosses you out, but that's what porn is for. The one with Remi was hilarious though.
[X] Yellow submarine
[x] Dazed, Reeling

:Yellow Submarine
I haven't watched the original Yellow Submarine and this entry might as well have been a convulted original, but this crossover is just so well-written that I don't mind.

:Dazed, Reeling
This one is the best, I'd say. It is the one that is firmly touhou, and Remilia's cuteness got me excited when the actual sexing began.
Screw that it is rushed- it's perfect!
[x] Beatles
[x] A Tiny, Clever Admiral

My reviews are probably going to be a little less detailed and in-depth than usual, since I haven't played or experienced the crossed-with thing for many of these entries. To mark a story down because "waaaaahhh I dun geddit" would not be giving the stories their fair shake, so I'll try to focus more on what was written rather than the quality of the crossing.


The best way to describe this would be "Good, but basic."

I get the feeling that this sort of situation and the character interactions are probably all the sort of thing that one should expect from Uncharted, which is fine. And for a wild chase scene, it wasn't badly written: I had a very clear picture of what was going on at all times, and the twists and turns and so on. It wasn't actually a bad chase scene, either, in terms of what was going on and the action portrayed.

But what bothered me the most about it was how cliched a lot of it felt. The dialogue and internal thoughts felt like they were taken from a parody of 80s action movies, and not even a very good parody, at that. I think that this writefag definitely has the ability to write good things, but needs to have a better, broader range of inspiration and tastes. You could do a lot more if you experienced more.

Last and very definitely least, the zombie fairies aren't actually zombies; they're just dicking around. But there's probably no real reason that Drake would know that, so I guess it's unavoidable.

I thought Flanjipan had my vote until I read this. I've never seen the Yellow Submarine video, and I don't even actually like the Beatles. But I can't get over the way that this was written, the sheer style involved in this narrative. It was the silliest, dumbest premise ever, but you turned it into something that was bleak, hard, and gripping.

This story should have been humorous nonsense at best. But you managed to craft something extremely legit out of it, got me really involved, and made me feel for it. That I appreciate more than anything.

This story was exactly what I wanted it to be. Actually, it was a little more than that. Despite not knowing much at all about Gunpoint, I was quickly put in the right frame of mind to understand it and enjoy it. The crossover was done in a great way, and involved a lot of obscure PC-98 material that it didn't need to, but assuredly benefited from.

The narrative and the action were great, the humor was on-point, and the writing fit perfectly. Extra kudos for NOT having it be Yukari's fault. That was very clever.

Party time!
I'm pretty sure this was an Elona crossover, although the mention of a miner and a noble made me think it was a Dwarf Fortress crossover. I'm a bit disappointed it wasn't.

The setup was more involved and detailed than I expected, but felt almost too long compared to how long the sex scene ran for. Not that a long setup is necessarily bad, but for that level of detail I expected more sex. The sex itself was actually pretty good, if a bit abrupt to begin. Screwing Yukari on top of a piano (and with leg-lock!) is a delicious scenario, too, so you get points there, as well.

A Tiny, Clever Admiral
What a fucking great story. This had not only a nice long, involved, and above all, interesting setup, but it also made me really want to read more. The sex scenes were great, and there were enough bits of lewdness (and implications thereof) to get me ready for the big scene at the end.

I want to stress that this was a very cool idea for a story, and I would be extremely interested in seeing it continue (even if it wasn't as porn). The adventures and trials of Admiral Nazrinderbender are a fresh take on the usual Kancolle premise.

Speaking more about the shipgirls, two things bear mentioning: First, I had literally never heard of those first two destroyers before this. I'm no stranger to Kancolle, but even they were obscure to me. Second, the big scene at the end should have starred almost any other set of shipgirls besides the lightning sisters. To me, they're in the same not-for-lewds category as Cirno, Yotsuba, and Chiyo-chan.

True Love's Re-Enactment
I couldn't fap to this. I just facepalmed and laughed. There were parts where it felt like I was reading a NewDog15 rewrite; I kept waiting for Lyrica or someone to say, "And be swift about it! My vagina hungers!"

I should say up front that if we were rating this based solely on titles, this one would have been an instant winner.

The story itself was a little too wrapped in jokes and in-game stuff to be porn, I think. I appreciated the attempt at making it amusing, but I think if this had been something other than porn, it probably would have been better. Also it feels like there was sort of an odd, forced shift to making it porn, which only reinforces my feeling that this writefag shouldn't have bothered with that.

That said, a Darkest Dungeon crossover is a very, very interesting idea, and could be woven into Touhou quite nicely. I wouldn't mind seeing such a story on the site.
>"And be swift about it! My vagina hungers!"

See, now those are the lines you jackasses need to say before I write so I can steal them. I had to make do with a DBZA joke.
Just a friendly reminder that the contest closes in approximately 11 hours and 55 minutes.

Basically, if http://www.worldtimeserver.com/current_time_in_UTC.aspx is past June 4th, the deadline has been reached.

Any stragglers should get their votes in now!

Well, 11 hours and 55 minutes when I started writing that, anyway. Whoopsies!
[x] Uncharted: Eastern Wonderland
[x] A Tiny, Clever Admiral
In the 'non-porn' category, I haven't had any experience with any of the things being crossed over with, so I guess that made things a level playing field. I really enjoyed the newbie entry, however, I have to give my vote to Uncharted. That one flowed together as a story, was just well-written, and felt fleshed out, complete, without any major breaks, efforts, or flaws I could see. It was cohesive, and managed to convey the Uncharted thing even to somebody who's never played it. And it was a fun adventure romp.

So was the newbie entry, it had a lot of character and personality. I personally didn't enjoy it quite as much, but it was kinda tough deciding which one would get my vote.
As for the last option, well. It was kinda hard to tell what was going on at points, and the initial edge kinda went past my limit and impacted my enjoyment. I'm not saying it was bad, this is just my personal enjoyment. It was also not possible to tell it was a Beatles crossover to me, not knowing much Beatles stuff.

Porn is why I'm here, both in general and for this contest, so hey. PARTY HARDY was… functional. It wasn't necessarily all that bad, but the transition to Sexy Time Now was abrupt. I'm sure that was intended, but it was more the kind of jarring abrupt. That's not the only entry to have that issue. The leg-lock with Yukari was wonderful, but detail, detail, detail. Detail is king in smut, the more the better. You have to go super overboard before it's ever too much, imo.

True Love's Re-Enactment wasn't sexy at all to me, and that's kind of a big deal. It's like if an action story wasn't exciting, or a comedy wasn't funny. I know what you were going for, and I can respect that. Technically I couldn't find any major flaws that impacted it. Just not my bag.

Speaking of which… DAZED, REELING, ABOUT TO BREAK. The first part was actually enjoyable to read, but as another anon said, it's more like it's a non-porn story that shifts gears so hard the car explodes to try and get into porn. It's so abrupt that my brain and various other parts of me can't handle it. The tone overall was not conducive to Sexy Times imo, but it was a fun read.

Last but not least, Tiny Clever Admiral. Long, detailed, character arc, something I actually have a passing knowledge about? Nazrin wasn't drawing me in at first but hey, people change over time and I liked the arc she took. I also like that it was in fact a girl, a raging lesbian admiral is always one of my favorite things. This showcased some of the better aspects of Kancolle, which is good since it was basically a Kancolle story with a Touhou as the teitoku. Which is fine with me.

Oh, and the actual sexy times were wonderfully written, which should really be a big factor in it. Murakumo Kai Ni based.
Non-porn: [x] Flanjipan
File 143346320918.png - (686.50KB, 1024x768, IT'S OGRE.png) [iqdb]

Yellow Submarine XXXX
Flanjipan XXXX
Uncharted: Eastern Wonderland X


A Tiny, Clever Admiral XXXXXX
True Love's Re-Enactment X
Party Time! (;_;)


A Tiny, Clever Admiral XXXXXX
Yellow Submarine XXXX
Flanjipan XXXX
True Love's Re-Enactment X
Uncharted: Eastern Wonderland X
Party Time! (;_;)

File 143346339725.png - (66.80KB, 365x411, 1354090257765.png) [iqdb]
>As an aside to the writer of True Love's Re-Enactment






And I banged it out in an hour, the hour just prior to the deadline. With only black tea to drink. You fuckers owe me for this.
At this point I'm pretty sure anyone could claim the story and you'd believe them.

Nah, honestly, just those two.

Anyway, enough reactionposting, but let me just say that I'm the fella who wrote both the Uncharted story and the Darkest Dungeon one. It boggles my mind how the former, the one I put extra effort into, ended up being outdone votewise by the rushed porn-that-shouldn't-have-been, but I'm pretty sure the only reason I did as well as I did is because mine was the only decently-written one with a primarily Touhou focus, as opposed to shipsluts or fat jokes or the rushed Elona one.

Still, it was a fun contest, and even with this low output I'm glad I decided to run it. What we got made things worthwhile.
Either you are CS or you're a lucky sonovabitch
File 143346675376.png - (367.77KB, 586x366, Untitled.png) [iqdb]
I wrote the Elona porn short (Party Time!). I wrote it in about a day, which is an exceptionally short about of time for someone as slow as me. It wasn't particularly good, but I was trying to win by default.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RhvIISDoarU (Relevant)

For anyone that missed it, originally it was more or less a straight up rip from the Elona message log of having sex with an NPC, only replacing the name with <Yukari>. I submitted it shortly before the original deadline, since I was confident that no one else was even going to enter.

Then it got extended.

Then the mean IRC people saw it and ruined my plan by plotting to vote for "[x] No winner" to ruin my plan. So I had to actually put effort into it.

Then other people actually submitted entries anyway. Oh well.

After posting it, I had two different ideas for Elona crossovers that probably would've worked better. I might as well post them, although they may be a little squicky for /gensokyo/.

The first was travelling to the Mansion of Younger Sister to buy her love-filled handmade lunches. The merchant younger sister being Flandre, and probably Koishi, Minoriko, and Lyrica hanging around too. Something happens to summon monsters, probably one of the sisters wearing cursed equipment, and Flan goes crazy and summons a bunch of copies of herself (Which is what happens in-game if monsters appear near the merchant younger sister). So now there's a bunch of flans, at least 4 in total but probably more. Something something something, massive incestual orgy.

The second idea was having already caught some random touhou (possibly Mystia), and putting her on the ranch. This would be the PC's first ranch, so he goes to check the helpful book for instructions. It basically says "Insert penis and fuck her." Cue vigorous cumming-inside sex. PC comes back the next day to find two girls; either a new touhou, or just a second Mystia. So he impregnates both of them. If going with the two mystia route, I'd at least have one new girl show up here. Following this is daily orgies of constantly increasing size, with ridiculous impregnation. Cum in her vagina? Pregnant. Cum in her ass? Pregnant. Cum in her mouth? Pregnant. Cum between her breasts? Pregnant. Watch another touhou get impregnated? Pregnant. Lesbian makeout with another touhou? Both of them pregnant. Sex with a Rinnosuke that appeared in the ranch? Both of them pregnant.
File 143346691526.png - (4.37KB, 192x192, how'd that happen.png) [iqdb]
[ I didn't write that. Some other writer must have written that. ]

I hadn't expected this kind of response. Flanjipan doesn't look nearly as polished from my end, me being privy to the entire awful series of "fuck it this'll do"s that led to its final form. The jokes were fun to come up with, but I can't say I'm proud of the supporting bits in between; a lot of it was shat out on the last day just to get from point A to point B and posted as-is.

I've also managed to exhaust my entire comedic repertoire, which is limited to poor communication, violence, shouting, and ATF jokes. But, uh, it worked?

(I'm going to be terrible now and shill this thing over in >>/others/60512. It has aliens and stuff.)
Good job on the Remilia descriptions.

I'll think on it. It might be better than what the concept suggests.
File 143360604718.jpg - (206.90KB, 850x876, ikazushiri.jpg) [iqdb]
Alright, I won!

Kancolle was me, yep. It was the obvious choice for a porn crossover, but that was alright. I made a list of Touhous and picked which one would be the best admiral, and dang if Nazrin didn't come out on top. She was a lot of fun to write, and I got to get all the standard jokes out of my system. I tried to do something a bit different here, making the sex less important than usual. Seemed to work out well.

Hatsushimo and Yamagumo are pretty obscure, but that meant they might never show up in a story if I didn't write them myself. And anyone who thinks the lightning sisters aren't for lewd hasn't been browsing the same pictures as me.
Not to make an arguement but people have done that with Cirno, Chen, and other characters generally considered little sister figures.
File 143386702823.jpg - (74.48KB, 1415x2000, 022.jpg) [iqdb]
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