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File 14924075961.png - (475.86KB , 600x839 , Sleepyhead.png ) [iqdb]
29799 No. 29799
**This was written late at night while just as sleepy as Marisa. Future installments will be shorter, but more coherent.**

You are Marisa Kirisame. Ordinary Witch extraordinaire, kleptomaniac, and self-proclaimed best girl of Gensokyo. Also not a morning person. Then again, when being a "morning person" means waking up with the sun, who would? That question rolls through your head for the thousandth time as you attempt to climb out of bed. "Attempt" is the key word, here. You don't really manage to make it out of bed before tripping over the blankets you forgot to push back and tumbling headfirst into a pile of (stolen) books.

*That* gets you awake. Nothing like a headache to start off the day! With a grimace, you grasp your head with one hand and start re-stacking the books. Some of these you don't even remember taking. "Cryomancy vol. I: A Study of Entry Level Ice Magicks" you *definitely* don't remember taking. And to top that off, you don't think you have a real reason to be taking it. Ice magic doesn't interest you except for dealing with a cranky Cirno, and even then a few well placed lasers work just as well. Better to just blast her and let her reform than try to reason with a fairy. Never mind that last time you tried to "reason" with Cirno in one of her moods you ended up in the Misty Lake having to swim back to shore. Setting that thought line aside, you arrange the stack neatly and read the titles on the spines, seeing if there's any you should actually read instead of setting them aside in a "to-do" list. Surprisingly, there is, in fact, one book you like: "Warp vol. V: A Study of Advanced Spatial Manipulation and Other Dimensional Magicks". Sure, the title is a mouthful, but anything about how to get into other dimension should be an interesting read, no?

The headache and your sleepiness forgotten, you open up the book, prop yourself against your bed, and start reading.

**Where will you start?**
[]Chapter 1: Spatial Magicks in Review
[]Chapter 13: Wormholes and Other Shortcuts
[]Chapter 20: Creating Pocket Dimensions
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>> No. 29800
I'm not used to bbcode anymore and tried to use markdown instead. Oops.
>> No. 29801
[x] Chapter 1.
>> No. 29802
[x] Chapter 1

She seems to know both jack and shit on the subject. Let's start from the basics.
>> No. 29803
[x]Chapter 20: Creating Pocket Dimensions
>> No. 29804
[x]Chapter 13: Wormholes and Other Shortcuts

Let's make a black hole by accident and destroy Earth!
>> No. 29805
[]Chapter 20: Creating Pocket Dimensions

le hammer space face
>> No. 29806
[x] Chapter 1.
>> No. 29807
[x] Chapter 1.
>> No. 29808
[X]Chapter 20: Creating Pocket Dimensions

Cause why the fuck not?
>> No. 29809
[x]Chapter 13: Wormholes and Other Shortcuts
>> No. 29810
[ze]Chapter 20: Creating Pocket Dimensions

Nice premise, and I like dimensional stuff.
>> No. 29811
4 votes for chapter 1 and 4 votes for chapter 20. Need a tiebreaker, folks.
>> No. 29812
[X]Chapter 1: Spatial Magicks in Review

Seems apt to start at the beginning.
>> No. 29813
Tiebreaker registered and votes called. Marisa is choosing to be smart about her approach!
>> No. 29814
[X] Sup new story
>> No. 29815
File 149247776755.png - (832.14KB , 1085x773 , Dutiful Study.png ) [iqdb]
I have to say, the hardest part of this was coming up with things to fit into four volumes of books about space magic.

As much as your curiosity wants you to jump headfirst into the deep end, your better judgement kicks in and for once, you decide to listen to it. Playing it safe, you begin with the first chapter. The first few paragraphs mention things that you "should" have learned in previous volumes of the spellbook, such as altering distances, manipulating gravity, and other fun things. It also brings up the fact that you should be in a wide open area before trying to perform any of the spells mentioned in the book, and you seem to remember Komachi maybe mentioning something about how the distance between two objects could be considered relative when taking into account things like her ability, whether the distance was in a literal straight line, whether the distance was by road, etc. At the time, the discussion/lecture had made your head spin despite your ample grasp of magical theory. According to the book, distance manipulation was so complicated that it merited having an entire volume about it just so the caster would have a clear understanding.

That wasn't the book you were reading, though, so you decided to skip that before your train of thought got further derailed. The first chapter continues on to explain that the spells and techniques explained in this volume are potentially world-threatening without proper preparation, though a written-in footnote tries to debunk that by saying that only the wormhole spell is world-threatening, and only if you somehow screw it up and create a black hole instead. "That's encouraging," you mutter to yourself, almost put off to this idea of learning spatial magic. Patchy always did have a way with words when it came to discouraging people.

**What will you do?**
[]Continue reading in order.
[]Abandon this prospect altogether and go bug someone.
--Subvote: {}Bug Alice, {}Bug Patchy, {}Bug Reimu, {}Bug Komachi; Write-in how you'll bug them.
[]Skip to one of the later chapters.
--Subvote: One of the chapters mentioned in the first post, or a write-in.
>> No. 29816
[x]Continue reading in order.
Let's give Patchy a heart attack!
>> No. 29817
[X]Continue reading in order.

Blowing stuff up deliberately is fine. Blowing yourself up because of not reading the instructions is not.
>> No. 29819
[x] Continue reading in order

Wait, so, is the fucking prerequisite for this kind of magic an ability that only Shikigami mastered?
>> No. 29821
[X]Continue reading in order.
>> No. 29824
Nope. That's a separate magic entirely. Also, I think you meant shinigami .

Votes will be called in two and a half hours.
>> No. 29825
I blame the autocorrect
>> No. 29826
[X]Chapter 23: Using Portals for Fun and Profit

This is the chapter that Marisa would go to.
>> No. 29829
Votes called. We'll continue playing it safe.
>> No. 29831
File 149257772667.png - (3.98MB , 3500x2217 , Making Magic.png ) [iqdb]
You continue reading, undaunted by Patchy's written warning. Surprisingly, only the first chapter is a review chapter, and the second chapter jumps right into discussing how to open a two-way portal between dimensions (while at the same time mentioning a spell for intra-dimensional travel in Warp vol. III). The chapter describes the spell as relatively simple, only needing a space large enough to put a person-sized portal in, something to channel the portal with, and a clear vision of the place you want to open a portal to. You already have the first and last, honestly. You can just go outside to open the portal and the only dimension you don't have easy access to is Makai, so that's your destination (Shinki's throne room, specifically), so now you just need something to channel the portal with.

Maybe you do have something to that end after all . . . . You set the book down and place your finger on your chin, thinking about whether or not this will actually work. Your hakkero is already useful as a conduit for lasers, but could it handle something as high-maintenance as an interdimensional portal? Your thoughtful expression quickly turns into that shit-eating grin you're famous for as you decide that there's only one way to find out.

Once you're dressed (sans hat because you're not going anywhere yet) and your hakkero is set up, you start the spell. According to the book, it's a really simple spell that doesn't require an incantation, just channeled magic and memories. Another written-in footnote from Patchy, though, says that mentioning the place you want to link to by name helps solidify it in your memories long enough to set up the portal. With nothing to lose, you stretch out your hand and start channeling magic to your hakkero, silently muttering "Shinki's Makai throne room . . . ." to yourself so you don't attract the attention of any unwanted fairies. After a few short sputters and spurts, the portal springs to life.

Right in the path of a thrown sword.

With an ungraceful "Eep!" you jump out of the way and the sword buries itself in the front door of your house. "Yumeko, you owe me a new door!" you shout angrily as you push yourself to your feet and the owner of the sword pops her head through the portal.

"Can I have that back?" is all she has to say.

**What will you do?**
[]Politely give Yumeko back her sword after prying it loose.
[]Invite Yumeko through, but keep the sword for yourself.
[]Ignore the sword and just let Yumeko have it about how she almost impaled you again.

You'll have to pull the sword eventually, mind.
>> No. 29833
[X]Politely give Yumeko back her sword after prying it loose.
-[X] See if you can't negotiate a new door in exchange however.

Now here's a character I haven't seen in a while.
>> No. 29834
[x]Invite Yumeko through, but keep the sword for yourself.
>> No. 29835
[x]Ignore the sword and just let Yumeko have it about how she almost impaled you again.
That's kind of a big thing to ignore. Besides, what's a little breaking and entering between friends?
>> No. 29836
[X]Politely give Yumeko back her sword after prying it loose.
-[X] See if you can't negotiate a new door in exchange however.
>> No. 29838
[X]Politely give Yumeko back her sword after prying it loose.
>> No. 29839
[x]Ignore the sword and just let Yumeko have it about how she almost impaled you again.
>> No. 29840
[z]Politely give Yumeko back her sword after prying it loose.
-[e] See if you can't negotiate a new door in exchange however.
>> No. 29842
[x] Better idea: Get Yumeko to teach you to juggle swords!
>> No. 29843
Votes called. Apparently, Marisa isn't the type to hold grudges over trivial things like nearly getting impaled.
>> No. 29844
File 149267006986.png - (922.20KB , 962x1783 , Yumeko.png ) [iqdb]
You push your way to your feet and shoot Yumeko a rather pointed look, but you keep any similarly pointed words to yourself. "So what suddenly possessed you to open a portal directly to Lady Shinki's throne room?" Yumeko asks, choosing to remain halfway in Makai and halfway in your front yard. "Especially when there's plenty of other places you could portal to."

"Makai is the only place not really connected directly to Gensokyo," you explain as you glance over the sword to try and figure out how you're going to get it out without falling on your backside. It's just a short sword, and not very wide at that. Shouldn't be too difficult. "No point in opening a portal to somewhere I can get to just by flying for a few minutes."

"And Lady Shinki's throne room was because . . . ?"

You give the sword a quick yank and out it comes, leaving a blade shaped peephole in your front door. "I haven't been to Makai in, what, ten years?" you scoff, turning back to the portal. "It was the only place I could remember clear enough for the spell to work."

"Eight years, little witch," Yumeko says, climbing through the portal completely. "As I recall, you were barely older than ten."

You scoff and cut off the magic to the portal, closing it, much to Yumeko's amusement. "Close enough," you say. "So, what do you wanna do now that you're here? I mean, bringing you here wasn't part of the plan, but hey. Make the most of it, you know?"

Yumeko takes the sword from you and slides it into a scabbard hanging around her waist, just one of several. "Well, I haven't seen Alice since she left Makai, so seeing her is definitely top of my list." Yumeko runs a hand through her hair with a flippant smile. "However, I would also like to visit that shrine maiden. It's a wonder the place hasn't imploded on itself with her guarding things."

You can't resist the urge to take the obvious jab at Reimu. "Well, it helps that we have more than one shrine maiden, now," you say with a grin. "And it's not like Reimu's the only one to handle things, either. I help too." Yumeko nods in agreement but doesn't say anything.

**What will you (and Yumeko) do?**
[]Visit Alice.
[]Visit Reimu.
[]Something else (write-in).

Visiting old "friends" with Yumeko? What could possibly go wrong?
>> No. 29846
[x] Visit Alice.

Embarassing family reunion time!
>> No. 29847
[x] Visit Alice

I feel like Yumeko will get her ASS kicked more than once before she returns
>> No. 29848
[X]Visit Alice.

Seems like she'd like to see her first.
>> No. 29849
[x] Visit Alice.

There is absolutely no way anything at all could go wrong, obviously.
>> No. 29850
[x] Visit Alice.

There's no way this could be a bad idea.
>> No. 29851
Votes called. We'll be "dropping in" on Alice. Hope she's got roofing materials . . . .
>> No. 29852
File 149281170276.jpg - (242.39KB , 890x680 , Mishap.jpg ) [iqdb]
The answer is clear in your head and you spit it out before you're even done thinking it: "Let's drop in on Alice," you say. "I haven't made her wig out in at least a week." With that said, you immediately duck back inside your house to fetch your hat and broom. It's rare that you go anywhere without your hat, especially considering that its size makes it easy to hide things in.

"I don't remember your hat being larger than your head," Yumeko says as you walk out and close your door. "I also don't remember your hat being midnight blue."

"It's been eight years, Yumeko." You pick your hakkero off the ground and mount your broom, getting ready to take off. "I grew out of that purple thing a long time ago."


The trip to Alice's house goes off quietly and without a hitch, but once you get there, Alice is already waiting, with a less-than-happy look on her face. "Alice!" Yumeko calls as you land. "How nice to see you again." Yumeko means it, too. You think. Though the dolls floating at the ready (including a couple facing your way) make you think that Alice disagrees.

Sure enough, "Marisa, what exactly were you thinking opening a portal to Makai? Even worse, someone actually came through it!"

"Hey, it's not like I invited her through!" you shout in protest. "Besides, what are you more pissed about? That someone came through period or that it wasn't one of your old girlfriends like Mai or Yuki?" You really shouldn't have brought up Yuki and Mai, but your mouth has a habit of running faster than your mind.

True to form, Alice blushes and tries to deflect, but the red face and embarrassed stammering make it difficult. Lucky for her and unlucky for you, she has her dolls for action when words don't work in her favor. The big red one, Hourai, takes her lance and points it at you in an aggressive stance while the big blue one, Shanghai, points hers at Yumeko, albeit not quite as aggressively.

"Now, now, Alice," Yumeko says. "If you're so eager for a fight, I'm more than happy to oblige." To emphasize this, Yumeko draws two of her swords by hand and the rest telekinetically. "I'm interested in seeing how you've developed since leaving Makai, anyway."

You immediately step back as soon as you realize that all of Alice's attention is focused on Yumeko. You don't want any part of this family feud, but you do want to see how it turns out. Alice and Yumeko both are well-developed fighters (in more ways than one) and you've experienced both of them firsthand. However this turns out, it's gonna be interesting.

**Metavote: Who do you want to see win?**

A Metavote is a vote for what the readers want to see happen. Marisa doesn't have any part of the Metavotes.
>> No. 29853

Of course!
>> No. 29854
>> No. 29855
>> No. 29856

I'd like to see proof of her improvement while they've been apart.
>> No. 29857
[x] Draw.

Trust me, it's funnier this way.
>> No. 29858
(preferably by a third party coming out of nowhere)
>> No. 29859

A draw would be funny, but I'd rather give this to her.
>> No. 29860
[x] Alice
>> No. 29861
Votes called. Alice gets the win.
>> No. 29863
File 149301287746.jpg - (432.19KB , 1000x711 , To war!.jpg ) [iqdb]
The fight is actually over pretty quickly, as most fights are. Yumeko has no shortage of skill, but neither does Alice, and while Alice's style has changed dramatically over the years, Yumeko's really hasn't. So while Yumeko initially does a good job of deflecting the constant onslaught of bullets from all directions, all it takes are a few well-timed parries from Shanghai and Hourai to knock a couple swords out of telekinesis range. Alice thankfully doesn't go for the kill, but she does come damn close, with Shanghai and Hourai leaving their lancepoints about an inch from Yumeko's throat.

"I yield," says Yumeko, Shanghai and Hourai backing off after.

Alice, for her part, brushes off her dress with a scoff while Shanghai moves to sit on your head in order to keep you from stealing something from the house during the fight. Which now that the fight's over isn't much good since Alice isn't distracted.

There wasn't enough time to sneak in and snatch something anyway.

"I like your new method of fighting," Yumeko says, brushing off her dress and apron. "Very quick to overwhelm. Very accurate, too. You found a way to make holes in my defenses very quickly."

"Speed and evasion are everything here," Alice explains. "I had to adapt. That much was proven when I lost to her. Again." A nasty glare in your direction is the only explanation you need. Although you've teamed up with her more than once, she still hasn't forgiven you for making a fool out of her twice. Granted, the first time you were both kids, but the second time, Alice had completed a full transformation into a Magician youkai while you were just a regular girl with a magic reactor.

And yet somehow, people think you two are an item. Though to be fair, Alice is pretty amicable if you don't steal anything or bring up the fact that she's lost to you twice. Usually.

**What will you do?**

I ran out of ideas. That's about all I have to say.
>> No. 29864
[X] Play with Shanghai

I'd put something productive in this vote but the doll is too cute and distracting. Oh well.
>> No. 29865
[X] Playfully suggest you've come to steal her heart this time

Been playing way to much P5 lately.
>> No. 29866
Curse you for reminding me of that doll story that I can't update.

[x] Play with Shanghai
>> No. 29867
[x] Tell her that it was a cry for attention from a lovestruck kid.
-[x] Play with Shanghai mournfully
>> No. 29869
[X]Tell Alice that while speed and evasion are necessary, danmaku is all about power.
Then play with Shanghai.
>> No. 29870
[X]Tell Alice that while speed and evasion are necessary, danmaku is all about power.
-[X] Then play with Shanghai.
>> No. 29875
If nobody objects, I'll be counting the "play with Shanghai" votes with the "danmaku lecture" votes. Otherwise, we'll need a tiebreaker.
>> No. 29876
Do it. Quick upsates>all
>> No. 29877
[x] Play with Shanghai

Never not vote Shanghai.
>> No. 29878
Danmaku lecture it is. We'll also mess with Shanghai a bit.
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