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File 127012856590.jpg - (187.07KB, 1023x850, girls just wanna have fun.jpg)
girls just wanna have fun
[x] Confess your undying love to Kaguya

Your heart beats fast and feels like it's about to explode as you finish uttering those magical words. The world seems to freeze, your every thought a struggle. Kaguya, her closeness, her appearance, you hungrily try to absorb her every detail. It feels like an eternity before time begins to move again.

You watch as her expression changes into the sweetest smile you've ever seen. It gives you hope, enough to justify your whole existence until that point in time. Her radiance is absolute, majestic even. Calling her angelic would be an understatement, her incorruptible pure essence is worth waging wars for; All the evil in the world is justified, if only to balance out her sublime perfection.

Her reply comes softly, her words come at you like sweet delicious honey, soothing mind and soul. The high you experience is something else altogether.

“So that's how you honestly feel? I had more than a feeling that that was the way it was.” Every words seems to caress you, soothe your aching heart. “You took so long to admit it too, you're such an idiot. An unforgivable idiot. If you had just held me earlier then...”

You mind plays a thousand and one scenarios simultaneously. The projections in your head all compete for best picture and best actors. It's hard to decide just which of your fantasies would be best. Kaguya seems more than eager to steer you to the right one, something for which you are very grateful.

She leans in closer, making you painfully aware of her intoxicating scent. The smell of freshness, of life, of the very core of vitality. In a nutshell, her own distinctive natural aroma. Now, more than ever, you simply want to drown yourself in it. To take and indulge like a madman without a care in the world. If it would only be yours for a moment you would die a happy man. It's the most anyone could ask.

“You see, Shirou,” She states with the same wholesome love you've come to know and enjoy over the past few weeks, “The truth is that you don't have the foggiest about how I've really felt. During this trip, during all that we've done together I've, well, been pretty clear about how I feel. The real truth of it all is that I love-”

The pressure in your chest is immense. It feels like a extremely full balloon being crushed by a steamroller. You hang to her every word, her every motion with adoring and hopeful attention. It's your moment, it's her moment. Thoughts of what is about to transpire drive you to the point of insanity, of absolute irrationality in letting yourself get lost in the moment.

“HOLD IT RIGHT THERE!” A loud voice interrupts the intimate scene with much fanfare. “I'll not have this occur here! It'll be on my head.”

Standing in tattered, mangled clothes and head held high, Eirin appears from the old creaky entrance. Even in her ragged state of dress, she commands the same arrogant authority that has somewhat endeared her to you. She nary takes a breath to pause before she's up in your face with a determined look of purpose plastered over her face. You've never quite seen her like this.

“Aren't you supposed to be dealing with Lunarians now?” You ask the first thing that pops into your mind.
“Aren't you?” She retorts with a snort.
“Hey, I'm not the one coc-”
“That'll be enough out of you!” She snaps at you, her hair braid nearly coming loose in her excitement. She turns to Kaguya with a look of utmost emotional intensity. “Princess, about what you're doing...”

“I know what I'm doing! I'm not a child... I was just about to say that-”
“Before that princess, please hear me out. I cannot keep this to myself any longer, I cannot live this lie any more.” Eirin looks at Kaguya with sobriety beyond her normal taciturn self. She takes a deep breath, her soul breathing in to calm itself. “The truth is that I love you. I desire you. I cannot live without you!” Tears well in her eyes, “I need you! Please be mine!”

“What!?” Three voices echo in unison. Kaguya and yourself are joined in the exclamation by the newly arrived Reisen, who was carrying around travel equipment.

“Without you I am incomplete. I've come to realize this after all this time together. I am broken, not even worth the oxygen I breathe if I'm not to be with you.”
“What the hell Eirin?!” You can't contain your anger at the unsportsmanlike boldness of hers. This was your confession, your happily ever after ending. “Weren't you just masturbating a couple of threads ago to the idea of me making sweet sweet love with Kaguya?”
“You shut up, boy. I was getting off on the princess. Not your pathetic excuse for an existence.”
“That's not what I read.”
“It's surprising that you can read at all. Then again, it's impressive that you can take one step after the other most of the time without tripping all over yourself.”

“Enough you two!” Kaguya pipes in, her face flush. “This is about me, right? Not you.”

“Of course.”

“I'll have you both let me finish my thought here.”

“Of course.”

'Ehm.” She clears her throat in that cute way of hers, hand covering her delicate lips. You're totally smitten with her. “As I was saying, I love someone else. Sorry. I'm promised to them.”
“Who is it princess? I'll kill them myself!” Eirin issues a thread with excessive emotion.
“You couldn't kill her even if you wanted to.”
“Oh, her. I may not be able to now, but I will some day. Just you wait.”
“Enough! No killing of my true love!.”
“Is it because I don't have that down there? I can grow one for a while with my special medicine and we can-”
“No no no no no.”

“If I may...” You interrupt. “So I'm out of the running for either of you?” There goes your entire run. Another failure.

“Go play with yourself or something,” Eirin's reply is crude. She has not time to spare on a dreg like you. She tries her hardest to sway the princess to her point of view.
“Oh why don't you snap my dick already and get it over with? You've taken everything else from me.”
“That'd be too easy,” Eirin smiles, “It'd be much better to cause non-permanent damage and then tell everyone about it so they bitch about it for no real reason for years to come.”
“You bitch.”
“Feisty. I like. Too bad you didn't show that sort of passion before. You could have had me, you know. You had the potential to be smart enough and to manipulate events to your favor. Same with Kaguya here. She could have been yours if you tried your damnedest.”
“So I'm just a huge loser then?”
“Pretty much, my boy. All you could get now is Reisen. Go ahead, take her.” Eirin points to the confused and distraught moon bunny standing by the doorway. It looks like she had a lot of unresolved feelings for her master that just got scrambled hard with all these declarations.
“I don't want her.”
“Oh? Why not?”
“Because there'll never be a Reisen route. It's the same reason I gave up on Keine.”
“That's a shame, you know. She came to the clinic the other day feeling horny. She needs a man. Her cow tits need a bit of milking as well.”
“You lie.”
“And you fail.”
“I blame my readers.”
“I blame your schizophrenia.”
“No, those voices in your head aren't really there.”
“Sure they are. The nice fellow at Yakcorp assured me that that was 'real reader input' or some such.”
“Yakcorp? They filed for bankruptcy after being rocked by scandal after scandal dealing with sexual harassment suits. They've been closed for years now.”
“So I was conned?”
“Maybe. Was it a psychotic man with an unhealthy obsession with lunarians claiming that reader participation was important?”
“He's a deadbeat scumbag. Don't trust a word he says. It's been over a year since the start of this and look how far we've gotten.”

“Hey, cut him some slack!” Tewi interrupts, showing up from under a creaky wooden floorboard. “Things haven't been easy. What with all the hate and slander.”
“Oh boo hoooo.” Eirin mocks.
“No, like seriously. Apathy is deadly and contagious. Especially when people won't give things a chance or abandon ship at the nearest port faster than a sailor with gonorrhea and enough money for tarts.”
“That's not even clever.”
“I'm not trying to be clever. He's mai hausbando and I love him.”
“That's just... wrong on so many levels. I'm putting forward a motion to kick you out of Eientei for being so annoying.”
“Hey, at least I'm not as useless as Reisen.”
“Well, that much is true.”

A merry laugh is had by all as you sink deeper into despair. No god will smile down upon you and reward you with alcohol or fabulous cash prizes. That train has left the station long ago. This wild gang sorts their affairs out while you watch, impotent. Kaguya settles for dual custody, neither of them you. Your heart broken, you wallow in self pity, wondering why everything sucks. Stupid Yakcorp, stupid /eientei/, stupid omnipotent writer, stupid readers. They all suck. All you wanted was a bit of fun and love and instead got this.

“Is it too late for a Tewi route?” You ask with the melody of despair ringing within your every word.
“For you, yes. Seriously dude, the PDA was pretty damn clear about this sort of crap.” Tewi replies.
“The hell it was! Most useless and obtuse gadget ever!”
“There were a lot of hints outside of it. Past interactions also really gave things away. Where and how things were headed.”
“I was completely lost! Besides which, the one or two bad things that have happened to me clearly outweigh all the mountain loads of good things that have happened. How am I supposed to deal with consequences to my actions?”
“Like everyone else does, finding the next thing to do and moving on.”
“But that was impossible! I kept getting punished for everything.”
“Is that how it seemed?”
“Duh yeah!”
“But what about all the discussion and assurances.”
“I was being misled even when things went my way!”
“Hahaha no. You should have trusted your instincts. Seriously, how could you ignore braless Eirin twice? Or how your best buddy totally wanted you. Or did you really think that those panties got there by themselves? Or that it was totally platonic to kiss, play eroge and do all that stuff together? For heaven's sake, you could have just asked about this sort of crap, you know.”
“You're a horrible character. In fact, everything in this story is horrible and everyone that reads this is horrible! The writer is horrible! Why are there so many exclamations, is this supposed to be edgy and 'realistic'?!I won't believe your lies Ondore Tewi!”
“Hard to tell fact from fiction, eh? Eirin has a shot for that.”
“Needle time isn't fun time.”

“Oh yes it is, and it's always fun time.”

With a cackle, Eirin decides to 'fix' you once and for all.

Goodbye Kaguya.
Goodbye Eirin.
Goodbye Mokou.
Goodbye Reisen.
Goodbye Keine.
Goodbye Tewi.

And to all the readers, congratulations goodbye!
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File 127012947518.jpg - (137.53KB, 512x512, 29cd49c09754883cc2edb61b2bdccd96.jpg)



...yeah...I got no words for this.
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File 127013226662.jpg - (39.43KB, 400x364, 1247791388911.jpg)
>Because there'll never be a Reisen route.
ah, screw you.
>“I blame my readers.”
>“I blame your schizophrenia.”
>No, like seriously. Apathy is deadly and contagious. Especially when people won't give things a chance or abandon ship
>You're a horrible character. In fact, everything in this story is horrible and everyone that reads this is horrible! The writer is horrible!
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oh wait
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I hope you're right. How the hell did I forget that?
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I read up to
>“The truth is that I love you. I desire you. I cannot live without you!” Tears well in her eyes, “I need you! Please be mine!”
Then I read the rest, noticed the date and felt a bit stupid.

Teruyo: Damn good writer and master troll or at least I hope this is the case when referring to the troll part of it anyway.
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File 127013933861.jpg - (33.59KB, 480x360, 1257678579950.jpg)
Glorious Teruyo just glorious.
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Damn.... you straight up went and brutalized your own self harder than I think anyone would go.
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File 127014292312.jpg - (130.79KB, 569x639, 3dd941fee5b0e20e017e976db56d0c184f4dac66.jpg)

That's what makes Teruyo the strongest in THP
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There's also a fair bit of ribbing Anon in there.

>“It'd be much better to cause non-permanent damage and then tell everyone about it so they bitch about it for no real reason for years to come.”

Made me laugh quite a bit.
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>There's also a fair bit of ribbing Anon in there.

Makes this anon wonder though...

Had DoAlF been started say... a week ago, would it be very different compared to how DoaLF is now? Are the THP-Anon of today so very different than those of a couple of years ago; enough so that the story as well as Teruyo would be regarded in a better light than usual..?

Perhaps strangely, DoaLF had always been ahead of it's time?
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My body is made of trolls.
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File 127014842692.png - (131.88KB, 400x420, hatateomg.png)
>“I'm not trying to be clever. He's mai hausbando and I love him.”


Goddamnit Teruyo!
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File 127014939142.jpg - (51.03KB, 449x673, 128871569979091430.jpg)
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File 127015531034.jpg - (25.40KB, 347x347, ZUN.jpg)
Well done!
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Well it's hard to say, since stories as a whole are generally more well refined. Anon today is certainly smarter and more wary of joke/troll votes. But I think Teruyo would have been able to get some actual help instead of the hostility some people give him as a result of the first run.
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>Teruyo: Damn good writer

What the hell are you on and where ca-


Oh damn you got me.
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File 127016877982.png - (439.25KB, 735x737, me in the middle.png)
me in the middle
I technically posted when it was past midnight here, so it was the 2nd for me. But the intent was to aim for the 1st.

This is now the canon ending for everything I've ever written. Or will write.

Targets: Me, my readers, my stories, those who dislike me, /eientei/, thp, characters and personalities in the stories and anyone else I could think to include.

It's all too easy to forget just who we are, what we're all about and where we came from.

I'm avant-garde baby. Joking aside, I would not be writing if I had just come to the site now probably. That magical spark and carefree atmosphere that was prevalent has been supplanted by what feels like tedium and dourness. Not everything and everyone of course, but that's the vibe I get for some reason. I'm all for laughing and having fun with interactive stories about magical lolis in a strange land.

You can't censor her love!

I see that and I think "brb, making kappa drown more humans".

I've always made fun of myself and my readers. The previous run had tons of things and my side stories/projects often are self-satirizing. Though >>20241 makes it sound like I have a horrible addiction. Screw that! Tail feels so good!

Oh hey, it's someone that doesn't actually read anything I write trying to be clever. Hello sir, doesn't the sunlight hurt you? You've spent an awful lot of time under that bridge after all.
Delete Post
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>Though >>20241 makes it sound like I have a horrible addiction. Screw that! Tail feels so good!

Actually I was saying how you were victimized by bad votes first run and remarking on the ramifications of a story starting much sooner than it did. Time paradox stuff.
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And then Shirou was left alone on a big, blue ball.
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File 127017152925.png - (87.29KB, 1357x1114, sometimes thp is like this.png)
sometimes thp is like this
And I was shrugging it off, not blaming any one thing in particular for the past. Though I have to agree somewhat and add that less jackasses and less dogmatic thinking is always nice. I would have to disagree with the claim of increased smartness though. It's about the same, just shown in different place and in different ways.
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We should have been going for our waifu, Avalon, this entire time. What kind of NEET are we if we don't love our waifu?
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File 127040358422.png - (763.07KB, 1000x900, Kaguya emotions.png)
Kaguya emotions

You can keep your hot glue, brother.
Delete Post
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>“Because there'll never be a Reisen route."
I'm still waiting for one.
Delete Post
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oh man, 4 days and just now do i stumble upon this. You were right, i should have seen it when you told me so, this is awesome, you got me good.
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File 127070604180.jpg - (385.02KB, 1000x750, d0c088df3bf3fadc6d23e564e1105b83.jpg)
Aprils over.
The rabble demands updates.
Delete Post
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>>Aprils over.

I think we still have a couple weeks left of it, actually.
Delete Post
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Can't be April, it was 90 degrees yesterday.
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File 127079754121.jpg - (420.16KB, 1000x1422, Dedication and grace.jpg)
Dedication and grace
“Updates? Updates!?” The man snorted at the monitor with quite a bit of indignation. Who did they think they were, demanding updates?! The sheer gall, the audacity! It was revolting. He had to look away from the image board and to the figure on his desk. Looking upon its gentle features and delicate smile, he was quickly soothed. It always soothed him.

Still, the logical part of his brain would not let this go that easily. It reminded him with a sharp throb of the slight. He sighed, knowing what he had to do. He gave the smiling 1/8 goddess an affectionate nod and got to work. He wrote and wrote, the clacking of finger on keyboard sounding something like rapid fire from an automatic rifle. With bursts of thirty words or more, he shot his intent to the computer and the empty text document soon bulged with words and paragraphs.

Halfway through he allowed himself a brief break. Well, not so much a break as a chance to review his genius with a satisfied smirk. He was hot shit and he knew it. No matter what the guys said of him, he knew he was top dog. Perhaps if he had bothered to remember all the trouble when he had just started then maybe he wouldn't have been so smug, but that's a narcissist for you. It was a miracle that he hadn't yet sunk to the level of kissing the mirror every morning in the bathroom. Mind you he had almost done it several times, but was always interrupted by something or the other.

Regardless, he knew he was better than any of his coworkers. He looked up from his cubicle and around the office, scanning the premise for the weak displays put on by the others. Sure enough he saw the others still struggling with confidence, their work progressing slowly and their figures slumped over in self-defeat. They were pathetic.

“Working on another masterpiece?” A sycophantic voice came from his right. He turned his head in displeasure, knowing already who it was.
“Yes. Yes I am,” He felt like telling the imbecile in front of him to kill himself, but knew that this sad excuse for a writer would eat up his every word. He'd actually do it, the spineless idiot.
“Oh brother, you're on fire man. I envy you, yes siree.” The fool smiled a smile that only idiots of his caliber could, “The supervisor is sure to reward all your hard work. I mean shucks, you're awesome.”
“I know that.” He said with the same self-serving smugness that had gotten him this far up the corporate ladder. Sure, he knew deep down that it was pointless to carry around like he owned the place. And yet. It seemed to impress the higher ups when they saw him walking around confidently, head held high. President Y even had winked at him once or twice. It had made him feel funny. Then again, getting any attention from the charismatic and talented President and CEO would make anyone feel good. Despite all of his troubles, he felt some loyalty to good ol' YakCorp.

“This isn't a country club, you know.” A stern voice, one that could only belong to the petty tyrants known as middle-management interrupted the exchange.
“Oh! I know it isn't section chief!” The idiot replied. His respect of the man dropped even further.
“Then why are you socializing like a bunch of ladies?”

“I called him over for help with a reference.” He bailed out his companion. He was an idiot, but he wasn't in the mood to hear all the verbal abuse that was to come.
“Call him here, did you?” The supervisor asked skeptically, her eyebrows cocking up. He could tell she was angry (and she was always angry it seemed) because of the way her tails swayed impatiently behind her.
“Yes ma'am,” he turned to his imbecile of a coworker, “that'll be all, thank you for your assistance.”

It took the idiot writer more than a minute to catch his drift. He scurried off with a weak smile, realizing just how close he had come to the abyss.

“Anonymous is impatient.” The woman said, her eyes sharpening up into a powerful gaze. He hated when she looked like that, he had a bad feeling about this. “As you know, productivity is down nearly 60% and readership is down by at least as much. It's important that now, more than ever, you give it your all.”
“Of course.”
“Glad you understand. Now come with me. We need to talk.”
“Yes?” He asked with some stupefaction. Management never called except for demotions and... there were rumors that some people would just disappear after being called to a 'talk'.
“Just follow,” She grinned, obviously happy at the effect of the current level of rumor-mongering in the office.

He had no choice but to follow the supervisor. Eyes furtively dared to glance up from their cubicles as he passed, some sympathetic while others still laughing at him. This place was a partisan hell.

To his surprise, he didn't end up in the supervisor's office as he expected. He followed the woman in the business suit out of the department and towards the adjoining building – the upper management building. There was a feeling of foreboding that was welling up within him that threatened to explode sometime soon. Secretaries' eyes looked at him with some bewilderment as he made his way past the reception and into the private elevator area. He almost broke out in a cold sweat when he saw his supervisor use a key on the private elevator that went to the top floor.

It was the longest elevator ride of his life, the sound of the moving elevator seemed to strike a funerary tune. He felt like this was going to be the worst thing that ever happened to him. He should have taken up a job at KawaTech, they weren't as evil as YakCorp.

Things were a bit of a blur as the doors opened and he found himself in a huge garden. His supervisor had to prod him to get him to move on. He was out of it as they cleared the huge doors that lead to the most luxurious office he had ever seen. Most of the opposite wall was a clear window that had a spectacular view of the whole complex and surrounding land. His panic changed to wonderment as he stared at the ivory fixings on the bookshelf or the delicate gold and silver patter that ran along the marble floor.

It was then that he noticed that his supervisor had left.

“Glad you could join me.” A seductive voice whispered into his ear. He felt his spine melt like butter, the sensuous tone washing away the apprehension and replacing it with guarded excitement. A soft disarming scent of perfume wafted into his nostrils. The woman giggled, “I've been meaning to call you up for some time now. Sorry about interrupting your work.”
“O-oh, it's no bother at all.” He managed to somehow say, turning his head with a smile to the woman. “I'm glad to be here for you madam president.”
“Please, there's no need for formalities, I dislike them ever so much. I want you to be relaxed, I look relaxed, right?”

He decided that it was appropriate to let his gaze wander from her intense dark golden eyes. What he saw would be guaranteed to make any warm-blooded male gawk like an idiot. A delicate dress, so far removed from her usual smart suit that you saw her in pictures wearing, the silky fabric looking like it would be more commonplace in a fancy private club than the office of the president of YakCorp. It was something like a china dress, he could see the president's shapely thighs and legs go on for seemingly ever. He gulped hard as he raised his gaze to the her upper regions and gulped again as he quickly lifted his gaze up further.

“You may be wondering why I called you here,” She spoke, seemingly enjoying all the attention she was getting from him. He was sure to look like an idiot, but she just giggled like a flirtatious schoolgirl. “To tell you the truth I feel we have a lot to discuss. You've been here with us for about two years now, and we appreciate such loyalty and commitment here. I am a fan of your work.”
“You're too kind.” He grinned like a fool, a proud fool.
“I've been following your progress from day one, I've read every thing you've ever produced for us,” And with a devious and bewitching smile she added, “And some things that you've done in your private time as well. It's all been very delightful.”
“Why thank you, but I don't deserve all that praise. I also have the excellent staff here to thank and my fans.” He was blushing, not in the least because she was implying she had read his drafts of Aya's Fantasies. It was all very exciting.
“As you know,” She got down to business, all the while tracing a finger delicately over his chest. It made his body tingle, “We've been rocked by scandal and complication lately.”

She meant the declining readership and the allegations of sexual harassment. It had been all the talk around the water cooler as of late. His supervisor was implicated as well, rumor was that she and the head of HR were going at it. The guys said that it was okay because she was cute, but he had his doubts.

“Unfortunately,” She continued, “these trying times ask a lot from all of us. And though you've done so much for us, I'll have to ask you to do some more. I'm afraid that I'll have to deny your petition for reassignment to the field, we would rather you stay here.”
“B-but...” He thought of the goddess on his desk and thought that he had been looking forward to meeting her. Now he wasn't even going to meet the useless bunny. He was instantly depressed.
“Oh now, don't pout.” To his surprise, the most powerful woman in this corporation was giving him a hug. He felt slightly better feeling her warm embrace and drinking heavily her intoxication scent. “If you pout it makes me feel sad. I was planning on giving you a special post here. I'm taking a very direct and personal interest in you now. I want you to report directly to me now.”
“Eh?” He was taken aback, not sure whether to be happy about it and focus on the soft things rubbing up against him or to be guarded and try his best to keep him from noticing his other display of happiness.

She let go with a knowing smile, looking at him like a hungry predator having found a scrumptious victim.

“I have faith in you, despite of past indiscretions and some underhanded attacks on this fine company.”
“I- apologize about that, I didn't mean to-”
“I know. But you're an idiot all the same. And some people would question why I'm favoring what they would perceive to be a talentless hack. They say that without realizing that our reader base is also moronic. I need more people like you. I'm going to try a very hands on approach with you, see if you'll produce the results I want.”

As he limped to the elevator several hours later, his body and soul having been exhausted in fantastical ways, he thought about what he had started in the morning. He had to finish what he started. That was what the CEO had drilled into him, or rather he had drilled... what he had learned. He would have to now accept his new responsibilities with grace and give it to her his fans quickly and on an at least daily basis.

It wasn't going to be easy. He could collapse at any moment if he wasn't careful. Haters were going to hate. Idiots would still gossip and slander as before. Still, he smiled. He was management now. That meant having to carry himself with dignity. He leaned against the elevator wall and slumped to the floor, drained.

He had to think of new and innovative strategies to deal with his shortcomings, and that of the readers. He had a very personal stake in all of this and he meant to deliver somehow. Even though he wasn't going to go and spend time were he felt like he belonged (he would have to apologize by proxy to his 1/8 model), he would still get to cover that and more.

He sat as his corner office typing away contently. He looked at the clock – soon the president would call him again to test his dedication to the company He could barely wait. Thoughts about Lunarians and characters that would never get a route flitted away as he pressed submit and delivered yet another platinum quality update.

The mongrels didn't know how hard it was to come up with this stuff, so they better be thankful. Or at the very least not act like 13 year olds hopped up on sugar. Maybe he would throw in some despair or something in later. Something to keep them on their toes. 'Two score and a decade' just didn't cut it anymore. Even the passive-aggressive utterings of past years, concerning failures brought upon themselves with foolish actions, didn't seem as big. He needed more people blaming him for their mistakes and never looking on all the accomplishments. Maybe a snide comment or two. And someone who just didn't get satire when he saw it. Definitely more people that didn't actually sit down and give things a chance, preferring constant and instant gratification. Aggravating them was what he did best apparently. It was what the president expected of him, after all.
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Get back to work Nigger.
And you better keep your word.
Delete Post
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It's time to live up to your company name and face full writer consequences.
Delete Post
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>>He should have taken up a job at KawaTech, they weren't as evil as YakCorp.

I dunno, I hear working there can be a real pain in the ass if you're not careful.
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>working there can be a real pain in the ass if you're not careful.

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File 127084183825.jpg - (134.92KB, 1119x800, Decisions and Consequences.jpg)
Decisions and Consequences
“It's certainly unexpected, but not unpleasant to see you here.” Eirin put on her best diplomatic smile as she sipped her tea, politely waiting for the guest to take her own sip. “What brings you to our humble home?”

The two women had been sitting now for a good quarter hour sipping tea. With Kaguya away, it fell to Eirin to be the figurehead of the household. Sure, she may have run the day to day affairs but being the face of Eientei was something new to her.. The princess loved to while away time chatting over a cup of tea, and would often entertain visitors with tales of bygone eras and generously carry herself in a manner befitting, well, a princess. Probably everyone that had spent time time chatting with her would remember the encounter fondly.

That's not to say that Eirin was a poor conversationalist. It was quite the opposite, really. She knew how to carry on, how to make people feel at ease. She could hold their interest while making them feel a part of the conversation if she felt like it. Which is why it had taken a good fifteen minutes of polite small talk to get to that question.

“I guess I have to admit that I don't come around here very often,” Keine spoke, a sheepish smile accompanying her words, “It must be a bit puzzling for you – me just showing up out of the blue like this. I'd like to apologize for inconveniencing you. I must imagine that you're awfully busy this time of year, with it being flu season and all. ”
“It's no inconvenience at all. It's been a while since I spoke to someone that's not from Eientei. And there haven't been very many patients in to see me lately either, so I'm relatively free.”
“That puts me more at ease. Though I suspect I should just get on to why I decided to come like this.” The schoolmarm put on something of an expression of mild distance, like she was recounting some sad inevitability. It would surprise any that knew her and her usual cheery and robust personality. “To be absolutely frank, it's because I've felt a bit lonely, neglected even. I just wanted some time with someone else. How very silly of me, no?”
“Not at all, we all get like that at times.” The good doctor truly did empathize. Often left alone to her devices, it sometimes felt like she was the only person left in the world. She reassured the youthful teacher, “There's no shame in admitting it and I'm more than glad to keep you company.”

Keine took another sip of her tea, looking relieved. It wasn't easy being on the sidelines for so long, ignored for what seemed to be forever. She sometimes thought that it was her fault, that no one would have anything but a passing interest in her. They all seemed to gravitate towards Mokou – not that there was anything wrong with that, but surely there was going to be just one that would favor her?

“I'm sorry if I'm a little out of line here, but I take it that you're thinking about our permanent guest?”
“Yes, I am.” She sighed. She had read the history over and over again, and knew of what had been and what could have been.
“It does seem like you were completely ignored after a while, even after you were so helpful and kind.”
“Ah, you knew?”
“Well,” Eirin chuckled, “it's not hard to follow what he's up to. Reading up is easy for me, since I'm in the middle of it all anyways.”
“I suppose that's true. But isn't that overstepping the bounds of confidentiality and privilege?”
“Not at all. As a major player I get all my prints directly from the publisher. I'm even on a first-name basis with the author, you know.”
“So was I, once...” There was a wistful sigh that followed.
“He still cares about you, you know. There's a bunch of things he's written about and for you.”

In that instant, between taking a breath and organizing thoughts, both women thought about what was going on now. Somewhere near, yet so far away. Out of sight, did not mean out of mind – the kids being alone invited all sort of imaginative scenarios to crop up. Eirin had already had a hefty piece dedicated to her want but Keine's lust has only been hinted at. It may be unfair to make another heifer joke here, but someone at the table certainly was thinking about a certain protagonist fondling her dairy jugs. These thoughts caused faint lustful smiles to flash across their lips. That was before they got on with the onerous and serious topic, presenting their feelings and thoughts in a much more dignified matter.

“It's not the same. I don't want to seem selfish, but...”
“You want a route, right?” Eirin chuckled again, knowing the feelings Keine had all too well. She confessed, “I want the same.”
“Ah, you too?”
“Well, naturally. I don't think there's a single person here that doesn't want a route. It can feel like one has been... forgotten. All the attention goes somewhere else and we're discarded.” The silver-haired woman admitted with certain reserve. She knew what she was talking about. It hit close to home. 'And some of us deserve one real bad. Your friend is one of them.”
“You mean Mokou?”
“Yes indeed. She's popular enough, but she hasn't gotten her due yet.”
“Isn't that a bit like that girl here, um...”
“You mean Udonge? Yes, there's her too.”

As if on cue, the moon rabbit came in with more tea.

“I'm sorry master, did you call for me?”
“No, I didn't.. We were talking about you though. And routes.”
“Oh, you mean how it always looks like I'll be chosen and then...”
“Yes, that.”

It was an awkward silence. The courageous moon bunny was the first to break it with her observations.

“Well, I rather think that he likes me all the same.”
“You mean our plucky lad? Well, yes, probably. He likes all of us.”
“Yes, well, master. I meant that he may have had a thing for me.”
“Oh, what gives you that impression?”
“Well, he seemed genuinely upset after the bath incident.”
“He might have seen it as the end of the world. Probably some did.”
“How else was I supposed to react? I knew he wasn't at fault, but it was too soon to just forgive outright, especially with all the whitewashing he tried.”
“Harsh of you.”
“That's the thing though, I've got a pretty ok relationship with him though. The rocky part didn't last long...”

Surely, in her maidenly heart, Reisen thought about what ifs. Though she knew deep down what was going on somewhere out there she couldn't help but think. - About being the object of continued and dedicated affection. About being the central force in a route. She thought of being held and sweet nothing being whispered in her ears.... Beyond a shadow of a doubt, she was a romantic.

“Well, every relationship has its ups and downs,” Keine observed, “it's silly to think that everyone deals with tension and misunderstandings in the say way, and sillier still to expect them not to move on with patience and dialog.”
“Ah, that's what I think as well!” Reisen piped up excitedly. “That's how it's always worked, right? Anything else is just cheap shot of instant gratification.”
“Things, whether it's understanding or relationships, take time.”

“Well, despite some panic, that's the way it is with some people.” Tewi popped in her usual casual way. She sat at the table and produced her own tea cup and joined them. She handed the moon bunny a note that made her frown – a reminder that an elephant would sooner fly than she get a proper route.
“Whatever could you be implying?” Eirin asked with feigned ignorance.
“I just meant things now, doc.”
“Oh, you mean like how despite the big show he put on with wanting to help with this and being involved with that, he's run off somewhere acting like an idiot? How he's not only absolutely failed to follow up on his promises but also is ignoring what is perhaps the most important point of the plot?”
“When you put it that way...” Tewi thought about her own feelings. She knew he would be fun, but probably didn't pine as much as the others. It came with the territory, being experienced that is.
“And I do. And another thing-”

“You're just jealous he's not giving you much in the way of attention.” Arms crossed, the same old delightfully terse Mokou speaks her mind while leaning up against the door.
“A lunarian, jealous?” The forgotten plot accessory of a moon rabbit manifested herself as well, taking up position by Reisen. Her sharp eyes looked around the room, her aquiline face as stoic as ever.

“I see all the gang has gathered. Lovely.” Eirin said with mock enthusiasm. She did not enjoy being spoken to in that tone of voice by that straggler of a moon bunny. Reisen might start getting ideas.

“Denying it then?” Mokou asked.
“There certainly is something to be said about his absolute lack of consideration...”
“Something about jealousy, I'm sure.”
“That's just not true.”
“Right, says the woman who was is a favorite for a route. Pfeh.”

It was not clear to Mokou whether that jaded bitterness came from jealousy of her immortal rival or from something else entirely. There could be little doubt that within that crusty and tough exterior beat the heart of a still very lovable and innocent girl. One that found it hard to let her defenses down around others. The fact that she could somehow imagine herself doing so until just recently... even as a remote possibility, made her strangely passionate, in a dismissive sort of way, about this subject.

“Now now Mokou, there's no need to get like that,” Keine interjected, “We're all in the same boat.”
“Yeah, you're right. Besides it's not like this is going to get anywhere.” She appealed to the side of them that wanted to hear all about his failings, “Chances are that things will just blow up in his face. He's good at that.”

“You say that like it's all his fault,” Tewi stood up for him. She always had her own agenda, but it seemed like a genuine sentiment truth be told.
“Who else is to blame, not us surely?” Eirin inquired.
“You're not perfect you know. He isn't either. But if anyone is to blame, it's those who are taking part in all of this. Blame them and their flighty panic and lack of dedication.”
“Now that's just unfair. There's a lot of blame to go around. It won't do us good to bicker pointlessly. As much as I hate to admit it, everyone should just dive into their respective role with the utmost sobriety and dedication. I'll be sure to pass along this sentiment to the source.”
“What, do you really think that people will just be smart? Just like that?”
“They can if they try, same goes for the publishing house.”
“You'll get no where.”
“We're all going to fail then. It's a collaborative effort, you know. We all knew that deep down from day one.”

Ending on a good and generous vibe wasn't what Eirin had planned, however. She added something which invoked the direst of dangers for all,

“If things go wrong,I'll be the one to clean up as always. If anyone that shouldn't get hurt, gets hurt, I will personally take delight in exacting revenge. Whether it's me, the readers, or even that lump of a writer, compensation will be had. That much I promise.”

“Scary.” The chorus of voices rang in the room. They all looked at one another and then at Eirin's stone cold gaze. They knew she would do it. It was her duty, and despite her personal feelings she would carry it out with no qualms.

They all thought about him, far off, doing what he was doing. He was insane, they realized. But that wasn't a bad thing. He could make progress if he wanted. If he didn't see every small defeat as a tragedy and kept his eye on the prize, on that one focused objective. If he did that he would be fine. If not, it would be bad... and sure they'd be happy in a way, but paradoxically, the chances for their own routes would go down. And as well all know, that would be a bad thing. They deserve their time in the limelight. They're all interesting people with very different routes and personalities. It was owed to them to get a fair and lovely shake.

“Isn't this a somewhat preachy note to end on?” Keine murmured, all too aware of how the school children reacted when she gave one of her sermons. Sure, it was for their own good, but they didn't see it that way oftentimes.
“You're right,” Tewi said, “Maybe if we take our clothes off, it'll make it up for them.”
“I, um... don't want to.” Reisen said, “I'm too shy.” The other lunar rabbit scoffed.
“It's not a bad idea, I ought to give the lot of you a checkup. So tops off ladies.” Always quick to take advantage of an opportunity to exam, Eirin jumped in leading by example. Supple breasts framed in a black bra were shamelessly exposed.
“Bite me, you're all freaks.” Mokou began to walk out, no doubt feeling that she would not be able to measure up to the schoolmarm and lunarian. Not many could, but she took this sort of matter personally.

Topless shenanigans then ensued. Yet another thing that our protagonist missed. What a pity. I'd describe it, but I'm being called into the office again. Time for another motivational drill with the boss. You know, promotions have made me my life hard. I may have to consult with the good doctor later as well. Though she doesn't show it, she sometimes needs a good hug. They all do.
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>To be absolutely frank, it's because I've felt a bit lonely, neglected even. I just wanted some time with someone else. How very silly of me, no?
awwww. And here i thought only bunnies get lonely.
>There's no shame in admitting it and I'm more than glad to keep you company.
Kind of thought this will go over to Keine x Eirin at this point.
>You mean our plucky lad? Well, yes, probably. He likes all of us.
Well, i am not sure what to think of this. A slap in the face, a wake up call or just simple a vent for all the things you don't like? At first i expected a scene change to Eientei and what is happening there, a change to the characters that only appear from time to time and had no chance to shine yet.
And yes, Reisen is the personification of Teruyo in this story.
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Are you alright? It looks like you're starting to fall apart.
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Can't it be a little bit of all three and maybe as well an exercise in fun? This has a lot of layers to it, some of which I may not realize. Take what you will from it. Those ladies do strike me as the type to break the 4th wall casually like that.

...Am I Reisen? I've always kinda seen myself as Kouhei from ONE and she's Nagamori. But... it's worth contemplating.

You're on the list now, bub.

'bout the same as ever. This is not new. Lurk more.

Also watch this board! T-Minus 12 6 something for an update. Really.
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I recently found this on one of my older hard drives. It's a second draft of what some of you may remember was claimed that would materialize at some point in the future.

I wrote three such drafts, each quite different from the other. The first was in the vein of Amy's Fantasies, and had a daydreaming Aya being accosted and otherwise molested and sort of 'secretly' having fun while enduring (think stuff like Aya getting fucked while working as a maid, that sort of thing). The second draft, which is partially reproduced below (alas I had more but it was lost somewhere, but it wasn't finished fully anyways - this is much less than 1/3 of what was too be there) is well... you'll see. It's somewhat similar to a doujin that came sometime later, and is on /at/. It features Aya making up stuff with a lot of the same characters that feature here. This was to have the Momiji thing, something that was toy-heavy, normal/group sex all while the feisty working reporter pleasured herself in various ways to her tales that were true to a certain extent. Kinda like a penthouse letter maybe. And the third was a more 'direct' thing with Aya interacting with the protagonist and cast. Sexually of course.

Now you know.

I don't think I'll ever start from scratch again, no matter how good I thought the concept was at the time. And I'm pretty sure my other drafts are gone for good (the drive where stuff was on died a messy physical death).

Since this thread is (apparently) for my ever-increasing lunacy, it's appropriate that I share this sort of thing here, instead of the main story thread.

I hope that some of you won't find this too disappointing! Mind you I didn't bother to proofread and a lot of it is as rough as you'd expect a draft to be.

Drawing the blinds and slipping out of her clothes, Aya officially ended another long day. Running around and taking notes all day long was outright exhausting. She sat down absentmindedly at her desk, fidgeting with the lacey hem of her camisole. Although she was tired and didn't feel like doing much else, she still had one more daily ritual to complete before she went off to sleep. With a practiced move of her hand, she found the diary sitting on the desk – not surprisingly where she usually left it. Expertly she flipped it open, immediately coming to a blank page.

It was clear what she would write. As with every day, she would pour out her heart's deepest desires in the form of ink on paper. Mixed with those desires were half-truths, mere fantasies on a first glance. The happenings of the day would be transcribed, warped and twisted at times - a phenomenon born of want. Prominently featured were the individuals she had seen that day, their appearances and actions exaggerated as her desire reached its zenith. And, as always, she began to write with a smile on her face.

"Early in the morning I came down to find M sitting all alone at the base of the mountain. It was rare to see her away from her post or comrades. I naturally asked what was wrong. She denied that anything was the matter, her soft eyes doing a poor job of lying. She was faithful, brave, and strong so it tugged at my heartstrings to see her down like that.

Naturally, I pried deeper until I found out the truth..."

A lewd smile formed on her face, a byproduct of her overactive imagination. In her profession she was used to distorting fact in order to sell a good story (and of course she was used to denying having taken any 'liberties'). The lens of her camera took the truth as it saw it and there was little she could do about it except write supporting articles This wasn't quite like her day job however. This personal time of hers was when fact and fiction were so closely intermingled that she would never be quite certain what really happened and what didn't.

It excited her tremendously.

Her body reacted on cue to her recollections, both remembering and 'remembering' things that happened during the day. Usually with her free hand she'd undo any buttons she still had done up. This occurred around the time she got to the first details.

“In that adorable little voice of hers she stuttered as I comforted her. My able fingers went straight to that cute little chest of hers, and she turned completely red as I rubbed her. Little pointy nipples, seemingly as perky and alert as M usually looked met my teasing pinches and loving caresses.

She still had some of her senses about her and struggled half-heartedly as I began to strip her down so I could get down to it. It only took a little nibbling at her ears to completely disarm the proud wolf. She was at my complete mercy. I wasted no time undressing her, exposing her fluffy and soft parts to the world (and to me!). She whimpered in embarrassment, doubly so because my initial probes had inadvertently excited her.

Naturally, I found this to be adorable.

I began to eat her up slowly, working from her pretty little feet all the way up to her thigh. She shuddered as I got closer to her sensitive spots, and I was delighted to find that her excitement had been translated into naughty juices. As I delved in deeper, she shuddered, her natural instincts beginning to take over her. And by the time I had started to use my mouth, she was returning the favor, earnestly lapping away at my own drenched parts.”

She was reliving the moment there and then. With the assistance of her nimble fingers, her camisole had been pushed aside in all the right spots and she was stimulating her pert and ready nipples. As she wrote, her hand ventured southward, feeling how her lower body was flush with fluids and hearing how her fingers made a sopping sound when she pleasured her more sensitive spots.

She thought of her first encounter that day, and how the faithful guard had moaned and panted as she had her way with her. It made her breathing rapid and shallow as she remembered the lovely expression her partner made as she reached a shameful and messy climax. She stopped writing down details and had both hands hard at work, rubbing and deftly prodding all her best spots.

And as her breathing quickened even more and her body tensed up in anticipation, she felt happy. She was lucky to be a reporter, and as her body throbbed in waves of ecstasy, she finished the first part of her diary entry in her mind.

“Her behind wiggled with no shame as I used around half of my fingers to plunge into her all the better.
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Awesome. Shame you won't finish it now.
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makes one wonder about all the other stillborn paragraphs that will never be shown.
Thanks for sharing this tho, you kind of seem closer now.
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>(think stuff like Aya getting fucked while working as a maid, that sort of thing).

Oh my god, write it. Please. Please?

You accidentally a whole half a word.
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Too much work, too little payoff. As much as I like the few people who read my stuff, I doubt that even half of them would really appreciate that.

Coincidentally, along with the invisible hand of the market, another inviolable tenant of laissez-faire economics is that things need incentive to get done.
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File 127108454848.jpg - (144.20KB, 798x1217, 1270455427811.jpg)
Write something like that.
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She attacked suddenly, unwilling to let her best friend have that gummy bear. While an unorthodox tactic for her, it felt felt simply right as she surprised Keine with her oral offensive.

Her friend was still in shock as she deployed her tongue. That gummy bear would be hers, come hell or high water. It was a passionate act, one of someone with little to lose but their diginity. She bared her soul, let her desires be know, all for the sake of some gelatinous sugar.

Still her friend would not relent. Keine launched a counter offensive, clutching Mokou's shoulders as she responded to Mokou's transgression with some tongue of her own. She rolled back the gummy bear in her mouth, safeguarding it from the chaotic clash of saliva and swirling motions that dominated the front.

Image Source
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File 127108975448.jpg - (180.92KB, 798x1184, 1270455462282.jpg)
now this
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oh god!
*fap fap fap fap fap*
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Man, I gotta get me some of those gummy bears.
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File 127126359640.png - (612.06KB, 1135x1600, 009.png)
Escape is futile. Reisen always is the dickgirl that gets abused.
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You know, there's a translation out for that.
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File 127130645136.jpg - (174.60KB, 1400x1050, black light magic.jpg)
black light magic
You can't trust a good girl to be good nowadays.
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Source please
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Reisen there looks somewhat like her and Byakuren's love child with the hair..
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File 127234105860.jpg - (64.84KB, 510x620, as disgusting as it is addictive - and insidious.jpg)
as disgusting as it is addictive - and insidious
“This tea is simply wonderful,” The moon princess took another long sip, savoring the rich full-bodied taste. It was by far the best cup she had had in quite some time. “You say that you got it as a thank you?”

“That's right. For treating that nasty strain of the flu that's been going around.”

The princess' long time friend and ally had been busy for the last fortnight. A particularly virulent disease had been going around Gensokyo, affecting both youkai and human. It had upset the quiet lifestyle enjoyed in Eientei as the genius pharmacist was beset with supplications from every which where. As the unofficial physician of Gensokyo she had been expected to treat everyone infected. And she took the burden of treating and researching with the utmost sobriety. She had worked alone and under very controlled conditions to manufacture a vaccine. Everyone at Eientei had missed seeing her at meals, but they had understood the importance of her work.

Even those that felt a little betrayed by not being included in the search for a cure.

“Hopefully there won't be any significant mutations to the strain and no resurgences in a couple of weeks,” Eirin took a sip of her tea, finding it to be one of the better things she's tasted lately. She had received it from a grateful couple in the village, and had accepted because she knew just how fond her friend was of a nice cup of tea.

“You're amazing as always.” The smiling princess looked up to her dependable ally, deferring to her in most matters of knowledge and wisdom. It was hard not to after spending some time with Eirin, Kaguya realized; She had an aura of infallibility that could reassure anyone.

“Now you're sounding just like Udonge,” Eirin took the compliment humbly, adding, “If the both of you start treating me like that I'm liable to be blushing most of the day.” She put down her cup, “That reminds me, have you seen Udongein? I haven't seen her around.”

“Her?” Kaguya thought about it. She couldn't recall the last time she saw the moon rabbit. It may have been a few days since they last spoke. “I haven't seen her. When you were busy she seemed tense and a bit down, so I tried to cheer her up. I lent her my computer.”

“That was considerate of you. I guess she felt betrayed that I didn't ask for her help. She had to have understood that I was isolated to protect everyone....” The brain of the moon felt a sinking sensation in the pit of her stomach. “Say, princess, you don't think that all she's done is spend time on the computer, do you?”

“I'm not sure. I saw her a few days ago at night. It looked like she was going to the bathroom. She didn't say anything to me, which I found odd. She's usually polite.”

“I see.” Eirin excused herself, “I'm sorry, but I feel like I should check up on her...”

Kaguya understood that her friend was genuinely worried, and felt a bit uneasy. It was liable to be nothing she was sure. Telling herself that Eirin would have a good handle on things, she continued to drink her tea. It really was the best tea she had drank in an eternity. The villagers were just full of surprises.

Eirin knocked on Reisen's door. She could see a dull light coming from the other side of the door. It was dark, like all the light in the hallway had suddenly decided to pack up and leave for elsewhere. It wasn't a very comforting sign – it was midday and sunlight usually did a good job at illuminating the corridor.

“Udonge, are you in there?” She called out, deciding at once to open the door and see for herself. There was only a soft clacking noise coming from within. The direct approach is the best approach, she mused. She was greeted with an even darker environment. Save for the pathetic glow coming from the middle of the room, that seemed to be snuffed out by the oppressive dark, there was no other source of illumination.

She took a step into the room but quickly took a step back. She felt like gagging. Her eyes watered. An overpowering stench came at her. It was by far the most unpleasant scent she had ever experienced. The decay of a bloated and rotting corpse had nothing on the foul air coming from the room. Ammonia and sulfur would be an improvement.

A shuffling in the dark made her press on. She covered her mouth and nose with her sleeve and waded into the miasma. “Is that you Udonge?” Her muffled words were directed at the slumped figure in the chair. As she got close she saw the wild bunch of unkempt hair splayed around, with two wiry tubes reaching upwards. The usually soft and fluffy ears were a dirty and stiff disaster.

The figure was slumped towards the source of light, the monitor. The clacking noise came from constant typing and occasional lighter 'clicks' occasionally broke the pattern.


The use of her name was barely enough to distract her momentarily from the screen.

“Master?” A weak voice inquired.
“Yes. It's me Udonge. What are you doing?”
“Well Lady Kaguya was kind enough to lend me her computer so I've been using it. It was hard to see the appeal at first, but then I found this place and-”
“Have you done nothing else but use the computer?” Eirin asked, both fearing and already knowing the answer.
“I've been distracted by it...”
“For these two weeks? It seems like you've hardly gotten up at all!”
“Well, like I said, I found this place on the-”
“Udonge,” There was a tremble in her voice, “Have you completely lost it? Have you bothered to shower, eat, or even get up to the go to the bathroom?”
“That hasn't been a priority, I've luckily had bottles and well...”

The lunarian was disgusted. Her assistant's behavior was loathsome and pathetic. She didn't know whether to feel enraged at her or with herself, for allowing this to happen.

“Enough!” She snapped, “I'm taking you out of here, cleaning you up, feeding you and you'll be getting back to work!”
“But master! There's this really good thread now and-”

Eirin's vision went red. She was so upset that she couldn't even feel the stank smell anymore. With a violent move of her arm, she knocked over the monitor. She didn't even feel the pain from hitting the heavy CRT monitor with her naked hand.

“What did you do that for!” Reisen threw herself to the floor, to cradle the fallen monitor.

“To bring you to your senses!”

“I don't need your help, you don't even care about me!” Now her red eyes were full of life and intensity. They seemed to glow, adding a reddish hue to the light in the room. It was the first time in two weeks that Reisen had felt alive. In her crazed defiance, she began to babble on, “I have plenty of people that care about me now! They're on the site that I go to and they spend plenty of time talking about me and writing stuff about me! I feel loved and useful. Sure, in the two weeks I've been there they haven't really bothered to follow through on their promises nor did they in the past really end up winning me over but they care. I know that they do!” Tears streamed down her face furiously. “We joke, we laugh, we share stories! I'm popular, yes I am. They even wanted me to participate more, that's how much they care about me! Not like you that would walk away from me without thinking! I'm not a toy, I'm a person.”

“Are you quite done?” Eirin reacted coolly to the sobbing rabbit.

“Yes. Now leave me alone. I want to be with my friends.”

“You have no friends in that thing. I know the place you're talking about, and you just made all of that up. They don't talk about you, they don't care about you.” Eirin sighed, “I'm sorry, but we're the only ones that do.”

“But I've spent all day refreshing and that had to be for something!”

“I also bet that nothing happened every time you refreshed, right? I'm sorry to bring you down like this, but I'm telling you the truth because you deserve it. It's bad enough when you're sidelined by strangers, but when your family does it, it's unforgivable. I'm sorry for ignoring your feelings.”

“M-master.” The rabbit bawled like an infant. She was letting years of frustration gush out like a bursting dike.

Eirin held her. She held her crying, vulnerable, sweet and loyal rabbit close. She held her for as long as she needed to be held. She whispered comforting words to her, telling her that it would be alright and to forget everything else.

Light and sound came back to the room slowly.

“How would you like a nice cup of tea? I'll make it for you myself.”
“That'd be nice, thank you. I should really take a bath now. I stink.”
“I don't mind.”
“I must look like a mess.” The rabbit reddened, feeling self-conscious. “And I'm getting you all dirty.”
“I don't mind that either. We can take a bath together if you like after the tea.”
“That's – I couldn't possibly-”
“It's alright.” Eirin smiled. She looked like the model of motherly warmth to the sniffling rabbit. “We're family, and family minds its own.”

The lunarian coaxed Reisen along, bringing her out of her den and back into the world. She smiled and kept a loving countenance around the rabbit. Deep down though, a tempest of rational thought was raging. Eirin had a lot to do after she got the rabbit back to work. She had to make sure this sort of thing never happened again. She would have to venture out beyond the border on a stealthy endeavor. She would have to lie to Kaguya and to Udonge when they inquired afterwards. But it would be worth it.

The price for getting rid of the filth that corrupted them was a small one. And, she thought about herself now, there would be no more slandering of her and her activities either. All it would take would be one arrow shot into the right degenerate, and the whole place would be gone soon enough. She was looking forward to doing it.

And if the place persisted there were always other ways of getting her way. Her genius was more than willing to be used for destructive purposes. Interactivity and perversion could rot in hell for all that she cared.

“Ah, I can take my clothes off by myself master!”
“Nonsense. I'll help you out of those filthy clothes.” She grinned knowingly, “After all, no sacrifice is too small when it comes to helping family.”
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Yandere Eirin is much more delicious than I thought it could be. Now I want more and I don't know where I could get my fix. Why did you do this to me?
Image Source
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File 127235547533.jpg - (141.81KB, 500x500, im not wearing pants am i.jpg)
im not wearing pants am i
>>on the site that I go to
>>they spend plenty of time talking about me and writing stuff about me!

>>plenty of time talking about
>>and writing stuff about

This strange and mysterious site she speaks of frightens and confuses me.
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I am not sure what to think of this
Delete Post
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that was cute... in an evil creepy wicked degenerate sort of way... yeah
Delete Post
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Would someone mind linking to the rest of the threads so I can read this from the beginning?
Delete Post
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First thread in General Discussion (/gensokyo).
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I approve of this.
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File 12777057889.png - (666.05KB, 1175x799, come for the sandwich stay for the cubes.png)
come for the sandwich stay for the cubes
“Hey Eirin, where do babies come from?”
“I’m sure that you can recall the lessons I gave you, even if it was now centuries ago. Why do you ask? Have someone special in your life? It’s hard to believe you’d meet anyone when you never leave Eientei.”
“I’m just bored. Okay? No need to put me down.”
“I know, but I like doing that when you think you’re being clever.”
“All hail the brain of the moon, wise sage without peer.”
“That’s more like it.”
“I bet it is. So are you busy? I could use a little company.”

“So what’s troubling you?”
“Eternity is boring. Is it that much to expect a little variety every once in a while?”
“The average temperature of the Universe is 2.73 Kelvin.”
“What does that have to do with anything?”
“That, on average, everything seems to be unimportant and uniform. But look up at the sky, what strikes you the most about it?”
“I don’t know, the stars?”
“And how hot do you think they are.”
“Probably much greater than the average.”
“Here Master, Lady Kaguya, I’ve brought your tea.”
“Good timing Udongein. Fetch a cup and join us.”

“I don’t understand what you’re trying to say.”
“Let’s see, how do you feel about the Fujiwara girl.”
“She’s an annoyance.”
“And what? That’s all there is to it. She’s like an annoying fly that won’t stop buzzing around me.”
“Of course. I also spend a lot of time talking to, getting other people to interact with, and otherwise making flies an exciting part of my life.”
“Are you saying that I enjoy the time I spend with her?”
"Umm... I’ve seen the aftermath of the encounters. There’s a lot of smiling after everybody walks off.”
“Shush Reisen, I didn’t ask for your mistaken opinion.”
“The girl is right. You do smile Kaguya.”
“Ok, so maybe I do. But only because it was interesting beating her down.”
“I won’t put your motives into question, but see? Moments like those certainly aren’t your average boring ones.”
“You’re saying I should pick a fight more often with her? I’ll do that, I mean there’s a million and one things I haven’t said to her, most of them about her clothes. In fact I think I’ll do that now. Reisen, send this letter of challenge out posthaste!”
“That wasn’t what I meant at all... ah well, at least it looks like I raised her spirits a bit.”

“Why am I even here?”
“Because I wanted to challenge you.”
“To what? I’m not really in the mood to play games.”
“Eirin said that the universe was 203 Kirin and that you were like a burning star that would make things less boring for me.”
“Say what? I should really stop paying attention to you. I’ve more important things to do. I should have known by the pitying look of that rabbit that this wasn’t worth my time.”
“Wait don’t go. We have to settle this.”
“The only thing I’m settling is my empty stomach, I’m hungry and I want to eat. Later.”
“You leave me with no choice then! Mokou, YOUR PANTS STINK. They’re a horrible color too and who do you think you’re fooling with those charms ? You look about as ridiculous as that miko’s donation box. Had enough?”
“...Definitely. Good bye.”
“But you’re supposed to get angry! Say something. Don’t leave me alone, I’m really bored. I’ll get Reisen to make you a sandwich if you stay. Please?”
“...what kind of sandwich?”
“Chicken? No, wait. I’ll tell her to make you a BLT.”
“I can also get you something to drink.”
“Fine, fine. I’ll stay. But you better not skimp on the bacon.”
“Of course not... so say, how was your day.”
“Alright. Now that you ask there’s been something....”

“That girl is really here, isn’t she?”
“Yup, I made her a sandwich. She seems to be enjoying it.”
“Not as much as she is enjoying watching her eat it and teasing her about something or the other.”
“It wouldn’t hurt her to be a bit nicer. I mean why invite someone if all you’re going to do is make fun of them.”
“It’s not all insults though, just listen. They’re talking about their lives.”
“Huh, well I’ll be. They are. Lady Kaguya is talking about us and she’s talking about her own friends.”
“It’s weird watching them talk and smile, ain’t it?”
“They kind of look like old friends having a meal like that. Funny because if you asked Lady Kaguya she’d probably deny it.”
“More like lovers, I’d say. The friction between them probably keeps thing spicy in the sack.”
“Oh cut it out. I swear, with you it’s always about that. That and borrowing my clothes and then returning them all scuffed up.”
“That was only once, and I told you, I needed it for the rabbit fashion show.”
“You should be helping me around instead of playing all day.”
“I do help. Just last week I told the rabbits to play out in the garden instead of the hallway.”
“So it was you that messed up my veggies.”
“Uh, you know what, I think I hear someone calling me now. So, see ya!”
“Wait! Come back here! You’re going to help me replant every single plant you destroyed. You and those other rabbits.”

“Kids these days. Always fussing about things, never stopping to enjoy what they have. It does look like things turned out for the best though. Despite my misgivings, they know how to deal with one another appropriately. Now if only I could get them to realize those few underlying truths... what am I saying? If I did that things would be as boring around here as she claimed they were. My fun counts for something too.”
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This felt like a school play to me for some reason. Not really sure why, but I could see cheesy props and stage lighting in my mind. I approve.
Delete Post
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This kind of cute and easygoing Eientei is fine too, and probably closer to canon as well.
Delete Post
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>>“Oh cut it out. I swear, with you it’s always about that. That and borrowing my clothes and then returning them all scuffed up.”
>>“That was only once, and I told you, I needed it for the rabbit fashion show.”

This bunny fashion show intrigues me, and I wish to know more.
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I'm not sure if I'll write something new here, finish that piece I've been allegedly working for weeks or just do the damn update already. It comes down to a combination of fancy, willpower and lack of distractions. My magic 8 ball is inconclusive on the matter.

I like to picture things sort of like that. Oversized props and poorly-fitting costumes and a fair share of adlibing because no one can really remember their lines. I do that sometimes for some things I read or write.

Thought of writing about it. Not sure if there's enough in there. It's hard to emphasize just how over-dressed they'd be and how much cosmetics the rabbits would be wearing. Also glitter, glitter everywhere.
Image Source
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File 127836090423.jpg - (94.20KB, 800x800, anesthesia is not for everyone.jpg)
NSFW image

“Awake now? It’s about time. Come now, open your eyes dear.”

white... oh it’s the ceiling. Hey, can’t think so good. Slow, slowly... slowest heh.

“Good dear. I’m glad you could join us, now we can get this show on the road.”

Oh it’s you. Haven’t seen you in a while. Don’t go... maybe she’s still there... can’t move head to check. It’s all so very heavy. How come eyes work? Feels like should sleep.

“Don’t fall asleep again. Eirin, you said the drug would wear off by now.”

“It has princess, He won’t fall asleep again.”

“So you say. He still can’t move, can he?”

“No, he shouldn’t be able to.”

“But he can hear us?”

Yes. Can hear. But can‘t talk for some reason

“He can hear, see and feel. His muscles have been so to speak, switched off. His mental capacity might be temporarily impaired, there’s no way of telling.”

Oh, that‘d be why. Feels kinda good, like floating in the sky and there's gummy bears everywhere delicious gummy bears make it yummy to live

“Well, then I guess that’s alright. Hear me then:” Your hair is still pretty, some of it is tickling my nose... I want to smile “You’ve been a very naughty boy. So naughty, in fact, that we need to punish you. So we’ve gotten together, well you brought us together really.” Her smile is pretty too... “Anyways we are here to make sure you understand the consequence of your actions. A naughty boy like you won’t learn otherwise.”

“That’s right. We have to make sure you won’t make the same stupid mistakes.” She appeared too... she’s so tall. Ahaha, it’s like the hairs couldn’t be any more different. Nice nice, wanna touchies~

“First of all, to punish you for locking us in that room, we’ve locked you into your own room, so to speak.”

Back home I used to keep dirty magazines in my room... it's funny but this is like that. I can see both their things... I wonder if the leather feels nice. Ah, and I can also see the top too that's neat.

“You know, I wish I could be sure he could understand us. Maybe he won’t even remember this.”

“If he doesn’t remember then you won’t regret it later. Look at it that way.”

“We’ll just have to make the best of it then.” she’s gone again but I can hear her “Here’s payback for making me go in that disgusting bedpan.”

“Are you really going to do it princess?”

“Just watch.”

Ah, feels warm... tingles belly. Moving to chest and I can see stream now. Feels real weird


“Lift his head up, he needs to see what I’ve done.”

ooo~ everything is spinny. I’m naked naked nake-d nakekeked. Stuff everywhere. Can’t say hello to everyone.”

“Good enough. I think it’s time to let them loose.” [i]fluffy... nice

“Alright. Should we just leave or do you want to watch what happens?”

heh, tickles

“I’ll watch. they’ve already started their work. Those cute little things sure love their carrot juice don’t they?”

ahaha- tickles so bad. They are so white and soft and quick. They lick, lick and it tickles.

“I hope that you learn your lesson from this. Though you look like you want to laugh, you probably won’t feel that way soon.”

Move, prickly and sucking on skin. There are so many. And so many tickling

“Maybe you’ll never do something that stupid again. It’s funny how those rabbits are touching more of you than I ever have.”

“Jealous, princess?”

“As if! There’s no way I’d ever fantasize about exploring his body as he worked on exploring mine, our beings intertwined in more ways than one. I would never entertain the though of having him probe with his tongue as I answered back with mine and it all ended with us in a sweaty heap together in bed.”

Ehehehehe~ so many fluffy bunnies want to laugh but can‘t. Want to laugh but can‘t

“Of course not. Just as I’d never imagine myself pleasuring his filthy shaft with one hand as I worked on my latest formula with the other. There’s no chance I’d think about allowing myself to submit to lust and indulge in wanton acts of carnal pleasure.”

Want to laugh!

“It’s good that we’re both immune to that sort of thing.”

Want to laugh but no mouth

“It’s part of being lunarian.”

“Hear hear, want to grab a bite to eat? Looking at these rabbits lap everything up has made me ho- er hungry.”

“Sure, why not? You’ve all done a good job, come on, Udongein will have more snacks for you.”

feel itchy, can’t scratch. Tired and sleepy. Might close eyes now....
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That was weird... and somehwat traumatizing. I can't say I envy the guy...
...but I still do.
Image Source
Delete Image
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File 127836336813.gif - (553.69KB, 295x221, 127467327597.gif)

Looks like I'm not sleeping tonight.
Delete Post
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>“Are you really going to do it princess?”
This whole thing was hot and not traumatizing. There needs to be more written.
Image Source
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File 127865156720.jpg - (1.40MB, 1000x2222, floating.jpg)
Reflected off a surface unseen
the ghostly visage,
eternal, unchanging and true,
inspires madmen most of all.

Minds firmly within live,
hearts without dream about.
Wandering without change
they stumble, ignorant, forever.

Fire in the forest burns bright
smoke as unseen, she cannot reach,
neither observant or aspirant
can she ever hope to be,

From a distance there is recognition;
one who knows and can observe,
but chooses not to,
preferring fire to the full invisible reality.

Time may pass
and one moment melts into the next,
dark suffusion of invisible fumes
taints the night away.

Repetition until nothingness.
Some realize that things never change;
Only those able to witness eternity
are able to tell for sure.

In keeping with commitments to myself, there is this. I can hope that it won't be yet another total halt, but I can already see that it's going to be that way - so there is this. Mind you, if I were fully confident in my ability to spin prose then by comparison my confidence in knitting verse would be minute. And, in reality, I am nowhere nearly that confident in my prose. All the same, I hope you enjoy what is basically my first brief foray.

As for the other, I'll wait. Suffer and despair quietly at the state of things. If I'm proven wrong, or the spirit of Candide invades my own, I'll get right to it.
Image Source
Delete Image
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File 128093119088.jpg - (381.23KB, 1300x1050, no rabbits with pancakes on their heads.jpg)
no rabbits with pancakes on their heads
There is a sigh as she finally acknowledges the intruder. She tries to put on her most stern and serious of faces, knowing all too well that it’s not worth the effort. She asks curtly, “I’m doing work, what do you want?”

“Work, right.” The observation is, in its own way, even ruder. It’s something just short of a sneer. It couldn’t be helped though, reading over her shoulder was enough to angry up the blood. Tired and uninspired prose was so last year. It was only marginally better than the alternative however, “At least it isn’t any more of that godawful verse.”

“That stings, princess,” She glared at the bothersome ne’er-do-well, ”Plenty of people liked that.”

“Yeah, it really did show, didn’t it?” She snorts, adding more punch to the put down.

“I don’t see you doing anything productive with your time,” Eirin isn’t about to get pummeled without striking back. It might be all the fumes in the lab messing with her but she’s not going to just take this lying down. Even if it is coming from the person she usually dotes on. “Most sacks of manure are of more use than you tend to be.”

“I don’t have to do anything productive. I’m on top of the hierarchy here. I get to sit around and demand things from my serfs. Heck, if I wanted to I could start speaking all flowery-like with your ‘thous’ and ‘thees’ and whatnot and you’d just have to deal with it.”

She cocks an eyebrow, an invitation to be further antagonized. She’s bored enough to do it. It’s second nature, after all. That’s how they spoke back then and they only stopped doing so now because of convenience and lazy and sloppy writing the passing of ages. A lot of things change in a decade, more so in a century and you can bet that even more changes in a millennium. Speech patterns may change and sometimes idiosyncrasy does too.

“That’s nice, princess. Now be a good little girl and leave the adults to their work.”

“I’d like to see you get paid for that,” She shrugs, “I mean it, really. In fact, I’d love to meet the kind of person whose life is so empty and pathetic that they’d consider wasting money on that drivel.”

“Patrons of the arts have always existed,” Patience is a virtue, but this level of detachment can only be described as saintly. She humors her ally and sometime pupil by keeping the conversation alive, “Just because you couldn’t produce something as good as this doesn’t mean you should be bitter about it.”

“Ha, me bitter? That’s a laugh and a half! I’m miss popularity here.”

“Indeed. So popular that you’re an indispensable part of the scene.”

“Don’t give me that. I bet that if I did anything it’d be ten times more popular than what you do.” The snobbish princess goes as far as placing a bet, “In fact, I’ll go ahead and give it a try. Bury you like whatsherface gets by her own fans all the time.”

“You’re on then. Feel free to take your sweet time.” She points to her terminal, offering the pesky intruder free use of the machine. She thinks that maybe this is a good thing after all, even with all the goading and put downs this may be a chance for her to grow. Heaven knows that she’s tired of dealing with the increasingly petulant child.

The actual writing didn’t take very long. A few groans of dismay as sections were rewritten, some huffs accompanying the revision and a fair share of pensive ‘hmms’. But, hey, it was certainly much shorter than her own usual updates. The willful princess steps back in satisfaction and she wastes no time in reading the girl’s labor in earnest.

“Going with a romantic plot I see.” She remarks with a condescending smile. Not many people got to see something as perfectly vivid and patronizing as that usually.

“Figured that I’d try to set an example in sharp contrast to thine swill.”

“Cut that out.” She rolled her eyes and read on.

Without a shadow of a doubt, it was the worst thing she had the displeasure of reading in her life. Yes, even the dodgy alchemist’s almanac she had scored from the local discount emporium. At least that had had the occasional interesting diagram. Sure, most of them were stolen from other works but they broke up the horrid text with generous spacing.

“Well? Astounding, right?” The princess looks completely satisfied, as if she had completed the masterpiece of a lifetime.

“Astounding indeed. I didn’t know that words could be put together so poorly like this.”

“You’re just jealous.” The princess retorts, looking haughty.

A casual observer might find reason to enjoy the little scene unfolding now. There’s something about a beautiful woman asserting herself, even if it is ultimately for a futile and erroneous cause, that makes the heart beat faster. I doesn’t help that one can easily image her making the same face, with the slight wrinkling of the brow and the upturned nose, as she passes judgment on you. One can only hope that the judgment would lead to her taking a hands on approach on mending your flawed ways.

It didn’t help that the other participant was as alluring. With a mysterious but sensuous smile she beckons the onlooker to come forward and confess all sins. She too will reform you. Perhaps with a carrot and stick approach. It might take some time, but she betrays an aura of peerless dedication and intent. You’re in good hands - in surgery, one could not ask for a surgeon with a better attitude than this. Whoever may be right or wrong in the argument is absolutely irrelevant (clever analogies aside). This kind of powder keg electrifies the soul, incites primal instincts to rise to the surface.

“Stop being so damn loud,” They both admonish simultaneously. The gig is up as they notice the observer amidst it all.

Purple prose or squalid verse is really not the subject anymore. Irritation and frustration born from their long and (sometimes) colorful lives looks to be the theme of their next piece. Their next piece, of course, being written in tandem - just for you. And you thought that reading poetry was bad, just you wait until you experience this. Hell, it’s worse than having to sit through an awkward conversation in which you admit to being thoroughly seduced by a wily 1200+ year old rabbit youkai (tell that to the feds, I dare you). Well, it can’t be all bad. There might be a nice outcome to this. Maybe. At the least a couple of cute bandages to cover your myriad of wounds. Attentive nurse to restore your health?

“Oh shut the hell up.”

It doesn’t matter where it all came from. There may not be much to read into it either. Point is, it’s happening regardless. At least that might be the point. No way of telling between all the whipping that may come.

“There won’t be any whipping.”
“Wait, let’s not be too hasty about this-”
“Seriously? This is the most meta abomination I’ve ever seen. It deserves termination. Nothing else.”

Fate can’t be avoided. But taxes sometimes can. They move on in unison, getting ready to administer their joint resolution. Who knows what the future may bring, they all look very excited about it though. Probably the taller one more than the shorter one. There’s no good reason why that might be the case, and she probably knows it.

“All’s fair in love and war.”

Now there’s a cliche to remember.
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>>Hell, it’s worse than having to sit through an awkward conversation in which you admit to being thoroughly seduced by a wily 1200+ year old rabbit youkai (tell that to the feds, I dare you).

I swear, Your Honor, she told me she was at least 1700!

Y-your Honor?

Why...why are you looking at me like that?
Delete Post
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I liked that last one. Quite a lot, actually.
Just thought I'd let you know.
Image Source
Delete Image
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File 128167253785.jpg - (363.02KB, 1110x1514, tan lines are erotic.jpg)
tan lines are erotic
It turns out that I've got too many ideas and lack of direction. Funny that. Point is, in the twisted nether that is my personal creative process there is room for suggestions. This is where you come in.

[] Reisen goes out to buy a bra
[] Gratuitous nudity becomes a fad amongst lunarians
[]more poetry that nobody reads nor likes/s]
[] Substitute teacher Mokou
[] Tewi becomes a booze baron during Gensokyo's short-lived prohibition
[s][]A completely new story featuring Patchy

[] Original content suggested by anon that I may or may not do

There you have it. I get the feeling that this isn't going to work out too well. But whatever.
Delete Post
Report Post
I'm correct in noting that it's only options 3 and 6 that are crossed out in your mind, right?

If so,

[!] Substitute teacher Mokou

Yes please.
Delete Post
Report Post
[X] Reisen goes out to buy a bra
[X] Gratuitous nudity becomes a fad amongst lunarians
[X] more poetry that nobody reads nor likes
[X] Substitute teacher Mokou
[X] Tewi becomes a booze baron during Gensokyo's short-lived prohibition

All of that, but the bold most of all.
Delete Post
Report Post
[x] Tewi becomes a booze baron during Gensokyo's short-lived prohibition
Now that is something.
Delete Post
Report Post
Yup. 3 and 6, supposed to be sorrowfully humorous. The others are a tag failure. Because I was drinking at the time probably.
Delete Post
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[x] Gratuitous nudity becomes a fad amongst lunarians
Delete Post
Report Post
[X] Gratuitous nudity becomes a fad amongst lunarians
Delete Post
Report Post
[ ] Substitute teacher Mokou reads a poem about Patchy going out to buy a bra during Gensokyo's gratuitous nudity fad

[X] Reisen goes out to buy a bra
Delete Post
Report Post
[X] Substitute teacher Mokou

Works for me~!

This is Wfm-anon speaking for once, always did like your stuff Teruyo, sorry for not saying much though
Delete Post
Report Post
[x]A completely new story featuring Patchy

Strikeout be damned.
Delete Post
Report Post
[X] Substitute teacher Mokou

Keine's kids will be much better behaved after Mokou subs for a day.
Delete Post
Report Post
Truthfully, it's what I'd like to do the most. As far as I know, there's nothing really Patchy-focused on the site (I haven't read through a lot of the new things on /sdm/ but it didn't seem like they delivered on that front). Unfortunately, I simply don't have the time and energy for yet another story right now.

Honest to God I don't know why you bother. I can't think of anything to say that doesn't seem like mindless bullying. But really, you should know better by now.
Delete Post
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Agh, you make me weep, Sir. I've been longing for a Patchy-focused story for a long time now.

I'd write one myself, but... Well, same reasons as you, to be honest.
Delete Post
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The closest thing at the moment is the Eldest Scarlet in /sdm/.
Image Source
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File 128285801983.jpg - (104.07KB, 500x375, 1280187079268.jpg)
Meanwhile at #eientei
Image Source
Delete Image
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File 128287377543.jpg - (429.77KB, 665x940, the dots do nothing.jpg)
the dots do nothing
So, like, last Sunday, Reisen had a day off. I don’t have to tell you how rare that is, I mean she’s pretty much the pillar that holds Eientei together; She doesn’t get any free time because she’s needed everywhere at once. Multiple times. Life is tough when you’re useful to everyone. Goes to show that rumors are often just plain wrong.

Oftentimes they’re quite right though. I mean, let me tell you a little background here: Being a good little moon rabbit with a modest sense of fashion, Reisen’s brassiere collection consists mostly of plain colors and stamped textures. Some cute, some a little more serious but all in all, you know, not showy. She doesn’t have a need to flaunt her goods with the risque items that the busty doctor sports - those are well worth describing in detail. In fact, there’s a story I could tell you about Eirin and her garter belt collection but... I should really finish telling this story first. Another time. So anyways her tastes are not like the doctor’s, not sublime and elegant like the princess’ nor... does she prefer to not wear any like the troublesome Tewi often does.

I’m not that good a storyteller, sorry. I keep forgetting where I am going with something. But, whatever. It’s not like you have anything better to do than to read this, right? Wait, don’t go! I was kidding, you know using humor? I’m getting to the juicy bits, I swear! Just hold on for a little longer.

Reisen has pretty normal underwear. But lately a lot of it has gone missing. Evil ninja bunnies, well-meaning but creepy stalkers, or just laundry mix ups? Doesn’t matter really, the fact of the matter is that she’ll be soon be forced to go without like the Earth rabbit does if they keep on disappearing. Unfortunately, she’s not Sherlock Holmes. Nor can she really ask anyone else to help her look for her prized panties and bras because, well you should be able to solve this. Modest moon bunny and all. Besides, you know just between you and me... the others have plenty of motive to steal her underwear and sniff it... or do something else, something much more nefarious with it. Stuff you can scarcely imagine without getting aroused. I don’t want to cramp up your trousers right now (or ruin get you all moist - just kidding, no self-respecting woman would be reading this).

How does this tie in to her getting a day off, you might ask? Glad you’ve been paying attention. Or have better recall than a goldfish.

Instead of taking some ‘me-time’ for herself or something adorable but that she totally deserves because pillar that yadda yadda. Yeah instead of that she decided to go off and buy herself some new lingerie. Could she afford new panties you ask? Definitely, she’s not a slave. She gets spending money for being a good assistant to Mme. Yagokoro. Enough to buy herself a whole piece of taffy every two weeks - now that’s a lot! Point is, she’s got moolah.

She obviously goes to the human village to buy underwear. I mean, she goes there often enough to sell drugs for Eirin. No, not that kind. Well, maybe that kind as well... but it’s supposed to be medicine, the good kind. That’s Eirin’s cover and she’s sticking with it. She’s doing the community a favor. Don’t judge her, she’s a woman that loves to help others. So what if a few bad eggs decide to OD on perfectly legal* medicine she sells at affordable prices? It’s their fault for not reading the goddamn box.

God I suck at this. Anyways, as I was supposed to say: She wouldn’t go anywhere else to buy underwear. Quite a few touhous sew and make their own clothes. Like Alice. But Reisen saw the kinky shit the doll maker made for her dolls once, and it’s just not her. Another alternative is the big textiles factory by the mountain. The kappa and their spinning jennies are completely dominating the market. The problem is that she would feel bad if she bought something which she knew had cost children their fingers and future. See? So the village is the best choice after all. I mean I don’t even have to mention the atrocities that occur at the SDM because you already get the picture.

She walks into the store, looking all casual-like. Kinda hard because she has freakishly long rabbit ears so everyone stares. Most of the time it’s impure thoughts, let’s face it bunny girls are still hot (thank you Japan), but you get the occasional speciest and xenophobe thinking hateful thoughts of what they’d do after they engage in their daily autoflagellation rituals. The kind old owner of the shop seizes her up with salaciously sexual thoughts and then offers her extra good costumer service. She modestly declines any assistance and browses the wares for her future knickers-to-be.

Maybe because she can be so adorably self-conscious she doesn’t take very long. Her determination to buy something outweighs embarrassment and she picks three sets of underwear. Kinda cute too. I mean, one is all yellow and the panties have a smiley face on the rear. Another has a checkered pattern and looks like a picnic cloth and the last is your run ’o the mill stri-s-striped panties. Okay, those are absolutely delicious. Even if they are orange and white instead of blue and white or red and white. When their form-fitting lines adhere to Reisen’s contours it’ll be hot enough to raise the dead... in more than one sense. Ah man, they’re also thin enough that if she’s sweaty or just came out of the bath, they’d be slightly transparent. Maybe you’d get a serious look at her nipples or something.

Say, could we finish this story later? I’ve got to take care of some business in the bathroom for about... five minutes give or take. What? You too? Ten minutes? Showoff.

No dude, that’s just weird. I won’t describe them in full detail. I know. But you’re in the next stall over. I know what you’re doing. You know what I’m doing.

Just no.

Okay, maybe just a little...

When she got back home she took a bath. Yeah, I guess I can describe her naked body a little. That cute little mole on her rear right next to her tail shaped like a star... and how she’s put on a little weight recently. You know, she filled out in all the right places. Fattening up rabbits has never been so delicious.

Ah geez. Here I go again. This is about the bra, not a stupid sexy moon rabbit. Sorry, I can’t do this anymore. I know man, but deal with it. I came to tell this story and then go away.

For a couple of months?

How rude. I do not disappear for months at a time! I’m in IRC. Yeah, my channel. Deal with it, I don’t usually go to the other. Self-indulgent? Screw you man.

I’ll just wrap this up before it gets ugly.

So anyways. She put on her new striped panties after the bath. They clung onto her body like leeches to a white tourist. Not a good metaphor? Simile you say? Oh screw you. This is my story and I get to cock it up as much as I want to, okay?

She felt like an idiot when she got to her room and put the other pairs away. The missing pairs had fallen to the back of her closet. So she didn’t need to buy new undergarments at all! What a twist, amirite? She spent her hard-earned money on superfluous underwear, went through all the embarrassment for nothing. Well, not nothing. You got to hear a pretty nice story, and I got to watch everything through my hidden webcams. So we both win. Me doubly because I get to sell the footage online to Eientei for massive profit. A certain someone whose name I can’t reveal likes to watch. Being a subcontractor is awesome.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I should get back to work. I won’t be getting a big bonus this year if I don’t at least pretend to be working.

Is this implying that we've gotten so much that we're now long-since dead? And happy about it? The people in the channel are monks compared to that depiction.Maybe the joke went over my head. At least it isn't Fry's dog.
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File 128287816637.jpg - (385.42KB, 900x622, a9fbdeceb204fd8c1fa70c8291cebb87.jpg)
I nearly got what i wanted. Jesus, go write about sexing up Kaguya already. It is closing in on the two months already.
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I Forgot why I enjoyed reading your stories.

Now if we could just get off of perma-Kaguya lock.
Delete Post
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What do you suggest then. It seems like we are going nowhere at this rate. And i don't want that other end again.
Delete Post
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The route I want I'll never get, so I've put that out of my head.

But I do think a change of route would be good change of pace for Teruyo.
Delete Post
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If you have ADD. Teruyo is grumpy all the time anyway, so why not try to get at least one route done. If we all work together we can half accomplish this somehow, i am sure we can do this if we try. Probably. Maybe. Somehow.
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Like I said it was just my point of view.

I'm sadly not expecting run 3.
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Me, grumpy? Occasionally bitter and a tad bit sad, sure. Perhaps with a splash of frustration here and there. Rarely, if ever, grumpy though. The Candide in me still offers optimism from time to time. I'm not sure what my point is here.

A comment like that does piss me off slightly. Every character got a chance to be on center stage.

Will there be a run three? Theoretically. That is if there's anyone left on the site. It's getting increasingly less gratifying to write and read on this site. But hey, I own the joint and I'm the one paying the bills so I'll at the least be here until the last call.

As a miscellaneous piece of advice to everyone: There is a nice middle ground between flipflopping and being too decisive. Everyone doesn't always act the same way under every situation. Adapting to new circumstances is always important. I don't know, maybe if you keep that in mind you'll enjoy things more as you read. This is hardly the thread to be all serious though. Pardon me.
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Didn't mean for it to come as a insult. Just alot of characters get alot less show time than others.

>>It's getting increasingly less gratifying to write and read on this site.

This is the exact reason why I never posted either of my storiesn
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File 128295695365.jpg - (183.46KB, 793x1200, 1282919743465.jpg)
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>But hey, I own the joint and I'm the one paying the bills
Ohh boy.
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Don't like it? Too bad smart ass.
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Not the same guy, but just genuinely curious - What happened to HY? Wasn't he the one running the place, paying the bills and all that?
Delete Post
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Can't we focus o the story, instead of going on a heated discussion about who did what?
Delete Post
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HY has been fed up with certain aspects of his daily life and vamoosed. I don't have the details really.
Delete Post
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Please listen to this guy. If you want to discuss that sort of stuff go to IRC (#thp or even my #eientei in the unlikely event that you want my take on things) or post in a non-story thread somewhere in the site. Don't bump the thread with off-topic stuff please.There's plenty of different stuff I've posted here from poetry to slapstick and surreal scenes - feel free to comment about that as much as you like and point out the good, the bad, or anything nice you might have gotten through it. Or at least read them or whatever. It's the purpose of this thread.
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File 128448606864.jpg - (538.38KB, 800x600, i forget - who was albion.jpg)
NSFW image

The door swings open.

Trousers around your ankles, there’s not much you can do except flail pathetically to cover up your shame. Not very effectively at that. It only takes you a split second to realize that you’re completely exposed. Anyone in your position would be as well. In one hand you have a copy of the latest excellent “Moon’uns” and the other... is helping another part of your body show its appreciation for fine Lunarian tail. Nothing you can do can hide what you were doing.

“...” There’s nothing to say. You could have sworn the door was locked. All you can do is stare wide-eyed towards the door, hoping that the person who busted you will show some compassion and not make that big a deal about it.

As luck would have it...

“What if I were Reisen, huh? She’d have screamed and fled in disgust,” Tewi says as much with the smile of a perfect angel. She continues on sardonically, “I can scarcely believe what I walked into, I thought you a better man. A bigger man than this certainly.” Her eyes roll on down slowly to your exposed member and the smile of the cherub becomes the smile of an imp.

“So what do I have to give you to make this all go away? Like it never happened?” With the melting icy composure of a man still hoping to avoid the gallows on execution day, you try to bargain with a higher power - in this case the thrice-cursed rabbit girl. You give her lip service, explaining your position in hopes of leniency, “I’m surrounded by attractive women day in day out. If I don’t get any release I’ll go insane and kill myself.”

You drop the magazine in a disarming gesture, hoping to underscore your plea for reason above the usual madness.

“The way you put it makes me feel genuinely sorry for you,” The girl in pink smiles. If the circumstances were different, you might mistake her honeyed tone for genuine compassion. You have no doubt that even now she’s thinking of how to best distribute her prize snaps of your intimate moment.

Tewi comes closer, staring all the while at your still-petrified member. It makes you twitch nervously, “What do you think you’re doing?”

“No sense in letting this go to waste now, is there?” She asks with an impish smile, getting down on her knees. Her face is level with your fully erect penis. She sizes it up with an encouraging nod of her head and with no hesitation she places a small hand on the shaft. She begins to rub, slowly, as if teasing you with one of her usual pranks. You’re at a loss for words, looking down in disbelief at her slow and repetitive strokes. Pleasure doesn’t even register at first; Your shock is so great that it takes a while before you fully comprehend the situation you’re in.

“Ugh, Tewi...” You mumble out, “why?”

“I really do feel sorry for you,” She mumbles in return. Without explaining herself further, she brings her small thin lips to the tip of your shaft, blowing lightly. The tickling feeling sends a jolt through your back and weakens your resolve. She makes no fanfare for her next few delicate actions; She kisses the tip of your member softly, while never ceasing to operate a hand up and down along the shaft, she uses her tongue to gently lick your swollen head. Her saliva lubricates your penis, and whenever she revisits an area, a wet sound can be heard.

All you can do is stare down directly into her red eyes while she looks up during the act. The locking of your gaze sends ripples of excitement throughout your body and makes you swell to an even more uncomfortable extent. Never looking away from you, with a somehow coy and mischievous expression she begins to use her mouth on larger chunks. Her petite hand slides away towards your balls, playing with them in a lighthearted fashion.

At some point you lose your composure. All you care about is your own pleasure. You grab her ears firmly but gently, forcing her to take in more of your dick with her mouth. A warm, slippery feeling encompasses a great deal of your penis; She doesn’t gag, instead a look of quiet confidence shines through her eyes that sends your senses into overdrive. Her technique somehow becomes irrelevant, it’s the fact that she knows precisely what she’s doing that makes you go wild. Sloppy sounds arise from a mixture of her saliva and your own fluid emissions, echoing throughout the room rather obscenely.

Having been at work even before she arrived, you can’t withstand the pleasure for very long. The velvety softness of her ears contrast to the rough but well-disciplined action occurring at your crotch. Your knees buckle and you moan in ecstasy as you release all of the built up tension and passion you’ve been holding in. It feels like every fluid in your body is ejected at once, with magnificent force into the rabbit’s small mouth. You close your eyes, stumbling backwards flat onto your rear.

You find yourself breathing shallowly, looking at the scene before you with some disbelief. A trail of milky fluid dribbles down Tewi’s chin and onto the floor. She smiles, satisfied that she’s made eye contact once again with you and proceeds to spit out a mixture of your own juices and her saliva.

“You’ve got tissues, right?” She asks plainly, “Your room should be cleaned by you.”

By then a rather sizeable pool of liquid was seeping into the mats. You look around for the box of tissues you had reserved for cleanup. You’re scowling, trying to think how you’ll explain the inevitable stain to Reisen. Tewi chuckles, as if she can read your thoughts.

You try to say something, but are interrupted, “Just because this is your lucky day I’ll get rid of all the fun evidence...” She grins, knowing once again - and as always - that she has the upper hand, “Be seeing you later. If I ever need a hand myself, I’ll know who to call.”
inb4 this gets more attention than anything else because it's light smut.
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hotdamn. That was a good read.
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>>You’re scowling, trying to think how you’ll explain the inevitable stain to Reisen.

It's not like it would be hard to do.
Just explain it plainly, and she is bound to understand.

After all, everyone has urges.


And on this particular day, you had an urge for a big, hot, greasy cheesesteak sandwich.

Loaded with meat. Slathered with cheese. And dripping with enough grease to make any paper bag you place it in turn transparent, to say nothing of the effect it has on your arteries.
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Some how that sounds depressing.

Fulfilling urges through gorging of food horrible for your health.

but hey, light smut does a body good.
Delete Post
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Two things: First I must curse you for making me desire a philly cheese steak sandwich. An authentic one too, which is a pipe dream since I am a hemisphere away. Secondly, Shirou couldn't use that explanation; Making or acquiring such a sandwich would be quite an ordeal, an odyssey in Gensokyo I imagine. besides, rabbits can practically smell sex so Reisen would know anyways what do you think brought Tewi along?.

I have a little something that I may write in the not-so-distant future which sort of ties into the main story (well, a little bit more than this last thing did anyways). And a bunch of other ideas. All the same I'd like to hear if anyone has any suggestions or ideas of what to do next. You never know when you might strike gold.
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File 129160839584.jpg - (98.78KB, 900x675, the yoshinoya rant feels appropriate.jpg)
the yoshinoya rant feels appropriate

The message on the screen blinked in a thousand different colors. On the top left of the screen smaller text appeared, asking for the brave gunman's initials. These machines needed to keep a record of all of those who wasted precious time and money playing evidently. When the machines were idle, lists of the top challengers would be flashed on the screen in between demos, enticing the passerby to try to do better. Not that it usually worked, since casual players only cared about having fun and hardcore players stuck to a few choice machines. All the same, the machine now congratulated the latest challenger as best it could.

She grinned, cockily as she had a few minutes ago at the beginning of the boss fight and eyed the countdown timer with a victor's disdain. Coolly and collectedly she raised the gun with one hand and pointed at the letters on screen.

Click click click – The hard plastic trigger was pressed as the gun was pointed to the right letter.

Pow! Pow! Pow! – The machine responded to every click by exploding the highlighted letter with gusto.

She looked with satisfaction at her initials and the position they occupied at the top of the list. It had only taken several dozen coins to familiarize herself with the game, but she had managed to master it in record time.

“Hey, you done yet?” The impatient voice from behind her reminded her that the real world had not ceased to exist.

“Oh yeah, sorry,” She replied, looking at the next patron with something like a sneer. It was uncharacteristic for her to be so arrogant but she couldn't help herself as she handed him the plastic gun, “Good luck trying to beat my score.”

“Yeah, whatever,” The patron ignored her and with a trembling hand deposited several coins into the machine. It roared to life and soon all the excitement of the first stage consumed the patron.

Reisen stood to the side and watched for a while. The player kept missing the red guys and the power-ups. She shook her head and walked away with a smile. No one at the arcade would beat her score, she felt.

“Udongein, hold this will you?” Master commanded her to help her like she usually did. Reisen complied, trying her best to assist her sagacious lunarian mistress. She held the weirdly shaped tool with both hands, fearing that the slippery sides would slip out of her grasp at any moment. She knew better than to ask for the details of the experiment. It was beyond her understanding and she'd only be rightly patronized if she pried.

Still, the good feeling from earlier compelled her, “Master, this kind of looks like a banana, doesn't it?” She observed.

“A banana?” Her master chuckled, “Yes, I suppose it can also look like a banana. Don't ever change Udonge.”

“Master?” Reisen asked in confusion. She scrunched up her brow to make extra sure her master could detect her bewilderment.

“Nothing, just keep on holding it like that. Don't move your hands up and down, lest it buckle and try to escape.”

She lay in bed, exhausted.

Helping her master all evening was a lot of work. It wouldn't seem like a position as an assistant to a clinic would be much work, but it was! She felt that her arms were sore. Not even a warm bath had gotten rid of all of her fatigue. So she turned to sleep. Sleep always helped, made her feel like all was right with the world.

She dreamed about the most mundane things. About rice cakes, weird-smelling chemicals and cute miniskirts. Stuff in her daily life. If someone came into her room, the might see her sleeping belly up, with the most happy expression possible on her face. Maybe a little bit of drool too, but she'd never admit to that. Instead, she'd blush and tell you that you must have imagined it. That was the kind of simple, unassuming girl that she was. Helpful and liked by everyone. Maybe sometimes she tried a little too hard to be liked, but it was well justified when you took into account her past.

Her past was something she didn't think about much these days.

In the morning, as she struggled out of bed she'd only think about a few things. What she was going to make for lunch, about her weight and about her master. And as she woke up more, brushed her hair and washed her face in the bathroom, she'd get ready for her day – in the mirror she'd show herself a cocky grin, one that would only be for her and last for only a moment. It was a reminder that she was truly good at something. Whenever she got something wrong or Tewi got in her way, she'd make a gun shape with her fingers, recalling the weight of the plastic gun and the excitement of the game.

It acting like that that she passed her peaceful days.
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>It acting like that that she passed her peaceful days.
I haven't got this fully. Is she sad or happy that those past days are gone now? The ordinary life she is living now is not enough for her?
Delete Post
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Happy Reisen? This is unacceptable.
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File 129171651780.png - (543.11KB, 777x1073, lawbringers never have it easy.png)
lawbringers never have it easy
Only the faintest of shadows dared to appear under the merciless high noon sun. The air croaked with intense heat, causing the odd passing tumbleweed to make a whooshing noise as it passed. The bright stage was a large clearing by some oft-forgotten field in the middle of nowhere. An abandoned shack and a dried up well made it seem like nothing could ever grow again in the dry patch – Only, at the most, die.

Two gunslingers stood in the clearing, each at either end of the desolate space. They stood silently, glancing at each other from under their large hats. Their hands were tense and to their sides, their fingers aching to grasp the ivory handles of their ornate revolvers. Rules were rules and they both resisted the temptation, waiting patiently for the signal.

Then they'd begin and go on for as long as needed. Bandoliers ran across their chests, full of ammunition and stuffed with a few extra surprises in case of close combat. To an outside viewer, these two could pass as two desperados in the wild west. And certainly, they felt some kinship with the bandidos and lawmen of old, dressing for both functionality and out of sentimental homage. Surely the long boots made of tanned hide, complete with shiny silver spurs were enough to evoke imagery of a place very far away and a long time ago.

A rabbit, no a varmint scurried across the clearing. It cut between the two figures, seeking refuge in the derelict shack. It joined its brothers and sisters already there and turned its red little eyes to the clearing with some anticipation. It seemed that there was a certain electricity in the air, and it was as if anyone nearby might get shocked if they didn't take cover. Or at the very it might incite the odd spectator to wear a bulletproof vest and a helmet. Overhead, a lone scavenger circled, no doubt detecting that the upcoming events might end with it getting an easy meal.

The signal came as soon as the rest of the spectators appeared. Each gunman had at least a representative amongst them. It was a matter of course that once they were ready they would signal them to begin the duel. A pure maiden's handkerchief was dropped onto the dust.

The rivals moseyed on towards each others, the spurs rattling and jingling with every slow and deliberate step. Not once did their gaze stray from one another and not once did their hands move away from their holsters. At a distance of no more than twenty-five paces they stopped.

Over the soft breeze, one spoke, “Ready to be defeated?”

“How cute, I was about to ask the same,” The other replied.

They both took a moment to smile, knowing that the other was equally as confident. And why shouldn't they be? They both had nimble fingers and a fast draw – it stood to reason that there wouldn't be many opponents that could hope to match them.

“Remember – no cheating,” One of the gunslingers reminded the other.

“Yeah, like we agreed. I don't break promises,” The other replied.

“Enough talk then. You know the rules.”

Their gazes intensified. Each sought to keep track of the hands of the other. The first to move would allow the other to do the same. It would be a split-second difference but one that could mean either victory or inglorious defeat. To the onlookers the gunslingers looked larger than life, two figures ready to fight it out with lightning-quick reflexes and six-shooters. Silently they were predicting the outcome, each onlooker picking one or the other as the winner.

It all happened very fast.

No one was certain of who moved first but they all saw how they seemed to both reach for their weapons simultaneously, sliding their revolvers smoothly out of their holsters and leveling them to be fired.

A twitch, two, three.

The loud noise of gunfire. A strong breeze carried dust and noise far away.

All six chambers were empty in scant moments.

The spectators squinted, hoping to see through the fine layer of dust in the air just exactly what the outcome was. Briefly, some suspected that all of the shots had missed and that maybe the gunslingers would have to use their backup weapons or even risk a reload. A hunched over figure and another standing uneasily removed all such doubt.

The doctor came first. She looked at each combatant, seeing if there was anything she could do for either one.

“I got her Eirin,” The gunslinger still on her feet said. In the immediate aftermath of the duel, she didn't even think to gloat, instead reporting dryly on the situation, “My arm was hit.”

“Let me see Princess,” The doctor moved closer.

“It's but a flesh wound. I'll be fine. She might need you more than I.” The victor's concern was not due to genuine pity but from prior agreement on how to handle injury. She clutched her arm where she was hit and pointed to the loser.

The doctor turned her attention away from her and to the defeated. She was keeled over, clutching her head with both hands. Red stained the shirt and clothes vividly. It was a bright shade, made the more brighter by virtue of the short distance from which the weapons were fired. She took a knee and called for her assistant. The loser groaned but was still lucid enough to curse the victor, “You bastard. You hit me in the face.”

“You would have done the same,” The winner observed.

“True, but it still smarts like hell.”

The winner laughed. A small crowd of rabbits formed around her. They all wanted to make it appear like they had supported her all along. She spun a revolver in her hand, blowing the tip with dramatic flair.

“You'll be alright,” The doctor observed, “Your face might swell a little because of the force and your chest and side might bruise but everything seems to be alright with you.”

“Geez thanks,” The loser now massaged her face and tried to get back on her feet. She was unsteady and almost tripped. She was held up by a friend. She apologized for losing in her own way, “I made a mess of the outfit you took so long to prepare Keine.”

“It'll wash out. It's only paint,” The friend observed, as cheerful as she always was. In truth, she was relieved that no one had gotten hurt. Not like in the old days.

The doctor's assistant, a girl with long white rabbit ears buttoned onto the top of her hair, gave the princess a quick look over and made sure that the spot where she was hit was alright.

“It grazed me, barely touched me.” She said, dismissing the rabbitgirl with little fuss. She turned to her rival, offering her a hand, “Looks like I get to ride off into the sunset this time, huh?”

“So it seems,” The rival conceded, “Next time will be different. It'll be like the first time we tried this.”

“Of course it will,” She said sarcastically. It was easy to loose track of who had walked away with paint allover their clothes and who had won. It seemed like both of them kept getting hits on each other every time. “If you want we can start from behind cover next time.”

“That might be interesting, I've also wanted to try out one of those repeating carbines.”

“How spoiled you are, it takes us forever to find weapons and make ammo you know.”

“Heh, well, you started this crap.”

“No, you did,” The winner smiled.

“I guess we'll disagree on that like always,” The loser smiled bitterly. She turned around and began to limp away with the help of her friend. Too proud to be seen like that, she shrugged off her help and began to walk on her own.

“Hey Mokou!” The victor yelled after her, “Make sure to rest up! Your face looks like hell!.”

The loser, without turning back, made an obscene gesture with her hand. The winner laughed again, looked at her friends and began to walk away herself. Her home lay opposite to the setting sun but things like that never took away from otherwise satisfying conclusions.
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What does that even mean?
Delete Post
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I liked this.

He's just happy that you wrote, maybe?
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File 129669880644.jpg - (489.30KB, 800x700, dark road.jpg)
dark road
“We have to,” She says with fatal finality. The warmth is gone from her eyes – the kindness and love that makes your lover normally so wonderful is completely absent. If it weren't for the gravity of the situation, and how disturbed you already are, she would have unnerved you.

There's no room for further argument. You have come this hard, and it's your duty to see things through. No matter how uncertain the future may be. It is part of the commitment you have sworn to Kaguya and you are anxious to prove that there's nothing in the world you won't do for her.

You look the victim straight in her eyes. The grey orbs show something you haven't seen before in her – fear. It seems that she finally understands the position she's in and how there is nothing that can save her now. After all, you can see your merciless expression reflected in those eyes, and you know that there can be no further hesitation.

Keeping your knee firmly on her chest, you grip the knife firmly. You look at Kaguya, waiting for final confirmation. It comes in the way of a small but firm nod. It is then that you commit the biggest crime in your life, a crime of liberation.

The knife tears at her skin cleanly, eviscerating her throat in one smooth stroke. Blood gushes out and her eyes widen. She struggles harder. It's futile and she knows it, but her instincts have long since taken over her rational side. Blood spurts as she coughs and chokes on her own fluids and air is denied passage to her lungs. It's not long before her face pales and her eyes roll back. After only a minute or two of thrashing about, she finally loses strength and completely lets herself be consumed by the situation.

You look down at her twisted expression of desperation. Her features are frozen.

At the end of her life, Eirin Yagokoro abandoned all pretension and died like a mere animal. Quiet the far cry from her once prestigious title of “Brain of the Moon”.

You look up, tears in your eyes. Though you have acted with conviction and have no regrets, there's a part of you that just died. The tears are a simple funeral for that defunct aspect of you, a tiny reminder of what you have lost forever.

Kaguya is smiling. It is the most radiant smile you have seen yet.

“It is done,” You say flatly, getting up from the floor. By now Eirin's blood has spread along the floor, dirtying the lab's white tiles.

“We're free,” Kaguya remarks. The smile never leaves her face, “Come here now, I have a little reward for you...”

Amidst the carnage, you act like the young lovers you supposedly are. Like a couple would under any circumstances save one such as this. She gives herself to you fully and you can't help but reciprocate. There is a vestige of shame within you that turns to anger and the act is intimately violent. Over the ex-physician's desk and tools of the trade you consummate your love. All you can hope from here on out is to sully the beautiful ex-princess as much as she has sullied your soul.

So you laugh. You laugh and laugh as would befit a madman.

“I love you,” You whisper after you're done indulging yourself physically. The beast that's awoken is paradoxically as crass as it is sentimental.

“I know,” Your lover smiles, her eyes reflecting the wound in her own soul.

There's nothing left to do but seek comfort in each other's arms from now on. As impossible as it may be.
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>At the end of her life, Eirin Yagokoro abandoned all pretension and died like a mere animal. Quiet the far cry from her once prestigious title of “Brain of the Moon”.
What have you done.

If you had wrote more, with a reason and a pre story it would have had much more and a better impact on me. So it just comes over as a senseless slaughtering.
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It can be part of the next update. That's the context. It could be part of the continuity.
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File 129670833586.gif - (1.97MB, 336x199, whatsthis.gif)
>It could be part of the continuity.

Is it worth exploring; It's worth exploring isn't it!?
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File 129705508866.jpg - (123.39KB, 775x800, elmekia lance.jpg)
elmekia lance
In a dark, dank recess of Eientei, evil was afoot.

It was the type of nightmarish, insidious evil that threatened to consume the whole world. Worst still, it was the kind of evil that no one seemed to notice or take seriously until it was too late. Poof, before you knew it – everyone and their grandmother would be ravaged and enslaved by the dark malign forces.

As was typical with this type of threat, only a select few knew of it and even fewer still dared combat it. And in that dark, dank forgotten corner of the world a group of five righteous warriors had gathered. To combat the threat before the world was drowned in flames and misery.

“I cast magic missile,” The intrepid mage announced with pride.

“Your puny attempt of magic merely tickles the evil overlord. You're still a thousand years too early to challenge him!”

“Let him taste my arrows then,” The brave ranger announced. He plucked his bow and let loose an arrow.

“While your elven eyes makes your aim is undoubtedly true... the arrow fails to puncture the thick unholy carapace of the abomination.”

“What ho! I think it's time for this little hobbit to go back to the shire!” The most diminutive of all the heroes quipped excitedly. There was no doubt in its mind that the fight could not be won.

“Really? Well then, you try to run and... slip on a disintegration trap. You are vaporized.”

“Oh bull!”

“You knew the risks of this adventure, no complaining now.”

The pensive bard had been quietly thinking of what to do. In a stroke of genius, he addressed the overlord, “In your wanton lust for destruction I see there is something deeper. The desire to be loved! If you abandon your wicked ways, I would not mind dedicating the rest of my days to loving you.”

“Denied. Ahem, the overlord casts dominate person. It looks like you'll be loving it alright. Along with its ranks of razor sharp genitalia.”

“Oh no. Dammit.”

The beast let out an imposing laugh, taunting the last hero to make her move.

“Well then, are you going to do something or just stand around and look pretty?” It asked.

“Um... let's see...” The insecure paladin fumbled. It was nigh-comical how someone so blessed by the gods of good could be so incompetent. Lawful stupid indeed, thought the overlord.

“Come on Reisen, just do something! We're pretty much screwed as it is,” The hobbit spoke out of turn, breaking character.

It only took one voice of irritation to ruin the atmosphere of mystique the session had had going for itself. The lights were dim, soft and haunting background music playing and there were no outside distractions to speak of. That's why whenever one of the players spoke out of turn or otherwise reminded them that they were just playing, it completely ruined the atmosphere.

“Pass me the bag of cheetos,” One of the members took advantage of the interlude to further disrupt the session. Everyone looked around, searching for the big aluminum bag of cheese-like flavored treats. The bag was found and the crunch of the wrapping further dispelled the atmosphere.

“Yeah, listen honey, you should just play already. Getting a little fed up with waiting forever for my turn,” The ranger spoke, eying his watch. Always the first to call it quits, the ranger severally limited the amount of time the group spent playing.

“Don't badger her,” The overlord boomed, still in-character.

“Eirin, you know I have work in the morning... can't be late.”

“What did I say earlier...” The overlord glared daggers at the ranger.

“Yeah, yeah, sorry. I haven't forgotten your proper title, Dungeon Mistress.”

“That's better,” She nodded. All the same she saw some wisdom in the ranger's words and gently reminded the newest member that time was not infinite, “Every action should not be a full hour's deliberation. Go with whatever feels right.”

“Ah, I'm trying my best mas- I mean, Dungeon Mistress.”

“Just attack or something,” The bard muttered.

“Alright,” The rabbit made up her mind. She looked at her character sheet one last time and steeled herself. She looked straight at the DM's eyes and declared her action, “I will attack with my holy longsword of vengeance.”

Silence befell the chamber. Around the old wooden table the players slowly got back into the game. They all waited with bated breath for the newest player to pick up the 20-sided dice and give them a proper roll.

“...Impressive,” The overlord remarked. A natural 20 was indisputably the best result possible. “Rocks fall, the overlord dies.”


The groans of displeasure came almost immediately afterwards. The protests were loud, with every player seemingly discontent with how cheap the fight had been in the end. But still the DM refused to budge, insisting that holy avenging rocks had done their work for them and now they could celebrate.

“Worst... game... ever...” The hobbit got up with a look of disgust on her face. It seemed that next week there would be a change the roster. The current DM was out.

Like the nerds that they were, they all would bitch and moan for the rest of the week, mostly to anyone who was (unfortunately) nearby. They all went home save for the moon rabbit and the (now ex) GM. They lived there after all,and wouldn't be going anywhere.

“Master, that was horrible!” The moon rabbit complained.

“Then my work here is done,” Eirin replied with a devilish grin on her face. She picked up her bag of dice and asked her young pupil a question, “What do you want to do next week then?”

“Roll up a new character. Maybe a rogue. I want to get as much loot as possible.”

“Loot eh?” The wily GM mused. It seemed to her that her work really was done. In frustrating the tense and skeptical girl, she had awakened her curiosity. She now wanted to see more, get more and vindicate this mediocre experience. Though the other players would not let her run a campaign anytime soon again, it seemed worth it. After all, the girl who had so been disgusted with roleplaying games was now showing a keen interest in them.

“Yes, and don't expect me to help you out either. In the game we can do whatever and so you'll forgive me if I don't act like I do in real life.”

“I wouldn't expect anything more, Udongein.”

“I'm glad you understand... now where's that splat book, I wanted to take that talent that allows you to...”

Eirin tuned her out, handing her all the books she had. The more pure and innocent something is, the more pleasurable it is to corrupt she concluded. Now if only she could get to the rest of the household. The guys would love more fresh meat.
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File 129705636333.jpg - (76.92KB, 619x595, 1279687668607.jpg)
Well, okay.

>First one to finish a proper Reisen route wins a fabulous prize
>finish a proper Reisen route
>there will never be a Reisen route
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It's incentive. Maybe someone in the supposed legion of Reisen fans will finally bite the bullet and put their nose to the grindstone.

I would do it but, a) Busy with other stories, b) Even if I started a new story, people would still ignore Reisen and go for someone like Eirin or Mokou and c) Other people need to write too

And besides, winning my own prize is just weird.
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File 129748900622.png - (1.83MB, 1400x1050, c45fe5852de4e371a01fcc1696e07803.png)
NSFW image
As much as I'd love to bite the grindstone, writing a CYOA is a bit different than writing plot for a warhammer related roleplay.

Tl;Dr I don't want to fag up Eientei with my Sci-fi bullshit.
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All you need is a dream, a plan, and a proofreader.
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Perhaps the same can be said about all writefags.
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File 129774542364.jpg - (405.61KB, 2288x849, 1211068199062.jpg)
Well, honestly I couldn't do something set in Gensokyo. I've never ran anything in a fantasy style setting.

I could possibly do a CYOA based around a space ship crew or another Sci-fi hook, but at that point I'd worry about the lack of interest to make my time worth it.
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File 131054795196.jpg - (178.17KB, 900x848, you know she's right.jpg)
you know she's right
I am anxious. My fingers continuously tap against the table. The noise helps calm my nerves a little. As if hoping that adding more fingers will help me relax, I begin tapping my ring finger alongside my index and middle fingers. My thumb and little finger twitch like they want to join in.

I sigh.

I take a deep breath. The urge to pace around the room is almost overwhelming. Yet somehow I manage to check myself. Getting up would be pointless. It would also mean that the small satisfaction I'm getting from tapping my fingers against the hard wooden surface would end. Instead I reach out with my other hand. I grab a small matchbook. Regrettably I have to stop my fingers in order to detach a match from the half-depleted row of matches. It's just as well. I have to strike it and that is best done with two hands.

A bright little flame springs to life when I rub the match against the coarse bit of the matchbook. I waste no time in lighting the candle closest to me. Then I blow out the match. The room is now a little brighter, having previously relied on the moonlight to illuminate things. It's not enough though and I begrudgingly stand up. I grab the lit candle and remove it from its candlestick. I make my way around the table and light the three other candles. It's much brighter, yet not bright enough to ruin the mood. Light reflects off the silverware and metallic plate covers. I touch the cover at the place opposite mine – it's still hot to my relief.

She finally arrives just then. I greet her with a smile, my heart beating faster when I realize what she's wearing. She's dressed for the occasion alright, a dark elegant outfit that screams sophistication. Her light and unblemished skin is exposed in places, most noticeably around her neck and collarbone to her upper chest and her calves where the dress meets her black shiny pumps. The sleeveless design also shows off her long and shapely arms. It's a tease of an outfit, hinting at the curves beneath around the waist and thighs and of the plump protrusions of her chest.

“I'm sorry if I've kept you waiting, I had some paperwork I needed to finish first,” She intones apologetically with a smile.

“It's alright, the food should still be hot,” I forgive her immediately. I won't let the little things ruin a special evening like this.

“Good then, I'm looking forward to tasting your cooking. I've been thinking about it all week and the anticipation was just driving me mad,” A mischievous little twinkle appears in her grey eyes, something which makes my heart turn to melted butter.

I pull back her seat for her before uncorking the wine. Naturally I let it air for a while before I serve it. In the meanwhile we make a little small talk, chatting about our days as if we hadn't seen our other in a while. Not wanting to risk the food getting cold, I uncover our dishes with a confident smile.

Presentation is everything. The steamed vegetables are all cut into equal size pieces and the meat looks golden but tender. My mushroom sauce is artistically applied to the center of each piece, covering the steak with casual elegance. Or I at least hoped it was elegant and presentable. I tried not to show it but I anxiously wait to see her reaction.

Obviously, she notices. There's not much that gets by her. We both know that.

“It's looking good,” She teases, “It looks like something made by a talented man.”

Her use of 'man' is as always meant to keep me off balance. It's an tacit confirmation that I've changed since I first met her and for the better. And yet there's something else she means to accomplish, I just know it.

It's no use worrying too much about it. Not at the moment.

I don't get a good feel for the meal as I eat. I am too critical of my own creation, noting every small flaw and perhaps making a bigger deal out of it than it really is. As such, I am entirely reliant on her appraisal for a final verdict. It's rude to be too pushy and that's why I don't force the conversation.

When I find that she's staring at me after a while I am forced to ask, “Is anything the matter? Perhaps something you didn't like about the food?”

“That's all very adequate,” She says ambiguously, surely enjoying knowing that I want to know her real opinion. Instead her reason for staring seems to be another, “I was just thinking about how handsome you look tonight. I don't recall seeing you wearing anything so formal in the past. Western-style clothes really do suit you best.”

“I could say the same about you,” I try not to blush, “You look especially lovely in that dress. I didn't think you could look any more beautiful, but I'm glad to have been proven wrong.”

She giggles, enjoying my flattery, “I had Udonge make this dress for me, she did a fine job.”

“I'll be sure to thank her later,” I nod, half-kidding and half-serious. I become increasingly convinced that this type of dress suits her best. Her light hair and defined features contrast wonderfully with the dark fabric and its wonderful subtle shimmer. I watch as she brings her glass of wine to her ruby-red lips.

“Good choice,” She concludes, “It's both full-bodied but respectably dry, it suits this meal perfectly.”

“Thank you, I did spend a whole week planning this dinner, I feel my efforts have been worth it.”

“A whole week that I hardly saw you,” She pouts. Her childish mannerism is at just the right level of exaggeration.

“Heh, you know that I love helping out in the clinic whenever possible,” I state.

“Much to Udongein's sorrow,” She laughs, “Last time she told me that you made a mess of her filing system.”

“How was I supposed to know it wasn't just alphabetical but that it was also ordered by symptoms?” I interposed sardonically.

“Be nice to her, she likes you, you know. I think you're the only friend she has.”

“She has Tewi,” I say.

“It's a different sort of relationship they have, they're more like sisters at times...”

“...And enemies at other times,” I finish her sentence.

“Too true,” She chuckles. I drink some more wine, enjoying the rich taste and the warm feeling the alcohol produces in my stomach. She clarifies her original statement, “I just mean that you're the only one she can treat like an equal around here. That's what friends are, aren't they?”

“Lovers as well,” I proclaim boldly.

“Heavens, I feel that you're implying something with that,” She winks.

“Just making our relationship unambiguous, you know me, I like to get everything out in the open.”

“I thought things were already unambiguous,” She states with a devilish smile. I feel a soft sensation on my leg, rubbing up and down playfully. It almost causes me to jump but I keep my cool. I smile in return, raising my wine glass for a toast.

“To honesty,” I propose.

“To love and the mad things it makes us do,” She raises her glass in kind. At the same time her foot moves higher, quite suggestively.

We both drink, the air between us feeling absolutely charged. The night is still young and there's no need to rush things. We'll pace ourselves. We always do. It's liable to be a long evening.


“-up already!”

I frown as I wake up, the morning light hurting my eyes.

I'm shaken, coaxed into action, “Come on and get up, did you forget we promised to go out together today?”

“Is that today?” I ask, half-asleep.

“You bet it was!” I'm jostled some more. “We'll end up losing most of the day at this rate.”

“Sorry, sorry, I just had a nice dream. Gimmie a sec to readjust.”

“I bet it was perverted. The look on your face says it all,” Though I face away from her, I know that she's probably grinning.

“Uh, well, not really...” I lie, or at least tell most of the truth, “It involved Eirin and I had cooked something...”

“Oh you're incorrigible,” She exclaims, “Stop thinking about other girls, you've already got me! Now hurry up before I get mad.”

“Heh, I know,” I smile. I can't complain, I'm happy as is. Dreams and fantasies are just fleeting fancies, after all.

I get up and shift into gear for my very busy day.
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"Love à gogo"?
Rather "gala de gaffes à gogo".
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>I frown as I wake up, the morning light hurting my eyes.


Fuck you Teruyo, if you wanted to make me cry myself asleep tonight you should have just came to my house and kicked me in the balls.

Eirin ;_;
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I laughed harder than I should have.

I cried too knowing that feeling
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After seeing what you did in /nue/, I'm really worried as a long time reader. Are you going to start cheating on your own story's votes too? Or maybe you've already done it in the past.
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File 131163059651.gif - (8.09KB, 336x264, 1311087265363.gif)

That's a pretty big assumption for such a small shitstorm.

You haven't been looking at enough Yukkuris lately. I'll help.
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I seriously doubt you are a long time reader. The mere fact that you bumped this thread is rather telling. The handful of individuals who read what I write would all know better. I trust them and they trust me. I'm brutally honest with them and expect nothing but brutal honesty in return. After all we've been through together there shouldn't be any doubt about that. Please don't try to start trouble in my threads, or any other writing thread for that matter. Before you scream "censorship!" - A writer has absolute discretion of what gets posted in his thread and it has always been that way. Their word and decisions are law in their own threads.

That reminds me, I wonder how many people have bothered to read the actual site rules.
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>The handful of individuals who read what I write would all know better. I trust them and they trust me. I'm brutally honest with them and expect nothing but brutal honesty in return. After all we've been through together there shouldn't be any doubt about that.

Indeed. Well said man. Now get back to writing.
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I read the rules. Several times.
And I know I'm not the only one.
Now, get back to writing. I need my weekly Kaguya.
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File 131171583948.png - (10.58KB, 160x160, Use to slap Anon.png)
Use to slap Anon
This and this are different. Teruyo is maybe an asshole as an admin, but as a writer, he's correct with his readers.
Except when he's taunting us with Eirin.
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He knelt, heart racing. The soft moonlight shone through the bamboo copse, barely giving him enough illumination to confirm where he was. He had run this scenario through his heart thousands of times now and had been completely confident that he could do it, come rain or shine. He had picked this night because it could be no other – there were others who worked as industriously as he. And yet... there were butterflies in his stomach. His head was buoyant beyond all reasonable metric and it felt like his heart might burst at any moment.

But it wasn't a moment for cowardice. Not by a long shot. Do or die time.

An almost inaudible croak came from his throat. He got a hold of himself. It wouldn't do if he was inaudible. He had to impose his will, his presence,

“But soft, what light through yonder window breaks?” His voice became firm as the muse took over, “It is the east, and Reisen is the sun.”

“Oh sweet Reisen!” He thought. The feelings within him were vivid and threatened to swallow him whole. A chance encounter at market had dramatically changed his life. That gentleness of soul! That beauty, her fine hair and her fine features. And, most importantly, that nobility of character!

“Arise, fair sun, and kill the envious moon, who is already sick and pale with grief,” he almost jammed up his elegant speak due to the horrible knot in his gut, “That thou, her maid, art far more fair than she.”

He raised his arms out, towards the balcony on the second floor. His heart was at its limit, his breath bated. He waited an eternity. Hope, along with equal measures of doubt, kept him pinned to his spot. He was both too afraid and excited to move. Another eternity passed. A plague of doubt wracked him. The only thing that kept him going was the image of that sweet angel's face in his mind's eye. For her he would climb the mountain that was infested by youkai. For her, he'd plunge into the lake at the height of winter. And for her he would also make a garland from the flowers of the forbidden field. His own safety did not matter to him. By Jove, he was moonstruck!

A sharp blow to the head finally uprooted him. Blood gushed from his wound as he tried to make sense of what had just happened.

“Shaddup, will ya! People are trying to sleep in here,” A silver-haired granny on the first floor shook her arm at him. She might have been beautiful, her braids looked well maintained, had he not been completely enamored with the fair Reisen. He mumbled an apology as the woman continued to berate him, “Udongein doesn't need any more suitors! I'm going to tell her not to go to town any more, this is getting out of hand. You're the seventh one tonight.”

“But I truly wish to earn her favor-” He mewled.

“Do it like a normal person then, ask her on a date. During daylight and away from my home.”

“A d-date?” He stammered like an uncertain maiden. “I couldn't be so bold! Milady deserves a more subtle courtship and I must give her what she deserves.”

A wayward chair made his whole world go dark.

When he came to, a familiar face was smirking at him. He tried to speak but she shushed him, “You almost died, save your strength.”

He noticed that the girl held an ice pack to his head.

“Oh, this?” She smiled,” This is keeping the swelling down on your face. You look like you took quite the beating. But then again, what did you expect? You came here in the middle of the night and woke everyone up. I wonder if giving you that book was a good idea. You did look like the kind of guy who would get carried away...”

“ah-” He tried to speak.

“Stay still!” The girl commanded. A scowl formed on her face. She chastised him, “I'm taking care of you because I feel I'm a bit responsible. You look a little smart, so I'll tell you what's really up. I was really bored, you see, and happened to follow Reisen into town one day. Y'all didn't see me because I was hiding, but I noticed all those looks you guys gave her. So I decided to have some fun,” A snicker escaped her lips, “I got you and all your friends and gave them all copies of this book I found. Figured you guys would make fools of yourselves, making Reisen feel better about herself and, more importantly, keeping me entertained.”

“That's horrible!” He wanted to yell, but found his jaw too sore to properly move.

“Hey, don't look at me like that. You brought it upon yourselves. If you hadn't been cowards, you could have just talked to her in town and proceeded to woo her in the normal fashion. She'd be happy just to get a little attention, so she wouldn't have pushed you away. But boys will be boys, huh?” She smirked.

He groaned, the girl's words having an effect on him.

“Well, I dunno if she heard all those cheesy lines earlier, but I'm sure she's chuffed to had so many admirers. I say you shouldn't give up,” She winked, “The world is full of many wonderful things, you just have to go out and grasp them.”

He nodded vigorously, ignoring the shooting pain.

“That's a good boy,” She smiled, “I'll even help you if you want. I'll tell you her routine and her favorite foods... maybe next time you can invite her to a picnic or something. Sounds nice, huh? I'm a sucker for helping out a regular Romeo like you.”

He nodded again, tears welling in his eyes.

The world really was a marvelous place. So long as you believed it to be so. He had to strike while the iron was hot.

Screw /shorts/, this thread is here already.
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