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18149 No. 18149
[X] "Sure, it could be nice to visit her again."

You nod at Marisa, evoking a smile from her. "Sure, I think it would be nice to go visit Alice again, and hopefully she won't be so busy with research this time." As you shuffle off the bed your stomach begins to growl. "But let's have some breakfast first." You say with a sheepish grin.

"Alright~ze! I know just the thing! Some more, good, old-fashioned mushroom-"

"Not soup I hope?" You interject, causing the previously enthusiastic witch to deflate somewhat.

"Th-Then what~ze?" She whines, slumping her shoulders. "That's all I know how to make... Although I made some ibis stew with Reimu once... And once in awhile we just go out into the human village to eat or at one of the youkai's places." You sigh to yourself, thinking that you should probably show her how to cook more than just stews and soup. That reminds you...

"Marisa?" You ask with a clever grin. She looks towards you, a frown still painted across her face. "How about I show you how to cook something new today?" Marisa immediately perks up at your suggestion.

"Oh! That's right, you said you'd show me how to cook in exchange for me teaching you magic~ze! I almost forgot!" She's almost hopping up and down with newfound enthusiasm.

"Alright then, shall we get started?" You lead Marisa to the main room with a smile.

"So, uhm, what are we going to make today~ze?" Marisa asks curiously as she follows you and watches as you pick out a couple pans and a few ingredients lying around. You turn to her with a smile, holding up the pan and an egg.

"Today I'll show you how to make an omelette!"

You quickly get to work, having Marisa start the fire once again and showing her how to properly fry an egg, adding mushrooms, cheese, some more spiced ham, and a few vegetables that she had lying around. Nothing too complicated for your first time teaching Marisa how to cook. You show her a little finesse in teaching her how to flip the omelette, she does a decent job, but she does however manage to lose half the egg off the pan in process though. Short of that, the session turns out well, although the egg turns out a little bit burnt but largely edible. Not bad for her first time.

"Thanks for showing me how to cook~ze. It was fun learning something new!" Marisa grins widely at you as she digs into her omelette.

"Well, just keep practicing and before long you'll be as good at cooking as you are at danmaku." You smile at her as you start on your own breakfast.

"Well just you wait, I'm gonna practice and learn to make the best omelette ever~ze!" She says proudly, her eyes lighting up with vigor.

"Well, don't just focus on omelettes, there's still lots of other foods to cook, Marisa." You chuckle to yourself, although you must admire her gumption.

You both continue eating your breakfast, making more small talk about magic and danmaku. You really should have her train you some more so you can hold your own if you're ever separated from Marisa again; but then there's the matter of flying too, you think to yourself with a frown as you finish your breakfast.

"That was good~ze." Marisa compliments as she puts away her dishes and utensils. "Are you ready to get going?" She asks cheerfully, to which you nod in reply. "Alright, I'll be just a moment then~ze." With that she runs off back to her room. After a few minutes, Marisa returns in a royal blue dress with, a matching blue witch hat, and a shawl. Different from her normal black and white colors, but a welcome change nevertheless. You feel your cheeks becoming warm with a blush at the sight of Marisa's change of attire.

"Stop starin' so much~ze. It's making me embarrassed..." Marisa blushes as she notices your stare. "I-It's not like these clothes are that new; I wore them during that last incident underground~ze."

"You look good in it, though." You say with a smile, causing her blush to turn a deeper red.

"Jeez, you sure now how to make a girl smile, don't you~ze?" She giggles as she continues out the door, and hops on her broom. "Come on, let's get going!" She shouts out to you.

You look back to see if you've forgotten anything and notice the sword you were given by Rinnosuke, you didn't have it with you at all yesterday after getting gapped to Mayohiga, might be a good idea to bring it with you today--you never know. You shrug, tie it to your belt loop, and head out to join Marisa.

She waits outside, already straddling her broom, a smile lighting up her face as she sees you exit the house. After joining her on her broom and wrapping your arms around her, you and Marisa head off to see the seven-colored puppeteer once again.

The short trip over the Forest of Magic is a short and uneventful one, although you do very much enjoy leaning against Marisa as she flies you both to your destination. She smells so good.

"Hey Marisa, why did you want to visit Alice today anyways?" You ask Marisa as you dismount her broom.

"Well, Alice said that she had a little something special for me today~ze. Ya see, I visited her yesterday while you were lying down after our little experiments yesterday. I'm kinda curious to see what it is~ze! Although if she's up for it, I'd also like to challenge her to some danmaku today and maybe teach you some pointers as well." Marisa explains, with the same enthusiasm that she always has. She then leans in close to you, lowering her voice to a whisper. "Also, I kinda wanna rub in the fact that we're a couple~ze." A cat-like grin finding it's way onto her face.

"Oh, why hello there." The puppeteer emerges from her house to greet you with a single doll floating over her shoulder. "You're just in time Marisa, I've just finished!"

"Why if it isn't the creepy doll girl~ze." Marisa greets Alice teasingly before turning to you. "Now what was it that we came her for again?" She says eying you with a wink.

[ ] "So Alice, what exactly did you want to give to Marisa?"
[ ] "We came here to practice some danmaku with you."
[ ] "Have you seen yesterday's newspaper yet?"
[ ] Something else? (Write-in)
>> No. 18150
[ ] "Have you seen yesterday's newspaper yet?"

Greed is bad
>> No. 18151
[x] "Have you seen yesterday's newspaper yet?"
>> No. 18152
[x] "Have you seen yesterday's newspaper yet?"
>> No. 18153
[X] "Have you seen yesterday's newspaper yet?"
>> No. 18158
[x] "Have you seen yesterday's newspaper yet?"
>> No. 18160
[x] "Have you seen yesterday's newspaper yet?"
>> No. 18177
File 125397030038.jpg- (754.74KB , 1600x1200 , a3616200077f2da07d22a555d7d9dc40.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] "Have you seen yesterday's newspaper yet?"

You smile knowingly at the mischievous black-white. "Marisa, I believe that we had something to tell the puppeteer." You pause, turning to Alice. "Oh, by chance have you happened to see yesterday's newspaper, Alice?" The smile on your face growing ever wider as you turn to oblivious magician. She tilts her, furrowing her brow as she contemplates your question.

"No... I have my dolls throw away that trashy paper every morning; do you two actually read Aya's phony newspaper?" Alice scoffs, as Shanghai does the same, both of them crossing their arms.

"Aw, really~ze? Then you didn't..." Marisa pauses with a frown, then shrugs, "Oh well. I suppose you'll find out one way or another; It'll be more fun this way anyways~ze! So what'd you make for me anyways, Alice?" Marisa asks excitedly.

"Well, we'll get to that in just a moment, but first why don't you both come on in and relax while I put on some tea." Alice offers as she leads you both into her humble little cottage. "I'm sorry I was so busy last time you visited, I mean it would be rather nice to have someone around to talk to more often." Alice sighs wistfully as she looks over Shanghai. "Maybe we'll figure it out someday, Shanghai."

After being led into the sitting room, you and Marisa sit yourselves next to each other on a love seat while Alice sits on a couch across from you. After getting yourselves comfortable, several of Alice's many dolls fly in carrying several dishes including tea cups, a tray of cookies, and a tea pot. The dolls set them down on a coffee table between you and the doll maker. Alice just sits with a smile as she watches the dolls do their work. It looks as though Alice is being served as well, although you eventually notice her making small gestures with her fingers as the dolls continue. After a few minutes, the dolls line themselves up in front of you and Marisa, all giving a small bow and curtsy as Alice smiles.

"Tea is served." The doll maker says with a proud grin. You offer a small clap at the little show that Alice in her dolls just gave you.

"Very impressive, Alice. You were making the dolls do all that, right?" You compliment as Alice gives an appreciative smile.

"Why thank you, and yes that was all my doing. It's actually quite difficult to control so many dolls all at once." The puppeteer says, a light blush crosses her cheeks.

"Jeez Alice, if it's so hard for you to do all that, why don't you just serve the tea yourself~ze?" Marisa interjects, it seems she doesn't share your enthusiasm for Alice's display.

"Sh-Shut up Marisa!" The doll maker stammers, her cheeks immediately flushing red. "I-I was just showing off! Anyways, I made you some new clothes." Alice explains with an exasperated sigh. "They're in the workshop if you want to try them on." Marisa seems to immediately perk up at the change of subject.

"Oh Alice, you shouldn't have~ze." Marisa says standing up from her seat. "I'll be right back, okay?" She says turning to you. With that, Marisa runs off merrily into another room.

"That girl is so easily satisfied." Alice sighs, turning to you. "Anyways, why don't we talk abo-" A dull thud at the door interrupts the puppeteer's train of thought. "Hrmm, what could that be I wonder?" Alice thinks aloud, getting up from her seat.

[ ] "Oh, let me go get that for you Alice."
[ ] "I'm going to check up on Marisa really quick while you do that."
[ ] "It's probably nothing, anyways why don't you tell me about yourself."
[ ] Something else? (write-in)
>> No. 18178
[x] "Oh, let me go get that for you Alice."
>> No. 18182
>there's no real need to check on Marisa

Well, not necessarily, but you never know.
>> No. 18183
[x] "Oh, let me go get that for you Alice."
>> No. 18184
[x] "I'm going to check up on Marisa really quick while you do that."

I think it'd be a nice idea to be safe than sorry, especially in regards to our new girlfriend.
>> No. 18185
[X] "I'm going to check up on Marisa really quick while you do that."

The guest should not be the one to check if someone is at the door. A single thud probably means that something was thrown at the door; like a newspaper.
>> No. 18186
[X] "I'm going to check up on Marisa really quick while you do that."
>> No. 18188
[x] "I'm going to check up on Marisa really quick while you do that."
>> No. 18207
Time to check up on Marisa it seems. Curious to see what Alice made for Marisa? Anyways, I apologize for the lack of updates over the last few days, I've had family things going on as well as a few long days of work (which I have today as well!). Anyways, a new update hopefully tomorrow. Thanks for your patience and please wait warmly.
>> No. 18218
>> No. 18224
File 125424972050.jpg- (268.19KB , 600x800 , 889d193c6ca8d7833e3a82266b9427ee.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] "I'm going to check up on Marisa really quick while you do that."

As Alice rises from her seat, you too also do the same. She pauses and motions for you to sit back down.

"No, it's alright I'll go see who it is, alright?" Alice assures you, waving her hands at you with an awkward grin.

"Well, actually if it's all the same to you, I'd like to go check on Marisa while you're doing that." You reply, thinking that it would be odd if you checked out her front door since it is Alice's house after all. Besides, you're curious to see what kind of clothes Alice made for your lovely little witch.

"W-What?! B-But she might be changing right now! Y-You can't go in there." Alice shouts at you, her face immediately flushing red.

"It's alright because we-" You cut yourself off, almost spoiling the surprise.

"M-Maybe I should go check on Marisa myself." Alice thinks aloud, a mischievous smile crossing her blushing face. You raise an eyebrow at her as she muses to herself, she notices your stare. "I-I mean, u-uhm... oh dear, what am I saying... U-uhm! You go and check on her w-while I go see who's at the door." Alice says rather flustered, Shanghai jerks around awkwardly as Alice quickly gets up to leave. She is rather cute like that, isn't she. Dangerous thoughts, you have Marisa after all.

Clearing that thought from your mind, you head down to the room that you saw Marisa skip into, the sound of shuffling cloth can be heard from beyond the door. Hesitantly you knock on the door.

"Mmm, come in~ze." Comes the voice from beyond the door.

Taking a deep breath, you open the door. The room is small but rather nice despite being a bit more cluttered than the rest of the house, but still much tidier than Marisa's. There are bits of loose fabric strewn about as well as countless dolls along the walls. They all seem so lifeless compared to Shanghai. At the far end of room is a dressing screen through which you can see the silhouette of your cute little witch.

"Alice good timing, do ya think you could help me put this on, I can't figure out some of the clasps on this dress~ze." Marisa says as she pokes her head out from the side of the screen.

"H-Hi..." You wave timidly at Marisa who shrieks and hides back behind the screen.

"I-I... Wh-What are you doing here~ze!" Marisa stammers at you. "I-I'm not dressed yet..."

"I'm sorry, I was just checking up on you, I'll leave now..." You say as you place your hand on the door handle.


You turn back towards your silhouetted black-white. She looks so small back there without the big ruffles of her dress.

"S-Since you're here, d-do you think you could help me put on this dress~ze?" Marisa's voice wavers as she speaks.

"Alright." You say without thinking. "Wait, what?!" The realization of what Marisa is asking you takes a minute to sink in as you feel your cheeks flushing with warmth. "Marisa you want me to..." You can see her silhouette nod.

[ ] Help Marisa get dressed.
[ ] Head back into the sitting room with Alice.
[ ] Something Else (Write-In)
>> No. 18225
[X] Help Marisa get dressed.
[X] ... but you can, uh, "play" with her a little while you do, right?

>> No. 18226
[X] Help Marisa get dressed.
[X] ... but you can, uh, "play" with her a little while you do, right?
>> No. 18227
[x] Help Marisa get dressed.
[x] "This dress brings out your cuteness"

I think it might be a bit too soon to try our luck there, but I'm just pissing against the tides.
>> No. 18229
[X] Help Marisa get dressed.
[X] ... but you can, uh, "play" with her a little while you do, right?

Sure, why not. But it's enough if we just tickle her.
>> No. 18230
[x] Help Marisa get dressed.
[x] ... but you can, uh, "play" with her a little while you do, right?
>> No. 18231
[x] Help Marisa get dressed.
[x] ... but you can, uh, "play" with her a little while you do, right?

inb4 Alice comes in
>> No. 18234
[X] Help Marisa get dressed.
[X] ... but you can, uh, "play" with her a little while you do, right?
Play as in tease her a bit, nothin' too much because of, you know, Alice.
>> No. 18255
[X] Help Marisa get dressed.
[X] ... but you can, uh, "play" with her a little while you do, right?
>> No. 18261
File 125433497131.jpg- (63.03KB , 425x560 , 3abb3ca593549c039de82eda15ad7d58.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Help Marisa get dressed.
[X] ...but you can, uh, "play" with her a little while you do, right? Right.

You slowly begin to step forward, taking a gulp before choosing your words.

"You're sure about this?" Marisa doesn't respond. Taking a deep breath, you continue stepping toward the folding screen, you notice her blue dress and hat hanging atop it. "Marisa, I-I'm coming back there now, okay?"

"Okay~ze." Marisa says, you can hear her take a gulp.

Hesitantly, you step around the screen revealing your lovely black-white, and what a lovely sight she is. She's in quite a state of undress, holding in her hands what looks like a black dress to herself, trying to cover at least some of her dignity. You can see her bare shoulders as well as the straps of what you're pretty sure is a camisole underneath the dress that she's clinging to. Along with that, she's clad in her normal poofy bloomers, a deep red painted across her face. For a moment you are at a loss for words, beautiful doesn't even begin to describe Marisa right now.

"M-Marisa... I don't know what to say... You're gorgeous..." You feel your face filling with warmth as you look at her.

"S-Stop it... Y-You're making me embarrassed~ze..." She replies taking a step back. I-I just couldn't figure out h-how to get some parts of this on, th-that's all~ze." She tries to reason to herself. "S-So just help me put this thing on, okay...?"

She turns her back to you and starts fumbling with some of the button on what you can only assume is the skirt of the dress. Oh gods, her bloomers show off the shape of her cute little rump beautifully, small and cute, just like the rest of her. Something about the way she stands there just makes her absolutely irresistible. Taking a few steps toward her, you silently and gently wrap your arms around her, evoking a small squeak from Marisa.

"H-Hey! W-What are you doing~ze?!" D-Don't be weird!" Marisa squeals as you rest your head against her own. "I... Y-You...!" She seems to calm down a bit as you nuzzle your head against hers. "W-What if Alice comes in~ze..." She whispers to you.

"Then let her." You say to her with a smile. "You said it would be more fun for her to find out for herself anyways."

"Weirdo~ze." She giggles at you.

"What was that...?" You ask as your hands begin to find their way to Marisa's sides, causing her to squirm and giggle in your grasp.

"S-Stop... Sto- Hahaha...!" Marisa tries in vain to hold back her laughter as you continue to assault her with a barrage of tickles. "D-Don't... Haha..! C-Cut it... Hahaha...ze...!" Her cries fall on deaf ears as you continue to run your fingers along her sides quickly and gently.

"Hrmm? Don't cut it out, you say? My what a glutton you are for punishment." You tease as you continue tickling the helpless witch. You turn Marisa around to face you and raise your hands to tickle her, but suddenly she grabs your wrists, bringing your assault to a halt.

"Aha! Gotcha~ze!" Marisa shouts triumphantly as she clings to your wrists, her breathing coming out in gasps. "Whatcha gonna do now~ze?" She says with a confident grin across her face.

Without another second's notice, you quickly swing your arms down, bringing you and Marisa closer together and plant your lips against her own.

"Mmm?!" Is the only sound that escapes Marisa as she lets down her guard and you both continue your kiss, wrapping your arms around each other in a warm embrace. The feeling of Marisa next to you is so intense right now, you just can't help yourself. Lost in desire your hands begin to wander, eventually finding their way down to her bloomers. You give Marisa's rump a gentle squeeze, causing her to squeak in surprise, breaking off from your kiss.

"I... uhm... I-I don't think I'm ready for... uhm... that right now~ze..." Marisa says timidly as she places her hands on your own, lifting them back to much safer regions. "B-But I don't mind the kissing and the hugging~ze." She smiles shyly at you.

"Is that an invitation...?" You ask, a smirk coming across your face.

"Maybe..." She smiles, the same smile crossing her own face.

You lock lips with Marisa once again, holding each other close and consciously keeping your hands in safe places of course. So much for helping her get dressed, you think to yourself, but you can't help but feel like you're forgetting something.

Sudenly the door slams open, you and Marisa freeze. Oh that's right.

"OMIGOSH MARISA! Y-You kissed th-that boy?!" Alice shouts in a frantic flurry of words.

[ ] Pretend to just be helping Marisa with a difficult part of her dress.
[ ] Continue kissing, ignore Alice.
[ ] Panic! Quickly run out from behind the folding screen.
[ ] Something Else? (Write-in)

[ ] "Oh, uhm Alice. Do you think you could help us with this?"
[ ] "Uh, Uhm... This isn't what it might look like..."
[ ] "Don't you think we make such a cute couple?"
[ ] "Alice, y-you can't just believe anything you read in the newsapaper, r-right?"
[ ] Something else? (Write-in)
>> No. 18268
[ ] Panic! Quickly run out from behind the folding screen.
[ ] Keep running out of the house, to the forest
>> No. 18269
[x] Stay there dumbfounded.

[x] "Uh, Uhm... This isn't what it might look like..."
>> No. 18270
[X] Pretend to just be helping Marisa with a difficult part of her dress.
[X] "Oh, uhm Alice. Do you think you could help us with this?"

These two are pretty immature sometimes.
>> No. 18271
[ ] Pretend to just be helping Marisa with a difficult part of her dress.
-[ ] "Oh, uhm Alice. Do you think you could help us with this?"
If you know what I mean.
>> No. 18272
[x] Continue kissing, while acting like we don't notice her.
[x] "Don't you think we make such a cute couple?"
>> No. 18273
[X] Hold Marisa close, and try to keep her calm. If that means a few more kisses, then that's fine.
[X] To Marisa: "I know she sounds frantic, but don't let her get you worked up, alright? This sort of thing is what couples do. You should be proud, not embarrassed."

She should be.
>> No. 18274
[X] Hold Marisa close, and try to keep her calm. If that means a few more kisses, then that's fine.
[X] To Marisa: "I know she sounds frantic, but don't let her get you worked up, alright? This sort of thing is what couples do. You should be proud, not embarrassed."

This is a nice way to calm her down and surprise Alice. I like this.
>> No. 18275
Rubbing the fact that you're a couple in someone's face is a strange thing to do.
>> No. 18276

Strange? Have you forgotten that this is Marisa and Alice we're talking about here? And it was kinda Marisa's intent to surprise Alice with the news.
>> No. 18279
[x] Continue kissing, while acting like we don't notice her.
[x] "Don't you think we make such a cute couple?"
>> No. 18283
[x] Continue kissing, while acting like we don't notice her.
[x] "Don't you think we make such a cute couple?"
>> No. 18284
[X] Hold Marisa close, and try to keep her calm. If that means a few more kisses, then that's fine.
[X] To Marisa: "I know she sounds frantic, but don't let her get you worked up, alright? This sort of thing is what couples do. You should be proud, not embarrassed."
>> No. 18289
Looks like we've got a tie between continuing to kiss and holding Marisa close. Next vote wins!
>> No. 18291
[0] Continue kissing, while acting like we don't notice her.
[1] "Don't you think we make such a cute couple?"
>> No. 18299
Damn! Oh well, just for the sake of it:
[ ] Pretend to just be helping Marisa with a difficult part of her dress.
-[ ] "Oh, uhm Alice. Do you think you could help us with this?"
>> No. 18309
File 125446682760.jpg- (1.14MB , 1500x1171 , bacff4ff21d1f5d9d179acab964df67a.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Continue kissing while acting like you don't notice her.
[X] "Don't you think we make such a cute couple?"

Marisa dislodges her lips from your own. "I-It's Alice..." She whispers softly to you, one of her hands find its way to your shoulder and clings to it, trembling a little.

"So...? You wanted to show off to her, didn't you?" You whisper back with a smile. "Besides, it's just Alice, what's the worst that could happen?"

"Well, I guess you're right, but she might get jeal-mm..." You cut off Marisa with a kiss, as you two continue your little show, trying to make the kiss look as dramatic as possible; meanwhile, the sound of footsteps approach the two of you. Marisa tenses up again as Alice draws ever closer, but you begin to softly caress her hair which seems to relax her a bit. Oh Marisa, she's just so lovely and soft in your arms.

"Ahem." You hear as the footsteps come to a halt. Taking a moment to pause from your kiss, you and Marisa turn to see Alice Margatroid who's cheeks are puffed up, her face a deep pink. She looks like she's about to explode. "I-I... I don't even... Y-You two...!" She tries to form the words, but they never come. You're unsure if this is what Marisa was waiting for, but you decide to go for it anyways.

"Don't you think we make such a cute couple?" You say proudly with the biggest smile you can muster, swinging Marisa over to the side to show her off to the fuming puppeteer.

"Hi Alice. Th-This is my new boyfriend~ze." Marisa boasts, her cheeks are a bright red as she puts on a somewhat nervous smile.

"MARISA! WHY ARE YOU KISSING HIM IN YOUR UNDERWEAR?!" Alice explodes at the two of you, Shanghai clenches her fists and mimes a yelling motion as well. You look down at the petit witch before you, still clinging to you in her camisole and bloomers. Oh yeah this probably does look a bit odd. "Aya wrote this article about you doing naughty things in Hakugyokuro, and all these pictures showed up in the paper, and it says that this is probably the biggest romance scandal since that thing a couple years back at the Scarlet Devil Mansion, and now you're doing naughty things in my house and, and..!" Alice's face begins to turn blue from all the shouting.

"What's wrong Alice, I thought you didn't believe anything that was written in Aya's newspaper?" Marisa giggles with a sly grin.

"I-I... B-But you two are... UGH!" After fumbling over her words, Alice turns around in a fit of frustration and leaves you two with a loud exasperated sigh, slamming the door on her way out. A few of the dolls on the walls fall over from the force of the door and a silence passes over the room for a few minutes.

"That could've gone better." You begin, breaking the silence. "Do you think she'll be alright?" Marisa slowly lets go of you, allowing her hands to drop down to her sides.

"Well, she'll probably be okay~ze. It's Alice after all, although she did seem more angry than I've seen her before. Anyways, we should probably get back to getting me dressed. Don't you want to see me in my new clothes~ze?" Marisa suggests picking up her new dress.

"Well, I don't mind you out of them either." You say with a smug grin.

"Oh cut it out~ze. Don't be so weird." She playfully punches you in the arm with a giggle, before continuing her attempt at figuring out the parts of her new dress.

It takes the two of you a little while to figure out how to put together Marisa's new dress, there's so many parts and layers for you and Marisa to put on her, making it difficult to figure out what goes where. After several minutes of fumbling around with it you eventually get Marisa dressed.

Your witch of a girlfriend is clad in a black skirt with a long-sleeved white undershirt covered in a familiar black vest. A black shawl covers Marisa's shoulders and is tied around her neck with a big red bow. A tan colored apron wraps around her skirt with a large brown 'M' sewn into it. Atop her head rests a black witch hat with a tan ribbon tied around it and a red star pinned to the top of it. It's quite a change from her more simple outfits, but a welcome one nonetheless.

"So uh... What do you think~ze?" Marisa asks you curiously with a little spin.

"I think it suits you, Mairsa. Although I don't know how I feel about that 'M'." You reply eying the offending letter.

"I dunno~ze. I think it makes it easier for youkai I'm beating up to remember my name, don't you think?" She giggles as she caresses the apron. She walks around the room, admiring herself in a nearby mirror.

"Oh, what's this?" Marisa asks, noticing a long box with a little ribbon and a small card on it, sitting on a chair. "There's a note on it~ze. 'Marisa, please take this present with you and promise me you'll wear your new outfit during your next incident. Love Alice'." Marisa reads as she puts down the note. Opening the box reveals what looks to be a wooden wand with a tangle of curls on one end of it, the physics of which you can't work out even as you gaze upon it. "It's a new wand, awesome~ze!" Marisa shouts as she inspects the magical instrument. "How sweet of her, I need to thank her for these gifts."

With a cheerful smile on her face, Marisa skips off into the main room in an attempt to find Alice with you following suit shortly afterward.

"Alice, where are you?" Marisa asks as she searches around the house. She quickly skips over to the door to another room and tries the handle. "It's locked~ze." She gives a few quick raps on the door before putting her ear to it. "Alice... are you in there?"

"J-Just go away!" Comes the voice from beyond the door followed by a choked sob.

"Alice, don't be like that, I just wanted to th-"

"Go away!" Alice shouts again.

[ ] Just leave her alone for now, but wait around here for her to cool off.
[ ] Leave her be, let's head off somewhere else. (Write-in Location)
[ ] Let's try to apologize to her, we must've gone a little overboard on the teasing.
[ ] Something else? (Write-in)
>> No. 18310
[X] Let's try to apologize to her, we must've gone a little overboard on the teasing.

Saw this coming.
>> No. 18311
File 125446762725.png- (34.60KB , 640x448 , 4f16c05c23594a715481958c0909f146.png ) [iqdb]
[x] Let's try to apologize to her, we must've gone a little overboard on the teasing.

that was not the best idea ever
>> No. 18312

Hm? What's so stupid about being a complete stranger to an individual and kissing her half naked friend in the house?

Should have pretended to be stuck with part of the dress.
>> No. 18313
[x] Let's try to apologize to her, we must've gone a little overboard on the teasing.
>> No. 18314
[x] Let's try to apologize to her, we must've gone a little overboard on the teasing.
[x] We need to see this article.
>> No. 18315
[x] Let's try to apologize to her, we must've gone a little overboard on the teasing.

Perhaps not, but one might think Alice might have gotten used to such stunts from Marisa... though...
>> No. 18317
[x] Let's try to apologize to her, we must've gone a little overboard on the teasing.

Oh well, I tried. Can't go against the flow though.
>> No. 18318
[x] Let's try to apologize to her, we must've gone a little overboard on the teasing.

You jerks.
>> No. 18327
[X] Let's try to apologize to her, we must've gone a little overboard on the teasing.

inb4 UFO... Literally
>> No. 18354
File 125461848391.jpg- (293.13KB , 695x550 , d2a2fc1742799adca5a2e70a7e2e7484.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Let's try to apologize to her, we must've gone a little overboard with the teasing.

Marisa looks somewhat defeated as she slumps down next to the door. "Alice I just... Please don't be like that~ze..." Marisa slides down with her side against the door, her hand still pressed against it.

"J-Just go away Marisa..." The voice continues from the door. Your little witch looks up to you, her face asking you for guidance. "What do I do? I've gotten Alice mad before, but nothing like this... not since-" She stops herself, quickly putting a hand to her mouth, a blush crossing her face.

"Not since what...?" You ask curiously.

"I-I uhm... I'll tell you later~ze. B-But what should I do about Alice?" She asks again, allow her hand to slip from the door.

"Well, maybe we should try apologizing to her, I mean, I think we took that teasing thing a little far." You suggest, giving her shoulder a gentle rub.

"I'll try it~ze, but I don't think it'll work. Besides, I didn't think we were that mean." Marisa shrugs, turning back to the door. She gives it a light knock, straightening herself back up. "Alice."

"What do you want?" Her words come out harsh from behind the door.

"Alice, I'm sorry for teasing you so much earlier~ze." Marisa apologizes before looking over at you with a shrug. You motion for her to continue. "A-And, I wanted to thank you for the presents I really like them~ze."

"Sure whatever! N-Now why don't you just run along and continue being all lovey-dovey with your new boyfriend, see if I care." Alice snaps at Marisa through the door, her voice sounding more angry now than pained. "J-Just leave me alone..."

"Alice... I'm sorry." Marisa says softly to the door, with a look of defeat she stares up at you. "Well, I tried~ze." You give Marisa's shoulder a gentle squeeze.

"It's alright Marisa, I'm not sure there's much more that we can do now, but something about all this bothered me. You and Alice are the best of friends, right?" Marisa nods. "Then, why is she angry at you, shouldn't she be happy for you?"

"Well..." Marisa bites her lip, avoiding eye contact with you. "We... uhm... Well, after that one incident, you remember, the one with the fake moon in the bamboo forest~ze." You nod as Marisa continues. "Well Alice and I worked together during that, and uhm... afterwords we started getting kinda close~ze." Marisa's face starts to turn a deep red.

"You mean you and her..." Marisa nods sheepishly as she plays with her single braid.

"B-But its not like it was anything serious or anything~ze! W-We were just kind of curious, and, and... I guess it went on like that for a couple months~ze." You shake your head trying to get a grasp on what Marisa is telling you. "B-But it was just too weird! I-I mean, dating another girl... s-so I eventually brought it to an end, b-but I did my best to stay friends with her~ze! Although since then, she's been spending a lot of time with Patchy." The little witch explains, looking wistfully at you.

"And now she's jealous of you." You say, putting a hand to your chin.

"Well, jealous of you, I think." Marisa replies shaking her head. "...because I think she still kinda misses having me all to herself~ze."

"Well aren't we being a bit egotistical." A voice from behind Marisa says as the door to Alice's room opens up, the two of you quickly scramble to your feet to face the seven-colored puppeteer. "I heard everything, and I'm not jealous of you, exactly." She says crossing her arms, Shanghai does the same. "It's just that... that when we were together, Marisa, you never bragged about me or showed me off to anyone or anything!" Tears start to form in the doll maker's eyes and her hands start to tremble. "I-I just wanted people to know that... that we were happy a-and together... It's not fair..."

"Because it was supposed to be a secret~ze." Marisa responds, slowly approaching her fellow magician. "You know that... And besides, Aya wasn't running around everywhere back then~ze."

"I-It's still not fair...!" Alice wraps her arms around Marisa and begins crying into her shoulder. Marisa slowly wraps her arms around the doll maker and gently rubs her back.

"There, there Alice, I'm here, and I'm sorry that we teased you so much~ze." Marisa says, doing her best to comfort the sobbing puppeteer.

"I-It's okay Marisa." She replies with a sniffle. "J-Just promise me that you'll wear that dress during your next incident, o-okay?"

"Of course~ze. Besides, I need to look awesome when I'm taking down youkai, right?" Marisa says with a soft giggle. "Anyways, why are you so hung up on me anyways, don't you have Patchy now?"

"Y-Yeah." Alice replies sheepishly with a blush. The two smile at each other and embrace once more softly giggling to each other. You can only smile as you watch the two magicians make up.

After some time you return to the main room as Alice and her dolls put on some more tea.

"So tell me, what were your plans for the day?" Your host asks as she pours you another cup of tea.

[ ] "Nothing really, we could probably hang out a bit longer here and..."
[ ] "...have you help us with some danmaku training"
[ ] "...do you think you could show us your dolls?"
[ ] "...I was wondering, do you think you could make me some new clothes too?"
[ ] Something Else (Write-in)
[ ] "Actually we should probably get going to..."
[ ] "...Youkai Mountain, we've got some business to attend to."
[ ] "...Mayohiga, we still should help Ran find Yukari."
[ ] "...Hakurei Shrine to visit Mima and Reimu."
[ ] Somewhere else? (Write-in)
>> No. 18355
[x] "Nothing really, we could probably hang out a bit longer here and..."
[x] "...have you help us with some danmaku training"
>> No. 18358
[x] "Nothing really, we could probably hang out a bit longer here and..."
-[x] "...have you help us with some danmaku training"
-[x] "...I was wondering, do you think you could make me some new clothes too?"

>> No. 18359
[X] "Nothing really, we could probably hang out a bit longer here and..."
[X] "...do you think you could show us your dolls?"
[X] "...have you help us with some danmaku training"

Danmaku and dolls go together with Alice, but it would be nice to see them when they are not shooting at you.
>> No. 18366
[x] "Actually we should probably get going to..."
[x] "...Youkai Mountain, we've got some business to attend to."
>> No. 18383
[x] "Nothing really, we could probably hang out a bit longer here and..."
-[x] "...have you help us with some danmaku training"
-[x] "...I was wondering, do you think you could make me some new clothes too?"
>> No. 18385
[x] "Nothing really, we could probably hang out a bit longer here and..."
[x] "...have you help us with some danmaku training"
>> No. 18390
[0] "Nothing really, we could probably hang out a bit longer here and..."
-[1] "...have you help us with some danmaku training"
-[2] "...I was wondering, do you think you could make me some new clothes too?"
>> No. 18420
File 125494817274.jpg- (132.24KB , 500x500 , 693e1eaebb3985e1a08c195ecfb167f0.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] "Nothing really, we could probably hang out a bit longer here and..."
-[X]"...have you help us with some danmaku training"
-[X]"...I was wondering, do you think you could make me some new clothes too?"

You try to remember if there was anything important that you had to do today as you sip your cup of tea. Well Marisa did give you that potion that was supposed to increase your potential for magic yesterday, but will that really help you at all?

"Well Alice, we didn't really have anything planned for today so we could probably continue visiting with you for a bit." You begin. "By the way, Marisa has been teaching me a bit about danmaku, so do you think you could help out with our training as well?"

Alice and Shanghai both put a hand to their chins in contemplation, Shanghai first having to put down the comparatively large tea pot in her hands. "Well, I suppose we could after we're done with our afternoon tea, and it has been some time since I've properly played danmaku with anyone." Alice muses to herself as she sips her tea. "I've been so caught up with my research and sewing that I just haven't had time to lately." That reminds you.

"Sewing... Alice, do you think you could make me some new clothes as well?" You ask as you poke your finger in one of the holes made in your clothes from the few danmaku skirmishes you been involved in alongside Marisa, as well as that first encounter with her Stardust Reverie. Alice inspects your clothes a bit closer.

"Well, they are a bit tattered aren't they? They are rather plain as well." Alice frowns as she feels the fabric of your clothes. "Well, I'm sure I can come up with something good, although I don't do much in the way of boy's clothing though." With that, Alice snaps her fingers bringing in a small army of dolls all carrying tap measures and rulers. "Please stand up for a moment." Alice commands you as the flurry of dolls surround you quickly taking measurements all around you as Alice writes down some notes. You can't help but feel a little embarrassed at all these dolls around you and getting uncomfortably close to certain parts of you. After a few minutes of standing around feeling like you've just been frisked by the police of Lilliput, the dolls run off just as quickly as they appeared.

"I'll have to come up with some designs later on, and maybe I'll ask for some suggestions from the mountain shrine maiden; she'll know more about boys and outside world fashion than I would." Alice thinks aloud to herself. "I'll probably have it done by tomorrow or so." The puppeteer explains to you as you sit back down.

"Alright, alright whatever~ze! Let's get on with the fireworks! I wanna fight against Alice again!" Marisa springs up excitedly, her eyes alight with excitement.

You again slowly rise to your feet smiling at the enthusiasm of your little, black-white girlfriend. Alice just sighs as she slowly puts down her tea and notes, not able to keep herself from grinning just a little bit as you all head outside.

As you all come out into the clearing outside of Alice's house, Marisa adjusts her new hat and hops onto her broom while Alice calls forth several of her dolls which surround her, brandishing what looks little toy swords and lances. You can't help but feel a bit unprepared as you watch the girls get ready. Slowly begin to float above you and Marisa, Alice tilts her head looking a little impatiently down at you.

"So, are you ready?" The puppeteer asks you, crossing her arms. "Take to the air when you are." You frown at Alice as Marisa walks over to you.

"Uhm, I haven't learned to fly yet." You admit causing Alice's eyes to widen in disbelief.

"What? Marisa, you haven't taught him to fly yet?!" To this, Marisa cringes at Alice's scolding.

"Well, uhm, we've been busy and it's hard to teach a normal human to fly; it took me a couple months myself to learn, and he's only been in Gensokyo for a couple of days~ze!" Marisa tries to explain, meanwhile Alice sighs as she descends back to the ground, holding her skirt down as she does.

"Well what about magic shots, do you know how to do any of those?" Alice asks as she gracefully lands next to you and Marisa. You shake your head with a frown.

"I know how to cast spellcards though." You explain trying not to make yourself sound too pathetic.

"What? She's taught you that but hasn't even taught you how to perform magic shots? You really are a horrible teacher Marisa." Alice scolds the witch standing beside you. "Now where to begin... I suppose magic shots would be an easier place to start, so let me begin by asking you this. How would you describe yourself as a person."

[ ] Normal
[ ] Weird
[ ] Passionate
[ ] Mysterious
[ ] Laid Back
[ ] Eccentric
>> No. 18421
[Q] Passionate

I dunno.
>> No. 18422
[x] Passionate

This strikes me as the closest to our lead.
>> No. 18423
I was gonna say 'Laid back' but this guy is nowhere near Nemo's 'chill' levels.
'Normal' is too plain so...
[X] Eccentric
>> No. 18425
[x] Eccentric
>> No. 18427
[x] Eccentric

This works.
>> No. 18428
[x] Eccentric
>> No. 18433
[x] Passionate
>> No. 18434
[X] Eccentric
>> No. 18437
[x] Eccentric
>> No. 18448
[X] Eccentric

>> No. 18486
File 12552200082.jpg- (498.69KB , 1909x1600 , 9b585492bc2db5791c630b26b4e0fd76.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Eccentric

You're not quite sure what this has to do with magic shots, but you take the time to figure out what kind of person you are. Well, you don't consider yourself overly normal or mysterious, and you do have an interesting girlfriend.

"Eccentric." Is the first word to come to your mind. Alice closes her eyes in thought for a moment before looking again at you.

"Hmm, eccentric. I guess I can see how that fits you, very well then." She puts her hands together in front of her and slowly push them forward, a doll quickly floats before her hands and does the same motion, moving forward along with the doll maker's hands. "Let's start off by working out the motion first--like this, see?" Alice continues performing the motion, pushing her doll through the air as she does so, it reminds you of some breathing exercises you used to do. You try it out for yourself, you feel your cheeks growing warm with a soft blush--this feels kind of silly.

"Like this?" You ask as you mirror the puppeteer's movements, you don't feel anything magical or otherwise odd about it. Marisa stares at you with a look of annoyance as you continue miming the puppeteer's movements.

"Yes, that's right, how do you feel?" Alice asks with a smile. You look down at your hands, a puzzled frown crossing your lips.

"W-Well, nothing really." Your reply causes a giggle out of Alice, you quickly pull your hands back to your sides in embarrassment.

"No, no keep it up. I was just checking to see that you were being honest--you shouldn't feel anything just yet." She giggles and places a hand on your chest, you notice Marisa twitch as Alice does this. "Now try to feel your magic from here, don't think too hard on it, feel it..."

"My magic...? How will I know when..." You say as you try to comprehend what Alice is telling you. Keeping her hand on your chest, she wraps her other arm around you, resting her head against your own.

"You'll just know..." Alice says softly into your ear.

"ALICE! What the heck do you think you're doing~ze?!" Marisa shouts at the puppeteer currently in the process of invading your personal space. She runs up to you and quickly shoves Alice away from you. "Alice he's my boyfriend s-so you just stay away from him, okay?!" Alice looks shocked at Marisa's act of aggression.

"Marisa? What's wrong, I was just teaching him to use magic." Alice asks, batting her eyelashes at Marisa playfully.

"N-Not like that you don't~ze!" Marisa shouts angrily at the puppeteer, her face a bright red and eyes glaring death into Alice. Alice can't help but giggle at the furious witch. "W-What's so funny Alice?!"

"N-Nothing! I just think it's so cute when you're angry. Anyways, it serves you right for earlier!" The puppeteer crosses her arms at the fuming witch. "Now you know how it feels, Marisa." Alice sticks her tongue out at your little black-white as she steps away from her, readjusting her shawl and dress.

"A-Anyways, I-I'll just try training him myself then~ze!" Marisa adjusts her hat, pulling it a bit down over her eyes, but that doesn't prevent you seeing her cheeks aglow with red.

"Oh come now Marisa, I was just teasing, let's both train him together." Alice tries reasoning with the black-white.

"W-Whatever. Anyways, you can't just tell him to feel magic, you've got to show him how to do it. Here~ze." Marisa says as she walks over to you and wraps her arms around you from behind and gripping gently on your wrists. "So when you're trying to shoot magic you just need to really want it to happen, just like I said before." You blush as you feel Marisa's arms around you. "...and once you can feel your magic, just let it happen, okay~ze?"

With Marisa standing there holding your arms you try to feel out your magic, and for a long while you don't feel anything. You try to remember what Marisa told you--'you just need to really want it.' You try to focus but you really have no idea what your magic is supposed to feel like. You feel Marisa lean into you and suddenly a warmth builds up at the core of your being. You can feel something--you can't explain it, something almost shocking, unstable. The feeling inside you wavers for a bit, but you try to not lose your focus.

"M-Marisa... I feel something." You say, trying your best not to lose focus.

"Mmm? Do you feel it right here~ze?" Marisa asks as she puts a hand to your chest. You nod in reply. "Really?! Awesome~ze! That means that my potion must've worked! Anyways, now try to focus on moving that feeling into your arms, and then into your hands, okay~ze?"

The feeling starts to work itself away from your center and split into two. The warmth sporadically shoots its way through your body, to your shoulders, then your arms, your elbows before finding their way to your hands. The heat in your hands is intense, almost to the point of being unbearable.

"Marisa... i-it's there... but I don't know what to do with it now..." You whisper to your waiting witch.

"Th-Then just let it out~ze!" Marisa cheers you on as she holds you ever closer.

You try to release, but you can't. Somehow you feel almost scared or otherwise unable to let go of the heat that's built up inside of you. "I-I can't..." The heat in your hands is starting to burn, like your hands are dipped in water getting increasingly closer to its boiling point. "I-It's starting to hurt..."

Marisa puts her hands back onto your wrists firmly and points them into the forest. "Okay, on my say, release~ze. One... Two..." You brace yourself, squeezing your eyes shut as you try to tolerate the pain building in your hands. "Thr-" Marisa quickly places a soft kiss upon your cheek and immediately a bolt of lightning shoots out from your hands as you open your eyes, leaving a smoking scorch-mark on a tree off in the distance. You let out a deep breath after unleashing your magic, you hadn't noticed, but you were holding your breath for a while during all of that. You take a few deep breaths to recover as you realize what you just did.

"I... I did it..." You turn to your black-white and wrap your arms around her tightly. "I really did it!" You bring your lips to Marisa's for a brief kiss as Marisa pats you on the back.

"You really did~ze! That was awesome! Did you see that, Alice?! Didja?!" Alice just sighs and shrugs, clapping her hands lightly. "It's 'cause I'm such an awesome teacher, isn't it~ze?!"

You raise your hands in triumph but then suddenly feel a head rush. You stumble over and fall into Marisa who quickly catches you. "Woah, I... I guess I overdid it a bit." You smile as you try to regain your balance.

"Take it easy~ze. Maybe you should take a break."

[ ] Take a break.
[ ] No, keep on going!
>> No. 18488
[x] Take a break.
[x] Talk about the lighting shot, and the magician's insights on it.

Sounds like a power-type shot, just like Marisa.

And a bit of talking about it never hurts.
>> No. 18492
[x] Take a break.
[x] Talk about the lighting shot, and the magician's insights on it.
>> No. 18494
[x] Take a break.
[x] Talk about the lightning shot, and the magician's insights on it.
>> No. 18495
[x] Take a break.
[x] Talk about the lighting shot, and the magician's insights on it.
>> No. 18585
File 125555413421.jpg- (778.06KB , 800x600 , f1df261c61aa2d113249e80f972388c5.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Take a break.
[X] Talk about the lightning shot, and the magician's insights on it.

"Yeah, maybe I should take a little break for a bit." The dizzying feeling in your head right now seems to also agree with that sentiment. Don't want to push yourself too hard again, lest you pass out and end up gapped somewhere else without notice. Alice seems to notice your exhausted state and walks over to you and Marisa.

"Hey, are you alright?" The little doll accompanying Alice fans you with her little hands. Seeing the little doll attempt to take care of you is amusingly cute, however you remind yourself that Alice is still controlling Shanghai, killing the fantasy a bit. Alice places a hand against your forehead and another against her own. "Hmm, you do feel a little warm why don't we get you back inside for a little rest." She suggests as she helps Marisa lead you back into the little cottage.

Before long you're back in the sitting room belonging to Alice, only this time you're laying across the couch with a wet rag across your forehead while Alice and Marisa sip tea, meanwhile Shanghai sits atop your witch's lap. The doll muses to itself with little hand motions, Alice really is quite an amazing puppeteer to get her dolls to move so realistically. Suddenly, an invading hand prods at the defenseless doll from above. A smile crosses your lips as you watch the black-white poking at the little doll, which tries to grab at her fingers.

"Marisa." Your voice crackles a bit as you speak. Your witch takes notice allowing for the little doll to grab onto her finger, which she promptly shakes off. Putting her tea aside, she moves over to you and runs a hand through your hair. "Th-that lightning... it was my magic, wasn't it?" You ask weakly.

"Yeah it was, but are ya feeling alright~ze? It's really uncommon for a normal human to learn how ta produce their own magic that powerful on their first time, I mean before you were channelling the magic that I had stored in my spellcards so that was different." Marisa asks, she's moved her hand to your cheek, it's a comforting feeling and you give a smile to show your appreciation. "B-But that was pretty awesome~ze! There aren't many people who can produce lightning like that, most people can only manage a little spark on their first try!" Her gentle touch has become a rough shaking as Marisa places both hands against your face and excitedly bounces up and down.

"M-Ma-Ma-Ma-ri-sa-a-a-a..." It feels as if you've been thrown into a earthquake serving to make your head feel worse, as you try to complain to the enthusiastic witch. It doesn't take long before Alice promptly wallops your black-white upon the head with a heavy, old-looking book, held close with a couple of belts.

"Ow! Whadya do that for?" The shaking has thankfully stopped at the cost of your witch's pained noggin.

"Don't you see you're making him uncomfortable? He needs to rest." Alice scolds the black-white. Marisa is a bit immature, but that's one of her charms, you suppose. The witch apologizes and sits herself back down in her seat next to Alice, giving your brain time to settle back in its proper place after being jostled around like the contents of a mixed drink in a shaker by your often less than feminine girlfriend.

"Sorry again~ze, but it really was pretty cool to see you shoot lightning like that! I guess during that wee little... ahem... situation we had yesterday with those potions really helped boost your potential for magic. I'll have to try to remember how I did that again~ze." Marisa thinks to herself, marveling at her own amazing awesomeness. You can only sigh as you watch Marisa praise herself at Alice's dismay. "Man, I should totally make some more of that and sell it in the human village, I'd be rich~ze!"

"But that is rather odd that a human, especially one from the outside, could produce such a spell so quickly." Alice wonders aloud. Marisa opens her mouth to proclaim more about her miracle potion before Alice cuts her off. "...and I've never heard of a concoction that could cause someone to be more adept at magic. It's not something that can be readily given, it's a matter that deals with the caster's spiritual presence, and that can't be granted by normal means unless you're a very powerful youkai." Yukari flashes in your mind for a second at that last comment. Could Yukari have done something to you the last time you encountered her?

After some time you're feeling a bit better and are able to sit up on your own. The three of you continue talking for some time about your magic and the various different youkai about Gensokyo as well as the many fairies around the Forest of Magic.

"Well hey, it's getting a late in the afternoon we should do something besides wasting the rest of the sunlight out there by sitting around chatting~ze!"

[ ] "Yeah, let's get back to practicing danmaku a bit more!"
[ ] "Yeah let's head out to (location)!"
[ ] "Powerful youkai...?" Bring up Yukari appearing in your dreams.
[ ] "No, it's nice to just sit around here."
[ ] Something else?


Apologizes for the lack of updates lately, I've been getting many more hours at work lately as well as dealing with... many other personal issues like losing my job soon due to the economy. I'll try to update as often as I can still, please bear with it for a bit. Anyways, how are those of you reading the story liking it so far? Anything I could improve? What's working, what isn't working? Speculations on what the future has in store for our protagonist and Marisa?
>> No. 18586
[x] "Powerful youkai...?" Bring up Yukari appearing in your dreams.
[x] Consider perhaps in the next few days informing Ran of this.

Well I'm sure Yukari will have a few twists and surprises for our lead, and Marisa's other matters are still ahead.
>> No. 18587
[ ] "Yeah, let's get back to practicing danmaku a bit more!"
[ ] "Powerful youkai...?" Bring up Yukari appearing in your dreams.

About the story.. quite good so far slice of life style. And jealous Alice is quite the sight, really.
I, for one, am looking forward for some incident-resolving with the MC and Marisa, but I guess there's some time for that.
>> No. 18588
[X] "Powerful youkai...?" Bring up Yukari appearing in your dreams.
>> No. 18590
[x] "Powerful youkai...?" Bring up Yukari appearing in your dreams.
>> No. 18592
[X] "Powerful youkai...?" Bring up Yukari appearing in your dreams.

I really like the story, I don't think I've read any Marisa focused ones before.
>> No. 18595
>how are those of you reading the story liking it so far?

I'm liking it, although I think it's a bit too mushy at times. The story feels different due to the fact that a love interest was acquired really early in the story.

>Anything I could improve?

Update speed, but I understand that real life gets in the way, so it's okay. Also, try to avoid fanon and cliches.

>What's working, what isn't working?

I like the areas that are accessible despite the fact that this is an LA. I think the entire ZUN thing is odd and should not become an important part of the story.

>Speculations on what the future has in store for our protagonist and Marisa?

Misadventures in Gensokyo.
>> No. 18601
File 125563057287.jpg- (471.74KB , 1025x1320 , 91e5e06fea24a8dfaba9945772109124.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] "Powerful youkai...?" Bring up Yukari appearing in your dreams.

"Powerful... youkai..." You repeat to yourself, "A powerful youkai like Yukari?" As the words come out you can't help but cringe at the thought of your last encounter with her in your dreams, the control she had over you and... and that kiss.

"Hmm? Well yes, Yukari is one of the most powerful beings here in Gensokyo. She is one of the founding youkai of Gensokyo, and from what I understand she helped put up and still maintains the Hakurei border. I'm sure she could likely do what ever she very well pleased." Shanghai floats in midair as if sitting on something in a similar fashion to how you remember Yukari as Alice speaks about the gap youkai.

"You mean like being able to grant someone--I mean like even a normal human magic power even...?" You ask, Alice raises an eyebrow at you while Shanghai leans forward from her position and places a hand to her chin.

"Yeah, I'm sure that's within the scope of what Yukari could do. Although it's not really 'granting' magic power. That sort of thing could only be done by... how was it? Patchy told me how it could be done once... I think it involved changing the spiritual alignment of one's soul because a human soul by itself only has so much potential to produce magic." Alice gives you a puzzled look as she continues her explanation.

"Yeah, a normal human can only do so much magic, but my phantasmal mushrooms make up for mine~ze, so maybe they helped you as well?" Marisa chimes in, scooting next to you. "Besides, why are you so interested in Yukari all of a sudden~ze? You're not cheating on me with her, are ya?" She puts on a pouty face before sticking her tongue out at you with a giggle. You gulp as you recall the kiss with Yukari, but that was only a dream, wasn't it? Wasn't it?

"I-I'm not." You feel your face flush red with warmth as you begin, "b-but I... I've been seeing Yukari in my dreams." It's probably best to get this out now before things escalate too much with Yukari.

"In your dreams? If that's all, ya probably don't have much ta worry about~ze." Marisa shrugs as she takes a swig from her tea cup. Alice doesn't seem to share Marisa's carefree attitude toward the matter, she crosses her arms and furrows her brow seemingly deep in thought.

"I don't know about that Marisa. Don't you find it funny that suddenly he appears a couple of days ago from the border and is almost immediately able to use magic?" Shanghai circles around you curiously now as Alice considers these matters. "And now he tells us that he sees Yukari in his dreams--we may not want to completely ignore this." Marisa just scoffs and crosses her arms at Alice's last comment. "Why don't you tell us a bit more about what happened in your dreams?"

"I still bet it was from my mushrooms~ze." Marisa mumbles, her arms crossed like a child who didn't get their way.

"Anyways, about those dreams."

You describe the various encounters with Yukari in your dreams that felt entirely too lucid to just be in your imagination as well as your little adventure yesterday with Ran and Chen. Alice listens intently while Marisa seems to tune in every once in a while but mostly busies herself by shuffling through her spell cards, poking at her mini-hakkero, and terrorizing Shanghai--just generally not paying much attention. Then you get to the latest 'dream' involving being immobilized by Yukari and of course her ki-... well, you bring your voice down to a whisper so that Marisa might not hear about it. Alice's cheeks take on a light pink as she listens.

"W-Well then... I uhm... Yukari is quite the forward one, isn't she?" Alice fans herself as she smiles awkwardly at you, you can only bring yourself to nod sheepishly. "And have you felt differently at all since then?"

"Well, when it happened I felt a burning in my chest for a little bit and..." You can only try to put the feeling into words, it's like trying to describe the sensation of touch to someone who has never felt before. "...I don't know how to say it, but it definitely felt like something changed."

"I see, it might be a good idea to get yourself checked out, because if what you're telling me is true, then Yukari may have done something to your soul which may end up having some adverse effects on you." You cringe at the thought of visiting Eirin as a patient, but the thought of Yukari messing with your spirit bothers you even more. "And you said that Ran and Chen have been looking for Yukari as well? You may want to talk to them about this as well."

"Are you guys done yet...?" Marisa whines, she seems to have run out of things to do while you were talking with Alice. "Let's go do something... I'm boooored~ze."

[ ] "Hey Marisa, do you think we could head out to Eientei?"
[ ] "Okay, let's go do some more danmaku training."
[ ] "Maybe we should head back to Mayohiga today."
[ ] "I think we still need to pay a visit to Youkai Mountain."
[ ] "Let's go (somewhere else)..." (Write-In)
[ ] "Let's just go back home for the day."
>> No. 18602
[x] "Maybe we should head back to Mayohiga today."

Perhaps Ran might have an idea what Yukari is up to.
>> No. 18603
[X] "Hey Marisa, do you think we could head out to Eientei?"
>> No. 18604
[x] "Maybe we should head back to Mayohiga today."
>> No. 18605
I want to have a staring contest with Reisen.
>> No. 18606
[x] "I think we still need to pay a visit to Youkai Mountain."
>> No. 18607
[x] "Maybe we should head back to Mayohiga today."
>> No. 18617
[0] "Maybe we should head back to Mayohiga today."
>> No. 18620
[x] "Hey Marisa, do you think we could head out to Eientei?"
>> No. 18639
File 125583393130.jpg- (101.66KB , 600x750 , 64a9c9f9d0bfff49a12f612e99b79d56.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] "Maybe we should head back to Mayohiga today."

You look over at your witch who's lazily hanging herself backwards over the back of a couch kicking her legs into the air with a sigh. It's a bit disconcerting that she doesn't seem all that interested in the matter at hand, although she seemed to get bored the last time you were Alice's house as well.

"Leeeet's do somethiiiiiing~ze." Marisa continues to whine, her hat falls off her head as she hangs off the couch. Alice sighs as you step over to your witch who reaches out her hands to you which you grab onto, allowing you to lift her back up to an upright position. Alice also lends a hand, picking up Marisa's fallen hat, and brushing it off.

"Marisa, you've got to take better care of this dress--I put a lot of work into it, and you've got to keep it clean, especially if you're going to be wearing it the next time Gensokyo faces an incident." Alice scolds the black-white firmly as she presents the hat to Marisa again. "So, just be careful with it okay?" Marisa wraps her fingers around the hat and gently places it back in its place upon her head.

"Alright, alright. Thanks again for makin' it~ze." Marisa replies as she readjusts the hat. She then turns to you, her eyes looking up at you likely hoping that you've got a suggestion to end her boredom. "So what are we going to dooo...? Are we gonna duel or something, or what?" Her whining is starting to wear on you a little bit.

"Well, I thought we might go back to visit Ran and Chen at Mayohiga." You suggest, an uneasy feeling passing over you as the thought of Yukari messing with your soul crosses your mind again.

"What? Over there again~ze? Why there?" She pouts as continues fixing her bit of head gear.

"Well, I thought that Ran might have an idea of what Yukari is possibly doing to me." You explain, to which Marisa just nods seeming to still not follow your line of reasoning.

"What Yukari is doin' to you~ze? You mean what I'm doin' to you with my awesome phantasmal mushrooms." Alice puts a hand to her forehead and sighs in frustration at your black-white's last remark.

"Are you still going on about that? Didn't you hear what were talking about?" Shanghai points a finger at Marisa who just shrugs as Alice continues her scolding. "This is serious! Something awful could be happening to your boyfriend!" You give a wry smile to Alice, waving both your hands at her.

"Well, I don't think it's all that serious yet, if it is indeed really happening at all, I mean Marisa was next to me during my last dream when I woke up, so it's not like she was really physically affecting me, I don't think." You say, attempting to diffuse the situation.

"Yeah, Alice! See, even he said it's not a big deal~ze! Anyways let's get going!" Marisa huffs as she rushes outside, picking up her broom on the way out.

"Not a big deal yet..." Alice sighs under her breath as she turns to you. "It was nice talking with you. You're rather brave to be putting up with Marisa like this, but please do take care of yourself." The puppeteer bids you farewell with a hug, her little doll doing the same, hugging your shoulder. You can't help but blush a bit at the feeling of this more feminine magician's arms around you.

"Will do." You reply as you depart to join your witch outside. As you hop onto Marisa's broom Alice steps outside to see you off.

"Please take care you two." Both Alice and Shanghai wave to the two of you as you and Marisa begin to take to the air.

You hold tightly to Marisa as you begin your journey through the sky. The sun is already starting to begin it's descent back down to the horizon, so there's still a bit of time left in the day. As you hold onto your witch you can't help but wonder how much she really cares about you, what if something really is wrong with you?

"Hey Marisa?" Your witch turns her head a bit with a little curious grunt, her head is turned just enough to catch your gaze. "What if Yukari really did mess with my soul?" You frown a bit as the words come out.

"Then I'll just fix it like I do with incidents around Gensokyo~ze!" She replies immediately without missing a beat. You can't help but smile and lean into Marisa, tightening your grip on her just a little bit. It's nice that she thinks of you in the same regard as saving Gensokyo.

The two of you continue flying along the beautifully colored skies of Gensokyo in silence. You can't remember the sky in the outside world ever being as clear as it is here. Suddenly a chill. You cling tighter to Marisa for warmth as you notice some of the trees beneath you lightly sprinkled with the white of snow. What's going on, isn't it still the summer?

You hear the sound of rushing wind as large crystals whiz by you bringing with them a chilling breeze. Marisa swerves her broom left and right, almost causing you to fall off once or twice as she dodges more incoming crystals.

You suddenly begin to hear the laugh of a voice you don't recognize, but Marisa seems to as she sighs deeply, swinging her broom around to face the source of the laughter and as it turns out, the cold as well.

"Y-You idiot! Stop dodging! You got lucky the last time... and I think that other time b'fore that, but this time I'll make you cry, b-because eye'm the strongest there is in Gensokyo!"

[ ] Try to talk your way out of this; we can be civil, can't we?
[ ] Here's Marisa's excitement for the day. Let's duel!
[ ] Just run for it, she's not worth it.
[ ] Let's try to get her to come along!
>> No. 18640
[+] Here's Marisa's excitement for the day. Let's duel!

Might help her get un-bored.
...Well, it's Cirno, so probably not. But it might be worth a laugh or two.
>> No. 18641
[x] Let's try to get her to come along!
-[x] Tell Cirno that something's holding Marisa back, and winning now won't really prove much of anything.

It'd be interesting that and I think it'd be better that they fight when you're not on board. (You haven't even learned how to fly yet)
>> No. 18642
[X] Let's try to get her to come along!

This is an odd idea.
>> No. 18643
[x] Let's try to get her to come along!
>> No. 18663
[x] Here's Marisa's excitement for the day. Let's duel!
>> No. 18668
[x] Let's try to get her to come along!
>> No. 18669
[ ] Let's try to get her to come along!
Interesting idea. Let's go for it.
>> No. 18670
[X] Let's try to get her to come along!
I can't see how this can end in something good.

Then why am I voting it? I DON'T KNOW
>> No. 18708
File 125610266314.jpg- (232.19KB , 752x726 , d77dc7b80846947b48067f6faa5af629.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Let's try to get her to come along!

"You're the idiot!" Marisa replies sharply to the small blue fairy. The little one scrunches up her eyes before shouting back.

"N-Nuh-uh! You're the idiot, idiot!" The fairy retorts as she points her finger back at you and Marisa with her cheeks puffed up.

She's a rather cute little fairy, dressed up in a blue dress ending in a white stalagmite-shaped design across the hem of her dress. Atop her baby blue head of hair sits a large blue ribbon, a darker shade than the blue of her dress. Her wings flap slowly as she floats before you, far too slowly for her to be able to support herself in midair, and appear to be made out of crystals of ice. She's much smaller than you would have imagined. She looks as though she's perhaps ten years of age, but she's little more than half the size of a child that age.

"Marisa, is that fairy...?"

"Yup, Cirno of Misty Lake." Marisa replies matter-of-factly. "She's kinda slow, but she's the smartest of all the fairies 'round these parts, or at least that's what she'd have ya believe~ze." The witch continues to explain as you cling a bit tighter to her in an attempt to stay warm.

"I am the smartest fairy! A-And the strongest one too!" The little fairy girl performs a little spin before stopping and puffing up her chest, placing her hands in fists against her hips as she puts on a smug grin.

"Well then if you're the smartest whatcha doin' out here~ze? Shouldn't you be out over the lake?" Your witch retorts to the young fae who crosses her hands across her chest in an indignant stance.

"I'm looking over these woods and mountains for Miss Whiterock! Duh! S-She made me promise to do it while she sleeps until next winter." She sniffles a bit, not from sadness of her motherly figure being absent, but it would seem to perhaps be from the cold as you notice that she shivers a bit.

You can't help but smile at Cirno's honesty, she seems to be such a good kid. An odd idea crosses your mind just then. Maybe, just maybe you could get her to come along with you.

"That's very responsible of you." An earnest smile crossing your lips as you compliment the little ice fairy. She tilts her head and smiles awkwardly back at you.

"W-What's that mean? Re-spons-bi-pole?" She asks, you bury a chuckle into Marisa's back before smiling brightly at the little fairy. She really is just like a child, how cute.

"Well it means that you're being a good girl and that Miss Whiterock can trust and depend on you like a grown-up." You explain with a warm tone of voice. The fairy nods and blushes a little bit, the pink of her cheeks make a cute contrast to the blue all around her.

"O-Oh yeah! I new that! I was just testing you. A-And of course Letty can trust me, it's 'cause I am a grown-up!" She points a thumb to her chest proudly.

"Yeah, of course you are." You reply with a smile, Marisa turns to you with a quizzical look across her face.

"What are you doin'~ze? Let's just blast her and get going, we're burnin' sunlight here!" The witch whispers impatiently at you.

"Well, I thought that it might be nice if we brought her along for the ride with us. You know, the more the merrier, right? What, could it be that you're not friends with her?" You whisper in reply.

"Well, it's not that we're not friends but... she's not..." The witch takes a moment to pause as she gathers her words. "...she's kinda annoyin' sometimes~ze, and she has a tendency ta get into trouble, which gets me into loads of trouble when I'm with her, especially around that vampire's mansion." The witch scratches her head with a look of concern as she looks between you and Cirno.

"Come on, it might be fun to have her along. Besides, I'm sure her and Chen will get along fine. Chen does seem rather lonely without Yukari afterall." You do your best to put on a convincing puppy-eyed face for your black-white. Your witch sighs with a smirk, seemingly unable to resist your gaze.

"Fine do whatever ya want~ze." Marisa sticks her tongue out at you as she turns the broom to the side a bit so that the little fairy can better see you. You wave to the little one who in turn waves her hand sporadically at you with a childish grin.

"Hey Cirno, we don't want to fight." She doesn't seem to take well to that, her shoulders slump down as do her wings.

"What? You don't w-wanna fight me? Why not?" Cirno complains shaking her fists in front of her in a fit of frustration.

"Well Marisa and I were going to go visit Miss Ran and Chen at Mayohiga so-"

"I don't care! I-I'm gonna stop you!" The fairy interrupts puffing up her cheeks and producing a crystal of ice in each of her hands.

"N-Now wait just a moment, Cirno! You don't want to fight with Marisa either." You wave your hands at the little fae, trying your best to diffuse the situation.

"W-Why not?" She disperses the ice crystals and crosses her arms.

"Well, because I'm here and that's slowing Miss Marisa down so she's not at her best. So if you beat her when she's not at the top of her game, then that doesn't really prove that you're the strongest, right? Wouldn't you want to say that you beat Miss Marisa when she was at her best?" At that Marisa scoffs, however, the little fairy seems to follow your sense of reasoning, after taking a moment to think about it first.

"I-I guess..." Cirno scrunches her eyes for a moment before looking back at you and Marisa. "Alright! I'll go with you, b-but I wanna fight Marisa afterwards when she's at her best, 'kay? Th-Then I'll really be the strongest!" Her enthusiasm is very admirable, you can't help but smile at her spunk. What a cute kid.

"What do you say, Marisa?"

"Fine, let her do whatever she wants~ze." The witch replies with a sigh. You whisper a small 'thank you' into her ear to which she sighs again with a light giggle.

With that the three of you continue to fly off toward Mayohiga. The rest of the trip is rather uneventful despite a few new annoyances, all of which come from your new traveling companion. For one the rest of the flight is significantly colder than before you met up with Cirno, it doesn't help that from time to time she decides that it's a good idea to fly spirals around you and Marisa spreading her cold even further. Secondly she has the tendency to point out every little feature of the landscape and ask you and Marisa questions like 'what's danmaku made of' and 'why is snow cold.' It wasn't so bad the first couple times--cute even, but about fifty questions later it begins to wear on you. Maybe it was a bad idea to invite Cirno along for the ride.

Before long the three of you find yourselves in front of the manor at Mayohiga. After disembarking from Marisa's broom, you begin to take a few steps toward the front door of the manor when Cirno slams open the door and rushes in shouting some sort of welcome at the top of her lungs. Did that just happen? You try to tell yourself that you're just hallucinating and you didn't just see that little ice fairy rush in uninvited to the Yakumo household, hell you weren't even really invited.

You hear a crash, a yelp, and what sounds like breaking glass. Suddenly the young fae is propelled back out of the household landing face first into the dirt outside followed by a very furious kitsune shikigami, her hat thrown askew revealing one of her fox ears underneath, and her hair and clothes in a rather disheveled state.

"And stay out you crazy fairy! Who said you could-" Ran Shouts vehemently at the poor naive little fairy. She then looks up and notices you and Marisa standing with dumbfounded expressions across both of your faces. "O-Oh, wh-why hello. We weren't expecting any company today. I-It's quite nice to see you again!" The frazzled kitsune attempts to regain her composure a bit and tries to fix her appearance. "You wouldn't happen to know why th-this little annoyance has decided to grace us with her presence today, w-would you?" Her ears and eyebrow twitch a bit as she asks the two of you with as much politeness as she can possibly muster at the moment.

[ ] Honesty is the best policy; tell her the truth.
[ ] Play it dumb; you have no idea why she's here.
[ ] Lie. She just followed you here, you tried to shoo her away but she wouldn't leave.
[ ] Something else? (Write-In)
>> No. 18709
[+] Honesty is the best policy; tell her the truth.
[+] ...but play up the "playmate for poor Chen" angle.
>> No. 18710
[x] Honesty is the best policy; tell her the truth.
[x] ...but play up the "playmate for poor Chen" angle.
[x]humbly apologize.
>> No. 18712
[x] Honesty is the best policy; tell her the truth.
[x] ...but play up the "playmate for poor Chen" angle.
[x] Humbly apologize.
>> No. 18714
[x] Honesty is the best policy; tell her the truth.
[x] ...but play up the "playmate for poor Chen" angle.
[x] Humbly apologize.

>> No. 18715
[x] Honesty is the best policy; tell her the truth.
[x] ...but play up the "playmate for poor Chen" angle.
[x] Humbly apologize.
>> No. 18718


[X] Honesty is the best policy; tell her the truth.
[X] ...but play up the "playmate for poor Chen" angle.
[X] Humbly apologize.
>> No. 18719
[X] Honesty is the best policy; tell her the truth.
[X] ...but play up the "playmate for poor Chen" angle.
[X] Humbly apologize.
>> No. 18726
File 125616290498.jpg- (557.99KB , 648x699 , 830781ba2e8a8da039931df83261719b.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Honesty is the best policy; tell her the truth.
[X] ...but play up the "playmate for poor Chen" angle.
[X] Humbly apologize.

The little fairy sits herself up and brushes off her face and dress. The poor girl seems to have hurt herself during her break-in and subsequent rejection from the Yakumo household. Cirno looks up at you teary-eyed as she tries to get herself straighten back out, meanwhile the kitsune standing in the doorway waits for your response. Ran doesn't seem all too pleased.

Your gaze turns to Marisa as you try to decide what to do, but your black-white just shrugs and motions over to the two waiting girls. You could just play this off as if you had no idea why Cirno is here barging in uninvited, but you just don't have the heart to do so, especially seeing the state that the little ice fairy is in now. Besides, honesty is the best policy, isn't it? Without another moment's thought you rush to the young fairy's side, wiping off the dirt from her chilly face and fixing the ribbon in her hair.

"Are you okay, Cirno?" You ask as you wipe the away the ice fairy's cold tears. You're a little surprised that her tears didn't freeze immediately as they left her eyes.

"Y-Yeah, b-but it hurts a little." She sniffles in reply as she wipes her nose on her arm.

"There, there... You'll be alright, you're the strongest right? So you gotta stay strong, okay?" A warm smile appears on your face as you try to comfort the fallen fairy, she looks up at you after wiping her nose again and smiles.

"Y-Yeah!" She replies rubbing her eyes, you smile back at her and ruffle her hair before helping her back up to her feet. As you let go of her hands she wobbles a bit before regaining her balance and smiling brightly at you.

Cirno then turns to the still waiting kitsune shikigami and points her finger out at her, eyes full of fiery determination. "Y-You got lucky this time, b-but next time I'm gonna make you cr- Ow...!" The fairy's declaration of revenge is cut short by the bristles of a broom landing briskly on her head.

"Cut it out, we've heard it enough already~ze." An annoyed Marisa sighs exhaustedly.

Ran looks at the three of you and shakes her head, placing a hand to her forehead and sighing. "Are you two responsible for bringing Cirno here?"

You sigh. "Yeah... I'm really sorry she caused such a fuss. I really meant well when I brought her here!" Ran seems a bit less than convinced by this. "I really am sorry, Ran. Since you said that Chen has been lonely ever since Yukari disappeared I thought that it might be a good idea if she had someone around her size and age to play with and keep her company." You try your best to explain. Ran sighs and looks at you with concerned eyes.

"I appreciate the sentiment but Cirno is... I don't think she would be a very good influence on Chen. And furthermore..." Ran replies before a cat-eared girl appears from the doorway behind her.

"Did someone say my name. Oh! The boy from yesterday came back!" The young nekomata smiles at you and waves happily, but then sticks her tongue out at Marisa who seems to take a bit of offense to that. "Oh, you brought someone new today?" Chen quickly scampers over to Cirno and circles around her, looking her over a bit. Cirno cringes to herself as a look of confusion a nervousness crosses her face.

"U-Uhm, h-hi!" The fairy greets, quickly presenting her hand to the nekomata. "I'm Cirno and I'm the strongest in Gensokyo!" Chen seems impressed at Cirno's unconventional greeting and motions to shake her hand, but before she can do so, Ran quickly pulls Chen away by the shoulder, shielding her from the young ice fairy.

"Chen, I don't want you to play with this girl. Why don't we just go back and work on your studies?" Ran scolds the littlle one who puffs up her cheeks and pouts.

"Why not Miss Ran? It's been a long time since I've played with anyone! A-And since Miss Yukari left all you ever let me do is eat, and study, and nap. M-Miss Yukari let me play every once in a while!" Tears start to form in the cat youkai's eyes as she complains to her guardian.

"Chen I said..." Ran tries her best to resist Chen's gaze, but you already know who is going to win this dispute. "...n-no..." Chen's eyes become watery and she begins to tug tightly on Ran's dress.


"I... Ch-Chen... you have to..." Ran finally sighs. "...Fine, you can play with Cirno." The young youkai runs over to Cirno excitedly who seems to also catch her addictive enthusiasm and the two run off to the side of the manor one chasing after the other. "B-But Chen! Don't copy any of the bad things she does!" Ran cries out to the nekomata in vain, much like a caring parent. "Oh well..."

The kitsune then turns to the two of you, now with a more welcoming smile on her face. "Please excuse my rudeness earlier. Now, what brings you back to Mayohiga today?"

"Well, it's about Yukari, we'd like to talk to you more about her." You admit boldly. At this, Ran's ears perk up.

"Oh? Wh-Why... Why don't you come in and we'll discuss more over some tea." Ran eagerly leads you inside the manor, she sets a table and readies some tea, which you respectfully decline, you've been drinking nothing but tea all today.

After some time, you explain your situation regarding Yukari appearing in your dreams and possibly affecting your soul. Marisa listens in more intently this time, and seems a little surprised at parts of your explanation--it seems she wasn't listening as closely as you thought. She however, still insists that your sudden increase in magic power is due to her phantasmal mushrooms. Then you go into detail about your latest dream encounter, at which point you think that Yukari may have affected your spiritual presence. Ran takes it all in for a second as she puts down her cup of tea.

"Well, it is all very possible." Ran thinks aloud as she lifts back up her cup and sips from it again.

"Possible, that it really is Yukari in my dreams affecting me?" You ask in intrigue.

"Why yes. You see Yukari is a youkai of borders or boundaries--what some might refer to as 'gaps.' She can move freely between any borders in space and time and even maintains the Hakurei border." The shikigami explains in a studious tone of voice. "Any kind of boundary is within her grasp. So it's possible that she travelled between the border of the waking world and the dream world and came into your dreams. However, if she is in fact doing so then you may have cause for alarm, because in order for Yukari to grant magic power she also has to alter the boundaries of the soul."

"What does that mean for me?" You ask as you tighten your fists nervously.

"Well, I'm not quite sure myself, I've never seen Yukari do it before myself, she's only mentioned it in passing to me. I apologize that I am unable to offer any more clarification." Ran bows to you as you move a hand to Marisa's under the table and gently hold it. Your witch turns to you with a look of concern in her eyes. "P-Please do not concern yourself too much! I-I'm certain that we can get everything worked out after Yukari comes back. I'm sure of it..." Ran doesn't seem to completely believe even herself.

"Yukari will come back, I'm certain that she will." You try comfort the wistful shikigami with your best smile, however it comes out a bit wry due to your own concerns.

For a while you all sit in silence, all is quiet with the exception of the sound of the girls playing outside.

[ ] Suggest that you and Marisa get going. (Suggest a location)
[ ] Ask if there's anything around Mayohiga that you can help out with.
[ ] Go and check on the girls outside.
[ ] Let's practice some danmaku with Ran and Chen--Cirno can play too, of course.
>> No. 18728
[x] Go and check on the girls outside.
[x] Let's practice some danmaku with Ran and Chen--Cirno can play too, of course.

This sounds good and some new perspectives would help, that and it would help Chen and Cirno have some fun that isn't too bad.
>> No. 18730
[x] Go and check on the girls outside.
[x] Let's practice some danmaku with Ran and Chen--Cirno can play too, of course.
>> No. 18734
File 125618138562.jpg- (57.81KB , 269x280 , 1206328792511.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Go and check on the girls outside.
[x] Let's practice some danmaku with Ran and Chen--Cirno can play too, of course.
>> No. 18754
[x] Go and check on the girls outside.
[x] Let's practice some danmaku with Ran and Chen--Cirno can play too, of course.
>> No. 18768
[Q] Go and check on the girls outside.
[Q] Let's practice some danmaku with Ran and Chen--Cirno can play too, of course.
>> No. 18769
Sorry about the lack of updates this week, I've had a lot going on lately. Good news though, I got a new job! Anyways, hopefully an update sometime today.
>> No. 18777
File 125643223617.jpg- (234.16KB , 840x760 , b35b18087e31cad063db99649c1b9a94.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Go and check on the girls outside.
[X] Let's practice some danmaku with Ran and Chen--Cirno can play too, or course.

You feel like you should say something to interrupt the silence, the sound of Cirno and Chen playing outside helps to unnerve you somewhat. That gives you an idea.

"Maybe one of us should check on the girls outside." It feels a bit awkward to hear the sound of your own voice disturbing the quiet that has plagued the three of you for the last several minutes. Still, silence from the other two girls. "And hey, maybe we can do some danmaku practice outside as well with them? Does that sound like a good idea?" At the sound of 'danmaku', Marisa is immediately brought to attention.

"Did you say 'maku?" The witch looks up at you with hopeful eyes. After a moment you nod to her causing the witch to spring up, almost losing her hat in the process. "W-Well why didn't ya say so? Come on, what are we waiting for-..." The witch then looks toward Ran then back at you. "I don't know if you practicing with Ran would be such a good idea~ze..." Ran is taken aback at this last comment frowning at the offending witch.

"W-Whatever do you mean Miss Kirisame? Why not?" The kitsune asks with a look of concern, her ears drooping down a little bit.

The witch waves her hands at the frowning shikigami with a chuckle. "N-No I mean, that you might be a bit too difficult for 'em. I-I mean... remember that time that Reimu and I fought ya after bringing back spring to Gensokyo~ze? You almost had me, not ta mention Yukari afterwards." Ran blushes a bit and covers her mouth with her sleeve with a giggle.

"Well, I am the shikigami of Lady Yukari after all... But please don't worry about it, I'll try to go easy on him." Ran assures the two of you as she slowly rises from her seat. "Now then, why don't we go check on the young ones."

With that Ran leads the two of you back outside the manor. The sun is beginning to set outside, but that doesn't seem to slow down the two children playing and giggling in the fading sunlight. Chen notices you first and runs up to the three of you followed by the young ice fairy. The two girls have seemed to become rather grimy during their time playing together, their faces, hands, and knees have all become covered in dirt and scratches. Ran doesn't seem pleased with Chen's current state.

"Chen, you're filthy! What have you two been doing?" Ran scolds the little nekomata as she kneels down to her and begins wiping Chen's face with her sleeve. The young shikigami cringes as her face is cleaned by Ran. The girls struggle against each other as Ran tries her best to clean the young cat's face, much to Chen's dismay. Cirno just watches as the two continue their struggle, she sniffles from time to time, she's at least as dirty as Chen if not more so. You feel like you should follow Ran's example, but you're a little reluctant to with Cirno, well that and you're all probably about to get a bit dirty if you're going to practicing some danmaku.

Marisa hops on her broom and seems anxious to get started. "Come on~ze! Let's get started, I've been missin' out on some proper danmaku practice all day!" As she begins to float in the air, Marisa looks down at you. "So, what did you want to start off with~ze?"

[ ] "Why don't you just warm up a bit with... (suggest an opponent for Marisa), I'll watch."
[ ] "Well, I think I'd like to try my hand at flying."
[ ] "I want to continue practicing my magic."
[ ] "Could you show me how to write a spell card?"
[ ] "I think I'd like to practice against (suggest and opponent for yourself).
>> No. 18778
[ ] "I want to continue practicing my magic."
>> No. 18779
[X] "I think I'd like to practice against (Ran and Chen).

This is a good idea
>> No. 18782
[x] "I want to continue practicing my magic."
>> No. 18783
[x] "Could you show me how to write a spell card?"

I think this is a good way to start things off.
>> No. 18785
[x] "I want to continue practicing my magic."
[x]"Could you show me how to write a spell card?
>> No. 18786
[0] "I want to continue practicing my magic."
>> No. 18787
[x] "I want to continue practicing my magic."
>> No. 18788
[x] "I want to continue practicing my magic."
>> No. 18791
[X] "Well, I think I'd like to try my hand at flying."
>> No. 18797
[X] "Well, I think I'd like to try my hand at flying."
>> No. 18868
File 125665528426.png- (874.60KB , 900x900 , 8739d2b97f8db79275dccd54d44be2a3.png ) [iqdb]
[X] "I want to continue practicing my magic."

You look up at the floating witch as you try to figure out where you should begin your training now. You weigh the options in your mind for a moment--Well, you have already have a handle on casting spell cards, so it could be nice to try writing some of your own. Although it might be a good idea to try to learn how to fly as you are at a huge disadvantage whilst being grounded. And there is no way you're ready to take on someone as skilled at danmaku as Ran is. You scratch your head as you continue trying to decide. You did just learn how to cast your own magic, it might be a good idea to continue working on that. You decide to go with that and nod to yourself in confirmation as you look back up at the witch.

"I think I'd like to continue practicing my own magic, with your help of course, Marisa." You smile at the witch who descends back to earth with a sigh. Her shoulders droop a bit as she lands next to you, looks like she was really looking forward to fighting against someone.

"Well alright then~ze." She briefly removes her hat and scratches her head. "Well, I suppose we could try some target practice or something." She looks around for something to use, her gaze settles on Cirno. You notice where she's turned her gaze too and immediately shoot down the idea.

"Hey now, Marisa! I am not going to use Cirno as target practice." You quickly shout with a glare at the black-white.

"Yet!" She quickly retorts shoots you a clever grin. "I mean, once you start getting danmaku down, you're gonna hafta use fairies like her for target practice sooner or later~ze."

You sigh as you realize the truth of Marisa's words. "I suppose you're right, but could we at least use something... non-sentient as target practice for now?"

As if on cue, several aluminum cans appear opposite of the Mayohiga manor, you get just a passing glance at a hole in space closing in on itself along with the ribbons on either side of it. Was that...

"Y-Yukari..." Ran's ears perk immediately at your words. She quickly runs over to you and grabs you by the shoulders.

"D-Did you see her? W-Where is she?" Ran's sudden, frantic behavior catches you off guard. She shakes you a bit as she continues to probe you with questions. "W-Where is she... w-where..." You point to the line of aluminum cans that had just appeared across from you. The nine-tailed shikigami runs over to the cans and inspects them frantically before slumping her shoulders and turning towards you and Marisa. "Sh-She was definitely here... I... I sensed her presence, but she's gone now, isn't she?" You nod grimly. The Shikigami falls to her knees as she looks over the line of cans, she evokes a small sniffle.

A small nekomata walks over to Ran's side and tugs on her dress. "Miss Ran, what's wrong? Why are you crying Miss Ran?" Ran looks up tearily at Chen and wraps her arms around her in a tight embrace. "Don't cry Miss Ran... 'cause... 'cause I'll start crying too..." The young, cat shikigami pleads with a sniffle.

"Oh, I'm sorry Chen... it's just..." Ran wipes her eyes on her sleeve and looks at the young shikigami. "...I'm better now, s-see?" She tries to put on the best smile that she can muster for Chen.

"O-Okay, Miss Ran..." The too share an embrace before both standing up and turning to you.

"My apologizes, now what have we here?" She turns to look toward the cans. "I uhm, what were you planning on doing with these... cylinders?" She asks as she turns back to you and Marisa.

"Well, on the outside, old spaghetti westerns always show cowboys using tin cans as targets, so I guess we could do that with these, and I presume that's what Yukari had in mind when she left these aluminum cans here too." The lot stare at you with looks of confusion.

"Spaghetti... western~ze?" Marisa asks as she looks at you curiously.

"I uh..." There you go talking about outside world things out of context again. You'd have to explain movies first as well, you assume. "It's sort of like-"

"Oh! I remember Lady Yukari showing Chen and myself one of those once before. This was many years ago, however." Ran interjects excitedly. "Yes, it was that motion picture that had those men on horses with funny hats and... what did Lady Yukari call them again... pistols?" The shikigami thinks aloud. To be honest you're rather surprised that something so western would make it's way to Gensokyo, although Yukari does seem to get around.

"Uhm, yeah, what Ran said." You try to explain to Marisa with a less than assured smile. "It's a bit difficult to explain, but basically they're moving picture shows with a bunch of rough-and-tumble guys in funny hats and guns; these guys are called cowboys." You begin to explain to the curious witch. "Anyways, I think we're getting a bit off track here. Uhm, I'd like to try practicing my magic that I just recently learned how to use today." You explain to the youkai around you.

"Oh, I'm sorry, go right ahead!" Ran apologizes as she pulls Chen by the shoulder and the two back away from your line of fire.

With that you steady yourself and try to calm your nerves as you look toward the line of cans not twenty yards from your current position. Marisa approaches you from behind and gently places a hand on your back.

"Just remember how ya did it last time~ze. Since ya just learned how don't worry too much about hitting the cans, just concentrate on shooting your magic again." Marisa explains as she backs away from you, but not before leaving a kiss on your cheek.

You focus on the target before you and try to remember how you cast your magic that first time. Holding your hand out, you try to concentrate on summoning your magic. For several minutes nothing happens--Was it just a fluke that first time? Suddenly thoughts of Marisa competing in danmaku battles flood your thoughts, how gracefully she moves, how she casts her spells, watching her shoot her illusion lasers, and how seeing her in her natural element moved you. Again you feel that foreign heat grow in your chest, you focus on holding onto it and forcing it through your body as it darts sporadically into your arm. The intense heat builds up again before you allow yourself to release it, it shoots out in a seemingly unpredictable arc completely missing the row of cans. You let out a breath and gather yourself for a moment, turning to Marisa with a smile.

"You did it~ze! Now try hitting the cans! You can do it!" Marisa praises you as you turn your focus back to the row of cans with a sigh.

Steadying your arm once again you focus your energies into your center, then to your arm, and then release; and then again, and again, and again... And once more... A metal clank. You've got one! Raising your hands to the sky in triumph, you turn to Marisa with a smirk across your face.

"I hit one!" You shout, it may be one out of six, but you've finally hit one of those cans. The world seems to wobble for a second as you suddenly become a bit light headed and stumble to one knee--perhaps you were pushing yourself a bit much, magic is pretty new to you still.

Marisa rushes to your side and cradles you in her arms gently. "Are ya alright~ze?" You nod weakly as you try to get back to your feet.

"I-I'm just a little... worn out is all." You gasp, gravity and your sense of balance seem to be putting up quite a fight and gravity seems to be winning. Once more you collapse into Marisa's waiting arms. "I'm okay, really." The black-white frowns at you in worry as she holds you gently.

[ ] Keep going; you've only just begun!
-[ ] Continue working on your magic.
-[ ] Try your hand at spell cards.
-[ ] Challenge someone. (Suggest opponent)
[ ] Take a rest; maybe we should call it a day.
-[ ] Head on home for the day.
-[ ] Go somewhere else. (Suggest location)
-[ ] Rest here for the night.
>> No. 18869
[x] Take a rest; maybe we should call it a day.
-[x] Rest here for the night if Marisa doesn't mind.
--[x] If she minds, then try heading home.

No need to push ourselves that hard, that and it'd be a nice gathering (and if Yukari pops up, perhaps Ran can get a better picture)

That is if Marisa doesn't mind (she might prefer another moment at home)
>> No. 18870
[x] Keep going; you've only just begun!
-[X] Continue working on your magic.
Like with sports, the only way to get better is to train past beyond your limitations.
Or, in other words, PUSH IT TO TEH LIMIT
>> No. 18871
File 125666961660.jpg- (34.01KB , 400x310 , manwithnoname.jpg ) [iqdb]
>"Well, on the outside, old spaghetti westerns always show cowboys using tin cans as targets, so I guess we could do that with these, and I presume that's what Yukari had in mind when she left these aluminum cans here too."

This man comes into mind (see picture).

[x] Keep going; you've only just begun!
-[X] Continue working on your magic.
>> No. 18872
[X] Keep going; you've only just begun!
-[X] Continue working on your magic.
>> No. 18873
[X] Keep going; you've only just begun!
-[X] Continue working on your magic.
>> No. 18874
[x] Keep going; you've only just begun!
-[x] Continue working on your magic.
>> No. 18940
File 125683837931.jpg- (135.85KB , 450x550 , 68b518189fb4aa9d978d869531115b0f.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Keep going; you've only just begun!
-[X] Continue working on your magic.

Once more you rise to your feet, wobbling a bit as you do; Marisa reaches out to you, ready to catch you as you try to regain your balance. You look back at her with a confident smile.

"Marisa, I want to keep training a bit longer. I've only just begun! Besides, you know what they say, 'what doesn't kill you, only makes you stronger!' " You say confidently to the black-white.

"Alright then~ze. Now that's the spirit! If ya don't push past your limits then ya won't get any better!" The witch exclaims, her frown now replaced with a warm grin. "Now go out there and give those cans hell~ze!" She points to the row of standing cans with a somewhat exaggerated pose.

"Y-Yeah! Y-You can do it!" Cirno shouts out as well before turning to Chen and Ran. "Wh-What were they doing again?" Ran sighs and quickly explains what's going on to the young fairy as you again position yourself across from the row of waiting cans.

Once again you try to calm your nerves and focus on the task at hand; you're a bit fatigued now but you aren't about to let that stop you now. Marisa continues to shout words of encouragement as you hold out your hand and feel your power grow within you. You let loose with a lightning bolt that just whizzes by the side of one of the cans. Another bolt leaves your hand grazing the other side. You're getting close, now you just have to concentrate on hitting it. A bead of sweat rolls down your forehead as you build up and release another shot, resulting in the satisfying, metallic clank of a can tumbling over.

"That's it~ze!" Marisa shouts excitedly while the others clap and shower you with other words of praise. You return their praise with a smile before turning back to your aluminum adversaries.

You again focus your energies toward taking down the row of cans, sweat is starting to drip down your face, and your hands are now starting to shake. You can't give up now, Marisa worked hard for her magic power so you will too! Again you feel the jolt of your magic working its way through your body before shooting it at your targets. Another miss, unsatisfied you fire another shot and another. The resulting two bolts hit their mark--You're getting it! Fueled by adrenaline now you continue firing shots at the remaining several cans. Your body seems to act by itself now, moving like an animal attacking it's prey. Another shot, another can. The rest are quick to follow.

You're left panting heavily as the girls all shout your praises, they all sound so far away now. Your arms are feeling so heavy, your top is drenched in sweat, and your legs are wobbling and ready to collapse at any moment now. You're exhausted but you've done it, you feel proud. You want to raise your hands up in triumph now, but you can hardly keep yourself standing. With a weak smile on your face, you collapse to the ground, your reserves of energy now depleted. You welcome the feeling of cool grass against your face as you lay there. The sound of several footsteps approach as your senses begin to fade. You can faintly hear distant voices as all fades to black.


>Fuu, fuu... All worn out are we...?

Yukari's form hovers over you as you float in a void of darkness. She leans in close to you and seductively places a finger under your chin. Once again, you're unable to move, it feels as though your every fiber has become stone.

>Did you enjoy the little present I gave to you?

'So it was your magic that did this.' Is what you want to say but your body is too exhausted to move even the smallest muscle. Yukari raises an eyebrow as she places her fan over her lips.

>Hmm, what's that? Did you perhaps want to say something...?

You try once more to open your mouth but it's no use, you're too tired to resist the force Yukari is using to bind you. Yukari giggles a bit as she slowly floats away from you.

>It looks like I'll have to cut this visit short for now, I have some... other business to attend to... I'll see you around... Ufufufu...


As your senses slowly return and the haze of sleep passes, you wake up to the sound of girls quietly chatting some distance away. You attempt to rub the sleep out of your eyes, and sit up in your unfamiliar bed, but it feels as though every joint in your body has rusted, making even the simple task of moving your hand from your side to your face a strenuous chore. Beyond that you just feel drained, there is an emptiness in your stomach and head. Just the process of sitting up in bed is a tiring and filled with aches, but slowly and with a mild amount of strain, you sit yourself up.

As you look around the moonlit room that you're situated in, you realize that you're still in Mayohiga but not in the same room that you woke up in when you were first brought here. The room is quite a bit messier than Yukari's and there are red clothes, and stuffed animals strewn about. A window off to your side reveals that night has already fallen over the land. Perhaps we should get going now.

Slowly and somewhat painfully you rise up to your feet. You stagger along, almost tripping over several toys on your way to the door. Once there, you're greeted by a hallway stretching out to your left and to your right. The faint glow of light radiates from one of the nearby doors. You hobble towards the light, your stomach now aching for some sustenance.

Delicately sliding open the door reveals your black-white speaking to Ran who has Chen sleeping in her lap, all of whom are seated at a low table. Cirno must have already been sent home. The two girls look up toward you as you step through the doorway, and Marisa immediately rises to her feet.

"What are you doin' up~ze? You should keep restin', it's not healthy to move around so much after tirin' yourself completely out." The witch rushes over to you, placing her hands on your shoulders.

"Yes, I agree with Miss Kirisame." The nine-tailed shikigami speaks up. "You should get your rest, but since you are up, is there anything I might be able to fetch for you?"

To Ran:
[ ] "I'm fine, thank you."
[ ] "I am a bit hungry..."
[ ] "Actually I could use a nice bath and a change of clothes."

To Marisa:
[ ] "Why don't we stay here for the night?"
[ ] "Let's go home for the night."
[ ] "Let's stop by (suggest a location)."
>> No. 18941
To Ran:
[x] "Actually I could use a nice bath and a change of clothes."
[x] "I am a bit hungry..."

To Marisa:
[x] "Why don't we stay here for the night?"

I wonder of Bohemianon and Marisa would have to sleep in separate rooms or not.
>> No. 18942
[x] "Actually I could use a nice bath and a change of clothes."
[x] "I am a bit hungry..."

To Marisa:
[x] "Why don't we stay here for the night?"
>> No. 18943
[x] "Actually I could use a nice bath and a change of clothes."
[x] "I am a bit hungry..."

To Marisa:
[x] "Why don't we stay here for the night?"
>> No. 18961
Swapping these in order of priority.
[+] "I am a bit hungry..."
[+] "Actually I could use a nice bath and a change of clothes."

To Marisa:
[+] "Why don't we stay here for the night?"
>> No. 18967
[x] "I am a bit hungry..."
[x] "Actually I could use a nice bath and a change of clothes."

To Marisa:
[x] "Why don't we stay here for the night?"

Should I bother voting to sleep in the same room, or is that obvious?
>> No. 18973

Depends on Ran ultimately, since it's her house for the moment.
>> No. 18988
File 125694692514.jpg- (140.57KB , 1024x768 , ofuro2.jpg ) [iqdb]
To Ran:
[X] "I am a bit hungry..."
[X] "Actually I could use a nice bath and a change of clothes."

To Marisa:
[X] "Why don't we stay here for the night?"

You rub your stomach, which in turn begins to erupt in a growl. Sheepishly, you look toward the kitsune, a soft red glow crossing your face. "Well, I am a bit hungry, Ran." You ask with a sideways grin on your face.

"Oh, my apologizes you must be starved after all that. Please, allow me to prepare some food." The shikigami says with a bow before gently waking Chen and rising to her feet, but before she has the chance to run off to prepare some food you speak up again.

"And... actually, I think I could use a good bath and possibly a change of clothes. If that's alright with you, of course." You continue asking, feeling a bit grimy since waking up. Your clothes are feeling a bit greasy as well, likely from all the sweat you worked up from practicing. Running a hand through your hair reveals that your rather disheveled mop is in desperate need of some shampoo or soap at the very least.

"Oh dear, I suppose you would like to take a bath after that exhausting workout you had today." Ran raises a sleeve to her mouth in slight surprise. The shikigami turns to the young nekomata still wiping the sleep out of her eyes. "Chen dear, do you think you could lead our guest to the bath and prepare it for him, and do leave him an extra set of clothes as well, will you?"

"Yesh Miss Ran..." Chen replies with a cute yawn as she finishes rubbing her eyes.

Before you're led out of the sitting room you glance back at your witch who sips her tea as she watches you follow the nekomata. You pause for a moment and get her attention.

"Hey Marisa, were you going to be okay waiting here, or did you want to come along?" The words just come out before you have the time to think about what you're saying, however Marisa seems to catch it before you, her face taking on a red hue. Your own face then suddenly flushes red as realization sets in. "I-I mean, a-along w-with us! Not in the b-bath with me...! I-I... You know what I mean!"

Marisa raises her eyebrow at you with a little giggle. "You're real funny when you're all flustered like that~ze." She chuckles to herself as she rises from her seat, her face still a lovely pink. "I know what you mean, and sure, I'll go along with the two of ya. The conversation with Ran was getting a bit dry anyway~ze." Ran sighs at Marisa's last comment before leaving the room to prepare some food.

"I'll call you when your meal is ready." The shikigami calls out before disappearing into another room.

Meanwhile, you're both led through a hallway by Chen on your way to the bath. It's gotten pretty late, you think to yourself. You should probably see about finding a place to stay for the night.

"Hey Marisa, how do you feel about staying here tonight? I mean, it has gotten rather late."

The black-white takes a moment to think about. "Well, I guess we could~ze. Better check with that fox lady first, just to be on the safe side." Marisa thinks out loud. Her eyes narrow on you as she brings her voice down to a whisper. "So what were ya trying to get at in there, huh? Wanted to see me in the bath~ze?"

"I-I well.. I was just..." You take a moment to recompose yourself. "W-Well, isn't that what lovers do?" You reply as a shy grin crosses your face.

"L-Lovers?! W-What, I-I..! D-Don't say such weird things~ze!" She shouts at you, her fists clenched. "I... ze..."

You ruffle Marisa's hair with a chuckle before finally reaching your destination. Chen goes on ahead to start the water before rushing back out with a disgruntled look upon her face.

"Th-The uhm, water is ready." Chen replies dryly.

"Chen, what's wrong?" You ask with a look of concern.

"I-I uhm, I just don't like the bath." She replies, to which you chuckle a bit with a bemused smile. It would seem that even youkai cats dislike baths as well.

"I see. Well, I suppose I'll take my bath now, what will you do Marisa?" You say as you turn to your cute witch.

"I suppose I'll help get things ready for you with Chen or Ran." She shrugs as she turns to walk away. "I'll take a bath a little later I guess~ze."

The two girls walk off back down the hallway as you pass through the doors leading to the bath. Upon entering the room, you're greeted with the sight of a surprisingly modern looking, Japanese bath, complete with a bathtub, tile flooring, a plastic sitting stool with a plastic tub of bathing supplies next to it, and a shower hose with multiple spray settings. Well, you probably should have learned to expect such things of Yukari by now. Next to your feet is a small wicker basket, presumably to discard your clothes into. As you peel off your clothes and toss them into the basket, you can't help but feel a little self-conscious about yourself; this bathroom has much more open space than you're used to having in a bath.

You're not too familiar with Japanese bathing customs, but you assume you're supposed to wash yourself before entering the bath. After setting your glasses on top of your pile of clothes, you hesitantly sit yourself upon the plastic stool in the center of of the tile floor and reach for the small tub of cleaning supplies as well as the shower hose. You first rinse yourself off before finding what you can only assume is shampoo and conditioner and quickly work up a lather in your tangle of hair. It feels so good to take a real bath after so long. It's a very freeing sensation as you cleanse all the dirt and grime from your body with a bar of soap and a wash rag that you happened to find in the small plastic tub.

After rinsing yourself of all the soap and whatnot you climb into the warm bathtub and allow your muscles to relax. You take this opportunity to reflect on the last five days. You can't believe it has been only less than a week that you first arrived here in Gensokyo. In that time you've been so many places, experienced so many new things, met so many new faces, and faced off against a few of them as well with the help of your beloved black-white witch.

Marisa, not even week ago you were just about certain she wasn't even real, but now you can't imagine life without her. She's been so kind to you since you first crash landed into her in the Forest of Magic. She's done so much for you: saved you from a youkai attack, housed you, taken you along with her on a book raid, taught you magic, and she's taken your precious thing--your heart.

Speaking of things being taken, you've been plucked from your normal life in the outside world. Your thoughts drift to your family and friends back there. Do they miss you? Of course they do. Your life there wasn't that bad, there were people there who loved you, although you've probably lost your job after your five day truancy. If only you could bring Marisa back with you, there are so many people you'd like her to meet, but you're not even sure if it's possible to leave Gensokyo now, especially with Yukari being absent. You sigh feeling a bit homesick as you sink a bit lower into the bath.

A knock suddenly comes at the door, causing you to shrink down further into the safety of the water.

"Yes? Who is it?" You ask meekly from the bathtub. The door slides open by just a crack, but it's too difficult to see who's at the door from this distance without your glasses.

"It's just me~ze. I wanted to let ya know that your dinner is ready, and I also brought you a change of clothes."

"O-Oh, alright." You reply, slowly peeking your head out from the bathtub.

"Well, that and I wanted to take a bath too~ze..."

You sink back into the bath water at that last comment, your cheeks growing faintly warm. The thought of Marisa bathing is a bit much for you, but you can't seem to get it out of your mind. Her nude form, glistening with water. No, bad thoughts! Of course she meant that she was waiting for you to get out first, right? Right?

[ ] Get out and let Marisa take her bath; dinner's waiting afterall.
[ ] Ask Marisa if she wants to join you; dinner can wait.
[ ] Get out but have Marisa join you for dinner before her bath.
[ ] Something else? (write-in)
>> No. 18990
[X] Ask Marisa if she wants to join you; dinner can wait.
Blushan gaems
>> No. 18991
[x] Get out but have Marisa join you for dinner before her bath.

I think it's a bit too soon to go for bathing each with each other, but I think Marisa would make nice company for dinner.
>> No. 18992
[X] Ask Marisa if she wants to join you; dinner can wait.

There's nothing wrong with this at all. It's much quicker for two people to bathe if they do it at the same time.
>> No. 19000
[X] Ask Marisa if she wants to join you; dinner can wait.
>> No. 19001
[X] Ask Marisa if she wants to join you; dinner can wait.
>> No. 19004
[x] Ask Marisa if she wants to join you; dinner can wait.

Baths are nice.
>> No. 19040
[x] Ask Marisa if she wants to join you; dinner can wait.
>> No. 19044
[ ] Ask Marisa if she wants to join you; dinner can wait.

Wait, we had glasses?
>> No. 19045
Indeed we do, ever since >>15936 . Please wait warmly for the next update, I'm trying to work out a few kinks in it.
>> No. 19062
File 125718872317.jpg- (349.43KB , 539x750 , 3e31003c87cdddf777a177e3edb45f11.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Ask Marisa if she wants to join you; dinner can wait.

A thought passes through your mind. No, you shouldn't, it wouldn't be right. Although, you are boyfriend and girlfriend, so it's only natural, isn't it? But what if she says no? That would probably put an awkward strain on your relationship. But if she says yes... What are you thinking?

Marisa waits at the door, apparently peering in through the crack she left open. "So...? Are ya just gonna sit there or are ya gonna let me take my bath~ze?" The witch impatiently asks. A grin slowly grows on your face as you make up your mind.

"Oh, you can take a bath, but..." You pause for a moment to take a gulp. "D-Did you want to come and join me...?" Your face quickly flushes with warmth and redness as the words spill from your mouth. The door abruptly slams shut, and you hear a crash and a yelp come from just beyond it before it slowly opens again by just a crack.

"Ow..." The black-white whimpers from beyond the door.

"Are you alright?"

"I-I uhm... y-yeah... I just bumped my head... I... I thought I heard ya say somethin' weird~ze." She chuckles a bit to herself. "I mean, I thought I heard ya say you wanted me to take a bath with you." Even she sounds unsure of herself as Marisa continues to chuckle to herself.

"I did." You admit shyly causing the witch to go silent for a moment.

"You what?!" Marisa's voice comes out dry. You can't see her, but you can almost feel the blush that she has on her face. "I-I... Y-You... P-Perverted...Z-Ze...!"

A silence passes over the two of you for a moment. Is she mad that you suggested it? Why isn't she responding? You've screwed up didn't you? Maybe she ran off and doesn't want to talk to you. It's too difficult to tell from this distance if she's still at the door or not, but just as you're about to rise from the bath to check on her, the door suddenly slides open, causing you to slip back into the water in a panic.

"M-Marisa, w-what are you-?"

"Y-You said it yourself..." A soft pink graces her face as she hesitantly walks into the bathroom and removes her hat. "I-Isn't it what lovers do~ze...?" Touché.

"B-But M-Marisa! I-I..." You're at a loss for words. Your mouth goes dry and your stomach suddenly floods with an odd warmth and butterflies. She couldn't be serious, could she?

The witch discards her hat on top of the basket holding your clothes. Shyly she looks over to you. "Th-This is what you wanted, i-isn't it?!" Her voice comes out somewhat pained. "B-But I mean... How could we be lovers if... if after these few days you haven't once said..."

"Said what?"

"Nevermind~ze..." Marisa looks down with a sigh. "Ya just don't get it, do you...?!" The witch huffs and turns back around heading for the door.

"Marisa wait!" You sit up in the bath and reach your arm out towards her. She stops and turns back around, blushing a bit as she does. You sink back into the tub after your momentary lapse of modesty. "Marisa I... uhm... I do want you to join me, I care about you a lot." The blush never left, but your face feels even more warm now as you speak.

"I... ze..." The black-white sighs again as she turns back toward you. She begins to walk back toward the basket, looking down into it. Softly, she mumbles something incoherent to you.

"Excuse me, Marisa, but what did you say?"

"I said look away for a minute~ze!" The blushing witch shouts at you.

"O-Oh!" You quickly comply, shifting yourself so that you're facing away from her in the bath.

The soft sound of shuffling clothes comes from behind you. Your mind drifts toward thoughts of Marisa slowly undressing herself, taking time to slowly peel off each article of clothing, and exposing her delicate, pale skin. You're curious as to what kind of underwear she has on as well, bloomers most likely. After a minute or so the shuffling subsides.

"A-Alright~ze, you can turn around now." Marisa says, her voice cracking a bit.

Anticipation and excitement building in more ways than one, you slowly turn around, and you're greeted with the lovely sight of Marisa standing before you clad only in a towel, her face a bright red. Her thin white legs tremble a bit as she clings her hands to her chest, holding tightly to the towel. From what you can tell with how her towel clings to her, she has a rather meager chest, but enough to keep from calling her flat. Her build is rather thin but with just enough curves to be considered feminine, especially in her hips.

"Marisa..." The sound of your voice alone is enough to make her jump in her current state. "Y-You look so lovely." The witch blushes, holding her hands to her body in embarrassment. She's so cute.

"Th-Thank you... A-Although I know I-I'm not as feminine as some of the other girls around here~ze." Marisa responds after regaining some of her composure.

"Marisa, you're fine as you are. I think you're perfect in your own sense." You reply to her, taking a deep gulp as you do. After a few moments another silence passes over the two of you.

Now what?

Action & Speech
[ ] Write-In Only
>> No. 19063
[+] "I- uh... I'll wash your back for you...?"
[+] Fumble with soap and washcloth
>> No. 19067
[x] Take a few moments to compose yourself, think on what happened.
[x] "I love you too, Marisa."
[x] Let it sink in for a few moments
[x] "Now about your back, shall I wash it?"
[x] Wash her back firmly yet gently while trying to do a bit of a back rub at the same time.

Surprising how anime lead denseness can affect voters.

Still feel free to improve this.
>> No. 19072
I like to think that being an oblivious moron is acting 'on character'

[x] Take a few moments to compose yourself, think on what happened.
[x] "I love you too, Marisa."
[x] Let it sink in for a few moments
[x] "Now about your back, shall I wash it?"
[x] Wash her back firmly yet gently while trying to do a bit of a back rub at the same time.
>> No. 19073
[x] Take a few moments to compose yourself, think on what happened.
[x] "I love you too, Marisa."
[x] Let it sink in for a few moments
[x] "Now about your back, shall I wash it?"
[x] Wash her back firmly yet gently while trying to do a bit of a back rub at the same time.
>> No. 19074
[x] Take a few moments to compose yourself, think on what happened.
[x] "I love you too, Marisa."
[x] Let it sink in for a few moments
[x] "Now about your back, shall I wash it?"
[x] Wash her back firmly yet gently while trying to do a bit of a back rub at the same time.
>> No. 19079
[0] Take a few moments to compose yourself, think on what happened.
[1] "I love you too, Marisa."
[2] Let it sink in for a few moments
[3] "Now about your back, shall I wash it?"
[4] Wash her back firmly yet gently while trying to do a bit of a back rub at the same time.
>> No. 19128
File 125737380724.jpg- (178.82KB , 500x500 , fc149ffe6140ec05a6f3a9c097097630.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Take a few moments to compose yourself, think on what happened.
[X] "I love you, Marisa."
[X] Let it sink in for a few moments.
[X] "Now about your back, shall I wash it?"
[X] Wash her back firmly yet gently, while trying to do a bit of a back rub at the same time.

Marisa shuffles a bit while she stands around blushing. You should probably say something, but you take this moment of awkward silence to recompose yourself. You still can't believe that Marisa wants to take a bath along with you. Marisa huffs and stares at you with a frown as she continues to hold her towel closely to her.

She seems bothered by something, well something other than the fact that you two are about to share a bath together for the first time. Is it that she's worried about you pushing yourself too hard earlier? Or perhaps it's that she's worried about whatever Yukari did to you. Then another thought crosses your mind.

You two have been together for only a couple of days but, something she said struck a chord in you, 'How could we be lovers if... if after these few days you haven't once said...' Said what? You think to yourself on it for several moments. Then it dawns upon you, how could you be so stupid. Marisa just wants to know that she's loved, but the two of you have never once said it to each other in the time you've been together. Why haven't you? Is it that you were unsure that's how you really felt about her? Or could it be that you were scared to say it? In any case none of that matters now, what's important is that you not only say it, but show her that you love her as well.

Wrapping a small towel around your lower half, you rise up from the bath tub and approach your little witch. As you reach her she jerks back a bit, her face still sporting a dissatisfied frown.

"Marisa..." You speak as calm and smooth a voice as you can as she looks up at you. "I know that we've only been together for a couple days but ever since that first kiss we shared as a couple I had forgotten to tell you something very important." You take a deep gulp and stare deeply into her eyes. "Marisa... I love you, and I always knew I did, but... I think I was just afraid to tell you." The witch gasps as her eyes begin to water and her face flushes red.

"Y-You... idiot..." Marisa sniffles and immediately wraps her arms around you and plants her lips against your own. Your eyes widen as you're forced into a kiss and return Marisa's embrace. She's so warm and delicate, and she feels even smaller in your arms without all the frills and ruffles of her dress. Marisa breaks off from the kiss for a moment to catch her breath, before looking up at you with a smile. "I love you too~ze. Took you long enough to say it, though." She says as she rests her head against your chest. The feeling of holding Marisa close to you in a tight embrace never gets old, it brings about a warm feeling inside of you.

After some time you begin to softly run a hand through her hair, but as you do so you look over at the shower head on the wall beside you and get an idea. You slowly reach for the shower hose with your free hand, while still caressing her with the other. As you wrap your fingers around the handle, a fiendish grin crosses your face.

Your petting ceases for a moment, causing the unsuspecting witch to look up at your scheming smile. Immediately you point the shower head at her thinking you've got her, but suddenly she squeaks and knocks the shower head out of your hand just as you turn it on, causing it to fly out of your hands, spraying you both. Marisa shrieks as you're both soaked and the two of you begin quickly fumbling over each other, fighting for control of the shower hose. The two of you frantically slip over each other, getting soaked in the process and laughing the entire time. Control of the shower head slips back and forth between the two of you, each of you squeaking and and laughing when on the receiving end of the watery spray. After several minutes of play fighting you're both wrapped in each other's arms laughing to each other.

"Say Marisa, now that we're both properly rinsed, would you like me to wash your back for you?" Marisa blushes at your suggestion, before looking up at you and nodding in reply.

"A-Alright~ze. but uhm... that would mean I would have to..." Marisa turns a deep red as she looks into your eyes. "U-Uhm... okay..."

You wonder what Marisa meant by her last comment as she meekly sits on one of the plastic stools in the middle of the room. You position yourself behind her and pull up a sitting stool for yourself as well. As you grab one of the sponges from the small plastic tub, Marisa hesitantly pulls down the top half of her towel exposing her pale, bare back to you. Meanwhile, she holds her hands to her chest, taking a moment to look back at you with her blushing face.

"D-Don't you dare get any funny ideas~ze!" She meekly warns you, as she turns to face forward, trembling a bit.

You gulp as you feel the towel wrapped around your waist rise, and you bring a shaky hand, holding the soapy sponge, to Marisa's back. You slowly get to work scrubbing her back, being sure not to scrub too fast or too hard on her soft, smooth skin. After a few minutes of this, Marisa begins to relax her shoulders a bit. Taking this as a good sign, you drop the sponge and bring your other hand to her back and slowly start giving her a firm but gentle back rub. As you rub her back she seems to relax even more, allowing her hands to slowly drop to her sides as she lets out soft moans. Oh god.

You take a deep gulp.

[ ] Give in to desire.
[ ] Refrain and finish your bath.
>> No. 19129
[x] Refrain and finish your bath.

We shouldn't assume anything and we are at another person's house. Now if we were at home and there was more proof that Marisa wouldn't mind it, then I'd say go for it.

But Bohemianon knows how to rub backs now.
>> No. 19130
[x] Refrain and finish your bath.
>> No. 19132
[x] Refrain and finish your bath.
>> No. 19134
[x] Refrain and finish your bath.

Not yet...not yet...
>> No. 19144
[x] Refrain and finish your bath.
>> No. 19146
[+] Well... don't refrain completely. Embrace her around the midsection, like you do when you're flying together, except closer. Nothing more than that, though.
[+] Finish the bath afterwards.
>> No. 19148
[x] Well... don't refrain completely. Embrace her around the midsection, like you do when you're flying together, except closer. Nothing more than that, though.
[x] Finish the bath afterwards.
>> No. 19162
[c] Well... don't refrain completely. Embrace her around the midsection, like you do when you're flying together, except closer. Nothing more than that, though.
[c] Finish the bath afterwards.
>> No. 19164
[X] Give in to desire.
Fuck it.
>> No. 19165
[0] Refrain and finish your bath.
>> No. 19171
[c] Well... don't refrain completely. Embrace her around the midsection, like you do when you're flying together, except closer. Nothing more than that, though.
[c] Finish the bath afterwards.
>> No. 19175
File 12575399878.jpg- (780.47KB , 780x740 , add70dce638a47be3847e152c5908147.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Refrain and finish your bath.

Swallowing hard you try your best to put aside lewd thoughts; she told you not to get any funny ideas, so you'd better do so. The witch allows herself to enjoy the firm kneading of your hands against her back as her shoulders go limp and a few gasps and moans escape her lips. You try your hardest to push back your primal urges and focus on rubbing Marisa's back.

After some time, your urges get the best of you; you need a bit more. Before you know it, your arms are wrapped around Marisa's thin waist and you rest your head against her own, just as you do when you're riding with her on her broom, but closer, more personal. Marisa gasps as your arms wrap around her, but she quickly settles herself as she leans her head against your own. This is nice. She's so warm, and her sweet, freshly clean scent intoxicates you. Holding Marisa to yourself like this is all that you could possibly ask for right now. The witch leans into you and softly places a hand against your cheek, caressing it.

You open your mouth to speak, but as you do the door to the bathroom slides open and the face of a young cat-eared girl peers through the opening. "E-Excuse me?" The little one's face turns a soft pink as she notices Marisa and yourself sharing a sweet embrace.

You and Marisa turn toward the nekomata as the witch quickly brings her hands back to her chest, your faces both aglow. "Yes, Chen?" You with a bit of surprise.

"Uhm... I'm sorry, I hope I'm not i-interrupting anything, but Miss Ran wanted me to check on you to tell you that your food is getting cold." Chen replies shyly as she hides her face behind the door, leaving only an ear sticking out.

"Oh, is that all? Thank you, Chen. We'll both be out in a bit."

"Oh... uhm, alright. I'll let Miss Ran know." The young shikigami replies peeking in again before closing the door, the soft patter of her footsteps quickly fading away as Chen runs off. You sigh, thankful that you decided not to go any further with Marisa.

"Well Marisa," You begin, turning back to your black-white, "Maybe we should finish getting cleaned up before we arouse any more suspicion." Or anything else, you think to yourself.

"Alright then~ze." Marisa responds before leaving you a quick peck on the cheek.

After unwillingly unwrapping yourself from the witch you return to soaking in the bathtub. Marisa covers herself back in her towel and proceeds to wash her hair as well as the rest of herself, before rinsing off and joining you. The two of you share some time together soaking in the tub and cuddling, before finishing your bath and getting changed. You notice that Chen left you and Marisa yukatas to change into, similar to ones used for Japanese bath houses. After returning your glasses to your face, you notice that both yukatas are patterned with white and blue fabric complete with blue sashes.

As a matching couple, you and Marisa then head back to the sitting room where several plates of food are now spread out, all covered with napkins. Without a second thought, you sit down, remove the napkins, and immediately dig in, still hungry from the exhausting day of practicing danmaku. Marisa also joins in, although she partakes of her meal in a less savage fashion.

Before finishing your meal, Ran walks in sporting a surprised look upon her face. "Oh, you both just got out of the bath I see?" Ran raises an eyebrow at the two of you as a light pink takes to your face. "I see. Well then, are you two enjoying your meal?" You look up at the kitsune and nod as you finish up the last of your food. "That is good to hear, I've just gotten done putting Chen to bed, so if you're both done eating, allow me to show you both to your room.

With that, you and Marisa follow Ran down the hallway and to a dimly lit room with two futons set on the tatami matted floor. As you and Marisa enter the room, Ran waits at the door and bows deeply and says her farewell to you for the night.

"Please sleep well, and if you need anything let me know." Ran says as she closes the door, leaving you alone in the room with Marisa.

You look down at the two futons and then back at your lovely witch.

[ ] Go to sleep
-[ ] In the same futon.
-[ ] In separate futons.
[ ] Stay up.
-[ ] Talk to Marisa, suggest a topic (Write-in)
-[ ] Pillow Fight!
[ ] Something else.
>> No. 19176
[x] Go to sleep
-[x] In the same futon.

I have no real idea what to talk about and a pillow fight would be kinda rude in someone else's home.

And is was that a possible Chenblock if things went further?
>> No. 19179
[X] Stay up.
-[X] Talk to Marisa, suggest a topic (Youkai)

The scary monsters that only existed in your imagination are now real~
>> No. 19209
[x] Go to sleep
-[x] In the same futon.
>> No. 19217

The protagonist like to have nightmares and toss and turn in bed. Knowing this, it would be rude to sleep in the same futon.
>> No. 19223

Well I think another person would help with that (comforting embrace) that and they are a couple.
>> No. 19224
[x] Go to sleep
-[x] In the same futon.
>> No. 19255
[+] Go to sleep
-[+] In the same futon.

>>19223 presents a good point.

Also, thanks for integrating my write-in. I'm a sucker for sweet moments like that.
>> No. 19256
File 125775038427.jpg- (340.28KB , 1054x1478 , bb8e8290d551b8609062c44d92b3841e.jpg ) [iqdb]
Hey guys, sorry for the lack of updates but real life has been getting in the way of my story lately. I'm currently working two jobs now, so with holidays coming up I'll probably have less time to update. The next update is on its way, and I'll try to have it up by tuesday.

Anyways, I'd also like to take this time to give you my thoughts and explain a bit about the process of getting ORBS to where it is now.

First off, when beginning ORBS like I said in my first post, I really didn't know where this story was going to take me, but having you guys help carve out a path kept me interested, as I hope it did for you too. Writing for an immediate audience is very different than writing for school or for yourself, especially when the reader is directly involved in the process. It's very enjoyable, so if any of you out there has a decent grasp of literary writing and a sense of imagination, I highly recommend starting your own story here on THP.

I probably should've said so in the first place but this was always going to be a Marisa-centric story. The reason this story exists is because throughout the stories I have read while lurking around the old THP over a year ago, I have always felt cheated out of a Marisa route, especially in Scorn's FLA. I wanted to do a story without girl routes, but with routes that explored Marisa more fully as a character. I took what I knew from the games and Perfect Memento in the Strict Sense, in terms of Marisa's backstory, and filled in some of the holes. Also, if you couldn't tell, Marisa is my favorite of all the touhoes.

You may have noticed a dramatic change of pace half-way through the second thread. I decided to slow down because I felt that the story was progressing far too quickly. Originally I hadn't planned on the entire story lasting for more than a few threads before I finished it, but as I kept writing, I became more involved and decided that I wanted to delve deeper into the story.

Finally, in terms of update speed, I know a lot of you would like to see faster updates, but real life gets in the way. ORBS is what I do in my free time--I'm writing it recreationally. I want to see what happens to Bohemianon as much as the next reader, but please bear with the delays, I do have a life outside of THP too.

And please feel free to discuss your thoughts on the story. I'm always looking for feedback and productive criticism.

For your patience, have a half-dressed witch.
>> No. 19257

You're welcome! Your write-in was too good to leave out.
>> No. 19264
It's fine so far. Being deprived of a route that explores Marisa more for a long time did bother me, thinking back on it. Now, however, we have ORBS and RiG, both of which have a lot of Marisa in a good way, so I can't complain.

Have you read the Grimoire of Marisa yet? It's not exactly a character piece, but it's got some interesting commentary on things (particularly relating to spellcards) from Marisa's perspective.
>> No. 19274
File 125792993825.jpg- (71.05KB , 420x578 , 56385aac944f99ef3b4d21aae9a8084f.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Go to sleep.
-[X] In the same futon.

Marisa walks over to the nearest futon and quickly sits herself down upon it wearing a girlish grin upon her face. Slowly you do same, sitting yourself upon the adjacent bedspread. Marisa looks as energetic as ever, especially after the bath you had together. Unfortunately, Marisa's energy doesn't seem potent enough to keep your eyelids from feeling heavy.

"This is pretty cool, huh? It feels like we're on vacation at a hot springs or something, doesn't it~ze?" Marisa beams as she grabs the pillow from her futon and squeezes it to herself. "So whatcha wanna do now?"

You lazily turn to the witch with a yawn. "I'm feeling rather tired, maybe it's time we head off to bed, what do you think?" The black-white lets out a little whine to show her disapproval.

"What?" The witch asks with a tinge of disappointment in her voice. "But it's still too early to go to bed." Marisa sighs as she looks out a nearby window taking in a view of utter blackness. "Okay, maybe it is kinda late~ze." With a look of defeat, Marisa lifts up the sheets on her futon and begins to get herself settled.

"Hey Marisa," You start, causing the black-white to pause for a moment. As Marisa looks at you with that cute, questioning expression on her face, you can't help but smile at her. "Do you think we could sleep together?" Marisa's face flushes red as the words leave your mouth and she starts giggling to herself.

"Oh... is that what you want~ze?" She teases, lifting up the blanket a little to reveal a bit of her legs.

Now it's your turn to blush as you find yourself unable to tear your gaze away from the witch's delicious legs. No, pure thoughts. "I uhm... M-Marisa..."

"I'm just playin' with ya~ze. Come on, let's get to bed then." She says as she shimmies herself under the sheets.

Wearily, you shuffle from your futon and into Marisa's, slipping in beside her. You wrap your arms around her as she smiles back at you. Slowly, you caress her lovely blonde locks.

"Good night, Marisa."

"G'night to you too~ze." Marisa replies with a kiss.

You embrace each other tightly, just enjoying the feeling of the other. Her scent fills you as sleep slowly begins to take hold of you. You feel your body relax as your slip into a state of unconsciousness.

End Day 5

Everything is peaceful and quiet. Looking around, you notice nothing but an empty, white void--it's relaxing. Isn't it? Or it was just a second ago, wasn't it? What was that? Slowly the void around you starts to deteriorate, it's unnerving as the pristine emptiness around your starts to corrode and show signs of wear. Suddenly a familiar figure floats down from a hole in space--one that shouldn't be there.

>Ufufufu... Hello again... We've been seeing a lot more of each other lately, haven't we...?

You suddenly realize that you're once again bound by some unknown force. Your body feels frozen in place, but it's not as painful as before.

"Yukari what are you doing to me...?!" You shout furiously causing some strain on your voice, but less than before. The gap youkai seems surprised at your sudden outburst. Odd, before it was almost excruciating to speak, but now there's much less strain on your body.

>Ara ara... You're able to respond in such a way while I'm restraining you...? It would seem that someone is gaining some strength... Perhaps it was a bad idea for me to have done that...

"That? What's 'that'?" You ask anxious for an answer, your throat scratching as you speak.

Yukari abruptly appears in front of you with an amorous look upon her face.


The gap youkai places her hands upon your cheeks and plants her lips upon your own, kissing you deeply. You try your best to resist, but the hold that Yukari has on your body is too strong--you can't turn away. You feel a churning in your body as the kiss continues and it feels as though you're on fire. After a few fleeting moments, the kiss ends as Yukari backs away, wiping her mouth.

>My, my... You are quite the kisser, aren't you...? I bet that annoying witch can't get enough of those delicious lips of yours, can she...?

Yukari laughs behind her fan as she floats away from you. As she disappears into another gap, you find that you have control of your body again and the void starts to return to the state it was in before. Something, however, is different. There are bits of decay remaining around you... Something has been changed...


You're awakened by the sun's beams radiating down on your face . Before you, your witch still sleeps peacefully with her arms still wrapped loosely around you. Her hair is a bit tousled and there's a dribble of saliva dripping down from the side of her mouth. After wiping away her drool with your sleeve you decide to wake up sleeping beauty with a soft kiss.

Slowly her eyes open and she wipes her eyes with a hand. The sight of your beloved waking up is just too cute.

"Good morning~ze."

"Good morning." You reply with a warm smile.

As Marisa smiles back at you, something seems amiss. Her smile quickly turns to a look of confusion, then to one of shock.

"Your hair, w-what's happened to it~ze?!" She asks with a tone of alarm in her voice as she wipes her eyes again.

"What do you mean?" You reply, crossing your eyes to get a look at any loose locks of hair hanging from your head. Something's different, what out-of-focus bit you can see of your hair glistens more than should be natural. Alarm starting to settle in you, you quickly get up out of bed and search the halls, trying to find the nearest bathroom with your witch following closely behind you. After trying several doors you find a bathroom with a small mirror in it.

The sight reflected in the mirror sends a cold chill down your spine. Your hair now features glistening silver streak in it. You gulp hard.

"What is happening to me?"

[ ] Just calm down, maybe we Ran can help us find out what's going on.
[ ] We need to get to Eientei right away!
[ ] Something Else? (Write-In)
>> No. 19275
[ ] Just calm down, maybe we Ran can help us find out what's going on.
>> No. 19276
[x] Just calm down, maybe Ran can help us find out what's going on.
>> No. 19277
[c] Just calm down, maybe we Ran can help us find out what's going on.

Jeebus, Yukari. What are you thinking of this time?
>> No. 19278
[x] Just calm down, maybe we Ran can help us find out what's going on.

What the... decays in the void, and a sliver streak, it kinda seems like Yukari's trying to turn Bohemianon into another Rinnosuke.
>> No. 19279
[x] Just calm down, maybe Ran can help us find out what's going on.
Accelerated aging? Youkai transformation? We'll see.
>> No. 19282
[+] Just calm down, maybe we Ran can help us find out what's going on.
>> No. 19338
Sorry folks, another delay. I've got family in town for the weekend, but I'll try to get at least another update during it.
>> No. 19364
File 125841092615.png- (238.04KB , 600x500 , 5bf6acebc2e0e7ef41c29acc6304c5fb.png ) [iqdb]
[X] Just calm down, maybe Ran can help us find out what's going on.

Okay, you just need to calm down. Let's go over everything again. You just woke up and... and there's a large, shimmering streak of silver in your hair, no big deal right? Stranger things have happened, right? Trying to hold in your panic, you take in a few deep breaths. Just need to calm down. In your reflection, you notice Marisa standing behind you with a look of concern in her eyes. You turn to face the witch properly and look down at her with a wry smile. As you open your mouth to speak Marisa suddenly wraps her arms around you and presses herself against you.

"What's happening to you~ze?" The witch mumbles into your chest. She let's out a sigh and shivers while you return her embrace.

"I wish I knew what to tell you." It pains you that you're unable to give her a proper answer, but what hurts even is the thought of Yukari is interfering with parts of yourself that you can't even begin to understand. "Marisa..." The witch looks up toward you as you speak her name. "Why don't we see Ran and check if she knows what to do or what's going on?"

"Alright." Marisa replies as she unwraps her arms from you. "Right, she'd know what's happenin', right~ze?"

"I hope so." You sigh, already missing the feeling of warmth that came with Marisa's arms. You feel a neediness now that you can't quite explain, the fact that Yukari is changing you makes you feel vulnerable.

As you and Marisa make your way down to the kitchen to find Ran already cooking breakfast, you can't help but hold Marisa's hand the entire way there. Ran seems too involved with her cooking to notice the two of you walking in. The shikigami continues preparing breakfast before her ears twitch and she pauses.

"Oh...?" Ran slowly turns around to face the two of you. "Good morning, I didn't notice yo-" Ran almost drops the pot in her hands as she turns to face you. "Oh dear, what have you done with your hair?" The shikigami asks as she tries to balance the hot pot in her hand, fumbling to place it on a counter.

"I'm not sure. I encountered Lady Yukari in another dream last night and I woke up like this." You sigh, shuddering at the thought of the gap youkai's passionate kiss.

"Lady Yukari? Th-Then why don't we discuss this over breakfast!" Ran seems a bit flustered upon hearing the name of her mistress again. "Please wait in the sitting room, breakfast will be served shortly."

While excusing yourselves from the kitchen, you can't help but feel a little bit worried, especially since everyone seems to notice the streak in your hair. What is happening to you? Is Yukari advancing your age? Is she trying to turn you into a youkai? Or maybe she's just screwing with your mind by dying your hair unnatural colors. You can only pray that the latter is true, but you don't keep your hopes up.

After making your way back to the sitting room, you find yourselves sitting across from each other in silence for several moments. Many times Marisa opens her mouth to speak but each time she quickly stops herself making the silence that much more awkward. The silence is starting to make you irritable, so you open your mouth to speak, but as you do Ran walks in with a tray with bowls of rice topped with pickled radishes as well as some other foods that you're not familiar with.

"Breakfast is served!" The shikigami triumphantly shouts as she enters the room, startling the two of you already seated. Looking down at the two of you, Ran pauses. "Oh pardon me, I didn't interrupt anything, did I?"

"Oh, no, no. Actually we were just waiting for you to finish cooking." You say with a lopsided grin.

Suddenly the sound of pattering feet echo through the hallways and a cat-eared girl peers into the sitting room from behind Ran. "I thought I smelled food!" Chen exclaims before looking back at you and Marisa. She cocks her head for a moment and stares hard at you. "There's something different about you today, mister."

Chen is briskly rapped on the head causing a whine from the nekomata as Ran frowns upon her. "Chen, you know it's impolite to stare."

"Yesh Miss Ran." Chen quietly complies as she rubs her head and takes her place at the low table.

"Anyways, let's talk about your situation after our meal." Your hostess says as she sets down the tray. "Shall we?"

You all dig into your meals which was sort of a new experience for you, especially since you haven't ever had a proper Japanese breakfast. The food is good but has an interesting taste that you're not familiar with, and you're not sure if that comes from your meal being Japanese styled or that it's made with ingredients from Gensokyo. After your meal you decide to get straight to the point and bring up the matter at hand.

"Ran, about my hair, I was wondering if you knew anything about what's happening to me."

The shikigami shakes her head grimly. "I'm afraid I have no idea what Yukari is planning with you, but it would seem that she has some intentions of changing you for some reason or another." You sigh as the words hit you like a ton of bricks. "I'm sorry that I'm not of more assistance, but it might be worth while to note that there are several other denizens of Gensokyo who have silver hair."

"No it's fine..." You say as your gaze drifts downward. Now what?

[ ] "Let's stay here a bit longer." (Suggest something to do)
[ ] "Let's get going." (Suggest a location)
[ ] Something else? (Write-In)
>> No. 19365
[x] Ask Ran if Yukari might have held anyone with sliver hair in particular esteem.
[x] Go back home as to perhaps relax and train some.

This is what I can come up with at the moment.

But the question might be worth asking since Yukari might be grooming us to be a replacement.
>> No. 19367
>there are several other denizens of Gensokyo who have silver hair

[x] "Let's get going."
>> No. 19368
[x] "Let's get going."
-[x] Hakurei Shrine.
>> No. 19369

[x] "Let's get going."
>> No. 19370

Hard to say if Eirin could help much, since I think she'd at a loss for Yukari tampering with someone.
>> No. 19372
[x] "Let's get going."
-[x] Hakurei Shrine.
>> No. 19373
The best I can think of Eirin doing is making a drug that would turn our hair back to normal.

While that may be something worth looking for eventualy, first things first, info on WHY Yukari would do it is more important right now, so I doubt Eirin can help us.

[x] Ask Ran if Yukari might have held anyone with sliver hair in particular esteem.

Not sure of what else to put though.
>> No. 19374
[0] "Let's get going."
-[1] Hakurei Shrine.
>> No. 19375

That and if anyone in Gensokyo has an idea of who Yukari might favor especially, it'd be Ran.
>> No. 19377
[x] "Let's get going."
-[x] Hakurei Shrine.
>> No. 19385
So quick to look over an possible plot point...
>> No. 19398
>there are several other denizens of Gensokyo who have silver hair
hint hint

[x] "Let's get going."
>> No. 19401
[x] "Let's get going."
-[x] Hakurei Shrine.
>> No. 19402
I love how people just assume "people who have silver hair totally means it's nobody but Eirin."

I'm surprised nobody is thinking Rinnosuke, considering who we're talking about, here.
>> No. 19404

Yeah and Yukari doesn't have a particular regard towards Eirin. Rinnosuke is the man in question.

And I doubt there's much Eirin could do (and I'm sure you could pick up hair dye at either Rinnosuke's shop or some other place)

Are people really THAT stupid?
>> No. 19407

Maybe people just want to go to Eientei to be checked out?

Maybe if you weren't so stupid you could have figured that out.
>> No. 19416

Besides, nobody likes Rinnosuke.
>> No. 19417

I doubt she'd find anything wrong, Yukari doesn't do sloppy jobs of adjusting things.

And chances are Yukari does, since i heard MikoSpark was very much inspired by Hot Dog Chuck's doujins (which at least one has Rinnosuke/Yukari)
>> No. 19426
get checked out?
"Well, doc, whats wrong with me?"
"As far as I can tell, your hair is changing color, I can make a drug to change it back if you'd like."
We learn NOTHING.
>> No. 19432

Not going guarantees we learn nothing. At least trying gives us a chance of figuring things out a little.
>> No. 19436
Asking Ran about sliver haired people Yukari holds in high regard has a MUCH higher chance of yielding information than a trip to Eientei.
>> No. 19437
[X] "Let's get going."
>> No. 19441
[x] "Let's get going."
-[x] Hakurei Shrine.
>> No. 19442
[x] "Let's get going."
-[x] Hakurei Shrine.
>> No. 19444
I think we're making a mistake not asking Ran. (And don't be so foolish to assume that the writer hates Rinnosuke like you do)

But at least going to the shrine might get some information.
>> No. 19446
Wow, surprised to see so many comments and votes. Votes have been tallied and writing is now commencing.

Also, calm down folks. I've got my own plans for the direction of this story, so just sit back and enjoy (although a little bit of discussion and speculation is always welcome).
>> No. 19476
File 125877604278.png- (910.31KB , 1280x960 , 8e148a905ca27b6c690f3c00457d065d.png ) [iqdb]
[X] "Let's get going."
-[X] Hakurei Shrine.

Grimly, you bring yourself back to your feet. There doesn't seem to be much left to do here for now.

"Ah... I'm sorry if I've displeased you in some way..." The kitsune apologizes reaching a hand out toward you.

"No, it's just that... It's just that I need to find some answers." You reply, as Marisa stands up next to you. But who can you go to for answers? Who has experience solving problems and... And incidents. That gives you an idea. "Marisa, why don't we head to the Hakurei Shrine?"

"To visit Reimu? Now why would we wanna do-" Marisa scratches her head for a moment before nodding at you. "Oh, I see~ze." The witch then turns to Ran while scratching her nose. "Well, it looks like we're gonna head out in a bit then~ze."

"Oh, so soon? Well, before you go, I had your clothes cleaned, they should be dry by now. Please, allow me to go fetch them first." Ran bows in her overly proper manner before leaving you and Marisa alone with Chen, who is still finishing her breakfast.

With her mouth still full, the young nekomata looks up at you curiously. "You're leaving mngh... us already?" Chen says as she swallows the bit of food that she had in her mouth. You smile at the young cat-eared youkai.

"Chen, I don't think Miss Ran would be too pleased with you talking with your mouth full." You chide as you ruffle Chen's already tousled mop, evoking a small giggle as well as a mumbled apology from the nekomata. "But yes, we're going to be going for now. We're going to see if we can't find someone who can help us out a bit."

"Mmm... Okay" Chen sighs with a downtrodden expression.

"Oh, don't you worry yourself~ze. We'll be back to visit 'fore you know it!" Marisa chimes in ruffling the nekomata's hair a bit more. At this Chen's face brightens up with a smile.


"Sure." You reply to the young, excited shikigami.

Before long, Ran returns with your clothes neatly folded. The two of you take a few moments to get dressed, in separate rooms, of course. After changing back into your clothes you and Marisa take a moment to say your goodbyes to Ran and Chen who both see you off as you both mount Marisa's broom.

"Take care you two, and I hope you find the answers that you're looking for." Ran shouts to the two of you, waving an arm in farewell. "Please do come by again!"

"Y-Yeah! And bring more friends next time too!" Chen shouts excitedly, to which Ran turns and scowls at the young nekomata.

You and Marisa ascend to the air on her broom as you wave goodbye to your hosts at Mayohiga. Marisa turns to you and with a questioning look on her face, making sure that you're ready to go. You reply by squeezing your arms around her and learning your head against hers. Marisa nods back to you and grips tightly to the neck of the broom, before sending the two of you off across the sky.

As you sail along through the morning skies of Gensokyo you forget the scenery around you and enjoy the feeling and warmth of the witch next to you. You need this right now. With all the craziness around you, only one thing really makes sense to you anymore--Marisa.

Before long you're back over the skies surrounding the Hakurei Shrine. As Marisa lands at the foot of the torii gate, you notice the figure of the Hakurei maiden sweeping the grounds near the shrine as well as a drunken and passed out oni draped across the donation box. Reimu doesn't seem to have noticed the two of you, so you and Marisa casually attempt to sneak up behind the busied miko.

As you approach, Reimu suddenly turns brandishing her gohei, aiming it at you. You freeze for a moment at the shrine maiden's abrupt advance as the gohei pauses centimeters from your throat. After a moment, Reimu's expression melts into one of disappointment.

"Oh, it's just you two. I thought I had felt the faint presence of a you-..." Reimu stops herself and stares at you for a moment. "Anyways, what brings you to the shrine today? Here to bother me again, Marisa?" The shrine maiden asks with an annoyed look upon her face.

[ ] "Reimu, have you spoken with Yukari anytime lately?"
[ ] "Could you tell me what's happening to me?"
[ ] "We've got a incident on our hands and we need your help!"
[ ] "Reimu do you think you could help teach us how to fly?"
[ ] Something Else (Write-In)
>> No. 19477
[x] "Reimu, have you spoken with Yukari anytime lately?"
[x] "And is there any particular reason why Yukari would favor sliver hair?"
[x] "Could you tell me what's happening to me?"
[x] "Reimu do you think you could help teach us how to fly?"

It's the best I could do considering how the morons that voted for this option passed up the best source of information (Ran)
>> No. 19479
[x] "Reimu, have you spoken with Yukari anytime lately?"
-[x] "And is there any particular reason why Yukari would favor sliver hair?"
-[x] "Could you tell me what's happening to me?"

I'd say the flight thing could wait.

I, too, am disappointed that the option to ask Ran didn't win.
>> No. 19480
Ah well, what can you do when Anon fails at thinking...

[x] "Reimu, have you spoken with Yukari anytime lately?"
-[x] "And is there any particular reason why Yukari would favor sliver hair?"
-[x] "Could you tell me what's happening to me?"
>> No. 19481
[x] "Reimu, have you spoken with Yukari anytime lately?"
[x] "And is there any particular reason why Yukari would favor sliver hair?"
[x] "Could you tell me what's happening to me?"
>> No. 19482
[x] "Reimu, have you spoken with Yukari anytime lately?"
-[x] "And is there any particular reason why Yukari would favor sliver hair?"
-[x] "Could you tell me what's happening to me?"
>> No. 19483
[x] "Reimu, have you spoken with Yukari anytime lately?"
-[x] "And is there any particular reason why Yukari would favor sliver hair?"
-[x] "Could you tell me what's happening to me?"
>> No. 19485

Yeah... I wonder if those voters were trying to troll the story. But at least the option that did win might have some potential information.

I think we should keep an eye out for such stupidity in the future as to prevent it from catching like wildfire, natural or troll-natured.

I guess we'll have to ask Ran that next time we run into her.
>> No. 19486
>Yeah... I wonder if those voters were trying to troll the story.

Because choosing to see Reimu = trolling. That makes a whole lot of sense.
>> No. 19487

He's an idiot, leave him be.
>> No. 19490
It's not the Reimu voters, it was the "LOL SLIVER HAIR MEANS EIRIN OF COURSE" voters that were being stupid

The Reimu voters atleast had enough sense to pick somebody who was actually close to Yukari.
>> No. 19493

Yeah in addition to Yuyuko and perhaps Suika, Ran and Reimu would know best about what's going on in Yukari's head.

even if Reimu doesn't know anything, she could perhaps give pointers on flight.

But I do have a strong feeling that things are Rinnosuke related. Perhaps we might want to pay the man a visit sometime, since he would be on the few that knows Yukari.
>> No. 19566
>"Oh, it's just you two. I thought I had felt the faint presence of a you-..."
>> No. 19575

That's one of THP's cliches. You should have seen that coming.
>> No. 19577
this isn't surprising considering Yukari's muckery, and possible plans. (I do suspect something along the lines of turning him into a replacement Rinnosuke) and before anyone goes "no one likes Rinnosuke", that's just your opinion.
>> No. 19578

Could you explain this "Rinnosuke replacement" thing? Why would you replace something that isn't broken or missing?
>> No. 19580
Well, this is just mostly loose theory, and in Hot Dog chuck's works (something MikoSpark's Yukari is highly inspired by), there's a trend of Yukari/Rinnosuke. And what would Yukari and Marisa have in common other than blonde hair? Rinnosuke.

the sliver hair might be a nod. But as of yet it's just a theory as to Yukari's plans. We need more clues to figure out what's going on. Even if it's not that I suspect he will be mentioned.
>> No. 19582
>sliver hair

>> No. 19587
File 125911246986.jpg- (118.97KB , 744x1034 , 4641639.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 19592
>> No. 19641
File 125943742378.png- (584.23KB , 960x600 , d898708a219aaf9f6c605cf01fbc9445.png ) [iqdb]
[X] "Reimu, have you spoken with Yukari anytime lately?"
-[X] "And is there any particular reason why Yukari would favor silver hair?"
-[X] "Could you tell me what's happening to me?"

After regaining your composure from your close call with Reimu, you step back clearing your throat, your heart pounding against your chest. "Uhm... Reimu, we were curious if you had spoken with Yukari anytime within the past few days."

"What happened to your hair?" The miko asks, changing the subject.

"What? Well, that's what we were here to ask you about. You see when I woke up this morning-"

"Anyways, it's not important." The shrine maiden interjects. "But concerning Yukari... No I haven't seen her in... Hmm, how long has it been again? Perhaps five days or so now.

"What? 'How long has it been again?' Could it be that Reimu is becoming old and senile~ze?" The witch giggles with a childish smirk.

"Aren't we the same age, Marisa? Anyways, your friend here seems to be the one that's becoming old, wouldn't you say so?" Reimu retorts before turning back to you, sending a chill down your spine--You didn't look that much older in the mirror, did you? It's just your hair changing color, right? Right?

"In any case why are you so curious about Yukari? Could it be that she has something to do with your hair?" The miko leans in inspecting the silver locks in your hair.

"Yes, that's right. I've been seeing Yukari in my dreams every night and she... Well, she does things to me..." You explain as you back away from the intrusive miko. Marisa raises an eyebrow at you as you continue your explanation. "I mean, I can suddenly cast my own magic and now there's this streak in my hair. I mean, I didn't even know that magic existed a week ago, and now I'm casting magic and all these things are happening to me and I... And I just don't know what's going on."

"That just sounds like a typical day in Gensokyo to me, but perhaps we have reason to be concerned. The last time Yukari was involved in something major, we ended up causing a ruckus on the moon, but that's for another time." Reimu explains, meanwhile your witch seems to have remembered something.

"Oh, you mean that time that the vampire thought it would be a good idea to take over the moon~ze?" Marisa chimes in.

"We'll save that story for another time, Marisa." The shrine maiden sighs. "Anyways, so your hair has suddenly started to become like this?"

"Y-Yeah. Do you think that there's a reason that Yukari would give me silver hair? I mean, is there anyone around that she would favor with silver hair? She did mention needing to replace something once; could it be that she wanted to replace someone?"

The Hakurei maiden cocks her head for a moment, furrowing her eyebrows. "Not anyone particularly I don't believe. She only gets along well with Remilia from the Scarlet Devil Mansion, so Sakuya is out, and I believe Eirin is on her bad side after the several moon incidents."

"What about Kourin~?" Marisa chimes in curiously.

"Well, Yukari does visit him from time to time ever since we introduced the two of them. They seem do to have common interests in the outside world at least." Reimu explains. "But I don't think that we should jump to any conclusions just yet. I mean there's many possible reasons for why his hair is changing colors, but as far as being able to perform magic so quickly..." Reimu stares intently at you. "Perhaps he has just always had an affinity for magic despite being from the outside. I mean, I don't have to put any effort into performing my magic."

"Thanks for rubbing it in~ze." Marisa scoffs.

"But concerning you, I have no idea what Yukari would want with a ordinary human from the outside." Reimu thinks aloud before suddenly perking up. "Oh that's right! Yukari did mention something about creating a persona of herself in the outside world once... But you seem nothing like her."

You shake your head with a frown. "I don't think that's me." It seems like there wasn't much help here either, you think to yourself with a sigh.

"I suppose not." The shrine maiden nods as she resumes sweeping the shrine pathway. Meanwhile, you notice a stirring from the shrine as a small, horned figure yawns. Rubbing her eyes, the red-maned oni reaches for her purple gourd, taking a swig from it before falling off the donation box with a dull thud and walking over to the three of you.

The girl stumbles lazily as she walks. A pair of horns adorn her red-haired head as, one with a ribbon, the other with a white spiral along it. Her clothes are a bit tattered and torn, especially her sleeves which seem to have been ripped off. Holding her purple skirt to her are several belts, one of which features a chain attached to her purple gourd. Around her wrists and a loop in her hair are chains holding together various geometric shapes. As she stops before the lot of you, she smiles brightly, showing off her teeth.

"G'morning Reimu! Whatcha up to?" The little oni asks.

"Well, I was just entertaining our guests."

"I see, mind if I entertain here as well?" The little one asks, eying you closely. "I don't think I've seen you around before."

"Suika, this is Marisa's good friend from the outside world." Reimu introduces the two of you, as Suika nods in acknowledgement.

"I see. So you were the one in the paper from the other day... Well put her there!" Suika energetically greets you with an outstretched hand. "I'm Suika, a part-miko here at the shrine." You offer your hand in reply as Suika shakes it with a surprisingly firm grip, one that's almost painful.

"And full-time freeloader." Reimu sighs.

"Hey, I don't do it anymore than Marisa here does!" The oni complains.

"I suppose not."

"Anyways, I wanna shake off some of my drowsiness. Any of you here up for a match of danmaku to wake me up?"

[ ] Have a quick danmaku match.
[ ] Have Reimu teach you the basics of danmaku first.
[ ] Try to learn how to fly first.
[ ] Not now (suggest something else)


Apologizes for taking so long to get this update up. I was rearranging plans I had for this story as well as suffering from illness and a fit of writer's block. Thank you for waiting warmly.
>> No. 19642
{X} Try to learn how to fly first.
>> No. 19644
[x] Try to learn how to fly first.

Flight should be first.
>> No. 19645
[x] Try to learn how to fly first.
>> No. 19651
[X] Try to learn how to fly first.
>> No. 19684
[X] Try to learn how to fly first.

I don't see why not.
>> No. 19755
File 125982046053.jpg- (270.84KB , 722x788 , 4fbe29a82dc445cb5dc42e9b89e8884b.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Try to learn how to fly first.

The oni sways back and forth as she waits on your answer, the heavy smell of alcohol wafting off of her brings with it the fond memories of late nights with friends and especially the night you nearly died and ended up in Gensokyo.

Shaking off those thoughts you try to focus on the task at hand, danmaku duels. All this time you've been sitting as wingman to Marisa during each duel she's faced and have often become a burden. Perhaps it's time for you to open your wings and fly--literally.

"Hey, before we start any duels, I think I would like to try to learn how to fly first." You suggest. At that Reimu turns to Marisa with an unimpressed look upon her face.

"You still haven't taught him how to fly yet?" The shrine maiden sighs as she plants a palm to her forehead.

"W-Well, we've been busy! That and it's been hard enough teaching him how to cast his own magic shots~ze." Marisa whines, her cheeks puffing up with frustration.

"In any case, I'm not sure if I'm the proper person to teach you. To me, flying came as naturally as walking." The miko explains to your dismay. "However, that person next to you could probably teach you a thing or two about learning how to fly."

"Who me?" The witch asks surprisedly as Reimu nods in agreement.

"You had to learn how to by yourself, right? Then it would only seem natural that someone who had to learn how to fly would make for an appropriate teacher as well, since he will likely face similar hurdles." The shrine maiden explains. Meanwhile, Suika seems to have become bored, now just sitting down and leaning onto her gourd.

"Come on... lets play here or something..." The drunken oni whines.

"I doubt Reimu'll want to do anything that requires any work, but I'll getcha warmed up with some danmaku after I'm done teachin' my boy here how to fly, alright~ze?" Marisa suggests to Suika with a toothy grin.

"Fine... wake me up when you're done here then." Suika sighs before hobbling off to the donation box pass out again.

"I should probably return to my duties anyways, this shrine won't clean itself, but first, some tea." Reimu walks off toward the back of the shrine before waving back to the two of you. "And do be careful not to break anything during your lesson." The Hakurei miko warns sharply, leaving the two of you by yourselves.

"Now where the heck do I start~ze?" Marisa pulls off her hat and scratches her head as she looks down at her broom and then at you. "Well, I dunno if teachin' you would even be the same 'cause I hafta use my broom to fly just like a proper witch, of course." She says as she replaces the hat upon her head.

You sigh putting a hand to your chin as you eye Marisa's broom. Witches have always seemed to use brooms to fly as far as you could tell, but was there something special about them?

"Hey Marisa?" The witch raises her eyes as you get her attention. "Why is it that you can fly on your broom anyhow?"

"Hrmm? Well, this isn't just any old broom, I'll have you know~ze." She says presenting the broom in front of herself proudly. "This is a magical broom given to me by Lady Mima!" The witch explains with growing enthusiasm in her voice. "Ya see, I can't just use any old broom to fly. It's got to be made out the wood of special trees and that's not all!" You smile inwardly as she continues her lively explanation, her single braid bouncing to-and-fro--It's so cute when she gets excited about things. "I hafta wax my broom once a week with a flying ointment that I've learned to make from different kinds of mushrooms and herbs~ze!" She says as she motions up and down the neck of the broom, evoking... less than pure thoughts from you as you try to stifle a smirk.

"Erm... So, can anyone use your broom to fly?" You ask curiously, trying to get your mind back on track.

"Well, not just anyone!" Marisa continues her explanation, now beginning to walk in a circle around you. "I mean ya hafta be pretty adept in magic and well, if ya couldn't tell by now, my magic is powered by the power of love~ze!"

"Well, I should have no problem with that part of it then." You say as you wrap your arms around the witch's waist from behind, causing her to gasp before relaxing in your embrace.

"What, the magic? From what I've seen you've still got a long ways to go with that~ze." The witch scoffs as she cranes her neck up at you with a raised eyebrow.

"You know which part I'm talking about." You chide as you leave a kiss upon her forehead causing the playful witch to giggle with a nod.

The witch slowly untangles herself from your arms, to your slight dismay, and spins around with her broom, causing her skirt to twirl around her as well.

"Well, I mean we could try teachin' you to fly with my broom. Or we could also teach you to fly on your own magic power, but doin' it on your own would be a bit harder since I don't do it myself.

[ ] Try using Marisa's broom.
[ ] Try flying on your own.
>> No. 19756
[ ] Try flying on your own.
>> No. 19757
[X] Try flying on your own.
>> No. 19758
[X] Try flying on your own.
>> No. 19772
[x] Try flying on your own.

Doing things your own way counts for alot.
>> No. 19774
[+] Try flying on your own.
Because, as nice as it is, there's only so much fun you can have riding tandem.
>> No. 19800
File 126004485363.jpg- (89.36KB , 480x700 , 23c5f37fefa943a8637db35e0f31fab3.jpg ) [iqdb]
Well, the next update is coming along slowly, so please wait patiently for it. Also, we're about to hit autosage soon, so please use the rest of this thread for any feedback you have on ORBS.

That said, let me give you something to work with. As always, I'm welcome to constructive criticism, suggestions on directions to go with the story, as well as speculation on the future of ORBS.

New thread coming soon!

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