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17616 No. 17616
You head down to the library. Patchouli should have a familiar that helps her out with the endless rows of books. Patchouli and some of the other residents of the mansion have mentioned this assistant in passing, and you think you ran into her on your first visit but you were a bit preoccupied at the time. All you've gathered about her is that she helps out in the library and is some type of demon. You'd love to fuck a demon.

The endless bookshelves of Voile would make searching difficult, but the lack of life makes finding her simple. Patchouli is silently reading at her table and the maids don't normally go into the library. That leaves the demon girl as the only one left to make any noise in the vast library. You easily find her in the far end of the library, filing books as she hums to herself. She turns towards you as you approach, likely because your footsteps make you as easy to track as her humming.

“Oh, hello there.” This girl is simply breathtaking. Your eyes are drawn to her light pink lips as she greets you, her eyes looking at you with a surprising gentleness for a demon. She is dressed in formal office wear, fitting perfectly with her large breasts. There's no doubt that she's a demon though, as she has pointed ears, a tail draped between her legs, and wings on her back and head. “Would you perhaps be Reimu? I've heard so much about you from mistress Patchouli. My name is Koakuma.” She gives you a little curtsy as she introduces herself. “Please say that you'll join me for tea.” You're surprised by her sudden invitation, but there's no reason to turn her down.

“I'd love to, thank you.” She shows you a truly wonderful smile and leads you to a table.

“Please, wait here and I'll prepare the tea.” She walks off, her tail curling up off the floor as she moves. You stare at her succulent ass as she walks off, her plump cheeks rising and falling with each step. You're definitely going to enjoy this girl. She returns carrying tea and cakes on an ornate tray. You thank her as she places the teacup and cakes in front of you. You take a sip of the tea after she has served herself and sat down opposite you. It's delicious.

“So,” she starts light conversation before taking a sip of her tea, “you came down here to have sex with me.” You almost choke on your tea at her sudden declaration, even if it is true. Her smile doesn't leave her face, so maybe she's inviting you, not accusing you.

“Yes.” You confess. There's no reason to hide it if she doesn't seem mad. “I would love to fuck you. But how did you know that's why I came down here?”

“Why else would a girl like you want to talk to a succubus?” A succubus – so that's what she is. She unbuttons the top two buttons of her shirt and learns forward, giving you a spectacular view of her cleavage and the slightest glimpse of her black bra. “However the main reason is because I could smell it on you. You're already filled with semen. You've been fooling around with the girls in the mansion, haven't you?”

“Yes. I have been.” Her breasts are simply intoxicating. “I've already fucked Sakuya and two of the fairy maids, and Remilia fucked me.”

“You're a very dirty girl, Reimu.” She unbuttons her shirt entirely but leaves it tucked into her dress pants. She leans back into her chair, the movement jiggling her breasts and opening her shirt. Her lacy black bra is now fully exposed, her massive breasts separating her shirt enough to give you a peek of her midriff. “Wouldn't you rather read a nice book? We have a wonderful selection here in the library.” She waves her arms around, gesturing towards the bookshelves. The movement causes her breasts to jiggle again. She's doing that deliberately. “But no, you don't seem able to enjoy the simple pleasure of a nice book. You can't stop staring at my breasts, after all. Very well, since you're incapable of anything better I'll indulge myself in the baser pleasures. I will lay with you after you finish your tea and snacks.” She gestures towards your unfinished tea and untouched tea cake. While you were fixated on her tits she finished her cakes and most of her tea. “And do it properly! I will not lower myself to lay with a woman who cannot even enjoy a cup of tea!” You slowly drink your tea; it's still delicious even if your attention lies elsewhere.

“Good. I hope you were able to appreciate the blend of tea I used. Now remove your garments.” She continues undressing slowly as you watch. You follow, carefully removing your own clothes. Koakuma remains in her underwear, her lacy black panties and garter belt now exposed. “Now. How would you like to do this?”

“What? Well, we grind our pu –“

“Not like that!” She cuts you off. “I am a demon. Even if I have the figure of a woman,” she puts her hands under her breasts to emphasize them, “I am quite capable of growing a penis, and you certainly seem like the type of woman to want a penis on your partner. So I am asking you; do you want me as I am now or do you want me with a penis?”

[ ] Have her grow a cock.
[ ] It's not necessary, she's perfect as-is

No. 17618
[x] Have her grow a cock.
No. 17619
[KOAFUTA] Have her grow a cock.
No. 17620
[x] It's not necessary, she's perfect as-is

Pissing against the tide.
No. 17621
[ ] Have her grow a cock.
No. 17623
[x] Have her grow a cock.
No. 17624
[NOAFUTA] It's not necessary, she's perfect as-is
It's not as if she doesn't have a perfectly serviceable spaded tail, for one.
No. 17625
[x] It's not necessary, she's perfect as-is.

Let's see how she does woman on woman action. That and Mind the Gap specializes in gratuitous cocks and anal action.
No. 17633
[X] Have her give you a cock.

She's a succubus after all, she'd know best how to treat a dick.
No. 17640
[x] It's not necessary, she's perfect as-is

I don't give a single fuck about futa or no, as long as Koakuma remains as domineering and commanding as she is. I trust the situation will be handled deftly.
No. 17641
[x] Have her grow a cock.
No. 17643
[x] It's not necessary, she's perfect as-is.
No. 17645
[x] Have her grow a cock.
No. 17646
[X] Have her grow a cock.

It's not like we'll lose access to her pussy. This way we can get properly fucked while still having all of the fun lesbian options, too.
No. 17647
[x] Have her grow a cock.

A free dick? No precious, precious charm needed? Yes please.
No. 17648
[x] Have her grow a cock.

Futa option is best option.
No. 17650
[x] It's not necessary, she's perfect as-is.
No. 17655
[x] It's not necessary, she's perfect as-is.
No. 17664
[x] It's not necessary, she's perfect as-is.
No. 17671

Do I smell some vote spam?
No. 17672
[x] Have her grow a cock.
dont mind if i do.
No. 17673

Looks like it to me. It's extremely suspicious, at least. Having a mod spam-check would be for the best.
No. 17675
File 131482664562.jpg - (79.86KB , 800x592 , 12555942.jpg ) [iqdb]
Even with the "votespamming" (over 14 hours) that choice is still losing. Calling in a mod over this is a waste of everyone's time.
No. 17676
Doesn't look especially suspicious to me. And yeah, it lost.

Calling it for dickings.
No. 17717

Yeah, I should've specified that I meant only if it won. I prefer when people at least post a brief comment with their vote. A string of identical posts always looks a bit suspicious to me.
No. 17757
File 131493652077.png - (174.23KB , 567x788 , 292cebbfc37065c61d47fadc843a6635.png ) [iqdb]
“Please, give yourself a dick.” Koakuma simply smiles at you as she reaches a hand into her panties and gives her clit a quick rub. The effect is immediate, you can see a bulge growing inside of her panties. She removes her hand, pulling out her cock. It's tiny now, just barely slipping out of her panties and against her thighs, but it starts to grow as you watch it. However there's no need to wait, you can simply help yourself to the sultry woman in front of you. You unhook her bra, revealing her magnificent tits and pink nipples. You take a delicious nipple into your mouth, lightly kissing it and licking her areola. You squeeze her other breast with your hand, enjoying the softness of her full and heavy breast. Koakuma purrs, enjoying your caress.

Koakuma suddenly pulls her breasts away from you. You reach towards them, eager to suck on and feel her tits, but she stops you by placing a finger on your chest. She pulls down her panties, revealing her fully grown cock, and lifts one of her long legs to slide off her panties. Her cock is simply massive, noticeably larger than Remilia's long cock and much thicker. She practically lunges at you, pressing her breasts against yours and sliding her cock between your thighs as she slides her tongue into your mouth. You eagerly return the kiss, meeting her tongue with yours and exploring her mouth. She wraps her arms around you as she continues ravaging your mouth, her nails lightly scraping against your back. She pushes against you, forcing you to lean back and lower your legs until you're on the floor, pinned down by Koakuma's arms. She finally breaks the kiss and aligns her massive cock with your soaked cunt.

Koakuma slowly pushes cock inside of you. The thickness of her cock pushes hard against your walls, filling your body with immense pleasure. You moan as your greedy pussy swallows her entire cock. And then she starts to move. Her cock slams against your walls repeatedly, making your head swim. You scream out in pleasure from each movement against your sensitive pussy. She quickly cums inside of you, filling the deepest parts of your cunt with her semen, and forcing you to scream through your own orgasm. She leaves her cock buried inside of you as you catch your breath, panting from the intensity of your orgasm. She slowly slides her cock out of you, filling your body with another burst of electricity as it pops out of your cunt with some of her semen. She gets off of you and lies on her back, her glistening cock pointed toward you.

“Clean me.” She commands you, and you happily obey. You take the top half of her cock into your mouth, eagerly licking the semen and your pussy juice off her shaft. You slide your tongue against every part within your mouth, careful to not let a single drop remain on her cock. She seems unsatisfied. “Oh? Is that as deep as you can take it, Reimu?” No, it's not. You lower your mouth onto her cock, taking all but the very base into your mouth, the tip of her cock touching the back of your throat. You suck on her cock, catching most of the juices remaining. You suddenly feel her hands on the back of your head. “That's better, Reimu.” She pushes down on your head, forcing the entirety of her length into your mouth and pushing the tip down your throat. The feeling of her cock entering your throat is horrendous, making you gag. You try to scream and push her arms away, but her cock muffles your voice and her hands are too strong for you to escape. “But not deep enough!” She holds you in place for a few seconds before easing up on your head.

You immediately take the opportunity to try and escape, but she pushes you down again, sending your throat back to hell. However, each penetration of your throat makes you feel slightly less nauseous as your body quickly adapts to deepthroating her massive dick. “See Reimu? No matter what I do to you, you'll just enjoy it. You're that much of a slut. Don't you see a problem with that?” She finally releases your head, but you're so used to it now that you continue deepthroating her voluntarily. You're consumed by desire for her cock, forgetting to clean it, simply desiring to feel her in your mouth. She orgasms as you deepthroat her, shooting her cum straight down your throat without giving you a chance to taste it.

Koakuma pulls her cock out of your mouth and walks behind you. She spreads open your virginal ass and slowly inserts her cock. It doesn't seem as thick or as long now, but it's still enough to completely fill your tight anus. You gasp as her tip hits the deepest part of your ass, spreading an unfamiliar pleasure throughout your body. Her hands move to your shoulders, holding on for support as she leans closer to you, drilling her cock even deeper into your anus. She keeps her slow pace while she thrusts into you, but even that is more than enough to make you moan. You start to match her thrusts as your anus grows used to her shaft. You feel Koakuma's soft breasts against your back as she changes positions and presses her body against your own.

She gropes your swollen breast as she continues to pound your anus; your nipple squirts milk onto her hand as soon as she touches it. She doesn't seem to like your milk as she wipes her hand off on your back before resuming her groping, deliberately avoiding your nipple and instead squeezing your tits. You would object to her wasting your delicious milk, but her anal stimulation has left you voiceless. Her slow movements finally bring you to orgasm, causing you to squeeze down on her cock as she fills your ass with semen. She pulls herself out causing you to collapse without her there to support your weight. She sits on the floor next to you, gently rubbing your back with her hand as you lie face down on the floor. You turn your head to look at her beautiful smiling face.

“Do you want to stop now, Reimu? Are you satisfied?” You nod; she fucked you hard in all three of your holes, of course you're satisfied. You can feel some of her semen overflowing from your anus and dripping down past your pussy. “Of course you are. But,” She lets that last word hang in the air as she lies back, her cock pointed straight up. “I still have this erection in case you change your mind. If you're done I can just make it go away.” You quickly get up despite your fatigue and move on top of Koakuma. “You're never satisfied are you, Reimu? I'll give you one more round with my penis, but that will be it.”

You lower yourself onto her dick, your cunt swallowing her shaft. It's definitely smaller than before but still an amazing fuck. You ride her, grinding your hips against hers to push her cock in as deep as it'll go. Without warning something enters your ass. Looking behind you, you see her tail slithering into your ass, the tip pushing against your insides as Koakuma's cock pummels your pussy. You savor the feeling of both of your lower holes being filled. She cums again inside of your pussy, her seed overflowing out of your cunt and spilling onto her hips. Her cock shrinks while it's still inside of you, pulling itself out and quickly turning back into her clit.

You're still not finished with her. You slide your tongue across her stomach to the puddle of semen you spilled onto her and slowly lick it up. Then you move your mouth to her tits, sucking on one of her nipples. She simply lies on the floor, letting you have your way with her body. You also slide your hand between her thighs, gently rubbing her slit with your hand. Koakuma suddenly speaks up.

“Hey Reimu. I'd like to ask you something.” You don't stop licking her, but glancing at her face you notice she isn't smiling for once. “I can tell you lost your virginity recently. It hasn't even been a day yet, has it. And you've already at least had sex with a vampire, a human, two fairies, a succubus, and some strange youkai. You're lactating, and your milk has that youkai's semen mixed with it. On top of it all, you're a shrine maiden. Please tell me. Why did you suddenly lose your virginity like that?” You stop your caressing and stare at her.

[ ] Write in
No. 17759
Writer, I would love for you to tell us how the hell we're supposed to answer that.
No. 17760
There really won't be a wrong answer to this so don't worry about it going sour. Just answer her; why is Reimu such a slut all of a sudden?

For the most part I'm just collecting opinions and seeing what anon thinks. There's also the simple fact that I'm not the one who wrote Reimu throwing herself at a manta ray.
No. 17764
That's kind of the problem here: How are we supposed to answer something about how Reimu did something completely out of nowhere? Without giving a retarded answer?
No. 17765
Yeah it's a massive paradox considering all things and trying to bring any sort of sense would be like mixing matter and anti-matter.
No. 17767
[X] Is this strange? It is, isn't it.. I hadn't thought about it until you asked directly.

-[X]I, I still want more- no, wait, that's not right - something's been messing with my mind, perhaps Yukari fooling around again or someone drugged me or some magical effect! Help, please!

--[x]Sexy medical exam

If in doubt delve into the forbidden templates.
No. 17768
Holy shit, this is actually a concern? Awesome.

[x] Is this strange? It is, isn't it.. I hadn't thought about it until you asked directly.
-[x] An incident. It must be an incident. I know how to solve incidents.
No. 17769

[X] It looks like the game is up! I'm not actually Reimu, I'm actually Nue/Mamizou/Other shapeshifter disguised as her!

Wait, this comes under "retarded vote", doesn't it.
No. 17770
Tack on a

--[x] You seem unaffected. Want to help? I might need reminding.

Because I like this Koakuma.
No. 17771
I forgot to mention, but that was quite the enjoyable scene. Just to egoboost you.
No. 17772
[x] I turned [age of consent] today.

It's Raymoo's birthday!
No. 17773
[x] Is this strange? It is, isn't it.. I hadn't thought about it until you asked directly.
-[x] An incident. It must be an incident. I know how to solve incidents.
--[x] You seem unaffected. Want to help? I might need reminding.
No. 17774
[x] Is this strange? It is, isn't it.. I hadn't thought about it until you asked directly.
-[x] An incident. It must be an incident. I know how to solve incidents.

Jumping on the bandwagon because I'm uncreative.
No. 17776
I thought that maybe the youkai could be blamed, but nope, turns out people voted to rape it. I especially like how we didn't find out Reimu was a virgin until the next post.

>But the regular thrusts felt far better than your own mounting made you feel, bar for the fact that you had lost the dominance you loved to show over these creatures.
Haha wow, and this is just a straight-up inconsistency. Koishi got sloppy with her thought insertion. Or maybe it's not an inconsistency???

[x] I always secretly loved the lake monsters. They didn't judge me, and I didn't judge them. I finally decided that this was the day. The day I'd give my virginity to them and show my love to the world.

Bwahaha. This is fun~
No. 17777
>gaphaxing her hymen back together
I like this. Might as well toss another vote and see if it sticks.

[x] Yukari restores my virginity like clockwork. It's annoying.
No. 17780
[x] Yukari restores my virginity like clockwork. It's annoying.
Changing my vote to this because it's also hilarious. I can't decide between someone messing with Reimu's head in a serious manner, or Yukari deliberately messing with Reimu's body in a light-hearted method.
No. 17781
I can't decide between 'serious' vote and 'light-hearted', because they'll both change the type of the story immensely. I kind of just want to vote light-hearted so we can get more slut Reimu.
No. 17782
It's a concern for Koakuma. Not so much for Reimu.


I'm not looking back for context, but it looks fine to me. Reimu was mounting it, then it went on top of you. I'd say "youkai" (plural) would work better than "creatures", since that way it would mean Reimu shows her dominance over previous youkai by exterminating them.

Regardless of what wins Reimu is going to remain a giant slut. I'm not expecting this to turn into a giant storychanger.

Do keep that in mind when voting. Especially since "solve the incident" sounds to me like "Find a way to stop being a slut". Please clarify if I'm misinterpreting that vote though.
No. 17783
>Especially since "solve the incident" sounds to me like "Find a way to stop being a slut". Please clarify if I'm misinterpreting that vote though.
While I'm not the one voting for it, it's probably just a basic framework for six stages of meeting random people and beating them up (and ripping off their clothes) before settling down for a tea party.

You can of course alter that as you see fit.
No. 17785
[x] Is this strange? It is, isn't it.. I hadn't thought about it until you asked directly.
-[x] An incident. It must be an incident. I know how to solve incidents.
--[x] You seem unaffected. Want to help? I might need reminding.
No. 17786

I deleted my prior vote because I have a question for you. What kind of story do YOU, as the writer, desire? I ask because if it's something you want to write, it will result in something better than if you didn't want to write it. Do you want an actual story, or do you just want a series of encounters with Reimu being a slut?

As a reader, I'm perfectly fine with either. Nothing wrong with a more serious story, and Reimu walking around humping everything with no real plot is fine too. Either way, Reimu is going to have sex. A lot of it.
No. 17787
[x] I always secretly loved the lake monsters. They didn't judge me, and I didn't judge them. I finally decided that this was the day. The day I'd give my virginity to them and show my love to the world.

Silly answer to a seemingly silly question... or is it?
No. 17788
>What kind of story do YOU, as the writer, desire?
I don't have any plans for any kind of elaborate plot. For the most part, Reimu would just keep roaming Gensokyo fucking everything in sight and getting pregnant repeatedly. The closest thing I have planned to a plot would be Reimu going around corrupting others around her, e.g. "Make Remilia love it" and encouraging Sakuya to masturbate.

I hijacked the story with the intent of just writing sex scenes and light dialogue. This is my first time writing anything so I'm also doing this to get experience writing and to see if I'm cut out for it.
No. 17789
[x] Yukari restores my virginity like clockwork. It's annoying.
No. 17790

Then let's not thrust too much on you.

[x] Yukari restores my virginity like clockwork. It's annoying.

Keep it simple, keep it sexy.
No. 17793
[x] Yukari restores my virginity like clockwork. It's annoying.
No. 17794
[x] I always secretly loved the lake monsters. They didn't judge me, and I didn't judge them. I finally decided that this was the day. The day I'd give my virginity to them and show my love to the world.

We have a fetish with Eldritch Abominations, and theres nothing wrong with it.
No. 17795
This is exactly what I look for in porn. Have all my egoboosts.

I wonder if we could get Koakuma to believe there's an incident, when in truth, Reimu is just a huge slut? That'd be funny.
No. 17797
[x] Yukari restores my virginity like clockwork. It's annoying.
No. 17798

>Eldritch Abominations.

But we already have one Yukari story going...
No. 17802
[x] Yukari restores my virginity like clockwork. It's annoying.

Because she screws with everything.
No. 17812
[X] Yukari restores my virginity like clockwork. It's annoying.

Why the hell not? I like the humorously random idea of Reimu just being so bored one day that she decides to fuck anything that catches her eye. It's the ultimate culmination of her usual blase, I-don't-care attitude, or something like that.
No. 17814
Calling it for
[x] Yukari restores my virginity like clockwork. It's annoying.
No. 17829
>getting pregnant repeatedly.

I salute you good sir.
No. 17846
File 131503770195.png - (238.38KB , 727x296 , Templates like that.png ) [iqdb]
[x] Yukari restores my virginity like clockwork. It's annoying.
No. 17864

You wanna try checking first if voting is still open, pal?
No. 17868
File 131508977242.jpg - (676.63KB , 750x1182 , 18887092.jpg ) [iqdb]
When the writer is Anonymous, anyone can call the vote. It's best to keep voting just in case.
No. 17869
If someone other than the OP called the vote, the OP would say something. Furthermore, I can't imagine anyone actually doing that just to fuck with a story, and it certainly hasn't happened yet. You don't need to vote after it's called.
No. 17871

Not only would the OP say something, but the person who called the votes like that would likely get in trouble with the admins very, very quickly.
No. 17895
File 131519140959.jpg - (928.11KB , 1675x1200 , d27e59e7f8e4a1fb7575991ab3ec4e0b.jpg ) [iqdb]
“I don't know how you knew that I was a virgin until recently, but it's simple. That wasn't the first time I've had my virginity taken.” Koakuma simply stares at you in confusion. “I don't know if you've met her, but Yukari Yakumo enjoys fucking me. However she says she will only 'partake in the finest virgin shrine maiden pussy' so she restores my virginity before and after she fucks me. It's really annoying to have my hymen torn twice every week.”

“Huh? She 'restores' your virginity? I've only heard stories about that woman, but how could she restore virginity? And if that wasn't your first time, when was it?”

“I've been playing with other women for years, but I didn't actually get fucked by a cock until Yukari banged me when I came of age. Ah, that was so much fun, tasting a cock for the first time. Even with the pain of losing my virginity her cock just felt so good pounding against my cunt, making me lose control of my body like that.”

“Reimu? Reimu!” Koakuma snaps you out of your daydreaming by shouting your name. She seems somewhat depressed after hearing your explanation. “Hey Reimu. Could you do me a favor?” She lies flat against the floor and places a hand on her chest below her breasts. “Just lay your head here and rest.“ It's an odd request, but you have no reason to turn her down. You lie down placing your head on her chest, the side of your head touching the bottom of her heavy breasts. You reach a hand out to feel her tits, but she stops it. “None of that, please. Just rest like this for a while.” She did fill you up, so you suppose you owe her this favor, even if you have no idea why she's asking you to do this.

You close your eyes and rest, enjoying her scent. Koakuma lightly scratches the back of your head. You feel her breasts lightly pressing against your head with each breath. She purrs happily, enjoying having your head resting on her chest. “I guess this isn't bad, in its own way.” You'd much rather be fucking her right now, but just resting like this isn't too bad.

“Reimu.” Patchouli's voice startles you. You quickly open your eyes and sit up. Patchouli is floating beside the two of you. She doesn't seem to be the least bit concerned that you and her familiar are both naked or that you were just resting your head on top of her. “Remilia wishes you to dine with her tonight. Please get dressed and head to the dining room.” With that she leaves, slowly floating towards what you presume is the exit. It seems your time with Koakuma is over.

You both stand up. Koakuma walks to her clothes to get dressed, but you stop her. You hug her, wrapping your arms around her back and pressing your breasts up against hers. “Thank you for playing with me. You were great, and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.” You kiss her on her lips and slide one of your hands up to her breasts, cupping one of them. Even if she doesn't want to play anymore you aren't about to leave without saying goodbye to her tits.

“I did enjoy it, Reimu. Thank you. But you really should find some calmer hobbies.” She returns your kiss. You both return to your clothes and get dressed. Looking around, you remember how huge the library is, and you have no idea where you are. You'll never find your way out alone, not before dinner.

“Koakuma,” she glances up at you as you call her name, “could you guide me out of here? I don't know the way back.” She's in the middle of buttoning her shirt.

“Certainly. Just a moment, let me finish dressing.” She finishes buttoning her shirt and slides her vest on top, not bothering to button it. “Please follow me.” She leads you out of the library. You thank her again and head off to the dining room.

One of the maids is standing outside of the dining room, looking at you. As you approach her, you recognize as the first of the two maids you brought to Remilia. She curtsies when you walk up to her. “Good morrow, mistress Reimu. I will be the maid servicing you tonight during dinner. Please remove your undergarments before entering the dining room.”

“Remove my – what? What are you talking about?”

“I will be servicing your pussy tonight. Remilia has declared that during this dinner both you and herself will have a maid service you from under the table as you eat to enhance the dining experience. However in order to do this I will need you to remove your undergarments so that I may lick your pussy directly.” You smile as she explains her odd request. It seems Remilia is developing into a fine pervert.

“Where should I go to remove them?”

“There is a bathroom down the hall. That would be the ideal location. One more thing; mistress Patchouli is not to know about this. You will need to remain calm during dinner and quietly enjoy my tongue.”

“Very well.” It's an annoying request, but you should be able to keep quiet. The maid's new at this so her tongue-work shouldn't be anything you can't handle. “I look forward to enjoying you.” She curtsies again as you leave. You easily find the bathroom the maid mentioned. You remove your bloomers and panties. You don't have anywhere to put them, so you just fold them and leave them lying on the counter. You return to the dining room, the air feeling cool against your bare slit. A different maid, one you don't recognize, is waiting for you as you return, the first nowhere to be seen. She curtsies and guides you to your seat in the dining room. There are three chairs at the grand table, one of them occupied by Patchouli, who is busy reading a book. You sit down at the table. A hand suddenly grabs your thigh; it seems that your maid is already in position. She pushes the table cloth onto your lap to give herself easy access to your pussy.

Remilia enters the room from the far side with Sakuya attending her. Patchouli closes her book upon noticing her host's entrance. As Remilia sits down, a group of fairies come out of the kitchen entrance with a cart containing exquisitely prepared dishes. Two of the maids carry dishes to Remilia and Patchouli. The maid that greeted you brings a dish to you, setting it down in front of you. The maid hiding under the table takes this as a cue to begin. Her wet tongue quickly flicks against your clit, causing you to gasp from the sudden stimulation.

“Oh? Is this your first time seeing such an elaborate feast, Reimu?” You can only shake your head to deny her taunt; the maid is better than you expected and if you open your mouth to talk you will certainly end up moaning out loud. The maid continues her assault, moving from your clit to slowly sliding her tongue into your cunt. You fight the urge to cry out, doing your best to keep your face calm while still enjoying the stimulation. The maid settles into a regular rhythm, giving you a chance to compose yourself and start eating. Sakuya's cooking is amazing as usual; the wonderful taste filling your mouth paired with the woman drinking from your cunt almost make you lose control. You eat slowly to avoid being overwhelmed. You glance at the others as you eat; Remilia is well aware of what you're going through and is enjoying watching you squirm, while Patchouli seems to be completely oblivious, quietly eating her dinner.

You gasp again as the maid changes her tactics; you can feel her slowly inserting two of her fingers into your cunt as she licks you, brushing her tongue against your clit in between licks. You're forced to stop eating again from the new feeling. You're able to control your voice but you squirm, slowly thrusting your hips towards the maid to force her to stimulate more of your dripping pussy. Looking again at Remilia in your helplessness you see that she's feeling her maid too; she's still eating normally but her face is flushed and her movements grow erratic. Your cunt grows used to the maid's fingering, and you finally manage to take another bite of your meal.

And then it stops. She pulls her fingers out of your pussy and stops licking it. You can't feel her down there at all. The sudden end without proper release makes you uncomfortable. Your cunt is soaked, burning with desire for a thick cock or tongue to fuck it. But your maid left, and there's no chance of fingering yourself without drawing attention due to the damned tablecloth draped across your lap. You're forced to rub your thighs together, lightly rubbing them against your pussy lips. You finish your food, the taste is wonderful but unfortunately does little to help your pussy. You're forced to endure your unsatisfied pussy throughout the remainder of dinner, by which time it has calmed down.

You return to the bathroom to collect your panties and bloomers. They're still present, exactly where you left them. You strip and clean the pussy juice off your thighs before putting your undergarments back on. You've calmed down enough that masturbating in the bathroom would be pointless. A better solution would be to find someone else in the mansion to fuck.

[ ] Meiling
[ ] Sakuya
[ ] Remilia
[ ] Patchouli
No. 17897
[X] Meiling
No. 17898
[X] Meiling
No. 17899
[X] Meiling
No. 17900
[x] Meiling

China needs lovin', stat.
No. 17903
[x] Meiling
No. 17904
[x] Meiling
Agreed, patche can go fuck herself.
No. 17906
[x] Meiling

>She seems somewhat depressed
Oh, look, it's the succubus; let's fuck the succubus. That's all she's good for, right? This Koakuma was born in the wrong story.
No. 17907
what an interesting idea
No. 17908
File 131520020969.jpg - (89.91KB , 480x579 , koakumacryreturn.jpg ) [iqdb]
>Oh, look, it's the succubus; let's fuck the succubus. That's all she's good for, right? This Koakuma was born in the wrong story.
Now I feel depressed too. Poor Koa, just looking out for people's wellbeing over her own needs...
No. 17911
[X] Meiling

One redhead down, one to go.
No. 17921
Calling it for
[x] Meiling
No. 17936
File 13152728644.jpg - (432.83KB , 750x750 , 7bed7dfb68ad5e5ed60a313ab26ccc8a.jpg ) [iqdb]
You walk out of the mansion and head to the gate. A beautiful starry night sky greets you as you exit the mansion. You can see Meiling standing next to the gate, hard at work defending the mansion from any intruders that may appear. Not that there ever are any such intruders, at least not the sort that she'd actually catch. None of the fairy guards seem to be around; presumably they've all checked in for the night.

You walk up to Meiling. She starts to greet you but you cut her off by jumping at her and burying your face between her breasts. “Meiling!” You wrap your arms around her, preventing any escape with your hug. “Play with me!”

She's taken aback by your sudden outburst. “Wha – Reimu? What are you doing? And where do you think you're touching me?!” She reaches for your arms, using her superior strength to pry free from your embrace. She gently pushes you forward, pushing your head out from between her breasts. “And what do you mean play? What are you talking about?”

“You need to play with me! I'm a guest of Remilia so you need to entertain me. You don't want to disappoint your mistress, now do you?”

“Entertain you?” She stares at you in disbelief. “I can't do that, even if I wanted to. I need to guard the gate from intruders. I can't just leave my post to go playing, even if you are a guest of the mistress.”

“Sure you can. It's not like it matters at all if you stay here anyways. Marisa is already inside the library.” She's shocked by your lie. “So play with me! You already failed one job, so now you can make it up with another.”

“What? Marisa got inside? How did she do that while I was on guard?”

“Beats me, but she's in there. I saw her terrorizing Patchouli while I had tea with her familiar. They ended up having a fight over her books. Patch won this time though, so Marisa had to put them back. They're having tea now.” You add on to the lie. You don't want Meiling to think Patchouli is in trouble; she might rush inside and try to save her only to discover that you were lying.

Meiling falls to her knees, looking like she's about to cry. “So I failed again, huh. Ahh, the mistress is going to be angry with me, I just know it!” She sniffs, doing her best to suppress her tears. “So what did you have in mind, Reimu?”

[ ] Play with her right here.
[ ] Invite her to go “swimming” with you.
No. 17937
[x] Invite her to go “swimming” with you.
No. 17938
[x] Invite her to go “swimming” with you.

Gee, I wonder what that might lead to.
No. 17939
Something a good girl like Meiling doesn't deserve!

[x] Play with her right here.
No. 17940
[x] Invite her to go “swimming” with you.

It must be done.
No. 17950
[x] Invite her to go “swimming” with you.
No. 17951
[x] Invite her to go “swimming” with you.

Is... Is this what I think it is?
No. 17952
[x] Invite her to go “swimming” with you.

This is the only way.
No. 17955
[x] Invite her to go “swimming” with you.

Because I'm feeling evil today.
No. 17959
[x] Play with her right here.
No. 17961
[x] Invite her to go “swimming” with you.
First scene rehash?
Count me in.
No. 17964
[x] Invite her to go “swimming” with you.

Let's go for it.
No. 17981
[x] Play with her right here.
No. 17984
Calling it for a relaxing night swim with Meiling.
No. 18103
File 131553716941.jpg - (492.55KB , 1000x843 , 63d335023605ca9de4f096091fface2b.jpg ) [iqdb]
“A swim? Alright. It's a great night for a swim.” She stands up with a smile on her face, her earlier depression dispelled. “I'll need to change first though. Wait here.” She starts walking towards the entrance, but after a few steps stops and turns to face you. “Uh, do you have swimwear? Do you need to borrow some of mine?”

“No thanks, I'm wearing it already under my clothes.” She turns back to the mansion and heads inside. You strip to reveal your “swimwear”, taking off all of your clothes save for your sarashi. The warm air feels great against your exposed slit. You grab a handful of charms from your shirt and place them inside your sarashi, hiding them from view. You'll need these later.

Meiling returns a few minutes later wearing a bright red bikini, showing off her fantastic legs and plenty of cleavage. You just wish there was more light so you could better appreciate the view. She turns to face you, her eyes checking out your “swimwear” and looking embarrassed when she notices your exposed slit.

“Uh Reimu? You're, uh, naked if you didn't notice. Are you sure you don't need to borrow one of my sets?” She eyes your breasts. “It looks like you grew to about my size.”

“What's the problem? We're both girls. And it's dark enough that no one else will see me anyways.” She's still embarrassed but isn't willing to argue with you. “C'mon Meiling! Let's go swimming already!” You grab her hand and lead her to the lake shore.

You both get into the water and swim out. The water is refreshingly cool and feels great against the warm air. It doesn't take long for everything to become oppressively dark as you move away from the bright mansion; the quarter moon only does so much to illuminate the water, but it's enough to let you see Meiling. You continue swimming, fatigue slowly creeping up on you. You should be close to where you met your “friend” in the morning, so this would be the perfect spot to rest. You roll over and float on your back.

“Hey Meiling. Let's take a break for now.” Meiling looks over at you and joins you, floating towards you. You pull a charm out from your sarashi. Hopefully it's either too dark for her to see you or she just won't think anything of it. As she draws close to you you stretch your arms, putting them out behind your head. “Ahh, swimming feels so good.”

Meiling joins you in your stretch, putting her arms far above her head and close to yours. Perfect. “Yeah, this is nice. Thanks for suggesting this, Reimu.”

You reach out and place the charm onto Meiling's stomach. She can only let out a simple cry of surprise before it takes effect, draining the strength from her body. You grab her arms and force them into the water and behind her back, feeling no resistance due to her sealed strength. You pull the remainder of the charms out of your sarashi. You attach a charm to her wrists, locking her arms behind her back for when the charm on her stomach wears off.

“Reimu? What the hell are you doing? Why is my body so heavy?” She yells out in panic, confused by your sudden attack.

“Shh. Just sit back and relax.” You can hear splashing in the distance. Something is moving towards the two of you. You grab Meiling's panties and push them to the side, exposing her pussy. She yells your name again as you do this and starts thrashing her legs. The charm must be wearing off already. “It's almost here. Just wait for it.”

“What's almost here? What are you talking about? Why are you doing this?!” She screams as the creature's feelers attach themselves to her thighs. It emerges from the darkness, pulling itself up to Meiling's pussy. You can't tell if it's the same creature you had sex with, but it's definitely the same species. You can't see it very well, but you know what it's going to do to Meiling from experience. More feelers extend from its fin, wrapping around her legs and touching her ass. The first cock extends from the slit on its body and aligns itself with Meiling's pussy. She screams again as she sees it. “What the hell is that thing? Reimu! Help me! Get it off of me! Why aren't you doing anything?!” The creature slams its cock into Meiling, causing her to scream again. She thrashes her body violently at the sudden insertion. You slap two of your charms onto her legs, ending her struggle.

Meiling's screams slowly turn into moans as the creature continues its assault on her pussy, getting it ready to receive the eggs. Another feeler comes out of the creature and slides into Meiling's mouth. You aren't about to let Meiling have all of the fun, even if the creature is completely ignoring you. You reach over to its fin and grab a feeler for yourself, placing it into your mouth. You suck on it and the familiar taste of the manta's unique semen fills your mouth. You eagerly drink it down, a warm feeling spreading throughout your body as you swallow the fluid. Meiling joins you, sucking on the feeler in her mouth with a dazed expression on her face. You push her bikini top down and play with her breasts as you suck on the feeler in your mouth. You pinch her nipples and squeeze her full breasts.

The manta stops pounding against Meiling's cunt and holds its cock deep inside of her. Her eyes go wide and she cries out in fear; it must have just laid the first egg. The creature hastily withdraws its feelers, pulling out of your mouth as well as hers. She screams a second and third time as two more eggs are inserted into her. The manta ignores her anguish and pulls its cock out, sliding it back into the slit on its body. Even though the disgust of having eggs forcibly pushed into her womb is apparent on her face, you can see her weakly thrusting her hips towards the creature. Her soaked cunt desires its cock despite her shame.

The second cock pops out of the lower slit and begins pounding her cunt. She moans with each penetration, her resistance finally broken even without your charms. A feeler reaches out and enters her ass, filling her anus with its juices. Meiling orgasms as the manta ejaculates and fills her wet pussy with semen. She moans in pleasure, slowly going silent as the paralysis takes over. She simply floats there as the creature continues to fuck her. Two more feelers emerge from the manta and attach to her nipples. Her already large breasts slowly expand as the creature injects its fluid into her tits. It ejaculates again into her cunt, retracts its cock, and swims off. Meiling just floats there, unable to move, with her face stuck in the middle of an orgasm.

[ ] Let something else have its way with her
[ ] Take her yourself.
[ ] Swim back to shore with her.
No. 18104
[x] Swim back to shore with her.
No. 18105
[X] Let something else have its way with her
No. 18107
[x] Let something else have its way with her

This is kinda hot. Lake creatures need love too. I'm kinda sad he didn't bring a friend though.
No. 18108
[x] Take her yourself.

Why not explain why you're doing this? She asked nicely~
No. 18110
[x] Take her yourself.
No. 18114
[X] Let something else have its way with her

Wanna see what else is out here
No. 18116
[X] Let something else have its way with her.
No. 18118
[x] Take her yourself.
No. 18119
[x] Take her yourself.
No. 18125
[x] Take her yourself.
No. 18126
[x] Let something else have its way with her
No. 18127
[x] Let something else have its way with her

I'm simply too interested in seeing where this goes to vote for anything else.
No. 18129
[x] Let something else have its way with her
No. 18130
[X] Let something else have its way with her.

Gotta show her how nice it feels.
No. 18134
[x] Take her yourself.
No. 18138
[X] Let something else have its way with her.
No. 18139
[X] Let something else have its way with her.

I was waiting for this.
No. 18150
[x] Let something else have its way with her

Those fucking lake creatures man. They just rape everything in sight.
No. 18153
[x] Take her yourself.
No. 18154
How rude! We're giving plenty of consent on Meiling's behalf!
No. 18158
[x] Take her yourself.
No. 18160
[x] Let something else have its way with her
No. 18161
[X] Let something else have its way with her.
No. 18163
[X] Let something else have its way with her.
As good as the other options look, this one has to be delicious.
No. 18164
[X] Let something else have its way with her.
As good as the other options look, this one has to be delicious.
No. 18165
[X] Let something else have its way with her.
- Then join in.
No. 18174
Calling it for
[X] Let something else have its way with her.
No. 18326
File 131587350724.jpg - (370.22KB , 1120x840 , 20572015_big_p4.jpg ) [iqdb]
She hasn't had enough. You spread her pussy lips and wait. Something else that will fuck a pussy hard must live in these waters. You spend a few minutes draped over Meiling, holding her pussy open in invitation. A single tentacle emerges from the darkness, moving directly for Meiling's cunt. It isn't very thick and is perfectly smooth, but the way it bends reminds you of a snake. It would have no problem touching every corner of her insides. The tentacle slithers into her pussy and repeatedly slides in and out of her. She's still paralyzed but you're certain she's enjoying it.

More tentacles approach her, swimming through the water. They slowly wrap themselves all around her body, coiling around her legs and torso. Two of them enter her anus and mouth as they slide over the entrances, thrusting deep into her holes. One of the appendages coiling around her body brushes against your leg and immediately wraps around it, steadily moving towards your dripping cunt. The tentacle is slimy and very strong, preventing you from moving your leg. You eagerly accept it inside of you, happy that some things are willing to fuck you even if you are pregnant.

More of the tentacles turn away from Meiling and focus on you. One slides up your body, between your breasts, and moves towards your mouth. You grab the tip with your mouth. The slime leaves a bad taste in your mouth but you ignore it, hungering for the shaft between your lips. Another tentacle wraps itself around your torso and pushes you down on top of Meiling. More of the appendages wrap around your body and Meiling's, pushing you down against her. One enters your ass, slowly thrusting into your tight anus.

Life finally returns to Meiling's body. She thrusts her hips as the tentacles penetrate her pussy and ass to drive them in deeper and faster. She noisily sucks on the appendage in her mouth, kissing the tip with the back of her throat as her lips slide over the shaft. She's thoroughly broken now. A second tentacle slides into your cunt, stretching your walls. The two tentacles inside your cunt alternate their thrusts such that you always have one of them deep inside you. Having four tentacles inside of you and more wrapped around you is too much for your mind to bear, quickly bringing you to orgasm. They continue to pound you as you scream in pleasure. Meiling joins you in your orgasm, her body contorting with pleasure as she moans. The tentacles pull out of both of you as your orgasms finish and retreat back into the darkness. Your support suddenly lost, you slip off of Meiling's body and fall face first into the water. Meiling flips you over onto your back, the concerned expression on her face vanishing as she sees that you're fine. You both slowly swim back to the mansion, your bodies weary from getting fucked.

You both get out of the water. You walk in front of Meiling and slide your hand against her thigh, caressing her just below her wet pussy. “So how was the swim? Did you enjoy it?”

“It was incredible.” You rub your hand against her slit, causing her to gasp. “It felt amazing to have my body violated like that.“ She moans softly as you slide your middle finger into her cunt. “But what did it put inside of me?”

“Eggs.” You grab one of her tits and suck on the nipple as you finger her. Milk comes out of her breast and flows into your mouth. Like the small taste of your own milk you got from Remilia, her milk has the familiar taste of the creature's semen mixed in. You pull your head away, showing Meiling that she is lactating. “You're pregnant now, just like me.” You push your own tits up, offering them to Meiling. She hesitates for a second, then takes your breast into her mouth and sucks. You moan as the milk flows out from your tit. You slide a second finger into her pussy to reward her. “You'll give birth in about two weeks. Make sure you taste plenty of cocks before then. Your babies need their milk.” You decide Meiling's had enough from that tit and give her a turn with the other one. “In fact, you should go fuck Remilia. You could start with her delicious cock.” She stops drinking from you and looks up at you, but you stop her before she can say anything. “Trust me. Go see her now. I'm sure she'd enjoy the company.” You pull your fingers out of her.

“Huh? Fuck the mistress? Would she really be interested in me?”

You slide your hands around her thighs and ass. “With a body like yours, anything with a cock would die to fuck you, Meiling. Of course she'd want you.” You move your hands to her huge tits and squeeze them. “Just seduce her with your giant tits. Or if all else fails, just rape her. You have those muscles for a reason, Meiling. If she won't give you her cock voluntarily, just force it into your cunt and fuck her!”

“Yes! I will! Thank you, Reimu! I will make the Scarlet Devil mine!” She moves her bikini back into position to cover her pussy and nipples, her enlarged breasts making her top extremely tight. You kiss her before she charges into the mansion, slipping your tongue into her mouth. She returns the kiss, tasting your tongue with her own. “So long, Reimu. I will not return until I have conquered the devil!” She runs off into the mansion, her wet hair leaving a sparkling trail behind her as the sunrise illuminates the air in an orange glow.

You put on your clothes and head into the mansion. You're tired from how late it is, even with your little nap with Remilia. You find the nearest fairy maid and ask her to direct you to a guest room you could sleep in. She guides you towards an extravagant room on the second floor. A large canopy bed with beautiful satin sheets sits atop a Persian rug. You thank the maid and send her off, doing your best to not let your awe show on your face. You can't help yourself; you run and jump on top of the bed, landing face down in the soft silk. Remilia certainly knows how to furnish a mansion.

You get off the bed and go through the dresser, looking for something to sleep in. You find a simple set of pajamas within the first drawer. They're surprisingly plain, not made out of any fancy material or possessing any lavish frills. They look remarkably like something you would wear at the shrine to sleep in. You strip and put on the pajamas. They're certainly comfortable, even if they don't share the room's extravagance. You slip under the covers and fall asleep.

“Reimu. Reimu. Wake up Reimu.” Someone is calling your name, waking you in the middle of your sleep.

“Huh? Who is it?” You groggily answer her, still very tired.

“Good. You're awake.” Is that Sakuya?

You suddenly find yourself standing in another room. You give the room a quick look. There is very little furniture, only a plain bed and a nightstand with a lamp on top of it. Sakuya is standing in front of you, completely naked. Looking down, you notice that you're naked as well. She must have stripped you while she froze time. “Reimu.” She calls your name again. “Please teach me to masturbate.” She slides a finger into her cunt; she's already wet and her skin is flushed. “I can't make it feel as good as you did. Please help me,” she begs.

You smile. She's turning out nicely. “I'd love to. Just lie back on your bed and follow my lead. I'll teach you everything you need to know.” You move to her bed and lie down on the side and spread your legs, Sakuya copying your position. “You're already wet, so you can start with fingering.” You slide a finger into your pussy, Sakuya copying you. “If one isn't enough, add a second. Slide them in and out slowly. Savor the feeling; don't rush it.” Sakuya softly moans as she slides her fingers in and out of her dripping pussy. She's going at the same speed as you, but she must be more sensitive. “That's too fast. You need to just slowly enjoy it. Don't be in a rush to cum. Your cunt isn't as used as mine so you need to go a bit slower than me.” She slows down, still breathing harder but not moaning. Good, she's not just blindly copying you; this way you can keep your own pace without interfering with her.

“Now touch your breasts using your other hand. Feel them. Pretend someone else is groping you if you want. Pinch your nipples.” A small bit of milk squirts out as you pinch your own nipples to demonstrate, but Sakuya seems too caught up in her own breasts to notice. “But not just your breasts. Trace your hand against your whole body. Feel your smooth skin. Find where it feels good and repeat that. Does it feel good, Sakuya?” She lets out an excited cry. You'll take that as a yes. “Good. Normally you'd do this part first, but since you were already wet I decided to switch it around.” That, and her fingering will make the rest of her body more sensitive so she will feel much more from her caresses the next time.

“Next, your clit. Use your other hand and lightly rub your clit.” She lightly rubs the top of her clit with her index finger, her breathing getting heavier from the stimulation. “Now give it a little pinch.” She throws her head back and cries out in pleasure as she squeezes the little knob between her two fingers. You are beginning to pant as well from your own stimulation. “Good. Now you're ready to cum.”

“Slide your fingers in and out faster now. Keep building up speed. And change the angle, and move your fingers around inside of you. Explore your pussy as you thrust. Hit every corner of your walls.” She does so, thrusting into her cunt with increased speed, moaning loudly from the penetration. “Don't forget your clit. Keep rubbing it. Or play with your nipples. Find what feels good.” She continues playing with her cunt; she'll be fine and will cum soon. You focus on your own masturbation, rapidly inserting three of your fingers into your greedy cunt. You watch Sakuya as you play with your nipples, releasing tiny drops of milk onto her sheets. You want to cum with her. She finally orgasms, her back arching as she screams out in pleasure. You quickly finish yourself off and join her.

Sakuya lies back on the bed, exhausted from her orgasm. “Did you learn to make yourself feel good, Sakuya?” She stares at you for a second and then nods. “Good. Keep practicing. You'll make a fine slut.” You climb on top of her, your face directly above her pussy. “But first, we made a mess didn't we? We need to clean this up!” You lower your body onto hers, pressing your pussy against her mouth as you dive towards hers. You lick her pussy, tasting the juices she spilled from her orgasm. She moans as you taste her cunt, taking a second to recover before attacking yours. You slide your tongue around the edges of her pussy lips, getting all of her juices. Her pussy cleaned, you sit up, allowing her to continue licking you. She continues, too engrossed in eating you to notice that you stopped. Her tongue penetrates your cunt, having no intention of actually cleaning you up. She brings you to orgasm quickly, still sensitive from your masturbation.

“Mmm, Thank you. Although you didn't do a very good job of actually cleaning me.” You lightly caress her cheek with your hand. “But could you take me back to my room now? I'd like to get back to sleep. You'll do fine now, just keep practicing.” Sakuya nods. The next thing you know you're back in your bed. Lifting up the covers you see that she dressed you as well, putting your pajamas back on. She could've at least let you dress yourself. You fall back asleep.

You wake up. You lazily spend some time lying under the covers but your hunger forces you out of bed. Your clothes are folded in a neat pile on top of a dresser; Sakuya must have washed them sometime while you were asleep. You head downstairs and find Sakuya in the kitchen with the help of the fairy maids. She greets you as you enter, completely ignoring your earlier encounter.

“I'm starved. What's for breakfast?”

“I'll cook something for you if you don't want to wait for Remilia to wake up. Please wait in the dining room.”

“Remilia's still asleep?”

“Of course she's still asleep. It's not evening yet. She won't be awake for another hour or two. And don't you dare wake her up early today!” Evening in an hour or two? It's already that late? Being in this mansion with no windows and nocturnal inhabitants is really messing up your sleeping schedule.

You head to the dining room and wait at the huge table. A few minutes later Sakuya brings a plate of delicious looking food and a cup of tea. “Please, enjoy the meal.” She doesn't stick around, presumably returning to the kitchen. The food is at great as it looked. You quickly finish it all.

It's about time for you to finally leave the mansion, but you want to give Remilia a proper goodbye. If you can't wake her up early again you'll just need to kill some time.

[ ] Take Meiling out to the village for cocks
[ ] Track down and get revenge on the maid from dinner
[ ] Give Koakuma another visit
[ ] Continue Sakuya's training
[ ] Visit Patchouli
No. 18329
[X] Continue Sakuya's training.

Why? Because:

>“Good. Keep practicing. You'll make a fine slut."
No. 18330
[X] Continue Sakuya's training.

He makes a good argument.
No. 18331
[X] Continue Sakuya's training.
No. 18335
[X] Continue Sakuya's training.
No. 18353
[ ] Continue Sakuya's training
No. 18357
[x] Continue Sakuya's training

Can't resist more Sakuya.
No. 18365
[x] Take Meiling out to the village for cocks
No. 18367
[x] Visit Patchouli

Bet she's a complete freak.
No. 18368
[x] Visit Patchouli
Hopefully we have busty Patchy, and not Loli-Patchy. Either way though, I love me a slice of Patchouli.
No. 18371
[x] Visit Patchouli

We can make whores out of the SDM crew after we'd fucked them all once.
No. 18372
[x] Continue Sakuya's training
No. 18373
[x] Visit Patchouli

And then there was one.
No. 18376
[x] Visit Patchouli
No. 18377
[x] Visit Patchouli

I'd rather visit Koakuma again, but there's no way that's happening now.
No. 18394
[x] Visit Patchouli

Loli Patchy is best Patchy
No. 18415
[x]Visit Patchouli

We can drag Koa away from the mansion much better after we fuck her mother seduce her master!
No. 18418
Calling it for
[x]Visit Patchouli
No. 18509
File 13162294669.jpg - (331.54KB , 700x780 , 9218d2407c5100a4846fa7d95aff09dc.jpg ) [iqdb]
You head back down to the library. Patchouli is much easier to find than Koakuma was; she's quietly reading at the same table in the center of the library. You sneak up behind her and throw your arms around her, grabbing her tits. No reaction. She just continues reading her book. You squeeze her tits and pinch her nipples; seems she isn't wearing a bra underneath her pajama-like clothes.

“What is it, Reimu?” She's still reading her book.

“Let's have sex!”

She stops reading and turns to face you, but doesn't put the book down. “Sex? With me? Wouldn't you rather be with Koakuma for that? She seems to be more suited for such an activity than myself.”

“I already fucked her. Now it's your turn. So let's fuck!” You're pretty sure Koakuma isn't interested in having sex with you again anyways. Such a shame, as she was delicious.

She sighs, puts her book down, and stands up. “Very well. But I will need time to prepare myself.” She floats off into the library. You follow her as she leads you to a sofa propped against a wall. “Wait here. I will return when I am ready.”

Patchouli flies off to some other part of the library. You can faintly hear her calling for Koakuma. With nothing else to do, you sit on the couch and wait. And wait. And wait. You have no idea how long she intends to be gone, but it's been at least a half hour by now. You try to make shadow puppets against the wall, but the lighting in the library refuses to cast any shadows. With no way to entertain yourself, you sigh and kick your legs into the air. Your hand moves underneath your skirt and slowly rubs your slit through your panties. Well, there's no sign that she'll be back anytime soon, so you might as well masturbate as you wait for her.

You take off your panties and discard them onto the floor, leaving your skirt on. You spread your legs to give yourself easy access to your pussy. You're already damp from rubbing yourself, so you skip any foreplay. You slide three of your fingers into your cunt, wiggling them around to feel your walls. You moan as your experienced fingers touch every part of your wet cunt. You switch to pounding your cunt with your fingers, trying to draw out your orgasm quickly before Patchouli returns. You moan loudly as your fingers penetrate you, filling your body with pleasure. You stop yourself from screaming out as you cum by covering your mouth with your other hand. You lie back against the couch, enjoying the afterglow of your orgasm and notice Patchouli standing by a bookshelf. With the way she's staring at you it's obvious she was watching at least the end of your show. She doesn't seem offended that you asked to have sex with her and ended up masturbating on her sofa at least.

“Oh, and what do we have here? Some dirty little slut wandered into the library.” Patchouli finally speaks after noticing that you're finished. She's wearing nothing but a bra and panties. It's obvious that she borrowed her lingerie from Koakuma; both articles are black and lacy, and the bra is much too big for her breasts. While Patchouli's breasts were quite sizable from what you felt earlier, she can't compare to Koakuma's massive tits.

She walks over to you and “pins” your arms down onto the sofa, although with her strength you could easily overpower her. You let her hold you down, surprised at how forward Patchouli is acting and also curious as to what she has planned. “Just look at these lewd tits!” She removes one of her hands from your wrist and pushes it onto your breast. “You're just begging for some cock aren't you, you whore?” She releases your other hand and pulls your shirt off over your head. “Now lets see how your tits look without your bra in the way!” She undoes your sarashi and pinches one of your exposed nipples. “Mmm, you have such tasty looking melons. I'll just dig in.” She sucks on your other breast, kissing and lightly biting your nipple. You moan as milk flows out of your breast and into her mouth. She opens her eyes in surprise as she tastes the first bit of your milk but composes herself and resumes licking you.

She pulls away from you and undresses, her modest breasts appearing behind her oversized bra. “Now for the main dish.” She flips up your skirt, revealing your drenched pussy. She stares at your slit in confusion and mumbles to herself. “Eh? Next the penis goes into the vagina. But she doesn't have one?” She touches her own slit. “And I don't have one. Huh?” You stop her rambling by getting up and pushing her down onto the sofa.

“Let me show you what comes next. You don't need a cock, your pussy will do fine.” You run your finger along her slit. She moans a second later. You cup one of her breasts with your other hand and take her nipple into your mouth, returning the light biting. You slide a finger into her cunt, causing her to moan heavily. “Well? How does it feel, Patchouli?”

“Aaahn! It feels so good! My mind is going blank!” Her arms thrash about from the pleasure. She grinds her hips into your finger, but her timing is off due to her inexperience. You pull your finger out of her cunt and line your pussy up with hers. You grind your hips together, rubbing your wet pussies together. Patchouli continues to moan with the new stimulation. “Yes! Yes! Keep going! Ahhhh!” You press harder against her cunt, eager to please the normally calm girl. “Ahhh! You're so big inside of me! It's amazing!” What?

You immediately stop grinding against her and pull away, but Patchouli continues to moan loudly. “Patchouli.” Your voice stops her unusual moaning. She composes herself immediately and looks up at you.

“What is it?”

“What the hell are you doing?”

“I'm moaning in pleasure because it feels so good. Why do you ask?”

“I wasn't putting anything inside of you!”

“Oh. I apologize. Shall we continue?”

You sigh. Her absurd statement really killed the mood for you. You felt that something was wrong with the sex but you didn't think it was that bad. You don't feel like continuing the tribadism so you instead put your head between her thighs and lick her pussy. She resumes moaning loudly as soon as your tongue touches her clit. You slide a finger inside of her pussy. “Ahh! Your finger feels so good! My hips are moving on their own!” You continue licking and fingering her, savoring the taste of the magician's cunt. She mutters something under her breath, but it's too soft and spoken too quickly for you to understand it. Her body spasms and she moans loudly as she orgasms, letting out cries of pleasure. A stream of water sprays out of her pussy and hits you in the face. You close your eyes and pull away from the stream but plenty of it still hits your face, some getting into your mouth. It's definitely water.

You get up to yell at Patchouli again. She has a content expression on her face, breathing somewhat heavily. “Was it good for you?” You decide to not press the issue. It's obvious she was faking everything, but she at least was kind enough to put effort into it, even if she did end up getting confused. “Yeah,” you reply noncommittally. She closes her eyes and drifts off to sleep on the couch. You stand up, get dressed, and leave the library.

You find Remilia in the sitting room drinking tea. Sakuya is with her but isn't drinking with her. You walk up to Remilia and kiss her on the cheek.

“Good evening, Reimu. Did you sleep well?” She turns to face her maid. “Sakuya, serve Reimu some tea.”

“I did, thank you. Your bedrooms are nothing short of amazing. Did you enjoy my little gift this morning?”

“Gift? This morning? Do you mean how the gate guard burst into my room and tried to rape me? That was your doing?!”

“It was, yes. Was she delicious?” Remilia stares at you for a few seconds, then laughs.

“She was, yes. I suppose I should thank you for the treat, but please don't distract her too much from her duties.”

You chat amicably with Remilia for about an hour. You run out of things to say, so now would be a good time to leave.

“It's about time for me to head home.”

“I see. Then I will see you off to the door.” The three of you walk to the front entrance without opening it.

“I hope you enjoyed my company as much as I enjoyed being here. And my little 'enhancement' I gave you as well.”

She's clearly warmed up to the idea of having a cock. “Yes, well, it was enjoyable to play around with the maids but I am still looking forward to that thing you gave me disappearing.”

“You love it as and soon as it disappears you'll beg for me to give you a new one.” Fortunately that won't actually be necessary. “But don't worry, I'll come back in a few days and we can have plenty of fun then. I left something here.”

“You left something here? Can't you simply get it now?”

“No, it's not quite ready yet.” You walk over to Remilia and put your hand on her thigh. “But first, I need to properly say goodbye to you.”

How should you say goodbye to Remilia?

[ ] Kiss her passionately
[ ] have her “kiss” you
[ ] Blowjob
[ ] Paizuri
[ ] Cunnilingus
[ ] Offer her your pussy
[ ] Offer her your ass
No. 18510
[x] Offer her your ass

Hahaha. Welp.
No. 18513
[x] Kiss her passionately
-[x] Get her excited, but leave her hanging.

She'll be more fun if she's left wanting more.

Kinda disappointing on the Patchouli front, but I suppose I should have expected her to spout cliche ero dialogue she memorized by rote. Oh well, at least she tried.
I think next time, we ought to have Patchy grow a dick like Remilia did. Who knows, maybe she'll be eager to re-enact all the futanari manga she's clearly been reading.
No. 18514
[x] Have her “kiss” you
No. 18515
[x] have her “kiss” you

Bitey bitey.
No. 18517
[z] Offer her your pussy and breasts
No. 18520
Gosh, there's just too much ANAL on these boards!

[x] Have her “kiss” you.

And vampire 'kisses' are nice and erotic.
No. 18521
[x] Blowjob
No. 18539
[x] Blowjob

A parting gift for Remilia.
No. 18545
[x] Blowjob

Parting blowjob is best blowjob.
No. 18548
[ ] Blowjob
No. 18549
[x] Blowjob
This patche scene was one of the funniest things I've read on this site. Good work.
No. 18551
[x] have her “kiss” you

Hahaha Patchy. Oblivious but sweet~
No. 18552
[x] Blowjob

Are we really leaving after molesting everyone but Flandre?
No. 18553
[X] Blowjob
>Are we really leaving after molesting everyone but Flandre?

You can't announce you're going to do that to everyone, silly! You've got to ghost your way in, sneak up on her without anyone knowing anything is wrong, disable her oh-so-cutely and then have your way with her in the dark of the basement. Oh Flan, you're so cute, Flandre, it's a sin to be so cute and locked up like that..I want to show you a sun that will make you burn up inside~ /creepyReimu
No. 18617
Calling it for
[x] Blowjob
No. 18814
File 131665663676.jpg - (596.47KB , 800x1112 , 7f696c7b3d48bddbba068824470230a4.jpg ) [iqdb]
You rub Remilia's thigh under her dress. She simply smiles at you as you feel her. You reach in and grab her half-erect cock, stroking it until it becomes fully erect. You get down on your knees in front of Remilia. She takes your cue and pulls down her bloomers, her erect cock pushing out of her dress. You stroke her shaft with your hand and take her tip into your mouth. Her delicious cock throbs in your mouth as you run your tongue over its length, causing Remilia to let out moans of pleasure.

You remove your hand and swallow the entire length of her shaft in one motion. You grab onto her ass for support and bob your head on her cock. Her cock isn't as big as Koakuma's was, so there's no discomfort, just the simple pleasure of having a throbbing shaft in your mouth. Remilia can only moan from your treatment. She won't last long.

You slide away from her base before she can cum, leaving only the tip within your mouth. She ejaculates, filling your mouth with her delicious seed. You release her cock as she finishes shooting inside you, not swallowing as to savor the taste. You stand up and walk over to Sakuya, who was staring with amazement at your cocksucking. You kiss her, opening your mouth and forcing some of the semen inside of her. She eagerly laps the fluid from your mouth, enjoying her first taste of fresh sperm. You pull away from her mouth after she's had enough, swallowing what's left in your mouth. Sakuya licks her lips and swallows her share.

Remilia stares at the two of you. “Oh? Does Sakuya want to join in too?” She gestures to her still erect cock. Sakuya stares at the large cock in front of her and takes a step towards it, but you stop her.

“I've given your maid a bit of training. She'll be an amazing lay once she's ready, but you can't fuck her until then.” You place one hand on Sakuya's thigh and another on her ass, causing her to shudder in your grasp. “I've taught her to masturbate. She shows promise and will be ready soon, but you must let her develop. Feel free to do light play, but that's it.” You step in front of Remilia and wag your finger in her face. “Don't you dare penetrate her before she's truly ready!”

You finish your goodbye by giving both girls a kiss on the lips. You walk out the door and fly back to the shrine. It's already night by the time you arrive. The shrine is in a minor state of disarray after your two day absence. Leaves are strewn out across the path, needing to be swept up. Eh, you'll do it tomorrow. You need to get to bed; being in a mansion owned by a nocturnal creature can really mess with your sleeping schedule, so you need to sleep now even if you aren't tired. You strip and get into bed, falling asleep after some time.
No. 18815
File 131665680793.jpg - (590.91KB , 900x1250 , 60cb8de7e514fef9f656e2e433f43a0c.jpg ) [iqdb]
Now for something slightly different. This isn't a dream sequence or anything, just a temporary perspective switch to Meiling. I'll probably add a handful of these for other shorts that Reimu isn't involved with, especially to break up "You fall asleep. You wake up."


You close the door behind you and run towards the mistress's room. You don't know why she would have a cock, but Reimu wouldn't lie to you. She showed you the best sex you've ever had, and you're eager to taste Remilia's cock. If she's as good as Reimu said, you'll just have to force the mistress to become your servant, ready to fuck you whenever you wish. Some of the maids stare at you, as you are dripping wet, running through the hallways, and wearing a tight bikini, but you pay them no mind. You lick your lips in anticipation as you finally reach the mistress's bed chamber. You throw open the doors and slam them behind you, sealing her fate.

The mistress is laying in bed, wearing a light pink nightgown. She was reading, but stares at you in surprise due to your sudden intrusion. Her surprise quickly turns to anger. “What the hell are you doing, barging in here at this hour?! And wearing a bikini! Why aren't you guarding the gate?”

You tear off your bikini, revealing your massive breasts and dripping pussy. “I have come to take the title of 'Scarlet Devil' for myself! Prepare yourself, Remilia Scarlet! Once I have defeated you, you shall be my servant, ready to service me at a moment's notice!” She simply stares at you, her mouth hanging agape. She's obviously intimidated by your proper womanly figure; her flat-chested childish body can't compare to yours, even if she is more than a hundred years older than you.

You charge at her and push her down onto the bed, restraining her. She doesn't manage to give any resistance, still awed by your breasts. You pull on her nightgown with one hand, revealing her growing cock. You grab her cock and stroke it as it twitches in your hand. Remilia finally composes herself enough to resist, but you easily hold her down. “What the hell are you doing? Where do you think you're touching me?! Unhand me this instant!” You ignore her cries of protest and stoke her dick. You rub her tip against one of your nipples, spraying it with a small bit of your milk. She finally moans at the sudden stimulation. Reimu was right; she can't resist your tits.

Her cock now erect, you squeeze it between your breasts. She moans as her dick is crushed by the weight of your tits, finally stopping her weak resistance. You squeeze your breasts together and slide them along the length of her cock. Her cock is long enough to extend past your large breasts, so you lick the tip with each downward motion. She doesn't last long against your experienced titfuck and sprays her hot cum all over your face. You wipe it off and lick it off of your hand. No sense wasting her cum on your face.

Remilia simply lies on the bed, panting from her orgasm, still unable to fight back. But you haven't had enough. You position yourself above her still erect cock and lower yourself. She cries out in pleasure as your tight walls envelop the entirety of her cock in one motion. You slowly raise and lower yourself, trying to bring out your orgasm without giving her a chance to shoot inside of you first. She moans with each one of your slow movements as you savor her delicious cock. You increase your speed as your orgasm draws near. You both cum at the same time from your increased stimulation and she fills your greedy cunt with her semen.

You pull off of her cock and stand up beside the bed, a small line of cum dripping out of your pussy and down your thigh. “Hahaha! I have defeated Remilia! The weak and childish master is no match for this beautiful woman!” Her hand suddenly grabs onto yours, cutting off your declaration of victory. She squeezes your wrist with a strength that she wasn't showing earlier and knocks you over back onto the bed.

“And who are you calling weak and childish?!” She screams as she throws you into the air. You easily land on your feet, but Remilia is already flying through the air towards you. There's no time to dodge, and you only barely manage to bring up a guard. She crashes into you with immense force despite her small body, causing you to slide backwards on the wood floor. She lands on the floor in front of you and throws you back towards the bed without giving you a chance to recover. She flies above you as you hurtle through the air, slamming you down onto the bed and pinning you down. Oh right. She's a vampire. She can do stuff like that even if she looks like a child.

Remilia lifts your bottom up and slams her cock into your exposed pussy. The pleasure of her cock filling you removes your desire to fight back and dominate her. You simply moan as each of her violent thrusts scrape against your sensitive walls. She doesn't bother restraining you in any way, your defeat to her delicious cock fully apparent. You cum again as her semen fills your pussy.

She pulls her cock out of your cunt and immediately slams it into your ass, not even waiting for your orgasm to finish. Her lubricated cock slides easily into the depths of your ass. You cry out in pleasure as a second orgasm spreads throughout your body. Remilia continues to pound your ass with her thick dick throughout your orgasm, finally ejaculating inside of you again. She pulls out of your ass.

Remilia sits down next to you. She seems pretty happy about her complete victory over you. You sit up and face her. “Well, have you learned yo –“ You cut her off by pouncing on her, hugging the tiny girl and squeezing her head between your breasts. She cries out in protest but is muffled by your body.

“Ah, that was so much fun! We'll have to do it again sometime. I guess I lost this match, so you're still the Scarlet Devil.” You release her and stand up. “But mark my words! One of these days I will take your position, and make you beg for release!”

Remilia stares at you for a few seconds before yelling at you again. “Get back to work! Put some damn clothes on and do your job!”

Uh-oh. She's pretty mad. You run out of her bedchamber before she decides to throw her Gungnir at you, shouting out an apology as you run. You run towards your room to get changed. It's not until noticing the stares of all of the passing fairy maids that you realize you're completely naked. You shriek, cover your breasts and pussy with your hands, and run as fast as you can towards your room, avoiding as many of the maids as possible.

You manage to reach your room with minimal fuss and put your clothes back on. You head back to the gate and resume your post. With tonight's excitement over it looks like it'll be another boring night.
No. 18816
You wake up. You pull out of your futon and stretch, enjoying the crisp morning air on your naked body. Your cunt itches, burning with a desire to be filled with a thick cock. You lie down on your bed and stick two fingers in. You pinch your nipple, causing a bit of your milk to squirt out onto your chest. Your fingers pound your cunt; it's not enough to truly satisfy you but it will do for now. Maybe you should get a dog or something to take care of this. You quickly cum, spraying your juices onto your futon. You lie back and enjoy the afterglow for a bit before finally getting out of bed.

You get dressed and walk out to the front of the shrine. It's still in disarray. You check the donation box; there's a handful of donations in there. The shrine must've had a visitor or two while you were gone. You take the money and walk inside to make yourself some breakfast. After breakfast you walk back outside and sweep the shrine for an hour or so. Far from perfect but it's tidy enough for you to wander off again without it looking too bad.

[ ] Stay at the shrine. Something interesting might happen.
[ ] Visit Marisa.
[ ] Go to the human village and check to see what's around.
[ ] Go to the Moriya Shrine.
[ ] Head to Kourindou to pick up “supplies”.
No. 18819
[x] Stay at the shrine. Something interesting might happen.
No. 18826
[x] Head to Kourindou to pick up “supplies”.

>Your cunt itches, burning with a desire to be filled with a thick cock.

I like where this is heading.
No. 18828
[x] Stay at the shrine. Something interesting might happen.

Mystery option!
No. 18833
[x] Go to the Moriya Shrine.
No. 18842
[x] Go to the Moriya Shrine.
No. 18846
[x] Go to the Moriya Shrine.

The only true male in Gensokyo shall be our end-game goal!
No. 18848
Don't you mean ignored until the story ends, as it should be.
No. 18849
[x] Head to Kourindou to pick up “supplies”.

Rinnosuke wasshoi.
No. 18850
[X] Go to the Moriya Shrine.
No. 18853
[x] Go to the Moriya Shrine.

There's just too much potential to pass up here.
No. 18859
[x] Visit Marisa.

No votes for Marisa... I'll fix this injustice.
No. 18862
[x] Stay put at the shrine.
No. 18873
[X] Go to the Moriya Shrine.
No. 18895
[x] Visit Marisa.
Please broomsex.
No. 18896
[x] Visit Marisa.

No. 18900
[x] Go to the Moriya Shrine.
No. 18901
[x] Visit Marisa.
What kind of weird mushrooms is Marisa messing with now?
No. 18920
Calling it for
[x] Go to the Moriya Shrine.
No. 19129
File 131708542174.jpg - (1.00MB , 1150x1450 , 13060731_big_p1.jpg ) [iqdb]
You leave your shrine and fly to the Moriya shrine, taking the direct route. You don't want to take the scenic route to avoid putting undue stress on your babies. The flight is uneventful; you're flying over the mountain and none of the residents care enough about a single flying shrine maiden to stop you.

Sanae is just outside the torii with three men you don't recognize. Another woman dressed in priestess garbs is on the other side of the torii. Curious, you land a decent distance away from Sanae and hide behind a tree.

Sanae gets down on her knees in front of the man on the far right and pulls down his pants, revealing a large semi-erect cock. She swallows the entire cock and sucks it loudly enough for you to hear from your hiding spot. None of the spectators are surprised by the scene in front of them; the men are clearly interested but remain calm while the priestess seems to be studying Sanae's movements. Sanae continues sucking the fully erect cock in her mouth, bobbing her head along the shaft. The man has an expression of absolute bliss on his face, but he too remains still. He quickly cums and fills her mouth with his semen. She pulls off of his cock, leaving a thin trail a semen between his dick and her mouth that breaks as she pulls away. She swallows the entire load, licks her lips to catch the remainder, and stands up.

Sanae bows to the party as the man pulls his pants back up. “You may now enter the Moriya shrine. Thank you for your patronage.” The three men walk past Sanae through the torii and are led by the other priestess into the shrine proper. One of the men puts his hand on the priestess's ass, but again there is no reaction. Sanae remains outside.

“So, how was he?” You greet her as you walk out from your hiding place. As you approach her you notice that the main building of the shrine seems much larger. It seems they added a number of rooms since your last visit.

“Good afternoon, Reimu.” She bows to you. “And how rude! Please don't assume I enjoy having the taste of a man filling my mouth. This is strictly for my training. Plus, men aren't allowed into the shrine until they've been serviced by a priestess such as myself.”

“Training? What kind of training involves sucking guys off? And what do you mean by 'such as myself'? Aren't you the only priestess?”

“It's all for the shrine's expansion project to gather more faith! It's simple. If we offer a service that everyone can use at the shrine then we will gain more followers, make money from the business aspect, and increase the quality of life for humans and youkai! So we now offer sexual training, teaching men and women how best to enjoy another's body.” She's very excited about this plan they've cooked up. “And as for the other priestesses, the expansion includes additional priests and priestesses to provide the training. They have no duties beyond the training but are still considered part of the Moriya shrine.”

“As for me, I am to be the flagship model for this training.” She puts her hand to her chest to emphasize herself. “I am being trained to be the perfect wife. Women will look up to me, and men will wish their wives to be me. They will see how valuable our service is, using me as a gauge of the quality. And when the time comes, I will marry a suitable man and have many children with him, further expanding the influence of the shrine.”

She certainly has a high opinion of herself. “And being 'the perfect wife' involves sucking off random guys?”

“Of course. Oral sex is a cornerstone of marriage. You are sacrificing your own potential pleasure for the sake of another. That's why fellatio and cunnilingus are the most important subjects of our training. What better way for me to demonstrate my worthiness as a wife than to give expert fellatio to many different men?”

She's gone completely insane, but at least in a direction you can agree with. Sanae training the males of Gensokyo to better fill your hungry cunt is certainly something you'd enjoy. “Sounds interesting. I'd like to see this training program of yours.” You walk to the shrine, but Sanae stops you.

“Hold it! You can't just walk in. I mentioned the entrance requirement; you have to do it too or the barrier will stop you.” Now that she mentions it, there is a barrier around the shrine. It's so weak you probably would've bypassed it without noticing. You could charge right in, but you might as well humor her.

“How am I supposed to do that? Unless you have some way to give me a cock you're going to have a hard time sucking me off.” You aren't about to waste one of your valuable charms on yourself and there's no way she could know about them.

“You don't need one. All that's necessary is the exchange of semen. For men, one of the priestesses must fellate him. For women, they must fellate one of the priests instead.” She smiles at you. “So all you have to do is swallow the cum of a man you've never met. You can do that much, can't you Reimu?” She's taunting you, probably thinking you're a virgin who has never seen a cock before. “Wait here. I will fetch a priest. Don't run away, now.”

She runs off into the shrine. You wait by the torii, kicking your foot against the ground out of boredom. She's certainly going to be in for a surprise when she returns with that guy.

Sanae returns a few minutes later with a man in priest's robes. The man looks somewhat nervous but also excited; he's probably new to the bizarre arrangements the Moriya shrine has created. They both step through the torii, Sanae still wearing a condescending grin. The man walks in front of you and Sanae instructs him to open up his robe. A large cock greets you. You stare at it in anticipation; by his demeanor you expected his dick to be small and boring but you are pleasantly surprised. Sanae takes your surprise as confirmation of her theory.

“Oh? So this is your first time seeing a man's organ. All you have to do is take it into your mouth. I'll teach you everything you need to know after that.”

You'll show her.

[ ] Suck his dick.
[ ] Push him down and ride him.
No. 19130
[x] Push him down and ride him.
No. 19131
[x] Push him down and ride him.

Might as well have some fun at the same time.
No. 19133
[x] Push him down and ride him.

Lets take the smirk off her face.
No. 19134
[x] Suck his dick.

I want to see more smug Sanae. She's sooooo smug. Never seen her so smug.
No. 19135
[x] Suck his dick.

What >>19134 said
No. 19136
[x] Push him down and ride him.

As if we could do anything else.
No. 19138
[x] Push him down and ride him.

First we wipe that smirk. Then we try the 'Dare'. She did mention raising the quality of life for youkais too, didn't she?

Anybody else think lake for that?
No. 19141
[x] Push him down and ride him.
No. 19143
[x] Push him down and ride him.

Let's wipe that smug grin off her face.
No. 19154
[X] Push him down and ride him.

Our babies need their nutrition, after all.

By which I mean a thick coating of semen.
No. 19160
[x] Push him down and ride him.
Ahhah, oh wow, this story just got twice as good. And it was fun to begin with.
No. 19161
[x] Push him down and ride him.

Humble pie
No. 19163
[x] Push him down and ride him.
No. 19176
Calling it for
[x] Push him down and ride him.
No. 19225
File 131735392994.png - (709.86KB , 735x980 , 470230d4dfbf81b39d5cff17b75edd19.png ) [iqdb]
“You said 'exchange semen' earlier, right Sanae?” You don't even wait for her response before you remove your skirt and underwear.

“Yes, that's right. What are you doing? You can leave your clothes on for this. If you're worried about making a mess, you need to swallow it anyways.” You wouldn't have listened even if she said no. He looks too delicious to pass up.

Your pussy now exposed, you ready yourself. “Oh, but I do need to take them off to do this!” You lunge at the man and knock him down on his back. His cock points up, waiting for you to claim it. He moans as your pussy envelops his hard cock. Sanae gasps, surprised at the scene in front of her, but you aren't paying any attention to her right now. You roughly ride him, eager to fill your cunt with his milk. He cums quickly, obviously not used to your pace.

You stand up, satisfied with the load he released inside of you. He gets up as well and fixes his robe, looking embarrassed from your treatment. You glance over at Sanae, who is busy glaring at you. Perhaps you went a bit too far. You pick up your underwear and go to put them on, but you hear Sanae say, “Why?” You stop and look at her.

”Why are you free to enjoy him like that?!” she yells, nearly crying. “I want a man inside me too! It's not fair!” You've never seen her like this before. You quickly glance at the priest, but he seems as shocked as you are.

“Calm down, Sanae. I'm sure he could go another round if you –“

“No!” She cuts you off with another shout. “I can't! It's forbidden. Lady Kanako and Lady Suwako said I must remain a virgin until I am married. I can't have him where I want it the most; all I can do is fellatio.” She's finished shouting but is still upset and near tears.

“They don't have to know. We won't tell. Just do it somewhere they can't see you.”

“No, I can't! It's not that simple. See?” She lifts up her skirt and reveals... something. A large metal object is wrapped around her thighs where you'd expect a pair of girlish panties. “Wearing” wouldn't be a proper word to use, as it looks more like the metal object is attached to her. You walk up to her for a closer look at the device. There's certainly no easy way to remove it. You don't know what it is, but the purpose is clear. You give the contraption an experimental poke. Yep, it's impenetrable.

You stand up and face Sanae. “I see. I can tell what it does, but what is that thing?” She lowers her skirt, hiding it from view.

“It's a chastity belt. Lady Kanako put it on me when she came up with the idea for the training. It completely prevents me from having sex or even touching myself.” The poor girl. You wrap your arms around her, tightly embracing her. She returns the hug after a second of surprise. You hold her for a few minutes, neither of you saying anything. You release her; she seems much calmer now and gives you a weak smile. “Thank you. I needed that.”

Sanae leads you towards the shrine, leaving the priest behind at the entrance. She suddenly stops a quarter of the way to the main building, asks you to excuse her, and walks back down to the entrance. She starts talking to the priest. You're just far away enough to not be able to make out what they're saying, but you're not interested in eavesdropping on her anyways. She bows to the priest and runs back to you, continuing her duty of leading you to the shrine.

Sanae opens the door to the shrine and beckons for you to enter. Kanako and Suwako are standing in the middle of the room, both greeting you as you enter. “Welcome to the Moriya sh-” Kanako stops her greeting once she realizes who the guest is and cuts Suwako off. “Oh, it's just Reimu. What do you want?”

Sanae enters the building from behind you. “Lady Kanako! That is no way to greet a guest!”

“Guest? What guest? All I see is an annoying meddler.” Kanako glares at you.

“I am too a guest. I'm here to see this training I've heard so much about.”

“Training? Why would someone like you be interested in that? And do you even have any money? We aren't doing this for free, ya know.”

“Yes I have money. But I'm not going to give you any unless you can prove your program isn't worthless. I doubt you'd be able to teach me anything.” You glare back at her, not about to let an uppity goddess annoy you.

“Now now, you two.” Suwako pipes up, acting as a mediator. She turns to face you. “We're certain that everyone has something to learn from our services, even one as experienced as yourself, Reimu. We'd be happy to offer you a sample.” She turns to Kanako. “Isn't that right, Kanako,” she declares, forcing the taller goddess to accept her proposal. Suwako bows to you, then hits Kanako's back to make her bow as well.

The dispute settled, Sanae turns to you and smiles. “I'll give you a tour of our facilities. Follow me.” Sanae leads the way and the two goddesses trail behind you. She leads you past a set of double doors into a long hallway with many doors on both sides. The doors on the right side are further apart and presumably lead to larger rooms. Sanae leads you to the first door on the left. The room is small enough that the window in the door gives you a full view.

Five women and two men are inside the room, all naked. Two of the women are on their knees, their mouth and hands wrapped around the men's cocks. Another woman seems to be acting as an instructor, correcting the posture of one of the girls and seemingly giving everyone advice, although you can't hear anything from within the room. The last two girls are closely watching the scene, paying close attention to how the women move their mouths and to the instructor's advice.

“This is the fellatio training area. Here we teach young women proper form and techniques for pleasuring a man with her mouth. This is an intermediate-beginnner class; the new girls are watching their elders first before they can taste a man themselves,” Sanae explains.

“So, what, you just put women together and expect them to teach each other to suck cock?”

“No.” Suwako answers your question from behind you. “This is just the practical section of their education. We also have lectures and demonstrations to supplement these lessons. We're just showing the practical sessions because they're much more interesting to watch.”

Sanae continues the tour and leads you a few rooms down. The new room only has four women with the two men. One of the women is sucking off a guy, swallowing his entire cock with her mouth. The other three women watch while the remaining man waits patiently. The first woman, presumably the instructor this time, releases the man and beckons another girl to come over. The new girl follows the instructor's lead and takes the man's entire cock into her mouth. She moves her head along the man's shaft, clumsily stimulating him. Another girl attempts the same with the remaining man's dick, but is unable to fully accept his length. She foolishly attempts to force the cock deeper into her mouth, but immediately pulls away and starts coughing.

Sanae again explains the scene before you. “This is a higher level fellatio class, focusing on deep throating. As you can see, they are still inexperienced. However they are all eager to learn and will quickly overcome any obstacles.” You look back at the room. The poor girl has settled down with help from the other participants. She again takes the man's cock into her mouth, but doesn't attempt to force it and just takes it to her current limit.

You move on to a room on the right. Five women and men are within this room. All of the girls are lying on a table being fucked by the men. “This is a simple course. The women are fucked repeatedly and learn how to enjoy a man's cock filling them up.” The men all pull away from their partners, some without ejaculating, and move onto a new girl. Each recipient has a look of immense pleasure on her face as the new cocks enter their well-used holes.

You continue on to another room on the left. “This is the last set of courses we offer for single women.” Only three women and two men are in this final room. Two of the women are bent over, their asses facing the men. Both of the girls have a string of beads going into their anus. The man behind the first girl is pushing more of the beads into her tight hole with his finger. She contorts in pleasure each time the man's finger slides into her anus, pushing a bead in. The other girl is experiencing the opposite treatment but with the same reaction as her partner slowly pulls beads out of her ass. When the final bead is removed the man plunges his cock into her gaping hole. She visibly moans in ecstasy as each thrust fills her ass.

“Sadly, this is our least popular subject. We only have one other class dedicated to anal play, and its size is as small as this one. A shame, as I've always enjoyed anal.” Suwako ends the tour with her final bit of information. “Now Reimu. We've shown you the basics of what we offer. Which of these courses would you like to attend? We'll find a good fit based on your experience, so don't worry about being put into the beginner fellatio course or anything.”

[ ] Fellatio
[ ] Vaginal
[ ] Anal
[ ] Wait, there's no lesbian course?
No. 19233
[x] Anal
No. 19234
[x] Wait, there's no lesbian course?

Reimu don't need no stinky winky.
No. 19235
[x] Wait, there's no lesbian course?
No. 19236
[x] Anal
No. 19237
[x] Wait, there's no lesbian course?

Operation Shrine Merge is a go.
No. 19239
[x] Wait, there's no lesbian course?
No. 19240
[X] Anal

We haven't done that lately. A little variety is always good.
No. 19241
[x] Wait, there's no lesbian course?
No. 19242
[X] Wait, there's no lesbian course?
No. 19246
[x] Wait, there's no lesbian course?

Boning Suwako? I like.
No. 19248
[x] Anal
No. 19251
[X] Anal

A hard call.
No. 19252
[x] Anal.
No. 19254
/at/ - Anal Trauma
No. 19257
[x] Wait, there's no lesbian course?

Sanae needs help badly.
No. 19261
[x] Anal.
No. 19263
[x] Anal.
No. 19264
[X] Wait, there's no lesbian course?
I mean, seriously?

Also, we need to introduce a certain shrine maiden to a certain gap youkai. The thing about things like chastity belts, like all barriers and boundaries, people can find ways around them~ The fact that without the key Sanae can't actually do anything about it if she does choose to do something is fine too~

(of course she can fix Sanae's virginity, too so yeah)
No. 19265
[x] Wait, there's no lesbian course?
No. 19266
Yet why would she exactly?
No. 19267
[x] Anal.
No. 19270
[x] Vaginal

I've decided to go against popular opinion and be different.
No. 19271
[x] Wait, there's no lesbian course?
I'm not only choosing it because I think it's hot, I think it will lead to massive dispute when the conservatives here have an impact with homosexuality. So maybe a chance for plot to happen.
No. 19275
[x] Wait, there's no lesbian course?
Gogo 4P lesbian scene.
No. 19277
calling it for
[x] Wait, there's no lesbian course?
No. 19279
But this has no real plot
No. 19289
File 131744489734.jpg - (27.94KB , 640x480 , 136633406834.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 19360
>Too deep
>Porn story

I get it!
No. 19452
File 131777450326.jpg - (172.21KB , 845x1200 , acting_on_instinct_2_17.jpg ) [iqdb]
It has plots suitable for porn. Such as "Reimu is a giant slut," "Suwako and Kanako hate Sanae's guts," and "Dicks. Dicks everywhere."
No. 19456
File 131777728417.jpg - (11.51KB , 251x220 , 1220346631198s.jpg ) [iqdb]
>Suwako and Kanako hate Sanae's guts

No they don't. They're just selfish, and Sanae is such a good girl that she listens to whatever hairbrained idea they come up with the improve the position of the shrine.
No. 19515
File 131795680233.jpg - (713.74KB , 874x1094 , 9db3f39c86503fb118635e220b687364.jpg ) [iqdb]
“Wait, there's no lesbian courses?”

“What? No, we don't offer anything like that. So hurry up and pick something we do offer.”

“Why not? What about women that want to do this?” You grab Sanae's large tits and squeeze them. She cries out in surprise as you pinch her nipples through her bra. Neither of the goddesses does anything to stop you from molesting their shrine maiden.

“We don't have any woman on woman courses because we didn't feel that there was a market for it. We're primarily focusing on married couples, even if we do include single men and women. Is there a lot of interest in lesbian sex in Gensokyo?”

“Of course, just look around. Gensokyo is filled with young girls that love to taste each other.” It's not a lie if you make it the truth. You lick Sanae's neck as you fondle her to demonstrate your point.

“Pardon us. We need to discuss this for a moment.” Kanako steps away with Suwako and they start whispering to each other. Even though they're trying to be secretive you're still able to catch parts of their conversation.

“... It would be a good way to expand.”

“... But she's our girl.”

“... Fine. But what about the lessons? I don't think we have any lesbians here.”

“... She'll just have to do her best. We can't take it off early.”

“... We try to find interested girls among our priestesses. They'll just need to teach each other.”

You have better things to do than eavesdrop, namely Sanae. “Raise your arms, Sanae. Let's get this shirt off you.” She complies and you lift her shirt up over her head, revealing a plain green bra holding her lovely breasts. You slide your hands into her bra and under her breasts and force them out of the restraint. She moans as you take one of her pink nipples into your mouth and suck on it.

“Reimu.” Kanako calls out to you to get your attention. You rotate Sanae, allowing you to look at Kanako while continuing to suck on Sanae's tits. “We don't have anyone qualified to offer girl on girl training here, so we won't be able to train you in that.”

”That's a shame.” You'll just have to make due by molesting Sanae while you still can. You switch to her other nipple.

”However, you have convinced us to expand our horizons and offer training in the future, once we are prepared. We don't currently have anyone with any experience, but you seem to know what you're doing.” She gestures towards Sanae's face, currently contorted in pleasure from your stimulation. “Would you be interested in teaching our Sanae how to sleep with another woman? You will be compensated for your time, of course.”

“I am interested in teaching her. But what about her belt?” You'd do it even if they weren't paying you, but you're not about to tell them that.

Kanako's smile fades. “So you know about that already. If you were not told, she is required to wear that until she is wed. We can't remove it before that day, not even for you, Reimu.”

“Alright, but I won't be able to teach her as much if I can't get to her pussy.” The goddesses lead you and Sanae to one of the smaller rooms. This room is furnished with a bed, a table, and two chairs. It's probably intended for their couples training, so you'll be sure to make good use of it. You enter the room and the goddesses close the door behind you. Now that you're on the other side of the door you notice that you can't see through the glass. You're positive those two are watching you expectantly, even if you can't see them.

Sanae unhooks her bra and lets it drop onto the ground, leaving her completely topless. “So, how do we begin?” she asks, eager to learn. You'll need to slow her down to make sure she moves at a reasonable pace and doesn't get too excited.

“We start by slowly taking each other's clothes off. Don't rush this, you need to feel your partner.” You walk up to Sanae and put your hands on her skirt. “We'll continue by removing this.”

She puts her hands on yours to stop you from removing her skirt, clearly troubled by your actions. “Please. Don't. Just leave that on.” She must want to hide the belt from you, but you'll have none of that.

“I need to. I want to be able to see and feel every corner of your body that I can, Sanae.” Her resistance weakens somewhat, and you take the opportunity to forcibly lower her skirt. She whimpers in shame as her metal underwear is exposed. You kiss her thighs around the belt, sliding your tongue along the ends of the exposed bits of cloth underneath. Your tongue makes her cry in pleasure through her embarrassment. You stand up and face her. “There. That isn't so bad, now is it?” She nods slowly, but still seems upset.

“Now, we kiss. Show me how well you can kiss.” She wraps her arms around you and kisses you softly on your lips. She continues kissing you, tasting your lips with her mouth and moving on to sliding her tongue into your mouth and brushing against yours. She's much more assertive now that she's moved into more familiar territory. Her hands grab onto the back of your shirt. She breaks the kiss briefly to pull your shirt over your head, revealing your wrapped breasts. Good, she took the hint.

She resumes kissing you and places her hands on your breasts, giving them an experimental squeeze. She seems to enjoy the feeling of your full breasts and squeezes your nipples through your sarashi, mimicking your earlier treatment. She unwraps your sarashi, doing her best to continue kissing you as she removes your binding. Your breasts fully exposed, she cups one of your breasts in her hand and sucks on your nipple. Her eyes go wide as your milk flows into her mouth and she pulls away from you, small drops of milk dripping from both your breast and her mouth.

“Wh-wh-wh-what is this, Reimu? You're lactating? But you're not pregnant, so why is milk coming out of your breasts?” She rubs your stomach to be certain; your stomach is indeed completely flat with no signs of pregnancy. You rub the back of her head to calm her down.

“I am pregnant, Sanae. My stomach just hasn't filled out yet, but I'm sure it will soon. And don't worry about my milk. It's perfectly safe to drink, and my breasts are producing more than enough for my babies anyways.”

“But why are you lactating now? Your body shouldn't be producing milk until close to the third trimester! Since your stomach is flat you must still be in the first. And wait, babies? You're pregnant with twins? But how do you know that at your stage? You couldn't have had an ultrasound, there's no way even Doctor Yagokoro would have the equipment necessary for that!” You have no idea what she's babbling about, but she's done a fine job of confusing herself.

“Triplets, actually. And don't worry about it. This kind of pregnancy is perfectly normal in Gensokyo.”

“Normal? How is this normal? Why do you know how that you're going to give birth to triplets? And does this mean I'm going to start lactating so early in my pregnancy when the time comes?!”

You might be able to arrange for that. “It's just something I know. It's as simple as knowing that I have two arms.” Both are basic counting, after all. “And you won't know about the milk until you're pregnant.” You push her head back into your breasts to encourage her to resume sucking your tits. “Don't worry about it until the time comes. So for now, just enjoy my milk and relax.” She finally stops, preferring to seek immediate pleasure in your warmth than in trying to reason out Gensokyo logic.

Sanae's tongue finds your nipple. She licks and kisses your nipple and squeezes your other breast with her hand. A wave of pleasure washes over you as your milk flows once more into her mouth, but now she accepts it and eagerly drinks it up. Her other hand reaches around your body and plants itself on your ass, squeezing your plump cheek. She breaks off from your tit and kisses you again, filling your mouth with the taste of your own milk on her luscious tongue. Her eyes are burning with desire to have you. She pulls down your skirt and underwear in one swift motion and moves down to your dripping pussy. She inhales your scent, but doesn't continue her assault.

“So how do I taste you?” she asks, practically drooling in anticipation. She's such a good girl; she isn't rushing ahead and clumsily licking you, but is asking for guidance to properly please you. You sit down on the bed and spread your legs. Sanae automatically moves her head in front of your pussy, eagerly awaiting your instructions.

“Kiss my pussy, Sanae.” She immediately does so, planting several kisses in the middle of your cunt. “Move around. Don't just work in one area. Kiss every part of my pussy and my thighs.” She moves her mouth, planting wet kisses on your thighs and the edge of your slit. “Good, good. Use your tongue more. Lick my cunt as well.” She alternates between her kisses and licking your cunt. You moan as her tongue finds your clit. She takes your cue and focuses on your clit, causing you to cry out despite her inexperience. You grind your hips into your mouth, encouraging her to continue licking.

“Good, you found my clit. That's a good place to focus on, but make sure you give attention to the rest of my pussy.” You continue your instructions, your voice ragged from her tonguework. “But there's more you can do to my pussy. Take your middle finger and slide it into me.” She slowly slides her finger into your dripping cunt, obviously unsure about sticking a finger inside another person. You stop her doubts by pushing your hips towards her, forcing her finger to penetrate you deeply. She realizes it's fine after looking at your face, no doubt contorted in pleasure.

“Try more fingers. But don't do this on other girls unless they're ready. Start with one and see how tight they are. Remember to take it slowly and let them get used to having a finger inside of their cunt before you add more.” She adds a second finger and then a third. “Now, pump them. Slide your fingers in and out of my cunt. Start slow, then increase your speed.” Her fingers fill your cunt, scraping against your walls. Her technique is lacking, but she still makes you feel wonderful. “Don't stop licking. You can still brush your tongue against my slit as you finger me. Remember the clit.” You orgasm once her tongue hits your clit. Your pussy squeezes down and clamps her fingers as you moan loudly.

Sanae pulls her fingers out of you and sits down on the bed next to you. You lie back on the bed, unable to sit up as you recover from your orgasm. Sanae leans over and kisses you again, much gentler than before but still using her tongue. You can taste your own juices from her mouth. She breaks the kiss and speaks to you, “Thanks for that, Reimu. You're delicious. Now I need to find some of our priestesses to share this knowledge.” She stands up and bows to you before putting her bra and skirt back on. You're still too out of breath to do anything but watch as she exits, leaving you alone in the room.

You finally recover, get dressed, and walk out. Neither of the goddesses are outside.

[ ] Find Kanako
[ ] Find Suwako
[ ] Explore the expanded shrine aimlessly
[ ] Seek out a patron
-- [ ] A single woman
-- [ ] A single man
-- [ ] A couple
No. 19516
[X] Find Suwako

Anal play with Suwako!
No. 19517
[x] Find Suwako
[x] That belt. There's only one thing to do: Marry Sanae.
No. 19518
[x] Find Suwako
No. 19519
[x] Find Kanako
No. 19521
[x] Find Kanako
No. 19522
[x] Find Kanako
No. 19523
[X] Find Kanako

This'll be fun!
No. 19524
[X] Find Suwako

What can I say, I do love me some frog
No. 19525
[x] Find Suwako.
[x] Marry Sanae. We need a father for the babes, after all. Or a mother. Or a something.
No. 19526
[x]Let's go find Suwako in a corner alone
[x]We need to find a regretful spirit who's final longing was to marry Sanae before passing on and needing to fulfil that to send him off to the great beyond. Definitely a good act of a shrine maiden. Also, it'll get her belt off for sexing.
No. 19527
Oh, wait, better idea.
[x]Fantasy heaven through the chastity belt.
It doesn't count if doesn't happen in this world, right?
No. 19528
[x] Find Suwako

Loli > Old hag. This is true at all times.
No. 19531
Couldn't agree more.

[x] Find Suwako.
No. 19532
[X] Find Suwako
No. 19535
[x] Find Suwako.
No. 19536
[x] I must have them both!
[x] Find Suwako.

Gonna have to go with Suwako on this one. Though it was very tempting to find Kanako.
No. 19537
[x] Find Suwako
why not
No. 19538
but Suwako is an old hag who deceitfully takes a youthful appearance
No. 19539
While Kanako is an old hag who doesn't, even deceitfully, take a youthful appearance!
No. 19541
[x] Find Suwako
Let's face it, we want loli-dom.
No. 19543
[x] Find Kanako
Pity vote for Kanako.
No. 19544
Kanako takes a young, but slightly older, appearance. She is also the liar.

they're both old and they should look old because human standards for measuring age at a glance apply to goddesses
No. 19545
[x] Find Kanako
No. 19547
I see the pedos are out to deny a repressed war god some enlightening (i.e. sexy) lessons.
No. 19548
[x] Find Suwako
No. 19549
Please don't start shit. This has been pretty enjoyable so far.
No. 19552
Really. You're saying this on an imageboard for a game series about little fucking girls.

No. 19566
The term is lolicon. Lolicons can be pedophiles, but aren't always pedophiles.
No. 19567
Please don't start semantic arguments.
No. 19569
This is a personal pet peeve of mine. I'll get into semantics as I please.
No. 19573
File 131804925660.png - (50.81KB , 500x300 , Using-That-Word.png ) [iqdb]
If you really want to get into a semantics contest, you'd have to be on something to think of applying the word pedo in regards to Suwako because that would imply that she's prepubescent. The one Touhou who, by canon, has given birth and you're implying she's prepubescent. Keep drinking that paint thinner good sir, it appears to be working but not quickly enough.
No. 19585
File 131809054783.jpg - (31.03KB , 599x314 , igottrolled.jpg ) [iqdb]
pic related

[X] find Suwako
No. 19592
Fucking told. Hat's off to you, good sir.

Still, I like Kanako better.

[x] Find Kanako.
No. 19604
[x] Find Suwako.
[x] Mercilessly devastate her in bed.
[x] Keep going on (through the afterglow) if she does not let you have that delicious Sanae unrestricted.
No. 19610
[x] Find Suwako

Forget the old hag, it's loli time.
No. 19613
I leave the votes open for three days and people start bitching about lolis. You're all perverts, shut the hell up.

Calling it for loli futa frog goddess.
No. 19651
new thread >>19649