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Hina’s delicate nails dig into my back as she squirms about beneath me. Her slender legs and soft white thighs squeeze my lower back, desperately for grip as I plunge into her again. Firm round breasts bounce forward and back to the rhythm as we grind into each other.


Hina calls out in lust as her eyes roll back and mouth gapes open, drooling. The hot moist walls around my manhood constrict furiously as she curls her toes and orgasms again. I’ve never seen Hina this horny before. The never fading tingle of excitement and taboo spreads through my body as I listen to her gasp for air and look up.

The muffled cries come from our special guest, hanging just above my lover’s chest, can barely be heard. Her long green hair swings back and forth in disarray as she tries to toss her head about, struggling to break free of the ribbons which bind her arms and legs. I had never really thought about it much, but Hina’s skills with bondage and suspension really are amazing. I gaze and behold her craftsmanship again.

Not even two feet above Hina hangs Sanae, with a network of red ribbons covering her naked body. One arm hangs over her head and exposes a smooth armpit while the other arm runs down along her side and across her waist. Several ribbons wrap around her legs, pulling them apart just enough for her lower hand to be pressed between them. All these lines weave into the masterful tapestry of knots around her breasts and torso leading up to the ceiling support beams. It really is impressive.

Sanae eyes roll about an empty glazed look while she continues to rub her fingers between the swollen lips of her vagina. At first she just stared at us with anger and sorrow and cried while hanging helplessly. There really wasn’t much else she could do, since her head was pinned down to behold the erotic act being performed just below. But as I fucked Hina, who screamed in pleasure over and over again, the sight mesmerized the shrine maiden and intoxicated her senses. The perversion seeped deep inside and stirred the repressed desires she hid. Drops of Sanae’s tears and juices still occasionally drop into Hina’s heaving breast, causing her to moan in voyeuristic pleasure at the sight above while I lean forward and lick them off.

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The experience is too amazing. I can’t hold back any longer, and call out a warning to the girls. Hina cries out in delight and begs for more.

“Ahh…yes please… give it all to me…. Fill me… Fill me please!”

The blast of pleasure crashes into my mind and destroys all thoughts in its path. My muscles tense up and tremble with ecstasy as I thrust forth will all my might, shooting my long awaited load into Hina. For a few minutes I lay in euphoria, considering our trembling observer. After taking a moment to gather my wits, I stand up and face her. Carefully I remove the gag and head restraint before brushing her hair aside.

“Now Sanae, have you learned your lesson? Nice well behaved girls are rewarded, and mean girls are punished. Are you a mean girl?”

“….no” she whispers hoarsely.

Running my fingers along her wet checks to her chin, I gently lift her face up to look at me. Her brilliant emeralds which are usually so bright with fierceness have dimmed a little, but are no less beautiful. No, in fact they are even better now that the hot sharpness has been worn down into a warm submission. A tired look of disorientation still shows on her face, as if still hypnotized by the sexual atmosphere.

“That’s right. Sanae isn’t a bad girl. She can be very kind and warmhearted,” Hina says, rising up and running her hands along Sanae’s back and sides. Sanae’s eyes flutter for a second as she gasps. Taking this moment, I press my lips into hers. However, it’s only for a second and I pull back in time to see Sanae’s eyes closed and lips pushed forward, hoping to continue the moment.

“You’re right Hina. She can be a wonderful person if she chooses to be. Now Sanae,” our eyes meet again, “what are you? What is Sanae?”

“….a go....gir.” Her voice is barely audible.

“A what?” I learn forward, just close enough to almost kiss.

“Sanae…is a good girl.” And with that, her rebellious flame was snuffed out.

That night was filled with cries of love after Hina and I let her loose and rewarded her. By the morning the metamorphosis was complete and Sanae was a new woman. We’ve never slept apart again, my two green haired lovers and I.
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"Its not just delivery, its Doujin-o"
>> No. 5031
>Doujin o's
I just found my long awaited breakfest cereal.
>> No. 5032
Doujin, you are a man after my own heart. My twisted, blackened, charred, shriveled, shell of a heart.
>> No. 5034

You. Get ready to keep writing my Only Good Thing in /border/.
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Delicious AND nutritious!

Why thank you. Looking forward to you cooking up some ero and despair with us on the project.

Sanae is one of my favorite characters. Here, have some Yansanae.
>> No. 5060

You are great Doujin, I fucking love you man.
>> No. 5061
Sanae TRUE END achivied
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I wrote a very similar story last fucking night! I just posted the bastard thing on /th/!

I mean mine is rape not bondage and it doesn't have Hina in it, but the concept is the freaking same! I'd been planning to write it since last monday but had held off until the night before posting.

>> No. 5074
Short & sweet.
>> No. 5075
I came, but it could have been way longer and more detailed.

>That night was filled with cries of love after Hina and I let her loose and rewarded her. By the morning the metamorphosis was complete and Sanae was a new woman. We’ve never slept apart again, my two green haired lovers and I.

You did end it at the best part.
>> No. 5076

lol plotmind
>> No. 5085
<3 Scorn. Now start writing for the TouhouVN

Actually, I agree. I was short on time and decided to skip the Sanae and most actual sex stuff to just get the scenario across. I might add onto it later.
>> No. 5101
Don't make posts that are unfinished, i guess i need to annoy you again like back with the Mokou/Kaguya story.

>I will add onto it soon.

is what i want to hear from you. Don't leave us hanging here like that.
>> No. 5102
But I did the Sakuya story last time. Thats 2 stories of dominating someone back to back. You people never grow tired of breaking will and hymens do you?
>> No. 5103
>I was short on time and decided to skip
>I might add onto it later.
version 2 please
>> No. 5104
You know the answer to this question already, why do you even need to ask.
>> No. 5105
>You people never grow tired of breaking will
Never been interested in it, actually. They're boring once they've lost. An indomitable spirit is best.
>> No. 5116
>You people never grow tired of breaking will
"Breaking their will", no.
"Breaking in the willing", very yes.
>> No. 5145
The more sweet and innocent it is, the more fun it is to corrupt it~
>> No. 5147

Motherfucker! I'm still waiting for that Ran story you said you'd do at some point.
>> No. 5148
Start writing, make it faster.
>> No. 5155
Indeed, much better to keep them on the verge of breaking, but not crossing over, max stat gains per victim.
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