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File 130773655072.png - (65.36KB, 256x256, Th07ayakashi01.png) [iqdb]
Hello everyone. I have decided to finally try my hands at a Touhou CYOA. In doing so, I hope to entertain you all with an idea I tried to realize as a fanfic. If you have heard of the unfinished fanfic called "Rebirth", you may know what this CYOA will be:

"Saigyou Ayakashi escapes his tree prison and becomes a human-like sakura youkai."

I am by no means a fast typer, and I can be rather busy at times. Still, do you wish for me to tell my story?


Let me tell you that it's an awful way to start a story. If people aren't interested, they just won't read it.
That aside, the idea is interesting, and as long as it's not a "Saigyou Ayakashi just walk around in Gensokyo" story, it might be interesting.
I can't promise I will follow your story closely, but I can offer criticism if you need it.
Pretty much this. However, I do have to ask: How old is said fanfiction, And was it yours in the first place? I'm too much of a fag to find out. If it is yours, and its been uncomplete for a while, Doesnt that mean that you just wont figure out how to end this properly? Either way, I'm looking forward to this. Not too many times you see Saigyou Ayakashi stories, let alone with it as a humanoid. Dont fail me now.

[x] Damn fuckin' straight.
The fanfic is a little over a year old, and is in fact mine. I just wrote myself into a hole and got tired of climbing out.

Thank you for the tips.

Proofreading now.
Centuries of being firmly rooted into the earth have long since blended into a haze of unplesantries. The only prominent memory is that when the Princess attempted to ressurect you, dispite her previous efforts. You would expect as much; from what you have seen, she has no memory of her life. Pity, you would have enjoyed how she would react upon seeing her own corpse. It's not that you hate her, though. It's more like you despise her, yet respect her for what she did when she was alive.

Her freind, the gap youkai, is a different story. You just outright hate her. She has almost never been clear about anything she says, and she does whatever she wants to get what she wants. At least she isn't around during the winter; she must still be scarred by what the Princess did to seal me. Thankfully, it's winter now, so her interfering is of no concern for now.

As for yourself, you lost your urge to kill decades ago; up until the incident happened, you simply chose to become more calm and collected to retain your sanity. Ever since you nearly bloomed, however, you have occupied yourself on bypassing the heavily-weakened seal. For reasons you still can't quite understand, the gap youkai never bothered to reinforce it, likely seeing how this body was forever stuck in the netherworld, and your threat level was reduced to that of... well, a tree.

Although you reside in what is more of a prison than a body, you are about to finally be free if it. While this body is useless, creating another body is easy. As a matter of fact...

Your "vision" fades into the ether. You feel yourself pass through the seal, while still keeping it intact to avoid suspicion. Since you now exist everywhere yet nowhere, you focus youself into a solid mass...

[ ] ...by a run-down hut, surrounded by bamboo.
[ ] ...on the steps of a familiarly-colored shrine.
[ ] ...within the Magic Forest... your old home.
[ ] ...on an island, where a mansion seems to be.
[ ] Write-ins are always an option, but stupid ones can lead to BAD ENDS.


Please distribute 40 S.P.E.C.I.A.L. points for your new body.
Note: No stat can exceed a base of 10. However, events that occur throughout the story can increase a stat past that.

Strength: __
Perception: __
Endurance: __
Charisma: __
Intelligence: __
Agility: __
Luck: __

(From what I've seen, this system is effective.)
Oh, and this will not go the route my old fanfic took. I had no clue what I was doing by Chapter 3. This is guided entirely by you guys.

I suggest using Open Office or Word. Even if you're not english or yankee, you can change options to trigger automatic checks. This way, you will probably avoid obvious typos like those one.

[x] ...by a run-down hut, surrounded by bamboo.

Strength: 5
Perception: 5
Endurance: 5
Charisma: 5
Intelligence: 5
Agility: 5
Luck: 10
My character when I played Fallout. Triggered UFOs.
Yeah, I guess I should. I am english (Arizonan), but I tend to trust my spelling a tad too much. Also, I find how you chose the Bamboo forest and then talked about encountering UFOs hilarious.
[x] ...within the Magic Forest... your old home.

Strength: 6
Perception: 7
Endurance: 7
Charisma: 4
Intelligence: 7
Agility: 5
Luck: 4

We are a tree. An alive tree. We've had years of experience, But we arent the most friendly person. We're stronger then any fine oak could be.

But are we stronger than Cirno?
As of your Rebirth (hooray, title throw-in), you are about as strong as a more intelligent Cirno, which is actually quite strong. About 2/3 of a Yuuka, I guess. Of course, you can get far stronger...

That sounds a lot like the results of a GOAT test.
"Congratulations, kid. You're a gardener."
I'm thinking I'll choose the one that hits 3 votes first for now, until the number of participants racks up. If no votes have hit 3 by tommorow, I'll pick the one with the most. If this makes a tie, I'll roll a die to break it.
[x] ...within the Magic Forest... your old home.

Strength: 6
Perception: 7
Endurance: 7
Charisma: 4
Intelligence: 7
Agility: 5
Luck: 4
[x] ...on the steps of a familiarly-colored shrine. (Myouren temple)

References ahoy!

Strength: 10
Perception: 3
Endurance: 10
Charisma: 2
Intelligence: 7
Agility: 4
Luck: 4

I'm trying to play this one realistically. We are a murderous tree, people. It doesn't make a lick of sense that our perception or charisma would be high, to say the least of agility. On the other hand, a trees endurance would be through the fucking roof, as with strength.
[x] >>25637
This man makes sense; I will vote for the same.
>tree goes into a physical body
>not all traits carry over

Really it would make no sense for him to have max in ANY stats whatsoever, As even then he most likely wont get used to the body for a long time

Stopped reading there. I do not care to argue with idiots.
[x] ...on the steps of a familiarly-colored shrine. (Myouren temple)

Strength: 6
Perception: 7
Endurance: 7
Charisma: 4
Intelligence: 7
Agility: 5
Luck: 4

Min-maxers stop.
...Myouren Temple and 6774754 it is.

Honestly, I never expected Myouren Temple to even appear in the story. It makes sense, though. I wonder how suddenly materializing naked and unconscious in a small crowd of people and youkai at the entrance to a temple will go...

Writing now. Expect about an hour wait.
[X] ...on the steps of a familiarly-colored shrine. (Myouren temple)

Finalized statistics:
STR = 6
PER = 7
END = 7
CHA = 4
INT = 7
AGI = 5
LUC = 4


Hmm, that temple has a small crowd around it. That might be a place of interest lat-- wait, you're heading towards there? Is this ether business really that sensitive?
'Oh shit, I didn't want to materialize now!'
As your essence nears the temple, you feel yourself let go of consciousness.


As you wake up in your new body, you immediately notice several things. For one, you know longer sense everything around you. Instead, you are noticing multiple new senses that seem to attempt the same thing, as well as a few unfamiliar ones. Taking the place of your old close-range omniscience are what you assume is "hearing” and "touch". Without bothering to look, you can tell you are at least human in appearance thanks to an encompassing feeling of constriction that covers your being.

Opening your eyes, you are flooded with information. You are on what you believe to be a large cushion, with multiple sheets of fabric holding you down. The room itself appears to have been hastily set up up. The walls seem to be made entirely out of wood. The floor and ceiling are made of a lighter colored wood. All these new sensations of "hue" and "color" are hurting your brain, but wondering how you know these terms hurts even more. Dismissing it as inherited memory given by the ether, you attempt to ignore it. Noticing that your body is beginning to get hot, and unsure how you even know what "hot" is, you swiftly pull them out of the way.

Almost immediately, you realize two new things. One discovery is that sheer cold on a naked male body is not pleasant.

The other discovery is that your body seems to look exactly how you pictured it in your mind. Another effect of the ether, no doubt. Your skin is a lightly-tanned beige, which you feel emphasizes your slightly above-average musculature. You also note that, if your genitalia are of any hint, your hair is a pale pink. If your body were human, you would guess its age to be around 20. Getting off of the cushion, you successfully stand. The ceiling seems to be a few feet away, so you assume yourself to be a little over five feet in height.

Grabbing a wool sheet to use as a makeshift robe, you decide to test your voice and call for assistance. Certainly you didn't sleepwalk from where you were to here.

Clearing your throat, and making a mental note to research how the ether gave you the know-how of how things work and pretty much took the problem of adjusting to your new body out of the picture, you call out:

[X] Write-in!


I would make a picture of how Saigyou looks, but I am shit when it comes to drawing, especially in MSPaint with a top-ball mouse.
Oh, and it's 1:00 am, so I'm gonna sleep now.

Well, we're in unfamiliar territory, and we aren't used to our body yet. Seemed appropriate to yell a greeting.
[x] Call out for anyone.

Damn writefag, Proofread. It's not very often someone confuses 'know' and 'no'.
...I have no words to express my rage at this mistake.
Suicide is the only answer for a typo.
File 130799188286.jpg - (594.32KB, 1000x1000, cca6fefa71aa917aa6ae68b65bf761d0.jpg) [iqdb]
Since nobody has voted in over a day, [X] “Hello?” wins by default.



You frown inwardly at your voice. You at least expected a somewhat-booming voice, yet all that came out was an unimpressive meek one. Almost immediately, a trap door in the floor opens into the room, where a small girl climbs up from a ladder below.

As she clambers to her feet, you look her over. The first thing you see are the two gray mouse ears sticking out of her shoulder-length hair of the same color. As she stands to her full height, her red eyes reach your chest in terms of height. Adorning her small form is a long skirt of a slightly darker shade of gray. Her upper half is clothed in a white long-sleeved shirt, with a vest of the same dark gray over it. She has a jewel attached to a string around her neck. The last thing you notice is the long, slender tail coming from her backside. The tip is coiled around a straw basket, where a small mouse is sleeping.

“It appears that you've awaken,” she says, eying you intently. “My master told me to help you adjust to your being born. I am Nazrin, disciple of Bishamonten.” She bows halfheartedly.

You notice how she says that you have been born. “What do you mean about me having just been born?” Agaon, your voice is too generic. This will take some getting used to.

Nazrin looks up at you. You note her forced smile. “While we were recruiting more followers, the combined belief was apparently enough to create you... the god of Myouren temple, and the reincarnation of Bishamonten.” She genuflects in front of you.

You're their god now? You know that this is just a big misunderstanding, but being a god could be a great way to gain strength. Then again, the attention being a new god brings could have the effect of a flashing bulls-eye that screams insults at your enemies attached to you. Should you tell this person what's really going on, or just roll with it?

[ ] Tell her you aren't really their god. Explain without leaving anything out.
[ ] Tell her you aren't really their god. Explain, but leave out the killing you did.
[ ] Tell her you aren't really their god. Say that the circumstances are complicated.
[ ] Go along with it. Being a god could be beneficial.

PER: This girl didn't exactly look happy about any of this, despite the circumstances. Perhaps she would dislike you being their god.

INT: While Yukari may not be a threat until spring, there could be others who could attempt to eliminate you. You should gain allies to assist you.
[x] Go along with it. Being a god could be beneficial.

What's that one quote from that one movie? Something like, "if somebody asks you if you are a god, you say yes?" Something like that anyways.

>Perhaps she would dislike you being their god.

I am a huge fan of Nazrin. I had to determine if this choice was worth it. I have decided it is. By the end of this story, she will like us. By golly, I will have my cake and eat it too.
[x] Go along with it. Being a god could be beneficial.
Honestly? I want to say we arent their god, But at the same time I want to tell her that we're instead just a powerful figure, come to help instead of being helped. And come on, Ayakashi is going to get some kind of emotions. If we become their god, There's going to be a point where the lie will have to be unveiled, So I propose a write-in.

[x] Tell her we have no idea what she's talking about, And tell her our backstory up to the point you decided to get a human body.
-[x] You had to kill, But you dont really feel that urge anymore. Tell her that so she doesnt cause us more trouble then needed.
You don't really understand how belief works in Gensokyo, do you? If we tell them we are a god and act like a god, we will be a god. We won't need to unveil any sort of lie, as it'll become the truth.

Besides, Saigyou doesn't strike me as a benevolent figure dedicated to improving the lives of all beings. He's malicious, and spiteful. If he can use a small lie to become more influential and powerful, I'm certain he would leap upon it.
He's technically not a bad guy. He's only malicious to those he doesn't like, like Yukari. To everyone else, he's more of an indifferent guy. In fact, he could be kind to a few people he viewed as friends when he was a tree. Who could possibly be friends with Saigyou, I wonder...?

That's pretty much how I would sum up his attitude as of now. Remember, I said he spent a lot of time calming down and rationalizing things.
>Remember, I said he spent a lot of time calming down and rationalizing things.

Cool OC bro.
[x] Go along with it. Being a god could be beneficial.

Ok, here's the plan, we go along with their bull, and we suck out their souls during their sleep and say they reached 'Enlightenment' when they are actually dead.

Once they are sorted, we get people to pay tribute and so on, until Yuyu pays us a visit.

We then eat her, And thus become the almighty king of death.

If Yukari comes to pull off her gaphax we can just use our MEODP to fuck her shit up.

For personal amusement, people who have lost their loved ones can pay tribute to bring back or see lost loved ones in turn for faith and the completion of near impossible quests, or chores.

Best ending ever.

Or we could go down Yuyuko route, bring her back to life without her losing her memories and more or less, and become rulers of our own afterlife branch as well as make it up to her.

As an added bonus to this, we can come up with a false name, tell her and keep her guessing until we finally give aways something that implies it greatly, I.E I only ever caressed you once, and that was when you died.

As an an added bonus we make a forest made out of nothing but Saigyou Ayakashi's to guard the honeymoon spot.

or we could take Yomou route, and get her to "Tend to out branches/gardener/bush" and come up with an erotic way of saying that she never tended to us as a gardener.

Komachi is fine too, as we can suck up souls like a giant container for her and help her ferry loads of them at once like a giant sorting machine.

A yama will also be good, if we can pass a bill which allows us to count as a punishment instead of hell like purgatory.

Either way, this story is destined for greatness.
Shut the fuck up, Random Anon. That was one of your most retarded ideas yet.
File 130801959063.png - (403.78KB, 842x754, Yukari-dontfuckwithme.png) [iqdb]
That's... that's absolutely retarded.

I do believe you should look at this: http://www.touhou-project.com/gensokyo/res/6052.html
A but aggressive, but I agree with that last post.

[x] Tell her we have no idea what she's talking about, And tell her our backstory up to the point you decided to get a human body.
[x] Tell her you aren't really their god. Explain, but leave out the killing you did.

While I am all fine with UNLIMITED POWER, but wouldn't being a god limit our options? Like we probably have to stay at the temple the whole time or something.
Well no, It wouldn't actually. God's are gods, They do what they want when they want as long as their image is upheld, therefore faith being gathered.

The only problem is that trees? Yeah, They dont lie. I'm serious. This guy shouldn't even be talking, He should just be standing there with his wood out.

But in all seriousness, No, I doubt becoming a god will help. The risk does not outweigh the reward.
So... is that a retraction of your vote or not?

[X] Tell her you aren't really their god. Explain whatever's necessary to disabuse her of that notion.

We have no idea what being their god entails. Seriously, some religions kill and eat their gods. We need to get out of here.
Learn to be optimistic you retards.

I mean sure It sounds autistic, but, then again the idea of going down Yuyu Yomou Yama or Machi routes does sound plausible, and given our powers, we can be of some convenience to them.

At least that's the point I think he was trying to make, killing Byakuren and her followers really wouldn't affect the story harshly, as if i recall no other touhou actually converses with them.
I honestly don't know what's worse. The idea that this is another anon defending something Random Anon wrote, or the idea that this is Random Anon samefagging to defend his retarded ideas. I'll choose to pretend it's the latter, as the first scenario is an entirely different shade of pathetic, one that I would sincerely hope to never see on this site.
Sorry for my last post, guys. I was having a bad day because my fridge broke and my 360's HDD corrupted.

"Being a God" and "Telling Nazrin Everything" are tied. Either someone votes for one soon, or I flip a coin.
[X] Tell her you aren't really their god. Explain whatever's necessary to disabuse her of that notion.
...I need a three-sided coin now.

[2] Go along with it. Being a god could be beneficial.
[2] Tell her we have no idea what she's talking about, And tell her our backstory up to the point you decided to get a human body.
-[1] You had to kill, But you dont really feel that urge anymore. Tell her that so she doesnt cause us more trouble then needed.
[2] Tell her you aren't really their god. Explain whatever's necessary to disabuse her of that notion.
[1] Tell her you aren't really their god. Explain, but leave out the killing you did.
Eh. If something doesn't come up within an hour or three, I'd say just call it for whatever and go. You are the author, you know. You can do that.
Good point. Expect the next post in a few hours.
[x] Go along with it. Being a god could be beneficial.

What could go wrong?
Too late. I got bored of waiting, so I just picked one at random:
[x] Tell her we have no idea what she's talking about, And tell her our backstory up to the point you decided to get a human body.

Also, I have bad news and good news.
Bad news: It will take much longer to write this part than I expected.
Good news: It will be a wall introducing most of the UFO cast.

It'll take a couple of days at the most, so please wait warmly.
>sure it sounds autistic
Then why'd you type it dumbass?

Anyways fuck yeah writefag introducing the best cast in any touhou next to PCB cast. Better have a damn good Shou, or else i'll be disappointed.
Gah... two more days, tops.
Life is too busy.
It's been three days.
File 130853684736.jpg - (22.42KB, 629x476, tomorrow_for_sure.jpg) [iqdb]
I've been too busy this past week. I've got half of it typed up so far, and will attempt to finish it posthaste.

Tommorow, for sure!
You're disappointing us, Mister Smith.
I mean what

But seriously get your fucking ass on the update ASAP please. I'd hate to see this story fall to the one thing known as 'laziness'.
Calm down, I'm just about done.
Updating in under two hours.
Proofreading now.

I assume that the maximum character limit is under 9000, so it will be a two-parter.
File 130861673049.png - (10.82KB, 300x400, e92a335f31e05b9dbe5470054cd6e077.png) [iqdb]
[x] Tell her we have no idea what she's talking about, And tell her our backstory up to the point you decided to get a human body.


Although you wouldn't mind pretending to be a god, and you would enjoy becoming one due gathered faith, you feel that all the attention would end up killing you before the benefits would start manifesting.

“Um... I think there's been some sort of misunderstanding,” you begin to correct, rubbing the back of you head while holding the sheet covering you with the other. You note the thick feel of your hair, which seems to be a short two inches. The mouse youkai looks up from her groveling; her face looks a hint more lively, yet the forced smile has become a frown. After a moment of uncomfortable silence, you continue. “I'm not your god, and I don't know who this 'Bishamonten' person is. I'm sorry if there has been some sort of mistake...”

More awkward silence permeates the room. After a full ten seconds, Nazrin stands while still looking down, and sighs... in relief?

“Thank goodness,” she mumbles, most likely to herself. “I don't need someone else pulling her attention away fro--” You cough, trying to remind her of your presence. You chuckle lightly at the sight of her twitching, making a small squeak in the process. She quickly regains her composure and acquires a furious demeanor. “D-do you realize how difficult it is to explain the sudden appearance of a naked person on the steps of a shrine!? My master had to quell an all out panic and stop the blessing ceremo--!”

“Nazrin, do not disrespect our god!” A new person literally jumps out of the hole in the floor and lands in-between the two of you. “Did you even bother to consult your teachings! You go and...!”

As the ranting fades into the background, you size her up. She stands a few inches above the now-cowering rodent. All you can tell from behind her is that she is dressed in a red skirt and vest over white pants and shirt. The skirt has some form of stripe-patterned sash wrapped around it. Her shoulder-length blonde hair has an orange bow in it, not holding anything up.

As she turns around, she takes a stiff posture, her golden eyes. “I am deeply sorry for how my disciple has acted towards you, my lord,” she says, bowing out of respect. “I am Shou Toramaru, and--”

You hold out your hand, stopping her before she continues. “I'm not your god, okay? If I could--”

“And how exactly do you know that you're not?” Shou inquires, interrupting you.

“If I could just get a word in edgewise, I would explain,” you say through grated teeth, rubbing your temples with your free hand. After a moment, you calm down enough to continue. “But first, if anyone else needs to hear why, I suggest you get them. I don't want to explain more than once.”

Shou looks confused for a moment, but eventually nods. “Okay then. I'll wake everyone up to arrange a meeting in the dining hall. Nazrin will show you the way.” She points a finger at you and glares. “But you better have a good explanation for the chaos you caused.” She jumps down the hole in the floor, leaving the still-recovering mouse youkai behind.

A few seconds of silence follows, with both of you admiring the details of the floor. Eventually, you ask the million-yen question. “Um... could I get some clothes?”

Nazrin looks up, blushes profusely, and nods. “Oh... s-sure. Follow me.”

As she drops down the hole, you look at where it leads: a dark hallway. You notice the lack of light, and look around for where the light is coming from in this room. After a few seconds, you find nothing, not even a point where the light increases in brightness. Must be some form of magic. Shrugging, you decide to test your legs and jump down, ignoring the ladder like everyone else did.

Immediately, your eyes adjust to the darkness. You spy Nazrin about twenty feet ahead of you, and catch up to her. Deciding you've had enough silence for the day (or night, which you assume it is right now), you attempt to start a conversation.

“So... where exactly am I?”

Nazrin doesn't bother look towards you as she replies. “You're in Gensokyo. The Human Village, to be more specific. Currently, you are inside Myouren Temple, a temple dedicated to the teachings of Bishamonten and equality between youkai and humans.” She says the last few words with thinly-veiled distaste.

“You don't like the equality aspect, do you?” you inquire.

“It's not that I don't like it... I just find it rather careless. Youkai and humans don't exactly get along in the first place, you know.”

“Too true.” Wait, did she say “Myouren Temple” earlier?
File 130861699892.jpg - (242.34KB, 850x1202, sample-dd71233479b77d38c002d936742c20fa.jpg) [iqdb]
Before you can confirm your thoughts, she stops in front of a door and opens it. She gestures for you to go inside. “There's a few spare yukata hanging on the wall to your right. I'll wait out here.”

You nod to her. “Thank you for your help, miss Nazrin,” you praise her, partially because you want to make her fumble. You aren't disappointed. As you walk in, she replies, “T-thank you, mister.” She closes the door behind you quickly, likely attempting to hide more blushing. She seems very easy to fluster. She could be entertaining to mess with.

You look around the room until you come across the yukata hanging on the wall next to a full-body mirror. There's a green one with a floral pattern, a blue one with a cherry blossom, and a third one that you pay no mind to, since you already know which one you want.

After struggling with the blue yukata for a few minutes, you manage to get it on. It feels somewhat restricting, but not unlike the blanket you were wearing moments earlier. You look into the mirror to admire your new look.

Your previous assumptions about your hair are confirmed by the disheveled mass of pink on you head, which reaches just past your eyebrows. You push the hair down into your eyes, which become only slightly obscured. Your face itself looks young, yet wise. There appear to be no major imperfections on your skin, sans a few small moles here and there. Before leaving the room, you decide to check one last thing.

...just under eight inches. Not bad.

You open the door and look at Nazrin. “Whenever you're ready, madam,” you say in the most gentlemanly way you can muster.

“O-okay then,” she manages to say after a moment of blushing. “Let's not keep the others waiting.”

As she turns around and begins walking away, you notice the mouse in the basket is glaring at you. Trailing a few feet behind Nazrin, you glare back. After a half-minute staring contest, the rodent gives and hides inside it's woven sanctuary. A moment later you enter a large room with a large circular table in it, occupied chairs surrounding the wooden slab.

You glance at each person in a counter-clockwise fashion, counting them as you follow Nazrin towards the table. There are a few more here than you expected. All of them are female, each one more unusual than the last. Aside from the cat and the mouse, you see a hooded woman with what you can only describe as a pink cloud shaped like the upper half of a man. Another girl is wearing somewhat-revealing clothes, but you cannot determine their origins. A third one, upon closer inspection at her “wings”, appears to be a chimera. The last one...

You stop mid-step, just barely hiding your shock. Sitting opposite to your current position is Byakuren Hijiri.

While you only remember bits of your life before you were sealed, you recall those small bits of memory vividly. She had attempted to kill you entirely, along with a man she called Myouren, in front of a large crowd of people. Both fortunately and unfortunately, the attempt was interrupted by a sizable group of feral wolf tengu. Both her and the man were unable to hold off the beasts, who ended up slaying all but a third of the group before leaving satisfied. The remaining people blamed Byakuren and Myouren for this, and mob mentality took over. The last thing you remember is them running out of the forest with the frenzied crowd in tow.

You heard rumors from the fairies that she was sealed, but here she sits despite it.

Suddenly, she speaks to you. “Are you okay? You seem lost in thought. Come sit with us.”

[ ] You hold no ill to this woman. In fact, you respect her more for her attempts. Introduce yourself politely.
[ ] You don't like what she tried to do, but you understand her reasons. Introduce yourself normally.
[ ] You don't like her. She tried to outright kill you. Introduce yourself rudely.
[ ] You want her to pay dearly. Attack her.


Whatever you choose will not only effect Saigyou's standings with the UFO cast, but also effect how he acts when no choice is given. As of now, he is indifferent, yet somewhat playful.

You will still end up explaining everything, but things sometimes can jump out before a previous choice can take place. I'll be throwing a few curve-balls like this throughout the story. Can't just say “Go through the forest to get to the village” without putting an obstacle in the way.
File 130861759295.jpg - (58.37KB, 425x308, Remi_Bury_1.jpg) [iqdb]
Please ignore the fact that I made a new thread. I can't believe I made that mistake.
[x] You don't like her. She tried to outright kill you. Introduce yourself rudely.

Equality between youkai and humans? Bullshit. Where was this vaunted equality when she and her brother tried to murder us? Where was the equality when they slaughtered the poor wolf youkai?

Trees, like elephants, have long memories; it's true. This hypocritical woman and her accursed brother tried to kill us, to end us, without even attempting to hear our side of the story. Saigyou Ayakashi is an existence that has persisted for millenniums. Saigyou Ayakashi does not forget injustice done upon his person.

No, I do not believe we like this woman. Not at all.

Also, last I knew, the word count was like, 30k. I can't remember where I heard this figure at all, so even I think this is suspect, but hey, at least it's out there.
[X] You don't like what she tried to do, but you understand her reasons. Introduce yourself normally.

The first option seems almost too polite, the third option makes us seem like an asshole, and the fourth option is likely to result in a bad end. So let's try the civil approach for now.
Heaven forbid we be a little too mean to the person who tried to murder us. That would just be rude.
[X] You don't like what she tried to do, but you understand her reasons. Introduce yourself normally.

>non-stoic nazrin
I like you already.
[x] You don't like what she tried to do, but you understand her reasons. Introduce yourself normally.

We're new to this form and this is her temple.
Being polite is the clever course of action.
[x] You don't like what she tried to do, but you understand her reasons. Introduce yourself normally.
File 130867095324.jpg - (559.01KB, 1140x850, Rejoice kid your dream will come true.jpg) [iqdb]
>You don't like what she tried to do
(Killing you without even listening to your side of the story or bothering about her equality)
>but you understand her reasons
(Stopping your older self from killing everyone)

[x] You don't like what she tried to do, but you understand her reasons. Introduce yourself normally.
It was stated that he feels no murder intent anymore so...
[x] You don't like what she tried to do, but you understand her reasons. Introduce yourself normally.
Introducing yourself normally wins by a landslide. Didn' expect this many votes, though. Thank you. I might not get an update finished until late tomorrow, but I'll attampt to finish it earlier for you guys.

As a reward for the jump in participation, I'll introduce the hint function. It works just like Yaffy did (nothing can replace him, though). Instead of him, however, I'll use random helpers from throuout video game history. To get a hint, add "[X] Hint" to a vote. Three of them gives you the hint. Be liberal, as you have no hint-limit... because I can be somewhat sadistic at times.

tl;dr Hints enabled. Writing now.
[x]Hint: Is writefag actually going to update soon or leave us with our dicks in our hands?
You got many votes because the idea is interesting and your writing is good (specially the characters, they're the backbone of the story) just keep a decent update speed and sense of flow and you'll be just fine.

[x]Hint: It's possible for anyone to know who the MC really is by looking at him?
Don't do the dicklicking praise. So far, we've only interacted with approximately 2 people, and only in the span of one conversation. The idea behind this isn't terribly original, and the characterization certainly isn't good, as it's completely unknown.

As it stands, it's completely mediocre.
Better then being a complete prick and ruining what could be a good story. And even if its not good, it'll at least be unique. Now tell me, Who else has written a story about Ayakashi?
No, it isn't. If you want to read mediocrity and pretend it's the best thing since sliced bread, I recommend you get over to fanfiction.net. Here, we tell it like it is. If simple comments like that could "ruin the story" for this guy, than we don't need him anyways.
Either way, It's too early to decide if this story is good or bad.
File 130878121060.png - (1.01MB, 850x850, Catchouli.png) [iqdb]
Sleeping! Proofreading!
File 130878144476.jpg - (265.88KB, 1280x960, b95084c4fe154d06b8d27ad7229db178.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] You don't like what she tried to do, but you understand her reasons. Introduce yourself normally.


While you aren't exactly fond of the way she attempted to rid the world of you, you are aware that you needed the attempt to kick you into place. Hell, you were under two centuries old at the time; at best, you were the equivalent of a human of five. You've matured since then, and you will make her see that.

After you take a moment to steel your nerves, you resume walking toward the table. As Nazrin takes an empty seat next to Shou and the chimera-girl, you take the one two seats over, on the right side of the mouse's mentor. To your left sits the girl in the strange clothes, who is eying you suspiciously. After a brief silence, Byakuren addresses everyone.

“Hello everyone. I'm sorry to wake you this late into the night, but it appears we have a problem.”

“Your damn right we do!” A shrill voice graces its presence in your left eardrum, a glaring contrast to the previous speaker, who lowers her head out of embarrassment.

“Murasa, please--”

“No! Not until this bastard explains what the hell he's doing here!” The wonderful lady called Murasa is now glaring at you harder than the basket-mouse did; it really says something when someone glaring harder than a mouse isn't an insult. To whom it compliments, on the other hand...

“Stop being so harsh, Murasa.” A soft voice, almost a whisper, comes from the left, reasoning with the enraged girl. It's that hooded girl. “He's probably in the dark as much as you are.” The cloud nods sagely, its arms crossed and “eyes” closed.

Murasa sighs and slinks back in her chair. “Sorry, it's just... today was hectic, y'know?”

“Oh come on, girl,” the chimera chimes in, a smile on her face. “I liked the sudden change in pace.”

“Well, of course you would like it, Nue,” the oddly-clothed lady responds, as if stating a fact from experience.

“Everyone, stop it!” Shou yells, slamming her palms on the table. You cannot express your thanks enough to her for that.

Everyone is silent for a what seems like an hour. You look at Byakuren, who is supporting her head with her arms, hands going through her hair in frustration.

You guess you had better start talking. You take a deep breath, preparing yourself. “Okay, here we go,” you start, getting everyone's attention.

“First off, I'd better introduce myself. But I should let you know that if you recognize my name, I'm far different than I was before.” You wait a moment, checking each person's expression, all of which are a mix of confusion and anticipation. “I am—or was, rather—the legendary tree known as Saigyou Ayakashi.” You let that comment sink in for a moment, aware that you will get at least one reaction.

Byakuren's face goes from confusion to shock to... crying? Not even out of anger, which you were expecting, but out of an almost-tangible sadness. You give her a moment to pull herself together as Nue and Ichirin comfort her. Everybody else gives you a death glare, including that damn mouse in the basket.

(PER: 7) She must have remembered something very distressing. (Roll: 6, Success)
(INT: 7) You haven't seen her brother yet, and locations don't get named after living people very often. (Roll: 2, Success)
(CHA: 4) You should try to console her. (Roll: 9, Failure)

You have a feeling that you know why Byakuren is crying. You can't bring yourself to help, however. Besides, the chimera-girl seems to have it handled. As she calms down, she motions for you to continue; her voice fails to work from the crying.

“You see, I was sealed successfully while you were sealed. The seal weakened enough for me to attempt escaping after the incident with spring being taken to resurrect me. You've heard of that event correct?” Everyone nods, not stopping their evil stares. “Not an hour ago, I found a way around the seal, and left it intact, so it still can't bloom. I basically transferred my being into the ether in order to get a new body. The transfer process was too finicky, though, and by noticing the crowd around your temple... well, you know the rest.”

Byakuren seems to have calmed down entirely. She stares at you, but, unlike the others, her's is one void of any noticeable emotion. “Yes, your essence materialized on our steps. It sent everyone into a panic. We quickly ended our blessing ceremony and got everyone out of there before things became worse.”

Your feel as though your heart imploded and was replaced with a thorn bush. “...So everyone already knows of me being here?” you inquire, half-sighing.

At this, Byakuren smirks slightly. “...Not exactly. All they know is that a naked youkai appeared here. They have no name to connect to you.”

“Are... are you not going to tell anyone?” you force through your stunned throat. After all that's happened, she's helping you?

Her smile drops a little. “Only if you leave within the hour.” She stands to address everyone. “Nazrin, fetch a set of warm clothes. Ichirin, you check outside for anyone suspicious. Everyone else, you may return to your quarters.”

As everyone else follows her orders, Murasa just stands from her chair, fists clenched. “So we're all going to act like this never fucking happened!?” You didn't think anyone could shout that loud through their teeth.

“It's best for everyone,” Byakuren states, matter-of-factly.

You lurch to the side and fall off of the chair, reeling from the sucker punch she gave you. “Good night, ma'am,” she says calmly, bowing to the gradient-haired woman as if “this never fucking happened”.


A few minutes later, you are looking out the temple's doors in your new clothes, which aren't even close to warm. Your white, short-sleeved shirt is a size to big, making irritatingly loose. The “bell-bottoms”, as Nazrin called them, are a different story. While they are still slightly loose, the dark blue fabric feels comfortable. As for footwear, the mouse youkai laughed, saying that “shoes aren't clothes” in a cheery voice as she walked off.

Outside, everything is covered in snow, but the snow seems to have stopped not to long ago.

You turn to meet Byakuren in the eyes. “Thank you again for helping me, despite everythi--.”

She gently pushes you outside, interrupting you. “Don't... just don't, okay...?”she says with a sad smile. “You've changed. I can tell.” She steps back, reaching for the doors. “Good luck on your future endeavors, Saigyou.”

As the temple's doors close, you look around the snow covered surroundings. The moonlight shines the overcast clouds, illuminating everything. You appear to be near the edge of the village, next to the Forest of Magic. You notice some activity coming from a small building nearby. A path into the forest is barely visible.

You hear someone singing near the shrine. Somewhat poorly at that.

Pick any three choices. Order of occurrence will be determined by number of votes. Note that you can't pick both Forest choices at once, as you are not made of quantum physics.
[ ] Head into the Forest of Magic. Follow the path.
[ ] Head into the Forest of Magic. Adventure time!
[ ] Investigate the activity.
[ ] Investigate the grating sound.
[ ] Write-in.

Using a hint is obscenely recommended here.


I explained the seating subtly: (Clockwise from the top) Byakuren, Nue, Nazrin, Shou, Saigyou, Murasa, and Ichirin. Just in case you needed a better clue on how it went.

Also, whenever I bring stats into the story, I use a RNG to select a number from 1 to 10. If the number is above your stat, you fail and cannot do the action. Sometimes multiple stats are required. The CHA check failed, so you got booted out. Considering how much I find myself liking the UFO cast recently, though, I'll have you meet them again soon enough.
File 130878588628.jpg - (30.18KB, 473x360, MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Head into the Forest of Magic. Follow the Path
[x] Investigate the activity.
[x] Investigate the grating sound.

I can only assume the forest of magic has somewhat sentient trees in it, right? Could we talk to them by chance, as dumb as is sounds?

>CHA check failed.

I knew we should'va gotten the turbo.
[x] Restart, change stats.
Luk 1

That's what I'd do with RPGs. Change the MC once I know how the system works (at the beginning at least)
Since this isn't a game, sadly, I can't do that.

[x] HINT: Where is a person with out characteristics more likely to find supplies money and the like?
Also, I forgot to ask for a hint.
[x]Hint: How will we go about raising our stats?
[X] HINT: Where to now?
Get ready for the first hint guy!
[X] Head into the Forest of Magic. Follow the path.
[X] Investigate the activity.
[X] Investigate the grating sound.

[X]Hint: Considering that the forest was our old home, would we know its layout?
File 130879129224.png - (1.82KB, 50x49, Komachi 50x50 simple.png) [iqdb]
I'll give you your answers tomorrow morning, so I can answer all of the questions at once. I'll count all the votes tomorrow night.
>tomorrow morning
>it's 7:30PM
Feels bad man.
Pretty sure they meant tomorrow-tomorrow, not today-tomorrow.
Sorry, but I meant today-tomorrow. However, my computer started BSODing from "Memory Parity". I looked inside, and it had dust rhinos. I spent the day dusting every part of it.

So yeah, I got delayed a day. By the way, to avoid confusion, I'm Arizona time. To add confusion, AZ has no Daylight Saving Time. Basically, it varies from GMT-7 to GMT-8 during the year.

Hint answers come tomorrow. My tomorrow, not yours.
File 130893798247.png - (506B, 27x28, Dr__Light_Megaman.png) [iqdb]
Okay, let's see what we have here...

There are people you can help in town. Of course, you could just steal, but that would bring unwanted attention.

Stats are raised mainly by hidden actions, which you will be alerted of how many you can do in an area.

Wherever you want. It is a CYOA, after all

You could sense things as a tree in a way human senses could not, such as a limited connection through all the other trees. In short, thoroughly.

(As always, write-ins are encouraged. Votes close sometime late tonight.)
>Pick any three choices.
Oh my god, I'm retarded

That makes both things investigated by default if there aren't any write-ins. I'll check if there are any write-ins later, but just in case, please leave a "1" or "2" instead of an "x" when voting for either investigating choice do choose which is done first.
[3] Head into the Forest of Magic. Follow the Path
[2] Investigate the activity.
[1] Investigate the grating sound.
...Nobody else?
Okay then!

Luckily, I was expecting a bandwagon on that last vote, So I wrote the post in advance!
File 130897311666.jpg - (549.00KB, 781x1000, 841dcc092c430fc601a73f73ae74d5f9.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Investigate that grating noise.


You decide to find out where that painful singing is coming from. Looking around, you attempt to determine the general direction of the source, but it sounds as if it is coming from every direction at once. You take a few steps back from the temple onto a stone path, which appears to have been swept recently, and get a better look at the temple. It appears to have been improvised out out something you do not recognize. A large form of transport, perhaps.

You stop your train of though, noticing that the tune has quieted slightly as distance was added between you and the point of origin. The origin must be within the vicinity of the temple, you deduce.

You notice that the stone path underneath your feet goes around the oddly-shaped building. Following the path, you see what appears to be a decent-sized garden behind the temple, surrounded by a white picket fence that reaches your knees in height. As you walk towards the garden, you note the thriving condition the flowers are in despite the weather, as well as the increase in volume of the shrill music.

As you enter the garden see what, at first glance, looks to be a small girl sweeping with a broom, singing as she does so. The ears of a yamabiko jutting from her shoulder-length green hair suggest otherwise. She is dressed a pale pink shirt that seems far too long for her, almost covering the entirety of her white skirt, trimmed black along the edge.

As the singing finally stops, she twirls around, using the broom as an anchor. You cross your arms and shake your head, chuckling at the display. She glances at you mid-spin and loses her balance, falling face first into a bed of tulips. The flowers are crushed under her weight. The broom comically falls suit, the handle hitting her on the head.

[ ] Help her up; introduce yourself...
-[ ] ...politely.
-[ ] ...normally.
-[ ] ...rudely.
[ ] Let her pick herself up; introduce yourself...
-[ ] ...politely.
-[ ] ...normally.
-[ ] ...rudely.
[ ] Write-in
Note: One hidden action is available. Only one vote indicating it is needed to activate it.
Action Type: Ability


It's shorter than normal, but that's because we're out of the intro. You get far more say in how Saigyou acts from here on out.
[x] Help her up; introduce yourself...
-[x] ...charmingly
[x] ACTION: Sweep her off her feet

Is that how the action things work, or is it just a lame generic action you decide?
[X] Help her up; introduce yourself...
-[X] ...politely.
[X] ACTION: See if you know why the flowers are in such a thriving condition [PER/INT]

I assume that we pick the action, but seeing as it says "Action Type: Ability" I think we should specify a stat too.
[x] Help her up; introduce yourself...
-[x] ...charmingly
...and her first appearance is done.
No. By ability, I meant it's something Saigyou can do. There are abilities, stat upgrades, perks, etc. You discover them by doing a certain action.

Also, to help a little, since it only requires one vote to activate the Hidden Action, I suggest each person choose a different action. Hell, you might get a bonus ability (a vote I see that fits the situation just as well, if not better).
[x] Help her up; introduce yourself...
-[x] ...rudely.

I'm only doing this to find this 'ability'. Really, It's not fun if you just tell us 'oh all of you vote for one seperate thing and put more effort into changing your votes later kthx'.
[x] Help her up; introduce yourself...
-[x] ...charmingly
[X] Help her up; introduce yourself...
-[X] ...politely.
We're just starting and already you give us Kyouko? I like this story even more now.
[X] Let her pick herself up; introduce yourself...
-[X] ...normally.
[x]Let her pick herself up
>The flowers are crushed uder her weight
The flowers are the key to this ability, I guess we may learn how to force growth
[x] Introduce yourself rudely
She deserves no less, poor flowers.
[x]Scold her
[x] Tell her to apologise to the flowers
[x] See to them yourself
Stay in /th/.
Gah, sorry I've been gone so long again. I'll skip the excuses.

Looks like introducing yourself charmingly won. I did a CHA roll to be fair, and you even passed that. And I see someone spotted the hidden action. Expect an update by late tonight.
I will!
>expect an update by late tonight
It's already July 2nd!
Annnnd disappontment.
File 131154481091.jpg - (379.53KB, 800x600, 828a289d88c32619540002f4609804b2.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Help her up; introduce yourself...
-[x] (CHA: 4) ...charmingly. (Roll: 2, Success)
[x] ACTION: See to the flowers.

While she was a bad singer, you feel somewhat responsible for her falling down. Plus, she's not as bad on the eyes as she is the ears. The girl is somewhat like Youmu, who tended the gardens in Hakugyokurou: not exactly sexy, but definitely cute. Your thoughts stop as you watch her get onto her hands and knees and push herself into a sitting position. As she rubs the dirt from her eyes, you choose to help her up.

You walk up to her and offer your hand to the fallen girl, who looks up and smiles as she takes it. You barely use any effort as you pull her up onto her feet. “Hehe, thanks,” she says softly, a blush fading in on her cheeks.

What is it with you and embarrassing cute women? “You're welcome,” you reply. A few seconds pass as neither of you move. Noticing that she's still holding your hand, you break the uneasy silence. “You can let go of my hand now, ma'am,” you say in a monotone fashion.

She flinches, quickly pulling her hand free. “Ah! S-sorry!” she yelps, a shy grin plastered on her face. She's getting flustered more easily than Nazrin did, and you aren't even trying!

You push that thought away; you've had your fun already, and after that you were rewarded with bare feet. You decide to pull out whatever charm you can muster, attempting to make at least one good first impression. “It's quite alright,” you assure her. “My name is Saigyou Ayakashi, but you may simply refer to me as Saigyou. May I ask for your name, miss...?”

“Kyouko Kasodani. I help keep the temple looking nice.” Why does her voice not have that pain attached to it? “You're that new god we have, right?”

Oh great, this again. “I'm not a god,” you say, irritated that you have to explain a second time. “I'm just a youkai that misjudged how obscenely precise traveling through the ether is.”

Kyouko nods, seemingly understanding the situation. She looks around absentmindedly until she eyes a her-shaped imprint in the flowers. “Darn it, not again!” she yells, the pang in her voice from before increased tenfold. You notice her quickly putting a hand over her mouth and turning to you as you massage your temples to ease the throbbing headache. “My bad, mister Saigyou. I tend to lose control of it when I get frustrated.”

“Or when you sing?”

She blushes slightly rubbing her left upper arm. “Heh, yeah... I kind of lose myself at times. Still, I'm getting sick of falling over. I know I can be a little scatterbrained at times, but this...” her voice drifts off as she looks back at the flowers. You kind of feel bad for both her and the flowers...

Wait, your a damn plant youkai! You could just rejuvenate them like... that other person; her name escapes you. You let out a low chuckle at having almost passed the obvious solution, which gets the solemn-faced girl's attention. “Don't worry, I think I might be able to help,” you say to her, full of confidence.

You walk next to the fallen flora and kneel onto your left knee. You place your hand on the soil, which feels oddly warm to the touch. Pressing your palm inward, you begin transferring energy into the tulips. As you concentrate, you fail to notice Kyouko gasp as the plants slowly, but noticeably, rise up, their broken stems correcting themselves.

Ceasing the transfer, you sigh in exhaustion. That took out far more than it should have. Either the climate or the damned ether issue must be messing with your overall strength. Regardless, you need a soluti--!!

You get tackled onto your back, narrowly avoiding the flowerbed. You lift your head in alarm, only to see the yamabiko adorably hugging your stomach.

“Thankyouthankyouthankyou!!” She squeals into your shirt, although you can still feel that ping slightly.

“Er... no problem?” You reply, still somewhat caught off-guard by her spontaneous actions. After a moment, you help her up, despite the weakness in your legs from the rejuvenation process. Another moment of silence passes. “I guess I should leave you to your work, now.”

“No!” she shouts quickly. “I mean, we can talk about stuff while I finish sweeping the path, right?” She looks at you with the same look Yuyuko gets when she begs for food.

NOTE: You may choose any number of options, but the more you choose, the more you miss of that commotion from earlier.
[ ] Ask her about her absence at the meeting.
[ ] Ask about her falling over.
[ ] Ask her about the off-season properties of the garden.
[x] Ruffle hair. (Mandatory; given regardless)
[ ] Write-in.
[ ] “Let's talk about something else. I have to go now.”


I tried my best, yet I still don't really like how this turned out. Of course, a writer is his own worst critic. I don't really know how Kyouko acts canonically, so I did what I felt fit her.

To explain my absence, I've had computer problems. Apparently, removing the Google redirect virus doesn't involve recklessly deleting files that MalwareBytes tells you to. Combine this with RAM issues, and you understand some of my problems.
Also, games.

Also, as college approaches in September, updates will be... wait, I'm slow already. Heck, I might even type more out of boredom during classes. They'll be sporadic once it starts, though; that much is certain.
[x] Ask her about her absence at the meeting.
[x] Ask about her falling over.
[x] Ask her about the off-season properties of the garden.

Kyouko route is a go. T-Minus 5...
[x] Ask her about her absence at the meeting.
[x] Ask about her falling over.
[x] Ask her about the off-season properties of the garden.

You read my mind brother. T-minus 4...
[x] Ask her about her absence at the meeting.
[x] Ask about her falling over.
[x] Ask her about the off-season properties of the garden.
[x] Ask her about her absence at the meeting.
[x] Ask about her falling over.
[x] Ask her about the off-season properties of the garden.
[x] Ask her about the off-season properties of the garden.
Commotion? what commotion?
[x] Ask her about her absence at the meeting.
[x] Ask about her falling over.

This alone is fine.
Okay, it looks obvious as to what won. Expect the update by Friday.
File 131197921763.jpg - (843.87KB, 881x901, 2a4ab8fb5d14df3e3c18bfdffea26008.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Ask her about her absence at the meeting.
[x] Ask about her falling over.
[x] Ask her about the off-season properties of the garden.


Despite your curiosity of the commotion surrounding that building across the road, you just can't deny that look Kyouko is giving you. “I might as well. I've nothing to do at the moment,” you say to her as your hand absentmindedly ruffles her hair. Noticing the rogue limb, you quickly pull it back and apologize. “Whoops! Sorry about that. I don't know what came over me.”

Her blushing face is is easily visible in the nighttime glow. “Heheh, don't worry about it. It was actually kind of nice,” she admits, tapping her index fingers together. She walks over to her broom and picks it up off of the ground. “Anyway, let's sweep this path!” Kyouko shouts without that pang, holding the broom above her head like a fairytale hero might hold a weapon dramatically. She tends to the sweeping as you follow closely behind.

After a minute of listening to the sound of straw on stone, you decide to begin with the conversing. “So, why exactly were you not at the meeting?” you inquire.

“Mmh, I didn't really think it was that important,” she replies, not looking away from her work. “Besides, I was with a few of my friends.”

“When you were supposed to be sweeping, I assume,” you interject.

She giggles lightly. “Hey, its an easy task. I can slack off a bit and still finish.”

You nod, although Kyouko can't see it. “Who were they, if I may ask?”

”Well, I mostly hang out with Mystia, who runs a great yakitori stand in the forest. The others are her friends more than mine. Let me see...” She stops her sweeping and puts a finger to her chin in thought. “There's an ice fairy named Cirno, who is really energetic and fun to play with. Then there's Wriggle, although she's a bit of a buzzki–pfft!” She forces a laugh back down.


“Hehe, i-it's nothing. So there's Cirno Wriggle, and the last one is Rumia. She's a bit loopy, but she's fun nonetheless.”

You can't help but chuckle at that bit, imagining the Rumia from before acting like Kyouko. Speaking of which, she's looking at you with a confused expression. “Um... sorry, I remembered a joke.”

“Whatever. Those are my friends, anyhow.” She sighs contently as she returns to her sweeping.

Another minute of bristles scraping goes on until you ask another question. “I noticed you mumbled something about falling over a lot.”

Kyouko sighs out of frustration this time. “I know I am a clumsy person at times,” she mutters quietly, while her sweeping motions become erratic. “Hell, I can live with a silly mistake a week.” Did the bloom handle make a cracking sound? “Three slip-ups a DAY, HOWEVER, IS TOO DAMN MUCH!!” The pain her voice carries hits you like a sober oni, sending you down onto your knees, clutching your ears. She quickly drops the broom and runs to your aid. “Oh geez, I'm sorry! I'm sorry, I didn't mean it! I didn't hurt you did I!?”

You take a hand off your ear and rest it on her shoulder. You smile faintly. “Honestly, yeah. You did.” You slowly stand up. “But I've suffered far worse than that before.” You help her up, noticing her slightly teary eyes. “Is that all? Do you feel any worse for wear physically?”

Kyouko sniffs adorably as she wipes her eyes with her sleeve. “N-no, I feel fine. Why?”

“Sounds like a curse.”

“W-w-what!?” Ow. “But I work at a shrine! How can I be cursed!?”

Hmm... time for some deducing. You cross your arms. “Did anyone visit around the time it started happening?”

“Um... that red shrine maiden girl visited the day before. And a lady Miss Hijiri called 'Yuka-chan' came as the miko left.”

...Okay, what the fuck? Your mood becomes serious. “Let me guess. She had blonde hair, a purple dress, and appeared from a hole filled with eyes, right?” She nods. You sigh, raising a hand to rub your temples while noting how often you've done it. “Damn it, Yukari.”

“You know that lady?”

You chuckle out of frustration at this revelation. “More than you'd think possible, Kyouko. Anyway, she's probably the one responsible,” you say quickly, not wanting to spend an hour on how much hate you have towards the gap youkai.

“Wait, I don't even know her! Why would she do that to me?” She asks, less directed at you and more to the wind.

Oh gods, where to start? “The short answer to that is that she sees everything weaker than her as a toy.”

“What!? That's not nice at all!” she protests, shock evident on her face.

“No shit,” you mumble. You look around, trying to clear the angry haze from your mind. Your eyes rest upon the odd flower garden. You snap you fingers, remembering another question. “Oh! That reminds me. Why are those flowers growing so well in the winter?”

She looks to the garden, beginning to smile again. “Oh, that? Miss Kazami helped grow it.”

Kazami... wait... Yuuka?

As you turn to her to ask more, you notice two objects, a black blur and a plum-colored blur, in the sky a good distance behind Kyouko. Well, they were a good distance away. You don't know what they are, but they're headed in your direction, and you yamabiko friend is clueless to them. You have less than five seconds until they get here, so you better do something.

NOTE: Choose one choice and one corresponding branch.
[ ] Improvise danmaku from what you know and attack!
-[ ] Move away from Kyouko
-[ ] Stand close to Kyouko.
[ ] Alert Kyouko of the flying objects.
-[ ] Tell her to follow your lead.
-[ ] Tell her to hide and stay quiet.
-[ ] Do nothing else.
[ ] Get out of there!
-[ ] Grab Kyouko.
-[ ] Don't grab Kyouko.
-[ ] Say “No!” first.
[ ] Do nothing.
[x] Improvise danmaku from what you know and attack!
-[x] Stand close to Kyouko.

Prince Charming will handle this. Just make sure she's behind us so we can protect her.
[x] Alert Kyouko of the flying objects.
-[x] Do not attack unless provoked.

Seriously, We arent supposed to have a "Move and I'll shoot!" attitude.
[x] Alert Kyouko of the flying objects.
-[x] Do not attack unless provoked.
Seems reasonable.
[x] Get out of there!
-[x] Grab Kyouko.
--[x] Hide in a place where you can see who they are as they pass by.
I'm not sure his appearance here should be so public.
I'd also like to point out the fact we are a tree. A. TREE. That even YUKARI had trouble dealing with. We've no need to run, and no need to shoot.
It's fair to warn you that he's almost certainly weakened.
The plot reasons may probably be his reincarnation or getting used to his new body, but the actual reasons are that a CYOA MC that can curbstomp everyone else isn't easy to write.
You mean fun to write.

But yeah, good point. However, I still firmly believe that MC shouldn't even attempt to take on a certain witches traits.
[x] Alert Kyouko of the flying objects.
-[x] Do not attack unless provoked.

This wins. Expect the update in a few days.
... A month.
...Two months
...Seven months.
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