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You leave the hall and look for Suwako. Kanako was the one to give you the offer, but you're pretty sure most of what's going on was Suwako's idea. You find her drinking tea by herself in the sitting room after a brief search. “So, how did the training go, Reimu?” she asks without turning to face you.

“It went well. Sanae is very eager to please. She picked up the basics quickly and is spreading the knowledge to other priestesses already. Now, about that payment you mentioned...”

“Of course. Follow me, everything is in my bedroom.” She stands up, abandoning her tea, and leads you through the shrine to what must be her room. She opens the door for you. “After you, Reimu.” You head into her room. It's a fairly plain room; the only furnishings are an appropriately small bed and a desk cluttered with papers. You certainly don't see anything that looks like it would hold the shrine's money.

“Don't tell me you keep your money in your matt--” you stop at the sound of the door locking. Turning to face Suwako, you see that she has closed and locked the door after her. She also managed to strip completely in the short period you had your back to her. She stares at you and smiles, completely naked with an unimpressive erection pointed at you.

“I thought I was getting paid. And you're not big enough for me anyways.”

“We said 'compensated'. It's your fault for not asking how. And I assure you, I will have no trouble making you scream in pleasure. Now strip, get on all fours, and stick your ass out.” You comply, quickly tearing off your clothes and sticking your ass out on top of the bed. She certainly has plenty of confidence; it'll be interesting to see if her performance lives up to her boasts.

Suwako doesn't waste any time, grabbing onto your waist and putting her cock into your ass without any foreplay. Fortunately, you're still wet from your time with Sanae so there's plenty of lubrication for her. She thrusts rapidly into your sensitive anus, her tip pushing against the depths of your anus each time. Her technique is wonderful; it doesn't take long for you to moan huskily from her penetrations. “See? I knew you'd enjoy it. I could tell how dirty you've become as soon as you entered the shrine, unlike that airhead Kanako. She couldn't figure out how big of a slut you are if you spread your legs in front of her and begged her to jam in an Onbashira.” She squeezes your ass, enjoying the feel of your plump cheeks on her hand.

“But don't think that's all I can do to you.” Something slides into your cunt. It's too long and flexible to be her finger and her cock is still in your ass. Whatever it is, it slides deep into you, slowly wiggling against your walls. A second shaft enters you, followed quickly by a third. The three objects writhe against your pussy, stirring your pussy up. You see a small white snake creeping along the top of the bed, sliding between your breasts and forcing itself into your mouth as you moan. “Do you like them? They are my dear Mishaguji. They can hit the deepest reaches of your body and will make you cum like the slut that you are.” The snake in your mouth pushes itself deeper inside of you, wriggling down your throat. Suwako cums, filling your ass with her seed and bringing out your own orgasm. You scream, but the Mishaguji muffles your voice. Suwako pulls out of your ass and moves to face you.

“Great, aren't they? You have such a lovely expression on your face. Wouldn't it be great to feel like this every day?” More of the snakes swarm over you now that Suwako has vacated your anus. Most hold you down while others slide into your pussy and ass to fill the empty space. The tentacles slowly move within your holes, seemingly passing through each other to rub against your walls. The feeling is very different from having a hard cock pound you but still immensely pleasurable. “I don't even have to do anything, and I can still make you feel wonderful.” You orgasm from the constant scraping inside your holes.

The tentacles inside of your cunt pull out, leaving only two at your entrance keeping your pussy lips spread. “Of course, it's so much more fun if I participate.” Suwako returns to your rear and slams her cock into your pussy. As before, her technique is amazing, and she repositions her cock with every hard thrust to hit a different part of your cunt. The tentacles in your anus continue to slowly swim within you, pushing against Suwako's cock. Suwako ejaculates, again filling your hole and makes you cum. You fall flat against the bed as Suwako pulls out of you, your energy drained from cumming. The snake in your throat slowly exits, but your ass remains filled.

“There, that was fair compensation, wasn't it? It's almost time for dinner, so get dressed and we'll go eat. I'll remove my dear Mishaguji – unless you want me to leave some in during dinner. It'll cost you, though.”

[ ] Leave a few in
[ ] Take them all out

No. 19652
[x] Take them all out
No. 19655
[x] Leave a few in

What will it cost her, Suwako~?
No. 19657
[x] Leave a few in

I have the feeling that I'm going to enjoy being indebted to Suwako.
No. 19659
[x] Take them all out.
No. 19662
[x] Leave a few in

I don't think owing Suwako is a bad thing.
No. 19664
[x] Leave a few in.
No. 19668
[x] Leave a few in
Yes, owing Suwako a bit won't hurt~
No. 19672
[x] Take them all out
No. 19674
Calling it for
[x] Leave a few in
No. 19675
[x] Leave a few in
Fuck yeah tentacles
No. 19727
File 131864280332.jpg - (490.28KB , 614x838 , e1a5e92b0e4d8e13125086fb05ba19a5.jpg ) [iqdb]
“Very well.” All but one of the snakes slither out of your ass at the same time, making you tremble. Suwako cups one of your buttcheeks and squeezes it. “Your ass is still nice and tight. I think just one will do.” The remaining snake dives deeper into your anus until the full length disappears inside of you. You can feel the snake coiling around inside of you and passing through itself, filling your anus with its body. “Your pussy is getting loose. You could use two snakes there.” At her command, two of her Mishaguji appear and slide into your pussy, again disappearing inside of your depths.

You feel incredibly full. The snakes seem to fit perfectly to your cunt and anus, lightly pushing against the entirety of your walls, but they aren't doing much else. Even if a cock couldn't fill you up this much, the snakes lack the vigor and warmth of a proper partner. Oh well, it's still better than nothing and it's suitable for dinner.

You put your panties back on. As soon as your panties cover your holes the snakes wiggle inside of you. The stimulation is so intense you fall down to your knees and moan. The snakes are now fully inside of you and pushing against every corner, making the experience significantly more pleasurable than before. They stop after a minute, giving you a chance to stand again. Looking up, you notice that Suwako has a big smile on her face, nearly laughing at your reaction. You finish getting dressed. The tentacles don't stir again until you're about to walk out the door; the tentacles give a brief movement this time, but enough to make you lose your balance and fall against the wall. You regain your balance and follow Suwako to dinner as she snickers.

Sanae and Kanako are carrying dishes to the table as you arrive. Sanae is wearing an apron on top of her normal uniform; presumably she cooked dinner today. The Mishaguji stir again as you sit down in front of the table, causing you to lose your balance and fall to the floor. Sanae quickly puts the dish she was carrying down onto the table and moves to help you while Suwako chuckles to herself. That damn frog is doing this on purpose. “Lady Suwako! You shouldn't laugh in this situation!” She turns to face you, and Suwako sticks her tongue out at Sanae's back. “Are you alright, Reimu? You aren't hurt, are you?” You didn't fall far so you're perfectly fine, but the snakes are still going. The intensity of their movements is making your breath ragged. Sanae grasps your head and turns it to face her. “Your face is all red! Are you sure you're OK? Did you hit your head?”

“I- I'm fine.” You pant. “I didn't hurt anything. I was ju– just surprised from the fall.” Sanae's glistening lips and exposed cleavage are dangerously close to you. You can only hope your approaching orgasm isn't too visible on your face. If she doesn't back off you'll wind up pushing Sanae down and taking her in the middle of the table. You glare at Suwako; she takes the hint and the snakes again go dormant. You take the opportunity to properly sit down in front of the table and smile at Sanae to reassure her. “See? I'm fine. Thank you for your concern though.” Satisfied that you were simply embarrassed, she returns to her seat.

Dinner starts as soon as she sits down. The food is good, not nearly as delicious as Sakuya's cooking but eating Sanae's home cooking is wonderful in its own way. You can't wait until you can properly eat her up as well. You chat amicably with the Moriya residents during the uneventful meal. About half way through your plate the snakes stir again, however you've gotten used to the sensation, allowing you to freely enjoy the stimulation without revealing the movement in your cunt to everyone else.

Suwako seems disappointed by your self-control. She smiles as you bring the next morsel of food to your mouth. Right on cue, the snakes move again with significant vigor. You drop your chopsticks and nearly fall backwards. They feel like they're thrashing about inside your cunt and anus, filling you with an uncontrollable pleasure. You let a cry slip out of your mouth as the tentacles force you to an orgasm; fortunately you were able to restrain yourself somewhat in your scream. You compose yourself enough to pull back up towards the table. Kanako and Sanae are staring at you, while Suwako is grinning.

“Is the food too spicy, Reimu?” Suwako taunts you with her nonsense; you didn't even taste the food.

“Lady Suwako, I did not use any spices! Are you sure you're alright, Reimu?” Sanae again leans towards you, giving you another view of her spectacular cleavage. Sanae's attention diverted, Kanako takes the opportunity to slap Suwako in the back of the head. Kanako and Suwako both continue eating as if nothing happened, but the snakes slow down considerably. They continue moving at a much slower but still enjoyable pace.

“I'm fine Sanae. You don't need to worry about me, nothing's wrong. Let's just finish eating, OK?” She looks at you, her eyes filled with concern, and then returns to her seat. Unless she's an amazing actor she didn't realize that you just had an orgasm. Since she has been spending most of her time with men, maybe she's not used to seeing women orgasm? Does that mean she's never had an orgasm herself? You didn't do anything to give her one, due to that damn belt in your way.

Dinner ends with no other disturbances. Suwako took Kanako's little hint and didn't aggravate the Mishaguji further; they continued their light stimulation on your cunt and ass without doing anything uncontrollable. Sanae brings the dishes to the kitchen and returns.

“So, Reimu. How would you feel about joining us?”

“No thanks.” You answer Suwako's odd question without pause. She should already know that you aren't interested.

“Ah, such a shame. I think you'd enjoy being a teacher here.” You might for a little bit, but you probably don't have the patience to teach a large number of fools. Being tied down doesn't appeal to you either. You certainly haven't had any trouble finding men or women to fuck you yet. Sensing your lack of interest, she changes tactics. “How about a little contest against Sanae? If you lose, you have to join us permanently as a teacher and shrine maiden. And if you win, I'll cancel that debt you owe me.” Sanae seems curious about the "debt", but says nothing.

“Those prizes seem unbalanced. Why are you pairing that measly debt with me working here?”

“Measly? The debt is for ten million yen, Rei-”

“What?! Ten million yen?! You never said it would be that expensive!”

“You didn't ask. A fair price for borrowing the power of a goddess for an hour, don't you think? Most would consider such an act priceless; you should be honored I was willing to offer it at all. And now I'm even giving you a chance to clear the debt with one simple contest. And even if you lose, I'm sure you'd enjoy working here, despite your complaints.”

You don't seem to have a choice. Even if you declined you'd wind up working here for several years to pay off that damn thief. “OK, so what is this contest?”

“Oh, you'll enjoy the contest as well, don't worry. It's a fellatio contest. You and Sanae will both suck off ten men one after the other and swallow their semen. To make it even, you won't be able to use any part of your bodies besides your mouth and your hands will be tied behind your backs. Whoever makes their last man cum first wins.”

“What if the men Sanae gets just happen to be unable to hold themselves back? Or couldn't you just instruct them to not even try?”

“The men will be chosen from graduates of our programs. They are experts at holding themselves back. I assure you that none of them would do anything to shorten a blowjob from our Sanae. I'm sure they'll want to savor you equally.”


Not done yet. I probably won't be available for a few days, so I'm posting what I have now. The remainder should be up by the middle of next week or so.
No. 19910
File 131916711234.jpg - (410.17KB , 1084x959 , c8b71f47198f38937d487aa21a8397b2.jpg ) [iqdb]
“Alright. I accept. You aren't giving me much choice here.”

“Excellent!” Suwako is overjoyed that you've accepted. “Wait here as I fetch everything you two will need.” Suwako runs out of the room.

“Before she returns, we need to set the atmosphere for the men.” Kanako walks over to you and takes off your shirt. “Sanae, please do the same.” With a “Yes, Lady Kanako”, Sanae opens up her own shirt and removes her bra as Kanako unwraps your sarashi. Both sets of tits are on full display. The men will certainly have a nice view when they arrive.

Suwako returns carrying two blue mats and some rope. She drops the mats to the floor and straightens them out before calling to the two of you. “Alright girls, pick a mat and get on your knees. Put your hands behind your back so I can tie you up.” She gestures to the two lengths of rope in her hands. “And make sure you get comfortable; you'll probably be here for a while.” The men slowly file into the room, loosely following Suwako.

Sanae takes the right mat, leaving you with the left. You follow Suwako's instructions and sit on your knees on top of the mat. Whatever it's made of, it's very soft and cushions your weight from the hard floor. Suwako binds your hands after finishing with Sanae with a tight knot. There's no way you'll be able to use your hands until she frees you. Not that you'll need it; your mouth is plenty to defeat Sanae.

Suwako hastily gives instructions to the men as they enter the room. At her word they all remove their pants, revealing a large number of wonderfully large erect cocks. None of the hesitation or nervousness you saw on the priest at the gate is present on these men's faces; as Suwako said, they have been well trained and know how to use their cock to please a woman. The first men approach you and Sanae, with others forming a line behind them. It seems the order has been decided. The man's cock is close enough for you to smell it. You instinctively move your mouth to taste it, but Suwako stops you with another speech.

”Remember, you're trying to make these men cum. Don't bother trying to enjoy their taste and don't hold back.” Right. You need to win this to maintain your freedom. No matter how enjoyable or delicious a cock may be, you need to concentrate to win. “Ready … Go!”

You swallow the man's cock and circle your tongue around his shaft. He groans from your sudden assault but shows no signs of quickly releasing. Suwako was right; these men definitely know how to hold it in. Even so, he can't last forever. You swallow the cock deeper and kiss it with the back of your throat. You hear a man groan as he cums, but it's not your man. Glancing over you see that Sanae has finished first. Shit. The man finally cums deep into your throat. You don't waste time trying to taste it; you swallow his load, pull out, and beckon for the next man. Sanae is already sucking off her third man, giving her a healthy head start.

You deep throat the next cock, skipping the light tongue play and moving straight to fucking his cock with your mouth. Moving your head along his shaft is awkward without the use of your hands for support, but you still manage. His cock twitches against the back of your throat with each thrust. He lasts a little longer than the first guy, quickly spraying his load down your throat. As you beckon for the next man you notice that Sanae is still ahead of you and is well on her way through her second man. Unlike you, she is primarily doing tongue work rather than deep throating. You repeat your method on the next man; again he cums quickly, but not quickly enough to beat Sanae.

This isn't working. You push the next man against the back of your throat. You need to do something else to work faster than Sanae. Maybe you need to copy Sanae and use your tongue more. You glide your tongue around the man's tip on your outward stroke. The man has a look of absolute bliss as you glance up at his face; he definitely enjoyed that more than your deep throat. You flick your tongue against every corner of his cock as you deep throat him. Your technique pays off, causing him to cum almost immediately, narrowing the gap between you and Sanae.

You repeat your technique on the fifth cock. After this you'll be halfway through, so you need to surpass Sanae before time runs out. Glancing up, he doesn't seem especially excited; he's obviously enjoying having his dick sucked, but it's as if you're nothing special. Tongue work must not be his thing. You kiss, slurp, suck, and even nibble on his cock, gauging his reaction to each stimulus. He seemed to enjoy a little pressure from your teeth, so you finish him off with some light biting. Sanae is swallowing her man's load as your next man walks up to you. You're winning, but only barely.

You swallow the next cock. You know what to do now: experiment with his cock until you find what he likes and attack him until he cums. This man doesn't last long; a little bit of tongue under the glans makes him fill your mouth immediately. The seventh man comes. You kiss his tip and then deep throat his dick. Eighth. He cums from sucking his shaft. You're almost a full dick ahead of Sanae now, but the ninth slows you down. Nothing you do gives a reaction. You're forced to resort to your first tactic of just deep throating him. Your throat envelops his shaft as you take him as deep as you can. He still doesn't seem excited, but he can't resist the sensation forever. He finally releases his cum down your throat. It looks like Sanae is finished as well, your earlier lead cancelled by that man's stubborn dick.

You take the final cock at the same time as Sanae. Your jaw is getting sore and your stomach is full of semen, but Sanae must be in the same condition. You trace your tongue around the far end of his cock. Nothing. You plant kisses all around his shaft. It twitches in pleasure but it's not enough. You glide your tongue along his entire length. He groans as your tongue hits his glans. There. You take his cock into your mouth and alternate between sucking on the tip and licking his glans. He cums quickly, spraying his semen onto your tongue. You quickly swallow it, pausing a little to savor the taste. You release the man's cock as Sanae's partner ejaculates into her mouth. You won.

You look at Suwako and grin. She's absolutely shocked at your victory. “I win,” you gloat, “now how about you take these things off now?” You wiggle your arms to emphasize how uncomfortable it is to be bound.

Your demand snaps Suwako out of her stupefaction. “Right right, of course. Congratulations on winning the contest, Reimu!” She's doing her best to sound happy, but it's obvious she's miffed at her shrine maiden losing to you. She unbinds your hands and Kanako frees Sanae, and you both stand up. Sanae walks over to you and extends her hand.

“Congratulations, Reimu!” She seems much more sincere. You shake her hand and hug her. She's filthy; she's covered in sweat and traces of semen she didn't swallow are on her lips. You're filthy as well. Both of you need a bath. She realizes the same and breaks away from your hug. “Um, let me draw you a bath. Since you're the winner it's only proper that you go first.”

You're fine with going first, but bathing alone would be boring.

[ ] Bathe with Sanae
[ ] Bathe with Kanako
[ ] Bathe with Suwako.
No. 19911
[X] Bathe with Kanako
No. 19912
[x] Bathe with Suwako.

Someone needs cheering up.
No. 19913
[X] Bathe with Kanako
No. 19914
[X] Bathe with Sanae

Tonguebathing each other's mouths now that we're free to savor the flavor.
No. 19915
[X] Bathe with Sanae
No. 19916
[x] Bathe with everyone!
-[x] Don't let Suwako join in the inevitable making out session.

Wondering if this optional vote would cause any interesting circumstances.
No. 19917
[X] Bathe with Sanae
No. 19918
[x] Bathe with everyone!
No. 19919
[x] Bathe with Suwako.
No. 19921
[x] Bathe with Suwako.
No. 19923
[X] Bathe with Sanae
No. 19924
[x] Bathe with Kanako
No. 19925
[X] Bathe with Sanae
No. 19926
[X] Bathe with Sanae
Symmetrical Shrine Maiden Docking procedures are go.
No. 19927
[x] Bathe with Sanae.
No. 19931
Calling it for
[x] Bathe with Sanae
No. 19991
[x] Bathe with Kanako
No. 20084
[x] Bathe with Sanae
No. 20103
File 131975615222.jpg - (225.08KB , 650x650 , close_enough.jpg ) [iqdb]
“Why don't you join me, Sanae?” She's as sweaty as you are, although you aren't going to say that.

She slowly shakes her head, expecting you to offer that. “Thanks, but I think we shou - “

“No buts! I won the contest so you have to do whatever I say, and I say we're bathing together!” You grab her wrist and pull her out of the room. Kanako laughs at your eagerness and tells the two of you to have fun. You drag Sanae out of the room and lead her to... “Uh, where is the bath?” Sanae giggles and leads you to the bath.

You both strip as the tub fills. You admire her beautiful, mostly naked body as she bends over to test the water. She's still wearing her belt; presumably it's water-safe. The refreshing hot water flows over you as you enter. You both let out a sigh as you sit back and relax. There's nothing like a nice hot bath to wash away stress. You both soak for several minutes without saying anything.

“Hey Sanae. Let me wash your back.” You stand up in the bath and walk over to her. She turns her back to you and thanks you. You grab the washcloth and rub it against her back. She sighs as you press the cloth against her, enjoying the pressure on her back. With her back clean, you cover your hands in a layer of soap from the cloth and grab her breasts from behind. She yelps in surprise, but you don't stop. “Now Sanae, it's very important to wash your breasts! You need to keep them clean for anyone that wants to grab them.” She probably gets felt up by just about every man in the shrine due to how big and juicy her tits are. You rub your hands over her breasts, lightly squeezing them. She continues to squirm from your caress but starts moaning towards the end. “All done! Nice and clean for all your admirers!” You stand up and walk to the other side of the bathtub, your back still facing her. “Now do me.”

She takes the washcloth and scrubs your back. She presses firmly as she scrubs, wiping off your stress from the last few days as well as the sweat and semen from the competition. She certainly has a divine touch. And soon that divine touch will grace your breasts, returning the favor you did for Sanae. Wait for it... Wait...

You turn around to face her. “Sanae! Hurry up and grab my tits!” She's taken aback by your sudden outburst. “Weren't you going to become a lesbian for the sake of your shrine? How can you call yourself a lesbian if you don't feel up voluptuous tits like these?” You grab her hand and guide it to your breast. She takes the hint and squeezes it but still seems reluctant.

”I never said I'd become a lesbian, only that I would have sex with other women and train them. I'm still going to marry a man and have a big family.”

”I really don't see how actually getting married is supposed to help your shrine's image.” She looks surprised by your comment, but you don't give her a chance to say anything. “Staying celibate is boring anyways.” You jump on top of her, pushing her down into the bath water. “You should have fun while you can!” You seal her lips with a kiss as the hot bathwater flows over your naked bodies.

You slip your tongue into her mouth. Despite her earlier protests she doesn't fight back at all. She enjoys sex, with both men and women, regardless of her feeble denials. You wrap your tongue around hers, tasting it. You squeeze her wet tits as she returns the kiss. You pull away from her mouth and lie back in the tub. “Now it's your turn.”

Sanae climbs on top of you and cups your breasts. You lie back and enjoy her caress, forcing her to take initiative. She lightly kisses your other breast briefly before moving up your neck and to your lips. Her free hand moves down to your pussy, lightly rubbing your slit with her fingers. You place your hands on the back of her head and deeply kiss her, your tongues exploring each others' mouth. You kiss for a good minute before stopping her.

“There, wasn't that fun? Much better than taking a bath by yourself, don't you think?” She nods and gives you a quick kiss on the lips. You kiss her back. “But the water's getting cold, so I think it's about time to get out.” You start to stand, forcing her to get up as well. You rub the exposed part of her upper thigh. “Don't worry, we can do plenty more tonight in bed.” With that you jump out of the bath and dry off. She follows suit.

You wrap your towel around your chest. Your eye catches your dirty clothes, still in a heap on the floor. “Ah. I just realized I don't have a change of clothes.” Unlike at the SDM, the Moriya shrine doesn't have an army of maids (or one extremely efficient maid) that could clean a guest's clothes as she bathes. You don't want to wear your dirty clothes right after getting clean, but you might not have a choice.

“You could just borrow one of my uniforms,” Sanae offers. “They're pretty similar, don't you think? You can even borrow my underwear. It looks like you're the same size as me,” she says as she glaces at your tits. Wearing her clothes is certainly better than getting dirty again. Plus, wearing her clothes would be kinda cute. You'll have to get her to wear one of yours later. You accept her offer and follow her to her room.

Sanae hands you a pair of her panties and a bra. The panties are simple enough, but you stare at the other garment. Sanae notices your confusion. “Have you ever worn a bra, Reimu?” You have not. You've just wrapped your breasts with a sarashi since they started to grow. “I'll help you, don't worry.” She takes off her towel and grabs a bra, holding it so you can see what she's doing. She manipulates the garment, narrating her actions to help you follow them. “...and then you adjust the bra to make sure your breasts are fully in the cups. There, it's that simple. Now you try.”

You repeat her steps as best as you can. Getting it on is simple but you're having trouble fastening it in the back. Your hands keep missing, simply not used to adjusting objects behind you. Sanae helps again by fastening it for you. You get the rest of her uniform on with no difficulty. Sanae smiles at you and hugs you. “Ahh, you look so adorable like that!” She brings you to a mirror on top of a desk so you can get a good look at yourself. It's certainly odd, both seeing yourself in different clothes and seeing two girls wear Sanae's outfit. But it is cute to dress up as her, if only for a little while.

You exit Sanae's room and return to the dining room. Suwako and Kanako are drinking tea at the table. Both goddesses stare at you as you walk in, not expecting to see you wearing Sanae's clothes. Suwako covers her mouth and starts to laugh, but Sanae chastises her. “Lady Suwako, don't be rude. There is nothing funny about how cute Reimu looks right now.” You sit down in front of the table with Sanae, opposite from Suwako. Kanako gets up to serve the two of you tea.

“So, I take it you changed your mind about joining the shrine,” Suwako asks with a huge grin on her face. At least she stopped laughing to herself.

“No.” You respond immediately, shooting down her stupid ideas. “I just needed a change of clothes. even if they do look cute”. You mutter the last bit so only Sanae can hear it.

“Ah, such a shame. At least let me take a picture of you two!”

“A picture? Like with Aya's camera?”

“Yeah, although we have a better one. And unlike that crow, I promise we won't publish it in a cheap rag and distribute it to everyone in Gensokyo for a quick profit.” Sanae glares at her. “See? Sanae will make sure nothing like that happens. Now hold on while I get my camera.” She runs off down the hallways.

Kanako returns with the tea and notices her fellow goddess is missing. “Hmm? Where'd froggy go?” She sets the tray down and gives you and Sanae tea. You both thank her.

“She went to grab the camera, Lady Kanako.”

“Oh? That's a good idea. We need to preserve Reimu's new look.” Suwako comes running back carrying some device that vaguely resembles Aya's camera. It's a lot smaller too; wasn't it supposed to be a better one?

“Alright you two. Say 'cheese'.” Sanae wraps her arm around your shoulder and leans into you. You both say “cheese” for whatever reason. A flash of light comes out of the camera, surprising you. “Reimu, you blinked! One more try, this time keep your eyes open. Say 'cheese'.” The light comes again, but you keep your eyes open. “Good, good. One more!” Another flash. “Great!” How does she know how it turns out?

The excitement of the night over, you drink your tea with your hosts and chat amicably until bedtime. You and Sanae both head back to her room; naturally, you'll be sleeping with her. She offers you a set of pajamas and you both change into sleepwear.

“You want to have sex again, don't you, Reimu.” You nod enthusiastically. Of course you do. “But can I really please you? I have this thing on, after all.” She gestures towards her belt, covered by her pajamas.

“Sanae, you're beautiful. Of course I want to fuck you. And you don't need to worry so much about me.”

“But wouldn't you rather have sex with a man?” You falter. She's got you there. Lesbian sex is nice, but you'd prefer a nice thick cock in your pussy or ass. Or both. And that belt does get in the way. She saw your hesitation and knows that she's right, so there's no point in lying.

“Yeah. That's true. You're delicious, but I just love cocks shoved into my ass and pussy. Too bad you don't have a cock of your own.” You could give her one, but again the belt is in the way. “But you don't have one yet, so don't worry about it. I'll make this clear: I'm going to have sex with you.”

“What about sharing a man? We could compromise and have a threesome with one of the priests.”

That could work. It doesn't need to be a threesome though. With Sanae's belt restricting her ass and pussy, there's four holes between the two of you. Any more men than that would just be a waste.

[ ] One man
[ ] Two men
[ ] Three men
[ ] Four men
No. 20104
[x] Three men.
No. 20105
[x] Zero men
[x] One man
No. 20106
[x] Four men

Reimu forgot the thights and two sets of breasts that are most definitely fit for Paizuri
No. 20107
>> 20106

I like how you think. Adapt and overcome.

[x] Four men.
[x] And a duck.
No. 20109
[x] Four men

Go all out.
No. 20111
[x] Four men.
[x] And a duck.

... I have a fetish for rubber ducks okay
No. 20112
[x] Four men.
No. 20113
Why would you use a rubber duck after the bath scene?

And are you talking about a rubber duck or a real duck?
No. 20114
[x] Four men.
[x] And a duck.
No. 20115
[x] Four men.

Why settle for less?
No. 20121
[X] Four men.

Why hold back?
No. 20133
Calling it for
[x] Four men
No. 20135
You forgot the duck.
No. 20136
I forgot nothing.
No. 20172
File 131998057814.jpg - (178.92KB , 500x500 , marisablush.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] A duck.
-[x] Or duck equivalent.
--[x] And by that, I mean something that weighs exactly the same as a duck.
---[x] Logically, ducks float because they weigh the same as wood.
----[x] Which is exactly as much witches weigh, because witches burn in fires.
----[x] In other words, a witch is fine too.
No. 20173
File 131998132079.gif - (968.23KB , 305x350 , bender haters gonna hate.gif ) [iqdb]

In all honesty, +1 for this. Flawless logix.
No. 20176
No. 20183

My god.
No. 20185
No. 20190
[X] >>20172
No. 20191
You have my vote, sir.
No. 20195
File 132002443847.jpg - (107.09KB , 600x400 , marisabadtasteakyu.jpg ) [iqdb]
You know, it's only now after getting that many kind of votes do I realize that voting was already called, dammit.
No. 20199
the more the better!
[x] 4 men
No. 20204
>>20195 I wonder what the author is going to do when the sees this flood of votes.

[x]>>20172 Do eet!
No. 20205
Ignore them.

I've already started writing for [x]four men, and there's certainly no room in my Moriya outline for bringing in Marisa. Or a duck of any kind.
No. 20206
You got something against ducks? That's duckist. I hope you're fucking proud, anon.
No. 20207
And people wonder why some consider /at/ the dumbest board.
No. 20208
Only because there's people like you.
No. 20221

Childish retorts aside, pretty much everything posted after votes were called did nothing but shit up the thread. Defending this behavior would be an insult to the writer.
No. 20227
You wanna know whats a bigger insult?

Not understanding a joke. Oh no, People made a unserious post in a porn thread, whatever shall we do?!
No. 20241

It was a poor joke, and I fail to see how misunderstanding it would insult anybody. However, many people, including writers, are generally annoyed by voting after its been called. I remember when /at/ used to get mad at one such vote, and ten is just ridiculous. At a basic level, they contribute nothing constructive to the thread. Even if it is just a porn thread, this isn't /blue/. One or two jokes is fine, ten shitposts is not. For the record, this meta-discussion contributes nothing as well.
No. 20257
File 132028742662.jpg - (1.16MB , 1700x1500 , 13120713_big_p2.jpg ) [iqdb]
“Why only one? You should bring back four men.”

“What?! four?! Why so many?”

“Because it's more fun. Instead of sharing one guy, the men should share us. This way we have a cock for every hole.” Sanae finally agrees and runs off to find your playmates. You remove your panties in anticipation of your first triple penetration. You're already soaked. The pajama top you're borrowing from Sanae still covers your breasts and most of your belly, but it's loose enough that it won't get in the way of anything. Besides, it's cute. You lie face-first on the bed, dangling your legs in the air as you wait for Sanae to return.

Sanae comes back a few minutes later followed by four men dressed in underwear. Sanae closes the door after the last man enters and explains the situation to the curious men. “My friend and I are in need of male companionship for tonight.” You give the men a little wave as she gestures towards you. “Please treat us kindly this evening.” She bows towards the men.

You get off the bed and move between two of the men and stick your hands into their underwear. “Let's not waste any time and get down to business,” you say as you stroke their limp cocks. You guide them to the bed. Sanae takes off her shirt, exposing her tits, but leaves her skirt on. No doubt she wants to keep her belt out of sight. You sit down on the bed and pull the two cocks out. You take the first cock into your mouth and massage it with your tongue. You switch to the second cock, similarly tasting it as it twitches and grows in your mouth. You swap between the two dicks until they become fully erect. Sanae has been giving the other two men similar treatment, rubbing the cocks against her tits to harden them.

You order the first man to lie face-up on the bed. You mount him and slowly insert his dick into your pussy. You spread your anus and gesture for the second man to take you from behind. You moan in pleasure as your second hole is filled. “Room for one more!” You call out to the remaining man. Sanae has claimed the other, rubbing his cock between her breasts and kissing it. The man plugs your mouth with his cock; all three of your holes are now filled by delicious thick cocks.

You raise and lower yourself onto the man beneath you, each movement giving you tremendous pleasure. The stimulation is too great; you're quickly overwhelmed and lose the ability to move. Fortunately the men notice your plight and fuck your holes, returning you to the sea of pleasure. Your orgasm comes quickly from the multiple penetration. The men in your ass and pussy shoot their thick loads inside of you as you tighten up on their cocks. You manage to pull off the men inside of you, but grab onto the man that was in your mouth. He didn't cum inside of you; you need to do something about that.

You push the man down onto the bed and ride his cock. Your lubricated pussy easily swallows his dick, sending jolts of pleasure through you with each thrust. You grab and stroke the two cocks around you, quickly making them erect again. You plant kisses on the tip of one and lick the base of the other as you stroke both. The dick in your pussy twitches from the stimulation, about to fill your cunt with another load of cum. You slow down your thrusts to prolong the sex. The man in your left hand cums as you again kiss the tip of his cock, spraying semen over your face. The sight is too much for the other man, and he sprays his load onto your cheek and neck. You finish off the man in your pussy with a few quick thrusts, causing him to fill your hungry cunt with his cockmilk.

You watch Sanae sucking off her partner. Your men need a rest anyways after all that you squeezed out of them. A small bit of semen is visible on her lips; he already came at least once and is on his second session with her. Sanae's tongue dances over the front of the man's cock. He moans from her expert fellatio as his cock twitches. He sprays semen onto her face, covering her face. Sanae licks her lips and cleans some of the semen off of her upper lip.

The six of you take a short break to recover your stamina. You suggest swapping guys; Sanae takes two of the men you serviced while you take Sanae's partner and retain the man that first came in your pussy. You get on all fours and offer your pussy to Sanae's former partner. He's the only man who hasn't tasted you, so he should have access to your finest parts. He grabs onto your waist and plunges into your soaked cunt with a single deep thrust. You swallow the other man's cock and stroke his testicles with your hand. Your tongue brushes along his shaft as he thrusts into your mouth and the delicious taste of your pussy mixed with his semen fills your mouth. Both men pull out of you before cumming, spraying onto your forehead and back. Sanae's men have finished as well, covering her tits and face with their load.

“Hey Sanae, I think it's time to clean these men off.” You've probably milked them for all they have stored up. Maybe one more shot, but either way you need to clean the semen and your juices off their cocks before sending them off. You grab two of the dicks and take both into your mouth, covering both shafts with your tongue. Sanae copies you, swallowing both of the remaining cocks. Your tongue covers both tips as you eagerly lick off the semen. You deep throat the first cock to clean the base. Your throat envelops his cock and sends him over the edge, giving you a tasty load of fresh semen to swallow. You give the tip another quick lick to catch the remaining semen and deepthroat the second cock. This cock survives your cleaning and doesn't cum again until you take it out of your mouth and stroke it. Another splash of semen hits your face. Sanae is finished as well, both cocks having sprayed onto her face.

“That's all boys. I think we've drained you completely. You can go back to your rooms now.” You reach over to Sanae and glide your tongue along her face, scooping up a tongue-full of thick cum. “Unless you want to watch us clean each other off, that is.” You return to Sanae's face and lick another thick batch from her cheek. The men don't leave and simply stare at the two of you; they're obviously interested in watching. You kiss Sanae's cheek and nose, taking off small bits of semen. Your tongue traces all over her face until it has picked up all of the semen.

Sanae moves to clean your face. She presses her lips against your cheek and swallows a dollop of semen. Her tongue glides along your cheek and around your lips. She kisses your other cheek to swallow a large glob and finishes with her tongue. You move to her breasts and kiss her nipples, swallowing the semen coating. You spread her breasts apart with your hands and lick up the thick coating of semen in her cleavage. You taste her tits to clean up the coating of semen. Sanae moves to your back and licks up the semen. You shiver as she traces the bottom of your spine with her tongue.

“Thank you for your time.” Sanae again bows to the men. “Your visit was very enjoyable. I sincerely hope you enjoyed yourselves as much as we did. You may now return to your rooms.”

“Bye!” You blow a kiss to the men before they leave. “I'll be here tomorrow as well, if you want a second helping.” The men quickly put their underwear back on and leave the room, leaving you alone with Sanae. You put your panties back on. “Mmm, that was so much fun. Thanks for bringing them in, Sanae. Good night.” Sanae puts her pajama top back on and turns off the light. You both get under the covers and drift off to sleep.

The sound of suppressed moaning wakes you. You slowly move your head out from under the covers to see what's going on. Sanae is standing in the middle of the room naked from the waist down – even her belt is off. Both goddesses are on their knees facing Sanae and are licking her exposed lower body; Kanako is in front tasting Sanae's pussy, Suwako is behind Sanae digging her tongue into Sanae's ass. Sanae is panting from the stimulation but is noticeably trying to suppress her moans, likely to avoid waking you. None of the women are facing you, so you should be safe from them noticing you. Suwako and Kanako are talking to Sanae, but all you can make out from your vantage point is that they're doing this to clean her pussy and anus.

The goddesses suddenly stop cleaning Sanae and pull her belt back in place. The goddesses each take out a key, insert it into her belt, lock it in place, and return the key to their clothes. So that's how you unlock that thing. You hide under the covers and pretend to be asleep as the goddesses stand up. Two sets of footsteps walk out the door, eventually followed by a third. You sit up now that the room is empty. On second thought, now that you can see out the window, it's only barely light out. You get back under the covers and drift back to sleep.

You wake again and sit up. The sun is shining brightly through the window now. Perfect, you got a few hours of additional sleep. You yawn and stretch before getting out of bed. Sanae is sitting in front of her desk and is rubbing a pencil along the outside of her eye. She is leaning towards her mirror and is intently focusing on her reflection. Probably so she doesn't poke herself in the eye. You wait for her to finish before calling out to her. “What are you doing?”

Sanae turns to face you. “Good morning, Reimu. I'm putting on my makeup.” You stand up and walk towards her. There is a line of dark blue color on her eyelid extending to the corner of each eye, presumably from that pencil. Makeup isn't something you see very often.

“Mind if I watch?”

“No, of course not. You can pull up that chair if you'd like to sit down.” She gestures towards a chair in another corner of the room. You grab it. “I won't take too long.” You watch as Sanae moves on to a brush and swabs it into a purple makeup tray. She applies the brush to both eyes, giving her eyelids a light purple color near the tips. She takes a thin brush with many bristles and strokes her eye lashes, straightening and elongating them. Finally she picks up a pink tube and rubs it against her lips and then presses her lips together. She turns to face you. “So how do I look?”

“You look gorgeous.” The result is simply stunning. Her light pink lips glisten in the sunlight, and the dark color above her eyes draws you towards her beautiful blue eyes.

“Thanks. You looked pretty interested. Do you want me to dress you up as well?”

[ ] Accept
[ ] No thanks
No. 20258
[x] GenuflectAccept.
No. 20259
[X] Accept
No. 20261
[x] Accept
No. 20264
[x] No thanks

Disgusting habit.
No. 20269
[x] No thanks

Makeups too slut- oh wait. But still.
No. 20271
[x] No thanks
No. 20272
[X] No thanks
No. 20274
[x] Accept

I'm very interested in Reimu getting a bit "dolled-up", as it is something I've never seen before.
No. 20280
[x] Accept
Just to balance the books.
No. 20281
Calling it for
[x] Accept
No. 20367
File 132063917555.png - (1.92MB , 1850x1450 , de3bc5ea8c93f41942ce15343c094288.png ) [iqdb]
“Alright. I've never done this for someone else so this'll be fun. Lean forward and close your eyes. Try to be perfectly still so I don't make any mistakes.” She reaches for that pencil applicator as you close your eyes.

You feel a small pressure below your eyes from the pencil. Even though you were expecting it, you still instinctively move back a little. “Ah! You moved! it'soknodamagedone” Her muttering isn't very reassuring. The pressure returns, but this time you manage to stay still. She rubs the pencil around your eyes using several strokes. A short pause, now you feel a brush against your eyelids. She's moved onto the eyeshadow. The brush paints the lower half of your eyes. Sanae pauses again, likely contemplating what to do with the current state of your face. “Maybe a second color as well.” She brushes your eyes again. “And some color here...” A different brush, one that doesn't feel like any Sanae used on herself, rubs against your cheeks.

“Open your eyes, please. Your eyelashes need to be separated for the mascara.” You open your eyes and are greeted by Sanae leaning right next to your face, peering at your eyes. She takes the mascara brush and runs it through your upper eye lashes twice. “Look down for a second.” She runs the brush through your lower eye lashes twice, and then puts the applicator away. She takes the lipstick tube and rubs it on your lips. “Now press your lips together, like this.” She demonstrates and you follow. “There! All done. Here, take a look in the mirror.”

You walk over to the mirror and admire your reflection. Your eyes have a purple-blue shade, your eyelashes are much longer and thicker, and your lips are the same light pink as Sanae's. Your cheeks are also a bit redder and more colorful from whatever she put on while your eyes were closed. All together, you look wonderful.

Sanae moves toward you, pressing her head against yours so that both of your faces are visible in the mirror. “Don't we just look so beautiful together?” She turns to face you. “So what do you think? Do you like it?”

“Yeah. I think it looks beautiful. Thank you.”

She kisses you on your lips. “You're welcome. You should try putting makeup on yourself some day.” Maybe you will. You'll have to find a kit first; they certainly wouldn't sell anything like what Sanae uses at the village. “It does look really good on you, after all.” She kisses you, and then again with tongue. You return the kiss and wrap your tongue around hers, but let her keep the lead. She's being unusually assertive and you don't want to spoil that. She kisses you repeatedly, tasting your lips with her tongue. You lean back and slowly ease yourself onto the ground as she pushes her body against yours. Her eyes are burning with lust for you. She grabs your nightgown and pushes it down, freeing your tits. She grabs one and squeezes it as her tongue ravages your mouth. She pulls away from your mouth, looking like she's ready to go for your pussy, but stops when she sees your lips.

“Oh. What am I doing? Sorry, Reimu, I smeared your lipstick.” She gets up off you and returns to her mirror. “Oh! Mine too. Oops. Um, please some here, I'll fix it.” She stammers, embarrassed by her assertive behavior.

You stand up. “You don't want to continue?”

“Um, maybe later. It's still too early. I haven't even eaten breakfast. And we should at least wait for the makeup to dry so it won't smear as much.” She's making excuses, but you aren't going to press her. She'll come to terms on her own with her attraction to another woman. And if not, you'll just keep sleeping with her until she does. Sanae cleans off her own smeared lipstick with a cotton ball, then does the same for you. She reapplies the lipstick for both of you to replace what was wiped off. You stand up and thank her again.

You now know how Sanae's belt works and where the keys are. If you want to free her from her chastity you'll need to fuck both goddesses and force them to surrender their keys. It should be easy enough to convince Sanae to abandon Suwako's ridiculous plan.

[ ] Remove Sanae's belt
--[ ] Start by fighting Kanako for her key
--[ ] Start by fighting Suwako for her key
[ ] Don't interfere with Moriya affairs. Leave Sanae's belt on.
No. 20368
File 13206392073.jpg - (17.15KB , 357x200 , Sanae.jpg ) [iqdb]
There really aren't many pictures of touhous putting on makeup, let alone Sanae putting makeup on Reimu.
No. 20369
[X] Remove Sanae's belt
--[X] Start by fighting Kanako for her key
No. 20371
[X] Remove Sanae's belt
--[X] Start by fighting Kanako for her key

Start with the crafty one first.
No. 20372
[X] Remove Sanae's belt
--[X] Start by fighting Kanako for her key

I have a feeling Suwako will be the harder to "defeat".
No. 20373
[x] Remove Sanae's belt
--[x] Start by fighting Kanako for her key
No. 20374
[x] Remove Sanae's belt
--[x] Start by fighting Kanako for her key

Start with the easier one.
No. 20377
[x] Remove Sanae's belt
--[x] Start by fighting Kanako for her key
No. 20378
[x] Don't interfere with Moriya affairs. Leave Sanae's belt on.

good game, next map
No. 20380
[x] Remove Sanae's belt
--[x] Start by fighting Kanako for her key

Haven't seen any good Kanako action yet.
No. 20381
[x] Belt. Off.
[x] Start with Kanako
If we break anything Yukari can fix it.

Speaking of which, I'm surprised Yukari hasn't come down to cast virginity restoration again or something. Actually, I wonder if that's a test or something? "Manage not to fuck anyone from time of restoration to time we meet up again and you get an extra special treat of getting done so hard and thoroughly you won't be able to stand for a week" or something like that.
No. 20383
Nothing extravagant like that, sorry. Yukari is too lazy to look for you, so if you aren't where she thinks you are she's just gonna leave.

As for Yukari "fixing" Sanae, she's not interested.
>However she says she will only 'partake in the finest virgin shrine maiden pussy' so she restores my virginity before and after she fucks me.
Basically, she's only interested in sexing Reimu, not Sanae. And she's not going to do something just because you ask nicely.
No. 20384
[x] Remove Sanae's belt
-[x] Start by fighting Suwako for her key

Pissing against the TSUNAMI.
No. 20387
Calling it for
[x] Start by fighting Kanako for her key
No. 20472
[x] Don't interfere with Moriya affairs. Leave Sanae's belt on.
No. 20480
[x] Fight Kanako for the key
No. 20544
File 132149796022.jpg - (694.86KB , 1035x740 , 2f0931dc0696fbddec797736a087807d.jpg ) [iqdb]
You put Sanae's uniform back on. This time you manage to get the bra on by yourself. “Hey, Sanae?”

“Yes, Reimu?”

“I'm going to take off your belt.”

She stares at you in confusion for a while before finally letting out a “huh?”

“I'm going to take off your belt. I'll take the keys from Kanako and Suwako by force and free you from this stupid drivel about staying a virgin.”

“What? You can't just ruin the months of training I've done to repre-”

You cut her off. “Sure I can. It's misguided anyway. How is staying a virgin supposed to help the shrine? I'm sure plenty of men come visit because they want a blowjob from you. Even more would come if they had a chance to shove their cock into you as well. And don't start any crap about acting like the perfect wife. Being a wife involves sex with your husband and giving birth to children. Rather than trying to be an unattainable goal, you should be trying to look like the perfect mother by getting pregnant as soon as you can and giving birth to many children.”

You walk up to her and put your hand on her thigh. “And the best reason to take off that belt is that you want to take it off. You want to have sex. You want to get pregnant and have lots of kids.” You glide your tongue down her neck. She squirms in your grasp. “You saw me last night. It feels really good to get penetrated. There's nothing like the pleasure of a man shooting his hot semen into your pussy. Just admit it; you want a nice thick cock to stir up your insides. You want to get pregnant and start lactating like me. Say it, Sanae.”

“Alright! Alright. I want a man. I want a man to ravage my insides, to impregnate me, to drink my breast milk, and to help me raise many children.” She hugs you, nearly in tears. “Please take this belt off of me, Reimu!”

You pry her from your body and kiss her on her lips. “Don't worry. I'll return with both keys. Wait for me, Sanae.” You dash out of the room and head for Kanako's bedroom.

You burst into Kanako's room. She's sitting down at her desk, looking over several papers. She looks up as you slam the door behind you. “Kanako! I've come to take the key to Sanae's freedom!”

“What the hell are you being so noisy this early in the morning for?! I'm trying to do some paperwork for the shrine, so stop your overdramatic nonsense.”

“Give me the key to Sanae's belt, or I'll fight you for it.”

”Don't be ridiculous. Why would I agree to something like that?”

“I'll join the shrine if you win the fight.”

“I don't care. Suwako's the nut that wants you to join, not me.” She stands up and takes a step towards you. “Although, I could use a pet. Fine, I accept; if you win I'll hand over my key, and if I win I get to put a collar on you and parade you around the shrine as long as I want.” She didn't mean that sexually? How boring. Not that you have any interest in losing. “How many spellcards? Is the top of the shrine suitable?”

“Spellcards? That's too boring for me now.” You tear off Sanae's uniform, leaving only the panties and bra. “We're going to have sex. First one to orgasm loses.”

She stares at you. “Fine, whatever.” She grumbles. You remove your panties and bra as she does the same, revealing a massive cock to go with her huge breasts. You grin in anticipation. This is going to be fun. Kanako sits down on her bed, her erect cock facing you. “So how do we do this? Are we supposed to take turns or what?”

“Nope! Just try to make me cum before you cum.” You rush towards her and quickly get down on your knees and envelop her cock in your mouth. She lets out a single moan as your throat kisses the tip of her cock. However, she soon manages to compose herself and throws you onto the bed with one hand. Pinning you down, she buries her face into your thighs and slides her tongue deep into your cunt. She learns fast; you didn't tell her that she was allowed to use her superior strength to force herself onto you.

Kanako's grip is too strong for you to move, but you aren't finished. Her tonguework isn't good enough to finish you off. Unfortunately, you can't think of any way to fight back; her cock is too far away for even your feet to reach, putting you two in a stalemate. You endure the rough caresses of her tongue for a minute before she realizes that it's not enough. Realizing it's useless, Kanako sits up and moves her dick to your pussy. She rubs her massive cock against your slit and brushes the tip against your clit. You gasp from the sudden stimulation on your clit. She releases one of your arms and uses her freed hand to stick two fingers deep into your ass. It looks like she's trying to get you excited with her teasing before finishing you off with her cock.

You interrupt her plan. With only one of her hands holding you, you're able to maneuver enough to slide her cock into your cunt as she rubs it against you. You both moan as the massive cock rubs against your tight walls. Both of you are feeling this, but you need to make her cum first. You take control and free your other hand as you ride her cock. Using both of your hands, you plunge two fingers into her ass and pussy. The combined assault is too much for her, and she orgasms without managing a counterattack. With your victory achieved, you stop holding back and orgasm as her cock continues to fill your pussy with her thick cum.

You pull off of Kanako's twitching cock once it stops ejaculating. Your opponent lies back against the bed, exhausted from her orgasm. Even though she's upset at her loss, you can tell she did enjoy having sex with you.

“So where's the key, Kanako?”

She glares at you for a second, then sighs. “Check my clothes. I keep it attached to the inside of my sarashi.” You rifle through the pile of her clothes. As she said, the key is clipped to the fabric. You unclip it and store it in your pocket after getting dressed. You bid farewell to Kanako and leave the room. You doubt she's enough of a sore loser to try anything after losing a duel.

Now on to Suwako. Suwako doesn't have the option of turning you down or otherwise bargaining with you; you have Kanako's key, and Suwako will need to recover it. Her Mishaguji might be troublesome, as they can easily bring you to orgasm without returning any stimulation to their master. You doubt they'd be able to restrain you like Kanako could, but nonetheless attacking Suwako head on might not be the best approach. You might be able to sneak up on Suwako and put her at your mercy before coercing her to accept the duel if she doesn't already know what you just did to Kanako.

[ ] Attack Suwako head on.
[ ] Try to sneak up on her instead.
No. 20545
[ ] Try to sneak up on her instead.
No. 20546
[x] Attack Suwako head on.
No. 20547
[x] Try to sneak up on her instead.
...Metal Geeeeear...
No. 20548
[X] Try to sneak up on her instead.
No. 20549
[x] Attack Suwako head on.
Methinks the frog loli might be too crafty for a sneak attack to work.
No. 20550
[x] Try to sneak up on her instead.
I've always equated feelings with getting caught: they both get in the way of my sex. Unfortunately not everyone is as committed to their work as I am. An old associate of mine, Suwako the goddess, wants to marry off her shrine maiden, Sanae, for profit. Guess the thirst for power made her a bit too greedy. Too bad for Suwako that you have other plans.
No. 20551
[x] Attack Suwako head on.

Head on: Apply directly to the forehead.
No. 20553
[x] Try to sneak up on her instead.
No. 20558
Calling it for
[x] Try to sneak up on her instead.

No. 20757
File 132228097383.jpg - (461.80KB , 1500x1500 , 13591740_big_p13.jpg ) [iqdb]
Now for Suwako. Since you have Kanako's key there's no harm in being a little underhanded. As long as you can find her before she finds Kanako's ravaged body, she shouldn't know anything is out of the ordinary. You don't know exactly where she is, but the best place to look is her room. You head there and stop at the door. Placing your head next to the door, you listen in. No signs of life. She's probably not in here.

You enter the room. Suwako is indeed not in here. Unfortunately you don't know where else she might be. If she's in the expanded sections of the shrine your chances of finding her are slim, as you don't know the layout well enough. Well, since you're here, you might as well look around and see if you can find anything to use against her. You recall seeing some nice looking devices used for the training; maybe she keeps some in her room. Without a cock it's harder to be aggressive, but you're also freed from the weakness of an additional erogenous zone. Shoving beads into Suwako's ass could make her cum without risking a retaliatory handjob.

You go over to her desk and open the bottom drawer. Nothing of use. You open the drawers one by one and don't find anything. Inside of the top drawer you discover – a white snake. Coiled and ready to strike. The Mishaguji lunges at you before you can react and forces its way into your mouth. You fall backwards in surprise as the snake slowly forces itself into your mouth and forces you to deep throat it. More snakes slither out of the furniture and other hiding places in the room and swarm your body. Six of the snakes enter your cunt, traveling past your panties somehow. You try to grab them to pull them out of your body, but your hand simply passes through the snakes. The other snakes wrap around your arms after your failed attempt, preventing any future movement. The damned things are still solid when they want to be.

The door opens and Suwako enters. All of the snakes cease movement as soon as their master returns and simply lie still on or in your body. “Good morning, Reimu. I understand you've taken something of Kanako's in a little game. I'll have to ask for it back. You don't mind if we play the same game, do you? After all, it's only fair.” Yes, you do mind – you're currently incapacitated and have several snakes in your cunt. You can't even speak to voice your objections. “Well, if you're not interested, I guess that's fine. I'll just leave you in here as a permanent plaything for my Mishaguji. But you can keep your key.”

While that might be fun for a day or two, you'd rather explore Gensokyo and see what cocks it has to offer you. Besides, you have a lustful girl to save from her own virginity. You do your best to speak your acceptance, but all that comes out is a muffled grunt. “Hmm? Does that mean you're interested?” The snakes quickly move off of your right arm. “Knock once if you're interested, twice if not.” You rap your hand against the floor and produce a single loud knock.

”Great! Just what I wanted to hear. Now to finish you off quickly so we can all get back to our lives.” Most of the Mishaguji slide under your body and lift you up off the floor. They carry you over to the bed and extend their bodies, raising you up to the height of the bed. Suwako picks you up with both hands and drops you on the bed with your ass sticking out. The Mishaguji on the ground slowly climb up the bed as Suwako pulls down your panties and sticks her cock into your anus. The snakes in your cunt resume stirring as her cock penetrates you, immediately overwhelming you with pleasure.

You're in trouble. You might be able to hold out against Suwako's dick, but having so many squirming tentacles in your pussy will make you cum easily. Fortunately the Mishaguji in your mouth isn't doing much of anything and is just staying still in your mouth, making it impossible to talk but not sexually stimulating you in any way. The Mishaguji climbing onto the bed will restrain you again, but right now only Suwako is holding you down. This is your only chance. First you need to deal with these snakes in your vagina.

You reach into your uniform a pull out a seal and place it on your pussy. As before, the object goes through the cluster of snake tails sticking out of your cunt, allowing you to place it directly on your body. The seal activates and instantly severs the Mishaguji inside of you. A strange tingling fills your pussy as the Mishaguji ends inside of you dissipate into nothingness. The tail ends fall down onto the bed and slither away from you. Suwako curses and tries to peel the seal off but only manages to burn her hand. You're certain she could take it off eventually, but you aren't going to give her the opportunity.

You strike back and push her off of you. Without the snakes holding you down she's too weak to resist your entire body pushing against her. You mount her and engulf her cock with your anus. With your pussy sealed and your anus filled by Suwako's dick there is no other entrance for the snakes to attack, and since you're the one in control Suwako can't use her superior skill against you. Suwako, however, has a nice and vulnerable pussy and ass for you to play with. The snakes try to slither up you and restrain you again but they are unable to get a good hold of you as you bounce on Suwako's cock.

You slide three fingers into Suwako's defenseless cunt as you ride her. Her voice betrays her as your fingers make her moan in pleasure. Unfortunately you can't use your mouth with the annoying snake still lodged inside of you, but it's not a big deal. Suwako is helpless now and will fill your ass with her semen eventually. Not being able to use your tongue just means she'll last a little bit longer. Her snakes unable to restrain you, Suwako ceases relying upon them and struggles fruitlessly against your hold. You wrestle both of her tiny arms into one of your hands, freeing the other to return to her tight pussy. Her body fully restrained by your hands and your ass, her thrashing ceases to be a concern and you slowly but relentlessly take her cock inside of you. All she can do is cry out in anger, mixed in with frequent moans of pleasure as you crack her resistance.

Suwako finally caves and ejaculates inside of you. After the second spurt her cock pulls out of your anus. She can't move so how did she do that? Looking down at her crotch you see her pussy and nothing more. The snake in your mouth pulls itself out and falls down, dissolving into the air before it can land. Glancing around, all of the Mishaguji that had been trying and failing to swarm you have also all disappeared. Damn that woman, she removed her cock and all of her snakes so you couldn't cum. You get off of Suwako and sit down on the bed. She reaches underneath the bed and hands you the key, her humiliation visible on her face. You smile and snatch it from her grasp.

“Thank you! Don't worry, I'll take real good care of your Sanae.”

“Spare me your bullshit. You are going to ruin that poor girl and everything we, and yes that includes her, have worked for. Now get out of my sight before I decide not to play by your rules.”

You don't want to argue with her right now, so you quickly exit Suwako's room after picking up your panties. Once outside you peel off the seal and put your panties back on. Your cunt is soaked and is dying for release, but there's a slutty girl in another room that needs a cock more than you do.

So what should you do to her?

[ ] Take off Sanae's belt
--[ ] Bring her to the misty lake
--[ ] Search for a mate in the Forest of Magic
--[ ] Offer her to the men in the shrine
--[ ] Don't do anything special. Let her do as she wishes.
--[ ] Take her yourself
----[ ] Give yourself a cock first
----[ ] Keep it strictly lesbian
----Optionally: [ ] Put her belt back on afterward. She's yours now.
[ ] Don't take off Sanae's belt
--[ ] Give her the keys. Let her do as she wishes.
--[ ] Keep the keys for yourself. Save her for later.
--[ ] Give the keys back to Suwako and Kanako and apologize profusely for the trouble.


Some additional things:
Giving yourself a cock uses up one of your charms. I've mentioned “wasting” them but haven't given a specific number. You only have two of those special charms left. Once used they cannot be recovered and are permanent until you remove the cock. There's also no way (yet) to replenish these. For the sake of “balance”, men are also less willing to have sex with a woman sporting a large cock.

Visiting the misty lake will NOT be an encounter with the familiar manta ray creature. It's busy recovering its supply of eggs and can't impregnate anyone for a while.
No. 20758
[x] Take off Sanae's belt.
----[x] Give yourself a cock first .
----Optionally: [x] Put her belt back on afterward. She's yours now.
No. 20761
>You are going to ruin that poor girl and everything we, and yes that includes her, have worked for.
...now I feel terrible.
No. 20763
[X] Take off Sanae's belt
--[X] Take her yourself
----[X] Give yourself a cock first
------[X] Take her home afterward, she's your wife now.

You know it.
No. 20764
[x] Take off Sanae's belt.
-[x] Bring her to the misty lake.
--[x] Put her belt back on afterward, she's yours now.
No. 20765
Am I bad person for wanting to give Sanae a cock? It'd completely destroy everyone at Moriya's plans.
No. 20767
--[x] Give her the keys. Let her do as she wishes.

Give her the keys Anon, let her choose her own fate. If she chooses to give herself to us then all the better.
No. 20769
[X] Take off Sanae's belt
-[X] Take her yourself
--[X] Give yourself a cock first
---[X] Take her home afterward, she's your wife now.
No. 20770
[x] Give her the keys. Let her do as she wishes.
No. 20771
[X] Take off Sanae's belt
-[X] Take her yourself
--[X] Give yourself a cock first
---[X] Take her home afterward, she's your wife now.
This sounds about right.
No. 20772
[x] Give her the keys. Let her do as she wishes.

As much as I'd like to give Reimu a dick and fuck the hell out of her, I'd rather let her choose.
No. 20773
[x] Take off Sanae's belt
-[x] Take her yourself
--[x] Give yourself a cock first
---[x] Take her home afterward, she's your wife now.
No. 20774
[x] Give her the keys. Let her do as she wishes.
No. 20775
File 132231370271.jpg - (625.53KB , 751x870 , b91e320cb29bc35476d2ca17653270bd.jpg ) [iqdb]
It's alright, Sanae is happier now. Look! Just look at how happy she is!
No. 20776
[X] Take off Sanae's belt
-[X] Take her yourself
--[X] Give yourself a cock first
---[X] Take her home afterward, she's your wife now.
No. 20779
[x] Take off Sanae's belt
-[x] Whip her with her own belt
--[x] Give yourself a cock, and then fuck her.
---[x] Take her home afterward, she's yours.
No. 20780

That belt would fucking hurt, man. We're not talking some light whipping with a leather belt or whatever, we're talking a big, heavy piece of metal.
No. 20782
[x] Take off Sanae's belt
-[x] Take her yourself
--[x] Give yourself a cock first
---[x] Take her home afterward, she's your wife now.
No. 20784
[x] Give her the keys. Let her do as she wishes.
For Sanae!
No. 20786
[x] Give her the keys. Let her do as she wishes.
No. 20787
[X] Take off Sanae's belt
-[X] Take her yourself
--[X] Keep it strictly lesbian
No. 20793
[x] Don't take off Sanae's belt
-[x] Give her the keys. Let her do as she wishes.
No. 20794
And your point is?
No. 20795
[x] Don't take off Sanae's belt
--[x] Give her the keys. Let her do as she wishes.

My piss shall cleave this tide in twain!
No. 20796
What tide? Close vote is close.
No. 20797
Sorry, force of habit.
No. 20799
Calling it for
[ ] Don't take off Sanae's belt
--[ ] Give her the keys. Let her do as she wishes.
No. 20805
No. 20824
>>20763's vote had six votes in its favor; the one you're calling it for had only two.
Was there votespam that got deleted or something?
No. 20826
Nothing deleted.


Are for the winning option. 8 votes. Many just didn't include "Don't take off the belt".
No. 20828
[x] Take off Sanae's belt
--[x] Take her yourself
----[x] Give yourself a cock first
----Optionally: [x] Put her belt back on afterward. She's yours now.
No. 21110
File 132348981667.jpg - (139.40KB , 800x600 , 829320185dcb23944e4229c7c2799e32.jpg ) [iqdb]
You enter the room. Sanae is sitting on the bed, kicking her legs into the air idly. She stands up and looks at you expectantly as you walk in.

“I'm back,” you announce triumphantly, holding both keys up into the air, “and I bring gifts!” You give her the keys. “You're free now, Sanae. Here are the keys. Do as you want with them.”

She returns one of the keys to your grasp. “Thank you so much. I know what I'm going to do, so first I want to be freed from this belt. It's a two-person job, Reimu, so would you help me again and use this key on the back?” Of course you'll help her. She pulls up her skirt, revealing the belt – and a large keyhole in the rear. You insert the keys and turn them, producing a satisfying “click” from the belt as it unlocks. You pull open the belt and let it slide down Sanae's legs and lands on the floor.

“So what are you planning on doing now?”

Without saying anything she leans towards you and slides her tongue into your mouth. She pulls away from you before you get a chance to return the kiss. “You. I want you badly, Reimu.” She opens up your shirt and unhooks your bra, freeing your breasts. “I want to touch and taste every part of your body, and I want you to do the same to me.” She opens her shirt and lies back on the bed, her large breasts waiting for your touch.

You don't waste any time and climb on top of her. Your tits press against hers and your nipples brush together as you lay on her. You slip your tongue into her mouth and deeply kiss Sanae. Her mouth eagerly accepts your tongue and kisses you back as you ravage her. After a minute you break the kiss and pull off Sanae's skirt and panties.

Sanae looks up to you, her eyes brimming with lust. “Could you lick my pussy? I've never had anyone touch me there. I want you to be my first.” Sanae never did notice that you were awake this morning. Maybe she just doesn't count the goddesses for some reason. There's no need to call her out on this omission though, and you aren't about to turn down the luscious fruit in front of you.

“I'd love to, Sanae.” You lower yourself to Sanae's exposed pussy and breathe in her musky aroma. She gasps as your tongue traces the outside of her lips. Your tongue moves deeper into her pussy and pushes apart her walls. You move on to her clit and brush your tongue against the exposed nub, causing her to pant heavily from the unfamiliar stimulation. She's getting pretty wet; her back arches and she moans loudly as you give her her first penetration using two of your fingers. You slurp up her flooding juices as you pound your fingers into her hungry cunt. She screams your name as she orgasms and sprays her juice onto your face. You lick it up and savor her taste.

“Was that your first orgasm?” You sit up and look at Sanae, who stares at you vacantly. She can only nod weakly, overwhelmed by the pleasure. “So how was it?” The answer is plain on her face, but you'd like to hear her answer. She stays quiet for a full minute, breathing heavily to recompose herself.

“It was amazing. I've seen plenty of men and women orgasm, but I never thought it'd feel so good.” She sits up. “Let me pay you back. I want to lick your pussy again.”

“Alright. Thank you.” You stand up and take off your skirt and panties. “OK, lie back down on the bed,” you say as you push her down. She seems confused but offers no real resistance. You lie on top of her and position your pussy in front of her face. She immediately spreads your pussy open with her hands, but pauses to admire the view.

“Ah, Reimu's pussy,” she nearly moans simply from looking at you. “But why are we in this posi – ahhhn!” Her question is interrupted by your tongue returning to her cunt. Her moans continue as you flick your tongue against the outside of her pussy and occasionally her clit. “Reimu! Why are you doing me again? It's your turn to feel good. I want to repay your kindness.”

You stop pleasuring her to silence her absurd complaints. “You can lick me as well. This is your celebration, so you should be the one getting pleasured. Besides, I enjoy licking pussy, so just shut up and let me fuck you.” You're not going to listen to further babble, so you return to her pussy. She moans again as you flick her clit, but composes herself and slides her tongue against your slit. She seems determined to pleasure you, but your tongue weakens her resolve and she falters as she tries to lick you. Her weakness is cute, so you make it even harder for her by returning your two fingers to her cunt. She pauses and moans as your fingers explore her depths, the stimulation completely overwhelming her. Her tongue returns to your clit and three fingers enter your depths once she composes herself. You don't pause your relentless assault on Sanae's pussy, and continue plunging your fingers deeper into her depths. Despite her resistance, she orgasms again and falls limp onto the bed.

Even though she reached her orgasm, she's not happy. “Reimu! Why won't you just let me make you feel good?!” She's so cute when pouting.

“Because I'm celebrating the new availability of your pussy. If you insist you can make it up to me later. How about you start by drinking my breast milk?” You lift one of your tits to emphasize the availability. She stares for a moment and licks her lips, remembering the taste from yesterday's milking. She crawls over to you, grabs your tit, and places the nipple into her mouth. Your milk immediately flows into her mouth and she readily drinks it down. Her tongue occasionally flicks against your nipple as she suckles. You hold the back of her head to support her, allowing her to simply sit still and drink. Sanae pulls away after drinking her fill, a bit of milk flowing down from her mouth. You give her a quick kiss below the lips to lick her clean.

What should you do with her next? You have no problems playing with her yourself, but she did mention wanting to get pregnant and raise a big family as the big motivation behind wanting out of the belt. It'd be fun to help her along with that. You could suggest a gangbang with men from the shrine, or you could just take her out into the wilderness and find a nice youkai to impregnate her and teach her the joy of bestiality.

[ ] Suggest sex with men from the shrine
[ ] Head to the misty lake
[ ] Head to the Forest of Magic
[ ] Just stay here with her
No. 21112
[X] Head to the Forest of Magic

Marisa and Alice getting in on this? Yes please!
No. 21113
[x] Suggest sex with men from the shrine

I think she'd rather be with humans first.
No. 21115
[X] Head to the Forest of Magic
No. 21118
>and teach her the joy of bestiality.

[XXX] Head to the Forest of Magic
No. 21119
[x] Suggest sex with men from the shrine.

The guys here are bros.
No. 21121
[X] Head to the Forest of Magic
No. 21126

I guess this means the vote's going to get railroaded soon then.
No. 21127
[x] Head to the Forest of Magic

Suwako refuses to stop Reimu from taking Sanae off to be fucked by wild beasts.
Cool. I knew she was secretly okay with this all along.
No. 21132
[x] Just stay here with her

Tide, piss, etc.
No. 21133
[X] Head to the Forest of Magic
No. 21136
[x] Just stay here with her .
No. 21137
[X] Head to the Forest of Magic
No. 21138
[x] To the magic forest!

It's more like a smaller tide missing against a slightly larger tide.
No. 21140
[x] Just stay here with her.

Hmmm... Forest may be a bit much for her first time.
No. 21148
Calling it for
[x] Head to the Forest of Magic
No. 21156
File 132356621171.jpg - (87.08KB , 607x407 , bueno.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 21168
i seriously did NOT need to see that image.
No. 21189
You must be really new to imageboards.
No. 21218

What's wrong with the image?
No. 21237
two words:boner killer
No. 21263
File 132382237842.jpg - (1.75MB , 1748x2472 , 9d6f81074e1a064d25659f4020cbcc55.jpg ) [iqdb]
I'm putting this on hiatus. I don't have any drive to write right now, and I have another (non-THP) project I want to focus more on. I might start writing again after some months, either this or another story.

Since I hijacked this is the first place, someone else can feel free to take over. Just make sure you get a proofreader, since they make a world of difference.
No. 21264

If someone else DOES take over, get in #touhouporn on Rizon. A bunch of us helped this guy with proof-reading, and we'll happily help anyone who wants to pick it up.
No. 21267
That's unfortunate, I really enjoyed your work too... Best of luck to you.

I really hope we can get someone else to continue this story, I like having it be through the girl's perspective.
No. 21419
>I like having it be through the girl's perspective.
Dicks dicks dicks dicks dicks.
No. 21690
File 132485798420.jpg - (386.71KB , 1000x1333 , 1cc755df87fbd64e69148f9259f32416[1].jpg ) [iqdb]
Merry christmas. New author. Probably will update more slowly than previous anon. If he feels wanting to take over again he's free to ask about it in the thread.


The outbound trip is a quiet departure, as if thieves in the night. You idly suppose you could probably be tenuously classified as one as you lead Sanae out of the quiet halls. No need to worry Suwako and Kanako about where you're taking her. In the faint light her pale face is worried-looking, a ghost making its way from a deserted shrine.

-Almost deserted. A muffled cry sounds through the paper walls, the sound you presume of adherents still going at it. You peek round the corner and grin before turning back to Sanae, a finger over your lips to indicate her to be quiet. She nods, of course. Such an obedient girl.

You hold her shoulder as you lead her into the hallway, stopping as you hear her slight intake of breath. Turn her sideways, lean her against the doorjamb and keep her looking at the sight of Suwako fucking Kanako in the ass.

"-your fault she got away with it, you know that? You and your - weaknesses!"
An uneven moan fills the air as Kanako clutches at the blankets, a particularly vicious thrust grinding her breasts against the sheets.

A sideways glance at Sanae shows her entranced; biting down on a knuckle with wide eyes. She flinches as you embrace her, though another look at your motions of silence keeps her quiet before the sound of her goddess panting in heat drawing her attention again.

"It's not, it's not my fault- ah, not so rough!" Suwako reaches down to tug at something beneath, jerking it this way and that.
"Not your fault?! Look at you, rock hard and leaking everywhere as soon as someone shoves something in your ass! If someone handed you all the faith in the world you'd waste it all for another ride on someone's cock!"
"That's not true! And anyway, you lost your key, too- no, no, nh-aaaaah-!"

Kanako's muffled scream into the bed hid Sanae's own gasp; just as Suwako had plunged into the rounded rear, your own fingers slip into the wind priestess. She's already dripping with excitement and your fingers duplicate each movement of Suwako, parting her lower lips and slipping deft fingers back and forth.

"You want it, don't you?” You whisper into Sanae’s ear, quietly, insistently. “-No, don't make a sound, or they'll hear you. Can you see your goddess with a thick cock buried up to the hilt in her? Arched over in pleasure?" In truth, the privacy seals in your pocket that you used to keep Yukari off you would keep the goddesses from picking up on your presence, but there was no need to tell her that.

You keep her looking forward with one hand under her chin. The sight of the small frog goddess going at it with such ferocity would have been comical had it not been for the sight of a white-tailed snake half-glimpsed between the two, trapped within the constant cycle of entry and withdrawal. The sight of it brought back a flash of pleasure from the memory when those same curse-filled lengths had been inside you. And as her stomach seems to roil with unseen objects wriggling about within, you wonder how many are still inside of her. There seems to be no respite for Kanako as her face goes slack with pleasure.

"See? Your lady Suwako enjoying Kanako as much as she likes, and it's hardly for her partner’s sake, is it? Wouldn't you like to feel a nice cock all for yourself shoved in -here, too?" Sanae stands on tiptoes as your fingers explore her, the join between your thumb and forefinger pivoting about her clit with each movement of your hand.

As Suwako builds to a wordless climax, pulling herself onto Kanako in a frenzy, you feel Sanae tightening up. Another finger joins the other two and it's a simple matter to curl them inward and bring her over the edge. She shudders and almost stumbles as you grip her tightly, gasping past her hand, gasping in front of her goddesses reaching their own climaxes.

Later, you wonder if the goddesses would have noticed the wet patch on the floor afterwards, realising that someone would have been watching them. Well, it hardly mattered, now. Both you and your prize were on your way to the Forest of Magic!


It’s dark in the woods. Sanae seems to be a bit chilly, given her scant clothing. Perhaps you should have packed something? Well, it’s not as if there was anything in these woods you were afraid of.

-Something you would have said were it not for the eerie figures floating about the trees. Two unearthly shapes of frilled dresses and pearlescent hair that were speckled with moonlight through the shadows of the woods. Two and a host of familiars that danced about them, weaving a ghostly step about you and Sanae.
“Whither are you bound, oh slave divine? On such a quest with your… friend? This night of the full moon, of trespass and treason in the enchanted forest. The night of witches is upon you, ze.” The shadowed shape crouches on the branch with broom in hand, a symbol of her magical credentials.

When you look at the other figure, she shrugs. “Eh, we’re bored. Two on two? You’ve got time for that, don’t you?”
You’d barely opened your mouth to respond when a hand tugs at your sleeve. “R-Reimu, I can’t play danmaku dressed like this! I’m not decent at the moment!” You sigh as you sit Sanae down.

“All right,” you call up to them. “Two vs one is fine too. Sanae, don’t worry, have a rest, this’ll be over soon enough.” Above, a laugh peals out at you as you step away from the meagrely clad wind priestess.
”Arrogant as always, youkai hunter. You won’t be so lucky today!” Those words and a flash of light is the only warning you have before a spray of danmaku slashes out at you, a slew of brightly coloured stars and lasers that kick up a host of leaves and debris. The light refracts amongst the red and brown shades – duplicating amongst them to throw out a whole new wave of stars from the earth.

You take to the skies, kicking off a tree on your way up. More leaves fall, and as you slip through the hail of bullets you snag a doll against your ankle to kick up into your hands. You hear a small shout from Alice- “Don’t treat them roughly!” It’s only a second or so after you launch the doll to swing at the end of its tether in a parabolic swing that it explodes against the treeline below Marisa. She flinches at the wave of your own leaves spiralling down at her. Dodges. Jinks to avoid the onslaught. “Woah-!”

In the meantime you’d launched a host of needles at Alice, slipping behind a tree to keep the majority of the dolls swarming you. It’d either keep the puppeteer back in cover as you close on your black-and-white assailant, or-

You grin and instantly feel slightly guilty at the muffled yell of pain behind as you sweep along the tree until she comes into view. Kicking another doll out the way, you skip off the tree branch to launch another barrage only to be forced back by another laser array. No time to stop – Alice would be recovering fairly soon and –
“Aah-! Reimu, helllp! It’s got me-!”

The scream comes from below. Marisa falters, turning to face the yell - chance! It’s just that moment of distraction you need to step in and catch her in a grasp round her waist. It’s a simple enough manoeuvre to trap her arms and legs behind her and you do so, using her broom as makeshift leverage. A wind of string – Alice’s threads – is enough to subdue her for now.
”Ow, ow! Aw, come on! I was just teasing-“ A kiss is enough to silence her for the moment. “Quite, you.” As Alice rounds the tree, a rather less subtle sideways kick to the stomach’s enough to knock the breath out of her. “That’s a hit. Still want to play, Alice?” She gives you a dirty look before sighing. “Nah, I’m good. That’s enough for one day. And don’t you have someone to be looking after?” After looking down at the scene below, you nod.
”Here, take this. The witch is easily deposited onto her. “-Don’t just deposit me like that!” Too late for that, Marisa!

Sanae’s had been caught over the log she had been sitting on. There was a beast pinning her down, a large quadruped shape that had grappled her arms with clawlike appendages and and had already stripped her down to her waist. She grunts and moans as the tentacles snaking up her legs slide into her panties.
“Reimu! Stop it stop it-!”

[ ] Use force to chase off the youkai attacker
[ ] Seduce the beast off Sanae
[ ] Encourage Sanae to accept the youkai.
-[ ] Join in!
[ ] Watch Sanae be used.
No. 21692

You love hyphens.

>-Almost deserted
>"-your fault she got away with
>-Something you would
>shout from Alice-
>It’s got me-!”

Along with many others.
No. 21694
Hyphens turn me on. So long and ramrod straight-

I'll be in my bunk.
No. 21696
[x] Use force to chase off the Youkai
Nothing shall get in the way of Reimu and Sanae's private time!
No. 21698
[X] Encourage Sanae to accept the youkai.
-[X] Join in!
No. 21699
[x] Encourage Sanae to accept the youkai.
-[x] Join in!

Share the love~
No. 21700
[x] Encourage Sanae to accept the youkai.
-[x] Join in!
No. 21701
[x] Encourage Sanae to accept the youkai.
-[x] Join in!

No. 21707
[x] Encourage Sanae to accept the youkai.
-[x] Join in!

Youkai rape it is. But I guess it's not considered rape when Sanae accepts it.
No. 21710
[x] Seduce the beast off Sanae
-[x] Try to use the experience to show Sanae how enjoyable non-humans are.
No. 21712
[x] Use force to chase off the Youkai
Random youkai are bad.
No. 21714
[x] Encourage Sanae to accept the youkai.
-[x] Join in!

Whoa, didn't realize this story was picked up so soon.
No. 21722
[x] Use force to chase off the Youkai
No. 21724
[x] Encourage Sanae to accept the youkai.
-[x] Join in!
A new writer, eh? Well, show us what you've got~.
No. 21725
[X] Use force to chase off the youkai attacker

Uninvited guest is uninvited.
No. 21730
...Why do you think we voted to go into the forest in the first place?

[x] Encourage Sanae to accept the youkai.
-[x] Join in!

Don't worry Sanae, we'll take care of everything...
No. 21731
Calling it for [x] Let's have fun with Sanae and the random youkai
No. 21734
Just [X] Watch Sanae be used.
No. 22473
So is this dead again?
No. 22476
Seems to be so; I could hijack in a random post, unless anyone else that can write better wants to.
No. 22485
If someone is planning on picking this up, hop in IRC. The last guy who wrote consistently is hanging out there.
No. 22486
Ideally someone would pick this up and update regularly, but there's nothing wrong with a one shot update or anything.
No. 22495
So how about this thread's officially declared the /at/-board whore; everyone gets to slap their cock across it's face in turn?

Just keep the possibilites and plot-tweests open and all should be fine. Though I can't see much of a plot forming anyway.
No. 22504
The current guy on it is infamous for sporadic updates (something I'm sure anyone in /at/ is familiar with)
No. 22515
File 132724528364.jpg - (569.17KB , 850x1061 , 308883d68f39cf8320f8fa03db51b4d2.jpg ) [iqdb]
I'm ok with this.
No. 22516
Gimme an hour or two and I'll throw something up.
No. 22517
I hope not as if this ends up basically /at/'s slut I'm dropping as the quality'll go to shit.
No. 22518
The guy who had picked this up and written for a while has some plans laid out for it. If you have any desire to keep it on some sort of path, you might want to get in irc and ask about them.

Personally, I'd rather see this rot and receive rare updates than become something that everyone is tacking their bits and pieces on to.
No. 22519

>Assessing the quality of authors before they even post.

Uhh ok man...I guess we'll see ya later.
No. 22522
Ok, I do actually have something that I said I'd post, but on second though I'll run it through proofreading first. I'm not too happy with it, but since people are getting impatient~

Still, might be some time before it gets checked.
No. 22523
Fuck yes, proofreading. Proofread it to hell and back!
No. 22691
Update: No, fuck it, going to go back and do it a bit more. No point posting up a scene no-one's going to like.
No. 22818
File 132826846017.jpg - (1.24MB , 1254x1771 , There's no spoiler tags to make this unknown.jpg ) [iqdb]
Sanae, helpless and in thrall to the formless shape under the writhing tentacles, her arms pinned down by solid claws. Her body clad in those see-through, flimsy garments that tear on the log she's bent over, gasping and shouting as the squirming lengths penetrate her, explore her. From this far off only the hint of squirming movement in their conjoined silhouette betrays her predicament.

You purse your lips. Not because you were loathe to see her like this. Not one bit of anger for the youkai that started without you. It's not like you were outraged at this two-bit youkai making you miss out on the best bits: stopping you from picking out a suitable mate for your virginial companion instead of any old one with enough limbs and limberness. Not seeing Sanae's hackles rise as she's stalked, watch the foreplay of being pounced on, her surprise and dismay, too late, too late. Missing the rough teasing before the very first penetration as she struggles, not allowing you to gently stay by Sanae as she experiences the warmth of youkai seed, not being able to see the swell of her stomach as it pumps strange life into her. -Something that wouldn't happen with this youkai, of course. But even so, you were absolutely not wanting to bludgeon it just now. No, that wouldn't do at all at this stage.

Well, only one thing for it. You roll down your sleeves in preparation for the task of youkai punishment ahead.

"Reimu! Please, get it of m-iii!" Sanae grunts and claws at the mud as you approach. The youkai slows its pace, seeming to sense your presence. Its trio of tentacles and bonelike claws flex as you approach, yanking the girl below further onto its amorphous protrusions.
"Sanae, I can't get it off you without hurting you," you say, accurately enough. Her knuckles whiten as the tentacles set down a trail of thick liquid across her back. It leaves her whimpering and shivering.
"Relax, don't struggle so much. Let me help." Another step forwards and the half-stripped wind priestess gives out a drawn-out moan, stopping you again. From here you can see them rocking back and forth, a youkai hunter used as a youkai toy. Joined at their weakest spots so tenderly.

"Sanae," you repeat. "Remember all your training, all your hard work to please adherents. Try to imagine it's a faithful youkai wanting nothing more than to fill you up with devotion."
"It's hard..." You're sure it is. Hard and firm inside her. A final step takes you within arms reach of the couple and you do reach out, grabbing at the formless anatomy of the thing fucking her. It feels like velvet across warm skin under your clutching hands.
"And I'm sure you'll treat her as gently as you can from now on, as befitting a maiden's first time?" Your voice is quiet enough to be only heard by the youkai; in your other hand you had found purchase on your gohei - the polished rounded end promising all sorts of divine punishment to those disobeying the will of the Hakurei. The beast tenses up as you press the implement against its rear. You use it to lift some sort of flap, exposing both its hindquarters and Sanae wedged below it - the blueish tentacles rhythmically pumping in and out of her wetly. Both of them shy away from the touch of the rod as it twirls through their self-supplied juices.
"Reimu, it's stopping.. it's working, whatever you're doing.."
Of course, that wasn't what you wanted to see.
"Now. Unless you want to see what sort punishment I can deliver, you'll do exactly as I say. Won't you?"
Somehow, you can taste its fear, its instinctive response to the weight of your displeasure (which was silly, you think to yourself as you wedge your knee between its legs. You weren't angry at all!)

"Turn her over. Then fuck her. Slowly. Powerfully."

You can feel Sanae's body press forward as the youkai responds vibrantly - whether through instinctive fear or arousal, you care not. It plunders her with its long tentacles. It twists her round with both care and speed. Her limbs flail as you see her lifted momentarily by those singular points sunk deep inside her. You take her hand in yours, squeeze it in reassurance.
"Giving life to something is something special, Sanae.. whether it be demon, celestial, youkai or human. You're in Gensokyo now, and there are so very many youkai you've claimed as worshippers. Is it not right to give back?"

For some reason she seems to be paying more attention to the beast atop her fucking her more than your voice. Odd, that. Just the right time, you think, to encourage both of them with some hands-on stimulation. The beast grows frantic as the end of the polished gohei slips in. Its struggles grow even more erratic as it rubs itself along Sanae's body; its cry is surprisingly high pitched. The snakelike tail trembles as you caress it.

"It feels good.. But, Reimu-" The deified girl is quieted with a kiss on her forehead. A soft touch of your lips on skin slick with perspiration.
"If it feels good, then don't worry about it, and come."

It's a sight to behold, watching the two of them build to their own peaks, watching the youkai tense and thrust deep as you pull on the gohei tassles, feeling Sanae's body flush with heat once more. Watching the fear and lust mingle inseparably, trepidation and worry and forbidden taboo now broken feeding into wild, unimpeded lust.

They come together in a writhing, moaning moment of ecstasy.


"...and so you saw Sanae, and you just had to try to rape her to eat the fear that it'd cause." Nue nods contritely, her face red and her hands smoothing down the back of her skirt. They kept returning to the spot where the gohei, still lodged in her ass, poked down the back of her legs.

"Except I suddenly joined in, and you were so terrified you couldn't run away, you said?" The girl in black stockings has wrapped her tentacle-like wings around herself but it does not stop her from trembling as you step round her. She nods again in mute acquiescence.

"I don't think she's telling the truth, Sanae. What say you?" Sanae has taken up a seat opposite and she leans forward over the back of her chair, her breasts barely restrained by Marisa's spare blouse.
"I can't believe you let her do that! E-even if it felt... good... - She's one of those Buddhist ship crew... alien youkai thing, and not even a very good worshipper at all!"

Nue cringes at Sanae's denouncement of her lack of faith. There's something... off, about her movements, about how she squirms in that tight-fitting black dress. On impulse you flick her forehead and she recoils, gasping, panting hotly.

"You weren't running away because you were scared yourself. In fact-" The illusion-maker lets out a small scream as you flip up her skirt. The few split seconds before she pulls it back down again is enough for everyone present to see how soaked her panties are.
"Do-don't look!!"

"You're actually getting off on yourself being scared of me, aren't you? I sure you'll go blind if you do that too much."

She slumps to her knees, your gohei clattering wetly to the floor behind her amidst her grabbed denials. Hopefully it just needs a thorough wash and not a full purification.

"Let me take care of her, Reimu, I'll make her take responsibility for my first time like that! I'll turn her into the most faithful worshipper ever!"

Nue, despite herself, huddles behind your leg away from Sanae as you turn to the girls. You just hope she realises only the first punishment is going to be free, and any other exterminations are going to be charged at full rate.

"If you're quite done discussing that girl, perhaps you could, um untie me? And explain why you're all in my house?"

"Quiet, Marisa. We don't want go to the shrine so late and you lost the match. Besides, you've had plenty of free stays at my shrine, so a night here won't clear much off your tab, will it."

Marisa puffs up her face in a sulk and she slumps in her bonds to look away. Well, perhaps you weren't paying her enough attention lately. Still, it was all her fault Sanae's first time went so unplanned. Even though a balance of spontaneity is fun, sometimes that girl had no sense of timing at all!
"Hey, Marisa. Why did you attack, anyway? It's not like it could have waited for morning, and it might have been less tiresome."
Marisa doesn't face you to answer.
"As if you wouldn't be tired out in the day for danmaku. Ever since you were whisked away by Yukari back then you've been playing like - like that rather than with spellcards!"
What was that supposed to mean?
"And you don't like it when I tease you, is that it, Marisa?"
From your angle you can only see the tips of her ears flush red and you have to fight a sudden urge to tilt her unresisting face towards yours and kissing it.

"If everyone's finished talking about their kinks and hobbies, dinner's ready."

The voice of the puppeteer was borne on the scent of home-made cooking. You drool at the sight of it before realising how ravenous you were.

"Thanks for the meal~"

It was, indeed, delicious. Enough to remember you were eating for two (or more, from the feel of it).

That left only the sleeping arrangements. Not enough room on all the mattresses for everyone, but of course there was room if everyone shared!

[ ] Let's just relax while talking to the ever-pragmatic and dependable Alice.
[ ] It wouldn't be a complete trip without bothering your dear host Marisa, would it?
[ ] Nue can't really be turned on by you scaring her, right? You'd have to test that to her every limit.
[ ] After all that happened today Sanae could do with some comforting.

[ ] You really need rest, even if it means keeping the rickety sofa-bed to yourself. Just to show Marisa you're not overdoing it!
-[ ] Dream about Yukari
-[ ] Dream about something (write in)
No. 22819
[x] After all that happened today Sanae could do with some comforting.
No. 22820

Try #2 is better, I know you rewrote it with some advice, but it still falls short and comes off as overly purple in some areas. Keep working at it, though.
No. 22832
[x] Nue can't really be turned on by you scaring her, right? You'd have to test that to her every limit.
You really need to work on your scene transitions, the thing jumps all over the place without warning. A proper balance is needed between information feeding and minimalism, and location transitions are definitely something you want to make clear for the reader.
No. 22833
Writer here.
I have to say, I was kind of disappointed in the update myself: I'd gotten the basic idea up, however sudden deadlines and lack of actual experience of writing this sort of thing kicked in. I kind of got sick of rewriting it in the end and restarting was kind of difficult so I tried to piece it up as best I can, with limited results and patchwork stuff.

I'll try to improve on the next update now I've got a bit more time to pay attention to it. Please keep providing technical advice in your votes, too!
No. 22834

Yet another call from us to 'get back on irc and seek input'.
No. 22924
[X] After all that happened today Sanae could do with some comforting.
No. 22973
[ ] Nue can't really be turned on by you scaring her, right? You'd have to test that to her every limit.

Though I hope Sanae join's too, maybe that will give some comfort to her.
No. 22985
Right, I'll call it here then.
No. 23576
Updates where?
No. 24348
File 133558597870.jpg - (1.04MB , 1600x1400 , e8b235fa500ae1b57305634805f6ae42.jpg ) [iqdb]
OP here. I'm picking this up again. Since only two posts were made in my abscence and because they interfere with what I have planned, I'm going to retcon them and continue from >>21110.


“Sanae, do you want to become a mother quickly? You're certainly never going to get pregnant if you just have sex with me. You can make up for lost time if you let a youkai fuck you; I was only impregnated a few days ago and I'm already lactating. I'll give birth in under two weeks.” You rub your belly for emphasis. You have no visible signs of pregnancy beyond the lactation, though, so she'll just have to take your word for it. Not that she has any reason to doubt you.

“Of course I want to become a mother. But only two weeks to give birth? That can't be possible. I mean, your womb would-” You silence her protests with a quick kiss and wrap your arms around her shoulders in a light embrace.

“Don't worry about it. It doesn't need to make sense or seem possible. Besides,” you whisper with your mouth right up to her ear, “it feels really good to do it with a youkai.” She nods slowly as you pull away from her ear, blushing slightly from your words. “Great. Let's head to the Forest of Magic then. I'm sure we can find a good father there.”

Your flight to the forest is entirely uneventful. Suwako and Kanako are powerless to do anything as a result of your victory, leaving you free to toy with Sanae for the rest of the day. You spot a relatively open clearing in the forest from above and land in the middle of it. It's a small grassy area with a large, flat rock near the center, surrounded on all sides by the overgrown forest. Some sunlight is actually able to reach the ground, unlike most of the forest where the thick canopy blocks it out. Yes, this is a good spot.

“Alright, Sanae. Take off your clothes.” She strips without question, tossing each garment unceremoniously onto the rock. You undress alongside her, and the two of you are soon stark naked. “Now get down on all fours and stick your ass out.” Again, she obeys. “Stay like that while I find a friend for you. I won't be long.” You leave her there and head off into the depths of the forest. It doesn't look like anything with come into this clearing while you're gone; there is surprisingly little animal life here. The forest denizens must prefer the darkness.

The forest becomes full of life as you go further in. You can see a large number of creatures of varying sizes through the corners of your eyes. From the sounds they're making, you can tell they would be very interested in violating you, but none make any attempt to attack you. Just as well; you'd ignore these small fries even if you were here for yourself. Sanae deserves something bigger and more majestic. You walk towards a quieter section of the forest. There aren't any annoying hoots and catcalls coming from this direction. Something over there must be scaring off the weaklings.

You soon find the source of their fright. A massive wolf covered in a sleek silver pelt slowly walks through the forest. Even on all fours he's nearly as tall as you are. His flaccid cock hangs down from his crotch; it's small compared to the rest of his body but still promises to be very large compared to a human penis. Perfect for plunging into Sanae. The wolf quickly notices you and spends a few seconds studying your naked body. He definitely likes what he sees and starts walking towards you at a slow pace. You turn and walk back towards Sanae, trying to match his speed as closely as possible. He might pounce on you if you move too quickly, but he should just follow you as long as he doesn't think you're trying to escape.

The return trip is much quieter with your new friend following you. Despite his large size, his movements are nearly silent, although his panting is quite noisy. You slowly make it back to the entrance of the clearing behind Sanae, who's still dutifully pointing her ass towards you. You notice that her pussy is slightly damp with anticipation as you walk towards her front and turn to face her. The wolf has his eye on Sanae's defenseless cunt as he walks towards the two of you.

“Sorry for the wait. I'm back and I've brought a nice, strong youkai for you. Just sit still a little longer and you'll be pregnant soon! Have fun!” You sit down on the rock as the wolf gets closer. Nothing like a good seat for watching something this interesting.

“Um, Reimu, what is that noise?” Sanae sounds rather concerned about the noises the unseen wolf is making. You'd think she would be used to males drooling near her. The silver wolf gets on top of her and aligns his erect cock with her entrance; the size difference lets him stand above her without touching her back. She finally notices one of his paws just before his dripping cock plunges into her. “Reimu! What is – ahh!”

Sanae screams as the large dick slams into her damp cunt, making her virginal blood drip down her thigh while the wolf thrusts into her. He lowers his body onto hers, lightly pressing his underbelly against her back. The contact is enough to share body warmth, but he is careful to not hurt his partner. He bends his head towards Sanae's face and licks her, gliding his massive tongue all around her cheeks and lips. Sanae opens her mouth, allowing the wet organ to ravish her mouth. She brushes her tongue against the wolf's, eager to taste her partner.

Sanae's moans quickly turn to pleasure as her body grows used to the shaft inside of her. Kanako and Suwako did a good job preparing her to lose her virginity. She's already grinding her hips against the wolf to drive his cock deeper into her body. She screams again, this time in pleasure, as a violent orgasm overtakes her body. Her face slumps down towards the ground for a second as her arms fail her, but she regains her posture quickly. The movement was enough to break the wolf's kiss, so he switches his attention to Sanae's neck and shoulders, slobbering all over the wind priestess.

You stand up and walk over to her. She doesn't pay any attention to you as you kneel down in front of her; her mind is focused entirely on the cock and sperm filling her pussy. “Sanae. Sanae! Pay attention, Sanae!” She finally notices you after hearing her name for the third time. “How is it, Sanae? How does your first cock feel?”

“I-It's amazing, Reimu! So good! His dick is churning up the deepest parts of my body, and his cum keeps pouring into me! I can't even move, it feels so good, but I don't need to. He's in complete control of me.”

“Good girl. You're lucky to have such a fine cock for your first time. You don't mind that you gave your virginity to a wolf and not to another human?”

“No. This is much better. I've been with many men, but their dicks are too small and they lack his vigor. There's no way they could make me feel anything like this!” Wonderful. You'd kiss her, but it wouldn't be very comfortable due to the way she's bouncing back and forth with each of the wolf's thrusts. Well, you can just wait until he's done.

“You should be more open minded, Sanae. You won't know how good someone is until you try them out yourself.”

She doesn't reply, choosing instead to focus on the exciting new pleasure. Each penetration causes her to moan and babble about how amazing the experience is. Not long after, the wolf tenses up and gives Sanae one final, deep thrust before his cock expands inside of her cunt. She moans as a second orgasm flows over her from the wolf's knot tightening inside her body. The thrusting and licking stops, but the wolf does continue lightly grinding his pelvis against hers.

“Eh? What's he doing? Why did his dick suddenly get bigger?”

“Shh, Don't worry about it. He's just making sure you get pregnant. Just sit still for a few minutes until he loosens up.” Now that the wolf is done banging Sanae you can enjoy her until she is released. You lean towards her and press your lips against hers. She opens her mouth slightly, giving you room to taste her lower lip. Your tongue slides into her mouth and flicks against hers. She softly purrs as your tongues intertwine; even after losing her virginity to such a magnificent cock she can still appreciate a deep kiss. The two of you stay like this and explore each others mouths. The wolf leaves you alone, content to lightly grind against Sanae's body until the knot gets soft again. Then he pulls out walks back into the darkness.

Sanae looks absolutely delicious now, with her hair a mess and her skin flushed with lust. A small bit of ejaculate spills out of her pussy as she lies flat on the grass. You can tell from your experience that is she definitely pregnant now. You also know that there's no way she's truly satisfied; her first cock is only the beginning for her. She wants more, and you're only too happy to guide her to what she wants. And you can have plenty of fun while you're at it.

[ ] Play with Sanae by yourself in this clearing.
[ ] Seek out more playmates, for both you and Sanae.
[ ] Return to the shrine and play with a bunch of the men.
No. 24350
Glad you're back. No offense to the guy who tried, but this is way better than that try.

[x] Play with Sanae by yourself in this clearing.

Getting playmates could be fun too, but how about having her for ourselves right now?
No. 24351
[X] Seek out more playmates, for both you and Sanae.

No. 24355
[X] Seek out more playmates, for both you and Sanae (maybe some soft vore?).
No. 24356
[x] Play with Sanae by yourself in this clearing.

Faceless men or faceless youkai. Joy.
No. 24358
[x] Play with Sanae by yourself in this clearing.

No one owns Sanae but Reimu.
No. 24359
[x] Return to the shrine and play with a bunch of the men.

Show her that human men have advantages too. Variety is the spice of life.
No. 24360
[x] Play with Sanae by yourself in this clearing.
No. 24362
[ ] Seek out more playmates, for both you and Sanae.
No. 24364
[x] Play with Sanae by yourself in this clearing.

Can't get Enough of Reimu X Sanae.
No. 24371
[X] Seek out more playmates, for both you and Sanae.
No. 24372
Anyone else believe there's cheaters at work here with so many alternating votes?
No. 24374
Calling it for:
[x] Play with Sanae by yourself in this clearing.

And no, there was no votespam or anything.
No. 24382
I'm glad to see you picked this up again, I really had lost track of where to take it and didn't seem to be doing too well.
No. 24404
File 133601137326.jpg - (0.97MB , 1129x1600 , 春雛紫 東方艶撫集_002.jpg ) [iqdb]
You help Sanae sit up and place your hand on her thigh. She's still breathing heavily from her last orgasm. “You still want more, don't you?” you ask. She doesn't even need to answer; her lust is perfectly clear in her eyes. You seal her lips with a kiss, lightly pushing your tongue into her mouth. After kissing her two more times on the lips you switch to her neck, planting kisses as you move down to her collarbone.

You softly push her back down to the ground and help yourself to her breasts. She moans as your tongue flicks against her nipple and glides along her areola, enjoying the more subtle pleasure after her orgasm. “You'll start lactating soon, now that you're pregnant. Your tits will get bigger, too. Ah, I'd love to taste your milk.” Too bad it'll take her a few days to start lactating, and you're going to leave the shrine before that. Your hand drifts from her thigh to her pussy, and you rub your fingers against her slit without penetrating her. A bit of semen is still slowly leaking out of her cunt and it spreads to your fingers.

Subtle pleasure is only good for so long; your tongue and hand have gotten her excited, and now she needs release. You break away from her tits and reposition yourself into the missionary position, holding yourself up as you press your pussy against hers. It's not a position you use very often, and you could probably do a better job of pleasing her with your fingers, but you want to stimulate your pussy as well as hers.

Sanae gasps from the unfamiliar sensation of your pussy rubbing against hers. You lower your body and press it against hers, sliding along her body with each movement of your pussy. The pressure on your tits causes them to leak out a bit of milk onto her breasts and upper body. You slip your tongue deep into her mouth and kiss her, seeking out the warmth of her now familiar mouth. Sanae wraps her arms around your back and caresses your skin with her soft hands. She moans into your mouth as she returns your kisses. You scrape your clit over hers and drive your tongue deep into her mouth. The two of you cum together from the sudden stimulation, spraying pussy juice onto each other's thighs.

Sanae lies flat on the ground, panting heavily after her repeated orgasms. Her vulnerability just excites you further; if she's tired from cumming too much, the solution is clearly to make her cum even more. You lower yourself to her soaked pussy and push your tongue into her depths. Plenty of the wolf's semen is still inside of her, and you greedily slurp it up. Drinking the leftovers won't interfere with her pregnancy, so you're free to take what's available. Her walls tremble against your tongue as it pushes deeper inside of her.

Just eating out her pussy isn't enough for you. It's time to train her next hole. She winces as you slowly push your middle finger into her virgin ass. The pleasure from her pussy prevents her from feeling much discomfort from your intrusion. Her tight walls clamp down on your finger, forcing you to move carefully. Her anus gradually loosens up as you move your finger in and out of her tight hole, allowing you to just barely fit a second finger in. Sanae cries out and thrusts her hips towards you as the second finger penetrates her, unsure if she prefers your tongue on her pussy or your fingers in her ass. She's already taken a shine to anal stimulation; now all you need is to find a nice long cock to fill up her ass. She quickly climaxes from her anus, moaning your name as you give your fingers one final twist.

Rejuvenated by her orgasm, Sanae turns over and holds you down against the ground. She spreads your legs and buries her face in your crotch, covering your pussy with experimental licks as she tries to figure out how to make you feel good. Her inexperience does little to dampen the sensation; her energy and earnest desire to please you more than make up for it. She'll become better at this quickly if she practices on some of the women at the shrine. You moan and thrust your hips against her face as her tongue rubs against your engorged clit, guiding her attention towards your sensitive nub. Her tonguework brings you over the edge, and you scream her name as the pleasure floods your body.

You lie back against the grass and enjoy the afterglow. Sanae lies next to you and gives you a quick kiss on the lips, then closes her eyes and quietly rests next to you. A short break in the sun sounds good, but what to do with her afterward?

[ ] Seek out more playmates, for both you and Sanae.
[ ] Return to the shrine and play with a bunch of the men.
[ ] Head back to the shrine and rest for a bit. It's almost lunch time.
No. 24405
[X] Seek out more playmates, for both you and Sanae.

Second time's the charm!
No. 24406
[x] Seek out more playmates, for both you and Sanae.

Sanae must be thoroughly trained off men. Only then can we hand her back to the other goddesses, a job well done.

The /forest/ crew must be serious badasses, living in Rape Forest all the time. I guess there are other possibilities, but I'd rather not contemplate those.
No. 24408
[x] Seek out more playmates, for both you and Sanae.
No. 24409
[ ] Seek out more playmates, for both you and Sanae.
No. 24410
[x] Seek out more playmates, for both you and Sanae.

Now that I had my Reimu X Sanae scene, It's time to seek out more Playmates!
No. 24415
[x] Return to the shrine and play with a bunch of the men.

Time for an orgy!
No. 24416
[x] Seek out more playmates, for both you and Sanae.
No. 24424
[X] Seek out more playmates, for both you and Sanae.
No. 24426
Calling it for
[x] Seek out more playmates, for both you and Sanae.
No. 24431
[X] Seek out more playmates, for both you and Sanae.
Of course.
No. 24493
File 133670065150.png - (823.82KB , 1000x833 , pic_unrelated.png ) [iqdb]
The two of you stand up after your short rest. You hold Sanae's hand and guide her into the depths of the forest. She follows you without complaint; she either doesn't understand the implications of walking deep into the forest with you or doesn't care. The sunlight gradually fades as you push into the woods, replaced with the irritating hooting of the weaklings. You grip Sanae's hand tightly to reassure her that the critters are harmless.

It doesn't take long to find your first significant monster. In strangely clean part of the forest you discover a shambling mass of connected appendages. The creature has no distinct body and is composed solely of more than a dozen of these limbs that branch off from one another, each a little thicker than your body. The skin is greenish brown with a waxy coating, making you think that it's a giant mass of dead plants and leaves, brought to life by the latent magic of the forest. It slowly moves along the ground with uncoordinated and contradictory movements, like a many-headed snake that constantly fights itself.

It seems to be harmless enough. Rather, it seems to be completely incapable of moving in a single direction, let alone attacking you or Sanae. You press your hand into a limb; it is extremely soft and spongy, and your hand easily sinks deep into the creature. The creature's displaced flesh pools around your hand, covering it in the warm and slimy skin. Yes, this will be a very fun toy.

You straddle one of the appendages, the creature's flesh molding against your skin as your legs press into it. A small bit of skin rubs against your pussy, just enough to get you excited. This thing is too much fun to not play with. You fall onto the creature, letting it envelop your entire upper body. The stimulation on your nipples causes a bit of milk to leak out, which is absorbed immediately into its body. The jiggling flesh tickles you and makes you giggle with delight.

Sanae simply stares at you as you enjoy your toy. She hasn't moved at all you walked away from her to start riding it. “Sanae, why don't you join me? This thing is really fun!”

“I- What is that thing? How can you just wrap your legs around something that disgusting?”

“Easy. I just do it. What does it matter what it looks like? I know that it's fun to play with and that it isn't going to do any lasting harm. That's all that matters. So hurry up and join in; you're missing out on a great experience.”

Sanae gives in to your persuasion and hesitantly gets on top of another appendage. She lowers herself slowly and presses her thighs against the creature. It moves quickly as she touches it, causing her to moan as the skin roughly brushes against her pussy. She grinds her hips against the tentacle after it stops moving, not content with the brief moment of pleasure.

The softness and suppleness of this creature's flesh gives you an idea. You reach deep into the creature's body and gather the flesh into a massive makeshift cock directly in front of your thighs. It looks more like a cone than a rod and it lacks the finer details of a real one, but for the most part it resembles a nice thick penis. You align the new cock with your pussy and slowly lower yourself onto it. About three-fourths of the way down you're forced to stop, the shaft becoming too thick to fit inside of you comfortably. Still, this is a very nice cock and your pussy can barely tell the difference between it and the real thing.

Sanae stops grinding against the appendage as she watches you, staring at you in disgust as the shaft enters your body. This girl has too many reservations. “Sanae, you should do this too. Whatever this creature is made out of, it's really easy to sculpt it. Try it; make a nice thick cock for yourself.” You have a good idea of what it's made out of, but it's probably for the best to not tell her.

“How can you just have sex with that horrible thing? Why would you want it inside of you like that?”

“Because it feels good. You're finally free from that belt, so you should take this opportunity to enjoy yourself.” You drive the cock deeper into your body, letting Sanae view your reaction as the massive dick rubs against your walls. “Besides, you already had sex with a wolf. What's one more creature inside of you?”

She doesn't respond and simply watches you impale yourself. You put on a good show for her, moaning seductively as the massive shaft reaches the depths of your cunt. Her disgust quickly turns to envy from watching you pleasure yourself. Eventually she gives in and forms a large shaft of her own to play with. It isn't as tall as yours, but she managed to make the thickness of the shaft much more uniform. The tip is also a bit more like a human cock compared to your crude rounded end. She slowly lowers herself onto the shaft, her damp walls easily accepting the large dick. A single insertion was all she needed to completely change her mind; she begins moaning as soon as her cunt swallows the entirety of the shaft and grinds her hips against the creature to drive it deeper inside of her. A few more cocks should be enough to cast away her remaining inhibitions.

With Sanae taken care of, you can resume focusing on yourself. The cock inside of you is good, but more is always better. Without pulling out, you reach back into the creature and form a second cock in front of you. You lie down on top of the appendage, leaving the first cock in your cunt, and take the new cock into your mouth. The taste is downright revolting, but the sensation of having two holes filled is pleasing enough for you to overlook the rotten taste. You grind the cock deep into your cunt as you push the second cock past your throat. Your body slowly sinks into the creature with each movement, the flesh that wasn't used to make the cocks covering your torso. The thick cocks quickly bring out your orgasm as they press against your walls.

Satisfied, you climb off of the monster. You spit onto the ground a few times, trying to wash out the taste of the cock. It barely helps. Hopefully you'll be able to find some semen to rinse out your mouth. Sanae is still riding her cock, slowly bouncing on the appendage to savor the pleasure. From her flushed skin you can tell she's close to cumming. You could interfere and finger her or something, but it's probably best to let her cum solely from the bestiality. You sit back and enjoy the show of her tits bouncing along with her thighs and the light moans coming from her open mouth. She lasts another minute before cumming, loudly screaming in pleasure.

She climbs off of the appendage and joins you. The two of you walk deeper into the forest, leaving the directionless monster behind. There are still interesting playmates around. Straight ahead you can see a number of large holes in the earth. To the left is a single massive tree that appears to have strangled out all other significant flora.

[ ] Investigate the holes in the earth
[ ] Go towards the solitary tree
No. 24494
Not exactly sure what each choice are, but anyway...

[x] Investigate the holes in the earth
No. 24496
[x] Investigate the holes in the earth

Giant bugs or plant monster, maybe.
No. 24497
[x] Investigate the holes in the earth

I honestly don't care either way.
No. 24498
[X] Investigate the holes in the earth

Sounds interesting
No. 24508
[x] Go towards the solitary tree
No. 24519
Calling it for
[x] Investigate the holes in the earth
No. 24584
File 133739736933.png - (1.30MB , 960x720 , 10a触手イモムシ.png ) [iqdb]
You walk towards the center of those odd holes in the earth. There's five of them in this small area, each about as thick as your body. The ground is still perfectly stable; all of the holes are nearly vertical, so the soil around the holes is mostly undisturbed. Some kind of giant insect must have created these holes, given how long and narrow they are, but the holes are too deep for you to see anything that might be down there.

“Reimu! Behind you!” You turn around as Sanae calls you and find the source of her distress. A huge white centipede-like insect emerges from one of the holes and quickly moves between your feet. The long, narrow creature is divided into several segments, each with two pairs of stubby legs at the sides. This thing is huge; it's already at least twice your height and more of it continues to pour out of the hole. The creature rolls over once its tail finally leaves the hole and trips you, causing you to fall flat onto its underside.

You land at the tail end of the insect. The bottom is an even paler white than the rest of it. Except for a large number of small stubs, the bottom is also a lot softer than its hard exoskeleton. As a result, your fall didn't hurt at all; despite being the aggressor it probably took all the damage from your fall. The stubs begin secreting white fluid onto your body as you rub against it. Aha, so that's what it's after. It could've found a nicer way to ask. You rub your body against the creature's exposed belly, covering yourself in a thin coating of semen from the mass of genitals.

The creature folds itself around you, pressing its underside against both sides of your body and aligns two of the semen-dripping genitals against your ass and pussy. The stench of the semen that slowly covers your entire body is wonderfully intoxicating; your face remains untouched but the sheer amount of fluid overwhelms your senses. You flick your tongue against one of the “nipples” in front of you to get a small but powerful taste of semen.

The stubby penises slowly expand as you stimulate them. First the five closest to your ass and pussy expand outwards and push into your holes, two into your cunt and three in your ass. The penis you've been licking opens up next, slowly crawling out of the stub and into your mouth. Finally, a few that were getting the most treatment from rubbing against your breasts and thighs extend and continue to rub against your body. The penises are short and very narrow, closer to a large human finger than a penis in size, but the sheer number rubbing against your body, ass, and cunt are enough to keep you happy.

Unfortunately, a large number of mediocre dicks don't add up to one magnificent cock. Despite the pleasure from the numerous cocks wriggling around inside your pussy and anus, it's unlikely that they will bring you to orgasm. The only redeeming quality this creature has to offer you is a huge volume of semen and the associated odor – but you're already nice and covered.

“Would you like to take my place, Sanae?” Sanae has been quietly watching you and lightly rubbing her clit while the giant insect molests your body. It would appear that she's finally opening up and abandoning her reservations. She stares at your cum-soaked body as she thinks over your question. It's obvious that she wants to take your place and is fighting the remnants of her inhibitions.

“Eh? C-Can I?” She slowly walks up to you, still timid about volunteering herself for such depravity. You slowly squeeze out of the insect's embrace. It has no arms to pin you down with and it isn't too heavy, so escaping is more of a chore than a challenge. All it can do is rub its body against you in a futile attempt to keep you trapped.

The centipede uncurls itself once you finally escape. You quickly help Sanae take your place before it can flip itself back over. The penis you were sucking on is still erect, and it waves invitingly in front of Sanae's face. She takes it into her mouth after a moment's hesitation. The insect curls up again and guides four cocks into her pussy and ass. The remaining penises begin excreting semen onto its new captive. She moans as the cocks twist about in her body, stirring up her pussy and ass. It took a bit of time, but she's finally getting into this. A small bit of semen drips out of her mouth as she continues happily sucking off the centipede.

It doesn't take long for the centipede to completely cover Sanae with semen. Small pools of cum form on the ground as it drips from her arms and off the sides of the insect. Not satisfied with a single cock, she swallows a second penis and sucks both off. Twenty minutes pass with Sanae moaning as she bathes in the centipede's cum and has several minor orgasms from the constant stimulation. She probably isn't going to get tired of this any time soon, so it's up to you to enforce a bit of moderation.

“Sanae? I know you're having fun, but it's time to stop now. I'm sure there are other monsters that want to fuck you as well.” Sanae cries out in surprise as you push the centipede onto its side, forcing it to release her and drop her onto the ground. It quickly gets back onto its legs and crawls towards the holes, disappearing out of sight.

“Ah, such a wonderful smell it left behind. That creature was absolutely amazing, Reimu. Thank you.” She's absolutely soaked in semen, causing large amounts of the fluid to drop onto the ground as she walks.

“Any time. But before we find another partner for you, it's time for lunch. I don't know about you, but I'm hungry.” It's well past lunch time, but it was for the best to not stop until Sanae got used to sex. “So let's sit down and eat. The clearing would have better scenery, but I don't want to wait any longer.”

“Eat? We didn't bring any food.” She looks over you to make sure you aren't hiding any food in any invisible clothes or anything. “Where are you planning on getting food?”

“I'm always carrying food with me, Sanae.” You get down on your knees and beckon towards your lap. She still doesn't get your intention. “My tits, Sanae. They're full of delicious milk for you. Come, drink your fill.” You pinch one of your nipples to make a small bit of milk come out. She finally gets the message and lies down on the ground, resting her head on your lap.

You lean forward and bring your breasts up to Sanae's mouth. She holds on to one for support and starts drinking your milk. The pleasant sensation of milk leaving your body causes you to moan softly. Her tongue flicks across your areola, constantly stimulating your breast to encourage the flow of milk. Her appetite is to be expected, as she had an early breakfast and hasn't eaten since. Nonetheless, she remains calm and composed as she slowly drains the milk from your tit. Once satisfied, she lies still on your lap, quietly enjoying her full stomach.

Sanae's had her fill, but what could you have? You had a decent snack of cum from that centipede-like creature, but not enough to fill you up. A normal meal is certainly out of the question in this forest, but you'd still prefer real food over simply drinking more semen.

[ ] Capture some of those weaklings and suck them dry.
[ ] There's some mushrooms over there that don't look poisonous.
[ ] What's that sweet smell?
No. 24586
[X] What's that sweet smell?
No. 24592
[x] That mushroom looks tasty...
No. 24593
[x] What's that sweet smell?
No. 24600
[ ] There's some mushrooms over there that don't look poisonous.
No. 24601
[X] What's that sweet smell?
No. 24611
File 133749584695.png - (66.46KB , 450x600 , 48779fdfc789e0ddc10f1c44de3992d7.png ) [iqdb]
[x] There's some mushrooms over there that don't look poisonous.

Geez, it's Innocent Maiden's Nightmare all over again.

By the way, mysterious unnamed second author, I'd like to both thank and congratulate you.

You took this story over quite well, having given it your own spin while still going with the original premise. I also honestly cannot believe that you're pulling off the sorts of things you are in this. Yeah, I know this is /at/, but I'm a bit disturbed to find there are as many people into this rather raunchy story as there are. I know I've got some depraved tastes, but it's worrying to see that there are plenty of others who do as well.

I'd also like to congratulate you on creating an interesting, unique sort of viewpoint: Reimu is clearly quite willing to partake in all this debauchery, and yet, it doesn't really make her bat an eye. She takes it all in stride, or occasionally, the ass, and seems wholly unbothered by what's going on around her. Yet you're clearly still able to show, through the way others act and react to her, that she's kinda whacked.

Koakuma did an excellent job of showcasing that fact, and I daresay her concern and unease upon hearing Reimu's circumstances weren't what anyone was expecting. In a world of perverts (or those not on the brink of perversion), Koa having a sense of decency and worry in addition to a dick is both amusing and touching (even if it went over Reimu's head).

tl;dr, I like the story but I'm scared of everyone else reading it. Keep writing more, you goddamn freak; you're more clever than you let on.
No. 24614
[x] There's some mushrooms over there that don't look poisonous.

I stopped caring about how fucked up this story was when the writer said we weren't allowed to try to cure Reimu.
No. 24618
Well yeah. That'd be boring.

>You took this story over quite well, having given it your own spin while still going with the original premise.
Thanks. I loved the premise of the original but not the execution. It certainly would have been interesting to see how my posts compare to his original plans If you're reading this, U Metal, go write some shorts or something. Just make sure you get a proofreader!

>Yet you're clearly still able to show, through the way others act and react to her, that she's kinda whacked.
Well, to be fair, everyone else is kinda whacked too. Reimu is just the worst.

>Koakuma did an excellent job of showcasing that fact, and I daresay her concern and unease upon hearing Reimu's circumstances weren't what anyone was expecting
I mostly did that in response to portrayals of sex crazed succubi. It always seemed horribly off for a succubus to readily lust after dicks like that in some doujinshi. If sex is like a meal to them, it makes more sense to me to want a few high quality lays over "stuffing your face" with semen. Koakuma is still a succubus, she's just a high-class succubus.

>Yeah, I know this is /at/, but I'm a bit disturbed to find there are as many people into this rather raunchy story as there are.
What I find really odd is that there seems to be more people interested in bestiality than having sex with faceless men.

> it's Innocent Maiden's Nightmare all over again.
Thanks. I loved that story, so being compared to it is an honor. This isn't nearly as Sanae-focused, though, and we'll be out of the forest shortly.
No. 24621
Hm, yes, I'm reading it and voting occasionally. I was thinking in getting back to writing after I finish my finals. Didn't really want to do another CYOA because I'm plagued with a short attention span and it's sometimes hard to find time to do stuff.

I have someone who can help me in proofreading now, but if he turns out to be bad at the job I'll drop by the IRC.

[X] What's that sweet smell?
No. 24622
>What I find really odd is that there seems to be more people interested in bestiality than having sex with faceless men.
You write weird beasts. Like that dead plant thing. It's just squirming around in this clearing, chillin' as much as a barely thinking organism can. I can respect that.
No. 24642
Votes are currently tied. Will call them after I get home from work if I get a tie breaker.
No. 24644
[x] There's some mushrooms over there that don't look poisonous.
No. 24648
Calling it for
[x] There's some mushrooms over there that don't look poisonous.
No. 24680
File 13379038593.jpg - (162.23KB , 750x619 , 8fa0abbe6fc2d24929531a0f69bd0a25.jpg ) [iqdb]
Sanae stretches her arms and closes her eyes as she lays her head on your lap. Maybe giving her that much warm milk wasn't the best idea. In other circumstances you'd let her rest her cute little head on your lap, but you still haven't eaten.

“Hey, you can't fall asleep here! I still need to eat, Sanae.”

“Issok, I'm full nuff for both of us.”

“That doesn't help me at all. C'mon, wake up.”

She yawns and turns her head at your nagging. “Five more minutes, dear. I don't need to go to work yet.”

Great, she's talking nonsense already. You humor her and let her sit still for five minutes, then poke her cheeks a few times to stir her. No good, she's sound asleep now. If she can sleep through that, though, she should be able to sleep through removing her from your lap. You gently lift her head and stand up, then slowly lower her to the ground. As expected, she doesn't stir from her slumber and quietly sleeps on the dirt. She can take a nap if she's so tired; you're hungry and aren't going to watch over her.

You set up a weak border around Sanae before you leave. This seems to be a relatively calm area of the forest, so no youkai strong enough to penetrate the barrier should wander in. You'd hate for something to take advantage of the defenseless, voluptuous shrine maiden without you around to enjoy it.

A few mushrooms had caught your eye earlier when you were playing with the plant monster. You retrace your steps and quickly discover an area with a large number of mushrooms. There's a rotting log laying on the ground, plus a large number of living trees to provide shelter for the mushrooms. You're pretty sure Marisa fed you some of those reddish mushrooms growing from the log a few times. It looks like there's a few different types of mushrooms growing in this area. Marisa would know for certain if they were safe to eat or not, but unless your bearings are horribly off, she lives on the other side of the forest. Well, they're probably not poisonous.

The familiar looking mushrooms would be the best place to start. You pull one off the rotting log, wipe it off, and bite into the cap. Not bad at all, even with the small bit of dirt you couldn't get off. It would definitely be better cooked, though. The stem is much tougher than the cap, so you simply toss that aside and rip off a few more caps instead.

Another type of mushroom is growing at the base of some of these trees in the shape of a leafy bush. The “leaves” are actually a massive number of small caps growing from a single large mushroom. Marisa only ever bothers with “ordinary” mushrooms with a single stem and large cap, but these seem to be fine. You pull off a handful of stems and brush one off before popping it into your mouth. It has a nice, slightly woodsy taste, so you grab a few more handfuls and eat those. So far everything you've tasted has been decent, but you could use some more variety.

You continue your search and look in other areas of the forest. A new type of mushroom is on the ground in the next area you search. It has a pale-green flat cap. A few young looking ones are nearby, possessing a large white bulb coming from a relatively thick stem. No. You don't like these. You're definitely not going to try one. It would probably be best to get away from this area and search elsewhere. Those mushrooms are simply too unpleasant to be around.

You find another grove with a few visible mushrooms. In addition to the types you already sampled you see some that look inedible but still harmless. Marisa might use some of these for her magic, actually.

Then you spot a solitary mushroom growing on the ground near a tree. This one looks quite different from all the others. The stem is unusually long, thick, and slightly curved. The cap is relatively small but thick compared to the other mushrooms with a dark brownish-red color. There is a small hole near the center of the cap with a small bit of liquid leaking out onto a small part of the cap that looks vaguely like tree sap. The shape vaguely reminds you of a small but erect penis. You get down and pick the wonderfully scented mushroom.

You bring the unusually hot and rough mushroom up to your mouth and lick the side of the cap. As expected, the texture and taste are amazing. Your tongue flicks across the bottom of the cap, savoring the flavor of this rare specimen. You lick all around the edge, giving you a nice treat when you find a collection of the dried fluid that was seeping out of the hole. The fluid has a lovely taste, a subtle hint of sweetness and spices paired with the taste of almonds.

The cap is small enough to easily fit inside your mouth, so you engulf the mushroom and slowly suck on it. You brush your tongue against the top of the cap and lick up all the warm fluid that gathered on the cap. More of it slowly flows out of the hole, as if in response to your stimulation. This mushroom is too delicious, especially when compared to your earlier meals.


You close your teeth on the cap, ripping off a large chunk. The sweet drink was stored inside the stem, and with the massive hole in the cap it flows freely into your mouth. You suck the remainder of the hot fluid out of the stem, then finish chewing on the cap. While the true treat is certainly that liquid, the savory taste of the flesh is still delectable on its own. You swallow the remnants of the mushroom and lick your fingers to get every last bit of its taste that you can.

There has to be more of them; there's no way that was a unique specimen. You spend close to an hour searching the area, but could only find a handful more of them. The ordinary mushrooms you ate provided a decent meal, so you could save these for a later day. If you do you'll need to return to the Moriya Shrine now to avoid damaging or losing the precious mushrooms. It might even be possible to grow more, although you're certain that you'd need assistance with this.

[ ] Eat all the mushrooms now.
[ ] Eat one more, but return to the shrine with Sanae and save the rest for later.
No. 24682
[x] Eat all the mushrooms now.

No. 24683
[x] Eat one more, but return to the shrine with Sanae and save the rest for later.
No. 24684
[x] Eat one more, but return to the shrine with Sanae and save the rest for later.
No. 24685
[X] Eat one more, but return to the shrine with Sanae and save the rest for later.
No. 24686
[X] Eat all the mushrooms now.
No. 24687
[X] Eat one more, but return to the shrine with Sanae and save the rest for later.
No. 24688
[x] Eat one more, but return to the shrine with Sanae and save the rest for later.

I wonder if Yukari's going to start sampling Sanae, too... although that might mean putting her through what Reimu goes through. No matter what, Yukari telling her she's a good girl, afterwards, is mandatory.
No. 24690
[x] Eat one more, but return to the shrine with Sanae and save the rest for later.

I get the feeling that we might need the rest for later....for any kind of reason XD
No. 24691
> XD

Don't do that.
No. 24692
[X] Eat all the mushrooms now.
No. 24699
Calling it for
[x] Eat one more, but return to the shrine with Sanae and save the rest for later.
No. 24765
New thread >>24760