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File 159043199428.jpg - (961.37KB, 1800x1012, THP should be more like this tbqh imho.jpg) [iqdb]
Alright, the Joy/Rage/Sad threads have run their course. Let's just have discussions here now.
I'm mad. Mad about people being mad about my lewding targets.
Years of excessive masturbation has turned the emotion center of my brain into an unfeeling mass of scar tissue.
I'm joyous that people are debating with one another over which vote to place.
I have been wanting to write for a good two years now but every time I open my drafts, all my motivation suddenly vanished and I find myself playing monhun

wat do
Play a better game, at the very least.
Dab on your motivation as an assertion of your dominance
File 159043313762.png - (279.54KB, 409x434, fuck.png) [iqdb]
anon is a silly sausage

ok coomer

maybe writing's just not fun for you? dunno how to help that tho

Also, if you've spent two years feeling that your motivation vanishes when you open your drafts, maybe you don't actually want to write and are just telling yourself that you do.

Fuck you guys I will write my story even if it kills me!

...Starting tomorrow.
That's the THP Spirit™
TH10-12 coming to Steam yeaaaaaaaah boy
Think we will ever get ports of the PC-98 games? Say what you will, but their music is damn good.
Given the work it'd take to port a bunch of games from a Japan-specific PC-"""compatible""" machine to modern x64, I don't see it happening. If ZUN's anything like most Japanese computer people (and he probably is, lbr) then he likely has none of the source code left or any other relevant material kicking around.

Hell, it's probably too much work as it is to get the early Windows games in some distributable state.
I made my own japchae. It was delightful.
Could just package it with an emulator. Like some games are with dosbox, sega classics or the snk ports of things.
That would be the pragmatic thing to do, yes. And I'll eat my frilly hat if ZUN ever lets it come to pass.
I saw some Japanese anon saying that Ringo's colour scheme is based on some Japanese apple brand and Seiran is similarly based off of the mascot (a blue rabbit) for that brand. Big if true.

>moon rabbits based on inferior earth fruit.

I shiggity to the diggity to shiggy diggy do my lad. All that stuff is typical Earth Rabbit propaganda.
[x] call out for Tewi
You whistle. Or at least try. It seems like hot pocket crumbs and drool have made a sludge that makes a wet "pbbblfffft" sound as the ichor is ejected away from your lips. It doesn't seem like Tewi will hear your call anytime soon. And the tengu ninja are just too grossed out to approach your fat ass.
what was the original call our for tewi from anyways?
Nevermind I found it
Damn you, Japan, open your borders again so I can spend my smelly gaijin money in you
>tfw you stumble across ancient archived threads while searching for something unrelated and the discussions are all basically the same as now

THP confirmed for time loop.
>the discussions are all basically the same as now
so, nonexistent?

Speaking of Lime Toops, I'm surprised THP doesn't have any stories with this as a central plot device. The trope seems to be fairly popular in other fanfiction communities and websites.
It was discussed as part of a possible plot for a story I helped with, but it never came to pass.

For EOPs: Probably no EoSD on Steam because ZUN doesn't have the source code. He joked about remaking it but also said he'd rather focus on making new stuff, so he won't do that "for now".
why aren't you rocketing past the moon flipping off the mooninites today hmmm?
'cuz I'd rather drink a cup of sake
It's Fridey, lads.
Suika pls
Touhou Popularity Contest is go.

File 159146833532.webp - (115.28KB, 1600x2400, voteguide2020.webp) [iqdb]
In case there's any confusion or hesitation, I made a quick and dirty getting started guide for those who can't into moonrunes.

Voting itself should be pretty straightforward. Use the wiki for character names, song titles, etc.
Who are you rooting for in the poll? I'm hoping the TH17 characters make it pretty high.
I don't want Reimu to lose.
She'll make top by default since it's basically "tradition" at this point.
She'll be first or thereabouts, as always.
Koishi would like to have a word. Twice over, if I remember right, though even once is egh
I refuse to believe there wasn't vote manipulation/cheating going on in that case. They used to be pretty much honour system, and it's not unthinkable that it'd only take one mega-autist with a botnet to rig things.
This. It just doesn't add up when it comes to fanworks, generally.
File 159206202810.jpg - (5.37KB, 410x56, okayseriously.jpg) [iqdb]
I'm calling shenanigans.
yeah nah, sometimes things just happen and Koishi has been consistently popular for years
what if you used Ran to mine bitcoin
the only thing to fear is getting laughed at cuz ur an gay lmao
better have good cooling
Air-cooled or water-cooled?

Somebody write something with 2hus in a wet t-shirt contest tia
I think that works better in a visual medium, m8.
The awoo story finally updated holy shit best weekend ever
File 15931039203.jpg - (568.58KB, 951x1118, wch2hufap.jpg) [iqdb]
Can't decide who to fap to next? Roll up and roll a die.

Invalid dice roll!
>invalid dice roll
well, fuck
Rolling 1d117 => 65

Come on, Aya!
Rolling 1d117 => 23
Let's see...
Someone good, someone good Rolling 1d117 => 7
Rolling 1d117 => 6
Rolling 1d117 => 62
Rolling 1d117 => 54
Rolling 1d117 => 72
lady luck be kind

i would personally be good with lovingly purple textual descriptions of wet fabric clinging to nipples
Rolling 1d117 => 116
Not-Life does.
keep rollin rollin rollin rollin

Rolling 1d117 => 14
this needs to happen a lot more and it's sad that it's not more common especially nowadays
Rolling 1d117 => 113
F in the chat for discord
Had this memory about drawing something on the oekaki board here when the site was really new, not going on again until the site got populated by CYOAs and seeing people heavily shitting on it to the point it seemed like some kind of meme. Like someone even said they'd miss it when the oekaki board was deleted. I thought it would be funny to read the mean comments now so I tried the wayback machine but I couldn't find it. What a tragedy.
Rolling 1d117 => 96

I forgot the oekaki board was ever a thing until this post.
i'll show all off you bastards one of these day's i'm gonna write an update and
oh no it's candleja
that's not how candlejack works there, matey, you have to say the nam
I have to say, I'm pretty surprised we got as many contest entries as we did. I was sure there'd be no newbie entries and like one or two regular ones. That is sort of how things go a lot of the time, though.
Rolling 1d117 => 60
I have little I want to shitpost about but I wish I did since i'm bored.
"all current stories are SHIT"
"wch toho fuk"
File 160163491954.jpg - (146.94KB, 868x1223, peach.jpg) [iqdb]
so am i
>all current stories are SHIT
they're okay, just a little too slow to update
>wch toho fuk
peaches are pretty good
boring character
>boring character
[angry jingling noises]
>fucking peaches
Sounds like that would hurt, what with the pits. Maybe try a watermelon instead?
File 160172297374.jpg - (89.66KB, 800x470, pitted.jpg) [iqdb]
them pits look pretty soft to me
Pretty shallow pits, mate. Dunno how you could ever hope to fall into them. Unless that's what you're into, I guess.
> finally have time to write again

Alright! Back to THP we -

> coin flips
> no sage
> user logins

...am I in the right place? What is this, Spacebattles?

> all of my stories are marked as "abandoned" even if finished

Well that killed the last of my interest. Wish granted, assholes.

Where do all the other anonymous writefags and rusemen hang out nowdays, or have Teruyo and his fun police hunted us all to extinction?
>> all of my stories are marked as "abandoned" even if finished
That's been automatic since forever. Also, it's a pretty simple matter of asking Teruyo to append a trip to the OP so you can manage the thread status yourself.

>Where do all the other anonymous writefags and rusemen hang out nowdays, or have Teruyo and his fun police hunted us all to extinction?
>he doesn't circlejerk on the Discord with all the other wash-ups
> everyone without a trip is automatically a failure
> Discord or die

Yeah, looks like the THP I knew is long gone. Hina bless you crazy faggots who voted on my word-turds for so many years, shit taste and all, but there's nothing here I can't find somewhere better so it's time I moved on too.

So long and thanks for all the shitposts.
Don't let the door hit you on the way out.
>waahhh we now have trivial author authentication, this site is ruined.
bye faggot
there aren't enough opportunities for people to call each other's waifu a shit anymore, so nobody bothers debating
I'm taking this opportunity to call yer waifu a shit.
>having a waifu
>having a favourite
>liking anyone
>not merely having a broad range of tolerable 'hus
this guy
Just because she came out of a butt doesn't mean Keiki is poop, anon.
I'm waiting for you to name three things which come out of butts that aren't poop, then.
1. eels
2. fire
3. banans

checkmate atheists
go see a doctor
oh no I'm not falling for that, EIRIN
this enough activity for ya HUH
naw, would be fine with more
I mean, same, but I dunno what to add to things half the time.
It's almost over...
you ever write that story tho?
it's over...
I want next year to be a better year for THP.
Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.
big difference between wanting something and hoping for it tbqh lad
Happy New Year THP.
Fappy New Year!
It's the year of the cow, so write some fucking cows.
Make me.
Make me make you.
sounds like too much effort
sasuga THP
your all big gay
We really could use a drawfag or two to liven this place up.
>We could really use [someone] to liven this place up.
You liven up my life, anon.
tmw two of them get pulled over malware scares
Okay, guys


big important question

wch 2hu fug
all girls
>not wanting to fug a cloud
smh fampai
feed all gays to yuu kai
feed deez nuts to yuukai lmao
I want Letty to go and stay go.
in which a really fucking big cirno terrorizes the american south and freezes everything
I dream of a year in which awoo updates more than once.
File 161452894968.jpg - (225.89KB, 512x384, th18titlescreen.jpg) [iqdb]
キタ―――(゚∀゚)―――― !!
bets on whether or not we even get 17.5 at Reitaisai this year?
The barest scraps of my self esteem that remain against.
Would be nice. But doubt it.
Congratulations, you're a winrar. How would you like that paid out?
You know who livens up my life?

File 161619965430.jpg - (195.71KB, 580x774, look at the new catto.jpg) [iqdb]
holy shit new cathu let's fucking gooooooo
>mfw I just read that one chapter of WaHH and the new game has a fucking yamawaro
File 161637562435.png - (2.19MB, 1000x1000, cheeki.png) [iqdb]
>Banditry Technology starts playing
I wanted to do an April Fools shitpost story, but my main story keeps me bogged down as it is orz
Any update at all happening would've been enough for an April's Fools joke.
TH18 is apparently done according to ZUN
It's Fridey, THP. Celebrate!
File 162042388270.png - (698.32KB, 1200x1600, 34cada0c47310ff0ffa3016492c92d93.png) [iqdb]
Make me.
Shut up and eat your cabbage, stupid grue.
Does anyone else have that thing where your pee smells awful after eating asparagus?

I hate that.
F o o d
Yuyuko pls

P.S. you can leave the name field blank, y'know
I sample mine sometimes, just to make sure I don't have diabetes. I've been in the clear so far.
File 162267553185.png - (76.88KB, 239x194, Screenshot from 2021-06-02 18-11-24.png) [iqdb]
Sorry I'm too weak and stupid to be of help.
along on a fridey night?
juts remember


Challenge accepted
Come on don't leave me hangin
I'm too tired to rage... or do much of anything
Then why are you here? Honest question.
Got nowhere else to be.
soo i don't know where else to put this. but i recently did a fanfiction review on "being meiling" from this site. i loved it, sooo i wonder if there is someway keymaster will be able to find this.

here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bx7Kz31EcN4

also sorry for replying to you 24484 but i have zero idea how this thread works
Not sure if he's likely to see it, frankly; I don't think he's even around on the Discord anymore.

Also, if posting is confusing, feel free to drop in on the Discord (link at the bottom) and ask around there. Just be patient, because you might not get an immediate answer.
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