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File 148568422589.jpg - (69.85KB, 443x223, sorter.jpg) [iqdb]
22907No. 22907
Have we ever had an internal tohosort thread here on THP?
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>>No. 22908

I've never seen one since coming here in 2011.
>>No. 22909
Do it and may God bless the one in charge of tallying votes and checking for votespam
>>No. 22911
You're talking like a popularity contest? Nope, haven't seen one in my time.

Actually, I don't recall seeing any outright "post your sort results" type threads either.
>>No. 22912

OR we could just allow votespam and suppose the votespammyiest Touhou clearly has the most dedicated fanbase here.
>>No. 22913

Yes, but then we'd have threads of boring results.
>>No. 22914
Well post your results then!
>>No. 22915
File 14858325374.png - (501.70KB, 920x1054, 2husort20170129.png) [iqdb]
>>No. 22916
File 148587476236.png - (215.77KB, 884x729, now until the moment you shitpost.png) [iqdb]
Cruising through

Rumia somehow made it into the top 3, replace her with Seija or something.
>>No. 22917
File 148589643019.png - (291.03KB, 1150x754, objectively best girls.png) [iqdb]
>>No. 22918
I can't make ups or downs of this. You get points for Yamams that high, Kogasa, and at least one playable in the top 10, but... A literal non-character in the first spot? Mememiji? Tokiwho? Just doesn't make sense, man.
>>No. 22919

Actual cannon is an astronomically small aspect of Touhou broski. He probably based his list(and opinions) off the various traits and tropes we as a fandom associate with those characters.
>>No. 22920
>number one spot

Naz tends to end up as number one for me, but this was one of the rare times it didn't happen.

Which is funny because I used to be a the sort of person who would use the word "secondary" unironically as an insult. Funny how you mellow with age.
>>No. 22921
File 148591148086.png - (611.22KB, 1150x1017, Shocking.png) [iqdb]
I was expecting more PC-98. Then again, some characters seem to be missing now, such as my absolute favorite, Giant Catfish.
>>No. 22922
File 148591359126.png - (283.62KB, 1150x754, results!.png) [iqdb]
Birds, PC-98, and MoF represent!

5 pairs of wings in the top 20 (well, we have to average, as both Tokiko and Sagume are there).

6 PC-98s in top 20 and 2 in top 10! One from HRtP, One from SoEW, Two from PoDD, One from LLS, and One from MS. Good representation.

4 from MoF, with the first four characters showing up in the top 20 (descending order!)

I think my bias is showing, though. Only one character post SA is in the top 20 (excluding non-game characters). The next one is 34. Odd that Marisa went so low. I find that this sorter tends to be a crapshoot after the top 30 or so, as then it evens out.

...Clownpiece is not last. I am disappoint.
>>No. 22923
File 14859212002.png - (568.21KB, 1150x1054, flavorsoftheweek.png) [iqdb]
Every time I do this thing, it changes.

I am very fickle.
>>No. 22924
File 148592587195.png - (212.12KB, 920x778, gee i wonder who it is.png) [iqdb]
I respect all of your results even if some of you have shit taste.
>>No. 22925
File 148593004756.png - (459.02KB, 1123x987, asdasdsadsa.png) [iqdb]
First time and boy, is this is really surprising.
>>No. 22926

Well, that's a very thematic top three... Might I ask why you like them to such a degree?
>>No. 22927
File 148595231637.jpg - (655.67KB, 630x975, TouhouSort2017-1.jpg) [iqdb]
Not depicted: Byakushit dead last.

Huge Hats: the Top 3

Still a solid pretty good out of 10. Can't really find an issue. AQN in top spots always speaks of a refined taste.
>>No. 22929
File 148599046792.png - (546.88KB, 878x1047, d23c4d8c122b5c7d10253a8355cad514.png) [iqdb]
I always feel like I end up zoning out during this and end up with results that aren't 100% correct.

Top 10 seems pretty accurate though.
>>No. 22930
File 148599271047.png - (307.99KB, 860x975, tohosort.png) [iqdb]
Here. Wonder what this selection says about me.
>>No. 22934
File 148604757480.png - (556.76KB, 920x1017, 2husort.png) [iqdb]
It's really interesting to see who goes up or down over the course of a year or so. The last time I did this, people like Doremy and Kosuzu were down in the middle of nowhere. I also had Kaguya and Mokou somewhere in the top ten last year, but I felt like they didn't really deserve a spot there. Also, the Watatsuki sisters slowly clawed their way out of the bottom of the 2hu character sort pit. Neat.

inb4 >meme waifu >mememiji
>>No. 22935
File 148605023714.png - (503.36KB, 920x1054, 2husort20170131.png) [iqdb]
>>22915 here.

Redid it just to see what would change. This seems more accurate. Probably because I spent less time thinking about the choices or something.

It's okay, Dai. You're still the Empress of Joy to me.
>>No. 22937
File 148606379868.png - (235.45KB, 912x749, they also go faster.png) [iqdb]
No points for guessing what's my favorite hair color.
>>No. 22939
File 148606906968.png - (572.77KB, 626x885, bankistomp.png) [iqdb]
You are my man, UNLESS you are also the man who propagates that stupid meme on the jay.

Write Banki, you.
>>No. 22940

If it makes you feel better, I for one will be having Banki show up in one of my stories as a main character. Mind you, it's a ways off, and an AU crossover sorta thing.
>>No. 22942

Do I spy a certain poltergeist at number 1?

Good taste.
>>No. 22943
File 148607791820.jpg - (260.31KB, 612x868, __kana_anaberal_touhou_and_touhou_pc_98_drawn_by_c.jpg) [iqdb]
She's the best! One day I'll write her something grand when I'm not so focused on others in my top 10.

RIP Border House
>>No. 22944
That story made Kana for me. RIP
>>No. 22947
File 148612853639.png - (448.60KB, 1150x1017, no surprises here.png) [iqdb]
No prizes for guessing what I should be doing.

'Banki should be where Youmu is, Alice is only up there because Shanghai and Hourai aren't on the list, and zofies would probably blow Okuu out of the top ten.
>>No. 22948
File 148613967318.jpg - (560.72KB, 1024x1024, judgemental frog girl.jpg) [iqdb]
>picking "Tie!" that many times
>picking "Tie!" ever

You're WEAK.
>>No. 22952
File 148619840356.png - (588.02KB, 1150x1017, hoo.png) [iqdb]
>Pretending this sort wouldn't be totally different after a good night's sleep, or a light meal, or even just if I happened to be wearing more comfortable pants

Maybe I should take this again in a week and compare.
>>No. 22956
File 148624093847.jpg - (510.27KB, 612x794, TouhouSortComparison.jpg) [iqdb]
Hullo, >>22927 here. What are the whereabouts of your divine patrons right now?
>>No. 22962
"This" meaning "this specific."
>>No. 22974
File 148633763045.jpg - (31.72KB, 152x200, satorin.jpg) [iqdb]
Well I feel foolish.
>>No. 22977
No problem, no problem. I'd have to be hella hypocritical to rail off at you for this sort of misunderstanding.
>>No. 22981
File 148653479527.jpg - (292.43KB, 1040x780, __hakurei_reimu_maribel_hearn_and_usami_renko_touh.jpg) [iqdb]
Oh, hey YAF.
Not really. I kinda like the hidden theme of the CDs and the mirrors thing between the lost future and the wonderland (more of a dreamland I guess)
Also, I liked the inclusion of Sumireko in ULiL and I hope they expand the Usami/Maribel storyline with the return of the Dream World.
>>No. 23143
File 149453926160.png - (322.23KB, 877x999, tohosort20170.png) [iqdb]
I could probably get accurate results up to 60 and stratified results beyond that but having it all be strictly transitive is a bit of a pain.

The moon is really pretty at night.
>>No. 24335
File 156786962772.png - (788.06KB, 2174x1792, sort-2019-09-07(10_15_24).png) [iqdb]
Might as well get some semblance of activity on this site. Plus, new games bring new overhauls of character rankings.

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