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File 128712111614.png - (315.60KB, 400x346, 7919fa3f7229a84ea58dd9027c41a3af.png) [iqdb]
Because /underground/ needs the attention.

Transmission canceled. Recons terminated. No ample supply of ammo; morale and munitions running low. Time to get out and get going.

Choose your name
[ ]

x Pick your weapon
-[ ] High caliber sniper
-[ ] Close combat shotgun
-[ ] Automatic rifle
-[ ] Submachine gun

x Pick your playstyle/attribute
-[ ] Stealth; terse and quiet with words
-[ ] Frontline; strong willed and determined.
-[ ] Surveillance; thinks actions through; tactful

x Choose your faction size.
-[ ] Group of three
-[ ] One partner
-[ ] Solo
We had many action oriented stories in the last time. Maybe some simple go for one Touhou story would be interesting once again.

But maybe some kind of Bad Company Story would be interesting too.

[x] Old Hermit
-[x] High caliber sniper
-[x] Surveillance; thinks actions through; tactful
-[x] Group of three
[x] Vigil
-[x] High caliber sniper
-[x] Surveillance; thinks actions through; tactful
-[x] Group of three

Unit support.
[x] Knight
-[x] Close combat shotgun
- [x] Frontline; strong willed and determined.
- [x] One partner

Close and personal. A fast-paced action story would be great.
[x] Don't care

[+] High caliber sniper
[X] Surveillance; thinks actions through; tactful
[] One partner (our spotter!)
[] high caliber sniper
[] surveillance; thinks actions through; tactful
[] one partner
The crackle of the Unit Dispatch Transmitter produced an eerie static noise to your ears. This was not according to your plan. You sigh a little, and turn your attention towards your comrade. Holding a suppressed, automatic rifle, she nods to your beckoning. You take the time to clean your sniper. Its long frame revealed almost a lifetime of battle conflicts, a chip on one side, a dislodged bullet hole on the other. It has been with you since the Old Earth was removed.

“Ready to go, Vigil?”

“Ready as ever, Nissa.”

A quick motion of your hand signals the movement to go. You take the time to notice your surroundings. A cave of some sort, descending down to the netherworld and beyond. Not presented with the best of options, the only alternative was to go through a forest. The rebels must've taken the forest, so you decided to retreat to the cave. Your manpower was sort of diminishing. Normally, an elite squad of three was at your disposal. But this was not normal. And definitely not familiar. New Earth squadrons were nowhere to be seen. How strange.

You put your hand with the palm facing away from your partner. Both you and Nissa crouch down slowly. You mount the sniper on the blunt edge of a stalactite, securing it onto the rock. A spider-like object is seen near the mouth of a bridge. It seems to be an Old Earth mutant. You weigh your options.

“Shoot or move?”

[ ] Shoot it; your sniper's suppressed anyways.
-[ ] Fire a warning shot first
[ ] Sneak around it; possibly incapacitate it temporarily
[ ] Climb under the bridge to avoid unnecessary conflict at all.
[ ] Consult with Nissa
[x] Consult with Nissa.
Maybe a closer look on who Nissa is?
[x] Consult with Nissa.

Let's try to not be stupid.
[x] Consult with Nissa.

Keep it clean.
Let's get this moving. Too many writefags are disappearing or just plain slacking off.
So, we BOTH have high-caliber, silenced snipers?

[X] Aim
[X] Consult with Nissa.
[X] Have her spot for you, with binocs or a dedicated spotter's scope.
Your hand waves down to dismiss the act of open fire. She puts down her automatic rifle, and nods. "Nissa, what do you think we should do? Personally, I think we could do this without any casualties - to any sides."

"Mmm...I think we should directly confront whatever it is. Judging by its posture, it looks humanoid. Possibly a mutant. Go for the usual?" You give her a thumbs up, and she tosses the rifle towards you. You move away from your mounted sniper carefully not to draw any attention.

Once you are far away from Nissa, you take raise your arms high and yell. Immediately, the spider-creature turns your way and approaches. You don't tense up; it's all part of the procedure. Negotiate with the victim. If violence is used, deploy a warning shot. Then go in for the kill.

"Your clothing seems very suspicious, and your thing there looks threatening, but hello anyways!" The spider, no, girl said cheerily.

"Hello. I ask for a safe passageway for my partner and I to wherever this cave leads, granted it's safe. I will promise you nothing; however nothing of bad harm will come to you intentionally."

"Okay!" That had caught you off guard. How compliant. Out of all the negotiations you had, this might've been the easiest. However, you smile.

You give the motion to clear the negotiation phase. A slight click is heard from across the cave walls, and a quiet tapping is heard on the cave floor.

"So...about your partner. Is she a cute one?"

"Opinionated statements are always biased. I have no right to say." You really didn't want to answer that way, but it is necessary.

"Aww, you're no fun!"

Nissa comes, walking briskly. You wait a while, then you freely toss her the automatic rifle. She does the same with your trusty sniper.

As the three of you progress deeper into the cave, a long bridge connects the way to a city-looking complex.

"Here's the further I'll guide you. Have fun!" The spider-girl waves and winks at you. "Good luck."

You take the first step onto the bridge, and it creaks, not feeling too sturdy under your footing. You shift the weight to both your legs to balance it out. You cross it, but Nissa looks a little skeptical. Nevertheless, she crosses it without difficulty. Her small frame, alongside the fact that she didn't have to carry a sniper, made it easier.

You glance around, just checking the surroundings. A green eyed girl is seen approaching Nissa slowly.

"...so jealous." Your partner looks at her, eyes filled with questions, but she doesn't let Nissa talk. "Your...chest size is so much bigger than mine! I cannot believe it. And not to mention that your bust is a lot nicer than mine...I'm so jealous." Nissa keeps a straight face, but you can tell by the light in her eyes that she's holding in her laughter. You sigh and walk faster, tuning out all the chatting that came after.

The green eyed girl (Parsee, as Nissa said), remained around and followed the two of you around. After an explanation of your surroundings, the girl provided to be not of much use. However, she was a great guide.

Your current destination seemed to be a giant mansion-like building. It seemed to be a good refuge from the rebels.

...A sour smell came up to your nose. Seems alcoholic.

[ ] Trace the smell from the origin.
[ ] Keep heading towards the mansion.
[ ] Stop and reassess your inventory. Never hurts to double check.
[ ] Check up on your Unit Dispatch Transmitter.
[x] Keep heading towards the mansion.
[x] Stop and reassess your inventory. Never hurts to double check.
-[X] Stop and reassess your inventory. Never hurts to double check.
-[X] Check up on your Unit Dispatch Transmitter.
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