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File 151845733037.png - (386.84KB, 799x652, 800px-天鵞絨少女戦.png) [iqdb]
Do you know Seihou project(せいほうぷろじぇくと)?
I only know it also was made by ZUN.
ZUN didn't make it, though he did contribute to it. Mostly music afaik
Also helps that a few Touhous showed up in the games.

Which, as my friend says, could quite possibly explain what happened to all those PC-98s: VIVIT killed them.

(I hope not, though.)
The guys who made it are from the same student circle that ZUN was a part of (and used the name of for the PC-98 games). But yeah, it's basically not ZUN and has next to nothing to do with Touhou beyond what amounts to glorified cameos.
In a mirrorverse, we'd have shp.moe
File 151848244196.jpg - (14.52KB, 250x206, 5a62d5e1768a1.jpg) [iqdb]
I fantasize that there will be a video about [TouHou & SeiHou MMD] in the future?
The 12th Toho M-1 Cherry Blossom
File 151865630479.jpg - (80.95KB, 320x320, rndvd-0009-01.jpg) [iqdb]
But it needs pay more than $18

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