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File 12602184079.jpg - (763.41KB, 1053x744, 4e62cf1c31d46e73841f9524588cc18f.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] Try flying on your own.

"Marisa, I think I'd like to try to learn how to fly under my own power." You say after a moment of thought. Marisa deflates a bit as she lowers her broom, staring at it wistfully.

"Alright then, but I'm not so good with that myself~ze." She replies as she sets her broom aside. "Hrmm, now how to go about this." She thinks aloud, scratching her head. "Lady Mima tried to teach me how to do this a long time ago, so let me see what I can remember from that." Marisa sighs, rolling her sleeves up.

"Did someone call~?" A sultry voice says, sending a chill up your spine as a glowing wisp appears before you, suddenly turning into the form of a lovely green-haired woman.

"Lady Mima!" Marisa exclaims, throwing her arms around the evil spirit. "It's good to see you again~ze."

"As with you as well." The ghost replies, accepting the witch's embrace. "Now what is it that you needed from me, my pupil?"

"Well, I was trying to teach my... bmfmmhh... to fly." Marisa explains, muffling her speech a bit as she mentions you, causing her cheeks to take on a pink tinge. Mima raises an eyebrow, leaning in toward the blushing magician.

"What was that, Marisa? Your what?" The spirit asks with a knowing grin.

"My uhm... boyfriend~ze." Marisa mutters as her face flushes red. The ghost quickly floats in circles around your witch with a bright smile.

"You actually said it!" She laughs to herself. "I didn't think that you would. I mean, I read about it in the paper that was dropped off the other day, but I wasn't sure until I heard it from you. It was just too cute to hear it from you first hand!" Mima continues to laugh as Marisa brings the brim of hat over her eyes. "Aw, my little Marisa is all grown up and finally picking up boys." The spirit teases, picking the large hat up from the witch's head.

"C-Cut it out Mima!" Marisa whines, as Mima plays keep-away with her hat. After a moment, Marisa retrieves her hat and pulls it down firmly over her head.

"My apologizes, now what is it that you wanted me for again? Flying lessons?" Marisa asks, to which both you and Marisa nod in reply. "Well is that so? Oh I remember when I first tried to teach you to fly, Marisa. You tried so hard but you just couldn't get a hang of it." The spirit reminisces before recomposing herself. Anyways, now where should we begin."

"From the beginning, I suppose." You chime in causing Mima to turn to you with a raised eyebrow.

"Well aren't we a bit forward. Now there's something different about you boy, but... I can't quite put my finger on it." The ghost says whilst inspecting you. "And your aura feels different somehow as well..." You feel a bit weak in the knees; it feels as though you're being studied under a microscope. "Aha! You still are carrying that sword after all this time." Mima eyes the blade looped around your belt, you had forgotten all about it.

"Do you know the history of that blade?" Mima asks inquisitively, you shrug in response. "Well then, let me enlighten you. It was originally the 'Sword of the Gathering Clouds of Heaven' and was wielded by many a brave warrior." The spirit begins, taking on an air of knowledge. "One such warrior was lured into a trap and surrounded on all sides by fire and enemies whilst in an open grassland. The warrior used the sword to cut back the grass to keep the fire from spreading, but in doing so he discovered that this sword wielded the power of the wind and he was able to push back the fire at his enemies."

"This sword did all of that?" You ask, putting a hand to it's hilt.

"Well, that's what I've heard anyways." After shrugging Mima floats away from you and puts her hands to her hips. "Alright boy, you wish to learn how to fly, right?" You nod eagerly as the spirit floats a bit higher, as if to illustrate her words. "Well then you must do exactly as I say, just like a good little boy."


[ ] "I think I'd still rather have Marisa try to teach me."
[ ] "Yes ma'am."
[ ] Something Else (Write-In)
[x] "Yes ma'am."
-[x] But ask Marisa to stick around as to help you tell how something feels.

Since Marisa's lessons are basically Mima's style.

But since Marisa also got taught these lessons, she'd know how it'd feel so we won't be in the dark.

But feel free to improve this.
[x] "I think I'd still rather have Marisa try to teach me."
[x] "Yes ma'am."
-[x] But ask Marisa to stick around as to help you tell how something feels.
[x] "Yes ma'am."
-[x] But ask Marisa to stick around as to help you tell how something feels.

Teach him your Twilight Spark while you're at it, will ya?
[x] "Yes ma'am."
-[x] But ask Marisa to stick around as to help you tell how something feels.

If Marisa couldn't learn it from Mima, we're probably not going to learn it from Marisa.
[x] "Yes ma'am."
-[x] But ask Marisa to stick around as to help you tell how something feels.
That's sad, but true.

[+] "Yes ma'am."
-[+] But ask Marisa to stick around as to help you tell how something feels.
File 126048289932.jpg - (49.60KB, 300x300, 212f2962032a5ff18758616e70157ac3.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] "Yes ma'am."
-[X] But ask Marisa to stick around so she can tell you how things should feel.

"Yes ma'am." You reply eagerly causing your black-white to puff up her cheeks as she crosses her arms in childish frustration.

"Hey, don't boss around my boyfriend like that~ze!"

"Oh, are you getting jealous, Marisa? How very like you!" The spirit says as she floats over to you, running a finger up the underside of your chin, causing a chill to run through you. "But just look at how obedient he is. No wonder you like him so much, my young pupil." Her words come out as luscious as the rest of her body as she wraps her arms around you, pressing her bountiful bosom into you.

Suddenly Marisa reaches out and snatches you by the arm, yanking you away from Mima's grasp.

"Marisa, whatever are you doing? Didn't you hear him? He said 'yes ma'am.' He wishes to do my bidding." The sultry ghost whines playfully.

"That's not what he meant, Mima! He just meant that he wanted you to help teach 'em how to fly, that's all. Right~ze? Right?" Marisa beseeches you, her eyes wide with hope. Her eyes search you, as if hoping that you choose her, even though you've already made your decision.

"Well, I thought that since you couldn't learn how to fly without a broom from Mima, it might not be best to learn from you, Marisa. No offense." At that Marisa's entire being seems to droop with utter disappointment. Her eyes bear a look of defeat that pains you; better try to make it up to her fast. "But that doesn't mean I don't need you!" You put a hand to her cheek, gently forcing her to look up at you as you try to comfort her with your voice. "Could you stick around and try to help me out, because I don't know how any of this is supposed to feel or if I'll be doing it right, and I think that you would know better than anyone. Alright Marisa?"

"I guess so~ze." The witch huffs as she sighs her reply. You exchange a hug before turning back to the waiting ghost.

"Well then, are we ready to get started?" Mima asks, taking on a more serious tone. "Marisa, why don't you try practicing along with him? It could be good for you." Marisa whimpers a small whine as she stands next to you.

"Mima... Do I hafta~ze? I was gonna stick around anyways to help him out but..."

"No 'buts' young lady. Anyway, let's begin with the basics. You know how to bring forth your magic, correct?" You nod as the evil spirit begins her lesson. "Good, now the general idea behind allowing yourself to fly is similar but different, which I will explain in a minute. First let's try channelling your magic."

Without further delay, you begin to focus on calling forth your magic. You feel a small spark begin to ignite within you as you concentrate, allowing the now familiar yet unstable warm sensation to fill you.

"I-I've got it..." You mutter, your whole body trying to focus on the task at hand.

"Alright, how about you, Marisa?" Mima asks.

"Yeah, yeah I've got it too~ze." Marisa complains.

"Good, now focus on moving that energy into your arms and legs. Then slowly push that power outside of yourself, not just to your outer extremities but outside your entire body. Try to keep control of it, not just let it loose." Mima continues her instruction.

"Remember how it felt when ya first tried doin' magic~ze? Well ya gotta focus hard and try to split the energy not just to yer hands, but also to your feet as well. It's gotta flow all through ya for this to work~ze." Marisa explains with an awkward smile.

You try your best to follow Mima's instructions but it's difficult to do so. Your body continuously tries to get your spark to go through your arms, releasing small bolts of lightning as you do. Have to focus. Calling forth your magic once more, you try to split your magic further. Doubling your efforts, you feel your magic splitting in half and... almost... There! In quarters now. It's difficult as you split your concentration four ways, but you have to now as the energy jolting through you goes through to your arms and legs. As it makes it's way through to your hands and feet, you try to focus harder on hanging onto that energy.

Just as you think that you've got it, you suddenly feel your energy drain out of you as lightning bolts shoot out from your hands and feet, painfully at that. You suddenly find yourself hunched over, reeling from the pain of all that energy being expelled all at once. Soon afterwards you notice stars flying out in every direction. Turning to the source of the disturbance, you notice Marisa also looking to be suffering in a similar manner.

"That's the part I could never get down~ze..." Marisa explains with a wince.

"But your lovely man seems to be catching on quite a bit faster than you were when I first taught you." Mima remarks causing Marisa to huff at the ghost.

"I was still learning how to do magic in the first place back then~ze!" The black-white whines.

"Yes, yes, excuses, excuses." Mima smirks as she playfully chides your witch. "Now, let's try once more."

With that you and Marisa attempt to gain further control of your magic again and again. Each time ending the same as the previous attempt with varying degrees of success, but ultimately neither of you are able to accomplish the task. After wearing yourselves out with failed attempts you decide to take a break.

"This doesn't seem to be working out so well~ze." Marisa sighs. "Maybe we should try something different?"

[ ] Keep working at it, maybe you just need to keep trying.
[ ] Mima, what were you saying earlier about this sword?
[ ] Maybe Reimu would make for a better teacher?
[ ] Let's try something else for now. (Write-In)
[x] Mima, what were you saying earlier about this sword?
[x] Then after getting rested perhaps give it another try.

Sounds like a nice way to spend a break.
{X} Mima, what were you saying earlier about this sword?
{X} Then after getting rested perhaps give it another try.
[X] Mima, what were you saying earlier about this sword?
[X] Then after getting rested perhaps give it another try.
[+] Keep working at it, maybe you just need to keep trying.
Marisa should know as well as anyone that magic is hard work!

[+] Mima, what were you saying earlier about this sword?
...and a little extra info might not hurt.
File 126102964010.png - (767.11KB, 1024x768, c1b9244b2d8ab9a887f113c1c797ad04.png) [iqdb]
[X] Mima, what were you saying earlier about this sword?
[X] Then after getting rested perhaps give it another try.

"Maybe you're right, Marisa." You think aloud.

You take a knee as you try to recuperate. A small clatter sounds from the sword on your hip as it lands against the stone tiles of the shrine. That's right, Mima was saying something about this sword earlier, wasn't she? Something about its history. Putting your hand to the hilt of the sword, you look up at the floating ghost.

"Miss Mima?" You call to the evil spirit, causing her to emit a 'hmm' as she turns her head to you. "What was it that you were saying earlier about this sword?" A bemused smile crosses her lips as she slowly floats over to you.

"Well, I believe that this sword happens to be one of the sacred artifacts of the outside world. A legendary blade known as the 'Grass Cutting Sword.'" Mima explains, eying the blade at your hip.

"Wait, didn't you call it something different bef-"

"Let me finish my explanation first!" Mima interrupts you. "The sword was originally known as the 'Sword of the Gathering Clouds of Heaven,' which I find to be a more suiting name anyways, but after that incident with which a brave warrior used this sword to escape from a trap set by an evil lord in a field, it became known as the 'Grass Cutting Sword.'" The ghost continues her explanation with a pleased grin crossing her face. "It was thusly named since that is the legend that it became well known for, but really it's a sword that houses the power of the wind and air."

"The wind and air, huh?" You think aloud as you slowly pull the sword partly out of its sheath, taking a look at its tempered blade.

"Pretty neat, huh?" Comes a familiar voice as you turn to find Marisa leaning over your shoulder. "I found this while going through some of my dad's things before I left home~ze." The witch muses before turning to her former mentor. "So this sword can control the air and stuff?"

"Yes, that's right." Mima replies matter-of-factly.

"So do ya think that he can fly with it an' stuff~ze?"

"Hmm, I had never thought of it that way, but perhaps it is possible to use it in such a way. What do you think young man?" Mima asks, turning her attention to you.

[ ] It's worth a shot.
[ ] Continue with Mima's normal training.
[ ] Something else.


A Short update for today. My apologizes for taking so long to get this update up, my life is very quickly falling apart around me, so this isn't top of my priority list. Also, I may be without internet for a month or so once the beginning of the new year rolls around, but I hope that won't be the case. Anyways, please enjoy the update, vote, and as always, constructive criticism is always welcome.
[x] It's worth a shot.

Why not, we can learn how to fly normally later if it works out.
[x] It's worth a shot.

Better to try and have it not work than to not try and be left wondering forever.
[X] It's worth a shot.

Might as well.
[x] It's worth a shot.
[+] It's worth a shot.
I have the mental image of the MC putting a little too much oomph into it, and flying off into the distance shouting "I regret nothiiiiiiiing...!"
File 126118647674.png - (974.84KB, 1024x768, ab63d23c9841860e45484adccf56629b.png) [iqdb]
[X] It's worth a shot.

You look down at the blade at your hip. Flying with a sword, how on earth would you be able to manage that? Although it wouldn't be the strangest thing to have happened to you, this is Gensokyo after all.

"Well, I guess I could give it a shot." You reply to the evil spirit, returning her gaze.

Slowly, you unsheathe the sword from its scabbard, a small gust of wind seems to dance about in the air around you as you as you unveil its blade. As you hold the sword in your hand you feel nothing really out of the ordinary about it, save for the light breeze that seems to constantly surround it. Now that the sword is out in the open, how are you supposed to fly with it?

"Ya know, I never really got a good look at it before, but that's a pretty snazzy lookin' sword~ze. Maybe I shoulda kept it in the first place, after all." Marisa muses as she admires the sword. "So come on! Fly with it or somethin'~ze!" Marisa urges you impatiently.

You look back at the witch with a shrug, "Now how am I supposed to even begin doing that?"

"I dunno. Why don't ya try holdin' it up in the air and maybe it'll drag you into the sky or somethin'."

You point the sword skyward and stare blankly for a few moments. Unsure of yourself, you stare at the sky, hoping for something to happen. For several minutes the only thing you feel is the air drifting off of the sword while your feet remain firmly planted. You begin to feel rather dumb, holding the sword over your head like on the cover of a movie poster and eventually put the sword down.

"This is stupid; nothing's happening." You sigh, killing some of Marisa's enthusiasm. Mima just giggles at you.

"That was quite the heroic pose. Practice that in the mirror often?" She snickers, making your cheeks flush red.

"Mima, cut it out! You're embarrassing him~ze!" Marisa chastises the evil spirit, before turning her attention back to you. "You can do it, maybe you just need to try somethin' different is all." The black-white encourages you. "Hmm. Oh hey! One time Yukari showed me this 'vid-e-yo cass-ette' thing at Kourin's shop that had a rabbit, ya know like Reisen, standing on a sword, flyin' around with it~ze. Maybe you should try doin' it that way!" The witch suggests to you.

"I guess I could give it a try." You reply, making Marisa smile.

"Yeah! You can totally do it this time, I know it!" The witch cries excitedly.

"We shall see, now won't we?" Mima chimes in cryptically, somewhat killing the small bit of confidence that you had.

You set the sword gently on the stone tiles of the shrine grounds and stand atop the blade. Not knowing what to expect, you bend your knees in anticipation, striking a surfer pose. Several more minutes pass as you continue to wait for something to happen. Only once did you even think the sword moved, but after ten or so minutes of waiting, nothing happens. Just a light wind continuing to emanate from the blade, sending a cooling breeze up your pant legs.

"Are we enjoying ourselves?" Comes a familiar voice from around the side of the shrine as Reimu walks over, broom in hand. "Mima's here? Perhaps, it's best if I don't ask then." The shrine maiden sighs after noticing the evil spirit.

Embarrassment sets in once again as you quickly hop off the sword and carefully sheathe it back in its scabbard.

"We were well... we were-" You begin.

"We were trying to see if this young lad could learn to fly with the aid of that blade that he seems to enjoy carrying so much." Mima explains as she floats over to Reimu. She then lowers her voice a bit, but not enough to be inaudible, "It was all my pupil's bright idea."

"It was a great idea~ze! I mean, it could still work... h-he just needs to keep trying harder and believe, I know it!" Marisa shouts her explanation, nothing seems to be able to break her determination.

"Well, this lesson seems to be getting nowhere, so let's break for now." Mima suggests, prompting Marisa to disapprove to the spirit's suggestion loudly.

As Marisa continues her shouting, you notice a stirring out of the corner of your eye as the young little oni once again falls off the donation box and hobbles over to the commotion.

"Suika, you're up again I see." The shrine maiden notices, as she idly begins sweeping. "No one is going to donate to the shrine if you keep doing that." Reimu lectures to the stumbling Suika.

"Well, no one here donates anyways, so it's no loss." Suika retorts, causing Reimu to huff with frustration. The oni then turns her attention to you and Marisa. "So are you both done here so that I can have my danmaku match?"

[ ] Let Marisa fight Suika.
[ ] Fight Suika yourself.
[ ] Head off somewhere else. (Location Write-In)
[ ] Something else? (Write-In)
[x] Let Marisa fight Suika.

We have yet to fully learn our lessons so we wouldn't give her much of a fight.
[x] Let Marisa fight Suika.
[X] Fight Suika yourself.

An ass kicking might do him some good.
[+] Make it a two-on-one match: You and Marisa vs. Suika.

Suika's strong enough (and the main's still weak enough) that the strength balance is still in Suika's favor. At least it might be more fun this way.
{X} Let Marisa fight Suika.
File 126147049398.jpg - (142.08KB, 500x1000, 2e7d7e321f8391b8a4bf6dc48a722634.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] Let Marisa fight Suika.

You look toward the oni then to Marisa, who seems to be looking for a response from you. You're feeling pretty exhausted from all the training, so you decide to give Marisa a chance to duel on her own. It's probably been a while since she's fought a one on one danmaku duel since you've shown up anyway.

"You two can go ahead and fight without me, that training wore me out a bit. I'll just take a quick breather, alright?" You speak up, Suika's eyes brighten up a bit as you do.

"Aw... You don't wanna fight along with me?" Marisa pouts as she turns to you, placing her hands on your shoulder. She then gives a quick and mischievous grin to Suika, "Although I guess it is already an unfair fight as it is~ze. With him involved, it wouldn't be a challenge at all."

"What was that? Let's go! Right here, right now!" Suika shouts, holding her fists in the air.

"I thought you'd never ask~ze." The witch teases as she hops onto her broom, ascending into the air. Without another word, Suika darts into the air after the black-white.

You settle yourself down on the steps to the shrine as the sparks begin to fly above you. Meanwhile, Reimu continues to sweep the shrine grounds as Mima floats over to you, once again sending a chill your way.

"It's quite the spectacle, isn't it?" Mima speaks up, as she turns her attention to the airborne girls beginning to fire upon each other, lighting up the sky with their colorful danmaku. "My, my... it has been far too long since I've watched my young pupil duel with her magic." She sighs as the two girls zip around each other, Suika beginning to fire what looks to be a continuous stream of fireworks. "I wonder if Marisa can keep up with all those bullets?" The spirit thinks aloud as Marisa quickly weaves between the thin spaces left around Suika's shots. You're amazed at how quickly she moves on her broom. "I doubt she would do so well, at dodging with you in tow, now wouldn't she?"

You droop your head as the truth of Mima's words cause a bit of guilt to settle on you. Marisa, doesn't fly nearly that fast when you're flying with her, does she? Is it because she can't? Do you weigh her down? Or could it be because she's worried about you falling off?

Suddenly, you hear a loud bang come from above as you notice Marisa falling a short distance through the dissipating danmaku bullets. Long before she's in any danger of landing fatally, she regains her composure atop her broom, almost losing her hat in the process. A short distance away, you hear a faint clicking sound.

*Click. Click*

"Ah, things are rather slow right now in Gensokyo." Comes an unfamiliar voice, with a sigh. "Perhaps I'd best put out an extra edition with these new photos. I can see it now, 'Witch Loses Duel! Changing of the Guard?' and 'Mystery Man Cheating With Ghost!' What do you think? Catchy, right? Would you read it? I'd read it." Asks a rather plainly dressed girl with short black hair and a small red hat atop her head. "Perhaps now would be a good time to take an interview from you. I mean, I do like to have accurate reports when I can." She begins to walk toward you, notepad in hand.

Suddenly a laser beam cuts across her path as very displeased and disheveled Marisa zooms in to confront the girl.

"Aya, this is really not a good time~ze! And what was it that you were going to name those articles?" Marisa shouts at the tengu girl.

"Just what I've seen: you losing a danmaku duel, and this spirit spending time with your boyfriend. I have to keep accurate news of everything in Gensokyo after all." Aya explains, as she jots down a few notes in her notepad.

"Grr, don't you have anything better to do than spy on my personal life~ze!?" Marisa snaps at Aya, who sprouts large black wings suddenly.

"Well, it's not just you, I report on everyone. It's just that you seem to have the most interesting goings-on lately. Anyways, I'd best get back to Youkai Mountain and finish writing these articles." With that, Aya takes off into the sky with a bang, sounding similar to jet flying off as she disappears into the distance in an instant.

"Aya! You get yourself back 'ere~ze!" Marisa quickly readies her broom and offers a hand to you. "Come on, let's get goin'! We gotta catch her and teach her a lesson~ze!"

[ ] Get on. This has been a long time coming.
[ ] Stay at the shrine. Got to continue trying to learn how to fly.
[ ] Something else. (Write-In)
[x] Get on. This has been a long time coming.
{X} Get on. This has been a long time coming.
[+] "But if I get on, won't I just slow you down?"
[+] "But if I get on, won't I just slow you down?"

Mima just said as much, ye daft fools!
[x] "But if I get on, won't I just slow you down?"
[x]"But if I get on, won't I just slow you down?"
-[x] "If you insist..."
File 12615984351.jpg - (506.44KB, 1000x1462, dcbac7f8dc944c9f3c6626465301ebc4.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] "But if I get on, won't I just slow you down?"

You extend your hand to meet Marisa's but then quickly retract it as thoughts of guilt continue to plague your mind. Marisa raises a confused eyebrow and shakes her hand at you.

"Come on, let's get going! What's wrong~ze!?" Marisa pleads impatiently. "Quit foolin' around!"

"Marisa, while you were dueling Suika, I noticed that you were much faster and agile on your broom without me." You begin as Marisa's expression begins to melt into one of worry. "What I'm trying to say is that if I accompany you, won't I just be a burden and slow you down?"

The witch frowns at you and shakes her head, continuing to offer her hand. "Do ya think that matters to me!? I bring you along with me because I want you to come with me~ze!"

"But isn't Aya really quick? You'd be at a disadvantage if you can't keep up with her in a danmaku battle." You try to reason.

"That's why I have you there, right? You watch out for any bullets that I can't see, so it's comforting knowin' that you're there supportin' me, and besides..." Marisa looks off to the side for a moment, then sends a quick glance your way. "...I slow down a bit on purpose because I don't want you to accidently fall off if I'm hittin' top speed, that's how much I care about 'cha~ze." Marisa admits with a sheepish blush. "I'm pretty sure I can go just as fast even with you in tow."

"Is that why?" You ask in disbelief, to which Marisa nods shyly.

"Is that so, Marisa? You really haven't changed at all, have you?" Mima giggles with a bemused smile across her lips. "You always were a bit of a softy and stubborn too, which perhaps is why you've done so well for yourself thus far." The spirit nudges you forward suddenly. "What are you waiting for, boy? It's rude to keep a lady waiting."

After giving it another moment's thought, you take Marisa's hand and join her on her broom. You once again wrap your arms around her waist and lean against her back. Accidently fall off? You couldn't think of a safer place to be than clinging to your beloved witch.

"Alright Marisa, let's get going." You say in a warm voice. "And thanks for caring, but you don't have to hold back on my account. There's no way I'll ever let go of you." You blush at the cheesiness of your words.

"But what if you-"

"Marisa, I'll be alright..." You reassure her, giving her waist a little squeeze as if to illustrate your point."

"Alright~ze." Marisa replies tightening her grip on her broom.

"You know Marisa, it's really cute seeing the two of you being sweet with each other like this, but Aya's probably already made it back to Youkai Mountain by now." Reimu chimes in, walking over to join the rest of you along with Suika who seems rather pleased with her victory.

"Right, let's get goin'~ze!" Marisa shouts as she sends the two of you jetting off into the sky, quickly leaving the Hakurei Shrine far behind you. She's flying way faster than usual, just the take-off almost broke your grip on her, but you do you best to cling to Marisa with all your might. "You holding on alright back there?" The witch asks, feeling your grip slipping a bit. "Do ya need me to slow down?" After readjusting your hands, you shake your head into Marisa's back.

The force of the wind is so strong against you that you're almost too afraid to take a look around at the scenery, but when you do, you're greeted with a view of lush wheat fields and trees.

The two of you are suddenly assaulted by whirlwind full of tree leaves suddenly changing from bright green to golden brown and orange, bringing you and Marisa to a halt.

"You there!"

"Stop What you're doing!" Come two voices, seeming to complete each others sentences.

Two blonde-haired girls appear before you following the gale, one dressed in what looks to be an orange dress made up entirely of autumn leaves and another dressed in a dress the color of red wine with an orange apron over the top of it.

"A-Are you the ones knocking down the tree leaves prematurely?" The girl of autumn leaves shouts at you, her voice quivering a bit. "B-Because i-if you are... If you are..."

"Sister, let me do all the talking." Cuts in the girl with what looks to be harvest grapes in her hat. "We are the goddesses Aki of the autumn leaves and autumn harvest: Shizuha and Minoriko. We know that you two came by here just a moment ago and knocked many of the leaves out of the trees during your flyby and now you're back here to finish the job, aren't you?"

"No, let us explain-" You try to plead with the goddesses.

"That happens to be my younger sister's job and if it happens prematurely, then it will throw off the balance of the seasons!" The goddess of harvest interjects. "Now just confess to your crimes and allow divine punishment to come upon you!" Minoriko shouts brandishing some spell cards.

"Hrmm, maybe I'll have to just take out some of my frustration on these two~ze."

[ ] Fight the Aki sisters.
[ ] Skip them and continue up to Youkai Mountain.
[ ] Try to reason with them.
[ ] Something else. (Write-In)
[X] Fight the Aki sisters.

Beating youkai is a human's job.
[x] Try to reason with them.
-[x] Try to explain you were trying to get to Aya's right after she went by this way.
[x] If this fails, then resort to less civil measures.

Aya might have been the one who caused things the first time or it might have been us.
[x] Try to reason with them.
[x] Try to reason with them.
-[x] Try to explain you were trying to get to Aya's right after she went by this way.
[x] If this fails, then resort to less civil measures.

As if the Akis didn't take enough crap from people. No need to antagonize them, if you ask me.
[x] Try to reason with them.
-[x] Try to explain you were trying to get to Aya's right after she went by this way.
[x] If this fails, then resort to less civil measures.

I personally like the Aki's, I don't really want to hurt them.
[x] Try to reason with them.
-[x] Try to explain you were trying to get to Aya's right after she went by this way.
[x] If this fails, then resort to less civil measures.
File 12616876587.png - (262.87KB, 657x899, afedba31a05020b91262193c268053ce.png) [iqdb]
[X] Try to reason with them.
-[X] Try to explain that you were trying to chase Aya right after she came by this way.

You reach a hand around and place it around the hand that Marisa had begun pulling out her spell cards with. The witch gasps a bit, before turning her head and meeting your calm gaze.

"Marisa, I think we can try to work this out. There's just a bit of a misunderstanding here, I think. So, just save all that frustration for Aya, alright?" You say trying your best to quell the witch's growing anger. Marisa huffs as she replaces her cards back under her hat while you turn to the waiting goddesses. "Please excuses us, we're sorry, and we really didn't mean any harm. We especially weren't trying to purposely take your sister's job from her." You do your best to apologize sincerely to Minoriko.

"Oh yeah? Then why is it that there were two fly-bys here, one after the other, knocking more and more leaves out of the trees each time, and once we tried to investigate it, we found the two of you?" The harvest goddess reasons to herself, trying to further prove her point. You think for a moment, 'one after the other?'

"That first one must have been Aya! She was the first one to knock all the leaves out of the trees while she was flying by." You try to explain to the two goddesses. "We were chasing after her because we have some... unfinished business with her. We really didn't mean to knock all of those leaves from the trees."

Minoriko seems unimpressed with your explanation as she crosses her arms in front of her, but Shizuha seems to understand and sympathize with you. Warily, she turns to her sister, approaching her sister in the same manner that she would a rabid dog that could snap at her at any moment.


"What is it!? I told you to let me do all the talking!" Minoriko snaps at her sister, causing Shizuha to quickly cringe, losing some leaves from her dress in the process.

"B-But sister... I think he's... that he's telling the truth, and he said he's sorry already. Can't we just uhm, let them go?" The younger sister suggests to the harvest goddess.

"Shizuha, they're just mortals! You know that they're not to be trusted!" Minoriko chastises.

"But Minoriko, don't we rely on the mortals for faith? They can't all be bad then." Shizuha pleads with her sister.

"Yeah, what she said~ze!" Marisa chimes in excitedly, causing the harvest goddess to sigh heavily.

"Isn't that the girl that beat us up several seasons ago?" Minoriko places a hand against her forehead as she sighs. Her sister looks over at the two of you and squints her eyes a bit before gasping and covering her mouth.

"Oh my, I guess it is, isn't it? But... uhm that boy is unfamiliar, but I'm sure he's being sincere. Can't we just let them go for his sake?"

"Really, we were just passing through. Please believe us, we are in a bit of a hurry." You continue trying to reason with the goddesses. Marisa seems to be losing her patience at this, and slowly pulls out her Mini-Hakkero. Noticing this you place your hand over hers again and shake your head.

"Come on~ze. This is taking forev-"

"Fine, we'll let you go for now, if only because Shizuha believes your story, but if we catch you knocking down more leaves from the trees, you won't be so lucky next time." Minoriko sighs as she grabs her sister by the hand. "Let's go back to sleep, Shizuha, there's still a couple months left before our season."

With that the two fly off allowing you and Marisa to continue your journey to Youkai Mountain, only a bit slower this time. Much of the rest of the journey is uneventful until you reach a river leading up to the mountain. Marisa slows the broom to a halt and turns to you with a sheepish grin.

"I uhm... I actually don't know the way to the tengu's place." Marisa admits, causing you to bury your face into her back with a sigh.

"Well now what?" You ask, trying to figure out what to do about it now.

Suddenly you hear an odd noise. Static? But that can't be right, what on earth would be making static in Gensokyo? The noise continues to increase in volume and a voice can be barely heard.

"Oh!" Marisa cries out in surprise as she rummages through one of her satchels unveiling what looks like an old two-way radio. "I forgot that I had this." Marisa explains as she begins to speak into the device. "Hello?"

"...-isa? ... ...-migod... -at are you... -oing here?" Comes a broken voice from the radio.

"Nitori, can ya hear me~ze?" Marisa asks.

"...-old on..." The voice says followed by a bit a static. "Hello? He-... -lo?"

"I can hear ya know."

"There we go... Marisa wha-... brings you to th-... youkai mountain?" Nitori asks, her voice coming through with considerably less static than before.

"Well we were chasin' after Aya and kinda got lost~ze." Marisa explains.

"Is tha- all? Hold on jus- a minute... I'll follow your signal an- be there in a sec."

After a minute or so of waiting you feel a breeze flow by you and suddenly a second Marisa materializes in front of you, floating under her own power.


You jump a bit in surprise, Marisa however, just laughs it off. "Nice one! Looks like you're getting that what'd you call it? Octopus chamomile- to work better~ze."

"Optic camouflage, Marisa." The fake Marisa says, as her hair turns blue and the rest of her body dissolves to reveal the kappa, Nitori, underneath. "Pretty neat, huh? I'd been working on this a lot since that time you went underground. Anyways, so you're lost? I could show you the way, but do you mind coming by my lab first? There's a bunch of stuff I want to show you."

[ ] Just ask her to show you the way to the tengu's village. You're in a hurry.
[ ] Stop by Nitori's lab. Who know's what other neat things she's got there.
[ ] Something else? (Write-In)
[x] Stop by Nitori's lab. Who know's what other neat things she's got there.

Why not? We're by the area, that and it'll mess with Aya's head. And we might find something to use on Aya.
[x] Stop by Nitori's lab. Who know's what other neat things she's got there.

Hoping there's something that can be borrowed.
[x] Stop by Nitori's lab. Who know's what other neat things she's got there.

We're not going to catch her before she gets there. Plan B: Sneaking mission.
[X] Stop by Nitori's lab. Who know's what other neat things she's got there.

[x] Stop by Nitori's lab. Who know's what other neat things she's got there.
File 126211068814.jpg - (163.61KB, 1000x1000, 73cd852acd95b787b65a7e855f057b8e.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] Stop by Nitori's lab. Who knows what other neat things she's got there.

You tap Marisa on the shoulder and she responds with a glance.

"Hey Marisa, I think I'd like to see Nitori's lab. I mean, there's no way that we're going to catch Aya before she gets to the tengu village, but maybe Nitori's got some neat things that can help us out." You suggest, taking a quick glance at Nitori who promptly turns away from you.

"I guess we could do that, I mean it has been awhile since Nitori and I have spent any time together~ze." The witch thinks aloud before turning to the kappa. "Hey Nitori, I guess we've got some time to drop by your lab since you're offering and all." At this the kappa seems to animate herself again as a nervous smile crosses her face.

"Uhm alright, I'll show you the way back to the lab, 'kay?" Nitori says avoiding eye contact with you before she turns and begins to lead the way.

You and Marisa follow behind the kappa on Marisa's broom as she leads you along river. The scenery is that of a nice secluded grove with a single river running through it. It's a peaceful and almost magical woodland area which feels alive as you and Marisa are lead through it.

Eventually, you come across a large waterfall at the foot of the mountain. Nitori stops before it and pulls something out of her pocket that you can't make out. At first, nothing happens, but then the waterfall suddenly begins to part, leaving an opening through the middle of it. The kappa turns to the two of you and motions for you to follow her inside, which Marisa does quickly before the waterfall closes itself off behind you.

Nitori lands softly in the passage and Marisa does the same, setting the broom down in the darkened cave. The two of you disembark and begin following the petite kappa. Along the path, the cave grows darker and darker, you hold Marisa's hand if only to not lose her when suddenly you hear Nitori snap and the cave is flooded with lights, blinding you momentarily.

When your eyes finally adjust, the sight that greets you reminds you faintly of the inside of a superhero's subterranean headquarters. It still feels much like a cave, but the metal grating line the floor and some of the walls serve to detract from this. There are several work benches around with various tools scattered around different electronic odds and ends all in various states of disrepair. In one corner of the cave is a series of monitors, several of which feature graphs and coding that you're unfamiliar with and others that show what looks to be a video feed from closed-circuit cameras.

As you explore different parts of the cave, you notice Marisa and Nitori discussing something idly. As you join the two of them, Nitori abruptly quiets herself and tries her best to put Marisa between you and her causing you to raise an eyebrow.

"Nitori, what's gotten into you~ze?" Marisa asks, as the kappa suddenly begins to cling closely to the witch.

"Marisa... y-you know..." Nitori whines meekly.

"Oh that's right~ze." Marisa thinks aloud before turning to you. "I forgot, Nitori is really shy around new people, 'specially humans."

"Marisa... You don't have to put it that way..." The kappa shyly whispers as Marisa pats her on the back to comfort her.

"Anywho, I'd best properly introduce the two of you." Marisa says as she detaches the kappa from herself then turning to face her friend. "Nitori this is my boyfriend from the outside world." The witch then turns to you. "And this is Nitori, my good kappa friend. We first met durin' the incident with the goddesses at the top of the mountain and sorta hit it off from there. She keeps showin' me all these inventions that she makes up and even helped me a bit when I went underground. I mean, she offered me these 'rawk-ket' things, but I was more used to usin' Alice's dolls, so I took those instead."

"Nice to meet you." You say offering a hand to the shy kappa.

Nitori pulls out a cucumber from her backpack and nervously begins to nibble on it before offering a trembling hand to meet your own.

"N-Nice to... Nice to meet you..." She replies meekly in between taking small bites out of her cucumber.

You take a good look at Nitori as you shake her hand. She really is a rather petite girl. Dressed in a teal blouse and skirt, her figure is actually a bit more curvy than your lovely little witch; this is helped out by the crossing straps across her chest which seem to be holding some sort of key between her breasts. The brim of her green hat hides her gaze from you, but you imagine she'd prefer it that way.

Before you have time to admire her anymore, Nitori abruptly releases your hand and drags Marisa off to one of the tables, clopping along in the blue rain boots of hers. She mumbles something or other to Marisa about whatever it is she has on the table while she continues to nibble on her cucumber.

You take this time by yourself to look about the lab. You lay eyes upon what looks to be a wristwatch of sorts, albeit this watch looks like as though it came straight out of one of those shows where a group of kids transform into super heroes with spandex and shiny helmets. In another corner of the lab sits what looks to be a capsule large enough to fit any normal sized person. You're curious as all these inventions do.

[ ] Play around with the watch on the table.
[ ] Mess around with the capsule in the corner of the room.
[ ] Go see what Nitori is showing to Marisa.
[ ] Something else. (Write-In)
[x] Go see what Nitori is showing to Marisa.
-[x] Try to ask her what the watch and capsule do (having Marisa do it if needed)

I think messing with those things is a bad idea.
[x] Play around with the watch on the table.
[x] Mess around with the capsule in the corner of the room.
No way to break the ice with someone better than making her scream at you because you screwed up his precious things.
[X] Mess around with the capsule in the corner of the room.

This doesn't sound like a good idea at all.
[x] Mess around with the capsule in the corner of the room.

ooh what does this button do
[x] Go see what Nitori is showing to Marisa.
-[x] Try to ask her what the watch and capsule do (having Marisa do it if needed)

Let's not play around with things that can potentialy do bad things to us, please.
[+] Go see what Nitori is showing to Marisa.
-[+] Try to ask her what the watch and capsule do (having Marisa do it if needed)

Meeting with Gensoukyou's Q Branch, eh?
[X] Play around with the watch on the table without putting it on.
[x] Go see what Nitori is showing to Marisa.
-[x] Try to ask her what the watch and capsule do (having Marisa do it if needed)
I'm going to call the votes now before another tie occurs. Update coming hopefully soon!
File 126238001522.jpg - (221.39KB, 537x758, powerrangerposter.jpg) [iqdb]
>You lay eyes upon what looks to be a wristwatch of sorts, albeit this watch looks like as though it came straight out of one of those shows where a group of kids transform into super heroes with spandex and shiny helmets.

Har har
File 12624537612.jpg - (98.49KB, 750x950, 9acd044eddf492b9bf83e2b1251611ce.jpg) [iqdb]

You can imagine it's a belt if that makes you feel better.

Also, update on it's way. I'll try to have it up after work today.
File 126249416640.jpg - (184.15KB, 600x800, b7aadc8ea9e61f77538d89ae7df1ed14.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] Go see what Nitori is showing to Marisa.

Shakily, your hand reaches out toward the watch on the table as temptation sinks in, however you try your hardest to resist it's grasp. Wait, what if it ends up disintegrating you or something, or what if causes strange transformations like the time you acted as Marisa's personal lab rat. You're not sure you're ready to take that risk, you think to yourself as your conscience wins you over.

Looking back over to Marisa and Nitori, you notice the kappa handling some sort of odd-looking backpack. It's different from the large, bulky, green one that she's got perched on her back. This backpack is much more compact, and sleek-looking. Curiously, you head over to take a closer look.

"Hey, what are you two looking at?" You ask as you approach the two girls.

"Nitori was just showin' off this new invention of hers~ze. Now what'd you call it again a... 'jam-pack?'" Marisa asks as she turns to Nitori.

"J-Jet-pack." The kappa corrects Marisa as she shields her face from your gaze with the device. After taking a gulp she lowers the pack from her face and continues her explanation. "Y-you see, I was thinking that since... since the Spell Card Battle Rules apply to everyone, it'd be easier to get everyone onto equal grounds, so to speak, by allowing everyone to fly. And... and by everyone, I mostly mean humans, so that they'll be safer while traveling around hostile youkai infested areas."

"But the problem with that is Nitori, 'ere is not so good around humans as you know by now~ze." Marisa explains as the kappa's cheeks turn a light pink.

"I-I'm trying to be better about it. The kappa and humans h-have long been friends... I-I mean my people built a dragon statue for the humans in their village as a sign of good will a long time ago, a-and we even eventually installed a doppler radar system into it... designed by me..." Nitori explains.

As you listen to Nitori's explanation, your gaze drifts back over to the other inventions.

"Are you... uhm... excuse me... are you listening?" The kappa asks meekly. "What are you staring at."

"Oh, I was just curious as to what those other inventions did." You explain as you point over to the watch and capsule.

"Oh don't touch any of those! I mean one with the wrist strap is a modified version of my optic camouflage, but it's still a prototype. That one is supposed to not just change the appearance of a person visually, but actually change them physically; I haven't worked out the kinks in it... so... I'm not sure if there's a way to reverse it yet." She explains with a light blush crossing her cheeks. "The other one is a teleporter, although..." It looks as if Nitori almost cringes as she describes the device.

"Although?" You ask inquisitively.

"Although... I uhm... tried to teleport an apple to Aya... a-and... it..." The kappa takes a gulp as she recalls the incident. "W-Well to be blunt, it came out the other end as apple sauce..."

You cringe inwardly and thank your lucky stars that you decided not to mess around with either of them, although you're somehow curious as to what the camouflage might turn you into.

"Anyways, I was... uhm... going to see about having Marisa try on my jetpack and take it out on a test run."

"Now wait a second, I don't think I ever agreed to this~ze." Marisa retorts, putting her hands at hips. Suddenly, Nitori perks up and turns to you with an expression that makes you feel a bit unsettled.

"I know! W-Why don't we have him try it out! You uhm... You even said that he doesn't know how to fly yet, he'd be a perfect guinea-... I mean test pilot." The kappa twiddles her fingers in anticipation as she explains her scheme.

"Nitori! Don't go and decide something so hastily like that~ze! I mean..." The witch turns to you with a concerned look. "Well, at least let him decide if he wants to or not."

[ ] Test it out.
[ ] Refuse.
[ ] Still try out one of the other inventions.
[ ] Something else. (Write-In)
[x] Test it out.
-[x] Remark on how Marisa would save you if something went wrong, and give a vote of confidence in Nitori's inventions.

Time to be bold I'd say.
[x] Test it out.
-[x] Remark on how Marisa would save you if something went wrong, and give a vote of confidence in Nitori's inventions.
[x] Test it out.
-[x] Remark on how Marisa would save you if something went wrong, and give a vote of confidence in Nitori's inventions.

Although the jetpack might just explode, in which case nothing Marisa did would help us.

But hey, nothing ventured...
[x] Test it out.
-[x] Remark on how Marisa would save you if something went wrong, and give a vote of confidence in Nitori's inventions.
[x] Test it out.
-[x] Remark on how Marisa would save you if something went wrong, and give a vote of confidence in Nitori's inventions.
[x] Test it out.
-[x] Remark on how Marisa would save you if something went wrong, and give a vote of confidence in Nitori's inventions

Nuclear powered jet packs? The kappa have been using nuclear tech for things.
[X] Test it out.
-[X] Remark on how Marisa would save you if something went wrong, and give a vote of confidence in Nitori's inventions

Saying this will only make Marisa feel worse if something happened.
File 126258694215.jpg - (251.61KB, 700x700, 51f704bfd0f94f347a5eb51d73a3cc32.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] Test it out.
-[X] Remark on how Marisa would save you if something went wrong, and give a vote of confidence in Nitori's inventions.

You study the device before giving your answer. Nitori's descriptions of her escapades with her previous inventions didn't give you much confidence in the integrity of her inventions, but she's Marisa's friend, and friends don't hurt each other, so it should be alright, right? Right?

"It's alright Marisa." You smile at your witch before turning to the kappa. "I'll test it out for you, Nitori." You say before you have time to regret it.

"Oh this is great." She replies with a giddy smile crossing her face. "I'll need to make some adjustments first." With that, the kappa brandishes a wrench and runs off with the jetpack, beginning to tinker with it.

"Ya know, you don't have to be nice to her and do this just 'cause she's my friend~ze." Marisa sighs as she turns to you with a disconcerted face. "I mean what if somethi-"

"Marisa, it'll be fine." You reply reassuringly as you wrap your arms around her waist. "You trust her don't you?"

"Well, yeah~ze... but..."

"Then everything will be just fine." You say cutting Marisa off as you bring her in for a hug. "Have a bit more faith in her, alright? Besides, if anything happens to me, I'll have my lovely, little witch to save me, right?" As you continue to comfort Marisa, you press your forehead against her own, causing the witch to blush a bit.

"Right." The black-white replies before planting a light kiss upon your lips with a soft giggle.

The kappa clops back toward the two of you, jetpack in hand, before stopping abruptly, her face a bright red. "Oh... I-I'm sorry... w-was I interrupting something. I didn't mean to intrude on th-the two of you..."

"No, it's alright, Nitori." Marisa reassures the blushing kappa as she gently breaks away from your embrace. "So how does this thing work?"

"W-Well..." The kappa begins before taking a gulp. "Well, you see here..." With that the kappa explains the mechanics of the jetpack as she begins to outfit you with the device. As she fits the jetpack to you, an almost permanent blush graces the kappas face, and her hands tremble a bit as she adjusts it on you. She straps the backpack onto you with the same sort of crossing straps that she has on her own backpack, the only difference is that these ones don't have a key between the middle of them. "And... and you activate it with these switches." Nitori says as she motions toward a pair of what look like handles on the sides of the pack. Pulling on these handles serve to extend a pair of retractable arms from the backpack which seem to control movement of the pack while airborne. "Also, it uses a compressed-air and magic propulsion system so that it doesn't burn you during flight... unlike my first model... Anyways, this way."

The kappa takes you to a part of the laboratory lined with gridded mats. Nitori leads you to the center of the mat before moving behind what you can only assume is a bullet-proof glass wall, Marisa joins her there as well. The kappa messes around with some sort of control panel while continuously checking a clipboard full of notes.

"Alright, we're going to start the test launch at 5% thrust capacity." You take a gulp as Nitori speaks to you through a PA system that echoes throughout the cave. The palms of your hands begin to sweat a bit as thoughts of the jetpack backfiring and causing you to crash into a wall float through your head. Shaking those thoughts off, you grip the handles of the jetpack and prepare for the test flight. "Ignition in 3... 2... 1... Hit it!"

You brace yourself as you press the buttons on the handles and prepare for the worst... But it never comes. The jets fire off with a loud roar and you feel your legs part from the ground. From your back you feel a powerful, yet cooling gust from the jetpack. You figure that you're hovering several meters or so above ground. Wiggling the handles, you find that they've loosened up and allow for a bit of mobility with your arms also allowing you to steer the device. Testing this out you shakily get control of moving in all directions horizontally

The sound of cheers and clapping come from behind the blast shield as the two girls wave at you excitedly. Suddenly, Nitori's voice comes back over the PA system.

"Alright, whenever you're ready you can cut the power."

You comply, or... you would were the jetpack to shut itself off when you try to shut it down. A chill runs down your spine as you realize that Nitori's jetpack may see a fate similar to some of her other inventions. As you turn to the kappa with a beseeching look upon your face, she returns a look of confusion followed by alarm as she realizes what is going on. Nitori frantically starts typing away at the console before her as you begin to drift away from the testing area. You try to steer the wayward jetpack as you hover about the lab knocking tools and parts over, but nothing seems to want to respond correctly.

Suddenly you feel a firm grip around your wrist. As you turn to face the owner of this grip, you're faced with a worried witch floating upon her broom.

"Hang on~ze! I'll get you out of this!" Marisa shouts at you over the roar of the jetpack as she fiddles with the straps crossing in the middle of your chest, but she can't seem to get them loose. Frantically the witch brings her head down to your chest and bites through the straps freeing you from jetpack which shoots throughout the lab sporadically once it's released from your back. Shortly thereafter the jet pack backfires, crashing into a pile of junk in one corner of the room. "That was a close one~ze!" Marisa sighs as she stares over at the smoking pile of debris.

Once everything settles Marisa sets the both of you down next to Nitori who apologizes profusely for her faulty equipment.

"What're you trying to do, Nitori? My boyfriend could've been hurt or worse~ze!" The witch explodes at the kappa who seems ready to burst into tears.

"I-I'm sorry! I thought it was ready f-for a test run...!" The kappa cringes as she apologizes to the witch. "I-I didn't mean to try to put him in any d-danger... I was... I was just trying to help..."

"Hmph!" Marisa huffs as she storms off toward the entrance to the cave.

You watch Marisa stomp away then turn back to the kappa who has begun cleaning up the mess left by the rampaging jetpack with trembling hands, sniffling all the while. Maybe you should do something.

[ ] Follow Marisa; you've still got business to attend to.
[ ] Try to stop Marisa and forgive the kappa; she didn't mean any harm.
[ ] Help Nitori clean up the mess.
[ ] Something else. (Write-In)
[x] Try to stop Marisa and forgive the kappa; she didn't mean any harm.

The last thing I want to see is a friendship ruined because of us.
[ ] Try to stop Marisa and forgive the kappa; she didn't mean any harm.
{X} Try to stop Marisa and forgive the kappa; she didn't mean any harm.
{X} Help Nitori clean up the mess.
[X] Try to stop Marisa and forgive the kappa; she didn't mean any harm.
[X] Help Nitori clean up the mess.

Accidents happen.
[c] Try to stop Marisa and forgive the kappa; she didn't mean any harm.
[c] Help Nitori clean up the mess.
[x] Try to stop Marisa and forgive the kappa; she didn't mean any harm.

Won't be doing that again.
[x] Try to stop Marisa and forgive the kappa; she didn't mean any harm.
-[x] "I know that you were worried about me; believe me, so would I if our roles were reversed, but I'm sure she honestly didn't mean any harm. Kappas and Humans have been friends for centuries and, besides, she's your friend! You know her better than anyone, right?"
"So, please forgive her. There was risk involved, I agreed and I'm okay, thanks to you, so no harm done!"
>the witch brings her head down to your chest and bites through the straps freeing you from jetpack

Either those straps were made of dental floss or the protag should keep his dick far, far away from Marisa's mouth.
[+] Try to stop Marisa and forgive the kappa; she didn't mean any harm.

My thoughts exactly. Yeesh.

I don't think she'd ever bite it off. If we really piss her off during sex, she'd just point blank master spark it off.
It's less a question of "what might she do when mad?" than "what might she do accidentally?"
[x] Try to stop Marisa and forgive the kappa; she didn't mean any harm.
File 126290995734.png - (1.61MB, 1200x1050, d0d35d3df53621be789c2669e8eda2ae.png) [iqdb]
[X] Try to stop Marisa and forgive the kappa; she didn't mean any harm.
[X] Help Nitori clean up the mess.

Making your way toward the crying kappa, you kneel down and begin to pick up scraps of metal and tools next to her. As you do this, the kappa looks up at you with wide eyes.

"W-What are you doing?" The startled kappa asks with teary eyes. "Y-You don't h-have to help clean this up... It's not your fault... I uh... I mean... I'm really sorry about what happened..." Nitori apologizes as you continue to pick up various assorted parts and pieces to devices which you can only imagine the purpose of.

"It's alright Nitori, you don't have to be sorry.." You reply warmly.

"But you... But you could've been hurt or... or... Well, aren't you mad at me?" The kappa stammers as she drops some of the tools she was holding before scrambling to pick them back up and dropping some more. You chuckle a bit to your self and shake your head at the fumbling kappa.

"I'm not." You respond matter-of-factly. "Accidents happen, and well I'm just glad that no one was hurt. And anyways, I'm glad that it was me in there instead of Marisa; I don't know if things would've ended up the same if it was the other way around." As you continue to ramble on, Nitori suddenly drops everything and wraps her arms around you crying into your chest causing you to drop everything you were holding as well. "Nitori..."

"I'm... I'm so sorry!" The kappa cries "I've been avoiding you a-and almost got you... got you killed! W-Why are you being so nice to me!?"

"Because you're Marisa's friend, and I know you wouldn't try to hurt me on purpose. I'm not sure I would've been killed either..." You console the kappa and begin rubbing her back. "You're a good person er... kappa, Nitori."

After wiping her eyes and nose on her sleeve, the kappa looks up at you. "What about... what about Marisa...?"

You look toward the exit of the cave leading toward the waterfall and sigh. "Well, she won't leave without me, so I'll try to have a talk with her." You say as you give the kappa a gentle squeeze before unwrapping yourself from her embrace and head off to chase after Marisa.

Your footsteps echo through the darkened tunnel as you reach the entrance to the waterfall where your witch is sitting on her broom silently with her hat pulled over her eyes.

"What took you so long~ze?!" Marisa snaps at you, causing you to jump a bit. "Come on we're going." You frown at the witch as you approach.

"Marisa, please don't be like this. I know Nitori didn't do it on purpose." You plead with the disgruntled witch.

"I know but... but..."

"Marisa, she said she's sorry." You continue as you stop before the witch. As you remove her hat, you're shocked to see Marisa staring up at you teary-eyed and red-nosed.

"But something could've happened to you~ze..." Marisa pouts before wrapping her arms around you and crying into your chest.

"Marisa..." You say returning the witch's embrace and gently caressing her.

"I was so scared~ze..." The shivering witch sobs. "I mean...I don't know what I would've done if you... if you..."

"It's alright, I'm right here..." You comfort the witch as you rub her back softly. "It's okay."

After allowing Marisa to cry herself out and wiping away her tears, you place your hands on her shoulders and look the witch squarely in the eyes. "Marisa, I don't think we should leave Nitori like this. I mean, you're close friends, aren't you?"

"Yeah but..."

"Marisa, I'm fine. Not even a scratch, now don't you think you should forgive her? I mean, in the end she lost more than we did." You try to reason with the witch.

"I guess you're right..." Marisa thinks aloud before sighing to herself. "Fine, I'll go and forgive her~ze."

"Good!" You shout before dragging the witch back to Nitori's laboratory where the kappa seems to have mostly gotten the lab back in order. As the kappa notices the two of you returning to the lab, she drops both her jaw as well as everything else she had been holding with a loud clatter.

"I uhm... Marisa... I-I'm so... I'm..." The kappa stutters as Marisa walks toward her. She freezes as the witch approaches and abruptly embraces the jumpy kappa. "M-Marisa!"

"I'm... I'm sorry for exploding at you like that earlier~ze." The witch apologizes to the shocked kappa with a sigh.

"I'm sorry too Marisa. I-I really didn't mean for that to happen. I thought it was ready for testing, I really did. I uhm... I wouldn't purposely ever put your boyfriend in harm's way." You notice Marisa's eyebrow twitch a little as Nitori apologizes about that last bit, but she seems to calm down quickly enough. "I'm really sorry..."

"It's okay, Nitor-"

"Oh!" The kappa shouts, cutting off the witch as she unwraps herself from Marisa's embrace. "I know how I can make up for it." She says as she rummages through piles of knick-knacks. After a few moments the kappa emerges from one of the piles holding two odd looking belts with several buttons on the buckle. "Here, to make up for things please take these with you." You and Marisa both instinctively cringe as the kappa presents the belts to you.

"Nitori, it's okay really~ze. You don't have... to..." Marisa says reluctantly as she backs away slowly.

"No, no! I know these ones work." Nitori tries unsuccessfully to convince the two of you. "No really. These are both optic-camouflage devices that I've tested out myself before. Maybe you could both use these to sneak into the tengu village." The kappa explains as she hands the belts over to the two of you. "Come on, try them out."

Cautiously, you and Marisa fasten the belts to yourself and begin fumbling around with them. After a bit of experimentation, neither of you can figure out how to make yourselves invisible with the devices.

"Nitori, I think these are broken." You complain. "Aren't they supposed to make us invisible?"

"Well, that's the thing. These ones don't make you invisible, they change your appearance. Let me show you." The kappa explains as she approaches you and fiddles around with the buttons on your buckle. You hear a faint buzz and notice that your hands suddenly look different.

Nitori walks you over to a mirror, and to your surprise, you're greeted with the sight of a man with straight, white hair that you're unfamiliar with. He's clothed in some sort of red, white, and black traditional japanese clothing complete with hakama, detatched sleeves, and a small red hat. Atop this stranger's head along with the hat sit two white animal ears, and he seems to also have a large, fluffy, white tail behind himself. After a moment you realize that the reflection is yours, and in a panic, you begin to inspect yourself. You notice that your hands seem to phase through the clothing and you feel your normal clothes underneath.

"It's just a holographic projection." The kappa explains with a giggle. "With this you might be able to sneak in as one of the tengu. Well, I've got this one set to disguise you as a wolf tengu. Marisa's will disguise her as a crow tengu."

As you continue inspecting your disguise in the mirror, Nitori runs off and returns shortly with a cute girl dressed in similar japanese clothing with straight, long, black hair. The girl walks over to you and hugs you before looking up at you with an all too familiar smile.

"M-Marisa...?" You ask surprisedly.

"Who'd ya think~ze?" The disguised witch asks bemusedly.

"Well, if you two are done having fun together, I may as well show you how to get up to the tengu's village. Alright?" Nitori suggests as she leads you back to the entrance of the cave.

As both you and Marisa hop onto her broom, a thought crosses your mind. "Wait, how will we explain the broom once we get there?"

"Actually, I hadn't thought of that. Hold on just a moment." The kappa says before running back off to the lab. She returns shortly and attaches a small device onto the neck of the broom. After pressing a button, the broom changes into a spear. "There we go. Once we get there though, you're going to have to hop off and walk the rest of the way or else they'll suspect something." Nitori says as begins to float into the air. "Shall we?"

The three of you depart from the hidden laboratory and begin ascending Youkai Mountain. You follow a large waterfall up the mountain and begin to notice many crows perched around trees along the mountain face. All seems to be going well until you're abruptly interrupted by the voice of a stern, yet small sounding woman.

"Halt! Who goes there!?" Says a white, wolf tengu wielding a sword and shield.

You and Marisa quickly find the nearest protruding ledge and hop onto it before disembarking from the disguised broom. Meanwhile, Nitori lands by the two of you and greets the guard tengu.

"Uhm, Momiji, it's just me."

"Oh, Miss Nitori. How fare you today?" The wolf asks, her voice taking on a less serious and more cute tone of voice.

"I'm doing well. We should play shogi again sometime." The kappa suggests as she makes a subtle motion for the two of you to move on with her hand.

"We should but I'm on duty right now, so I shouldn't be speaking on such things. By the way, who are those two with you? They smell... off..." The two of you freeze as Momiji sniffs at the air.

"Ahahah... well they are uhm..."

[ ] Have Nitori come up with an explanation.
[ ] Have Marisa come up with an explanation.
[ ] Forget it, just fight.
[ ] Something else. (Write-In)
[x] Have Nitori come up with an explanation.
Marisa may not be as shy, but Nitori can probably make up some techno babble that will sound like a likely reason for the smell.
[x] Have Nitori come up with an explanation.
[x] Have Nitori come up with an explanation.

Technobabble defense.
[x] Have Nitori come up with an explanation
[x] Have Nitori come up with an explanation.
[x] Have Nitori come up with an explanation.

Source of the picture?
File 126326742027.jpg - (509.26KB, 1000x812, 0ff0f70e84d4ce6df37e9e30cc41bccc.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] Have Nitori come up with an explanation.

You give the kappa a little nudge, urging her to explain herself. "Go on. You and Momiji are friends right?"

"Well, yeah, but..." The kappa twiddles her fingers for a moment before pulling a cucumber from her backpack. "I-I'm no good at lying..." Nitori admits sheepishly.

"Just come up with something~ze!" Your disguised witch whispers to the kappa with a nudge.

"U-Uhm... okay..." The kappa says taking a sigh before turning to the waiting wolf tengu. "Well... uhm... You see, Momiji, I ran into these two uhm... when I was in the human village uhm... m-making adjustments to the doppler ra-radar on the dragon statue." Momiji raises an eyebrow as she listens to the kappa's explanation. "They told me that they uhm... were doing some kind of reconnaissance?"

"Huh? I don't remember hearing about a reconnaissance mission in the human village." The tengu thinks aloud. "Although they smell more of trees than they do of human."

"W-Well th-that's because... u-uhm... w-well..." The kappa stammers, quickly losing her cool.

"Hey, listen here, you!" The disguised Marisa interjects, surprising both Momiji and Nitori. "We're tengu who have been stationed in forest of magic for a secret reconnaissance mission reporting directly under Miss Shameimaru~ze!"

"U-Under Miss Aya!?" The tengu gasps in surprise. "Well uhm, how come I never heard about it?"

"What part of 'secret reconnaissance' did you not understand~ze!" Marisa shouts at the surprised wolf tengu. "We were sworn to secrecy; he was in charge of protecting me, while I was in charge of gathering intellegence! We were also told to keep an eye out in the human village where we ran into this kappa here, and if you're done wasting our time, we've got some important business to attend to with Miss Shameimaru!"

"O-Oh uhm... y-yes ma'am!" The tengu stumbles as she waves you through toward the entrance to the tengu village.

Nitori's jaw drops as she watches the whole exchange. "Marisa, that was... that was very impressive. Momiji's my friend too so I had trouble lying to her; I'm sorry... I almost blew your cover."

"Not at all~ze. It may not have worked out if I just blurted something out without finding out more about what what Momiji was smelling. I'm just good at lying~ze." Marisa remarks rubbing her nose.

"That's good. Well, good luck then." The kappa smiles as she waves farewell to the two of you.

As Momiji backs away, allowing you entrance, you notice a movement among the boulders sitting along the mountain face. Suddenly several of the large boulders along the mountain shift away, creating an opening in the side of the mountain lined with torches. Holding onto Marisa's hand, you both cautiously enter the cave.

After traveling along the dimly lit corridor for a few moments, the cave opens up revealing a large secluded village which seems to be surrounded by its own ecosystem. The village is decently well lit by holes in what appears to be the ceiling letting light through aiding the torches that are scattered all about. The buildings bear a distinct feudal japanese style to them, featuring curved rooftops and plain walls littered with wooden windows. The buildings seem to be built around and often through some of the large trees that seem to call the inside of this large cave home. As you walk along the village streets, many of the tengu pay you no heed save for a few wolf tengu giving you odd looks.

Asking around for Aya only serves to net you and Marisa more odd stares. Eventually through the aid of several conflicting directions you find your way to Aya's place. Surprisingly her house is a rather modest little shack of a house with a small faded sign that reads "Bunbunmaru News Center."

The two of you walk around to the front door and Marisa brings her hand up to knock, but you quickly grab her hand.

"Hold on Marisa, we should come up with a plan first." You suggest.

"Well, then what'd you have in mind~ze?"

[ ] Charge in before she knows what hits her.
[ ] Try to sneak around the back.
[ ] The direct approach, but worry about getting her camera.
[ ] Something else. (Write-In)
[x] Charge in before she knows what hits her.
-[x] Disengage the disguise when you enter, so when you escape, you can stick to your disguise.

This tactic has worked out for Marisa in the past.

Feel free to improve this.
[x] Charge in before she knows what hits her.
-[x] Disengage the disguise when you enter, so when you escape, you can stick to your disguise.

Eh, why not. Make it a memorable caper.
[x] The direct approach, but worry about getting her camera.
-[x] Disengage the disguise when you enter, so when you escape, you can stick to your disguise.
We need to make sure that she doesn't have any picture of this... visit.
[x] The direct approach, but worry about getting her camera.
-[x] Disengage the disguise when you enter, so when you escape, you can stick to your disguise.
{X} The direct approach, but worry about getting her camera.
-{X} Disengage the disguise when you enter, so when you escape, you can stick to your disguise.
File 126355201692.jpg - (394.85KB, 1000x705, c376da49a38d1683fcf5ff5744fa75bb.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] The direct approach, but worry about getting her camera.
-[X] Disengage the disguise when you enter, so when you escape, you can stick to your disguise.

"Well, I was thinking that our first priority should be getting that camera and any pictures that she may have already developed." You think aloud while your witch looks blankly at you.

"Oh, that's right. That's why we came 'ere in the first place, huh~ze?" Marisa recalls as she scratches her head. "I was just gonna barge in and start shootin' up the place with my spell cards. I guess I got so caught up with all that happened back at Nitori's lab that I forgot."

"It would be quite a predicament if we stir up too much mischief here since we're in the tengu village. Also, it'd probably be a good idea for us to drop our disguises when we confront Aya, that way we can resume our disguises when we make our escape and get out incognito." You explain as Marisa nods in approval.

"Sounds good, although all this sneaking around really isn't my style~ze." Marisa complains crossing her arms before her chest.

"I think this is the last place that we'd want to be caught for breaking and entering." You retort, throwing a stern gaze to the witch.

"I know, I know~ze." Marisa sighs.

Before dropping your disguises, the two of you look around to make sure that the coast is clear. This part of the village seems surprisingly quiet and sparsely populated, fortunately for the two of you. After confirming that you two are alone, you both reach for your belts and disengage your camouflage causing the tengu disguises to dissolve revealing the humans underneath, well yours at least. Marisa's changes her into a few different types of youkai before she finally figures out how to disengage the camouflage.

"Alright Marisa, remember we have to get the camer-" You begin before noticing that Marisa has already forced the front door open. "Marisa w-wait!"

You stumble into the house finding Aya both surprised and confused as Marisa begins firing off stars and lasers all throughout the house.

"What in the world!?" Are the only words that the tengu can seem to find as she is accosted by the witch.

"This is divine punishment for invadin' my privacy on a daily basis so I'm invadin' yours~ze!"

The small household quickly becomes a battlezone as Aya eventually begins to fire back at the witch with her own brand of wind-based danmaku. Aya's workshop and home, already somewhat messy, had become a hurricane of papers, film negatives, and danmaku in the skirmish.

In the midst of the fray you make your way through the danmaku as carefully and indiscretely as you can, trying to avoid taking any hits. Eventually, you come across Aya's camera and film archives. As you look through the photos and negatives, you notice that she's already developed the photos and begun mounting her photos and articles for printing.

You rummage through the photos and negatives and find all the ones that you came to get rid of: the ones of Suika beating Marisa and the ones of you and Mima together. After a bit of searching you find the rest of her photo archives that concerning you and Marisa as well as several of Marisa by herself; most of these photos consist of Marisa stealing from the Scarlet library with a few of her with Alice and Reimu. You consider crumpling all of the photos and negatives but after looking through them, memories of all those instances come flooding back to you: your first kiss outside of her dad's shop, your confession under the cherry blossoms in Hakugyokurou. Thinking better of it, you decide to save them for sentimental value and take a folded newspaper to use as a makeshift envelope to store the photos in.

After stuffing the photos in your shirt, you also decide to take Aya's camera with you so that she won't be able to take anymore private photos, at least for a while. It's by this point that the battling tengu notices you taking the photos and equipment, however she's too preoccupied with Marisa to do anything about it.

"H-Hey! That's my- woah! Camera!" Aya shouts at you while simultaneously trying to dodge stars and lasers.

"Marisa, we got what we came for, let's go!" You shout as you open Aya's front door.

After exiting the house you quickly reengage the belt that you were given by Nitori, disguising yourself once again as a white wolf tengu. Marisa follows closely behind you and does the same, with a little help from you, however. After exiting the house, you and Marisa quickly make your way toward the first group of tengu that you can find, seated at a small barbeque stand, and try your best to blend in. Shortly afterwards you hear the cries of Aya zooming down the roads of the village looking for the two of you, she doesn't seem to have a clue that you're both disguised as tengu--thank you, Nitori.

"Alright Marisa, let's get going." You say to the crow tengu next to you.

"Excuse me?" The girl next to you replies with a confused face as another gives you a little wink.

"Oh, I'm so sorry! I uh, thought you were someone else." You apologize to the girl as the other crow tengu girl who winked at you scoots next to you and grabs you by the arm. "Uhm... Marisa?"

"Forget what I look like already~ze?" The disguised witch teases you.

"W-Well, you don't look the way that... well you know... the way that you normally do..." You whisper to her.

"I know, I'm just teasin' ya." She giggles before leaving you a peck on you the cheek.

"So where do you think Aya went to look for us?"

"She's probably tellin' Momiji to be on the lookout for us, but I don't think she'll be expectin' a couple of tengu to come through."

[ ] We should get while the getting's good.
[ ] Lay low for a bit; Momiji might suspect something if we go now.
[ ] Something else. (Write-In)
[X] We should get while the getting's good.
- [x] If Momiji is encountered, claim to have been ordered to search for the intruder.
[X] We should get while the getting's good.
- [x] If Momiji is encountered, claim to have been ordered to search for the intruder.
[X] We should get while the getting's good.
- [x] If Momiji is encountered, claim to have been ordered to search for the intruder.
[X] We should get while the getting's good.
- [x] If Momiji is encountered, claim to have been ordered to search for the intruder.
File 126389048253.jpg - (253.61KB, 480x600, f7ff69049e82377a61d986250c05d2f1.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] We should get while the getting's good.
-[X] If Momiji is encountered, claim to have been ordered to search for the intruder.

"You're probably right. We probably shouldn't linger around here or we'll be likely to get caught." You think aloud as you begin pulling the witch by the arm, dragging her away from the food stand.

"Hey! I was gonna have some of that~ze..." Marisa whines as you tear her away.

"With what money?"

"I've got money... at home..." Marisa replies sheeply.

"Exactly." You say shaking your head. "I think we're already in a bit of trouble here as it is. The last thing we want to do is bringing more attention to ourselves by causing a commotion, especially if there are tengu looking for us."

"But we are tengu~ze. Well, we look like 'em, at least." Marisa replies doing a little twirl. You give the witch an unimpressed stare in reply. "Alright... let's just get going then."

As the two of you make your way through the streets of the tengu village, you already begin to hear a few people talking amongst themselves about the break-in--Wow, news really travels fast around here.

You and Marisa eventually make your way back to the entrance to the village after a short stroll, all the while tengu begin whispering more and more about the break in as tengu reporters and guards begin zooming back and forth past the two of you. Once there, you are again confronted by the white wolf tengu Momiji, who stands blocking the entrance to the village with her sword drawn at the two of you. As she does you quickly hide your loot beneath your shirt, which thankfully for the disguise looks heavy enough to where it doesn't look too conspicuous.

"Halt! Miss Aya said that I'm not allowed to let anyone out of the village until her camera is retrieved!" The tengu shouts in an unsure though commanding voice. "An incident occurred in which two humans broke into her house and stole her camera and assaulted her so-" The wolf pauses for a moment to sniff at the air as she speaks. "Oh? You two are the ones from the forest, correct?" The tengu asks.

"That's right. We had heard all about it already~ze!" Marisa shouts back to the wolf's surprise. "That's why you need to let us out, 'cause Aya told us to search for the intruders and return to our post out in the forest--Miss Shameimaru told us that she suspects that the intruders may be from the forest."

"What? I wasn't told that..." The tengu frowns, lowering her sword. "Why didn't she tell me about that...?"

"Obviously she doesn't trust you enough~ze. Anyway, if you'll excuse us, we have to get back to our post." Marisa commands, placing her hands against her hips.

"But... Aya told me not to let anyone through." The wolf pleads with the disguised witch.

"And we were ordered by Aya to return to our post and continue looking for the intruders! I'm pretty sure that Aya gave us our orders before she gave yours so, are you gettin' out of the way or what~ze?"

Momiji motions to say something else, leaving her mouth hanging open for a moment before yielding to the demanding false crow tengu. "Fine... just go... but don't... don't tell Miss Aya, alright?" Your witch's lips curl at this.

"You don't have anything to worry 'bout~ze." Marisa says with a wink to Momiji.

With that the two of you continue along a path down the mountain, the warm afternoon sun beating down on the two of you. After finding a spot some distance away, covered with foliage, the two of you deactivate your camouflage causing the disguises to disolve into a flurry of hexagonal shapes and light. The two of you then hop back onto Marisa's broom.

"Marisa, you have quite the sly tongue." You muse, causing the witch to greet you with bright grin as you hang the day's plunder over your shoulder.

"Well, it comes with bein' me, I guess~ze. Anywho, there's still a whole lot of daylight left. I feel like we should be goin' somewhere but I just can't remember. Got any suggestions?"

[ ] Head back to Marisa's Magic Shop.
[ ] Head to... (choose a location)
[X] Head to Kourindou.
[X] Ask Rinnosuke about Ayas camera.

Going back to Marisas will be risky, since Aya will probably have scouts or an ambush set up there.
[X] Head to Kourindou.
[X] Ask Rinnosuke about Aya's camera.
[X] Head to Kourindou.
[X] Ask Rinnosuke about Ayas camera.
[x] Ask him about if he's seen Yukari lately.

We should check on that plot point, that and Yukari does normally supply him with outside stuff so he would know something there.
Got a point there.

[X] Head to Kourindou.
[X] Ask Rinnosuke about Ayas camera.
[x] Ask him about if he's seen Yukari lately.
File 126394604888.jpg - (54.14KB, 300x306, 126248636057.jpg) [iqdb]
>Hey Kourin, look what we stole~ze!

Oh Marisa, you sly devil you~

Are you sure that's Marisa? It looks like Maribel.
[+] Head to Kourindou.
-[+] Pawn Aya's camera
-[+] Obtain a frame for that special picture
-[+] Kill the rest of the day at Reimu's place
File 126427380986.jpg - (327.15KB, 733x832, 90834a452f6757bff4a4803c5cac1167.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] Head to Kourindou.
[X] Ask Rinnosuke about Aya's camera.

"How about Rinnosuke's shop? It's been awhile since we've been there." You suggest to the waiting witch.

"Kourindou? I guess we could stop by there again; I wonder if he got any new stuff in~ze?" Marisa thinks aloud as she considers the possibility. "Yeah, alright. Let's head over there!"

With that the witch motions for you to hold on tight, which you comply with happily. As you rest your head against her own, you feel the familiar feeling of weightlessness as your feet depart from the ground and begin swinging freely. With the wind beginning to rush past you, Marisa's hair tickles you as it flows past you, and along with her hair comes her scent, which does bear a woodland smell which you never really noticed before. Her smell fills you with fond memories, the likes of which you can't seem to let go of, especially after seeing them again immortalized on film--Perhaps you can get some of those framed; maybe some other time.

As you fly across the warm summer skies of Gensokyo, with the sun well on it's way back down to the horizon, you smile, taking in the scenery and enjoying this little break from all of the day's mishaps. As you glance back at Youkai Mountain slowly fading away in the distance behind you, you notice a flurry of crows circling around partway up it's craggy face--you and Marisa must have really left a huge impact on the tengu to have them riled up like this.

Turning your attention away from the mountain, you look toward the fields and forests before you, the glow of fairies and fireflies begin to appear below. Speaking of fairies, you're a little curious about what happened to Cirno after your time at Mayohiga; she's a tough little fairy though, so she probably made it home fine, but she looks and acts just like a little girl, so you can't help but worry a little bit. That reminds you, Marisa and Cirno are friends, aren't they?

You ask about Marisa's relationship with the little fairy and get some interesting stories from her, to say the least. It seems that they've developed something of a playful rivalry against each other the score currently sitting at five to nothing in Marisa's favor. You and Marisa continue your idle chit-chat for a bit, talking about the other residents of the Forest of Magic, laughing at some of the more interesting tales of Alice and the stunts that Marisa has pulled, and eventually the conversation gets back to the topic of Rinnosuke.

"So he used to work for your Dad's shop, right?"

"Yeah, that's right. Ya see, he watched over the shop and me, especially when my dad would go on his drunken rampages. He even protected me when he found out that my papa would hit me when he got drunk. I guess he was like a second father to me~ze." Marisa recalls, looking wistfully into the distance with a sigh. "Ya know how some little girls say that they want to marry their daddy when they grow up? I-I guess I was kinda that way with Rinnosuke too." The witch admits with a blush. You lean over with a raised eyebrow to try to get a better look at her face, but she just turns away. "Wha-What am I sayin'~ze!? O-Of corse I grew out of that years ago." She stammers with a nervous giggle.

"Marisa...?" You ask probingly. "Really? You grew out of that?" You ask, poking her in the cheek teasingly with a chuckle.

"Y-Yes!" She snaps at you blushing furiously. "I-I did, s-so shut up!"

"Fine, fine." You chuckle as Marisa turns her attention back to flying. She really is cute when she gets flustered like that.

Your stomach rises into your chest as Marisa suddenly begins to bring the broom down into the dense forest below. As the two of you weave between the trees that populate the forest, fairies seem to disperse from the path before you, which eventually opens up into a clearing in the middle of which sits Kourindou. The exterior of the shop still littered with scraps and knick-knacks as ever before.

Marisa parks the broom in front of the little shop and allows you to disembark as well. You then follow Marisa as she barges into the shop boisterously.

"Kourin! It's your favorite customer~ze!" The witch boasts as she begins looking through the many items lining the shelves of the store. The store owner, seated in a chair behind the register at the front, raises an eyebrow before turning his attention back to the book cradled in his hands. He looks up again and notices you, looking through the many familiar items from the outside world.

"Oh, you mean that boy from the outside that your brought last time, Marisa? He could very well be one of my favorite customers, well, him and that green-haired shrine maiden. They're both very useful when it comes to deciphering the proper operation for many of the items that find their way here." Rinnosuke remarks with a smirk to Marisa's dismay. The witch sticks her tongue out at the shop owner. "Speaking of which, something seems different about you, is your hair?" Rinnosuke remarks as he looks you over before shaking his head. "Anyway, was there anything I could help you with?"

"Actually, I was wondering if you could tell me about this camera." You ask as you remove the camera strap from your shoulder.

"Now let's see here," Rinnosuke begins as he adjusts his glasses, "I've seen this camera before. Ah, that's right! I sold this camera to that tengu girl who runs that less than trustworthy newspaper. Now, I won't ask how or where you go this from, but what did you want to know?"

"Well, I wanted to know where it came from I suppose." You say as you look the camera over.

"Well, let's see. It ended up in my hands several years ago when a charming and young-looking blonde youkai came and brought this to me. It seemed to be from the outside world, but it's not quite your average, everyday camera." He explains, his face showing rekindled interest in the device. "You see, it captures not only photos things, but danmaku as well, effectively making it a great defensive weapon in spellcard battles. Although, this isn't really what Aya uses it for most of the time. Although, it does require some time to recharge after each use." The bespectacled man explains.

"Wow, this might turn out to be useful then." You think aloud. "Oh, by the way, who did you say brought this camera to you again?"

"That would be Miss Yakumo of course. It seems that she may have altered this camera somewhat though, giving it it's magical abilities. Although cameras have always had some sort of mysticism associated with them, even without the aid of youkai magic." Rinnosuke replies continuing to examine the device.

"Yakumo... Ya mean Yukari~ze?" Marisa chimes in, suddenly popping her head up from behind the counter.

"Yes that's right, since you and Reimu introduced her to me, she's been a constant source of novelties and trinkets from the outside for some time now. She brought me some new items just the other day actually." Rinnosuke explains to the surprise of Marisa and yourself.

"You mean you've seen her recently? Miss Yukari, I mean!" You ask in shock.

"Yes I have, once a week usually. We've become rather close as of late." Rinnosuke replies tilting his head. "Should that be surprising?"

"Well, yeah she's supposedly been missing for almost a week, nobody has seen her in at least five days. Did she say anything to you the last time you spoke?" You ask anxiously.

"Hmm, nothing really stuck out as being out of the ordinary, although most things are out of the ordinary when you consider Miss Yakumo." The shop keeper begins to ramble a bit. "Oh, you know, she did mention having to 'replace something precious to her,' something about being 'complete' again? I'm never sure with her, she sometimes speaks in such odd parables, although her company is always welcome."

"Being 'complete'..." You repeat as you try to wrap your mind around the meaning of Yukari's words. As you ponder her odd message, a chill finds its way down your spine as you recall your last encounter with the elusive gap youkai--the passionate kiss, the decayed room. You can't help but wonder aloud, "What do you think it could mean?"

"Maybe she's tryin' to complete a book collection or somethin'~ze. That's what I usually mean." Marisa suggests causing you and Rinnosuke to sigh collectively. "What? It is..." The witch sighs dejectedly.

"Now then, was there anything else I could help you out with?" The silver-haired shop-keeper asks.

[ ] Ask Rinnosuke something else.
-[ ] About the sword.
-[ ] Any new wares.
-[ ] Ask about his relationship with Yukari.
[ ] That's all for now. Let's get going...
-[ ] ...back home; it's been awhile.
-[ ] ...to Alice's house; wasn't she doing something for us?
-[ ] ...to the human village; maybe we should check on your dad, Marisa.
[ ] Something else. (Write-In)
[x] Ask Rinnosuke something else.
-[x] About the sword.
-[x] Any new wares.
-[x] Ask about his relationship with Yukari.
-[x] Try to talk to him in private about some of the details of the dream, perhaps not the kissing part.
[x] That's all for now. Let's get going to Alice's house; wasn't she doing something for us?

Interesting what we've learned, but it only provides an inkling of answers. But I wonder if Rinnosuke is falling for her or not.
[x] Ask Rinnosuke something else.
-[x] About the sword.
-[x] Any new wares.
-[x] Ask about his relationship with Yukari.
-[x] Try to talk to him in private about some of the details of the dream, perhaps not the kissing part.
[x] That's all for now. Let's get going to Alice's house; wasn't she doing something for us?
[X] Ask Rinnosuke something else.
-[X] Any new wares.
[x] Ask Rinnosuke something else.
-[x] About the sword.
-[x] Ask about his relationship with Yukari.
[x] That's all for now. Let's get going...
-[x] ...to Alice's house; wasn't she doing something for us?
[x] Ask Rinnosuke something else.
-[x] About the sword.
-[x] Any new wares.
-[x] Ask about his relationship with Yukari.
-[x] Try to talk to him in private about some of the details of the dream, perhaps not the kissing part.
[x] That's all for now. Let's get going to Alice's house; wasn't she doing something for us?
File 126474784470.jpg - (1.42MB, 1400x1050, 121432ab423f9519c9ad87f54e6491b8.jpg) [iqdb]
Apologizes for the tardiness of my update, it's about halfway done now, and coming along slowly. I've got a project due wednesday and I'm about 25% done with that so that's my current focus. Hopefully I'll have the next ORBS update in the next few days or so. In the mean time, any questions comments, and feedback is welcome.

P.S. - Have some short-haired witch.
File 126515595633.jpg - (1.07MB, 1113x1051, f62ba26edc162bc6687759ed41a62e2e.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] Ask Rinnosuke something else.
-[X] About the sword.
-[X] Any new wares.
-[X] Ask about his relationship with Yukari.
[X] That's all for now. Let's get going...
-[X] ...to Alice's house; wasn't she doing something for us?

"Well, there's a lot that I'd like to ask you about actually; so much has happened to us since we were here last." You remark, thinking about all of your misadventures around Gensokyo over the past few days.

"Is that so? I believe you two were checking up on Marisa's sick father or at least you were supposed to; I know how Marisa is when it comes to her father, though. Anyway, how did that go, if you don't mind me asking?" Rinnosuke asks crossing his arms.

"It went surprisingly well actually, not at first, though. When we got there... Let's just say that the outlook wasn't good for Mr. Kirisame." You begin saying to a mildly shocked Rinnosuke. Taking a glance at Marisa reveals a somber expression upon her face, upon noticing your gaze she tries to force a smile for you. You return a comforting smile to the witch as you continue your story. You tell Rinnosuke about your encounter with Marisa and her father and how you were able to help patch things up between the two by having Eirin come and cure him of his illness.

The two of you continue catching up Kourindou's shopkeeper on your exploits during the last few days until Rinnosuke interjects with a question.

"Marisa, now that I think about it, why is it that you have been keeping this human with you all this time? Usually when anybody finds a human from the outside they're lead to the human village to stay safe, right?"

"Well ya see~ze..." The witch begins to say, her cheeks starting to glow red. "...It's a bit complicated, he uhm... well he's a special case."

"What Marisa is trying to say is that we're a couple now." You interject, netting you a raised eyebrow from Rinnosuke and a surprised gasp from Marisa.

The witch quickly yanks you aside by your shirt and has a few words with you. "Why'd ya have to go and say that~ze!?" She whispers harshly. "That's like tellin' my dad that I'm goin' out with a stranger!"

"Marisa, it's alright. I knew already." The shopkeeper laughs after seeing the witch so flustered. "Sitting around here day after day, I've got to find out about the residents of Gensokyo somehow." He explains as he holds up a copy of the Bunbunmaru newspaper. "Although, much of what's written here I have to take with a grain of salt."

"Speaking of relationships, Rinnosuke, do you think you could tell us a bit more about your relationship with Yukari?" You ask before you get too far off topic.

"What an odd question after our last topic. What might you be trying to get at?" He asks with a raised eyebrow.

"N-Nothing! It's just, well, you two seem close, especially since no one else has seen Yukari in almost a week." You explain nervously.

"Yeah, give us all the juicy details~ze." Marisa harps on teasingly.

"Well, Miss Yakumo does give off a charming air and she is very voluptuous, but I'm not sure there is any chemistry between us. She's mostly just a supplier and customer for me, though she does make for interesting conversation from time to time." Rinnosuke says with a smile. "In any case there is really nothing between Miss Yakumo and myself." He continues after adjusting his glasses.

"So she just supplies you with items from the outside world?" You ask to which he replies with a nod. "Oh, is that so..." You continue, hope of finding a better clue to lead you to Yukari draining from you. "So, there isn't much more you could tell us about Yukari, is there?" You ask to Rinnosuke who responds with a shake of his head.


Trying your best to not let this get you down, you decide to change the subject to a much lighter topic. "Anyway, what sort of things did she bring you?"

"Yeah! Did she bring ya any new toys for me to play with~ze?" Marisa asks excitedly.

"Not too much this time, actually only one thing." Rinnosuke says as he begins rummaging under his register to excitement of your witch.

Rinnosuke unveils to the two of you a small pagoda-like object. The trinket is made of what you can only assume is some type of golden alloy housing in its center a brilliant jeweled orb. As the shopkeeper holds it before the two of you, the jeweled pagoda gives off brilliant glow.

"What is it~ze?" Marisa asks, her eyes glazed over in awe at the object.

"I'm not completely sure, but it looks like it could perhaps be some sort of treasure." The shopkeeper stares intently at the object for a few moments; his expression changes abruptly to one of surprise before clearing his throat and continuing his explanation. "Although, it could just be a fake. Aha, uhm... yes... ." He coughs nervously.

"Well, if that's the case do ya think I can I have it!?" The witch asks reaching out to grab the jewel; Rinnosuke, however, foils this attempt by quickly jerking the treasure out of the witch's reach.

"I'm going to be hanging onto this myself for a bit. Something like this may prove interesting in the near future, that and there is no possible way that I would let something so preci... I mean silly go for cheap, much less for free. Besides, I would like to study this a bit more as well in the coming months."

"Speaking of giving things away, Rinnosuke," You chime in, "I wanted to talk to you a bit about this sword that you handed me last time I was here. It seems that this has some strange power connected to deities and such." You say untying the blade from your belt-loop. "I think I understand what it's supposed to do, but I don't know how it works."

The shopkeeper examines the sword as you hand it over to him. He unsheathes the sword and takes a close look at the blade.

"It doesn't seem that this sword has seen much use since I last saw it." He says.

"Well, that's because I'm not quite sure how to use it."

"Unfortunately my power is only to determine the use of an item, not necessarily how to use an item. This blade does wield the power of gales, but as to how to evoke them, I could not tell you. It does work well as a bladed weapon, however. You do know how a sword works, correct?" Rinnosuke explains before handing the blade back to you. "I apologize, I can't give more of an explanation than that."

"Oh, well thanks anyways." You reply tying the sword back on your belt-loop.

"Sorry. Anyway, is there anything else that I can help you with?" Rinnosuke asks.

"I think that's all for now."

You and Marisa loiter about Kourindou for several moments before, sure enough, Rinnosuke pulls you aside and asks you how to use more appliances and devices from the outside world. Among other things, you show him how to use a DS, a coffee maker, calculator, and a laptop--though that takes awhile to fully explain, and you still don't even scratched the surface on that by the time you finish. Meanwhile the sounds of object dropping and clanging about can be heard throughout the store as Marisa fumbles about playing with the different wares.

"Are you guys done yeeeeet...? I'm bored~ze." Marisa asks as she shuffles next to you while you're in the middle of explaining Tetris DS to Rinnosuke.

"Marisa, just a few more things I'd like explanations to for now-" Rinnosuke begins before you cut him off.

"Yeah, I guess we could get going." You reply before looking out a window. "Woah, it's already getting close to sundown, how long have we been here?"

"For hoooooouuuuurs~ze." The witch leans onto you lazily as she emphasizes her words.

"Alright, alright let's get going." You suggest before turning to Rinnosuke. "Sorry, we really should get going for now. I'll show you how to use some other things some other time. For now we need to go pick up some clothes that I was having made before it gets too late."

"It's no problem. I'll have to play around with this 'Tetris DS' a bit more though to fully understand it." The shopkeeper replies while fidgeting withe buttons.

"Clothes?" Marisa asks curiously.

"Remember? Alice was going to make me a new outfit because..." You poke a finger through one of the several holes in your shirt to express your point.

"That's right~ze! Let's get goin' then!" Marisa shouts excitedly racing toward the door. "Oh, bye Kourin! See ya later!" The witch waves back at the shopkeeper before rushing out the door and onto her broom.

"Thank you again for your help, Rinnosuke." You say before heading off to follow the witch.

"No problem, I should be thanking you. Oh, and I'll be sure to keep an eye out for you in case I see Yukari again." Rinnosuke replies.

With that, you chase after the witch and hop on her broom. Gripping the broom tightly, Marisa turns toward you.

"So we're off to Alice's place then. Are ya ready~ze?" You both know the answer even before Marisa asks, but you nod after wrapping your arms firmly around her waist.

"Let's get going." You say before leaving a peck on the witch's cheek, causing her cheeks to turn a faint red before turning back around to focus on flying.

Once again the feeling of butterflies and weightlessness comes as your feet part with the ground and the two of you begin zooming into the thick forest before you. The trip through the trees is a short one, but it's an exhilarating trip nonetheless as Marisa guides the broom between the trees at high speeds. The scent of fresh pine and timber fills you as you cling to Marisa--no wonder Momiji said you and Marisa smelt of the forest. As you continue to cling to the witch you're left with a feeling of comfort, knowing full well that Marisa is fully in control of her broom as she guides the two of you dangerously close between and around the trees.

After the short trip, you and Marisa arrive once again at Alice's small cottage situated in one of the small clearings in the forest in the fading sunlight. Several of Alice's dolls tending to the small flower garden outside of Alice's house notice your arrival and quickly float back inside the house. Alice shortly emerges from the house to greet you as you and Marisa disembark from the broom.

"Hello again. Your clothes are just about done; sorry it's taking so long to get them done, Patchouli invited me over to the mansion again for more research."

"It's alright, Alice. I guess it's a good thing that we didn't come earlier then." You chuckle to yourself. "For now..."

[ ] "...I'd like to see how the outfit is coming along."
[ ] "...I'll find some way to amuse myself out here until you're finished."
[ ] "...why don't you tell me more about what you and Patchouli were researching."
[ ] "...we'll wait in the sitting room."
[x] If it's not too much trouble...
[x] "...we'll wait in the sitting room."
[x] "...I'd like to see how the outfit is coming along."
{X} If it's not too much trouble...
{X} "...we'll wait in the sitting room."
{X} "...I'd like to see how the outfit is coming along."
[x] If it's not too much trouble...
-[x] "...we'll wait in the sitting room."
-[x] "...I'd like to see how the outfit is coming along."

At least we tried, though I wonder...
File 126531855192.jpg - (86.08KB, 1284x736, 5442e1d2f88f07a388dc81c645b36d00.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] "If it's not too much trouble..."
-[X] "...we'll wait in the sitting room."
-[X] "...I'd like to see how the outfit is coming along."

"For now Alice, if it isn't too much trouble, we'll wait for you to finish in the sitting room." You respond with a warm smile on your face.

"Oh yes, of course." Alice says, moving out of the doorway and motioning with her hands. "Please make yourselves at home."

As Marisa and yourself enter Alice's cottage and make your way to the sitting room, an assortment of Alice's dolls flit about carrying with them a tea pot, plates, biscuits, and several tea cups. You find that the dolls have finished preparing the sitting room with tea for the three of you by the time you sit yourselves down. You still can't help but feel amazed that Alice can manage to multitask so well with so many dolls.

"Seeing you coordinate your dolls like this never ceases to impress me Alice, but isn't multitasking so much a strain on you?" You compliment and question the magician.

"It's not a problem at all, I've only got them cleaning the house, tending to the flowers, and sewing an outfit--having them prepare tea for friends is only a bit more strenuous, but it's worth it in the presence of company." You can't help but feel like Alice is bragging as she explains her current tasks. She sits herself down across the two of you and tries her best to calmly place her hand against her face, but you notice a bead of sweat slowly making its way down her forehead as well has her fingers twitching about ever so slightly. All of this work must be taxing on her.

"Well of course you'd put more effort when ya have people over~ze. We all know how lonely you can get!" Your witch teases, quickly moving next to Alice and wrapping an arm around her.

"Tch! H-How rude! I'm not lonely here a-at all! I've... I've got my dolls of course!" The magician stammers as she unwraps herself from Marisa's embrace.

"That sounds like the words of someone who's lonely for some company to me~ze." Marisa continues to remark jovially.

"Whatever... " Alice pouts before noticing something on Marisa's dress. "Wait... What's this...?"

"What's what?"

The doll maker scoots closer to Marisa and inspects a part of Marisa's blouse, poking a finger through a scorched hole in it. "Marisa, did you get into a spellcard duel already in this outfit?" Alice asks as the ordinary witch nods sheepishly in reply. "Ugh. Marisa... I told you, you have to be careful with the clothes I make for you." The puppeteer lectures with a sigh. "No way around it, I may as well mend it while you're here."

"Fine..." Marisa says as she undoes and removes her vest then begins to unbutton her top."

"M-Marisa! W-What are you doing!?" Alice shouts before dragging Marisa off to another room by the arm.

"Whaaat? I was just teasin', just teasin'. Besides, it's not like I'm gettin' nude or anythin'~ze." She snickers as she's dragged off by Alice.

"Oh, by the way!" You shout to the retreating magician. "Do you think I could see how my outfit is coming along?"

"Uhm, yes that's fine." Alice shouts back. Suddenly a doll dressed in a red dress and matching bow in her hair appears next to you. "Please follow Horai, she'll lead the way."

As the puppeteer disappears into another room, the doll motions for you to follow her and begins floating down the hallway. Putting down your teacup, you follow the doll into the same room that you found Marisa changing into her new outfit the other day. Dressed over a mannequin is a black tweed suit, complete with slacks, a blazer, white undershirt, and red neck tie. In one corner of the room you notice who you think is Shanghai as well as other dolls working together on what you can only assume is another piece of the outfit on an antiquity of a sewing machine.

Several of the dolls lining the wall of the room spring to life and begin bringing pieces of the outfit to you, a couple seem anxious to assist you with disrobing first. After once again feeling for all the world like Lemuel Gulliver being assaulted from all angles by flying Lilliputans, the dolls successfully disrobe and eventually dress you in your new duds. You can't help but blush a bit as Alice's little girls guide you to a full-size mirror. As you inspect yourself and admire your own reflection, you do feel rather dapper, though a bit overdressed.

From the doorway comes a whistle. "Ooh, someone's lookin' snazzy~ze." Marisa swoons appreciatively. Alice slowly appears from behind the witch, taking a moment to inspect her work from afar.

"From what I can tell, it fits you well. How does it feel?"

"Well, it fits pretty well, but it's a little tight around the pants..." You admit as you pull at the crotch of the slacks.

"Oh dear, I'm sorry. I'm not really used to making clothes for boys." Alice apologizes. "Well, just take it off and I'll make the proper adjustments." The doll maker says with a faint blush.

You wait for the girls to leave before you remove your pants, although Marisa peeks in momentarily right after you lower the pants from your hips, causing you both to blush profusely. After Marisa leaves, you put your jeans back on. You notice that this pair of pants is in pretty good condition still, not to mention being far more comfortable than the slacks and cleaned just yesterday. The only real damage that they've suffered are a few scuffs on the knees and frayed edges. It might not be a bad idea to stick with this pair, you think to yourself.

As you return to the sitting room, you find Alice and Marisa sitting across from each each other--Alice sipping from her teacup and Marisa terrorizing one of Alice's many dolls by poking at it continuously.

"I'm sorry about the fit, but actually, the outfit still looks nice even with your old pants." Alice remarks admiringly. "Please forgive the warmth of the clothes, but autumn is quickly approaching so I thought it might be appropriate. Also, I know it's probably different from the clothes you're used to, but since it's very rare that I get to make boy's clothes I wanted to make something fancier and more relevant to my tastes, and I wanted to make clothes that more closely represent what western men wear, or at least used to wear from what I could gather. Although judging from you and Sanae, fashion outside has changed quite a bit." The puppeteer explains.

"Coulda been worse~ze. She coulda dressed you up in some frilly gothic getup." Marisa snides, netting her a glare from Alice.

"Oh hush! And what's wrong with frills?" Alice snaps at the witch. "By the way, did you get a chance to see the long coat that I was finishing up?"

"Oh, is that what Shanghai and the others were working on?" You remark thinking back to seeing the dolls working on the sewing machine. "No, I didn't get a good look at it."

"I'll have my girls bring it out when it's done then." Alice says with a smile. "But for now, is there anything else I can do for you?"

-What to do
[ ] Wait and chat while the dolls finish. (Suggest a topic.)
[ ] Head back home; we can pick up the coat later.
[ ] Head somewhere else. (Suggest a location.)
[ ] Something else? (Write-In.)

[ ] Stick with your jeans.
[ ] Go with the slacks.
[x] Wait and chat while the dolls finish.
-[x] Ask about her dolls, specifically if each named type have different abilities.
[x] Stick with your jeans.

Heh; well there's such a thing as fair play as far as catching people in a mild state of undress goes.
>"Oh hush! And what's wrong with frills?"

We're in Gensokyo, the suit need some frills!
{X} Wait and chat while the dolls finish.
-{x} Ask about her dolls. Their abilites, how she controls them, etc.
{X} Go with the slacks.
[x] Wait and chat while the dolls finish.
-[x] Ask about her dolls, specifically if each named type have different abilities.
[x] Stick with your jeans.
[x] Wait and chat while the dolls finish.
-[x] Ask about her dolls. Their abilites, how she controls them, etc.
[x] Go with the slacks.
[x] Wait and chat while the dolls finish.
-[x] Ask about her dolls, specifically if each named type have different abilities.
[x] Stick with your jeans.
[x] Wait and chat while the dolls finish.
-[x] Ask about her dolls, specifically if each named type have different abilities.
[x] Go with the slacks.
[x] Wait and chat while the dolls finish.
-[x] Ask about her dolls, specifically if each named type have different abilities.
[x] Stick with your jeans.
File 12657906602.jpg - (375.19KB, 680x529, 75f3b447da52003a45d1adeaf4a1502a.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] Wait and chat while the dolls finish.
-[X] Ask about her dolls, specifically if each named type have different abilities.
[X] Stick with your jeans.

"I guess we'll just wait around for your dolls to finish the coat, Alice. In the meantime do you think you could tell me a bit about your dolls?" You ask as you take your seat next to Marisa.

"My dolls?" Alice asks with a look of surprise. "Why yes! What should I talk about first? Oh, perhaps it would be better if I called a few of them here?" Alice muses to herself and begins fiddling about with her fingers.

"Uh Oh. Here we go again~ze." Marisa sighs shaking her head. You give the witch a questioning look. "Once Alice gets goin' about her dolls she tends to ramble on for awhile." The witch explains causing Alice to shoot a glare in her direction.

"What is that supposed to mean? I'm just proud of my work that's all, and besides, it's no different from you showing off your new spells all the time." Alice retorts with a defiant pout.

"If you say so~ze." Marisa replies with a shrug. "Though I don't make dolls of girls I like and keep them under my bed..." Marisa mumbles to herself.

"What was that?" Alice snaps.

"I didn't saying nothin'~ze." The witch shrugs with a mischievous expression written across her face.

"Fine, whatever. Anyway..." Alice sighs. She then makes a few short tugging motions with her fingers.

After a few seconds, two of Alice's dolls fly into the room and curtsey before you. Both dolls bear red ribbons in their blonde heads of hair, one dressed in blue, the other in red. After the two of them greet you, they fly onto either shoulder of their puppeteer.

"These two are Shanghai," Alice says as she motions to the doll in blue, "and Horai." the doll maker continues motioning to the other. "They're amongst the first dolls that I have ever made, although I have altered and modified them a lot since first making them. I have made dozens of others in their likeness, but I'll always hold a special place in my heart for these two cuties." Alice says as she pats each of the dolls on their heads. She then leans in closer to each of them as if listening to them whispering in her ear, which of course they're unable to since they both lack mouths--well, that and the fact that they're dolls, although at this point you wouldn't be surprised if that didn't stop them either. "They say it's nice to meet you."

You blink at Alice for a moment in surprise as she waits for your reply.

"Well? It's rude to keep these young ladies waiting." Alice urges you impatiently.

"Oh, sorry..." You say before leaning down toward the dolls. "I-It's a pleasure to meet you two: Shanghai, Horai." You greet each doll with a mild blush, feeling a bit silly that you're speaking to a couple of toys. "Uhm... anyway I was curious, what do each of your dolls do? I mean, do they have specific jobs or different abilities?"

"Different jobs or abilities?" She repeats as she glances again at the dolls. The magician takes a moment to think to herself before answering. "Well, Shanghai and Horai could be compared to my head maids, they start all my important projects and in a way are in charge of all the other dolls."

"Like head maids, you mean?" You ask with a somewhat confused expression on your face. "But you control all the dolls yourself, so how can they watch over the others?"

"My dolls aren't strictly controlled by me, you see. It would be near impossible for me to control all my dolls at once without the aid of magic. I just focus most of my magic on Shanghai and Horai, but despite that, they're still not independent of myself." Alice explains, making motions with her hands. As she does so, Shanghai mimes the doll maker's movements, Horai also Mimics Alice as well but to a lesser extent.

"So... are there more kinds of dolls than just your Shanghai and Horai dolls?" You ask.

"Oh of course there are, hadn't you noticed? I have lots of different kinds." Alice replies twitching her fingers a bit more and calling forth several more dolls, each distinctly different from the other. "I have my French dolls who are rather playful, my straightforward red-headed Dutch dolls, the well organized London dolls, and many more." She explains as she motions toward each of the new dolls. Each of these I can also use in puppet shows and spell card battles, and as Marisa can tell you, their types and attitudes somewhat describe how they attack. For example, my London dolls like to synchronize their attacks and spin around me creating a beautiful fog of danmaku. Maybe later I could show you some of my spell cards."

"I would like to see that eventually." You reply before turning toward Marisa who is now absent. "Uhm, Marisa...?"

"Oh, hadn't you noticed? She walked off while I was telling you about my dolls." Alice explains pointing down the hall. "She gets bored rather easily."

"I've noticed." You sigh with a smile.

Before long your witch bounds back into the sitting room wearing an ill-fitting, long, black coat.

"Hey guys, what do ya think? Pretty snazzy, right~ze?" The witch says as she playfully shows off, spinning around with coat. You smile, feeling your cheeks grow warm as you watch Marisa. It's almost like seeing your girlfriend wearing one of your shirts, and the way it hangs loosely on her, covering up even her hands is especially cute. The witch skips over to you and presents you with that big grin of hers that you've come to love.

"Marisa, it suits you really well." You respond to the waiting witch.

"But it's yours silly." The witch giggles playfully as she pulls the coat from her shoulders and hands it to you.

"Go ahead, try it on, my dolls just finished." Alice urges you. "Though I would've liked it if Marisa didn't try it before you." She then says under her breath.

Taking the coat from the witch, you slip your arms through it and try it on. The coat fits quite well, giving you enough room for full arm rotation and movement. Your only complaint at the moment is that it is a little bit warm, although you're sure it'll help when you're flying at high speeds with Marisa.

"Thanks, Alice. It fits really well." You say appreciatively.

The puppeteer steps around you inspecting her work. "It looks that way. How does it feel?"

"Pretty comfortable, though it's a little warm for this weather." You reply, pulling at your collar for emphasis.

"Pretty hot I'd say~ze." Marisa whistles before covering her blushing face and giggling.

"Marisa!" The doll maker scolds before turning back to you. "Anyway, I'm sorry again for making you something so warm, I just figured that since autumn is coming soon that..."

"It's okay, I like it, I like it. Although, I'm thinking I'm going to be sticking with my own jeans for now." You interrupt Alice as you adjust the collar of the coat.

"What, are you sure? B-But I've just finished having my dolls make the adjustments on the pants." The puppeteer pleads with you as a few of Alice's dolls fly in holding the refitted pants.

"Yes, but I'll gladly take the pants with me and wear them for special occassions. It's just that wearing everything makes me feel a little overdressed; well, that and these are really comfortable pants. In any case, thank you for making these clothes, is there any way that I can repay you?" You ask Alice appreciatively.

"Well..." The doll maker begins, thinking to herself for a moment. "No, it's not necessary, just be sure to come back every once in awhile to keep me company, alright?" Alice asks with a warm smile.

"Alright." You reply, your witch however gives the two of you a sour face.

"You better not be tryin' to steal my boyfriend, are ya~ze?" Marisa asks suspiciously, to which Alice shakes her head. "Anyway, it's getting late, we should be heading out soon." The witch suggests looking out the window at the early night sky.

[ ] "You're right, let's head back home for now; we should get dinner started as well."
[ ] "First, would it be okay to stay a little longer and have dinner with Alice?"
[ ] Something else? (Write-In)
[x] "You're right, let's head back home for now; we should get dinner started as well."

Some time alone wouldn't hurt; we'll have dinner with Alice another time.
{X} "You're right, let's head back home for now; we should get dinner started as well."
[X] "You're right, let's head back home for now; we should get dinner started as well."
[x] "You're right, let's head back home for now; we should get dinner started as well."
File 126595141452.jpg - (379.56KB, 496x709, afad52eeaff8d11969a48f4df5bc92cb.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] "You're right, let's head back home for now; we should get dinner started as well."

You think to yourself for a moment, how long has it been since the two of you have been home last? Over the past two days you've been to so many different places that settling down back home for once might be nice.

"Marisa's right." You say turning to Alice. "We really appreciate all the hospitality, but we've been running around so much that we really need to unwind in the comfort of our own home, so we should be taking our leave."

"Alright, I suppose it can't be helped." Alice sighs, the bright expression that she just had suddenly melting into a wistful smile. The puppeteer pulls the dolls closer to her and takes the pair of pants from them and hands them to you. "Well, here you go. Promise me that you'll wear them eventually?" She says with a sideways smile.

"Of course." You nod in reply as you accept the clothes. Alice hangs onto the pair of slacks for a bit, smiling warmly and not wanting to let go.

"Don't worry, we'll probably be back sometime later to bug ya~ze." Marisa interrupts, walking between the two of you and adjusting her hat over her eyes.

With that you all say your goodbyes, exchanging hugs before heading out the front door. Alice and a few of her dolls follow you out the door and wait while you and Marisa prepare to depart. As you hop onto Marisa's broom you wave back to the puppeteer and her dolls.

While waving your goodbyes you're suddenly surprised as you're lifting from the ground on the broom. You have to grip Marisa tight as she sends the two of you sailing into the night sky. Looking down, you notice the forest slowly shrinking beneath you as Marisa brings the broom climbing higher and higher into the sky. You're glad that you have your new clothes as the night winds blows past you at such high altitudes.

Marisa eventually slows the broom down to a nice cruising speed and turns back to you. The witch calls to you by name as she looks back at you, her face framed by the nearly full moon.

"I need to ask ya somethin'~ze..."

"What is it?" You ask curiously.

"How do you feel... about me?" The witch asks, her face lightly glowing, but there's a seriousness there that you haven't seen very often.

"Where's this coming from all of a sudden?" You ask, suddenly becoming a bit worried.

"Please... just tell me~ze." The witch beseeches you.

"You know that I love you, Marisa." Tightening your grip on the witch as you speak. She however, turns away from you.

"Only me...?"

"Marisa...?" You ask worriedly as you lean in closer to the witch in an attempt to read her expression.

"I... sorry!" Marisa shouts before abruptly bringing the broom zooming back toward the ground, scaring you half to death in the process.

The two of you quickly and safely land back in front of Marisa's house in the Forest of Magic, and before you have the chance to properly talk to her or even get off the broom for that matter, Marisa rushes into the house and slams the door to her room. Left somewhat dumbstruck, you bring the broom in with you and leave it by the door and close it as you enter. You walk over to her door and knock a few times.

"Marisa?" No answer. You try again. "Marisa...?"

"I-I'm sorry... Just... just give me a little time to myself, okay~ze?" Her voice comes out choked.

"Alright then..." You hear yourself say in a dry tone. "Uhm... well, I'm going to make some dinner..."


You head back into the main room and search around Marisa's cupboards for ingredients. Finding some spiced meats, potatoes, onions, mushrooms, as well as more vegetables, you put together a simple stew. With only the company of yourself, it seems to take forever for your simple dinner to finish cooking, but after it does, you ladle the soup into some bowls and bring one with you as you try Marisa's door again.

"Marisa...?" You call after knocking on her door. "Dinner's ready."


After a moment the witch emerges from the room, dressed once again in a thin nightgown. Her eyes are a little bit red and puffy as is her nose.

"I made you some mushroom stew." You almost whisper.

"Thank you." She replies, her voice cracks a bit as she speaks.

The two of you return to the main room and eat your soup in silence. Several times you want to say something to the witch, but each time you try nothing comes out.

"I'm sorry~ze." Marisa finally speaks up, placing her half-empty bowl of soup onto a stack of books. "I... I don't know what came over me I was just-"

"Marisa it's oka-"

"Please, I need to get this out~ze." The witch interrupts. "I guess after these few days I was getting jealous..."

"Jealous?" You ask, your worried expression returning.

"Between China pressing her boobs against you when we first met, Mima hanging all over you, and Alice..." Marisa begins choking on her words as tears form in her eyes.

"Marisa..." You say as you put down your bowl. "...ever since I've arrived in Gensokyo, you've been nothing but wonderful and caring to me. There's no way I would ever leave you for anyone else."

"I know... I was just bein' stupid~ze. I just... I just get worried sometimes I guess 'cause I'm not as effeminate as some of the other girls and I'm weird and get bored easily and-"

You wrap your arms around the witch and hold her head against your own.

"Marisa, I know we haven't known each other for very long, but I want you to know that you can trust me. I mean, we've already been through so much together, and what we have right now... well, I wouldn't give that up for anything in the world. Trust me." You plead with the trembling witch as you begin to rub her back.

"I... I know~ze. I... I'll try..." Marisa mumbles into you. You feel the warmth of Marisa's tears against you as she grips you in a tight embrace.

The two of you stay that way for some time, with only the flickering sound of the fireplace and the crickets outside highlighting the silence that you and Marisa share. Eventually the witch looks up at you, cheeks blushing, and tears wiped from her eyes.

"I hope you trust me too~ze." The witch asks with a teary-eyed smile.

"Of course." You reply, and without another word more you bring your lips to hers. After a few moments Marisa begins to tense up and tries to dislodge herself from your embrace. After she breaks away from your grip, the young witch begins gasping for air. "Breathe through your nose, silly." You chuckle.

"Jeez, I-I know~ze! I... I just forgot!" The witch whines before looking off to the side and rubbing her arm. "Anyway... we should get goin' to bed, okay...? But uhm... you're not gonna sleep in those, are you?" The witch asks, motioning to your new clothes with a blush.

[ ] Write-in only.
File 126595356147.jpg - (559.23KB, 700x976, 121992538581.jpg) [iqdb]
I'm kind of hoping Marisa becomes possessive.

I'm really hoping Marisa becomes possessive.
[x] "Of course not! I was planning on wearing something more comfortable"- Such as whatever sweatpants or similar things he has.
[x] "But let me put the soup away before i get ready."
[x] Then go to bed.
[x] "Of course not! I was planning on wearing something more comfortable"- Such as whatever sweatpants or similar things he has.
[x] "But let me put the soup away before i get ready."
[x] Then go to bed.
This story just keeps gettin' better
[x] "Of course not! I was planning on wearing something more comfortable"- Such as whatever sweatpants or similar things he has.
[x] "But let me put the soup away before i get ready."
[x] Offer her a nice back rub.
[x] Then go to bed.
Poor girl needs to relax after all the adventuring.
Bohemianon doesn't have any sweatpants. He does however, have boxers...
[c] >>20340
[x] "Of course not! I was planning on wearing something more comfortable"- Such as whatever sweatpants or similar things he has.
[x] "But let me put the soup away before i get ready."
[x] Offer her a nice back rub.
[x] Then go to bed.
File 126618012888.jpg - (421.38KB, 740x1035, a5d0cca549c48c6a16d1be870b5b0769.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] "Of course not! I was planning on wearing something more comfortable."
[X] "But let me put the soup away before I get ready."
[X] Offer her a nice back rub.
[X] Then go to bed.

You look down at the outfit that Alice made for you. "Well, I guess I wouldn't want to ruin my new clothes, and my other ones are pretty torn up from all the adventuring we've been doing." You think aloud, before looking back up at the witch. "You wouldn't have anything for me to sleep in, would you?" You ask somewhat hopefully.

"Uhm... probably nothin' that'd would fit you~ze." The petit witch replies.

"Well anyway, why don't you head back to your room and I'll clean up dinner here while you get ready for bed, okay?" You ask.

"Alright~ze." Marisa says as she begins to walk off before stopping and turning back to you. "You sure you don't want me to help you clean up?"

"It's fine Marisa, you just get ready for bed." You reply warmly. "You've done plenty for me already."

With that, the witch continues off to her bed while you begin cleaning up the dishes and soup pot. As you clean up, you begin to notice other items out of place, and another... and another. Looking around, you realize that Marisa's place really is quite a mess, maybe you should surprise Marisa by cleaning it up eventually, but you decide to save that for another time.

After cleaning up and putting away the dishes you used, you return to Marisa's room. Upon entering the room, the witch quickly stows a book and pen under her pillow, her face bearing a mild blush.

"Oh, u-uhm! Hi~ze!" The witch stammers.

"Hey there. What were you writing...?" You ask, knowing full-well what Marisa was doing.

"U-Uhm... n-nothing!" The witch blurts out, readjusting her pillow a bit.

You think about pressing the matter further, but think better of it. Marisa has had a lot on her mind lately, maybe getting it down on paper would be good for her.

As you stare at the petit witch, dressed in her cute little nightgown, you remember your previous predicament--not having proper clothes to sleep in. This wouldn't be so much of a problem if you had sweats or something else comfortable to sleep in, but the only clothes that you have are the ones you were transported to Gensokyo in and the clothes Alice made. Well, Marisa is pretty dressed down in just her nightie so maybe, just maybe it would be okay for you...

"Hey uh... Marisa?" You ask, trying to just get the words out before you have the time to regret it.


"I uhm... would you be fine with me sleeping with you in just my shorts and undershirt?" You blurt out. The words sit in the air for a few moments, giving you both time to think on it, as well as offer the chance for the blushes on each of your faces to grow.

"Ye-... What!?" Marisa asks, doing a double-take.

"Well, I don't uhm... have anything else to sleep in, and you... you don't have anything that'd fit me, right?" You stumble over your words trying to explain.

"W-Well... I... Mmmm... gosh..." The witch tries her best to find the words as she avoids eye contact with you. "Alright~ze..." She eventually sighs.

Marisa remains seated on her bed with her hands in her lap and eyes glued to you. Several moments pass in silence as neither of you make a move until you speak up.

"Marisa...?" You ask, snapping the witch out of her daze. "Do you think that you could, you know, look away for a moment? I mean... being in my underwear and uhm... undressing in front of someone are kinda two different things... so..." You ask embarrassedly.

"O-Oh! Sorry~ze!" The witch perks up before quickly turning away from you.

Now that you have a somewhat brief moment of privacy you turn away as well and take your time removing each article of clothing, folding each piece neatly as you do. After stripping down to your boxer shorts and undershirt, you set down your clothes on what looks to be a makeshift table of books. Taking a few moments to gather yourself, you eventually turn back around to face the witch and-... you could have almost sworn you saw Marisa peeking before turning back around, but you just shake your head at the thought of it.

"Uhm... Marisa...? You can look now." You say meekly.

As Marisa turns around you suddenly begin to feel embarrassed and rather self-conscious about yourself. A warm blush fills both of your faces as you stand awkwardly, feeling almost like a specimen on display. You try to convince yourself that you've seen more of each other in the bath so that this shouldn't be that embarrassing, but this--sleeping with each other in your underwear... well this is something completely different.

After what feels like a very long and embarrassing few minutes, you sit down next to the witch, causing Marisa to scoot away nervously. The tension in the air is thick enough to be cut with a knife as you two sit awkwardly next to each other. After a few moments she turns away from you, perhaps out of embarrassment or maybe to better hide her diary, but in any case you decide to take this opportunity to try to relieve the tension and help Marisa get rid of some of her stress. Slowly, carefully, you place your hands upon the witch's shoulders.

"Wha-... oh! Ooh.." Marisa barely manages to say as you begin to rub the witch's shoulders.

Slowly and firmly you knead Marisa's shoulders and back. You notice that Marisa's muscles are quite tense; she must've been under a lot of stress lately, especially with you showing up and all the misadventures that you've had over the last few days. As you continue rubbing the witch's shoulders she lets out a few soft 'oohs' and 'mmms.' Marisa gradually and slowly begins to loosen up and lean forward limply, as your fingers continue to work on her shoulders. After a short time you slow your kneading and gently wrap your arms around the witch, holding yourself close to her. Marisa's breathing has slowed down considerably and her muscles have loosened up as well, it seems that your attempts were successful.

"Marisa? Did that feel good?" You whisper softly to her.

A few moments pass with no response, but before you have the chance to question her further, she lets out a soft snoring noise. You almost chuckle to yourself at the spectacle, but you decide that Marisa gave you a good enough answer to your question.

You then notice Marisa's hand underneath her pillow. You're somewhat curious about what she wrote this time.

[ ] Try to lie Marisa down and check the diary.
[ ] Keep Marisa the way she is and check the diary.
[ ] Forget about it; just get some sleep.
[ ] Something else. (Write-In)
[X] Forget about it; just get some sleep.

It's not nice to read a diary that isn't yours.
Checking out her diary would be a bad move.
[x] Forget about it; just get some sleep.
[x] Forget about it; just get some sleep.

We should let her keep her secrets, at least as much as possible.
[x] Forget about it; just get some sleep.
[x] Forget about it; just get some sleep.
[x] Forget about it; just get some sleep.
[+] Forget about it; just get some sleep.
-[+] Hug her.
File 12663053091.jpg - (151.99KB, 751x1000, 4fc461e5bd7fd63ccd520ef40c08cf81.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] Forget about it; just get some sleep.

You shake your head at the thought of going through Marisa's diary again. It would probably be a bad idea, especially after having that discussion with Marisa about trust.

Holding her in your arms you gently lie back, softly bringing Marisa along with you. As you lie next to Marisa's sleeping form, the soft sound of her breathing, as well as the gentle rise and fall of her chest are so very calming. A few days ago, you would have thought that seeing Marisa so peaceful to be a stark contrast to how rowdy she normally is, but since you've come to better know Marisa, she's shared sides of herself that you don't think anyone else had seen before. You now know better than anyone that there's far more to Marisa than just her loud and rambunctious self, and just knowing that leaves a warm feeling inside of you.

With a warm smile written across your face, you lean in and leave a gentle kiss on Marisa's forehead. As you do so, you notice the sides of her lips curling into a little smile which you can't help but return. You lie your head back down next to Marisa and slowly sleep creeps up upon you. As your consciousness slips from you, a nagging feeling of dread fills your thoughts.

End Day 6

Once again you find yourself in an empty void, or is it a room? Signs of decay fills its every corner and edges. You wander around this space for a few moments realizing that although it feels enclosed, at the same time it seems to go on forever in every direction--where are you?

You notice a piece of decay in the void, it bothers you. It feels wrong. You suddenly find yourself trying in vain to wipe it up, make it clean again. There is definitely something wrong here.

Suddenly, you hear the echoing sound of footsteps behind you.


You know that voice.

>Ufufufu... Have you been enjoying my gift...?

"Gift?" You ask turning to the approaching gap youkai. "What are you talking about? You're responsible for this, aren't you?" You question Yukari, pointing to your hair.

>I have no idea what you're talking about...

The voluptuous youkai playfully feigns ignorance, hiding her mouth behind a folding fan.

>In any case...

Yukari snaps her fingers and you suddenly feel yourself weightless but restrained. Your limbs are held out apart from each other as Yukari floats by you to inspect her work. Any attempt to struggle proves hopeless as you find your whole body immobile.

>Aww... My poor little pet seems displeased with my hospitality... Ufufu... Don't worry, I'll take good care of you this time...

"Yukari, what are you planning?" You shout at the blonde youkai as she floats around you.

>Ara, ara... Now that would be telling... wouldn't it...? In any case... you seem to be coming along quite nicely... It should be finished soon...

"It? What are you talking about Yukari!? Don't you know that Ran and Chen are worried sick looking for y- Wah!" You shout before being cut off by a quick rap against your rump.

>Tsk tsk... I told you once before that telling would ruin the surprise... Now... perhaps it's time that I finish what I've started...

The gap youkai says in a sultry voice as she floats uncomfortably close to you. Slowly, delicately, she walks her fingers from your stomach and up your chest.

"Yukari what are you-" You try to say before her fingers reach your mouth and silence you.


She whispers before locking lips with you. You're taken by surprise but you're unable to move anywhere. You feel your body tense up, but you're suddenly filled with a warmth that seems to flow from Yukari's lips. It's pleasant, calming, covering you slowly like warm honey flowing down over your body. You feel yourself drift into a daze as the gap youkai continues to passionately kisses you.

She presses her hands against your cheeks and slowly begins to roam your body with them. Tracing a line down your chest and across your sides, one of her hands eventually makes its way to your rump. She gives it a firm squeeze eliciting a sharp gasp from you. Her other hand draws circles around your chest before working its way down to your boxers. Yukari takes a moment, tracing a finger along the waistband of your boxer shorts. She breaks away from your lips for a moment, leaving you gasping.

>Mmm... how nice of you to join me tonight already dressed down... What a wonderful present... Ufufufu...

Yukari then continues to kiss you as her hand slides over your shorts and begins to rub you through them. Her hand gently pulls at you, kneading you through the fabric, quickly causing you to become aroused. Her hand ceases its teasing for a moment before moving back to the top of the shorts then slipping itself under the waistband, you twitch at the sensation before Yukari continues her assault on your nether regions. You hum a moan into Yukari as she continues to slide her hand about your shaft, kneading it, caressing it. Your body aches for more but in your mind you can't bring yourself to tell her. It feels wrong.

She's not Marisa.

You snap out of your daze as Yukari breaks away from the kiss once more, leaving your mouth starving for more of her. The gap youkai's piercing gaze stares at you with seductive and devilish eyes.

>Now then... shall we move onto the main course...?

The blonde youkai begins to begin tracing a line down your body with her lips, leaving soft kisses along her path. She stops just above your belt line, leaving your body aching for more of her touch.

No, it's wrong.

She pulls down your boxer shorts painstakingly slowly. You can't help but twitch as your manhood is exposed to the open air.

>Oh ho... Impressive... Ufufufu...

You shake your head. No, this is wrong. Glancing around the space around you, you notice that it has further decayed, almost half of the void is covered in it. The space is slowly becoming more and more horrific as Yukari continues.

Looking down at the gap youkai, you notice her licking her lips. You can feel her breath on you, causing you to twitch. Slowly she lowers her head, closer, and closer. Your body aches for release, but you shouldn't.

It's not right.

You strain to resist the gap youkai. This can't be happening. No. You need... You need...


"Marisa!" You shout, immediately sitting up in Marisa's bed and frightening the witch who had been hovering over the tent that you had pitched overnight. You find yourself covered in a sticky, cold sweat. What was that dream?

After taking a moment to recover from your outburst, the witch slowly crawls over to you with a concerned look on her blushing face.

"A-Are you alright~ze?" The witch asks you with a concerned expression across her reddened face. "When I woke up this mornin' you had a troubled look 'cross your face, and then u-uhm... th-that was standin' up~ze..." Marisa points, trying her hardest not to stare.

You look down at your shorts and immediately try to cover it with a pillow. "S-Sorry! I uh... sorry..." You apologize, your face glowing red.

"Uhm..." She says after calling you by name. "...that's not the only thing that had changed." Marisa admits to you before pulling out a hand mirror.

The reflection in the mirror appears normal at first; normal that is, until you see your hair. Reflected back at you is the image of a person with blue and silver streaked hair, none of your original hair color seems to have remained. You gasp at the image.

"I... what's happening...?" You can barely find the words.

"I dunno, but I'm worried~ze..." The witch says as she puts the mirror aside. She takes a moment to look away from you, apparently deep in thought, then suddenly she perks up. "I know! Maybe I can try to make some medicine that'll fix you~ze!" She suggests with a sudden vigor.

"Marisa I don't think-..."

"I've got to go get some new phantasmal mushrooms! Just stay here, and I'll be right back." Marisa shouts, and in a flash the witch grabs her hat and leaves out the front door.

"Uh-... Marisa..." You say feebly as you know she's probably already to far gone to hear you. Placing a hand against your forehead, you shake your head with a weak smile. "She'll never learn."

You get yourself out of bed and head into the main part of the house. As you look around, you remember to yourself what a mess of a house Marisa lives in. You sigh as you look about all the stacks of dusty books, scattered mushrooms, and other junk. This'll take a miracle to clean, although you are a bit hungry.

[ ] Clean up the house while Marisa is away.
[ ] Make breakfast until Marisa gets back.
[ ] Try to chase after Marisa.
[ ] Something else.
She's turning us into Rinnosuke, alright.

[+] Clean up the house while Marisa is away.

Thought about the breakfast thing, but knowing Marisa and her mushroom-based potions, food won't be staying down for long.

That or someone like Keine... but the former would make sense. I think Rinnosuke is oblivious to her attraction to him if that was the case.

But I said Keine since she's the only one with blue/sliver hair; Rinnosuke's is just sliver.

[x] Clean up the house while Marisa is away.
-[x] Focus on one part of the mess at a time.

I hope that Marisa doesn't get upset about our cleaning (some folks prefer stuff messy since they have a harder time finding stuff in a perfectly clean room)
[+] Clean up the house while Marisa is away.
Tokikos hair is siver and blue as well.

[X] Make breakfast until Marisa gets back.
[x] Clean up the house while Marisa is away.
-[x] Focus on one part of the mess at a time.
File 126649461329.jpg - (154.61KB, 400x800, de27384ca7e5e8c600c8b5dd9c38eb82.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] Clean up the house while Marisa is away.

Breakfast can wait; this place needs a thorough cleaning. If this is going to be your home for the foreseeable future, you should at least try to make it to be a bit more comfortable, and hopefully Marisa will appreciate having a live-in maid to clean her home for her.

Home. You pause at the thought. When did you start thinking about Marisa's house in the Forest of Magic as your home? It's not that your home on the outside world was bad, you had friends; you had just been hanging out with them before being cast into this world of fantasy. You got along well enough with your family. You wonder for a moment if they're worried about you. Do they think you're dead? Is there a missing persons report out there? A heavy feeling settles within your heart. They must all miss you terribly.

You shake your head at those thoughts trying to focus on the task at hand. Looking around the main room, you scratch your head as you try to decide where to begin. You start pushing aside stacks of books, kicking up even more dust, as you make your way through the labyrinthine piles of books and assorted knick-knacks, trying to find a place to begin.

A grumbling sound erupts softly from your stomach. The kitchen area, perhaps that would be a good place to start; that way if you don't finish before Marisa gets back, it would be at least a little bit easier to cook breakfast.

You begin your cleaning throughout Marisa's small kitchen-like area, which really only consists of a pot hanging over a fire pit with pans and cooking utensils hanging by hooks above it. It's a wonder that none of the many stacks of books Marisa has near her cooking area are singed or burnt. You move those aside as you begin organizing things in an attempt to find a place for everything. After clearing a nice workable space, you grab a couple of rags, fill a bucket with water, and begin dusting and wiping everything down. After about a half hour, you find that you've gotten the kitchen area looking halfway decent.

Looking over your work, you sigh. "Well, Marisa's not back yet." You look around the rest of the house. "I guess I could at least try making the rest of it look somewhat organized for now."

Over the next hour or so, you continue to clean up the rest of the main room, organizing Marisa's books and collections, straightening up her makeshift book furniture, and trying to dust where you can. Eventually you get the house to a much cleaner state, there are still stacks of books everywhere and piles of stuff shoved away into corners, but at least the house feels organized now.

While going through one of the piles of knick-knacks, you come across something that looks out of place from her usual appliances and novelties: a dusty old picture frame. You dust off the worn wooden frame revealing a faded, black-and-white photo of what looks to be a happy family. Framed in the photo is a familiar looking mustached man, a little blonde toddler, and... you do a double take for a moment. Staring back at you in the photo is what looks like a more mature and composed Marisa. You continue staring at the photo for several moments, is that Marisa's mom? Your gaze keeps returning to the woman, the resemblance is uncanny. While staring at the photo, you're reminded of your own family...

Suddenly the front door swings open.

"Hello-wha?!" The witch is taken aback as she looks at her much cleaner house, dropping many of the mushrooms and herbs that she's brought back in a basket.

"Surprise!" You beam cheerfully, as you set down the picture frame.

-The house.
[ ] Apologize.
[ ] Ask Marisa what she thinks.
[ ] Try to justify your actions.
[ ] Bring up breakfast to change the subject.
[ ] Something Else. (Write-In)

-The picture frame.
[ ] Ask about it now.
[ ] Leave it for later.
[ ] Something Else. (Write-In)
[x] Apologize.
-[x] Leave it for later (After eating)
[x] Ask Marisa what she thinks.
-[x] If she reacts negatively apologize as you show her where everything is.

-The picture frame.
[x] Leave it for later.

I realized when picking the previous choice the risk of her being upset about Bohemianon cleaning. But I think in this case it's just surprise that he's cleaning it.
[X] Ask about it now.

Inb4 Marisa goes all emotional again.
[x] Apologize.
-[x] Leave it for later (After eating)
[x] Ask Marisa what she thinks.
-[x] If she reacts negatively apologize as you show her where everything is.

-The picture frame.
[x] Leave it for later.
[+] >>20393
[x] Ask Marisa what she thinks.
-[x] If she reacts negatively apologize as you show her where everything is.

-The picture frame.
[x] Leave it for later.

Her mom's still a sensitive subject for her, best not to ask now.
- The house.
[x] Ask Marisa what she thinks.
-[x] If she reacts negatively apologize as you show her where everything is.

-The picture frame.
[x] Leave it for later.
[X] Distract her by suggesting that you have breakfast.

> Touhou Mother

I've seen two versions so far (the first was the translation, while he second isn't done yet, as it's a Let's Play), and the only difference I've seen currently is that Yukari's gaps look more like her gaps than purple glowing circles on the ground. On a side note, good on yah.

On a side note, make sure your macros are the same, your spoiler is open to everyone that can see.
File 126709539339.jpg - (472.37KB, 912x732, 126708293743.jpg) [iqdb]
-The House
[X] Ask Marisa what she thinks.
-The picture frame.
[X] Leave it for later.

You stand up and cheerfully spread your arms. "Well, what do you think?"

The witch stumbles in, taking in the house before slumping down into a chair. "W-What'd you do~ze? My... My house i-it's..."

"Clean." You say with a smile, taking a moment to look about the house yourself. "Cleaner than it was, at least. So, what do you think? It feels a lot more comfortable now, don't you think?"

"I... I liked it the way it was~ze." Marisa pouts. She stands up and begins looking around the house. She begins to look confused, starting to search through cupboards. "Where is everything? I knew where everythin' was with the way my house was before~ze." Marisa whines. She continues to look through the rest of the house gradually becoming more frantic. "I-I can't find anything with it like this! What'd you do?!" She shouts at you.

"Marisa, I-I'm sorry. I didn't mean to inconvenience you." You apologize, feeling a bit shaken by Marisa's sudden outburst.

"Where'd you put everything~ze?" Marisa asks as she continues digging through things, slowly recreating the mess that you had just cleaned.

"Marisa wait!" You shout rushing to the witch's side in an attempt to prevent letting all your work go to waste. "B-Before you tear everything apart, why don't I try to show you where I put everything?"

The witch slowly turns to you with an unimpressed face.

"Fine~ze..." She sighs, before getting up. "...but I still liked it the way it was before..." She mumbles.

You lead the reluctant witch around the house, while at the same time doing your best to inconspicuously put away parts of the mess that Marisa had begun remaking. As you go along, Marisa impatiently bombards you with questions about the locations of many different items--certain books, goblets, vials, various mushrooms, various electronic items from Kourindou; all of these items you've systematically stacked or filed away in cabinets and on whatever available shelves that you could find.

After a half-hour of tirelessly reacquainting Marisa with her house, the witch looks around with her hands against her hips and a look of accomplishment in her eyes.

"Well then, I guess I could try to get used to this." She huffs, throwing a glance your way. "Uhm... thanks for cleanin' up I guess~ze. Also, sorry for freakin' out at you like that." She mutters with a hint of pink in her cheeks.

"What? Marisa apologizing without someone forcing it out of her first?" You fake a gasp at her.

"Sh-Shut up~ze! S-So I overreacted a bit! I'm only apologizin' because it's you." The witch stammers, trying to justify her actions before sticking her tongue out at you. "Anyway, I gotcha these mushrooms so we can try to fix whatever it is that Yukari's been doin' to you." She explains, showing you the basket that she brought in with her. "Gotta try to fix this business that you've got goin' on." She says as she flicks a lock of your silver and blue hair. "So let's get started, 'kay?"

You gulp as the words leave Marisa's mouth; she's got that look, the same one that she had the last time she experimented on you.

[ ] Let Marisa try experimenting on you.
[ ] Distract her by suggesting that you have breakfast.
[ ] Suggest that you go meet with someone else for help. (Suggest a person)
[ ] Something Else.


Apologizes for the rather tardy update. I'm going to be moving two-thousand miles across the country in a minivan two weeks, so I've been busy getting ready to do that. Also, I've been working on a side project with my little brother; mostly just making adjustments to a preexisting Touhou fangame (Hint: It begins with Touhou and ends with Mother). Anyway, updates may be sparse over the next few weeks, so please wait warmly. As always, comments, critiques, and speculation is welcome.
[x] Let Marisa try experimenting on you.
[x] Let Marisa try experimenting on you.

Afterwards, breakfast to relax.
[X] Let Marisa try experimenting on you.

I'd go with breakfast, but...deredere Marisa is too delicious to pass up for food right now.
[x] Let Marisa try experimenting on you.
{X} Let Marisa try experimenting on you.

How lewd.
[X] Let Marisa try experimenting on you.

File 126774838826.jpg - (444.27KB, 626x885, fe8071560331a5a8f1675102267a2f35.jpg) [iqdb]
I'd like to apologize again for the lack of updates. I'm currently in the process of getting ready to move across the continental United States by car so updates are... not at the top of my priority list right now. I'll try to have another update before I begin my cross-country drive. In any case, comments, speculation, and discussions are always welcome.

P.S. - I think Marisa is stealing the things I'm trying to move.
File 126915314359.jpg - (578.51KB, 1600x1200, 8d8c9019830f80cc6674bb374d06499c.jpg) [iqdb]
Hello. I made it to my new home okay. I would like to apologize once again for the delays. I may not be back into the full swing of updating for a little bit, since I'm still getting situated, but I do plan on getting back to ORBS fully as soon as I can.

Without further ado, my long overdo update.


[X] Let Marisa try experimenting on you.

Something inside of you tells you that this isn't going to work, but for some reason or another you decide to let the witch have her way with you.

"Alright, let's try it out." You sigh, feeling as though you've just signed your own death warrant.

"What...?" Marisa pouts. "You don't sound too excited about 'bout this~ze. Don'tcha trust me?"

"I do." You say, forcing the words out. "It's just that I'm a little reluctant to be your guinea pig after what happened last time."

"I apologized to you 'bout that last time, a-and it was just an accident, so it won't happen again. Promise." The witch explains, grasping your hands in an attempt to calm your nerves. "...though I do needa try to find that vial that I had mislabeled last time~ze." She mumbles to herself.

"What was that?" You ask, not sure that you heard her correctly.

"N-Nothin'!" She stutters. Marisa then moves to her cabinets, slowly trying to find her way through them again. "Where'd you put all my beakers and test tubes again~ze?" She asks as she opens cabinet after cabinet.

"Third from the left." You say to Marisa over your shoulder as you take a glance at the fungus that Marisa brought back with her.

Marisa had returned with a lot of rather dubious looking mushrooms and other fungi. The brightly colored fungus worries you, although you're sure that there are some in here that Marisa has used before in her potions--or at least you think so. She wouldn't do anything to put you into danger, of course not. Right?

Stuffed underneath the many mushrooms is a hand-scribbled note, it's Marisa's familiar handwriting:

Phantasmal Mushrooms-
-G B - Good in soup and hai-(the rest is illegible)
-B O R - Did... something odd
-Y P - Used for remedies
-G R - Works for pests but do-(the rest is illegible)

You take a moment attempting to decipher the note. What could these mean? You shrug, hopefully it's not too important. You toss the note aside before being interrupted by your witch.

"There, found 'em!" She shouts triumphantly before rushing back to one of her makeshift workbenches and begins to mix various chemicals and powders. "Do ya think you could bring me those Mushrooms over there~ze?" The witch asks, not taking a moment to look up at you.

Reluctantly you pick up the overflowing basket and bring it over to Marisa, a few of the mushrooms fall to the floor a couple even scattering around glowing spores as they do. You sigh at the display, hoping to God that Marisa knows what she's doing.

Hastily, the witch grabs the basket and begins grinding up handfuls of the mushrooms with a mortar and pestle. "Ya have to mix it in quickly or else it won't be effective~ze." The witch explains as she begins to scrape the paste into her brew. "And uh..." Marisa looks into one of her 'books of magic' as she reaches for another mushroom. "...uh oh..."

"Uh oh...?" You don't like that sound of that.

"I uhm... I forgot which mushroom went in next." Marisa admits with a pensive expression. "Well... that and I think I spilled something on this page last time I was makin' potions~ze."


"W-Well... I'll just pick this one..." Marisa says as she picks up an odd looking pink and purple mushroom from her basket. "O-Or maybe this one...?" The witch looks about at several different mushrooms before her with a worried expression. "U-Uhm... wh-which one do you think~ze...?" This is exactly what you were afraid of.

"Maybe the one in your hand...?" You shrug, you don't know anything about these fungi. "You know what you're doing, right?" You try to reassure yourself. A nervous laugh comes from your witch.

"Y-Yeah... th-that's right~ze." She says unconvincingly as she drops the mushroom into her pot and begins to stir it.

A dark cloud erupts from the pot, giving off a pungent smell. Marisa and yourself can barely keep yourself from coughing at the offensive cloud.

Marisa stirs the mixture for a moment before ladling it into a small beaker.

"Well... here... try it out~ze. If... If I did it right, it should hopefully fix you. I hope." Marisa gulps as she hands you the beaker.

You stare at the concoction for a moment. It glows an ominous red color. Swirling around the contents of the beaker only serves to make the elixir glow more brightly. You hesitate to bring it to your lips. Trust Marisa... she wouldn't do anything to harm you. That last time was just... was just an accident. She's got it right this time, right. Alright, here goes nothing.

You pause for a moment after swallowing the last of the brew. Nothing. Well that's odd, you were expecting some sort of reaction or...

Suddenly you can feel your heart's palpations in your chest as a searing pain grips at your rib cage as if trying to crush it. You grab at your chest, futilely gasping for air. You fall to the floor knocking over the basket of mushrooms. Looking up at Marisa, you see her lips move, shouting at you, but you can't seem to comprehend what she's saying. A look of sheer terror paints her face.

You feel around the ground, you can barely make out a few mushrooms before you. Something in your head tells you that this is your only hope at salvation.

[ ] Orange cap with a red stem and brown zig-zags.
[ ] Red cap with green stripes.
[ ] Blue polka-dots on a green cap.
[ ] A purple stemmed mushroom with a yellow cap.
[ ] Pass out.
[x] A purple stemmed mushroom with a yellow cap.

I'm willing to bet on this.
[x] Pass out.
Don't know what else to do.
[X] A purple stemmed mushroom with a yellow cap.

I have to admit, this one does look right.
X] A purple stemmed mushroom with a yellow cap.
[x] A purple stemmed mushroom with a yellow cap.
[+] A purple stemmed mushroom with a yellow cap.
-[+] "Worst. Trip. Ever."
{X} A purple stemmed mushroom with a yellow cap.
[x] Blue polka-dots on a green cap.
To bad it's not white polka dots cause then we would at least have and extra life.
[X] Blue polka-dots on a green cap.

Or white polka dots on a red cap so that we could grow bigger...IYKWIM

You lost me.
File 126932523747.jpg - (548.95KB, 1000x1046, 1fdb071a89b72c8cfaf229fbe008fc08.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] A purple stemmed mushroom with a yellow cap.

Your vision quickly begins to blur, your nose begins to run and the pain in your chest only worsens as you attempt to choose one of the quickly fading mushrooms before you. Frantically you reach out toward the now purple and yellow blur before you; subconsciously, you pray that this mushroom is the right one. You hear a far away voice shouting at you as hastily shove the foul tasting fungus into your mouth. It hurts as the large chunks make their way down your throat.

The sound of Marisa's crying voice begins to come clearer as darkness clouds your vision, until suddenly... nothing.


You feel something warm and soft against your face. It has a sort of squishy elasticity to it. Pressing a hand against it reveals that it's covered tightly in a sort of thick fabric--it reminds you of one of those really cushy travel pillows.

" 'Ey... cut it out down there." Comes an unfamiliar voice. "It tickles."

As you look at the soft cushion before you, your eyes begin to follow the patterned cloth finding it to end at a collar, continuing upward to a face framed by red hair in pig-tails.

"Well 'mornin' sunshine!" The woman says as you slowly sit up.

She stares at you with a warm smile as she leans upon a scythe that looks as though it's flowing in the wind. Her large, blue dress bears white trim along the collar and is tied at her waist with an obi featuring a large coin at its center. Your gaze continues down but then gravitates back to two very large points of interest resting upon her chest.

"Why thank ya." The reaper smiles with a wink as she catches you checking her out.

"Oh s-sorry..." You apologize as you avert your gaze.

Suddenly a cold chill runs down your spine as you realize who is before you.

"Wait! Y-You're... you're..." You begin with a shaky finger extended toward your new acquaintance.

"Komachi Onozuka." She says lazily. "Found you lazin' around out here so I decided to see what was what, but wouldn't ya know it, I fell asleep out 'ere myself!" She smirks as she leans onto her scythe.

"B-But you're the river ferr-... Wait? A-Am I dead?!" You ask frantically, praying that this is just a bad dream.

"Well... I think yes an' no. Ya seem to be havin' some sort of close call or somethin'." She explains. "I mean, you're sorta fazin' in and out of this realm and ya seem to be goin', so it seems ya might make it afterall."

"So... what you're saying is..."

"...It's not your time yet." She finishes your sentence with a smile. "Works out for me, 'cause that's one less soul I hafta ferry."

A sigh of relief escapes your... corporeal form? You're not quite sure how this whole spirit thing works, and you're glad that you don't have much time to figure it out just yet. You feel yourself begin to vanish from this place as you wonder if there was something that you might be able to find out from Komachi while you're here.

[ ] Wait...You're curious. Were you going to heaven or hell?
[ ] Ask about Marisa.
[ ] Ask something else. (Write-In)
[ ] It's time to go back; Marisa's worried.
[x] Ask about Marisa.

Nice Komachi appearance; meeting her like this gets mixed feelings, since while she's cool to hang around with, but at the same time the way of meeting her means that it's not good to linger too long. She doesn't pop up much in ways not related to death in many stories.

Nice Hommage to FLA
[x] Ask about Marisa.
-[x] It's time to go back; Marisa's worried.
[X] Ask about Marisa.
[X] It's time to go back; Marisa's worried.

I'm impressed; a decent Komachi appearance that doesn't seem too awkwardly placed.

That's about the second time her experiments have nearly killed us. ಠ_ಠ
[x] Ask about Marisa.
-[x] It's time to go back; Marisa's worried.
[X] Ask about Marisa.

Don't want to leave yet.
[x] Ask about Marisa.

Any little bit of thought from others is always good.
[X] Ask about Marisa
[x] Ask about Marisa.
[x] Wait...You're curious. Were you going to heaven or hell?

If we can have one choice I'll join the bandwagon for asking about Marisa. If we can have two, let's see if we're going to hell or not. Just for the HELL of it.
I don't think Komachi really knows about this.

I think only Shikieiki determines that.

[x] Ask about Marisa.
-[x] It's time to go back; Marisa's worried.

Let's not keep our witch in total panic mode.

Thought I'd bring this to your attention, in case you missed it.
File 127135045234.jpg - (1.00MB, 1000x1208, 5f0e987dc04220c31f78f0f99fd9c4b4.jpg) [iqdb]
Hey readers, sorry I haven't been updating like I used to, but for whatever reason I've somehow run out of inspiration. It could be for any number of reasons but explaining those would just be another excuse. In any case I may be taking a (hopefully) short hiatus from Ordinary Rhapsody in the Bohemian Sense, at least until I can find my muse again.

I could perhaps have tried to just force the words out, but I don't think that would be any more enjoyable for you to read than it would be for me to write. Besides, doing something like that would probably put the story somewhere where I might not want it to be.

Anyway, I'd like to once again say that I'm sorry for this but I need to get myself put back together. Thanks to everyone who have been reading up until now. Hopefully I'll get back to Bohemianon and Marisa's hijinks soon enough.

As always, comments, critiques, and speculations are welcome.
File 127276654875.png - (131.70KB, 398x528, 1267577940427.png) [iqdb]
File 127337978854.jpg - (213.12KB, 640x640, f9faebd3810d9621db81f7638d1016c6.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] Ask about Marisa.

While you're... sort of here, you decide that it might be a good idea to find out a few things about the afterlife, particularly those close to you.

"Hey, Komachi."

"Yeah, what is it suggah?" The ferrywoman asks with a raised eyebrow.

"Since I'm already here and all, do you think that you could answer a question or two?" You ask timidly, trying your best to keep your gaze in safe areas.

"Sure, shoot." Comes Komachi's reply with a wink.

"Well, I was kind of worried about Marisa." At this the ferrywoman takes an intrigued look.


"I'm kinda worried about where she's going to end up. What with all her stealing books from Patchouli among other things. Well, that and how she seems to result to violence every dispute she runs across." You think aloud as Komachi shifts her position, leaning her face against one of her arms. "What I'm trying to ask is if she's going to h-"

"Stop right there, hun. First of all, danmaku's just how we all solve our disputes 'round Gensokyo. Second of all, I don't know nothin' about how those decisions are made. For that you'd have to ask the yama." She explains as she motions to beyond the river. "I just ferry people across the Sanzu River, not judge them. Well, not out loud anyway."

"But don't you hear anything about the fates of people from her?" You plead, wanting an answer more than anything. "I mean, I just want to make sure that we'll both end up in the same place."

"Sweety, hardly the only things I hear out of Miss Shikieiki's mouth are lectures about how I'm not doin' my job right and how I should try to be an example to other shinigamis." Komachi explains. She catches a glimpse of your frown and sighs. "Look shug, I'm sure if you two continue to get along and try to do your best during your lives, everything'll end up just fine. In any case, you're not allowed to know that kind of stuff 'till you get here, anyway. 'Kay?"

"Alright." You reply, finally deciding to leave well enough alone.

The voluptuous shinigami smiles at you as she leans back onto her scythe, but you catch something in her gaze that you hadn't noticed before. Something in her eyes looks a little sad. She catches your odd stare.

"Whatcha starin' at?" She asks, her expression changing to one of confusion. "I got somethin' on my face or something?"

"Oh, it's nothing. It just looked like you had something on your mind." You reply.

"Pfft! None of your business, kid." She scoffs before quickly turning her gaze.

"Sorry, I didn't mean anything by it." You apologize, suddenly feeling your consciousness begin to fade again. "Woah... I think I might be... heading back... now..."

Komachi turns back to you with a look of surprise across her face.

"Hold up a bit!" She blurts out, you turn to face her. "I just wanted to say that uh... that it was nice to talk to someone who wasn't already dead. It's... It's just been awhile, ya know?" Komachi doesn't seem to know the words that she's looking for. "I mean, I hope to see you again, just hopefully not too soon, for your sake at least." She says with a wistful smile.

You nod in reply before your consciousness fails you yet again. "Me too..." Are the last words to leave your mouth.



It's suddenly cold. The change in temperature hits you like a nuclear bomb. You wearily peel your eyes open and attempt to move, but you're greeted with a aching pain throughout your body covered in a cold sweat.

There's a weight against your legs. Painfully shifting your position to get a better look, you find the sleeping form of a blonde girl sitting in a chair next to you; her head and arms rest over your legs and her face is covered in streaks of dried tears. You strain yourself to sit up in bed and look down at the sleeping witch.

"Marisa... thanks for watching over me." You whisper as you softly run a hand through her golden locks.

You take a moment to look around at your surroundings. You hadn't noticed before, but this isn't Marisa's house. The view outside your window is filled with an endless sea of nothing but bamboo trees. With your mind still fuzzy from having just woken up, you try to piece together where you remember having seen this scenery before when a pair of pointed rabbit ears and a face peer from beyond the doorway.

"O-Oh! You've recovered!" Says the violet-haired girl before disappearing again. Her footsteps quickly disappear into the distance.

The disturbance seems to have stirred the sleeping witch, causing her to rub her eyes and look your way. After staring at you for a few seconds Marisa's eyes suddenly tear up before she throws her arms around you.

"Oh... I-I'm so sorry! I-I thought I'd lost ya!" She cries into your shoulder. Marisa abruptly pushes herself away from you with a worried look in her eyes. "B-But after what I'd put ya through, you must be..."

[ ] Angry.
[ ] Saddened.
[ ] Relieved.
[ ] Something else? (Write-In)
Well, I know my hiatus has lasted for quite awhile but slowly inspiration has been coming back to me.

Anyway, I've decided to celebrate my birthday with an update for you folks. Please enjoy and wait warmly for my next update!
[x] Relieved.

I think above all else, he'd be glad he's alive.

[x] Relieved.

Indeed, good to see both the author and protagonist back.
[c] Relieved.

Glad to see you back, sir.
[x] Relieved.
{X} Relieved.
I...what....no...he...he UPDATED!! It really IS a holiday!! Glad to see ya back, MS!

On that note, I love your Komachi to death.

Pun intended

[X] Relieved.
[X] Relieved.

Not really much of a choice here.
[X] Relieved.

I can't see him getting angry over this.
[X] Relieved.

Deredere Marisa. Resistance is futile.
File 127353939951.png - (721.57KB, 800x1000, c0f99e504d5989112e0e3841546cb747.png) [iqdb]
[x] Relieved.

I missed her.
[X] Relieved.
-[X] Mention that your experience 'in the other side'
not sure if that's a great idea, seeing how Marisa is kinda insecure about some aspects of herself. And it'd just make her more upset due to the fact it's proof Bhemianon nearly died.

Not to mention she may get a bit envious of Komachi since she has a couple of things Marisa doesn't quite measure up to.
File 127358707939.jpg - (0.97MB, 1600x1200, 150b771b9fc20dd580864ee31a2a3f9b.jpg) [iqdb]

Poor girl. Also, writing now. Update today or tomorrow.
File 127362940082.jpg - (265.80KB, 874x1232, 7a672723245c862fce9d82be611fc150.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] Relieved.

"...Relieved." You finish Marisa's sentence with a smile.

"Yeah! Wait... what?" The witch falters. "Y-You're not mad at me e-even though I almost... al-almost..." The tears begin to well up in her eyes again.

"No. No I'm not." You say, attempting to calm her nerves in a gentle embrace. "I'm just relieved that I'm okay and that you were here watching over me."

"But I-"

"Shh." You hush Marisa, placing a finger over her lips. "Everything's fine. I'm alright."

"B-but ya stopped breathin' a-and I freaked out so I took ya off to Eientei as fast as I could, but then Tewi got in the way s-so I had to fight her and then Eirin came and stopped us and I had to explain everything and..." Marisa takes a moment from her rambling to breathe. "...then she tried to treat you but said that it might be too late, but then she found s-somethin' in your system that was fightin' off the stuff in the potion ya drank, and I stayed up all night and... and... and I was so scared!" The witch's eyes burst into tears once more and buries her face into your chest, wrapping her arms tightly around you and sobbing to the point of hyperventilation. "I... was... s-so scared..."

You give an earnest smile and firmly rub the worried witch's back. "It's alright Marisa, you don't have to worry anymore. I'm alright, see?" The young witch just trembles as she continues to cry into your chest.

Out of the corner of your eye, you notice a movement from the doorway to the room--It's doctor Eirin. She opens her mouth to speak as she enters the room, but before she has the chance to do so, she notices the weeping Marisa in your arms and silent excuses herself from the room with a knowing smile.

You continue to comfort the witch for an hour or so before she finally settles down.

"I-I'm gonna make sure nothin' like this ever happens again. This time 'round things are gonna be different, a-alright?" The witch pipes up, a worried look overcomes your face as Marisa continues. "I-I'll make sure to protect you, keep ya safe at home, and I'll even test all my potions myself before givin' them to you."

"Marisa... that's not necessary..." You try to reason with the stubborn witch with arms raised.

"O-Of course it is... I never want ta lose you again. I want to keep you safe. I... I just don't know what I'd do if I-"

"Don't say it." You interrupt the witch. "I'm not going anywhere. The only places I'm going are all the places that you go."

"B-but what if ya get hurt or somethin' happens to you again. I won't let anything happen to you again!"

"Marisa, I know that Gensokyo can be dangerous, but I've been fine up until today." You try to explain, however the witch wouldn't have it. "Besides, how am I going to learn magic if you don't let me do anything?"

"I don't care 'bout that! I don't want ya to get hurt!" She retorts.

At that moment Doctor Yagokoro peeks her head back into the room, and not a moment too soon, either. "Now settle down you two." The doctor tries to calm the two of you with her soothing, mature voice. "You shouldn't be getting him worked up, he's still recovering, Marisa. Now if you don't mind, I need to run a few tests on him so please, wait outside." She scolds and asks the witch.

"Udonge! Please see miss Kirisame out of the room and make sure that she is treated with our best hospitality." Eirin calls out to the moon rabbit who immediately stumbles into the room upon hearing her mistress' voice.

"Y-Yes Mistress!" Reisen chimes as she wearily leads Marisa out of the room, leaving you alone with the lunar doctor... and her devices. You gulp and tense up as Miss Yagokoro begins to remove instruments from her medical bag.

At seeing you recoil, the doctor tries to put on her most calming smile as she continues to prepare her instruments. "Please, there is no reason to worry, I'm just doing a normal check-up on your vitals. Perhaps you should be worrying a bit more about that young girl, though."


"Yes, Marisa. You gave her quite a scare today." She begins as she places a stethoscope against your back. "I know you haven't been in Gensokyo for very long, but you need to take better care of yourself. You know you died for a bit." She says solemnly.

"I know..." You reply knowingly.

"What happened exactly? Marisa was rather... vague with the details." Eirin asks as she leans in inquisitively.

[ ] Tell the truth.
[ ] Change the subject.
[ ] Tell a lie.
[ ] Something else. (Write-In)
[x] Tell the truth.
-[x] But try to blunt the blame that either of you gets.

I don't think we can try lying or evading the question, just damage control.
[x] Tell the truth.

Banking on her providing useful advice (rather than scolding) regarding potential mushrooms and potions that may be encountered.
[x] Tell the truth.
[X] Tell the truth.

If House taught me anything, it's that lying to the doctor only makes things worse.
[X] Tell the truth.
[X] Tell the truth

Eirin would probably know if we were lying, anyway. Though the possible consequences do amuse me.
File 127433851911.jpg - (106.61KB, 644x855, 1262830747261.jpg) [iqdb]
No motivation?
File 12750209516.jpg - (568.96KB, 930x1200, d2bd8307d52a0fb6c06ed037065480d9.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] Tell the truth.

You breathe deeply, feeling a tinge of regret at the words that are about to come out of your mouth, but it's got to be done.

"Well... Marisa and I..." You try to find a good place to start. "Uh... Well, let me put it this way. My hair wasn't always like this." You begin, bringing her attention to the top of your head.

The lunar doctor adjusts a pair of reading glasses before staring at your silver-striped locks and writing down a few notes. "Is that so? Well, I do seem to recall you looking somewhat different the last time I saw you, and I felt that something was off, though after living for so long I've become horrible with faces." She continues to write down more notes. "Was this caused by your near-fatal experience?"

"What? No. This was happening before I drank that stuff that Marisa gave me." You explain.

Eirin raises an eyebrow at your last comment. "Marisa gave you something to drink? Care to eleborate further?" Crap, you said it, didn't you? You cringe inwardly as you wish for all the world that you could take your words back. "Well?" She asks once again.

May as well get it over with, you think to yourself with a sigh. You explain to the doctor about your dreams involving Yukari and how Ran thinks that she may be disrupting your soul; the entire time Eirin takes notes and nods as you tell your tale.

"And a couple days ago this happened to my hair and-" You cut yourself off and shake your head--You're getting off topic. "Sorry. You see, Marisa's been trying to come up with potions to cure me of whatever is happening to me and... it hasn't been working." You sigh as you recall your last several sets of experimentation.

"I see." Is the doctor's response as she continues to scribble notes onto her clipboard.

"I see?" You repeat; you had hoped for a more assertive answer.

"Well, if the problem is with your soul, then magical potions aren't going to do you much in the way of good." She says raising her glasses to her forehead and shifting her weight in her chair. "Not even my own medicine will cure you of this ailment since it is a spiritual problem, not a physical one." Eirin explains. "As for the matter of Marisa irresponsibly giving you medicines and remedies, I would recommend that you stay here away from that girl."

"What? No! I don't want to be kept away from Marisa. She and I are... ...close." You object before turning away from the doctor with a warmth overcoming your cheeks.

Eirin sighs. "I understand how it is to be young, but you and I both know how stubborn that witch is. I know from experience that even if I tell her that something will not work, she will continue to tirelessly exert herself and attempt the feat again and again." Eirin tries to reason with you. Noticing your unchanging expression, she sighs. "Look, please give the matter due consideration. It's my duty as a doctor to make sure my patients don't pursue destructive paths. Now if you would remove your shirt, I must run some tests on you."

Neither you or Eirin speak the rest of the time she is in the room, all the while she performs a rather standard series of tests: checking your heartbeat, breathing, blood-pressure, and the like. As Eirin heads for the door, she pauses and turns back to you.

"Please think on the matter a bit more." She sighs before exiting the room.

You sit in solitude in the room for several moments, your mind filled with thoughts of your conversation with Dr. Yagokoro. You shake your head. Even if Marisa is stubborn she won't purposely do anything to harm you; what happened earlier was just an accident--just an accident, right?

In the midst of your reflecting Marisa barges into the room with a frantic Udongein trailing behind her.

"A-Are you alright? She didn't do nothin' to hurt you, did she?" Marisa worries as she wraps her arms tightly around you.

"P-Please, he needs his rest." Reisen tries to warn the rambunctious witch.

"I'm fine. I'm fine." You reassure the both of them. "Eirin and I... We just, had a little talk."

"A talk? 'Bout what?" She asks as a concerned look crosses her face. You bite your lip.

"Well, it's a... she thinks that you... ah..." You struggle to find the words.

"That I..." The witch repeats.

You shake your head. "Maybe we should talk about this later..."

"Come on! You're not allowed ta keep stuff from me anymore! I-I'm your girlfriend!"

Reisen's face turns red with surprise as she covers her face, eliciting a schoolgirl-like squeal. "G-Girlfriend?!"

"S-Stay outta this!" Marisa growls at the moon rabbit, causing her to jump back in surprise.

"S-Sorry!" She apologizes before dashing out the door.

"Now, what'd she say?" The witch asks impatiently. Your wordless reply only serves to encourage Marisa's pestering. "Come ooon... ya gotta tell me! I'm your girlfrined!" The witch begs as she pulls on your arm. Suddenly, Marisa pulls out her finishing move--she looks deeply into your eyes and pouts, trying her hardest to produce tearful eyes. All you can do is sigh.

"Fine..." You huff. "Eirin said... well, she said that it might be best if I stay away from you for a bit because-"

"Stay away from me?" The magician interjects. "Why wouldja want to stay away from me? I-I'll keep ya safe and stuff, and we've still gotta try more remedies and... and..."

"I said 'no' to her." You explain calmly, setting your arms on her shoulders.

"...and I gotta also- Oh. You did?" The witch stops in mid thought. "Well, that's good, right?" Marisa says as she recomposes herself. "Well, I s'ppose we should be gettin' going soon." She says adjusting her hat.

You put a hand to hers as she begins to turn away, stopping her in place. "Marisa, promise me you'll still take me go along with you wherever you go, okay?"


"You know you're the reason I ended up here in the first place, right?" You remind her.

"Fine." The witch sighs, puffing her cheeks. "Well, then do ya think we should ask someone else how ta fix ya? Though I still think I can fix it myself..." The witch mumbles to herself stubbornly.

[ ] Do you think anyone at the Hakurei Shrine will be able to help?
[ ] I think I've heard that there's a shrine maiden who can perform miracles.
[ ] Maybe it's a good idea to stay here and rest some more. Isn't Eirin supposed to be able to cure anything?
[ ] Something else? (Write-In)
[c] Do you think anyone at the Hakurei Shrine will be able to help?
[X] Maybe it's a good idea to stay here and rest some more. Isn't Eirin supposed to be able to cure anything?

I'm sure hanging out with a lucky rabbit would be beneficial.
[X] I think I've heard that there's a shrine maiden who can perform miracles.
[X] I think I've heard that there's a shrine maiden who can perform miracles.

Didn't we already ask Reimu about the hair matter?

I'd figure the Moriya shrine might have a better look at things.

Now if it came to getting Info out of Yukari or getting her to change him back, Reimu would be by far the better choice.

That and for Spiritual problems, there's nothing better than shrine maidens to take a look at it.
[X] Do you think anyone at the Hakurei Shrine will be able to help?

Maybe Reimu can get Yukari to reverse the process.
I think the recent visit happened before the hair incident... so either Shrine Maiden would be best, Reimu for understanding Yukari's stunts or what she might be trying to do, and Sanae possibly fixing it. I do get the impression that Sanae's better versed in the non-combat aspects of a Shrine Maiden than Reimu.
[X] Do you think anyone at the Hakurei Shrine will be able to help?
Yes, yes, yes, yes and no. Ghosts are kinda better because they already died. But there isn't any ghost around these parts no?
[x] I think I've heard that there's a shrine maiden who can perform miracles.

why ask Reimu again?
[x] I think I've heard that there's a shrine maiden who can perform miracles.

Seems I forgot to vote.
File 127687783987.jpg - (203.16KB, 750x750, 41b270570c279ad17833ab949c0f3ff4.jpg) [iqdb]
I'm calling the vote.

Apologizes for the string of recent delays, my life has been rather busy lately, what with conventions, screwing up my back, and other shenanigans. That said, I am working on the next update. Please look forward to it.
File 127724711788.jpg - (324.35KB, 1020x765, 0f0f1026c21bcea8ad49d12d9d8bcf96.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] I think I've heard that there's a shrine maiden who can perform miracles.

You shift your weight slowly and painfully, holding your breath against the dull pain that racks your entire body as you position your legs over the side of the bed. In the back of your mind you pray that this pain is only temporary but first and foremost in your thoughts is figuring out what to do about your current situation.

"Let's head back to my place for now. I'll try to figure somethin' out, 'kay?" The witch suggests. You shake your head in response, eliciting a sigh from Marisa.

"Marisa, you just can't let go of figuring this out yourself, can you?" You sigh--it'll take a miracle to get through to this girl once she's got an idea in her head.

You pause for a moment. Miracle, huh?

"What's that 'spposed ta mean?"

"Hold that thought." You quickly hush the black-white. "Say Marisa... isn't there a shrine maiden that can perform miracles?" You suggest.

"What, you mean Sanae? I guess maybe she can help... She's kinda excitable though, but she's been kinda a hassle too." The witch thinks aloud. "Those two crazy goddesses that she hangs out with caused the last two incidents so I dunno." Marisa scratches her chin.

"It's worth a try, isn't it?" You say as you attempt to work your way to your feet. Bad idea.

Suddenly a sharp pain courses through your feet and legs and you crumple to the ground.

"Are you okay?!" Marisa asks as she picks you up and slowly helps you to your feet.

"Yeah... I guess I'm just still recovering is all." You reply trying your hardest to hold back the expression of pain on your face.

"Are ya sure? M-Maybe we shouldn't be travelin' right now. I mean, Eirin said ya needed rest." Marisa warns as she tries to help you back into bed, you're not having any of it.

"Marisa, I don't want to leave your side; we're going and that's that!" You demand shaking your head. "I mean, we've got to find some way to fix me, that's what you want, isn't it?!"

The witch looks at you frozen in shock for a moment at your outburst, her mouth trembling a bit. You bite your lip as Marisa turns away from you suddenly.

"Marisa I'm so-"

"N-No I'm the one that should be..." You see her wipe her eyes against her sleeve before turning back to you with that smile you love so much. "Y-You're right, let's go, 'kay?" Before you know it Marisa begins to drag you, somewhat painfully, through the halls of Eientei and back to the entrance where she has her broom already waiting.

As the two of you board the broom and begin to ascend, Eirin followed by Udongein and a girl with long black hair dressed in sports sweats.

"Where are you going?!" The doctor shouts out to the two of you.

"We're goin' ta get him fixed!" Marisa shouts back. You can almost hear Eirin sigh as she slumps her shoulders as she realizes that there's no stopping Marisa.

"Well, then at least take these!" Eirin yells to you before reaching into her lab coat and tossing a bottle of tablets at you. "Just take them once every four hours!"

You follow the doctors instructions and pop one of the pills into your mouth. Almost immediately you feel your aches washing away. You open your mouth to thank the good doctor, but as you look down you see her ushering Reisen and the long-haired girl back into the mansion. You'll have to thank her properly the next time you see her, you think to yourself as Marisa sends the two of you speeding back toward Youkai Mountain.

As the mountain comes into view, you slowly begin to feel your grip slipping from around Marisa's waist. Before you do, you notice a sickly-colored cloud wafting up from the base of the mountain. Marisa, however, seems to be noticing something else; she brings your attention to a flurry of dots flitting about further up the mountain as she slows the broom to a stop.

"Looks like we stirred up the hive last time we were up 'ere." The witch muses. "Whatdaya think we should do?"

[ ] Maybe we should try to wait it out, meanwhile, let's check out that weird cloud down there.
[ ] Let's just go for it; how bad could it be?
[ ] Do you think we should just try to apologize to Aya?
[x] Maybe we should try to wait it out, meanwhile, let's check out that weird cloud down there.

Curious and it might be a way to sneak past them.
[x] Let's just go for it; how bad could it be?

Break through.
[X] Let's just go for it; how bad could it be?

I'm sure it'll be okay.
Even with an injured guy along with her. Now if Bohemianon was healthy or she was alone, I can see her easily doing that. At the moment? Not so much.
[x] Maybe we should try to wait it out, meanwhile, let's check out that weird cloud down there.
[x] Maybe we should try to wait it out, meanwhile, let's check out that weird cloud down there.

The tengu are trouble, but the weird cloud could be anything! It could even be trouble!
[x] Maybe we should try to wait it out, meanwhile, let's check out that weird cloud down there.
[X] Maybe we should try to wait it out, meanwhile, let's check out that weird cloud down there.

In before BROFIST AT 12 O'CLOCK!!

An Unzan's hitbox is fine, too.
[X] Maybe we should try to wait it out, meanwhile, let's check out that weird cloud down there.

>Unzan's hitbox

Isn't it sad, Ichirin?
File 127744492545.jpg - (1.31MB, 996x1079, c96fd7aca3896c734247b5324000e3e4.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] Maybe we should try to wait it out, meanwhile, let's check out that weird cloud down there.

"Marisa, I don't think we'd be able to take them all at once. Maybe we should just try to wait it out... at least until things have calmed down a bit up there." You warn the witch.

"Come on. I can take 'em all on no problem!" Marisa boasts.

"But we can't together. Remember what happened back at Scarlet Devil Mansion? You were at a disadvantage because the weight of both of us together slowed you down." Marisa puffs her cheeks up, seemingly ignoring your words.

She mumbles something incoherent.

"What was that, Marisa?" You ask.

"I said 'Fine, we won't go'." The witch huffs. "But what should we do 'till then, smart guy." Marisa sighs.

"Well, why don't we try checking out that that weird smokey cloud down there." You suggest pointing down toward the base of the mountain.

Your blonde chaperon squints toward the direction that you're pointing with a somewhat puzzled look across her face. "What smokey cloud." She asks, genuinely confused.

"That one, right down there." You motion again. "That sickly greenish-brown cloud down there."

"I don't see anything like that down there." She replies.

How could she not see it, you think to yourself, it's so obvious to you. Can she really not see it for some reason or another? "Let's just head down there and check it out."

"Fine..." Marisa sighs once again, reluctantly going along with your suggestion.

She rears the broom back before cruising toward the direction you were pointing at. "It's this way, right?" The witch asks as the broom veers slightly off course of the cloud.

"No, no. Further over here." You point again. As Marisa realigns her flight path you realize that she really can't see it. How come you can see it, then?

As the two of you descend past the canopy of trees surrounding Youkai Mountain, you notice the cloud actually becomes less and less noticeable. As the two of you approach, you notice a pair of figures standing about. One of them you can make out as Nitori, it looks like she's showing off one of her inventions to another youkai, but at this angle you can't make out who it is. It's odd though, the cloud from the person on the other side of Nitori seems to phase in and out of existence as you continue to stare. You wipe your eyes, trying to adjust your vision when Marisa suddenly nudges you.

"Hey... I don't think they've seen us yet." Marisa whispers to you suddenly. "Let's give 'em a little scare." She giggles softly to herself at the thought.

[ ] I don't know if that's a good idea, we don't know who Nitori is with.
[ ] Oh, what the hey; what's the worst that could happen?
[ ] Something else? (Write-In)
[X] Oh, what the hey; what's the worst that could happen?
[x] I don't know if that's a good idea, we don't know who Nitori is with.

If Bohemianon was healthy, I'd be all for a prank. But for now it's best to play it safe.
[X] I don't know if that's a good idea, we don't know who Nitori is with.

Not really a good idea to put our MC through too much after he's just gone through a near death experience. Not that moar Komachi is ever a bad thing~
[X] I don't know if that's a good idea, we don't know who Nitori is with.

>"That sickly greenish-brown cloud down there."
Delicious Hina? Oh wait, the MC can see misfortune. That's not a good sign.
[X] Oh, what the hey; what's the worst that could happen?
Damn it, Yukari! Though a few other things might have played (Some of the potions, his near death experience), but I'd say mostly Yukari's fault.
[X] I don't know if that's a good idea, we don't know who Nitori is with.
[x] Oh, what the hey; what's the worst that could happen?
[X] I don't know if that's a good idea, we don't know who Nitori is with.
[x] Oh, what the hey; what's the worst that could happen?
[X] I don't know if that's a good idea, we don't know who Nitori is with.
Still around?
File 128185023128.jpg - (357.65KB, 647x900, 401e14b18f1031ea9713756dc9e5867e.jpg) [iqdb]
Hey guys, I just wanted to check in to let you know that I'm still alive and doing rather well, actually.

Like so many other writers, I've run into a sort of dry spell in my creativity and thus the long hiatus I've had recently. Mind you, I'm still very much in love with this story and the Touhou Project series as a whole, but I've simply run out of inspiration and motivation. Also, work has picked up quite considerably and I'm getting far more hours than I used to.

I know this is all starting to sound like excuses from another lazy writer, but I need this break away from my story for a bit to let my mind freshen up and try to absorb new ideas. Anyway, we've hit autosage some time ago, so if you'd like, please do continue to comment in this thread with ideas, comments, speculation. I'll try to comment if and when I can.

Thanks for following me so far, and I hope to continue our story with this lovely witch soon.
We hope so too, Marisa doesn't get nearly as much love as she deserves.
New Super Marisa Land is our main source of Marisa these days. It has various cute forms for Marisa to assume too.
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