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16438 No. 16438
>Try to make a makeshift yukata-like thing out of the blanket and a ribbon/rope

You stand there thinking about it. Your options are very small and limited. You can't make her wear any of your own clothes, she would be far too against it. Making her always stay undercover of the blankets is cruel, at best. Making her walk around nude? No, fuck that noise. There's so many things wrong with that, you don't even know where to begin. But still, something is better then nothing...

Then it comes to you. She doesn't have to necessarily have to have the covers drape over her like that as long as it covers her...with a little innovation, maybe instead, she could just wear it like ordinary clothing? You always have an abundance of bandages that you like to keep stocked, so while it might look a little crude, it'll definitely work as a powerful enough rope or binding to keep the makeshift dress in place. Maybe make it look like a kimono or a yukata...something like that! You're actually a little proud and excited for this idea. You decide to spring into action right away.

"I got it. Momizi, could you stand and wait here for a few?" Momizi is pretty puzzled, but does as she's told. You go into the storage room and get out your bandages. It's mostly emergency supply, but you have a large amount handy, so it's no big deal as long as you go out and get some more soon. Taking the big roll of bandages out to Momizi, you're greeted by a gasp.

"Ah! Master Satoshi! That is a great idea!" You blink for a few moments. Was she that quick to catch on?

"Uhh...you think so?"

"Yes! Please let me see that roll of bandages." You hand over the roll casually, and she excuses herself into the bathroom. Looks like she intends on doing it herself. You still find it amazing that she caught on so quickly. Well, great minds think alike, after all. Maybe Momizi was thinking something similar. This changes when she comes out of the bathroom. "How does it look?"

"Uhh...very fitting." The roll of bandages was expended mainly on her chest, which, without it, would make her quite topless right now. The makeshift sarashi however covers quite a lot of her chest and looks modest, so it's nothing to freak out about. The rest of it is tied around her waist, keeping the blanket in place, which at the moment, is currently folded in a thick, multi-layered skirt. The look doesn't seem that bad...it's certainly swordsman like, which makes Momizi look very nice in a certain way. You get to examine the finer points of her feminine upper body curves too, so you certainly can't complain. Though you wanted to see how cute she would look in a yukata...

...aw hell, this is fine too.

"Eh? Master Satoshi?" Momizi is a little confused after you walk up and put a hand on her head. Giving her a little pet, you give your words.

"Yeah, it looks great. Good thinking, Momizi." Momizi's face lights up into a bright smile.

"Thank you!"

Over the next two days, things seem to carry on as per usual. That day Momizi dressed up that way, the day seemed to return so much to normal that it was as if the earlier incident didn't even happen. You even forgot about Momizi's burns, due to the fact that they healed so incredibly quickly. You only really remembered when you noticed Momizi's skin peeling off the next day. The scars weren't even visible until then. Otherwise, it was business as usual. Later that day Momizi cooked dinner and you helped her. It was so ordinary, you didn't really pay much attention to her odd state of dress at all. Even dinner itself was rather casual, with you and Momizi eating quietly, with the occasional talk. Things ended so smoothly. Momizi slept at the end of your bed, as always. Even that felt so normal, you had gotten used to it. The next day was when Momizi's skin had started peeling off and you demanded she would rest. But she honestly felt fine, and you were inclined to believe her, after all you had totally forgotten about it since she acted so normal otherwise. She even offered you a few lessons on swordsmanship, since her current clothing was somewhat beneficial for it. Although it was interesting, you didn't think you were all too into it.

Sometime during the start of the next day, you realized how casual and routine things have become. You wake up, fix breakfast for yourself and Momizi, spend most of the day reading while Momizi takes care of general chores, talk for a short bit, then you help Momizi make dinner, the two of you eat, and after all is said and done, both of you go back to sleep. You under the covers, with Momizi at the end of your bed. It only strikes you hard enough to think about it when you see Momizi sleeping soundly at the end of your bed, curled up like a big dog. You normally never get to see this, as Momizi usually gets up well before you to do some morning exercises. She sleeps in late today, for some odd reason. She truly is like some sort of servant pet however...unlike with her, you deviated away from the whole pet/master relationship and it went into something much more serious. That didn't happen with Momizi. Instead of fighting it, you went along with it. You really feel like Momizi's the pet and you're her owner, even though she's certainly much more then just a pet.

You sigh and get out of bed, going to go think about it elsewhere. It's hard to watching Momizi sleep like that. You're afraid of saying something you can't take back. Of course, however, Momizi wakes up from this rustling alone.

"M-Master Satoshi...? Ahh, please forgive me, I shouldn't have woken up so late." All you can is look back at her a little solemnly, trying to smile.

"It's alright Momizi, go back to bed. I don't plan on fixing breakfast right away, I need some time to think." Momizi seems to watch you quite confused as you exit the room, but she seems to follow your advice, as she doesn't follow you out.

You need to reassess your situation. Sitting on the love seat, slumped back, you stare out the window. A nice, bright sunny day awaits. It wasn't like that past winter. The snow would bear down hard on your house as you and her would stare indoors, comfy and warm. You miss those days. It felt so natural being with her. You've realized that it feels incredibly natural being with Momizi as well, for some reason. Is it because you're a people person? Is it just Momizi's personality, and your connection with her is much deeper? Or perhaps it's the other way around? The natural feeling with Momizi certainly feels different. You wanna think that it doesn't particularly extend anywhere into deep territory, since while you do talk to her at times, it's not quite as fun and as long as it is with your significant other, that is, if you can call her such.

You actually feel quite less attached to her after all this time now, despite all that talk about how much you loved her back at Keine's. Maybe you were trying to fool Keine, maybe you were trying to fool yourself. But maybe you should be realistic for a moment; she left you without so much a word except 'I'll see you later,' and soon after the confession, lasting all up until she left, she didn't talk to you nearly as much as you used to, even before she started living with you for that brief period. Maybe she didn't feel the same way? Maybe she simply hid herself from you so that she wouldn't have to face you again? It all seems pretty likely that she may have very well dumped you, and you're simply being to stubborn about it. While having Momizi around...you definitely could see yourself falling for her, but in the end, it's not like that would solve anything. She still needs to concieve more children for the white wolf tengu. Being with you would only make her life more difficult, causing her to live on as a 'traitor' to the tengu.

So how did things come to this, you wonder? How things felt with her, and how they did with Momizi, they're both fundamentally different. With her, it just felt so right, like you were meant to do it. With Momizi, the kind of natural it feels like is more akin to having already done it for years upon years, rather then wanting to do it for years. It feels so routine, that you always know exactly what to do, what to say, and you don't get tired of it. While it's always a new experience with her, with Momizi, things stay a pleasent, calming same. Whereas she would feel like the new girlfriend you got that makes you feel alive, Momizi seems more like the loving, caring wife you've had all your life. Yeah...it makes the most sense that way. You get along well with Momizi, as if you always have, and things between you stay steady. There are several things about it that bothers you of course, like why Momizi doesn't act that way in front of anyone but you. You get this feeling it's related to something about her, but you can't put your finger on what...

"Master Satoshi...?" You're pretty startled by Momizi calling out to you worryingly in the hall. You turn quickly to her and reassure her that things are alright.

"A-A-Ah, Momizi. Sorry I haven't started breakfast yet, but I'm fine." You're about to tell her you'll start now but instead, she just smiles.

"Would you like me to start breakfast this time, Master Satoshi?" You blink for a moment, only uttering out a basic responce at first.

"Uhh...sure." Momizi's smile brightens up further as she makes her way into the kitchen.

"Wait right there then while I make something for us then." You just sorta stare absent mindedly as Momizi disappears into the kitchen room. Yeah...definitely like a housewife. You can't really even begin to imagine her being that way. Although wearing those particular clothes might make her look extremely sexy...

The day passes on, somewhere around midday, just after noon, an odd knock is heard on your door. You decide to go get it since Momizi is in the bathroom. After getting up and walking to the door, you open it to a very nasty surprise.

A small lance is being pointed at your face from a close proximity.

"GYAAHH!" You literally fall backwards on your ass, afraid your face was about to become a premature pincushion.

"Master Satoshi!!!" You tilt your head backwards to look behind you, but you immediately withdraw and regret that decision as Momizi rounds the corner with nothing but a small towel wrapped around her equally tiny body. You know you have small towels in the bathroom, but she still could've picked a bit bigger one then that. You were afraid you might've seen something you would never have unseen, but luckily, your would-be girlfriend still retains her power as being the only girl's pussy you've effectively seen.

Paying attention to more important matters, you see that the lance is held up by a small doll, smaller then the weapon it is actually carrying. It would seem the doll had used it to knock on the door, hence it's odd sound. Around the doll's neck appears to be string attached to a compact note.

...aaannnd just like that, the doll falls limp with the lifelessness it had when first made. Presumably, after completing it's objective, it returned it's leftover power back to it's master, whom you're quite sure of by now. It doesn't stop you and Momizi from staring at it in a little bit of awe though.

You pick yourself back up, and in this better position you decide to look at Momizi now. She's sopping wet. Her tail is no longer bushy, being weighed down by the heavy water drenching it. It looks like she was still in middle of washing herself and just grabbed the nearest towel upon sensing danger. She's staring at you the same way she was staring at the doll. Before you figure out why though, you think it's a good idea to tell her something.

"You're tracking bath water over my floor, Momizi." As if she just recieved several thousand volts, her hair all stands up on end in shock as she bolts out back around the corner towards the bathroom.

"Eek! I'm so sorry Master Satoshi!!"

You give a soft sigh, that was far too cute - and far too dangerous - for you to just brush off, but with more important matters at hand, you think the less worry and anxiety, the better. You walk over to the doll and pick it up, leaving the lance on the ground as you take the note off. Flipping it over, it confirms what you've believed all along. Momizi's new dress is finished, and is beckoning you and Momizi to come over for a test fit. Another sigh escapes your mouth as you realize this is ultimately something of a moment of truth. You were kind of dreading this day, all the while being excited for it. You don't know how it'll go really. You get this feeling it's going to look absolutely great, wonderful, spectacular even. That's exactly what you don't want...

After picking the lance up and pocketing both it and the doll for returning later, you sit on the love seat and reassess one more time. Your relationship with her is particularly fragile. With the way things are now, it might not take much to start swaying you; you already briefly considered what it might be like choosing Momizi instead, several times now. It's very troublesome, and this...this might make you look at Momizi in a different light, which could be all it really needs. Her kind personality, willingness to help, bright, cheery attitude that's special to you and only you...what self respecting guy wouldn't fall for that? She's awfully cute, to boot. That's just the top of the iceberg, too. You just have this ominous feeling that what's going to happen at Alice's is going to make you think something you most definitely shouldn't.

"Ah, p-please forgive me, Master Satoshi." You look over at Momizi coming out of the hallway. She's dressed back in the sarashi and skirt again. She looks both very embarrassed and very guilty. You can't say you feel like encouraging her so much right now though.

"It's okay. I assume you're ready to go, right?" Momizi appears to hesitate before nodding. You guess she wants to ask what's wrong, but it looks like she knows better then to ask. You'd have to say her intuition is good, you don't know how you'd react if she asked.

The both of you walk to Alice's in silence. The forest is even more silent, making it very eerie and foreboding, almost. Normally you hear some of the usual, ambient sounds of foliage rustling, birds chirping, or even cicadas, but the air is completely and totally quiet. There really isn't much awkward feeling though, despite that. Neither of you just felt like talking. It's giving you time to clear your head of thoughts though, allowing enough leeway for what you might have to prepare yourself for.

When you arrive, Alice welcomes you, and almost instantly excuses herself and Momizi upstairs. You're left to sit on one of the many sofas, ridden with dolls. It's kinda funny how Alice didn't make any sort of snarky comment about Momizi's mode of dress, but she seemed genuinely happy to show off her work. It wasn't a giddy happy though, more of a subtle charming happiness, something Alice is known for when she's expressing it. Though you must imagine that she might be making said comments up while Momizi is changing. Or maybe the clothing actually didn't look as bad as you expected it to be in others' eyes...

"Well, how does she look?"

You're interrupted. Caught off guard. Unexpected. By the time your senses come to you, you're already seeing it. Momizi standing in front of the stairs, with Alice behind her. Momizi is now wearing a long, thin dress with a skirt that extends just past her ankles. A scarlet red hem line ending in an intricate pattern of frills ends the skirt, and going up, the skirt has the design of vermilion maple leaves, fluttering about like the turn of autumn, set on a black background. The dress goes up into a white button top with a laced collar, and the long white sleeves flow down gently, elegantly and smoothly down her arms. The sleeves end in large laced trims, made to look bigger then her small, delicate hands, possibly to accentuate such. Most of all, the bangs that usually almost cover one of her eyes is held up on her head by a small hair ornament shaped like a maple leaf. What completes this look is the rosy red tint of her cheeks. She's look awfully embarrassed, but very anxious to hear your opinion.

Her eyes are glittering a bit, looking at you expectantly. Now is the time to say something.

>She looks breathtakingly beautiful
>She looks really cute
>She looks fairly nice
>She doesn't look as good as you expected
>It doesn't really suit her at all

Action? >_
No. 16439
[x]She looks really cute
Only an IRON HEART SURGE stopped me from picking the first option.
Yeah, I like her better; but my resolve (as is his) is quickly disintegrating.
No. 16440
[x]She looks really cute
No. 16441
[x]She looks really cute

Visable signs of wavering? But it's true dealing with a more animal minded Youkai is not easy at all.
No. 16442
[x]She looks really cute

...especially that hair ornament.

But is it just me, or is this outfit meant to resemble Ayas to some extent? Aya has this maple-leaf vest, and she has some maple leaves on her skirt.
No. 16443
[x]She looks really cute
No. 16444
[X] She looks breathtakingly beautiful

I don't think this is a "ditch Orin" option. Satoshi could act like a doting father and say she'll knock the socks off of the Tengu she eventually picks.
No. 16445

Momizi likened Satoshi to her father at one point, so this might be more true then we bargined for...
No. 16446
[X]She looks breathtakingly beautiful

This will do
No. 16447
[x]She looks fairly nice
No. 16448
[X] She looks breathtakingly beautiful

Telling her she's beautiful doesn't exactly mean we're betraying anyone.
No. 16449
[x]She looks really cute
No. 16450
Since we can choose his reaction, and since a noticeable doubt about his previous relationship was mentioned just before this choice... I can assure you, without a shadow of doubt, that this is a first step in the so-called 'ditch Orin' route.
But hey, if that's what you want, who am I to stop you? CYOAs are democracies after all.
No. 16451
[X] She looks really cute
No. 16452
I honestly think she's more cute than beautiful; no insult intended.

Who knows which choice has which result. I do feel Ditching Orin before she comes up with an answer is a pretty bad betrayal. Now if she says no, it's time to pick up and move on, perhaps in Keine's arms. (Challenging Tengu society is a sort of task that would make Reimu and Yukari hesitate.)
No. 16453
[X] She looks really cute

Indeed, I like Momizi, but must unequivocally state that any route choice that leads us away from sexy redheaded catgirls I will oppose with all my soul.
No. 16454
[x] She looks really cute

I can't believe that this story is almost over...
No. 16455

I really don't like that this is apparently the last thread evar. I mean, we've had Orin's arc with three threads, and Momizi's arc with another three, so obviously we ought to have a concluding arc with another three threads.

...please? ;_;
No. 16462

I've neglected my /border/ story for far too long. I have higher hopes for it then this story, though I will admit that the fanbase behind this one has very pleasantly surprised me.

Even if I did do a concluding arc, what would I possibly make it be about? I'm afraid if I attempt to draw the daily life of Satoshi after this arc, it would be so riddled with cliches that it would make Inuyasha look fresh and unique.
No. 16465
Perhaps the day Rin does return with an answer and a final resolution to that and this yet leaving the door open for future misadventures with Satoshi and possibly Rin, such as baby sitting Chen!
No. 16500
File 127708124272.jpg- (200.15KB , 900x900 , 40972fd9c1f37aabb5a8a0e170136c00.jpg ) [iqdb]
>She looks really cute

Stifling a small laugh, all you can get out is "Absolutely adorable."

Momizi huffs at you. "M...Master Satoshi, are you laughing at me?!" Alice looks at you sternly, though in a bit of a playful manner.

"Oh come now Satoshi, are you saying my dress isn't up to par?" You shake your head smiling as you walk over.

"No, not at all. Quite the opposite really." You extend a hand upwards towards Momizi. Her face lights up like the sun, but nonetheless, she reaches her hand towards yours in gentle grasp, allowing you to help her down the rest of the stairs, her hand resting in yours.

Staring into her eyes, you get a nostalgic feeling. It's like meeting a close friend of yours that you haven't seen in a very, very long time. And they haven't changed the least bit. Like a puzzle piece that had felt so alone finally becomes reunited with the rest of it's brethren, completing the picture. It makes you think of a lot of things, all at once, all in a blinding flash. About Momizi. Ahout her, about Marisa, Alice, Keine, Reimu, Satori, Yukari...all the people you've come to know really. It suddenly feels like you understand. Understand what, exactly, you don't know. But you do feel enlightened, and it allows you to tackle this situation in a much better mindset. The earlier confusion and worry is gone now. Things are in place.

"I think this would be the cutest I've ever seen Momizi." You say a bit softly, yet boldly. Looking up at you, Momizi's blush appears to gain further luminosity as she attempts to get her words of appreciation out to you.

"Th-Th-Thank you...M-Master Satoshi..."

"Well I'm glad you like the dress, Satoshi..." Alice starts out with, looking at you a bit more seriously now. "But remember where your priorities stand."

She says this to remind you of a certain someone, you know. But you don't falter, and instead smile back at her and give her some simple words. "I don't think my priorities have ever been straighter."

Alice seems a bit confused by your remark. No, rather, it seems like she wasn't expecting it at all. All you do for the next few moments is admire Momizi's wildly blushing face from under her bangs as she attempts to steer her head down, but still keep you in her line of sight. It's so incredibly cute. You think you know why too.

You spend only another hour at Alice's, talking about the dress, then about small things, before finally leaving off back home. As you and Momizi walk home, Momizi is much, much more outgoing then she was on the way to Alice's. She even skips about a few times, and the whole way there, a bright, adorable smile is constantly written on her face. The two of you have much fun talking about random things, such as Alice, the forest, Marisa, what to do at home, and various other things the two of you often talk about. During this time, you actually feel quite a bit more alive, feeling a bit more whole then usual. It's strange, when you confessed to her, you felt complete. You still do, really. But after seeing Momizi in that dress, something clicked. You realized you weren't entirely whole quite yet, but now you are. What does this mean? You're not sure yet. It might be good to sit and think about it sooner or later, but for now, you're having too much fun, and you couldn't care any less about it right now.

The next couple days seem to pass by like some sort of dream. Yet it was no different from how the days passed by with Momizi before she got that dress. You were happy, she was happy, it's like leading a simple life with someone you love. Whereas before Momizi, you couldn't deal with the pangs of living alone anymore, and before her you felt you had led a relatively boring and mediocre life. Right now, it feels absolutely perfect. Well, no...not absolutely perfect. You can't deny that you miss the one that introduced you to the joys of living together with someone you love in the first place. Her presence still lingers on in your heart and mind, it's just now accompanied by another presence, presumably Momizi's. You had told yourself you'd sit and think about it and finally decide on something, then stick with it. But you never got around to doing that. The routine would always swallow you back up. You never felt like dealing with it. Then it happened.

"The repairs on the mountain are finished. The High Chief is requesting Miss Inubashiri's return the day after tomorrow."

Those words hit both of you like a ton of bricks. You almost forgot that you had to say good bye eventually. Momizi seems to be stunned by it herself. The news delivery, Souya, seems a bit awkward that neither of you can say anything.

"Ah...I figured you two might not want to separate from each other so suddenly, so I figured I'd tell you the news a bit early so tha-" You interrupt him as you hold a hand.

"No, it's alright. It was gonna have to happen eventually. I'm sure Momizi would be happy to return to all her friends and family though, right?" You look over. She's just staring out blankly, not even a hint of expression or attention. It takes another mention to snap her out of it. "Uhh, Momizi?"

"U-Uh? Oh! Yes! Things will finally return to normal then." Momizi smiles happily at you. But you think you know better then that, her smile is forced, sorrowful and most certainly fake.

That day, the routine ended. There was no more usual.

Momizi spent the rest of that day and most of the next one in complete disarray. She was constantly distracted, always walking about as if something was bothering her. At first, she would dismiss it happily, but as time went on, she quickly started weakening. It was in the middle of the afternoon the day after that news came that you sat down to think about it one more time. It was more appropriate, and you felt it was finally necessary. About her, Momizi, everything you wanted to do. You sat down, but before you could get started, you heard a crash. That would be today...

You sigh softly. You've cleaned up all the tea off the floor, and made sure the area is safe. There is definitely something on Momizi's mind. Does she not want to leave? Does she dread meeting Kabuto? Is it something about the tengu in whole? You're not even sure. But it's related to her return to the mountain. You aim to find out exactly how.

Momizi returns to the living room, but stops just after entering, seeing you.

"M-Master Satoshi..."

"...Momizi." You intend on finishing this now. With a bit of a stern look you approach her. But you stop suddenly, right before her. You're not sure if it was the look you were giving her, but...she's crying.

"I...I'm so...so sorry...M-Master Sato...shi..." Giving a little sigh, you try to reassure her. You need answers, and this isn't helping.

"Momizi, don't worry. I'm not angry at all about the tea cups. But-"

"No." You're a little surprised by Momizi's forward interruption. Her face is pointed completely down, her build trembles lightly, her arms and legs pointed to each other in a submissive fashion. She isn't just crying, she's sobbing. "I-I...you...thi...I..." Momizi can't seem to get the words out correctly. You're starting to get a little disturbed.

"M-Momizi, come on, pull yourself together..." Then, suddenly, as if doing just the opposite, her knees give way and she falls to the floor in a sitting position. Tears flow freely from her eyes and streaming down her cheeks as she attempts not to scream.

"N-No! I...I don't want to go!" It hits you. It certainly answered your question, but even though you suggested it, for some reason you weren't expecting it. "I don't want to go! I want to stay here!! I-I don't want to leave...!" Ironically, you feel the need to pull you yourself together. You manage this though, kneeling down to her. You want to help her, at any given cost. Even if it's just Momizi.

"Momizi, come on. I don't really want to see you go either, you're very comfortable to have around the house. But why? Don't you miss your friends back there? What about your duties? Your f-" You stop yourself and swallow that painful word. You can't finish it. Not after knowing what his fate might be.

Then. Out of the blue. A terrible fear is confirmed.

"I want to stay...because...I...I think..."

I love you

Those words. Those detestable, spiteful, utterly hateful words. You said them before. You don't know if you'll ever get the chance to again, either. But despite that, you want to...

You wish she hadn't said that. You wish you could turn back time and somehow prevent this from happening. Those words might influence you, change you, do things you can't take back. But it's too late now. Momizi sits there, silent. Somehow after saying those words, she stopped crying. Is she frozen in fear? Understandable. Given her position, you don't think she isn't aware of the consequences of having said something like that. She's probably very afraid of rejection, and yet, completely and wholly expecting it. But what can you do? She's about to leave, without being able to see much of her again, could you...

No. You can't deal with that. Nor can you deal with those words changing everything. If things are going to change, they'll change by your hands. Your hands alone. Regardless of your answer, you're going to try and do something about Momizi returning to the mountain. Exactly how? You don't know. Not yet. But first thing's first, there's something you need to do. Something that needs to be said. Something that needs to be done. You didn't get time to think about this, but you're going to do so now. And you're going to put it into words. You need to consider her, Momizi, and everyone around you. You need to consider the past, present and future, as well as the circumstances surrounding everything. It's not hard. There's a lot of feelings behind it, but all that truly needs to be said is either yes or no. But most importantly, you need to fulfill a responsibility someone else has broken with you, to someone else. Because you believe it's right.

You need to answer Momizi's feelings.

You need to do what Rin never did for you.

No. 16501

No. 16503


To be honest I'm torn...
No. 16504

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

Feels bad man. Feels bad forever man. Fuck. Fuck.

...fuck. ...I don't know what to say. It's... it's useless! It's all useless!

...but no. Fuck.

Think, don't stop thinking!

There must be something to turn this to our advantage. I'll try to figure it out. ...fuck!
No. 16506
This choice we all saw coming a mile away, and it's still gonna leave a bad taste no matter which one we pick.

[X] ...I can't give you an answer. Not yet.

There's my shot, someone feel free to one-up me.
No. 16507
I'd try for an Idort option, but I don't think that's possible, or even in character.
No. 16508
>>16504 here. I've thought things through.

Back during Rin's last thread, at the moment of climax, there was one option that worked. Everything else was overwrought, laden with obvious backdoors that made us look like fools, or was just plain cowardly. But that option, those words in particular, were the truth, and because they were the truth, they led us to a good end.

Gentlemen, we're not facing an enemy here. Trickery, deceit, and wordplay, which would be so useful in such a situation, are morally questionable here, if not outright corrupt.

Only the truth can set us free. So I propose we stick to the truth.

[x]"I love you too."

We'll deal with the consequences when they come. I'll admit it, I love Orin and had vowed to stick to and defend her route before, and thus this is an incredibly harsh decision. But the other options are cowardly at best and vile at worst.
No. 16509
She's the perfect housewife. She's adorable, loyal, and lovely. They pretty much got along like a couple before this too, quietly livingg day to day.
Sure, there is Rin, but she never returned Satoshi's feelings. She first left Satoshi to go save her master, and then left again without much notice. I don't she'd ever consider leaving Satori at all. Whereas Momizi just confessed to Satoshi, which should mean that she is fully willing to forsake the tengu for Satoshi. This means she is basically willing to forsake everything she knows to be with us, right? Unless I read wrong.

Is this supposed to be a hard decision?
I'm far too tired to author an adequate write-in, so I'll post something in the morning if there isn't another good write-in.
No. 16510
>>16509 here

I guess we don't need an overly complicated write-in.
I'll jump on this vote.

[x]"I love you too."
No. 16511
That made me laugh harder than it should have
No. 16512
[x]"I love you too."
No. 16514
[X] "I love you too."
-[X] "Which is why I'm setting you free. I won't make you stay, and I won't force you to leave. No matter what you choose, I will always welcome you here."

If you love something, set it free. If it comes back, it's yours. If it doesn't, it never was.
No. 16515
[x] I love you too, Momizi. but my heart is already taken. I've promised myself I'd wait and that feeling is just as true as my love for you.
She just had a terminal case of bad timing. Poor Wolf ;..;
No. 16516
[x]"I love you too."
No. 16518
[X] "I love you too."
-[X] "Which is why I'm setting you free. I won't make you stay, and I won't force you to leave. No matter what you choose, I will always welcome you here."

We must for her...
No. 16520
So are we ditching Orin?
No. 16522
You do raise a good point, since Rin while fiesty and energetic, has a sort of fickle streak about things outside of her instincts (Being Satori's pet and finding an ideal mate in the most primitive sense, something that Satoshi isn't.) A relationship with her at best would be her struggling against her own nature. The fact she's taking this long to come to an answer atests to this.

Momiji has shown herself to be incredibly steadfast and reliable. Being with her wasn't at all akin to eggshells like Rin is at times. And she's seriously considering giving up the way of life she was so loyal to be with him, basically saying her ultimate loyality was to him.

I somehow doubt Rin would be surprised at Satoshi choosing Momiji. In nature if you pass up a mate, you basically forfeited him/her. Not to say Satoshi wouldn't care for Rin still, just not in a romantic matter anymore.

For most of us, our resolve is no match for Momiji's confession.

I'd think about adding this (>>16514 ), but I feel it'd come off wrong. For Momiji, there's no matter of freedom, either her old way of life, or new way of life. Nothing else, and saying such a cliched line may come off as a rejection in itself.
No. 16525
Who to say but Satoshi himself? Since there was a few times he was restraining himself from thinking unclean thoughts of her. And sometimes, simple is best.
No. 16526
[x]"I love you too."

He's spent long enough waiting for an answer he'll never receive.
No. 16528

[X] "I love you too."
-[X] "Which is why I'm setting you free. I won't make you stay, and I won't force you to leave. No matter what you choose, I will always welcome you here."

It was inevitable, but dammit why like this?! ;_;
No. 16529
To be honest, she might have ditched us first, and looking back, her instincts and habits proved stronger than what feelings she did have. I get the feeling something with Rin isn't meant to last. I'll wish her the best in finding an ideal mate though.
No. 16532
File 127710165568.png- (378.77KB , 800x800 , From this moment on I\'ll be crying.png ) [iqdb]
It was no roar of frustration. It was too cracked and broken for that. Too choked, too shaken, too weak. It was nothing more than a pitiful, downhearted wail. But it was all Rin could muster.

"Bastard! Idiot!"

Her fist slammed into the cold, unfeeling stone of the wall. Her knuckles split, her nails bit into her skin, her blood marred her skin. Her hand trembled, her arm shook.

"We promised! We promised!"

Her voice shook.

"We promised."

Slowly, weakly, her hand fell away from the minor scuff in the cave wall, leaving a trail of her blood behind. Her hand was stinging. Her stomach was churning.

"I know it was hard for you, but didn't you know it was hard for me, too?"

Something in her chest felt tight, twisted.

"I tried! I tried so hard! It went against everything I knew, but I still wanted it to work! I wanted it to work!"

She sunk to her knees, limp.

"I wasn't ready, but I was going to say it anyway! It was the first thing I was going to do when I got back! I kept my promise!"

She fell onto her back, the rocky ground cutting into her. Her tails twitched weakly.

"I kept my promise, so why did you choose her? Why did you choose her when I... I..."

Her vision began to blur. Her throat hurt. Her ears sagged lifelessly.

"I love you."

At last even her trembles stopped. She had no more will to move. Not even to hide her face as the tears began to roll down her cheeks. She wouldn't be able to move until she stopped crying...

But she would be crying for a long, long time.
No. 16533
[X] "I love you too."
-[X] "Which is why I'm setting you free. I won't make you stay, and I won't force you to leave. No matter what you choose, I will always welcome you here."
No. 16534
[~] Something's not right. I shouldn't do what I did to Rin, decide on something this important just because I'm in the heat of the moment.
- [~] Momizi needs to be free. That's all that matters right now.
No. 16535
[x] "I love you too."
-[x] "Which is why I'm setting you free. I won't make you stay, and I won't force you to leave. No matter what you choose, I will always welcome you here."
No. 16536
You deny the truth as many are coming to see it?

How cold... and belittling of Momizi's decision.
No. 16538

You deny that this would be an enormous betrayal of Rin? Waiting for her reply may be wretchedly painful, and all the worrying over whether or not she will even reply is undoubtedly stressful for Satoshi... but then, don't you think this is hellish for Rin too? Worrying that every second she spends away from him is another second in which she could lose him? Trying for his sake to come to grips with her own feelings, just as he is struggling with his right now?

You can try to rationalize it all you like, but giving up on waiting for her is a repugnant betrayal. All the moreso given that her predicament mirrors our own, and we therefore have full understanding of the emotional impact giving up on her would have.

Have you really considered how Rin feels? Because giving up on her is just as reprehensible as her giving up on Satoshi would be.
No. 16539
[x] "I love you too."
-[x] "Which is why I'm setting you free. I won't make you stay, and I won't force you to leave. No matter what you choose, I will always welcome you here."
No. 16540
How are we to know that she didn't forget or found a strong guy with an impressive mane? Her instinct has a habit of overcoming her more humanoid side. Who to say that Rin didn't come to a similar conclusion as we are?

And this isn't so much a massive move but an answer, which is easy. Figuring out what the hell to do in the wake of it regardless? That'll be the hard part.
No. 16541

We don't, and it's the thought of that which causes Satoshi so much worry.

So how do you think Rin might feel, considering the circumstances she shares with him? You think she has never once felt anxious contemplating what might happen to Satoshi while she's gone? You think she's never once found herself worrying about Satoshi finding another woman?

The mere possibility that she might find someone else is hardly an excuse to very definitely give up on her. The fact that you're also badmouthing her for her tendency to "let her instinct overcome her human side" when you're the one advocating that Satoshi put her aside for the new girl is also disgustingly hypocritical. Stop trying to rationalize your weakness.

Have some damn faith. If you can't do that, then at least show you have the fortitude of character that you don't seem to think she does.
No. 16542
[X] "Momiji. I care about you deeply, but right now there's someone who I love, and I promised her that I would wait for her. I can't love you the way I think you want me to."
-[X] "I won't give up on her. I won't give up on Rin. I know it might hurt to hear that, but I would be disappointed in myself if I gave up now... and somehow, I think that you would be disappointed too."

Honestly, I can't condone tossing Rin aside here. It just isn't right, no matter how uncertain the future looks. Besides, No matter how painful it might be for her to hear, I think the fact that Satoshi is caring and dedicated is one of the things that Momiji loves about him. It may make her happy to hear a love confession right now, but in the long term would she really be happy knowing that she made Satoshi give up on something he tried so hard to stick to?

Gotta think long term, gotta think about more than just the girl right in front of you.
No. 16543
[x] "I love you too."
-[x] "Which is why I'm setting you free. I won't make you stay, and I won't force you to leave. No matter what you choose, I will always welcome you here."
No. 16544
File 127711231780.jpg- (1.41MB , 1300x1600 , 80202669c6ec026d8f7181db08c6f69b.jpg ) [iqdb]
>I love you too

...you can't think of anything else other then returning those words to her really. To be honest, you do feel the same. Things with her feel so natural, and yeah, you've certainly believed things with her in this regard might actually work. In the end, times with her have felt more like she was a wife you've had for decades then a traditional house pet. There's so much about her you like...and here she is, confessing her love to you. How could you turn her down?

"Momizi." Momizi winces as you say that, almost as if expecting the worst. You then put a hand on her head softly, smiling at her. "I love you too."

Momizi freezes for a moment, before looking up with shocked, wide eyes.

"...w-what? Satoshi..."

That was one of the rare times she didn't prefix Master to your name. You want that to continue.

"It's true...all this time you've really grown on me. I think it really hit me when Alice designed this dress for you a while back. You were just so cute in it...how could I not fall for something like that?" Momizi looks at you really disdainfully suddenly. Uh oh, was that not the right thing to say? Yeah, it probably sounds more like you love the dress then Momizi herself, but...

No. That's not why. That is definitely not why.

"Satoshi. You haven't thought this through at all, have you?"


"You know about my status as a white wolf tengu, don't you? You even know that it's very important for me to find a good mate and bear as many children as possible for the future of the tribe. This, this would be-"

"Treason? Yeah, I know. But honestly, I intend on keeping you here anyways. I'm not going to just hand you back to the tengu." Momizi's look turns to that of worry now.

"W-What? You can-"

"Of course I can...I'll figure out someway. I love you Momizi...even if it means fighting the tengu, I'll find a way." Just like that, Momizi's expression turns back to anger as she grabs at your shirt and shakes you a bit violently.

"You idiot! You can't take on the tengu like that! You'll die for sure!!" You get Momizi to stop shaking you for a brief moment.

"I-I didn't say it was going to be the first thing I'd do! But I will do whatever it takes to get you to stay with me. It may seem hopeless, but I'm sure if we work together, we'll get past that hurdle eventually." Momizi's face softens up, it seems to touch her, thankfully.

"S-Satoshi...do you honestly believe that I could stay with you the rest of your life?" You smile softly, pushing a bit of hair out of her face.

"No. I don't. I believe we'll be together the rest of our lives." Momizi seems to look thankfully into your eyes for a moment, but only a brief one as she turns her head, remembering something.

"Ah...that is really the least of my worries." She looks back, face full of guilt, straight into your eyes. "What about...her?"

You know exactly who she's talking about. But she doesn't matter right now.

"Well, I-"


"She do-"


"That is-"

...you can't say it. No matter how much you want to right now, you cannot deny your feelings for her. How could you? Sure, she left you without much of a word, but even past that, you dedicated yourself to waiting for her. And what you said to Keine too! How could you forget that?! More then that...all that time you spent with her, being with her. You actually feel pretty bad now. You seem to be wearing that on your face pretty blatantly, as Momizi could notice, making her sigh softly.

"See, Satoshi? You still have feelings for her. Besides...she might still have feelings for you too. What if she were to come back to you only to find out you're with me now? What if even now, she herself is waiting just as you are...?"

You never gave that much thought. She just up and disappeared without a word. You don't really even know what she's doing. But it's a bit of a surreal thought to imagine that she might be acting just the same way you are.

"...I...I don't really know what to say really. I love you both. I guess in different ways though, but the principle is the same."

"That won't do, Satoshi. You can only have one mate. That is how humans are, correct?" You almost find yourself surprised by her notion when she continues. "The white wolves are the same. A woman finds a mate and they stay with them forever. That mate is their only mate. While it's uncommon, that isn't to say it doesn't exist; even true love blossoms amongst us youkai." She says this...with a soft, heart warming smile. Like that of a kind mother.

When she says that...your mind wanders a bit. Does she feel true love for you? Maybe she does, and she just doesn't know it. It wouldn't be surprising, given her upbringing. Maybe even she can be a little dense at times, you figure. All this time, you've neglected that. Next time you see her, you need to confirm it for yourself. No more running away on her part, no more getting nervous on yours.

"So you see, it was very, very foolish of me to say something like that to you..." Momizi says, continuing rather mournfully. "I was being very inconsiderate, and what I said is unforgivable..."

...no, you're not happy with that, either. Even if you can't get the best of both worlds...by the gods, you're going to try and get something like it.

"Momizi, even so...I can't deny I don't love you. You're going to be staying here, no matter what. Even if...even if she does answer me. Even if she stays with me, you will too. We'll stay together like a happy family." Momizi looks at you very shocked the moment the word 'family' escapes your lips. At first it's one that seems to scream 'are you crazy?!' But gradually, it softens, as if hopeful. You can even see her hands clinging to her skirt.

"Wha-...I...S-S-Satoshi...a-are you...serious...?"

Your mind clicks. It dawns on you that maybe this is what Momizi has been searching for all this time. Her mother died when she was young, her only sibling soon after, and her father was drafted while she was still growing too. A family...sounds exactly like something Momizi has been missing for a very long time. Yes...that outcome you just told her might just be what you really want yourself.

"Of course. I feel truly in my heart...that's what I want too." Momizi takes a big swallow of her sorrows, looking up at you very thankfully, tears still welling up in the corners of her eyes.

"Th-Thank you...Satoshi..." You take a big sigh. You need to reevaluate things yet again, dammit. A lot of things need to be thought through, probably more carefully this time. Even if you wanted to be with Momizi over her...it'd be much more productive to actually decide on that after she comes back, and you can talk to her again. At least, that seems like the message Momizi was passing over to you. However, as you try and stand up, Momizi seems to grab your sleeve. You stop and look down at her. Her face is turned straight to the floor again, unable to look at you as she says the next line.

"A-A-Although...I...as wrong as it is for me, I don't...want to go on without knowing..." Her voice nearly cracks up, breaking midsentence as she finishes that. "S-S-So...as selfish as it is, I would like...at least one day to know...what it would be...be like...to be together with you...Satoshi...so could you...?"

You blink for a moment. Is she talking about in a relationship or something? You'll admit, you're curious too, actually. But...isn't that betrayal? Though you have nowhere to talk with your reckless behaviour just now. Still though...

>No, I think it would be best if we didn't

Action? >_
No. 16545
[X] No, I think it would be best if we didn't

This is a tough choice to make, but I think it's for the best.
No. 16547

I just feel this is the choice to make. Something for her to remember despite whatever way her life might go.

I knew something like this was going to happen, but was still surprised by it, even down to the classic match up of Fiesty Tsundere vs Meek, Dutiful Deredere girl. Needless to say the Deredere girl wins rarely if at all.
No. 16549
No. 16550

What have we got left to lose? Aim far and never look back.
No. 16551
[x] No, I think it would be best if we didn't.
No. 16552
[X] ...Yes.

Can't say no to a request made that way.
No. 16553
In the end only one other person made a Rin vote? Anon, I am disappoint.

Then again, if these two stories had happened the other way around, I'm sure Rin would be getting a slew of votes right now. She kind of has Anon's ADD, and not appearing in person for the duration of this installment working against her.

Of course, I also want Sukima to make a third story to see how Anon deals with having both these girls in front of Satoshi at once, so maybe I'm biased. Harder to crush someone's feelings under foot when they're right there in front of you. Plus, that would be the best way to see whether this family experiment works out in the end.

[X] No, I think it would be best if we didn't.

If what Satoshi wants is to live as a family, and he ends up choosing Rin... this is going to be one of the single most awkward memories ever, and one hell of a dirty little secret. This should probably wait until after he is forced to make a concrete choice between the two.

Please, please, please give us that third story as a concluding arc, Sukima.
No. 16554
[X] No, I think it would be best if we didn't.
No. 16555
It's not ADD, but a realization that Rin'd never get out of her mindset of "Being a pet/animal". The whole running off without an answer stunt is something blatantly tsunderish, and works in the various anime because the show favors them. But in reality, most guys would end up choosing the girl honest with her feelings than one that plays various 'games'.

But you are right about Rin being put on a Bus so long.
No. 16556
[X] ...could I, what, Momizi?
No. 16557

Ya just don't string the dood along for months like that without even so much as a "how ya do"...

really, don't as it just puts unwarranted stress on us. We got enough of that regardless of where we are; especially Satoshi
No. 16558

I'm pretty sure it was implied earlier that this is at least partially out of her hands. Maybe I misremember, but I seem to remember that no one has heard from her, Orin, or Satori in a while. I think the possibility of the undergrounders dealing with the same monsters that invaded the mountain was raised earlier too, since the monsters apparently came from inside or beneath the mountain.

It seems a fair bet that if Rin has not shown in months it isn't just because she doesn't want to. Especially considering that last time we saw her she left Satoshi with one heck of a kiss.
No. 16559
That would imply they'd give the whole bunch of Oni down there trouble. And it's not like Satoshi has all the time in the world, being human and all.
No. 16560

They were certainly beating the shit out of the tengu. Have you forgotten how much of a ridiculous juggernaut the one we encountered was? I really wouldn't be surprised if they could at least keep the oni on their toes.

Given that she's the direct subordinate of what amounts to the underground queen, it would be pretty irresponsible for her to just take off in an emergency.

Basically, we have no idea what's keeping her, so it's not really fair to criticize her for not coming topside. Especially when there is fair reason to suspect that the underground might be in a bit of turmoil at the moment.
No. 16561
The point of the first updates in this thread was to make clear that Momizi was the one who never changed her Youkai nature... that's why I thought that keeing their relationship as a master and servant.
About the show thing, the only one who didn't do what you said is Ichigo and that ending was rageworthy so... maybe I'm just a loser who can't get out of the mindset that loving one means standing for it and not giving up at the first sign of trouble.
One think I disagree with you: this IS anon's ADD at its finest. If Sukima decides to start a new chapter with another guest, you'll see.
No. 16562
The Tengu are highly structured, and as a result, when caught off guard, the the results weren't pleasant. It'd come off to the Oni as a big bar brawl. Also the underground isn't as well structured, seeing how the rest of the underground works separately from the Earth Palace for the most part. Orin isn't so much a trusted servant in charge of an army, but a pet that carts off dead bodies. If anyone's in a leadership role, it'd be Yuugi. And there's not as if there's a lack of ways to send a message somewhere, either by carrier raven or Marisa when her and Reimu finally make their rounds.

But I voted yes as to at least give her something to remember; it's not like we're agreeing to be a couple for good. And even in the case of Rin coming by RIGHT at that moment, one could easily deflect things. That and it'd be a sickening cliche thing to do, even compared to the predictable cliched result of Momizi's visit.
No. 16563

The last arc is going to end up being a Nazrin one.


[X] Honestly, I can't really say, Momizi. She left me with so many unanswered questions. Honestly, before I make a definite decision, I want to have those questions answered. And before we get into that kind of relationship...I want to have those questions answered. After all, you're right: you can only have one mate. I don't want to have a clouded conscience over her while I'm with you.

This is my shot at laying it out. As much as it hurts to turn down Momizi like this, even if we wanted to, the situation Rin left us in ended with too many unanswered questions and they've influenced Satoshi's feelings for a greater part of the story. What I'm trying to say is that accepting Momizi while Rin still pervades over Satoshi's mind is kind of a dick move. She was the first reason he had wanted to become a youkai in the first place. Before we go with Momizi, let's make sure we clear our conscience of our rin issues first.
No. 16564
[x] No, I think it would be best if we didn't
No. 16566
[x] No, I think it would be best if we didn't
No. 16567
No. 16568
[x]...No, I think it would be best if we didn't
No. 16569

Damn the indecisiveness, fight and work hard for that family Satoshi~!
No. 16570
No. 16571
I'm going to call the vote at "Yes" for now and start writing. With how many events I have to write through though, the update might not come for a very long time, unless I posted it in parts AS I write it. One thing's for sure, this finale will be huge. Thanks for sticking with me through to the end, guys.
No. 16572

No waiting for the tiebreaker? I'm disappointed, but...

Well, I hope you can at least keep the spirit of both sides in the result. I would be pretty disheartened to see Rin given up on completely thanks to tied votes.
No. 16573

What, finale

Wait wait wait no I have so many regrets

No. 16574

And, Sukima, you're welcome.
No. 16575
Saying yes isn't completely giving up on Rin, but giving Momiji a one-day trial period as a couple, almost like a dream.
No. 16576
Fuck, I don't read for a few days and its already over.
No. 16598
File 127747308890.jpg- (234.64KB , 1040x1488 , 3879dce09e4f5b7745ec9551dc4c66ce.jpg ) [iqdb]
Going to post now and announce my leave of the site for a short while.

Don't worry, I'll still be writing...in fact, that's why I'm announcing this. I'm 30KB into this update and I'm not even half way done through the FIRST SCENE. I'm taking this a few KB per day so at this rate, I'll probably be done sometime next week? Give it roughly 7-10 days. I'll be back then with hopefully an hour's worth of reading, if not more. See you then, thanks for reading the story up until this point. Your reward is going to be very delicious, I guarantee you.
No. 16603
File 127748037890.jpg- (17.50KB , 314x277 , 1274929756648.jpg ) [iqdb]
>I'm 30KB into this update and I'm not even half way done through the FIRST SCENE
>I'll be back then with hopefully an hour's worth of reading,
No. 16606

>an hour's worth of reading

>an hour


I mean, whoa. Seriously?

I'm totally looking forward to that, take your time man, and thanks for writing!
No. 16609

Calendar succesfully marked. Waiting warmly...

>I'm 30KB into this update and I'm not even half way done through the FIRST SCENE.

>I'll be back then with hopefully an hour's worth of reading, if not more.

>Your reward is going to be very delicious, I guarantee you.

Waiting at the heat of the motherfucking sun!
No. 16611

No. 16615
Inb4 an hour of Rin heartbreak.

No. 16616
Nah, Sukima wouldn't do that to us.

...I hope.
No. 16617
It's just a one day date, I doubt he'd be so mean as to arrange some cheap drama on it.
No. 16618
The only thing we can do now is wait.

Wait patiently for the conclusion to this little story of love, pain, and plenty of UST at least until the conclusion, hopefully

Oh how I look forward to it.
No. 16620
inb4 whenever the trial day is when rin comes back
I can't wait!
No. 16655
This is going to turn to hell.

Thats what I think.
No. 16664
File 127838203888.jpg- (378.82KB , 900x675 , 1278154580330.jpg ) [iqdb]

Remember it was "formerly" Hell
No. 16666
Two weeks later, I am still not done with the first scene. True, fucking, story.

I dunno if it's accountable on laziness or what, probably so though. But I've gotten in a steady 12k words into this update so far. Once I'm done coding silly things for this website, I might just attempt going full time on this. Let's hope it's worth the wait.
No. 16671
>Let's hope it's worth the wait.

That's OUR Line!
No. 16676

Oh well, I'm used to glasnosts updating behavior, so this isn't too bad.

You might want to care and not overdo it though. If you really feel the need to make this super long, you might get the feeling of never getting done at all. Which in return, leads to procrastination and stuff. So take your time and write what feels right.
No. 16683

I just finished the first scene. I expect the writing to go a lot faster now, since I'm gonna try really hard not to overboard the rest of the scenes left.

I'm just going to say that if having the "special day" with Momizi was not chosen, this update would be 64KB shorter.
No. 16694


Is... is that big?
No. 16695
Very big
No. 16697

Only compared to my typical updates. Otherwise, it's chicken feed really. Most writers, even on here, could probably write that much in their sleep and then some.
No. 16698
Wat. 64 KB is 65,535 ASCII characters; even taking an average word size of 6 (which is an overestimation), that's >10,000 words, which is a Fallout-writefag tier update in and of itself. Unless this is really going to be a monster update for the ages, I think something's being miscommunicated here.

I'm gonna guess that the file size you gave was the size of a Microsoft Word file or something like that, which is useless for estimating the amount of text written. God only knows what those guys stuff in their files.
No. 16699
I dont understand
No. 16701

Nah, I use Notepad2 personally. GEdit when I'm on Linux, which gives the same thing but a word count too. Last I checked I was at ~12k words. Either way, I don't think it's anything special myself. I'm just ending this with a bang.


Please stop bumping my thread
No. 16702
>Last I checked I was at ~12k words.
>Most writers, even on here, could probably write that much in their sleep and then some.
Ha ha, oh wow. Go word count a few random updates around the site and you will quickly realize how wrong you are. I mean, humility is good and all, and it's not like word count = quality anyway, but god damn this is gonna be a big one. Waiting warmly.
No. 16740
I'm 109KB into this update. I'm on the third to last scene, pretty much. We're looking at something that will ultimately be split into five posts. After that, the epilogue itself will be split into three posts if I play my cards right.

Definitely nowhere near the size it should be considering how long I've taken, should be more then TWICE this big given how long it's taken me, so I sincerely apologize for being so lazy on this finale. I'm working towards making it something memorable though. Keep watching.
No. 16741

Does not compute.
No. 16749
File 127928597248.jpg- (16.99KB , 400x343 , 1273415550429.jpg ) [iqdb]
>eight posts left
No. 16764
>109kb of text


Waiting warmly, etc.
No. 16765

Wait how is that possible?
No. 16766
>writer asks to stop bumping his thread
>bump it again

Also, how is what possible?
No. 16786
Been writing about 10KB per day now, this is the kind of speed I wanted. This is why I keep saying I'm lazy, if I wrote this much per day since I started, I'd have about 250KB down by now. However, I'm only at 140KB, which is somewhat unacceptable. Sorry it's taken a full month for this to get done.

On the other hand, I am very very close to getting this over with. Just a couple more posts to write up.
No. 16787
No. 16790
Waiting warmly
No. 16822
Well, the update is done, Been done for about a day and a half now really. I've been waiting on a friend of mine to proof it but I might just proof it myself, depends on what happens tomorrow.

In meantime, I've written a little something on the side, hopefully it won't blow out of proportion like this story did. I highly doubt it, since it's meant to be largely parody/spoof. The rest of my serious writing outside of certain one shots involving Orin will all go into my /border/ story.

Look forward to the update very soon.
No. 16824
File 128016183269.jpg- (30.33KB , 640x480 , waiting.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 16895
File 128049344191.jpg- (170.28KB , 675x900 , 357a0095a07415d94bd4e661b89ca295.jpg ) [iqdb]

You want to give it some thought. This really is betrayal. It's not like she would know, but still...in fact, it's not like anyone would have to know. But that might just be the worst part about it. Keeping a dark, dirty secret with someone like Momizi...could you handle that? Could Momizi? You think the only thing actually in favour of doing this is the fact that she has yet to actually answer you yet. She might say no. She might change her mind. You never know. It's on that basis...that you think you'll take a chance.

"...alright. But on one condition." Momizi looks up a bit surprised at you. Tears still idle in the corners of her eyes, wet streaks down her softly blushing cheeks.

"W-What is that...?"

"After today, we will never speak of this ever again, unless I end up choosing you over her. Okay?" Momizi stares up you briefly before getting up, and of all things, plants a tender kiss on your lips.

The height difference is certainly noticeable, you think even if Momizi stood on her toes, you'd have to bend down a little to get into proper kissing range with her. It's...incredibly cute actually. The soft touch of her lips and the gentle hanging of her arms around your neck make it feel extraordinarily innocent. This is far from the feeling you get with her. No, that feeling is more akin to being free, playful and active. This is much more mellow and relaxing, a very serene feeling of happiness. After the long, gentle kiss, your lips part, and Momizi stares longingly into your eyes before softly resting her head on your shoulder. The feeling of holding her in your arms like this is so incredibly enlightening, you feel.

"Satoshi...I am sure that in the next life, we will get to be together truly." Your hands grip the backside of Momizi's shirt a bit, feeling panged by the notion.

"Momizi...do you honestly believe I would most certainly choose her over you, without even giving you the least bit of consideration?"

"No, in fact, I believe it will be hard for you to choose, which is why I feel very guilty...but I have already decided. I need to find a proper mate for the white wolf tengu. It is my duty. And...no matter what, it cannot be you. So for this life...I will not be able to bear children of your own. But perhaps...in our next lives, we will come together, and then we can truly love each other the way we were meant to."

Momizi has difficulty in saying all this, you can tell. She is mere moments from bursting out into tears again. But despite this, she resists it with all her might, her voice not cracking, not even once as she says the most depressing thing. You almost feel like crying yourself. It's so unfair, you'll never get to be with Momizi in this life. At least you have it easy, being with her, someone you equally love. But Momizi...

No...maybe this is just how things work. Perhaps...it was in a past life that you were with Momizi? Anytime you're with her, there's a nostalgic feeling, as if you've been together with her for ages, even though you never really talked with her before all this. Maybe this is the end then? You don't know. It's a nice thought though, considering Momizi as someone you loved in a past life. You wonder what it was like, really. It just makes being together with Momizi feel all the more natural.

"Momizi...I'm so sorry." Momizi shakes her head and looks up at you with a weak, but natural smile.

"No...please don't be. You are doing more then enough for me. It's already too much to ask of you to help me be free from the tengu...that alone is enough to satisfy me."

Those words ring in your head for a while. Roughly a half an hour after that, the two of you happen to spend most of the day sitting together in the love seat. Well, it's more akin to laying across the love seat. Momizi rests in your arms, facing the same direction you are, with her smooth back spread out across your chest. Your arms are folded around Momizi's waist, her delicate stomach gently rising and falling with the timing of her slow breaths. Her head rests beside yours on your shoulder, her eyes closed. Her tender lips still moist from the endearing kiss you had given her just a few seconds ago. Her modest chest poking out from the rest of her torso lays still as a quiet pond, her breathing being directed to the lower half of her abdomen. Your upper body is very warm right now, from the spring warmth and the bodily heat of Momizi's small frame.

The two of you had decided to sit together on the love seat after Momizi picked herself up off the floor. It started with just her leaning into you softly, and things went from there. Momizi seems very happy and content this way, and to be honest, you feel the same. You could sit like this forever really. You can imagine your relationship with Momizi being not much different from the way you lived life with her up until now. Taking on occasions, doing things routinely, the only real difference would be that you two would probably spend free time together like this. Hell, if you could help it, you'd sleep more intimately with her too, much like this. Your relationship with her will probably feel much more fresh and exciting, but this isn't so bad either. You don't think you could ever get tired of this. Just things the way they are, nice, simple, innocent...it's perfect.

The serene feeling of laying together with Momizi on the love seat results in both of you taking a short nap like that, it was just that comfortable. You didn't feel the least bit tired before laying like that, but the relaxation turned out too much for both of you. By the time you wake up, the sun is in middle of setting. An orange glow fills the room. You take a look over at the lovable puppet on top of you. Still seems to be sleeping. Her face seems to be turned towards you, presumably because that's the direction pointing away from the window producing the sunset's light. Her angelic expression soothes your soul and warms your heart. It's something you could stare at for days you feel. It's so mesmerizing. Her lips look as soft and juicy as ever, you can't resist yourself from touching them with your own. As your lips press up against hers, you feel a tingling sensation in your heart, a feeling of fulfillment, a pact once made finally satisfied. It doesn't take long for Momizi to awaken, her lips reacting to the romancing gesture.

"Mmm..." When you part your lips from hers and open your eyes, you see Momizi gazing at you wearily through her half open eyes, her lips once more moist to the touch. "Satoshi..."

"Good morning Momizi. Or, well, rather, good evening."

"Yes...I noticed. Your eyes have a spectacular glow in the sunset...Satoshi." You're taken by surprise from the sudden compliment, so bold coming from Momizi. Even more surprising is her forward kiss that she reaches up for, nabbing it from you like a squirrel taking home acorns for it's home.

This kiss is much more aggressive then any kiss you've had with Momizi prior to this one. Others before it have been sweet and tender, nothing more then the simple pushing of lips together, while it wasn't very exciting, that motion alone made your heart feel so light. Momizi's current forwardness is causing her lips to dance furiously with yours, her tongue rapidly attacking your lips, dangerously teetering on the edge of entering your hot mouth. You can tell she herself is very nervous about this though, as her hands grip yours from above them, her fingers making their way in between yours and gripping your hand in a timid, shaking fashion. As well, this all sets your heart aflame. It beats at an accelerated pace, running thr blood through your system faster and gradually heating up your body. What particularly does the job though is when Momizi makes the most unexpected move, using her grip on one of your hands to move it slowly from her stomach, and cupping it around her right breast.

"!" A shocked gasp escapes your mouth as soon as you break your lips from Momizi's, your nervousness skyrocketing. "M-M-M-Momizi..." Momizi doesn't take your surprised reaction in good health, making her regretfully look to the side.

"I-I'm sorry, this was unnecessary of me..." She looks like she wants to say more, but she can't get the words how. However, she ends up not taking your hand off her exquisite chest. It's not as big as her's but it is incredibly soft and pleasing to the touch. You really can't help yourself, you just have to squeeze it, just a small bit. But that's all it needs as it makes Momizi gasp out in turn and she practically melts like putty on top of you, her head edging closer to you, her nose gently digging into your neck lovingly. "S-Satoshi..."

The reaction took you off guard, but you want to do it more. There's nothing stopping you, in fact you're being encouraged with Momizi's small, silky hand still on top of yours as if begging, pleading for you to continue. That is precisely what you do. Very gently massaging it, getting a good feel of it, letting it mush up in between your fingers, even through the thin cloth. Light, tender moans are breathed out of Momizi's mouth as you continue fondling her. These soft, quiet moans are incredibly arousing. No, beyond arousing. If you didn't have any sort of self restraint, they'd drive you crazy. It isn't long before you have both hands on both of Momizi's breasts, her nose no longer digging into your neck, as her face now points straight up in an attempt to throw her head back in pleasure.


Momizi can barely utter your name out in between the pants and quiet moans that come out of her from your tender massaging. It's almost insane how terribly arousing this is, your body feels alight with fire as hot blood surges through your veins in a quick hurry. Your body shakes and shivers very subtly with the pleasure you feel from molesting her, a guilty pleasure of corrupting one's innocent, pure soul. Thoughts of what will inevitably come next you almost feel impatient. Your heart beats strong with the power of lust, and you can tell, you're not the only one here who has similar feelings right at this moment. You can feel the softness of her breasts straight through the cloth, and the cloth's thin material becomes apparent when your palms are gently poked through by the arousal of your silver haired partner.

"M-Momizi...are you..."


Almost as if already aware of her situation, Momizi cries out quietly, her innocent voice spewing cute, unhinged moans and squeals of delight and pleasure at your pleasing massage of her chest. She makes no effort to escape your grasp, despite her denial that she was being turned on by this act. One of her hands is gripping the top of the love seat, while the other is gripping the cushion under her. Is it that pleasing to her? Does she love this so much that such tame foreplay is already making her go wild? You want to continue. No, you don't just want to, you need to. You couldn't possibly give any thought to not ravaging this cute girl sitting in your lap. Removing a hand carefully from one of her breasts, you move it to start unbuttoning her shirt, the one barrier keeping you from feeling Momizi's dainty white skin and her hard, pink nipples. The moment you get one button undone, Momizi's eyes shoot open.

"S-S-Sato...shi...! What are...what...ahh..."

She can't look at you. She can only stare up at the ceiling in shock and fear of what you're doing. One by one, the buttons become undone, slowly but surely the treasure will be yours. Momizi's panting becomes more labored, her face heats up as a cute red blush forms across her cheeks. When you've done enough buttons to clear her chest, you sleekly slide a hand in and claim your prize. Your hand cups around Momizi's bare breast completely. She certainly isn't big by any means, still able to fit your entire hand around it, but only just barely. The breast itself feels exceedingly more softer then before, and the warmth from it is very clear. Squeezing it gives you a heightened feeling of ecstacy and pleasure that you've never experienced before. Her supple nipple pierces through your palm like a powerful spear, possibly more erect then even what hides inside your trousers. As well, helping to further all this is Momizi's tight gasp the moment you place a hand on her bare chest.

"---...!!!" You can almost feel the cushions being gripped by Momizi's hands. This must be very pleasing.

"Do you like that, Momizi?" You teasingly ask her, but she is clearly in no state to answer. Her widened eyes and gaping mouth are the signs of extreme pleasure she's experiencing. Is it that good? Or is this merely the corruption of a pure soul, being tainted by that of lust?

You think you might be enjoying this concept a little too much. But you can't help it. You want more. You want to continue dirtying this soul, defiling it for all it's worth. Is this bad? As you ask yourself that, you find yourself only answering that question with actions continuing this development.


Momizi's trying to resist now. But as much as she wants to tell you to stop, she can't. Without realizing it, you've hastily unbuttoned the rest of her shirt, split it apart gratuitously, exposing her chest for all to see. With this, your hands feast on their exquisite buffet, grabbing, pinching, playing, massaging as Momizi's milky white skin, doing with the soft breasts on her as you very well please. You can't help yourself. You can't hold back, there is nothing you can do. There is no amount of willpower in this world that could keep you from pressing forward now. The ecstacy feels far too great, far too powerful. As you continue massaging her chest, your head bends down with a will of it's own, and your lips attack her neck relentlessly, causing her to moan out more, cry out, you wouldn't even be surprised if tears were forming in her eyes because of how much you're polluting this once unadulterated soul.

"Nnnn--!! Sa-...Sato-...nnnn...!"

She can't even finish saying your name. How cute. How pure. How innocent. How pleasing it will be to contaminate this little girl with your seed later. You can't stop imagining it, even now as your lips comb her neck, looking for sensitive spots, and as your hands move about her breasts, pleasing them, massaging them, playing with them, even teasing her hard nipples. Ramming your incredibly hard manhood into her tight hole, piercing it, drenching your rod in blood as you deflower her mercilessly. All ending with shooting your white hot seed into her, permanently making your mark, defiling her essence to all those who would dare attempt claim her for their own. This is a very detestable deed, a sin for which you could never atone for, and yet you cannot see yourself stopping, your will for the present is in control and you have zero regard for any consequence this might have. You will only get this for one day, there is no stopping now.

As much as you try, no matter how much you might resist, one of your hands takes on a life of it's own and slowly slides it's way down Momizi's exposed stomach. The thin ivory surface is pleasing to run your fingers across, so soft and smooth, perfect and pure, just like Momizi herself. Her stomach isn't move much anymore, all her breathing and panting has moved to her chest, which with the other hand you are still pleasing. Your lips are still assaulting her neck wildly, your mouth digs into it's feast like some vampire thirsty for blood. You feel you've found a good spot to lick with your tongue on her neck, causing her pleasure to reach further heights. The moment her realizes your hand is reaching towards her lower body, her hand, still planted on top of yours, grips it softly, barely trying to keep you from going further.


She knows you mustn't. You know you mustn't. But both of you are simply too weak. Momizi cannot stop your advances, and you can't stop yourself from making them. Your fingers disappear under the top of Momizi's skirt. Through the corner of your eye, as your mouth gorges down on her neck, you can watch your hand begin to steadily slip under cover of Momizi's skirt, arousing you further, exciting you, you can barely contain yourself. Momizi's hand, failed in preventing you from entering the safety of her dress, just merely trembles above your hand, still laying upon it on the other side of the thin cloth. Your hand makes it's way under her soft underwear, and you begin to realize that your hand is feeling up Momizi's mound of venus, your middle finger barely getting a light touch of what seems to be pubic hair. You can't take it anymore, you take your mouth from Momizi's now red and wet neck. Your panting is a result from the excitement you feel more then the kissing her neck. Momizi's moaning by this time had reduced itself to fearful whimpering and squeaking.

"S-S-S-Sato...Satoshi...you...that...that place...is..."

"Forbidden? Is that what you want to say?" Momizi's eyes seem to well up for a moment, looking up at the blank ceiling in distress before they finally close with regret.

"I'm so sorry, Satoshi..."


"I'm not going to let things end like that."

With those words you say, your hand dips down in between Momizi's legs, and she nearly screams out. It's incredibly moist, incredibly warm, and very, very soft. The folds of her labia are almost gelatinous, they are so soft. They are also exceedingly easy to push apart, freeing the rest of her delicate flower. As you run a finger gently down it's tender, moist, succulent lips, your fingers are instantly drenched in a glistening, slick substance which you can immediately decipher as the juices pouring out from within her hot body. The entire area of her underpants are wet here, it's readily apparent that her extreme arousal was no joke, and that she truly was experiencing complete euphoria from your simple touch, your simple feel. Nothing more then that was enough to not only set her off, but cause her insides to violently explode in complete stimulation.

"You're so wet, Momizi..."

"N-No! Stop! Satoshi, pl---!!!"

Her loud plea is interrupted by your fore knuckles very gently pinching her erect clitoris. It had easily sought light from the intense arousal felt from earlier and was now piercingly hard, and extremely sensitive. You hardly applied any pressure at all, yet it causes such a reaction from Momizi that while she attempts to scream out, it's just so high, it's either totally inaudible or is unable to come out at all. It's surprising that despite the fact that you went ahead and rubbed an area so much more sensitive then her breasts or neck, that she so sternly and collectedly attempted to stop you from continuing. She must really, really not want you to go further, tainting such an area with your scent, an area normally reserved only for Momizi's future lifelong mate. That only serves to make the act that much more pleasing to do. Corrupting her with your very being. It is an exquisite act you will very gladly take part in.

Momizi's whimpers and cries accompany your further actions to dilute her will to resist you. Your index and middle finger run up and down the smooth texture of her lips, skimming briefly around the entry point to heaven in between them. In between your fore knuckles is her hard clitoris, displaying a keen erection that proves Momizi wants nothing more then for you to ravage her body like no other could. Looking at Momizi's face, you can see the deep redness creeping about on her cheeks, across that small, sensitive nose of her's. Her eyes are still wide but are slowly coming back together. Your fingers toying with the most private part on her body is making her act this way, and it feels like pure bliss. You can't even help yourself as you take your hand previously preoccupied with her breast and rest it upon her cheek, dipping two of your fingers into her mouth.

"--?! Nnggaaghh?! Agnnghhh--!"

Momizi's muffled and broken speech are inherently caused by your fingers twirling about in her mouth, playing with her tongue. The wet, warm sensation of her dribbling mouth and her soft tongue around your fingers only seems to arouse you further. You're shocked your pants haven't been destroyed yet, you can't believe how hard you are right now. You wonder if Momizi has felt it by now, and it's making her hotter as well. Her lust feels as if it's reaching dangerous heights itself, as the lips in between the folds of her labia continue getting warmer, like dipping your hand in warm gelatin. You have to summon all your willpower just to stave off ramming your fingers right into her likely tight pussy. The juices from within her just pour out of the entrance at such an accelerated pace. More and more you feel like you can't hold yourself back as your fingers slide up and down, all over and around, touching her lips, her clitoris, her pussy, everywhere in between her legs. Faster and faster the motion gets, almost simulating the actual act of sex, making even you start to pant.


Momizi is breaking down. Her cries are becoming fettered moans as she helplessly sucks on your fingers, playfully biting them, her hand even helps yours through her skirt, urging you to press forward, going faster, rubbing deeper, massaging her tender vulva for all it's worth. Her whole body is shaking in pleasure, and you can readily tell that she has simply given in, making herself a slave to her own desires. Not even you could hope to hold it in any further. You take your two fingers out of Momizi's mouth, much to her dismay as she feels the need to continue sucking on them as you can tell. You quickly give her a better treat by replacing them with the thumb on the same hand. Immediately Momizi begins sucking on the entire thing, including your hand partially, with the rest of your fingers resting under her chin, half of them wet and the other half dry.

"Momizi, you've really gotten into this..."

"Mmmm~! Mmmgghhh...~"

That was the only reply Momizi could really muster outside of the whimpering and moaning she's doing with your whole thumb inside her mouth. The way her tongue and mouth wrap around it, her tongue most of all, lapping all around, licking, massaging, you can only imagine how utterly euphoric this would feel if it were your rock hard shaft instead. Looking down, you catch sight of Momizi unclipping her skirt, and as she does this, you feel the pressure on your wrist from being bound in between the top of the skirt and Momizi's soft body dissipate. Deeper in your hand goes, willpower being a complete myth at this point as you plunge your middle finger straight into Momizi. You can feel her biting your hand almost painfully, a loud cry emanating from her full mouth. As you dip your finger deeper into the insides of Momizi, it becomes completely drenched in her juices, heating up instantly.

It's indescribable, just how amazing the inside of Momizi feels. Doing your best, you could describe her entrance as being very tight, yet easy to get into. Your finger feels as if it's being surrounded by a thick coating of hot, gelatinous magma. Yet it doesn't hurt, rather, it feels extremely pleasurable. It feels like your finger is poking into pure heaven. You can't stop your finger from gleefully wandering about the inside of her. The shock of it feeling so good is so great that your other hand has lost all engine and lifelessly falls out of Momizi's mouth, limp. Apparently Momizi is experiencing something similar as she could not keep your hand in her mouth, probably for good reason however. Her teeth are clenched together stiff, so much that if she were biting her lip, she'd have bit it right off most likely. Her eyes are also shut tightly. You can feign a guess that she's probably nearly ripping the love seat by grabbing at it so hard too. Her hands are showing signs of control though, or well, vague control. After having your finger pushed into her, she's scrambling to get her skirt and underwear off.

Momizi has to raise her hips a little to get the clothing off them, and soon after that you help her pull it down the rest of the way, all the while keeping your finger firmly planted inside her. After she kicks the skirt and underwear off, the leg closest to the back of the love seat rises up and puts itself steadily on top of the back, while her other leg falls off entirely, making her entirely spread eagle. Her bare legs are even more enticing then you ever thought before, especially in this position, and from under your hand is her cute, small tuft of hair resting right above the soaking wet pussy that you're currently indulging yourself in. She has willingly left herself open to you, and you intend on taking absolute full advantage of it. After all the frustration you've put yourself through at times, you're finally able to release it all, though it's unfortunate that you aren't releasing it on the one who caused you most of it. She will get her time though, you guarantee it.

Your other hand has went back to her breast, while the finger inside her starts on the real work. Thrusting in and out, mimicking the very motion you so very much desire to do with a much larger, much harder part of your body. Almost ironically enough, it's almost close enough to do that. If you extended your fingers outward from your hand's current position between Momizi's legs, you could probably touch the tip of your grotesquely swollen member, poking through your pants like some crude tent. The feeling is agonizing, terribly painful even. But the rest of the pleasure you feel throughout your body far outnumbers it. Your single finger going in and out of Momizi's utterly tight and hot pussy, your hand grasping, grabbing, massaging, playing, teasing with her incredibly and lusciously soft breast, the joyous moans and whimpers of her tender, high voice, uttering cries of bliss and ecstasy. All of it drives you wild. It's truly ludicrous how amazing all of this really feels. You want to keep going. Thusly, you push a second finger in, digging deep into her entrance.


Momizi's entire body appears to be convulsing, extreme amounts of pleasure assaulting her entire being, all at once. You're almost crying yourself, it's insane how much willpower it's taking for you to hold yourself back. But you want things to continue like this, just a little longer. You don't think you can keep yourself from limited your speed however, as your two fingers plunge deeply into her and come straight back out, repeating the process at such an accelerated speed. Momizi's cries and moans have become very loud. Tears stream down her cheeks, blooming a deep, scarlet red. Her fine, silver hair is even messier now, and her eyes refuse to open for the tears that must force themselves out. Pinching her nipple, driving into her wet pussy, all this excitement has already pushed you well over the edge, and you're simply holding on tightly to that thin branch that keeps you from truly losing all control and practically raping Momizi, right here. It makes you feel ridiculous, horrible and criminal, but the amount of control this euphoria has over you right now is absolutely unreal. You almost believe you're possessed.

Finally, it comes. After so much of ramming your two fingers into her passage, Momizi starts arching her back. As she does this, a long, drawn out scream of sheer bliss emanates from her wide open mouth. Her head is thrown back in the farthest position, and soon, your fingers inside her are covered further in a gooey warm substance. Pulling them out slowly, you examine the fluid they're covered in. It's glistening with the perversion that Momizi hides deep down inside. A few seconds later, she has finished arching her back, coming to a full rest on top of your body. Her panting is hard and labored, not enough for her to even think of speaking right now. She's still spread eagle in a very vulnerable and compromising position. You want to take her so badly right now, but the urges have faded a little with Momizi's orgasm. Your heart regains control, and you feel a better need to let her catch her breath first. The hand formerly on her breast combs over her hair gently.

"Momizi...I hope I made you feel good..." It takes a good long while of panting before Momizi can even begin to form proper speech.


Momizi struggles a bit to move, or more specifically, probably getting up. You decide you've laid like this too long yourself, and attempt to help her as well as yourself to sit up. It works for the most part...probably too well. As you push Momizi up and sit up yourself, her spread legs and perfect positioning causes pressure to be applied right on your standing rod. You're almost about to experience a wholly terrible world of pain, but Momizi catches herself before her entire body is set upon it, and instead, is much more embarrassing then painful. On second thought, maybe it's very painful. The tip of your shaft is only but separated by your thin pants from Momizi's tender, wet and hot pussy. Even worse, Momizi seems to recognize this as she grinds across the tip of your manhood poking out from your pants in a very lewd manner.

"A-Ahh...S-S-Satoshi...how...does this feel..." The urges are rising again. Your willpower is very quickly crumbling. You feel yourself succumbing very fast.

No. 16896
File 128049345631.jpg- (154.52KB , 800x1200 , a8d8883827fa5f559f54dfc04b302ea2.jpg ) [iqdb]
You want to enter her. Those words scream a million times in your head, at a rate of a hundred per millisecond. Your entire body quakes at the mere thought of her womanhood being so close, yet so far. She's torturing you, manipulating you, this is well beyond teasing and going straight into sheer excruciation. Momizi's soft panting and willingness to continue are certainly not helping. You're almost about to loudly whimper in a last, final, albiet futile attempt to hold yourself back when Momizi gets off your erect hardness. Just in time. She stands before you in front of the love seat, juices running down her silky smooth thighs, her tender, soft breasts being slightly hidden by the undone button shirt full of wrinkles. Her nude figure is absolutely astounding in this context, and is infinitely better then seeing it purely by accident. Her beautiful pink lips curl into a content smile. Her eyes glow with a gentle kindness to them.

"Master Satoshi, for what you have done for me, I shall repay you the favour by servicing you now." You blink up at her a little confused. For a moment, you're still too stunned by all that what's happened by now for your entire head to be together.


Your sentence is cut off by Momizi's aggressive, yet gentle lips. Her hands placed upon your shoulders, her feminine form bending down to you lightly. A soft, sweet kiss entrances you. Her lips tangle with yours for a short while, as her hands slide down your body, running across your shirt and down to your hips, grabbing at the top of your pants. When her kiss finishes, she gets down on her knees on the floor, and for a single, unending second, those eyes of hers looks up at you with an air of lust, desire and need for satisfaction. She trusts you that you will not let her down. For that one short moment, you feel something different. As if Momizi's true nature flashed in front of your eyes for just that moment in time. The true nature that not only would she never show to anyone she doesn't know, but not even you. The real Momizi that no one but her would ever see.

It is something you embed into your mind, permanently. Because you know you'd never get the chance to see that again.

"Ah..." Momizi seems thoroughly impressed by the raging girth she uncovers after pulling your pants down past your hips. "Satoshi...you're hard...and wet..."

"Y-Yeah, any guy would be after that..."

You felt like stating the obvious back at Momizi after she made that blazing comment. It's not really quite the same as when you're with her though. You almost make a mistake in wondering more about her when Momizi runs her slender fingers across your shaft. Ahh...yeah, that's a lot better. Thoughts dispersed, the pleasure takes front seat once more. It feels absolutely incredible the way she uses her fingers like that. You already can't help but pant. You can really feel your whole body trembling at the mere touch of this girl. She herself seems highly amused by this reaction, staring intently at your penis while the grey, messy tail behind her wags impatiently. Soon, her whole hand grasps around you, her fingers wrapping sensually around the rod that sticks straight up out of your body, hard and erect.

"Is this okay, Satoshi? With how wet you are, I will not be able to please you without getting wet myself..."

"Gah, don't worry about that, my hand is drenched so..." Momizi seems pretty taken back by your return comment before looking down incredibly embarrassed, almost a stark contrast to how she was acting a moment ago.


All you do is smile and put a hand on her head. Preferably the dry one. You start by stroking her cheek gently and moving up, stopping near the top of her head, where one of her cute dog ears lay. After giving her a comforting and encouraging pet of her hair and gentle scratching by her ear, she returns your smile and looks back down at your boiling shaft. Softly...slowly...her fingers, her hand, goes up, and then galls back down just as tenderly. Wrapped all around your manhood, her incredibly soft and smooth fingers and hand rubs you like no other could. This is much different from the euphoria you were feeling earlier when you were pleasing Momizi. This is much, much more releasing. It was as if you had been carrying massive weights for millions of years, and they were all lifted off your shoulders all at once for an exquisite feeling of relief. Your rod twitches in pleasure, reacting to her gentle stroking. This is absolutely amazing.

The feel of her delicate fingers wrapping around your shaft sends you into a completely different state from before, making you wish this could never end. Watching Momizi stare down intently with a smile as she strokes you slowly, softly, gently, going up and down with her hand. Your whole body is shivering with delight at this pleasure. This indescribable pleasure. The hand you put on Momizi's head is practically gripping it, her hair poking out from between your fingers. Momizi herself seems to be excited at doing this for some reason. You can notice her soft panting, her breath exhaling fast from her mouth, just barely reaching your manhood. You can even feel her heartbeat, as if you were in sync with it. It's beating very fast. Her excitement is high. Through all this though, you start to realize her breathing is drawing closer to you, until she briefly stops pumping you to deeply lick the tip of your erection. Needless to say, it takes you off guard.

"M-M-Momizi!" Momizi simply gazes up at you, her mouth still softly breathing her warm breath upon the tip of your shaft.

"Satoshi, I cannot continue like this, you are too wet. So the logical course of action is for me to lick it all off...~"

With that teasing voice that sends shivers down your spine, she continues. It's almost devilish the way she says that, and it's so different from the way she normally acts. Is she finally taking charge? Her molten hot tongue laps at the top of your shaft repeatedly. You can't even begin to comprehend how good this feels. Her tongue is absolutely perfect. Just licking the tip of you in this way makes you want to come in a most spectacular manner. Momizi's tongue laps around your tip, sucking up every bit of juice you've been leaking out this whole time as part of your long standing arousal. Her panting seems to be getting more labored, her body leaning more over your legs. Her hand is still tightly wrapped around your member, not letting go. You can't help yourself anymore, you feel like encouraging her now. This is just too good.


Momizi looks up at you a bit surprised at first before going back to your harden rod. She licks so deeply, it barely escapes going straight and fully into her mouth. Her hot breath is like pleasurable steam on your manhood, and her tongue, so forcible yet so soft, so prickly yet so pleasing, so hot yet so moist. It runs itself from the bottom of your member all the way to the very tip, pleasing every millimeter of the front of your erect penis so hard. All this while, both her hands are hard at work, wrapping their tender fingers around you wherever escapes her tongue's assault. Stroking you. Pumping you. Pleasing you. You're shocked you haven't gone insane yet, not from the loss of willpower, but from the sheer strength it takes to hold it in. It's exceedingly difficult not to come right in her face, practically exploding like dynamite. Momizi definitely exudes an air of inexperience in her licks and strokes, but it all feels so damn good, you couldn't care about it either way. It just feels so impossibly pleasurable.

You need to throw your head back, pointing it straight up at the ceiling. You want to watch, but the bliss is just too much to bear. Your other hand has joined the one on top of Momizi's head, and you're now holding onto her head tightly as she pleases you so well. Her tongue gives you a sense of euphoria unlike any other, and her hands are so warm and soft, and it feels as if it wouldn't matter how they touched you, it'd feel absolutely amazing. Your find yourself gripping Momizi's head harder and harder, clenching your fingers around her silvery hair. You can't help yourself anymore. It feels so increasingly good that you might die. You strained panting is overcoming the lewd, perverted noises of her tongue lapping itself at your shaft. It takes Momizi's muffled whimpering to bring you back to reality, making you realize that you subconsciously and inadvertently pushed her head deep into your crotch. Her face looks jammed into your lower stomach with her mouth wrapped around the top of your member sloppily.

"M-Momizi, I'm...s-sorry..."

Your words fade a bit. Even as you release her, she doesn't stop. Her expression looked extremely embarrassed, but worried all at the same time, as if worried that she isn't doing enough. She continues trying earnestly to please you in the way you unwittingly made her do. Her tongue awkwardly laps your erect rod from inside her mouth and her lips even meet with your lower stomach. The red blush painted on her face is even more apparent now then ever before, almost as if she felt shame in doing this. You're quite embarrassed yourself actually. You're almost afraid you might have even started attempting to thrust your hips into Momizi's face like this. You try to separate her face from your groin, though she resists at first until she gives in, thinking that she's failed you. It's only a brief second of defeat though, as she looks up at you with eyes screaming for help.

"S-S-Satoshi...how...how do I..."

Your stop her. You know exactly what she intends on saying. She's definitely as inexperienced as you thought, despite her forwardness from earlier. She must've gotten cold feet part way through. She's still highly excited though, her body has heated up to extraordinary temperatures. You know exactly what you want too, it's so terribly obvious. But only to yourself. Momizi's lack of familiarity with foreplay obviously causes her to be clueless as how to truly treat a man. Her intuition carried her a good ways in, but as embarrassing as it is, you need to guide her a little. Hopefully, this knowledge won't go to waste after today. Swallowing your dignity for a brief moment, you help your member stand up, pointing it at Momizi's mouth.

"Put...this in your mouth."

You feel so very awkward having to say that. Momizi too looks quite embarrassed, and shocked, to see you having said something so blunt. Still though, she looks back down at your shaft, seemingly considering it. After a swallowing of fear, Momizi slowly approaches it with her face. She takes hold of your manhood in your place, and starts off by licking it softly. A tender lick at the tip, a gentle lick further down, a deep lick up the shaft, and a passionate lick all around, wrapping her gifted tongue around your throbbing rod as if she were highly skilled at this. This is most definitely not how she feels though, as her breathing is nervous and anxious upon your member, her hands shaking lightly in anticipation. Does she know what she has to do? Is she afraid to do it? Her delicate face, which could be so easily broken in like shattered glass, hesitates in front of your member for a brief moment. You almost want to stop her. You're almost about to. But as your hands come to a rest back on Momizi's head once more, she dives her face in.

Slowly your throbbing hard rod penetrates her mouth, the tip of it pushing through her lips, being welcomed inside the hot cage of flesh and bone. Her shy tongue touches it gently as it enters in. Her moist lips wrapping around your shaft, her burning hot mouth and her tender tongue all amount into a truly exhilarating experience. Once again, you feel an orgasm knocking on your doors hard enough to practically call it a forced entry, as if trying to break those doors down. Slower and slower your penis goes in, resisting all temptation to come right inside her mouth. Eventually, it grinds to a halt. Momizi's eyes are shut tight, looking as if she's struggling. It must be a lot to take in, especially for someone so inexperienced. Still though, you can't let her stop there. You simply can't, it's not within your power to. Gripping her head, you push down on it lightly, trying to shove your manhood deeper into her hot mouth.


Her soft, weak whimpers don't reach your mind. You keep pushing down on her head. Slowly, but surely, your erect member goes further inside. Her hot, thick saliva coats your rod and her lips purse together around it. You know she can't handle it, you know she's not ready, but you keep going against all reason and proper thought, as the ecstacy is just too hypnotizing. Her hands shoot off your member soon and onto your hips as you keep penetrating her mouth deeper. Tears well up in her eyes again. She must be in so much pain. For some reason, it almost feels even more erotic, more arousing, making you want to continue. You're deathly scared of the thought of breaking her, but at the same time, it only serves to make you harder. You don't understand why. You don't want to understand. You want to stop, but your body refuses to comply. Soon enough, you can feel almost your entire penis pulsing inside Momizi's hot, wet mouth. Her tongue is pushed deeply into your shaft.

Once again, your head is thrown onto the back of the love seat. It feels just so good, you let out a moan that you had been holding back all this time. The urge to come is many times stronger, and yet you feel you can look at it in the face and laugh now. Your need to feel this pleasurable sensation continue is so much stronger then that, right now. You can feel Momizi's head trying to pull back, resisting your hands' attempt to lock her into place. You let her pull her head back out a bit, sucking on your pulsating dick, and then push her head back down lightly, producing more painful whimpers. The hot feeling of pushing back into her throat, her tongue pleasing you all the way as an unintended side effect, it all feels like heaven, even though you are hurting Momizi. You feel ashamed, guilty, and almost evil, but lost all rational thought a while ago. All that stands now is the need for pleasure, and the need for release. Sweet, sweet release into Momizi's hot, sticky mouth.

Your panting continues to increase in heaviness and speed at a rapid rate. The urge to release is all too great, but more and more you resist. Your hands gripping Momizi's head are trembling, her hair pinched between your fingers. Soon, your force is no longer necessary. Your need to push down on her head weakens as she begins sucking you off of her own free will. She doesn't go nearly as deep, but starts making it up with speed, as well as her tongue. It licks deeply into your shaft as she bobs her head up and down into your crotch, heating up, warmer and warmer it gets. Your panting starts getting really labored after you let go of Momizi's head and look down at her. Streaks lining her cheeks indicate where tears had been falling, but her red hot cheeks are quickly making short work of them. Up and down, in and out, your manhood can't take much more of this. You're really going to blow. In the heat of the moment, you attempt to decide on where the most appropriate place would be, but it all happens too fast. All you can do is give Momizi a broken warning.


You grit your teeth hard, trying to resist it for as long as possible, but it's truly no use anymore. Momizi keeps sucking on your rod like a piston. You throw your head back so hard, it hits the back of the love seat with a dull thud. The orgasm is a release beyond anything you've ever felt before. You're not sure if you yelled or screamed, but a loud noise does in fact emanate from your open mouth as your seed is fired out at incredible speeds. No matter how much you try against it, your penis continues shooting out semen at a steady pace, almost as if it lasted forever. It both feels marvelous and terrifying all at the same time. So much is being loaded into Momizi's mouth, you can't help but feel sorry for her. It must taste horrid. Yet, despite this, you can't stop coming. After what seems like forever though, you vaguely feel like it has stopped. A good few pants later, you look down at Momizi to inspect the damage. Indeed, she has the look of someone taking in something very bitter. She seems to have trouble swallowing for a moment before coughing suddenly, her mouth is clean, however.


"I...I'm so sorry, Momizi..." Momizi breathes out, catching her breath before kindly smiling up at you.

"No need to apologize, Satoshi. I decided that I would do that on my own. After all, if you had came anywhere else, it would have made a mess, right?" Her innocent looking smile and warm hearted demeanor make even the dirty deed she committed not too long ago seem like a mistake. You bellow a sigh, looking back up at the ceiling.

"Y-Yeah, that would have been unfortunate..." Just then, you feel Momizi get up on the love seat, right onto your lap. She faces you, sitting on your lap gleefully, straddling you in between her milky white thighs. Her smile is still cheerful and innocent, not one you would expect to seduce you. She snuggles warmly into your body after sitting comfortably on top of you.

...this isn't good. Her pussy is pushing down on your member. Her soft, wet, hot pussy. She must've been turned on even further by sucking you off like that. Her juices start coating you in an instant, It leaks everywhere out of her entrance. It's also so soft and warm. It feels like penetration would send you straight to heaven. Even though you had just came, this much is already putting your penis into stages ready for another round. It really doesn't take long for your shaft to start twitching and throbbing once more. Momizi can't seem to help but let out a giggle, though she doesn't look at you, opting to keep her head well attached and rested on your shoulder tenderly.

"You're still hard, Satoshi..."

"...Y-Yeah. I know. It's your fault."

"Really? My apologies then, I will get to work on fixing that."

At that moment, you feel a sliding, tickling sensation. Momizi's hips are slowly going up and down. Her pussy slides smoothly from the middle of your cock up to the tip and back down again. Her tender moans accompany her hands gripping your shoulder to tell you that she is really enjoying this. It causes your hands to gravitate to her hips and grab them tightly. They're very soft and supple, and despite her build, easy to grip. She would give birth exceedingly well, but this is unimportant at the moment. What is important is how out of this world this simple grinding feels. It takes only a few seconds of this and you almost feel like you're ready to come yet again. The gentle swing of her hips bobbing up and down onto your member. You want in. You want to enter her so badly. It's taking a lot of willpower to resist forcibly thrusting yourself into her. It's so damn easy from this angle too. But you want it to be more special then that. This is a girl you've sworn love to, even after someone had already come in and stolen your heart.

It isn't very long until you can't take it anymore. In a quick hurry, Momizi is pinned under you on the love seat. Both of you are panting heavily, looking into each other's eyes. Momizi's legs are spread open, one propped up on the back of the couch, the other gently falling off it on the other side. In between is you, with your throbbing, pulsing manhood pressed deeply onto Momizi's pussy. It's hot, sticky, wet and soft. It's the most exquisite thing you have ever felt in your life. Unable to resist it any further, your hips are thrust forward, but you take care not to enter her. Not yet. For now, you just satisfy the need and urge to simply push your hips into something. Your shaft rubs deeply into her, and it feels so very nice. Your face is but mere inches from hers. The both of you panting heavily, looking into each other's eyes.

"Ah...Momizi...I..." Before you can finish, Momizi gulps softly, looking deeply into your eyes.

"Please...take me, Satoshi." The lustful wolf under you pleads for your entry. But something still stops you. Just one thing you need to confirm.

"Is this your first time...?" Momizi nods, but reassures you.

"Yes, but unlike with humans, it should not be painful. White wolf tengu are born without hymens...there are myths surrounding this fact, actually. One of which is that due to the way we reproduce, the gods feared that we might take virginity seriously, and thus removed the physical concept of it."

An interesting tengu lesson just before sex. Your life is finally complete.

Without fear of it causing her pain, you're ready to finally take the plunge. You push your lips forward, meeting up with hers into a deep, passionate kiss. You want to feel her tongue with yours as you do this, for some reason. Your tongue is granted easy access into her mouth. You then quickly take position, pressing the tip up against her entrance, and push in with all your might. Despite the talk of lacking a hymen, it certainly feels like she still has one. Even with as wet as both of you are, entry is exceedingly difficult. It wrap so tightly around your member that it feels very painful to continue going inward. Despite this though, you carry on. Your mouth has not left Momizi's, and she screams a pained moan into your mouth. Her arms wrap tightly around your neck, pulling in further. Her pussy's tightness feels like it's severely damaging your rod after a while, and you need to break off the deep, passionate kiss. Momizi's face is completely red, tears streaming down her cheeks like before. She has difficulty being quiet.

"M-Momizi...I thought you said..."

"S-Satoshi!! I'm sorry! It still hurts!"

Momizi has to dig her face into your shoulder to take further pain. She probably isn't bleeding, but since it's still her first time, her entrance probably is too used to being closed all the time. It just means you have to break it in though. Despite your better judgment, you keep going, pushing as hard as you can. You're over half way there already. You hold onto Momizi tightly, trying to help her bear the pain that both of you are experiencing for the most part. It's difficult, it's hard, but you need to get through it. You're almost worried you're being skinned alive here. Further in your shaft goes. Inside, it's like a boiler. It's so hot, it's almost painful. But the more you get your member into her, the more you start feeling how incredibly soft and mushy it feels. It's like dipping your manhood into thick, hot jelly. You need to experience this more. You need to experience this the way it was intended to be experienced. Deeper in you go until you can push no more.

Momizi screams with every futile push you make after reaching the end. Her cervix denies you of going any further, no matter how much you knock on it's doors. Still though, you can't stop yourself from ineffectively thrusting more into her, trying to go deeper when you can go no more. You're not even sure why. Is it Momizi's screaming? Is it the fact that her pussy has not swallowed you whole? Is it because you're afraid that if you pulled out, you'd come immediately, right on the spot? The more you attempt to break her cervix, the more Momizi screams out, clinging onto you tightly. You're not sure if it's a painful or euphoric screaming though. It takes only a short moment though for you to regain composure and stop your vain exercise. You prop yourself up a bit to look at Momizi's panting, exhausted and beet red face.

"Momizi...I'm so sorry..." Momizi sluggishly shakes her head, still attempting to catch her breath.

"No...the apologies...are mine...I did not...anticipate that...it would still hurt..." Even talking seems like an effort to her. You feel really bad.

"M-Momizi...maybe we-" You stop yourself suddenly, upon feeling Momizi's gentle hand wearily caress your cheek with a kind hearted smile.


You...you just can't deny that face. That voice. There's just no way you could ever turn it down. As soon as your mind clicks, your lips are being forced onto hers again.

The feeling of your tongues dancing together fits well with your soft, gentle thrusting into Momizi's tender loins. Softly pulling out, gently pushing back in. It feels like true heaven. The painful tightness of Momizi's entrance has faded, your member now smoothly sliding in and out of her. Her tight lips wrap around your dick pleasing it to absolutely no end as you move your hips, and her magma hot walls accompany you as you dive further inside. You think Momizi is still feeling pain, but you're taking it slow and tenderly, at least as much as you can. It feels like it would take a hundred men to stop your hips from wildly ramming into Momizi, it just feels so good. But somehow, your willpower is persevering. You can feel her hands digging into your back painfully, her helpless cries muffled by your mouth. You already feel like you're about to explode so gratuitously. Before you know it, you already have. The dam breaks and without any way of stopping it, your seed enter her with frightening speed. A quick parting of lips and Momizi confirms your worst fears.

"You came already..." Head hung low, you feel quite ashamed.

"I-I'm sorry...it just felt so good..." Momizi just smiles and gives you a peck on the lips.

"It's okay, Satoshi...I feel guilty, but happy all at the same time. I took your virginity, something your lover will never be able to have now. It makes me special, even though it was a very detestable thing of me to do..."

"You...could tell I was..." Momizi nods looking at you.

"Yes. I am sure that as you gain more experience, you will be able to hold it in longer. That was how I was able to tell."

Now you just feel embarrassed. But it's not over yet. You're not going to let something so good end so quickly. Even after that climax, you can feel Momizi's tight walls, her hot flesh wrapped all around you. Just the thought of it alone is arousing you more and making you ready to keep going.

"Momizi...I'm not going to stop until we both come together."


Completely shocked, Momizi ends up not returning the ambushing kiss for a few moments before returning her arms to wrap around your neck and passionately kissing you back. Once again you feel like pushing in, thrusting your hips in and out of Momizi's. Instantly it starts feeling incredible, a euphoric dream, a blissful feeling totally unrivaled by anything you've ever felt before. It's truly unbelievable how good it really feels, even after having already orgasmed. Into your mouth, Momizi starts panting. Her whole body is heating up again. It seems like the pain has begun subsiding. Even as your fluids slosh around inside and leak out of her, it just makes the whole experience feel better and better. Momizi's legs begin to tense up a bit, the one on the back side of the couch falling off and pushing against your hip, while the other one gets back up on the love seat. Your arms are tightly wrapped around Momizi's small frame, it almost feels as if you were making love to a doll. But she is very real, and very living.

Your mouth is completely wrapped around hers, both your jaws are wide open. The both of you have twisted your heads a little to push your mouths further together, your tongues tying up in an intimate, sensual dance like no other. The exchanging of saliva runs furiously as the act goes on. Your hands are gripping Momizi's back tightly, just as she, yours. Her tight, melty walls around your member tenses up more and more as you push into it. It's become clear that this is pure, sheer, unadulterated bliss, that both you and Momizi are experiencing. Her tongue wildly flirts with yours, embracing it as if you were the only other person alive at this moment. Her thighs continue squeezing your hips between your legs until she finally gives in and abruptly wraps her whole legs around you. The penetration becomes deeper, wetter, tighter, with the experience reaching unheard of heights and going further and further. Words could no longer describe this amazing feeling. Nothing could. It's beyond heaven, something you feel that you will never truly experience ever again.

Your thrusts become faster, your pants become labored, your grip becomes tighter, the intensity of the session continues rising and rising without any signs of letting up. Her legs tightly wrap around your hips, locking you to her body. Soon the panting becomes too much, and you need to separate your face from Momizi's to start trying to catch your breath up to the rapid pace of your pushing. Her jaw remains sloppily open, her entire face completely flushed, and a look of pure, uninhibited lust glosses her eyes over. Both of you are panting heavily to the rhythm of your hips meeting together. Her legs urge you more and more to continue thrusting into her. Her walls are tensing up, her insides start feeling extremely hot, as hot as the sun. You know she's about to reach her limit, you are too. Your pace quickly stops, and you start briskly ramming your hips into Momizi very hard, causing her to produce loud moans that almost sound like screams, but they are screams of pleasure. More, more and more...until the release comes, all at once, where you finally let go as soon as Momizi cries out her loudest.
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The feeling of climaxing feels like it doesn't leave your body in the slightest. Even well after it is done. You can only assume Momizi has come as well. The both of you rest there panting very laboriously for a nice while. Her legs strangely continue to have the energy to stay locked around your hips though. Your body is too tired to move another inch. You just warmly embrace the wolf in your arms, coming to a full rest there like that. Momizi inevitably catches her breath before you do, where she begins petting your head softly while talking to you in an exhausted but happy manner, a kind warmth emanating from her small but soft body.

"Satoshi...I am so happy I got to have...this time with you...it is truly irreplaceable and nothing could ever match it. So much so that...I do not wish for it to end..." A short while passes while she holds onto your intently, her legs seem to loosen their grip on you. During this time, you catch your breath and respond.

"M-Momizi...do you...seriously intend on continuing?"

"I know you are only but a human, but...as a youkai, I am not satisfied by...such a small amount of activity...please forgive me, to make up for it I will start doing the work myself~"

You don't even have a chance to react. Momizi's hold on you becomes absolute as she begins manipulating your body.

Momizi gets you to roll around on the love seat a bit, until the positions are reversed. You're on bottom, and she is on top. What's particular about this position though is how nostalgic it is. The way Momizi's nude figure sits atop your body, the way you lay out a bit messily on the love seat, the heated feeling of your bodies having been together for so long, and that heat dispersing when the two of you separate for Momizi to sit up. It is so very much like the first time you truly felt sexually attracted to her. Her feminine form was truly a sight to behold, unlike anything you had ever witnessed before. The image is still burned hotly into your mind as if it had happened no more then a couple minutes ago. It set off a million alarms in your head, and was so incredibly amazing, it literally knocked you cold. It was then you realized that you were attracted to her as a woman. In the same vein, it is now that you realize that...you still are. As much as you love Momizi, this isn't what you truly want. You want her to be in her place right now. You want her to be taking your virginity, you want her to love you like this.

No matter how you feel for Momizi, it seems your heart is truly dead set on your former choice.

"Satoshi...?" Momizi's inquisitive voice brings you out of your trance suddenly. "What are you thinking?"

It's be a good idea to tell a white lie here.

"Oh...just how beautiful your body really is, Momizi~" Momizi is a bit surprised by your compliment.

"H-Huh? Really?"

"Yes. Your slender body, your soft breasts, your perfectly shaped legs...your face and hair is also adorably cute too." As you finish saying this, Momizi's face seems to glow an even brighter red as she weakly leans down to your face.

"Oh Satoshi..."

Your lips meet once more in a passionate fashion. Even as fatigued as your body is, your hardened cock seems to still want more somehow. It's almost scary, but you might be able to chalk this up to your virgin body releasing so many years of pent up tension. Your body is in pretty bad condition, but even without having to move, you are being pleased to high heaven once more as Momizi rocks her hips up and down, the lips of her pussy sucking deeply on your member. Her hands take a hold of yours, with their fingers intertwining lovingly, sensually, intimately, holding each other tightly as the two of you resume the passionate, almost primal kiss that the two of you engorged yourselves into from before. Her fingers are gripping your hand tightly, and her tongue more wild then ever before. While she might not have came earlier, who knows, she must certainly be close to a good one. Her eagerness to take this with a quick and hard pace is very readily apparent.

Momizi soon breaks from your lips, panting laboriously as she sits up, bouncing her whole weight onto your hips. The gentle smacking sound of your skin meeting hers in an abrupt fashion accompanies Momizi's panting and moaning. Her hands are stilled tied into yours, her arms using your hands as a brace to keep her upper body from falling. The tightness of her pussy seems to be heightening further, almost as if trying to suffocate your manhood, but you're still incredibly hard. The tightness is only serving to increase your pleasure more. Momizi's moaning starts getting more and more intense as her hips bounce up and down merrily on top of you. During all this time though, her eyes stare lustfully into yours. It's as if her very soul wants to make love to yours.

It's pretty difficult not to feel bad right now, even during this act. Your true, actual love is sitting elsewhere, all while this wolf here is screwing you. This girl...might love you even more then she does. But did that change your opinion? Well...maybe somewhat. The turmoil storming up in your heart is making the act feel more sensual, responding to your increasing sensitivity. You can feel your body's energy returning quickly with each passing pounding heartbeat. You want to see her...but at the same time, you don't. You want to please Momizi more, make her more happy, but that isn't where your heart truly lies...the more you grip her hands, the more you feel her entrance wrapping around you, the more you feel her hot gaze, all the more it feels painful to deal with. This position is the problem. It isn't long after you realize this that you sit up suddenly and push Momizi down face first into the love seat.

"Kyah! S-Satoshi what a-Mmmnngghh!!"

You don't give her a second to finish, already you have pulled her hips up as you stand on your knees behind her, and have entered her from behind. One of your legs is standing on the floor, with the other kneeling on the couch, Momizi is on all fours meanwhile, her ass pointed straight up into the air, her bushy tail swishing about after having quickly made way for you. You don't even bother responding, you're just ready to let loose even more frustration and tension then ever before. Reinvigorated, your body is quick to start ravishing the wolf in front of you, so vulnerable. Your hands are firmly planted on her hips as you drive your meaty cock into her, her pussy seems to respond as well by getting more tense, heating up with every thrust. You can see Momizi further in front of you grasping and gripping the love seat's edge almost as if about to rip it apart, and her loud moaning and screaming is a good indication that she's trying her absolute best not to.

Slamming your hips into her rear feels far too satisfying and gratifying for it to be right. But if this is wrong, then you don't want to be right. Not at this moment anyways. The more and more you drill your throbbing member into her, the more blissful it continues feeling. Your whole body is practically shivering in delight. It's going to be exceedingly difficult to hold it in very soon, but you're determined to continue pleasing Momizi to your absolute limit before giving in. To help this objective, you decide on something sensitive. That bushy tail of hers has been swishing about in front of your for a while, brushing across your stomach and chest feverishly. It's been tempting you ever since you first rammed yourself into her, the way to wags and moves about. Soon you can't contain yourself anymore and give into this strange urge, grabbing hold of her tail tightly with both hands, one near the base and one further above. You grip it tightly and use it to keep her hips steady. The result is even louder screaming on Momizi's part.

"S-S-Satoshi!!! Kyaaahh!!!"

The scream is nearly ear piercing, you're not sure if it's painful or what. But one thing's for certain, this is very satisfying for you. It's like having a tall poll as a handle to grab onto. It's somewhat harder to keep her hips steady like this, but it's so much more gratifying. Her whole tail seems to go limp in your powerful grip as you thrust deeper and harder into her. The fur across it scatters about being sloppily parted by your tightly gripping fingers. The more you grasp at her tail, the tighter she starts feeling, almost as if it were a button or a switch that did it. You keep moving yourself closer, almost beginning to lean over her vulnerable body. Her whole upper body is hugging the arm of the love seat in a desperate plea to orgasm. You're not even sure, she might very well be coming now. Her loud screaming and moaning doesn't let up in the slightest as you continue to pound at her red hot flesh. You don't think you could last for very much longer now.

You keep going...and going...and going...in and out so many times your member goes through her tight, wet entrance. To keep your pace going strong you eventually have to keep one hand on her waist and the other on her tail, tugging it hard. Momizi's cries and screams become incomprehensible soon enough, tears streaming down her cheeks like waterfalls. You swear that is she hasn't came by now, she better come soon. You can't hold it in anymore. A fourth time. Four times you'll have came now. Most guys would kill for this kind of stamina. Maybe's it's Momizi's influence. But you can't see yourself stopping now even after all that, up until you come one last time. You start giving it all your got, and even though your body should be totally drained of all it's energy, your hips drill your hardened cock into her tight pussy like never before. You're driving into her so hard, the slapping noise produced by the sudden meeting of your skin with hers is loud and echoing through the room, even matching Momizi's loud screaming. Despite all this, you can still hold it in for a short while yet. But of course, it all comes to an end eventually. Your body finally loses it's last bit of strength as you explosively come inside her once more, filling her up in an instant. The screams halt very suddenly. Momizi is in so much shock from the orgasm that her vocal chords are no longer capable of producing the louder scream she wants to emit. Her body just twitches furiously with each shot you fuel into her.

Almost instantly you fall backwards onto the love seat. You have absolutely no energy. In fact you quickly become afraid of suffocating, because your body doesn't even have the energy to breathe anymore. You barely somehow manage though. On the other end of the couch is Momizi, shaking violently. Her position hasn't changed much, but she's very weakly, yet very tightly grabbing onto the cushion of the love seat. She must have came. That's good news...it takes so much effort to please her. You wonder if it's going to be like that with her too. God forbid...you don't think you could survive that, under any circumstance. You might need the ability to go youkai very soon if you intend on pleasing her like this. But you can feel satisfied for now that you thoroughly pleased a strong youkai. You don't think many other humans could do anything like what you just did. This was quite the feat you feel.

It takes a while for you to recover. A very long while. You pretty much fell right asleep soon after the fourth orgasm. No, actually, a better way of describing it is that you fell totally unconscious right after. You stressed your body beyond it's limit and it completely, totally and fully shut down altogether. You have absolutely no clue what had transpired afterwards, but when you awoke, you were laying in bed in your bedroom, with Momizi sleeping halfway on top of you, cuddling you tightly. The both of you were also stark naked. Looking out the window, it's very early morning. But you still wager that you've been asleep for a good ten or so hours. You still feel ungodly tired too. So much so that you decide not the break the moment, and just hold Momizi in return, taking advantage of the situation and savoring the moment. Her skin is very soft, and very, very enjoyable to hug. You hope that you can still hug her at the least in the future. At the very least, to make this whole ordeal seem less traumatizing to her. You still love her after all, even if your heart belongs to someone else truly.

You're still not positive how it's all going to work out yet. Would sh-...that is to say, would Rin feel okay with having Momizi around? You're not sure on the specifics, but if Momizi is a wolf and Rin's a cat, wouldn't that mean they're more or less mortal enemies? You sure hope not. You have this brief fantasy about the three of you living together as a happy family. You'll want to tone down the whole love thing with Rin in front of Momizi, since that would just be a dick move. You want to spend your quality time with both however. While you'll be keeping romance and such specific to Rin, you'll still want to have healthy alone time with Momizi too. As long as you don't get tempted with her...which is harder then it sounds, certainly. Urgh, you wish you didn't have to choose. Deciding is hard. Granted, it'd be easier, maybe just by a bit, if you hadn't fell for her already yourself...and it'd certainly be a lot easier if you weren't so damn nice and felt incapable of ever saying no, especially to a cute girl with animal ears adorning her cute little head. Man, what a predicament...

"Mmmnn...Master Satoshi...?" Momizi seems to have noticed you're awake. You pet her head softly, smiling at the tired pup.

"Good morning Momizi. You look well." Momizi smiles at you gently, full of kindness towards you as always.

"That is because I got to spend time with you the way I truly wanted...I feel as if I could die happy now." You feel almost saddened that it'll be the last she'll spend time like that, but as long as she's happy, you guess you'll try to put it behind you for now.

"Say Momizi...what happened yesterday? You know, after...that."

"Hm? You had fallen asleep Master Satoshi for a few minutes later I carried you off to bed." It takes a couple moments for you to get over how dumbfounded you are right now.

"Uhh...e-excuse me? You picked me up and carried me back to my bedroom? So soon after what happened?" Momizi is looking at you quite puzzled.

"Yes. Why? It wasn't any problem, Master Satoshi. You were quite easy to carry back into the bedroom."

Well now you just feel terribly small. You totally collapsed for so long after that. Momizi on the other hand almost instantly regained most of her strength, somehow.

"...w-well, as long as you're happy then~" You try and put on your best happy face, even past your stunned state. Momizi in response, cuddles her head back into your shoulder, holding onto softly.

"I hope that, as a family, Master Satoshi, we will lead a very happy life."

"...I'm sure we will. I'll make it happen. For us, Momizi."

As depressing as the situation is, you must carry on. For a while you lay there like that with Momizi, resting up and thinking of something to do. Anything that might help Momizi overcome the tengu and allow herself to stay with you. It's so incredibly difficult. Nothing good comes to mind. How could you face the tengu? One of the higher powers of society, even among the youkai, and you're about to try and kidnap one of their own kin. Momizi seems to have confidence in you however. Maybe it isn't as hard as it seems? Still though...you might have to come just short of getting on your knees and grovelling at the lord's feet for this. The only clues you got on them are from Keine, who wasn't of much help to begin with. She didn't even tell you anything that might help Momizi, though there's certainly a good reason for it you figure. Although...thinking about it, that could be your first step. Keine said she would help you. She seems to know a great deal about the tengu. Yeah, that works.

As you go ahead and sit up, ready to follow through on your judgment, Momizi sits up a bit herself, modestly covering her bosom with the blanket over her. "Master Satoshi? Do you not want to stay like that...?"

"Oh, trust me, I do, but today's the day you leave to return home right? We should prepare for it right away." As if having forgotten, Momizi's expression is a bit surprised before her face turns to one of heartbreak.

"...y-yes. You are correct." You go ahead and reassure her, however. A small pet on the head and a few encouraging words is all you'll need together with a heartfelt smile.

"Don't worry, we're not going straight to the mountain. When we do though, we'll be going there with the intent that we'll both leave that place together in the end." Momizi looks up at you sadly, but touched nonetheless.

"Master Satoshi...do you really think you'll succeed." You stifle a laugh. Not too long ago you were asking that yourself.

"Well I have to right? You're a part of my family now, I've decided on that." Just then, out of sheer curiosity it seems, Momizi asks a bit of an unexpected question.

"Master Satoshi, please forgive me for asking but...what kind of family did you have?"

"..." You're not sure how to answer that at first, so you hesitate. You didn't like thinking much about your family. After the talk you had with Keine a few days ago, it just made it an even more sensitive subject. Momizi seems to realize this and retracts herself.

"A-Ah, please forgive me...that was a very inappropriate question for me to ask so suddenly..." You shake your head though. If she's family now as you've just announced, then she has a right to know.

"No. My parents died to a youkai attack of some sort when I was pretty young, my grandparents took care of me until I was fourteen...my grandfather died when I was twelve and my grandmother two years afterwards. I had no real recollection about any other family I had..."

"So...we are very much alike then, Master Satoshi."

"Then...let's help each other by being each other's family then." You say this with a light, though weak smile on your face. Momizi returns it with a more genuine one.


After the two of you get dressed, it's time to head on over to Keine's. You know where her house is now, so it's no problem to find her, most likely. Thing is, it turns out to be much less of a problem then you thought...




As you open the door out to leave, you see Alice and Keine standing on the other side, much to your disbelief. Alice is a bit puzzled, while Keine is more surprised then anything. What better time to ask the immortal question.

"Okay, what are you two doing out here?" Keine looks off to the side, rather nervous to get out what she wants to say.

"Ah, well, that is..." Alice on the other hand is much more upfront and straightforward.

"I want to know what she's up to myself. I was merely passing by on my way to Marisa's." You take a look over at Keine. She's still distracting her eyes to avert your gaze, but she appears much less nervous now.

"I was just checking up on you Satoshi. I had this nagging feeling you were about to do something reckless..."

"Oh, really?" You answer back at her. "Funny, I was about to go see you myself." Keine's expression suddenly changes, from her initial discomfort to a worried look that screams 'I am about to die aren't I?'

Alice seems to pick up on Keine's mood and decides to pick with you about it. "What, trying to spread your misfortune onto others now, Satoshi?" You can't help but growl a bit back at Alice. That was still a bit of a low blow.

"Quiet, Alice. This is serious. I need to ask Keine about the tengu." Just then, Keine's look becomes a mixture of her earlier discomfort and total worry.

"So you were about to do something reckless..." As a sigh escapes your mouth, you wonder what made you think this was really all that good of an idea. Still though, she owes you, and you're not about to let this slip away from you when you need all the help you can get.

"Please, just hear me out. I've...I've decided to take in Momizi as my own."

That might've been worded a bit better. Upon realizing it, Alice and Keine look at you quite flabbergasted. Even Momizi is impressed you said it so very bluntly. The very first thing said comes from a rather peeved Alice.

"Oh? What of your previous girlfriend? You sure are loyal, Satoshi."

"H-Hey! I didn't mean it like that! I wanna take them both in!" Before you get a proper grasp on how that sounds, Alice returns an even more annoyed and frustrated quip.

"So you want a harem then is it? Here I thought something important might've been happening to you." Keine on the other hand is looking at you quite disappointed.

"Satoshi...do you really know what you're getting yourself into?" Giving off another big sigh, you prepare to settle things out from this odd twisted, tangled mess. Though you guess in the end, you ultimately deserve it.

"Ah, no, it isn't like that. I mean, I still love Rin, I really do...but I can't just give Momizi back after what happened. I..." Your expression clouds over as you have difficulty saying the next part. "We're the only family we got for each other...it's not as if I could let go of my real daughter like that..."

Alice is wearing a difficult look on her face, though it seems to be of that which says she is having trouble coming up with a proper responce to that. Keine on the other hand, understands a lot better.

"Satoshi, I know where you come from when you say that. Many times have I regretted that I could not take you in when you were younger, like many of the other children that had lost their caretakers in similar ways before you. But it is not that simple, even if you were able to sort out living together as a human and a youkai, this is the tengu we are talking about. There is no feasible way that they would simply hand over one of their kin to a human." You look over to Alice, but she seems to share similar principles.

"The tengu are a very high power society, Satoshi. You cannot win against them. Only if you were, say, Yukari, would they even begin to listen to you." For a moment, you narrow your eyes at Alice, but she reads your mind and gives quite the flat responce. "No. Think of something better."

Ugh. How troubling. Neither of them are of any help. Maybe it really is pointless. Momizi looks over at you sadly, accepting her fate. "Please do not let it get you down Master Satoshi. Please, we should just stop this farce..."

Just then, Keine chips in, looking down in a serious thinking position.

"No...there may be one way."

You and Momizi look over at Keine, Momizi more in shock, you more curious. Since you're eager to find out, you go ahead and ask.

"You think so? Please Keine...anything will help. Anything at all." Keine then looks over at you and Momizi with a serious expression on her face.

"There have indeed been records of members of the tengu family leaving their stationed settlement and becoming full fledged individuals. To do this, the tengu undergo a 'parting ritual' to test whether or not they have the right to become such." Momizi responds in a fairly confused manner.

"What? How come I have never heard of this...?" Keine looks off to the side a bit painfully.

"Probably because the white wolves in particular are meant to never know about this..." Both you and Momizi, as Keine probably expected, are pretty shocked by this turn of events.

"H-Huh?!" Keine then looks back at Momizi seriously.

"What I have just told you, you will from now on take responsibility for. I cannot say what will happen now that you are aware of this, but in order for you to do this, I had no other alternative. I hope you are prepared to bear the consequence of this action." Momizi blinks for a moment before returning with a similarly serious nod back.

"I am very much prepared for anything that will come my way. I will not disappoint you." It's almost scary how very much alike these two are in a way.

"Still though, even if they let slide the fact that you're a white wolf...someone like you challenging the tengu would be-"

"Completely possible."

Out of nowhere, everyone else ie surprised by Alice's sudden interjection. However, she seems very serious about her statement, looking at Momizi with a cold stare, as if examining her. Keine is quite curious, so she inquiries about this.

"Alice? What are you talking about?"

"She has the potential. Just trust me on this." Just then, Alice turns off to the side, looking at you and the rest over her shoulder. "I am going to head to Marisa's. When I come back, she will be by my side. She will give you the rest of the details. Just wait here in meantime." Just like that, Alice walks off towards Marisa's house. Quite surprising really. But there's not much you can do but wait until then.

"That girl...just what is she up to..." Keine seems to ponder to herself as she watches Alice walk off. You're not sure yourself, but she's so methodical, you wouldn't be surprised if what she said were really true to some extent. Just then though, Keine looks back at you. "Alright then Satoshi, while we're waiting, you may as well tell me everything that's happened with you. I feel quite far out of the loop, so I would like to know just what has been going on."

You're a bit taken back by this sudden question. You look over at Momizi, who looks up at you before lowering her head with her eyes closed. Looks like you're going to have to run it by Keine whether you like it or not...

You tell Keine all about what's happened, beginning with her. Rin. This mess might not even be half as complicated if not for her. You might not have even agreed to take care of Momizi if not for Rin. Rin is where everything ultimately starts...on that fateful day, when the weather had started cooling, winter was arriving, bidding farewell to the fall. Before that, she was a mere acquaintance. No more then an annoying, obnoxious feline that bugged you anytime you wanted to spend a nice chat with Satori. But the connection between the two of you runs deeper then that. You've always shoved it in the back of your mind, but it was likely ultimately her that got you out of the village in the first place. She was also the one you truly talked to most, from the very beginning without ever having realized it. Was it fate? Destiny? Dumb luck? You couldn't say for sure. You just knew that there was a lot more to her then met the eye.

You can tell Momizi is having difficulty just listening to you talk about her. She isn't displaying many signs, but you think you know better. Her breathing is a bit erratic. You hate to break her heart like this, being unable to truly return the love she gives you. But you press on. Keine needs to know. You know she isn't going to settle for anything less. More and more you give Keine details about the time you spent with Rin, before she visited you, and then during. You try not to look at Momizi while talking about Rin's visit to your home. Those painful winter nights that passed...they really strengthened the bond between you and Rin though. You saw her during moments of weakness you thought weren't possible. You found out that Rin can indeed be very emotional and sensitive, must like her true nature as a female. You wanted to be there for her all those times...and...you're certain that she wanted that too. You have so much to tell her, so much to talk to her about, so much to hear from her when she gets back, now that you've had things happen that have changed the way you think about your relationship with her.

After telling Keine about how Rin disappeared, you move onto Momizi...this pup has lots of problems, problems that no one really bothered talking to her about but you. Maybe youkai society is nothing like human society, but you find it cruel that people just ignored Momizi's problems and went about their usual business. Being the white wolf tengu's only hope of guaranteed survival, bringing them out of underpopulation and from under the other tengus, as well as having lost much of her family to begin with. Her father...she still believes her father is still alive out there, and yet...it's probably not likely. Not true at all, really, if what Keine said is to be believed. At least, even if he were, he wouldn't be the same. You're not even sure if he knew what was coming to him. It's all so sad...how could you sit there and ignore all that? Maybe you're too nice, but since Momizi wants to stay with you, you can't find yourself turning her down, regardless of the circumstances.

"I see...so despite the fact that two different youkai don't normally mix well, you're going to try and live under the same roof as them anyways?" Keine asks you, quite skeptical of your plan.

"I can make it work! I've gotten along with them so well up until now, surely I could convince them to be friends too. Isn't that what you want Momizi?" You take a look at her, but however, she's looking off to the side with a difficult expression on her face. You think you know what that means. "M-Momizi, don't tell me..."

"You don't think they wouldn't compete for your attention, Satoshi?" Keine adds on. "Be it far from me to compare them to real pets, but still...it does seem to me that the both of them are clearly infatuated with you." Well, she would be right. More then right really. If Rin does still love you, like you hope she does, then that would mean you'd be living together with TWO girls that have fallen for you...naturally they won't want the other to have what they want. Gee, it seems you haven't perfectly thought this through.
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"A-Ah, well, you...you see...uhm..." You're actually having difficulty thinking of a retort. Your confidence has plummeted as you realize that there's still one thing that would keep them from getting along, even if you could make them see past all differences, there is one difference they will never get over.

"Master Satoshi." You hear Momizi's voice as she tugs on your sleeve. Looking down at her, you can see she's giving you a sad look. But it's...one of acceptance. You'll...

You'll really have to make it up to her. Someday.

"...it'll work out. Trust me on this, Keine." You say back to her, rebuilding your wall of confidence in this subject. Keine stares at you for a moment before sighing.

"I guess if you put your heart into it Satoshi, you can do anything...after all, if you can really separate this wolf from her clan, then it'll certainly prove it. You've gone this far." With that, she reaches into her hair, somewhere above her ear. She then pulls a small magatama out, that looks like it can be pinned to some hair. She holds it out, and spectacularly, it slowly transforms into a double edged sword with shide hanging on the bottom of the hilt. Keine turns it to it's side, in a way to hand it to Momizi. "You are more proficient with weapons, right? You may borrow this for until you complete the separation ritual. It's divine powers will strengthen your abilities and protect you, but only once. After that, it is but an ordinary sword. Understood?" Momizi seems quite surprised at first, slowly taking hold of the sword and examining it before nodding back at Keine with a serious look on her face.

"I understand. I will not let you or Master Satoshi down. Please, depend on me." You yourself are actually quite impressed with Keine too.

"Keine...is this really alright?"

"Think of this as my end of helping you with this, Satoshi...I am sure Alice has her own methods of helping you. She seems quite intent in making sure you achieve what you want." You scratch the back of your head a bit, somewhat confused.

"Uhh...yeah? I guess so...I don't really understand that myself. I don't think I'm particularly special to her." Keine closes her eyes, sighing a bit.

"Maybe. But that doesn't necessarily have to be the only motive..." Before Keine can finish though, Marisa and Alice drop from the sky, having rode on Marisa's broom. As usual, Marisa seems quite pumped up.

"'Ey! I rushed here as fast as I could after what Alice told me. So Momi here needs some training, huh?" Before you can get a proper grasp on what's going on, Momizi is already bowing in acceptance of her new trainer.

"I place myself under your care, Master Marisa." You decide that you'd get quicker answers from Alice herself.

"Uhh, what's going on here?" You ask her as you approach the stoic puppeteer.

"What does it look like? Momizi will apprentice under Marisa for the time being in preparation for her separation ritual." Well, yeah, okay, you kinda got that much. It definitely does look like that. But still.

"Okay then. But...Marisa?" Marisa then chimes in with her usual cheery attitude.

"Aww, come on now Satoshi! I've fought her before, she's really got potential! She's a hell of a lot stronger then the other tengu. Maybe it's in the genes or somethin', but this girl's special." Genes huh...that might be more correct then even Momizi had bargained for. "Besides, I've been itchin' to teach someone my tricks of the trade anyhow. This'll be fun!"

"R-Really, huh?" You don't particularly like the sound of that, knowing Marisa. You look over at Momizi, who's looking back at you with an expressionless face. "And you're okay with this...?"

"Whatever helps me achieve my goal of staying with you, Master Satoshi." She replies back without changing her expression at all. Well...you guess you can't argue then. What can you do? It...should help, right?

Throughout that day, Momizi trains with Marisa. Marisa seems more interested in actually sparring with her then teaching though...time and time again, Momizi simply gets her tail kicked though. It's very clear that Marisa is of a much higher league then Momizi. Does she stand any remote chance of fighting the tengu? Who knows, maybe she doesn't really have to fight them at all...thinking about it, you really don't know anything about this whole 'separation ritual' thing, other then the fact that it apparently requires strength you guess. You dunno if Keine really knows anything about it, and quite honestly, you're a little hesitant to even ask. Momizi obviously knows nothing of it...although, speaking of Keine, there is something you need to talk to her about. Later that night, you catch the perfect time. Marisa and Alice are gathered at a campfire further out into the clearing in front of your house, trying to get Momizi to grasp the basic concept of focus, or something like that. Keine is standing a bit in front of your house, watching. You stand beside her and watch too.

"You're pretty synchronized with the tengu, aren't you, Keine?" Keine doesn't look at you as she talks.

"Yes. I work with them to record Gensokyo's history, after all. It is my profession as ruler of this land's past."

"Really...that power sure gets you places, doesn't it?"

"With great power comes great responsibility, Satoshi."

"I suppose that's 'responsibility' is why you can't tell me about the true relationship between the tengu and Momizi."

"No, that is simply why I do not tell her. I do not tell you because your relationship with her would be much more difficult had I told you."

"I see...you're still looking out for me even in the end, huh Keine?" You look over at her and she's giving you this big, heartfelt smile.

"I'm glad you finally realize that, Satoshi~"

The night ends with the two of you watching Momizi haphazardly trying to better herself with combat. You don't remember falling asleep, but when you wake up, you see that it is almost sunrise. The sky is a very dark blue, but light is starting to vaguely illuminate the forest once more. Keine has apparently left already, you had fallen asleep sitting up against the side of your house. Wow, if not for Marisa, Alice and Momizi, you probably would've died being eaten by some rampant youkai out here. You feel a bit thankful. In the clearing in front of your house, Marisa, Alice and Momizi are still at it. You go ahead, get up and give yourself a bit of leeway to wake up before approaching them.

"You really think she's ready Marisa?" You hear Alice as you draw closer.

"I dunno, I really don't think she could take any higher ups...but this should be enough for todya. She learns really fast though..."

"And yet my power has not grown by any..." Momizi says after Marisa comments on her ability. Marisa comes back with a wide grin on her face and an encouraging comment.

"Hey, strength like that is built as time goes on, but I think when the situation calls for it, you'll be just fine!" The three then turn to you suddenly, almost catching you off guard. "Mornin', Satoshi."

"Ah...good morning." Is the most you can utter back.

"Master Satoshi, we should get going. I am certain they have grown suspicious as to why I never returned yesterday." Marisa goes ahead and gives you some advice after Momizi reminds you that she was to go back yesterday.

"Satoshi, I want ya to stick by her side the entire time, okay? Things might get a little difficult for her...but if you're there cheering her on, she'll definitely make it through~" You're not sure how to take that. You look over at Alice, who just rolls her eyes.

Was...was any progress really made? At all?

"Uhh...th-thanks Marisa. I'll definitely try to do that." You say back. It'd be a real downer not to put faith in her now. After all, you're kinda riding on this now, for better or for worse. "I won't ever leave Momizi's side, even if it means certain death."

"Good on ya, Satoshi!" She says, patting your back heartily. Maybe too heartily, you nearly cough. She then takes her broom and yawns. "Sheesh, I got no sleep done tonight...but hey, it was fun either way!" She then looks over at Momizi with a confident look on her face. "Just remember what I taught ya then, and you should be just dandy! Don't forget now..." She yells out with gleeful happiness as she gives Momizi a great big thumbs up. "LOVE!!!" Looking over at Momizi, you can only see her silently and seriously nodding. How the hell could she take that so seriously? After a farewell from Marisa as she rides out into the dawn on her broom, you are approached by an exasperated Alice.

"...I think it would be best if you did not think too hard about what Marisa has said. It only needs to apply to Momizi." You're kinda dumbstruck, really. But you agree nonetheless. "Well then, I shall wish the two of you luck. Just keep in mind one thing Satoshi, if this is what you truly want...then you mustn't lose faith in your goals." With this, she hands you back the rusty key that started your friendship with Alice. The very same one you gave her on that day she went out to protect the forest when Momizi got hurt. "You will need this, I'm sure...don't lose it." You're a bit skeptical when Alice says this.

"Don't lose it huh...? I never thought of you as superstitious, Alice." Alice just closes her eyes and smiles as she turns.

"There's a lot about me that you don't know. I'm sure that the long, long life you have ahead of you will keep me company, so I will tell you then. Goodbye."

Alice walks off towards her own house. She's being as vague as always...and you just remembered you still want to ask her about becoming youkai. Though you think maybe she was hinting towards it with that line just now. She's very observant, you doubt she wouldn't figure that along with being with two youkai, you wouldn't want to wish for a greater lifespan to accomodate that. You put the charm key away and look at Momizi, who looks back at you, before smiling and taking your hand softly.

"Let's go, Master Satoshi...towards our new destiny together."

"Yeah...you're right."

You don't know what awaits you at the mountain...happiness? Despair? Life? Death? What you're not expecting? Or what you're truly fearing? Things will surely unravel themselves once you get there...but this will ultimately mark the first true step you're making towards a new life. A life any other human could only dream of. The moment your parents died to youkai, was the very moment you were made different from everyone else...seems like, until the end, you were fated to become a part of this mystical, spiritual race of non-humans. Nothing could stop you now. Not even god.

Neither you nor Momizi talk at all on the way to the mountain. Both of you resolutely carry on towards the mountain. The massive behemoth of dirt rises up on the horizon at nearly the same speed as the sun rising behind you. As you proudly march onto the mountain side by side with Momizi, several thoughts pass through your head. Will you make it? Will this end in tragedy? Will you be able to live the life you always dreamed of? Well, maybe not always. Possibly subconsciously though. But isn't dreaming kinda like a subconscious thing anyways? Before you delve too far into that, you realize there are more important things you should be thinking about. Like how to help Momizi. You're almost willing sacrifice anything for her to succeed here. Maybe then, you and her can live the dream of having a family you could be with and depend on, something the both of you have yearned for the better parts of your lives...

The climb up the actual mountain is a difficult one. More difficult then you thought it would be. You're not sure if it's the climb itself or your heavy heart wearing you down however. The more Momizi notices you falling behind though, the more she grips your trembling hand, and the more encouraged you feel to press on. You're certain that your palm is sweaty and uncomfortable to hold onto at this point, but Momizi does not seem to care in the slightest. She is almost ready to pull you up the mountain. Despite this however, you can tell she's feeling the same things you are. Her hand is shaking, her breathing is uneasy, her nerves are shot and her demeanor seems to be crumbling. Yet, through all this, she continues going onwards, fighting her own deep fears and worries. This is why...this is why you need to be strong too. Staying be her side and casting away any fear you have. Not just for you, but for Momizi.

It seems your arrival was not unexpected. Halfway up the mountain, in a large clearing amidst cherry blossom trees in full bloom, stands what looks like the entire white wolf tribe, and tons of crow tengu forming a protective line between the white wolves and the rest of the clearing. You can see behind the white wolves that a couple larger, muscle bound tengu-faced monsters are awaiting. Those black creeps look like they could dwarf even the high chief of the white wolves any day of the week, they're so incredibly massive. In fact, you hadn't noticed because you stopped moving as well, but upon seeing the gigantic lugs, Momizi appears to have frozen right in her tracks, a look of awe and fright plastered all over her face.

"D-...Daitengu..." You look at the huge beasts with more shock. Those...those are Daitengu...?

"Ahaha~ Welcome, welcome!" There could be no other that arrives in middle of the clearing in such a flashy manner.

"Aya..." Her name escapes your lips as your anger starts boiling over right away. It seems not even the presence of the Daitengu are enough to blow over the raging flames you have set aside for this woman.

"That's my name, don't wear it out!" She says with an all too cheery and obnoxious voice. Her disposition becomes more serious right afterwards, though she doesn't lose that overbearing smile, making her look overconfident. "I had a feeling it would come to this. I warned Lord Tenma about your late arrival, and the possible reasons behind it. He told me I should take your head if you so much as resist, Momizi~" She says this with so much glee, it irks you. It's like she's joking around. Momizi's own self contained rage seems to be surfacing as well now.

"M-...Master Aya! Just what slander have you been telling Lord Tenma?!"

"Oh? Slander? All I told him was that this bad, bad man intended on taking you away because, oh, say, you might be in love with this human."

While this just adds fuel to your fire, when you look back over at Momizi, it looks like it's already over. Her eyes are filled with shock, absolute shock. Her expression has become pale. She looks like she had just seen a ghost. No, worse, like she had just seen death itself. Aya, on the other side, seems pleased. She looks like she's already quite victorious.

"I-I..." Momizi attempts speaking. But it's just not working out right. The words do not come. "H-...Ho-...-w...y-...you..."

"Ehh?" Aya perks forward a bit. "Is that all you have to come back with? I guess I was right after all. You know that kind of treason is punishable by death, right? Especially among your own ranks. I hear it's particularly bad for you, because you're 'special,' right?" Aya looks back at the white wolves gathered around. None of the have any sort of amused face. It seems like they all really do want her dead. This is betrayal on a mass scale to them. You can see why Momizi feels defeated now.


"But hey, because I like you so much, I talked to your people and even bargained with Lord Tenma. If you quietly come along and forget this whole thing ever happened, everyone is willing to forgive you. Even High Chief Kabuto. Eh? How does that sound? It'd definitely be a first for the tengu, huh?" Aya is trying to talk in a light hearted manner, totally opposite of the heavy mood over everyone else.

"...a-ah...e-...ehh--" Momizi's trembling is getting much worse. Her earlier wall has completely shattered. She's looking down at the ground in complete despair, realizing that everything has gone so horribly wrong. Tears fall from her face in fright of what will happen next.

"Come on, Momizi. You trust me, right? We've been friends for this long." She then holds out a hand, like an old buddy would do for someone down on their luck. "Let's start over, eh? Just you and me?"

Momizi looks up over at the crow, nothing but a shadow of her former self now, realizing that death would shortly knock on her door otherwise. Slowly she stumbles over to her.




No, wait.

This wasn't supposed to happen.

This wasn't supposed to happen at all. This is...isn't...ri...ght...









Your loud voice immediately halts Momizi. You're suddenly the center of attention. Momizi slowly and shakily looks back over at you. Aya is looking at you as well, but her expression seems to cry out of worry and befuddlement more then anything else. Do you look that horrible right now?

...that...that isn't important. What's important is that you almost lost sight of your dream. Of your purpose. Of why you came here in the first place. You almost forgot...just who is in charge of whose destiny here.

"...N-...No...that's...that's not right." Shaken will in hand, you look over at the whole group of tengu before you, shouting out your proclamation. "That's not right at all!"

Your yelling of course, doesn't do much other then confuse the people in front of you. Why would it? These are tengu...youkai. They aren't human. Saying what you have to say would be a waste of breath on them. But...but to hell if you're just going to sit there and let them so easily take your family away from you. Not like this.

"Why...why is it so wrong?! You...you tengu...you're so human-like, and yet you decry humans as filth, trash, lower life forms! That's...why?! You act all high and mighty, having greater life spans, greater powers, greater knowledge, and yet...you all share the same emotions we do. Momizi is perfect proof of that." As you rebuild your strong presence, you start walking over to Momizi's side. "Right now, as I speak, I am waiting for someone. Someone who is a youkai. Someone I am in love with. This girl, she has an infinitely better lifespan then I do, much greater powers then I will ever possess, and is probably on an even higher plane of existence then I am. Yet, I know, that deep down in her heart, she loves me." You can hear Momizi gasp lightly beside you after you say this. "Just the same way I do, I know that she has to be thinking the same things. How do I make this person happy? How can I get them to pay more attention to me? How can we spend time together? I know that the only thing keeping her from me are the only things that truly differentiate me and her." You look down at the ground a bit forlornly, the pain of the truth coming back to you. "Really, that's all that stands between us, is the very definition of youkai...to be inhuman...in the end, that's true for body only. Our hearts are the same. I know that in the end, a lot of youkai...are actually like this. Influenced so much by what is called human emotion. It's hard to tell if it's really human anymore." You look over at the rest of the tengu. It looks like you just insulted all of them, they all appear rather angry, even Aya doesn't seem to be very amused. You guess the tengu really don't like being compared to humans. They are a very proud race after all. You guess it's not too surprising.

"S-Satoshi...ple-" You stop Momizi before she can continue.

"...please, listen to me. I know what Momizi has done is a crime. Falling for anyone not of her own race is a sin, I know. But isn't that a little harsh? Love is something dictated by emotions, is it not? Emotions are...fickle. They make us do things we don't want to, no matter how hard we resist. The more emotional we are, the more that effect is felt...Momizi here...has just felt the need to release that. I can understand how she feels...it's hard. So the very most I will ask for, is to forgive her. You can't pin a crime on something so frivolous as falling for someone, no matter who that might be. When it comes to love, the species is unimportant...as long as both parties can grasp the concept of it." The tension in the air seems to have lifted somewhat. Not enough though. Aya in front of you seems fairly peeved by this point.

"Feh, you seem so sure of yourself that we tengu are as lowly as you are." This is it. You say something you know that cannot be countered.

"Prove me wrong."

A thick silence hangs overhead. No matter how much Aya glares at you, it just tells you more and more...you're right. It doesn't take long. The other tengu watching seem to be talking amongst each other. Even the other crows are having their doubts. As soon as Aya realizes this, she becomes even more uneasy.

"Psh! Emotions alone don't bring us on the same level you asswipe." She then gives a sadistic grin. One unlike any other cheery one you saw earlier. "I'll admit though Satoshi, you had me goin' for a moment there. You're right about a lot of things. I'll give you that much. I knew that the moment a nondescript human left the village, that he would go on to become something extraordinarily different..." She suddenly then takes flight, hovering high above in the air over you and Momizi. Unfortunately, her skirt flails about too much for you to get a proper look up it. "But the one with the most power is the one that always wins Satoshi! You're about to learn this the hard way! Go forth, Daitengu!"

Before you can react, the giant muscle bound tengu with massive, equally muscle bound tengu masks leap forth from behind the line of other tengu towards you and Momizi.


In a quick flash, Momizi takes you and jumps over to the safety before the two giants can stomp the both of you flat. After placing you down, Momizi looks at you.

"Please, stay right here Master Satoshi, I will take care of the rest."

Before you can say anything back, Momizi leaps high into the air above the Daitengu, and the battle starts.

Momizi pulls out the sword she had been hiding under her clothes so cleverly up until now, the same one Keine gifted her for the time being with. She meets with the middle Daitengu with an earth shattering clash, the massive beast deflecting her sword with it's hand with relative ease. It's hand is easily almost as big as Momizi herself. Not much damage seems to have been done to the hand of the ogre, apart from what would just appear to be a paper cut. Momizi is flung high into the air again, but quickly her balance resets itself and with a quick swing of her sword, bullets of white energy form spirals around her that drill into the opposition. One of the members of the Daitengu escape while the other is merely pelted by the storm. Then, in a surprising feat, the hulking giant below Momizi displays an astonishing amount of agility by hopping up and vollyball spiking Momizi, thankfully she had blocked it with her sword just in time, but the damage might've been done. She is rocketing at intense speeds towards the other member of the Daitengu, ready to pulverize her into the dirt.

It doesn't happen though. With great speed, in the blink of an eye, Momizi appears to roll into the ground and in a flash, she's well behind the attacker, who just pounded the ground in front of him with his giant fists to no avail. Suddenly, out of nowhere, the calves of this tengu burst open in red blood, spraying out. The cuts on his legs are deep. The rest of the tengu are in shock. It doesn't seem to matter to the huge lug though as he turns around with haste and attempts to squash Momizi flat in between his hand and the ground, but it doesn't happen. The ground is merely stamped as Momizi flies off in another direction. If nothing else, it seems Marisa had taught her invaluable speed, or the unlocking thereof, thanks to her heritage as a tengu. As she sprints circles around the Daitengu, who, despite their unnatural agility, are far too slow to deal with Momizi, she sprays more bullets at the giants, strengthened by the power of the magic sword she now wields. Like bees swarming hapless humans, the Daitengu are quick to succumb to the stinging pain of all the bullets successively piercing through them. Momizi stops once she has felt she has won.

That was her first mistake. The moment she stops, one of the massive beasts rams his fist into the ground, hard enough to send most everything else into the air, you included. After a bit of a hard landing on your ass, you find Momizi skidding at high speeds in the opposite direction, having just been punched by the quick feet of the other Daitengu. Both now hastily charge at her downed body ready to take advantage of her vulnerable state. Just as they reach her though, she screams out and a flashing shockwave quickly stops them. It's not particularly strong, not enough to knock them back, but more as if they had just run right into an unbreakable wall, both are halted quite quickly. This only buys her just enough time to get up though, as they are already pretty close. She quickly hops over the first attempt to grab at her and flips gracefully over the second attempt. She lands on one of the Daitengu's arms and sprints up it, flying right in front of the owner's face, causing the other to brutally palm him when he inevitably misses. She then jumps over to the shoulder of the other one, cutting the strings off his mask.

Apparently the Daitengu do not like having their masks removed, the giant uses his free hand to keep the mask on his face. Meanwhile, Momizi athletically flips over to the other shoulder with a graceful enough landing to allow her to jump out of the way of the other Daitengu's fist loudly screaming through the air, just barely missing both Momizi and the shoulder of the Daitengu she was previously on. She then dives down the arm of the other one as the previous Daitengu grabs at the other's wrist in an attempt to grab and crush Momizi. As she rolls down the arm of the other one, along the way, she cuts the strings off the mask of that one as well as she jumps off. Both arms of both Daitengu now preoccupied, she leaps into the back of the one she had just cut the strings off the mask to and flying kicks him, causing him to fall into the first one, and both land with a sickening thud, one on top of the other. The tremor alone is enough to strike fear in anyone watching. Momizi doesn't seem to have broken much of a sweat at all, despite the fact that she had just fell both these strongmen.

Actually, what the hell just happened? You're not sure anymore.

Fun time is over though, as both the tengu freely toss their now useless masks away. You can't see it very well from this angle, but their almost disfigured looking faces are no sight for sore eyes, and most certainly filled with rage. Showing that they aren't all just brute strength, one of them charges a massive ball of white energy in their hands...no, that's not energy, that looks like sheer concentrated wind. It just looks like it's glowing is all. The Daitengu then flings the ball of wind at Momizi across the ground in an attempt to bowl her over with it. She jumps it with ease but the sheer force of it still sends Momizi flying upward more then she intended, even without being anywhere near her, the other one focuses his hand a bit and upon bringing it down, a forceful gust of wind extended out in front of him practically whips Momizi's small body back down into the ground with extreme speed, it almost looks like her spine shatters into several tiny pieces upon contact. However, she still has enough energy to quickly roll out of the way when the earlier Daitengu jumps up and tries to land on Momizi with a crushing fist, his knuckles digging into the ground with such power that it creates a crater.

Momizi quickly jumps back, dodging another swipe of the massive giant's fist, in middle of her leap, she swings her sword and it seems to emanate a type of energy wave from the blade. The flying edge streaks through the air at alarming speeds, cutting into the arm of the Daitengu that swung at her with relative ease. But it doesn't phase the hulking beast at all, he simply pounds at the ground again with his other fist as soon as Momizi lands, and the tremor knocks her into the air just as the other Daitengu rushes at her. Despite his fist being blindingly fast, Momizi is somehow faster, just barely able to propel herself up in time. Momizi stands on the Daitengu's knuckle on a single hand upside down for only a brief moment before jumping up, dodging the second giant's fist and digging her sword down into the back of it with a deep stab. You can hear the mighty roar of pain very loudly shortly before the gargantuan flattens Momizi between the back of his hand and a large tree. The sword ends up embedding itself deeper into the hand, almost half of it coming out bloodily on the other side through it's palm. Expectedly, the beast seems to be in lots of pain.

While the injured Daitengu is busy trying to remove the sword, which seems very intent on staying where it lies, the other one watches as the punished Momizi limply falls down into the ground with a soft thud. The giant then picks her up, her head being the only thing visible out of the top of his hand, and out the bottom is her knees down. With a tense growl, the beast proceeds to tighten his grip on the poor wolf. Even you can hear the loud cracking and crushing of her bones from this great distance away, and it's a split second afterwards that Momizi's scream pierces the air around her, blood curdling as it is though, a different voice is catching your attention more.
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"Aha, ready to give up yet Momizi? I have to warn you, these guys could make you nothing but a pile of goop with just their bare hands...!"


You feel guilty. Horrible. You're not doing anything. You can't do anything. An ordinary human could never stand up to one of those things. You don't think a few hundred humans could. Thing is, you're no ordinary human, that's for sure. Many people have already told you this. Even if that chance is slim, you have to do something to help her. Before you can though, just as the other Daitengu gets the sword out of his now wrecked hand and turns to face Momizi in peril, Momizi just suddenly...explodes. That's the best way to describe it, as a shining light bursts forth and what seems like countless bullets spray in every direction. Not only do so many large and powerful bullets pelt the bodies of both tengu, but their unprotected faces bear the brunt of the attack as well, and something becomes readily apparent. These big lugs do not like being attacked in the face. Is that why they were so adamant in keeping those masks adhered to their heads? Even though the one that was holding Momizi now has a scratched, scarred and singed hand beyond repair, he's covering his face with both hands, as is the other one. Momizi, now having broke free, weakly but quickly gets her sword back, backing away from the giant creatures.

"Momizi!!" You shout out to her, trying to get her attention. "Their faces! Attack their faces!" Momizi nods and wastes no time. Immediately she is on the offensive once more.

Despite her battered body, she recovers in a flash, leaping up over the Daitengu, leaving a trail of spiraling bullets to disorient the pair. Their faces, now as beet red as the masks they previously wore, are the target of much of this advance, resulting in them spending more time guarding then attacking. Momizi lands on one's shoulder, spinning around and cutting the sword right into it's nose, and just a split second after, the other one misses an attempted grab due to Momizi jumping up, and another swing of her sword produces a wave of energy that cuts itself into the other's eye. Ouch. The one struck in the eye is quite grieving of the loss of one of his visual recepticles, but the other one seems to just be more angry. Wind gathers around this one's hand shortly before he slams it into the ground, producing a sharp blast of wind upwards at Momizi, hitting her as hard as a rock and sending her high skywards. In an incredible feat of agility, the Daitengu then leaps up high into the sky after her. The height they're at is at near stupid levels and you can no longer tell much of what's going on, but a flash in the sky later, you see the giant falling down towards the earth at alarming speeds, with Momizi following right after. The two hit the ground so hard, it splits apart, and dust is kicked up everywhere.

Suddenly, a burst of wind creates a corridor through a dust, a makeshift hallway you can vaguely see through. In the middle, is Momizi, standing on a massive rock jutting out from the ground, presumably unearthed when she and the Daitengu met the ground. Much further in front of her is the Daitengu itself, ready to charge into her. Momizi seems distracted though...can she not see? That's impossible, you can see her just clearly...unless her eyesight was damaged. This is bad, the hulking giant is about to tear into her. Through the dust the beast drives through, parting it as he runs. Momizi isn't reacting at all. His fist goes up as he reaches the hapless girl. It's all over. The fist drills through the top of the rock Momizi was standing on, with such ludicrous force that no one could possibly ever survive it, not even a white wolf. You're about to scream out when something seems amiss however. The dust starts clearing. The gargantuan tengu is frozen still. Something has hit him.

It's the other Daitengu.

The fists of both Daitengu have met each other's faces with extreme force. The both of them slowly fall to the ground, totally incapacitated, and as they do, Momizi lands on the ground, having flown up into the air at the very last second. She's panting, but seems to be marginally alright. Her body looks somewhat crippled though from the earlier crushing. Aya floats gently down to the ground and walks over to the downed pair of giants, examining them. She then gives off a light golf clap. She doesn't seem particularly amused but has to congratulate Momizi nonetheless.

"Wow, good job Momizi. I'll admit, even I have incredible difficulty downing two behemoths like these guys. Though I won't give you points for shamelessly using them against each other like that." Aya then reaches behind her, pulling out a fan in the shape of a leaf. Momizi knows what's coming.

"Master Aya...you would truly fight me to the death..."

"Maybe not to the death...but I do intend on incapacitating you enough to drag you back where you belong." A sly smile curls up on Aya's face as she looks at Momizi. "Scared to fight the upperclassman you've looked up to until now? That's not the Momizi I know..." Momizi growls and stands up fully, drawing her sword once more.

"Hold your tongue, Aya!"

Momizi bravely charges at Aya, sword ready. A wide slash is made and Aya expectedly dodges it with blinding speed. It's actually rather impressive as the energy flowing through the sword created a very wide and thick arc around Momizi that you couldn't just jump out of the way of. Aya flies backwards through the sky, her black wings helping her take flight. Momizi, being nothing short of incredibly agile, leaps right after her with intense haste. Aya swings her fan and with a mighty roar, a massive gust of wind charges at Momizi. However, in a stunning display of power, Momizi breaks right through it. However, it slows her down enough to where her swing at Aya with her sword misses quite badly, allowing Aya to fly right over her head and taunt her along the way. Momizi halts suddenly in mid-air, turning around and giving chase angrily.

...oh yeah, Momizi can fly too can't she? You guess she can...

A tight aerial battle ensues between Aya and Momizi. Using large circular formations of bullets, Aya provides her own offensive and defensive on Momizi's advances, whose are entirely physical. She repeatedly bats bullets away using her sword, attempting to get closer to Aya, but time and time again, she escapes and more bullets are just produced. Aya doesn't even look like she's trying though. She's just taunting Momizi, as if knowing that her power could never truly reach the necessary bounds to beat her. It's frustrating really. You want to help, but you're honestly not sure how. Momizi seemed to suddenly spark to attention and perform much better when you commanded her though. Maybe it helps encourage her to bring out her power more? Ah, but you don't really have any commands to give her right now. It'd be different if you could find a weakness of Aya's, but she really hasn't shown much of any moment of weakness. The only one you can think of is...no, it's too crude. It couldn't possibly work...but you have to try. It's been fairly noticable anyways and you can't help but call out to it.

"Hey Aya! Nice striped panties!"

Somehow, it distracts Aya. For a brief moment, she turns her focus to embarrassingly trying to keep her modesty, more then enough for Momizi. Her sword just barely grazes Aya as she last second dodges it. Feathers fall to the ground gently.

"G-Gah! No fair!"

"Pay attention, lest my sword teaches you a harsh lesson in battle."

The battle continues. Aya seems to be paying more attention now, and after a few moments, it just looks more helpless for Momizi as Aya actually becomes more aggressive, mixing tough winds into her curtain of bullets as well as kicking Momizi if she ever got close enough. Bam, Momizi hits the ground hard after a piercing kick. She quickly picks herself up and heads back into the air after Aya though. It all feels like you just made it worse. But after observing Aya for a moment, you realize something. Those feathers were part of an injury. Her wings flap out of sync. Her flying hasn't changed much, so it's of negligible effect as of right now you assume. But considering Aya's cautiousness, you gather that it might turn into something serious. Those black wings...they're what's keeping Aya afloat so agile in the air, much more agile then Momizi. That's it.

"Momizi! Her wings! Ground her!!"

The battle freezes momentarily. Both combatants look as if something shocking had just come to their minds, but for totally different reasons. Momizi knows exactly what to to do now, as her expression suddenly brims forth with confidence.


Aya's fears are realized as Momizi unleashes her full force on Aya, no longer restricting herself to being entirely physical. Blades of energy shoot forth from Momizi's sword in many different directions, all trying to anticipate Aya's next move, greatly reducing her ability to move about. Momizi even grazes through Aya's storm more skillfully, getting closer and closer with each spell. It's not long now. With a slash there, a slash here, Aya's options become more and more limited. Her face continually displays more and more shock as she realizes Momizi's true power. Before long, a direct hit is scored as Momizi catches Aya off guard with a feign swing, her sword coming down on Aya's right wing hard. A loud scream of pain is heard as Aya is thrown back and she lands hard on the ground with a painful thud. Momizi grounds herself as well a distance in front of Aya. Aya is groaning in pain as she gets back up. Her ring wing is disfigured, it'll no longer provide her agile flight the way she's used to.

"How does it feel? To be grounded like the rest of us, Master Aya."

"Hah! You think this will stop me from flying?!"

"Flying in that condition will lose you the battle, Master Aya. I would prefer it if you did not use such suicidal tactics in a serious fight against me."

"Tch..." Aya doesn't really seem pleased at all. She brandishes her fan once more, ready to use it's full power now. "Fine, I didn't want to have to rough you up, but since you give me no choice, I'll show you what I'm really capable of, Momizi! Don't say I didn't warn you when you come crying at my feet to stop..."

A single swing. That's all it took. Aya blows her fan at Momizi, and a massive tornado is suddenly called out of nowhere. The wind is strong enough to nearly blow you, and the rest of the tengu for that matter, away. A single swing. Momizi is swept up by the tornado with alarming speed. The wind is so much that dust and other such bits are filling the spiraling wind with utmost violence. The wind itself feels as if it takes on a bladed form of it's own as it cuts into Momizi. You can hear yelps of pain as the tornado rips into her again, and again, and some more. Blood flies out of her body at ludicrous motions. The red fluid spins around the wind of the tornado, making it a disturbing scarlet color eventually. You can't even see Momizi anymore. You can only assume that her body is being cut to ribbons inside. Things just went so horrifically wrong, you don't even understand. By the time the tornado has ceased, Momizi is lying on the ground, bloodied and bruised, presumably, anything heavy lifted by the wind hit her pretty hard too.

A single swing. That's all it took. Momizi is down for the count.

"Is that it? For a guard dog, you can't take much."

"..." A coughing. A bit of wheezing. But despite Aya criticizing her, or perhaps because of it, Momizi barely manages to stand back up, using her sword as a brace.

"Oh? Do you want to take the ride again? I can't guarantee you'll come out of it in one piece this time..." You can't take this. You want it to end. Even so...

"...Momizi. Momizi! You have to keep fighting! Please, don't give up!" Momizi's eyes widen suddenly. She then miraculously gathers up the energy to continue on.

Aya, quite clearly displeased by this turn of events, readies her fan once again. Momizi runs after her, and another tornado is summoned, just as strong as the last. You have to grab hold of a nearby tree to keep yourself from flying away. Momizi just charges right into the wind spiral...and right out the other side. You're not sure what's keeping her on the ground, but she literally just breaks through the wind as if it were glass, and the tornado instantly loses momentum. Aya is quite obviously rather shocked by this, but still somehow manages to dodge an incoming swipe from Momizi's sword. Maybe it's due to her fatigue from having tons of blood cut out of her, but Momizi is still noticeable much slower now after that attack, even despite your command. Aya, now panicked, simply resorts to several bursts of sharp wind and more bullets in an attempt to wear Momizi down. What began as an aerial battle is continuing in the same method on the ground. A battle that Momizi is still somehow losing.

A cut here, a cut there, more of Momizi's blood is shed across the ground as Momizi fails to even get close to Aya. Aya may have lost a wing, but the rest of her body is still in tip top shape. Momizi has suffered intense damage everywhere on her self. Even so though, she fights onward, pushing herself more and more. You continue to cheer her on, no matter how abysmal the outcome may look. The poor dress Alice had made for her is battered, torn, ripped, shredded and all but lost now. But you don't care. You'll gladly pay Alice for another dress just like it if it means you can keep Momizi in your care. Momizi continues fighting an almost futile battle against Aya, getting further and further beat up. No matter how much you shout out for her, it seems Aya has won this battle.

"Dammit, why won't you give up?!" Aya says, after skidding to a halt on the other side of the field, having just dodged a wide slash from Momizi, who spits out some blood and gets herself ready.

"This is...what I truly want...in life, Master Aya." Momizi has to pants a bit, catching her breath. "There is nothing...nothing more that I have...ever wanted...like this...it is something...something that...!" She pulls her sword back, glowing lightly. "Something that you will never experience!"

With a bright flash, she brings her sword down onto the ground in front of her and the blade unleashes several burning shockwaves of energy that crawl along the ground, creating tears in it as they snake their way towards Aya. Aya realizes she's in danger because she can't expertly fly out of the way, but nonetheless, she attempts to anyways, taking a short hop before leaping high into the sky, the wind as her guide. However, as she flips back around and pulls her fan back, the waves under her crawling along the ground meet and spike upward violently. More feathers chaotically disperse as Aya's other wing is pierced. While not enough to ground her still, her maneuverability has been minimized in the air, and it seems like it hurts quite a bit nonetheless.

"Gyagh!" Aya hits the ground back first, rather hard. Momizi hasn't quit however.

Aya rolls out of the way just in time before Momizi brings her sword down on her, slashing at the ground violently. Momizi now has the clear advantage. Aya is unable to fight back as she's relegated to quickly dodging the fierce, aggressive assault laid upon her by Momizi. No matter how much she backs away, Momizi follows up closely with more attacks. Suddenly, Momizi pulls back for a wide sword swing across, and since this is so readily telegraphed, Aya jumps up anticipating it. In the end though, it was but a ploy as Momizi extends a hand upwards suddenly and blasts her with a large red burst of energy, almost shaped like a fang. Momizi then jumps up with an upper cutting slash and brings Aya back down to the ground with a hard slice back down into her. Aya's body rag dolls a bit on the ground before Momizi as she lands, and the first crow blood has been spilled. Aya gets back up anc coughs a bit, she still seems ready to fight, despite the deep wounds.

"Gah...haha. Okay, I guess you are serious. Then I'll...just have to get serious too."

With a few swings of her fan, a great, strong gust flows through the area with intense force. This nearly knocks Momizi off her feet, but after bracing herself, she gets ready to charge into Aya once more. Aya seems to have used it just for the purpose of buying that time though as Momizi is terribly late in catching up with her. You can see Aya using her power to it's fullest extent now. Miniature tornadoes are kicked up in a flash, blades of wind pour out of her fan at an alarming rate, and bullets are spread everywhere. One thing's for sure, Aya's trying hard to keep her distance from Momizi, and it seems to be working well. Momizi has to focus all her efforts on dodging, and she's only just barely able to with all the chaos. If she so much as misstepped, she could become instantly pinned down and nearly killed by the full assault. At this rate, Momizi will wear out and be slaughtered in no time. Despite this clear advantage though, the offensive stops abruptly. Seems Aya might be running out of steam...?

"..." Momizi stares at Aya panting heavily, Aya is catching her breath as well. "...you...have no spirit left...already...?" After a few more pants, Aya grins at Momizi.

"This is just the beginning."

Aya pulls herself back, gathering energy seemingly. Then, what probably takes you off guard most happens, she starts glowing a deep vermilion color and suddenly becomes a red streak as she speeds at Momizi. It was so fast that it felt like an instant, only a small fraction of a second can you tell that a scarlet smear wiped across the landscape. Momizi apparently had dodged it just in time, diving to the side. She immediately gets up and begins a frantic dance to avoid being tackled at mach three speeds. The blur that is Aya speeds by more and more, looking like nothing but a big red blot making a thick stripe across the air. The more times Aya whizzes past Momizi, the smaller the delay between her next attempt to literally wipe Momizi off the face of this earth. Soon, you can't even keep count of how many times Aya has went past her, the delay becoming almost nil as several streaks race by all at once. You wonder how Momizi is dodging all this until you realize, she isn't. She couldn't. This is beyond super human, how could you dodge anything this fast? Aya is missing her on purpose.

"Momizi!!! Behind you!!!"

"Eat the Guidepost of the Advent Divine Grandson, mutt!"


It all happens in a flash. The real Aya, who had already sped by so many times that the red glow had simply not caught up and was still wrapping around the area frantically without a master, was using the time to charge up an attack to finish Momizi off with. A massive ball of wind and energy was already well on it's way towards Momizi's position by the time you had called out. It was too late. Right on top of Momizi, the orb explodes into an utterly massive tornado, so violently strong that it completely rips apart the ground under Momizi, firing rocks and clumps of dirt everywhere. You have to take cover behind the earlier tree to keep yourself safe, and looking over, you can see many of the other spectating tengu have to shield themselves too. You feel sorry for the earlier daitengu, who are likely to be totally swept away by this awesome attack. You fear for Momizi's life. It might already be over. You're afraid to turn around the tree and look for fear of seeing nothing left of Momizi.

...until, you hear the many gasps of the spectating tengu.

The dust clears. A massive crater is left in the tornado's wake. In the middle, is Momizi. Knelt down by her sword, glowing bright and strong. The light on it flickers for a moment before it falls off, revealing itself to be a magatama. A second after it lands, the light flickers off and the item snaps in two of it's own accord. You remember something Keine said suddenly. It's divine powers will strengthen your abilities and protect you once. You can see why it's only once now, but as for Momizi...?

"...I am tired of this, Master Aya. So I am going to end it now." Aya's eyes widen, she looks rather frightened now.

"N-No way...how-"

Not even a split second passes. Somehow, Aya is still able to dodge it, but just barely. More feathers are dispersed as Momizi's attack grazes Aya, her sword, despite being ordinary now, still poses a magnificent threat in the now pumped up Momizi's hands. Her eyes have flared up in intense heat, burning with an utter rage and passion to end this as soon as possible, regardless of what the costs. Aya's previous quickness comes back to her, but it all seems to do her little good. Momizi's speed has greatly picked up and you have problems keeping up with the two. The two start exchanging blows, one after another, each one intercepted by the other. Several clashes are heard, but practically nothing is visible as the two are going at such a speed that your human eyes can no longer catch up with the two. The most you can do is keep tell on the loud sounds the two make in battle, several loud bangs being heard in what could only be assumed to be the meeting of two unstoppable forces.

Onwards the battle continues, through the ground, in the air, across the sky, the two are truly at their fullest powers now. Soon, bullets of many colors pour out of the many clashes the two have in the air, attempting to blindside the other. The clashes continue getting louder as the delays get shorter, and you feel as if the battle could cause tremors without even touching the ground. The might of the two fighters is absolutely tremendous, you didn't think the tengu had this kind of power before. Perhaps though that these two are just special. A surging power could definitely be felt from the both of them as they started this, and it's so very apparent now that you could swear it was a physical feeling more then anything else. Suddenly, the battle abruptly halts. Momizi is standing there in the air frozen, an after image of what appears to be Aya fades away in front of her. But you know exactly where Aya has gone.


It's too late. Aya's foot has...pierced Momizi's back? No, that to was an after image...Momizi's sword spins about in the air as if it's holder recently vacated the premises at mach speeds. Aya is left sitting there in the air, only for a split second. But during that split second, you can see the look on her face. It's a look of shock, despair, and most of all, defeat. It's all over now. By the time that split second is over, Momizi shoots down from the sky onto Aya, ramming into her so hard, Aya ends up creating a massive crater in the ground, right beside the one made when she attacked Momizi. Momizi then grabs her sword and flies up and around, performing a loop in the air and landing in front of Aya, and just as Aya tries to get up, Momizi turns, the tip of her sword nearly touching Aya's nose.

"Checkmate, Master Aya." The point of the sword glistens in the awakening sun, which has now risen. Aya is looking at the blade with utmost shock, her battered body too hurt to really respond much until...

"...hahaha. Ahahaha!" Aya starts laughing, bellowing as she calmly pushes Momizi's sword to the side and stands up, though she does waver quite a bit, seemingly having a bit of a hard time keeping her balance. "Thanks Momizi...I guess this proves it then...I'll go talk to Lord Tenma about your separation then." Momizi blinks for a moment, not really sure what she means.

"H-...Huh? What do you mean, Master Aya?"

"I mean I'll take care of everything for ya. What you wanna do, your separation, explaining it to Lord Tenma, all of it. All I expect you to do is to sort things out with your own race because, well...you know them best right?" Momizi blinks again, it taking a short moment for it to get through to her head. She seems pretty surprised when she finally realizes.

"W-W-Wait, you're really going to allow me to pass the separation ritual like that?!"

"Well, I'm sure Lord Tenma will want a bit more then this from you to prove you're worthy but..." She puts her hands on her back, stretching it out, creating a few cricks. "A-...Ahh, I think you're good. You're really strong Momizi...you sure as hell surprised me." In an instant, Momizi drops her sword, and in a fit of happiness you swear you've never seen her express before, she cheerfully tackles Aya to the ground with the widest smile on her face. "Ah, ow, OW!"

"Oh, thank you so much Master Aya! I am so very happy right now!"

"G-Gah! Yes, I know! G-Get off, that hurts! Ow!"

Well...all's well that ends well you guess. Momizi seems to be happy. Even Aya a bit too. Looks like this is what she wanted to really see from her. Momizi has grown up in her eyes now. Maybe sooner or later you'll ask her how Momizi was like before you came into the picture.

One day.


"So, you can't stick around then?"

"Mmm...no, I am afraid not, Master Satoshi. Please forgive me, but I have business that I must still attend to."

It is the next day, the rest of that day after Momizi had fought Aya, she had to talk it out with the majority of the white wolf tribe among the tengu. It was a long and arduous battle, but she managed to convince them somehow, it seems. You went straight home after Momizi told you she was going to talk to the rest of the white wolves. Now, here early in the afternoon, Momizi has come back to your home only to say goodbye.

"I see...well, hopefully you get things sorted out with your folks." Momizi nods.

"Yes. I must still prove myself to Lord Tenma too of course, but I think with Master Aya behind me, I will be alright. Thank you again for your support, Master Satoshi...I do not think even a lifetime of serving under you would make up for the great deed you have done for me." Momizi stops suddenly when you put a hand on her head softly.

"Think nothing of it. This was what we both wanted, right? You did just as well as I did. Good job, Momizi." Momizi stares up at you in a bit of awe for a moment before returning to you with a very happy and tender smile.

"S-Satoshi..." She then warmly walks into you, hugging you softly, digging her silvery haired head into your chest gently. You of course return it. This sort of warm feeling you wish you could experience always, but for a while yet you still must endure a lonely lifestyle. Given how much you've accomplished up until this point however, you're quite happy with how it's become for now.

"You take care then Momizi. I look forward to the day you come back." After the hug is broken off, she smiles cheerfully up at you.

"Yes, rest assured Master Satoshi, that I will return to you with due haste when the time is right." She then gives off a quick bow and rushes off on her way, joyously shouting goodbyes to you as she does so. The sooner she gets this done, the sooner she can be with you again. It's a happy feeling, like waiting for Christmas to come. You can't wait to see her again, and of course...




Two weeks pass. It is in middle of spring now. Cherry blossoms are in full bloom, elsewhere anyways. Not too many in the forest of magic where you live. Alice and Marisa are away, presumably with Reimu. They typically enjoy each other's time. Like good friends. Unfortunately, Momizi has yet to return. You sit here reading a book in your house all lonesome. But that's okay. Your future is bright. You'll withstand as much more loneliness as it takes to achieve that shining gold at the end of the rainbow. Spring really came in full bloom though, even the air smells like spring. You're sure Reimu and the others are out flower viewing. In fact, a certain someone and their pets would normall-


...normally be flower viewing at this time too. They aren't around however. How long has it been? A couple months now? You wonder where they might've gone. But, in any case, hopefully they'll be back so-


The sound of bells rings in your ears for some odd reason. You can't get it out of your head. Soon you put your book down, you can't concentrate anymore. What could it be?


It sounds very familiar actually, now that you think about it. You think you hear it outside. But...it couldn't, it ju-


...it has to be. At the door. Someone is waiting.


You get up. Slowly you approach the door. Before you get there, a knocking occurs. You're almost hesitant, even though you know what it is. You step in front of the door, and open it.

Behind it, is the one face you've been waiting for all this time. Her Cute Bow is bringing her unbraided red hair together under her chin, her cat bell as shiny as ever. On her face, her typical smile, curling up so adorably along her lip, revealing that ever present kitty fang.

"Satoshi. I'm back."

Nothing. Nothing but a heartfelt smile of being reintroduced to an old friend. No, more then that...a lost love.

Welcome back.

No. 16900
File 128049359730.png- (1.25MB , 1000x1400 , ac7754d92749a2dbc06e80e13dc89a85.png ) [iqdb]
"Please pass the salt."



You dunno. You still feel uncomfortable. Even after a week. You wish this tension would subside.

"Master Rin."


"Why is this meat hard to chew?"

"Do you have a problem with how I cook?"

You guess that would just be wishful thinking though...

"Girls, calm down." You say to the both of them. Rin and Momizi just look at you with that subtle kind of glare that almost seems more intimidating then their usual death glares. "A-Ah...please?" Momizi closes her eyes.

"Well I apologize if her cooking is not nearly up to par as yours is, Master Satoshi."

"Feh! At least I can cook, unlike you." Momizi seems to take offense to that, her eyes opening back up in anger.

"Excuse me? At least I have willingness to learn, unlike you." Rin looks pretty surprised, she turns to you.

"S-Satoshi! Are you going to let her say that kind of thing?!"

You just close your eyes and continue eating without saying anything. You think this passes on an important message to Rin. Or at least, a shocking one.

"Uhuhu, what's the matter? Afraid of being exposed to your own flaws, Master Rin?"

"Like hell! Satoshi, remind me why the hell did you pick up this stray mutt?!" Without changing your expression, you answer back plainly.

"Because she's a member of the family and you should treat her as such." Rin just seems to growl back at you. Not that you're looking.

"All she wants to do is seduce you! The harlot! The skank! The, the..."

"Bitch?" Momizi interrupts Rin with a bit of an unexpected finishing. There's a short silence following before Rin comes back with dejectment.

"...seriously. I can't stand you. What right do you have to hang all over Satoshi anywa-" Your eyes shoot open as Momizi's silverware hits the plate loudly, a look of sheer anger ridden all over her face.

"Maybe this wouldn't have happened then if you hadn't abandoned Master Satoshi like you did and left him to rot while he still cared about you!" She then stands up. "I am going to wash the dishes." After bowing and taking her plate out back into the kitchen, you look over at Rin. She...looks really hurt. Definitely hit a nerve. All her anger seems to have been begotten by her overwhelming sadness and despair now. All she does is look down, sulking quite sadly.


"I'm...so sorry Satoshi..." With a weak, crackling voice, Rin responds to you. It's a moment of weakness like no other. Normally she puts up such a strong front, but at times, she can be really emotional. You sigh and scoot your chair over beside her, putting your arm around her shoulders and pulling her into you. She readily holds onto you in return, trying to resist crying. It's so unlike her, you feel. You hadn't really asked about why she left though. Well, you did, but never about how she felt about it...apparently it was just simply Rin and Utsuho going along with Satori to make sure she was safe, into the outside world somewhere with Koishi. Considering how it's totally unknown territory, you guess you could understand. It must've been a very, very far away place.

"Rin, it's okay, really...you didn't abandon me. I held onto the hope that you'd come back." Rin sniffles a bit, sighing. She's trying to calm herself down. She seems to be good at that.

"You're too good for me sometimes Satoshi, I really think that...the whole time I was gone, I couldn't stop thinking about you." You can't help it. You have to hold her tighter.

"Rin...you really loved me, didn't you? That's proof of it. So my beliefs weren't wrong."

"I...I'm sorry. I just didn't know what to say before...having you confess to me after I came back alive was a big mistake because I didn't think about it at all, and I didn't...I just didn't want to think about it."

"Why not?" Rin hesitates for a moment, her ears drooping a bit.

"...I didn't want things to change. What if...what if whatever I said would've changed the relationship between us, Satoshi? Those days I talked to you, before and after I came to live with you, I...didn't...want to lose them." You think it makes sense. Rin was always afraid of change. She didn't want to lose Satori. She didn't want to lose you. She didn't want things to change. It's an unavoidable fact of life though that things do indeed change however.

"Ah...it's okay. I'm sure somewhere along the way I was thinking the same thing, I didn't say anything to you myself either after all. I was too afraid. I think we were both in a tough spot." Rin just sighs deeply. She seems to have calmed down already, just rather content with leaning into you.

"I'm sorry, that's my fault isn't it...I wish I hadn't acted so stupid. The mood just seemed right for it, you know?"

"Hahaha, I guess you're right. Personally, I don't think I would've wanted it any other way." A more content sigh escapes Rin's mouth as she digs her head further into your chest. You feel content too yourself, petting her under the weak light of the dining room.

"...when I left with Mistress Satori, she...told me a lot of things. She of course could tell I was thinking about you a lot. I couldn't see you, I didn't know when I would be able to see you, and if you were in trouble I wouldn't be able to come help you." She grabs at your chest suddenly, turning her head up and lifting it up towards you, almost uncharacteristically looking into your eyes solemnly. You swear her lips are mere inches from yours. You can feel her hot breath. "I wanted...to be with you, Satoshi."

"A-A-Ah, uh, s-s-so do...I, Rin." After your amazing and spectacular display of cool headedness, Rin stifles a laugh as she sits back up.

"You're so easy to break, Satoshi." Jeez, she got all teary not too long ago. Sometimes you think she picks herself back up so fast that it's less serious then you think it is.

"Hrrm. Whatever you say, Rin." You would fight back with an equally embarrassing gesture of your own, but Momizi is in the kitchen nearby. Very nearby. You don't wanna risk it.

"Really though, I just...I want you to know that throughout that whole time away from you, I always kept thinking about what you told me and how I wanted to respond to it." Rin seems to get a little serious suddenly, but you know how to reply.

"You responded to me with the same feelings, right?" Rin smiles, nodding over at you. It's a very rare, kind hearted smile, proving that she is indeed, human deep down in that heart of her's. So odd for a youkai, who was originally a cat to begin with. But maybe it was fated to be this way.

"Yes. In the end, Mistress Satori taught me about these feelings I have for you. I know I 'abandoned' you and such but...truth is I really lo-"

A sudden silence. No more words are needed. In one swift movement, you turned Rin's face towards you and give her the most tender kiss you could muster.

In the end. It was a very rewarding experience. Worth those several months you spent without her, for sure.

"..--toshi." Her last word comes out small and meek as she looks at you quite surprised. You just give her a happy smile back.

"It's alright, I know. I love you too, Rin." Rin just simply blinks for a moment before sighing happily and leaning into you softly.

The two of you sit like that for a while, Rin resting in your arms as you pet her gently. At least, up until you realize Momizi is standing at the door, staring blankly. You almost freeze up. You feel like you just saw death for a brief moment. But then Momizi bows and smiles at you, silently mouthing the words 'Thank you' before walking out and towards her own room. A brief sigh of relief escapes your mouth. The tension with Momizi is certainly very thick. But you believe it'll come down eventually. You'll get these two to be friendly with each other sooner or later. Once you can extend your lifespan, you'll have plenty of years to do so. You don't think it'll be too hard, Rin is the main problem. Momizi herself is generally...very accepting. Despite her situation, she seems to enjoy it when you and Rin are happy with each other. It makes you feel terribly guilty, but you think you'd feel that way regardless. You're sure these two will learn to cooperate with each other eventually.

"...Hey. Satoshi..." Rin talks to you a bit wearily, sounding a bit tired.

"Hm? What is it?"

"What were you thinking...the whole time I was gone...?" You take a while to reply to her about that. You look up at the ceiling to think about it for a moment.

"Hmm...well, I thought about a lot of things really." You then smile and go back to petting her. "But I think most of all I was looking forward to seeing you again. Because I knew that when you came back, I would hear those words coming from you that I waited for all those months." This however, just results in annoyed groaning from Rin.

"Ohh, I know that already! Tell me about what else you were thinking!" You're taken back by this demand a little, but you take it in stride, standing up out of the chair, causing Rin to sit back up and look up at you wearily and confused. You extend a hand down to her.

"Alright then. But it's a long story. I can tell you once we've settled into bed together." Rin stares up at you for a moment, before smiling contently and taking your hand. She gets out of the chair with your help, and almost immediately, she is leaning into you again, embracing you gently. Without much thought, you almost reflexively return the gesture.

"Satoshi, you're the only one I could feel this way with...sleeping beside you, eating beside you, spending time beside you...I never want to leave your side. I think you are my one and only true mate for this life..." You feel quite embarrassed, even alone with her, to hear this. Part of you is just so extremely happy to hear this. On the other hand...

"R-Rin...there's always been something hanging onto me in my mind. We get along so well...do you think this was fate?" Rin seems to stay silent for a few moments. You're almost afraid she's fallen asleep when she suddenly answers.

"Who knows? I think I did fall for you on the spur of the moment when I was living with you. But it turned out okay. Maybe there's some divine god dictating the directions of our lives in a subtle way, writing out what happens with his little pen...I think though, that if such a god existed, that god must really like me a lot." Her arms squeeze around you a little tightly as she finishes saying that. It fills you with a sort of happiness you don't think is comparable. All you can do is smile more, holding her back just as tightly.

"Yeah...me too. I like things just the way they are."

You and Rin stand there like that for a while, not wanting to move. Eventually the two of you do go to bed, but suffice it to say, you would've liked staying that way for a very long time.

Maybe, one day, you will be able to.
No. 16901
File 12804936241.jpg- (388.22KB , 533x746 , 8f0026b43db8d15bc4fe29af7c944ca7.jpg ) [iqdb]
Here kneels before me, all these people...these...tengu. As if I am their god. Their lord. Yet, I cannot make such a simple decision so clearly.

This young white wolf girl here wishes to break off from the clan...a separation. Quite unheard of.

"Lord Temna, I...I understand if it is hard for you to consider this, given my position in the tengu hierarchy but please...I beg of you."

The little wolf girl is on all fours, her head could not be any lower. While this would not normally shake my judgment, the story behind it is truly one unheard of amongst this clan. When Shameimaru alerted me to her possible treason, I had almost doubted it, though it seems to not be entirely false either. For a white wolf to be granted separation amongst our race however...

"...Inubashiri. I am sure you are aware of the consequences behind this, given your current potential."

As lord of these tengu, it wouldn't slip past me to not know of what makes this wolf girl so special. She is held in high regard to her brethern, and yet she wishes to abandon them. She, their only hope of getting over the very curse that had plagued them within the tengu clan, leaving them sounds very unbecoming of a white wolf.

"...Yes. I am." She hesitates to answer me. There is still doubt left within her heart. I am afraid I cannot let this pass.

"Inubashiri, you will need to prove yourself further if you are to attain what you want." The small girl raises her head suddenly, in an utmost shock.

"M-My lord! Bu-"

She halts suddenly. Her senses, being as sharp as they are, picked up on Shameimaru stepping forward behind her.

"My lord, if I may speak in Momizi's defense." This crow. Shameimaru...her wild and unruly behavior are certainly no secret amongst the tengu, however in my presence she would always look diligent and serious. It is a sign that however eccentric her demeanor may be, she is just as loyal to her job as the rest of the tengu are.

"You may go on" I tell her. I am interested to hear what this crow has to say. Given that it is Inubashiri's assigned upperclassman, what she can do for her is unrivaled right now.

"Momizi here is, well, special, as I'm sure you're aware. She's more special then just being the only possible white wolf to give birth more then once however...she has amazing battle potential, and a strong will to lead and serve. Not only that, but...I believe Momizi might even have the power to help change Gensokyo for the better. Momizi is a prodigy amongst our ranks, and while it would be very appealing for us to keep her with the tengu, don't you think that we'd only be weighing down that potential, my lord...?" Inubashiri seems particularly touched, no longer paying much attention to me.

"M-Master Aya..." Shameimaru finishes by putting her hand on her chin in a strange gesture I have never seen before, with her eyes closed and a smug smile on her face.

"Of course, I saw this awesome battle ability first hand. She cleared the test of strength with flying colors, lemme tell ya..." Inubashiri gets up suddenly, looking at Shameimaru.

"W-Wait, that was the test of strength?" All that is left on Shameimaru's face at this point is a rather obnoxious grin that I tend to hear stories of.

"Of course! What'd you think it was? I knew it was going to come out like this after all."

It would be difficult for Shameimaru to fool me, even without knowing the full story I can only assume that what she is saying now are blatent lies, and I am certain many other people in this room will agree with me...barring of course, Inubashiri.

"M-Master Aya, how...why..."

"Inubashiri." The wolf girl turns around once I have gotten her attention. "Since I will take Shameimaru's word for now and believe that you have indeed passed that test, I believe your next proofs of worthiness for this privilege are tests of mind and emotion. I must assure that you are prepared mentally for this permanent separation from our clan."

"No worries, my lord!" Shameimaru seems to exclaim out, interrupting rather rudely. "I've ensured that she's passed that test too! Trust me, it wasn't easy putting her through that crying and shock." Hmm...no, I cannot say I can buy that one either. It doesn't appear that Inubashiri can believe it either.

"M-Master Aya..." As I am about to continue, and point out the flaw in Inubashiri's behaviour, one of the tengu chiefs, Kabuto, steps forward from among the white wolves in the back, somewhat to my surprise.

"My lord, Lord Tenma." The mighty wolf kneels down onto a single knee. He was always full of respect for his superiors, just like a great wolf should be. "If I may, please allow me to contribute onto this end."

"Very well, Kabuto. Humor me." I, at first, found it a little amusing that the very doubt, the very reason why Inubashiri is hesitating, would step forth and give his part into this discussion. This wolf, who would be just a small measure short of becoming the mate to Inubashiri herself, had he not already been mated off to another wolf. He would earnestly come forward and give his piece. Standing up once more, he gives me his word.

"The white wolves are indeed, disappointed by Inubashiri's departure. However, as much as I would do anything for the sake of the tribe's survival, this disappointment is not for the loss of a wolf that can give birth multiple times, but for the loss of a wolf that performed her duties excellently without fail, loyally and obediently without a second word. As sought after as her ability may be, her true worth I believe is within her as a person, which may be why she was chosen by this human." Kabuto closes his eyes, saying something I would never hear coming from him under any other circumstance. "This human stood up to me with little fear in his heart, pushing forward his morals and ethics believing that they were right for Inubashiri. Given this, it may be argued that this man, should she very well believe likewise, could be the only true partner for her. If this is so, I will not argue, for I believe that Inubashiri has great perception, and that if she is one with great potential, as Shameimaru had said, then this human too has potential, more so then any other." Kabuto opens his eyes, looking straight at me, giving off his utmost serious tone. "No other wolf in my tribe would have had the courage to do what he did, and it is my belief that it is that very courage which drives Inubashiri. As long as she is with him, she will have no doubts left in her heart and mind."

With that, Kabuto steps back, returning to his position behind the rest of his race. Inubashiri herself seems to be awestruck, a happy kind of awe. It would look to be that this very encouragement was what she needed. Just as well, it is not in my nature to give those who would falter a chance. If she is truly clear of doubts, then I shall test her now.

"Inubashiri. Tell me, what it is you seek out of this separation, and why you believe that it is right." Inubashiri turns back around and bows, before attempting to gather up the usual serious aura that the white wolves are famous for.

"Yes, my lord. I am asking for separation because I wish to stay by the side of this human that High Chief Kabuto mentioned, going by the name of Satoshi. My feelings for him go beyond simple 'love' that humans feel, and I believe that there is much more to him then meets the eye. He is someone I wish to observe, for the greater good, and to help him in achieving what he could very well be capable of. He is...otherwise, a very great man, and I would be lying if I had denied High Chief Kabuto's claim that he would be the only partner in life for me. I wish to accompany him on his endeavors and see to it that he becomes something of which many other humans cannot. For he..." Inubashiri stops, all of a sudden. At first, I am inclined to believe that this is more doubt, and was about to toss this speech away, when she closes her eyes, and valiantly continues. "He is in love with another youkai, already, and has vowed to become stronger and extend his lifespan, so that they may be together. My lord..." She opens her eyes once more, free of the doubt I thought I had sensed within her. "I believe that he can do it. I want to witness this for myself, and serve him for the rest of my life under that pretense."

A very strong claim. She does not have a single doubt in her mind that this will come true. A mere human, being this great...I wonder, am I growing senile? Could it truly be that this time has come? Everyone appears to be so certain, yet I cannot convince myself enough that this will truly happen. Perhaps it is merely that I am unable to keep up with the times now. Particularly since the mountain had become home the a new shrine. What with the recent attack as well, perhaps believing is what I need for this time and purpose. Although I should not let my guard down, denying this wish would be foolhardy of me, at this point.

"A very convincing standpoint, Inubashiri." ...and yet, despite this... "...but to say that I am fully convinced, that would be..." Just as the wolf girl's expression is about to turn sour, an unexpected voice crops up from amongst the tengu beside me.

"Then, my lord, allow me." Stepping forward from beside me, is the chief of the crow tengu, Kotoha. Is is exceedingly rare for her to speak up, about most anything of which that does not directly relate to the crow tengu, or the tengu on whole. Instantly, I feel intrigued.

"Do you have something that can convince me then, Kotoha?" The crow woman nods, affirming her solution.

"Yes, indeed. You see, while this may be a separation from her heritage as a tengu, it will not eliminate the fact that she will still very much look and may as well be one at heart. If these claims of this human indeed being different are true, then it would be beneficial for us to see that a member of our own ranks were there to witness it herself. She may no longer be considered a tengu, but due to her nature as a white wolf, we can be assured that even well after the separation, her cooperation with us will be rest assured and it would be very most advantageous for us later on."

...as usual, Kotoha hides the subtle truth under her blanket of convincing lies. I feel sometimes I am the only one who can see through them. I can tell where Shameimaru gets her habit, however. Kotoha is a very cunning and devious character, something I am well aware of. What she says is advantageous for us is usually better interpreted as advantageous for herself exclusively. She must want to get rid of her for a specific reason. However, this trait may more or less be necessary for her job. She is slowly manipulating all those she sees before her. Although, I am not one to stop her from doing this. So very well then, let her elegant charade continue, in that case.

"I understand then. It is with this that I grant you, Momizi Inubashiri, the separation you desire. Spend your remaining time here wisely, as when you leave, you will no longer be considered a tengu. However, I wish you luck for whatever the future may hold for you."

"R-Really?!" Inubashiri stands back up, in a shock. "I...oh, thank you very much my lord!" She then bows deeply and turns back around.

With a cheer of celebration, the young wolf girl in front of her goes back to her comrades with a sheer happiness I have rarely seen someone like her display, particularly for a white wolf. The wolves were always among the more serious groups amongst the tengu, but it seems with the changing times, even that may be coming to an end soon. As she is celebrating with her friends, I can overhear a conversation she has with Shameimaru.

"Well, I sure do hope you know that you owe me a lot, Momi."

"Ah, I will never forget what you have done for me, Aya. But..." With a sly smile that almost suits her, Inubashiri turns the tables on the hapless crow. "You're no longer my upperclassman. Do not expect me to go easy with you, anymore." Shameimaru, in a style that only she could pull off, just simply grins back at her.

"Heh, I think now, I wouldn't have it any other way."

It would seem to me...that the future for these two will be rather interesting indeed. I will have to keep an eye on them for the time being. Perhaps greater things are in store for Inubashiri, but for now, it would seem that her life as a tengu will be continuing for a short while longer.
No. 16902
File 128049364878.jpg- (548.54KB , 900x1273 , 870e2d9401fa75f767279e0405382a45.jpg ) [iqdb]
"...and that's it."

"Aww, I wanna hear about what happened to them after they got together!"

A boy sits in bed, having just presumably been read a bedtime story by what looks like his father. The young man laughs a bit.

"That'll be a story for another time. It's pretty late, you should get to sleep."

"Ohh...fine. But promise me that you'll tell me what happened to them!"

"I will, don't worry. You have a goodnight, alright?"

"I will dad! Night!"

The young man exits the bedroom. Both the room and the hallway are rather victorian in style.

It's been a long time...hasn't it?

The man starts walking down the hallway, stopping to pet a small black cat along the way. An ordinary one, to be sure, since it only has one tail. But maybe it'll grow up to be just like a certain someone, one day.

We've been doing well. It's all because of you, you know.

The man stops by some large curtains, the hallway illuminated by naught but a few dim lamps.

While we were certainly on this road before...can't say that you didn't help it become what it is today.

He then opens the curtains, revealing a small balcony overlooking a massive city. In the distance are factories, pumping out steam and smoke in the age of production. Between here and there, are many tightly packed brick buildings, stone roads separating them all. Even during the late night, under the many stars, the florant population is apparent. Many, many people live here now, humans and youkai alike.

I think if not for you and a few others, youkai might not be accepted like they are now. Somehow, human deaths seem a lot more...dispersed. As if you cleansed a lot of youkai of what makes them dangerous to humans.

Closing the curtains, the man continues down the hall.

And then, Gensokyo was lead into an industrial revolution by order of the Moriya goddess. I don't think it would've happened as quickly and smoothly as it did without you, I remember hearing stories about how well you got along with the kappa too. Although, despite all your talk about bringing equality between humans and youkai, you two still gave birth to a couple humans huh?

The man stops inside a large study, a brightly lit fireplace is all that keeps the room alight. In the middle is a familiar love seat, somehow in the same state now as it was those many, many years ago.

In any case, we're doing fine. I hope you are too, wherever you are. My wife recently gave birth to a young daughter. We now have two children. Even though you're a youkai now, I'm sure you're proud of even our human blood. I'm not sure where Sis went. She's probably helping with the tengu as usual. Oh, did you hear? The tengu are starting another new business. It's run by the crows though, and they're a bit of a suspicious bunch. There's not enough white wolves though. But I'm sure that's okay. They're hanging in there after all. One day they'll get back up. It's what your friend always wanted, right?

The young man looks about the many photos taken during his time, all strewn about the top of the fireplace. There is one however...

Anyways...do come back soon, alright? I know it's a blink of an eye to you three, but for us humans, it's a long time, these twenty years. I'm about to turn twenty nine soon...you should come back for my thirties birthday, eh? Together with Keine and Alice, we've been getting by. You left me and Sis in their care a while ago, I remember...but that's okay. Given how much you left me with, I don't think I could ever hate you. The short time I spent with you was without a doubt the happiest time of my life. I'm sure it was a very happy time for you too...

The man picks up the photo. On the right is a short, silvery haired wolf woman, wearing a long skirt with a scarlet hem and vermilion maple leaves decorating the bottom, with a long sleeved button shirt, complete with a lacy collar and large trims at the end of the sleeves. On the left is a long red haired girl with black ears, wearing a long sleeved dress, the trim extended past her hands and the skirt flowing and free. Down the middle of the black dress is a sash decorated with green colored lycoris. In the middle, stands a handsome tall man, with messy black hair, and a look of peace on his face. Dressed in blue robing, fit for a scholar. Only one person this could be.

Isn't that right...Dad?

The End
No. 16903
File 128049367527.jpg- (143.81KB , 500x917 , 106fcc6edcd61d4544b2fac3c1b6b750.jpg ) [iqdb]
Hello there! Thank you for reading the Little Visit story of Sukima's, the writer. Me, Satoshi and that pup Momizi, as you can see, all lived happily ever after, but is that really it? I'm sure there's a few questions on your mind after all that hubbub that was quite possibly the most cliche thing ever written by this hapless douche. So, that is why I'm here, to answer all those questions you might have floating around on your mind! Well, any questions that aren't related to the future sex life of me and Satoshi that is, hehe~ <3

What were your original intentions with this story?
As you can tell, the story did get a lot more serious then the writer intended, which isn't bad by any means. He originally wanted it to be a quick, short, fun story that quickly blew out of proportion the moment he started writing about Momizi. Man, the tengu just has so much potential, doesn't it? Well, no more potential then my race, but the bastard never thought to really delve deep into that...humph. Anyways, as you can tell from the massive final update, the story was definitely of some higher bearing and ultimately may prove itself to be one of the site's be-Hahahaha, I knew I couldn't say that with a straight face! Ahh.

Were you really going to let Satoshi stay with Momizi?
Believe it or not, the fucker was really going to do it! He even had an entire scene played out in his mind where I cried to Mistress Satori about how I couldn't hook Satoshi in like that mutt did...but that's okay, have no fear! Even if I had lost, I wouldn't have given up my prized mate so easily, I can guarantee you that however depressing it might've been for me to lose Satoshi to that dirty dog, I wouldn't fought her to the bitter end for Satoshi! What's mine stays mine, after all.

What kind of bearing did Keine's talk with Satoshi have on the ending?
Satoshi's talk with Keine was of little consequence to the actual ending barring one important detail; The Tengu. Some of you might call out the author for taking ideas from his readers, (and you might be right for all I know,) but the truth behind it was that the crow tengu has been manipulating the white wolves for a long while, and while I'm not inclined to go into any detail, you could say that they were the real reason behind the shorthand births amongst the wolves. If Satoshi got this info from Keine, the Battle Atop Youkai Mountain scene would've drastically changed. Instead of fighting the Daitengu first, Momizi would've exchanged blows with Aya right away, before the head of the Crow Tengu, Kotoha, would've came in. Insults would of course been thrown around before Momizi challenges Kotoha, and ultimately loses, but gets spared by another High Chief of the tengu, namely the chief of the Yamabushi Tengu. The Epilouge; Momizi's Side scene would've been quite different too, but the end result is the same. After that? Use your imagination.

Is that it? Is that really the end?
Yep! Well, maybe not entirely...but for this particular story, it's over. No, Shou won't ask Satoshi to babysit Nazrin, even though it'd complete the housepet chain to some extent. I'd rather not reenact Tom & Jerry over here. That means Momizi would be dominate over me, and that's something I never want to see. I know most stories come in trilogies, but can we just please leave it at this so I don't have anymore rivals for Satoshi's attention? Please? ;_;

Will there still be other mentions of this story elsewhere then?
Oh, of course! Just because the story's over doesn't mean that my adventures with Satoshi are done. Expect maybe some one shots here and there involving us together and then some. <3 Huh, what was that? Who's Momizi?

That final update took so long! And the proofing too! It wasn't even perfect! What gives?
Well, as you know, altogether the update itself took up a grand total of roughly 175 thousand text characters, something of a feat never before accomplished by this humble writer you call Sukima. It's pretty big! Certainly the first time he's had to split something up into five different posts, I'm sure. And then some too! As for the proofing, he left it to a good writer friend of his who was pretty overwhelmed by it until Sukima felt too horrible about it taking so long and decided to try proofing it himself, which is why it's certainly not up to snuff. No one's perfect! Not even me, even though he likes to think I am...

Why did you just turn around and start a new story? I thought you were going to focus more on your /border/ story after this.
That's not a question related to this story. Next! ...oh fine, I'll answer it. The new story in /th/ written by Sukima is a parody styled story which is in fact being helped written by another friend of his, so it's more of a collaboration CYOA then just being written solely by him. Don't worry, the /border/ story will get more then enough attention now that I'm not being the center of the writer's attention, well as far as writing goes anyways. He still won't give up on that dakimakura of me...

Did you enjoy writing this story? Did you learn anything from it?
Sukima has learned that writing cliches is easy enough to write them in without prior realization. As well as learning that even the most subtle Inuyasha reference can be noticed if you just give a big honking clue to it. But otherwise, from what it seems, he's really enjoyed writing this story and it's helped improve him. He wants to thank all the readers out there that kept up with this story for giving such great discussions, thoughtful votes and most of all, being patient with him. He loves you all dearly, almost as much as he loves me (ick) and hopes that you'll stick around for more of his writing. He's also thankful to have found other people that share the same kind of love for me, the star~! Hee.

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask them here and Sukima will happily answer back to you. As for me, I'm almost late for a date to the human village with Satoshi. Finally gonna get away from that mutt. See ya, and thanks again!
No. 16909
File 128050127398.gif- (787.07KB , 480x360 , 128008316828.gif ) [iqdb]
I have no real words but the image speaks for myself.
No. 16915
Beautiful... just beautiful.

I'd say more, but I'm quite speechless right now.

Definitely one of the best stories on THP that I've read.
No. 16919
This was marvelous.

I enjoyed this story so much.
No. 16920
File 128052189567.jpg- (115.57KB , 1011x1014 , 1278101919400.jpg ) [iqdb]
My life's complete...

Good job Sukima
No. 16921
File 128052960650.gif- (100.34KB , 300x225 , Well-Deserved.gif ) [iqdb]
There are no words that can describe the amount of epic that ending contained. A thousand standing ovations for you, good sir.
No. 16922
File 128053610754.gif- (316.92KB , 400x233 , applause.gif ) [iqdb]
No. 16923
So who do the children belong to?
No. 16925

Satoshi's son, though the mother of them doesn't appear to be mentioned.
No. 16926
I meant the mother.
No. 16927
I can die happy now!
No. 16928
Most likely Rin.

But my questions

Was there ever a way to convince Momiji to get to know that young wolf Tengu (I'd think he would have been the best match)?

And the way Satoshi's son spoke of "It's what his friend would have wanted", did something happen to Momiji?
No. 16929
>the way Satoshi's son spoke of "It's what his friend would have wanted", did something happen to Momiji?

>Anyways...do come back soon, alright? I know it's a blink of an eye to you three, but for us humans, it's a long time, these twenty years. I'm about to turn twenty nine soon...

Sounds like she's fine as well as the White Wolves, though still not having as large of a population, they're making progress it seems.
No. 16930
>Was there ever a way to convince Momiji to get to know that young wolf Tengu (I'd think he would have been the best match)?

Shipping exists and is fun to do for this exact reason.

As a note; Yes, the mother of Satoshi's son is Orin. I feel silly having to point this out but if you pay enough attention, Satoshi's son calls Momizi Satoshi's friend, implying that she's not the mother.
No. 16932
I did that because if she wasn't fated to be with Satoshi, She'd be happy with someone. And the young Wolf seemed as if he actually liked her and didn't see her as a "baby making machine"

On that matter was the manipulation of the White Wolves ever revealed in those 30ish years?

I asked about the state matter because one uses a past tense usually when A) someone no longer does whatever or B) if they've passed on.
No. 16933
>I asked about the state matter because one uses a past tense usually when A) someone no longer does whatever or B) if they've passed on.

To be fair, it's been 20 years since his son saw her, apparently. He probably doesn't know if she still feels that way or not.
No. 16934
Bravo, Sukima. Just...bravo.


Now as for an alternate continuity with a successful Momizi route...
No. 16935

Ignore Rin's epilogue, replace it with your interpretation of what it would've been like in the Q&A and replace the mention of Momizi being Satoshi's friend to Mom and there you go.
No. 16940
I am..so happy to read this..Its like an epic adventure. So far and deep. Beautiful..I can't even think of anything more awesome to say. If there is a CYOA. This is it. The best, of the best.
No. 16941

Come back down. Reality is that way.
No. 16943
>the lips of her pussy were almost gelatinous



...but yeah. Apart from some cringe-worthy moments in the extended sex scene, and my big gripe with you for establishing characters and plotpoints and never quite developing them (the demons attacking the tengu, Kotoha's machinations, etc.), this was overall a very, very nice ride.

Hat's off to you, sir.
No. 16945

but i have to ask if you intended for momizi's side of to come before rin's side
No. 16964
Gah! I'm still on post 4!
No. 16966
Excellent work, looking forward to more stories.
No. 16968
Man, a story with an actual ending. And a pretty goddamn good too. This is... more than we could for. Thanks. Thanks a lot.
No. 16969
I'm still not past the first scene because I can't stop fapping. Who puts a sex scene right at the beginning of a plot related story segment...curse you Sukima! Curse youuu!
No. 16970
File 128066476625.png- (1.18MB , 1000x1600 , momiji_1000.png ) [iqdb]
I was rather disappointed that Momizi didn't stay with Satoshi and Rin but it was overall a very good story and conclusion. Hat's off to you Sukima.
No. 16973
I've thoroughly enjoyed both 'Little' stories you've done, and I'd like to congratulate you both on completing the stories, and on completing them in a manner that leaves me with a sense of satisfaction and wholeness. Believe me when I say, Thank You.

Your Q&A answered a number of things nagging at me, but I have one major one left: I can't help but feel we (and consequently) Satoshi have been jerked around rather cruelly, emotionally and otherwise. Maybe I just don't know all the facts, in which case I'm sorry for questioning you, but it feels as though this story in particular has been one big heartwrench for our MC. Basically I'm saying I'm not sure what you were trying to achieve here with a story that featured a new girl in our life, yet continued with the original storyline. Was it saying that 'Youkai and Humans aren't easily compatible' , or that 'regardless of circumstances one must hold fast to one's original feelings?'. Throughout this story, Satoshi has expressed longing and love for Rin, and despite Rin's apparent abandonment of him. I can completely understand Rin's reluctance and need to think things through In real life, or other circumstances, I would agree with the "stick to your guns" approach, but then why write a story whose main purpose seems to have been to detract from the original? I guess I'm just wondering whether this was all supposed to be some sort of test of willpower while we work through Momi's problems, support her and wait patiently for Rin to return. When Momi confessed to us, it just made me feel bad inside. Something I didn't think I'd be feeling at all in that sort of situation (was that the intention? all stories can't be sunshine and rainbows, after all). When we learned that Rin was intending to return our feelings as soon as she could, and was merely otherwise occupied with protecting Satori, it was a punch to the gut. It also raises the question of whether or not we were even supposed to fall for Rin in the first place. In the context of this type of story, it just all seems rather cruel to Satoshi. Especially considering what happened in Orin's story initially.

Sorry to type this all out and take up space, but I've been thinking much of it since not long after this story started. I apologize ahead of time if a few of these points were addressed somewhere in the story, I've been trying to check and double check, but there is a lot of ground to cover. Again, please don't take this as an attack on your person, or even your writing style/ability. I have been and continue to be a loyal reader of whatever you write. I guess I just don't understand some things. Maybe it's for the best.
No. 16980

I've tried implying that Momizi ends up staying with Satoshi and Rin as part of their "family," how Satoshi wanted it to be.


Wow, uhm...I'm flattered you would take so much time to express something like that for such a badly thought out story. It's proven by what you just pointed out, rofl.

Yeah, Satoshi went through quite the shitstorm, but Anon's choices helped him grow through the stories as benevolent and patient, so he persevered. The point of the Momizi arc was to help put a different kind of love into Satoshi's life, one as a family, as opposed to the one coming from a lover. Of course near the end, I sadistically broke this...
No. 16983

>I'm flattered you would take so much time to express something like that for such a badly thought out story

Hey, now, don't sell yourself short. The story may have been flawed in some areas, but certainly not fatally so, and by and large it was an enjoyable read. I have a feeling I am not alone in this belief. It probably helps that you saw it through to its (fairly heartwarming) conclusion, despite whatever misgivings you may have held.

In my defense, that only took a few minutes of writing down my thoughts in a somewhat coherent manner. I felt that putting a little effort into the feedback was only right considering the time and effort you put into the story itself. Anyways, keep at it!
No. 16989
Good show.
Satisfying ending from a satisfying climax.

Three questions:
What was the deal with Yukari's offer and how would it have played into the tengu confrontation?

What was Alice's promise/secret that she'd only share with
Satoshi on his death bed?

What were the exact circumstances surrounding the death of Satoshi's parents?
No. 16990

No story is really perfect. It's all about the inspiration. Writers like you really bring these characters to life. It makes the connection between the games, the doujins, and the music. It helps keep the fandom fresh.

I'll definitely be on board for any future stories you commit to.
No. 16992

Ah, now questions like these I like answering. Let's start from the top.

What was the deal with Yukari's offer and how would it have played into the tengu confrontation?
Yukari's offer is really just as she proposed; the ring allows her to spy on anyone it's attached to via a special boundary. What she doesn't tell Satoshi is that it has powers of 'suggestion' so to speak. It's not quite full mind control, but without paying enough attention, Satoshi would've been doing things he wouldn't realize he did on his own. Admittedly, this would've lead to a lot of cliche moments but it probably also would've made Momizi's confession a hell of a lot harder to deal with. In the end, I'm like a lot of other certain writers on this site, I enjoy watching my readers squirm.
Here's the real spoiler though; it had nothing to do with the tengu confrontation. My Yukari is like that.

What was Alice's promise/secret that she'd only share with Satoshi on his death bed?
This is possible to deduce if you pay close enough attention, but a better clarification on this is that Marisa never actually liked the way Satoshi viewed her as androgynous. It's not to say she had fallen for Satoshi herself, but she wasn't very satisfied with being another 'brosef' to him either. Alice, being one of Marisa's prime confidants, got news of this, but she was intent on letting Satoshi stay in the dark about it until the day he died so that his behaviour towards Marisa and Alice wouldn't change, because her and Marisa believed it was better that things stayed the same. Marisa is but a human though and since Satoshi had plans to live a fuller life by being youkai himself, Marisa had Alice promise that Satoshi wouldn't die until his time truly came.
Even long after Marisa's death, Alice stayed by Satoshi's side too and subtly protected and watched over him to make sure he was safe. Alice made Rin and Momizi promise her the same thing, when Satoshi left his children in Alice's care.

What were the exact circumstances surrounding the death of Satoshi's parents?
The human village is often prey to youkai, as human flesh is something of a delicacy in Gensokyo. Even with Keine watching over it as it's protector, she's not perfect, and at times, deaths will occur. Satoshi's parents, along with Satoshi himself, was at a small meeting of friends when a particular youkai who got through Keine's protective barrier decided they wanted a special meal. Exactly how many deaths is a bit irrelevant, but it's safe to say the youkai had at least two humans for dinner; both the father and mother to Satoshi. For reasons unknown, Satoshi himself was spared, along with anyone else that managed to escape. Normally, a youkai attack isn't so bad as to strand a child so helpless, so Keine felt guilty that her own inability to protect the village was an indirect cause to Satoshi being so alone in the world.
There's a bit of a story behind Satoshi's very first time seeing Rin too. Rin, being a kasha, had carried off the corpses of Satoshi's parents sometime after they were killed. Since a funeral is held in a way that attracts the kasha but keeps them from disturbing it, Rin had known about the circumstances of Satoshi's parents' deaths. She never knew who the child was that lost their parents, but she came back to the village in search of him one day to see how he was holding up, and unwittingly got seen by him. The rest is history.

And to the rest of you, thank you so very much for reading and enjoying the story. It really helps.
No. 16993
Why did Rin and Satoshi drop off their kids with Alice and Keine?
No. 16996
Are you gonna do one-shots with sequels and prequels of this story? (Satoshi's father deaths, funeral, first meeting; Orin's first impression of Satoshi, her adventures while she left him; Momiji's years with the Tengu, etc)
No. 16997

It can be assumed that they might've had to go somewhere where their kids might've slowed them down or put them in danger, since their children are apparently human.


Maybe. I already have a couple ideas for shorts related to this. Stick around and you might see references to this in my other stories too.

They'll come in due time.
No. 17027
Goodness that is a big and long read.

GJ, Sukima.

No. 17333
... threesome?

Nah, just kidding. But still what a rocky road
No. 17335
shame. and here i got excited.
No. 19464
Best story end I have ever read, and I've read 1984.

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