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Sorry for the delay. Feel free to do some more Q&A.

[X] Go play something outside, maybe some of her animal friends from the other day are hanging around.


“Go play outside together,” you suggest. “Hey, maybe some of your friends are out there too.”

Chen bolts up and grabs your hand, nearly dragging you along. “That sounds great, c'mon!” she replies as you scramble to your feet.

You laugh and follow along. “Alright, alright, calm down Chen,” you tell her. She pulls you quickly down the hallway and out through the doorway in to the afternoon sun.

She releases your hand and runs off a few feet ahead. “Let's see, where would they be?” she asks herself, glancing around the dusty village.

You catch up and lean down to her. “Maybe they're afraid of me? They ran off the other day when I came around.”

Chen shakes her head. “No, I talked to them about you the other day, a few of them wanted to meet you,” she says in a distracted voice. Then, she claps her hands together and runs off toward one of the dilapidated houses.

You run up behind Chen and place a hand on her shoulder. “What are you looking for?” you inquire, peering around the same area she's inspecting.

“One of my friends always sleeps under this house if she's here,” she answers. Chen gets on her hands and knees to peek under the raised portion of the home. “Aha!” she exclaims, reaching in to a dark hole and producing a small mouse. “I got you, Nazrin!”

The mouse squeaks and wiggles free of Chen's hand, scurrying away. It turns, faces the both of you, and then disappears. A young girl, about the size of Chen, stands in its place. Two large mouse ears top her head and a long tail sticks out from the rear. “I was sleeping, Chen,” she whines. Nazrin glances to you, eyes widening in surprise. “Oh, this is the guy, huh?”

Chen nods to Nazrin and runs up, grabbing her hand. “Yeah, we were going to play some games,” she says. She turns back to you with a cheshire grin on her face and approaches you, tugging on your arm. As you kneel down she whispers in to your ear. “I know just the game to play, too.” She giggles, turning back to Nazrin. “Wanna play in my room?” she asks innocently.

The mouse-girl doesn't seem to pick up on any ill intent from Chen, nodding happily. “Sure, let's go,” she replies. Nazrin then turns to you. “Are you coming too?” she asks you with a smile as Chen begins heading towards the house.

“Of course, I imagine Chen has a fun game in mind,” you chuckle. “Besides, I heard you wanted to meet me.”

Nazrin nods hesitantly and looks down towards her feet. “Sorry for running away the other day, we're not used to strange humans running up,” she says in an apologetic voice. “Anyway, Chen already went ahead, so I guess we should get going.” You smile and offer Nazrin your hand. She smiles and takes it, walking along beside you. Chen disappears in to her home ahead. “I'll take you to her room,” Nazrin offers, looking up at you. “So, she said you two played a fun game in the bath the other day, huh?” she asks with a sly grin.

You laugh, blushing slightly. “I guess you could say that. Nazrin, was it?”

She smiles at you. “Yeah, that's right,” she confirms. “So, you don't look like you're from around here.” When you shake your head, Nazrin continues. “I'm sorta new in this part too, I guess. I came here with mother and the others, but I usually sleep around this place.”

“I'd imagine that's because it's quiet around here,” you say with a quiet chuckle.

Nazrin gives you a nod. “Do you want to be my friend too?” she asks shyly. “I mean, we're both outsiders in this place, right?” She squeezes your hand, offering you a hopeful look.

Chuckling, you slide open the door and lead Nazrin inside. “Of course,” you answer.

She looks up at you with a wide smile on her face. “Thanks,” she says happily. “Hey, do you think you could show me that bath game some time?” she asks, grinning mischievously

“Maybe, we'll see,” you respond hesitantly. “Hey, Nazrin, if you spend all your time here, isn't your mother worried about you?”

She shrugs. “I guess, but she's usually occupied in the temple or making one of us take care of it,” she responds quietly.

You cock your head curiously. “Temple?”

“Yeah, and she's not really my mother, she just makes us call her that. Her name's Byakuren.” Nazrin tells you.

Your eyes go wide in surprise. “I'm going to be visiting Byakuren later, Nazrin.” She stops in her tracks, looking up to you expectantly. “She's a friend of my master, Yukari.”

She looks off in thought for a moment and then turns back to you. “Well, hey, we can play there together, and you can teach me that game,” she says, offering you a playful wink.

You pat her on the head and gesture for her to continue to Chen's room. “You're really insistent, aren't you?”

Nazrin glances up. “Sorry, I've just never been with a human before,” she giggles.

“You say that like you've been with someone else, Nazrin?” you inquire curiously.

She squeezes your hand. “I've been with mother a few times, but it's probably not the same as being with a guy,” she says with a shrug. “It feels really, really good, but I still feel weird doing it with her since she's sort of like our mother.”

Raising an eyebrow, you pause Nazrin. It sounds to you like Byakuren is sleeping with her own 'children', which they technically aren't. Normally this would sound wrong, but given what you've had thrown at you in Gensokyo so far it doesn't seem like a stretch. “Nazrin, who taught you about men?” you ask her.

She looks up at you with a grin on her face. “Shou did, she's sort of like a big sister. You'll get to meet her too,” she replies. “So, who have you slept with?”

You nod and put your arm around her. “You're rather blunt, aren't you?” Nazrin gives a happy nod and awaits an answer. “Well, let's see, there's Yukari, Chen, and a few of my other friends.”

“You've slept with Chen?” she says with surprise in her voice. Nazrin stares at you with a blush on her face. “Do you think I could...” she says nervously, fidgeting in place.

“If you're asking what I think you're asking, then I'd be happy to oblige, Nazrin,” you answer, giving her a kind smile. “Let's get to Chen's room, we've kept her waiting long enough.”

She returns the smile and slips out from beneath your arm, catching the hand and tugging on it. “Okay! It's just up ahead,” she says excitedly. Within a moment you are both standing inside Chen's bedroom. The room is rather plain, save for a few feminine decorations.

Chen speaks up as you close the door. “So, I had some ideas, but what do you two want to play?” she asks sweetly.

[ ] Go along with Chen's idea, she must have something good up her sleeve.
[ ] Suggest playing 'that game'.
--[ ] With Chen.
--[ ] With Nazrin.
--[ ] With both of them.
[ ] Ask Nazrin what she wants to do.
[ ] Write-in.

No. 4276
[X] Go along with Chen's idea, she must have something good up her sleeve.
No. 4277
[X] Go along with Chen's idea, she must have something good up her sleeve.
No. 4279
[X] Go along with Chen's idea, she must have something good up her sleeve.

Sounds like we've got time for Nazrin later on and can always play 'that game' with Chen after Nazin leaves.
No. 4280
[x] Go along with Chen's idea, she must have something good up her sleeve.
No. 4281
[x] Go along with Chen's idea, she must have something good up her sleeve.
No. 4283
[X] Ask Nazrin what she wants to do.

She's, like, a guest, and stuff, or something, so yeah.
No. 4284
[X] Suggest playing 'that game'.
--[X] With both of them.

I'm greedy. And impatient.
No. 4285
[X] Suggest playing 'that game'.
--[X] With both of them.

Do want to give them both their fill. Of semen. I'm talking about cumming inside them, you see.
No. 4286
How about this?

[X] Ask Nazrin what she wants to do.
[X] If Chen likes it, go along with it. If not, listen to Chen's idea. If we have to pick or one or the other, pick Chen's.
[X] At an opportune moment, suggest playing 'that game'.
[X] With both of them.
No. 4288
And if that isn't a viable option, then my vote is just:

[X] Suggest playing 'that game'.
[X] With both of them.
No. 4290
[X] Ask Nazrin what she wants to do.
[X] If Chen likes it, go along with it. If not, listen to Chen's idea. If we have to pick or one or the other, pick Chen's.

Why not? and it might turn into a 'fun' game for all we know.

Still there's no rush as far as Nazrin goes, since we'll be in her area tomorrow.


Terribly greedy and impatient, especially since chances are asking them what they want to do might result in the same thing.
No. 4291
[X] Ask Nazrin what she wants to do.
[X] If Chen likes it, go along with it. If not, listen to Chen's idea. If we have to pick or one or the other, pick Chen's.
No. 4293
[x] Go along with Chen's idea, she must have something good up her sleeve.

Meh 'games' can wait till later. Till then lets keep Chen happy.
No. 4294
But we can do both!

No. 4295
[ø] Ask Nazrin what she wants to do.
[ø] If Chen likes it, go along with it. If not, listen to Chen's idea. If we have to pick or one or the other, pick Chen's.
No. 4296
[x] Go along with Chen's idea, she must have something good up her sleeve.
No. 4297
Votes closed, looks like this won:

[x] Go along with Chen's idea, she must have something good up her sleeve.
No. 4298
>I've been with mother a few times,
No. 4299

Something wrong?
No. 4300

I think he's spazzing over the incestuous sounding nature of Nazarin's experiences with Byakuren. Something tells me we'll have to call her mommy. (Kinky stuff.)
No. 4301
What part of "perverted old woman" did you not understand?
No. 4303
You'll get an update tonight as soon as I get a hold of my proof reader.
No. 4305
File 126344906498.jpg - (592.53KB , 1920x1440 , 7d36db625cdf58713cd18ba3ed1ed56b.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Go along with Chen's idea, she must have something good up her sleeve.


You shrug to Chen. “I figured we'd play with what you had in mind,” you answer, adding a wink. A wide smile spreads over her face and she looks to Nazrin.

“Hey Nazrin, come here,” Chen tells her, directing Nazrin to the futon nearby. Nazrin gives her a short nod and goes over to sit down on the futon. The cat-girl joins her on the bedding and pushes her backwards. “We're going to have a lot of fun, especially with him.”

Nazrin's eyes go wide in surprise. “I think I've figured out what we're playing,” she giggles. Chen is now on all fours above Nazrin, pinning her down to the futon. A careful claw cuts down the center of Nazrin's clothing and Chen pushes it away to expose her budding breasts and tiny, pink nipples. Chen leans down briefly and laps one of the nipples, causing Nazrin to shudder. “That feels good, Chen,” she moans quietly. Chen slides down Nazrin's body, dragging the claw along and slicing away the rest of the clothing. Nazrin lies there nearly naked, her legs covered by a pair of thigh highs. Chen stands up and faces you with a grin. She pushes her panties down her legs, dropping them on the floor, and then hikes her skirt up to expose her smooth crotch.

Your erection pushes against your pants, aching to get out. “Chen,” you say quietly. You cross the room and place your arms around Chen. Her small hands slide up your legs and grab at your cock through the fabric. You step back slightly and start to strip her. She pushes down your pants in return, exposing your hard penis.

Chen grins as she strokes your erection. “Don't get any clever ideas, I'm not letting you put it in me just yet,” she teases. “But Nazrin is fair game.” She tugs once more on you before returning to Nazrin. Chen lays down on top of Nazrin and slides her tongue into the willing mouth of her partner. She raises her rear slightly and presses the lips of her pussy against Nazrin's, creating a tight space between them. She releases herself from Nazrin's mouth and turns toward you. “I think you know what to do.”

You laugh, kneeling behind Chen and Nazrin on the futon. “I know exactly what to do, Chen,” you reply playfully. Your fingers slide in between the two girls, slipping into their tight pussies from time to time. They moan and wiggle their bottoms every time your fingers penetrate.

“Hey!” they both shout at the same time when you press the tips of your index fingers against the tight pucker of their anus. They groan loudly as you sink the finger into the depths of their rear. Fluids leak from them, making the tight gap between their cunts slippery. You pull the fingers free and place the tip of your penis between them. You push in and moan softly as their wet pussy lips spread and wrap around the length of your shaft as if they were mouths sucking on the side of it.

You groan loudly as your penis fills the space between them. “That feels amazing,” you moan out. Chen giggles and presses herself down on you. Nazrin moans quietly as your shaft slides over her clit.

Chen grinds her slit against your cock and rubs the hard tips of her nipples against Nazrin's. “C'mon, you know you want to cum between us,” she goads you on. Nazrin lays there breathing heavily, but receives little respite as Chen slips her tongue inside of Nazrin's mouth. Your hands grab a hold of Chen's rump and squeeze lightly. Using her for support, you press the rest of your length between them. You slide out, moaning as their skin slides over the sensitive head of your penis. You grunt and moan with each pass between them as you pick up pace. Chen simply giggles and continues to grind herself against you as Nazrin reciprocates your moans. The pressure of the two girls, the feeling of their skin... It doesn't take very long for you to find yourself crying out in pleasure as you coat their stomachs and small breasts with sticky cum. You slip free, trailing cum out, and rest on your knees. Chen and Nazrin both moan softly as they rub their cum-soaked bodies against one another.

Chen rolls off from Nazrin on to the futon. She rubs one hand between her legs, the other playing with her nipples. “Maybe you should clean Nazrin up,” she suggests.

You laugh. “Nazrin is a dirty girl, isn't she?” You crawl over to Nazrin and lay down beside her. She turns her head to you, smiling weakly. You place a gentle kiss on her lips and then roll her on top of you. Nazrin arches her back, pressing her chest to your face. You run your tongue across her small breasts and pause to lick the hard nipples. She moans quietly as you clean the cum from her chest. You force your tongue, coated in your own juices, into Nazrin's mouth. She groans quietly and sucks the cum from your mouth. Nazrin suddenly squeals and you glance around her. Chen positioned herself behind Nazrin's dripping pussy while you were both distracted and is now busy licking it.

“Chen?” Nazrin moans quietly. Her rear is up in the air, slit and anus exposed for all to see. Chen giggles softly. Nazrin squeaks loudly as the rough tongue slides through her damp cunt. Chen removes her tongue and grabs your cock, placing your penis against those slippery lips. Nazrin responds with a moan. “Please don't tease me,” she cries out softly.

Chen chuckles, peeling back the foreskin and lapping the head once. “Go ahead, give Nazrin what she wants,” she urges you. Nazrin closes her eyes and kisses you. Your hands slide down her back and rest on her rear. Slowly, you press the thin frame of Nazrin down, the lips of her cunt enveloping your cock head. You and Nazrin both moan softly through the kiss. She's tight, probably the tightest you've been inside of yet. The sensation of Chen's tongue against the exposed part of your shaft can be felt. You pepper Nazrin's lips with a series of short kisses as you ease another inch inside of her.

The tip of your penis stops against a wall of flesh. “Nazrin, I thought you and Byakuren...” you say quietly.

Nazrin shakes her head softly. “We did, but she never went far enough,” she answers. “But you're my friend now, so it's okay.” Nazrin looks into your eyes and smiles, her lips returning to yours. That tongue runs across you again, this time from the entrance of your asshole up to the top of your shaft. You offer Nazrin's rump another gentle squeeze and press down on it again. Her eyes water slightly as you push against her hymen. One more push breaks though it, causing Nazrin to let out a choked sob through the kiss. She tightly shuts her eyes, a few tears streaming from the corners. Fluid, which you assume to be blood, can be felt dripping down from her. You pause and give the girl a moment to collect herself. She offers a slight nod, not removing her lips from yours for a moment. Gently, you sink another inch inside. After a few more moments, you are fully inside of her. Nazrin's crotch rests against yours, the hard nub of her clit pressing into your skin.

Chen slides around from beneath you and relaxes beside you. The warmth of her breath tickles your ear. “Don't worry, you'll get to take mine later tonight too,” she whispers. She licks the lobe of your ear before returning to her position behind Nazrin. “Let's see,” she speaks aloud. “You did this to me and it felt good, so let's see how you react.” A finger penetrates your anus suddenly, causing you to buck upward against Nazrin. Chen giggles and does the same to Nazrin, who bounces on your lap. Nazrin moans as your hard cock digs into her and rubs against her depths. You gently lift her from your lap, sliding yourself out. Moving around inside of her is almost excruciating with how tight she is. The second time you fill her is a bit easier as she adjusts to your shaft. Chen sits back on the futon and simply watches you as your length pumps into the depths of Nazrin.

Nazrin finally releases the kiss, gasping for air and arching her back in pleasure. “Feels so good,” she cries out. You lean up and suck a hard nipple into your mouth, rolling your tongue over it. She lets out a sharp gasp as you play with her breasts. She then stabilizes herself on the futon and begins to grind back against you with each thrust. Nazrin rhythmically bounces on your lap, moaning in pleasure each time your cock head strikes the end of her tunnel. She grits her teeth, squealing happily and tensing up her muscles around your penis. You let go of her breasts and flop back on the futon. Digging your fingers into her rear, you attempt to control the pace. You can feel yourself tensing up with each slow, yet forceful, thrust into her tight, virgin cunt. “You can do it inside of me if you want,” Nazrin gasps out, her face covered with a blush. One last thrust plants your cock firmly against the end of her soaked, slippery tunnel. Nazrin contracts around you as if trying to suck you dry. You arch your back as you shout in pleasure, cum flowing out from your penis and coating her insides. Nazrin collapses on top of you and you in turn fall back on to the futon.

“Amazing,” Chen states in awe. She crawls forward and laps the combined liquid that's draining down your shaft. “But now it's my turn,” she giggles. Chen gets up and stands above you, lowering her damp slit on to your mouth. You instinctively bury your tongue inside of her when she touches your lips. Chen pulls Nazrin up and leans her back so that she can access Nazrin's own cunt. Nazrin drops back on to the futon between your legs with you still inside of her. Chen lays forward, grinding herself on your face in the process, and teases Nazrin's cunt with her tongue. Your cock begins to harden again within Nazrin, but you lack the energy at this moment to do much more than pleasure Chen. She clamps her legs around your head, moaning quietly into Nazrin's crotch. Nazrin shifts and allows you to pop free from her. Chen's tongue briefly flicks against the tip of your cock, but she pushes it aside and digs into Nazrin. A quiet, sharp squeak escapes the girl as she succumbs to Chen's assault and has another orgasm. Chen's own comes shortly after, flooding your face and mouth with her nectar. She moans and climbs off of you, collapsing to your right.

Nazrin crawls up on your left and lays her head on your chest. “That felt good,” she mutters, clinging to your arm. Chen rolls over and holds on to your other arm. She places your hand between her legs and encourages you to continue stroking her. Your fingers dip into her wet hole as she moans and rubs against your arm happily. You're physically exhausted at this point, and so are the girls.

[ ] Take a short nap with the girls by your side.
[ ] Try to push yourself further and:
--[ ] Take Chen's virginity.
--[ ] Introduce the girls to anal play.
[ ] Write-in.
No. 4306
[x] Take a short nap with the girls by your side.

Let's not be hasty, it's the gentlemanly thing to do to let them rest up, and a nap with two budding cuties, can't turn that down.

I never imagine Nazrin as a loli, just a petite framed adult minded youkai. I'm not complaining though; your Nazrin is very cute.
No. 4308

Suwako I see as mature but has moments of childishness (Though I think her maturity level would be higher in general than Remilia, Suika, and Tewi)
No. 4309
File 12634531968.jpg - (248.65KB , 1045x1097 , 8113144.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Take a short nap with the girls by your side.


Satori as diminutive but mature, you say?
No. 4310

Fanon likes to make her like a loli due to her looks but when you consider all the 'petite build' yet mature Touhous, she's perhaps the most mature mentally speak.
No. 4311
[X] Take a short nap with the girls by your side.

Sweet dreams |3
No. 4312
[x] Take a short nap with the girls by your side.
Fuck I love this story.
No. 4313
[X] Take a short nap with the girls by your side.
No. 4315
[x] Take a short nap with the girls by your side.
>Introduce the girls to anal play.
No. Just No.
No. 4316

If that turns your stomach, some of the other parts I have planned in the story will too.
No. 4317
[x] Take a short nap with the girls by your side.

I see Nazrin and Chen as lolis but but not Suwako, Tewi and Satori. I always imagine Suwako being just a childish adult who likes to play ans have fun, I see Satori as just being diminutive and petite despite being quite mature, and I can really imagine Tewi taking advantage of her young looks to snare her some lolicons.
No. 4318
File 126348170421.jpg - (201.33KB , 700x563 , 6308901.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Take a short nap with the girls by your side.

Anal play idea is nice, considering how much it was teased, but if we're drained now and we force any more, we would have nothing for tonight, and that'd be terrible.
No. 4319

you kinda forgot the other two mature yet loli girls: Remilia and Suika. Though both have kinda childish personalities sure, but at the same time they can show aspects of their personalities that reminds you just how hold they really are.

Remilia'd have a mischevious cunning with a seductive twinge.

Suika in contrast has shown amazing insight.

I want the Nazrin and Chen scenes not to get too over the top in smut. It's their first times, it should be rather special. There'll be time to do kinky stuff with the perverted old woman tomorrow.

Very rarely is a girl's first time something special, since it's usually just a notch on some guy's bedpost.
No. 4320
Well, we were already Shinki's first time in a very long time...
No. 4322
>Anal play idea is nice, considering how much it was teased, but if we're drained now and we force any more, we would have nothing for tonight, and that'd be terrible.
We could just use our hands.
No. 4323
...but where's the fun in that?
No. 4324
[X] Take a short nap with the girls by your side.

Everything will come in due time; no sense in rushing things.
No. 4325
I guess I'll close votes!

Now I wait on my proof reader to wake up. Again.
No. 4326
File 126353173762.jpg - (201.01KB , 700x829 , 9fcf8c200d05f2b18a732044368e4094.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Take a short nap with the girls by your side.


“Hey,” you whisper to them. “Why don't we just stay like this for a while and rest?”

The girls both nod in agreement. Nazrin crawls up on to your chest and rests on you. “Is this okay?” she asks. You smile and stroke her hair reassuringly. She places a gentle kiss on your cheek and then lays her head on your chest. Chen releases your arm and slides under it, putting it around her as she clings to your side. You shut your eyes and quickly drift off to sleep, aided by the soft breathing of the girls.

An indeterminable amount of time passes. The soft feeling of something sucking on your penis rouses you from your slumber. You groan softly and look down your chest. Nazrin sits between your legs with her lips wrapped around you. Chen is beside her, offering instruction. Your cock slides from Nazrin's mouth and she grins. “Chen said she'd teach me how to do this before I left,” she tells you. A soft moan leaves your lips as her tongue runs along your length.

Chen giggles and nods to Nazrin. “You're doing great, you've even put that look on his face,” she says. “The top is really sensitive, and make sure to pull the skin down.” Nazrin peels back the foreskin from the head of your penis and takes it in to her mouth. Her lips wrap around the crown and she gently sucks on it. “Use your tongue, too,” Chen instructs. Nazrin's tongue runs along the underside of your sensitive penis, causing you to moan loudly in response. “That's real good. There's a little spot on the underside of...” You shout out and grip the futon. “Yeah, you got it!” she says with encouragement. Chen grabs her head from behind and forces it down on you. You sit up in surprise as the tight throat envelops you, Nazrin gagging in response. You grunt and tense up within her throat. Her eyes go wide when the first stream of cum courses down her throat. She coughs and gags as she pulls back. The second shot of cum fills her mouth and dribbles out from it. Chen tugs her head backward and allows you to pop free.

Nazrin gasps for air loudly and her tongue hangs out. Her eyes go wide as strands of cum splatter against her face and mouth. “It tastes salty,” she mutters to herself. “But it's good.” Nazrin runs her small hand across your penis, gathering some of the juices from it.

“Now you know why I do it,” Chen says to her with a wink. She glances to you for a moment before leaning forward and licking Nazrin's face. Chen turns back to you with a sultry look upon her face. “If you enjoyed Nazrin this much, I can't wait to have you meet the others.”

Nazrin gives you a soft smile. “When you stop by our place later, I'll be there,” she tells you. “Hey, Chen, I think it's getting late, I probably should go.” Nazrin laps a bit of the cum from her fingers, then giggles. “We'll definitely do this again, but I gotta sneak back home.” She huffs at Chen. “Definitely sneak, since you ruined my clothes.”

Chen shrugs and grins. “Sorry, but you can't complain too much.” Nazrin stands up and gathers the damaged clothing. “Thanks for playing with us, Nazrin,” she says as Nazrin walks towards the door.

Nazrin turns back, smiling. “Thank you both, and especially you,” she directs to you with a smile. You sigh and nod as she exits the room.

“Well, that was interesting,” you say contentedly. You stand up and stretch, your joints popping loudly. “You girls are definitely a handful together,” you chuckle, crossing the room and putting your arms around Chen.

She smiles and leans her head against you. “Now it's just us, and we probably have a lot of time until Yukari and mama Ran get back.”

You raise an eyebrow. “Oh, are you ready so soon?” you inquire.

Chen's hand makes a fist around your penis. “I've wanted you inside me since we were in the bath together.” She kisses your chest and roughly rubs on the tip. “But I know you need to recover,” she laughs and releases you.

You heft Chen's naked body up in to your arms. She lets out a surprised, but pleased, gasp. “It won't take me long, Chen.” You turn around, both of you looking at the stained futon and wrecked room.

“Maybe we should do it elsewhere,” she suggests. “There's a big chair out in the sitting room, I wouldn't mind sitting on your lap.”

Grinning, you take Chen out through the door. “That sounds like a wonderful idea.”

She rests her head against your chest. “And we can open the door and let in the night air,” she mentions idly, sighing happily. You slide open the door into the sitting room and step inside. The chair she mentioned sticks out conspicuously. You set Chen down and settle into the chair. She walks over and opens the exterior door, sighing happily and basking in the cool air. “I've never felt it on my body like this,” she remarks. You relax and watch her naked body while she turns about in front of the door. Chen stops and smiles to you, then walks up. “Are you feeling up for it now?” she asks with concern. You nod and pat your lap. Chen smiles and runs her fingers along your cock, causing it to twitch and return to life. She climbs up on to the chair and settles down on your lap with her back to you. Her pelvis sits on your own and rests just above your penis. She giggles as it presses against her lower abdomen.

You smile and softly stroke Chen's hair. “You aren't the only one who has wanted this, Chen,” you whisper.

She nods and turns her head to smile at you. “I know, I've seen the way you look at me,” she says in return. “It makes me happy to have someone who looks at me that way.” Chen sighs and gently strokes you. She leans back against your chest and idly plays with you.

You place your arms around her waist. “You're a sweet girl, Chen.” You sigh happily and kiss the top of her head.

“So, what do we do from here?” she asks, a bit of nervousness in her voice. “I mean, I want to, but I'm a little scared deep down.”

[ ] Take Chen's virginity.
[ ] Teach her about anal play.
[ ] Hold off for now, just relax with her.
[ ] Write-in.
No. 4327
[X] Take Chen's virginity.

Hey, she may be nervous, but Chen has been aching for lovemaking for ages. She wants it bad.
No. 4328
[x] Take Chen's virginity.
- But first reassure that if it hurts too much you'll stop.

We can relax in the afterglow.
No. 4330
[x] Take Chen's virginity.

Be gentle, Rick.
No. 4331
[x] Take Chen's virginity.
[x] But first reassure that if it hurts too much you'll stop.
No. 4333
[x] Take Chen's virginity.
[x] But spend plenty of time on foreplay to get her to relax.
No. 4334
Remember, no vote altering.
No. 4335
[X] Take "it" easy!

Except that rule goes hand-in-hand with "no write-ins", and write-ins are allowed for this post, so yeah.
No. 4338
[x] Take Chen's virginity.
[x] But spend plenty of time on foreplay to get her to relax

No need to rush things, might as well make it easier for her.
No. 4339
>You place your arms around her waist. “You're a sweet girl, Chen.” You sigh happily and kiss the top of her head.

[x] Hold off for now, just relax with her.
No. 4340
[x] Take Chen's virginity.
[x] But spend plenty of time on foreplay to get her to relax.

works foe me~!
No. 4341
Think with your head. Not your dong, but your gray matter head. Too late for me to elaborate, so I'll keep shut.

[x] Take Chen's virginity.

Why not.
No. 4342

I started being more generous with write-ins since there hasn't been a massively stupid one yet.
No. 4343

>[x] But spend plenty of time on foreplay to get her to relax.

Unnecessary since I was probably going to do that anyway! I don't know if I'll write today, though, I might continue tomorrow and just have a lazy day.
No. 4344

I think that'll be obvious.
No. 4346
[x] J-J-JAM IT IN!!!
No. 4347
I wrote most of the update, I'll probably finish it tonight.
No. 4348
Nothing more amusing than deflowering a small, virgin girl with the might and reckless abandon of a wild boar.

I can imagine Chen's eyes rolling into her skull as she goes unconscious on top of us from the pain. Arousing, if it were made by Xration.
No. 4349
I'll finish this thing tomorrow.
No. 4350

You assume he wouldn't get torn a new one sooner or later, since I doubt Master Yukari would be amused at all at such a stunt.

And if you want to jackhammer the hell out of someone, chances are there's someone in Gensokyo that likes it that way. (For all we know Suika or Tewi might like that)
No. 4351
No. 4352

Which has been proven to transfer poorly to the internet. (Specially with the way some Anon are, and how there's a trend in Anon taking non-serious votes and running with them)
No. 4353
Nah, I think it was pretty obvious, Wiseman.
No. 4355
File 126364340515.jpg - (451.24KB , 1200x800 , c2db7a61e2838f6cbee364cadf6851ea.jpg ) [iqdb]
>For all we know Suika or Tewi might like that.

It seems a very oni-like way of making love. I approve of this in Suika's case.

(or Yuugi, I guess, but I get the feeling we'd be the ones on the receiving end of the 'might and reckless abandon of a wild boar' in that case)
No. 4356

No. 4357
File 126366601471.jpg - (200.09KB , 595x842 , 291266b4d01ce1786dc708b24b83d1ab.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Take Chen's virginity.


You embrace her gently. “I think we should go with what you've been wanting, Chen,” you whisper into her ear. She takes a sharp breath in. “Don't worry, we'll go at your pace.”

Chen nods slowly and turns her head up toward you. “It looked like Nazrin was really hard to fit in,” she remarks quietly. “But, um, I've been practicing a bit, I hope you don't mind.”

Shaking your head, you stroke her hand. “It'll be a bit easier on you this way.”

She smiles and grips your hand tightly. “I want it inside of me, but right now I just want to be touched by you,” she says softly. She shifts on your lap, her slit now resting against your length. “Please.” You release Chen's hand and gently run your own up her chest. She shivers beneath you as your fingers pass over her nipples.

You gently massage Chen's small bust. “You know, I heard massaging them helps them grow,” you chuckle.

“Do you want them bigger?” she asks you in an anxious tone.

You grin and laugh softly. “I think they're lovely the way they are. But right now, this feels good, doesn't it?” Chen simply nods in response. She sighs happily as you stroke her body and relaxes on you, giving you control. A gentle pinch of her tiny nipples causes her to gasp quietly. Your hands slide across her body and explore it. She lays there, her body slack, making quiet, happy noises as you stroke her. Your hands run down her legs and then back up the inside of her thighs.

She squirms slightly and moans when you squeeze her chest again. “Chen, roll over for me,” you tell her. Chen picks herself up and rolls over. Her hard nipples rub against your chest. You slide your hands down her back and rest them on her rear. “I love this little rump of yours,” you say lasciviously. “One of these days I'll make you feel good back there.”

Chen gasps as a finger rests against her asshole. “I think I'd like that,” she replies. You tickle the entrance briefly before returning to that small butt of hers. She lets out a quiet 'mm' as you squeeze the cheeks. Chen looks up at you, smiling warmly. “Can I just...” She leans forward on your chest, looking up at you with her eyes closed and her lips puckered. You press your mouth to hers. Chen moans softly as your tongue gently pushes between her lips. She sucks happily on your tongue, her damp pussy slowly rubbing against your penis. She breaks the kiss and gazes into your eyes, a thin strand of saliva still connecting your lips. “I think I'm ready,” she whispers.

You give her a brief kiss. “Alright, Chen. Take your time,” you insist with care in your voice. Chen sits up on your lap, supporting herself on your chest with her hands. She lifts herself and sits down below your cock, which now rests against her crotch. A deep breath is drawn in as she slowly touches you.

Chen lifts herself again and places the tip of your penis against her wet slit. “I'm going to put it in now,” she says hesitantly. She slowly lowers her hips. The tip of your cock pushes its way easily through the slippery lips of her pussy. Chen's tightness grips your head and her tunnel contracts around you as if it were sucking on your penis. “It's big,” she remarks in awe. “But it feels good.” She's tight, although a bit looser than Nazrin due to the aforementioned practice. Chen's cunt sucks you in, inch-by-inch, until you hit her virginity. She groans loudly as your erection pushes against it. “It hurts,” she cries out. Tears flow down Chen's cheeks as the pressure increases on you. “It really hurts, but I want you!” she shouts, pushing down on you and breaking the barrier. You both gasp loudly as her cherry is popped. Blood flows out from her as she sobs quietly.

You reach up and stroke her cheek. “Are you okay, Chen?” you ask her.

She sniffles and nods. “It hurts,” she mutters again. “But I'll be okay since it's you.” Chen groans and slides the rest of you inside. She looks down and smiles. “I can see the place where we're connected,” she giggles, rubbing her pelvis. Chen lays down on your chest with your cock buried inside of her. “I could stay like this all night.” She rotates her hips, causing you to move around inside of her. She moans happily as she grinds on your shaft. She pushes off from your chest and places her hands on the arms of the chair. “I'm going to try moving more.” Chen's pussy contracts tightly as she pulls herself from you. She groans and drops herself on to your lap, accompanied by a loud slapping noise. She gasps sharply and throws her head back as she impales herself. “The pain is gone,” she assures you. Chen leans down and runs her tongue along your chest playfully. “You said we'll go at my pace,” she says, grabbing your arms and pushing them above your head. Chen giggles as she takes the lead. “I want us to both feel good, and I want you to do it inside of me,” she states with no reservations. Chen bounces on your lap, gasping sharply.

“Just don't hurt yourself,” you remind her.

Chen laughs in return. “I won't, but we've come this far, so I'm not going to hold back now.” She bucks her hips into you, giggling and watching your face contort in pleasure. Chen slides herself up and down on your hard cock in a rhythmic motion. She groans and moans every time she thrusts you into her. “It feels amazing, I almost wish I had done this with you sooner.” She slows down and rests on you. Chen gives you a soft look. “Hey, I want to ask you something before we continue.”

You wince as her tunnel tightens again. “What is it, Chen?” you ask of her, groaning softly.

Chen blushes and turns her head. “Once we get things settled with mama Ran, do you think we could do this whenever you're home?” She glances at you from the corner of her eye. “I understand if you say no, but...” She kisses you lightly on the lips and stares into your eyes expectantly.

[ ] Yes.
[ ] No.
[ ] Write-in.
No. 4358
Note: Your answer will not affect this H-scene, barring some sort of write-in that would.
No. 4359

I'm gonna have to wait for what you guys have to say on this. Think carefully before deciding.
No. 4361
[x] Whenever your schedule with Master Yukari allows it.

Can't make such promises when you literately belong to someone else.
No. 4362

I think Chen knows that already and she's talking general free time. Since it's implied that there will be some days where Yukari would rather be doing something (or someone) else.
No. 4363
[x] Whenever your schedule with Master Yukari allows it.
No. 4364
[x] Yes.

As long as we can still play with Ran.
No. 4365
[x] Whenever my schedule with Master Yukari allows it, I'd love to.
No. 4366
[x] Whenever your schedule with Master Yukari allows it
No. 4367
[x] If Master Yukari isn't keeping me busy somehow while I'm home, It'll be my pleasure.

I hope the write in won't ruin the rest of the H-scene.
No. 4368

It'd ruin the H scene if something like '[x] Pull out and walk off.' won. Or something else completely retarded.
No. 4370
Here's a bit of dynamics chart of girls thus encountered.

Figure: busty/curvy, but could presumably change it if she wanted to.
Dynamic: Our master, is the dominant one, but generally it's an enjoyable short.
Kinks/Things she'd do: anal, paizuri, fellatio, light dom, normal, and that's what we've experienced.

Figure: Very busty/mothery
Dyamics: Slightly mixed feelings towards us, leaning towards attraction; submissive in the sole scene we've seen. Virgin most likely.
Kinks: Tailplay, fellatio. (Chances are there's more)

Figure: Busty/Mothery
Dynamic: Loves us very much, is very submissive if we were to take advantage of that.
Kinks: Nothing really too out of the ordinary, but loves rather rough breast play.

Figure: Loli, with a notably small (in a good way ass)
Dynamic: Likes us, willing to introduce her friends to us, a rather even dynamic.
Kinks: slight bits of anal play (Giving as well as receiving), cat tongue results in some great blow jobs.

Figure: loli
Dynamic: Submissive (fitting for such a mousy girl, pardon the pun)
Kinks: Too soon to really tell, but she didn't object to that finger in her rear.

I know there might be a few flaws, but here's my shot at it.
No. 4372

Close enough, but missing characters.
No. 4373

Oh shit aren't we quick to forget about Luize
No. 4374

Yes, yes you are. Luize is crying inside. ;_;
No. 4375

OH SHIT! My apologizes

Figure: Slim
Dynamic: Straight to point as far as I've seen. She's willing to help for sex. (Not a bad price to pay)
Kinks: None; though she really seem to be straight to the point: Our cock in her pussy.
No. 4376
For the record, you have encountered the most normal characters so far.
No. 4377
Who that would be, is up to us to figure out, right?
No. 4378
I really, really can't wait to meet Byakuren or Kanako or Eirin.
No. 4379
[x] Yes.
No. 4380

You mean Yukari, the woman of potentially infinite kinks is among the most normal ones?
No. 4381

I guess I should've been more specific. Aside from Yukari, you've encountered the more normal characters. As for Yukari, you haven't done much in the way of 'weird stuff' with her. At least in my opinion.
No. 4382
File 126368795323.jpg - (14.70KB , 300x260 , deuce_bigalow.jpg ) [iqdb]
>For the record, you have encountered the most normal characters so far.
>I really, really can't wait to meet Byakuren

>Mother references
No. 4383

Get out.
No. 4384
I don't see Byakuren as the incest type, just more like 'very much getting off on the fact that she is much older than we are' type.

But I'm probably wrong. I'm fine with that too, though.
No. 4385
>Yukari: light dom

Any chance of her getting a little... rougher?

Or will we have to go straight for Bondage Queen Kanako?
No. 4386
I know it's probably not an incest fetish. I wouldn't have made the joke if that were the case.
No. 4387

I'd say Yukari is light-medium, Kanako is medium, and you can guess who is heavy dom.
No. 4388
Eirin? I always saw her as more the subtle, psychologically dominating type.
No. 4389

Expand your horizons beyond Yukari's friends.
No. 4390
Little miss sunflower? Yuuka fits well.
No. 4392

I know, all the things she's done is just the tip of the kink iceberg.

Though I think we will be shocked to find out what kinds of kinks some of the girls have.
No. 4393
File 126369834486.jpg - (50.02KB , 450x395 , hmmm.jpg ) [iqdb]
Feet licking, that leash and the room with all her favorite toys.

But i would probably say Reimu.
No. 4394
I'll close votes in the morning, my time.
No. 4396
File 126374114635.jpg - (151.86KB , 750x825 , santa hat.jpg ) [iqdb]
>heavy dom Yuuka

It helps that she's kinda my waifu.
No. 4398
File 126375154652.jpg - (251.13KB , 800x816 , Nazrin n Kids.jpg ) [iqdb]
The...hero came lots in the girls n woman right..?
So..will this be occurring?
No. 4401
I'd imagine that since youkai are technically a different species, there might be some fertility problems when they have sex with humans that make getting pregnant unlikely.

On the other hand, Shinki's a goddess, not a youkai, so depending on which mythology you follow, she could already be waiting back in Makai with our love child.
No. 4402
I am entirely okay with this.
No. 4403
>can't be fucking bothered to write "and"
This board is 18+, not 13+. ಠ_ಠ
No. 4404
Updates will resume tomorrow, looks like this won:

[x] Whenever your schedule with Master Yukari allows it

Or some variation, whatever. I lumped them all together since it's the same general idea.
No. 4405

Yukari might have gaphaxed some 'protection' so we can do it bareback all we want without any kids running around.
No. 4407
So, the semen may flow, but the sperm is delivered only where Yukari wants it? Interesting.
No. 4408

I was thinking more the lines of changing the border between Fertile and Sterile, but your idea might work as well.
No. 4412
So, random thought as I steal a neighbor's internet while out.

I woke up and thought to myself, 'Man, I've written a shit ton! My log file is up to almost 90 pages.'

So then I said, 'Hey, you know, I write pretty quick. I could do that NaNoWriMo thing using the ideas I have now.'

On that note, I copied my log file and cleaned out the votes and such. It came up with about 44,000 words (without update #2 which I still haven't added to the log).

So: Touhou H story (written in third person with a solid lead) for NaNoWriMo. Same basic premise, not reusing existing material of course. Awesome? Y/N.

And if I do complete it, I can even get a paperback copy of my work.
No. 4413

Sounds cool, but I'd rather have you focus on this first.

That and a story so conceptually the same would be weird, it'd be better off not on THP, but you should have a download link ready for those who want to read it.

On another matter, have you rethought about the Mima matter? Since just because someone done something well doesn't mean you can't try to match or outdo them. (And it's the "it's so good, there's no point in trying to match it" attitude that resulted in some sections being dead) I'm mentioning this because if you'd have Shinki and Luize, why not Mima to round things out? Imagine the master/student threesome with her and Marisa.
No. 4414

NaNoWriMo isn't until November. Any ideas I plan for this can be used for that. Basically, it'd be me turning my perverted writing ability into a book rather than a CYOA story. I think there are more liberties that can be taken with that format, too.

Also, I have plans for Marisa, and I'm just not really interested in Mima. We'll see, there are some characters I had no plans for that suddenly popped into my mind one day.
No. 4415
Hm, sounds like an interesting idea but personally I've been enjoying this because of the 2nd person style and the CYOA format. That's just me though, I'm sure other Anons would disagree.
No. 4420
I had a weird dream yesterday involving where we left off, but since I'm also concern about Ran, the lovable lady she is, it made me worry about our surrounding.

I know this is one of those "fuck everyone" threads, but I'm not sure what I was dreaming, maybe a sweet ending if it ever happened during this part?

Having Chen riding the guy on a chair outside naked, I'm pretty sure in my dream I was trying to end it for some reason. Chen was hoping on our laps where after a while, it became bizarre. Like when that question was asked, it had some weird message behind it. I'm not sure if I really see Chen this way but I felt like she didn't really want to do this, like she was forcing herself. In the dream when I told her maybe we should slow down she binded my arms to the chair and she continue to slide it in her, even though you could see she was crying. Trying to make her stop I ask what was wrong and she stopped, looked at me with a teared up face and gave me a slap, I think she clawed me too but I can only remember her angry at me during sex. None to say that the mood changed, and when she felt it, she went even harder telling me to keep going, that she was good enough, and at the base of it I'm sure it was because like how Ran was jealous of us for being with Yukarin, Chen probably felt the same way about us and Ran when we had that night, she knew some how.

Anyways it's a sad dream I had, not sure why I would ever want this thread to end but just a dream, and sorry if it isn't wanted in this thread, but I like you to know that this has become a very must updated thread for me, where it has already influenced my dreams.

On the bright side, when she finally came to terms and confessed that she didn't want us with Ran, Yukarin and Ran returns from the bar and sees us, but aren't angry since they see us binded and with a crying Chen begging for Ran, and Ran returns to Chen's arms where they have a night together, you know clean stuff where they just share a night, and Yukarin praises us for helping Ran and Chen cheer up, even if it had to bring tears. Then leaves us in the chair naked, laughs as she closes the door behind her, and we stare at the stars.

Yea it was a weird dream, I'm not sure if any of you can relate with what I feel the touhou canon feels like, but yea keep up the good work maybe I can get happier dreams later.
No. 4422
Man, I wish I had dreams.

Even more do I wish I had Touhou dreams.
No. 4424

I wish you had waited until after my update to post this.

Especially because if something in my thread coincides with any part of it I'm going to feel like my readers think it was taken from that.
No. 4425
well you can consider it as a loyal viewer's prediction, but i see what you mean, but I don't think anyone who has been with you from the start will ever mistake your writing with some random crap I dreamt of. I'll refrain from write ins and wait to respond toward the released updates from now on. Don't worry it's not like you're really going to make Chen into a yandere, although how you write her makes her sound much more mature then she puts off, so again the idea of my CHEEEEEN being all grown up could be the result of my touhou dreams.
No. 4426
Also, I've had the update (which is short for a good reason) done for most of the day. Waiting on proofreading.
No. 4429
File 126386813712.jpg - (827.01KB , 1600x1200 , 68f80e2ca5ba00a027ec0b05a8a94c7c.jpg ) [iqdb]
This is short because:

1. I had a slow day and,
2. It's a continuation of the last scene.

[x] Whenever your schedule with Master Yukari allows it


“If I'm not busy with Yukari, I would be more than happy to, Chen,” you answer.

Chen smiles and kisses you gently on the lips. “Thank you,” she says quietly. Her head moves past yours and she whispers into your ear. “Now you can do it inside of me.” She bucks her hips again without warning. Chen leans back and sits up, grinding her pelvis against your own. She grins, placing her hands on your hips and lifting herself from you. She turns about and rests with her back against your chest. Her hands grip and position the tip of your cock at her soaked entrance. “I want you to do it,” she says softly. The head slips between her lips and parts them. “Make us both feel good, as hard as you want,” she continues.

You place a light kiss on the back of her head. “Tell me if you want me to stop,” you whisper into her ear reassuringly. Your hands take a firm, yet gentle, grip of her waist and hips. You ease her down your length. Chen's body shudders in response and she sighs happily. Slowly at first, you hold on to her waist and pull her up your chest. She groans as you slide out and thrust back into her depths. She grabs the arms of the chair and digs her fingers in. Chen takes a deep breath as you slip from her again. Another deep thrust in her elicits a quiet cry from her. You slowly pick up the pace, pumping away at her tight, slippery pussy. Chen bounces on your lap and moans loudly as your hard length fills her insides. You return her moans as her cunt squeezes you with each thrust. “Chen, I can't hold back much longer,” you warn her. Chen nods, or at least you think she does, as she bounces up and down.

“It feels amazing,” she moans out. She releases the chair and sits up on your lap, playing with her nipples as she cries in pleasure. Her head hangs back, her mouth agape. Your grip tightens on her waist although not enough to cause pain. Your own cry rings out shortly after hers. Pressing her down against your pelvis, you grunt and moan as hot and sticky cum flows from you and into Chen's virgin pussy. She screams and lays back against you while continuing to pinch her nipples. Her entire body shivers and shudders as she has her own orgasm. “That was great,” she groans quietly.

You gasp for breath and release her waist, closing your eyes. Your hands find their way to her chest, squeezing and playing with her small breasts. Her head rolls to the side and you lean down to kiss the top of it. One hand slips down between her legs and spreads the lips of her cunt. Your cock slips free and a finger replaces it as warm cum oozes out around it. “I'm not done, if you want to continue, Chen. I just need a few minutes.”

Chen giggles and nods. “I'd like that,” she says with a smile, “and I'm definitely not done either.”

“I'm sure you aren't,” a familiar voice calls out. You open your eyes in surprise and look up towards the open exterior door. Yukari stands in the doorway with a drunken Ran hanging on to her.
No. 4432
>“I'm sure you aren't,” a familiar voice calls out. You open your eyes in surprise and look up towards the open exterior door. Yukari stands in the doorway with a drunken Ran hanging on to her.

Oh fuck, I had a feeling something like this was going to happen.
No. 4433
if you meant people will think that a drunk Ran walking in wasn't obvious, outside on the matter, then don't worry I'm sure alot of people saw this coming.
Unlike Chen dohoho but yea still wish I had my innocent Chen back but whatever this is fine too, now I hope for drunk Ran sex make it happen!
No. 4434
Wait a minute where's the voting option? Crap don't tell me we can't continue from here fffff
No. 4435
It's not as if he had bad-ended, just literally caught making promises under the assumption that Yukari would be laid back about his "unscheduled" romps.
No. 4436

She didn't catch you when you were answering Chen's question.
No. 4437
perhaps not, it'd be a wonder though if Yukari and Ran simply heard and stayed silent through it all then just decided to come out with that statement.

Nonetheless, the suspense is killing me.
No. 4438
OH SHIT! Busted!

But hey, Ran needs love too~\
(not sure if she is virgin, any assumptions?)

One more and the whole Yakumo family is..OURS!
No. 4439

'Ours'? Maybe Chen and Ran, but you belong to Yukari, not the other way around!
No. 4441
A figure of speech, Yukari owns us, but we can have their pussies.
"Es un comercio equilibrado"
No. 4445
So...just how painful of a punishment are we going to get from Yukari? If she does kill us, pray for a swift, painless death.
No. 4446

I won't; I know how to take things with a grain of salt. That and there is such a thing as thinking too much.
No. 4447
Yukari did say that any wowan/girl can do anything to us, under 1 condition; she owns us.
I don't think Yukari will kill us.

..but it still depends on the writer though.
So, SFTU at myself.
No. 4448

I doubt Yukari will kill us, since she did say as long as we remembered that in the end we are hers, she couldn't really care who we sleep with.

Taking advantage of Ran while drunk wouldn't be a good thing, since she might not had her issues sorted. Though if she's aggressive about sex while drunk, that might be a bit better (but the risk would still be there)
No. 4449
I doubt Yukari is going to kill us.
No. 4450
Now the worse part: waiting for the rest of the update.
No. 4451
Even if she killed us, I doubt she'd let us die when we were killed. So no worries.
No. 4452
Being killed just means we go directly to Yuyuko.
No. 4453
Urk. They came back a bit soon. But Ran being drunk suggests it wasn't deliberately a trap, at least.

This is going to get interesting.
No. 4454
Well, at least they caught him saying that his Master's orders have priority... that's a good thing, no?
No. 4455
No, they didn't. They came back some time after we answered, so they don't know about that.
No. 4456
Yeah, >>4436

I guess we can't expect them to take the testimony of a girl whose virginity we just took as reliable, so hopefully they have no problem with what we just did and/or Ran will be too smashed to remember.
No. 4457

If a girl wants more, then the guy had to do something right. And chances are Yukari was most likely spying on us like she did when we were with Shinki.
And we were gentle with Chen, and tried our best to make her first time a nice time. And Master Yukari never said a thing about NOT touching Chen.
No. 4458
I'm not worried about Yukari so much as about Ran. Sure, nothing may happen TO us, but I'd hate to cause a rift in the Yakumo household ;_;
No. 4459
Hooray for mindrape.
No. 4460

Good thing she's so drunk she'll most likely forget anything she saw at home, though Our lead would have to lay low in terms of 'fun' with Chen until things are figured out between him and Ran.
No. 4461

Pretty much this, cmon take it easy as the lead has not done something spectacularly stupid; nor do I see him doing so any time in the near future.

At most he may just get a reprimand; especially if Yukari had considered the possibility of Chen's interests.
No. 4463
Everything's probably fine; Yukari might ask a question or two, but I'm pretty close to positive that she intended for this to happen. Think of it from Yukari's POV: wouldn't it be better for Chen to have her first time with someone that Yukari knows is a caring and decent guy, as well as someone under her control?
This is all Just As Planned for Yukari.

Also, I expected this walk-in. The comments about having "enough time" were a tip-off.

What to do in the future:
1. Be honest with Yukari, as always.
2. Do not discuss this with Ran unless accompanied by Yukari and/or Chen. The last thing we need is for her to freak out and go into Mama Bear mode.
3. Don't try to go for Ran when she's drunk, but if Yukari lets drunk Ran off the leash long enough for her to try to rape us, well... we'll see where that leads.

Hmm. I remember Yukari's comments in Aya's interview to the effect of "Ran's my shikigami, so she gets more powerful when she's going along with my will." I wonder if that pertains to sexual pleasure as well, and how that might factor into a group encounter.
No. 4465
Update done, proofreader, etc.
No. 4466
This makes me wonder, do you think Yukari will eventually make us into an "official" shikigami or will we just be her little pet?
No. 4467
I'm wondering whether it's even possible to turn a human into a shikigami.
No. 4468
No because shikigami aren't real.

By which I mean, in the land of fantasy, anything goes. And even if it didn't, there's the border between "humans can become shikigami" and "humans can't become shikigami" for her to mess with.
No. 4469
File 126396607136.jpg - (177.05KB , 900x750 , 3c47cca5864e91cd0003eb5582ef6406.jpg ) [iqdb]
I gave up on my usual proofreader and had a fresh pair of eyes skim it. Hopefully it's fine, though. If I mysteriously delete and repost it tomorrow, you'll know why.


“Yu, Yukari,” you stutter out. Chen freezes up on your lap and squeezes the chair arms.

She laughs and nods. “I'm glad you haven't forgotten my name while you were busy fucking Chen,” she says with a sly grin. “In my favorite chair, of all things.”

“I, I, uh, Yukari,” you try to speak but can't piece together the words. Yukari shrugs and walks Ran over to the sofa, sitting down with her. Chen finally realizes what's happening and moves her hands and arms to cover herself.

Ran stares at the two of you through heavy-lidded eyes. “Even she got him before me, Yukari,” Ran wails, flopping her tear-streaked face into Yukari's bosom.

She simply smiles and pats Ran's back. “Oh, don't cry. You'll get him soon enough.” Yukari turns her gaze to you and your partner. “Well?” she asks expectantly.

You look at her in confusion. “Well what?” you return.

Yukari laughs again. “You two just said you weren't done. Continue, then.”

Chen stares at Yukari in shock. “Right here? In front of,” she pauses, swallowing, “in front of you and mama Ran?”

You shake your head. “I don't think we should...”

“Nonsense!” Yukari shouts. “In fact, your master orders you to,” she demands. “You have no qualms about putting it inside of this sweet little kitty, so why not do it with an audience?”

Ran removes her face from Yukari's chest and turns around to look in your direction. Her eyes go wide, fixated intently on the cum dripping from Chen's cunt. Rather than have a fit, she quietly licks her lips. “Yukari,” she mutters. “She got him before I did.” Ran slumps on to the couch and continues to watch you both.

Yukari grins widely. “Well, it seems you'll need to give Ran what she wants. But right now I want you to bend Chen over the table here,” she directs you with a laugh, gesturing to the table in front of the sofa.

“Chen?” you ask. She turns her head and nods slowly. “I know, we have no choice,” you tell her quietly. Chen slides from your lap and walks over to the table, bending over it and presenting herself to you.

“Eager little kitty,” Yukari chuckles. “You must have made her happy for her to be that wanting.” You glance to Yukari and then stand up to follow Chen. “No, no, over here, Ran and I can see better that way.” The both of you move to the side of the table. Chen supports herself with her hands, that small butt wiggling back and forth in front of you. Cum and her juices drip from her pussy as she awaits you. Your cock comes to life again as you slide in behind her and grip her rump. “Perhaps you and Chen enjoy being watched.” Yukari pulls her legs up and slips off her panties. She relaxes, spreading her legs wide. “Come on then,” she urges. Her fingers idly rub along her slit.

You gently push back inside of Chen. She moans quietly while taking you in. It's strange to have the others watching you, but it's a good kind of strange. Your hands find their way to Chen's petite breasts, groping and massaging them. She looks up and glances at the two women on the couch, swallowing nervously. You lean down and kiss her gently on the back, Chen seeming to calm a bit at the touch. “Are you ready?” you ask her.

“Please,” is all Chen says. Yukari giggles and dips a finger inside of herself. You withdraw from Chen and slide back inside. A quiet slap can be heard as your body taps hers. She winces and tightens around you. You exhale sharply and pull free again. “I don't care that they're watching, I want this,” she moans out. Your hands release her chest and return to rest on her butt, giving it a light squeeze. Her body seizes up as the tip of your thumb touches her anus. You enter Chen's slippery tunnel, this time rhythmically pumping into her.

Yukari grins widely at the two of you. “You really have broken her in, haven't you?” she asks rhetorically. “Ran, come here.” Ran turns to look at Yukari, who grabs Ran's clothing and tears the top open. A surprised look comes across Ran's face as Yukari does the same to herself. “Let's play, Ran. But keep an eye on them.” She roughly grabs one of Ran's breasts and sucks the nipple into her mouth. Her free hand reaches down to pull Ran's dress up. Yukari tears her panties off and forces a few fingers inside. Ran moans loudly while being molested, her own hand reaching up to squeeze on her breast. Not once does Ran's gaze shift from the sight of your penis sliding into Chen.

Chen moans with every stroke your cock makes into her. Her butt pushes back against you and she lets out a sharp gasp as your thumb passes into her tight pucker. “More, more,” she cries. Chen bucks backwards and causes your finger to push in deeper. She breathes heavily as your hard length slides in and out of her cum-soaked tunnel. “Please, please use your fingers too, it feels good back there.” You tightly grip her ass and force the other thumb inside. Chen groans and arches her back.

Across the room, Yukari fucks Ran with her fingers. “You want to taste the man you want so badly?” she asks. Ran gives a frenzied nod in reply. “Tongue out.” You glance over to the pair and spot something black in front of Ran's face. You nearly jump when a tongue runs across your sack. A loud 'mm' can be heard from Ran as she sucks on it. You yelp and attempt to keep up the pace within Chen as Ran continues to taste you. Yukari laughs at your reaction and releases Ran, pushing on her. “Go get him, Ran. Have a taste up close and personal.” Ran gives her a drunken, dumb nod and moves behind you. She kneels down and grabs you from behind. “Use your tongue on him like I've done to you, Ran.” Her face is buried in your rear and a tongue forces its way inside of your anus. Yukari giggles and relaxes on the sofa, fingering herself while watching the scene.

Your body tenses up as Ran's tongue twists around inside of you. “Delicious,” she says to herself after pulling free. She takes a deep breath and digs back in.

“Ran,” you moan. Whenever you pull back from Chen, you can feel Ran's tongue entering even deeper. She licks the depths of your asshole, moaning and making embarrassing slurping noises as she eats you. “Chen, I'm going to cum,” you warn her. Chen looks back and nods. Her arms finally give out and she lays on the table, her ass in the air. She screams out as your thumbs tug on her anus and slightly stretch it. A sudden rush of fluid surrounds your cock and flows down your thighs to the floor. Your own orgasm comes shortly after, Chen moaning as you soak her. The combined fluid pools on the floor below.

Yukari raises an eyebrow. “Ran, take a taste of what him and your girl have made.” Ran's tongue leaves you and she looks at Yukari, nodding. She gets on her hands and knees, lapping up the mixture on the floor. You slump over Chen and take deep, ragged breaths. “Very good,” Yukari chuckles to herself. Ran sits up on her knees and laps a bit of cum from her hands. A gap swallows Ran and deposits her on the couch. Yukari grabs her head and pulls it to her cunt. Ran's tongue flicks out and buries itself inside. “You were definitely a good investment, my pet,” she sighs happily. “You know, I was thinking, I won't need you in my bed all the time, dear.”

You push up from Chen and slide out, stumbling backwards into the chair. The small girl moans and crawls from the table. She walks slowly towards you and climbs into your lap. Chen briefly looks up at you with a happy smile before resting on your chest. You place a hand on her head, gently stroking her hair. “What're you talking about, Master?” you ask weakly.

Your master grins at the scene. “My, my, you really do have Chen captivated,” she says in an amused tone. “I don't mind, just remember you're mine.” Yukari lets out a short moan and forces Ran's face deeper between her thighs. It seems as if Yukari is keeping her composure despite the tongue lapping furiously at her. “In any case, I was thinking of giving you a room to call your own.”

You cock your head. “Why don't I just sleep with you?” you inquire.

“Oh, I love your company, but some nights I simply don't want any,” she answers with a shrug. “I'll call on you if I want you, of course.” Yukari smiles and laughs to herself. “I wonder if I should make you share a room, actually.” She shakes her head as if dispelling the thought. “No, no, I know just the place for you. Besides that, if you get a late night visitor,” she glances to Chen and Ran, “you'll have privacy without waking me.”

Chen shifts in your lap. “I wanna sleep with him,” she tells Yukari.

Yukari simply chuckles in response. “You can visit him if you'd like, Chen, I won't stop you.” A fan slips from a gap and into her hand. “You'll be in your own room tonight, though.” She turns back to you. “I'll have to get your room organized tomorrow, do you mind sleeping with Ran tonight?” she asks with a wide grin. Ran's stained face leaves Yukari's crotch and she glances towards you shyly.

[ ] Write-in.
No. 4470
[X] "I'd love to."
No. 4471
[X] "I'd love to."
No. 4472
[X] "I'd love to."

Why not?
No. 4473
[X] "I'd love to."
No. 4474
[X] "I'd love to."

Ran <3
No. 4475
Good answer.
[+] "I'd love to."
No. 4477
File 126397400673.jpg - (58.55KB , 480x640 , 1262366375046.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] "I'd love to."

God I love this story.
No. 4479

[X] "I'd love to."
No. 4480
[X] "I'd love to."
No. 4481
[X] "I'd love to."

Any other answer would be crazy talk.
No. 4482
Votes closed. Now to write a night with tired and drunken Ran.
No. 4483
damn the vote closed already, I would of suggested inviting Chen with us too but I guess I'm being greedy. A Ran is fine too.
No. 4484
I was thinking of adding that but I figured the consensus of 'I'd love to' would have drowned it out, so I'm resigned to wishfully thinking Chen normally sleeps with Ran anyway.
No. 4485

Well I think Chen had her moment and this is Ran's moment perhaps. Chen might sneak into bed anyways.
No. 4486
File 126401016568.jpg - (315.14KB , 1024x780 , 6326501.jpg ) [iqdb]
I'm so happy we're a part of the Yakumo family right now.
No. 4487
>“You'll be in your own room tonight, though.”
Yeah, I missed that in my first couple readings.
No. 4489
File 126403042779.jpg - (170.48KB , 606x750 , ce2be62b5bec71f166ac74ff762cb893.jpg ) [iqdb]
You'd get updates faster if I skipped the whole proofreading thing, but quality might suffer.

[X] “I'd love to.”


You return Yukari's grin. “Of course, Master. I'd love to,” you answer.

Yukari laughs and spreads the fan open. “I suppose I'll send everyone to where they belong,” she says to herself. She lightly fans herself as she speaks. “Chen, stand up for me, would you kindly?” Chen turns to her and nods, hopping from your lap with a disappointed look on her face. Yukari flicks the fan in Chen's direction as she disappears into a gap. She swings the fan around and Ran dumps onto your lap. Her eyes go wide and she groans drunkenly, trying to cover her breasts in embarrassment. “You make an adorable couple,” she teases. Another flick of the fan. The surroundings melt away and shift before your eyes. You're now standing in Ran's bedroom, its owner clinging to you weakly.

Ran kisses your chest and starts to lose her grip. She flops down on the futon, naked and with her legs spread. “Come on,” she mumbles drunkenly, grabbing for your hand. You lose your balance and fall on top of Ran. You realize how strong Ran is as she pulls you into her breasts and tightly embraces you. She rolls onto her side and releases you. “Finally got you,” she says with a smile on her face.

You lay beside her, face to face, and watch her. Ran simply stares at you happily. “Ran, you could have told me sooner,” you tell her.

She sobs quietly, tears trickling down her face. “I know, but it's hard to say,” she cries. “And having to watch you with Yukari and Chen and I just want you to be with me too,” she continues, her speech heavily slurred. Ran grabs you and presses her body to your own. Her lips meet your own and she forces her tongue through them. The taste of Chen's juices mixed with your own fills your mouth.

You place an arm around Ran's waist. She breaks the kiss and lays there smiling. “Do you want to...” you start.

Ran places a finger on your lips to hush you, shaking her head. “I want you to hold me,” she whispers. “I want to feel loved.” She sniffles and puts her arms around you. “Yukari always brings men here and,” Ran starts, choking back a sob, “she uses them and either sends them back or uses them for food.” Your eyes go wide in shock, but you stay silent. “She always says they're bad people or just not right.” She blinks back a few tears and tries to continue, speaking quick and anxiously. “You're the first one she kept, and you're such a nice guy and she's never let me have anybody.” Ran sighs and speaks again, seemingly content to just ramble drunkenly with you listening. “All the men in the village are afraid of me,” she cries. “But you, you're different, you're kind and open-minded.” She rolls on top of you, pinning you down. Tears drip from her and land on your face. “Then there was that night you made me feel good,” she whispers softly, then sniffles loudly. “And I want you to be my first.”

“Ran? Your first?” you ask in surprise. You had a feeling she'd been around a long time and you didn't expect such a woman to be as inexperienced as she is, let alone a virgin.

She shakes her head. “I, um,” she starts, pausing to think, “I've never been with a man, but Yukari broke it a long time ago.” Ran looks away, disappointed in herself. She rolls off of you and sits up.

You sit up as well and slide up against her, placing your arms around her waist. “I'd be more than happy to,” you say quietly.

Ran sniffles and smiles at you. “Thank you, and thank you for listening,” she replies. “I just wanna talk tonight though, and maybe...” Ran pauses to think and looks away shyly. She might be regaining her composure now, or perhaps some of her inhibitions remain despite drinking all night. “Maybe just have you touch me a little bit, like that night.” She places a soft kiss on your cheek, then sighs sadly. “When we go to drink in the village, all the humans avoid us.” She wipes a tear from her face. “Yukari gets me drinks and talks to the other youkai, it's sad but nobody wants to deal with us because they're afraid.” Ran leans against you, using you for support. “Me and Komachi sit there all night drinking, watching the dancer. The humans stare and say things about us.” Ran sobs again and looks to you. “You're the first person who has looked at me as a woman and not a monster.”

“That's because you aren't,” you reassure her, bringing a hand up to gently stroke her cheek. Ran's lips brush your own cheek briefly before she lays down on the futon.

She takes your hand and smiles. “I just want you to stay with me tonight and hold me,” Ran whispers. You nod and lay down beside her, reaching down to pull the covers above the both of you. She puts her arms around you and rests her head below your chin. Ran goes silent, save for the quiet sound of her breathing. You slip your arms beneath hers and wrap them around her back. She sighs happily, rubbing her head against your neck. Ran's warmth and quiet breathing quickly lull you to sleep.

You crack your eyes open when morning comes. The soft light of the rising sun floods the room. You're lying on your back alone, the sound of soft sobbing coming from the far corner of the room. Sitting up groggily, you search for the source of the crying. Ran sits by herself, legs pulled up to her chest. She glances in your direction and then immediately turns away. “Ran?” you say to her questioningly.

“No, no,” she wails. “I woke up and you,” she pauses to sob. “I don't even know.” Ran tries to hide her naked body in embarrassment. “Did we?” she asks herself. “No,” she shakes her head, “No, I'd know.”

It seems Ran has sobered up since last night and is both confused and scared. You know her true feelings now, but the hard part is helping her recollect and come to terms with them.

[ ] Write-in.
No. 4492
[X] Explain that all that happened was some talking and sleeping.
-[x] Explain that Yukari had you sleep here since she felt like sleeping alone and to prepare "my" room.
[x]Offer her to walk with you outside to talk in private.
-[x] "As to what we talked about, you were telling me things that had been troubling you for a long time. If you like I will tell you what you've told me in private; at least after we get dressed."
No. 4493
>Me and Komachi sit there all night drinking
There's a friendship I wasn't expecting. Makes me wonder how they get along, given how uptight this Ran seems.

[X] "We didn't have sex, Ran." Try to approach her, but give her as much space as she wants. "We just fell asleep after talking." Wait for her to calm down out of the panic she's in.
[X] "You told me last night... that you were lonely. That you've been lonely for a long time. And... you asked me to help you."
[X] "And I said yes." Try to get closer; touch her, if possible. "I don't want you to feel like you're alone, Ran. If there's anything I can do to help you, please tell me."

We can give her the full details of last night when she's not panicked and crying; she needs the Cliff Notes version now. It may be too much, too soon, but the goal here is to get her to admit her feelings while she's sober; giving her time to compose herself and sink back into denial may be a step backwards.

How many mistakes does your proofreader normally find? I could stomach a few typos if it meant a significant decrease in waiting time.
No. 4494

It is not typos that he catches. That's what my spell chequer is for.

It's things like: into/onto usage (I still fucking struggle with this), grammatical errors, failures in continuity, clunky writing and things along those lines.
No. 4495
Ah, so he's a copy-editor, not a proofreader. In that case, stay the course.
No. 4496

I wasn't aware of the difference.
No. 4497

Including the part with Chen sex? That'll be the hardest part of it finding a way to explain that to her and not dying.
No. 4498

I'm pretty generous and I'd say she's far enough along that she wouldn't kill you. But hey, you'd have to see for yourself.
No. 4499
"Ran grabs you and presses her body to your own. Her lips meet your own and she forces her tongue through them. The taste of ->Chen's<- juices mixed with your own fills your mouth."

Ya missed one...not that it matters, everyone knows who your talking about...

No. 4500
[x] This
No. 4501
Actually, that isn't a mistake, Yukari did tell Ran to have a taste of both Chen's and his juices, which aparrantly the taste was still in Rans mouth when she kissed him.
No. 4502
>Yukari raises an eyebrow. “Ran, take a taste of what him and your girl have made.” Ran's tongue leaves you and she looks at Yukari, nodding. She gets on her hands and knees, lapping up the mixture on the floor.
No. 4504
[x] Walk over, sit down behind her, and give her a hug.
-[x] "Nothing happened, we just talked."
-[x] Continue trying to calm her down and reassure her.
[x] "I think we should get dressed. I'll make breakfast. I'd like to sit down and have a serious talk with you later, if that's alright with you."

I think we should get it together and form a proper conversation when we're good and ready.
No. 4505
[x] Walk over, sit down behind her, and give her a hug.
-[x] "Nothing happened, we just talked."
-[x] Continue trying to calm her down and reassure her.
[x] "I think we should get dressed. I'll make breakfast. I'd like to sit down and have a serious talk with you later, if that's alright with you."
No. 4506
[X] "We didn't have sex, Ran." Try to approach her, but give her as much space as she wants. "We just fell asleep after talking." Wait for her to calm down out of the panic she's in.
[X] "You told me last night... that you were lonely. That you've been lonely for a long time. And... you asked me to help you."
[X] "And I said yes." Try to get closer; touch her, if possible. "I don't want you to feel like you're alone, Ran. If there's anything I can do to help you, please tell me."
No. 4507
[X] "We didn't have sex, Ran." Try to approach her, but give her as much space as she wants. "We just fell asleep after talking." Wait for her to calm down out of the panic she's in.
[X] "You told me last night... that you were lonely. That you've been lonely for a long time. And... you asked me to help you."
[X] "And I said yes." Try to get closer; touch her, if possible. "I don't want you to feel like you're alone, Ran. If there's anything I can do to help you, please tell me."
No. 4508
[X] "We didn't have sex, Ran." Try to approach her, but give her as much space as she wants. "We just fell asleep after talking." Wait for her to calm down out of the panic she's in.
[X] "You told me last night... that you were lonely. That you've been lonely for a long time. And... you asked me to help you."
[X] "And I said yes." Try to get closer; touch her, if possible. "I don't want you to feel like you're alone, Ran. If there's anything I can do to help you, please tell me."
No. 4509
Closing votes, will be writing today. Winner is:

[X] "We didn't have sex, Ran." Try to approach her, but give her as much space as she wants. "We just fell asleep after talking." Wait for her to calm down out of the panic she's in.
[X] "You told me last night... that you were lonely. That you've been lonely for a long time. And... you asked me to help you."
[X] "And I said yes." Try to get closer; touch her, if possible. "I don't want you to feel like you're alone, Ran. If there's anything I can do to help you, please tell me."
No. 4510
File 126409502622.jpg - (587.91KB , 933x1339 , f70f79074e59a86071293f8c71675762.jpg ) [iqdb]
Short update, maybe you'll get two today if I get a reasonable amount of votes on this one.

Also, this hasn't been checked by my copy-editor!

[X] "We didn't have sex, Ran." Try to approach her, but give her as much space as she wants. "We just fell asleep after talking." Wait for her to calm down out of the panic she's in.
[X] "You told me last night... that you were lonely. That you've been lonely for a long time. And... you asked me to help you."
[X] "And I said yes." Try to get closer; touch her, if possible. "I don't want you to feel like you're alone, Ran. If there's anything I can do to help you, please tell me."


You stand up slowly, inching towards Ran. “We didn't have sex, Ran,” you tell her in a calm, reassuring tone. She shifts slightly and covers her body with a few tails. Her eyes watch you carefully as you approach. “All we did was talk, and then we fell asleep together.” Ran breathes heavily, but stays silent. She looks up and down your body, and as you look into her eyes it seems as if there is something buried beneath the fear and uncertainty.

Ran blushes as she glances at your nude body. “I know, I know,” she whispers, mostly to herself. Ran still shakes slightly at your approach, but she has visibly calmed down a bit.

“Ran, there was something you told me last night,” you say to her. “Do you remember what it is?” Ran pauses for a moment to think and then shakes her head. Another few inches close between you and her. “You told me that you were lonely, Ran,” you remind her gently. She blinks back a few tears, still watching you. “You said that you've been lonely for a long time. Do you remember now?”

Ran gives a short nod. “It's coming back,” she answers quietly. “You, you said...”

You smile and extend your hand, now only a few feet from her. “I said I'd help you, Ran,” you finish for her. “You asked me to help you, and I want to.” She nods and lets her guard down. You slowly close the distance, placing a hand on her shoulder. “I don't want you to feel like you're alone.” Ran's hand touches your own. You move in a bit closer, pushing past her tails and embracing her. “If there's anything I can do to help you, please tell me,” you tell her, your words backed with care.

Ran cracks a soft smile. “Last night was a haze,” she mutters quietly. “I'm sorry,” she adds with a sniffle. “I'm just trying to piece the memories together.” Ran takes in a ragged breath and places her arms around you. Her tails encapsulate both of you, warming your naked bodies. “I, I,” she stutters. Ran takes you by surprise as her lips meet yours. “Thank you,” she whispers afterward. “I want to remember last night, most of it is blurry still.”

You rest in her tails and cuddle up a bit closer, offering her a smile. “Let's walk through it from the beginning, Ran,” you suggest. “Start at the beginning.”

Ran nods and reaches up to wipe a few tears away. “Yukari and I left for the bar,” she begins. “When we got there we went and sat down on the side for non-humans.”

“They separate you in the bar?” you ask Ran incredulously.

She shakes her head. “Not really, it's just that none of the humans want to be near us,” she replies sadly. “We're man-eaters, harvesters of souls, bearers of misfortune. At least, that's what they believe.” Ran's head rests against your chest. “Yukari went off to talk to some of the others in the bar. I sat with Komachi and started drinking.” Her tails and grip on you tighten noticeably. “We watched the dancer, Iku I think it was, and drank. She tried to cheer me up, but...”

You stroke her soft hair. “But what, Ran?”

“She tries to be cheerful, but you can see the loneliness there too, so it didn't help much.” Ran sighs. “Iku drank with us for a few minutes after her show. After that, I can't remember much.”

[ ] Tell Ran the truth, leave no details out.
[ ] Leave out what happened with the others when they got home.
[ ] Write-in.
No. 4511
[X] Tell Ran the truth, leave no details out.

Maybe it'll spark some memories. Also:

[X] If she starts to freak out assure her that Yukari and Chen will vouch for your story.
No. 4512

Well, I guess I'll shut up now...
No. 4513
[X] Tell Ran the truth, leave no details out.
[X] If she starts to freak out assure her that Yukari and Chen will vouch for your story.
No. 4514
[X] Tell Ran the truth, leave no details out.
[X] If she starts to freak out assure her that Yukari and Chen will vouch for your story.
[x] If she doesn't, remark on wanting to meet a friend of hers sometime when you have time available.

Though with our luck we might end up taking care of Komachi's loneliness as well regardless of if Ran introduces her to us or not. That is when there's an opening in the schedule.
No. 4515
[X] Tell Ran the truth, leave no details out.
[X] If she starts to freak out assure her that Yukari and Chen will vouch for your story.
No. 4516
[X] Tell Ran the truth, leave no details out.
[X] If she starts to freak out assure her that Yukari and Chen will vouch for your story.
No. 4517
[X] Tell Ran the truth, leave no details out.

>[X] If she starts to freak out assure her that Yukari and Chen will vouch for your story.
If she starts to freak out, it won't be because she thinks we're lying, it'll be because she ate our ass while stone cold drunk. In fact:

[X] Get her a glass of water.

It'll help with any hangover she might be feeling, too.
No. 4518
[X] Tell Ran the truth, leave no details out.
[X] If she starts to freak out assure her that Yukari and Chen will vouch for your story.
No. 4519
closed, writing
No. 4520
> If she starts to freak out, it won't be because she thinks we're lying, it'll be because she ate our ass while stone cold drunk
I was thinking more along the lines of 'She starts to worry that we're just leaving out the part where we had our way with her drunken body'.
No. 4521
sir, this is the best touhou pronfic I've read so far, I hope you continue this until you die.
No. 4522
File 126412355022.jpg - (93.98KB , 1005x1000 , e7d63bfb6859ee8cdfe55b80e0665cbb.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Tell Ran the truth, leave no details out.
[X] If she starts to freak out assure her that Yukari and Chen will vouch for your story.


You take Ran's hand, interlacing your fingers with hers and squeezing it. “I can tell you what happened, but it might be a shock.”

Ran nods hesitantly. “I understand,” she says, trying to prepare herself mentally.

“When Yukari brought you home, you two walked in on myself and Chen,” you say bluntly. You wince instinctively, but nothing happens.

Ran sits there in a daze trying to process it. “Walked in on...” Ran's eyes go wide as she realizes what you are saying. “You're saying you had sex with Chen?” she asks in disbelief. Her hand tightens around yours.

You sigh and give her a nod. “Yes, Ran. I'm sorry, I know she's young and you care about her, but...” Ran cuts you off.

“No, stop, it's...” Ran takes a deep breath. “I almost want to say it's okay, since it was you and not somebody else. As long as she was willing and you didn't hurt her.” You're quite surprised she took it as well as she did.

Smiling, you give Ran a gentle kiss on the cheek. “Don't worry, Ran. I'd never hurt Chen,” you assure her. “Continuing on, Yukari instigated some fairly embarrassing things.” Ran cocks her head curiously. “She made you watch Chen and I,” you say hesitantly.

Ran's eyes go wide again. “I think I remember that. And Yukari made me...” Ran blushes profusely. “I, uh, I mean it wasn't too bad, I was just wondering what that taste in my mouth was.” Ran shifts uncomfortably at the thought of her tongue being in such a place.

“After that, Yukari put us in the same room together,” you finish.

She lets out a sigh of relief. “I would be upset about Chen if it wasn't you,” she repeats. “You said we didn't have sex, but what happened in here?” she inquires.

“You had me hold you, Ran,” you answer. “You cried and poured your heart out to me. You told me how you felt.” You shift in Ran's tails, pressing your body against hers affectionately. Ran blushes in response to your words and your touch. “You told me something else, Ran.” She stares at you inquisitively. “You said you wanted me to be your first,” you whisper to her. Her eyes go wide as your lips graze her cheek.

Ran stares at you in complete shock. “I, I what?” she asks in disbelief. You press your lips to her cheek. She shakes her head as if trying to clear it. “I can't run from my feelings,” she says quietly. “I was drunk, but that's how I feel.” She closes her eyes and kisses you briefly. “I've felt that way ever since that night, I was just afraid of you rejecting me because of what I am.”

You give Ran a warm smile. “I'd never turn you down, Ran. When you're ready, just tell me.”

Ran nods and returns the smile. “You're going to be leaving soon, so when you get home we can try to make time for each other.” Ran drapes her arms over your shoulders and presses her breasts against you. “But right now I want to repay you for that night,” she says nervously. “I want to make you feel good, so please relax with me,” she pleads. Ran's tails uncoil from the both of you. “Stand up for a moment, please.” You comply and stand, taking a few steps away. She shifts in the corner and rests on her soft tails. Ran spreads her arms and legs invitingly. “Just lay back in my arms, dear.” You sit down and slide back against Ran. She grabs your waist and pulls you up into her lap. Her heavy breasts and hard nipples press on your skin. Those tails shift beneath and around you. Ran giggles quietly as they slide across your body. A combination of her hands and tails stroke your chest and stomach.

“What are you doing, Ran?” you ask in surprise. Your cock hardens and jumps as the hairs brush against it. “Dear God,” you groan out.

Ran chuckles and whispers in to your ear. “I use my tails on myself sometimes, I figured you'd enjoy them too.” The tip of a tail wraps around your cock head and squeezes just below the crown. Ran's strong grip holds you in place as you instinctively thrust your hips up. You gasp sharply as a tail tickles the sensitive tip. She slides her hands down your body. They spread your legs wide and then allow the tails to take over. “I've never touched a man before, so please tell me if I hurt you,” she says with concern. Her inexperienced hands grab your shaft and tug on it once. You moan in approval which urges Ran on. A tail rests against the entrance of your anus.

“Oh, yes,” you groan. Your let your body go slack in Ran's embrace, letting her have control of you. Your head rolls back and rests in her cleavage. Ran's happy face looks down at you with a smile. She leans down and kisses your forehead. “Please,” you say as the tails caress your body. Ran nods and slowly stroke your shaft with both hands. You gasp and moan as those gentle hands and soft tails molest you. The fluffy tail between your legs tickles your asshole.

“I hope you don't mind if I play with you like I do myself,” she giggles. “Oh, I'm acting like such a pervert,” she adds, blushing. The tail around your cock head slowly strokes it as another pushes its way into your asshole. You cry out in pleasure as the tail penetrates you, pushing itself deep inside. Its thickness fills you and inadvertently causes pressure on your prostate. You moan loudly and cum uncontrollably. Ran gasps and grins as the cum splatters on your chest. “I think I've found your weak spot!” she proudly states. You take a few deep breaths as she pauses to let you regain composure. Ran's tail slips out and then suddenly thrusts inside of your anus again. She slicks her hand with the sticky semen on your chest and uses it to lube your penis. Her hands and tail roughly caress the entirety of your cock; stroking and rubbing on the head, pumping at the shaft. Ran's lust builds up as she continues the frenzied molestation.

You scream out in pleasure as your semen is drained from you again. “More, Ran, fuck me more,” you urge her on. Your jaw slackens and lets your tongue hang out. Her thick tail pumps away at your tight anus. You can't do much at this point aside from moan in pleasure and cum as she milks your prostate. She finally lets you go, sighing happily. Her hands massage your weak, stained body. “So wonderful,” you moan quietly.

“Now you know how I felt that night,” she comments. “You make me feel like a woman and not a monster.”

You groan weakly. “That's what you said last night, Ran...”

She blushes slightly and kisses your forehead. “Thank you,” she says in a happy tone. Ran's tails release you and her arms wrap around your waist. She seems content to hold you in her arms for the time being. “When you get home we'll get together, alright?” You nod and offer her a weak smile. “We can stay here a few minutes longer, but we should get you off to the bath and I need to start breakfast.” You sigh contentedly and relax on Ran's body. The sound of rapping on the door can be heard. You look up to Ran and nod. “Come in,” she calls out.

The door slides open and Yukari steps inside. She immediately laughs upon seeing Ran holding your soaked and exhausted body. “Oh my, you really did want him, didn't you?” she says. Ran blushes and turns her head. “I was just coming to remind him that he's going to visit Byakuren today.” Yukari grins and chuckles. “Could use a wash first, I'll drop him in the tub so you can get dressed, Ran.” She snaps her fingers and you fall into a tub full of warm water with a splash. Glancing around the room in surprise, you spot a neatly folded set of clothing. A pleased smile crosses your face as you begin to wash up. You hop out of the bath as soon as you're finished and pull on the clothes that Yukari left. The smell of breakfast wafts through the air already.

The rest of the family is seated at the table when you enter the kitchen. Yukari offers you a sly grin, while the others give you a happy smile. Ran passes food in your direction as you sit next to Yukari. “Good morning,” you greet them. They all return the greeting and continue eating, save for your master.

“I suppose this makes you part of the family,” Yukari cheerfully says to you. “So, are you ready for your trip?”

You nod to her. “I'm sure it will be fun, though I'll miss everyone while I'm gone.”

Yukari giggles. “Such a sweet man, aren't we? Take your time with eating, and I'll drop you on the trail to Byakuren's home when you're ready.”

“Is there anything I should bring?” you ask Yukari.

She shakes her head. “No, unless you want to bring the sword along. You probably won't need it, but that's up to you.” You start to dig into the meal, but a pair of chopsticks pokes through a gap and steals some of your food. “Mm, delicious,” Yukari chuckles. You roll your eyes and return to eating quietly. As you set the empty dish down, Yukari takes a hold of your hand. “Ready to go?”

[ ] Yes, but bring the sword.
[ ] Yes, but don't bother with the sword.
[ ] No, you'd rather spend another day at home.
[ ] No, you'd rather have some personal time to ______
[ ] Write-in.
No. 4523
[x] Yes, but don't bother with the sword.

I'd have a feeling that Byakuren and her flock would prefer peaceful things than sparring. Still there's no point delaying our master's orders; we just have something very nice to come back to. And Tailplay is definitely nice.
No. 4524
[X] Yes, but bring the sword.
-[x]It'll be something to help work on my stamina.

I'm sure someone else can think of something better, but I'd never imagine the lead would take to pegging rather comfortably. Too many things being stimulated to even bother him I suppose?
No. 4526

I don't consider tailfuck to be pegging. Things are going to go far beyond pegging, though.
No. 4527

Think of the possibilities of it being simply a tool for physical and mental conditioning, perhaps something Ichirin & Shou would be willing to show/teach during the lead's stay.
No. 4529
The distinction seems rather academic to me. (Not that I mind either.)

[X] Yes, but bring the sword.
No. 4530
[X] Yes, but bring the sword.

>I'd have a feeling that Byakuren and her flock would prefer peaceful things than sparring.

One of them is the avatar of Vaisravana. I'm pretty she would absolutely love to play rough with us. In more ways than one.
No. 4532
[ø] Yes, but bring the sword.
No. 4534

I doubt she'd be like that, perhaps not minding a spar, but not some battle thirsty berserker, otherwise she'd have gotten into bigger trouble in her life than passing off as basically as a god to humans at one time. I'm just pointing out the possible gap in that thinking, not that I care about how the vote goes, but I hope it doesn't have draw backs.
No. 4535
[x] Yes, but bring the sword.

The tail, it is heavenly. It- it has powers, great powers... Do not underestimate it.
No. 4536
[x] bring sword
As far as I see the development now, think of it, we were given the power to be unharmed by damaku, given a sword and apparently our own move we learned during our time with Shiki.
I believe that by the time we finish all the "mature" routes, who apparently have a relationship with Yukari, we will learn everything we need to save Gensokyo and then unlock everyone's harem.
Hell, if I recall there was no route for the underworld so if anything, we can make them the final baddies, kick ass and reap the awards.
Hey like I said this is just a guess for the future, if you actually had some intent for our hack ability then by all means but I doubt it would be word for word.
By the way since we got a sword, we can ask Sakuya if she'll ...fffff we don't have a route open towards Scarlet Mansion do we? Well we got Yuyuko "dead princess" route so then Youmu can teach us more on sword play. Ahhh Youmu-chan~ teach me how to be an obedient slave for my master~
No. 4537

You people think way too short term in assuming there is nothing beyond the five ladies that were presented to choose from.

I have an entire 'story' planned out.
No. 4538
[X] Yes, but bring the sword.
No. 4539
[x] Yes, but don't bother with the sword.

>A combination of her hands and tails stroke your chest and stomach.

This...is something I can only dream of... ;_;
No. 4540

Yeah this is just for starters, afterwards I'm sure Master Yukari has more people to introduce us to. I'm not sure how much combat will be involved, but I'm certain a shit ton of 'bedtop sports for indoor types' will be had.
No. 4542
[X] Yes, but bring the sword.
No. 4543
[X] Yes, but bring the sword.

God damn that was awesome.
No. 4544
[x] Yes, but don't bother with the sword.
just think if someone was to attack us during sex, then who would protect the bitches?
No. 4545
[X] Yes, but bring the sword.

Chicks dig phallic weapons. (even if we don't have to use it, we can make it part of our Look)
No. 4546
Probably not us. Hell, because of our special power, we can't even take a shot for them since it would just go right through!
No. 4547
>I have an entire 'story' planned out.
You get your ultimate skill and make 200 clones of yourself and fuck the whole Touhou cast at once? And then they get all pregnant and more fucking ensues.
[x] Yes, but bring the sword.
No. 4549
Votes closed.

[X] Yes, but bring the sword. was the winner.
No. 4550
Might we deflect it with the sword, though?

Getting Star Wars vibes here.
No. 4551
File 126418360529.jpg - (173.88KB , 614x800 , 8330367.jpg ) [iqdb]
I think there are going to be consequences when our ability becomes general knowledge... hopefully sexy consequences.

I'm looking forward to Byakuren.
No. 4554
No. 4555
Update will be a bit late tonight, sorry folks. But you'll probably get one.
No. 4556
We'll wait warmly..
No. 4557
gripping super weapon, fire on command captain.
No. 4558
So, I really wanted this segment read over by my guy, but he seems to be unavailable. If he isn't around in the next half hour I will update regardless.
No. 4564
File 12642294164.jpg - (354.58KB , 626x885 , eedf378e7c5d3d76a9a5e98bac02e7dc.jpg ) [iqdb]
Deleting and reposting, hell yeah. Anyway, have your update. Options clarified.

[X] Yes, but bring the sword.


“Yeah,” you say to Yukari with a nod. “But I do want to bring that sword.”

Yukari grins and pulls you up with her. “I thought as much,” she chuckles. She produces the sword from a gap. “I'll be dropping you on the trail to Byakuren's home, just follow the path until you get there.” She laughs to herself. “There might be a surprise waiting for you, but no guarantees.”

You cock your head. “Yukari, what are you talking about?” you say to yourself as you stare down an empty forest. A hand sticks out from a gap briefly to wave goodbye. You glance downward and pull your sword from the ground. It seems the path only goes one way. The other end tapers off into the depths of the forest. Shrugging once, you start along the path.

The sun shines down through the treetops and lights your way. Birds sing and fly about in the warm air. You glance briefly over one shoulder at the sound of a twig snapping nearby. “Oh, please,” you mutter to yourself. “Yukari thinks she's clever.” You sigh, dragging the sword along idly. A shadow streaks by in front of you. “Don't you have anything better to do, Yukari?” you call out.

“My name isn't Yukari,” a voice says. A girl hangs upside down right before your face, grinning widely. You stare at her, stunned, mouth agape. “Boo,” she says. A massive, wet tongue slides up your body. Your grip on the sword loosens and it falls to the ground.

“Jesus Christ!” you shout as you stumble backwards and fall down. The girl laughs uncontrollably while she flies towards you. She stands over your head, legs parted, and looks down at you with a wide grin. You recover from the daze and take note of the sky-blue panties beneath her skirt. They cling tightly, showing off the outline of her puffy lips. Her moderately sized breasts hang down beneath her shirt as she bends over to watch you.

“The name's Kogasa!” she announces cheerfully, her multicolored eyes appraising you. Kogasa grins and giggles. A large umbrella with an extended tongue is held in both hands behind her. “I love humans!” she says happily. She rocks back and forth above you, causing her breasts to sway. Despite the sudden “So, did I surprise you?” she asks with a sweet smile.

You groan and rub your head. “You scared me half to death, so yes, I guess you did surprise me.”

She giggles in response. “Good! I mean, sorry, I just like surprising humans,” she says innocently. Kogasa stares at you expectantly.

“What?” you ask.

She coughs quietly. “Aren't you going to, y'know, scream and run away now?”

You blink a few times. “Why would I do that?”

Kogasa watches you. “Because you're a human, I'm a youkai.” You shrug in response. Kogasa continues talking, her gaze wandering your body. “But you're supposed to be afraid of me, like I'm going to...” She pauses and blushes. “You, you're,” Kogasa stutters, pointing at your erection. “What's this?” she asks in a surprised tone. “You're a weird human to think of me like that, you know.”

“I don't know, I don't see why youkai are so scary,” you tell Kogasa. “Every one I've met has looked like a normal girl, except for maybe having tails or some weird power.”

Kogasa drops the umbrella behind her, getting slightly flustered. “So, does that mean you think I'm pretty?” she asks as she nervously wrings her hands. You nod slowly to Kogasa. “Well, I guess you're kinda cute for a human, I'm just surprised.” She gasps and covers her mouth. Her free hand reaches down and touches the tip of your cock through your pants. She giggles as it twitches in response. “This thing is cute too,” she says with amusement. Kogasa lowers herself onto your face, laughing and teasing your penis. “You're a nice human, and I'm going to give you a good surprise.”

You reach up and grab her rump as your tongue laps at the crotch of her panties. She lets out a short yelp. “You're going to get a surprise as well, Kogasa,” you fire back with a chuckle. Her gentle hands peel down the front of your pants and let your shaft pop free. She presses your cock against your pelvis, her tongue sliding slowly down the length of it. Her smooth cheek rubs against your shaft, Kogasa's mouth sucking and lapping at your testicles. You moan loudly and grab at her panties. They tear off easily, exposing Kogasa's damp cunt and the pink pucker of her asshole.

Kogasa gasps sharply your tongue slides inside of her. “You're a fun human,” she moans. “Why don't you try your best to surprise me?” Her lips return to sucking on your sack and her hand grabs your cock. You grunt as she gives you a few quick strokes. Your fingers dig into her soft rear. She shrieks when your index fingers enter her asshole and spread it.

You free yourself from her soaked pussy. “I'll do my best, Kogasa,” you say eagerly. You slide her butt into position and put your tongue inside of the gaping hole. She gives a loud moan in return and forces herself against your mouth. Her own tongue slides up your shaft and wraps around the head of your penis. Kogasa bucks her hips back as your tongue runs along the inside of her anus. Her mouth encompasses your shaft and pulls your entire length inside. Her throat loosens around your cock and allows you to slide down it. Hands caress your crotch as a series of slurping and gagging noises come from Kogasa's tight throat. The juices from her cunt dribble down your face, the flow steadily increasing while you eat her. Your fingers retreat from her ass and push between her slippery pussy lips.

Her throat releases you, Kogasa gasping for air. “Oh my,” she gasps out. “Keep doing that!” she insists while her hand tightly squeezes your cock and strokes it. “I'm going to drink it all, human.” She laps your exposed head briefly before sucking the entire length in again. You moan into her and push your hips upward. Her throat tightens around you. Your body tenses up and Kogasa grabs the base of your cock, her hand clamping down on it. Her legs wrap around you and she rolls the both of you over. Kogasa now lays beneath you, your cock sliding from her throat with just the tip remaining between her lips. Your tongue buries itself as deep into her anus as it can and your fingers roughly pound her drenched pussy. Kogasa's hand releases your cock, allowing you to have release. She moans as warm cum floods her mouth. An effort is made by her to make the sound of her swallowing your semen as noticeable as possible. Kogasa's legs shudder and slacken, her lips slipping from your shaft. She cries out loudly, juices squirting forcefully against your chin and chest. You're rolled over again, Kogasa on top of you once more. “That was wonderful,” she giggles. She turns about and lays on your wet body, kicking her legs up in the air playfully. “Not a drop to waste either.”

You lay beneath her, breathing heavily. “That felt great, Kogasa. You're full of surprises, aren't you.” She laughs and nods happily. “Look, I had fun, but I need to get going, I've got to meet somebody, you know?”

Kogasa lets out a quiet 'hmm' and taps her cheek. “Hey, do you mind if I follow you?” she asks you sweetly.

[ ] Yes, you can follow me.
[ ] No, you may not.
[ ] Write-in.
No. 4565

Go ahead and re-vote.
No. 4566
[x] Yes, you can follow me.

Can't turn her down, that and I doubt Byakuren would mind another cute girl either.
No. 4567
[x] Yes, you can follow me.

Must have more Kogasa! I'd love to see what she'd do to "surprise" us in bed.
No. 4568
[x] Yes, you can follow me.

No. 4569

[x]Sure, I don't see why not.. though.. do you know anything about Byakuren?
No. 4570
[x] Yes, you can follow me.
Little lost Umbrella
No. 4571
[X] Sure, I don't see why not, though... do you know anything about Byakuren?

She just milked us, so let's milk her some, too.
No. 4572
[X] Sure, I don't see why not, though... do you know anything about Byakuren?
No. 4573
>She just milked us, so let's milk her some, too.
I wonder if we'll be able to say that in Byakuren's scene, too.
No. 4574

Even though Kogasa has no milk most likely, I still would like to get a handful. Byakuren in contrast would be more than a handful (not to say that's a bad thing at all)
No. 4577
[X] Sure, I don't see why not, though... do you know anything about Byakuren?
No. 4578
[x] Yes, you can follow me.

A home for Kogasa. ;_;
No. 4579
>>4573 >>4574
I meant for information, you deviants.
No. 4580
One error got caught many hours after the fact but I won't bother with it.

>Despite the sudden

I was either going to write something else here but forgot to remove it when I changed my mind or accidentally dragged it in from another chunk of text in my log.
No. 4581

We know, but why not have the fun kind of milking as well?
No. 4582
Don't F5 this all day, I might take the weekend off from writing (or just update slowly).
No. 4583

you mean like all the other writefags?
No. 4584

If it makes you feel better, I do use some of the down time for brainstorming ideas for the story.
No. 4585
You mean you watch porn/hentai movies and doujin for inspiration.
No. 4587
Hey, whatever works, right?
No. 4591
Writing begins again today.
No. 4592
Also, it was [x] Yes, you can follow me.
No. 4593

As if there was any doubt; who could turn down Kogasa?
No. 4594
A heartless monster of a person, that's who. Though I'm sure none of us are like that.
No. 4595
File 126445426414.jpg - (303.41KB , 516x729 , 6554374.jpg ) [iqdb]
I think it is physically impossible for us to turn her down.

Could you honestly say 'no' to a face like this?
No. 4596

I wonder if she has Surprise breasts (bigger nude than they are in clothes) or not.
No. 4597
Update is done but it's a pretty large post and I really want my copy editor to go over it.
No. 4599
if you must, i'll be up all night till it comes
No. 4600
File 126447523730.png - (1.39MB , 1500x2118 , d2b944193eefb7691b2d962028fd7753.png ) [iqdb]
[x] Yes, you can follow me.


“Sure, I don't see why not, Kogasa,” you answer.

Kogasa cheers and flies up from you, doing a little flip in the air. It's rather humorous when you consider she isn't wearing any underwear. “Thanks!” she shouts. “I always wanted a human of my own.” As she hangs upside down in the air she seems to notice the lack of panties as well. Kogasa blushes and holds her skirt over her crotch. “You're gonna have to replace these, you know,” she says, pouting adorably afterwards.

You chuckle and stand up, brushing yourself off. “Sorry, Kogasa. I guess you'll have to be careful for now,” you laugh. You reach down and pick up the sword. “Alright then, if you're going to follow me then let's get going.”

She nods and picks up her umbrella. The umbrella itself is a rather creepy thing with two large eyes and a massive, wet tongue. Kogasa floats slowly behind you while you walk along the path. “Hey, can I ride on your back?” she asks in a sweet voice. You turn your head and smile, giving her a short nod. She lets out a happy cheer and grabs on to your back. Her legs and one arm embrace you, the other holding the umbrella off to one side. “You're such a nice human,” she remarks. Kogasa places her head on your shoulder and rests it against your own.

“How can I help but be nice to someone like you?” you ask playfully. Kogasa responds by embracing you a bit tighter. “Besides, it's much more fun with someone to talk to.”

“Yeah, so hey, I was wondering, I've never seen you before and I know most of the humans around here,” she comments. “And where are we going?”

You can't help but laugh at her bright, cheery demeanor. “I'm not from around here, and we're going to Byakuren's home,” you reply

“Huh?” she says with confusion. “If you aren't from around here, then what here are you from around?” she asks cryptically. Her eyes go wide with surprise when you tell her that you're from the outside. “That's amazing, and you're going to see Byakuren now, huh?”

You nod to her. “Yeah, I live with my master, Yukari. Byakuren is one of her friends.”

“Ooh, this sounds like fun. Byakuren is so weird, but you're weird too so I think you'll get along,” Kogasa says. Were it coming from somebody else, it'd probably sound like an offhanded insult. “Hey, do you think I can come home with you?”

You shrug in response. “Maybe, I don't know how Yukari would feel about it.” You think over the idea for a moment and chuckle. “Actually, I think I know how she'd feel about it.” Kogasa makes a confused noise. “Don't worry about it, but the answer is probably yes.”

Kogasa yawns loudly and closes her eyes. “Wake me up when we get there,” she mutters. She must have been tired out from the session earlier. You continue along the trail in silence. In the distance, the top of a building pokes out from the tree line. It isn't long before you come to a branch in the path. One leads towards a sprawling village and the other leads off to a house partially obscured by the tree line. Based on the directions you were given you take the second path towards the lone house. As the trees open up into a clearing, you get a better view of the house. It's a very traditional Japanese house, similar to Mayohiga with the rice-paper walls and exterior walkway; a woman stands on it, her attention focused on the task of sweeping.

You tap Kogasa's leg. “Wake up, Kogasa,” you urge her.
No. 4601
File 126447525765.jpg - (207.57KB , 500x845 , a435629684acf7f7222f0101e4c85228.jpg ) [iqdb]
She looks up as if suddenly alert. “I'm awake, I'm awake,” she yawns out. “Oh, hey, yeah, we're here, and that's Byakuren!” she says excitedly. Kogasa hops from your back and flies in the direction of the woman. “Hey Byakuren!” she yells. The woman looks up in surprise, which was expected, and drops her broom. You run off after Kogasa in an attempt to catch up. The woman, Byakuren, glances from Kogasa to you. As you approach, the details of her clothes become more apparent. A long, flowing outfit that resembles a black coat of sorts with a white dress beneath. A simple apron covers the front of her body and helps restrain her rather large bust. The odd thing about her, though, is the multi-hued hair that shifts from purple to brown. She watches you carefully for a moment before waving, although Kogasa is now in her face and distracting her.

Bits of the conversation can be heard as you approach. “Kogasa, I haven't seen you in a while, my dear!” Byakuren exclaims. A blush comes across the woman's face. “What happened to your...” She points at Kogasa's crotch, which causes the younger girl to pull her skirt down in embarrassment. Byakuren's eyes glance in your direction and a sly grin come across her face. “Nevermind, I have an idea. I'll get you a new pair in a bit.” She leans in to hug Kogasa and give her a kiss on the cheek. “Go on inside, there's some food on the table, dear.” Kogasa thanks her happily and walks inside.

“It's nice to meet you, Byakuren,” you greet her.

Byakuren's kind eyes study you. “You must be Yukari's friend, aren't you?” When you confirm her suspicions she smiles warmly. “I've been expecting you, and I've been told you met one of my children, yes?”

You nod. “Yes, I met Nazrin recently at Yukari's home.”

“She came home in a rather interesting state,” she says idly, picking up her broom. “Now that I see you, and judging from Kogasa, I think I understand.” You stand there, dumbstruck, and swallow nervously. “If you think I'd be upset, you've got another thing coming, young man.”

You cock your head curiously. “To be honest I'm quite confused at this point, Byakuren.”

She shakes her head. “Please, call me mother instead,” she requests politely. How odd of this woman to ask you such a thing. “As for your foibles, I'm quite pleased that you're building up relationships with the youkai.” Byakuren gives you this strange, knowing smile. “Yukari, her family,” she begins, “Nazrin, Kogasa, and others I imagine.” She chuckles quietly. “I like you, dear, you're helping bring youkai and humans closer together.”

You shrug to her. “I don't know, Bya...” She coughs loudly. “Sorry. Anyway, I'm not from around here so I don't 'get' the stigma of youkai and all that.”

Byakuren extends her hand, which you take. She helps pull you up on to the exterior walkway. “It's a long story, perhaps I'll have time to explain some of it while you're here.” She directs you inside of her home. “Why don't you join Kogasa and have a snack? I'll be in shortly.” Byakuren grabs your arm before you leave. “Oh, you look like a strong man, would you mind taking these to the kitchen?” she asks, gesturing to a few boxes. Byakuren's hand squeezes gently on your arm a few times as if she were appraising your body.

“Sure, mother,” you answer her, feeling rather strange. She smiles and releases your arm. After setting the sword against the wall inside, you pick up the pile of boxes and carry them tentatively down the hall. You easily find the kitchen, which is open, and enter. Immediately you set the boxes down in a corner. Kogasa sits at the table, eating from a large container situated in the center.

Kogasa looks up and waves. “She's so weird, isn't she? I bet she made you call her that already, too.”

You laugh in response to Kogasa. “What, made me call her 'mother'?” you ask. She nods excitedly and eats a bit more. “Yeah, it's weird, but I don't mind. I never knew mine, so it might not be bad to have that sort of figure around.”

“Huh?” she says confusedly.

“Never mind, Kogasa,” you mutter. “So, I hope you left some for me.” You seat yourself beside Kogasa and dig into the food.

Byakuren steps inside a few moments later. “I trust you're enjoying the food?” she asks. Byakuren smiles wide when Kogasa and yourself nod appreciatively. She removes her apron and hangs it up, her fairly large breasts now free from the restraint. The front of her dress is held together by a crisscrossing pattern of fabric, but it doesn't stop her breasts from swaying as she moves. “The secret ingredient is a mother's love,” she says with a wink. She sits down across from you at the table and has a few bites herself.

You set your chopsticks down and look at Byakuren. “So, you seem to know a bit about me.” She looks up at you and smiles. “Tell me a bit about yourself?” you inquire.

She stops eating and pauses to swallow before speaking. “There's not much to say,” she shrugs. “I run the local Buddhist temple, and I live here with my children.” You give her an expectant look, which she picks up on. “You've met one of them, Nazrin. Her and Shou are around but the others are elsewhere.” Byakuren's gaze rests on Kogasa. “My dear Kogasa here isn't around often, she's usually out playing tricks on humans,” she sighs. “She means well, but it doesn't always help. One of the priestesses abused her in retribution.”

Kogasa's shoulders droop. “Sanae was mean to me,” she whines. You tuck that name away into memory in case you encounter this priestess. “I don't like mean humans.”

You pat Kogasa on the back gently. “Hey, if I meet her, she'll get what she has coming to her.” Byakuren giggles to herself and Kogasa gives you a tight hug, rubbing her head against your chest.

“She's a sweet girl, isn't she?” Byakuren asks. You nod and ruffle Kogasa's hair. “You asked me something, so I'd like to know about the sword you brought along.”

“It was a gift from a friend, I'm learning how to use it to and tap into spiritual power.” You give her a shrug. “Well, as far as I know anyway, I'm still getting used to this world.”

Byakuren smiles and idly plays with her chopsticks. “It must be interesting to be in this place as an outsider,” she muses. “I can see why Yukari kept you, though.”

You raise an eyebrow. “Why would that be?” you ask with a chuckle. Kogasa seems to be focused on eating and not paying attention to either of you.

Byakuren slides from her seat and moves beside you. “You're a kind man,” she says. She moves in behind and wraps her arms around your chest. “Young and strong as well,” she continues, her hands feeling up your chest. You blush as her hands continue. Kogasa still seems to be in ignorant, food-induced bliss. Byakuren's experienced hands roam downwards. One of them lightly squeezes your crotch. “And I imagine virile too,” she whispers into your ear. “Perhaps mother will help take care of you while you stay with her.” Byakuren retreats from you with a giggle and returns to her side.

You stare at Byakuren in shock. “Hey, are you okay?” Kogasa asks suddenly, breaking you from your state of shock and causing you to jump. “Surprised you again!” she states proudly.

Shaking your head, you glance at Kogasa. “Yeah, I'm okay,” you assure her.

Byakuren folds her hands and smiles at the both of you. “I've got a room ready for you,” she tells you. “And Kogasa, you'll sleep in yo--”

“No!” Kogasa interrupts. “I want to sleep with my human,” she whines, dropping her chopsticks and grabbing your arm.

Byakuren simply smiles. “Alright, you'll sleep with him, then. I'll show you to your room, bring your sword along so you have a safe place for it.” She stands up from her seat and gestures towards the door. You nod and step out, grabbing the sword from the entrance and returning to the doorway. Byakuren and Kogasa walk past you and down the hall. She slides open a door and ushers everyone inside. “I'm across the hall, Nazrin's room is next to mine and Shou is adjacent to you.”

Kogasa takes the sword from your hand and sets it, along with her umbrella, in a corner of the room. “There we go,” she mumbles to herself and crosses her arms in satisfaction.

Byakuren approaches you from behind and places a hand on your shoulder. “I've got a bit to do, but feel free to explore the house.” She walks in front of you and fixes her smile on you. “You should meet Shou when you get a chance, I'm not sure where in the house she is right now,” Byakuren tells you. She leans in and whispers into your ear. “Feel free to help make her more comfortable with humans,” she offers, moving to leave the room. Byakuren pauses for a moment as she walks by you. “My girl is quite a tiger in bed, so be careful,” she warns you quietly. She leaves the room, chuckling to herself.

You shut the door behind her and turn to Kogasa. “Hey, Kogasa, I was wondering something,” you say. She turns to you and gives you a curious look. “It's a bit personal, but I was wondering if Byakuren ever did anything with you.”

She nods her head vigorously. “Yeah, you mean like what we did? She's done that with everyone,” she answers. “Everyone being her children, sort of.” This confirms what Nazrin told you earlier. “She's weird, and I was right, you two are getting along,” she adds cheerfully. Kogasa yawns loudly and looks at the futons. “I'm gonna take a nap, I think.” She lays down on the futon, which happens to be the only one in the room since it was intended for you.

[ ] Go find Byakuren, maybe she needs help with whatever she's doing.
[ ] Go find Shou and introduce yourself.
[ ] Go find Nazrin and let her know you're here.
[ ] Lay down with Kogasa and see if she's interested in sex.
[ ] Lay down with Kogasa, cuddle and take a nap.
[ ] Explore the house.
[ ] Check out Byakuren's room, maybe you'll learn more about her.
[ ] Write-in.
No. 4602
>“Thanks!” she shouts. “I always wanted a human of my own.”
Oh god damn.
[x] Lay down with Kogasa, cuddle and take a nap.
Byakuren the hot mother who asks you to have fun with her daughters before having some fun with her.
No. 4603

They're not really her daughters.

Just like Rick (I hate myself) isn't really her son.

But I'm going for the creepy pseudo-incest angle from Byakuren.
No. 4604
[+] Go find Nazrin and let her know you're here.

1. Nazrin's often hanging around Shou, so this might make it a two-for-one.
2. Kogasa would enjoy it the most if she could walk in on us having sex with another girl.
3. Byakuren's for the night, or the next day. If we went for her first, then it would feel somewhat anticlimactic.
No. 4605
Also, I decided to register the channel #touhouporn on Rizon for the purposes of:

1. Asking me random shit since I'll be in here in the evenings.
2. Distributing and sharing, obviously touhou porn.

As stated in #1, I'll probably be in there if you have questions.
No. 4606
[a] Go find Nazrin and let her know you're here.

You know you like the name.
No. 4607
[x] Go find Nazrin and let her know you're here.
-[x] But go ahead and look around in the meanwhile, it'll help in looking for her.

A mother fetish... looks to be fun.
No. 4612
[X] Go find Nazrin and let her know you're here.
-[x] Explore the house with escort

Heck maybe there's a gym around for some extracurricular activities?
No. 4614
[x] Go find Nazrin and let her know you're here.

Maybe she can introduce us to Shou. Sounds like she might be a little standoff-ish with humans.

>But I'm going for the creepy pseudo-incest angle from Byakuren

Mission accomplished! I love it.
No. 4619

I see it as a chance to live out what's in those incest H-mangas. But I think while we track down Nazarin it doesn't mean we can't explore as well.
No. 4622
[X] Go find Nazrin and let her know you're here.
[X] Go find Shou and introduce yourself.

Then Nazrin can introduce us to Shou, and all three of us can have some fun!
No. 4630
[x] Explore the house.

We already know about Byakuren, Kogasa, Nazrin and Shou, and are sure to meet the latter-most soon. This would be the fastest way to bump into Ichirin, Murasa, Nue and perhaps even Shou herself. Get acquainted with all of the characters first, so that we have a game plan ready to make the most of our time here.
No. 4631
>"You've met one of them, Nazrin. Her and Shou are around but the others are elsewhere.”
No. 4632

I think during our trip we will run into most of them one way or another. Just that today it'd be trying to find Nazrin/Shou then Byakuren tonight perhaps.
It's funny how Kogasa's calling us 'her human' when we feel the other way around 'our cute umbrella youkai' especially the feeling of wanting to take her home.
No. 4633
I want to clarify further that I currently have no idea on how I want to write Nue, Minamitsu or Ichirin. As such, they aren't going to be introduced in this visit to Byakuren. You will have a chance to come back in the future and I will probably have ideas for them by then.
No. 4635

Ah just as well, I think we'd have our hands full with Kogasa, 'Mother', Shou and Nazrin in more ways than one.
No. 4636
With her power, I think Nue would be really into roleplay; a lot of really kinky/cheesy scenarios or rape fantasies.
No. 4637
I have to wonder about Rick's meeting with Sanae will go, considering all things. She did go about bullying our cute umbrella youkai. She should be punished in a particularly sexy fashion.
No. 4638
[X] Go find Nazrin and let her know you're here.
[X] Go find Shou and introduce yourself.


I certainly look forward to meeting Nue. Sex with a shapeshifter = very yes.
No. 4639
>>With her power, I think Nue would be really into roleplay; a lot of really kinky/cheesy scenarios or rape fantasies.
>>I certainly look forward to meeting Nue. Sex with a shapeshifter = very yes.

Oh, sure, it sounds like sexy fun and games at first, but then you realize just how extreme her tastes can be, and when she uses her ability to look like anything, she really puts it to use.

One minute you're banging the hottest girl you've ever laid eyes on, and the next thing you know you're deep-dicking Cthulhu.
No. 4640

You might want to consider that she might want to have sex as herself, since she might get tired of everyone trying to get her to be someone else. And Nue in her true form is plenty fuckable as is.
No. 4642
Well, considering the writer's aversion for covering ground that has already been explored, straight up fornication with Nue is right out due to >>2835

Freaky transformation sex is our only alternative.
No. 4643
[X] Go find Nazrin and let her know you're here.
-[X] Explore the house with escort
No. 4644
[x] Nazrin
No. 4645

> Nue in her true form

That ain't her true form, that's just another form to hide her true form.

She's a shapeshifting youkai Chimera, not a shapeshifting youkai girl. Difference.
No. 4646
The author's already said we've barely scratched the surface of the list of fetishes this story will cover; with all the animal girls floating around Gensokyo, it would surprise me more if bestiality wasn't on the list. In other words, a chimera is fine too.

By the way, we're in autosage. New thread next post?
No. 4647
>One minute you're banging the hottest girl you've ever laid eyes on, and the next thing you know you're deep-dicking Cthulhu.
Worked in Saya no Uta.

And Kogasa's true form is the umbrella. What's your point?
inb4 readers realize that it was the umbrella giving the blowjob, not the girl
No. 4648
[X] Go find Nazrin and let her know you're here.
[X] Go find Shou and introduce yourself.
No. 4649
>And Kogasa's true form is the umbrella.
No. 4650
>But I'm going for the creepy pseudo-incest angle from Byakuren.
You did a great job, she is too creepy for me. Going to stay away from her
No. 4651
[X] Go find Shou and introduce yourself.

"So, you taught Nazrin about men, huh? She must've been quite the study."
No. 4652

That's okay.

When I started writing this story I realized not everyone would be interested in parts of it.
No. 4653
>But I'm going for the creepy pseudo-incest angle from Byakuren.

I love it. Can't wait for the chance to tell "mom" how wonderful it feels being inside her, and to have her encourage us to finish inside of her, assuring us that it's okay and she wants every drop even if we're her "son." Because she loves us.
No. 4654
Hey, folks. I'm that "copy editor" that Mr. Author here keeps blaming his delays on, posting at his request to tell you that the votes have been closed, and he is now writing the search for Nazrin. He doesn't have internet access where he is right now, so that's why he called me to post for him.

So, yeah.
No. 4655

There is the matter of always improving upon it, since AoS in /shrine/ had a small Shinki sex scene.

The form we know is her true form since that's why she attacks the heroine in the extra stage, because she managed to catch Nue out of disguise.
No. 4656
WHERE is Captain Minamitsu Murasa's room?

[ ] Go outside.
No. 4657

Vote's closed; that and the writer said no Nue/Ichirin/Murasa this visit. I'm just looking forward to running into Shou and if Nazrin's there, doing a team up show of love. I wonder what kind of figure his Shou has, since she's generally shown as a moderate bust despite her height.
No. 4658
Mr. "copy editor", you're not doing your work optimally.
>You've met one of them, Nazrin. Her and Shou are around but the others are elsewhere.
No. 4660

Copy editor didn't edit my copy last night, somebody else did.

Also, I don't see what's wrong with it. Even if I did fuck up grammatically (not sure), I can write it off as 'speech, byakuren isn't perfect'.
No. 4661
Cool grammar trolling, bro, but it's in dialogue, not narration. All that means is that Byakuren said "Her and Shou" instead of "Shou and her," which, while not strictly correct, is common in spoken English.
No. 4662

I've gotten so used to shitty American spoken English that even I don't know better.
No. 4664
Shouldn't it be "She", regardless of if it's narration or dialogue?
(not >>4658)
No. 4666
Thread 5: http://www.touhou-project.com/at/res/4665.html
No. 4699
On reflection, you're right that it should be "she". The reason I say dialogue makes it okay is that you can put any words you want into the mouths of your characters. It's not 'incorrect' to have a uneducated bum say "Me 'n him're goin'", because that's how uneducated bums talk. Likewise, it's okay for Byakuren to say "Her and Shou", because a significant contingent of native English speakers (myself included) would probably say it that way and not think twice about it while speaking, even though "She and Shou" is technically correct.
No. 4703
a significant contingent of native English speakers (myself included) would probably say it that way and not think twice about [Her and Shou]
What? Really? It sounds incredibly awkward to me.
"Have you seen Jane? Her and Jen were going to John's house"
The general rule of thumb I was taught for "x and y" is that x and y should be the same as if either was missing. Obviously the verb[s] after y would have to change.
"Have you seen Jane? Her was going to John's house"
Should be...
"Have you seen Jane? She was going to John's house"
And thus "She and Jen ..."

I've honestly never heard people use Her/Him in place of She/He, but I have heard people say "me" instead of "I", usually as a result of the x and y thing. They know not to say
"Me am going to the arcade"
but not
"George and me are going to the arcade"

Honestly I have no idea what the difference you were talking about with x and y vs y and x is. I would use the pronoun first, and I don't recall any mention of whether the pronoun would go first or second, or anything along the lines of there even being a proper place for the pronoun.
No. 4737
>I've honestly never heard people use Her/Him in place of She/He
Google "her and I go way back". Take my word for it; quite a few well-educated English speakers, even if they do know the rule, don't find it unnatural to use objective pronouns in certain circumstances where subjective pronouns are correct. Truthfully, it's not like we need two sets of pronouns in the first place; they're leftovers from Latin, which declines all its nouns, not just pronouns, and they don't serve much purpose in English anymore.

Speaking of things that sound really unnatural, I could never bring myself to say "Shou and she are...", even if it is correct, whereas I would say "She and Shou are...", which is what I was trying (astoundingly poorly) to get at by talking about the order of nouns.