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File 140274897330.jpg - (92.26KB, 840x480, YuyukoStage.jpg) [iqdb]
Orders, orders. Always bloody orders. Deliver this, break that. Never time to rest, never time to reflect. Only those insistent orders.

Your current orders were to infiltrate the building, carefully edit some data in their database, and return home unobserved.

It had almost gone perfectly. Getting in had been a trivial matter of engineering multiple 'false' alarms, and then waiting for the security to leave. The actual hacking was child's play compared to what you were capable of, but an unfortunate spark had caused a fire and you had been spotted escaping the burning building.

Hiding in the forest on the outskirts of the city, the sounds of the search all around you. The security firm apparently wants me dead, while the police want me for arson of all things. Just wonderful. Right now being anywhere else seems like a good idea, and with that thought lingering in my head I feel a pull through a place that should not be before tumbling out onto a misty riverbank. As the rift snaps shut I feel my connection to the outside cut, and my vision begins to fade. The last thing I see is the river rise to meet me, and sparks echo in the blankness of my head.

My last order rises in my memory. Return home.


I pick myself up off the cold damp ground, and brush the dirt and stones off face.

Looking around in the darkness, I see shapes begin to form as my vision adapts. Neat gaps between perfectly trimmed shrubs, shadows of cherry trees rising proud over islands of vegetation.

I get the feeling that wherever I am, I'm not supposed to be here. At the very least the owner may not appreciate me being here, especially considering that I appear to be standing in the middle of their flower patch.

Still, what to do?

[ ] Stay.
- ( ) Remain where you are, and wait for morning. Wandering around an unknown area is just asking for trouble.

[ ] Explore.
- ( ) This place doesn't seem so unfriendly, perhaps you could locate something / someone to help you figure out where you are?
- ( ) You don't like the feel of this place. Search for somewhere to hide and observe.
[X] Explore.
- (X) This place doesn't seem so unfriendly, perhaps you could locate something / someone to help you figure out where you are?

That's the most random way to get into Gensokyo I've ever seen.
[X] Explore.
- (X) This place doesn't seem so unfriendly, perhaps you could locate something / someone to help you figure out where you are?

I dunno about that. I think Misadventures in Gensokyo still takes the cake.
[X] Explore.
- (X) This place doesn't seem so unfriendly, perhaps you could locate something / someone to help you figure out where you are?
[x] Explore.
- (x) This place doesn't seem so unfriendly, perhaps you could locate something / someone to help you figure out where you are?

>I appear to be standing in the middle of their flower patch.
Oh dear. Youmu won't like that.
[ ] Explore.
- ( ) This place doesn't seem so unfriendly, perhaps you could locate something / someone to help you figure out where you are?

Looking for clues as to my current location is probably my best bet at the moment. Looking down I feel a little guilty for ruining someone's handiwork, although I have no idea of how to fix the damage. Gardening was never one of my skills. Still, time to get moving.

I stumble out of the flowers and onto the path, gravel crunching beneath my feet. Pausing a moment I listen for any reaction to the sound.

It then strikes me how odd the garden sounds.
Nothing. Deathly silence all around. Even in the middle of the wilderness there were still the sounds of birds ruffling their feathers in response to a slight breeze, or the scuffling of rat paws on concrete. Why is there no noise?

Nervously I check my weapons, and yes they are where they should be.
Paranoia aside there appears to be nothing harmful out there, so I continue moving between the cherry trees in a random direction. (It seems as good as any.)

It's not long before I reach the wall of a mansion. Following it around I arrive at the front door. The building is built in a vaguely Japanese style, so I shouldn't be too far away from home. (Although knowing my luck it'll be the Japanese embassy on some mudball in the middle of the Pacific or something equally ridiculous.) Resolving to return at a reasonable time I continue to kill time with further explorations.

The rest of the garden contains even more cherry trees, some strange flowers I've never seen before as well as several rockeries and is equally well looked after, although it seems to see very little use.

Seeing the first hint of dawn I decide to head back to the front door of the mansion. As I raise my fist to knock, a voice calls out from behind me "Who are you? What are you doing in Hakugyokurou? And why shouldn't I move you on?"
Slowly turning around I see a young woman glaring at me with her hand on the handle of the shorter of her two swords. Some white blob is also floating around behind her in some vaguely intimidating manner. It's probably not important though.

Swords? Really? Anyway, I should probably explain myself as humoring the locals is likely to get me more information than being antagonistic.

Introduce yourself:
-[write-in (you are male.)]
-[Remain as Anonymous.]

[ ] Honestly
- (given name / lack of name is your real name and be generally forthright with Youmu.)

[ ] Evasively
- ( Technically answer her questions, but give nothing away. Provide alias instead of your real name.)

[ ] Lie
- ( Given name will be made up, so will all details. (Write-in))

[ ] Refuse
- ( Your taser / tranquillizer pistol is far faster than some silly sword)

(Author's note: I will tend to update every 2-3 days, depending on outside things. Bonus updates may occur due to brilliant ideas and/ or restlessness. Also write-ins are always an option and are encouraged)
I'm not going to suggest a name. I don't see why you couldn't come up with one yourself.

[x] Honesty.
[x] Honestly
[X] Honestly

I can't explain why, but I somehow feel as though humoring the locals is likely to get more information than being antagonistic.
[x] Honesty.
-[x] Name: Ashley Drew Smith
[x] Honesty.
-[x] Name: Tyr Iliasov.

We're from the future, I presume, so we gotta have a weird name.


I checked MiG and I am inclined to agree, good sir.
[x] Honesty.
[x] Rahul Wankhede
[x] Honesty.
-[x] Name: Tyr Iliasov.
[x] Honesty. -[x] Name: Tyr Iliasov.

Right. Sword lady is doing the local equivalent of "Get off my lawn". Time to explain myself... or at least it would be if it wasn't for the door sliding slightly open and a hand grabbing the back of my jacket and pulling me inside.

"Youmu. Why so mean? You're making me wait for breakfast again."
A distinctly feminine voice complains from just behind me.

"I'm sorry mistress, but protecting Hakugyokurou takes priority over your breakfast." Youmu glances back at me before continuing. "Answer."

Deciding that now is a good time to speak up, I respond. "I'm Tyr Iliasov, an-"

Another yank from behind interrupts my introduction. "Youmu. It's food time now. Being grumpy can wait, I'm hungry." 'Mistress' admonishes Youmu whilst dragging me further inside.

A while later 'Mistress' and I are waiting at a table for Youmu to return with some food. I decide that now might be a good time as ever to ask where I was. "So Lady..."
"Yuyuko" is the response to my implied question.

"Lady Yuyuko, you wouldn't happen to know how to get to Tokyo from here would you?"

At this Yuyuko lets out a small chuckle before responding. "Getting you back to the Outside wouldn't be particularly difficult, if it wasn't for the fact that you are dead."

"Outside? Outside of what?" The second part of her answer then sinks in. I lower my voice and growl back. "Is that a threat? That's a dangerous implication you're making."

This only causes Yuyuko to break out into a full-blown laugh at my misunderstanding. "No. No. You're already dead. Go look at yourself."

Glancing down, I take a look at myself and startle at what I see. My hands are definitely paler than they should be, and I certainly don't remember them being translucent either. A simple statement of "how?" is all I can manage through the shock.

"People who don't get a proper ending, or feel as though they have more things to do tend to stick around after death. Most of them do nothing but cause trouble." This comes from Youmu as she enters the room carrying an enormous amount of food.

Yuyuko's eyes light up at the sight of food. Breakfast is had without much talking between us as Youmu seems unwilling to talk and Yuyuko is too busy demolishing the food to do much talking.

After the meal Yuyuko heads towards the pantry, much to Youmu's dismay. Youmu on the other hand picks up the dishes, puts them in the kitchen and dashes outside.

Feeling confused as to what I should do, I decide to...

[ ] Follow Yuyuko.
- ( ) Stop her from eating everything.
- ( ) Help her with the contents of the pantry.
- ( ) Pester her on what being dead entails.

[ ] Follow Youmu outside.
- ( ) To help (talking optional).
- ( ) To talk.

[ ] Head into the kitchen. ( How are the dishes going to get done if nobody does them)

[ ] Explore the interior of "Hakugyokurou"
[x] Follow Youmu outside.
- (x) To talk.

That felt kinda rushed.
[ ] Follow Yuyuko.
- ( ) Stop her from eating everything.
- ( ) Pester her on what being dead entails.

Speed isn't everything in a story. Hopefully the next one's better. Though it's off to a rough start (Outside of certain comics, Black hole stomachi Yuyuko went out of style some time back)

Thanks for the advice.
I'll keep it in mind.
[x] Follow Youmu outside.
- (x) To talk.
(x) To help

It's possible to do both and it would make her more likely to be helpful with her answers
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