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This is a CYOA that plays out like a game. The scenario is simple: You are one Sanae Kotiya, a slightly off-kilter yet friendly and innocent wind priestess who has gotten so thoroughly lost on your trip to visit Alice that you've wound up in the darkest heart in the Forest of Magic. You're so deep in in fact, that the sky is purple, and time doesn't seem to move at the same pace as even the outer areas of the forest. Here, everything runs on a different set of rules than you're used to, as you lack a connection to either Kanako or Suwako thanks to the high degree of magical interference. This is a worst case scenario, and the forest emits an almost eager glee at your very presence...

The rules are simple: You have to make it past ten encounters of varying types, but all will attempt to rape Sanae. She starts out at 100 Willpower but each time she's raped her willpower goes down, and if it hits 0 it's game over. Each type of rape will induce a certain amount of loss, and it's possible to have to take multiple loads from the same encounter if you choose incorrectly. It's even possible to lose straight off the bat as some beings are too strong for you and will not be satisfied until you're broken and/or on the ground begging for more. Your actions will also determine whether Sanae stays innocent in her mind, or develops a sick attraction to that which enjoys her taste.

You have a few things to make victory (Depending on your point of view, of course) possible: One, the ability to generate willpower all on your own. You gain five per encounter that you don't end up getting raped, and a bottle of Marisa's patented (Yeah right~) libido killer. The Libido Killer brings your willpower back up to 100, but can't save you when you hit zero unless you happen to get lucky.

Now, this can and will have multiple runs, so even if you achieve a run where Sanae gets off without ever being cummed in once you'll still have to go through again until what's wrong with this scenario comes to light. I know it's counter-intuitive, but do try to keep her innocence intact. Haha, yeah right. Her willpower resets every time, and she only gets slightly tainted each time you have to reset and you have low willpower or failed.

And so, let's begin, shall we?


Sanae looked around as she realized just how far astray she had been led, and was growing rather nervous the more she did so. It looked like everything flora-wise came from a Freudian mind... There's a large tree in front of you that a small entrancing light has just entered, while the path out lies behind you. You could walk through the undergrowth to circumvent it, but there's some possible danger in that. You could fly above it all too...

[X]Follow the light.
[X]Take the path.
[X]Avoid the path, but stay on the ground.

No. 7241
File 128141699078.jpg - (74.20KB , 820x542 , Sanae eeeehh___.jpg ) [iqdb]
Oh lord. You have no idea how miserably timed this is.

Not voting. Gathering my wits.
No. 7242
[X]Follow the light.
No. 7243
[x] Light
Also quick question before we start, these rapist...are they infact other touhous, or filthy men and youkais that will taint my Sanae?
If it's the first, well it's all fun and games and every end is a good end, but if it's the latter, I will make this thread a priority to save my Sanae's innocence.
Now head into the light Sanae because in a forest covered in darkness, the light contrast must be important...wait Libido Killer? Can we use that at any time and is it a one time item?
No. 7244
[X]Follow the light.
No. 7245
if there's horny plants; one'd have to wonder if Yuuka or Yukari is involved.
No. 7246
[x]Follow the light.
Sounds like a one-use item to me.
No. 7247
[x]Take the path
I don't like caves, or in this case, cave-like trees. You're walking around, when suddenly, tentacles, everywhere, from every possible direction.

Do we get another bottle of lilido killer when we reset?
No. 7248
[x] Follow the light.
Rape is unavoidable
No. 7249
[X]Follow the light.
No. 7252
Yes, the Libido Killer is a one-tim use only item, and yes, it resets along with everthing else. Also, despite my not really liking the idea much, when I say everything's out to rape Sanae, I mean it.

Also, I have to wonder: How many of you realize what chosing the majority vote means.


Sanae considers the other paths, and doesn't find any of them appealing. Even the simple act of flying might get her shot down! Instead, she gathers her courage and follows the light into the tree. If it led her this far, perhaps there's something good in there?

Then entrance is a fairly large hole so it's easy for her to get in. The fact that it closes behind her is a little unnerving, but she presses on through the finely carved wooden tunnel anyway. It's a path that feels like it goes on forever, but that little light she so foolishy followed this far has appeared before her once again to lead her yet further still. Eventually she comes to a halt in front of a large hole, and jumps in without a second thought.

The next area is so much different then the clean walls inside the tree. For starters, a soft, bumpy, slimy flesh covers the walls, the floor... Even the ceiling! Thick fluids drip down periodically, splatting on Sanae's face as she starts to realize her mistake, yet that's still not the worst of it. Trapped within a clear bubble, with tentacles violating every hole, is Sanae. It opens its eyes weakly at first, but they all but snap open when they see her. Its prison responds as well as the tentacles retract, then the bubble opens up from the top. Sanae climbs out the top with so much energy that Sanae seriously wonders what's going on. Who is this? Why is she in here? What does it want with me? Are just a sample of the thoughts running through Sanae's head, even as Sanae advances on her further still.

"Hello me~!" It says, waving to Sanae even as it displays its glistening, naked, voluptuous body. "I'm so glad you came! This means a lot to me~!" It then moves to embrace her, but she backs away as she doesn't understand what's going on or who this is. "You can't escape anyway, so let me have you... Please~?" Sanae asks in a perfectly cheery and innocent tone. She's up against the wall anyway, and feels the cum soak her hair and the back of all her clothes. What's worse is that there's actually a very vague hint that she might actually want this...

"N-no! Stop it, get away from me!" Sanae pulls herself away from those walls and tries to run, but Sanae is quicker on the draw and tackles her face first into the fleshy floor. "Please, I just want to go home..." She utters desperately, praying feverently that Sanae listens and will let her go.

"No no no~ That's no good! I just caught you after all~!" Sanae straddles Sanae and first tears off the cum-soaked shirt, then the dress... Then the sarashi, and finally the panties. "Besides, you are home~! With your lover to boot! Aren't you a lucky girl?"

"What are you talking about?! How can I love you? I don't even know who you are!" Sanae is in a clear panic, even as she's flipped over and her legs are spread wide. "Don't! Please, I'm begging you!"

"Mmm~ Delicious me~" Sanae allows a solitary tentacle to slip out of her soaked pussy and gently slides it into her until she hits Sanae's hymen. "And you reserved yourself just for me~! It makes me so happy~!" She then forces the tentacle past the hymen, breaking it in the process. From there she doesn't stop until the tentacle enters the womb... "Sorry about this, but I cum really, REALLY hard and I want to make sure you receive all my love~." And then forces it into Sanae's womb, making it stretch a little more with every intrusion...


Oh no, this isn't done yet, I just don't have enough time to write it all at the moment. But there's no escape~. You have chosen the first inescapable event.
No. 7254
Only the first choice and we're already off to a badgood start.

I can tell this whole thing will be nothing but awesome.
No. 7256
Off to a flying start, no?

Anyway, this give me a boner of the size of Texas. You're a good at what you do S.L.D.T., no doubt about it.
Waiting warmly.
No. 7257
>Innocent Maiden's Nightmare
This is very, VERY relevant to my interest. Keep on the good work, mate.
No. 7258

Sanae spends what feels like a small eternity making Sanae's womb elastic enough to withstand what's coming up next, and the tentacle that's being used has become quite stimulating. The wind priestess is strill writhing about even as Sanae continues to slide her tentacle in and out of her folds. "Ah!" She gasps suddenly as she feels something well up in her from within, but doesn't understand what it means. "No, I can't take it anymore!" She cries out, now trying harder than ever to get free.

"You can't? Goodie, that means you're about to get a preview of the pleasure I'll be giving you!" Sanae is far too enthusiastic over this, not to mention downright passive as she's doing little more than trapping Sanae beneath her. "You feel so wonderful too... You're making me really happy~!" Her expression is one of loving ecstacy, even as she rubs her body against Sanae. "But your lips are as unspoiled as your insides, aren't they? Maybe... Please let me taste you~..."

Sanae's womb is finally stretched out and elasticized, at which point the tentacle retreats out of her. It doesn't stay that way for long as another slides in, but unlike the fine tip of the first, this one has a much broader tip. "Do-don't you dar- MMMMPH!" Sanae is quickly cut off by Sanae's kiss and tongue, and starts to melt into it as a strong aphrodisiac is injected into her mouth. "Mmm~" She puts her arms around Sanae and responds to the kiss in kind just in time for Sanae to break away. "Why... Why do you keep making me feel filthy?!" Her face is flushed a deep red as she tries to cover herself up with her hands...

...But goes glassy-eyed and relaxed instead when Sanae plants both hands on her shoulder and arcs her whole body up to make the tentacle tense up. Said tentacle shot off a small load that sent a mildly pleasurable sensation through her body, and it's one that's not going away. With Sanae stunned, Sanae presses her hands on the wind priestess' ample bosom and begins to knead them lovingly. "Because I love you~. So please, accept my love for you!" Strangely enough, Sanae is begging for Sanae to at least accept her if not reciprocate her feelings, and rapidly thrusts her tentacle in and out as Sanae comes back to her senses.

All Sanae can do is gasp and twitch in response to the ever greater feeling of pleasure being injected into her, letting her body rock back and forth as Sanae's slams into the entrance of her womb. Eventually it's too much for her to bear as she reaches climax, not only sending out her love juices but also massaging Sanae's tentacle through endless convultions. All she can do now is grip the cum covered floor as the assault on her continues.

Sanae rides it out for the better part of an hour, letting both of them hit and keep their fever pitch of pleasure until finally... "Oh, Sanae, I'm gonna cum inside you~!" Sanae's expression becomes one of pure bliss as she starts to unload all her love juices into Sanae, happily watching as the priestess' womb inflates until it looks like she's in late stage pregnancy. Once she's done, Sanae applies a plug to the entry of the womb so her love can't spill out, and leans down to wisper in Sanae's ear. "Hey Sanae, I cummed in you~ You're pregnant now, and we're going to have a family with you receiving all our love~" That loving tone never left Sanae's voice, even as she flips the broken priestess over and jams the same tentacle into her asshole. "But I'm not done loving you yet, so please bear with me..." Her tone has gone back to pleading as she stands Sanae up and thrusts her tentacle into her repeatedly while kissing her neck and teasing her nipples. "Your milk's gonna be really tasty too~ I want your milk Sanae~" Sanae's pleading, loving tone continues to wisper soft encouragements and confessions of love into Sanae's ear, and the priestess is both too scared and too weak to move. The sudden weight in her womb is too much, and to top it off... "Oh Sanae~! Sanae~! SANAAAAE~!" Sanae's tentacle began climaxing in her ass too, while Sanae wrapped her legs around Sanae's, both immobilizing her and ensuring that once again she received all her love. Sanae's bowels didn't have enough room for it though, so lewd splat noises could be heard as Sanae's semen is forced out by the half-hour long orgasm.

After that, Sanae carried Sanae to the bubble she was in, gently lowred them both into it, and happily retook the tentacles as Sanae is further violated by both the tree and Sanae's tentacle up her ass... "I'm so happy~... We're gonna have a family, and we'll all love you~"[spoiler]

Sanae's visioned turned to a pleasure induced white just before she could agree that forming a family of [spoiler]Sanaes
would be wonderful...


Sanae is standing outside a tree that a small, alluring light had just entered, while there's a path out. You could walk it, go into the undergrowth, or fly. You could explore the tree again...

[X]Walk the path.
[X]Walk alongside the path.
[X]Follow the light. (Different Scene)
No. 7259
[x] Walk alongside the path.
Though part of me does want to see how the scene would be different if retaken.
No. 7260
[X]Walk the path.
See? Cave-trees are bad.
No. 7262
Doubt voting differently will do much but what the hell.

No. 7263
[X]Follow the light. (Different Scene)

This time Reimu?
No. 7264
[X]Walk alongside the path.
No. 7268
>[X]Follow the light. (Different Scene)
So tempting... no! Must... not... oh, what the heck.

[X]Follow the light. (Different Scene)
No. 7269
wait so we already got a reset end? so walking into the light made us trap...
No. 7271

Sanaes, Sanaes everywhere.
No. 7272
[X]Follow the light. (Different Scene)
No. 7273
File 128150063675.jpg - (215.62KB , 647x906 , cdc6a27672d28b2b5a7db2ac82dabfcd.jpg ) [iqdb]

>Innocent Maiden's Nightmare
Most delicious!
No. 7274
[X]Follow the light. (Different Scene)

I love this thread so fucking much.
No. 7275
Out of curiosity, will we have different kinds of Sanae raep, or will it always be tentacles? Not to say it's not good, but variety is the spice of life and all that.
No. 7276
[X]Follow the light. (Different Scene)
No. 7277
No. 7279
[X]Walk the path.
No. 7280
[X]Follow the light. (Different Scene)
Nice work...!
No. 7281
[x] Follow the light. (Different Scene)
No. 7282
I can't decide if people are following the light again because they want to see that scene continued, or because they want Sanae raped/abused/broken/etc and this path guarantees that.
No. 7283
I'm curious about the continuation. I've never seen the same bad end twice-and we have a guarantee that we'll see a different scene.
No. 7284

Personally, I'm just hoping to get more futa-ish action. After all, the only thing better than a hot girl getting used by a number of dicks/tentacles is when said dicks/tentacles are attached to other hot girls, IMO.
No. 7285

Tengu rape!
No. 7286
[!] Fly

Just to keep the votes tied.
No. 7287
No. 7288
[X]Follow the light. (Different Scene)
No. 7289

[x] Follow the light. (Different Scene)
No. 7290
[X]Follow the light. (Different Scene)

Perserverance Sanae! Keep pressing forward and you'll eventually get out of this.
No. 7293
I don't think hardly anyone seems to care about finding the cause of this.
No. 7294
Just to add a note in: Each tree scene will be different regardless of how many times you choose it.


For some reason, Sanae feels a strong urge to follow the light again and walks around it until she finds an entrance. It's a nice wide hole that she has no trouble walking into, but she quickly becomes entranced by the light she had been following and failed to notice the hole closing up behind her. Sanae then followed the light down an endless hallway for several minutes before losing her footing, falling down a hole, then blacking out for a few moments.

When she comes to, she sees something highly... unusual. Ahead of her are two Sanaes with one pinning the other up against the wall and thrusting a phallic tentacle into the other's pussy. The one taking it looks exactly like the Sanae that just picked herself up off the floor, but with no clothes save for the hair ornaments and a blissful expression as the Sanae thrusting into her begins the long, blissful process of filling her womb to the brim.

"Wha... What is this...?" Sanae asks, backing away from the scene of her fucking herself. "Those aren't me, they can't be me!" Fear seeps into the priestess the more she watches, and eventually she snaps out of it to look for the way out. If she dropped in here, surely there was a way out? "Where's the exit?"

"Hello me~!" Says Sanae. "I really wanted to meet you, you look just as beautiful as I imagined!"[spoiler] She then tore off Sanae's panties in one go, and forced something into her mouth to both shut down any remaining power and to force her down to the physical strength of an unaltered human.

Sanae continues to try to crawl away across the cum-soaked floor, but the weight of the [spoiler]Sanae
on her back makes things difficult. Eventually she feels that her hands and feet are all but glued to the floor as the Sanae on her back gets readjusts herself to where she's sitting on Sanae's rear. "Mo~m! Look who dropped in!" Sanae waves to her mother cheerily, who in turn points to a depression in the ground. Sanae seems rather cheery about the prospect and binds up Sanae's hands and feet to where the priestess is completely unable to move. "Mama Sanae's letting me use something really special today! You're gonna love it!"

That 'depression' is more like a pit filled with tentacles. There's actually a couple more Sanae in there already being pleasured to their heart's content, which is all the more reason for Sanae to start panicking. She struggles against her bonds and herself but can't break free to save her life. Realizing this, she goes limp and cries. "I don't want this, I just want to go home! Why am I even here? Why are there so many mes? Why?!" She cries out to anyone who will listen as tears stream down her cheeks and onto the floor.

Sanae notices this and props her up against the wall, adhering Sanae's hands to it while her bound feet adhere to the floor in a way that keeps the priestess bent over to display both her pussy and her asshole. "Kana-mama and Suwa-mama aren't good enough anymore. They care about you, but they haven't come for you." Sanae then positions herself just right, then gently slides a dick-like object deep into Sanae's pussy with none of the resisance of a first time and begins to thrust into her. Gently at first, then she picks up speed and loses the gentle touch as her thighs slap against Sanae's. "They're going to leave you Sanae, they're not coming. It's depressing, but you do have a new family!"[spoiler]

"What kind of family is this?! There's no one here but me!" Sanae continues to struggle, but is forced to stop as her body surges in pleasure thanks to the phallic tentacle slamming deep into her at such a rapid pace. "St-stop, let me go home!" Her voice carries anger, desperation, and sadness all at once, but it doesn't change a thing. [spoiler]Sanae
keeps thrusting ever harder and ever faster until she feels her whole body tense up. She then makes one final slam and digs her tip into the opening of Sanae's womb before letting her semen shoot out in small globs. The difference here is that she doesn't stop cumming for a good long while... "Stop cumming in me! STOP IT!" ...and Sanae resists the flood of pleasure filling her up from the inside. "Shh, this will make you happy..." Sanae tries her best to calm her panicking partner...[spoiler] "No, I don't want to [spoiler]become one of you!" ...but Sanae will have none of it, even as her womb begins to inflate and the pleasure becomes greater. "But we love you! We don't want you to ever go back to those ungrateful goddesses! We... I'll treat you right, so please, stop fighting it!" Sanae's voice is laced with panic as well, but in fear that Sanae will truly refuse her. "No! I have to remain loyal, I have to believe they'll come for me!" Sanae can't disengage from her partner, nor can she stop the pleasure from drowning her will. "I won't let myself become a mother!"

"But Sanae-mama, it's too late. I'm cumming in you, and you don't even have the power to kill yourself. We love you too much to let you hurt yourself, so if we have to..." Sanae's become more determined now, but her expression is still one of anguish. "...We'll keep loving you, and we'll keep doing it until you feel it! So please...!" Sanae then wills her load to come out faster, no longer caring about her own orgasm so much as she cared about the newest member of the family.

And then Sanae loses. Her eyes glaze over and she starts drooling as the pleasure knocks all else aside, and whines dissapointedly as an almost heartbroken Sanae pulls herself out of her and frees her. Tears well up in Sanae's eyes, but there's a glimmer of hope in there too as she watches Sanae free herself and walk over to the mass of tentacles and all the [spoilers]Sanaes[/spoiler] urging her in, either extending their arms to her or calling out to her lovingly. With the pleasure overwhelming her mind, she falls in and allows the Sanaes to converge on her, accepting their love as they and the tentacles they control penetrate her every-[spoiler]


"What... Hah, th-that can't be real, can it? That'd just be silly." Sanae [spoiler]once again
stands at that ever familiar crossroad, unsure of what to do. She's developing a morbid facination for how far things have progressed within the tree, and feels a stronger draw to go back. "...I have to get out of here..."

[X]Go back into the tree.
[X]Fly. Fly as far, as fast, and as long as you can!
[X]Gather up your wits and go into the undergrowth.
[X]Mow down all along your path, but remember to escape!
No. 7295
[X]Gather up your wits and go into the undergrowth.
No. 7296
[x] Gather up your wits and go into the undergrowth.
No. 7297
[X]Fly. Fly as far, as fast, and as long as you can!
No. 7298
[x] Fly. Fly as far, as fast, and as long as you can!
No. 7299
[X]Fly. Fly as far, as fast, and as long as you can!
This is not going well. Get the hell out of Dodge!
No. 7300
Considering a... peculiar choice of words, it's fairly obvious that someone or something is setting Sanae at the start line everytime she fails. However, due to what happened in the tree, it seems that they share memories, but not bodies.
I'm feeling a demonophobia vibe here. Now the question is, as the old meme says, why would you do that? No, not you, I mean the culprit.

[x] Fly
I'm 100% sure that she's gonna get shot down-if she could just fly away she wouldn't be really trapped, would she?- but I'm betting in her catching a glimpse of a way out in her -likely- short lived flight.
No. 7302
I'm hoping we either get shot down or get rapped by tree branches or something.
Tentacles and dicks are one thing, but crazy metaphysical purple sky rape...wouldn't know how to handle that.
No. 7303
[x] Fly
No. 7304
My guess is that it's a recurring nightmare induced by some external force. In the tune of http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/LotusEaterMachine , though what it is exactly that's causing it, we'll see. Let the epileptic trees glow freely.

Oh, and enjoying this very much so far, thanks SLDT.
No. 7307
[x] Fly
No. 7308
[X]Go back into the tree.

Third times the charm~
No. 7309
[X]Go back into the tree.

More family for Sanae!
No. 7310
[x] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_j1KGHOvSkM
No. 7311
No. 7337
[x] Fly

So why all the spoiler tags, exactly?
No. 7339
I figure it's the tree scene's gimmick. Makes it seem more surreal and helps differentiate between Sanae and Sanae.
No. 7341
[X]Go back into the tree.
No. 7352
[X]Go back into the tree.
No. 7353
[X]Fly. Fly as far, as fast, and as long as you can!
"Fly you fools!"
No. 7358
[X]Go back into the tree.
No. 7367
[X]Fly. Fly as far, as fast, and as long as you can!
No. 7373
[X]Go back into the tree.
No. 7376
[x] Fly

That was great and all, but let's see what else the author can come up with.
No. 7378
You know, all this tree... 'action', is giving me RiG flashbacks. You know, when Reina got sent into that hole near the tree, and the well *ahem* vine?

I just felt like saying that. Which then reminds me, some people DID want a scene of well, what happened in that tree... hrm... *rambles*

[x] Fly
No. 7379
mainly sickos though. It's bad enough you faintly traumatized her.
No. 7382
Could you explain this train of thought?
No. 7383

Huh, now that you mention it, the two scenarios look similar on paper. There's just the small problem that Reina got eaten alive in grotesque fashion, while Sanae... Well, keep voting to go into the tree and you'll find that bit out.


I'll go ahead and say two things. One, thanks. It's always nice when people enjoy what I write. Even if that story is essentially one big pornfest.

Two, you're on the right track. Now let's see if you can find out why that's just a piece of the puzzle instead of the whole thing. Which may actually happen now that Sanae isn't getting one shotted by the votes.

Oh yeah, holy mother of broken spoiler tags did I ever screw that last scene up. Not in the execution of the words, but the tags.


Even though there's a moderately strong pull to go back, Sanae turns her back to the tree and kicks off the ground. If everything and its mother was going to rape her, and they just so happened to be on the ground, the best way to avoid those disgusting things would be to fly. That was her reasoning anyway, and until something proved her horribly wrong she was going to stick with it.

Unfortunately, things aren't really ever that easy as she quickly finds her progress being impeded by something. Or, at least she thinks it's something. It's not like the air itself could rape her, could it? ...No, bad idea to think about that. The last thing Sanae needs is for a certain couple of crows to stumble on her and decide to act out on the old tengu desire to turn attractive young mikos into sex slaves. Not that this really felt right for that anyway, as if it were Aya, she'd probably have been forced to cum already due to the sheer speed and shock. This felt more like a pressure bearing down on her from all sides and as such is the easier of the two possibilities.

Since nothing's happened yet, Sanae presses on through the ever thicker air, but something starts to feel wrong here. The priestess can't quite put her finger on what though, so she...

[X]Drops to ground level. That sky can't be good.
[X]Scan the ground. This feels more like 'I'm about to be shot down'
No. 7384
[X] Scan the ground. This feels more like 'I'm about to be shot down'.
No. 7385
Hmmm... I'll go with:
[X]Scan the ground. This feels more like 'I'm about to be shot down'

True, true. On paper the ideas sound similar-ish, although yes the key difference being Sanae hasn't been killed, where as Reina died as a result of her actions.

It was just an interesting thing I noticed.
No. 7386
[X]Drops to ground level. That sky can't be good.
Goddamn, I knew it couldn't be that easy. I sure hope she got a good look at the area, at least.
No. 7388
[X]Scan the ground. This feels more like 'I'm about to be shot down'
We should at least get some intel out of this...
No. 7389
[X]Scan the ground. This feels more like 'I'm about to be shot down'
No. 7394
[x] Scan the ground. This feels more like 'I'm about to be shot down'
No. 7436
Hmm... the 'bad' choice or the 'good' choice.

[x] Scan the ground. This feels more like 'I'm about to be shot down'
No. 7445
Sorry for the delay folks.


I guess. Had you never said anything I would never have noticed. Also, Krisslanza, in my porn thread? It's more likely than I thought. No offense meant, of course. I just thought you weren't into this kind of thing.


But just how black and white are the choices I wonder?


Sanae has a very bad feeling about this, but can't quite tell where it's coming from. The sky feels downright oppressive, but this feels more like a 'I'm about to be shot down' type of thing than anything else. Sanae thinks to herself as she floats around to scan the ground. For some reason, the trees just aren't as dense here as they were on the way in. There are plenty of leafy trees, but their spacing is just about perfect for giving ground-dwellers a good view of the sky, and vice versa. Ugh, I can just imagine it... A huge glob of white sticky stuff blasting me out of the air... Vines wrapping around me and pulling me into them... Sanae shudders as she contemplates all the possible ways her maidenhood could be stolen. "Wait, why do I even know about any of that? I've never... Not once have I...!" The priestess seems to be at least somewhat aware of the problem...

Too bad it's distracted her from the thing sneaking up on her. Said thing manages to get frighteningly close to the distracted Sanae before wrapping its long, warm tongue around her and yanking her backwards... "Boo!" ...right into the arms of a teal-haired girl with one red eye and one blue.

"Ayiiiiii-" Sanae started a scream as she felt that large slimy tongue grab her, but stopped when she heard that familiar voice. "Huh? K-Kogasa?" She asked, startled, but relieved.

"Yup, that's me!" Kogasa certainly seems happy that Sanae's so quick to recognize her. So happy in fact, that she lets go and allows the priesstess to drift away a couple of feet before talking again. "So, what're you doing this deep in the Forest of Magic, hm? This is no place for cute little mikos like yourself to be running around, no sir! Everything here will want to strap you down and fuck you silly, mostly because you're a girl, and even moreso because you're so pure."

"E-Everything?" Sanae drifts away a little bit further when she hears that. ...Not that it should have meant anything mind you, but for some odd reason she's backing away anyway. "Please tell me that doesn't include you!"

"Ahaha~! Relax! If I wanted to do that, I wouldn't have let go! You're not all that strong here you know~" Kogasa just laughs it off as though it were nothing, and resumes holding her umbrella. Said umbrella was actually floating around on its own for a little bit, though it never left Kogasa's side. "Anywho, I bet you want to go home right? I could lead you if you'd like."

[X]Kiss her
No. 7446
[X]Kiss her

No. 7450
Oh, good, it's Kogasa. Surely trusting her will have no negative ramifications whatsoever.
No. 7451
I'd think that accepting her help would result in a "middle end" (she escapes but she doesn't get to the root of the issue)
No. 7454

Here goes nothing.
No. 7455
No. 7457

I'm so relief to found another Touhou's Girl, not only raping monster.
No. 7458
[x] Accept.
Kogasa end here we come.
No. 7460
[X]Kiss her

This will work, I know it.
No. 7461
Goddamnit, I see no escape outta this. The author himself said that everything was out there trying to rape her so...'Accept' would be falling into a trap. 'Decline' would make Kogasa use force and send us into the trap anyway. And 'spoiler' is obviously a choice that only appeared due to the influence of Sanae

Here goes nothin'
No. 7462
[X]Kiss her

Anything that leads to some Kogasa lovin' = very yes.
No. 7463
[x] Lay one on her.

Make sure it's nice and messy.
No. 7468
No. 7469
everything in the forest, not over it.
No. 7477
[x] accept

F5 F5 F5
No. 7489
[X]Kiss her
No. 7514
Demonophobia meets The Devil in Miss Jones?
No. 7534
[X] Accept
You can just FEEL the hate on the mind the gap thread. Lets tear the innocent Kogasa mask right off her panties!
No. 7535
What? Am I missing out on something important?
No. 7536
What the fuck are you talking about?
No. 7588
Sanae beamed as she nodded, thinking that Kogasa might lead her to safety. "Yes, please show me the way!" Sanae felt like kissing her savior, but that was something that could wait for the time being, at least until they're out. After that is fair game though... A kiss as a reward for being her knight in shining armor... A nice deep kiss with lots of tongue~[spoiler] Sanae then froze as she thought that. I-I can't have thought that just now, can I?

Kogasa drifts back over after realizing that Sanae wasn't following her and stops right in front of her. Her expression turns to worry when she sees Sanae's face frozen with shock and horror at her own thoughts. "Sanae, are you okay? You look like you've seen a ghost..." She then takes one of the priestess' hands in her own to give it a gentle tug.

This seems to have been enough to alert Sanae to the fact that she wasn't moving anymore. She shook her head a few times in a vain attempt to shake those lewd thoughts out of her head before answering though. "I'm fine, I just thought about something scary, that's all." She didn't sound too convincing as she said that...

Kogasa decides not to press the matter for now, instead opting to lead Sanae down until they were skimming the treetops. This was a good thing, as the very air around where Sanae had been seemed to warp as though it were some gelatinous muck that only just noticed the priestess that was trying to pass through it. Eventually they come to a point where the air just didn't seem safe, period, and the karakasa landed them both. "There are a lot of things here that'll try to shoot you down, but this place is the absolute worst. You'll still get nailed if you're not paying attention, but walking the path here is your best option by far." It seems Kogasa may be giving sound advice here, as Sanae notices a few... interesting bits of flora, and what appear to be a few giant frogs roaming about.

"I'm really glad you told me... I would have kept flying for sure if you hadn't shown me." Sanae is starting to get rather scared, and speaks only in a hushed tone. She almost yelps when she stops feeling Kogasa's hand leading her, but stops just in time. That would have been the end of her for sure...

[X]Kogasa can't be too far off, can she?
[X]You're not sure she has your best interest at heart anymore...
[spoiler][X]Climb a tree for a better view.

[X]Try to get your bearings.
No. 7589
Oh god damn it, how the fuck did I screw up that spoiler tag?! Ugh... Try to ignore that as best as possible...
No. 7590
[X]Climb a tree for a better view.

The spoiler calls to me!
No. 7592
[X]Kogasa can't be too far off, can she?
No. 7594
No. 7596
[x] You're not sure she has your best interest at heart anymore...
No. 7600
A Karakasa will be a Karakasa I guess.
No. 7602
No. 7603
No. 7658
No. 7663
Good SLDT, you look kinda spoiler.

I'm torn between the win and the inappropriate lulz. Poor Sanae. Not good with computer.
No. 7727
Come on LSDt, innocent maidens don't rape themselves!
No. 7730
No. 7804
Sanae begins to look around for Kogasa rather fretfully. Of course, who can blame her? This particular bit of forest looks downright nasty. The path looks safe enough so she starts to walk down it before anything decides to get the better of her while she's panicking. "K-Kogasa...?" The priestess asks in a low, fearful whisper. "Where are you?" She doesn't dare get any louder than that, for she's certain something would hear her if she did.

"BOO!" Kogasa jumps out of one of the pitcher plant looking things with her umbrella held high and a wide smile on her face. The unsettling part of this picture is the fact that the plant has been killed recently and completely drained of its fluids. It's a bit of a stretch to assume that Kogasa did this... Or is it? The power to suprise is a powerful thing when held by an inventive mind.

"Aaah!" Sanae yelled, turning around to face the source of her would-be assailant. The result of this was a hot, sticky tongue just narrowly missing her and impacting the plant the karakasa had just vacated. Sanae fell on her rear as a result, and she's trying her hardest to stifle another, louder scream as the massive frog recalls its tongue while lumbering toward her. The problem is that she's putting so much effort into this that she can't even move, even as the lumbering beast pushes her down to the ground while a second one swipes her panties from afar. The first seems rather annoyed by this, as it quickly leaves Sanae and lumbers after its fellow while attempting to strike it with its tongue, while the second one takes off with a massive hop.

"Boy, you got really lucky there." Kogasa walks up to Sanae as though she didn't have to blast yet another frog to kingdom come. "If you got swallowed up by one of those frogs, odds are it'd be days before you could escape, if ever." She then helps the now panty-less priestess to her feet, then acting as a support for her while she recovers.

"Why is that?" Sanae's face shows nothing short of almost blind fear, but for good reason.

"Well, you see, those frogs have a really specialized diet, much like ninety-nine percent of everything else here. Everything's grown to feed on ambient magic, but they get the most satisfaction out of more direct transfers, but amphibians don't really have parts that are compatible with humanoid beings do they?" Despite ending in a question, Kogasa's question comes off more as a statement. "So instead of a stomach filled with digestive enzymes, they have a stomach that's specifically designed to hold one person until said person dies or is so exhausted that any further feeding would cause death. The problem is that they're very, very good at keeping girls like you in a state to where you're giving them a good meal while not hitting a critical point for a good long while. And a goddess-to-be like you would keep one happy for a very long time." She seems to take great delight in watching Sanae's heart race as she's told the truth about why she's so lucky.

"You're not..." Sanae looks close to tears now as she feels like part of her very life just got raped.

"Me? Nah. I feed off the surprise of humans, so my libido's nothing compared to this fuckfest of a forest." Kogasa jabs her thumb behind her as an all-encompasing gesture. "Also, you really should watch what's going on around you. Burying your head in my bust is cute and all, but I can't save you from everything."

A giant frog's tongue adhere's to Sanae's now bare ass as if to drive the point home, and the priestess herself yelps and blushes in response while holding onto Kogasa for deal life. She feels the hot tongue glide between her butt cheeks, wind its way around her waist, before finally coming to a stop in front of her exposed pussy. She gives the tongue a fearful look as it pushes her womanhood open and slips in, feeling her body shudder from the ecstasy-inducing warmth. She almost looses grip until she realizes what that would mean, then readjusts her deathgrip.

[X]Surely there's something of your power left?!
[X]Just keep fighting it!
[X]Let it love you.
No. 7805
[~]Surely there's something of your power left?!

Ah, wishful thinking.
No. 7808
[X] Let it love you.
[X] Keep holding Kogasa, kiss her. She's so nice to you, she deserves to be loved with you.

Yeah, this seems like a good idea, guys. I'm pretty sure this will work.
No. 7810
[X]Surely there's something of your power left?!
No. 7811
Nah, I don't think so. It's just too soon and too sudden for all of her power to be stripped away.
[X]Surely there's something of your power left?!
No. 7812
[x]Surely there's something of your power left?!
No. 7813
[x]Surely there's something of your power left?!

Worth a try, I guess. And if it fails, well, at least we'll have a better gauge of how strong she is right now.
No. 7815
[X]Surely there's something of your power left?!
No. 7816
[X]Just keep fighting it!
No. 7827
... My dick hurts...
No. 7828
[!] Surely there's some of your power left!
We don't need to fight, just climb/fly out of their reach!
No. 7892
[X]Surely there's something of your power left?!
No. 7942
[X]Surely there's something of your power left?!
No. 7988
"N-no!" Sanae struggles to keep hold even as the frog's tongue glides ever deeper into her folds, with the slick, sticky thing making her blush in response. It's also making you wet. "I don't want to end my life like this, I don't want to be raped by a frog for food!" Sanae cries out as she clings desperately to her karakasa anchor. Strangely enough, she's not moving despite the amount of force being put on her by the frog, and subsequntly, Sanae.

Kogasa stares at the struggling shrine maiden with interest, wondering whether or not it's really okay to help. After all, if she can't free herself from the temptation of pleasure being presented to her, then she'll never be able to get out on her own. 'I will not help those who cannot help themselves' sounds like a fairly accurate explenation as to why the karakasa won't help. She doesn't want Sanae to lean on her the whole trip and there was something about watching someone so pure get corrupted in such an irrepairable way... so she simply left the maiden be. She was free to use her as an anchor post up until the point she either frees herself or succumbs to the pleasure, to the temptation of never having to worry about her life or anything in it ever again. "That's a strong arguement you're fighting."

"Huh?" Sanae's eyes are tearing up now. Not from the pain, but at the utter humiliation and the frightening possibility that she might not escape this place at all. She can't even try to yank the frog's tongue out for fear it would yank her into its mouth and down its throat before she could ever hope to get free, by which point her resistance would be moot. She'd be bound up and covered in sticky fluid, having every hole violated in ways she- "AH! NO!" She tightens her hold of Kogasa with one arm, pressing her head into the karakasa's stomach while she prepares herself to do something she hadn't really even thought about before now.

The frog's tongue was in so deep that it's pressing against her hymen, but it didn't care about that. Her delicious taste is what drives it to yank her harder in its crazed attempt to swallow her. Thinking is never this kind of thing's strong point, but in a rare moment of common sense it begins to lumer toward its precious prey. It momentarily regretted that it didn't have a second tongue, or maybe even a third so that it could utterly ruin her will to fight. Then it suddenly regretted not swallowing her when it had her pinned, because that cutting arc of wind HURT.

Sanae half lies on the ground with a severed frog tongue still inside her. The severed part is bleeding a disgusting white substance, and it's not moving. To the maiden, this is a good thing as it means that it can't do any more to her than it already has. "Hah... Hah..." Her breathing is ragged as she starts to yank the slimy tongue out of her, grimacing as she tries not to look at it or what it made her body do. Where she was once dry, she's now wet with stickly fluids, and with no small amount of horror she realizes that some of it is her own. On some level she loved it her body wanted it, and that frightened her. The fact that it felt good was another strike against her. Tears flow freely from her eyes as she realizes that she'll never get that feeling out of her head...

Sanae's will: 85%

[X]Ask Kogasa to continue leading the way.
[X]Rest for a few moments. That was... Wrong.
[X]Taste the tongue.
[X]Maybe... Maybe finishing up might make it to where your body won't scream at you to let it happen...
No. 7989
[X] Ask Kogasa to continue leading the way.

This forest isn't a good place to take a break for any reason.

>there was something about watching someone so pure get corrupted in such an irrepairable way...
Oh you.
No. 7990
[X]Rest for a few moments. That was... Wrong.

No. 7992
[X]Maybe... Maybe finishing up might make it to where your body won't scream at you to let it happen...
This should more-or-less satisfy her so she can move on easier.
No. 7994
[X]Ask Kogasa to continue leading the way.
No. 7995
[x] Ask Kogasa to continue leading the way.
No. 7996
[X]Ask Kogasa to continue leading the way.
No. 8005
[X]Rest for a few moments. That was... Wrong.
Sanae need some rest. And Kogasa... need some thing to do fot Sanae huhuhu...
No. 8010
[X]Ask Kogasa to continue leading the way.
No. 8211
"K-Kogasa?" Sanae stands up despite the fact that she had been all but raped a few moments before. It's true that she felt horrible about it, and that her body was starting to tug at her to go find the nearest source of that feeling and let it happen until she's satisfied, but she also knows that sitting around will ultimately accomplish nothing aside from attracting more of those disgusting monsters that wanted to deprive her of her maidenhood.

"Yeah?" The karakasa in turn looked rather happy that she got to see Sanae's pussy like that Sanae managed to resist temptation as well as she did. She knew the miko could have done better, but she also knew that the poor girl has hormones. Even the smallest touch of a slimy tentacle prodding her bare lower lips would be enough to freak her out by making her curious, and given that the poor girl has no panties... Situations like the frog would become much more common.

"Please continue leading the way." Sanae's composed herself fairly quickly and stands back up. She's much more conscious of her lower body now that her image of security against rape was forcibly removed.

"Okay then! Follow me!" Kogasa then walks into the underbrush, and despite her misgivings about going off the path here, Sanae followed anyway. Despite the flowers occasionally shooting small globs of clear stuff at her, there really wasn't any reason to be worried. There wasn't anything here that was immediately worrying, and Kogasa looked positively relaxed.

Though now that she thought about it, her clothes feel a bit off... She gasps as she notices that the clear globs had eaten holes in her clothes! Common sense dictates that this is some form of acid and that she should get it off... But then she noticed that the stuff touching her skin didn't even hurt. She calmed down a little as she rationalized that the forest wants to rape her for mana, not melt her for food. 'Small comforts' she thought to herself, walking forward until she realizes something's off once again.

There's no Kogasa.

Somewhere along the line she stood still during her silent panic and lost sight of her companion, which caused that panic to well up in her again. "O-okay... No reason to panic. Kogasa led me off the path for a reason, and I'm sure it's bacause there's something that I can't deal with up ahead. So..." She looks around nervously, noting that the underbrush up ahead looks like reeds, and that they've been moved recently. "So... There?" She doesn't sound sure of herself at all as she presses ahead.

Pushing through the reeds reveals a shallow pond no more than five inches deep at most that is only exposed in small groves. Everywhere else is covered in reeds. Sanae notes that there's a layer of mud on the bottom, which causes her to decide that she's better off carrying her shoes for now. Nodding to herself, she begins her walk across the pond only to start worrying about her guide. It's true that she's beat up Kogasa before, but she later went back and made up for it since she felt a little guilty over the whole deal. At the time she was channelling Kanako, which caused her to say things she might not have said normally. Suwako was almost the opposite of that since there wasn't a single scenario where the frog goddess took things seriously.

...Frogs. Sanae shook her head to try and rid herself of the image of those lumbering rapists that Kogasa said were frogs. To Sanae, those weren't frogs. Frogs are small, cute, and above all, harmless. These things... She shivers as she thinks about it. There was nothing right about them. Then again, nothing was right about this. This whole stupid forest wants to rape her for no appreciable reason other than she's there.

Then something occured to her: She hadn't felt the comforting cloth embrace of her sarashi lately. In its place was... was... She looked down. Covering her entire front was a blue-green, clear layer of slime that had crawled up her unnoticed while she was collecting her thoughts. It's smooth, and the exact temperature of the air around her, making it all too easy to ignore. But now it's been seen, and somehow it knew it because her breasts began to wobble and stretch of their own accord while a thick pillar of slime slid right up her asshole before building up something she didn't want to think about. On top of that, it's sliding up her back as well in order to sheathe her in itself until it's done while another pillar causes her to blush profusely by rubbing along her pussy.

[X]Cut it apart!
No. 8212
Spoilered choices are bad!
[X]Cut it apart!
No. 8214
[X] Dizzy...

Delicious slime, you must submit.

Plus, the prospect of the slime forming into a slimegirl at some point is enough to sell me instantly. Surrender never felt so natural.
No. 8215
No. 8216
[X]Cut it apart!
No. 8218
[X] Dizzy...
No. 8219
[X]Cut it apart!
No. 8220
[x]Cut it apart!
No. 8221
This is totally the correct and delicious time for a tie vote.
No. 8222
[X]Cut it apart!
No. 8225
[X] Dizzy...
No. 8226
[X]Cut it apart!
No. 8227
[X] Dizzy...
No. 8228
[X] Dizzy...
No. 8230
[X] Dizzy...
No. 8231
[x]Cut it apart!
No. 8233
Seems like vote spam in here.
No. 8234
[x] Dizzy...
No. 8235
No. 8237
Vote spam or no, it was 9 to 7 in favor of slime rape, so write I will.


Sanae struggles against her slime prison, but realizes, with no small amount of horror, that breaking free physically is meaningless. Every time she tears one arm free, it engulfs the other. Her legs are a lost cause as they're both under a foot of constricting slime, with the sole exception of her pussy, which has been tenderly rubbed for the last several minutes. The protrusion of slime that's slid up her ass has begun to slide in and out, but that alone wasn't enough to stop her. She rose her free hand high...

The slime must have realized what kind of danger it must be in, since its victim was gathering up some kind of power that's pretty noticable. To that end, the slime formed a tentacle that slid up her back, around her neck, then into her open mouth and a short ways down her throat. Before Sanae could gag on it or retaliate, it squirted out something from the end that dropped into her stomach in seconds. Having finished its business, it pulls out of that orifice to focus on something else.

...And froze moments later. The slime shot something hot down her throat, and now that heat was spreading through her whole body. She began to feel light-headed as well, which killed any attempt she was making to free herself. Her arm fell into the slime sheathing her and was immediately engulfed. Contrary to what you might think, Sanae actually was supporting her own weight during the initial attack, but now she found herself dropping to her knees, then falling face-first into the mass. The coating of slime became much thinner along her back as she fell, but that was made up for by the mass that rose up to catch her. Her breathing was not obstructed either as the slime had the common sense to turn the maiden's head so she could breathe through the nose at least, since it found that her mouth was worth probing.

The slime tentacle driving deep into her ass had actually arced up and away from the main mass for some reason, and is now thrusting in a straight line. Perhaps it found this more amusing? Regardless, its primary focus lies on two things: One, the pussy, and two, the breasts. It wanted to dive right into her depths, but thought that caution would serve it better. It formed a thick, dick-like protrusion that forced the pussy lips apart and pushed its way inward while conforming to the innumerable bumps that line her walls. It also made a point to sticking to each and every one lightly, just enough to stimulate them without causing pain. It kept at this until it met the resistance the frog didn't break down, at which point it slowly pushed on through.

Sanae wimpered as it felt the slime push right on past, trying to use the momentary pain to pull herself free before it could finish, but the relief that came when she felt it dive all the way in caused her to fall back in. This time it decided to wrap a bit of itself around her neck to keep her from moving her head, her legs were bound up by slime tentacles, her arms were constricted further, but she continued to struggle however weakly, however futile that effort was. She knew that the slime mass had won, and she was stuck with it until it's satisfied.

The slime-dick hesitated for a moment to savor the feeling of the girl's insides before squirting out another hot glob that coated her womb. This wasn't its seed, but rather something to trick Sanae's body into giving it the second thing it wants. After that it slid out, dragging along the tightly-packed bumps in one direction, then the other as it slid back in. The girl's walls would take time to adjust, but once they did it was a simple matter to keep them just as tight as the first time so that it can immobilize her later with little effort. With that started it then squeezed both her breasts, teasing the nipples while kneading the large globes with suction. Once the nipples went erect it payed special attention to them, but extended that feeling to a lesser extent to both breasts. It's suckling off them, and in time Sanae's body began to produce milk for it, though there was no way to tell as it vanished into the slime instantly.

Sanae attempted to pull away once more, but now even she felt that this is too good to leave. She had effectively lost all hope of escape under her own power and began to cry, though even this was meaningless as the tears were also absorbed by the slime. Her cries for it to stop didn't even come out muffled, though one surprised "Mmmm!" came out when the slime up her ass stiffened up. She clenched her asshole in a desperate bid to cut it off, but all that did was cause it to dig deeper, grow thicker, and shoot its load into her sooner.

The slime dick also tensed up before jamming itself into her womb and letting go, flooding her insides with itself until it felt satisfied. In exchange, it absorbed every last drop of love juice Sanae had to offer. The slime in her mouth suddenly thrust down her throat again, also shooting its load into her for a few moments before pulling out. Sanae's limbs were released, but not exposed to air, and her belly expanded a little due to the slime in her. It continued to feed off her breasts for another hour, but at the end of that, just as she lost consciousness, she felt the slime turn her over to where her back was submerged and her front was allowed to look at the disgusting purple sky. She felt someone wrap their arms around her, that same someone's boobs press onto hers, and that same someone's face nuzzling her neck affectionately. 'But...' She mused. 'There's no love here...'



Not done yet~
No. 8238
There was a case of votespam here, sorry to say. A single extra vote by someone who is graciously being given a chance to mend his ways. I hope not to regret that decision. Different stories get different amount of votes, and porn gets the most attention on any board. That said, the users/writers can always request a mod or admin to check things out if something is suspicious. I am not around all the time but there's bound to be at least one of us on irc who can help at any time.

Sorry SLDT for the slight hijack. Hope you won't mind too much.
No. 8239

Ugh... That's such a pain when that happens. I'll make a point of asking next time when there's a huge number of votes.

If you don't mind my asking, was that one double-vote the only instance here? If that was, and it was only a single double vote, it would still have been in favor of submission.
No. 8242
A single? Then it was 8 vs 7, no?
No. 8248
Yes, that seemed to be the case. I haven't checked the whole thread nor everyone, just the most glaring suspicious posts.
No. 8250
If you ask me, if someone votespams, both (or all) of their votes should be disqualified.
No. 8276
The question is, were they votespamming, or was it just a mistake?
No. 8277
If it was a mistake, then they should delete their posts.
Hell, maybe there isn't any votespam at all, and this story is just really popular among the "vote, don't talk" crowd.
No. 8280
If it was a mistake, they would have admitted to it.
No. 8290
Unless they thought that we would suspect them of using that as an excuse if they did say it.

Ah, it's useless, it's all useless.
No. 8305
So in the end all we can do is ignore
No. 8306
Update's already written, so...
No. 8424
No. 8425
>Not done yet~
No. 8442
Gah, you know your procrastination is bad when you can't get back into writing porn.


Sanae doesn't bother to move as she's simply given up. The slime has an unbreakable grip on her and it just feels too good to bother trying. The priestess feels the busty slime-girl get off her only to lean back down and suckle off her breasts, drinking her milk in order to grow. Given what Kogasa said earlier, nothing would want to actually digest her as Sanae's body fluids are actually a greater return for the effort. Her face goes flush again as the goo girl keeps suckling, and doesn't even twitch as a slime tentacle engulfs her other breast and begins to suck.

"Why?" Sanae asks as she floats in the slime half immersed. "I can't fight this at all... I can't possibly want this, can I?" Her gold, hopeless eyes look to the purple sky as she speaks, unmoving as her asshole is once again filled. "To be used... To be food for a sex monster..." Not even flinching as her legs are spread wide... "Why can't I say no?"

The slime clears away from Sanae's pussy while the goo girl pulls away from the priestess' bust, though not before giving it a loving nip. It didn't remain untouched for long though as some of the slime engulfed the breast once again, pulling and teasing the nipple to get what it wants. The thick tendril of slime violating her ass begins to thrust in and out rather gently for a moment before the whole mass flips Sanae over again.

The slime molds itself to where Sanae's back is covered and her buns are gripped while the arching tentacle moves to where it won't obstruct the goo girl standing behind her. Said goo girl suddenly gained a phallic extension to work with, and positioned herself to where the tip presses against Sanae's pussy, at which point she drives it all the way in in one go. Surprisingly enough, Sanae only moans loudly in pleasure rather than pain, and starts to pant almost immediately as she's continually violated.

Sanae herself is effectively bound up and relaxing into the slime's continual loving, allowing herself to sink deeper into it as long as she can still breathe. Its warmth, scent and feel envelopes her as she's pulled further in and various slightly more viscous tendrils wrap around her. Eventually she feels her body tense up as the goo girl goes faster, panting and moaning more and more as she gets closer and closer to her climax...

And with one final thrust, Sanae cums. Her fluids are quickly absorbed into the slime while at the same time she feels that the slime had came in her. The slime inside her didn't drain back out, instead staying inside her to make her more sensitive in the future. "Make me cum more~" Was the last thing Sanae said before blacking out.


Sanae stands at the tree once more, left with naught but the feeling of being violated. She feels even less sure about trying to get out as all that awaits her is constant rape.

[X]Tree option
No. 8449
[X]Tree option
Color me intrigued, it isn't spoilered this time so it might be different perhaps.
No. 8450
[X] Retrace your steps up to the part with the slime, while keeping an eye for it and evading the frogs better.
-[x] Get angry.
At desperate situations, only extreme emotions work. Anger is bad, but better than hopelessness.
No. 8451
[X] Retrace your steps up to the part with the slime, while keeping an eye for it and evading the frogs better.
-[x] Get angry.
No. 8452
[X] Retrace your steps up to the part with the slime, while keeping an eye for it and evading the frogs better.
-[x] Get angry.

Well...this is going very, very badly. If our mind breaks all the way and we go full slut, do we/can we restart from scratch?
No. 8455
[X] Tree option
No. 8473
[x]Signal flare

Tentacle deathmatch will clear out the majority of the threats in the forest. While I doubt we'll be able to actually get clear it should at least reveal the majority of what we'll be up against.

[x]Get angry
No. 8485
[X] Tree option
No. 8489
[x] Retrace your steps up to the part with the slime, while keeping an eye for it and evading the frogs better.
No. 8499
[X] Tree option

No spoilers? Interesting.
No. 8520
[x] >>8489

Voting to get closer to the bottom of this, not more sex.
No. 8523
You assume those are mutually exclusive.
No. 8534
They are, it's impossible for Sanae to get to the bottom of the incident if she's obsessed with sex and cum.
No. 8535
Well, we could find out what's going on after we're broken. We just probably wouldn't care.
What a scary thought...

Seconding this. The question, not the vote.
No. 8536
[X] Retrace your steps up to the part with the slime, while keeping an eye for it and evading the frogs better.
-[x] Get angry.
No. 8538
No... No. I'm fine. I won't let them get to me like that, not aga- Wait, again? Sanae thinks to herself as she stands there, considering what she should do, where she should go, and how she should go about doing it. However, the fact that she could vaguely remember what happened the last time gave her pause. I... I was caught in slime... I was getting raped, and... She began to pace, too focused on trying to remember what came next to move forward. ...N-no. That's silly, it couldn't have tried to impregnate me. I know that humans are only compatible with other humans, and our bodies will reject anything else.

That didn't stop her from worrying about it.

Okay, that aside I remember where to go from when Kogasa led me around, and I know about those disgusting frogs. Keeping an eye out for them should be simple. With fresh focus, Sanae began to tread the exact path she took before, flying a little lower during the first part since the sky felt suspiciously like it was trying to immobilize her. Yes, a turn here, a change here... Further and further she walked, keeping an eye on anything and everything she knew was there. Strangely enough, she didn't meet Kogasa this time around, and the path had definitely changed around the fourth encounter mark. Oh great, now where do I go?!

[X]Left path.
[X]Right path.
[X]Center path.
No. 8539
[X]Center path.
No. 8545
[X]Center path.
since why not
No. 8547
[X]Right path.

all other paths are the wrong path
No. 8548
[x] Make your own path. Master spark.
No. 8552
[X]Right path.
No. 8561
None of the paths look particularly appealing to Sanae, as she's currently hung up on whether to go through the center path or the right path. Part of her wanted to drive right up the middle to the end of this, while another part wanted to make an attempt at humor before she started trying to level the forest. Sadly this didn't end up working the way she might have liked since the more she thought about it, the angrier she got. This forest is out to turn me into a cum-dumpster, so why am I bothering to play nice? Why was I afraid?! I should be levelling everything between myself and the exit, not slinking by like some scared little mouse!

Without thinking, without questioning why she could do so without the help of her goddesses, she fired off what could only be described as a tornado that's been forcibly contained in a tube form. This tornado beam began to uproot trees, creatures, and pavement alike and toss them far ahead of her. She kept at this until the center and right paths are one big path that happens to be divided by a rut in the ground that's slowly filling up with cum. Disgusting. All that meant for me. Sanae still chose the center path in the end since she refused to tempt fate.

The small issue with using such a technique was that everything happens to have collected on the main path as a messy obstacle course that's waking up from being uprooted in such a rude and violent manner. Tentacles emerge from holes in the trees, plants begin to move on their own, increasingly varied creatures (including one of those frogs) peek out from the debris. They're phazed, but unhurt. They all happen to be looking, or aiming straight at Sanae.

...Maybe that wasn't such a good idea. Sanae thinks to herself as she observes the cornucopia of impending rape. The only saving grace is that none of it has moved yet, but that was of little comfort when there's no way around it.

[X]If one of those didn't do the trick, maybe sweeping it all away with another would help?
[X]Try to force your way through it anyway. You can't afford to be a mouse!
[X]Stupid... Duck into the left path and pray they don't follow.
No. 8563
We are fucked.
[x][X]Stupid... Duck into the left path and pray they don't follow.
No. 8564
[X]Stupid... Duck into the left path and pray they don't follow.
No. 8569
[X] There truly is a wide selection of depravity here, isn't there? You seem fine despite your memories of past encounters, so... in the face of these odds, letting yourself be loved by all of them should be fine just this one time, right?

There's no way out, so we might as well let Sanae have some fun instead of simply be raped, right?
No. 8572
[X]If one of those didn't do the trick, maybe sweeping it all away with another would help?
No. 8573
[X] If one of those didn't do the trick, maybe sweeping it all away with another would help?
No. 8575
Last I checked, each life had multiple bombs with it, so . . .

[X]If one of those didn't do the trick, maybe sweeping it all away with another would help?

Marisa's last resort beam cannon (AKA Finalspark) would be so useful right now . . .
No. 8576
[x] If one of those didn't do the trick, maybe sweeping it all away with another would help?
No. 8584
[X]If one of those didn't do the trick, maybe sweeping it all away with another would help?
No. 8602
[X]Stupid... Duck into the left path and pray they don't follow
No. 8616
I smell votespam again...

When we lose we get a little more tainted. Any way to reverse that?
No. 8637

Drink Marisa's patented libido killer potion or something that works. Better yet, rub your whole body with a poison ivy. It works and guarantee 100% that you will forget about libido until your whole body goes numb and gone from all of that scratching.
No. 8640
As far as I understand, the Libido Killer just restore our willpower.
...if we use that and lose anyway, do we get another one?
No. 8641
We do, unless I misread SLDT's second post in this thread.
No. 8643
Oh. I see.
...maybe we should try to use that occasionally.
No. 8652
File 128896472956.jpg - (16.11KB , 300x411 , laughing elf man.jpg ) [iqdb]
>...maybe we should try to use that occasionally.
>Thinks we want sanae to come out of this pure.
No. 8658
Oh, I'm sure a lot of people want to break her down. I don't.
No. 8660
Break, no... nonononono, breaking is easy, making it so that she loves it on her own initiative, corrupting her throughly is what's fun.
No. 8663
Call it whatever you want. It's not happening if I have anything to say about it.
No. 8667
That's not how democracy works.
No. 8671
Bah, you know what I mean.
No. 8672
yeah but what we've seen here is like the voting machines getting rigged during the 2000 elections.
No. 8673
Actually 2000 was just the breakout time of the machines deciding who wins. It's gotten worse with every subsequent election. Also, lol president elected by supreme court.
No. 8690
>politics on a Touhou board

I refuse to accept this.
No. 8692
No, no, no. You're doing it wrong. This is the proper way:

No politics in my Touhou.
No. 8734
My apologies for not adding anything to the story yet, but I'm requesting a vote spam check so I don't wind up giving the readers something they didn't necessarily ask for.

Unless you guys don't care. Then I'll just write anyway.
No. 8738
Do it. I don't want votespammers to get away yet again.
No. 8740
Best to let them know they can't get away with such shit.
No. 8741
None from what I could tell at a glance. In the future, if you want someone to check more immediately, ask/have someone ask on irc for a mod since not all of us can check every thread every day for such requests.
No. 8925
Well folks, you have Patchwork to thank for prodding me back into writing 'Sanae Gets Raped Repeatedly'. Some of you are probably going 'About damn time!'


Of course, now that the impending rape has gathered its collective composure it's decided to reach out for the wind priestess who's trying to wind up for another spell, preferably to blast this all to kingdom come. Slime oozes across the ground, tentacles reach out with their impossible lengths, the giant frog trundles forward, and the plants... Well, they're kind of just sitting there hoping that they'll get their share of the miko when everything else is done with her.

Sanae, of course, is going to refuse their invitation with all her might. Standing in the middle path away from the pool of cum that used to be nothing but rape waiting to happen, she gathers up the wind for a second attack.

She successfully blows everything even further forward, but it stays on the path. By the time it lands, it's quite far away and even more of it has been uprooted, but it's all piled up at the exit point and none of it has been dazed like last time. The priestess winds up and fires again, blowing it all out of the exit and causing it to vanish in one fell swoop. It seems her path is now clear, so what will she do?

[X]March on out to the exit, making sure to jump over that puddle of cum at the end where that trap used to be.
[X]It's not likely to pan out, but try to find Kogasa again. There's no reason to leave her here, even if everything ignores her.
[X]If nothing changes, try to map out the path in your head again so you can avoid everything in the future.
[X]Now that you've regained a powerful attack, why not explore a bit? There might be something worthwhile.
[X]Play around in the cum...
No. 8926
[x] Now that you've regained a powerful attack, why not explore a bit? There might be something worthwhile.
No. 8927
[X]Play around in the cum...
No. 8928
My vote is for getting out of doge:

[X]March on out to the exit, making sure to jump over that puddle of cum at the end where that trap used to be.
No. 8929
[X]It's not likely to pan out, but try to find Kogasa again. There's no reason to leave her here, even if everything ignores her.
Because since she didn't appear in this round yet,we probably would get to see something that's not Kogasa.
But if we did found her,well,you shouldn't leave your friend behind anyway,also potential KogaSana end.
No. 8930
[X]March on out to the exit, making sure to jump over that puddle of cum at the end where that trap used to be.
No. 8931
> Now, this can and will have multiple runs, so even if you achieve a run where Sanae gets off without ever being cummed in once you'll still have to go through again until what's wrong with this scenario comes to light.

[X]If nothing changes, try to map out the path in your head again so you can avoid everything in the future.
No. 8932
[X]It's not likely to pan out, but try to find Kogasa again. There's no reason to leave her here, even if everything ignores her.
No. 8933
[X]It's not likely to pan out, but try to find Kogasa again. There's no reason to leave her here, even if everything ignores her.
No. 8937
[X]It's not likely to pan out, but try to find Kogasa again. There's no reason to leave her here, even if everything ignores her.
If she's there and remembers us, that means the problem is with us and not the forest as a whole. If she's there and doesn't remember us, it's a problem with the entire forest.

Except of course it's a nightmare, so neither one will actually help.
No. 8938
[X]March on out to the exit, making sure to jump over that puddle of cum at the end where that trap used to be.
No. 8941
Sanae gazes at the exit to the more normal part of the forest longingly, but the fact that Kogasa is still in here somewhere prevents her from taking even one step toward it. The karakasa tried her best to lead the miko to safety even though her shapely body, and therefore how strongly the forest will fight to rape her, rivals Sanae's. The priestess grimaces at the thought of going through the forest, even moreso when it's off the beaten path.

She does her best to steel her resolve, then walks into the undemolished right path through the side, trying to ignore the vines that gently caress her legs and the tips that squirt cloth-destroying cum at her. She'll weather it all to save Kogasa, even if it turns out to be unnecessary in the end. There's a bit of difficulty in actually pulling away from the vines when she walks back onto the paved path, but pulling away is easier now for some reason. Maybe her resolve is allowing her to slip out of the grasp of such depraved plants! ...Or perhaps they're just so slimy that they can't get a grip. The priestess does note that her brave march through the undergrowth has damaged her clothes severely as she has once again lost her panties, most of her skirt, and entire swaths of her shirt. Her bra has all but fallen off, revealing her ample breasts. Some of her resolve went away as she saw her pussy, which is now wet with her own fluids this, but she held her head high and continued walking anyway.

As she walked away from the path she noted that the ground becomes more rough with each step she takes, various things begin to reach out for her, and slime-covered vines are everywhere. ...Even pools of cum? C-come on! Just how bad is this place?! She made a point of carefully walking around the pool, narrowly avoiding a tentacle that tried to wrap around her leg.

Yet there was still no sign of the little lost umbrella. To make matters worse, there seems to be no way back as the path the priestess has been following seems to have vanished. Nothing but wild, jungle-like undergrowth as far as the eye can see. Worse still is the scent everything is putting off. Sanae's face goes flush the more she breathes in, causing her mind to haze over the longer she's in it. Yet she presses forward, looking for the one who tried to help her.

At least until she felt her pussy spread wide on its own. Looking down, she sees a thick tendril of slime pushing its way out before retracting back into her body. The implicactions of this don't bother her in the slightest as she finds something to brace herself against until the slime finishes with her. Each thrust caused her to grow wetter, but the slime keeps soaking it up in order to grow in size, meaning no love juices ever make it onto the ground. Leaning against a tree, the miko catches her breath as the slime continues to pleasure her, causing her to slide down the tree until she's sitting on the ground with her legs spread wide, uncaring of whether she's caught or not so long as she finishes cumming.

Eventually she does, which the slime then absorbs before retreating back into Sanae's womb. She now looks like she's in an early stage of pregnancy...

[X]Force yourself up and keep going. Kogasa won't find herself!
[X]Rest here for a while, that took something out of me...
No. 8942
No. 8943
[X] Thirsty...

Have to keep nourished somehow, and there's gotta be something to drink around here. Like, say, one of those sticky white pools...

Alright, so I just want to see Sanae on her hands and knees while drinking cum off the ground. You got me.
No. 8944
No. 8945
[X]Rest here for a while, that took something out of me...
Oh man, that's not good.
No. 8946
[X]Rest here for a while, that took something out of me...

What's Sanae current will?
No. 8948
No. 8949
[X]Force yourself up and keep going. Kogasa won't find herself!
Swimmin' against the tide here, but I still want to see Sanae to collapse exhaustedly on Kogasa.
No. 8950
No. 8951
No. 8952
Not enough.
[X]Force yourself up and keep going. Kogasa won't find herself!
-[x] Libido killer time
No. 8953
No. 8954
[X]Force yourself up and keep going. Kogasa won't find herself!

. . . though I get the distinct feeling that Kogasa was nothing more than a hallucination the first time around . . .
No. 8955
[X]Force yourself up and keep going. Kogasa won't find herself!
-[x] Libido killer time
No. 8956
No. 8961
No. 8962
Hm, looks like I'll need to start a new thread soon, what with this one being about 19 posts away from auto or so.

On the flip side, this story run will be over before then~


Sanae knows that simply resting will just get her bound up by anything that wants to cum in her so she gets up from the ground in order to stand on her own two feet, taking a moment to adjust to the shifted center of balance. After that she felt another sensation hit her: Thirst. The miko doesn't know how long she's been here, but her body is telling her it needs more water in it to replenish what it had lost through sweating and orgasms so it must have been a while. Too long for her liking anyway.

Her mind refused to work properly by this point, but there was enough there for her to realize that she hasn't seen a single drop of water anywhere. No matter where she goes it's been nothing but slime or cum, and she's a bit averse to drink that on the off chance she develops a taste for it. The only thing worse than being stuck in a forest of rape with no apparent way out is being stuck in a forest of rape and not wanting to leave. However, she realizes that she may not have a choice in the matter. Sanae bites her lower lip as she walks back toward the pool of cum, stopping well short of it as she starts rubbing the more phallic growths. A particularly odd group of mushrooms received the blessing of her soft touch and gentle tounge, and responded by cumming in her mouth almost immediately. Said mushrooms then began to grow and reposition themselves to where each tip could rub along the priestess while squirting their seed on her. Said seed is impotent unless it's delivered directly to the womb, so the mushroom being sucked on began to pull Sanae forward as she began to drink down its cum more greedily.

Various shrooms in that patch began to wrap around her body with emphasis on her legs to make it easier to pry them apart. She offers no resistance even as she clambers over the patch, no longer caring that she was being bound up. All she could really do is suck on the tip squirting cum into her mouth while stroking the shaft gently. To her, this felt more like heaven by the second as the mushrooms continued to wind their way around her body, gently rubbing her body while probing her occasionally. She felt the desire to spread her legs by that point, while a mushroom burrowed its way in moments later. It snaked further and further inside until the tip entered the womb, at which point the shroom filled out until it was almost too thick for Sanae's tight walls to handle. It didn't recognize the slime in her womb, though it didn't exactly care either. It desired to fill her to the brim with its seed, so it started the long process of doing just that. There was no grinding of parts, no thrusting, just the insertion of one thick mushroom tentacle that will spend all its time ejectulating into Sanae.

A similar shroom pushed into her ass, not caring about its mistake as the warm, wet environment felt nice to it. Once it got a certain part of the way in, it too began to cum endlessly. The slime in her womb will keep her from harm though, even as the mushroom's roots tap into the miko's body to keep her in a permanent state of ecstacy. Sanae lifts her head away from the mushroom she was suckling on to lay her head down properly, feeling herself loose consciousness as her body continues to send her mind signals of relaxation and pleasure, not once realizing or caring about what went wrong.


Restart will occur in a little while.
No. 8963
This story is really enjoyable, the best of its genre I've read so far.

Keep up the good work, S.L.D.T.
No. 8964
Sanae once again winds up in front of the tree and immediately notices something wrong when she looks down: Her belly's enlarged to where it looks like she's in mid-stage pregnancy. Her memories of what she did before ending up here again remain with her as well, causing her to grow weak in the knees. The priestess winds up being unable to support herself for a moment and winds up sitting up with her legs folded under her, at which point her confidence goes right out the window. Somehow she had been impregnated, fucked silly numerous times, and it's finally hit her like a ton of bricks.

She doesn't even notice that all the things that she had blown away before are all around her, some of which aren't even a full foot away. She fails to respond as a number of tentacles wrap around her legs and waist, nor does she notice when she's pulled waist-deep into a tentacle nest that happens to be in a large hallowed out log. She does feel the thick tentacles bore their way into her holes, and does the only thing her blanked out mind can do: Scream.

Tears flow from her eyes when she's done, her loud screams turning into feeble cries for help, then into choking sobs as she accepts the fact that no one will come for her.

The tentacles climax in her one after the other for a few minutes before pushing her out. From there a wolf proceeds to take over, doggy style. It thrusts into her quite hard, yet Sanae fails to react consciously. Her drooling pussy, on the other hand, begs for more and everything around her knows it.

No one will come

The wolf orgasms straight into her womb, feeding the growing slime while stripping Sanae of her undergarments. Another tentacle nest latches on and begins to both fuck every hole and milk her lactating breasts in a display that causes the miko's body to spasm in pleasure.

No one will save me

Eventually the tentacles let go while cum drains out of Sanae's ass. Everything else was swallowed or consumed by the growing slime. Her cum-soaked body moves on its own to tenderly kiss one of the tentacles even as they retreat to give a different monster its turn. Her affections turn to the flower that draws her to it, allowing her to get caught in its sticky petals willingly as it tries to plant its seed in her. It succeeds, but the slime consumes that too.

There is no white knight

The flower carefully rearranges its petals to where the priestess' breasts, pussy, and ass are exposed to everything that has yet to partake of her, and it caresses her every curve in the meantime.

I'm alone

Hours pass in this manner until she passes out for a while, unaware that one last thing has lumbered up to her, waiting for her to wake back up.
No. 8966
Well, there goes the innocence. But I do hope we'll be able to, you know, find some answers this time. We do want to find a way out, right?
No. 8967
I sure hope so. I want to know who to thank for bringing Sanae in this position after all.
No. 8971
Good luck with that. THere's too many perverts thinking with their dicks.
No. 8974
Damn right we do.
No. 8975
I'm enjoying reading Sanae's rape and surrendering to said rape.
No. 8976
I agree that his writing is really moving, if you know what I mean, don't you want to find some answers? I sure as hell do.
No. 8977
>THere's too many perverts thinking with their dicks.
Not really seeing the problem.

>don't you want to find some answers?
Maybe after some more rape.

Question for SLDT
Have we had a single reset yet? Are the resets something other than the 'next life' stuff that has happened, where Sanae retains memories and pregnancies?
No. 8988
Too many perverts? On the adult content board of a touhou fan site?

Why I never.
No. 9032
Are we going to the final part of story?
No. 9094
File 129203475288.jpg - (330.34KB , 1150x1200 , erase later.jpg ) [iqdb]
Encouragement (also because I wanted to)
No. 9194
File 129251120873.jpg - (233.48KB , 850x812 , slime attack sanae.jpg ) [iqdb]
After a long story, and a lot of slime raping sanae with a slime and slime ... I'm glad that we are close to the final phase of story.
How it should end
No. 9208
Very relevant to my interests. Good job finding that