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File 143856288212.jpg - (196.26KB, 900x1440, Ranmath.jpg) [iqdb]
Ran Yakumo set her half-moon glasses on her nose and sat down in her chair. All nine of her furry yellow fox-tails swished aimlessly as she stared at her typewriter, hands poised over the keys. She bit her lip, hemming and humming to herself as the bright white page stood still in its spool. Her tails curled around the back of the chair as thoughts came to her. She began to write.

'It's said the benefit of being a pessimist is that you are always either correct or pleasantly surprised. Let it be said that where it concerns Reimu Hakurei and her capability as a shrine maiden, I am in such a position. If I am right I will be able to shove this in Yukari's face several decades from now, and if I am wrong I will be relieved to throw it away.'

'This issue is resistant to usual forms of analysis, spanning not only centuries but also dimensions. It could be said that there are many beginnings to this story.'

Ran stopped typing, sighed, and took off her glasses. Two paragraphs in and she was already fiddling around, talking about how hard this would be to write instead of writing it. She had to put her fears aside and just choose a start. Forming a half-decent narrative could come later. She set her glasses back on her face and cracked her knuckles.

[ ] Where things went wrong: the previous Miko's regime
[ ] Why they went wrong: it started with a telegram line
[ ] What Yukari did about it: Reimu's not her real name
[x] Why they went wrong:
[x] What Yukari did about it: Reimu's not her real name

Then what is it, hmm?
[x] Why they went wrong

Ultra violence?
[ ] Where things went wrong:

Start at the beginning.
[X] What Yukari did about it: Reimu's not her real name

So I'm not the only one who thought of that? This will be interesting
[x] Where things went wrong

Might as well start from the beginning and work our way from there.

Interesting premise here.
I wouldn't normally do this, but since this is a retrospective this just changes the order we get the info in. The d6 has decided that the three-way tie is broken in favor of:

[x] What Yukari did about it: Reimu's not her real name
this dead?
Not the writer but a very close source.

Not dead, strictly speaking, but not high-priority at the moment either. Writer bit off a little more than he could chew and is trying to catch up now.
That's nice to hear, I was losing hope for this one. I like the premise, we'll wait for you OP.
Ehm... still alive?
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