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File 148931963525.jpg - (7.96KB, 200x200, It's extremely useful.jpg)
It's extremely useful
Did you know that, in these trying times of a page and a half of active TH stories, you can actually watch threads?

You see that [WT] button in the upper right corner? Click it.

You see that floppy disk sorta button next to a story's reply button on each main page? Click that, too, on a story you like. Then click it again on every other story you read, too.

With this active, whenever you have the WT list open, it will tell you how many posts have been made, saged or otherwise, since you last checked said thread. However, it only tells you about threads on the current board you're on. You won't see Underground stuff in TH

Every time I tell people that this is in fact a thing, they seem downright floored. As such, it seemed a good time to tell people this, as I've noticed time and time again as stories get buried, my own and those of others alike. As things are, stories missing their attention is a good way to end up with inactive stories. I for one would like nothing more than to see this site become active as it once was. A pipe dream perhaps, but it's the point of my throwing all these contests out there.

You could say I'm determined to see this site active again. It's been sad to see the activity dip over these past four years I've been lurking.
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Good to know. I always just assumed that button summoned snacks.
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Not really.

- Took 0.00s -
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