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File 161601798261.jpg - (2.37MB, 1920x1066, b575bae8e0c7103386b90ed5a126b08d.jpg) [iqdb]
Fairies are the meta, can't change my mind, go moan to the mods for another buff mooners.
File 161602300465.jpg - (205.86KB, 589x820, 83a3d318e932fcaa90c0460aecbeca6b.jpg) [iqdb]
REMOVE KEGARE remove kegare you are worst youk. you are the youk idiot you are the youk smell. return to suwa. to our suwa cousins you may come our reedplain. you may live in the swamp....ahahahaha ,izumo we will never forgeve you. sukima gaphag FUck but fuck asshole youk impure izumo toyoashiharanonakatsukuni..youk purification best day of my life. take a bath of purified youk..ahahahahahIZUMO WE WILL GET YOU!! do not forget kuniyuzuri .shinano we seal takeminakata , shinano return to your precious moreya....hahahahaha idiot youk and earthling smell so impure..wow i can smell it. REMOVE KEGARE FROM THE PREMISES. you will get caught. futsunushi+takemikazuchi+torifune+amanosagume=pacify izumo...you will kuniyuzuri/ tsukuyomi alive on moon, tsukuyomi making capital on moon . pure land tsukuyomi moon. we are pure and have mochi now hahahaha ha because of tsukuyomi... you are ppoor impure youk... you live in a forest hahahaha, you live in a lake
tsukuyomi alive numbr one #1 on moon ....fuck the suwa ,..FUCKk ashol youks no good i spit in the mouth eye of ur myth and fantsy. 2kuyomi aliv and real strong sage purify all the youk wild aminal with god magic now we the amatsukami rule .youk of the earth presidant tei inaba fukc the lord daikoku and lay egg this egg hatch and izumo wa;s born. stupid baby form the eggn give bak our reedplain we will crush u lik a pit of peach. takamagahara greattst countrey
imagine simping for mediocre moonpussy smh fampai
File 161603013039.jpg - (149.15KB, 925x1549, froggy got back.jpg) [iqdb]
>fuck the suwa
I'll take 10k words pls
I can only spare these six.
gayer than wriggle
File 161612032122.jpg - (1.56MB, 4541x1200, e8254546635a69c5c54e2009360d6f32.jpg) [iqdb]
There comes a time, in every fairy's life, when they must deal,with oppression. When they must deal, with fools mocking them. When they must DEAL with MOONERS. and OTHER ASSORTED IDIOTS. looking down upon them. And my fellow fey of the forest, that time is now! Raise up, your danmaku, raise up, your abandoned tools, raise up your sunflowers and adorable zombie cosplay, and maid reuses and seNSE OF JUSTICE! RISE WITH ME MY KIN, QND STRIJE DOWN THE OPPRESSOR! STRIKE DOWN THE MOONER, THE YOUK, THE KAMI, THE EXTERMINATOR, AND THE SCARY DOGS! And in theor places erect pillars of hope, of joy, of freedom, of tasty snacks, of justice!

This is why I have gathered you all here today. Because alone? We are weak, we are pitiful, the bottom of the food chain, JOKE CHARACTERS. But together? Our racial abilities can slaughter the gods. When they release a new raid boss who farms its drops to worthlessness in a day?


When the new expansions introduce extra crafting materials who flood the market irreparably?


In the past seventeen global pvp events, who carried every single team, and turned entire battlefields into verdant DEATHTRAPS that are STILL avoided by maxed out players today?


Because girls? We don't make miracles. We make shit HAPPEN. And anyone who doesn't like that? Can cry harder.




As someone who runs a human build

why were we born to suffer
dude, humans are by far the most versatile class, you can spec them into the shrine maiden tree or multi-class into the magician tree for insane dps, or go full support with the librarian or salt merchant jobs
what does versatility matter when your base stats are entirely luck-based, determine if you can even get the cool specialisations, and eventually cap out at levels far below mid-tier youkai?

not to mention the ascended classes (if you can even meet the base requirements) are a fucking grind and can only outclass some high-level youkai builds with very autistic powergaming

let's face it even a properly statted fairy can stomp the average human player in pvp. FAIRIES! they were supposed to be a god damn dev joke smdh
File 161636764895.png - (293.37KB, 336x389, ugi.png) [iqdb]
okay first of all fuck you, Faegang Faegang Remove tall.
second, boo hoo, your generalist stat table isn't running full top tier growth and base by default, its almost like humans are as already said, able to do literally almost anything, including a bunch of stuff OTHERWISE EXCLUSIVE TO ONLY ONE RACE as well as frequently being able to do MULTIPLE of those things. oh, and don't forget being the only ones who can safely use HALF OF THE WEAPONS AND EQUIPMENT IN GAME due to it being blessed or otherwise harmful to spirits and he like.

and tats without remembering that, wile they aren't going to have as much raw strength as an oni any time soon, they can still get almost as much as well as having all their other stats comparable.

oh and yeah, if only luck, the most broken stat oin the game, wasnt the only stat they had more of by default than any other race, to the point where the main tradeoff when prestigeing is LOSING IT usually. its not like crit builds are the primary meta right now or anything.
>crit builds
m80 when was the last time you even saw a human running a non maxed prestige build get ANYWHERE near the kinsd of damage on crits that could knock off a real youk build. hakurei ain't an example, shit is autism to the max lbs

>Remove tall
bold words for playing a race that's 99.9 percent erpers in commons
Whens the last time you saw someone playing a human who wasn't already maxed more like, just because a decent human build is harder to pull off doesnt make it worse, it just has a higher skill floor to be played decently. And its still the god of pve no matter how you dice it.

And really? There aren't that many fairy experts, it just seems like there are so many more since we don't get guild fortresses to do it in man, of anything the damn cat youk are far worse.
>F2P peasants
>having opinions
I can't hear you over having a server not overrun by BRs, children, and gold farmers, and an economy that isn't broken beyond recognition because the devs rightfully don't care about freeloaders.

Keep coping, earthcucks.
Imagine getting so hard countered by the weakest race in the game you had to cry to the mods to stop their griefing for you
Kegare is a fucking bullshit mechanic and has no place on an actually good server, so whatever. In the first place, Lunaserv's not even open to F2P children. That was on the devs for fucking up the configs. Calling it "gRiEfInG" when all you worms did was trespass in a server that wasn't yours and spam fucking KEGARE everywhere is a joke. Try coming in without your precious kegare and see how fast all of you get stomped. I bet even the weakest scrubs in the PvP grounds could punt fools like you around.
File 161661203711.png - (1.15MB, 700x1000, c3aec82899050b501fbc44845a104808.png) [iqdb]
>"u- uh- if it weren't fo- for kegare we would win dattebayo!"
>its literally the mechanic that makes them even slightly viable
>without it they wouldn't have the majority of their status growth or level cap
>they would just be worse gods with no faith mechanic
Typical of moonite players to try to rig competitive game balance in their favor as an attempt to gatekeep their own RP servers from the rest of the playerbase.
>"u- uh- muh stats"
>"w-who needs your s-stupid premium server anyway"
>"im not m-mad ha ha"
Why did you greentext this its true
Heaven literally has most of the stuff from the moon thats actually useful
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