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File 151504535550.png - (2.44MB, 1360x1000, 4e1de8446508006184f53ba8c2837cd5.png) [iqdb]
38452No. 38452
Content warning (tags, if you will) below the story post


Satori Komeiji trembled in inexplicable excitement. Today was it. The day. The momentous day, after nearly a year of sending Rin out to cajole, market, hawk her mistresses’ services to any who would hear. Even Satori herself, if asked, could not tell why she’d put so much effort into this project of hers, and would balk at looking inwards at it. In her heart of hearts, she knew the intentions were not wholly pure.

Regardless, now it was done. All she could do now was wait for her mark. She tapped her desk, bit at her nails, kicked her legs, got up and paced back and forth at regular intervals. Rin would laugh if she saw her master acting as such, for certain, but Satori could not contain herself. It was a wonder and a testament to Koishi and Rin’s skill that she had achieved it at all. Luring a young girl into the den of the most hated youkai to freely talk about their problems specifically should have been near impossible, but time and insistence were on the mind reader’s side. She knew first hand that Rin was a tremendous talent at getting what she wanted and annoying people, and there were a number of good arguments going for her, after all. She knew many people’s secrets already, and had never let a single one pass her lips without very good excuse. She’d been very well behaved in all fronts, ever since the underground was unsealed a good year ago. All in all, she’d made herself as trustworthy as she could have.

She paced again, running a hand through her messy hair and took a sip of her strong wine, calming herself as best she could. It was only the first session, and she wasn’t burdened with any over malicious thoughts. Only an edge, a blackened thorn in the corner of her mind that, unbeknownst to her, would come to grow and corrupt her mind into the one thing she didn’t want to become, the very fear that others held when they beheld her, ever since she was a flesh-eating, uncivilized stripling, running wild with her sister.

But for the time, no such thing went through her head. She was helping, yes, helping the poor girls of Gensokyo, burdened as they were by their own troubles. Satori had the power to help like no other living soul, and in her head, all she wanted in return was to be less hated. She believed this lie wholly — it was partially true, as the best lies always are.

She checked the ornate wall-clock. Only about half an hour until the appointed time. For the fourth time that day she went over her preparations.

It was one of the smallest rooms Satori could find in her oversized manse. Originally storage for cabinets upon cabinets of arcane paperwork, it comfortably fit a writing-desk, the all-important patient’s couch, a coffee table and a single bookshelf, but not much else. The room was wreathed in dim, flickering firelight from a fireplace she specifically had installed (at some cost) for this purpose, warming the mansion’s otherwise chilly air to a comfortable temperature. The clock ticked the seconds by audibly, but not loudly enough to perturb. The tea was ready to be steeped, prepared with a teeny tiny extra that would relax one’s mind — not too much, of course. Satori was not in the habit of drugging her guests. Just enough to open them to conversation, to the treatment she was offering. The couch, too, was made to measure. Impractically soft for actually sitting, it lulled you into lying down, measure by measure, else you end up sunk to the waist into its immense cushions. It was like sinking into a heavenly cloud, and Satori had once or twice sneaked away from her own bed to lie here at night.

The room, put together, had been turned piece-by-piece into one large trap, designed to coax the one entering it into the state needed for Satori to do her magic. The clock’s ticking, the tea, the flickering firelight, the couch. It was downright devious, if she could say so herself. Add to that the training she put herself through... For some reason, books on hypnotism were plentiful in Gensokyo. Go figure.

Finally, she heard the echoing of the enormous, magically-enhanced knocker at her front door, and it would have stopped her heart if it were beating in the first place. The time was nigh. She pointlessly tried to fix her hair and skitted down to the front door to the Palace of Earth Spirits, unceremoniously shifting it open.

Standing there was her first mark.

[ ] Youmu
[ ] Reisen
[ ] Reimu
[ ] Marisa
[ ] Sanae
[ ] Sakuya


Content warning: Hypnotism, slow buildup, a good amount of updates before (and without) actual smut, maybe futa satori, corruption?, D/s, more depending on votes

This will probably be somewhat sporadic. My /th/ story has priority. But I feel like writing this, so.

I honestly don't know if there's even an audience a slow-going smut story of the kind I want to write. I guess we're about to find out.
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>>No. 38453
[X] Sanae

You had me at hypnotism, my favorite fetish. Add in mind reading to make it all work better, and all the stuff after that is just bonus. Let's go.
>>No. 38454
[X] Youmu

Hope for Youmu, she's usually so reserved I'd love to see what Satori does to her.
>>No. 38456
[X] Marisa

First and foremost, allow me to dispense the obligatory "welcome to my Beautiful Killing Chamber" throwback.

But yea, slow build-up MC is really the only way to do it. Stories that cheapen mind control with empty, soulless characterization are truly despicable in my opinion.
>>No. 38457
[X] Sanae

You definitely have my attention.
>>No. 38458
[X] Youmu
Yes, this is exactly my thing.
>>No. 38459
[X] Sanae

Let's start pushing into the Moriya Shrine as payback for that entire exploiting Okuu for their own means.
>>No. 38460
[X] Youmu
>>No. 38461
[X] Youmu
>>No. 38462
[X] Sanae
>>No. 38463
[X] Sanae
>>No. 38464
[X] Reimu

You had me at futa satori.
>>No. 38465
[X] Sanae

Easiest to cajole here I imagine~.
>>No. 38466
[X] Youmu
>>No. 38467
Isn't it sad, Reisen?

The target is one Kochiya Sanae.
>>No. 38468

Nobody wants to start a quest on EZmodo. Reisen is already a sub character ripe for domination and corruption. She doesn't need any help from doctor Satori to reach her full potential as a willing mind slave.
>>No. 38484
[X] Youmu
>>No. 38487
[X] Youmu
>>No. 38497
File 151534410871.jpg - (117.54KB, 600x849, aacabb44474a9ec67afe114248bf1404.jpg) [iqdb]
The Moriya girl stood stock-still amidst Satori's prized rose garden, awkward and nervous. Satori's wine-red eye swivelled in place, fixing Sanae's heart with its hateful gaze — and Perceived.

At once, Satori saw the surface of her heart and knew many things. She knew the human girl had come thoughtlessly, her immature mind only thinking on this visit seriously once she touched down past the Palace’s wrought-iron gates. She saw the flash of her memories of the past months, and how Rin had become a regular guest, bringing gifts, faith and compliments to the goddesses of the shrine, ingratiating herself to them in the most traditional, time honoured way there was.

Rin had kept her informed of her progress, of course. Sanae was troubled, pressured, vulnerable to matters of the heart as young humans cannot help being — it hadn’t been so difficult to convince the goddesses she had need of outside help. Rather than making the girl herself come, it had been more effective to get them to suggest the idea. Sanae would not go against their wishes. She saw how uncomfortable the girl was with her Kasha, how the shrine maiden was always bothered by the faint scent of rot she brought with her. She never dared say it, for Lady Kanako was always left in a good mood after the cat's visits, and especially dared not think it now, in front of her mistress.

Sanae’s head was a nervous jumble, understandably. That last thought stood frozen for a couple of seconds, and before a word of greeting had touched the air, she bowed deeply, preparing an apology in her head, desperate to not ruin her first impression on a person her goddesses had judged important. In truth, Satori found it adorable that the worst thought Sanae could muster up about her was how Rin smelled, and that she was ready to profusely apologize for that alone. Most who met the mind reader had far, far, far worse things in mind.

She saw the notion of escape wither and die away now that they were face-to-face. She smiled and raised a hand, inwardly pleased, interrupting before she could say anything. “Don’t apologize. She lives with me, I know how she is.”

It sent Sanae’s mind into another sputtering scramble, and Satori realized she was too flustered to converse properly. Silly, earnest girl. She had to throw her a bone if they were to get anywhere today. She shifted the door open wider. “Aren’t you cold out there? Come in, please. You’ll catch a chill.”

She was cold, in fact — the Palace wasn’t close enough to the remains of Hell to be heated by its Flames, but the airflow caused by the temperature difference pelted all of the palace in a constant breeze, cooled by the long trip through the tunnels. Not thinking, Sanae had dressed for the warmth of the sweltering sun outside, forgoing her outfit’s detached sleeves and ankle-length skirt for something more summer-y; A flowing blue skirt, simple and light enough to flutter at the weakest draft, ending just above her knees; and a blue-trimmed breezy white top that was perfect for hot days, at the cost of allowing others glimpses at her sarashi and navel when her wind whipped around too much. She’d been regretting the decision in the way down.

“Ah,” she squeaked out, rising from her bow and running a hand through her hair once her brain caught up to her ears. “Y-yes. Thank you, um, Lady Komeiji?”

She laughed. “Just Satori is fine. Owning a hole in the ground full of drunkards and ghosts is hardly worth a title, I think.”

Sanae chuckled politely at the bad joke as she passed the Palace’s intimidating front doors, but it nevertheless did its job in allowing the shrine maiden to gather herself enough to act as she thought she should. 'Manners, manners,' came the order to her head once the door was shut behind her. She bowed once again, just as deeply as before. “It’s an honour to finally meet you, S— Lady Satori,” she said, unable to be that casual. She had to be at least respectful, given their status as somewhat fragile business partners. “I’m sorry it took so long to come pay a proper visit.”

Although it was clearly a fleeting feeling, she actually was sorry, and Satori noted the lack of an excuse with a pleased little nod. The girl seemed like something of an airhead, but clever enough to know not to be dishonest in this situation. Either that or she was refreshingly guileless, Satori couldn’t tell just yet.

The mind-reader guided her nervous guest through the admittedly ominous empty halls of the Palace of Earth Spirits, itself only slightly less cavernous than the actual caves outside. Reading her thoughts, Satori realized that the mother goddess was just as thoughtless as the child: it seemed Kanako had told her priestess to come down in an off-hand comment, and, critically, not told her what exactly she was coming down to do. The stupidly earnest Sanae had, of course, taken her words as the gospel they were and come down without asking her more, assuming it was some kind of mission for the good of the shrine. The goddesses' voice played through her head: “You should go down and talk to Satori. You haven’t met her yet, have you? No, that won’t do. Go sometime this week. We’ve arranged a little help for you.”

Satori was thus stuck with the unenviable job of telling a shrine maiden that she was about to open her heart to a hated youkai. She grumbled to herself; gods never did any good. They reached the prepared room, the mind-reader pulling up the chair from behind her desk and settling in before the couch where Sanae sat. The only goal in this first session was to make her want to come back. The question of what she was even doing here gnawed harder and harder at Sanae, plainly. She smiled awkwardly, her head filled with needless anxiety.

[ ] Satori chose to make tea, chat, put her at ease, and attempt to avoid or delay the subject for as long as it proved practical.
[ ] Satori chose to come out with it outright, explaining what she meant to do and reassure the girl of her pure intentions in the strongest terms available to her.
[ ] Satori chose to start out with something completely different — a relaxation exercise for the restless girl. She’d explain the situation later.


ya'll late
>>No. 38498
[X] Satori chose to start out with something completely different — a relaxation exercise for the restless girl. She’d explain the situation later.

Prove we have something to offer before asking for the personal stuff.
>>No. 38499
[X] Satori chose to start out with something completely different — a relaxation exercise for the restless girl. She’d explain the situation later.

Tea and explanations are gunna make the atmosphere so tense! I think some bonding time completely free of obligations and pretense will go a long way towards our goal.
>>No. 38502
[X] Satori chose to start out with something completely different — a relaxation exercise for the restless girl. She’d explain the situation later.

Probably best, and explain the situation when she's less jittery
>>No. 38503
[X] Satori chose to start out with something completely different — a relaxation exercise for the restless girl. She’d explain the situation later.
maximum relaxation is key to hypnosis. and therapy!
>>No. 38511
[X] Satori chose to come out with it outright, explaining what she meant to do and reassure the girl of her pure intentions in the strongest terms available to her.

Sanae is down here and anxious because she wasn't told all the information about what she was supposed to be doing by her boss. She might appreciate having somebody be more upfront with things. That is, as long as we actually want to intentionally differentiate ourselves from her normal authority figure.
>>No. 38519
>>38498 Here.

This might be a bit late, but I'd like to change my vote to:

[X] Satori chose to come out with it outright, explaining what she meant to do and reassure the girl of her pure intentions in the strongest terms available to her.

Original vote's likely still more pragmatic, but >>38511 sold me on going contrast route.
>>No. 38795
[X] Satori chose to come out with it outright, explaining what she meant to do and reassure the girl of her pure intentions in the strongest terms available to her.

Seems good.
>>No. 38810
File 151848374791.jpg - (21.60KB, 100x86, 5a7f0260435d1.jpg) [iqdb]
>>No. 38836
God dammit, why do all the mean stories die young?
>>No. 38846

Chill dude. OP said from the beginning he wanted to prioritize his less interesting story over this one.
>>No. 38849
Missed that. Disregard.
I'm just still bitter that one ryona story died right at the good part, is all.
>>No. 39256

Yup, its dead.
>>No. 39258
Well in that case I'll go ahead and say it: "more like underground the rapist!"
>>No. 39263

A more facetious and pedantic man than I might make the augment that it isn't rape since the target would mentally conditioned into giving consent of their own free will while not under any threat or duress. The situation would be more akin to subconscious seduction than rape.
>>No. 39265

Or brainwashing.
>>No. 39270
Well fuck.

And this was gonna hit some kinks I always wanted hit here but now it's dead. Everything cool is dead here. Is THP in recline?
>>No. 39310
Yes. Fix it by writing something.

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