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I'm just going to officially make Robin into his own little "spin-off" here, instead of needing to use the Rule 63 Thread.

With that being true, I also figured instead of just doing shorts or what strikes my whim, why not open it up a bit? So far I've been just taking Reina situations and modifying them (quite heavily, naturally), but why not turn it into almost a "mini-CYOA" instead?

This isn't going to be a full-fledged CYOA by any means, so expect any non-lewd updates to be only as long as they are needed. This isn't replacing Restorer in Gensokyo, this is just a side project.

For now, I will assume Robin's Alice, Sakuya, and Meiling experiences all happened in this setting. So with that, whom would you all like to see next? I'll list a few ideas, but you can write-in your own choice. I only ask it is someone who was actually in Restorer in Gensokyo, and I reserve the right to refuse, or at least argue against, some choices.

So without further ado!

- - -

Who shall Robin be seduced by next?
[ ] Remilia Scarlet
[ ] Aya Shameimaru
[ ] Repeat? (Alice, Sakuya, Meiling)
[ ] Other?

As always, feel free to even suggest a set-up for a write-in, or expand upon the vanilla choices.
No. 34881
[X] Aya Shameimaru
No. 34882
[X]Three Mischievous Fairies of Light - Sunny Milk, Luna Child, Star Sapphire

If that pairing doesn't work, then my second vote is for Aya.
No. 34883
[x] Kasen
No. 34884
[X] Remilia Scarlet
No. 34885
Take that back.
No. 34887
[x] Aya Shameimaru
Aya uses extreme methods to get her story. This may involve tying Robin down until he confesses to... things.
No. 34890
No. 34892
[x] Aya Shameimaru

I like how you think.
No. 34893

Because she's someone different.I'd love to see some fun with her bandage hand.
No. 34894
Also would you say Robin's Komachi experience (the wrestling thing) also happened in the same timeline as the other stuff?
No. 34895
For this setting, no. This is just tweaked RiG setting, the Wrestling is an entirely different setting.

I also wouldn't feel comfortable writing about that without the permission of the relevant authors.

Seems right now, it's between Aya and Kasen. Interesting results... I'm not going to call it yet.
No. 34897
Any hope for [x] both?
No. 34899
Not at this time. The two characters are not exactly on the best of terms right now, after all.

Maybe during the "downtime" bits you could find ways to fix things like that...
No. 34901
IIRC Robin and Reina are siblings right?
No. 34902
For all intents and purposes. Technically, Robin is just Reina genderswap but, if they were to both exist at once, then yes they'd be siblings.
No. 34903
Do both exist here?
No. 34904
I haven't decided 100%. If there is no objection to it, I might give it a try.

I only worry it might lead to conflicts in the affections of Touhous.
No. 34905
How would it if they're brother and sister? Or are they closer than most would expect of siblings?
No. 34907
[x] Aya Shameimaru

Hot Tengu reporter is always a good way to start things.
No. 34908
They'd be... well, brother and sister, I guess. Given same character for both, they'd probably get along just fine.

Now if you're asking sexually, I wouldn't think there'd be any tension. They are, after all, siblings in that case.

I'll look at calling these votes tomorrow, after work.
No. 34910


Deleted my old Aya vote, now voting for incest.
No. 34911

But the forbidden fruit angle is what makes it so juicy.

[X] Reina
No. 34913
[x] Aya Shameimaru

ReinaxRobin sounds dreadful.
No. 34914
Or what reason?

Practically selfcest?
Both of them being shy,shutter sorts and thus a sex scene wouldn't work out?
No. 34915
[x] Remilia Scarlet
No. 34916
[X] Aya Shameimaru

Oh come on, the option to have Kriss write smut about delicious tengu? The only way this could be better is if it's Robin getting double-teamed by both her and Hatate.
No. 34917
Upon some sleep and re-reading, I completely misinterpreted this question.

So to answer it:
There might be conflicts in the affections of Touhous, since previously for Robin, I basically took Reina's pre-existing relationships, and then tweaked them to suit the different gender.

For example, most of her friends aren't overly flirtatious towards her because she's an outsider and a woman - that kind of thing isn't normal in the Outside, even if within RiG it is accepted and normal.

Now if Reina was Robin, the whole "taboo" of sorts is gone. Female to male affections are completely normal both within Gensokyo and Outside.

So if both existed at once, there is going to be some overlap in Touhous liking both of them. But as mentioned, if anon doesn't object, I can certainly have Reina exist in this setting as well.

Actually, put that up to an unofficial vote:
[ ] Reina
[ ] No Reina

I will probably call votes after work, so expect voting on which Touhou in about 9 hours or so.
No. 34920
[X] Remilia Scarlet
[X] Reina
No. 34922
[X] Reina

Also one of those 'no duh' things for me~
No. 34923
[X] Aya Shameimaru
[x] Reina
No. 34925
[x] No Reina

>>34913 here. >>34914 guessed my reasons right, aside from the selfcest.
No. 34926

I want to see if you can figure out how to differentiate the two, personality wise.
No. 34927
[x] Reina
[Stuttering Intensifies]
No. 34930
[x] No Reina

I'd rather not have her overshadow her brother (and the touhous)
No. 34931
[x] Reina

This way, touhous can have both apples and oranges at once. Isn't that what is best in life?
No. 34932
I voted for Kasen, and am not changing the vote, but since it appears Aya will win let me ask this:

Why not both Aya and Reina?
No. 34933
The vote was more to see if anon was against Reina being in the "series", as it were.

For a first, official post, I doubt I'd do a threesome... if that's what you're suggesting.
No. 34934
I'm leaning towards
[x] No Reina
if only because it's easier to just gender bend Reina instead of trying to basically split her role up into two people.
No. 34935
I see. Then:

[X] Reina
No. 34936
[X] Aya Shameimaru
[x] Reina

Calling it as that. Update in progress, please wait warmly.

A surprising amount of support for Kasen, particularly given her showing up like... twice in RiG. We'll see how this all turns out!
No. 34937
Hopefully every vote now won't be "[x]Rena"
No. 34938
Calling for one long post of "I-I'm p-putting it in Reina!" "W-w-w-w-w-w-what, Robin!?" "Holy fuck will the two of you get it on already and fuck me too"
No. 34939
There were quite a few votes for Remilia as well.
No. 34940
Well true, but that one was a little more expected. I wasn't expecting Kasen.

Also to clarify, Reina is not in the sex scene. She is merely existing within the setting now.
No. 34943
What made me interested in Kasen was that in addition to her being delicious, some /at/ stories with her, like in Mind the Gap at >>/at/23319, used some of her attributes in interesting ways. The thing about her using her bandaged hand, and using the inside of it as well, for stimulation was interesting.
No. 34944
[x] No Reina
No. 34956
Out of curiosity, in which other /at/ stories did she appear in?
No. 34959
She's in SLDT's Komachi /at story I believe as well.
No. 34960
BSD, not SLDT.
No. 34967
My mistake.

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