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If, by some miracle, someone actually writes porn for this contest, it goes here. Rules are at >>/gensokyo/13629
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You stand in the middle of yet another rambunctious party. The upper-left corner of the massive room is ablaze, a nobleman just murdered a miner and an old man in a drunken rampage, and another man just melted into a puddle of acid. All in all, a perfect normal performing job for you.

Your stamina has mostly recovered from your earlier series, but not completely yet. There's still enough time for another two performances, but you want to be in tip-top shape for those. Your high charisma and skill with your Heavenly Griffon scale Harmonica has earned you quite the number of tips already: in addition to the usual points and gold, you've also received a gold bar, a pair of shoes, a sack of flour, and a huge safe. Not that you could lift or even open the last one, but it's the thought that counts, right? Sadly, you are still yet to receive the luscious <Shena> the Draw's panties from her, or whichever sleazy noble she gave them to last.

You pull on your leash to make your pet get up and walk off to another corner of the mansion. She has no interest whatsoever in music, and just walks around you during your exquisite performances. Really, all she cares about is splattering people against the dungeon wall with that massive silver warhammer of hers.

This looks like a good spot, but you take a second look around to be certain. <Loyter> the crimson of Zanan isn't around here; that's the most important part. Around you are a number of nobles and tourists, decent folk that throw good amounts of gold, and not rocks. There aren't many important people around, for better or worse. <Mia> the cat freak is nearby, meowing at people, but she hardly counts.

However, while looking, your eyes are drawn to an unfamiliar but gorgeous woman. She's standing by one of the barbecue sets and was hungrily eying some of the sardine sushi, but that same gaze turned towards you. Her height and long, flowing blonde hair give her an impression of majesty, while her shoulderless purple dress that shows off plenty of cleavage makes you yearn to be with her. The contrast makes her unfamiliarity even more surprising: this is certainly not a woman you'd forget. Furthermore, her interest in you gives you the vague impression that she recognizes you, like she's looking at a distant friend, or maybe a famous celebrity. You've earned quite a bit of fame from your party time and escort jobs, but you aren't even on the second page of the list of adventurers yet.

It seems that her name is <Yukari Yakumo> the sage of Gensokyo. As you thought, you haven't met or heard of her before. The obvious solution is to get to know her better. She's also far too high leveled for you to risk performing near her, so you'll have to put your charisma to other uses.

You walk up to her and hand her a bottle of crim ale. She accepts it without reservation and drinks it in a single gulp, and instantly becomes drunk with a *hic*. “I'm going to heaven,” she exclaims.

“Hey aren't you the sparkling queer?” She asks out of the blue. You are not. “No? The vigilant rainbow?” Another unfamiliar name. Is her interest simply a case of mistaken identity? “No? Then what's your callsign?” You tell her; the name you agonized over for hours when you first came to North Tyris, struggling to find the perfect combination of-” “Mediocre Winner? That's a stupid name.”

What! Well then, you'll just have to introduce yourself.

“Interested in a little tail t'night?”

Having already taken the time to admire you from afar, even it was a result of mistaken identity, she responds without hesitation. “You are...quite attractive. I'll buy you.” As expected, your excellent charisma pays off once again. No one has turned you down yet!

“Let's do it.”

“Okay, no turning back now!”

You begin to take your clothes off, dropping your pants to the ground in a single swift motion. <Yukari Yakumo> the sage of Gensokyo starts to undress as well, but you pull down on her dress before she can do anything. Her huge boobs spring free once the tight restraint is removed, bouncing around a little before settling into a teardrop shape. They're every bit as lovely as you imagined, and your fingers sink right into them as you squeeze her left tit. Your hand is too small to cover it, but that just makes you want to move around and feel more of her wonderfully soft flesh.

She's not going to wait for you if you spend all your time on her boobs. Placing your right hand on her ass – it's alright, nice and soft but it can't compare to her tits – you guide her to a more suitable location for the main event. The best would be the grand piano set up next to the barbecue set, so you lead her to that and sprawl her out on top. Pushing her dress up reveals her bare pussy, already wet with anticipation.

You plunge your dick into her entrance with a single plunge, making her huge tits bounce back and forth from the impact. “Yes!” she cries out, the pleasure already evident on her face. Her pussy tightens against your shaft, squeezing it and rubbing your entire length with her folds. You grab on to her waist and repeatedly thrust into her, making her moan immediately. Her body is as amazing as it is beautiful, and you groan from the constant pressure from her tight walls.

Slamming into her on top of the piano makes a light rumbling noise as the supports creak against the extra weight. It wasn't exactly made for this kind of music, but it does seem to be holding. Her body quivers as your penis kisses the entrance to her womb, every movement filling her mind with pleasure. All of her seductive curves shake in rhythm with your movements, making you wish you had time to gently lay with this amazing woman and properly savor her body. Sadly, you have a job to finish. She's almost at the edge and is completely under your control, so with just a few-

Her legs wrap around your back, holding you tightly against her hips with your penis buried deep inside of her. You struggle and try to break free, more out of surprise than anything else, but can barely move an inch under her surprisingly powerful embrace. Your penis scrapes against her walls during your futile attempt, and it feels like her entire pussy is wrapping itself around your shaft, suddenly making you groan and quiver yourself.

“Ohhh,” you cry out, ejaculating deep inside of her and filling her womb with your semen. Her body is just too lascivious to resist, and your composure breaks completely once you're no longer able to move freely. There's no way for you to escape, leaving no option but to continue filling her pussy with your cum. Her walls tighten and loosen, massage and caress your shaft, as if her body was sucking out every drop from your urethra.

Your penis finally stops twitching inside of her, your reserves fully spent. Her pussy twitches a few times, trying to coax a few more drops out of you, but quickly discovers that you are completely dry. <Yukari Yakumo> the sage of Gensokyo releases her leg lock, and you almost collapse from exhaustion, but just barely manage to catch yourself.

“Holy...! Here, take this,” she says, tossing a coin purse full of gold at you. You pick it up and find 10,413 gold inside. While you're struggling to compose yourself, she straightens out her dress to cover and tits and pussy, then lifts and drops her long blonde hair. Her attention goes back to the cooking food, no longer concerned with you after the short fling.

You're exhausted, but there's still more performing to do. It's risky with so little stamina, but you need to finish-

The party is over. <Shena> the Draw is satisfied. <Yukari Yakumo> the sage of Gensokyo is satisfied. <Mia> the cat freak is satisfied. (Total Bonus: 249%) Your final score is 237 points! The party turned out to be a big flop...
You have failed the quest given by Kydecker the bardenter. You lose 351 fame.
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"Look, the Border gets kind of patchy around the Sanzu, alright? It's not my fault I'm here. I'll get back as soon as I can, I promise."

"It’s not that I don’t trust you, Nazrin, but it's been months now. You missed the last three all-night sutra readings, and I haven't seen the-"

You kick your legs over the desk and throw out your free arm. "For cryin' out loud, Shou, do I have to fetch that damned thing every time you drop it? Go ask the cockroach for help, she needs the business to support that lousy husband of hers."

Your boss’s voice gets sterner. "Nazrin, it is your duty to support the avatar! Bishamonten has been demanding that I bring more believers, and I can’t do it without you! Even if it seems bothersome to you, my duties are of paramount importance to the-"

There's a loud rapping on the door.

"Hey, I gotta get that. Talk to you later."

"’Get that’? Nazrin, just what are you doing over-"

“Bye.” You drop your legs and slam the telephone’s antique black handset down, rattling the equally-antique rotary dial on the base. Lousy avatar of your patron deity, bothering you in your private office in another dimension. You're surprised she didn't lose track of half the phone while she was talking. And how'd she even call you, anyway?

There’s just no getting away from her nagging, is there. You had it real nice for centuries, and then outta nowhere the big B told you to watch after some absentminded tiger. (By the way, a tiger? Really? Way to respect your servant’s racial identity, boss.) Called her his avatar and said she was vital for maintaining his faith, but she just sat around and looked pretty when she wasn’t busy losing the clothes off her back and/or dragging you to every snorefest under the sun. No rest from her endless bullshit needs until those jackass humans sealed you all away. And when you got out? Right back to how it was before. Can anyone blame you for jumping through the first promising crack in reality you saw?

Best decision you ever made. Here, you get to call all the shots, tap any fine piece of ass you see, and rake in the dough hand over fist. It’s just as perfect as you’d imagined.

Gotta look sharp, though. These girls have a keen eye for fashion. You smooth down your crisp white uniform, fix all the golden buttons, untangle the epaulettes, and adjust the little cap between your ears before you finally open the office’s wooden door.

“Good afternoon, Admiral! The time is-“

“Hey, Sushi.”

It's your secretary, a cute little thing named Hatsushimo. She’s about as tall as you are, with gentle red eyes and long black hair held back by a blue-and-white headband. She stands ramrod straight in her black uniform as always, at least until you dispense a few headpats. Those things are like drugs for the girls here.

“Mm… hello. Did I interrupt you?” she asks, closing an eye as you ruffle her hair.

“Nah. You got me out of something, actually. Good work.”

“Ah, thank you! As your secretary, I’ll continue to do my best!” Sushi throws herself into a spirited bow, nearly dropping the papers in her hand. She’s not a glory-hound, but she’s always earnest. Especially in bed.

“Countin’ on you, Sushi. Oh, got something for me?”

"Ah, r-right. The results of the latest expeditions are in, Admiral." She cranks her way back upright and hands you a few sheets of paper, the light just glinting off a ring on her finger.

"Alright, let's see here."

You grab the papers and flip through them, barely pausing to read the details. Yep, just like you thought. A couple trips got you enough steel to fix up three or four light cruisers. If you had any, which you don’t and won’t.

"Those locations weren't even on the official listing, but they were all full of treasure! How did you know to look there?" she asks, her girlish voice filled with amazement.

You smirk as you make a few notes in your ledger. "Trade secret. Now, go get Admiral Roots on the wire and trade the week’s steel gains for all the bauxite he has. I don't give a damn about the spot rate, shove the stuff up his ass if you have to. Make sure you do it while Kirishima's asleep, though, or we’ll be lucky to get a wet fart in exchange. Once the spring operation hits, bauxite is gonna go through the roof, and we will be eating from solid-gold repair buckets."

"Um, Admiral..."

"Yeah?" Glancing up from your work, you see Sushi fidgeting with the hem of her skirt.

"Are we really supposed to operate like this? I thought our duty was to protect humanity from the Abyssals, not... buy put options on repair goddesses."

Ah, geez. Here we go again. Tossing the papers down onto the table, you wrap an arm around your secretary’s side and pat her on the shoulder. She’s a cuddly one. "Sushi, Sushi. The navy's more than just us, you know? Everyone's gotta pull together to win, but these other admirals are too busy pickin' out furniture and arguin' over waifus to get their supplies in order. All we're doing is moving stuff around so they can do their jobs. Then it makes everyone better, see?"

"W-well, I suppose so, but I still feel like we're just sitting back and profiting while everyone else does the hard work."

Another one complaining. Why do they keep wanting to fight? Is it because they used to be warships? Or maybe they weren’t? Nobody seems to know exactly what these people are. Gensokyo was a lot more straightforward, at least after you chased out that black rabbit. “Trust me, Sushi. It’s better this way. Haven’t you seen what those monsters are like? They’d tear people like us to pieces.” You can’t beat a predator on its own terms. Little guys have to be crafty, and find another way to prosper. That’s just what you’re doing. “We’re not meant to fight. Let the big people do their thing, and we’ll do our thing.”


“Go take another look at the blueprints market, alright? Come by to my room tonight if you want. I’ll get rid of any worries you have.” You drop your hand from her shoulder to her waist, and pull her in for a soft, warm hug.

“O-okay.” Hatsushimo bows and turns around, heading off to some other corner of the base. You watch her go with a sigh. Might have to take her off secretary duty if she keeps complaining. Starting to run out of girls, though. They just don’t get it, no matter how many times you explain.

Ah, what a pain. That isn’t why you came here! Maybe a walk around the base will clear your mind. You head out, close the door behind you, and set off at a saunter down the halls of the 763rd Mercantile Fleet’s HQ.

Your base is on the small side, not like that sprawling “naval district” they always show on TV. Par for the propaganda course, you guess. Here, there’s just a single building on the water’s edge, with little more than a dock, an armory, a mess hall, your office, and the quarters. Another perk to having your navy in cute-girl form: takes up a lot less space.

You can hear some mischief echoing down the halls, and see a few of your girls in bloomers running laps outside. Everyone seems to be happy. It isn’t long before you’re personally accosted by another ship; this one’s a little taller than Hatsushimo, with long, wavy gray hair held in by a plaid green hairband. Her gray eyes look a bit glazed over as usual, but she has a pleased, dreamy smile on her face.

"Admiral~ Yamagumo grew some fresh vegetables~" she says cheerfully, holding up a fistful of carrots by the stems. Some field dirt’s still stuck to them, and it’s gotten on her white blouse and green suspenders, too. Didn’t touch her ring, though. Yeah, they’ve all got rings. Believe that? High command says you can marry these fuckers for seven hundred a pop. Or zero, if you don't mind scavenging some abandoned bases. Coast is littered with the damn things. They really think they can save the world with a navy like this?

But man, these carrots. Not too big or too small, fluffy green leaves, ramrod-straight, and smooth as Shimakaze’s ass. "Damn, Yama, that looks great. You're in charge of dinner tonight," you declare.

Yamagumo frowns in a smiley way. "But~ I promised Asagumo that-~"

"You make that promise every day, and you always forget. She doesn't like you that way anyway, alright? Get over it and get in the fuckin' kitchen."

"You're such a tease, Admiral~~~"

No matter what you say to her, she never takes offense. Great for blowing off steam. She’ll bury you in hugs and tildes like a lazy writer if you stay any longer, though. You turn on your heel and see another girl back the way you came, heading towards your office.

This one is quite easy on the eyes. She wears a white-and blue sailor uniform with a blue miniskirt, and the lewdest pair of black pantyhose you ever saw. Her hair’s a lustrous silver, straighter than yours but not much longer, and accented with a yellow hairclip. She’s got one of the best figures in the fleet, too, with plenty of curves from top to bottom. Coming or going, she’s always a treat to watch. Not only that, she’s just your favorite height~

By way of greeting, you hug her from behind and dig your hands into her soft, squishy breasts from below. They almost spill out of your hands as you lift them up, curving your fingers for a nice, steady squeezing. Doesn’t hurt to grind your crotch into her ass, either. “Lookin’ good, Hamakaze. What’s shakin’?” Besides these babies, of course.

"Ah. I was looking for you, Admiral," she says in her trademark quiet tone. An inexperienced admiral might not notice how she’s breathing faster already. Sure, she acts calm now, but when she gets in the sack… "We've received a letter from Naval Command."

Ugh, headquarters. It’s not enough that they have all the strategic genius of a funayurei, they always have to bother you too. Don't they get that you're the lube that keeps this lousy machine pumping? Princess kills are way up from last quarter, and it ain't because the boys up top released a new cabinet design.

“What do they want? Are they sending that pink-haired bitch around for protection money again?”

"No, I do not think she will be returning after last time. This is different matter. Due to our abundance of resources, they've decided to transfer in a certain pair of battleships..."

What, and now battleships? You came here to get away from oversized attention-whores who think they know better. You can just hear it now: Oh, I’m a Big Seven, my breasts compel you to use me! Why yes, you could supply an entire destroyer squad with what it takes to repair me from half! Why no, I can’t hit the broadside of a barn! Mic check! Desu! Nee-sama!

"Don't they read the fleet lists? This is clearly a destroyer base. Tell them they can send those cows to some neckbearded land-whale whose body-pillow collection outshines his fleet-girl collection by a factor of-"

"I did, but they insisted. They believe that the heavy weaponry will be essential for your new assignment."

"…My new what now?"

Then, Hamakaze holds up a folder stuffed with papers and photos, with one of those big red ‘TOP SECRET’ stamps across the top. “Your new assignment, Admiral. Headquarters believes we can play an essential role in the upcoming operation.”

"... Give me that."

Snatching the folder away, you flick its clip clear down the hall into an unsuspecting Mutsuki-class and flip it open. They’re combat orders, alright. Setting up escort fleets, taking the pride of the Not-Imperial-Trust-Us Japanese Navy… and running it all straight down the Princess’s throat? Are these assholes out of their minds?!

Cripes. Just when you finally found your perfect life, surrounded by cute, obedient girl-wives with all the treasure you could ask for, they pull some bullshit on you. Now they want you to actually go out there and fight? Your HQ level's just for show! These girls'll get ripped in half if they have to...

They have to...

Ripped in half…

Fuck, you're not doing this. You pitch the folder into the nearest waste bin.

“Command can suck it. I’m not throwing away my fleet for something like that. What do they think this is, Operation Ten-G--”

Hamakaze flinches. She died there, didn’t she.

“Shit, sorry. But the point is, I’m not gonna let that happen again. You’ll be safe here, alright?”

“… Mm.” Hamakaze gives an almost imperceptible nod. Her blue eyes focus like she wants to say something, but she stays quiet. You smile reassuringly and pat her on the head.

“Hey, there’s really nothing to be afraid of. I’ll keep you all safe, no matter what. My bed’s always open if you’re troubled, alright?”

“Y-yes.” Hamakaze nods and puts a fist over her chest, glancing down at her ring. “I’ll… Yes. Then, I’ll tell you…”

Looks like you got that under control. Hope she didn’t tell anyone about those orders, or you’ll have destroyers clamoring for battle up and down the base. Nothing but bullshit today, you swear. This calls for drastic measures. After a few more pats and a goodbye squeeze, you turn around and set off with new purpose. There’s only one place appropriate for you now, and it rhymes with “math” but is pretty much the opposite.
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File 143285048172.jpg- (465.80KB , 850x1189 , battle-hungry shortstacks.jpg ) [iqdb]
A large wooden door marks the entrance to the docks. Everyone calls them that, but they’re really just a big pool of magical bathwater. Great place to go when you’re stressed out; you didn’t marry all these ships just to lord it over the kusos, after all.

Opening the main door leads you to the washroom. Girls coming back damaged from missions can drop straight into the pool from outside, but yours don’t get hurt. Instead, they come through here and disrobe in loving detail first. It’s the height of the afternoon, so there’s sure to be someone in here washing off after her midday exercise… ah, and indeed there is!

At a row of lockers not far from the exit, you find a single girl. She’s no taller than you, but you wouldn’t know it from the way she acts. Her voluminous platinum hair reaches halfway down her back, and she has a pair of jaw-length side-tails tied off with red strings. Also, there’s a pair of little mechanical fox-ear-things hovering above her real ears. They look way too futuristic compared to everyone else; makes you wonder just what kind of technology they have up at HQ.

But, more importantly, it looks you caught her at the perfect time. She’s taken off her uniform, but not her underwear - nothing left but hose, bra and panties, and that dick-destroying nylon top. Not that you have a dick, as fun as that would be. She used to be on the washboard side of things, but she really filled out after her remodel, her breasts and hips serving to stretch the fabric of every piece of underwear she’s wearing.

Well, that figure’s not just for show. You saunter up and lean on the locker next to her, putting a friendly hand on her ass. “Heey, Murakumo.”

“Agh!” She drops the blouse she was folding and straightens up. Even with the nylon holding them, her breasts still jiggle a little. She smacks at your groping hand; it stings a bit where her ring hits you, bit she really only just pushes you deeper into her plush rear end. Her alleged attempts to pull you off have the same effect. “W-what do you want, Admiral?”

“Oh, nothing unusual.” She’s clearly not about to get your hand away, so you start kneading her ass a little more forcefully. All the girls here have some sort of rudder to admire, but Murakumo’s is pretty high up in the rankings; she always clenches it when you grope her, but you always feel it tremble a little, like she’s on the verge of letting it collapse into a pair of nice, marshmallowy pillows. It’s nice and warm right now, with her two layers of underwear making it extra-super-smooth to the touch. “Y’know, I hear that a little massage really helps you relax before a bath. Cuts your repair time by a fiftieth.”

“I-idiot… how do you even know that? And what good is a fiftieth?” she complains, visibly blushing.

“Well, if I do it fifty times…” Sliding behind behind her, you bring your hands up over her enticingly-curved waist and slip your hands into under her top. Immediately, you extend two fingers and give her nipples a nice, firm pinch.

“Haagh!” Her metal ears actually shake a little as she bolts rigid; you can almost see the pleasure crackle through her body, changing from a single burst to a slow tingling when you start to just roll them between your fingers. “D-don’t… don’t touch those!”

“You’re always showing them through those little holes in your shirt, though. Are you telling me this isn’t the time and place to touch them?”

“That outfit wasn’t my… ahhh…” Every pinch and squeeze make her protests weaker. After a minute of pure nipple-play, you open your hands to cup the petite mounds and grope her more properly. Her top’s on so tight, you hardly even have a choice as to how tightly you hold and squeeze her chest.

“Mmm… Mm… Pervert…” Her voice stays faintly accusatory, but she doesn’t even try to resist as you squeeze and stroke her tits again and again, grinding into her ass in the meantime. There’s just enough on her chest to spill through your fingers when you tighten your grip, and you can keep her nipples excited with simple squeezes and caresses.

The smell of her arousal, soft but potent, gets stronger and stronger by the minute. Even through her pantyhose, it’s clear she’s working up a nice dark spot in her panties. You pull both hands off of her breasts, then grab her rolled-up top and tug the fabric back over her breasts. The sudden burst of friction makes her seize up and squeal; now that she’s all sensitive, you can keep her knees shaking if you just pull this back and forth over her chest. That only takes one hand, so you trail the other one down her smooth, toned stomach, tracing the gentle curves of her muscles as you go between her legs.

“A-admiral… don’t stop…” she moans, already knowing you’ll give her grief for it. That one’s so obvious, you can just cock your head and give her a questioning glance.

“If you’re going to do it, do it all the way!” She insists, blushing as red as ground cherry.

“If you insist…” Thrusting your hand through the tight waistband of her hose, you work your way under her panties to find her soaked entrance. You’re getting excited too, but that’s nothing compared to the flood down here. Her tight, soaked pussy just sucks in two of your fingers, turning her moans wanton and lustful as you stimulate her above and below.

“Ahhh… Mmm… Nngh-ah-Ahhhhn!” A little probing, a bit of finger-spreading, and some coordination with your work on her chest gets her hot, tight snatch convulsing in pleasure, and a dozen quick thrusts make her body follow suit. Pulling out when she starts to scream, you sit back on a bench and cross your legs to watch the show. Waves and waves of pleasure wrack the destroyer’s body, dropping her to her knees and then to the floor as her hips buck helplessly in midair. No matter how hard she furrows her brow, she can’t get her voice off an octave of utter delight until her orgasm’s run its course.

“Alright, that’s one. See you back here tomorrow!” you say, bending over to give Murakumo a good-natured headpat before going on your way.

“You… shitty admiral!” she shouts at your back. “All you’re good for is molesting!” She’s kidding.

She is kidding, right?

Shoot, you know you’re losing it when you start questioning Murakumo’s tsundereness. You throw your clothes into the double-wide and double-locked Admiral locker and head straight out into the bath. You’re feeling nice and hot after that appetizer with Murakumo; next time, it’ll be your turn.

The bath is like your private paradise. Nothing but cute, nude girls everywhere, all laughing and splashing and playing about and comparing their chests. You take a moment to just lean against the wall, basking in the attention that’s naturally thrown your way. Back home, you were one of the fittest girls in the temple, but here your toned, slender physique is the norm. Not a bad thing, all considered. Three different groups and a few individuals all call your title and wave you over, but you force them all to make do with winks and classy waves… except for a couple sitting in the steamy green water by the pool’s edge.

There’s a pair of short, brown-haired girls there. They’re sisters, of course. This base is lousy with sisters. One has her hair in a ponytail that’s folded straight back up with a large pink hairclip, and the other has a bobbed cut that flares out a bit from the sides of her head. The first one, Inazuma, is the first to notice you, but it’s her sister Ikazuchi who takes the initiative. Throwing a spirited, splashy wave your way, she grins and leans forward against the edge of the bath, showing a little fang as she lifts her ass halfway out of the water. It’s quite an ass; larger and tanner than Murakumo’s, but pretty firm and perky for its size. The water pools lovingly around it, just seeping between her cheeks as well.

“Heey, Admiral. Whatcha doin’?”

Sidling up next to the two, you have a seat on the edge and slip your legs into the warm water. It’s not like you do much running about, but the heat still feels great on your feet and calves. Inazuma watches your legs intently, but decides to keep hiding behind her sister.

"Oh, just making my rounds, seeing what mischief the girls are up to.” You nod at the couple. “The two of you are bathin' together again, huh? Maybe you oughta meet some other girls. Come up with some new threesome configurations.”

“Aw, but nobody knows me like Inazuma does!” Ikazuchi slips back in the water and wraps an arm around her sister, pulling the hotly-blushing girl tight against her while copping a feel. Inazuma hawawas like you expect, but then she puts on a smile and makes a cute little noise of affirmation.

“Heh. The two of you really are a cute couple.” Chuckling to yourself, you gently kick your legs in the water. See? These girls’re perfectly happy. “Well, I guess I could overlook it, if you’re willin’ to do a little something in return.”

As if it wasn’t obvious enough, you open your legs and give the sisters a good view of your bare, damp slit. You were nice and wet after Murakumo, and the all the girl-musk and heat in this place are encouraging you to let out even more. Your heart’s beating fast, you’ve got a soft, confident blush… it’s a good time to have a harem.

“No prob, Admiral~” The brash destroyer’s already moving into place, Inazuma following behind her.

“Heh. I can always depend on you, can’t I?” you say.

“That’s right~” Ikazuchi dives right in, taking the first hot, wet lick for herself.

“I-Inazuma will help too, nanodesu!” the shy girl declares. Ikazuchi acknowledges it and moves her head to the side, making you spread your legs even further to make room for her sister. Ikazuchi and Inazuma bring themselves in as close to your pussy as they can, pressing their hot loli-tongues together as they each take one half of your cunt.

“Mmm! Doubling up right from the start, huh?”

“Mmm~” Inazuma purrs. Her tongue and Inzuma’s feel more or less the same, drawing little lines of warm, wet, tingling pleasure up your slit with every lick. Little moans season the warm air as they work, unconsciously wiggling their half-submerged butts.

Press their hands in to your thighs and pull back to gently open your pussy and give them something more sensitive to lick. Just licking along your exposed walls is good, but when they both go after your clit…

“Aaagh!” The whole bath heard that one. They can all see you too, with your tail whipping uncontrollably over the tiles and nipples standing erect. Sweeping your gaze over the room, you see plenty of delicious blushes, and a couple girls looking away like they’re fingering themselves. One in particular catches your eye, though.

Down at the nearest corner of the bath, there’s a purple-haired girl huddled up by herself. She’s pretty tall for a destroyer, and even hugging her arms around her chest can’t hide the chest she’s packing. She might seem like a loner, but she’s really just shy. And, the way she’s looking at you makes it clear what she wants. You communicate across the bath with some winks and gestures, and then return to your moaning, trusting that she’ll obey.

You’re trembling from head to toe already, but the sisters still have more to show you. They shift their focus entirely to you clit, leaving your slit free for Inazuma to work in a slender finger. Your pussy handles that easily enough, but then Ikazuchi forcefully pushes in one of her own, striking you with a sharp mixture of painful stretching and pleasurable friction.

“Ahh! Ohh, that’s nice…”

You know they’re skilled enough to thrust in tandem, but they choose not to. Inazuma thrusts steadily and carefully while Ikazuchi twists and probes, pleasuring your tight, sensitive walls in two ways at once… and they’re still using both their tongues on your clit, too. Between the hot, pain-tinged pleasure from their fingers and the sharp stimulation from their tongues, you know you won’t hold out much longer.

“Mmm! Yeah, that’s really good… Keep going, keep going…!”

“Hmm-hm!” Ikazuchi drives her finger in to the root, followed by her sister a moment later. The first thrust you can barely endure, but the second sends you flying off the edge.

“Ahhhn!” Clenching the edge of the pool, you arch your back and cry out shamelessly as you shudder powerfully from the waist down. A burst of juice squirts out around the girls’ fingers, spraying onto their lips and chins while the pleasure molds your walls around their digits.

“Wah, there’s a lot!”


Inazuma and Ikazuchi don’t back off until you’re done, licking up as much of your juice as they can before it reaches the bathwater. As you come down from your orgasm and let their fingers go, Inazuma lovingly licks hers clean.

“The admiral always tastes so good, nanodesu…”

Ikazuchi puffs up with pride, her grinning lips still shining. “That’s ‘cause the Admiral is the strongest! No girl or monster can match her. That’s right, just you watch! Soon, all these expeditions will pay off, and she’ll use all those supplies we got to wreck the Abyssals clear to Guam!”

“Sugoi, nanodesu!”

Oh, dammit. Ikazuchi turns to you with stars in her eyes.

“Ain’t that right, Admiral?”

Don’t they understand this is a war? A hunt? It’s a bloodbath out there! Can’t they see that you’re… not just… bossing them around…


Oh, thank goodness. You throw out your arm and wrap it around the cute, busty destroyer kneeling at your side, who trembles just from your touch. Seems she got your message earlier.

“Oh, you’re just in time, Ushio! C’mon.”

You pull the curvy girl away to a quiet spot of the bath, well away from those other two. Ikazuchi doesn’t think anything of your non-answer, continuing to splashily and excitedly describe your alleged master plan.

But that’s not important. They can think whatever they want. What matters right now is the soft, cute, timid girl in your arm, and the strapon she’s gingerly holding.

You don’t bother with any banter this time and just dive right into a kiss, forceful enough to push her back half a foot in the water. Ushio’s full, soft lips tremble under your own, her tongue no match for yours as it dives into her mouth. That’s still not enough, though; you bring your hands up to her oversized breasts as well, sinking them in right into the warm, inviting flesh. Your palms press into her nipples while you squeeze, providing just enough friction to get them hardening.

It’s a long, moan-filled minute before Ushio gets used to the pleasure, finding the strength to maneuver the strapon between your legs. She’s totally into it, though. Her face is flushed, her eyes are glazed, and her moans of delight echo through your mouth. This is what she wants, not… anything else.

Those other two did a good job of loosening you up. With a fresh orgasm’s worth of juices, it’s easy for Ushio to work the strapon’s rear dildo into your cunt. It’s perfectly sized for you, the bumpy shaft filling you up precisely without any discomfort.

You take care of the buckles yourself, pulling the harness snug against your hips and getting the larger outer dildo ready for action. Then, you lift the squishy girl in your lap and impale her, squeezing out a beautiful wail as her blue eyes shoot wide open and her head falls back. Bracing your hands on her ass, you start to thrust again and again, churning the cute destroyer into a helpless mush.


Her voluptuous body is too busy shuddering and quaking to do any moving, so you take care of the fucking for both of you, thrusting your hips while your arms pull her up and down. You hug her softness close, sucking hungrily on a hard nipple while you fuck her and letting her musk fill your nose and your mind. Every curve-jiggling impact sends little shockwaves through you, too, perfect for a pussy that’s still coming off its last orgasm.

This is how it oughta be. Just hanging out, fucking ships, hiding away from…



From… Dammit, this isn’t working! As soon as you finish, Ushio’s gonna say some sappy shit about how she can’t wait to go die for you. You know it. She’ll pant it in Morse code if she has to. Every damned ship in this fleet is fucking obsessed with it! It’s like… they’re… a rebellious servant that wants to do her own thing. Like you. And like you’re like Shou.

That’s what it’s like.

“Hey… Ushio.”

“Ahh… Y-yes, Admiral…?” Ushio finally gets a chance to catch her breath as you stop moving.

“Do you want to fight the Abyssals, too?”

It’s not a question she expected to hear, and she takes a long time coming up with an answer. “Ah? Oh… Um, well… it’s very scary to think about, but… I think it’s something I need to do. The only way to atone for the past… is to protect everyone now.”

You let out a little sigh, stroking the destroyer’s wet hair. “It’s dangerous out there, you know? You could… get hurt.”

“I know, but… it’s not something any of us can walk away from. It would be nice to retire and live in peace like this, but as long as the world’s in danger…”

It’s something they’re obligated to do, huh? They’re not so surly about it now, but if you gave them a hundred years…

This is how it is, then. You’ve got your own good reasons, very good reasons, for ordering them around, but your orders just doesn’t match with who they are. Are you gonna act just like the folks back home, and keep bossing them around for their own sake? Is that the responsible thing to do?

“You care about us, Admiral. Even if we go out and fight, I’m sure you’ll keep us safe.”

“… Yeah.”

Maybe it is. Maybe you’ve been a fool to question how the higher-ups do things, and you’ll be an even bigger fool for ignoring their example. But then again, maybe not. There’s more than one way to skin a cat… and more than one way to keep these girls safe. If they wanna fight, then hey. You’re a tiny, clever son of a bitch, you know? You’ll teach those monsters not to mess with a servant of Bishamonten.

Sheesh, you’re starting to tear up. And everyone’s watching now, too. You shoulda finished fucking Ushio first.

Well, nothing you can do about that now. Pulling out of the purple-haired girl, you stand up with a dramatic splash, strapon waving proudly in the air. It’s an image to remember: the nude, undersized, visibly aroused commander of a whole fleet of battle-hungry shortstacks, addressing them from the middle of a huge communal swimming pool built for war.

“That’s right! There’s big old operation coming up, and the 763rd Mercantile is gonna be right in the middle of it! If you don’t get a piece of your Admiral now, you’ll regret it for the rest of your short, glorious lives!”
No. 37137
File 143285742511.jpg- (444.55KB , 720x854 , f6d8fc2d3a5c8672395f7520468e3827.jpg ) [iqdb]
Does a crossover between a THP story and 2hu in general count?


“Do it... fatter.”

Akyuu throws down the dildo in her hand, and turns to shout at you. “What the fuck more do you want from me? I come here, to do your stupid 're-enactment', I put on your fucking fat suit, and I'll have you know I'm sweating like a pig in it, and you want me to do it fatter??”

Kyouko shrugs. “You could have just gained weight for the part. I told you that I'd help subsidize the meal costs!”

“Fuck you, Kyouko. Fuck this, I'm out.” Akyuu starts pulling at the fat suit she's wearing, trying to get it off. She manages to peel off one of the man-boobs and falls over on her side, cursing and swearing.

“Fucking me is kind of the point!” you reply.

Akyuu just gives you the finger and continues trying to get the fat suit off.

Meanwhile, Luna has fallen asleep on the bed, wearing one of your outfits. The ears you put on her don't look quite right, and neither does the hair. But you takes what you gets, and your lardass lover's been dead for over a month now.

The doctors said it was heart failure caused by excess cholesterol and hardening of the artery walls.

You know it to be that he died of a broken heart.

Okay, maybe the all-burgers diet he went on wasn't the best idea you've ever had. But you tried! The paleo diet is in, isn't it?

Luna snores loudly. You throw the dildo at her to wake her up. It bounces off her forehead, and with a squeak of surprise, she falls off the bed. “Hey!” she shouts. “Are we getting down to the fucking yet?”

You sigh. “No, apparently someone can't be bothered to get into character.”

Akyuu throws a bit of the fat suit that she's gotten off at you. It's an arm. She's managed to work more out of the fat suit, showing the leotard she'd worn underneath. “I told you it'd be less hot if you were naked in the fat suit, Akyuu.” You then put your arm in the fat suit arm and make a fist. “And naked makes you all the easier to fist, my dear.”

Akyuu groans, rolls her eyes, and wriggles out of the fat suit completely. Her fine complexion is blotched and covered in sweat. “You are never getting me in one of those things again. Where was I even supposed to be during that scene?”

Luna hops to her feet and roars. “INSIDE ME!”

“Stop that,” you say. “I don't act like that!”

“What?” Luna says. “I thought your sole differentiating characteristic was your loudness!”

“I...” You think for a moment. It would be incredibly disheartening if she was right. Then something comes to you. “I have floppy ears!”

“Hooray, so all the fat guys with bestiality fetishes can pull your ears while you yip like a dog being crushed by a wave of lard.”

Your cheeks flush. You will not mention that night.

“Look, we can add the fat in post processing, I guess. Now,” you say, pointing at Akyuu, “get over there and fuck me!”


“Oh no! The fat ocean's tide is coming in!” Luna pauses, trying to remember her line. She forgets and ad-libs it. “INSIDE ME!”

“Stop that!” you shout again.

Akyuu charges Luna, and knocks her to the ground. She then proceeds to flip Luna's skirt, and with one swift, practiced motion, pull off her panties. You see a flash of pink before the skirt falls down again. Akyuu proceeds to stand up, jam the white panties on her head, and proceed to run around in a circle. “HULK STEAL PANTIES! HULK SMASH!” Then she stops, because she had forgotten what character she was supposed to be playing in this reenactment. Obviously she remembers, because the next thing she does is stop, and overact. Wheezing from exhaustion, she falls over in a pile, limp. “OH NO! I HAVE BLOWN MY LOAD TOO EARLY, AND MY LOAD IS A PULMONARY EDEMA! TRULY THIS IS A SAD DAY!”

Luna rushes over to her, faking concern. “My love! I know how to revive you! I have stopped by the local McDonald's and gotten three Quarter Pounders!”

Akyuu draws Luna in closely, tenderly, and kisses her full on the lips. “I'm... sorry, but... I don't... get out of bed... for anything less... than Big Macs...” She then fakes her best death groan, and dies.

“Nooooo!” Luna shouts. “I never got the chance to tell you...” She pauses, and sniffles dramatically. “I loved you.”

“INSIDE ME!” Luna roars.

“God damn it! Stop that!” you shout, get out of your director's chair, and stomp over to the scene, where Akyuu is trying her hardest not to convulse with laughter. She's failing. You push Luna off of Akyuu, where she dramatically collapsed, and pick up the double-ended dildo. You flip Luna's skirt. “Dick goes-”

“INSIDE ME-EEEEP!” Luna squeaks, as you shove the dildo inside her. She jumps a foot in the air, and her face flushes.

You then slap Akyuu in the face. “The dick is attached to you, Akyuu. Why is it over there and not attached? Get over there, and FIX IT. I'm burning valuable film recording all this and all you two are doing is fucking around!”

“I'll show you fucking,” Akyuu grumbles. She sighs, and makes her way over to Luna, who is notably subdued after having eight inches of silicone roughly forced into her. “ME FATZAN. YOU JANE. WE FUCK NOW.” She moves the bit of leotard between her legs off to the side, revealing her pussy. She gently wiggles the other end of the dildo into her.

And then they sit there for the next ten seconds, awkwardly and silently.

“Well?” you say. “Are you going to fuck or not?”

“I dunno,” Luna says. “What's my motivation?”

“Jesus titty fucking Christ, Luna! You've only got the dick of the hottest man in existence inside of you, and you've just got to ride it!”

“Did you say hottest or fattest? Because one of those is true. Also, you're a goddamn chubby chaser, Kyouko.”

“I will shove my fist so far up your ass you'll taste my middle finger.”

Luna smiles. “See, now you're actually managing to make me horny.”

A fisting fetish. Great. Fucking fairy deviants.

“And another thing!” you shout. “Neither of you are nearly naked enough! I want to hear the sound of folds of skin flapping against skin!” You lift the hem of Luna's skirt over her head, and toss it to the side. Unfortunately, this also takes off the ears that you'd taped to Luna's hair, and it tugs pretty hard on her locks.

She moans.

Fisting and hair-pulling. You will never understand what makes these people tick.

Akyuu grins and pushes Luna down, one hand firmly grasping Luna's small breast. You can see her nipple between Akyuu's fingers. She spits on the dildo, and starts rubbing it into her vagina and Luna's. She's being a little rough with Luna's clitoris, and Luna is, well, for lack of a better word, actually starting to get into character. Finally.

“I'm going to show you,” Akyuu says, “JUST WHY THEY CALL ME 'TONS O' FUN'!” She laughs and gasps as Luna pushes back, shoving another inch or two of the dildo inside her. “Is this how it's going to be?” she replies, and twists, putting her legs alongside the fairy. She then proceeds to put her feet right in Luna's face. “Lick them, slave!”

Luna bites Akyuu's feet.

Akyuu's momentary shriek of pain turns into a moan of pleasure, as Luna proceeds to nibble Akyuu's toes. Soon, Luna is as sweaty as Akyuu is. And Akyuu's probably not just sweaty from the fat suit anymore.

The two of them rock back and forth, breathing becoming more and more ragged. But something isn't quite right. Luna is completely naked, but Akyuu's still got her leotard on. And she's still wearing Luna's underwear on her head. You stalk over behind Akyuu, and grab the shoulder straps of her leotard, and pull down. Two surprisingly ample breasts pop out. Our little girl's all grown up now, it seems. You grab her soft, pillowy breasts, each with one hand, and wrap your legs around her flat stomach.

She could stand to gain about two, three hundred pounds, but you'll take what you can get. You bite her neck, and she gasps, her shoulder blades pressing firmly into you as she arches her back. “F-fuck you,” she says. “You ruined my rhythm!”

“Ha,” you say. “You came from just that?”

“INSIDE ME!” Luna roars.

“Stop that!” both you and Akyuu say in unison.

You bite Akyuu's ear, and then shove her aside. “You had your chance, and you blew it by coming early. My love would never do that.”

“That's because he could probably never get it up, what with obesity being a key factor for erectile dysfunction and all,” she mutters.

You roll your eyes, and roll down your panties. Akyuu proceeds to swipe those, and place them upon her head, upon the identical pair she was already wearing. “Well, get on with it, then,” she says, and starts to push on the small of your back.

“Stop pushing me! I'll get the dick inside me in my own time!”

“Will you two ladies stop fucking around and get to fucking me? I still haven't come yet!” Luna whines.

You slap her playfully. “Shut up.”

She moans. “Harder.”

Goddamned deviants. Can't they appreciate the couple hundred pounds of manliness and gravitas without bringing their shitty fetishes into it?

You slowly start to push the dildo inside you, when suddenly Luna moves and shoves the rest of it into you. “S-slow down!” you gasp.

“No slowness!” she shouts. “Only fucking now!”

And with that, she was off- wriggling like a snake, and her small, slender fingers finding your clitoris and teasing it. Akyuu wastes no time in removing your dress, much as you did to Luna- over the head, and roughly. She then does an unspeakable thing- she pulls your ears.

You squeal in surprise. “Yipe!”

Luna completely breaks her rhythm, sputtering laughter being the cause of the coitus interruptus. “I knew it! I fucking knew it!” Before you get a chance to respond, Akyuu's grabbed your breasts roughly and squeezed, all while biting your ear. You close your eyes and force yourself to ride the edge- can't be coming too soon. AE never came too soon. Never.

Unless he was trying to get the quickie over before 10:30, when McDonald's stopped serving breakfast. Man loved his McGriddles and you could not fault him for that.

The three of you writhe together, faster and faster. One of Akyuu's hands has disappeared, and if the knuckles in your buttocks tell you anything, she's playing with herself right now. Her breathing is fast and ragged in your ear, and her other hand tightens almost painfully on your bosom. But you can't object or care- there's a fire in your crotch, and only AE has the hose to put it out.

Or something like that. You were never very good at mid-coital metaphors. A failing for which you're very sorry.

Then, behind you, Akyuu tightens and shudders, and bites your neck rather roughly. This is the impulse that makes you lose your grip on riding the edge, and you fall off, into the throes of orgasm, and collapse atop Luna.

You open your eyes, and are met with a faceful of thoroughly disgruntled fairy. “What, already, again? I still haven't even come yet! The two of you suck!”

You gasp for breath, and in that moment, you finally understand what it must have been like to be your lover. Akyuu accidentally twisted your left arm as she came, and it hurts. Also, you're out of breath.

“Take... five,” you wheeze.

“This is bullshit,” Luna grumbles. “I just wanted to get off and you couldn't even do that for me.”

As it turns out, Luna could finally get into character as you in the very end.
No. 37138
File 143285756966.jpg- (419.83KB , 518x860 , d15f013a2827f10e4899d68a8ea9f9a4.jpg ) [iqdb]
A steel-clad boot knocked the wooden door off its hinges, and in stomped a crusader in concealing full-plate, torch held ready as he plunged into the blackness.

“Reveal yourself, Remilia Scarlet!” he bellowed, his light casting thick, dark shadows throughout the extravagant bedroom. “I will make this quick!”

A small form shot upright in the four-poster bed at the room's back. “The devil's this about?” asked Remilia, decidedly cross.

“You know what it is, vampire!” he shouted, stomping ahead.

“Do you mind setting your light in that sconce, sir?” she asked, and he paused before nodding thoughtfully.

“No, actually,” he said, backing up to set the torch in an empty fixture, not taking his eyes off his foe all the while. Remilia, for her part, rolled out of bed and flew towards him, touching down just a short distance away.

While the man affixed the torch to the wall, he took in the girl before him. She wasn't nearly as impressive as he was expecting, seeing as she barely reached five feet. Her short, messy, purple hair was something he definitely hadn't seen much of before her, and all she wore was a simple white nightgown. If it weren't for the deathly pale skin, the crimson eyes, and the leathery wings stretching out a foot in each direction from her back, he'd be wondering if this was even the right person.

As it was, however, he drew his longsword the moment his hands were free, gripping the weapon tightly. “Prepare to die!”

“Well!” She twisted aside, nimbly avoiding his first swing. “This is certainly a fine how do you do!” A swift duck saved her from a surprise decapitation, and she hopped back, crimson eyes agleam in the darkness.

“Hold still and let me smite you!” he roared, loosing a mighty overhead chop at her.

“I say thee nay!” Remila retorted, hands darting up and catching the sword between her palms, arresting it inches away from her nose.

“What?!” thundered the knight, before Remilia simply wrenched the blade from his iron grip and threw it aside. In response, he hauled back and slammed a gauntleted fist onto her head.

“Yow!” whined Remilia, scowling as she crouched down and clutched the top of her skull. “That's not very nice!”

“Quiet, you!” he said, drawing a faintly-glowing roll of parchment from his pouch. He brandished it with a flourish, bright golden light bursting forth and washing over Remilia. “This holy scroll doth proclaim thee-”

“Are you trying to give me a tan?” Remilia questioned, shielding her eyes as she looked up.

The astonished crusader stumbled over his declaration, and Remilia seized the opportunity to hop up and plant a kiss on his helmeted cheek. “What is this?” he asked, recoiling even as Remilia skipped backwards, hands clasped at the small of her back.

“I could say the same for you!” she said, beaming as he fumbled with the scroll. “Who has time for flowery language in battle?”

“It's traditional!” he defensively replied. “For when I MELT YOUR FACE OFF!”

Remilia didn't even bother to move as the rays rolled over her, and after a moment they petered out, leaving the put-upon crusader impotently holding the scroll as Remilia blinked the spots out of her vision.

“All right, all right, just- give me a moment, would you?” he asked, his booming resolve rapidly fading in the face of his unflappable foe.

“Oh, gladly,” Remilia said, rocking back and forth on her heels as he rummaged around for another weapon.

“Aha!” he said, withdrawing a vial of holy water and holding it aloft. “Take this!”

As the man pitched it towards her, Remilia watched it with disinterest right up to the moment where it was about to smash into her face; her hand darted out in a blur of movement, snatching the vial out of the air.

“For me?” she asked, uncorking the vial and giving it a sniff. The gobsmacked crusader watched in silence as she promptly drank it.

“Curses!” he raged as Remilia licked her lips, her smile bright enough to light up the room. “What are you?”

“What am I?” She tossed the vial aside, glass shattering to pieces as it collided with a dresser. “Utterly immune to your little tricks, that's what!”

“Enough talk!” he shouted, a golden lance of holy light flashing into his hands. “HAVE AT YOU!”

Remilia yelped as he rocketed towards her, propelled by righteous fury, and only inhuman reflexes allowed her to grasp the lance by its shaft.

“Again?!” he exclaimed, exasperation threatening to overwhelm him before he simply took the direct approach and kicked Remilia in the gut.

The strike sent the svelte girl tumbling back, where she tripped and went sprawling with a panicked cry. One of her nightgown's straps slid off her shoulder as she propped herself up on her side, tears brimming in her eyes as she looked up at him.

“You're- you're so mean!” she said with a hiccup, looking entirely too much like the type of young lady the crusader was supposed to protect instead of purge. Indeed, his sense of chivalry was starting to make him intensely uncomfortable about this entire situation.

“You are impossible,” he said wearily, debating the merits of simply walking away before dispelling the notion with a shake of his head. “All the more reason to put you down.”

“No, wait!” Remilia said, crawling back in a panic. “Let me live, please!”

“Too late,” he growled, advancing on her with lance held ready.

Remilia cringed, clasping her hands in supplication. “I- I'll pay you with my body!”

He ground to a halt, his grip suddenly unsure. “Are you mad, woman?”

Remilia sprung upright in a flash and grabbed him about the shoulders, her expression desperate. “Please! Just-”

The lance dissipated in a flash, and he shoved her off him in a panic. His operational protocols consisted entirely of 'Cleave' and 'Smite', and they certainly didn't instruct him on how to handle this, so he settled for throwing his arms up defensively as he reeled. “Back, you crazed wench! I'll have none of it!”

Remilia was relentless, hounding him with every step he took. “Come on! It won't hurt me!”

“It's not you I'm worried about!” he half screamed, and his worst fears were realized when he rammed back into a wall. “Don't come any closer!”

As the man shook in impotent fear and rage, a wild-eyed Remilia spread her arms. “Come to me! Ravish my genitalia!”

At that, something inside the crusader broke.

He did not scream.

He did not cry.

He simply sighed.

“Very well,” he said, filled with grim, terrible resolve as he started unstrapping his lower armor. “If this must be done, let no man say I faltered.”

“Come on come on come on come on,” Remilia urged, excitedly bobbing up and down as he swiftly removed his leggings and greaves, set them aside, and grabbed hold of his trousers.

“Behold,” he intoned, dropping his pants. “My most powerful holy weapon.”

Remilia blinked, eagerness momentarily forgotten at the sight. “That's your penis.”

“That is precisely the point,” he said, stepping out from the pile at his feet, bare-legged.

“I'll see your point and raise you mine!” Remilia declared, but the crusader held out a palm.

“That had better not be a reference to you having a penis or I will walk out of here right now.”

Remilia shook her head and, with a deceptively simple motion, shrugged off her nightgown's remaining shoulder-strap. Bereft of support, the dress fell, leaving the girl utterly bare before her attacker.

He froze, taking the sight in. She looked small before, but now, completely vulnerable before him, with her tiny, pink-tipped breasts, and slender limbs, and flawless, absolutely flawless skin, she looked for all the world like an alabaster sculpture come to life.

“Now!” she said, pale cheeks flushing rosy red as she trembled with anticipation. “Get over here and- ah!?”

While she had been expecting him to pin her against the floor and simply get on with it, being swept off her feet into a princess carry was another thing entirely.

“I'm still a knight, I'll have you know,” he said, a touch embarrassed as he stomped over to her bed and ever-so-gently deposited the stunned vampire onto it. “Now prepare yourself!”

“What?” was all Remilia managed before he jumped onto the bed on hands and knees, looming, however reluctantly, over her. Despite himself, his erection stood at attention, ready and willing to serve.

“Here I come!” he declared, thrusting forward and penetrating her vagina with commendable vigor. Remilia shuddered in pleasure, a little gasp escaping her lips, even as the crusader grunted in surprise. “Good lord, woman, you're already moist?”

Remilia scowled even as he pulled back and thrust again, ire overriding pleasure. “Well, I haven't gotten any in centuries, thank you very much! And don't use that word, it ruins the mood!”

“Moist?” he asked, and she swatted him on the helmet.

“There you go agahahaha!” she giggled, tightly gripping the bedsheets below her at his latest charge. “All right, keep doing that!”

“I understand!” he grunted, gritting his teeth as he gamely pressed on; the tightness gripping his shaft was unreal, and every move he took threatened to suck him dry.

Urged on by Remilia's soft gasps and moans, his resolve grew strong indeed, and the man held on by sheer force of will for an achingly long minute before a grin crossed Remilia's face, completely unrelated with the pent-up release she'd been waiting for.

“All right!” she declared, and before her partner could protest she'd gotten both hands on one side and pushed. They rolled over, Remilia coming to rest on top, hands on his chestplate. “It's my turn now!”

“How the hell-” he started, but his words were strangled as Remilia started pushing herself up and down his cock. “Never mind, that- that is perfectly fine with me!”

“Glad to serve!” Remilia said, pumping more vigorously to reward him, and his answering groan only served to spur her onward. Even so, the cold touch of his metal hands closing around her hips, however gently, startled a gasp out of her.

“I have you,” he said, seeing her surprise, but that only gave Remilia an entirely wicked idea of her own.

“Is that so?” she asked teasingly, and then she buried herself in him down to the hilt. His growl of pleasure intermingled with her own, louder cry, and the two settled down, taking advantage of the brief lull to recover.

“You are one daring little vixen, aren't you?” he asked with no small amount of admiration, his hands sliding down to idly knead her thighs, and as she shuddered he cursed his decision to not disrobe fully.

“Well, I was trying to seduce you,” she replied, panting softly, smile bright in the dim torch-light. “Granted, I wasn't expecting a holy knight to break my door down and try to murder me, but- but this is a good outcome for all involved, wouldn't you say?”

“Early frustration aside, I cannot complain,” he admitted, hands roaming back to her hips. Without warning, he grabbed tight hold and lifted her up, no regard as to her sharply-drawn breath of surprise. “Brace yourself!”

“What- ah!” she moaned as he brought her back down, the shockwave of enjoyment rolling through her even as the man growled at the one pulsing through him. He wasted no time, bringing her up and down again and again and again, each time more forcefully than the last, the sound of flesh smacking against flesh filling the air.

“Slow- sl-o-o-ow do-o-wn!” she gasped, managing a syllable with every pump, heart racing as her limit approached.

“Not bloody likely!” he replied, straining to hold himself back; he wasn't going to come first if he had anything to say about it.

Fortunately for him, he didn't.

Remilia didn't bother holding herself up as the wave crashed over her, working through her entire body, hips bucking on their own volition, and that was the signal he'd been waiting for; release came in spurts, again and again, a years-long dry spell coming to an end.

After they'd finished, Remilia found herself with her cheek against his chest, the soft cloth of his tabard serving as a pillow. They were both only too happy to stay like that for a minute before Remilia raised her head, tired eyes agleam with satisfaction.

“So,” she started, right before the torch flickered out.

“Oh, hell,” grumbled the man.

The black room was silent for a moment before Remilia grabbed his wrists.

“I don't see any reason to stop,” she whispered in a low, needy voice, pressing her nose against his helmet. “Now what's say we get this armor off, hmm?”

He didn't even think about saying no.
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