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File 163339981581.png - (1.29MB, 750x796, this young lady.png) [iqdb]
If so, might you have any idea as to where she is from? Anything about her heritage? I must know—I am dying to know.
Dunno who she is, but I bet she's Hungarian. Nobody can love red that much.

Except the Chinese, I guess.
File 163340007772.png - (20.33KB, 1280x853, argent a saltire gules raguly.png) [iqdb]
I happen to think she's Burgundian. They were just the sort of fabulously wealthy you might expect to produce such a lovely and refined daughter, and the Cross of Burgundy is just too cool not to feature on her heraldic arms.

She does have heraldic arms, doesn't she?
But did the Burgundians have wings???
You may be on the right track. A cadet branch, perhaps?
Gonna be honest, the term 'cadet branch' confuses me. I was about to use it in a discussion once, felt unsure, looked it up, and found it didn't mean what I thought it did. And what it did mean seemed not to be straightforward for me to parse in a few seconds.
It's, you know; it's, er; well, you know; it's...

...anyhow, it's a terrible thing that happened, the Burgundian partition; a terrible thing. It must have been total chaos.
Maybe? I'm not familiar. And what's it to do with the wingy girl up there?
It might or it might not, but the thought that it might is just simply heart-rending. Rends the heart right out of the body, it does.

I hope she feels all right about it now, if it does—if it did—you know what I mean.
Given that she's got wings, something normal humans don't usually have, I question if she has a heart to rend.
Breaking kayfabe: I really don't know if I hate the idea of Remi being a frog or of her being English more. Either one is dumb. I really don't even know where the former comes from, and the latter isn't one I see floated around in the English-speaking fandom a lot, but it feels like an assumption in the Japanese.
The former just comes from the romanisation of フランドール as "Flandre", I think, and maybe the fact that Rémi is a common French forename (albeit for men). With regard to her being English, she is at least literate in English as seen in FS; although probably for the same reason as the resting Japanese assumption, that every foreigner is an Englisher unless otherwise specified.

My personal belief is she had to have settled for at least some time in England or its colonies in the past two centuries, though she was probably not born there so many hundreds of years ago; and that ancienter past is what I care to know.
I liked Scarlet Tycoon's version where she's French Belgian. That's at least more inventive.

My guess, though, is seriously that she's Hungarian in origin, ultimately. Vlad Tepes was a Magyar aristocrat, and the whole concept of vampires is pretty hard to separate in popular consciousness from Ol' Drac.
French Belgian could well be Burgundian, insofar as the County of Flanders was part of the holdings of the Burgundian Netherlands. And as for the whole thing around Tepes, it's for that same reason I think she has to be anything but. Picking up an unprovable hereditary claim based on modish associations after the publishing of a popular novel seems like just the sort of thing she might do.
Tepes more like tapas lmao gotem
File 16334077476.jpg - (470.34KB, 1050x738, walhnut.jpg) [iqdb]
Speaking of vampire backstories, it's the writer of Exile here. The way I came around to Kurumi's backstory is a little complicated—I had some sort of linguistic thread going in my head; "kurumi" means "walnut", and the word "walnut" itself literally means "foreign nut", "walhaz" ("walh") being the Proto-Germanic for "foreign" (Romance- or Celtic-speaking foreigners especially) and appearing in names like "Wales" or "Cornwall" or "Walloon" or even "Gaul". I don't know how exactly I got from there to thinking that Kurumi was from or lived in the HRE, though, other than that it was a convenient idea at the time.

I'm still thinking off and on about how to continue that story through to the climax I had in mind; it's tough coming up with all the colourful little bits that have to go in between the major beats. I may also have to rewrite a portion or two which should have been important but which I ended up just punting for want of time.

I've been thinking of properly reading Eschenbach's Parzival for more context (and thereby inspiration), but alas I just... haven't done it yet.

Funny enough, "walh" was also borrowed into Proto-Slavic "volxъ", more narrowly meaning "Romance speaker", and eventually became the root of "Vlach" and "Wallachia". I think it's a few steps too far to make anything of, though.
Isn't Wallachia where Vlad Tepes was from? That's a neat conceptual link, albeit a loose one.
That is a really cool train of thought. Discussions about vampires is always cool because I end up learning a bunch of tidbits about these Proto-Germanic languages like you've noted.
No matter where she's from she isn't related to dracula. Stop believing her its a lie.
t'a pas des BOULES mdr attrapé
Ol' Vlad was very much not a Magyar but a Vlach.
In my own headcanon I like to think that there's a chance that's she's basically a no one who didn't have any sort of titles or even money. But she built it up quickly enough and then pretended that she came from a distinguished bloodline, both human and vampire as it were. So if you actually were to know about history and the finer things in life and accidentally pushed too hard it would make her sputter.
Lmao, that'd make Remilia a liar!

Phoenix Wright right her ass and get thrown into the meat dungeon for your efforts.

Where do most vampires come from anyway?
I've heard it can happen if you eat a bit of lamb that had been killed by a wolf.
She is clearly British. Everyone in the Scarlet Devil Mansion comes from the Isles, except for that Oriental girl they deign to leave outside the gates.
File 163343499288.jpg - (69.30KB, 531x712, hands.jpg) [iqdb]
You see, when a vampire and a larger, possibly bald, man love each other very much...
File 163343880371.jpg - (8.93KB, 189x267, download (17).jpg) [iqdb]
Oh lprd
File 163344016493.jpg - (151.73KB, 595x818, Remilia_British_by_rotan.jpg) [iqdb]
HOLY fucking shit

Sakuya in French Maid outfit
> Desire for French subjugation

The Voile Library and Patchouli
> housing one of the largest stores of knowledge with top of the line scholars
>yet doing fucking nothing with them

> Younger siblings getting the shaft is basically British tradition

Scarlet Devil Mansion
> The brits never really transcended Romanesque (and Gothic) architecture

Scarlet Mist Incident
> Br*tish weather

>The fucking tea
File 163344041813.jpg - (1.18MB, 2048x2772, maids.jpg) [iqdb]
You will observe no such scandalous attire on the person of the Head Maid.
>Voile Library
Stop that t. ZUN
I don't believe it at all. Still, again, it's hard to separate vampires conceptually from Dracula in the public consciousness.

And a hon hon hon baguette to you to, young lady.

Gonna be honest, I know absolutely nothing about the Vlachs. I just looked up Transylvania and the Wallachian princes.

Asutora pls go and stay go
Ah, cheers mate.
I want China meido
This image is horrifying. Delete it and never make me set eyes on it again.
File 163362453620.jpg - (328.08KB, 850x1346, postthisbat.jpg) [iqdb]
And here we see the Burgundian bat wearing the costume of her people.
Quand je bois du vin clairet, amis, tout tourne, tourne, tourne, tourne, aussi désormais je bois Anjou ou Arbois...
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