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File 153380237062.jpg - (183.35KB, 1020x689, Kutku's gonna need earplugs.jpg) [iqdb]
Recently I found myself wondering as to just how many others on the site have been awaiting this game. I know of myself and around 2-5 others, so clearly there is some form of connection between slaying lolis and slaying wyverns.

So, who else here has been waiting and waiting for this game to come to PC, and what are you going to do first thing after starting?

I, myself, am planning on trying the insect glaive. It just sounds so neat, and I've never gotten to try it. MH4 was the only generation I've actually skipped thus far.

Also, why the suggested correction to "glaive" is "lawgiver" is beyond me. Someone must have a twisted sense of justice wherever they program the corrections, as that is the most out there one I've yet to see.
Isn't MH World really really terrible? Sage for kusoge.
>> 24061

And where exactly did you hear this?

No seriously, where? Because from what I've seen and heard, its rather the opposite of what you just said.
I don't understand why anyone would wait for it to come to PC. It's kinda old news at this point. Half the fun of MMOs is playing during the early days when stuff is still broken. Also insect glaive is pretty chill. Low-mid tier DPS with high party utility since most randoms dont bother to go for the mount. The Behemoth specific one is rediculously overpowered, and is probably going to get nerfed soon.

Buying a console for a single game just seems unreasonably expensive, for one. Monster Hunter is good, but I'd not put its value above the cost of a console. Not only that, but my TV's sound hasn't worked right with my 360 in years, so I'd probably have to finally replace the thing, which I'd prefer not to do. Sentimental value and such.
Well, I've heard that it's buggy, crashy, and/or slow as fuck on the computer.

...also I'm pretty sure we don't discuss non-Touhou games without making Touhou fics about said game here.
>making Touhou fics
>current year
but why
I've been waiting for so long that I find myself disappointed. I'm going to try the bow first, as usual. The dodge mechanic is gone so I'll probably give it up for the longsword, but maybe not. Who knows.

Mon Hun touhou fic WHERE
People talk about whatever in /blue/. Including their objectively shit tastes in games. It's what people have chosen to use this board for and that's okay.

Already been done, iirc.

There was a contest entry last year that had a team of Touhous hunting something or other.

On that note, we're about due for the yearly contest.
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