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Huh, looks like I forgot to set up a new thread. Well, there's nothing here right at the moment but I am working on the next part, so please wait a little longer.

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Sanae is simply too weak to do anything by this point. Her mind is growing weary of the constant pleasure forced on her while her body practically begs for more. She truly would not be surprised if she smelled like a bitch in heat after all that. That stupid giant frog that's lumbered up to her certainly thinks so.

She tries to struggle against the sticky flower petals holding her down to no avail as it's holding her down with an amount of force that shouldn't be possible for a simple flower. Then again, nothing here is normal. She thinks as she casts the frog a contemptuous glare. It merely blinks in response.

The lumbering beast opens its wide mouth to snare the miko with its tongue. It pushes through the petals easily, as though it were being granted permission to do this rather than it simply being stronger. It winds its way around her body, not bothering with inserting itself into either her pussy or her ass. Instead it snakes around her until its positioned over her mouth, which she clamps shut in an attempt to deter it. The tongue licks her cheek gently, causing her to shift uncomfortably. "No! I don't want this!" She opens her mouth to yell at it, but all that does is give it an opening. "MMPH!" Her cries were muffled almost immediately after that as the long frog tongue slipped into her mouth to rub itself on her own tongue. Try as she might, Sanae can't bring herself to bite down on it, and instead licks it willingly to get a better taste.

It pulls out of her mouth with a faint pop sound, the tip hovering not even a full inch above her lips. Sanae, going against her better judgement, licks the tip of the tongue experimentally a few times. Satisfied with that, the tongue dives back in, making a point to explore every part of her mouth while paying ample attention to the miko's tongue. The two engaged in a strange variation of a deep kiss for some time before the frog finally started pulling the miko into its mouth. It seems to have been counting on her being distracted by its tongue long enough to swallow her without retribution. Sanae was pulled free of the flower, though it tried to cling to her feebly, and drawn into the beast's massive maw. Once she was fully inside, the frog closed its mouth, detangled its tongue from the miko, and swallowed.

Sanae's first thought was that the throat was incradibly tight. Her breasts grind against the throat wall, causing the nipples to go erect from the pressure, and her thighs and ass are squeezed quite tightly as she's slowly pulled down by the motion of the throat muscles. Eventually she drops down into a larger, sac-like area that has no exit. It's entirely nondescript aside from being too dark to see, slimy, and incredibly soft to the touch. That, and it's almost too small to stand in. Sanae's head brushes up against the 'ceiling' of the stomach. Not that it mattered since her hair had been thoroughly soaked already. She felt her way around, coming to the conclusion that there is in fact nothing there aside from herself. She puts her back to the flesh, and slides down until she's sitting in a position that is quite comfortable. Ugh. I've been eaten. This stupid thing won't digest me either, it'll just rape me until I'm a slave to its pleasure and incapable of living without it. Not to mention I'm pregnant of all things... She caresses her belly, trying to feel her child that's growing within her. It's not your fault though. At least I can make sure you're well fed, since you seem to digest cum. She gives it one loving pat before sighing. Maybe I could actually raise this one myself, teach it that sex isn't the only thing in life... Her face fell when she considered her current situation. Though that'll be really hard with me stuck in here. And after a while, it'll be all I care about... At least I'll love my daughter no matter what happens...

It came as no surprise when a tentacle began winding its way around her right leg. A pinkish-red tentacle, one that would match the flesh of the stomach wall if Sanae could see it, coils around her leg and comes to a stop at her crotch. Instead of diving right in, it instead rubs the inside of her thigh. Another one takes up the left leg, doing the same thing on its side. A third probes her anus, gently grinding against it without ever actually pushing in, then another begins to feel her smooth skin... A pair come down from the top and affix themselves to each of Sanae's nipples, at which point they start milking her. Numerous tentacles begin massaging her breasts to encourage her body, and eventually she's entangled in a writhing mess that's making her feel good in both sexual and non-sexual ways. The vast majority of them are actually massaging her, working out stiff muscles, lack of energy, and practically washing away the sense of fatigue that had built up over time.

Kogasa was right, Sanae admitted, these things know how to keep someone like me happy. She then licked the tip of a tentacle that gently touched her lips before placing her lips around the tip. It shuddered, then slid in. Right then, the one probing her anus pushed in, and her vacant pussy was filled with a thick, textured tentacle that pushed all the way into her womb, making her moan in delight as it thrust in and out of her. She didn't even care that all of them seemed to be capable of cumming. In fact, at this point she'd welcome it, as ensnared as she is.

Her pleasure continued well past the first orgasm, with her becoming coated in the tentacle's cum that made it easier for her to get off to all this thanks to the lewd noises they now make.

At this point, she needed to make a choice:
[X]Pass out
[X]Give birth
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[X]Give birth
No. 9387
[X] Abort
No. 9388
[x] Give birth.
No. 9389
[X]Give birth
No. 9390
oh,and welcome back!
No. 9391
[x] Pass out
Glad to see you aren't giving up yet!
No. 9396
[x]Give birth.

I have no idea what happened before, but I'll most have to definitely read it up.
No. 9398
The previous thread may be found here:

As for the current choices, my vote goes to:

[X]Pass out
No. 9399
[x]Give birth.
No. 9403
Thanks kind anon, I owe you one.
No. 9405
Okay, I've done my homework now and I am still voting for [x]Give birth

But there is something which is somewhat unclear (probably it's just me but why not asking?): By Giving Birth is meant that she somehow makes the Slime inside her (it still is, right) exit her or does she really have a child growing down there?

Just asking, because I doubt she has been raped for nine months.
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>Look what you ruined~
Ow. You ass.

[X]Pass out
No. 9408
[x]Give birth
No. 9409
[x]Pass out
No. 9411
[x] Give birth.
No. 9412
>I doubt she has been raped for nine months.
Relevant only if the child was human. It's either a mass of slime or some humanoid that quickly grew inside of her. As I consider it to be the "more rape" option,

[x]Give birth
No. 9413
[x] Give birth.
No. 9415
That actually makes sense, since she wasn't raped by another human in the meantime...
No. 9677
[X]Give birth

Now update ya wimp.
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>Look what you ruined
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I cannot look through /at/ without that tiny little filename jumping out and punching me in the gut/heart. Feels fucking terrible, man.
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I rather like it. Whenever I read it, I get this feeling of joy.
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I felt a strong feeling of pride for Sanae when she thought of how she'd love her daughter no matter what. It's sweet, despite of all that happened.
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>I felt a strong feeling of pride for Sanae when she thought of how she'd love her daughter no matter what.
>At least I can make sure you're well fed, since you seem to digest cum
Yes, she'll love her daughter by ensuring she gets lots of semen.
No. 9698
Well, how would YOU provide for your daughter in a place like that? Let her starve? You horrible person.
No. 9699
Allow me to clarify:

I see nothing wrong with this. In fact, I wholeheartedly support Sanae sucking twice as many cocks in expectation.
No. 9701
S.L.D.T. said this story gets multiple runs. Does that mean we're eventually going too reset back in the forest next to the tree?
No. 9702
Lo and behold, I am not dead and neither is this story! I'm just having a hard time actually writing the sexy stuff lately, especially since I've been trying to juggle three stories without much success. That being said, I'm on the rocks about whether I really want to try going through another run of IMN, end it so I only have to juggle two stories, or restart it with the same start but a slightly different idea behind it.

Either way...


Sanae's been worn out by all the loving, and is now being hugged in an odd sort of way by the mass of tentacles. She's positively content with how things have played out now that she's decided to give up on finding a way out of this nightmare, and instead thinking of it as a well-loved wet dream.

Still, there's one more matter to attend to: Her daughter, who is more than ready to come out and learn of the pleasures she has experienced. The priestess rubs her belly a few times, then presses on it to get her unborn daughter's attention. She seems to get the message as a thick tendril forces its way out of her womb and through her walls, pleasuring the miko as it pours out of her body. A much smaller tendril latches onto Sanae's clit, rubbing it with a soft, gentle touch that still causes the miko to start bucking her hips every so often in response to a sensation that tells her mind that she's being penetrated rather than giving birth. One of the perks to her daughter being a goo-girl I suppose.

Throughout the process, the tentacles restraining Sanae begin to move again, with one sliding up her ass while another slides into her open mouth. The rest begin to massage her to aid the process, becoming more active the larger the pool of sentient slime pouring out of the priestess' pussy gets. They don't plug up the flow though, they seem to know and understand that this is a good thing that should remain unhindered. The flow of slime grows ever greater until Sanae's womanhood is stretched out just as far as it can go without being painful to her, and by this point the priestess' womb has all but emptied, and her belly shrinking down to normal. A few more pushes and Sanae climaxes with a soft moan, giving her child one last taste of her love before passing out.


When she awakes, it's not at the tree like all those other times, it's inside the frog with her daughter and the tentacles that have trapped her. She's still held by them, but her long, smooth legs have been drawn into some manner of trap, leaving only her hips and crotch exposed. Her arms are left free though, and she takes a moment to feel her belly. Now that her daughter has been born, she feels strangely empty, as though some crucial part of her has vanished. She contemplates what to do about that when she looks up.

Her daughter, her dear, sweet daughter is eating. It's assumed a female form remarkably similar to Sanae's own with only a few minor differences, and is currently sucking on one tentacle while another violates her ass, and another thick one pushes into her virgin pussy. The priestess, now a mother, feels positively fuzzy inside that the creature that's turned her into a source of fuel for it has decided to provide with her little girl. She herself feels a tentacle push its way into each of her lower holes, and savors the feeling of something being inside of her. Funnily enough, she doesn't jerk around or begin moaning in pleasure, merely observing her daughter with a content sigh, almost as though her being used was little more than a simple massage.

She felt herself grow properly hot when the tentacles came in her daughter, the thick strands of white dying the blue-green goo girl a milky coloration and making her grow a bit more. Given that she wasn't all that big yesterday, she must have been suckling off the tentacles the entire time Sanae was unconscious. The tentacles go limp as they tire themselves out, and they retreat into the soft flesh that serves as the priestess' prison.

She rights herself, and gets a good look at her ensnared mother. "Mo... ther...?" Her words come out with some difficulty since she's not even a full twenty-four hours old, but that will fix itself in time. A slime of the calibur that impregnated Sanae generally gives its offspring all the knowledge required to survive and then some. Her grasp of language should be complete within a day or two.

"Ah!" Sanae snaps out of her pleasure-induced relaxation to acknowledge her daughter, doing so with a smile and a blush on her face. "Oooh, you've grown so beautiful in such a short time~! Come give mommy a hug!" The miko outstretches her arms to her daughter, who in turm hugs her mother. This was hardly innocent as the goo girl's breasts were engulfing Sanae's, suckling off those for her mother's milk. "Mmm, drink as much as you want..."

"Mom...my...?" The goo girl holds her mother tight as she tests the sound of the word. Something about it felt right to her, causing her to nuzzle her mother's neck as she repeated it. "Mommy...! I... love you...!" She means it, though her meaning is mixed.

In normal curcumstances, a mother and daughter will bond in a non-sexual manner in order to keep inbreeding, and the resulting genetic errors, from becoming rampant. However, slimes do not have such an issue and as such are free to consider their mothers as possible sexual partners. A slime's purpose is to propogate, and it is geared for it.

Another thing about it is that when they impregnate a solid humanoid, the slime within releases a special secretion that causes the mother to feel satisfied so long as they bear that child in their womb. This is to ensure that said human is easy to recapture and impregnate again, though there is the rare case where the human in question simply loves the feeling of having something growing within her.

"I love you too." Sanae hugs her daughter tight enough that she sinks into her a little. She does kiss her daughter's neck when the tentacles cum in her, but that's a minor, ignorable point. ...Not necessarily the feeling of having so much cum shot into her womb and into her ass that her belly swells again to take it all, no, that feels wonderful to her. "Could you do something that would make mommy very happy?" She pulls away just enough to look her daughter straight in the eye.

The goo girl tilts her head.

"Make mommy pregnant again." A few smaller tentacles spread her cum-dripping pussy wide to make it even more obvious as to what she means.

Sanae's daughter thinks about it for a few moments with a quizzical look on her face, then comes to a conclusion. She then sports a sunny smile as her pussy reforms into a dick, then hums in an awkward, halting, yet happy way as she pulls her mother's legs out of the trap and up out of the way. Her own breasts are still affixed to Sanae's, drinking down more of her milk while teasing her in such a way that she couldn't possibly be any more ready than she is now. With a sing-song sound, she plunges her member into her mother in one quick thrust, causing Sanae to pant for a few moments. When she gives the okay, the goo girl begins to thrust in a slow, rythmic motion while humming a tune that somehow works perfectly for the scenario. Sanae is left in a bad position to do anything but sit there and take it, but she tells her daughter what a wonderful job she's doing and how they'll have another beautiful daughter, then a full family.

Upon hearing this, the goo girl picks up the pace knowing that she's making her mother feel good, and presses her lips to Sanae's. The priestess' own walls feed the daughter in ecouragement, eventually tightening down on the dick to tell her that she's doing a good job without any words between them. The taste of her mother's love drives the goo girl wild, making her thrust into her faster and harder until a strange sensation begins to flow through her. Every part of her feels heavenly, and the sounds of blood running through flesh is all but drowned out as she reaches her climax. The kiss turns deep as they get ever closer, aphrodisiac-like slime sliding down Sanae's throat and into her gut as the priestess drinks greedily from her daughter's mouth.

Sanae cums first, her love juices being absorbed by her gooey daughter instantly while her tight walls massage the phallic mass making its last few thrusts into her. The pleasure keeps building up in Sanae anyway, only releasing when her daughter cums inside her, depositing a single hot seed amongst the other slime. A seed that will make her feel whole again.

"Thank you... Mommy is proud of you..." Sanae holds her daughter tight, and in turn her daughter engulfs her without ever pulling out. Milked, fucked silly, and impregnated, the miko falls into a blissful sleep...
No. 9703
Herp derp, forgot my trip.
No. 9704
I'm pretty much calling that a bad end with Sanae broken.

My opinion is to end this. We got what, three runs? And we didn't get anywhere close to a clue or anything to solve this mystery.
No. 9705
You're joking, right?

You came here for a plot?
No. 9706
>"Make mommy pregnant again."
Best daughter ever.

>bad end
Is this an end, or will there be more before the next reset?
And do we keep the daughter after the next reset, or just the renewed pregnancy?
No. 9709
I wouldn't waste time as considering all things, folks here won't get around to it.

Honestly wait until there's room on your plate; that and finish the Eirin bit so you won't have to worry about it.
No. 9713
I was hoping we'd get Sanae out of the horrible rape forest with her mind intact, but considering the voter base around here, that's probably never going to happen.
No. 9715
Well, if we're going to have writers writing vivid descriptions it's better if they're about sexual fetishes, than happy lovely jubbly.
No. 9799
But we've had that, in just about every pornographic work of fiction involving rape. The girl always breaks and starts loving it. I'm sure I sound sappy as fuck, but is it to much to ask for a happy ending once in awhile?

I'm talking about Touhou related material specifically, for the record.
No. 9803
>The girl always breaks and starts loving it.
Well, there's always http://www.mediafire.com/?j0mjwyium3c