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File 162718944778.png - (73.17KB, 426x567, Village Gate.png) [iqdb]
You have an indeterminate handful of village men, a short period of time to prepare, and a gate that needs to be held against an encroaching tide of unusually low flying fairies. Grey squares are impassable, brown squares are passable, but roofed.

How would you hold this gate?
if possible. create either a ceiling trap from the roofed section to crash down on the fairies and create an uneven terrain. Use the village men to intercept any attempting to traverse over their fallen comrades. Or just a general holed gate that village men can poke their weapons through to eliminate any fairies trying to reach through.

I'm assuming the fairies are coming from top down, so the initial formation will be a half-circle in front of the main gate. As the pressure mounts, a tactical retreat is called and the trap is executed and the men pick off the remaining fairies trying to funnel in through the gate.
I'd say just stay where you are.

Prepare some candy to throw as an distraction.

And overal be on top of the gate and start blasting them fairies the moment they are all in sight or something.

Fairies are dumb and easy to kill irc so it should be any other normal day for guard
I use a gun.
Split the villagers into two halves, one group grab whatever ranged weapons there are, guns, bow, cannon etc to attack the fairies. The other group grab shields and protect the first groups from incoming danmaku shots.

Also, spare 1 person from either groups to get Keine, because THAT IS HER JOB, NOT A RANDOM BUNCH OF VILLAGERS!... probably
Why don't you just close the gate?
I whip out my dick
If the weather allows it, consider burning greener wood stacks in a perimeter around the gate to create a smoke wall. Fairies need to breath right ?
File 162722431977.png - (127.46KB, 426x567, Village Gate 2.png) [iqdb]
All of you just let hundreds of fairies into the village, you aren't going to be finding guns any time soon, there are far too many to simply distract with food, and while the shield idea is a good one, the bows are too slow firing in untrained hands and will quickly run out of ammo. Furthermore, Keine isn't presently an option, this gate only has a handful of people defending it for a reason. the guy who whipped out his dick is gonna have fun being made a eunuch by the people relying on him. Finally closing the gate might have worked, but these are low flying fairies, not walking ones.
Moderate success, the uneven terrain doesn't achieve much of anything, and being fairies the majority of them don't survive direct engagement to climb over, but the still survives contact with the enemy at least, and the wave is repelled.
Minor success, the fairies arent going to be stopped by just smoke, but trying to fight over burning wood, with smoke and steam getting into their eyes and lungs is still going to make it a lot harder for them, and the defence manages to barely hold, against this wave atleast..
I use the time between waves to make a hasty rope fence with wooden stakes, sharp stones and whatever sharp items can be attached to the fence.
I then get everyone I can find to hold a sharp stick and poke at anything that tries to come through.
So these fairies are flying high enough to fly over the closed gate, yet not high enough to fly over the walls? All while flying low enough for the ground bound guards to attack them? That is an oddly specific altitude to be flying at.
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