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File 130510803348.jpg - (444.48KB, 1056x1500, She actually doesn't get enough love at all.jpg)
She actually doesn't get enough love at all
(Not actually a CYOA, nevertheless I just thought the world needs more pic related.)

The television crackled as she idly flicked through the many, many channels. They spill forth; Fragments of chatter, both mindless and intellectual and everywhere in between.
"Not a trace of the rift remains-" vwip "-ree quarters of humanity are still recovering from what we now know to be the mental assaul-" vwip "-to Earth, descending now to give gracious thanks-" vwip vwip vwip "-Return their hearts and let us sleep, she said-" vwip

"-A demon, twice and thrice named sent from Hell itself to lure us from the true path!" This seemed to catch her attention, holding back from tapping the remote.
"But Father, why did she save us all, then? Should we not feel grateful?"
The priest on-screen puffed up like an angry blowfish, readying a bellow.
"If we have been saved by her it is only so she can trap us in her nefarious plans, so that our souls are forfi-"
A thrown soda can interrupts the priest, who shys away from the badly aimed missile as the camera swung round to see where it came from. There they were, three or four young men and women taking off their jumpers and clothing to reveal their emblazoned t-shirts - the audience cheered as they saw the stylised purple slash with red ribbons at either end.
"Get bent, old man! She saved us all and I'd rather she had my soul and be in her plans rather than some stuffy old god! We all love Yukar-" vwip vwip vwip vwip vwip

No entertainment programs seemed to be running; not that unusual while the Great Emptiness had seized the world; but that was long past, nearly a month now. Had they forgotten how to make good TV shows?


"-and Ellis' singing time! Now, children, this was a very special show today. This has been a live performance, the first time in our show’s history! And it’s all down to a very special person, who we should all be thankful for-“ “Hey, do you think she’s married, George?” “-There isn’t anyone called George here, Sam! I’m Ellis, the happy puppet! And we’re here to give thanks to-“ “I’m serious, George. I think I love her. Not puppet-me. Actor me, utterly in love with her.” “Ha-ha, Sam, you silly puppet! But.. yeah, me too." There was an uncomfortable pause. "Anyway! Let’s all sing together, children! Oh little Miss Gaps who saved us all, we all love you Yu-“ vwip

Abruptly, a distorted buzzing sound cut through the soft haze of voices, shaking and vibrating on the surface of the bed. A certain someone had changed the mobile's ringtone to Necrofantasia again, without her permission.

She slapped her hand onto the phone, one finger dragging across the touchscreen, muting the shrill buzz of the call. Barely a few seconds go by before it buzzes spitefully once more, a single ring with a message splayed across the surface - "Reimu did 4th rally, raised 50,000,000¥, dodged 3rd assasin attempt. should show support 4 her if you care. Love, YS :D"

The woman ignored it.


"The technology of the Lunarians is beyond compare to current standards, able to maintain the unstable orbit of the moon as it hovered a mere 6 miles above the Pacific over the 15 month period. Their gravity emulators had allowed the tides and the more subtle effects of the moon to be replicated. Yet, for all their abilities, they were stretched to the point of collapse, their systems about to fail catastrophically. Only the intervention of the Mistress of Boundaries, at the same time as freeing our emotions, saved both our worlds with such simple actions." The screen showed a stark picture - the moon, falling towards the planet, stopping barely above the surface. A virtual timer clicks upwards rapidly, counting weeks and months speeding by as a jagged black hole in space-time grew - finally, the moon crashes into the ocean, deforming and punching into the core of the planet. Then it reversed, and this time - a purple gap with red ribbons at either end appeared, and returned the moon-

Her finger stabbed down on the controller. vwip

"-And here she comes now, Watasuki no Yorihime and her sister, for the official ceremony of gratitude for saving the people of two worlds thrice over. She-" vwip

"The amazing feats Yukari performed - returning the moon to the night sky, banishing the sleep-eaters and finally returning to us all our emotions that they had stripped from us. The first, visible to all who can see the moon in the sky. The second, all who can see the interdimensional portal gone, but the third - ah, the third - each of us remembers the words she spoke to carry out these tasks - singing in all our minds-!, and each recall our feelings return! What else could we do but fall under such an enchanting spell? And this is why each and every one of us dedicates our lives to Yukari-" "[b]ALL PRAISE YUKARI YAKUM-
" vwip

There was a pounding at the door. The figure swaddled in blankets did not look round, did not twitch, just changed the channel.

"-kyo is now open to all as a matter of necessity. Many of the youkai present were near starvation without human emotion to enjoy, and they welcomed our arrival. Meanwhile Reimu Hakurei and Aya Shameimaru spills all the gossip on Yuk-" vwip
"-is waiting at the podium now, still talking to the assorted heads of state. The Lunarian envoys are looking very dignified as we await our guest of honour - wait, she's going beserk! Yorihime has shoved the Prime Minister of Great Britain over, and has headbutted the Chinese president! She's coming over- she's taken a microphone-"
"YUKARI, YOU WH-*BEEP*, GET OUT HERE SO YOU CAN TAKE THE DAMN THANKS-" Onscreen a slight scuffle ensued as some rabbit-eared guards dragged away the still-screaming Yorihime, who was replaced by the sweetly smiling Toyohime.


The television fell silent.

Bang, bang, bang.

"Mistress Yukari.. I don't think I can hold them back for much longer without hurting them.. they really want you on the stage. It, it really shouldn't take very long and I'm sure they'd be very satisfied!"

Yukari pulled the blanket over her head and wept.

"All I wanted was a good night's sleep..."
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Cool story bro. I'm glad someone cares enough to cast her in a favorable light.
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SLDT was another person (See his story in /shrine/), but honestly not many people care to make Yukari more than a plot device and/or antagonist.
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Aren't more and more stories having Yukari be nicer? True most are in the 18+ part of the website, but even among the main categories, you see stories like Archetype of Self or Landlord of Mayohiga where Yukari is presented in a better light.

I suspect it's the stories where the plot is more than just "slice of life" that most people put Yukari in as a villain.
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Not exactly, it's more many seem to have a dislike of Yukari and paint her as such out of spite and laziness.

It's similar to how things are with Aya. Sure she has a few nice roles but anon seems to hate her with a passion.
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It's simply faggotry born out of LOLCROWSLUT in Aya's case. However, I suspect most writers are actually rather ambivalent to Yukari. It's just that her mystique, and her power, are so godlike that it is convenient and easy to cast her in a less then savory role to suit their every plot whim.

Really though, in the end, people need to take it easy, and learn to love all touhous equally. Except PC98, they can just go die.
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why so PC-98 hate? If anything they're writer friendly as they have more room to work with than the windows characters.

But the whole crowslut thing is particularly stupid poosh-shit. Considering MoF's plot, only two playables and Aya appearing is all but natural. That and Shoot the Bullet was merely something different ZUN threw together to go with a book.
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I, uh, think it was a joke on that last part.
I hope so, anyway. Some of the PC98s were awesome, except Mima.

I for one would like to see more non-antagonist, non-plotdevice Yukari though that isn't an especially easy task.

...Oh wow, I only just noticed the formatting was screwed up in the latter half. Well, so much for errorchecking.
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>I, uh, think it was a joke on that last part.
Absolutely correct. It was about as much of a joke as your opinion on Mima.

Also, I figured the formatting was all wonky on purpose for some hidden effect, considering you had ample time to notice and revise it. I suppose it's sort of humorous that it was entirely an accident.
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My apologies then, there's been some anti PC-98 faggotry abound, but it's very minor compared to the Aya and Yukari hate.
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I know about Aya hate, and Sanae hate, but Yukari hate? Are you sure?
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GAP BITCH LOLDURR. Just as with Aya/Sanae, nobody really hates her. They just repeat whatever minor meme they have on hand, same as with CROWSLUT DURPAHURPA.
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Yep it's there. I seen anon refuse her assistance in a couple of stories just out of spite. And they relish the whole "Revenge on Yukari" plot threads that might come up.
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